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"Marcus Borg and the New Face of Christianity"

x-post from LBN: "Millions of cars tracked across US in 'massive' real-time DEA spy program"

Organizing Warren house parties

Brazil cops find tanks during stolen goods hunt

Obamacare Knocks Out The GOP As Enrollment Poised To Shatter 2015 Goal

High School teacher leads a school dance video of "Uptown Funk"

UNMC dean headed to Sierra Leone to help coordinate Ebola response

Sen.Sanders: Koch Brothers Party

Why The "H" Is Obama Pushing TPP?. It Will Destroy Any Legacy He Has.

Thank you, Obama, for dropping the stupid plan to tax 529s

Patriots--38 Seahawks--17 You saw it here first...

KMOD grows bupkus

This place is too dead. We need to liven it up.

'Privatize' is doublespeak for 'Looting'.

In Search of Trillionaires: Bush’s Hidden Nazi Trillions

Volunteer activities 2015 and later

Tzipi Livni says Israeli prime minister leading country into 'diplomatic isolation'

Huckabee: Women should not be swearing in the's ‘just trashy!’

Under Deal, Morelle To Become Interim Speaker, Election Set For Silver’s Replacement

Being on the right front porch at the right time

NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to Step Down Amid Criminal Charges

Africa's Quiet Solar Revolution

Obama Gets a Huge Win As Democrats Withdraw Their Support For Iran Sanctions Bill

Tasty Brownies Inside Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Are Also Saving the World


I'm struggling. WTF can I do!?!?!?!

Oh My!....Patrick Buchanan....."The Persians are Coming!"

Wow Here's another Heartbreaker!!!

Why the 1% should pay tax at 80%

"I swear it to you on my common woman's head, the common woman is as common as ~

Colombia’s Economy Grew 4.2% in 3Q on Construction Boom

'Ten Commandments' Judge to Alabama Governor: Ignore Marriage Equality Ruling

1812 Overture

Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Syria After Golan Rocket Attack

Libya hotel attack: Five foreigners among nine killed

Lemon-Arugula Potato Salad

Lawyer: Litvinenko 'poisoned by Russian mafia state'

Iranian website threatens top Israeli officials, posts family pic of PM

Spiders can be cute sometimes.

Army approves first women for Ranger School

Memorials to LGBT victims of the Holocaust

Patriots’ Brandon Browner wants injured Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, others, targeted

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! We Don’t Need No Education & a new Kitteh gif

Face of tattooed mummified princess finally revealed after 2,500 years

Vandals Cut Down Sculpture of Mythical Irish Sea God and Replace It with a Cross

The Night of the Living Ducklings

Denver Cops Kill Teen, Order Witnesses Not to Record Aftermath

Finally!!! 4 Ring Super Bowl Champ Blasts Tom Brady.....

Freaking wow - Australian Open

Why A Fake Article Titled “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?” Was Accepted By 17 Medical Journals

The Select Committee To Investigate Benghazi May Be Falling Apart

Again for Murdoch, Romney Can Do No Right

Surprise! Water Once Flowed on Huge Asteroid Vesta

Alan Turing, Who Cracked Nazi Code, stripped of rank, convicted for being gay

Learning From Animal Friendships

The Big Secret

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 29, 2014 -- TCM Memorial Tribute to Rod Taylor

"Obama on Russia: 'Large countries don't bully'"

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Captures Best-Ever View of Dwarf Planet

In honor of Syriza's election win: "Z," by Costa-Gavras

Cory Gardner. Totally.

TV key to Putin's authoritarian regime in Russia

Bet the house, your kid's college fund, your retirement fund ALL of it on the Patriots

Beck: Minimum Wage Increase Is Really A Plot To Foment Unrest And Revolution (Right Wing Watch)

"Playing Politics on Iran"

'Ghost' vulnerability poses high risk to Linux distributions

NYC's 'Rent Too High' Candidate Facing Eviction

Technical question: What is lowest speed recommended for DU to load properly?

Oh balls!

"Republicans have started to care about income inequality"

The New England Patriots?

GoDaddy Pulls 2015 Super Bowl Ad After Slew Of Negative Feedback From Animal Advocates

Rauner - Scott Walker all over again ....except he doesns't own the Legislature.

‘Ma’am, you’ve got to leave the Walgreens,’ - Jon Stewart on the Palin disaster - HILARIOUS!

Venezuela president says seeking financing to offset oil fall

Interesting story on the history and future of Graphene.

American Sniper is a "phenomenon"

Sheldon Silver to Be Replaced as Speaker of New York State Assembly

Progressive Warrior Alan Grayson Contemplating 2016 Senate Run

Colombia angers Venezuela with call to free jailed opponent

Sheldon Silver to Be Replaced as Speaker of New York State Assembly

Even if he wins 4th ring, Brady’s no Montana

so I finished all the back episodes of Gray's Anatomy on netflix the other day

out of their fucking minds: Gowdy vows to 'ratchet up' Benghazi investigation

Obama’s Job Rating Higher Than Bush’s, Below Clinton’s, On Par With Reagan’s

"Bobby" Jindal became Louisiana Gov with a $800+ Million budget surplus and guess what?

Calling TPP a 'Death Pact,' Health Advocates Rally Outside Secretive Trade Talks

Venezuela - Mr. Maduro in His Labyrinth

Jean Paul Manoux, star of Spun Out, charged with voyeurism

A dream come true for me - my book launch is next week at Quail Ridge!

Congressman: Hillary Clinton agrees to testify to House's Benghazi panel

Woman armed with knife in critical condition after police shooting

All the President's Men on TCM now.

Chris Hedges: 'American Sniper' Caters to a Deep Sickness Rippling Through Society

Son of Ex-Slave Who Fought in Union Army Dies at Age 97

Longview police shooting victim ID’d as 17 year-old girl with knife; Anonymous vows retaliation

NASA, Boeing, SpaceX Outline Objectives to Station Flights

Watch the full episode of PBS' "LANGUAGE MATTERS"


Jameis Winston's accuser goes public in documentary 'The Hunting Ground'

Lest We Forget.

The growing ties between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestine

Asteroid with its own tiny moon

The NAALC (the labor protection provisions from NAFTA) and the ILO

Keystone KOPs

UK aid risks promoting US models of democracy, MPs say

What players get paid for winning the Super Bowl

Potential Consumer Price Impacts of Efforts to Rapidly Expand Exports of Liquefied Natural Gas

On my uncle and the liberation of Dachau

Is there trolling going on here in regards to Obama? Like

American Airlines reports $4 billion in 2014 profit

If you're concerned about tar sands or environment..

Enough already! Release the 28 pages!

Make Crack the Idaho State Recreational Drug...immediately if not sooner

The secret to the Uber economy is wealth inequality

Anybody watching "Sons of Liberty" on

Chris Matthews to Republican operative 'You know why I am really against your party?' (VIDEO)

Boil-water advisory issued for entire city of Winnipeg as precautionary measure

Politics Done Right: Former TX teacher wants to set record straight on her 'islamaphobia"? (VIDEO)

Kern County (Calif.) declares a fiscal emergency amid plunging oil prices

Ghostbusters reboot cast chosen: Wiig, McCarthy, Jones, McKinnon

The Invisible Man: Jeffrey Sterling, CIA Whistleblower

Dumb Dog Cheese Puffs

IGNATIUS: The lesson from Yemen

How US policy blunders hurt Israel

ICC backers defy Israeli call

Punch-Drunk Jonathan Chait Takes On the Entire Internet

Shannon lets the mask slip...Again.

Canadians, fireworks, a drone, and beer...

Burkablog: A New Day on Guns

Rick Perry Continues Making Weird Comments About Jewish Life

Plane makes emergency parachute landing in Pacific Ocean

Islamic Tribunal Confirmed in Texas; Attorney Claims ‘It’s Voluntary’

Dell Family Foundation Makes $25M Donation to UT Hospital

Feinstein Corrects Record on CIA Accountability Board Report

Are you a loner because you are sensitive?

A friend of mine just told me that the new town house complex she moved into provides for snow

Expanding Int Prop law, Corp. Sovereignty, & Killing the Internet : NOT Fast Track appropriate

asthma? need an inhaler? lucky you're not killing the ozone off anymore or fucking up

What is your Go-To song that always makes you feel good and have you singing along and dancing.

Open Carry bill fails in Texas

"Dead" kitty shows up five days after being buried

Daily Holidays - January 28

I dread the morning (UPDATE) (FINAL)

Ready for the Owl...

For Profit On-Line University...

So, yeah, I adore Mrs. Obama

I got my Class 1

Draghi's Dangerous Bet: The Perils of a Weak Euro

***Mes Aynak Update***

GOP's Frightening Plot to Build Laboratories for Plutocracy in States They Control

Source Code Similarities: Experts Unmask 'Regin' Trojan as NSA Tool

Ad that drives me nuts!

5 Devastating Facts About Charter Schools You Won't Hear from the 'National School Choice Week'

Yet Another State Threatens to Penalize Solar Power Users

***Mes Aynak Update***

***Mes Aynak Update***

Robert Reich: Wall Street Is Hard at Work Cooking Up the Next Financial Collapse

Swedish far-right leader: Islamism 'threat' greater than Nazism: SD leader

I'm recommending some reading ahead of the coming Election season: "American Nations:

The Seven Whistlers

Israeli military says 2 soldiers killed in Hezbollah attack

Yahoo eyes tax-free spinoff of Alibaba stake

Jordan says ready to release Iraqi woman militant if pilot released

Study shows that Oil is the dominant reason countries go to war

Follow-Up on Monday's Caribbean Energy Security Summit

Ex-military intel officer says White House delaying announcement of Bergdahl desertion charge

The Doctor thinks I'll live

Court Will Decide if Fracking Companies Can be Held Responsible for Earthquakes

Arrested for Sit-In, 'Friendship 9' Convictions To Be Overturned

Subprime Bonds Are Back With Different Name Seven Years After U.S. Crisis

Wisconsin: A Tale of Two Headlines, Courtesy of Scott Walker

Milwaukee's Forty-Year War On Unions

The Netanyahu Disaster

In Hamas leader’s exit from Qatar, signs of growing Saudi-Egyptian influence

The Billionaire Boys’ Club

Antitank Missile Hits Israeli Military Vehicle Along Lebanese Border

A Staggeringly Lopsided Economic Recovery

America’s billion-dollar mess: How Koch bros are trying to buy a right-wing future

Mike Huckabee complains of ‘trashy’ women at Fox News

I opened my front door yesterday morning...

Trend and variation (climate/weather)

Turd Islands, Dead Animals, Dumped Furniture Will Grace Rio Olympic Sailing; "No Plan B" - Officials

Good Idea! Chinese Gov Proposes Limits On Toxic Metals In Cropland

Documents: Obama to request (8%) Pentagon budget hike

State Département's Funded Group trying to Defeat Bibi Netanyahu.

Denier Hack Willie Soon Did Not Disclose Cumulative $1 Million From Energy Sector To Chinese Journal

Democrat Introduces ISIS War Authorization Bill

The Fallacy of 'Giving Up'

Hey, hey, hey! You know what day is is...

My cars this morning

Democrats fighting back ag Corporate Agenda of Rahm Emanuel - Chicago

I could be wrong

"L.L. Bean in Freeport remained open because ... there are no locks on their doors."

RIP the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger

"A Patriotic Debate" from Tom the Dancing Bug

Greece Revolts

Bed stealing kitty cats:

Chris Matthews Explodes on Republican operative 'You know why I am against your party?'

'We Were Arrogant': New York Times editor Dean Baquet: We failed to do our job after 9/11

Dismemberment latest gory trend in Venezuela crime

Netanyahu to American Jews: Get Lost by David Corn

Facebook Agrees to Censor Images of Muhammad to Comply with Turkish Law

Defender of the Pueblo's bodyguard found shot and dismembered (Spanish)

France, Germany, Britain to meet Iran on nuclear issue

New Report: Black Flag ( B'Tselem )

Residents: Islamic extremists rampaging in northeast Nigeria with no troops to defend people

‘Don’t Believe In God?’ Atheist Billboard Met With Heated Opposition In Colton

Russian lawmakers mull statement condemning East Germany's annexation by West Germany in 1989

Anyone use any "painting" programs

Even Wonder Woman Has Body Issues (And Why That Matters)

WTF!! GTac just defaulted!-But Iron Cty gave 1yr extension anyway!!

Polar bear appears to stroll onto packed Tube train in front of startled commuters

Why Can't We Get This on the Red Line?

Swedish Swimming Pool Opens Gender Neutral Changing Room

This is probably the most important article written about Deflategate

New Study Shows Why It Makes Absolutely No Sense to Blame the Poor for the Financial Crisis

Stunning panorama from Opportunity rover on Mars marks 11th year

Obamas pivot on oil draws fire from left

New Saudi King to Obama: Lower-price Oil Policy won’t Change

Mormons Seek Golden Mean Between Gay Rights and Religious Beliefs

Nicolas Maduro: ‘There is a group of terrorists in Costa Rica that has come there to try to threaten

Virginia county supervisor calls black reporter 'boy'

Roy "Ten Commandments" Moore is Back with his Constitution-Defying Tricks

"It's snowing" Therefore "Global warming isn't real."

Can Bolivia Shatter the Vise of Capitalism?

Warning Shooter Marissa Alexander Released from Prison

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Rethug Party

This nation has exactly one fiscal problem.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

trumad: Women should not be swearing on's ‘just trashy!’

In 10 Years, No One In Helsinki Will Even Want to Own a Car: 3 Simple Ideas That Are Making ........

Salon founder's speech at Stanford: 'Don't be a Stanford asshole'

Teenage warriors prepare for battle as part of Right Sector's Ukrainian Volunteer Corps

RUBIO's wife crashes into Porche at KOCH summit. Well, sideswiped, scratched...

Trapped by Artillery Fire: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 88)

Outsourcing privatization in Ukraine to attract capital and raise efficiency

VOTE: Should President Obama veto the Keystone XL pipeline bil?

Hamas begins rapprochement with Hezbollah, Iran

Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch is a jerk

Collective Efforts + Self-Education = Social Change | Mickey Z.

The European Union May Be on the Verge of Collapse

Noam Chomsky's take on 'American Sniper' (He's not a fan)

LOL: A "Puzzled" Sean Hannity quizzes Sarah Palin on Iowa speech

TheHill: overnight - technology

Rubio wants permanent Patriot Act extension

Latest video of Pittsburgh Hays Eagles!

Greece will not default - PM Tsipras

A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School - Uptown Funk Dance

Museum fossil find pushes snake origins back by 65 million years

Bill Nye doesn't want you to vote for people like Joni Ernst. 2 seconds of NSFW (f-word)

Today in Herstory: Ethel Byrne is Being Force-Fed in Blackwell Island Workhouse

Private collector’s historic San Francisco photos now available online

U.S. Senator Rand Paul re-introduces "Audit the Fed" bill

Feds reject petition for Aleutians marine sanctuary


Marissa Alexander To Be Released from Prison

North Dakota: oil producers aim to cut radioactive waste bills

TYT: Gay Alabama Rep. Threatens To Expose Hypocritical Cheating Colleagues

State losses on oil production tax credits spark debate on how and why

CSE tracks millions of downloads daily: Snowden documents

We Heart: Catcalling Your Mom to End Street Harassment

We Heart: Catcalling Your Mom to End Street Harassment

TYT: Billionaire Teets Sucked By Power-Thirsty Media At Lavish Weekend Retreat

Bill Monbouquette

Spider electro-combs its sticky nano-filaments

Obama is about to ask for the largest Pentagon budget in history

EU draft would extend Russia sanctions over Ukraine escalation

Anyone familiar with acoustic neuroma?

Why is the world ignoring the revolutionary [anarchist] Kurds in Syria?

Afghan president faces new hurdles as cabinet nominees rejected

Why is the world ignoring the revolutionary [anarchist] Kurds in Syria?

Stomach acid-powered micromotors get their first test in a living animal

Russian Sanctions Are Now Syriza's Bargaining Chip

Kim Jong-un to visit Russia, say South Korean media

Hillary Clinton vs. Elizabeth Warren Could Be a Dream Match, for Republicans

Fans greet former player with gruesome banner

Chocolate has arrived!!!

Wealth creating America's intellectual aristocracy

European counter-terror plan involves blanket collection of passengers’ data

Dueling Mansion'jos: Romney Swipes at How Rich Hillary Clinton is.

Costa Rica: Nicolás Maduro's security not at risk

New tattoos discovered on iceman Oetzi

Shooting at the New Hope (MN) City Council meeting

Alabama's Renegade Judge Defies Gay Marriage Order

Another dirty cop (rapist) working in St Louis County Mo

Everyone is scared: Nobel Prize winner Shiller

Cat comes back from grave: 'Pet Sematary is real'

Pic Of The Moment: Yet More GOP Obamacare Failsauce

San Jose's pig-shooting season made permanent

Sanctions Aren't Enough to Stop Putin, and He Knows It

Myths Underpinning The War On Abortion Rights, Debunked

McPherson says he won't step down after ed board OKs resolution calling for his resigna

Koch brothers’ cash will wash over California, experts say

TYT: Koch Bros To Spend Nearly A Billion Buying The 2016 Elections

Warren Buffett's sister giving $100 million to Northwestern University

Replaced While on Maternity Leave: What's Legal, What's Not?,

Trying to save the furniture industry

Bobby Jindal's big Christian-only rally keeps blowing up in his face...

Mobile provider TracFone to pay $40M in federal settlement

Trying to save the furniture industry

Trade, Violence and Migration: The Broken Promises to Honduran Workers

How (and why) chemists figured out how to unboil an egg

TYT: GOP Governor Goes Full North Korea With His Own News Agency

Forecast: A possible record high today (pay no attention to the man about climate change!)

Spain Urges UN Probe Into Death Of Peacekeeper In Lebanon

Sarah Palin Jabs Fox News O’Reilly for Suggesting She Would Make 2016 Race a ‘Reality Show’

Benghazi conspiracy group admits they have diddly squat.

Greece’s New Cabinet Sends Defiant Message To EU

Gowdy Select Committee to Smear Clinton Crashes and Burns in Fatal Collision with Reality

Utah parents, fearing apocalypse, fatally drugged children, themselves, police say

Rahm Emanuel Is a Union-buster. So Why Are Chicago Unions Backing Him?

Democrats Know It Will Be Difficult To Match The US$900 Million Of The Koch Brothers

Swat team raids private poker game--takes all the money.

The Remodel

Rahm Emanuel Is a Union-buster. So Why Are Chicago Unions Backing Him?

Rahm Emanuel Is a Union-buster. So Why Are Chicago Unions Backing Him?

TYT: Leftist Masterminds Behind East Coast Blizzard Says Rightist Mastermind

Romans Go Home - Monty Python's Life of Brian

the Petulant Entitlement Syndrome of Journalists (response to Jon Chait's whining)

After same-sex marriage ruling, a question: Are we American? Or just Alabamian?

Gay couple buy, and won’t give it up

E. O. Wilson: I'm not an atheist but religion should be eliminated

DEA Chief: US Abandoned Plan To Track Cars Near Gun Shows

America's Workplaces Are Hostile to Families

Rubio Favored by Koch Brothers Donors

The little guy got hit by a car

UN Can't Reach Residents Of Islamic State's De Facto Capital In Syria

Google: Youtube Is So Overloaded Staff Cannot Filter Content




Obama Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch: Waterboarding is torture and it is illegal

Questions arise after Gov. Ricketts (R-NE) uses his own money to add adviser to his office

Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, A-Rod Spring To Patriots’ Defense Over Deflated Footballs

'Wonder Woman' Lynda Carter endorses Hillary

New Budweiser commercial.

I think I'll pass on the Domino's Sriracha

what's for dinner - wednesday, jan. 28

Deflate 11 balls in 90 seconds in a bathroom? No problem for this reporter.

Skeptics driving TV "psychic" crazy...

Greece and Russia to restore relations under the new government

can anyone talk to me about electric grills?

Pipeline Explodes In West Virginia, Sends Fireball Shooting Hundreds Of Feet In The Air

The Rude Pundit - Gov. Bobby Jindal Is Going to Destroy Louisiana's Higher Education System ...

Astronomical discovery: 'Super Saturn' with rings 200 times as large

Hockey fans hurl beer and racial slurs, chasing dozens of Native American kids from game

TV star's plastic surgery disaster tests Brazil

Team Romney attacks Hillary Clinton over her wealth (not the Onion)

Stats Show the New England Patriots Became Nearly Fumble-Proof after 2006 Rule Change Proposed by To

In response to new tax, Dollar Tree stops selling soda in Berkeley

Ben Carson Says Congress Should Remove Pro-Equality Judges f/ Unconstitutional rulngs

UVA Frats Are Back, But Sororities Want Sisters To Avoid Their Parties To Avoid Being Raped

Your Son Is Deceased

Changes coming to worker's compensation system?--Walker wants more control....

Joni wants to have an annual picnic too. "Roast and a Ride"

If you're thinking about linking to a file-sharing streaming movie website,

Reverse Racism destroyed in 2:34 minutes

PEGIDA leader Kathrin Oertel resigns one week after founder quits

Va. Senate panel votes to protect gays from job discrimination

US stocks edge higher in afternoon trading; Apple up sharply

Andrew Sullivan to quit blogging

Criticism of First Lady for Not Wearing Head Scarf; Shaking Hands With Saudi King

Paleontologists find big-toothed new human found in Taiwan

Will America eventually pay reparations to Iraq?

above austin

Rock River Academy closing following reports of abuse, misconduct

Assault gun Kelly strikes again

Article: Why the Pointless NYC Subway Shutdown Was Worse Than You Realize

Best sitcom on TV airs tonight

Are shoulders pornographic?

Fire Ends Mock Mars Mission in Utah Desert

How Snipers are Viewed by Soldiers: "Unacceptable to ordinary footsoldiers"

The Mouth of the Beast (big space image)

What is the big difference in Carly Farina and Hillary?

Boehner: 'We have a right' to invite Netanyahu to address House

These are the religious beliefs of Europe’s leaders—including the atheists

The Positive Side Of Police Violence - TMFS Sketch

Hillary Clinton ‘100%’ in for 2016, will launch bid in April: report

Imagine - Clint Eastwood's "Abu Ghraib" Opening to rave reviews

Yikes! I just did a scary thing.

As many as one-fifth of Israeli Jews identify as national-religious, study finds

Bobby Jindal Not Sure He Willing To Put Family Through 2-Month Presidential Campaign

The other Patriots conspiracy theory: LeGarrette Blount's scheme to reunite with Bill Belichick?

Ultrasounds are back - nationally

Pap and Seder: Netanyahu Hungers For War With Iran

Pope Francis Turning Into a Headache for Catholic Presidential Hopefuls

Who's on your Ignore list?

Springfield bishop objects to hospital's same-sex benefits

A kitteh tried to take my watch

A reminder of the Statement Of Purpose of The Hillary Clinton Room

Sen. Marco Rubio to lead U.S. Senate hearing on U.S. embargo against Cuba

Air Force Probing Alleged 'Treason' Remark By General

.Blood Diamonds and Religious War: Diamonds and Division

Bowhead whale songs are complex and copied, new study shows

Michelle Obama Gives Zero Fucks About What the Saudis Wanted Her To Wear

Three dead in clashes at the Lebanon border

These are the religious beliefs of Europe’s leaders—including the atheists

Four rockets launch from UAF research range

One in five US children now rely on food stamps: Census data

Wow. "Donut Hole" shopping as we get ready for Medicare. What a difference!

While world commemorates Holocaust, Russia attacks Ukraine

Parallel bars

TLC has become home to the bizarre

this is what I have to put up with...

Sorry, Ukraine, You Can't Beat Putin

Elsewhere, storm was less than advertised, but region got genuine blizzard

'PC culture' isn't about your freedom of speech. It's about our freedom to be offended

An Israeli Soldier's Story - Eran Efrati

What's your favorite scene from No Country For Old Men?

Loretta Lynch, in Confirmation Hearing, Defends Legality of Obama Immigration Action

Startling Revelations: ISIS Operative Confesses To Getting Funds Via US

Tim Hortons layoffs: Long-time employees escorted out the door

Pace Strips Russia Of Voting Rights Until April Over Ukraine, Russia Quits For 1 Yr

Sly Stone Wins $5 Million Lawsuit Against Ex-Manager After Becoming Homeless Truth rating: 10

Walker calls for steep cuts to Wisconsin university system

Huckabee: "Please, God, let us have Elizabeth Warren."

Must-see film: Ross Caputi, "Fear Not the Path of Truth: a veteran's journey after Fallujah"

Meet the new Ghostbuster crew

Greek PM Tsipras freezes privatizations, markets tumble.

The most popular way to die in a snow storm claims 1,600+ in a 16 year span

Media’s Direct Reporting Omits Deep Background

In Virginia, Huckabee defends DREAMer benefits

how will we keep Florida from being stolen in 2016?

State Senate Democrats unveil agenda: Wisconsin Families First

Dem Congressman Announces Change Of Heart On Abortion

$5 Million for Co-op Development in Madison: City government and cooperatives working together

Penguins spell Crosby's name as 'Sindey' on game program

Accused in Amanda Todd case proclaims innocence in new letter

Bank of England governor attacks eurozone austerity

Raul Castro: US Must Return Guantanamo for Normal Relations

Mayor Calls 911 To Report A Robbery, Police Show Up, Beat and Arrest Her

Monument Seeks to End Silence on Killings of the Disabled by the Nazis

Rush After 'A Rape On Campus': A UVA Alum Goes Back to Rugby Road

The Prosecutor Who Filed Murder Charges Against The Cops Is Becoming A Police Target

Are the Koch brothers the worst humans in America?

Key & Peele's Super Bowl Special

Studies Reveal So-Called ‘Racially Progressive’ White Millennials Are Not So Different

Secretary Foxx Weighs in on Sanders Bill to Rebuild America

Judge declines request to delay challenge of Nebraska's gay marriage ban

Idaho Dem Takes Parting Shot at GOP in Her Obituary

How Did We Get Into This Mess? Down Syndrome is "Hell on Earth."

Boston Cream Pie French Toast:

Teen walks into Leesburg High School with gun

Man Brags about 16 Warrants on Facebook, Gets Arrested

Community protector Bo Frierson tipped from wheelchair for protesting SFPD’s assault on his cousin

Dumbest tweet yet about Marshawn Lynch's refusal to speak to the media

GOP to White House: What's your ObamaCare backup plan if we win?

State Department tells Benghazi committee chairman: Witnesses are ready to talk

Obama Reduced Bush's $1.4 Trillion Deficit by 75%

Papantonio: Republicans Trying To Steal Land In Nebraska for Keystone

Gay Lawmaker Threatens to Reveal Affairs of 'Family Values' Colleagues

Researchers may have found key to peanut allergy cure

Can anyone recommend a good Thai cookbook or

Perry says exploration of presidential bid “moving right along,” in spite of legal setback

Utah Couple Poisoned Themselves And Their Children Out Of ‘Fear Of The Apocalpyse’ (VIDEO)

Broadway Legend Joel Grey Comes Out as Gay

I didn't know that Bill Nye The Science Guy used the 'F' word:

Researchers Produce Two Biofuels (biodiesel and jet fuel) from a Single Algae

Scott Walker pitches his arena assistance proposal as a model in conservativism

Andrew SULLIVAN semi-retires from blogging, sparking hilarious snark from Gawker readers

After merger with Burger King, hundreds of Tim Hortons employees fired

What is the purpose and goal of "politics"?

Satirical #SquirrelTruth advertisements taking over Chicago's "L" trains

Inspiration for Seahawks logo visits Seattle with assist from Patriots fan

Video: UPS driver throws box, urinates against Texas house

Romney: Hillary fights for the rich and she's out of touch with poor Americans, so elect me instead

Garage sale?

Tesla Model S P85D 'Insane' Mode: NSFW Video Shows How Insane It Really Is

Inside Looking Out

Colombia oil workers union victim of ‘series of threats’ and attacks

Today's dessert is Red Velvet Cake

Center of a Storm,Irvin Jim, General Secretary of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa

Iran Names New U.N. Ambassador Months After U.S. Bans First Choice

At least the Patriots are still not hated as much as the Cowboys.

Videos Capture US Nuclear Physicist Offering 'Venezuelan Spy' Nuke Info

EU's Schulz Warns Tsipras Against Straying From Stance Against Russia

Videos Capture US Nuclear Physicist Offering 'Venezuelan Spy' Nuke Info

Cuban President Raul Castro: US Must Lift Embargo And Give Back Guantanamo To Normalize Relations

Cuban President Raul Castro: US Must Lift Embargo And Give Back Guantanamo To Normalize Relations

The new faces of Dumb and Dumber...

'Gargantuan' wild hog weighing nearly 800 pounds caught in Texas

Canadian Spy Agency Tracks Millions Of Downloads Every Day, Snowden Document Reveals

I knew it!

Southern Poverty Law Center files judicial ethics complaint against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

Well another has gone FREE!!!

Kendrick Johnson’s parents guilty in civil disobedience trial

San Francisco Public Defender detained by police...

Facebook post lands Mineral Wells man in jail after bragging about his arrest warrants

Woman accused of corpse abuse pleads guilty to food stamp fraud

No headscarves. Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Condoleezza Rice.

Ben & Jerry’s Founders Support #BlackLivesMatter in a Bold Display of Solidarity

Israeli soldiers killed in Hezbollah retaliation attack

24 Headlines That Should Never Have Been Written

Republicans will have to spin struggling state economies in 2016

My dog is going ballistic.

Video: Mike Huckabee says Immigrants want to "change America" to be "more socialistic," etc.

Arkansas panel rejects removing Lee from King holiday

Scott Walker says UW faculty should 'teach more classes, do more work'

Dear Parents (note from my daughter's 4th grade teacher)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 29 January 2015

I am not a scientist, BUT

Al Sharpton: Warren's GOP Fan Club means they have no match for Clinton

Tom Brady Had An Interesting Response When Asked If He Would Be Completely Exonerated For Deflategat

New Technique Allows Bioengineers To "Reprogram" Genetic Code

I hope all DU members are signed up for the USDA notifications for food recalls.

Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up

Who thinks the GOP sabotaged the teleprompter when Palin was

Famed biologist:Religion is dragging us down and must be eliminated 'for the sake of human progress'

I am not a scientist, BUT

In U.S., New Record 43% Are Political Independents

Rep. Tim Ryan makes it formal: He's gone from 'anti-abortion' to 'pro-choice'

Obama Lectures Modi on Religious Tolerance