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STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 30 January 2015


TRNN: "Ukraine and the Right a Year after Maiden"-- (View from the Anti-Putin Perspective)

How the Mormons Punked the Press

A Texas lawmaker is demanding Muslims swear allegiance next to an Israeli flag

Idaho Christian woman warns lawmakers they will legalize necrophilia by protecting LGBT rights

Bill would end all restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba

Well, I guess Bill Cosby is still good for something.

Joseph Weekley, Cop Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old, Will No Longer Face Charges

GOP abortion politics and that pesky definition of 'rape'

Police Dogs Turned Loose on Restrained University Student

This Rare Bird Is Worth More Than Ivory to Poachers

Why is it (re: KXL, the angry right, the weenie left, RINO's)

A funny image I found.

Seattle activist pepper-sprayed while talking on phone sues city and police

Seattle activist pepper-sprayed while talking on phone sues city and police

Illinois Pastafarian Wants to Wear a Colander on his Head for His Driver’s License Picture

10 Photos That Show Why This Size 22 Woman Just Landed a Major Modeling Contract

Obama must finally end NSA phone record collection, says privacy board

Family of Akai Gurley planning to sue city for $50m in fatal NYPD shooting

'The Alaskan Bush People'. Your view.

Israeli city told to pay women damages after failing to remove ‘modesty signs’

Justice Department’s IG report disputes Attkisson’s computer-intrusion allegations

Dick Cavett on hardball just now.

Boilerplate reply from my congressman.

Study: Global warming 'doubles risk' of extreme weather

Jell-O Saved This Dog, But Could Kill Yours

How Bernie Sanders, In New Role, Could Make Wall Streeters Very, Very Unhappy

Joe Biden: A Plan for Central America

Charlie Hebdo: Bulgaria extradites terror suspect

Ukraine conflict: EU extends sanctions against Russia

The political divide on views toward Muslims and Islam/Pew

Cigna Cuts HIV Drug Costs To Settle Discrimination Case

Seattle man needed state official’s help to avoid charges for ‘walking while black’

Abrupt Cimate Change? Yes.

Israel decides not to go to war with Hezbollah

U.S. funding impasse blocks Secret Service hires: Homeland Security chief

The Disneyland measles crisis: how to make negligent parents pay

Texas Is About To Execute An Intellectually Disabled Man

FCC Officially Redefines Broadband As 25 Mbps Down, 3 Mbps Up

Most Social Justice Advocates are Not Social Justice Warriors

Suge Knight Just Killed a Guy on a Movie Set: Report

Got a few $ to fight the Keystone pipeline?

Teenage Girls in Argentina – Invisible Victims of Femicide

National Geographic Wild is bringing back FISH BOWL! It's Fish Bowl II!

The Value of Creativity - CreativeFuture

Religious and secular advocates urge IRS to clarify rules on political endorsements from the pulpit

A Drones eye view of Auschwitz


The awkward moment Sarah Palin raised $25,000 for Hillary Clinton's election campaign

Mike Luckovich Toon- Trading Places

Batman and Robin discuss the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Islamic State Offshoots Spring Up in Egypt, Other Countries

A manly car.

5 Ways to Safeguard Birds in Winter

Have you gotten your invite yet? More than 200 ‘Run Warren Run’ events planned for Super Bowl Wkd

Casino union protests Taj Mahal cuts outside Icahn office

"There was and is no such category in American law as enemy combatant."

Food fight in the Lounge!

Does the G+ link do anything?

the good news is the 8-12" of snow that was predicted for this Monday is off

Calling on the Department of Labor to Update Overtime Protections E action

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! We Don’t Need No Education & a new Kitteh gif

Is there a national increase

How a Two-Tier Economy Is Reshaping the U.S. Marketplace

Assembly bill would turn Wisconsin’s failing public schools into charters

New Dem FL congresswoman votes with GOP 4 times 1st week. Sits with GOP at SOTU speech.

Unraveling the Nature and Identity of the Green Man

New NYPD Anti-Terror Unit Will Get Machine Guns To Police Protesters

RNC Going on All Expense Paid Trip to Israel With "Hate Group"

Republican bills take aim at EPA science, rulemaking

KRS-One Visits Cholla High Magnet School

High School Chemistry

NFL announces 'Art Rooney Award'

DK Cartoon: Useful tips from Joni Ernst

Measles outbreak reaches Bay Area, 30 babies now under isolation

Venezuelan general appears in NY after 11 months on the run

US says 'no' to handing Guantanamo back to Cuba

Romney may sell rebuilt La Jolla home

easy Mexican Coktel de Camarones

Maidan Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Documentary HD

Drew Brees proves beyond a shadow of a doubt...

Miners Fight!

Blogger helps raise $1 million so NYC kids can visit Harvard

Mad Men: Inside the Men's Rights Movement—and the Army of Misogynists and Trolls It Spawned

Mad Men: Inside the Men's Rights Movement—and the Army of Misogynists and Trolls It Spawned

Islamic State's Egypt Wing Claims Deadliest Attacks In Months: Official Twitter

Mad Men: Inside the Men's Rights Movement—and the Army of Misogynists and Trolls It Spawned

Fun with cows.

Union-Made Super Bowl Party Shopping List

Russia Warns West Support For Kiev Could Lead To 'Catastrophe'

Mississipi doctor treats poor people out of his car, state trying to put him out of business

Germans In Shock As New Greek Leader Starts With A Bang

Texas bill will allow teachers to kill students to protect school 'property'

Obama's statements concerning Fast Track Trade Authority made during the 2008 campaign

McCain Amendment Could Scuttle U.S. Maritime Industry

NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin: Chris Kyle’s ‘Racist Tendencies’ May Have Caused ‘Killing Sprees’

A real American sniper speaks up (in a 16-minute video clip)

So (R) Tom Coburn was able to completely stop a vote for veterans health care

So it appears I have relapsed.

Mummified in Meditation

Anyone snacking tonight?

Pipeline ruptures raise desperation for inspectors

Bernie Sanders Rips “Crazy” Senate For Passing Keystone XL Bill

Samsung, Verizon rush to invest in Israel’s ‘next WhatsApp’

China’s Alibaba makes first foray into Israeli tech

Has anyone ever bought a home that was foreclosed?

Israel attracts more investment from China with new $102 million VC fund from Singulariteam

International musicians invest in Israeli app

SkyTruth: [Updated] Bangladesh - Oil Spill in the Sundarbans National Park

Miley Cyrus unimpressed by Israeli app mocking 'Wrecking ball' hit

Why can't I ever remember how to spell amnesia?

Grim Fandango is on Steam!!!!

Taylor Energy Site - Leaking Oil Continuously Since 2004

Meet Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's Son, Lover Of Poon, Hoes, And "Niggas"

TPP and fast track - GOP + Obama

Take Cuba off the Terrorist List

Age Discrimination

Take Cuba off the Terrorist List

No snow day for low-wage workers

Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe S03 premiere: Charlie Hebdo, Fox News, et al.

China’s Louisiana Purchase: Who’s building a methanol plant on the bayou?

The "arrest Henry Kissinger" protest at the Senate

Happy birthday January 30, Franklin D. ROOSEVELT

Ukraine: Russia-backed rebels overrun another town in east

Texas executes convicted killer with IQ of 67

GOP uses Loretta Lynch hearing to debate voting rights

WV Republicans introduce bill to limit teaching about "UN, world govt, social problems"

APNewsBreak: Killer says his ideas influenced family suicide

SAW two MIND Blowing FILMS last night...

So Now We Moved Past Deflategate To "ThugGate"...

Texas GOP rep. asks Muslim visitors Declare allegiance to the United States and “renounce Islamic te

NYPD Announces Bizzare Plan to "improve" relations w/ public: Brandish Machine Guns at Protestors

What's the worst job in football?

John Kerry fined $50 for failing to shovel snow outside home

Pastor who claims Starbucks put semen in coffee admits he’s been ‘tempted’ by the gay lifestyle

Bobby Jindal Warns America: Our God Wins!


Criminal probe widens, PG&E to release 65,000 emails, more commissioners involved

Colleen McCullough, Author of The Thorn Birds, Dies

Obama energizes House Dems: 'We've got a lot more work to do'

Kubrick's 2001 Explained

Rev. Jesse Jackson to East Palo Alto: Fight gentrification

Michael Moore confirms: Clint Eastwood threatened to kill me at an awards dinner

funny sign fails

Ever wonder what the shutter does in your DSLR? The SloMoo guys show you.

Fresno busing to Oakland 2/7 for March for Real Climate Leadership

Watch: Obama Levels With Republicans, Red State Crowd Goes Wild

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 31, 2015 -- The Essentials - John Barrymore

The longer Hillary hangs her sign out... the more people will dislike her.

TPP Will Create Millions Of Jobs. Just Not In US. And They Will Pay Pennies An Hour.

Austinite Plans City's First 'Cat Cafe'

Tweet of the Day

Almost Half Of U.S. Households Exhaust Their Salaries

Nothing To See Here: 39th Banker Dead in 13 Months, Third this Year

Dumb Criminals: Florida Man Pees Off Balcony And Onto Waitress


Calvert eatery Cocoamoda begins two-day 'Restaurant: Impossible' renovations

Amazing!!! Seattle policeman Panics and

How to protect your baby from the unvaccinated.

Something fishy is going on here

Got the notice to take a DOT drug screening yesterday. Maybe 20 days out from taking a few

New bill in Texas legislature would allow teachers to shoot students

Browse the Florida Memory Photo Collections at the archives. You can find memories there.

Portugal to offer citizenship to descendants of expelled Jews

Missouri man charged with assault and making racially-charged comments to black waitress

Mug shot of the week

South Africa's 'Prime Evil' apartheid killer de Kock up for parole

Steven Salaita sues U. of I. over lost job

Daily Holidays - January 30

Dick Cavett on his legendary TV career

A friend just got approved to be on a radio talkshow and they need an email account

remember 2008 John McCain calls JFK’s assassination an “intervention”

SPLC: Yesterday, the AFA sent us a letter repudiating some views of Bryan Fischer. We responded.

Union Work

i just bought a cool domain name for Jeb Bush

Income Inequality is scaring who???

Northrop upbeat as bomber award looms

U.S. military budget to start funding post-F-35 'X-plane'

Female cop out of control and power mad sprays innocents with pepper spray

(Germany) Wind power fuels transition to renewable energy


Nigeria: Chad Reclaims Borno Town From Boko Haram

Cold-stunned turtles rehabilitated in New Orleans, released

10 Facts That Will Blow Right-Wingers' Minds

Cuajimalpa Hospital Explosion: 4 Babies Confirmed Dead After Gas Blast In Mexico

Two more for the Clown Car

The Country That Refuses to Bow Down to Western Bankers

Humanist campaign challenges blasphemy laws

U.S. Suddenly Goes Quiet on Effort to Bolster Afghan Forces

Key Romney donors and longtime staffer moving toward Bush

'Low-life Scum' vs. 'Great American Villian' as Citizens Arrest Targets Kissinger

List of goals of Greece's new government

At age 74, he's still not in jail

Revealed: Gov't Surveillance Is Much More Developed Than You Thought

The ripple effect of the Penn State Scandal:

15,000 young Gazans complete Hamas terror training camps

Palestinian girl, 14, in Israel prison for throwing rocks

CNN: Mitt Romney to announce Presidential plans at 11 AM

The Collapse of Europe?: The European Union May Be on the Verge of Regime Collapse

DU a poll: Should teacher have to pay union fee that violates belief? (fair share)

ISIS launches attack on Kirkuk

List of Goals for the new Greek Govt......should make you smile

Australian Open (spoiler)

L.A. leaders vow to end homelessness among veterans this year

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: No, Lindsey Graham, You Can't Marry Multiple Partners

TPP is the largest--and worst--trade deal you've never heard of

Strike on Europe’s busiest rail line ends after day of commuter chaos in Paris

Greg Palast: Trojan Hearse: Greek Elections and the Euro Leper Colony

I will never complain about my job again

I need some help in GD ASAP (it is a push poll)

I need some help in GD ASAP (it is a push poll)

It's been said, "Politics is the art of the possible" ...

Israel Introduces Progressive Trans Rights Law

Run Warren Run House Party

Money, Not Marital Status, Has the Most Impact on How Parents Raise Kids

Same guy is at it in LBN

Same guy is at it in LBN

"People or Parchment?"

Second case of measles confirmed in Blair, NE (there was a Disney related case there)

South Africa grants parole to apartheid death squad leader

Richard Wolff with Thom Hartmann: Why the Greek Anti-Austerity Party Won

Boehner: I Told Ambassador Not to Tell Obama

All Black Women Interviewed for STEM Study Experienced Gender Bias

See Europe before its destroyed

Luckovich Cartoon: Brutal Takedown Of Sarah Palin

Is changing military retirement good?

Islamic State group silent as deadline passes with no swap

Poll: Is Romney doing his quadrennial "Groundhog Day" thing again?

Obama mocks Romney...

Report: woman attacks police in Istanbul with automatic fire

U.S. Labor Costs Only Inch Up in 4th Quarter

Google News provides an image of the right wing mindset in a nutshell

I Speak My Mind, Because It’s the Only One I’ve Got

Jim Inhofe and the crazy old man who controls the weather - By Mark Morford

The Robert E. Rubin wing of the Democratic Party, the "Establishment Dems"

Patriots Really Embracing ‘Us Against The Rules’ Mentality

Frivolous Lawsuits! WV Businesses Sue Company That Spilled Diesel, Contaminated Water Supply

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - The evil that Koch do....

By contrast, the BUNDYs resist & injure cops, get an apology (not shot)

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Repubs

Sen. Sanders Presents $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill as Job Creator

Who Gives Air Time And Column-Inches To AZ Anti-Vaxxer Doctor? USA Today And CNN, For Starters . .

If Romney ($) and Bush ($) run...

In retrospect, the logo the "Free German Worker's party" chose was unfortunate...

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Drones

US pay and benefits rose by most in 6 years last year

Could Mitt Romney be the Thomas Dewey of the 21st century?

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! They're Coming - Masses Of Sea Slugs Moving North Along CA Coast

How Possible 2016 candidates are performing on Twitter

When Cops Break Bad: Inside a Police Force Gone Wild

Clinton looks to build support on left while keeping Wall St. friends

Sediment Data Reveal Massive Oxygen Loss In Oceans During Rapid Melting 10-17,000 Years Ago

MATT TAIBI: While Deflategate and Chaitgate Rage, America Quietly Robs Its Elderly

Why did Boehner stop debate on KeystoneXL to run to a Koch function? Well...

Matt Taibbi: While Deflategate and Chaitgate Rage, America Quietly Robs Its Elderly

PA Governor Tom Wolf Restores Fracking Moratorium In State Parks And Forests

Looks like Big Ed should of kept his radio show he's not doing well in the ratings

Pakistan: Death toll in bombing at Shiite mosque rises to 49

U.S. economy grew at 2.6 percent pace in fourth quarter of 2014

My prediction is President Obama will go down in history as one of the best Presidents

'Suge' Knight arrested on suspicion of murder; held on $2-million bail

Most Americans Support Government Action on Climate Change, Poll Finds

Before Net Neutrality: The Surprising 1940s Battle for Radio Freedom

‘There Is No Peace Dividend': Army Vice Chief Rails Against Sequester

Conservative Scold Ken Starr Got a Billionaire Pedophile Off

Another anti-vaxx hysteria video... (updated)

Washington Post: Superimpose the size of your home on one of Mitt Romney's.

Long Beach loses its 106-year-old symbol of cycling

Russian mother accused the treason for reporting Russian troop movements to Ukrainian embassy

UPDATED 2 X: Romney Says He Won’t Run for President

If conservative compassion, rationality and basic human decency were products that one could buy...

'Low-life Scum' vs. 'Great American Villian' as Citizens Arrest Targets Kissinger

This Massive New Project Is Great News for Homeless Vets in Los Angeles

Morning Jerk..

Robert Redford: Stop the Big Polluter Agenda

What Would Global Wealth Equality Look Like?

Afghanistan's Girl Skaters - Skateistan

the spark in a puppies eye

Pic Of The Moment: Conservatives Demand That Muslims Integrate; Protest When They Do

Can you see it? Chris Christie's PAC's address is "" ...

The GOP’s Flip-Flopping Cuban Heartthrob

Battle with IS kills senior Kurdish general, 8 of his troops

Good news/bad news: Boozing wards off Alzheimer's and boosts stroke risk

new NYPD unit will get machine guns to police protesters

AP: Texas parents angry school makes kids pull down pants to find who left poop on floor

(W Post) Kathleen Parker: Blame Republicans for Palin’s fall

Papantonio: U.S. Ambassador to Israel Pushes Hard For War with Iran

Contact the White House - NO on TPP!!!!!

George Zimmerman assault case dropped; ex-girlfriend recants

Monty Python - Life of Brian Crucifixion scene

while organizing my bookmarks I stumbled on this...

Actress Nikki Reed Hosts Third Annual Catdance Film Festival

Porn: Driving innovation to improve our lives

The one and only sane reaction to Mitt For President 3.0

Dartmouth thinks blaming the victim solves sexual harassment & violence

'I'm sorry,' Omaha man says after pleading no contest to second-degree murder in 5-year-old girl's..

Euro zone slides deeper into deflation

Why Castro's demand for reparations from US could backfire

No presidential run for Mitt Romney ($)

Catholic group joins the call for Merck to make single-dose measles and mumps vaccines

Celebrities Defend Brady On Jimmy Kimmel

It's a great era to be alive...Thanks Obama!

Fake, Evil, Spritiual, Commodified; What's the Truth About Popular Yoga?

Israeli deaths glorified at LSE on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Why “Fast Track” Can Sidetrack Both Science and Democracy

Mitt just said that he won't run...

Another customer comment to Kroger.

Daily cute: kitten battles toy mouse

Man in Quebec flag tries to 'liberate' children from ultra-Orthodox Jewish day school

Warren Group Push Polling Against Clinton

This one goes out to Mitt, a man who spent the last two decades aiming for the White House

The User Illusion by Tor Norretranders

Deepak denies that HIV causes AIDS

If not Romney who???? IMO it will be "Recall Walker".

Oklahoma's GOP is Waging a Shocking War on LGBT Adults and Kids

Who will be the Republican nominee?

Who will be the Democratic nominee?

Thanks, Republicans...

Why is the left so focused on Warren when Bernie Sanders is actively considering running?

So it'll be a bush/romney ticket?

Priceless - Title of Christie's PAC. LeadershipMattersForAmerica.Org. Short form: LMFAO

Mitt Romney will not run for president in 2016

Woman who was shot by Omaha police officers dies

American Airlines pilots approve new contract, 66%-34%

In Oklahoma, abortion can only be discussed as a negative

eBay, what am I doing wrong?

Reaching breaking point-

??? Michael Bennett of Colorado

How Big Is the GOP Presidential Field? Bob Ehrlich Is Preparing to Run

We used to be able to buy a star membership for other DUers

Two days ago it appeared that the gun control legislation in Virginia

Tiger Woods now +6 after seven holes today.

A Facebook friend keeps on talking about "fake people". Who are these fake people?

Whoever enters the White House on January 20, 2017 will have raised $1 billion.

Signs point toward difficult 2016 for Ron Johnson (R-WI) (Feingold may run!!)

Don't Trade Away Our Health by Joseph Stiglitz

There's nothing wrong with that GoDaddy Puppy Ad (that was pulled from Superbowl)

Religious Land Use Appeal Looks to 'Hobby Lobby'

Jeb Bush's Response To Romney: 'I'm Sure Today's Decision Was Not Easy'

Desperate Republicans Are Urging Elizabeth Warren To Run Against Hillary Clinton

WATCH: Cop Pepper-Sprays Teacher Who Was Talking On A Cell Phone

Srebrenica massacre verdicts upheld at war crimes tribunal

Today in Herstory: Margaret Sanger Calls for Repealing Laws Blocking Contraception Access and Infor

BBC: Romney won't run

Today in Herstory: Margaret Sanger Calls for Repealing Laws Blocking Contraception Access and Inform

Kitten saves friend from death ray

Norfolk Southern to relocate 500 jobs from white-collar hub in Roanoke

Damn! Now we won't have Mitt to kick around anymore

Ohio Legislator Became Pro-Choice After Listening To Women’s Stories

'The government invites you to be wary of those who do not eat baguettes'

Papantonio: Will Rick Perry Do Some Pokey Time?

I hate DUing on my phone

I'm going to start my own "party" : "The Font is Too Damn Small" Party.

Va. to pay $520K to lawyers in same-sex marriage case

Complex environments push 'brain' evolution

Has anyone else had this problem?

More Female Officers Defuse Violent Policing Style

I wouldn't normally laugh at someone for something like this but karma...

More Female Officers Defuse Violent Policing Style

House panel scraps Marshall's bill on denying service to LGBT people

A preparedness question--

More Female Officers Defuse Violent Policing Style

Privacy challenges: Just four vague pieces of info can identify you, and your credit card

Alive Inside

The Zimmerman Damage Control Team wins again.

Hagrid is sick! Hope they have a bed big enough for him at the hospital.

Police shoot and kill 17 yr. old mentally disturbed Girl

Biologists used world’s largest single-celled organism to study nature of structure, form in plants

The success of Obamacare has made it very awkward for the guy who invented it to run as a Republican.

Amtrak to invest $12 million in major renovation of Chicago's Union Station

Fighting rages in eastern Ukraine as Minsk peace talks are called off

'CAT scan' of nearby supernova remnant reveals frothy interior

Tweet of the Week -

For your viewing pleasure:

Science Channel on Dish

Netanyahu has been contacting Dems in Congress....trying to turn them against Obama

Former Democratic Sen. Jim Webb Explores Presidential Bid

parrots in the superbowl

DeflateGate This: NFL didn’t log the PSI of each Patriots football

Thanks ! You just made a whole bunch of babies happy !

Tony Perkins going the Sean Hannity route...

Pres. Obama tells Dems, on TTP: "Get informed, not by reading the Huffington Post"

it's after noon but what's for breakfast?

You've heard of the butt fumble, of course. I give you... the butt pass!

If anyone missed the PBS Frontline documentary "Gunned Down:The Power of the NRA"

Mitt Romney Doesn’t Think Much of Jeb Bush

Elizabeth Warren backers fund poll stoking Hillary Clinton doubts

The Culture Wars Are Dead, Long Live the Culture Wars!

Deflation Experiments Show Patriots May Have a Point After All

Hate group AFA only pretends to fire Fischer

How to build your own particle detector

Neil deGrasse Tyson Wrong on Patriots Deflategate, We Have the Math

In Sweden you get your child vaccinated to protect your community, not just your child.

Who Lives and Who Dies

what happened to those chewz rawhide dog treats?

Pat Robertson Tells Elderly Woman to Get Reverse Mortgage to Pay 700 Club Dues

Citing war on terror, Canada propose sweeping new powers for spies, police

Whoops? Venezuela uses strange picture choice in online promotional campaign

Baleen whales hear through their bones

Russian activist charged with treason after phoning Ukrainian embassy

The Nightmare Libertarian Project to Turn Honduras Into Ayn Rand's Paradise

"Get Off My Lawn" you low life scum! John McCain, a new low for a lowlife.

Research about unique male/female cardinal revealed

Richard Dawkins reads fan mail video - hilarious!

Scientists and the American public disagree on some pretty key issues

Shut-out Dems longing for Hillary - and Bill ( Clinton room post)

Ukrainian Pilot Savchenko Slapped With New Charges

can someone tell me where i can get (or what happened to) a specific type of dog bone

Infants create new knowledge while sleeping

Mitt Romney has deflated balls.

House Democrats’ new message on the economy: We told you so

Russian "Je Suis Charlie" Civil Rights Activists Face Criminal Prosecution for Illegal Gatherings

Kucinich offers insight on uncovered Pentagon Qaddafi tapes Fox News Video

Secret recordings show US military and a Democratic congressman distrusted Hillary Clinton on Libya

Ancient 'genomic parasites' spurred evolution of pregnancy in mammals

A little girl becomes Cinderella at Disneyworld. It's a story with a twist at the end though.

The Rude Pundit - According to the NRA, We're Screwed...Right Now

Dinner menu help

Berkeley Cafe Serves Up Scones with a Side of Racism, Says Comedian W. Kamau Bell

Berkeley Cafe Serves Up Scones with a Side of Racism, Says Comedian W. Kamau Bell (xpost from GD)

Israeli Ambassador Throws John Boehner Under The Bus After Disrespect Of Obama Backfires

Black teens who commit a few crimes go to jail as often as white teens who commit dozens

Third time the charm? Perry files another motion to have indictments quashed

Secretive conservative group holds $25K fundraiser at Edgewood

West Virginia: Secretive conservative group holds $25K fundraiser at Edgewood

End Obamacare, people could die ... that is OK

Comcast changes customer's first name on bill to 'Asshole'

We are religious! We demand exemptions and exceptions!

Iceland is melting so fast, it’s literally popping off the planet

My thoughts about Manhattan, from a periodic visitor

Atheist billboard taken down in Mobile, group says they're owed 2 more weeks

Keep it 100

Religious authorities surprised by success of ‘Nuns story’ video

University president slashes his own pay to help others

I predict: The groundhog will not see his shadow on Groundhog Day 2015!

Need help with color in sig line

*****BOG POST*****Obama Mocks Republican Party: ‘Starting To Sound Pretty Democratic’

Federal appeals court says potential employee cannot claim religious exception to providing SSN

Jordan Threatens To Hang All Daesh Prisoners If Pilot Is Killed

So, has everyone at DU in the Northeast dug out completely ?

MO's Country Club Committee Meeting Goes Wrong for Republicans, Get Caught on Camera talking Choice

Seen on Facebook: VERY timely toon:

Sources: Strickland to run for U.S. Senate in 2016

U.S. Says Israeli Settlement Unit Tenders Will 'Inflame Tensions'

Interfaith Book Club

Did Sanctions on Russia help defeat the Democrats in 2014?

Chevron Guts Budget as Job Cuts, Project Delays Follow Oil Slump

Greece says will not cooperate with troika or seek aid extension

5 most popular posts on this week

Maybe not Johnny, but damn close.

Greece Tallies Up The WWII Reparations Bill

U.S. Postal Service, "Relaxed Standards"

TPP redefined

Liquor Stories with James Lahey

Equality Texas Delivers Gay Pride Flag To Hateful Anti-Muslim Lawmaker’s Office

Russia To Get More Missiles, NATO Urges Increase In Spending

Call for New Safeguards on U.S. Intelligence Organizations

Gay Marriage Foes: Mind Your Own Business

Election reform before US Supreme Court

Oil Cash Waning, Venezuelan Shelves Lie Bare

mopinko floated this on FB: Boner should lose the speakership over Bibigate

Repugnuts ask Loretta Lynch if she will be "a political arm of the White House as attorney general?”

well, this is pretty sad

Democracy Now, 1 year ago: Putin apologist/ scumbag Cohen takes side of the police vs the protesters

Paging Heddi...

NPR: 'Female Husbands' In The 19th Century - cool article

Hubble Finds Galaxy's Stars Scattered Far From Home

Watch Saturn's aurorae

Mitt Romney - how many more times will he Flip-Flop on running for President. Take the Poll

thinking about February...

Meet David Lane: The Anti-Gay, Christian-Nation Extremist Of The RNC


Bar Association provides new recommendations for statewide judge candidates

Oil soars on signs US oil companies curtail production

Carl Heastie set to lead Assembly as first black speaker

How's this for an unusual dog?

Richard Sherman may have to choose between Super Bowl or birth of first child

For your own benefit, please sign up for notifications:

Hello, moon

The day DeMatha basketball toppled Power Memorial: 50 years ago, the Stags beat Lew Alcindor

Consensus among the Rs I know right now is

FDR's Birthday

Eight years of progressive politics in Ecuador

IRS is now paying company that muffed work

The Rude Pundit - According to the NRA, We're Screwed...Right Now

My "WTF?" of the day, Tony Perkins edition...

The Rude Pundit - According to the NRA, Obama is gonna take everyones guns

From Swiss company to provide names for your new baby for $32,000.

At Capitol, dozens call on state lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana

How should Obama react to Boehner usurping his power?

Any protest against that war criminal Kissenger is a good thing

Chris Kyle Day announced in Texas by Abbott

I installed Google Chrome on Nov. 1st, 2014.

The coldest town on Earth

What! "Morning Joe at Night" preempts Maddow's show???

Some guys just came by on horseback

The Nightmare Libertarian Project to Turn This Central American Country Into Ayn Rand's Paradise

The Nightmare Libertarian Project to Turn This Central American Country Into Ayn Rand's Paradise

46 years ago.

Picasso’s War: The Masterpiece that Changed the World

I am the locker room guy.

Keep it 100 question 2 of the day

Roald Dahl's Heartbreaking Take on Vaccines

We Will Become A Nation Of Temp And Contingency Jobs Under The GOP/Business Allies.

Panama’s ex-president’s hunger for gossip at center of wiretap probe

For first time on record, unemployment drops in every Ky. county

The Republic has been saved. "Ernst focuses on cybersecurity"

Will the SYRIZA Victory Spark a Broad Anti-Austerity Struggle in Europe?

Alaska Legislature has lost their minds, and now they are threatening President Obama

Governor Patrick's Legacy.

Victory for Public Health in Nigeria

Victory for Public Health in Nigeria

216, say that again...two hundred and sixteen, or something, something, beer (new link)

216, say that again...two hundred and sixteen, or something, something, beer (new link)

Copycat thread for "Steam Douche". You know what to do

New UK Guidelines Would Put the Onus on Rape Suspects, Not Victims, in Sexual Violence Cases

New UK Guidelines Would Put the Onus on Rape Suspects, Not Victims, in Sexual Violence Cases

216, say that again...two hundred and sixteen, or something, something, beer (new link)

Protestors Demand Justice After Denver Police Fatally Shoot Queer Latina Teen

I hope Marshawn Lynch is named Super Bowl MVP ...

Protestors Demand Justice After Denver Police Fatally Shoot Queer Latina Teen

Do Not Root For The Goddamn Patriots

Did Obama just sucker punch liberals on Keystone XL?

FDA approves ADHD drug for binge-eating disorder

Henry Kissinger or CODEPINK: Who’s the "Low Life Scum"?

Are Police Forces Becoming "Our Stasi"? There Are A Lot Of Disturbing Trends.

Super Bowl Commercials

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