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After 80 years of marriage, Hebron couple say they are rich where it matters: in family

Travel The Fiery Red-Orange Halls Of Fushimi Inari-Taisha, Shrine Dedicated To God Of Rice

NYC mayor, commissioner saluted when entering slain officer's wake

Mexico vigilante founder, 26 others arrested in 10 shooting deaths

Relevant 2014 election numbers

Argentina agrees to extradite US man (Kurt Sonnenfeld) charged with wife's murder

Huckabee walks away from Fox show "to ascertain if support exists for another Presidential run"

We just cheated someone out of $600 and are quite proud of it

Isis posts eighth propaganda video of John Cantlie

Israel’s Avigdor Lieberman faces poll meltdown after party corruption probe

Climate Change is Impacting the Flavor and Quality of Wine

Obama Plans 3-Day Tour to Preview State of the Union

Two Specials for the DU Gladys Knight Fans....

Impossibly slow lately

Is Ryan Lindley a cousin of mine?

Rescue under way as car transporter runs aground in Solent

"I'm surprised she's not dead."

Ok, that's it.....does Lifetime and Hallmark channel use the same stupid male

Huckabee to end Fox News show to mull 2016

December 31, 1958

Superwoman...How much Better Can it Get than This?

Depression doesn’t make you sad all the time (UK Guardian)

Adam Smith defends Elizabeth Warren

A link to the lawsuit filed against Bushmaster et al. regarding Sandy Hook

Silence Makes White People Racist

If you dont get what you want from Obama, then I know how to "show him"

Silence Makes White People Racist

The AMC Walking Dead marathon was one tasty burger...

Sandhill Crane Thank You 2014

Hey! I've figured out Sarah Palin! She's an ASSHOLE.

Rachel Maddow: How Putin ‘leadership’ puts Russia in dire crisis, and his FOX News love affair

David Brooks says ‘people from around the world’ can serve in Israeli military

Thanks Obama! U.S. Dollar Reaches Highest Value In 9 Years

The Senate's 46 Democrats got 20 million more votes than its 54 Republicans

Happy New Year from the Ukraine

NYDN: EXCLUSIVE: Subway conductor allegedly assaulted by off-duty NYPD cop feared for her life

this may be a stupid question but

Condition of British Ebola Patient Worsens

Aretha Franklin and Smokey Robinson...The Revolution is Coming..."Crusing Together."

Drones for Good: Tech Helps Scientists Track Endangered Steller Sea Lions

I think this paragraph from The New Yorker really sums up the gun control debate here on DU

Top 100 HITS OF 1970--Vietnam Generation's Tunes

His First Day Out Of Jail After 40 Years: Adjusting To Life Outside

Water Tower by the Manhattan Bridge

Beware of Nose

About family trees....

So what are the chances of a Democrat being elected following a 2-term Democrat?

Energized Obama Aims To Start 2015 On His Own Terms

Nuclear power is the greenest option, say top scientists

In Miami, deportation fears rise as U.S. revives relations with Havana

In Miami, deportation fears rise as U.S. revives relations with Havana

Gallup has Obama's approval/disapproval at...

Divers being sent to examine AirAsia wreckage

Egg Prices Are Set to Spike, and Here’s Why It’s a Good Thing

Soviet X-Ray Record Club - Never Enough (Official Video) + Info about actual Soviet x-ray bootlegs!

The Black Angels - The First Vietnamese War

New Year Reflections

Old Mexico lives on

Soviet-Afghan Russian War Song "Remember"

Would it surprise you to learn that the Senate’s 46 Democrats got 20 million more votes than it’s 54

Listening to Chris Collinsworth announce the game is like watching game films with an

Reuters: Huckabee quits Fox News as he ponders 2016 run

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

I just had to post this

David Duke, Jason Richwine Introduce Spelling Bee to Burnish Klan’s Image.


I've been doing a little research on North Korea.

Official: Palestine to join Interpol

1 to 2 inches of snow, low temperatures in store tonight in Omaha (The snow started here an hour ago

Iran, U.S. Reportedly Closer To Nuclear Deal

Does anyone have any experience with mini-splits?

Tornadoes Strike Mississippi as Storms Sweep Through South

How to keep smoking as Feminine as possible (Looks like part of an old magazine article)

New GOP Senate Chairs Aim To Undo Obama Policies

This may be the earliest ever

Hey, Everybody! SalmonChantedEvening is Famous! Have a look:

Despite Gaza war, visitor numbers to Israel fell only 1% in 2014

The NYPD’s mini-rebellion, and the true face of American fascism

Edward Brooke, first elected US black senator, dies at 95

Sneak peek at the next chapter in our continuing war....

Australian bushfire

Mike Huckabee is a con man, who profited from con artists.

Native Americans Call on Obama to Block Keystone Pipeline

Scotland Yard Spends $14Mln on Staking Out Assange at Ecuador Embassy

Letter to Editor FL..speaks against Pam Bondi and hypocrites over same sex marriage.

Tim Tebow arrested for soliciting sexual favors (satire, hoax)

Get a load of this: "The Secret Madness of Adolf Hitler"

Ultranationalists march in Kiev Jan 2

What's the longest you've ever taken to finish a project?

Outrage at proposed 'Shameless' style sitcom about Ireland's Great Famine

Losing teams are now 2-0 in the playoffs.

Wisconsin's Walker facing opposition in own party

Democracies always ‘led by people that push for more war’ - Seymour Hersh

What Obama critics on DU don't get.

Roma baby refused burial in France

A gang-rape in India,

Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed with underage girl he is alleged to have abused

Tim Tebow Soliciting Sexual Favors

Messing around in MS Paint tonight: The Screaming Goat Party

Has Stanford University found a cure for Alzheimer's disease?

Daily Holidays -January 4

How Low-Income New Yorkers Are Benefiting From the NYPD's Work Stoppage

Oregon Football Players Chant ‘No Means No’ at Quarterback Accused of Rape

Workers of the World, Relax!

Robert Reich's Documentary "Inequality For All." Worth The Watch.

American Airlines’ pilots union accepts company’s last contract offer after marathon meetings, ...

More union drivers would help pensions

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Eat And Sleep Edition

How about this populist plan

Secret meetings (and WW2 apologies) from Japan to China

What are you reading the week of Sunday, January 4, 2015?

Dr. Maher Hathout, Muslim advocate for interfaith peace, dies at 79

Why is it racist when the working class resents migrants but not racist when the middle class does?


Scott Ritter - remember him - versus Jeffrey Epstein

Going public with DU3/Discussionist software.

Terrorists may hijack Delhi-Kabul Air India flight, intelligence agencies warn

5 Demented Right-Wing Moments This Week: Michele Bachmann's Hilarious Delusion

5 Biggest Threats To Social Security From New Republican Congress

A Public Hospital That Serves the Poor — With Lawsuits

Why Senate Dems Led by Liz Warren Are In Revolt Against Obama's Wall Street Nominee

This Is The Best Grocery Store In America, And It's Cheaper Than Trader Joe's

TRNN: What are U.S. Objectives in Weakening Russia's Economy?

Woman sues credit agency after misidentification

Rapprochement Between the United States and Cuba and Sanctions Against Venezuela

Rapprochement Between the United States and Cuba and Sanctions Against Venezuela

Your town votes to ban fracking? Watch the oil companies pay to overturn you

First Wolf Seen In The Grand Canyon in 75 Years, May Have Been Shot Dead

I made coq au vin for the first time yesterday and I did not screw it up!

6 Things JFK Did—or Didn’t Do—for Natives Before His Death

Would DUers please explain the ReTHUG arrogance re the November results

Louie Gohmert challenging Boehner for the Speaker's

Sunday's Doonesbury- Thank A Vet

Question Re: Facebook.

It is not that I object to Kornecki having republicans on his program, but his program

Boko Haram 'seizes army base' in Nigeria town of Baga

can someone tell me how to livestream this event? soon, it transpires at 9 am!

Republican State Senator: Muslim Americans Shouldn't be Protected by U.S. Constitution

Remember, as the weather gets colder

Meet the newest member of the Skinner family: Rosie!

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Billionaire bankers, minimum-wage toilers and the nasty truth about fast-food nation

Can you spot the similarities?

MLB, union to meet this month on domestic violence policy

How the Wall Street weasels won: Elizabeth Warren, Paul Krugman and the 1 percent’s ...

Goodluck Jonathan has to go!

Three secrets to revitalizing liberal America

Denise Ilitch


Need some advice DU!!

Corporations Have Renamed ‘High Fructose Corn Syrup’

AirAsia Didn’t Have Permission to Fly Route on Day of Crash

If Sanders's jobs bill doesn't pass, will he be accused of "not fighting hard enough" for it here?

Seals discovered having sex with penguins

Even though he beat my childhood Bengals twice, this is one of the best commercials in a long time

The left must remember that leaders do not make movements; rather, movements make leaders.

ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott dies at age of 49

"It's as clear as the skin on his face!!"

I believe this will be interpreted by the GOP as “YOUR CHEERIOS, I AM PEEING IN THEM”.

Cities Without Traffic

More Reasons to Tell Our President "No TPP" and "No Fast Track"

Stuart Scott dies at age of 49


"A Fighting Chance" by E. Warren is WONDERFUL!

Does ANYONE here SERIOUSLY believe that DU is full of paid trolls?

Nebraska Medicine prepares for 4th Ebola patient

Jim Hightower: A Flat-Footed Backflip for Wall Street

Photographer stunningly transforms shelter dogs into famous writers

FCC Chairman Says Net Neutrality Vote Due In February

White silence and MHP show

In 2014 Americans voted for more abortion restrictions, more tax cuts, less labor union power...

Glasses help color-blind see trees of green, red roses, too (SF Gate)

Wearing a hoodie in Oklahoma could cost you a 500 dollar fine

expose to the right for the night sky

Palin To PETA Over Dog Controversy: 'At Least Trig Didn’t Eat The Dog'

How do I leave my Union?

We might have autism backwards: What “broken mirror” and “broken mentalizing” theories could have

Pope Picks 15 New Cardinals To Reflect Diversity

Sikh Man Helps Reunite Christian Pastor With Stolen Bible

A lot of republican voters remind me of Samuel Jackson in Django Unchained

Texas Land Commission Suing Denton, TX; Residence Voted Band on Fracking. Bush, New Commissioner

Need advice on new ISP

Susan J. Demas: Sorry, GOP. Nobody cares about Hillary Clinton's age _ Hillary Clinton Group post_

The death of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn should be a wake up call for Christians-Interfaith post

Robert Reich: When we give up on democracy, the 1 percent ‘run everything and they get everything’

Iranian immigrant investors shut out of provincial programs

The CIA has to approve every script for spy drama The Americans

Another good article about ageism and sexism as relates to Hillary - Hillary Clinton group post

If anyone knows of a (solo) Male lion that needs rescue I know an open spot in a sanctuary

Funeral services to be held today for fallen NYPD Detective Wen Jian Liu

Is tomorrow Fishmas in New Jersey?

The Case Against In-Your-Face Atheism

Freedom From Religion Foundation quadruples space, adds staff

A Hundred Years’ Failure

Shockingly Stupid Republicans: What's the Matter with Mississippi?

Louie Gohmert Says He'll Challenge John Boehner For Speaker Of The House

Happy New Year!

Mexico Government Sends Michoacan Self-Defense Leader to Prison

Hilarious preview of Cowboys vs Lions

Anyone watching this funeral?

President Obama Stings You!!

i just came across this - for anyone interested P.O. Wenjian Liu funeral is

2015: The Year We Build Power Together

Those who defend the murder of black people do not deserve respect, they deserve to be shunned

$200,000 Ashton Martin vs $500 Matchbox car.

GOP lawmakers back Scalise in supremacist flap

Thanks, Doc...

December likely to cap off best year of job creation since 1999

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham Vows To Follow Leader Of Another Nation Instead Of His Own President

Texas Republican announces challenge to Boehner for Speaker in new Congress

Agree or Disagree - "Trust the art, not the artist"

(British) Nursery staff to be forced to report toddlers at risk of becoming terrorists

"As de Blasio takes the podium... maybe half of the assembled cops turn their backs"


Here's something you don't see every day

North Korea blasts U.S. for sanctions over Sony attack

Another year has passed......

NY Daily News Columnist: NYC mayors have been dissed before by NYPD

"Hunger", Humor and Genocide

The Jet Sex: Airline Stewardesses and the Making of an American Icon

Send in the Clowns: Boehner's challengers: Gohmert, Yoho

Boehner's challengers: Gohmert, Yoho

The 10 most read ‘Faitheist’ stories of 2014

Trees in black and white.

Laura Ingraham STUPEFIED by Obama’s popularity: ‘In defeat… he’s setting the agenda’

January 4, 1965 (NYC)

The Mystery Kitten

Waking the sleeping beast of religious liberty

Biden asks Maduro to release political prisoners

Oh my, watching "A Football Life" 2006 Rose Bowl......OMGAWD......

NYPD not only turned their backs to the picture of the Mayor on the Jumbotron, they

Nun running two parishes in south of England is 'warmly welcomed' by parishioners

Welcome Home Mr. President, What can we do to help?

Pope appoints new Cardinals

LTTE from a local paper

Defense Lawyers Criticize Egypt Gay Raid Trial

How Squirrels Accelerate Global Warming

Ellen DeGeneres' picture of a kid standing on a dog could end it for her?

Video shows suspect being kicked in head

Truthout: Port Strikes Mirror Organized Labor's Roots

NYPD officers with the right stuff

republican sen. john barrasso says keystone pipeline will provide 42,000 new jobs...the lies continue

New NYPD Recruitment Ad

OUR OPINION: How to ease labor shortages: Raise pay

Speaker of the House Election January 6: Procedure

Speaker of the House Election January 6: Procedure

Thought this was a really cool video - Salt N Pepa -None of your Business

The '82 "Annie" movie has been running, Ann REINKING is *smashing*!1

9th Circuit Judge: "Protecting freedom justifies the harsh means - and always has"

Russian citizens now have to fear being tagged in the wrong Social Media post

Before explosion, NASA knew aging Soviet engines posed risks

Camille Paglia thinks rape is intrinsic to men’s nature and a lot of men are like, “This is awesome"

Unskilled Workers Report for New Jobs

Infrastructure planning in the Age of Climate Change

Mia Love, the GOP's first black female lawmaker, stands by Scalise over David Duke connection

Watch Out Cory Gardner, The ‘Baggers Are Restless'

Woman Faces Up To a Month in Jail For Mailing Her Neighbors Cow Poop

Heads up DUers - Tornado warnings for Savannah Georgia

Who has read the TPP? Congressman Sander Levin (D) & here's what he says~

Heron Haven sanctuary (wetland) a sign that Omahan won the fight she picked with developers!!!

We Need to Stop Talking About Iggy Azalea (Article posted on FB by a friend, feedback welcome)

Any public condemnation of the grifter known as Sarah Palin....

would you undergo a serious surgery to save a life?

Dennis Kucinich, populist Democrat, honest and principled. Thank you:

G.O.P. Turns to the Courts to Aid Agenda

Thatcher confidant raped boy and police covered crime up

Yawn! Another year ends the same for the Bengals...

Texas Republican [Gohmert] announces challenge to Boehner for Speaker in new Congress

ESPN's Stuart Scott has died, 49, of cancer

Moyers: American Society’s Real Moochers: CEOs

Glasses help color-blind see trees of green, red roses, too (SF Gate) {xpost}

Koch-Funded News Outlet Defends Dark-Money Organizations ( is a Koch outfit)

This is so weird, how could it happen?

Abbas seeks to re-submit statehood bid to UN Security Council

Citizens of small Arkansas town back down SWEPCO

This is the weirdest thing. How did it happen?

Religion’s sinister fairy tale: Extremists, the religious right, Reza Aslan and the fight for reason

Was there just a major overnight shift on the DU?

Construct Tomorrow program grows, has big plans for next year

Wearing a hoodie in Oklahoma could soon become a crime

And Detoilet is taking it to the Cowpies.....yikes.....

Transit Union names new training center in honor of Rosa Parks and Tommy Douglas

Poverty rate among Hispanics in Nebraska soars (no abortions especially NO PUBLIC PD 4 HELP!)

Thatcher confidant raped boy and police covered crime up

Interesting blog from August: Not a Tea Party, a Confederate Party

Whenever I try to log in, something kicks me out of DU.

Not a good list to be on...

No Sarah, it isn't inspirational! Palin's dog in custody!

Sky transport of Bolivia: no congestion, quicker trips to work

Sky transport of Bolivia: no congestion, quicker trips to work

No root, no fruit...

One Member of the NYPD Does Not Turn Back on Fallen Officer or on Mayor de Blasio

Israel To Ask U.S. Congressmen To Halt Aid To Palestinians

In Colombia, a palm oil boom has its roots in years of fighting

Israel Police: US Officials Attacked By Jewish Settlers In West Bank

What's for Dinner, Sunday, Jan. 4, 2014

Feedback loop: for Israel isolation begets isolation

North Korea Responds With Fury To US Sanctions Over Sony Hack

Absolutely fascinating podcast site.....

Baby missing, parents and uncle shot

Stubborn senior dog - any tips?

President Obama Hangs Out With Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder in Hawaii

Texas tea partier Louie Gohmert to challenge Speaker John Boehner

The New Physics Theory of Life

Police chief's anti-racism sign lauded, criticized

Russian thugs bully and threaten kids for having anti-Putin stickers in occupied eastern Ukraine.

The Purity Test

Background to the Hooplah about Prince Andrew & Indicted Pedophile Hedge Fund Billionaire Epstein

Silence Is Betrayal as Scott Walker Continues Extremist Course

To the NYPD

Florida Man says he was making a ‘blood brother pact’ when cutting other man

Democrats' 2016 Senate Hopes Turn on Three Candidates

UN: 1,200 Palestinian children injured by Israeli forces in the West Bank in 2014

20 Years of NAFTA

So now the Republicans want to take the teeth out of the Prison Rape Elimination Act