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Archives: January 5, 2015

I think Mia Love will be cover for every racist Republican in Congress.

Lebanon’s migrant workers set to form union

My Top Five racial upheaval moments.

Chris Christie's ass is sitting in Jerry Jones' box cheering for Dallas

Is Kansas all out of sex toys?


Venezuela's Maduro would free Lopez if U.S. freed Puerto Rican


Thanks Michele Bachmann!

Sen. Schumer lays out battle over Keystone pipeline

Why is Lara Logan on my TV?

Bowser: DC to Get Marijuana Law Enforced

Don’t apologize to me for your rape joke

China faces criticism for attempts to exterminate real-life 'Pikachu' with mass poisonings

Arrgh ... "Enemy of the State"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 5 January 2015

All rice grown in Fukushima pass radiation safety checks for first time

Monsanto has gone a bit too far this time...

Emotional blackmail advertising

10 Comics That Shut Down Terrible Internet Arguments

art school confidential

*Downton Abbey new season starting at 9:00 P.M.

Before they found out he was a cop and after...

i finally gave in and cranked the heat up to 60 degrees. damnit!

Right wing Sinclair Broadcasting strikes again, with the "kill a cop" hoax.

'Fast Track' To Nowhere: Congress Shouldn't Give Obama Power To Ram Through TPP

The Employee Rights Act would reduce union exploitation of workers

The Employee Rights Act would reduce union exploitation of workers

The Employee Rights Act would reduce union exploitation of workers

Free Bear Caged at Ice Cream Parlor in York, PA for 18 Years E action! (link fixed!)

Although I think that the aliens might have a different take on this...

E petition over in GD

Christian Science Monitor re: Palin, Palin's dog and PETA

Crispy Cream:

Victoria woman sues police for excessive force, false arrest

Distrust fuels populist movement

Distrust fuels populist movement

Wealth of world’s 400 richest billionaires rose $92 billion in 2014

On El Capitan’s Dawn Wall, Most Difficult Climb in the World Progresses Slowly

‘Black brunch’ protesters interrupt diners in NYC, Oakland (#BlackBrunch #BlackLivesMatter)

Senator Announces Democrats Have Enough Votes To Sustain An Obama Veto Of Keystone XL

Chinatown (NYC) memorial to slain Liu and Ramos

Would you live here?

Guardians of the Galaxy - Awesome Mix Vol. 1

Controversial DNA startup wants to let customers create creatures

NYT: A Ban on Child Labor in Tobacco Fields

Bay Area DNA start-up wants to assist customers with designing their own creatures

American education fails to teach us anything about American history.

CO oil industry shill starring in pro-fracking ad represents herself as "organic farmer"

Speaking of Max Boot's "Doctrine of the 'Big Enchilada'" 2002

Venezuela's Maduro heads to China to seek financial aid

Ecuador rolls out phase one of state-backed digital currency

Japan turns ignition key on efforts to restart its nuclear fleet

how to eliminate dark tear/eye stains??

The golden rolodex of the Putin explainers (Update3)

Another Unarmed Citizen Shot Dead. 2 More Killer-cops get a PAID VACATION

Hedge fund manager Thomas Gilbert shot dead in NY

Went to St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge for New Year's Day - PICTURES!

Damn, do I hate supposed health articles like this.

Another Wall St Insider Found Dead: Hedge fund founder Thomas Gilbert shot dead in NY

9 signs the Kochs have created their own national political party

Why? Because my first grandchild...

Archaeologists find possible site of Jesus’s trial in Jerusalem

If Sanders amended the Keystone XL bill to include his infrastructure jobs language

Animated short that cracked me up!

Analysis: Alan Gross put Cuba’s Jews in awkward position

Two great finds on Netflix streaming

Indian classical dance virtuoso Chitresh Das dies

FYI: Sanborn's restaurants in Mexico suck in many majestic ways

The Democrats' Economic Record Trounces the Republicans'

Re: Arctic weather decending upon us now in the east.

A map of which states have highest prison population

Stuart Scott, ESPN’s Voice of Exuberance, Dies at 49

Sony hack could be game changer for cybersecurity push

By ‘Editing’ Plant Genes, Companies Avoid Regulation

How Quickly Did Fukushima Radiation Reach North America, and When Will it Peak?


Wichita police: Man shot, killed by officer was ‘belligerent,’ reaching for his waistband

If we as a people

How Wall Street Destroyed The Music Business

Syrians entering Lebanon face new restrictions

Store owner installs surveillance cameras to spy on police

How I know BDS will win, and I will lose

Shipping Container Home Readying for Detroit Debut

Victims of Colombia's civil conflict exceeds 7 million: Media yawns

"Why It Sucks To Be a Woman on YouTube"

Daily Holidays -January 5

Hedge Fund Founder Thomas Gilbert Slain, Gunman Sought

Passengers complain of 12-hour wait on tarmac

Living the high life: Stone tools reveal presence of Ice Age settlement in the Peruvian Andes

Living the high life: Stone tools reveal presence of Ice Age settlement in the Peruvian Andes

Record border meth seizures

Shit Happened...

Lessons from a suicide letter

Big Bang to Be Investigated From Balloon in Antarctica

Hate your job? How about some of these?

Is Fusion Doing The U.S. Government’s Bidding On Cuba?

Is Fusion Doing The U.S. Government’s Bidding On Cuba?

Elizabeth Warren: Our Populist Agenda - in Her Own Words

The Sow of Falaise

The “Selfless Friendship” of Cuba’s Solidarity Groups

The New Civil Rights Movement

The Finance Industry Is Gorging Itself on Your Future—The Trend Lines Will Blow You Away

Two Saudi guards killed in suicide attack on Iraq border

How Corporations Are Cheating Millions of School Children Out of Billions in Education Funds

WATCH: Man Holds Up Hands and Lies Down — and Cops Still Kick Him in the Face and Taser Him

Does Your Dog Really Love You? Scientists Wanted to Know, and What They Found May Surprise You

Politifact numbers...and a clue as to what voters in Florida are thinking.

My wife sent this link to me.

White House announces that anti-choice Michael Boggs won't be re-nominated.

Beer Cornbread

You can't say we weren't warned that this is what would happen: seals having sex with penguins.

What does "trash a post" do? Does it disappear the post from my view,

Cold War radiation exposure results in $800,000,000 in federal payments

The Year of Living Doltishly: Ron Johnson's Top 20 Face-Palms of 2014

Working on a Republican campaign is all of the credentials you need to be an expert on any topic

murder by numbers

An interesting article on Henry Ford and the 5 dollar wage

The End of the American Middle Class?

Archaeologists make stunning find: Could this be the site of Jesus’s trial?

Austerity Killing You? How About a Trade Deal?

Congressional Session Preview: It's Not The Heat, It's The Stupidity

A friend of mine thought it would be a good joke to wrap himself in duct tape

January 1st, 2015 - 400.37 ppm Atmospheric CO2 Happy New Year!

Correction officer wants $70K pension after slipping on lettuce

2014 Was Tucson's 3rd-Hottest Year On Record; 4/6 Warmest Years Happened In Past Six Years

Judge to weigh releasing grand jury record in NYC chokehold death

Your 2015 Goodbye List: Amur Leopard, Javan Rhino, Mountain Gorilla And More On The Brink

For 17 US Cities, 2014 Hottest Year Ever; No US City Has Set Record For Cold Since 1985

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Politics

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Police and Economy

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Boston officer charged with assaulting Uber driver

This Urban Outfitters Photo Has Been Banned For Its “Harmful” Thigh-Gap

China protests after suspected North Korean army deserter kills four

Boston bombing trial, opening Monday, could last months

Jury selection begins for Boston Marathon bombing trial

Meme of the Week – January 4th

Texas economy slipping away

Rep. Charlie Dent publishes opinion piece, reveals his racist side

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 6: Star of the Month: Robert Redford

“Expensive as this program is-it is much better to have these people in jobs than out on the street"

Gov. Walker: Inauguration ceremony to stream live at

Karl Polanyi weeps

California's 220MPH High-Speed Railway Is Finally Being Built

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 7: Dostoyevsky

Tom Tommorow Toon: Protect & Serve

Because We Let Them

Ha! So I wanted to get a 2nd quote on re-insulating the corner of my attic where it fell down

State of Oklahoma to Consider Ban on Hoodies in Public

Teens Struggling With Mental Health Issues Often Have Easy Access To Guns

For Auld Lang syne: Gohmert accuses the Attorney General of casting "aspersions on my asparagus"

Stephen Harper speaks

The economic situation in Ukraine

US to Resume First Beef Imports From Ireland Since Mad Cow

What reform of police policy/authority could be demanded and accomplished?

Do veterans these days get a check, enough to rent a place, pay tuition and books and food,

Make-believe "political" strategists of TV

All Forms of Life Are Sacred.

Nationalists march in Kiev to honour Bandera - Nazi who led units that killed thousands of Jews.

Canadian thalidomide survivors say they expect offer this month

Trans-Pacific Partnership

What can Sakuma workers on strike learn from ‘Food Chains’?

Has anyone read "Gone Girl?"

Secular and Proud of It - Book Review

BART Video: "Farewell Old Wool Seats"

I wouldn't say it's cold outside...

Yes, dreams do come true and here's mine ->

"You have to know a lot of stuff"

"The TPP is not about free trade. It's a corporate coup d'etat--against us!"

Grand Juror Sues McCulloch, Says He Mischaracterized the Wilson Case

What is the work force/employment like in your area?

What if the world can’t cut its carbon emissions?

Japan's leader says he will express remorse for World War II

Gag Law: Spain’s government tries to push back the tide

Oil, Power and Psychopaths

Larry Klayman "predicts" doom and gloom for 2015...

Faux "news" and beheadings...

The War on Pensions – The US Budget Anti-Pension Law

Queen Khentakawess III's tomb found in Egypt (BBC)

Anyone else hate to shop at the mall?

Lawyer: Cops break woman’s ribs for ‘disrespect’ after asking about a crime committed...

Tucker Carlson condemns talking about 'white privilege stuff'

Could Bill Maher Be Making Religulous II?

Hope this doesn't offend but here goes:

Obama Administration relying on Bush Administration

TYT: Action Packed Trailer Promoting....A Putin Press Conference

Philae comet lander eludes discovery (BBC)

Was *that* pic of Prince Andrew photoshopped?

Iraqi youths embrace religious traditions

TYT: For-Profit College Caught Hiring Strippers

Compassion, Men, and Me

The sage wisdom of Momma 1StrongBlackMan ...

New hope for rape kit testing advocates (BBC)

This Catholic Leader Had the Perfect Message for Parents of Transgender Children

Koch Industries' mysterious 'internal bank' in Switzerland

China scraps quotas on rare earths after WTO complaint (BBC)

I would like to make you aware of something that I find very troubling

LA Times: California animal welfare law could cause higher egg prices countrywide

TYT: Charles Koch Believes Justice System Needs Reform After He Has Faced Charges

Empty shelves Venezuela #AnaquelesVaciosEnVenezuela

Anyone using Channel Pear?

BEWARE: the "Nonpopulist liberalism"

Confirmed: Tea Party a Product of Big Tobacco and Koch Brothers

New Bill Would Make Wearing Hoodies A Crime

Antonin Scalia: Torture’s Not Torture Unless He Says It Is

A peek into Florida's ancient cleric style organization to discipline lawyers.

In Alabama, figures...

Franklin Graham shoots off his bazoo yet again...

My disgust with this new Congress - in Music

Oh, the sound of popping heads - Miami judge approves early start to Florida's gay weddings


Shoe factory workers show that collective bargaining is already a reality in Guangdong (China)

Shoe factory workers show that collective bargaining is already a reality in Guangdong (China)

Portland police adopt revolutionary new policy regarding mentally ill suspects — just back off

Shoe factory workers show that collective bargaining is already a reality in Guangdong (China)

Faith on the Hill: The Religious Composition of the 114th Congress

Are cops on the front line of American racism?

can i tell my laptop which wifi network to use?

A little reminder of NFL ref mischief.....

MOTHER JONES: Without Fox News, There Would Have Been No Iraq War

Fatty Liver Disease: America's Silent Epidemic (High fructose corn syrup)

Parks Township nuclear waste dump plan released


"Life Itself" On CNN - about the life of Roger Ebert

Health Care Fixes Backed by Harvard’s Experts Now Roil Its Faculty

Meme of the Month – December 2014

Bernie Sanders: Trade Pact Terms Must be Disclosed

CEO Who Said He’d Probably Have To Fire Employees If Obama Won Is Now Giving Them Raises

Bernie Sanders: Today the U.S. has more people in jail than any other country....

The Real Cause Of Low Oil Prices: Interview With Arthur Berman

Wisconsin: deer attacks man who shot it

January 5, 1933 (11 deaths)

I'm Saying The Stock Mkt Is Down Today In Anticipation Of The Repugs Taking Over Congress.....

Playing For Change - Connecting The World Through Music

New Republican Congress Ready To fight Net Neutrality

SpaceX to Try Daring Rocket Landing on Ocean Platform Tuesday: Watch It Live

Pat Robertson: Beat non-religious kids on Christmas until they appreciate ‘blessings of discipline’

The Rude Pundit - Cop Protests and Protesting Cops

CIA says its inspector general is resigning at end of month

But this lone officer did not turn his back on Mayor DeBlasio at Officer Liu's funeral....

Bess Myerson, 90, Dies; Famed for Beauty, Public Service and Scandal

NY Times reporter questioned in court in CIA leak case

Republican party uses religion to manipulate voters

Same-sex marriages to begin in Miami, hours before rest of Florida

Republicans Are Picking Exactly the Wrong Time to Push for the Keystone XL Pipeline

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 5, 2015

2 US Ski Team Prospects Die in Avalanche

TYT: Per Day Cost Of War Is Absolutely Amazing

KamaAina plagiarized!

Leaked ‘Kill List’ Shows They Knew Kids Were Dying--Der Spiegel Reports--TYT's Video

Bob McDonnell supporters send 443 letters to judge ahead of sentencing

France's 75% 'supertax' quietly dies with few mourners

Operation Susie: Wells Fargo Evicts Senior Citizen Who Never Missed a Payment!

Two men in US charged with conspiring to overthrow Gambian government

Liberia close to beating Ebola as cases dwindle

'Incomprehensible' Secrecy: Sanders Demands Release of 'secret' TPP Text - Woot! Go Bernie!

This tweet nailed it about the NYPD.....

Today in Labor History, January 5th

CEO Who Said He’d Probably Have To Fire Employees If Obama Won Is Now Giving Them Raises

You know you want one

CEO Who Said He’d Probably Have To Fire Employees If Obama Won Is Now Giving Them Raises

Felons and Bigots and Hypocrites, oh my

The AmericanAtheist scholarship application deadline is February 1

Oil falls below $50 a barrel for the first time since April 2009

Worker: My Boss Told Me I Should Stay Home With My Baby, Fired Me While I Was On Maternity Leave

Same-sex marriages begin in Miami-Dade County

Fla. man hits employees with live bearded dragon lizard

Have you considered hiring somebody or writing a 'bot to just give stock answers here?

TYT: “My Husband’s Not Gay”… Or Is He?

deBlasio and Bratton are holding a 3.00pm press conference

"Not-a-tea-party, a-confederate-party"

TYT: New Reality Show: Terrorists Meets Their Victims

Exclusive: U.S. Drone Fleet at ‘Breaking Point,’ Air Force Says

Biz groups to sue labor board over 'ambush' elections

WHEN are the rest of the Supremes going to ask for Scalia's resignation??

I had to laugh!

Fox News to women: In 2015 you should cater to your man's needs, massage his feet and cook his meals

Pensions of Union Workers Cut in Federal Budget (Wall Street is just as crooked as the mafia)

Question on the ethics of therapy and religion...

Bess Myerson, Miss America Who Served New York City, Dies at 90

Anyone been to Thailand in the past few years?

How do you know that the holiday season is officially over?

English Bulldog funny compilation:

Big Dog Hits Small Dog with Wagging Tail

Third Way, Wall St-Backed, Think Tank's Battle for Soul of Dem Party Pits Them Against Eliz. Warren

“Bless” Pat Robertson, as he would bless others:

The Better-Sex Diet

How Rolling Stone Gave A Huge Gift To Rape Apologists - Katie Klabusich Discusses

Honest NFL Headlines: Wildcard Round

Which Coffee Type is Easier on the Stomach: Light or Dark Roast?

Oil leak from Cooks Nuclear Plant investigated

NWS Windchill Chart (Schools in the plains states may be closed Wednesday)

What passes for humor on FB

War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda

Tuesday morning commute will likely be snowy for the D.C. area — forecast and details

Progress on gun safety.

France Seeks End To Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine

Top 25 Progressive Facebook Posts of 2014

Top 25 Progressive Facebook Posts of 2014

Top 25 Progressive Facebook Posts of 2014

2015: The year the battle for Net neutrality ends

Why Extinction Matters at Least as Much as Climate Change

The 46 Senators Who Urged Bush to Declassify the 28 Pages

Criticize Disney how you may, you have to give them credit for their ethnic diversity in Princesses

Michael Grimm officially resigns in disgrace

Russia and China Mock Divide-and-Rule

Good News for Prescription Prices - This happened to me today.

"Differences" - The incredible story of Samir Madden (from Arizona Public Media)

I am asking for a bit of support today.

There is nothing to see here folks, move along...

Ferguson Grand Jurist Suing Prosceutor Bob McCulloch

Ear Worm Alert

Juan Cole: Wind Supplied 98% of Scotland’s Household Power in 2014 and Other Amazing Stories

Had us a pretty nifty little ice storm here (pics)

WH Slams Scalise: "David Duke Without The Baggage"

Cinderella 2015 - I have a question.

My "WTF?" of the day, or maybe not a "WTF?"

Get the Facts on the Minimum Wage

rec a printer?

I have to report for jury duty Weds in Boston

ENN: California drought hard on Chinook salmon

Cleveland pays TFA $4000 for each recruit 1st year, $5000 2nd year. In addition to salary.

Florida Man Allegedly Decapitates Mother For 'Nagging' Him About Chores

Rep. Grimm Officially Resigns Over Tax Evasion Case

Ice hockey: Canada vs. Russia in World Junior Championships

BREAKING: Oklahoma GOP proposes ban on hoodies. The ones on the top.....

So I wrote my GOP Congressman and urged him to support Louie Gohmert.

ENN: First 2 Fugitives from Interpol's Most Wanted Envornmental List Nabbed

ENN: First 2 Fugitives from Interpol's Most Wanted Envornmental List Nabbed

Africans urged to back continent’s first moon mission

NFL News: St Louis Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Announces Plans For Stadium In Los Angeles – NFL Responds

Question about hidden posts older than 90 days

Say? If policing is so dangerous why don't cops quit and look for safer jobs?

Our FRiends have the headcount against Boehner at 12...

They should've built a dang fence

De Blasio calls funeral protests ‘disrespectful’

Roasting vegetables

Exclusive video shows NYPD officer injured by police cruiser

US charges over Gambia 'coup plot' against Yahya Jammeh

My DOT physical certification is up in the air.

Weird Spooky Sex altar found in New Mexico

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein won't be charged in alleged rape case

Toon in the New Yorker-"Use your white privilege, Luke"

HVAC repair man messing around in my furnace now..

Bush's vote would have been 1.6% lower against Gore if Fox had not launched 4 years earlier

Fight the Pipelines in Pennsylvania (good op-ed):

Some 30,000 Germans protest against anti-Islam rallies

Papantonio: Corporate Pigs and Politicians

Son of slain Manhattan hedge fund founder charged with murder

Lightbulb ideas?

David Duke Attacks ‘Degenerate’ Nicki Minaj After She Speaks Out Against Police Violence

Bon Jovi Among Those Cited By Your HHRS As "Jersey-Est" of 2014

When I hear brain dead rightwing assholes call in to liberal radio shows and use "democRAT"

Your Horoscope for 2015

Why don't you ever hear good cops denounce bad cops?

A Profile of Gun Owners

Understanding the causes of Colombia’s conflict: political exclusion

Observations on the nature of the debate on gun control.

I propose a new name for the ISIS-controlled areas: Bushdiditstan

Face mask? Hand to the face? Here's the other non-call on the same play.

Guatemala ex-dictator forced to appear at genocide trial

Guatemala ex-dictator forced to appear at genocide trial

Bernie Sanders remakes Budget Committee in his image

Good to Know if you visit Colorado

Dallas Owner Funded Christie Trip to Cowboys Game

NC Gross Pig Farms seen by drone, wastes sprayed over homes - unbelievable!

Duke going to reveal KKK politcians?

Mike Huckabee presidential campaign has a job and that is to

Vermonters, please contact your legislator!!

Strange Object Near Milky Way's Black Hole Stirs Scientific Debate

First LGBT couples marry in Miami-Dade County

Ex-cybersecurity chief sentenced to 25 years on child porn charges (fixed)

Boston Cop Used Racist Slurs While Assaulting Uber Driver


GOP legislators steer clear of Dayton inaugural; new House speaker cites scheduling conflict

Machine Learning Algorithm Studied Fine Art Paintings, Saw Things Art Historians Had Never Noticed

After 28 years of smoking two packs a day, Bennington man finally kicks the habit

NYPD Officer Seriously Injured While Riding On Hood Of Patrol Car

Rochester MN police chief joined protest march against police brutality

Maria Shriver Ready To Cut Off $49 Million Kennedy Inheritance to Son Over Miley Cyrus Relationship

Oklahoma Idiocy

Larry Klayman's 2015 predictions: Ebola, race war and dictatorship

(Poll) On Neil deGrasse Tyson's use of "agnostic" versus his views on the existence of God.

Funny tweets: A black James Bond? Wouldn't work....

I tried to crash a BMW, but it parked itself instead