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Archives: January 6, 2015

Does the University of Michigan's New Football Coach Need Food Stamps?

Stocks plunge on fears about implications of oil slump

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will deliver the AFL-CIO keynote address streamed LIVE Wednesday!!!

Pro-Israel Congress members threaten aid cut-off in response to Palestinian ICC bid

Gorgeous moon tonight in Chapel Hill

Tell Rush: "Obamacare Won. Move to Costa Rica" E action

From Drone Strikes to Black Sites, How U.S. Foreign Policy Runs Under a Cloak of Secrecy

This Pro-Science Comic About Vaccines Is So Simple, Even A Rabid Anti-Vaxxer Can Understand It

John Perkins on Embracing Cuba, TPP Kiss of Death & Restoring the Life Economy Published on Dec 18,

If NYC loses rent control in June, the NYPD and NYFD may not be able to live in NYC.

Body of infant abducted from California home found

Tribe, union dissolve pact in bid to sway Scott Walker on Kenosha casino

Bob Buck: To Hong Kong in a 707

Police union pushes for cop killings to be included in federal hate crimes law

Sharyl Attkisson sues Justice Dept.

So a lil entitled Hedge Fund Manager's son shot his father

Firefighters rescue naked woman trapped in ex-boyfriend's chimney

Federal judge halts Arpaio's worksite raids


As With Gladness Men of Old

NYPD work slowdown will be dealt with ‘very forcefully,’ Bratton says

Syria tells U.N. that McCain and former diplomats visited illegally

Suspect shot by San Francisco officers left suicide notes UPDATED

Despite Ethics Rule, Chris Christie's Ticket And Travel To Cowboys Game Paid For By Jerry Jones

Putin critic Alexei Navalny defies house arrest and cuts off monitoring tag

Crackpot Utopia: The Year in Republican Crazy, Part 11

Toon: Welcome to Florida (finally!)

D.C. Activists Urge Obama to Back Statehood in State of the Union

The person at the next cubicle at work really wants to be friends...outside of work.

The 2015 Federal Budget Ended Pension Protections for Millions of Retirees

Dear Obama Hater-You Just Wasted a Decade of Your Life

Union seeks to represent 400 employees at Youngstown plant

Nobel Laureate Stiglitz Blocked From SEC Panel After Faulting High-Speed Traders

Dear USA.....

Cheating the Schoolkids: Corporations Don't Pay Their State Taxes, Either

Are today's global corporations dictatorships?

Mexico charges mayor's wife with organized crime

ultimate survival alaska started. :D

Brutal death of bull in festival angers Colombians

Brutal death of bull in festival angers Colombians

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Another New Year & a new Kitteh gif

Journalist kidnapped from his home in Mexico

Will an 8 million university football coach ruin football or will football ruin the university.

Anyone play Ratchet & Clank on ps3?

In regards to dynamic scoring the republicans want at the Congressional

the odd new food trend seen in Saveur Magazine this month

Cowboys - Lions memes:

Our Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA added goats cheese this year

Washington University adjunct faculty vote to form a union

Did anyone catch the premiere of "Galavant" last night?

Steve Scalise

76ers record first home victory in 266 days

French doctors harden stance during ongoing ‘guerilla’ strike

French doctors harden stance during ongoing ‘guerilla’ strike

Wow. Jeb Bush, Of All People: The Compassionate Conservative's little white slip is showing

French doctors harden stance during ongoing ‘guerilla’ strike

DU tourist recommendations?

NASA Spots giant X-ray burst from black hole at center of galaxy

Kentucky cop accidently shoots self in elevator

I think Joe Sestak will beat teabagger toomey in 2016!(Pennsylvania)

Cornbread (butter), pinto beans. Bacon. n/t

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Is Life Better in America’s Red States?

How low does anybody go to kiss TRUMP's ass. I'm really disappointed in GOTTFRIED n/t

The largest Standing Army In The World. Maybe Even In History…

Mike Huckabee?

John Mellencamp: Farm Aid 1998

U.S., Turkey Agree To Syrian Rebel Training, But Not Whom They’ll Fight

Petition to Pardon Stanley Cohen

Austerity Killing You? How About a Trade Deal?

Dilemma over deductibles: Costs crippling middle class

Louie Gohmert Says He'll Challenge John Boehner For Speaker Of The House

There's actually a Beyonce-lovefest on AXStv. O.K., fine. "She went to Walmart" n/t

Photobomb level: Advanced

Facebook users cheer up teen with cancer in 'Photo Doggies for Anthony' campaign

Shandong Mine Workers Strike Over Months of Back Pay, Bonuses

Anyone else having issues tweeting from DU?

Juror ... in Michael Brown grand jury case sues to remove lifetime gag order

Guardian reporter says Bob McCulloch will charge him $12,000 for access to public documents

List some things that are/were popular that you never participated in

What's Up With Fukushima These Days

Sanford Rubenstein Cleared of Rape Accusations

Whew, what a game!

Putin Practiced His Ukraine Strategy in Syria

The Enigmatic Loki, a Trickster among Gods in Norse Mythology

Still no answers in GA police killing of businessman

California Governor Jerry Brown Calls for 50% Renewables by 2030

Here's (my) problem: ROS-LEHTINEN is on "our" side on 1 thing (transgender offspring) but

Wolverton: Consumers' Comcast complaints hit home (replace your cable TV)

2 cops shot in The Bronx but are expected to be ok.

Texas police officer fired for dash cam video showing him tasing 76-year-old man twice

So that's what that was. A holding?

Viggo Mortensen: There's A 'Brazen Form Of Lying' On Fox News (Huff Post video)

Girl Scouts reveal new cookie flavors for 2015

NYTimes Op-Ed:Radical Islam, Nihilist Rage

Meanwhile, in Ithaca

One problem with 401k's is the lousy choices you get.

Alps avalanche kills skiers Ronnie Berlack and Bryce Astle

9 Unique Wild Animals That Vanished During Our Lifetime

When are the first presidential debates for each party?

unusually talented or just unusual? You decide

The American Taliban

Florida HOA question.

Meeting the White Witch of Kampot

Democrats Are Doing Republicans a Favor by Pretending Keystone Is About Jobs


2016 Prospective Presidential Candidates

I think name-calling makes DU suck. Can't we grow up a bit?

Falling oil, gasoline prices cut into E85's advantage at the pump

NYPD: 2 officers shot in the Bronx

CNN: Sarah Palin wins argument with PETA

The West Bank mosque that wasn’t torched

Several Missouri residents file bar complaint against McCulloch's office

Are there any credible presidential candidates for 2020?

Calgary triathlete risked her life in daring rescue of drowning couple during Mexican vacation

WTF ...189

Why I defend NAFTA on DU, in four charts

Pinochet's 'soundtrack to torture' made available to the public

Pinochet's 'soundtrack to torture' made available to the public

No Shit ...52

Is TLC special set to promote "ex-gay" concept?

Activist jobs 2015 and later

Marriage equality in Florida

Sickouts at Sinclair/Fox 'kill a cop' TV station in Baltimore?

Any NYCers? Did I hear right that Gray's Papaya closed down?

Bill O'Reilly puts on...David Duke.

Middle school student not allowed to read Bible at school

Image of protostar suggests planets form earlier

FBI Says Search Warrants Not Needed To Use “Stingrays” In Public Places

gratuitous kitteh pic - we're tolerating each other edition

Havana shows up for the first time on United Airlines flight map

Modern conservatism is "search for a superior moral justification for selfishness"...

Child labor laws in the United States (from Wikipedia) ...I wasn't aware of this:

US law recognizes two legal stakeholders of a business: holders of debt, and holders of equity

Neil Adams out at Norwich City...

Israel Electric Corporation Prepares To Cut Supply To Palestinian Authority

Ecuador Adopts Resolution Condemning US Sanctions Against Venezuela

Victoria police officer fired for tasing driver

Bess Myerson, First Jewish Miss America, Dies at 90

Austin developer Cherno Njie accused of leading failed coup in Gambia

Venezuelan government accused of doing little to curb anti-Semitism

Pro-gay marriage in Texas ads air before court date

Iowa Democratic Leadership Want a More Liberal Candidate Than Hillary

Remembering the Rosewood Massacre

Jed York, 49ers named in age discrimination lawsuit

If anybody cares, my new temporary icon is the logo for the SYRIZA party in Greece.

Berlin – Man Beaten By Group Singing Antisemitic Songs

Bernie Sanders' Brutal Letter On Obama's Trade Pact Foreshadows 2016 Democratic Clash

As 70th anniversary of Holocaust approaches, Jewish groups fret over hate

Why France doesn't care about anti-Semitism

Former HHSC Attorney Stick's Chief of Staff Facing Steep Pay Cut

Report: Johnny Manziel had minor skirmish at Houston nightclub

Nazi super cows

Florida police lured innocent men into online sex stings and seized their property

Madhu Bai Kinnar becomes India’s first openly transgender woman elected mayor

They risked everything to open a door to Cuba. They were shunned for it.

2015: Tough Times Ahead for Big Oil

They risked everything to open a door to Cuba. They were shunned for it.

We should really do something for the anniversary of MFM's passing.

Kochs and Walmart Clan Wage Dirty War to Stop You From Putting Solar Panels on Your Home

Happy birthday, Mr. Bean! Rowan Atkinson turns 60 today

Bill Moyers: The Ingenious Project to Save Our Climate Using an Ancient Legal Theory

Daily Holidays -January 6

Is Huckabee Running to Help Bush Win? Almost Certainly, IMHO. He's Angling for the VP Slot

Black Rights Coalition Blocks Traffic With 'Counter-Inauguration' In Madison Wisconsin

How To: Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots

Lindsey Lohan exercises her second amendment right to bear arms.

Very low carb pudding/soft ice cream...

Images from a small park on Dec.27th. Florida, large images

Here is a clip of the upcoming Republican Presidential Debate rehearsals

SpaceX about to launch

The NYPD’s Mini-Rebellion, and the True Face of American Fascism

China Starting to Realize America Isn't Necessarily in Decline

Cissbury Ring and the Devil's Dyke

Dial A Song

Here’s why #SoundsOfSodomy is trending in Ireland, in case you were puzzled

Ferguson Juror Sues McColluch

xposted Ferguson Juror Sues McColluch

Reality TV Is Dying

We may already have the best headline of 2015

Second Amendment Remedies

National Shame: 50,000 Homeless Veterans Nationwide

India elects first transgender mayor in Raigarh

China's disconnect when it comes to chinese sex

TPP is a small part of trade and technology negotiations now happening.

Top U.S. lawyer Dershowitz: can his accusers in sex abuse case be disbarred?

Sony Head Thanks Supporters in Hacking Attack

Teacher: Cuomo staff asked me to remove pro-union button

Congress back at work today with to-do list that includes Keystone XL, immigration

Mamie Till Speaks of Forgiveness

An Elephant (the US) in a China Closet (the world)

Liftoff Aborted: SpaceX Attempt at Historic Landing Delayed

John Fugelsang will have his own show - on SiriusXM "Insight"

Islamic State 'police' official beheaded: Syria monitor

US officials and Israeli president blast withholding of Palestinian tax revenues

Pakistan's parliament votes for military courts to try insurgents

Thai PM urges action on human trafficking as U.S. deadline looms

The ReTHUG Congress 2015 begins in the middle of an Arctic freeze

Brent falls more, Saudi Arabian king issues speech

How White Flight Destroyed the Mississippi Delta

Mexico missing: Organised crime charges for ex-mayor's wife

Mexico missing: Organised crime charges for ex-mayor's wife

At Least Six Millionaires to Take Senate Oaths Tuesday

Clear how having a Black female Republican in Congress is a HUGE boon for Repubs

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Repubs

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2:The Rest

Wow. 5 Current & Incoming GOP Congress Members Willing To Admit Tiny Elements Of Climate Reality

Net Neutrality Vote Will Determine Whether Americans Are Citizens First or Consumers First

Paul Krugman: Those who blamed Obama for US economic ills now look like fools

Why today’s high-speed rail launch is miraculous

NOAA - East, Gulf Coast Cities Should Prepare For 30-60 cm Above High Tides 30X Annually By 2050

It's Official - 2014 Hottest Year On Record Per Japan Meteorological Agency; 3 More Agencies Pending

Japan Meteorological Agency - 2014 Officially Hottest Year Ever Recorded; 1.1F Over 20th Cent. Avg.

Chris Cuomo Gives Great Memorial To His Father on CNN

RealClimate - Clarity On Antarctic Sea Ice

Kids today. Ugg!

U.S. Mediators Join Stalled West Coast Port Labor Talks

2014's Top Ten Camera Trap Photos

"Markets" terrified that the people of Greece might vote in a leftist, anti-austerity party

Perth heat melts the internet.

War with Isis: The West is wrong again in its fight against terror

At Least Six Millionaires to Take Senate Oaths Tuesday

Coal India Workers Strike to Fight Modi’s Privatization Plans

2015 Is Off To A Great Start For Utah's Pit Bulls!

Which Obama will characterize the next two years?

'American Psycho' property promo pulled after Twitterstorm

Individual Contribution Limit in U.S. Elections Raised to $4.9 Million

Want to Live Longer? Eat Whole Grain Foods, Suggests New Harvard Study

Revolution, Engagement, Abandonment

Wind turbines generated enough power to cover 98% of Scotland's household needs in 2014

Already missing Craig and Stephen

I'm supposed to be heading to work...

Snow here,

Florida’s clerks ramp up for first day of same-sex marriage

Dad Calls Cops to Watch Him Spank 12-Year-Old Daughter

GOP Congress' First Priority: Yanking Health Insurance From 1.5 Million Americans

Predict Bob McDonnell's sentence

Jon Stewart Mocks N. Korea Sanctions, Warns - " Don’t F*ck with Our Holiday Releases "

Funny jab by Cory Booker at Rand Paul on Twitter just now

FBI says search warrants not needed to use “stingrays” in public places


Jeb Bush Embraces Dangerous Foreign Policy

D.C. Public Library Will Live-Stream a 10-Hour Reading Of George Orwell's 1984

This is the day I have waited for for six months....

I thought this thread needed to be shared...

WashPost: "Jim Webb and the Democrats’ white-man problem" (as dumb as it sounds)

Troubled New York reactor's costs test the future of nuclear power

GOP Congress' First Priority: Yanking Health Insurance From 1.5 Million Americans


Wiesenthal Center pans Svoboda march but many Ukrainian Jews aren’t worried

California: State's drought having pronounced effect on wildlife

Please post the location of your photos.

United States Congress: F__K Diversity.

Antibiotic Failure Will Kill 1o Million People a Year by 2050

Md. county councilman (R) to newspaper: Print my name, and I'll sue

Online and Offline Violence Towards Women

John Fugelsang just announced he has his own SIRIUS XM show

Lipstick on a Pipeline: No Way 'Oil-Soaked' Congress Can Improve KXL

OH! Somebody step on a DUCK?

Bob McDonnell, Ex-Governor of Virginia, Faces Sentencing for Corruption


If peace on earth is our goal, atheism might be the means to that end

John Fugelsang will have a show on new SiriusXM channel:

Stu Miller, pitcher allegedly blown off Candlestick Park mound, dies

Pic Of The Moment: Total GOP Control Of Congress, Day One

The Price of Corruption

If children’s lives are precious, which children?

My "WTF?" moment of the day, Sarah Palin edition...

"we lost the torture debate completely"

Jebby backs off a tad on that 1994 "we shouldn't elevate sodomy" op-ed, but JUST a tad. USA! USA!

There are a couple of memes that need dispelling.

McDonnell jugde reduces sentencing

Calling folks Uncle Toms, House Negroes, Aunt Jemima's and other similar terminology is racist.

Hosting question

Asia: So Close and Yet So Far From Polio Eradication

courage to stop harassment on the cta.

Snoqualmie Falls is raging right now!

10 Noteworthy Yoga Developments to Recall in 2015

Hubble returns to 'old friends' for 25th anniversary

AG (Lori Swanson) is going after sellers of extended warranty for cars

Film Footage Of 1904 London Street Traffic

Today in Herstory: Will the House Soon Be Forced to Vote on the ERA? (5 jan 1944)

Today in Herstory: Will the House Soon Be Forced to Vote on the ERA? (5 jan 1944)

Read and Vote: Does solitary confinement have a place in our prisons?

Fake Jerry Jones - partied like Johnny Manziel

So much of what's "good for you" is bullshit. Here's why.

Third Way Think Tank's Battle for Soul of Dem Party Pits Them Against Elizabeth Warren

FARC: Rebels without a cause?

Avalanche of Right-Wing Legislation Expected in Republican States

Avalanche of Right-Wing Legislation Expected in Republican States

National Zoo: Lions playing in the snow--- live cam

TYT: GOP Uses All Its Weapons To Protect Hate Group Speaker Steve Scalise

Spinach Pizza...

Please, lord, not another Bush

Are the people in Steve King's (Iowa) district really this stupid?

TYT: Bad News For Ferguson Prosecutor Bob McCulloch

Chris Christie Pushed Port Authority To Give Contract To Jerry Jones' Firm

Here is how children react to the subject of violence against women.

About Rand Paul

If the ObamaSecret deal is passed,

The population image more of the west needs to understand

TYT: Huckabee Ditches Fox For A Much Bigger Propaganda Stage

Chris Christie Pushed Port Authority To Give Contract To Jerry Jones' Firm

State Dep’t threatens aid to Palestinians over ICC, but holds out no consequences for Israel

How good-cop-bad-cop works: Disorient people by relieving the fear abruptly.

Ya got something cuter than this?....

Where are the young Democratic leaders?

Talk about no big deal - time to change the forum name to 2015. nt

Anything yet on the sentencing of governor giftie?

Going to see Willie!

TYT: GOP Wages War To Ruin The Internet Forever

Cliven Bundy and the Klan Komplex

Nova: The Rise of the Drones

Phyllis Schlafly's stupidity of the day...

Christie spokesman: Luxury box tickets were gift from Cowboys owner, OK under executive order

Mikhail Gorbachev: America needs a Perestroika

Add Andrew CUOMO to daddy problem list. Are we stuck with him? "I was the first."

Minnesota investment board withholds support of Medtronic-Covidien deal

Chris Christie Pushed Port Authority To Give Contract To Jerry Jones' Firm

Holy crap. This guy was an amazing dancer

Why does Tom.Hartman bring right wing nut jobs on his show

Let's see...what date will the new GOP Congress take credit for the dropping oil prices?

Ex-KKK Leader Threatens to 'Name Names' If People Don't Lay Off Steve Scalise

As I watch the live stream of the funeral of Mario Cuomo, I reflected on

NYPD 'Protest' Proves Much of What They Do Is Unnecessary

Christie Does Dallas

Watch Bill Gates drink water that used to be human poop

Navalny cuts ties ... with his tracking bracelet (Russia)

House Speaker vote underway

How Does Slavery Benefit White People Today?

L.A. Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak's 15-Year-Old Daughter Dies,

Fire Rainbow

Yo, Mitt and Jeb...

How everyone will be negatively affected by the Republican Congress

2 in custody after shooting of 2 NYPD officers (video)

De Blasio, Bratton tout lower crime rates, safer NYC

Am I wrong in thinking/feeling that the Democratic Party has been hijack by too many DINOS?

Intel shuts down Russian developer forums to comply with Russia's harshened censhorsip

Is anyone watching the election of house speaker

Plunging Oil Prices Test Texas’ Economic Boom

Utilities balk at safer storage of spent nuclear fuel to avoid 'wasted investment'

21 Leaders 2015: Seven Who Give Life to Movements: Jyothi Gaddam-Pulla:

Florida Marriage Equality a ho hum day at the office...

Fox Host on Tweeting Fake Photo: ‘Mistake’ but ‘Everything I Said Was Right’

‘Only God’ Can Stop Gay Marriage: American Anti-Gay Groups Moving to Uganda, Russia

Bernie Sanders: What kind of nation are we trying to create?

Discarded Christmas trees a vitamin-filled treat for goats

How can anyone reform the democratic party

Bill Cosby faces action for 'defaming' accusers

Obama says he'll veto Republicans' Keystone XL bill

Daily Beast: Is Putin Turning to Terrorism in Ukraine?

Steve King Says Obama Learned Nothing From The Burr–Hamilton Duel

BREAKING: President Obama Will Veto Congress' Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

U.S. Steel To Lay Off More Than 700 Due To Falling Oil Prices

A graphic on the Keystone Pipeline:

Falling Gas Prices prove, yet again, that Repub Supply-Side Economics is Bulls***.

Sarah Palin Gives Her Support To Louie Gohmert For House Speaker

How often are jurors placed under lifetime gags?

Texas Judge resigns after being caught texting instructions to prosecutors to help win convictions

Dana Milbank's hilarious piece on Gohmert & the latest House Freak Show

Farmers say Christmas trees make great goat snacks

HaHaha. Gomert gets 3 votes for Speaker of the House

The Weeping Boner makes a comeback tour

Ukraine Bonds at 60 Cents Seen Signaling Risk of Default

From big story to ...: Whatever Happened to besieged Kurdish City of Kobane, Syria?

BREAKING: Pres.Obama to VETO KXL Pipeline.

If you want to understand the Republican agenda...?

BREAKING: John Boehner Retains Position As House Speaker Despite Some GOP Opposition

Martinez, Johnson, Smoltz & Biggio elected into Baseball HOF

2015: The Confederate States of America are in charge of the US Congress.

Millions of Americans will benefit from lower oil prices. Fuck the energy industry.

Most Earth-like planet ever discovered could be a cosy home for alien life

Counter-protests dwarf German anti-Islam rallies

First Direct Measurement of Gravity’s Curvature

What's in an H?

Pat Robertson: Just beat your children until they believe in Jesus.

Pedro Martinez, Craig Biggio, John Smoltz and Randy Johnson elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

How A Stray Remark By A Republican Governor Could Save Obamacare From The Supreme Court

Oilfield Writedowns Loom as Plummeting Prices Gut Drilling Values

Ultra-Orthodox ‘Superwomen’ Demand Place With Men in Israeli Parliament

10 Innovations To Save Us From Draining The Earth’s Resources

taking (formerly) fat cat to the vet this week

EU Integration "Smashed" By Iceland Application Rethink

Whether you like her or not, Ms. Nancy Pelosi is a very classy person. Her warm words for Boehner

Fracking is putting pressure on Moab; Wells threaten scenic values, recreation industry

Putin critic tweets photo of his own electronic ankle bracelet he destroyed; defies house arrest

Luckovich toon: Do the white thing

What's for Dinner, Tuesday, Jan. 6

NAFTA at 20: One Million U.S. Jobs Lost, Higher Income Inequality

Deja vu is no passing event for British man

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell sentenced to serve two years in prison

Bob McDonnell gets 2 years

Calexico Police Department Under Fire And Under Investigation

The Church Of Stop Shopping's Visit To Monsanto HQ - Reverend Billy Talen Discusses

Limbaugh threatened two months ago to sue the DCCC, so where’s the lawsuit?

Pennsylvania Chinese food warehouse infested by "flying, crawling, and defecating" rats and birds

This made the national news last night.

Archdiocese Letter Warns Employees About Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

McDonald's Runs Out Of French Fries In Venezuela

McDonnell (Va) gets 24 months in jail

The NIGHTMARE has begun!!!!

How Can The West Solve Its Ukraine Problem?

Ha ha ha. Governor Ultrasound to Governor Jailbird in just a few short years.

Do you know Zephyr Teachout?

"... the most vulgar is the tyranny of mere wealth, the tyranny of a plutocracy.’’

Scotland: offers pour in to adopt dog abandoned in train station

This Letter Could Restart The Case Against Darren Wilson

Palestinians Still Don't Want a State

My 1st ever OP, an apology to the Group.

My letter to Gardein...

Controversial Episcopal seminary dean Katherine Ragsdale to step down

Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter

Godless Spellchecker: Atheist tweeter suspended for 'abuse' has account restored

Today is the Feast Day of the Epiphany or Three Kings Day.

John Fugelsang's tweet about the GOP controlling both houses of Congress..

Rick Scott's Inauguration Overrun by the Gays

Catholic Deacon Pens Inspiring Letter On Parenting Transgender Children

The Religious Composition of the 114th Congress

“the keynote speaker for our better angels.”

Kansas City Catholic Woman Becomes Priest In Ordination Ceremony Repudiated By Church

The 25 Republicans who voted against Boehner

Crow block party.

Woman shot in the back during failed deer poaching - Schuylkill County

Breaking: House GOP seek rule change that could undermine Social Security for seniors & disabled.

Republicans: The largest majority since 1928? Hmmm

Phyllis Schlafly, idiot: implement male quotas to reduce female college enrollment

Multiple bodies found in rural home near Atlanta

Polar Vortex May Deliver Record Cold on January 7-9th

Anybody here join a fraternity or sorority while in college?

Whoever thought to add sea salt to dark chocolate should be shot!

Help with understanding a passage from "The Female Eunuch"

FBI helps investigate explosion near Colorado Springs NAACP

Thom Hartmann: Operation "All Out” By Police & GOP Exposed

Thom Hartmann: The Republicans Didn't Really Win the Senate

Sony takes wraps off US$1,200 Walkman

Local upstate NY Congressman announced this is his last term, a self imposed term limit so that

Kevin Spacey harmonica with Billy Joel "Piano Man" @ Gershwin Prize event.

Big threat for Obama’s climate efforts from GOP-run Congress

Significant Rare Earth Element Claim Discovery in Peru Reported

A Filipino atheist's letter to Pope Francis

Archdiocese Letter Warns Employees About Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

Meteor over Southern California shoots out glowing object. Video. This is a great video!

Group with ties to Hillary Clinton files ethics complaint against Chris Christie for Dallas trip

Strange bedfellows: Putin, the Chomskyite left and the ghosts of the Cold War

California Releases Fracking Regulations Six Months Before Studies Are Complete

Minstrel troupes? Is he f***ing kidding?

Salon: Let's Abolish West Point: Military academies serve no one, squander millions of tax dollars

What's Really Wrong with the GOP

Families of Murdered Colombians Lose U.S. Lawsuit Against Occidental Petroleum

Suspicious doll leads to evacuation of Federal Courthouse in Fort Pierce

Lawmakers consider investigating Christie Cowboys tickets

Mayor: City separating with Atlanta fire chief

High Noon on the Gulf Coast: Canada, Saudi oil set for showdown

Anybody watching NCIS tonight?

Matthew Stafford yelled 'home cookin'!' after overturned pass interference call

Remember Christine O'Donnell? She's getting sued by the FEC

TOON: Really Rotten

Fox News Host Kennedy: Disclosing How Much More CEOs Make Than Workers is 'Slut-Shaming Companies’

Wall St Ends Down 5th Session; Oil Prices Fall Further

Led by Latinos, US Cities Organize to End Plan Mexico and Support Ayotzinapa

Led by Latinos, US Cities Organize to End Plan Mexico and Support Ayotzinapa

I was rinsing dishes after dinner and broke MY COFFEE cup I have had for several years (continued)

Abbas’s Fatah Movement Marks Fiftieth Anniversary With Image Inciting Genocide Against Israelis

Day-Old Congress Most Hated Ever

Ted Cruz To Propose Changing The Spelling of ‘Science’ to ‘J-E-S-U-S’

Bernie stands with the President on this one:

Obama Should Not Prop Up Mexico’s Corrupt President

Sen. Bernie Sanders releases statement commending Obama for standing up to Republicans on Keystone

Exclusive: Mexico's Light Crude, Shunned For U.S. Shale, Sails East

Phyllis Schlafly: End Student Loans & Introduce 'Male Quotas' To Reduce Female College Enrollment

Myanmar's New Catholic Cardinal Warns Against Religious Extremism

Protesters Seize Mexican Leader's Visit to Denounce US Funding of State Violence

Protesters Seize Mexican Leader's Visit to Denounce US Funding of State Violence

Whole Foods Workers Caught On Video Beating Man Outside Union Square Store

Cuba 'frees political prisoners on US list'

BREAKING: Law Enforcement responding to possible active shooter situation at VA clinic (El Paso)

Temporary Work, Lasting Harm

Protest over student massacre overshadows Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto's White House visit

Christine O'Donnell accused of illegally using race funds

The Right to Rise Pac

Maine judge tells media what they can report in assault case

Labor officials penalize NJ farm for rejecting Puerto Rican workers in favor of undocumented migrant

Infamous cartel hit man 'El Wicked' strangled in prison: Mexican authorities

Infamous cartel hit man 'El Wicked' strangled in prison: Mexican authorities

"Renew America" pundit calls transgender suicide "satan's little soldier"

Here Is a Crazy Story About Jeb Bush's (Other) Brother ...

NYPD Officers Drag Naked Woman Out Of Her Apartment, Leave Her Passed Out On The Floor

Mexican police force held in journalist's disappearance

Ken Ham's faith is too weak to survive without government help.

BREAKING: Active shooter reported at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, El Paso Texas

A Videogame That Teaches You to Write Poetry, Even if It Intimidates You

2 Years After Car Crash, Man in 'Minimally Conscious State' Suddenly Speaks

Refs missed blatant hold on Suh

Suit filed in Jacksonville against Jimmy John's, alleging unfair labor practices

New GOP Congress Fires Shot At Social Security On Day One

The View’s Nicolle Wallace Admits to Experiencing ‘PTSD’ When She Sees Sarah Palin

Star Trek Galileo Shuttlecraft To Land At Space Center Houston

US Navy commander pleads guilty in massive bribery case

Just heard a great horned owl calling

I am devastated...

Obama taps community banker Allan Landon for Fed board

SMU seismologists say ‘old faults,’ wastewater disposal could be cause of today’s 3.5-magnitude quak

Dog Found Abandoned With Suitcase Filled With His Belongings

Dr. Brain is online for download or in-browser play!