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Archives: January 7, 2015

New Police Chief Talks About Cleaning Up Massive Police Corruption in Calexico, California

Most dangerous states in America (all red states)

U.S. training of Syrian rebels could begin in spring: Pentagon

Bernie Sanders Calls ‘Dynamic Scoring’ a Gimmick

Third Way Founders Jon Cowen & Jim Kessler tell us: Economic Populism is a Dead End for Democrats

NetJets Unrest Puts Warren Buffett in a Rare Pinch

I've gotten choked up at the pharmacy twice in the past 4 months

Tell UN to end child labor!

A ‘governing majority’ that doesn’t know how to govern

FBI Probes Report of Explosion Near NAACP Chapter in Colorado

My Congressman, Dan Kildee, was sworn in by a GIANT Oompa Loompa, today

After two-year delay, construction on California's bullet train is set to start

Red Hot Patriot.....

Demand a Home Inspection For Sarah Palin's Service Dog! (E action)

How Christie's Cowboys hug could turn into an ethics problem

How Cops and GOP Are Teaming Up to Undermine the BlackLivesMatter Movement

Hamas man sentenced by Israel to life for teen killings that led to Gaza war

Penalizing Pregnancy: Lynn Paltrow on the Fight for Reproductive Justice

Watchdog offers more proof Syria government used chemical arms: U.S.

1795 Boston time capsule opened....

Keystone XL, "dynamic scoring", social security benefit cuts, Obamacare repeal, gut EPA regulations

Louie Gohmert Gets a Whopping 3 Votes for Speaker

''Our solar system is not as unique as we might have thought.''

Ex-NYPD Cop Slams ‘Black Brunch’ With Gun-Toting Selfie

US Transportation Sec. Foxx announces $996 million to extend Green Line (Boston)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 7 January 2015

In holiday message, Alabama Democratic Party chair describes getting stuck on the toilet

BDS Is the Same Old BS

Mexican town's entire police force detained over journalist disappearance

Howard Dean on Chris Hayes

Opening Day: The Reign Of Morons Dawns --- By Charles P. Pierce

Unload your 401 K

There's a show on tonight called Child Genius.

Make the baby cry, pay the price.....

Shell, villagers agree to $83.5 million for huge oil spill

A man and his onion.

"Put on a happy face"

Iconic Lights Go Out Across Germany To Protest Anti-Islam Movement

NFL reportedly admits messing up call when Cowboys held Ndamukong Suh

Watching "All In" ...

Bao Bao's (baby panda) first snow day at the National Zoo

Shatel: With life’s battles as their bond, Hoffmans are glad Jack met Stuart Scott

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Boner Re-elected!!!! NYC cops continue to whine!! & a new Kitteh gif

Two Earthquakes Widely-Felt Across DFW Tuesday

Sounds of Sodomy campaign

Is Anybody Else Here Bothered By The H&R Block Commercial About The Affordable Care Act?....

More pedestrian than political, but I humbly ask you

Gunman Kills One Person and Himself at Texas VA Clinic

Legal Scholar Calls for ‘Fetal Rescue Programs’ to End Abortion Debate

A Secret Hidden in the Mediterranean

A Secret Hidden in the Mediterranean

Another Christian Caught in Case of Serial Plagiarism

Frontline: Gunned Down | The Power of the NRA (entire episode)

Syrian 'rebels' annoy MIG pilot and get an answer

Lawrence + Memorial Medical Group faces trial over unfair labor practices

Streit’s Matzo Factory, a Vestige of the Classic Lower East Side, Is Moving On.

Guess I'll be hanging out here a lot more often......

Mercedes to Move U.S. Headquarters From New Jersey to Georgia

New Washoe Sheriff seeks advice from Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Gobal Economy At Risk From Oil Price Dive

Omaha, Millard, Bellevue, Papillion schools cancel Wednesday classes

Today in Herstory: Rhode Island and Kentucky Women Win Suffrage! (6 jan 1920)

Today in Herstory: Rhode Island and Kentucky Women Win Suffrage! (6 jan 1920)

You are seriously behind on answering questions

Ukrainian Crisis Disappears from Western News Giving Putin a Victory

Link Between Cold Weather & Colds Is No Medical Myth, According To Study.

California bill would create third-party oversight of police shootings

Democrat Murphy beats Parisot in House of Delegates race in Northern Virginia

New York City police and city hall on a war footing (Toronto Star)

Guardians Of The Galaxy?

NYT SLAMS NYPD: 'If NYPD's Current Commanders Cannot Get Cops To Do Their Jobs - Replace Them'

'Not in My Name': An Interview with the Almighty | Philip A. Farruggio

Crackpot Utopia: The Year in Republican Crazy, Part 12

How soon will regular unleaded sell for $3 or more?

It was a simple and overwhemingly bi-partisan bill...

This was your father's lightsaber

Florida man arrested while wearing t-shirt that says 'I have drugs'

South Korean dogs saved from deadly fate

Alabama-based Hyundai and Kia parts supplier cited for labor violations ($102,000 in fines)

Dominionist Dream - One Of Theirs As POTUS.

Little boy says goodbye to his rat. :(

A Bipartisan Push to Limit Lobbyists’ Sway Over Attorneys General

Ancient Trees: Portraits Of Time

Whisky bread.

"How Nonemployed Americans Spend Their Weekdays: Men vs. Women"

can we call the NRA a cult?

Reps Van Hollen, Slaughter lambaste Republicans' Plans for 'dynamic scoring' trickle down scam

TRNN: Michael Hudson : Pensions of Union Workers Cut in Federal Budget

NJ, & Philly, when you watched Chris Christie dance with Jerry Jones in the "owners" box...

Heads up: NRA Frontline Documentary on PBS Tonight

Not-so-moderate Jeb Bush of the 1990s. Plus his full op ed 1994 on same sex marriage.

Body found in search for missing actor Trevor Smith

Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 has passed

Intel sets goal for employee diversity

The Evolution of the NRA's Top Gun | FRONTLINE | Gunned Down

Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery

2004: When a Canadian member of Parliament crushed a George W. Bush doll on TV

Here's hoping that Omaha Steve and Marta have warm blankets (and perhaps hot cocoa).

“And, in the end The love you take is equal to the love you make.” ~ Sir Paul McCartney

In shift, U.S. military says it is investigating credible civilian casualty reports in Iraq and Syri

1795 time capsule opened, centuries after Revere and Adams buried it

"The democratic process in Greece is a threat for Germany and its allies, the political elites"

An excellent panel discussion from 2009.

O.J. Simpson Heisman Trophy found

Amazon Warriors Did Indeed Fight and Die Like Men

"Is depression a kind of allergic reaction?"

It won't stop you from falling down the stairs.

Here’s why Dr. Michio Kaku thinks Toyota’s hydrogen fuel-cell car is ‘perfect’

Tompkins County Sherriffs Department NY Destroys House for DUI warrant

Homeland Security drone program not justifying expense, says study

Amazon Warriors Did Indeed Fight and Die Like Men

$0.50 (EDITED: Image now working again)

Car bomb explodes outside Yemen police centre

Tail Section of AirAsia Flight 8501 Found

World refugees exceed 50 million for the first time since 1945

Update: USGS now confirms 7 quakes in Irving, Dallas on Tuesday

Forecast 2015 — Life in the Breakdown Lane | James Howard Kunstler

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 8, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - Guest Programmer Michael Feinstein

Whole Lot of Shaking Goin' On in Big D

26 Ways to Be in the Struggle — Beyond the Streets

Agent Carter was fun. (No spoilers)

Florida man wearing "No, seriously, I have drugs" shirt arrested for... guess what?

Locations of US prisons. Wow look at Florida. From the WP Jan. 6

For the Johann Sebastian Bach fans. Concertos For Oboe & Oboe D'Amore

Is Labor dead in the DEMOCRATIC Party?

Jimi Hendrix Stockholm 1969

UN Chief Says Palestine Will Join Int'l Court on April 1

In Shift, U.S. Military Says It Is Investigating Credible Civilian Casualty Reports In Iraq And Syri

Why All Opponents of Gentrification and Police Militarization Should Oppose the DC 2024 Olympic Bid

Paris-area synagogue set ablaze

A Colorado NAACP Office Was Bombed Today

Teen girl and mother fight the state over right to refuse chemo cancer treatment

Personal Photos And Belongings Of Holocaust Victims Found In Attic 70 Years Later

Streit’s Matzo Factory to Close

Has Kirby Delauter been taking advice from UKIP?

someone is cozy

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.The great mayor of Tallahassee stands for marriage equality. Today, History is made

Darren Wilson grand juror suing prosecutor for botching the case and putting Mike Brown on trial

Daily Holidays -January 7

Boehner takes revenge

LGBT History Project

NHS in critical condition as A&E waiting times are worst in a decade

Subzero windchill and feral cats/update

Shell agrees $84m deal over Niger Delta oil spill

Why the Tech Elite Is Getting Behind Universal Basic Income

DEMOCRATS WIN special legislative elections in VA.

Police: Limbaugh received threatening emails

Life with Mitt: Ann Romney discusses politics, MS at Four Arts - See more at: http://www.palmbeachda

Energy Crash - 97% of Fracking Now Operating at a Loss at Current Oil Prices

How Goldman Sachs May Provoke Yet Another Major Financial Crisis

Jeb Bush Has Spent the Last Seven Years Getting Filthy Rich

Deadly attack on office of French magazine Charlie Hebdo

One Million Americans Are About to Lose Their Food Stamp Benefits

A Deep, Deep Sadness

Could anyone tell me about "The Journal"

Senators up for re-election in 2016. We must not let the right


Sorry, but when you proclaim "I'm an aggressive winter driver..."

silent thread for those killed in the Paris shootings.

‘The Brainwashing Of My Dad’ By Fox, Limbaugh & Hate Media – The Documentary

Climate Denier/Hack Ken Cuccinelli Starts New Business: Oyster Farm On Disappearing VA Island

Alcohol poisoning kills 6 people a day

How much harder do the Rich work?

Syria: Isis chief executioner found beheaded with cigarette in his mouth

Oil Prices & Investments: Remember the Ads Five Months Ago to Invest in the Oil Industry?

Question about standing on your dog.

ADP Says Companies in U.S. Added 241,000 Workers in December

My new dog hates having his nails clipped

Missed "Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA" last night? Watch it now online:

Insanity is electing John Boehner Speaker of House over and over and expecting different results.

Appeals court to hear arguments on restrictive Texas abortion law

Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

Wisconsin: Republican's bill can't stand scrutiny, so they're limiting debate

Senior Lord's Resistance Army commander surrenders to US troops

FBI hunts Colorado man in connection with explosion near NAACP office

No-one Murdered Because of this Image (Onion, NSFW warning)

Should the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo published of Muhammad receive the #KirbyDeLauter treatment?

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Economics of Denial (audio link)

My idea for a new reality show - the opposite of all those shows about hoarding-

Rand Paul moves to ban aid to Palestinians until ICC bid withdrawn

The U.S. has more jails than colleges.

Target may pull out of Canada after massive losses

I haven't done this in ages... Time to post a picture of your Doggy.

One of my favorite scenes from Star Trek DS9. Just thought I'd throw that out there...


New safety rules announced for University of Virginia fraternity parties

Detroit: Abandoned Wurlitzer Building likely to become a boutique hotel

I want to Mod Podge “War on Kinkade” pictures

What gives with the American wars signs on I-385 in upstate SC? Someone has recently placed

Bets And Bullets: A Small-Time Gambler's Death By SWAT

Deep Questions Arise Over Portland's Corporate Water Takeover

I miss Bill Clinton -- but Chris Wallace DOESN'T

2015 Edition: Welcome to the Economy Group!

Is the Stock Market finally over its temper tantrum about falling oil prices?

Republicans vow to undo Obama’s environmental progress

Charlie Hebdo last tweet before attack

Kirby Delauter Kirby Delauter Kirby Delauter ... way to stay out of the news, Kirby Delauter!

Hmmm, I'm a bit concerned we won't maintain the highest prison population on earth THIS way.

Have you seen the signs about American wars on I-385? Please weigh in here:

Amtrak San Joaquin Corridor At Near-Record Ridership And Revenue Levels

"Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand."

Christie Expected to Make Presidential Decision This Month

Scientists Seek Religious Experience - in Subjects' Brains

Gunmen in Paris Kill 12 at Offices of Satirical Newspaper Charlie Hebdo

Hitchens asked if what Islam seeks is respect or pre-emptive censorship of free speech.

A blessed Christmas to my fellow Orthodox Christians:

Venezuelans turn to fish smuggling to survive economic crisis

Sri Lanka’s Tamils say they will back president’s challenger

Oh noes, it's the beginning of the end as the first confirmed case of a zombie has been reported.

So you say you voted Republican in 2014?

McDonald's runs out of French fries in Venezuela

Catholic Deacon Shares Heartfelt Story of Supporting Transgender Daughter

(Transit) Openings and Construction Starts Planned for 2015

The U.S. has more jails than colleges. Here’s a map of where those prisoners live.

Wow, Nancy, I threw up in my mouth a little......

Milwaukee communities struggle against foreclosure crises

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-They have Plans

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Police

The only person you can ever own is yourself.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

12 murdered over cartoon of ordinary mammal.

Suspect in Colorado NAACP bombing is "balding white male." So obviously NOT a terrorist attack.

Idaho Wolf and Coyote Hunt

(Greek vote) "is a threat for ... the political elites. They have a serious problem with democracy."

For our entertainment pleasure - Old Gang coming back to town?

Bob Seger's recent song about global climate change

Kerry Adresses Paris Shooting

Professor Richard Wolff: The Basic Economics of National Health Insurance

Thom Hartmann: Trans Pacific Partnership’s Job Killing Déjà vu

Wisconsin: Republican Bob Westman, woman groper, head-butter, Rebecca Kleefisch picture-poser

I just found it interesting in watching Kerrys speech on MSNBC

The First Shale Casualty: WBH Energy Files For Bankruptcy; Many More Coming

Terror attack at Paris magazine known for controversial Muslim sketches leaves 12 dead

Palestine joins the ICC/Mail & Guardian - South Africa

Let's be clear about how all of this "standing on dogs" stuff started and who is to blame:

Cardinal Raymond Burke: ‘Feminized’ church and altar girls caused priest shortage-interfaith post

L.A. police to get Tasers that activate body cameras when used

Washington, DC Breaks Barriers for Women

Washington, DC Breaks Barriers for Women

Deep Questions Arise Over Portland's Corporate Water Takeover

TYT: John Boehner Gets Hammered, Cries & Glows Orange Over Speakership

Copyright and Marriage Equality Act Reintroduced

The phrase of the day is "Kirby Delauter". Replace any phrase in a thread with...

Sounds like the typical Scott Walker republican...

Sen. Warren Blasts GOP Social Security Scheme: "It’s ridiculous – but not surprising"

Warren takes swipe at Reagan, trickle-down economics

Well, that was an impressive flameout.

Meet the new Gang of Six

TYT: Keystone XL Pipeline Is GOP's Number One Priority, Obama Readies His Pen

President Obama's veto pen

Elizabeth Warren: 8 ways to restore the middle class

Jed York, 49ers named in age discrimination lawsuit

Tony Blair 'could face war crimes charges' over Iraq War

This GOP Politician's Threat Backfired Spectacularly

Chris Christie Pushed Port Authority To Give Contract To Jerry Jones' Firm

Any DUers have a favorite recipe for Lamb Stew?

Re: Charlie Hebdo

Gov. Rick Scott now says staff will follow public records law – Miami Herald

I am thinking it is going to be Joe Biden for me..Happy New Year

Gov. Rick Scott now says staff will follow public records law – Miami Herald

well, some people are starting to get it.

for everyone's info, metering snowy scenes

For the 5th year in a row...each of the 240 students at the Urban Prep Academy is going to college..

NASA releases high-definition photo of 'Pillars of Creation'

Dad: Jameis Winston going pro

The Attack on Charlie Hebdo

Cat interrupts German weather broadcast and demands cuddles

The 6 biggest lies you’ve been told about vaginas

It Didn't Take A Miracle To Save These Dogs. It Took Some Amazing Humans

Ted Yoho calls Boehner a "communist"

Pic Of The Moment: Christie Says Gifts OK Between "Friends"

And that is why Salman Rushdie had to spend a decade in hiding, under police protection.

Meanwhile in the USA: Explosion outside NAACP in Colorado deliberate, FBI says

Bernice Madigan, State's Oldest Citizen, Dies at 115

Did George Tiller MD "provoke" his own assassination by performing abortions?

so, i bought myself a xmas present.

Native Women Score Wins over Demeaning Images

WARREN: "Trickle Down NOTHING MORE Than Politics Helping Rich & Powerful Get Richer & More Powerful"

Native Women Score Wins over Demeaning Images

How Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire Benefited from Selling Reagan’s CIA Propaganda

Native Women Score Wins over Demeaning Images

Dems Respond To McConnell Taking Credit For Economic Growth: 'Hahahahahahahahahahaha'

Euro's Drop Is a Turning Point for Central Banks Reserves

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Conservatives Need to Be Careful How They Condemn the Paris Shooting

GOP wants to cut SS/SSDI unless tax increases are made? Well, no problem!

From The Rude Pundit-In Brief: Conservatives Need to Be Careful How They Condemn the Paris Shooting

How $50 Oil Changes Almost Everything

21 Leaders 2015: 7 Who Transform Cultures: Julie R. Enszer: Michigan's Circulator of Lesbian Poetry

21 Leaders 2015: 7 Who Transform Cultures: Julie R. Enszer: Michigan's Circulator of Lesbian Poetry

Why Your Cable Bill Is Going Up Again in 2015 -- Sports

Alaska Pinched by Crude Collapse Eats Into Savings

"PK" Becomes Highest-Earning Indian Film Ever

NYPD Protest At Funerals, Patrick Lynch's Disgusting Comments

****WCGreen Update --Wednesday January 7, 2015****

How long before right wingers blame Obama for the shooting deaths in Paris?

Is Social Democracy Still Possible – or Permissible – in Europe Today?

Radical Islam, Nihilist Rage

Nuclear Power Turns To Salt (Gen IV reactor design moves forward)

Here’s Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Is Just Plain Wrong By Robert Reich

Murphy breaks Senate tradition with high-profile stands

Understanding Colombia’s Conflict: Inequality

Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm's Ex-Wife Rejects $975 Million Divorce Check

Paris Killings Seen Fueling Europe’s Anti-Islam Movements

House Mandates 1 Hour of Ethics Training for Freshman Class

Charles P Pierce - Death In Paris

What is Charlie Hebdo and why was the magazine targeted?

Obamacare Effect: Uninsured Rate Hits Record Low

"TPP is a Trojan horse in a global race to the bottom" - Robert Reich

Our "more civilized" response

The new Teapublican Congess is doing exactly what they said they’d do. Stop acting surprised.

New Hampshire lawmakers can again carry guns on House floor

How cucking fold IS it, DU?

Police: Young sisters charged in brother's fatal shooting

I Altered This Famous Movie Quote - Just A Bit

Cartoonists react to Charlie Hebdo massacre

I Altered This Famous Movie Quote - Just A Bit

Prosecutor: Death of man shot by officer was 'senseless'

Thanks to Medellin and Cali, Colombia boasts least homicides in decades

Introducing Belichic, the Bill Belichick-Inspired Clothing Line Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Lindsey Graham's welcoming gift to Joni Ernst as she enters the Senate.

Shit! Even President Obama Commented on Controversial Play in Lions vs. Cowboys

Billionaires for Bush! Beautiful Trouble!

The real American Sniper was a hate-filled killer - Guardian

Jeb Bush's foundation mixed policy and politics

In my younger years, there was a shooting on the El train

If CTyankee liked cats we would see some of these...

Monsanto earnings fall 34% as South America plants less GMO corn

Monsanto earnings fall 34% as South America plants less GMO corn

Cartoonists respond to Charlie Hebdo massacre

Ring of Fire: Were Midterm Losses A Blessing For Democrats?

Suburbs and the New American Poverty

Did Mitch McConnell Just Take Credit for the Economic Recovery?

Charlie Hebdo's Brazen Defiance

Interview with director of "Brainwashing of My Dad" -- upcoming film about RW talk radio

A Smart Dude Takes On Racism With Facts. Not Wild Accusations. Facts. And I’m Begging You To Listen.

Those killed at Charlie Hebdo are martyrs for freedom of speech

RCP Averaged Obama Job Approval Soaring, @44.3; Rasmussen @51 Approval.

Hedbo material should be furnished FREE

The NYPD Officers Who See Racial Bias in the NYPD

It's very annoying how the #NAACPbombing is being fawned over by non-Black people.

Feds Open Website for Public Reporting of Guardrail Flaws

gratuitous kitteh pic - here's the husband's contribution

America's Uninsured Rate Keeps Rapidly Falling...Thanks To Obamacare

News Outlets Are Censoring Images of Cartoons That May Have Incited Charlie Hebdo Attack

No Peace for Colombian Political Prisoners, Yet

It's good to see you back answering AtA's again.

Terrorist shooting in France vs NAACP Bombing in Colorado: Which is more relevant to the USA?

Sunanda Pushkar poisoned with polonium?

Thom Hartmann: Washington Has Officially Gone Insane On Free Trade

Chocolate Chip Cookie wants to be your friend...

Wingnuts on High Alert: Has OBAMA used the word "TERROR!1" yet?!1" It's a terrorGASM!1

Actually, I would have just gone with "Everything" and left it at that...

Florida's failed charter schools: Cracks in the system Part I

FBI Documents Reveal Secret Nationwide Occupy Monitoring

Simple poll: Are you in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage?

Deer Fights Back Against Hunter Who Shot Her...Sends The Hunter To The Hospital

Dems Respond To McConnell Taking Credit For Economic Growth: 'Hahahahahahahahahahaha'

Without freedom of speech we are dead. We can't live in a country without freedom of speech.

You can't fix stupid. They do this shit every year, even after being told that they're wrong

Two utilities opt out of Cape Wind

Right wing fantasies: Obama To Disband the Marine Corps

Day 1 of "Republican-led Congress" is all about abortions. So much for "Where are the jobs?"

In fight against drugs, Cuba and U.S. on same team

Former ‘Onion’ editor: Freedom of speech cannot be killed

Je Suis Charlie

Molly Norris, American Cartoonist and Victim of Terror, and Glenn Greenwald.

Ironic Moments....

Torture Advocates Outnumbered Critics 2-to-1

NPR's Diane Rehm show co-opted by our Corporate Owners to promote free trade (NAFTA)

Leading French Progressive-Left Voices Murdered in Attack on French Magazine Charlie Hebdo

I'm going to be away for awhile...

Survey: Maduro's popularity down to 22%

John Kerry: "Charlie Hebdo attackers Opposed to Civilized World"

FBI Seeks Man After Explosion Near Colorado Springs NAACP

Facebook killed the internet & I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of people didn’t even notice

Convicted by an All White Jury~ The stolen lives of Black Men

Jameis Winston accuser sues FSU

PoliticusUSA: Corrupt John Boehner Conspires With Foreigners Against America’s Best Interests

No matter what, the cartoon terrorists will not be given the death penalty.

North Korean defector: 'Bureau 121' hackers operating in China

Time for serious Palestinian leadership

Don’t let murderers pretend their crimes are about cartoons

United In Grief, Cartoonists Show Solidarity With 'Charlie Hebdo'

U.N. confirms Palestinians will be ICC member from April 1

U.S.-led air strikes have hit 3,222 Islamic State targets: Pentagon

Obama veto hammer threatens to break second new republican Congress nail (healthcare takeaway)

Does Florida woman live on Eat Ass Street?

How the NYPD Came to See Itself As Different From Those It Protects

Can the IgnoreUs-Track trade authority voters be changed to IncludeUs-Track voters?

Salman Rushdie condemns attack on Charlie Hebdo

FBI questions U.S.-based Gambian civil society leader over coup plot

Here we go, Paris shooting are Obama's fault (or something like that)

Request for my mother & father.

French Magazine Charlie Hebdo compared Putin to Mohammed VI, loved Pussy Riot. Rough translation

Politically Correct?

FBI Director Releases New Info To Show North Korea Hacked Sony

Obama To Disband the Marine Corps

Sen Sanders speaking now on Senate floor as to Keystone Pipeline C-SPAN2

Podesta: Clinton To Draw Differences With Obama If She Runs

Bones, Broth, Bliss

Eleven earthquakes recorded in less than 24 hours near birthplace of fracking

So, I had breakfast with Howard Dean this morning

Congress Introduces A National Abortion Ban On Its Very First Day Back

Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie

Argentina and Chile agree on three tunnel projects drilling the Andes

REPORT: French Police Have Identified The Three People Involved In Magazine Shooting

A Bomb Went Off At A Colorado NAACP. Where Is The 24-Hour News Cycle?

Most fossil fuels 'unburnable' under 2C climate target

German Groups Say Paris Attack Shows Islamist Threat

Fundamentalists deserve the hell they fear. eom

Toon: There is nothing worse than religious hypocrisy....

Texans hanker to do business with Cuba after order to normalize relations

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 7, 2015

As a French citizen , after this Black Wednesday. .. I Just want To say to all DUers... THANKS .

Cuban Road Trip: Reporter’s Notebook

Two Girls Hide, Message For Help During Home Invasion

36 Hours in Milan

What do you do when you find out your father is a racist??

Ahhhhhhh! Diner coffee. My favourite tea time drink. What are you

People Don't Realize How Many Jobs Will Soon Be Replaced by Software

US Oil Falls Below $50 a Barrel

The cop who was executed on that video? His name was Ahmed Merabet.

Colombia launches first Antarctic research expedition with Chilean training

Oklahoma City Zoo's elephant calf learns all about bath time

Paris, France...this says it all and I stand with them!

x-posting: Oklahoma City Zoo's elephant calf learns all about bath time

Police hunting for three French nationals over Paris shooting

VIDEO: Republican Governor Caught On Tape Demolishing The Legal Case Against Obamacare

Look who’s meddling in Bolivian politics now

New York Daily News Blurs Charlie Hebdo Muhammed Cover

Why the Republican Congress’s First Act Was to Declare War on Math

The Paris massacre:This time the killers are professionals

Deval Patrick will be the first MA governor since Dukakis to finish his 2 terms

On the cover of Charlie Hebdo: Michel Houellebecq's 'Islamophobic' book

House Democrats block corporate republican Congress from ramming through latest bank giveaway


French police identify 3 suspects in Paris attack

To shut-down or NOT to shut down.

It's time to take inventory.

This is not a crime.

In Tremendous Display of Incompetence, GOP FAILS to pass first major bill of 114th Congress

Time to Move Out: The Problem with Mahmoud Abbas and His Authority | Ramzy Baroud

Let's Bury The Mistaken Notion There Aren't Any Buddhist Terrorists, Okay?

So much Hate, So little Brain POwer!!

Antibiotic breakthrough could turn the tables in battle against superbugs

Thank you Governor Patrick. We appreciate your leadership.

Wave energy integration costs should compare favorably to other energy sources

RE: "Stopping the Biggest Corporate Power Grab in Years" (TPP)

Viral Video Shows Reactions Of Boys When Asked To Hit A Girl

Government Admits It Was Only Behind Destruction Of North Tower

2012 interviews with slain Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane "Charb" Charbonnie

Can you taste the whether?

Gawker's history of Charlie Hebdo & a selection of its cartoons.

These are the four murdered cartoonists:


Daredevil is coming to Netflix on April 10th

Shooting an unarmed policeman begging for mercy is NOT an act of bravery ! This is cowardice!

Charlie Hebdo and its biting satire, explained in 9 of its most iconic covers

Gunmen who stormed Charlie Hebdo offices, killing 12, have reportedly been arrested

Pens in Solidarity

Antibiotic breakthrough could turn the tables in battle against superbugs

Curt Schilling thinks being a Republican hurt his Hall of Fame chances.

Amazing Attire That Protects Your Privacy & Security When You’re Out

I just donated to the 21st Century Democrats

"The Blasphemy We Need".

Email from Credo: Tell the Federal Reserve: No more delays. Implement the Volcker rule now.

Mia the kitty brightens up care home

Three more women say Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them

Paris Attack: Terror Raid Under Way In Reims

Europe’s Empty Churches Go on Sale

Republicans target security funding to fight Obama on immigration

How dry is it?

Progressives don't attack people whose religious views are different from our own. (nt)

Salman Rushdie's statement on the attack on Charlie Hebdo

When Democrats Show Spine, Wall Street Loses


Cartoonists respond to Charlie Hebdo attack with hearts, minds and art

I am going to commit a cardinal sin and link to twitchy, but sometimes we can agree

Fox News Gives Paris Massacre the Benghazi Treatment

Can IgnoreUs trade authority voters be changed to IncludeUs trade authority voters

Salman Rushdie: ‘I Stand With Charlie Hebdo, as We All Must’

It isn't so much they hate us for our freedoms. They just hate freedom.

Woman leaves Scottish island to her children

"Baptized in borrowed blood"

Looking at the attack and the perpetrators, this is France's April 15.

Special to The Los Angeles Times: Political Cartooning is Almost Worth Dying For

Toons -The Pen will survive

On Their First Day Back, Congress Introduces Abortion Ban

Officer Who Shot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Failed Sheriff Department Exam

How Conservatives Exploited The Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack In Paris

Casablanca La Marseillaise

Curt Schilling Says Being A Republican Cost Him HOF Votes

The Sanders Agenda for the New Congress

Bernie Sanders: Fools!

Obama hails auto industry comeback, Motor City revival

Michigan to dump ACT for SAT as high school requirement

B. Sanders: New Math (The purpose of dynamic scoring is to conceal – not reveal)

It (sic) Sadly Unclear...

Paris killings: reactions from around the world

Gov. Rick Snyder May Allow Concealed Carry Permits For Accused Domestic Abusers.