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Archives: January 8, 2015

Mitch McConnell Pledges Fast Action For TPP & TTIP

California foie gras ban struck down

No wonder this Catholic pervert got demoted.

Any religion that can't stand ridicule is not doing what religion ought to do.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 8 January 2015

OK. which one of you has been in my building?

The entire world is still paying for Bush and Cheney's illegal war

Canada: kitty missing for months is found

Police union pushes for cop killings to be included in federal hate crimes law

New U.S. Stealth Jet Can’t Fire Its Gun Until 2019

Former ‘Onion’ editor: Freedom of speech cannot be killed

3 dead, many injured in 18-vehicle pileup during whiteout

Powerful cartoon on the Charlie Hebdo murders (was attributed to Banksy)

Pro-Russian Hackers Claim Cyberattack On German Government

AFL-CIO president trumpets Warren, calls for Dems to pick sides on labor issues in 2015

Congress adjourns after two days: "There's no way we can work with that man"

Now the Nazis REALLY Hate Me

Part of treating Muslims equally is treating them like adults.

I continue to wonder why progressives are so protective of Islam

Keeping the victims, their families, and the people of France in my prayers.

McConnell Tries To Take Credit For 11M Jobs PBO Created

Kibo, give me a hug.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets His Own Late Night Talk Show

City council declares God 'owns' City of Winfield - What was that about "foisting?"

Labor Secretary: ‘Biblical Teachings’ Demand Minimum Wage Increase

Franck Bohbot's pictures of beautiful libraries

Sortir du Nucleaire: In tribute to our friends Charlie Hebdo, the shock is huge

Richard Dawkins Says 'Religions Are NOT Equally Violent' After Charlie Hebdo Attack

Some incredible post-attack images from France

Grimm on TNT

Have you heard about WIPP? It's your money down the hole

If there are, indeed, gods that are omnipotent,

Science Has Great News for People Who Read Actual Books

FCC Said to Signal It’s Heeding Obama’s Call for Open-Web Rules

Steve Scalise (R - Nazi Whisperer) had ONE job....

Rating America

Warren: ‘The GOP is inventing a Social Security crisis’

The Israel lobby rallies inside the Republican Party

Mental health benefits hard to come by, even after Affordable Care Act

Interest in a human rights group?

Aldi confirms up to 100% horsemeat in beef products

Aid without faith – is there a place for religious NGOs in the 21st century?

What Elizabeth Warren would say in her stump speech — if she runs for president

I'm not excited to post this, but it *IS* a notable first...

At least one suspect in Paris terror attack in custody - CNN

Mr. Fish weighs in on the Charlie Hebdo Killings

Where Safeway Fears to Tread

"Not Afraid"

US stocks rise, breaking a string of losses, as oil steadies

Do you hear the people sing?

Stuart Scott Spoke the Language of My Generation

America is a Violent Country

Reaction to murders by Muslim World Community

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!! In the name of "god"

Holy shit, it really is everywhere.

CNN reporting the 18 year old suspect in Paris shooting surrenders...n/t

Mike Luckovich Toon- Aux Barricades!

OhOh the US information was wrong - two still on the loose

NBC Walks Back Report of Dead Suspect, ABC Reports One Suspect in Custody

Dallas attorney pleads guilty in vodka investment fraud

NCAA won't let Oregon practice as much as Ohio State

Anyone see "Le Chef"? What a fun movie!

Our great constitutional crisis is over!

Alittle snow, a little wind and a couple of not-too-smart drivers

Former West Virginia Governor Arch A. Moore Jr. dies at age 91.

New Hampshire Republicans vote to allow concealed guns in House chamber

If "Charlie Hebdo" is satire, could someone please explain to me how this cover

Can you get a decent orange in the northern states in winter

Interest in a human rights group?

My Last Year with the Nuns: A Typical Catholic Boyhood, from Latin Hymns to Racial Violence

Paris attack a turning point in divisive debate on religion (Globe & Mail)

Blonds at the pool party

Report: NFL tells Dallas Cowboys they missed 7 penalty calls against Detroit Lions

Charlie Hebdo attack a ‘windfall’ for far right, French Muslims say

Attack Charlie Hebdo: what do we know of two suspects?

Texas AG Ken Paxton to continue aggravating habit of suing the federal government

"Russia Re-Examined," "Soviet Women," "Soviet But Not Russian" by William Mandel (PDFs)

What is a "cowardly act?"

Please allow me to introduce myself...

Anyone Watch NBC Nightly News Tonight..

'He drew first'

U.K.: Sue Perkins attacks rape joke comedians

Bridging the divide: what do you think of this idea?

10 Key Events That Preceded The Last Financial Crisis Are Happening Again

Cops: Driver Tried To 'Take Out' Port Authority Police Officer With Car

There are nutters in the UK government too

Jihadists Can’t Kill the Joke Because They ARE the Joke

Student Tuition Now Officially Pays More Than States For Public College Funding

Insulting Muhammad is not hate speech

If you don't stand up for freedom of speech, then you are not a Liberal.

I know today was not an easy for our Muslim members here so I offer these Muslim Prayers for peace.

A tomar las armas, compañeros! - Image from The Rachel Maddow Show

TYT: Banks Enjoy Big, Corrupt Christmas Present From Feds

Couple told by HOA to remove TARDIS from driveway.

I'm no marine biologist but I thnk the physiology is not right here.

Millennium Bulk Terminals Longview (MBTL) proposal

The Pen and the Sword...

A wish for peace, healing and understanding in my favorite city ...........

Mehdi Hasan on Islam and blasphemy: Muhammad survived Dante’s Inferno. He’ll survive a YouTube clip

U.S. House fails to pass Republican bill diluting Dodd-Frank reforms

A serious discussion about male squirting...

so, i swore off this whole art thing.

Squee Advisory for tonight

Cattle Mutilation an Urgent Problem?

Christie's records of canceled meetings with Jersey City mayor are subpoenaed: report

Why is the Word 'Terrorism' reserved only for Muslims?

Rerun redux

Service dog helps autistic child, who says, "I love you"

Werewolf Women of the S.S. an Urgent Problem?

Christian Flag removed form public park

Vietnam Abolishes Same-Sex Marriage Ban, Taking Lead in Gay Rights

This is the cartoon

Danziger: Wait! Look! A man with a pencil.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The people who attacked "Charlie Hebdo" were supposedly Muslim...but who is really to blame?

Since learning about Kelsang Gyatso and what the NKT is doing I am finding

Dammit! sorry. I'm late for the Wednesday night prayer meeting.

Banksy weighs in Charles Hebdo

I heard someone on CNN say that Paris was the deadliest terrorist attack in Europe in 10 years.

"I don't think about ethics that much.-

Keystone, climate change and the US economy: the truth behind the myths

Just saw on Twitter that Outlander won Peoples Choice Award.

Today's shootings have set DU on fire.

I was offended yesterday. This morning I woke up and I had leprosy.

Fifteen or twenty years ago, a Sacred Heart nun made a prediction to me,

One Suspect Surrenders in Attack on French Newspaper; Two Others at Large

Florida man and woman arrested for having sex on top of car at a closed dealership

Okla. GOP Rethinks Marijuana Lawsuit Against Colo.

About two years ago in Mumbai, a girl posted a Facebook message about Bal Thackeray

John Lewis Tweet:I'm deeply troubled by the bombing in Colo. It reminds me of another period. These

Are radical Islam and Political Correctness stifling/killing free speech?

Bernie Sanders To Obama Admin: Let Me See The Damn TPP Draft

Let's ridicule Buddhists!

Year After Colorado Legalizes, Advocates Say: It's All Good in Pot-land

Netanyahu Vows to Keep Illegal Settlements

Daily Holidays -January 8

Gunman who shot dead policewoman on run in France

Rush Limbaugh Despicably uses French Attacks. ..and turns it into jokes about "Jean François Kerry"

Paris attack came after months of unprecedented threat

Hunger Capital of America: 10 Cities Where an Appalling Number of Americans Don't Have Enough Food

Woman Killed When Police Officer Tries to Shoot Her German Shepherd

Why Are Americans So Afraid To Take Vacation?

Dictatorship dems

Let’s Abolish West Point: Military Academies Serve No One, Squander Millions of Tax Dollars

France 24 live Stream in English

The Gotch

EU certifies morning-after pill to be available without prescription

My wife is a bit of a hoarder.

I know it's been talked about ad nauseam... but it's cold

Hubble Captures Breathtaking New View Of Iconic Pillars Of Creation

As always, terrorism will empower the right/conservatives and hurt the left/liberals.

Detroit Water Brigade meets Irish Right2Water

If you as an adult moved from a non-Southern state to a Southern state,

Fishman issues subpoenas for documents to Chris Christie's re-election campaign

Obama to tout housing initiative in hard-hit Arizona

NYPD Union Rejects NYC Mayor As Deep Rift Persists

Anti-Muslim satire is about to get a lot stronger...and it should

From Egypt's leader, an ambitious call for reform in Islam

So what do we make of the horrific events in Paris then?

A Camp Amid the Ruins | John Michael Greer

We are Charlie: Hundreds gather in NYC’s Union Square

Charlie Hebdo massacre: Suspects 'rob service station'

Juan Cole: Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris

Huh. 2014 was the first year since 1992 without a Slackware release

Police: Man kills his 5 year old daughter by tossing her off a bridge

Hate Speech should be forbidden.

Koterba toon: COLD weather

Thousands of Indian Coal Workers End Strike

anyone else suffer from MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?

One victim killed in Charlie Hebdo attacks was Muslim police officer Ahmed Merabet

This is what Jon Stewart has to say about the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Newsmax: Steve King: Boehner Guilty of 'Intimidation Tactics'

Shadow Bankers now run Ukraine

EU Showdown: Greece Takes on the Vampire Squid

Wintry weather around US brings fatalities, school closings

Charlie Hedbo will publish its next issue right on schedule.

Why did Rush Limbaugh cross the road?

Just saw "Chef"... Funny movie! Written, Directed and Starring

3-term West Virginia Gov. Arch Moore dies

My wife asked me about "chemtrails" today.

This video is why we should all support Bernie Sanders Jan. 16, 2015 deadline for tpp disclosure.

December 2014 Atmospheric CO2 398.78 ppm; December 2013 - 396.81; December 2012 - 394.28

Winter storm brings misery to Middle East refugees

10 historical “facts” only a wingnut could believe

Full-On Climate Denier, Industrial Farming Devotee Latest Additions To New Brazilian Cabinet - NYT

Satellite Picture Shows Snow-covered U.S. Deep Freeze

It Sadly Unclear Whether This Article Will Put Lives At Risk

The Right-Wing Terror Plot You Didn't Hear About This Week (AlterNet)

Stephen Fry on the Catholic Church---and you thought Muslims were bad.

23°, wind chill 15°. That is cold for Austin.

Another Reason to Hate

A editorial drawing from James Gurney

Fracking is definitely causing earthquakes, another study confirms

Where is Hillary Clinton on Paris attacks?

Bill Cosby Returns to Stage for First Time Since November; Phylicia Rashad Says Her Defense Was...

I wonder what the world would be like, had Western nations not invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

Right-wing shill defends sexual assault, says complaints are "extreme feminist ravings"

Charlie Hebdo attack:Taking the heat out of the conflict with Assad may help to turn the jihadi tide

CNN Reporting that Police Woman Shot In Paris

ALIEN EARTH: RED SUN - Habitable world found 470 light years away

Elizabeth Warren Just Gave a Really Important—and Revealing—Speech

Former N.J. ethics officials assail Christie’s acceptance of free Cowboys’ tickets, airfare

Wisconsin: Vouchers for special education will hasten money drain from public schools.

The Left's Unpopular Populism

Any ideas as to the removal of stains on enamel?

U.S. Stocks Rise Along With European Shares

Telegraph reports terror suspect sighting northeast of Paris (1 hour ago)

CNN: Becky Anderson reports from Abu Dhabi on regional reaction to the killing of 12 people in Paris

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Je Suis Charlie

Pentagon announces base closures in Europe

Giulani reacts to Paris terrorism...

Obama : tyrant or detached

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- Violence will not silence them

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

TYT: Right Wing Media Doesn’t Hesitate To Score Points Off Dead Cartoonists

The Police Were Created to Control Working Class and Poor People, Not ‘Serve and Protect’

What sorts of images can drive you to murder?

There is definitely bigotry against Muslims going on here on DU.

Cleveland Fiscal Manager cites killing of Tamir Rice in resignation letter

CBO’s Bad Math: Putting $7 Trillion of Notional Value of Derivatives in Taxpayer-Backstopped .......

Ancient Insight

Questions about running ethernet cable for my ps3 connection.

The cartoon(s)

EPA Chief: Arguing climate change is 'kind of nuts'

TYT: ‘Sounds Of Sodomy’ Warning Unites Sodomy Haters & Lovers Alike

Hillary Clinton Room Post- Hillary Clinton’s 2016 timeline finally comes into focus

Scientist Sees Possible Signs Of Ancient Life On Mars In Rover Photos

Will James Risen Be Jailed? In Press Freedom Fight, NYT Reporter Tells Court He Won’t Name Source

We might ask --- Who has damaged Muhammad More?

Two Republicans Removed From Their Spots On Subcommittee/Voted Against Boehner

Why conservative Christians would have hated Jesus

TYT: The Undeniable Ironic Truth Of Fundamentalism Is Clearer Than Ever

Starting April 1, owners will institute a “no tipping” policy.

All of the "Look at Me, I'm an Idiot" bumper stickers must have been sold out.

Don't Play Politics With Sage-Grouse Protections! (Omnibus E action)

Je suis Charlie, indeed. Unless vous êtes Republican.

South Carolina Bill Requires All Public School Students To Take NRA-Approved Gun Rights Course

The early ending of the new political control?

Doctors vs. Doctrine: Where Does Religion End and Medicine Begin?

See the Breathtaking Dance of the Peacock Spider!

John Likes To Remind People That Religion Is Not A Race...

The Religion of Blood

here is the thing. we have become such an ugly people, saying whatever offensive thing we want,

Muslims on edge after Paris terrorist attack on satirical magazine-Interfaith Post

Newborn orca J50 is a girl, researchers confirm

How to Deal with Agent Provocateurs and Undercover Cops at Protests

Ted Rall- Political Cartooning is Almost Worth Dying For

A Cyberattack Has Caused Confirmed Physical Damage for the Second Time Ever

49ers Kaepernick to work with Kurt Warner offseason. Goal: "reflexive recall."

Happy Birthday, Elvis Presley.

Led Zeppelin announce 40th anniversary remaster of Physical Graffiti

Neil deGrasse Tyson: "Brace Yourself --- KNOWLEDGE Is Coming"

Faux "news" anchor shows her true colors.

Islamic Leaders Condemn Paris Attack, Some Warn on Backlash

"How to suck at your religion": The Oatmeal

Very, very bad education bill being rushed into law

Nothing new under the sun?

With 30 posts to go to 50,000, I'll use this one with a SPOILER

America's rightwing now likes France??!

Young Indonesian (Muslim) Girl's Crushing LAMB OF GOD Cover Will Blow You Away

Warner Bros. Just Gave Dolby Vision the Validation It's Been Waiting For

The Oatmeal on Religion

The Onion reacts to Paris:

Barbara Boxer not running in 2016

It sure is interesting.

Don Lemon makes a total ass of himself, again...

Thanks, Anti Vaccination Crusaders!

The Secret History of Women in the Senate

Dumb Criminals: Florida Man Trashes Psychics Car After Spooky Grandma Sex Dream Predicted

Did anyone watch Empire last night?...

Someone should invent a drug that makes time seem to go by much faster. Think how much money they

Gas in KC - $1.79

Sen. Barbara Boxer announces 2016 retirement: 'I want to come home'

Pic Of The Moment: On First Day Of New Congress, GOP Goes After Disabled, Social Security

anti police brutality protests have been done is what happened

After Charlie Hebdo attack, U.S. Catholic group says cartoonists ‘provoked’ slaughter

Documents: Girl, 15, Who Shot Brother, 16, Suffered Abuse

Just a website full of dates that went utterly, horribly wrong.

What should I do if my car is re-possessed by demons?

3 Rome men now face domestic terrorism charge (Rome, GA)

Today marks the 4000th day of the Mars Opportunity Rover's 90-day mission

Just got this email from freepress regarding net neutrality.

Corporate Fiction in the Age of GMOs

Corporate Fiction in the Age of GMOs

3 Rome (GA) men now face domestic terrorism charge

JC Penney to close 40 stores in 2015

(Because Blondes!) Actual words people say to a blonde woman studying engineering at MIT

The World's Very First REAL-TIME Northern Lights Captured in 4K Ultra High Definition

News piece on police use of force.

Illegal immigrants and land stealing

Also posted on GD.

Government Admits It Was Only Behind Destruction Of North Tower

Is it Minnesota or Minneapolis?

After Terrible Tragedy, Jon Stewart Grieves For The Courageous Staff Of Charlie Hebdo

Who needs a Call of the Loon break on this cold day?

French Interior Minister says 88K people are involved in the manhunt for the Charlie Hebdo gunmen

The ‘Splainer: Why does Islam ban images of the Prophet Muhammad?

Repugs are pinching off sources of income

DCCC Kicks Off 2016 Recruitment

Charlie Hebdo: Norway didn’t give in to Islamophobia, nor should France

mean people suck

There seems to be some discussion of whether or not the NRA has talking points.

Sons of Liberty...

Subaru recalls 199K vehicles to fix brake line rust

Bierstadt at Birmingham Museum

Cartoonist Kris Straub nails being offended with satire

Anjem Choudary: "Why did France allow the tabloid to provoke Muslims?"

Interview With a Muslim

Remember drill baby drill was about energy indpendence?

Supreme Court to meet again to decide on hearing gay marriage

Senators press Keystone XL despite Obama veto threat

NYC subways slowly upgrading from 1930s-era technology

Mrs. 1SBM just got some bad news ...

Is this religious bigotry?

Charlie Hebdo suspect said Abu Ghraib torture pics drove him to enlist in Jihad against USA in 2008

Wall Street Journal: Muslim Leaders Condemn Attack, Warn on Anti-Islamic Sentiment in Europe

Bobby Jindal: Without social issues, Republicans are just ‘cheaper Democrats’


Applications for US jobless aid fall, suggests strong hiring

The geographical distribution of fossil fuels unused when limiting global warming to 2 °C

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia condemns deadly attack on Paris magazine

Pat Robertson weighs in on the Paris murders...

Talk about "White Privilege"

German nurse 'admits killing 30' with fatal overdoses

Unforgivable: The Governor and the Teenager

From Egypt's leader, an ambitious call for reform in Islam (U-T San Diego)

Raising Wages Summit (Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Labor Secretary Thomas Perez among many other

Dems thwart changes to Wall Street reform law

China agrees to invest $20bn in Venezuela to help offset effects of oil price slump

Defiant D.C. Politicians Push Ahead With Pot Legalization

AFL-CIO: First Target for House Republicans? Cutting Social Security

Ok, so I venture to both C-SPIN channels....U S House, and the Senate.......

Happy Birthday, Stephen Hawking!

Saudi blogger to be publicly flogged on charges he insulted Islam

700 Club: 'Radical Islamists' Behind Obama White House (Right Wing Watch)

Virginia Avenue Tunnel Construction Project, Version 2015

Has anyone heard of the "21st Century Dems"?

Cleveland Browns Fire The Guy Who Convinced Them To Draft Johnny Manziel

Honda Hit With Record $70 Million Fine for Not Reporting Deaths

U.S. to cut European military bases as budgets shrink

Sen. Sanders:To Senators Think of your Grandchildren

Pivot Sets Jan. 29 Premiere for Stanley Tucci Drama ‘Fortitude’

Neil deGrasse Tyson is Getting His Own Talk Show

Satire Does Not Always Involve Humor. The Most Powerful Satire Never Does.

Charlie Hebdo staff vow to print 1m copies as French media support grows

10 Commandments monument: 'Thou shalt be replaced'

Propaganda and Manipulation: How mass media engineers and distorts our perceptions

Don't give up on God and your House of Worship

The Rude Pundit - Cartoons That Make the Point Succinctly

TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You've Never Heard Of

Ha Ha! You Thought Argentina Would Negotiate

Ky. newspaper apologizes for 'desire to shoot minorities' error in police story

Oil Export Plunge Signals Canada Economy Running on Empty

Do you think if there was a Reality Show that show the honest view of income inequality would

Ohio Democrats in Congress warn against fast approval of new trade agreement (TPP)

Sen. Barbara Boxer won’t run for re-election in 2016

Bernie Sanders: Elected officials should not be in the business of rejecting science

Feeding a diabetic dog

USW files unfair labor practice charge against Sherwin Alumina (450 workers)

Steve Bell toon #JeSuisCharlie

USW files unfair labor practice charge against Sherwin Alumina (450 workers)

USW files unfair labor practice charge against Sherwin Alumina (450 workers)

60 years ago today, opera singer Marian Anderson broke the color barrier...

Starting Friday, middle school students in NYC can see the Selma Movie for free!

From the onion

Explosive stellar tussle revealed in 3D (BBC) {Eta Carinae}

Je Suis Charlie.

Guten Tag- All German universities are now free to Americans and all other international students.

Kinky Friedman calls Chris Christie and Jerry Jones gay on ESPN, host apologizes for comments

Oooh...I may get to switch my tiny HP pension to a lump sum payout

Panic Grips French Muslims as Mosques Suffer Reprisals

Likely the best Charlie Hebdo solidarity sign yet.....

Color me disgusted.

I just watched the senate vote on an amendment proposed by E.

Russia says drivers must not have 'sex disorders'

Pelosi says Dems can sustain Obama vetoes

South Korean airline heiress indicted over ‘nut rage’ on plane

January 8, 1939

Dan Patrick lays out aggressively conservative agenda

FCC’s Chairman Hints at Move Towards Net Neutrality

EU Deflation Arrives and the Troika Continues to Fiddle While the EU Burns

Warren tells you why since 1980 90% of us received 0% of new income created via deregulation.

Fundamentalist Catholic (Donohue) defends fundamentalists terrorists

Teen Who Allegedly Killed Brother Had Endured Graphic Abuse

How do you feel about the kind of hateful threads and post we have seen here in the last few days?

A thought on a new feature

A little happy diversion from a very shitty week.

Russia bans transexual and transgender people from driving

Jon Stewart mad about his mistake - Fox News only needs to be right once.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire...

the largest number of victims of violent extremism are Muslims in Muslim-majority countries

Apple Touts U.S. Job Creation (1.03 million)

Yawn, nothing to see here....

SNOW flurries in Jacksonville, FLORIDA

K-line RR asst stuff for sale

Jason & The Dragon's Teeth

Hate Speech vs Satire

Here Are Photos of Frozen Fountains to Remind You How Cold It Is Everywhere in the U.S.

Truthout: Let's Begin the Year With a Major Victory Over Corporate Power

If your response to terror is "Yeah that was awful, but here is a hundred reason why the victims

RIP reality: Obama State of the Union preview says wars in Iraq & Afghanistan are over

Here's a MUCH better way than oppressing people for Russia to have safer roads

Romney huddling with key members of 2012 team tonight ("he’d be an outstanding president")

More good Rx News.....

>>>NEW FEATURE<<< Audio Labor History in 2:00 (for 1-6-15)

>>>NEW FEATURE<<< Audio Labor History in 2:00 (for 1-6-15)

Predictable from Bill Maher-Interfaith Post

>>>NEW FEATURE<<< Audio Labor History in 2:00 (for 1-6-15)

There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

Buddhism and the teachings of the Buddha are two completely different animals.

I'm reading some interesting things here, in this group, but

What are your job seeking annoyances?

Labor History in 2:00 (1-8-15 & 1-7-15)

Labor History in 2:00 (1-8-15 & 1-7-15)

Labor History in 2:00 (1-8-15 & 1-7-15)

A record number of Americans claim to be independent. They are kidding themselves.

French police detain 9 in massive hunt for 2 suspects

China agrees to invest $20bn in Venezuela to help offset effects of oil price slump

More than one million flee, Ukraine close to 'humanitarian catastrophe'

Bill Maher on the events in Paris, etc

John Boehner Throws A Fit Over President Obama’s Threat To Veto Republican Bills

NYPD attacks Bill de Blasio's wife for wearing jeans to cop's funeral; except she really didn’t

Question - does anybody have a link to the Charlie-Brown-in-Mourning cartoon?

That poor kid...(VENTAGE WARNING)

"Norway Didn't Give in to Islamophobia, nor should France"

Why Does David Barton's History Of The Fight For Racial Equality Always End In The Mid-1960s? (RWW)

Le Monde: End of the police operation around the forest Longpont

Europe's resurgent far-right and anti-immigrant parties trumpet a unified message: I told you so.

New Video Of Tamir Rice Shooting Shows Police Arresting Sister, Delaying First Aid

Car explodes in Villejuif (south of Paris)

San Jose: DA says no criminal charges for SJPD cop's anti-protest tweets

How people in (some) Muslim countries prefer women to dress in public. Pew polls


Breaking Point

Mike Malloy - All Religion Is Terroristic In It´s Nature

Mike Malloy - Steve King On Steve Scalise: 'He's Just Like Jesus'

From Tim Wise re free speech & anti-Muslim satire

U.S. Speaker Boehner says doesn't like being called 'spineless'

Mike Malloy - Louie Gohmert Warns The Country + Louie Gohmert Gets 3 Votes for Speaker

Atheist parents take on Christian ‘Good News Club’ with ‘Better News Club’

Mike Malloy - Woman Killed By Her Two Year Old Inside Walmart (rage attack)

check out this wind map, you can see the ice cold pouring down from the Deep Freezer

One of the master brain trusts of the GOP comments on Charlie Hebdo...

White House: Obama Would Veto Keystone XL Bill

University Makes Video Games Official Sport, Will Award Scholarships

Investor-state dispute settlement

Free expression cannot be prohibited.

St Nicholas Orthodox Church at ground zero to be rebuilt.

Scientists seek religious experience – in subjects' brains

Dear Secretary Clinton

Eiffel Tower goes dark #jesuischarlie

French government donates $1.2 million to ensure Charlie Hebdo lives on

Warren BLASTS Keystone Pipeline Today in Congress...

Monthly reading with Gloria Steinem. This month: The Handmaid's Tale

GOP Congress moves veto-bait bills on health care, pipeline

Former Catholic Rural Life director Holy Cross Br. David Andrews dies

I don't like where the talking heads in the US ...

Papantonio: Religious Extremism and The Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack

Tragedy at the tracks: Student, driver killed after train and school bus crash

Catholic League President Attacks Murdered Cartoonists: Charlie Hebdo ‘Perverts Freedom’

From Last Night: Betty White Wins People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Icon

Lindsey G to Joni E: Nobody here but us eunuchs

Author of satire about Islamist Government in France suspends promotion of book

Watch This Video of Rare—and Rarely Seen—Killer Whales

Maher Hathout, Interfaith Muslim Leader, Dies at 79

Extended Tamir Rice shooting video shows officers restrained sister

I do not condone killing ...

Focusing on Lasting Legacy Prompts Environmental Action

How Your Christmas Tree Could Become a Lion's Favorite New Toy

What's your favorite episode of The Honeymooners?

Good samaritan books hotel rooms for homeless on Christmas day, hotel cancels rooms

I respect everyone's right to participate in the religion of their choice...

Scientists see possible fossils on Mars photos...

Jan, 13--Nashville--Belafonte, Beschloss, Gordon-Reed to discuss Voting Rts. Act

The ‘us vs them’ narrative is a dangerous downward spiral - "a race to the bottom of hate"

AP: Kitten Rescued From Behind SUV Grille

-22 last night


Iowa Police Officer Accidentally Kills Woman While Reportedly Trying to Shoot Her Dog

Tea Party pushing solar in Florida

Why Russia’s Evangelicals Thank God for Putin

Federal grand jury subpoenas N.J. legislative panel for records of ex-Port Authority deputy's testim

GOP renews funding fight against Planned Parenthood

Macy's closing 14 stores, announces layoffs

San Diego Business Woman Finds Giant Boa Constrictor In Toilet

5 Easy Ways You Can Advocate for Trans Rights Right Now

No such thing as a child prostitute, anti-trafficking groups say

5 Easy Ways You Can Advocate for Trans Rights Right Now

Keith Ellison opposes the TPP.

Ellison tweet on #CharlieHebdo

Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets a Late-Night Nat Geo Talk Show

Strawberry cheesecake.

‘Gay Tsunami’ Of Sexy TV ‘Hunks’ Will 'Drown Your Kids' In Homosexuality, Warns Anti-LGBT Activist

You may leave now.

Which Senate Dems Helped Senate Rs Block an Amendment from Elizabeth Warren to Protect Dodd-Frank?

A Cyberattack Has Caused Confirmed Physical Damage for the Second Time Ever

Huckabee tells Nashville crowd that US has lost its way....

today they say it was a success

The Fall, BBC detective series

New Tasers Used By LAPD Will Trigger Body Cameras When Fired

Alito's popularity by Linda Greenhouse

Extremist ‘Constitutional Sheriffs’ Meet With Senators, Their Supporters Call for Obama’s Lynching

History offers countless instances of religion enforcing its inane orthodoxy with violence.

Pro-Kremlin Russia News blames USA for Charlie Hebdon attack; Limbaugh blames Obama

Obama tells Americans: Don't buy a gas guzzler

Bernie Sanders: Today, the top 1% owns 41.8% of the nation’s financial wealth.

A point about the Satire of Charlie Hebdo lost on Americans

NYT Op-Ed: "Why We’re So Mad at de Blasio"

Saudi man ordered to leave U.S. over Texas army base incident

Feds want recordings of New Jersey bridge scandal testimony

For the record, I do NOT leave the toothpaste cap off of the tube.

There are almost certainly going to be more murders just like the Charlie Hebdo ones.

Bernie Sanders:The greatest country, the richest country, is not that which has the most capitalists

Boehner nixes fix on ‘crumbling infrastructure’

Oklahoma prisons boss 'confident' ahead of next executions

Guatemala's Indigenous People Fighting Back Against Exploitation by Multinational Mining Companies

Peru’s Fujimori convicted of corruption in fifth trial

Peru’s Fujimori convicted of corruption in fifth trial

Cuba frees eight more political prisoners, dissidents say

U.S. farmers will push Congress to end embargo on Cuba

First there was the cop who shot himself in elevator, now cop shoots self AND daughter accidently

Operation "All Out” By Police & GOP Exposed

But, But ... Fox told me we were post racial ... racism is over .... right? (sarcasm)


Slump in New York arrests, fines hits traffic lawyers, bail bondsmen

Well, this is a Big Fucking Deal in Pennsylvania...

There Were Too Many Deer In The Forest So They Unleashed The Wolves Without Any Idea What Would...

"Democracy Now" Jumps into the Discussion about Terrorist Attack in France & Freedom of Speech

Kurt Schrader (OR-05) is one of 35 Dems in House who just voted to roll back Dodd/Frank

There is no such thing as being, "anti gun."

New threat to free speech in the UK: "Extremism Disruption Orders"

An Acting Legend Explains A Problem. A Hilarious Comedian Explains How To Fix It — The American Way

The "but" line.

Retired naval officer sues producers of Citizenfour for 'aiding' Edward Snowden

Operation "All Out” By Police & GOP Exposed

i know i should play in cesspools.