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Archives: September 1, 2015

How would you pronounce "Joachim"?

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Kentucky Anti-Gay Marriage Clerk

Trump, Clinton Lead Primary Matchups. Bush Ties Carson for Runner Up

No doubt. Shady Brady is looking better.

Syria names park in capital after North Korea founder

Shingles vaccine.

Transgender inmate in Georgia who was suing for rape and abuse suddenly granted unexpected parole

The US Open - Serena

Atheist Clergy Colleagues Agree on Many Things, but…

Bernie Sanders and Bill Bradley: A Parallel

Patrick R. Cleburne Confederate Cemetery to replace vandalized Confederate flag tonight (GA)

8-31-15 Why We March in 2:00

Confederate flag debate raises safety concerns at Harrisburg High School (IL)

8-31-15 Why We March in 2:00

8-31-15 Why We March in 2:00

In East Hampton, Bill Joins Hillary at Fundraiser (HILLARY GROUP)

Bernie Sanders @ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (7/30/2015)

Democrats to Win in a Landslide in 2016, According to Moody's Election Model.

The best map ever made of America's racial segregation

Judge Allows Moral, Not Just Religious, Contraception Exemptions

6 high school football players sentenced in hazing case

How do you avoid infection when you are immune compromised?

graphs that show media coverage disproportionately low for Bernie

Letter in Topeka Capital-Journal: Release the Records

World's most powerful digital camera sees construction green light

Is Black Lives Matter A 'Hate Group'?

Legal experts see no criminal trouble for Clinton thus far

Democrats to Win in a Landslide in 2016, According to Moody's Election Model

Andrea Mitchell Desperately Tries to Make Bernie Sanders Criticize Hillary

Hayes giving time to O'Malley

Americans are still scientifically illiterate — and scientists still need a PR team

Today's shock:

Casey & Morgan kitty rescue by Sandra Gilligan Garden City, KS

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Thou Shalt Not Commit Hypocrisy! & a new Kitteh gif

Black Lives Matter anti-violence Movement vs. Sarah Palin's BullsEye Campaign Ad in 2011

I go to get fitted for hearing aids Tuesday -

Video appears to show Texas deputies shot man with hands up

GOOD to hear discussion on debates issue from Hayes, INCLUDING O'Malley's complaint!

Marin School District Goes GMO-Free, Fails Basic Science

Sal Hepatica - whatever became of him?

Letter in Topeka Capital-Journal: Release the Records

The Govnar's mistress on staff?

What The Republican Elite Doesn’t Understand About Donald Trump, In One Ridiculous Tweet

PPP Poll (D) HRC +35

Thank You President Obama for a GREAT speech in Alaska

Letter in Topeka Capital-Journal: Release the Records

Trump Holds Massive National Lead

X-post: TOM TOMORROW: The Routine

Afghan Women Awarded for Women’s Rights Advocacy

Afghan Women Awarded for Women’s Rights Advocacy

Alaska Supreme Court allows Medicaid expansion to take effect Tuesday

In Another tangled web

Remember that POS vet with her "kill"

Bernie Sanders Stands for: A Fair and Humane Immigration Policy

Interview of Bernie's brother on UK TV

Hats off to Sanders in Iowa poll, but Clinton has good news, too: (HILLARY GROUP)

Luxembourg's leading food retailer to stop marketing Israeli products

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain.

A Crowdsourced Q&A with Bernie. Brilliant!

"These are the people who elect the ppl...." (BOG)

Trump pledges to reverse Obama’s mountain renaming: (BOG)

The Hillary Doubters Are Wrong

The overplayed jukebox song in my neck o'th'woods, won't link to it: Randy ROGERS

Hillary Clinton used to really see the value in debates - Lots and lots of debates.

Did you know Jess McIntosh from Emily's List was on MSNBC


In Alaska, Obama Highlights Climate Change While His Decisions Draw Accusations of 'Hypocrisy'

Need to vent. Had to take my wife to the hospital Saturday night.

The Latest Clinton Email Dump ("no information marked classified when sent or received") (HRC GROUP)

90% of seabirds have eaten plastic

Kanye West actually leads Donald Trump in key voting bloc, for those who care

You gotta give this to the Repugs. They know how to manufacture outrage.

There's Always Money for a War

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 1: TCM Spotlight: Five Came Back - Frank Capra

Martin O'Malley says the DNC debate process is 'rigged'.video

Martin O'Malley says the DNC debate process is 'rigged'.video

'a great insult to Ohio"

Former Secret Service agent pleads guilty in Bitcoin theft

Donald Dump

Hillary Heaped Praise On Martin O’Malley In 2010 Email.

Hillary Heaped Praise On Martin O’Malley In 2010 Email.

Legal experts see no criminal trouble for Clinton thus far .......

Bernie Sanders: The Environment Deserves a Debate

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 2: Music by Leonard Rosenman

24, 26, 23, 21, 22, 22, 23, 20

Piñata Bush

China and Russia are using hacked data to target U.S. spies, officials say

Court: Jesus statue can stay on Montana mountain

When GMC changed the name of their SUV from The McKinley to The Denali, GOPers didn't complain

This group of former Mitt Romney foreign policy advisers is consulting for virtually all current GOP

Ted Cruz is blaming Obama for the shooting death of a Texas deputy

Do good fences make good neighbors? A history of border walls.

Campbell Hill, Ohio to be renamed Mt. Boehner

Atlanta-area police officer shot responded to wrong home

Shameful! Twitter is now being flooded with Hillary's personal emails. (HILLARY GROUP)

Nation with Crumbling Bridges and Roads Excited to Build Giant Wall

Okay, I know long cat is long is a meme

Strange perspecitive photo, and I wasn't even trying

Chemical factory explodes in eastern China, killing 1

This one isn't so bad: Get rid of the Royal Perogative

Man gets 10 yrs probation for sexually molesting 2 yr old, no sex offender registration required

Supreme Court rules against clerk in gay marriage case.


Trump's appeal explained-

WE'RE #20! WE'RE #20! WOOT!

What Happens Bernie Gets Elected and Has Chance to Pick Three to Four Supreme Court Justices

It is absolutely wrong for modern leaders to change mountain names in place for decades

I'd like to bring this to your attention, and solicit your opinion.

NRA to Alison Parker's family: Don't be 'so emotional'

Oh Kim Davis, if you weren't such a theocratic, asshat, bigotted sponge this would be funny

Exclusive: U.S. Weighs Sanctioning Russia As Well As China In Cyber Attacks

Update on Lubbock's Mr. Conservative -- Judge denies petition to depose in sexual harassment case

Europe’s New Barbarians


Japanese-American Internment & Roosevelt’s Domestic ‘War on Terror’

Self-management support system eases chronic depression

The Full Transcript of Forward Editor-in-Chief's Interview With Obama

Chris Christie, Rand Paul scrapping the bottom in new poll

I'm ba-a-a-ck...

Lawsuit Accuses Federal Government of Withholding Info on GMO Crops for 10 Years

Taste of their own medicine

Daily Holidays - September 1

The World on Fire: Record-Breaking Wildfires, Greenland Melting and the Hottest Month Ever Recorded

Suspect in Harris deputy’s death was once committed to state mental hospital

Hillary: Abortion should be rare, abstinence is vital and let's find "common ground" with other side!

Following Waco, Cossacks finally make debut in DPS gang report

Texas Church Refuses to Back Down After Gay Pride Flag Stolen 4 Times

What if we had an election without electronic voting machines?

Squee Alert: Alabama Fishermen Go Catfishing, End Up Rescuing Two Swimming Kittens

Bernie Sanders Applied for 'Conscientious Objector' Status During Vietnam, Campaign Confirms

Gays Are Trying to Ruin the Boy Scouts for U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, But He Won’t Leave

Peace. The dirty word we should all take a second look at.

“They knocked out Saddam and brought a hundred Saddams.”

California climate researchers sound the alarm at symposium: ‘There’s no way out’

My latest email from Bernie's campaign manager.

120,000 rally against Japanese security bill

Hungary halts rail traffic in bid to stop migrants

Death Toll From Violent Protest in Ukraine Rises to 2

Slowpoke Toon: Bosom Baddies

"More than 2,500 migrants have been plucked from the sea in dozens of search and rescue operations

The Rude Pundit - Taking Donald Trump Seriously (Or Not)

Looks like Tony Blair doesn't think much of Bernie Sanders either

The Saudi-Russian ‘alliance’: A Saudi diversification card that can’t work well

'Activist for white rights' at his murder conviction: “Diversity is a code word for white genocide!”

China punishes 197 over stock market and Tianjin 'rumours'

Be a Caleb! Bernstorm! Remember Sanders Saturdays!

Should I get a tablet?

George Koo on the limits of American exceptionalism

Here’s Why the Northeast’s Next Winter Is Going to Be Freakishly Cold

The 'Birmingham Koran' fragment that could shake Islam after carbon-dating suggests it is OLDER

MBTA repair backlog climbs above $7B

Let the newbies lead!

In Vienna, Trains Packed With Refugees Are Welcomed and Ushered On

Homes For The Homeless

Countdown to the September 8 Bernie Birthday Money Bomb Begins Today.

Carson ties Trump in Iowa in new Monmouth poll, 23% to 23%

Will Clerk Issue Gay Marriage Licenses After Court Ruling?

Bernie Sanders is NOT radical.

wandelen | ep 1 | black dutch culture, dutch caribbean, citizenship, veganism, mental health & more

Bernie Sander's Brother on British TV talking about Bernie's Run

Pope Francis To Allow Priests To Forgive Women Who Had Abortions

Portland Pooper on the loose

:) Twitter's #Trump Bible

New case of thyroid cancer diagnosed in Fukushima; brings number to 104


Fossils show big bug ruled the seas 460 million years ago

Democrats to Win in a Landslide in 2016, According to Moody's Election Model

North Dakota Legalizes Weaponized Police Drones - TMFS Sketch Comedy

Where's the beef?

Just begun reading "Being Nixon: A Man Divided" by Evan Thomas

Today at 8:00 AM: Rowan Co. clerk (Kim Davis) defies court order; denies licenses (video)

People are dying who do not have to die

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Denali

On Taking Climate Action, Even Wall Street Asks: 'Why Would You Not?

BREAKING: Kentucky clerk invokes ‘God’s authority’

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2:GOP

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

How US and Britain Were Warned of Isis Advance in Iraq but 'Turned a Deaf Ear

Napa wine train and spatial racism

Black Lives Matter Distance Themselves from Show of Support From the DNC

Interview With Ben & Jerry on Bernie Sanders Campaign

Despite Supreme Court Denial, Rowan Co., Ky. Clerk Still Denying Same Sex Marriage Licenses

No Social Security increase in 2016 at substantial cost to most older adults

Full Court of SC has denied the stay of Ky clerk without comment...

Wingnutty Ky clerk defies SCOTUS, still refusing same sex marriage licenses Tuesday morning

The Catholic Church’s mafioso fantasies: Why the Pope really isn’t so different from “The Godfather”

Pope Cleans Up Dead Angel (the Onion)

Kentucky Clerk Hero Of Religious Freedom Movement. They Will Defy The Law.

The Issues - High Drug Prices Are Killing Americans

NRA Host Warns Parents Of Slain Virginia Journalists To Not "Become So Emotional" In Response

"If he becomes president I'll lay the first brick!" Canadians take on Scott Walker's wall!

NYSE invokes rule 48 this morning

Donald Trump & white America’s anxiety: The political throes of a forgotten country

Fritz Mondale compares Jimmy Carter with the 2016 GOP field...

Koterba toon: TRUMP in BIG letters

No Local Authority Will Likely Arrest Ky Clerk. Feds Will Have To Do It.

That Kentucky court clerk: Why is she denying ALL licenses?

Japan nuclear power outlook bleak despite first reactor restart

I'll take an imperfect Bernie Sanders over Democrats who make me want to throw my shoes, any day.

For those of you who need clarification on what constitutes White Privilege....

This is the day America jumped the shark:

help Ban bottled water from ALL National Parks!!

Trump on the great issue of the day: Obama renaming Mt McKinley "A Great insult to Ohio"

Advice to the Federal Marshals...regarding KY Clerk.

How Wall Street Parasites Have Devoured Their Hosts, Your Retirement Plan and the U.S. Economy

If you ever wondered what Skinner thought about pro-gun posts

The hero of this comic book is a single, black mother raising her super-powered son

I wish Trump would run for Pope.

The message aimed at boys is to suggest that the only way to be a “real man” is to be a bully.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-31-15 AND our first day snapshot)

Ya gotta start off each day wid a song. Today's Bernie Sanders song: Hey, Bernie Sanders

Just saw a statement on the "crawl" on the TV screen.

Apparently, Carly Fiorina set events in motion to destroy another big company before HP.

Proof of Ongoing Foreclosure Fraud and Mortgage Document Fabrication, in Five Emails

Black Trans-inmate Ashley Diamond freed from Georgia Prison

The Illogic of All Sex Laws

Russian Nuclear-Energy Official Pleads Guilty in Uranium Bribery Case

North Texas Puts Up More HSR Money

TYT: Republicans Call For Canadian Border Wall

"Can you give me times for two TV shows: Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife?"

TYT: Obama Changes Mountain Name, Tantrums Ensue...

Bernie Sanders To Join Colbert As Second Week 'Late Show' Guest

Recession confirmed as Canada's GDP shrank in 2nd quarter

Great For ALL Occasions

how fast do the sun and moon move across the sky. this video shows you

U.S. Stocks Tumble as China Slowdown Deepens Concerns on Growth

TYT: NYPD: Would You like A Receipt For Your Stop And Frisk?

PSA on KY clerk and wedding licenses. She is ELECTED and cannot be fired.

This came in my mail today. I'm happy about it.

I kept getting these Bernie Sanders emails...

Report: Guns will probably kill more young Americans than car accidents in 2015

Bern Storming in Iowa

The AP desperately needs to get its shit together and start existing in the 21st Century…

Mythology around Confederate John Reagan gives incomplete picture (TX)

JEBUSenoughBushes just said that the Federal Government should not be involved in gun control

TYT: The Slavery Video Game No One Ever Wanted

Virginia NAACP sees compromise on Confederate issue



Why do the Dick Cheney Posts on This Sight...

Refusing to Bow to the Gun Lobby, Hillary Clinton Talks Gun Sense

IAEA's final report on Fukushima disaster slams safety myth, downplays thyroid cancer fears

A little something for your tool box...



Seeing Freedom in Their Future, Psychics Reveal All: ‘It’s a Scam, Sir’

Yes, Virginia, we CAN do something about gun violence.

Hedge Funds Buy Baltimore Debt, Steal Homes In Black Communities, Reap Millions of $'s

Hillary celebrates the great Ann Richards

U.S. Judge Rules Sexual Trafficking Is Not a Violent Crime

Born September 1, 1933, Ann Richards was the 1st woman governor of TX in her own right

Meet The Person Who Had Surgery To Look Like A Reptile But Stopped Short Of Anything Really Cool

Wal-Mart cutting workers' hours

a typical sleezeball republican running for mayor of Nashville...calls democrat anti-Christian

That time Kim Davis issued a marriage license to a transgender man.

Polls Show Republicans are fed up with their party.

Just read a very sobering event on a local news website re a terrible crime

The clothes aren't the problem.....

Petraeus: Use Al Qaeda Fighters to Beat ISIS

Bargain hunting at the Bernie Store!

Ex-Fukushima No. 1 worker sues Tepco over cancer

I hope the President doesn't accept anything to drink from him, especially if it's yellow.....

Disappointment, anger over Olympic logo 'embarrassment'

Cutting Losses, Kochs to Sell Scott Walker - savvy move described by Andy Borowitz

Serious stuff here - The Great and Powerful WOZ speaks out for Bernie

Pope Francis to allow priests to forgive abortion

A "Dear Ann Coulter" Letter For Us All To Read:

Very cool Cesar Chavez quote on my FB feed just now:

Pre-emptive: Sanders doesn't have a problem with LGBTers

Pope Francis to allow priests to forgive abortion

Does it seem like our economy has become sort of a "middle man" economy?

I had nose surgery and had to have a skin graft. The doctor tells me if the graft ever

BREAKING: The one E-mail to DOOM Hillary Clinton's campaign

Judge orders Rowan clerk to appear in court Thursday after she again denies marriage licenses

Trump seems to get inspiration from Adolf Hitler

Donald Trump's appeal : racism

Found on facebook: "I'm not racist..."

Fascinating bit of harsh reality. Photos and narrative.

The Katrina Myth; the Truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster

The Science of Mom: A Science-Based Book about Baby Care

The Science of Mom: A Science-Based Book about Baby Care

The Science of Mom: A Science-Based Book about Baby Care

As seen on AOL

Same-sex couple denied Kentucky marriage license file contempt motion against Rowan County clerk -

Apple co-founder tells followers to #FeelTheBern

Polls show Bernie Sanders winning the Democractic Nomination

Andrea Mitchell says No smoking guns in Hillary's emails

Reporters Scoff At James O'Keefe's Big New 'Scoop' To Destroy Hillary

Unlucky lottery winner gets IOU from state of Illinois

I need to cry. I've needed to cry all summer

Useless Fact? Congress’s 13% Job Approval number..

Florida Man Attacks Mom with Potato Salad

Could Jailing The KY. Clerk Spur Open Revolt By Religious Right?

Ugggghh....robocall from Carson's camp.

Big speech tomorrow...

Somerville Mayor to Host Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley.

Howard Dean: The Case for Hillary Clinton

Bernie Ad

Bless Her Heart....

Pic Of The Moment: Good News For Congressional Republicans!

Dirty Projectors - Gun Has No Trigger

Fed Judge Orders Clerk And Her Entire Staff To Court After Refusing Licenses Yet Again

Chicago Activists Continue Hunger Strike to Save Predominately Black Public High School

Chicago Activists Continue Hunger Strike to Save Predominately Black Public High School

The Warmer It Gets - The Stronger The Deniers Deny Global Warming

iamamiwhoami - play

can we start class action lawsuits to demand our SECULAR taxpayer monies back from these

You guys HAVE TO see this - Howard Dean’s Facebook page has been invaded!

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 1, 2015

Man accused of harassing American Indian students cleared

Nation’s “Strongest Equal Pay Law” Set to Pass in California

Nation’s “Strongest Equal Pay Law” Set to Pass in California

Man accused of harassing American Indian students cleared

Brain Cancer Surgery Is Stuck 'In The Middle Ages' — Is There A Better Way?

President's toughest speech yet on climate

Hateful. Racist.

Nation’s “Strongest Equal Pay Law” Set to Pass in California

McKinley Hill, Ohio

Agent Orange's blue water victims

Bush rips Trump in Spanish and English

Officer Shot In Fox Lake, IL - Manhunt Ongoing - The Suspects (Possibly 3) Armed & Considered.....

Instagram bank scam costs Omaha woman $37,000

Who wouldn't rather see their taxes go to education rather than prisons??

Does the Lamestream Media Ever Ask Hillary About Her Favorite Bible Verse? Yes, Indeedy!

R. C. Sproul Jr., Another guy who was "Just Looking" at Ashley Madison website

Streetcar Projects Suffer a Bumpy Ride

4hero - Morning Child

What are the American people to do when the laws no longer work for them?

how exciting--google has a new logo.

This is going to make pointing fingers very difficult.

Officer dies, manhunt for armed suspects in Fox Lake

I've never been skunked before on opening day of dove season

Farmers: Trump 'terrible for agriculture'

Dead-cat bounce fizzles, U.S. benchmarks violate support

Tiny Hearts - Snow Cold

The Global Race to the Bottom

30 Percent of California's Forest Firefighters Are Prisoners (xpost from GD)

Racial slur burned into Palm Bay man's front lawn

This a sad story, but even more troublesome, since adults did not even try to defuse the situation

Energy Secretary Ernest "Moniz sees end to subsidies for solar"...

Tough August leaves Walker facing polling trouble

Infographic: A History of Debt Forgiveness and Relief

"VOTE GOP 2016 OR DIE" New Republican Party Slogan

AZ GOP Congressman Terrifies 2nd Graders With Lesson About Iranian Suicide Bombers

Hidden painting found under Rembrandt portrait in Los Angles

Professor Richard Wolff: "Americans....haven't been fooled by the recovery hype."

Space aliens to land in 10 days

Orthorexia nervosa: How becoming obsessed with healthy eating can lead to malnutrition

Hillary & Tammy Baldwin Editorial : To Restore Trust in Gov't, Slow Wall Street's Revolving Door

Let me get this straight on Kentucky Woman

Google ... out with the old. In with the new.

Obama to Call for More Icebreakers in Arctic as U.S. Seeks Foothold

Why do many people find reptiles/amphibians repulsive? nt

Hating our "government"

Cop shot/killed in Fox Lake area of Illinois. 3 suspects on the run.

Americas Will Take Brunt of Any Oil Output Cuts When Iran Returns

"Cutting Losses, Kochs to Sell Scott Walker" - Borowitz (New Yorker)

Favorite Bible verse?

California prisons to vastly reduce solitary confinement

Polls Show Bernie Sanders Winning the Democratic Nomination. It's Time for America to Notice.

So apparently, the KY Xtian God warrior refusenik Kim Davis makes a good living in a place where

Charger dog rescue by Shannon Bollard Indiana, PA

Fuck the Oscars, predict the 2015 - 2016 Razzie Awards!

This is the "progressive" accomplishment?

Polls Prove Media's Coverage of Hillary Clinton Is Downright Irresponsible (HILLARY GROUP)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak tells followers to #FeelTheBern

Donald Trump Wanted George Bush Impeached for 'Lying' the U.S. into War with Iraq

Dupe. Apologies. (Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Feeling the Bern)

Walker's Canada Wall: He will have some trouble at Niagara Falls and along the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Jim Jeffries Talks About Atheism

Possibly The Worst Song Ever Recorded

California prisons to vastly reduce solitary confinement (xpost from GD)

Democrat Patrick Murphy backs Iran nuclear deal

NYT: The Neverending Fight to Save Social Security (new R plan to kill it)

Chris Coons and Bob Casey back Iran deal, putting Obama one vote from major diplomatic victory

No, ‘Denali’ Is Not a Kenyan Word For ‘Black Power’

The way things are going around here

New Zealand's new flag: final four designs announced

Insanely Angry, Violent and Racist White Man Threatens Black Protesters

Rename Campbell Hill (highest point in Ohio at 1550 ft) Mt. McKinley!

Question.... Regarding Black Lives Matters...

Shift in the recent PPP poll relative to last month that no one is talking about

Mark Ruffalo: To be perfectly honest with you I find Bernie to be welcome relief from politics..

Grassroots for Bernie Sanders with Nancy

Can you identifiy the purpose of this white van?

Bobby Jindal finally gets it...

UE Marches and Rallies for Justice in Baltimore (Black Lives Matter)

UE Marches and Rallies for Justice in Baltimore (Black Lives Matter)

UE Marches and Rallies for Justice in Baltimore (Black Lives Matter)

UE Marches and Rallies for Justice in Baltimore (Black Lives Matter)

PPP: GOP voters just don't want Jeb! Trump beats him almost 2-1 head to head

If you're polling at 0% or 1% or 2%, wouldn't you get out of the race at this point?

Iran Nuclear Deal Gains Momentum With Endorsements of Four House Democrats

as conservative as this GOP base is- 78% support background checks on all gun purchases,

Deputy shoots man accused of stalking outside WWE Performance Center in Orlando

Ok - help me here - Hillary is president - what CAN she get done?

What's your favorite Donald Trump conspiracy?

What if the world completely decarbonized its electricity supply by 2040?

‘Fire selfies’ after a jealous rage lead to Maryland man’s arrest

Lobbying over union strike measure intense

Lobbying over union strike measure intense

Lobbying over union strike measure intense

Decorated JBLM Soldier faces discharge after confrontation against a child rapist.

Stephen Colbert’s second week of guests includes Bernie Sanders, the Broad City duo

Baldwin and Clinton pen and Editorial: To Restore Trust in Gov't, Slow Wall Street's Revolving Door

For those who can't travel 3,000 miles to DC there's a rally in SF

Someone posted in GD- What's your favorite Bible verse It got locked

James O'Keefe fails again. Badly.

Argentine Central Bank revokes license of local HSBC president

Whose approval ratings have plunged in the last few months?

Ala Wai Canal Flood Control: The High Cost of Protecting Waikiki

Children's menu done right

PR Watch: Richard Berman (Dr Evil) Misleads on Restaurant Opposition to Higher Wages

Obama is now 1 vote away from Iran deal.

Prestigious Argentine actress and human rights activist Cipe Lincovsky dead at 85.

PR Watch: Richard Berman (Dr Evil) Misleads on Restaurant Opposition to Higher Wages

PR Watch: Richard Berman (Dr Evil) Misleads on Restaurant Opposition to Higher Wages

Bill Cosby portrait in 'rapeseed' pulled from State Fair

Zoi Konstantopoulou joins Popular Unity

KY AG office possibly to investigate Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis for official misconduct ... jail!

Hoping to Deflate Stephen Colbert’s Debut Week, The Tonight Show Books Donald Trump

538/Nate Silver-We Got Berned (this article does not help the Sanders position)

When should people with a non-terminal illness be helped to die?

After Virginia shooting, some Americans searched for gun control — others searched for guns

Sen. Mike Rounds endorses Huckabee for president

The GOP’s True Form Has Finally Been Revealed: A Revolting Frankenstein Monster

Remember Laws Are Irrelevant That Are Not In Agreement W/The Bible.

Howard Dean: The Case for Hillary Clinton

Xpost: Austrailian gun control...

Ensure Your Vote Counts

Good article on Bernie in the Kansas City Star

Barclays to become the first major bank to accept Bitcoin

Iran Deal Within One Vote Of Being Veto-Proof

For those who live in South Carolina

Remember the USFL? You'll never guess who ruined it. That's right, tRump!

Fort Smith Democrat exploring a 3rd District Congressional run

So my wife made arrangements for us to spend a long weekend on Mackinac Island

Has anyone heard from riqster?

Bernie Sanders' secret weapon

Thom Hartmann: Why China May Cause the Next Crash

Thom Hartmann: What Really Happened After Katrina Hit

What do you think this race would be like if Bernie hadn't run?

JEWISH GROUP: As a non-Jewish person...

The Great Unraveling (Chris Hedges 8-31-15 TruthDig via Common Dreams repost)

Embarrassing question on accented characters

Donald Trump's hair runs off to find a better life.

Will the DOW close with no short covering rally? Looks that way.

Wall St. Falls Hard As Weak China Data Stokes Fears

Ukraine’s Far-Right Menace

Poll: Majority of Republicans still think Obama is a Muslim

Jeb Bush: Abortions Should Make Women 'Repentant'

On the Farm: Startups Put Data in Farmers’ Hands

Walker, in office since 25, denies he's a career politician


9/1/15 - Where were you when you found out Google changed its logo?

I cannot watch Tim Russets little boy on MSNBC

So you live in California. Or New York, or Minnesota

Martin O’Malley Hires Director Of Hispanic Media.

Political purity is exhausting.

Thom Hartmann: DNC vs Obama On Iran Deal

On Climate Change, Which Obama Do We Trust?

ISIS battle 'other rebels' in Damascus. Who does Assad's jets bomb? Not ISIS.

Senate leader: Not enough votes to defund Planned Parenthood

Earthquake in the Okanogan

Bog post of the Weekly Address:Meeting the Global Threat of Climate Change

Do you leave your dishwasher running unattended?

Only Valid Sex Is When The Woman Is Fertile. And Marriage Is ONLY For Procreation.

The effect of proposed prohibition, on sales...

Democrats to Win in a Landslide in 2016, According to Moody's Election Model

Chart: How the Climate Change Deniers Won

Looking out on Denali as I write this, I have this to say to Bonehead, Portmand and Tramp

West Wing Week: 8/21/15 or, "A Look Ahead"

O’Malley forwards a ‘flattering’ Clinton e-mail in an attempt to make a point.WaPo

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Cutting Losses, Kochs to Sell Scott Walker

CNN citing IL State Police - One suspect in custody

West Wing Week: 08/28/15 or, "From the Telegraph to the Smartphone"

Michael Moore's New Movie

Weekly Address: Meeting the Global Threat of Climate Change

Troubling that reporters would even turn out to anything O'Keefe does

Officer gunned down identified 32yr veteran father of four....

Any other DUer's recall Stellastarr? Here's a video of them in DC performing "Moongirl"

How would fundies react to First Lady Melania Trump?

Religious Right Will Pay Fines & Legal Expenses Of KY Clerk.

I just now discovered an interesting glitch.

A joke...

FiveThirtyEight Endorsement Update: Clinton 322, Biden 16, O'Malley 1, Sanders 0

How the Billionaire Kingpins of School Privatization Got Stopped in Their Own Back Yard

Halsey - New Americana

The People Are Speaking

Trying to renew an old 80's era wall-mounted light fixture for a bathroom.

Bill O'Reilly wants to put "hate group" Black Lives Matter "out of business"

How the Billionaire Kingpins of School Privatization Got Stopped in Their Own Back Yard

Popular Belkin Wi-Fi routers plagued by unpatched security flaws

Bobby Jindal: Hillary Clinton Is One Email Away From Going To Jail (video)

Trump Supporters Think Obama is A Muslim Born in Another Country

Report: Jeremy Corbyn Led Campaign to Free Israeli Embassy in London Bombers

Bernie’s Populism Is Catching the Political World On Fire

Three Presidential Candidates go to the union convention, But only one went to the demonstration.

Three Presidential Candidates go to the union convention, But only one went to the demonstration.

This graph reveals exactly how much more the media covers Trump than Bernie

Question: has this been posted on DU yet?

From Hillary campaign's Correct the Record: "fun facts from her emails" (HILLARY GROUP)

Romney Is Horrified by Trump — and That’s Restarting ‘Mitt 2016’ Talk

That's it.

Canada Officially Enters Recession

9 Ridiculous Passages From Dick Cheney’s New Book

Former pro wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka accused of 1983 murrder of girlfriend

Burning Man’s Fashion Is Wild, but There Are Rules

Ban on Banning Words

40% of GOP Think Cruz Was Born In The USA, Only 29% Think Obama Was. CONGRATULATIONS

But Bernie is a Socialist!

Why They Might Not Admit To Catching One Of The Fox Lake Cop Killer Suspects.....

Goodyear's Spirit of America blimp floats out of Carson and into history

Report: Sustained allegations of abuse of 184 children, youth in Mass. DCF care

Kentucky Clerk Denies Same-Sex Marriage Licenses, Defying Court

Completely paralyzed man voluntarily moves his legs, scientists report

****** September contest theme is, Another Roadside Attraction.*******

Experts: Clinton’s college plan could be a boon for Nevada

I wish I could stay in France.

The people who think like this clerk in Kentucky

US murder rate sees sharp increase in 2015

Texas A&M locates unopened package with radioactive item

Online comments hurt science understanding, study finds

Democrats expected to win BIG in 2016, retain White House by a landslide

State Asks Supreme Court to Drop School Finance Lawsuit

The Surging Ranks Of America's Ultrapoor

Coders create the Bernie Sanders app for android phones

The enlightening legacy of the Rosenwald schools

Can the clerk who won't do the job she took an oath to do, accept money from a fund set up for her?

Blue Whale. Never seen one before.

Peacekeeping & Prosperity

The sound & the fury of “Hillarygate”: Here’s the biggest problem with the ongoing Clinton email sag

The ‘Pallywood’ smear: Viral images of Palestinian boy’s brutalization brings backlash

Dad Accidentally Shoots 9-Year-Old Daughter While Cleaning Gun

Updated: Deal struck to fund state’s horse and greyhound racing regulator

Had another mini-stroke

Earthquakes can’t be linked to XTO drilling activity, railroad commission finds

Using the wrong picture (this is Mt. Fuji) can never get in the way of a meme.

Do you think president trump is going to ban mexican food from the US as well?

Home invaders pretend to be police


Trumka: Democratic Field 'Still Wide Open,' Biden Has Time

Another day, another reason for Repubs to be outraged...

I had surgery on the 17th, and now I have a cold. How can I stop the phlegm?

Howard Dean: The Case for Hillary Clinton

Minnesota Congresswoman demands accountability for Nakba Day killings

South Carolina; Town Halls w/Martin O'Malley & Bernie Sanders

Cotton will ‘stand with’ foreign leader against US foreign policy

Bernie speaking on Labor Day in New Hampshire

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Media's Coverage of Hillary Clinton Is Downright Irresponsible

Quantum "Spookiness" Passes Toughest Test Yet

Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chafee to Headline NH AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast

EGADS!!! This is scary

The Guardian view on Europe’s refugee crisis: a little leadership, at last Editorial - well said

Bernie Sanders walking a picket line?

CNN amends debate criteria, Fiorina may get in

UNL Hispanic student group invites you to take a swing at Donald Trump piñata

Don't let people tell you that Hillary is winning this primary.

Ocean Study: By 2050, Nearly Every Seabird In World Will Have Ingested Plastic; 9/10 Already Have

FBI opens civil rights investigation into fatal on-camera shooting of San Antonio man

Toxic Algae Bloom On Ohio River Continuing To Grow

Who will win the new fight between Trump and Jeb?

Yes, We Need a HERO: Houstonians Unite to Save the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

from Austin American Statesman - have to Google

The 100,000 people march in DC

Good Idea! AK Governor Considers Reviving Climate Policy Panel, Dead Since 2009

Ben Carson may have the best chance of winning the Republican nomination at the moment

Just got back from taking a trump

O'Malley announces Labor Day weekend Iowa swing.

O'Malley announces Labor Day weekend Iowa swing.

Latest James O'Keefe Sting Video Targeting Clinton Campaign Flops

Remember that West Point professor...well he isn't any more.

An Open Letter to Howard Dean.

Court sides with Uber drivers to expand case over pay

James O'Keefe Aims At Hillary, Stings Self

Jeb Bush: The man who killed Trump's casino dreams

Senator Ron Johnson has a talent. He

Wheels Of Fortune-The Flatlanders

Are Headlines Dooming Bernie Sanders’ Campaign?

ConocoPhillips To Cut Global Workforce By 10%, Including More Than 500 Jobs In Houston

Stop Skyrocketing Drug Prices, Sanders Says

Where are you from?

9-1-15 The First Overnight Sleeping Car Ride in 2:00

9-1-15 The First Overnight Sleeping Car Ride in 2:00

9-1-15 The First Overnight Sleeping Car Ride in 2:00


Stephen Colbert lands Joe Biden

Let's Compare Senator Sanders and H. Clinton on some key issues.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis cannot be fired.. Talking Points Memo:

Birthday Party!

Sanders may speak at Ohio conference with public banking advocate Ellen Brown

Caucus training in WA State

I just want you fellows to know I miss you.

Howard Dean claims that Hillary is our best bet for 2016. I disagree.

Pope Francis will forgive women for abortion, while Mother Teresa is spinning in her grave

Appreciation thread for Howard Dean! HRC ROOM

James Bamford on the Arctic & the Next Not-So-Cold War/Obama in Alaska

Japan: start of school highest time for youth suicides

We have an awesome President