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Run, Joe, Run!

Campaigning in Iowa, 2016 hopeful Martin O’Malley is keeping the faith.

FiveThirtyEight Endorsement Update: Clinton 330, Biden 16, O'Malley 1, Sanders 0

Solitaire, Voting And The Monte Carlo Method

Campaigning in Iowa, 2016 hopeful Martin O’Malley is keeping the faith.

I'm friends with Jane Sanders on LinkedIn.

German Lawmaker: At the Root of Refugee Crisis are Wars Led by the United States in the Middle East

Jeb Bush Figures Out the Solution to His Problem Is More Tax Cuts for the Rich


Heads Up: O'Malley will be on the Chris Hayes show soon.

*outpost checking in* *Jade Helm 15* *please reply*

Captured US Regulators Drop Second Phase of Study Threatening Nuclear Industry

South Carolina Not Feeling the Bern

‘Look at That Face' Trumpet basically calls Carly Fiorina fugly...

*O'Malley coming up on Chris Hayes show.EDIT, He's UP NOW. ENDED

No Charges For Cops Who Killed Rock-Throwing Immigrant

Hayes covering the Chairman's Flight

Dick Cheney Protester Says Overpowering The Guy Who Grabbed Her Sign Was No Big Deal

Trump security guards assaulted protesters on NY sidewalk, lawsuit claims

A Third Term? Works for Me?

$10k reward offered in gun theft case

Okay, that pretty much does it!

Hillary Clinton addresses email 'mistake': a timeline of her responses

Huckabee Admits Staffer Physically Blocked Ted Cruz From Kim Davis Rally Stage

O'Malley will be on Morning Joe tomorrow morning

Collin County seeks to cut fees for Ken Paxton prosecutors

ISIS says Norwegian and Chinese hostages are 'for sale'

Toddler's body in Garfield Park lagoon 1 to 2 weeks, CPD says

South Carolina Not Feeling The Bern As Hillary Clinton Leads Bernie Sanders 66% to 12%

O'Malley & Moral Leadership

2015 College Football Rankings - Week 2...

Debate Flashback 07: Clinton sides with Lieberman on Iran war policy; laughs about it

These people beating the war drums

Get to know Martin O'Malley and his daughter Grace

Planned Parenthood hearing launches House Republicans' defunding effort

Want to debate the idea of highly limited Socialism vs. Capitalism? Fine. But...

Republicans In 3 Words

Chicken Train

Coming up NOW...Martin O'Malley on Chris Hayes...

Russian-American pleads guilty to smuggling sensitive tech to Moscow

Perjury charges added in case of Georgia man's jail death

Man invents the "God Gun"

Wynn Las Vegas To Host Democratic President Debate

Are we already in abrupt climate change?

Sarah Palin refers to Black Lives Matter protesters as ‘dogs’ at rally against Iran deal

Grifters, War Mongers, and Duck Dynasty at Pro-war Iran Lallapalooza

New Jersey man pleads guilty to conspiring to help Islamic State

Justice for hire? Giant insurer pays government lawyers to pursue fraud charges

One Mississippi flag initiative withering, but others planned

Somali-American pleads guilty to trying to help Islamic State

North Charleston police sergeant fired for posing in Confederate flag underwear

Gov't Turns Over Fewer Clinton-Related Emails Than Cited

Seattle considers letting Uber and Lyft drivers join union

HISD to start process of renaming Confederate-linked schools (TX)

Seattle considers letting Uber and Lyft drivers join union

Trying to get to

New Marvel Title to Feature Native American Hero

Sanders Labor Call Tonight

Former Oregon police chief investigated over racism accusations

Seattle considers letting Uber and Lyft drivers join union

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!!

Boy cuffed to porch with chicken around neck returns to mom

Big-Name Plan Bs for Democrats Concerned About Hillary Clinton

At rally against Iran deal, Tea Party finds itself trumped by Trump

Mike Malloy - Kim Davis For President

Voters Show Little Sympathy for Jailed Clerk in Gay Marriage Spat (Rasmussen)

Being a former tennis star while black.........

Incoherent psychobabble

Increased traffic on Appalachian Trail creates epidemic of broken rules

Gun Group Whose Leader Was Linked To White Supremacists Endorses Ted Cruz

OMG! THANK goodness for MO'M's interview,

Trump Puts Foot in Mouth Again

U.S. warns Russia on military buildup in Syria

Three Los Angeles brothers fatally stabbed, father suspected

Philadelphia woman admits to locking up disabled people in fraud

Some here argue that a poor white person has no privilege over a wealthy black person

Have a little fun with what you do

HRC's latest 30-second ad, "Stretched": Hillary's Plan for Raising Family Incomes (video) (HRC GRP)

Trump insults Fiorina in Rolling Stone: 'Look at that face!'

EU unveils 'bold' plan to take 160,000 refugees

O'Malley & Moral Leadership (DKos by askew)

SC Repugs to Lindsey Graham: Don't go away mad. Just go away.

‘World’s Poorest President’ Explains Why We Should Kick Rich People Out Of Politics

That time Pete Seeger called FDR a J P Morgan loving fascist warmonger...

South Carolina Women and Girls for Hillary Launches with Support of 400 Women Representing All 46 Co

Hey Kim Davis

Messages warning of bomb and ISIS spray-painted on Dallas ISD school

Official/forever/thread-never-dies re: Stephen. I'll start.

Would you rather live in a Corporate Oligarchy or a Progressive Democracy?

New Justice Department Policies Encourage More Prosecutions Of Corporate Executives

Lebanon rubbish crisis: Cabinet agrees to resume waste disposal

Wait! Is Sanders an anti-govt. Libertarian nut or a fascist going for state takeovers?

Texas State University is 3rd kinkiest college in U.S., dating app says

Brazil cut to 'junk' credit rating by Standard & Poor's

Appeals court refuses to halt power plant rules

My Quixotic Hunt for Bernie Sanders' Kibbutz

Governor, legislative Democrats scale back ambitious proposal to cut energy use in California

MSNBC has become Trump news!

Update - North Texas volunteer firefighters indicted in chorizo sausage sexual assault

“I will not hesitate to take military action” Do we really want a President like this?

Man Fatally Shoots Masked Intruder Who Turns Out to Be His Dad

OMFG. Sarah Palin loses it completely. Again.

Man Fatally Shoots Masked Intruder Who Turns Out to Be His Dad

Iran’s Supreme Leader Says Israel Won’t Exist in 25 Years

New from #HillaryMen: The Sad, Sisyphean Struggle of Hillary Haters (Morning Joe, Dowd...) (HILLARY GROUP)

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation says Run Bernie Run!

Planned Parenthood Clinic Blaze Ruled Arson As Legislative Attacks Continue (NO war on women)

Planned Parenthood Clinic Blaze Ruled Arson As Legislative Attacks Continue (NO war on women)

Planned Parenthood Clinic Blaze Ruled Arson As Legislative Attacks Continue (NO war on women)

Feds: Texas man admits sending military technology to Russia

Hillary Clinton Opened Door to Key U.S. Shift Toward Iran Nuclear Deal (Normal People Group)

Two D.N.C. Officials Call for Adding More Debates

How many Venezuelans could you feed for $100,000?

Texas attorneys want Sandra Bland wrongful death suit tossed

Texas attorneys want Sandra Bland wrongful death suit tossed

Pelosi praises Bernie Sanders

Bernie's brand of socialism in his own words... I'll take it!

Sander's Republican Appeal

Bernie Sanders’ Revolution Spreads Outside The Big Cities

National Geographic sold to Rupert Murdoch

Did Bernie Take The Pledge Not To Run As An Independent?....

Idiocy in the social media era: the burning British Airways plane in Las Vegas

Oregon police chief goes on racist tirade calling African Americans monkeys, supports Confederacy

If Hillary fails

VIDEO: Humane Society Looking For Cold Hearted Cat Burglar

2 Vice Chairs of DNC Call For More Debates

Bernie will win because most Americans worry far more about health care costs than they worry about socialism

Sen. Bernie Sanders Calls out the Neocon Warmongers and Dick Cheney by Name on the Senate Floor!

When will Ann Coulter finally transform into a werewolf?

We went to what we thought was a small celebration, ended up standing in front of Elizabeth Warren

STUDY: A Plurality Of Sunday Show Guests Discussing The Iran Nuclear Deal Were Opponents

I'm an awful person

I am a white old immigrant to the States

Ya’alon: We know who perpetrated the Duma attack

FDR 1936 Re-election Campaign Speech, 'I Welcome Their Hatred', Madison Square Garden

The Climate Change Deniers have their biggest failure, yet.

I can't believe it. They're going to primary Jerry Nadler!

Huckabee Goons Create Kim Davis Buffer Zone

Report: Trump's dad was arrested in 1927 for fighting police with the KKK

We are Bernie Sanders

Why would a business pay Hillary Clinton $315,000 for a 20 minute speech?

Get to Work for Bernie!

Update on attendance at mini-rally scheduled for

BUSTED. The Real Bernie Sanders Unmasked

Justice Dept. encourages prosecutions of corporate execs

O'Malley: DNC debate schedule 'is ridiculous'.

Exclusive: 50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked

Pastor who led Gray marches arrested for blocking traffic

Interesting, Have Noticed Some Kim Davis Backlash Among Republican Women

TV reporter fired after asking (US Senator) David Vitter about prostitutes, newspaper reports

Google Street View snaps Colombia’s natural treasures

Leaked Files Show How the Heritage Foundation Navigates the Reactionary Views of Wealthy Donors

A Bernie Barn

Thomas Edison’s Recordings of Leo Tolstoy: Hear the Voice of Russia’s Greatest Novelist

Results of new marijuana study

Sikh brutally assaulted in US ahead of 9/11 anniversary

Before her 15 minutes finally run out, here's a Sarah Palin classic: Enjoy!

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says God is a woman

SF man arrested in spate of anti-Chinese graffiti

Two leopard cubs born at zoo in Quebec (squee)

At first I did not know why you locked the thread and then I read down and wept.

Dear Ashley Madison hackers, Do something useful

US cop faces death threats for denouncing ‘racist’ chief

More than 500 Venezuelan Doctors to Postgraduate Courses in Cuba

Bwahahaha...There's a video of Cruz being blocked from the Huckabee sideshow.

U.S. 'interference' toppled me, ex-Guatemalan leader Perez says

U.S. 'interference' toppled me, ex-Guatemalan leader Perez says

Coal’s Decline Is Choking Appalachia Towns

Climate change denier Rupert Murdoch just bought National Geographic, which gives grants to scientis

The Sex Ed Revolution: a portrait of the powerful political bloc that’s waging war on Queen's Park

I'm getting concerned about suspensions in the African American group.

University of Iowa Faculty Senate votes ‘no confidence' in Board of Regents

Pelosi praises Bernie Sanders

Posts That Make You Bang Your Head (And Not In A Good Way).

Canada's tar sands heartland can't deny climate change, says Alberta minister

Europe strengthens ban on seal products after WTO challenge

Check this out everybody.

Sanders Saturdays (or any day, really)

John McAfee announces Presidential candidacy on the Cyber Party ticket

Texas AG Ken Paxton Is Trying To Screw A Lesbian Widow Out of Her Wife’s Estate

The cost of higher education in WA hasn’t increased much, but the price has gone up — here’s why

Take a Deep Breath Before You Accuse Another Democrat of Being the Anti-Christ

Meet Bangladesh's First Lesbian Cartoon Character

Weatherman nails pronouncing Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogochoch

Turn Cities Green to Save Trillions of Dollars, Say Economists

Ukraine Peace Move Sets Off Violent Rightist Riot in Kiev

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Police Brutality: "The Violence Is Not New, It's the Cameras That Are New"

Robert Parry: How Neocons Destabilized Europe

Anti-Planned Parenthood Protesters Rally At Governor’s Residence

The US Military and the Myth that Humanity is Predisposed to Violence

Anti-Planned Parenthood Protesters Rally At Governor’s Residence

Kid uses hashtag to call out bigotry against Asian-Americans and wins the Internet.

Lock This Thread

The Democratic Party Adopts $15/hour Minimum Wage into National Platform

Gov. Brown, legislative Democrats scale back climate package

Scott Morrison says Christians will be focus of Australia's refugee intake

Stiglitz: Federal Reserve Needs to Worry About Inequality, Not Inflation

The President and Dr. Biden Speak at Macomb Community College

Health Savings Accounts benefit the healthy rich and harm the sick and poor

Police ticket man for broken windshield, in front of shop where he was having it repaired

Obama Punk-Slaps the Entire GOP Field!

Call to Action Against Global Corporate Domination

Buying a President for 30 Bucks and Change

Bernie Sanders "War should be the last option: Why I support the Iran Deal"

Black DUers Matter

Daily Holidays - September 10

Conner Eldridge announces plans to run for U.S. Senate

‘Oops, it was us’: Military concedes British sub, not Russian, damaged UK trawler in April

Moody's challenges Hong Kong regulator over China report

Erin Brockovich accuses feds of lying about mine waste spill

New Orleans Baptist pastor commits suicide after his name appeared on Ashley Madison list

Kid uses hashtag to call out bigotry against Asian-Americans and wins the Internet.

The notion that Iran is any kind of a military threat to anyone is just bullshit

Impact of melting Arctic ice on climates around the world

Expert Calls OAS Ruling in Venezuela Media Case a 'Perversion' of Human Rights Law

New species of ancient human discovered, claim scientists Homo naledi,

Have DUers seen the flooding in Eastern Japan this morning

Firearms trafficker given prison time for selling high-powered rifles that ended up in Mexico

New species of extinct human found in cave may rewrite history

Sarah Palin Heckler Escorted Away By Security At Anti-Iran Deal Rally

7 Ancient Mysteries Archaeologists Will Solve This Century

Ancient DNA cracks old mystery of the Basques

KKK Rears Its Ugly Hood in Austin, Plans An Anti-Immigrant Million Klan March

Amateur Paleontologist Finds Rare Fish Fossil

Pelosi praises Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders to hold rally in Greensboro

"Kennewick Man DNA Indicates Native American Ancestry"

Bernie Sanders to make Georgia appearance

India's workers push back

Bernie Sanders Overtakes Hillary Clinton in Latest Iowa Poll, Continues Leading in NH

Bernie Sanders Overtakes Hillary Clinton in Latest Iowa Poll, Continues Leading in NH

Pease Porridge Hot,Pease Porridge Cold, Pease Porridge 32,000 years old

Heads up: Mika and Joe are arguing.

some Labour MPs 'will support' UK airstrikes in Syria

Bernie Sanders Takes the Lead in Iowa Poll

Bernie Sanders Takes the Lead in Iowa Poll

"Haters Gonna Hate" Shep Smith breaks ranks w/ Fuct Snooze, refuses to suckle @ Kim Davis media teat

7 Things You Should Be Doing While Driving (But Probably Aren't)

OMFG. I have tickets to the Magic Flute in Vienna next week

New VA ‘Sons of Confederate Veterans’ license plates come without controversial flag image

Interaction with Israel has moderated Jerusalem Arabs, expert says

Taunton's Pacheco wages battle against Baker over MBTA privatization

Bernie Sanders, Supersized: Large Barn Mural Turns Heads

The US has picked a mighty fine ally: Erdogan provoking civil war in Turkey to win elections

The Atlantic: Unions 30 Years Ago Are Somehow Making People Richer Today

The Atlantic: Unions 30 Years Ago Are Somehow Making People Richer Today

The Rude Pundit - Republicans Will Not Govern Your Sinful, Socialist Country

The Atlantic: Unions 30 Years Ago Are Somehow Making People Richer Today

Garbage In, Power Out: South Carolina BMW Plant Demonstrates Landfill Gas to Hydrogen Fuel

O'Malley op-ed: We must not pretend the Atlantic Ocean frees us of our moral duty to refugees

Freed death row inmate: $750,000 compensation 'can't compare' to 31 years in prison

Martin O’Malley slams ‘xenophobic’ Trump, Democratic rivals over refugee crisis

Steelworkers union files complaint against ATI over lockout

Steelworkers union files complaint against ATI over lockout

Steelworkers union files complaint against ATI over lockout

Ya gotta start off each day wid a song, 9/10 edition. Today's Bernie Song: Tig's Feel the Bern

Hopewell, NJ: House gets its energy from hydrogen and solar

From last month

OMG, Silvers' 538 saying nice things about Sanders!

James Blake is being interviewed on ABC right now n/t

100,000 evacuated: Houses violently swept away in raging floodwaters, Japan

Need help with finding a word processor for windows 10

Liam Dutton nails pronouncing Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

New Zealand federal government bans (at least temporarily) YA book

I need help in finding a word processor

Will anyone else get into the Democratic race for president?

Kim Davis: This picture deserved it's own thread. Shout out to Shadowflash for posting

How the Sept. 11 Attacks Changed American Lives Forever

Heavy rain causes floods; sends tainted water from Fukushima plant into sea

Mother Jones magazine: Here’s What I Saw in a California Town Without Running Water

Storm flood rips through residential neighborhood; helicopters pull survivors from collapsing homes

Record torrential rain hits Tochigi, Ibaraki prefectures

Group forming to oversee plan to display Confederate flag (SC)

Yes, this is an actual thing (Ted Cruz):

Global Economy Nearing a “Structural Recession”

Steve Earle: Mississippi It's Time

The Duck and the Chicken

Mom strips in public to push self-love message

I stand with Bravenak

Op-ed: "Hillary's problem isn't your obsession with her emails"

50 US Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked

Yemen, the World’s Next Great Refugee Crisis

Girl, fluent in American, overcomes language barrier with British friend, well almost...

Trump on Fiorina: 'Look at that face!'

Netanyahu in Britain: Mideast crumbling in face of radical Islam

POLL: Meme of the Month – August 2015

New Species in Human Lineage Is Found in a South African Cave

Barnes & Noble destined to go the way of Borders?

NYT examines its own navel re: its own coverage of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Wows CNN - 41% to Clinton 40% in Iowa - 20 Point Shift

Poll: Donald Trump surges to 32% support.

Toon: Master Bernie

Keiser Report: Zombie Economies

Why Are Chinese Drivers Deliberately Killing People They Hit?

kim davis can still collect her $80,000 paycheck for sitting at home

4 Japanese laws that shock most foreigners

Can Donald Trump Actually Win The GOP Nomination? Gaius Publius Part 2

Toon: Nobody Says 'Let's Keep America Safe' Quite Like Ol' Dick

I just canceled my national geographic subscription

San Francisco’s Last Gun Shop Standing Could Be Forced to Close Because of New City Ordinance

Michael Stipe to Trump re: "your moronic charade of a campaign"

The Iran nuclear agreement discussion and Israel's nuclear weapons

"Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?! ... I mean, she's a woman.....".

Can Donaldo Trumpez actually win the election for President of Mexico?

Ben Carson, M.D.

Rachel Maddow - Anti-gay, anti-immigrant rhetoric derails GOP outreach to moderates

“Terrorist!” “Bin Laden!” “Go back to your country!” came the shouts from the other car.

Can Bernie Sanders find unity with Liberty University?

Poll: Donald Trump Becomes First GOP Candidate To Top 30 Percent

NY Times Senior Editor Carolyn Ryan is a hating, baiting hack.

Huckabee Admits Staffer Physically Blocked Ted Cruz From Kim Davis Rally Stage

Good Jobs/Good Pay Not In The Modern Business Model. Maximumizing Profit Is.

Game of Thrones - Spanish publisher may have let out some big news

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- American Huckaban

What if Hillary Clinton's electability argument is bogus?

MRI and anxiety.

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Repubs

What Happened When Scientists Re-Tested Climate Change Denier's "Science"?

The Sad, Sisyphean Struggle of Hillary Haters

Juan Cole: Russian buildup and embeds partially to prevent US strikes on Assad

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- HRC is Sorry

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- Refugees

'Bernie wouldn't be leading in Iowa and New Hampshire without you!'

Additional consequences of being blocked from a Group?...

Kim Davis and the Little Rock 9

Thursday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

Republican’s mind blown when witness tells him some Planned Parenthood patients are mothers

The Fundies & GOP Are Against Stem Cell Research Even If It Saves Millions Of Americans.

Morning Joe: 'Clinton Has Lost the Lead in Iowa' - Sanders Now Ahead

New federal food safety rules issued after deadly outbreaks

Democrats flip dark red Oklahoma state House seat once held by Republican governor

No-I'm Not Joking

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-9-15

Roger saves a young fan from getting crushed

Rachel Maddow - Let's play gutterball! A dive to the bottom of 2016's primary polling

Bernie takes lead in Iowa!

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Far Ahead In 48 States.

Krugman: Bush! tax! cuts! (The more things stay the same, the more they never change.)

Simple question: Is it possible to identify someone

"Idiocracy NOW"

Global Economy Nearing a “Structural Recession”

Audit: Hundreds of Nebraska food safety inspections running late

Bernie Sanders, Supersized: Large Barn Mural Turns Heads

More Harvard Freshmen Identify As Atheist, Agnostic Than Catholic, Protestant...

The Black Mambas Female Anti-Poaching Force, Have Won a Top U.N. Environmental Award

New morning Consult poll has Trump down from previous high

Koterba toon: Rep Ashford (Dino NEB) and Iran nuclear deal

William Kristol on Iran Deal: It's Munich! (And other times Boy Billy has been wrong)

Sanders campaign says 70,000 labor union members joined Wednesday conference call

I Do Not Believe That Any Of The GOP Clowns Can't Win.

Lights out: (town) Hermitage asks man to limit lumens meant to thwart aliens

Rachel Maddow - Republican anti-Iran deal plan falls apart despite rally spectacle

Understanding Contemporary Capitalism, Part I

Oil giants derail California bill to reduce gasoline use by 50%

Cop Who Shot And Killed Six People Now Teaches Other Officers When To Use Their Guns


With our current obsession with perfection in fruits and vegetables

no end to this shit: Judge greenlights Obamacare challenge

The great one percent debate continues.....

US companies plead guilty to conspiring to export misbranded halal products

Danzinger Draws: "TRUMP IN THE MILITARY"

Why Even Go Through This Primary Process?.....

Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.7M trucks for air bag, weld troubles

Canada's tar sands heartland can't deny climate change, says Alberta minister

I saw the Apple TV on the news yesterday...

Lawsuit filed against Donald Trump for alleged assault by his security detail

Al Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri Declares War on ISIS 'Caliph' Al-Baghdad

San Francisco: Expected Price Tag for Transbay Transit Center Jumps Again

Jack Warner concedes loss of seat in Trinidad and Tobago parliament

CHENEY - Obama's TOP Advisor

Check in if you are going - Bernie in Greensboro NC 6pm Sunday Sept 13

Jack Warner concedes loss of seat in Trinidad and Tobago parliament

Check in if you are going - Bernie in Greensboro NC 6pm Sunday Sept 13

I don't feel safe on Democratic Underground anymore

Who Lives HERE, Louis the 16th?

How would you rate Donald Trump's face?

I don't feel safe on Democratic Underground anymore

Just Moved to Connecticut!

2016 Dem contenders: Bernie is the Bomb, Biden is the spitball warrior, Hillary is opaque

Eyeing L.A.'s Olympic Bid, Metro Seeks to Accelerate Two Rail Projects

Elon Musk Says It's Time To Nuke Mars

Michigan House Committee just voted to expel both Courser & Gamrat. The two Democrats on the

Cholita the Abused Circus Bear Gets Her Happy Ending

The Catholic Church is fighting to block bills that would extend the statute of limitations...

I'm back, this time I'm trying to find an off-line solitare for

Second Oregon Judge Stops Performing Weddings After Gay Marriage Ruling

Kim Davis' attorney is just another "Liar for Jayzus..."

Can any one explain to me why Trump believes his business deals can be equated with

The wiki bio of Donald Trump is in the Outernet library

An update to my "I fully expect to get hides...for annoying Sanders supporters" OP

Donaldo Trumpez, possible future President of Mexico, wants to build a wall to keep Americans out.

"Except for my father, I'm a self-made man." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Hillary Clinton’s Bulldog Blazes New Campaign Finance Trails

Salon: How the Repubs Have Used Charters to Bleed PA. Public Schools Dry

Trump: What’s the Deal?

Leaving Religion: Like Crumbling Jenga Blocks

Lots of ink spilled on crazed "Hillary hating", not much on crazed hatred of Sanders supporters.

Artist Nelson Makamo’s Dynamic Portraits of Johannesburg Children

Bernie Addresses US Senate: "War Should Be the Last Option: Why I Support the Iran Deal"

The triumph of Kim Davis

Really!!! New York Times

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Refuses to Budge on 6 Debates & Exclusivity Rule

Chicago: CTA Continues Brown Line Modernization With New Signal Project

I was on the jury for 1StrongBlackMan's last post, proof the jury system is broken.

Understanding Contemporary Capitalism, Part I

Another poll documenting the Biden surge-HRC -48% JB 21% SBS 21%

Wisconsin's Walker promises to fight federal unions

Wisconsin's Walker promises to fight federal unions

Wisconsin's Walker promises to fight federal unions

This explains so much about the mentality of Donald Trump, and similarly stunted human beings......

has everyone seen the google doodle today? apparently football season has started.

Posing as a Prostitute in a Turkish Brothel

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly crawls out of the sewer to flap his dumb lips

If you are wondering "Where does the Kim Davis thing go from here?"...

Silence turns to screaming in an Eastern Kentucky town (yes that Kentucky town)

In Iowa, black voters testing the Bernie Sanders waters

Gluten Free/Casein Free diet and autism studied…and no sign of a benefit

Evidence justifies expulsion for Michigan Reps. Courser and Gamrat, says committee chair

Bernie Sanders Wins if Joe Biden Runs

43% of Republicans could imagine supporting a military coup in the United States

Gluten Free/Casein Free diet and autism studied…and no sign of a benefit

When HRC was SoS one of her foreign policy advisors was famed neocon

Andy Roddick On The Ugly Truth Behind How We Treat Serena Williams

Irony Alert: I got an alert & hide in the Hillary Clinton group for talking about the alert stalking

Idiot Trump: Ben Carson Was An "OK" Doctor

Latest players in the Kim Davis fiasco, but this does not look good at all.

I love Hillary Clinton

A lot is being made of a Quinnipac poll saying Hillary and Bernie are tied, but there is much more

A Physician Asks: Is Being Black Bad For Your Health?

Democratic Party Head Fires Back at Martin O’Malley

Virginia Student Spent Part of His Summer Vacation Fighting Wildfires

Democratic Party Head Fires Back at Martin O’Malley

Marymount Student Spent Part of His Summer Vacation Fighting Wildfires

Ashley Madison's password "security" just keeps getting worse

Ted Cruz's tiny brain finally explained

Charles Blow: Hillary Is Hobbling, for Now

The circular firing squad commences...Jindal thumps Trump, pees himself over GOP's "chance" in 2016

Scott Walker outlines how he will ‘wreak havoc on Washington’

Giant Lenin 'head' unearthed 24 years after burial in Berlin

i understand and respect your reluctance to overturn juries, but

It's a beautiful day to save America, isn't it?

This should tell you everything you need to know in regards to the 2016 election...

New DEA Chief: Marijuana Has No Medical Use, Should Stay in Schedule I


Four South Bay residents indicted for H-1B visa fraud

These friendly food scientists want to make you feel good about eating chemicals

Bernie Rallies - New rally added in Virginia

Dogs + puppies

Elisabeth Warren will be in Austin on September 13

Here Are the 90+ Gun-Related Bills Currently Sitting in Congress

Just took a phone poll by astroturf group 'Americans for Prosperity'

America owns this nightmare: Everything Thomas Friedman and the media gets wrong about the migrant

Brendan O'Neill | Freedom of Speech and Right to Offend | Proposition

Martin O'Malley on Democracy Now! "We Need to Step Up"

gotta love lady violet:

Northern Ireland's first minister Peter Robinson resigns

As I Recall Bernie Was Supposed To Meet With The Congressional Black Caucus Yesterday.....

Typical of the "conservatives" in today's GOP congress...

Have DUers seen that Lester Holt interview with the two adult survivors of the Mother Emanuel

For WWII history buffs

I am so excited.

Email from Bernie

Jason Rapert contradicts himself in Channel 7 interview. Surprise.

"Davis put her hand on the Constitution and swore to uphold the Bible." A correct appraisal.

Are Hedge Funds Still for Suckers?

Watch Mike Huckabee’s ‘Biblical’ Support For Kim Davis Get Dismantled On Live Television

a moment of levity: Stephen Colbert on election merchandising

Engineering And Tech Companies Want More Kids Interested In Science -- So They Can Pay Them Less

My new Etsy store, made it last night!

Engineering And Tech Companies Want More Kids Interested In Science -- So They Can Pay Them Less

Intel to End Sponsorship of Science Talent Search

Dean Baker: WaPo's Support of TPP Is In Line with a Tradition of Contempt for Workers

Pot/Kettle: Bobby Jindal, the guy with the really white painting of himself at the gov mansion......

Anyone else creeped out by the way Huckabee looks at Kim Davis here?

Bernie Sanders's Political Revolution Enters Phase Two

PHOTOS: Kim Davis Memes Just Keep Getting Better

Clinton's Ohio women for Hillary event today was sparsely attended

Shut Down the Shutdowns

Jindal calls Trump practically every name in the book

I fear Jeb will get the nom., Hilly will be swiftboated & Bernie will be labeled a "socialist jew"

Defense minister denies Israel knows who killed the Dawabshas

Top 6 Ridiculously Cute Animal Facts

Guilty pleasure TV show......

Turkey Kurds: 30 dead in Cizre violence as MPs' march blocked

James Blake has every privilege except for skin color

Global Capitalism: September 2015 Monthly Update (Contains info on refugees)

Probe of Chris Christie's Port Authority Chairman Causes Airline CEO Resignation

Bernie Sanders says campaign will expand beyond early states

NATGEO: This Face Changes the Human Story. But How?

A thought experiment.............What would happen if all guns were colored pink?

Oakland Zoo to auction paintings by its animals

PG&E, as usual

Anyone have a tally for Tuesday's Bernie's birthday moneybomb?

Huckabee: Dred Scott Decision “Remains To This Day The Law Of The Land”

The time Donald Trump’s empire took on a stubborn widow — and lost

Oathkeepers (Cliven Bundy armed insurrectionists) to 'guard' Kim Davis against US marshals

NBC News: Silent Majority? Who Are Donald Trump's Supporters?

Chicago police release sketch of dismembered toddler

Small pension: Take the lump sum payoff offered or the annuity

This Will Make You Smile! Even 12 Year Olds Get It!

Enough to Live On: The Arts of the WPA

Tea Party Pushes Useless Mitch McConnell Into Fights He Cannot Win

These are the schools driving America’s student loan crisis.

Cruz says he will blame Obama if the GOP succeeds in shutting down the govt over Planned Parenthood

D.C. Congresswoman files bill to strip NFL of antitrust protection

O'Malley: I answer yearning for new leadership.VIDEO

Should Bernie Sanders have Secret Service protection?

18-year-old son of former Nebraska Treasurer Shane Osborn charged in connection with attempted robbe

O'Malley: I answer yearning for new leadership.VIDEO

Which is the better song Black and White, Eli's Coming, Liar.

O'Malley: I answer yearning for new leadership.

Regarding Jindal's attack on Trump...

Let's say the following Kim Davis scenario unfolds...

Truck driver's $1,000 tip shocked Grand Island bartender — a single mom — who tried to give it back

Obama Asks Administration to Accept at Least 10,000 Syrian Refugees in 2016

Ed Schultz blasting Clintons and praising Bernie

Trump et al: A pure sample of neoliberal barbarism

Obama's Excuses For Arctic Drilling Hypocrisy - Natasha Geiling Part 2

Camden gunrunner sentenced

Prof. Richard D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: September 2015 Monthly Update

In the LA Times today: What's behind Republican voters' support of Trump? Anger at Republicans.

Doctor says fuck it and opens vaccine, GMO and chemtrail detox center; makes millions

DNC Chair Closes Door On More Debates

Young Woman Tired Of Being Judged For Her Good Looks

Prof. Richard D. Wolff, Sept. 2015 Global Capitalism: Monthly Economic Update

LOL - O'Malley is trying to "make an honest buck" on Wall Street.

San Francisco's newest rentals, bunkbeds for $1,800 a month

Anthony Weiner Told To Stay Away From Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

Bernie Wants Workers to Have a Say in Their Work Place?!?!

San Francisco's newest rentals, bunkbeds for $1,800 a month

Environmentalists Get Tough: New Ad Campaign Targets Climate Change Deniers

PPP poll: among S.C. African American voters, 59% Clinton, 3% Sanders

Debbie Wasserman Schulz won't budge on limited debates, punishing anyone who it ok to give $50.00 for a 50th wedding anniversary???

30% Of Millennials Would Sell An Organ To Get Rid Of Student Loans

looping message

13-year-olds being phased out of Little League

Wife Just Switched Her Vote To Bernie..Holy S***

Sanders 'stunned' he's beating Clinton

Can members that have been banned from a Group alert on posts in that group?

Why “Pagan”? – An Atheist Pagan’s Response to a Theist

Assembly Bill 269 To Move Public Pensions Into The Stock Market; The Agenda of Gov Walker and ALEC.

Sanders fans constantly complaining about dearth of coverage while never turning on their TVs

Donald Trump, Ben Carson trade barbs over religion

Great day, started out real slow.

Trials for six police officers in Freddie Gray case will stay in Baltimore

Karzai calls al-Qaida a 'myth' and denies 9/11 attacks were plotted in Afghanistan

Justice Department rules Hillary Clinton followed law in deleting emails

Pap Attack: Right Wing Media Machine Created A Monster; Let Trump Rip The Party Apart

Wyoming workplace deaths increase in 2014

Pope Francis will meet Fidel Castro in Cuba – if ex-president's health allows

Pope Francis will meet Fidel Castro in Cuba – if ex-president's health allows

Mike Huckabee Just Said The Dred Scott Decision 'Remains To This Day The Law Of The Land'

Rallying for more debates

Sarah Palin confounds Rachel Maddow: 'Tell me what this means' (VIDEO)

Marko Moulitsas: Dear establishment it's either Hillary or Bernie that will be the nominee

Sanders campaign says 17,000 labor union members joined Wednesday conference call

"News" shows are a harmful problem.

"Democratic character" in explanation of Democratic socialism vs. socialism

El Niño reaches 'strong' intensity, will dramatically reshape world's weather

Adam Schefter Essentially Says Roger Goodell Lied, the NFL Suspended John Jastremski & Jim McNally

Why the Internet annoys chemists

Marine study finds women suffer more injuries, shoot less accurately than men

Toyota unveils carbon neutral hydrogen supply chain pilot

The Marshall Project introduces "The Next to Die" tracking upcoming executions nationwide.

J.K. Rowling says you've been pronouncing 'Voldemort' wrong

Bernie Sanders and Representative Elijah Cummings on Prescription Drug Prices 09/10/15 (C-Span)


Developer Ramzi Haddad pleads guilty in connection with Allentown FBI investigation

Bernie Sanders to Hold Manassas (VA) Rally Monday

Satanic Temple mocks ‘laughable’ attempt to kill religious freedom suit aimed at MO abortion laws

Obama Strikes Terror Into The Hearts Of Republicans By Supporting Mandatory Voting

RWW News: Glenn Beck Says 'Sarah Palin Has Become A Clown'

RWW News: Tom DeLay Says That God Wrote The Constitution

Houston cops shoot unarmed black patient in hospital — and then charge him with assault

Boehner Opens Door To Suing Obama Over Iran Deal Boehner said a lawsuit against the president is a "

In Iowa, black voters are testing the Bernie Sanders waters

TYT: Barbershop Fined For Refusing To Cut Woman’s Hair

Bernie books.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 10, 2015

Huckabee: Dred Scott Decision 'Remains To This Day The Law Of The Land'

Remember the Big Dog's line "Vote for me and you get her free"?

Caitlyn Jenner Is *NOT* Offended By Halloween Costume

Legislation introduced to roll back NLRB ‘joint employer’ decision

The Pentagon's Syria debacle

Clinton 'pleads guilty' to being a moderate

Murkowski Becomes First GOP Senator To Co-Sponsor Dem Voting Rights Act Bill

Prison gets Rich locking up preschoolers

Donald Trump On Bobby Jindal's Attacks: Who?

Big Pharma Greed: Your Generic Drugs Are Getting More Expensive

Legislation introduced to roll back NLRB ‘joint employer’ decision

Legislation introduced to roll back NLRB ‘joint employer’ decision

Senate Dems Block GOP Move To Embarrass Obama On Iran Deal

TYT: TV Show Asks If Rape Is Ever A Woman’s Fault

Southern Ocean removing carbon dioxide from atmosphere more efficiently

Republican-led attempt to block Iran deal fails in Senate

Oath Keepers put ‘boots on the ground’ to guard oath-breaking Kim Davis

9-8-15 The Fight for an Education in 2:00

9-8-15 The Fight for an Education in 2:00

9-8-15 The Fight for an Education in 2:00

Colombia’s upcoming elections threatened by violence and fraud: Observers

U.S. court finds EPA was wrong to approve Dow pesticide harmful to bees

N.Y. Will Be First State With $15 Minimum for Fast-Food Workers

The Enduring Myth of Black Criminality

How to beat the climate crisis? Start with carrots

9-9-15 The Hanapepe Massacre in 2:00

9-9-15 The Hanapepe Massacre in 2:00

9-9-15 The Hanapepe Massacre in 2:00

LOVE it! GOP Plot To Block Iran Deal Fails In Senate, Handing Obama Major Victory

Student with #Black Lives Matter shirt sent home from school

TYT: Fox News Freaks Over Latest Gun Control Idea

Northeast Colombia hospital unable to provide cancer treatment for 85 children

They didn't build that roof quick enough...

Hybrid solar cell converts both light and heat from sun’s rays into electricity (video)

New York governor pushes for first statewide $15 minimum wage in US

America Will Add 1 Gigawatt of Solar Every Month Between Now and the End of 2016

Stipe to Trump and Cruz: "Go fuck yourselves, you sad, attention grabbing, power-hungry little men"

TYT: Why Does Trump Prefer Syrian Refugees Over Hispanic?

Opening Nebraska's energy industry to private competition could save ratepayers $250 million

Police: Girl left in van for hours at Arkansas state Rep. Harris' preschool

Al Franken Calls Out Iran Deal Opponents for Failing to Learn Lessons of Iraq

Tonight's concert- Dr. Dog at the Union Transfer!!!

Democrats Pounce on Leaked NRCC Document

N.Y. police chief criticizes use of force in ex-tennis star's arrest

U.S. sends 75 more troops to Sinai to boost peacekeepers' security

Here come the quacks: The Latest Plan To Stop Obama's Iran Deal: Sue Him!

*** Gets out Electric Staple and posts sign for new DU Bar *** Now Open....

Sanders’s Screwy Mideast Strategy

Kansas Mathematician: State’s Voting Machines Are Rigging Elections, Need Audit

Glenn Beck Calls Sarah Palin a ‘Clown': I’m Embarrassed I Supported Her

Join Governor Martin O'Malley in Montgomery County!

Join Governor Martin O'Malley in Montgomery County, MD!

Meh. Colbert's New Show

Portland sets minimum wage to $10.10, adjusts tipped wage

Warmonger Dick Cheney Won’t Apologize For Iraq Blunders

Grace Jones has written a memoir! Can't wait.

After Further Review: Tropical Storm Erika

there are no 'secret side deals' in iran agreement

Antisemitism, Terror Support Rampant at Anti-Netanyahu Protests in London

Trump Makes Another Joke About Maybe Dating His Daughter Ivanka

Bill banning ‘Redskins’ mascot heads to governor’s desk

Hillary on Ellen's Show;

Dear Kim, I Got Married While You Were in Jail

Robert Reich on Bernie Sanders' popularity...

MSNBC and Lot RE: Bernie Sanders ..So angry!

Court vacates EPA registration for bee-killing chemical

Some Pundit On One Of The News Shows Today Said Something To The Effect That The Support Bernie....

Pancreatic cancer stem cells could be "suffocated” by an anti-diabetic drug

Can Bernie establish a Scandinavian brand of egalitarianism in the US? An Independent View

‘Dear Fat People’ comedian loses job over ‘fat phobic’ video

FDR 'Let Me Warn You' about Republicans, 1936.

Democrats Rise Up And Hand Mitch McConnell A Humiliating Loss By Blocking Iran Resolution

Dear Republicans ~

First & Second halfs of Wolf Blitzer's interview with Bernie


TYT: Huckabee Goons Block Ted Cruz From Entering Kim Davis Event


Dear Ellen D

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 11 September 2015

Irony impaired Michele Bachmann: "When a madman speaks, you listen!"

Carly Fiorina Shares Her Fun Side

Sanders campaign set for expansion

Bree Newsome visits University of Miami

Bernie addressing the racism against Latinos

Duran Duran - Pressure Off (360 Interactive Video) |

Now THIS ad is good. (Spoiler - to be shown 1st during tonight's game)

CAPTION this patriotic, inspirational, faith-filled photo of Mike, Janet, Kim, and Gomer.

Clinton heads to Milwaukee for 'Women for Hillary' event

Bernie cupcakes

Braddock mayor John Fetterman to run for US Senate.

Update-Our dear sister, bravenak, received a second letter from Mr. Citizen.

Take poll on MSNBC

Elizabeth Warren in Austin Sunday to raise money for Texas Democrats

Ken Paxton hires 2 longtime lawyers

Lindsey Graham Blames Iran For 9/11 Attacks

Daniel Craig comes out in support of Bernie Sanders

Martin O’Malley on Climate Change & Rise of Islamic State.

Gohmert Pyle Threatens to Stay in Office if GOP Doesn’t Get Tough on Iran Deal

If a post is alerted on, is the poster allowed to argue their case before it goes to jury?

Obama Can't Win The General Election!

Bernie Sanders Absolutely Glowing in Interview on CNN - Even Goes After Establishment Media!

Martin O’Malley on Climate Change & Rise of Islamic State.

Suggestions for comprehensive Jury reform?

Temple (TX) Police officer arrested in El Paso

Police Say Releasing Video of Cops Shooting Man For Holding a Pen Would ‘Endanger Officer Lives’

I'm angry...

Student Sent Home For Wearing #BlackLivesMatter Shirt With List of People Killed by Police

So much shit - so little time...

Cheaties. The breakfast of...

BoingBoing: How is this Ted Cruz poster not totally homoerotic & weird for a presidential candidate?

Race To The Merch House (Colbert)

Rick Nolan Anti-Iran Vote Commercial

The real Kim Davis: Corrupt, nepotistic and crooked.

U.S. Government Blocks Release of New CIA Torture Details

There's a weekly DU NFL football pool over in the Sports Group

Interview with Carol Burnett

Ted Nugent is doing dope, or has brain damage from doing dope.

“Frankly, he makes @JebBush look like the Energizer Bunny”

Coal’s Decline Is Choking Appalachia Towns (xpost from GD)

This is what I would have expected from Bernie!

why so much anger, hyperbole and antisocial behavior towards Democrats

French Court upholds Monsanto conviction.

We are here right now more than ever...

Very disturbing video....

The oldest 1% trick in the book

A small, strange thing happened to me today.

Are we EVER going t wake up and enforce anti trust? Mursdoch buys National Geograhic?

Bernie does well in a poll -- So Tweety put on two Clinton supporters

Bernie to be on All with Chris Hayes tonight

Ben Carson is relying on a time-honored Iowa strategy — and it’s working

Photos: Curly-Haired Man Carved into Ancient Sarcophagus

Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist

New U.N. Probe Of Syrian Chemical Weapons Use To Name Perpetrators

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

"This Is Bernie Sanders' Plan to Beat Hillary Clinton"

Luckovich: Iphone charger

That was a major Obama victory in the Senate today

Halloween fright comes early: Cheney-Cotton 2016?

General Assembly Vote Lets Palestinians Fly Flag at U.N. Headquarters

"I've been accused of being a moderate. I plead guilty." -HRC. "I am a proud progressive." -Bernie

Tiburon Ferry in trouble — could takeover save it?

Group Host - Please read re SOP And Alerting hosts

The Passion of the Kore

‘No Blacks’ Is Not a Sexual Preference. It's Racism.

Russia's Syrian Air Base Has U.S. Scrambling for a Plan