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Clinton cedes the mantle of "Progressive" to Sanders

I would like to get some feedback on what happened at the republican event

Gallup: Obama job approval: 49-46 +3

Intelligence Chief: Iraq And Syria May Not Survive As States

Martin O'Malley Shows How To Make An Honest Buck On Wall Street

30 Years Later, ‘The Golden Girls’ is Still the Most Progressive Show on Television

The Latest GOP Plan To Stop Obama's Iran Deal: Sue Him!

Any rabbit behavior experts?

MUST READ: Byron York Reports on One Day in Sanders' Iowa Campaign

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka Bernie's defends "socialist" label

Bernie's up next on Chris Hayes msnbc -nt-

Nate Silver: ESPN Statistician Says Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Likely Won't Win Party Nominations

very soon…

Is this necessary?

Very Small Crowd for Hillary in Ohio; Sanders Takes Lead in Iowa

My Love Story-Final Episode delayed 1 week.

House votes to accuse Obama of withholding Iran documents (but he doesn't have the documents)

Chrissie has something to tell you

Emasculated white men love Donald Trump: The real reason a billionaire bozo rules the GOP

Transgender San Francisco inmates to be housed by gender identity

U.S. jury awards $17 million to abused migrant women farm workers

Carly Fiorina will appear in top-tier CNN Reagan Library debate

Emilio Estefan Drafts Wife Gloria Estefan, Santana and More to Battle Trump......

EU Prepares Plan to Turn Away Masses of Refugees from Europe

Warren Buffet: I admire Bernie, but I'm voting Hillary

Mike Huckabee: Dred Scott decision ‘is still the law of the land’ regardless of 14th Amendment

Police focus on seizing guns to combat Chicago gang murders

This is what really pisses me off about the "party leaders."

Tweet from Hillary: A sitdown with America's cutest Presidential history expert.

Clinton crusader David Brock: The New York Times has 'a special place in hell.' (HILLARY GROUP)

Canadian radio station offers $40,000 prize for transgender person's transition

EU, Cuba enter difficult phase of bilateral talks, focus on political pact

Netanyahu aims his WMD at Obama and the Democrats

TYT: Rally Against Iran Deal Draws Only A Handful

Enough is Enough rallies date set......

Biden to Colbert: Not Yet Ready to Commit to 2016

any experience with these you build em bikes ?

FBI Arrests Florida Man for Allegedly Urging Attack With Rat Poison Bomb

O'Malley Calls Out Debbie Wasserman Schultz By Name - 'Bad For the Country' re: debate limits

Eulogy to Mr. Mickey 2 Feb 1996 - Sept 10, 2015

TYT: Huckabee: Yeah I Blocked Cruz... Kim Davis Is MY Publicity Stunt

"Go back to your country, Bin Laden": Elderly Sikh man severely beaten

I bit the bullet and purchased my first presidential bumper sticker

September Is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month: The First Lady on the impact of Let's Move (BOG)

I've gone Campaign CRAZY - Anyone feeling me?

Video Shows Object Thrown in Planned Parenthood Arson


Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Is This The End? & a new Kitteh gif

Gaming the Jury

Firefighters Battle to Protect Treasured California Sequoias

Poetry Corner…

Firefighters Battle to Protect Treasured California Sequoias

Day from Hell...

The Onion: Cheney Waits Until Last Minute Again To Buy Sept. 11 Gifts

Japan floods: City of Joso hit by 'unprecedented' rain

Trump Swag Made In Africa

Just Came to Get Some Love...

Is there no one in the Obama administration or Clinton campaign who understands the phrase

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 11, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: Robert Osborne's Picks

Possible mass shooting stopped by unarmed man.

James Bond may have broken the law in giving to Bernie Sanders PAC.

Congressional bill aims to get NFL to change the name 'Redskins'

LRSD Superintendent Kurrus urges state to remember district needs before approving charter expansion

CBS Evening News - 'Hillary's Once Commanding Lead... Has Evaporated' - Full Network Report

Peru: Former Dictator Is to Be Tried in 1978 Abductions of His Opponents

Peru: Former Dictator Is to Be Tried in 1978 Abductions of His Opponents

Pete Rose has thrown two TD passes tonight for the Cheatriots tonights.

Revealed The Secret Origin Of The Feud Between Chris Christie And NYPD

Lawmakers Pledge $80 Million to Eliminate Rape Kit Backlogs Nationwide

O’Malley Not Backing Down on Call for More Democratic Debates

Lawmakers Pledge $80 Million to Eliminate Rape Kit Backlogs Nationwide

Lawmakers Pledge $80 Million to Eliminate Rape Kit Backlogs Nationwide

Dimple boy and the Pats are making it look easy......ugh. eom

Study: Caffeine trade thrived in ancient America

cued up

'El Clan' Becomes Most Successful Argentinian Movie Opening In Country's History

Colored Lights Illuminate the Celebrations for Mexico''s Independence

ACLU: The Brave New World of Discrimination

Luckovice - Marriage Licenses

Freepers support coup in case their boy loses

Cameron, Hollande and Merkel: Why we support the Iran deal

chavistas attack beat and rob journalists waiting for sentence of Lopez. spanish

9-10-15 The Lattimer Massacre in 2:00

9-10-15 The Lattimer Massacre in 2:00

9-10-15 The Lattimer Massacre in 2:00

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 12, 2015 -- The Essentials - A Night In The Congo

Here is the coolest table game, pub game, for all ages and capabilities

CNN/ORC poll: Hillary's primary lead drops to 10 points

Police trials in Freddie Gray death to stay in Baltimore: judge

Man Dies Amid Clashes as Verdict Nears for Venezuela Leader

CNN poll; Sorry folks not that exciting.

U.S., Israel weeks away from co-production deal for missile shield

More support for Bernie

López's supporters and journalists attacked outside courthouse

Just ordered Bernie sticker

does kim davis have an ashley madison account?

Christopher Hayes;We're gonna take @BernieSanders up on his invitation and go see a rally.

Hi been here since 04 but don't post pics

Rauner, union agree to extend contract as negotiations continue

Hate to say it, but Shady and the Pats look pretty good tonight..

Study Finds Most Of America's Poor Have Jobs

Rauner, union agree to extend contract as negotiations continue

Rauner, union agree to extend contract as negotiations continue

The New York Times: When it comes to Clinton, it's all the speculation that's fit to print. (HRC)

I just thought the most important thing I could do was vote...

Politics Done Right - Our failed media almost led us to war with Iran and beyond (VIDEO)

Japan flooding: 1 death, 22 missing in deluge

Megan Barry just won the mayoral election in Nashville, TN.

Emma Goldman's Legacy (Video)

Dear friends. I need advice about a cheating BF I broke up with last night.

Cenk Runs The Numbers on Hillary vs. Sanders - Who Is Out Front? Surprising Answer

The repeat of The Missing Evidence /Twin Towers is on in half an hour

First Library to Support Anonymous Internet Browsing Effort Stops After DHS Email

Youth arrested on terrorism charges had cell number for Couture-Rouleau

First Library to Support Anonymous Internet Browsing Effort Stops After DHS Email

Officials: Fla. man planned Sept. 11 anniversary terror plot

A little good news regarding a cop trial

America Feels The Bern: Bernie Sanders Now Front-Runner TYT

So we take as FACT that a SELF-identified Bernie supporter actually supports Bernie Sanders?

Argentina hails UN vote on sovereign debt restructuring

I'm still wavering between HRC and Sanders.

Strawberries are not Berries!

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump: "We Are Led By Very Very Stupid People"

Mary Landrieu Open to Donating Leftover Campaign Funds to Republicans


Padre hits for the cycle for the first time in club history. It took 7444 games.

Louisiana: Women Don’t Need Planned Parenthood. They Have Dentists.

Michelle Obama to Appear on "Project Runway Junior" (BOG)

Gov. Rick Scott's former top lawyer will run huge water agency

Biker Saves Injured Kitten and Continues His Trip While Caring for Him

New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Vulnerable Against Bernie Sanders And Potential GOP Challengers

Cat Gives A Dog Hypnotherapy - The Translation

Argentina hails UN vote on sovereign debt restructuring

About the horrible letter sent to Bravenak.

I can not believe how much of a pass tRump gets for the things he says

There is something profoundly fitting that that Iran deal should pass , , ,

Labor, Bernie Sanders, and Direct Action: Larry Hanley and Morrigan Phillips |

I look upon the landscape

Mike Malloy - The Classic Definition Of Religious Tyranny

Joe Biden, in an emotional interview with Stephen Colbert, expresses doubts about a 2016 run.

I find myself to be really annoying at times. Why can't I ignore myself on here?

I feel like Sarah Palin...

Facebook fear mongering....

Vice President Joe Biden on now with Colbert

Steelers coaches encounter headset problems against Patriots

Biden on Colbert now!

David Brock fights back against the Fake "email scandal" of Clinton

Say Her Name - Natasha McKenna

Biden repeatedly takes credit for the Patriot Act

Your Japanese Weak Point

Biden repeatedly takes credit for the Patriot Act (Buzzfeed)

California Becomes First State to Label Monsanto’s Roundup as a Carcinogen

From the Diocese of Atlanta:

Major court victory for beekeepers and the environment. Dow AgroSciences and EPA LOSE.

Cop Writes Man a Ticket for Broken Windshield as He’s Getting it Fixed

Some time back, I asked what DU was like in the last Presidential primary...

First trailer released for Marvel's Jessica Jones. (VIDEO)

US official: 'IS making and using chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria'

Where exactly were you 14 years ago when you learned of the events of 9-11 ?

Venezuela opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez sentenced

So, only six debates and trouble for anyone who steps out of line.

Has Bravenak confirmed she has involved the appropriate authorities?

Chris Hayes Get's Real with Bernie Sanders -- Now 11 Points Up in N.H. -- 'What's Going On?!!'

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good Mench.

Why Do The Best & Brightest End So Early Tragically While These Sick Psychopathic Bastards Live On.

America’s Mud Wrestling Championships Versus the Real Issues We Face

PM: EU vote to label Israel settlement products echoes Nazi era

Oakland School Board: SB277 Informational Meeting held on 9/9/15

South Korean man gets 12 years for slashing US ambassador

If He Could Run Again, How Many People Here Would Vote for Bill Clinton?

Clinton's lead over Sanders shrinks as her edge over GOP vanishes

"Like Feeding a Stray Dog" What People in a Rich Neighborhood Say About the Homeless

It's perfectly clear that the ass who wrote those horrible letters to Bravenak has lost...

you can't not like

Influential Pro-Israel Group Suffers Stinging Political Defeat

Examiners: Company Not To Blame For North Texas Quakes

Audit: Scant Proof of Event Fund's Tax Impact

Just watched the Biden interview

Comparing a gay Dallas judge’s refusal to do weddings to Kim Davis doesn’t work

NYPD cop who tackled James Blake covered up arrest

Carly Fiorina Makes The Cut For CNN's GOP Debate

on democracyNOW! on 9/10/15

Martin O'Malley on DemocracyNow! 9/10/15


Martin O'Malley on DemocracyNow! 9/10/15

Sanders: 'Not Acceptable' To Jail Young Pot Smokers And Let Big Bank CEOs Walk

Saudi Arabia offers Germany 200 mosques – one for every 100 refugees who arrived last weekend

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert the extended interview with Joe Biden

America's Oligarch Problem: How the Super-Rich Threaten US Democracy Der spiegel

9/11 Global Interactive Broadcast: The lies of the 9/11 Attacks and the War on Terror

would it be possible considering the current problems with apparent alert stalking

Texas A&M professor among discoverers of new species of human relative

Texas A&M professor among discoverers of new species of human relative

Giuliani talks 9/11, tort reform and leadership

Rats Invade South Lake Union

Daily Holidays - September 11

New National Poll!! Hillary: 37%, Bernie: 27%. HRC's lead over Bernie dropped 10 pts in a month!!

New National Poll!! Hillary: 37%, Bernie: 27%. HRC's lead over Bernie dropped 10 pts in a month!!

Texas Mutual Insurance Company pays out $225 million in dividends

Medicaid Cuts Are About to Leave Thousands of Disabled Children Without Care

9/11 Tribute in Light - Behind the Scenes

Bernie Sanders is having a rally in Manassas at 8pm Monday Sept 14

Bernie Sanders will be at a rally in Manassas, Va on Monday

Massive Protest Wave in Iraq Challenges Sectarianism

 What Do You Get When You Remix the Confederacy for 2015?

What Candidates Talk About When They Talk About Equality

Knesset lawfare subcommittee holds first meeting

Wear red Friday to support the Chihuahuas

Hillary Clinton Isn’t the First Government Official to Send Secret Messages

Solar Power Just Broke Another Record in the US

The War Against Women: College Campuses and American Culture

Warren Increases the Pain Factor for Choosing Corporate-Friendly Democrat

David Duke joins student demonstration on LSU’s campus in support of Confederate symbols

World’s First All-Electric Satellite Online Ahead of Schedule

Contempt all around in firefighter dispute as New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu battles house arrest

Student Sent Home For Wearing #BlackLivesMatter Shirt With List of People Killed by Police

Catalan separatists launch campaign to secede from Spain (no, this isn't one of my cat threads)

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime

The Tom Tom Club - Pleasure Of Love

UN General Assembly approves raising of Palestinian flag

Obama directs US to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in next year

Bobby Jindal Puts On His Man-Pants to Vent / Jeb Sits Like A Lump Agreeing (Bwahahahaha!!!)

Anicent, human-like species discovered in South Africa

Burlington prospered with Sanders as mayor

Huckabee isn't running for President, he's running for dictator (not kidding)

Donald Trump Says Yes to Stephen Colbert (September 22nd)

Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place

I knew BDS wouldn't be happy about this

New Amazing Ceres Bright Spot Images from NASA's Dawn Spacecraft

Big-Name Plan B’s for Democrats Concerned About Hillary Clinton

Durrington Walls superhenge

Tom Tom Club - L'Elephant

Giant prehistoric virus from Siberia to be awoken

Me thinks thou dost protest too much

The Amazing Honesty of Joe Biden (Washington Post)

Airto & Flora Purim - Live In São Paulo / Brazil, 1988

England: dog shelter, damaged in '14 fire, set to reopen; asks for dog selfies

Watch a tornado on the sun

China's Sexual Revolution Documentary 720p Channel

Clinton Campaign Stage Area Collapses - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Courser, Gamrat out

Puerto Rican government unveils anti-worker austerity plan

Today's Non-Sequitur

The documentary about Donald Trump that Trump suppressed for 24 years

Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Stool Pigeon

Winds Of Change Blow Through South As Democrats Are Winning Special Elections On GOP Turf

Was (Not Was) - Tell Me That I'm Dreaming

GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee argued that blacks do not have the right to be US citizens

If Ordinary People Filmed Nature Documentaries

Tears and jeers: An evening with the Corbyn faithful

Advice from a Cyber Security expert (me) on how someone could have found Bravenak's home address

Night Music #119 1989 Leonard Cohen, Sonny Rollins, Ken Nordine, Was (Not Was)

California Police Ransacked Public Apartments Without Warrants Under ‘Neighborhood Blitz’ Program

Remember last year when I said that, based on a "Salon" I attended, Hillary Clinton would be running

Business Leaders Write To Obama Urging Him To Not Allow Drilling In The Atlantic

Venezuela opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez sentenced


Biden coming on strong in new CNN poll--HRC & Sanders both down

This Throwback Thursday, here's a look at Republicans' outdated plans to "take care" of women.

Bernie Sanders appearing on MEET THE PRESS this Sunday...

New Pluto Images from NASA’s New Horizons: It’s Complicated

Coming flood: 10 ways to prepare for El Niño -- Mark Morford

Trump pulls back the curtain and says...'hey I AM Oz'

The Rude Pundit - The Planned Parenthood Hearing That Made America Dumber

Nice golden parachute for Uniteds' Smisek

Cameron ‘in off-camera jibe at Yorkshire’

"Carbon Negative" RE Development Scam In Denver Busted As Ponzi Scheme - Ultimate Greenwashing

Mike Malloy - According To The Bible, Kim Davis Should Be Put To Death

Rio's Olympics-Ready! Expert Compares City's Sewage System With Late Medieval London Or Paris

Invisible War Crimes: The Corporate Media On Yemen

George W. Bush, the hero of 9/11!

CA, OR, NV, WA All On Track For Hottest Year On Record; 2 Have Already Set Summer Record

John McAfee announces he’s running for President. (ignore the murder thing, I guess)

Hey Dumbya, war criminal of a Dick Cheney

Iranian artist charged with "illegitimate sexual relationship" after shaking hands with her lawyer

Vigilantes Hunt Mystery Highway Shooter

August 2015 Atmospheric CO2 Content 398.82; August 2014 397.01; August 2013 395.15

Freedom from Slavery in 21st Century

Jason Box: Global Ice Loss Far Faster Than Projections: "I'd Say We're In For More Surprises"

Haggen employees' union prepared to fight to keep contract

Haggen employees' union prepared to fight to keep contract

Haggen employees' union prepared to fight to keep contract

The epitome of "whitesplaining"

The 2015 9/11 Day Memorial Film Festival

So how was the Clinton event in Milwaukee?? It looked pretty good

Do You Think the DNC will support Sanders if he wins the Nomination and fund Ad Campaign?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-10-15

Bernie Sanders' Morality is a Threat to the Status Quo

"Oath Keepers" to save Kim Davis., whom we now know can't keep her oaths, any of them.

Sanders Group daily song, 9/11 edition: God Bless America--first time it was sung to the public.

Make America Great Again ?

I already miss my friend and brother, 1StrongBlackMan

One of these things is not like the others:

States that fought same-sex marriage owe millions in legal fees

Documentary Reveals: What your Upstairs Neighbors are REALLY Doing.

Bagley Cartoon: Nobody Says ‘Let’s Keep America Safe’ Quite Like Ol’ Dick

Today marks ten years for me here on DU

Toon: Bernie For Labor!

Jindal: Trump a shallow, narcissistic madman

Friday Toon Roundup 1- Trump trump trump baked beans trump spam trump trump

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Crazy is Fundamental

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Refugees need homes because we helped destroy theirs

9/11 & "Faulty" Intelligence:

Chris Cilizza: the amazing honesty of Joe Biden

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

Bike fit question

England: Little bebeh duckling missing from care facility

Chris Cillizza on Joe Biden's appearance on Colbert

US producer prices unchanged in August as gas costs fall

Should Senator Sanders Become A Member Of The Democratic Party If He Wins The Nomination?

1 Michigan Tea Partier Resigns, Other Ousted After Bogus Gay Sex Scandal

Not *those* billionaire brothers, top 2016 donors, Farris & Don WILKS give $15M to Carnival CRUZ

"Short Shift At Ground Zero" - Kim & Reggie Harris

Osama bin Laden got what he wanted: 9/11 and the birth of the national security state

"Jesus would be packin'!" . . . Please come CAPTION Tony Perkins on Fox!!!!

Is Hillary Clinton Really The Most Electable Democrat?

Editorial: Making America grate again? Trump bringing smoke, mirrors to Dallas

I just went after an old friend of mine.

Thousands of refugees walked across Europe. We walked with them, every step of the way...

Poor diet 'biggest contributor to early deaths across the world'

Michelle Bachmann re Iran: "War is peace." and "Rejoice, for the End Times are near."

Dick Cheney's next book will be titled...

Protests Against Keystone XL Pipeline Workaround, Enbridge's Alberta Clipper

Citi's Chief Economist Says China Is 'Financially Out of Control'

Sept 23 - Weds pm - Mark it down! Great line up on Colbert :-)

Surprise? Confederate battle flag showed up at the Kim Davis rally on Tuesday.

first photos of interior digs of its Crew Dragon capsule — Space X

Hey I know this is WAY too early, and

Jorge Ramos: Envisioning ‘Trumpland,’ what America would look like if Trump Were President

The Clinton Email Scandal, Day Infinity + 1

The Sanders and Clinton plateau and the Biden surge

If Republicans really want to hold up the Iran deal, they should send Dick Cheney to jail.

Hillary claims the "moderate" label. Interesting.

Late Nemtsov, Snowden Among Candidates for EU Rights Prize

Rachel Maddow - CNN sets GOP debate roster, Hillary Clinton rallies women

Anyone watching the 9-11 Replay of NBC coverage

Planned Parenthood to sue Arkansas to preserve Medicaid help

Cuba Releasing 3,522 Prisoners Ahead of Pope's Visit

U.Va. drops in U.S. News & World Report 2015 college rankings

This Is Another “Subprime” Waiting to Blow

Hundreds Protest Beef Ban in Indian-Controlled Kashmir

Bernie Sanders Says Campaign Will Expand Beyond Early States

Didn't think it was possible to hate ESPN more after their past 9 months of lies...

Hillary Slams Scott Walker: He Gets 'Marching Orders' From The Kochs

U.S. to China: Take back your undocumented immigrants

Stirring Up The Dust At Ground Zero

Back To School in a Season of Revolt

Family says DCF discriminating because religion OKs spanking

Betting markets: Bernie and Biden at 13% each.

Atheist bloggers flee Bangladesh

NOVA: Dawn of Humanity Deep in a South African cave, an astounding discovery .....

Yo Dubya...if you read the fucking report!!!!

The Kim Davis Saga May Last Until At Least January, If Not Longer

Why would anyone want to run on the Democratic ticket if they feel this way?

GOP is making plans to kill any help to improve the planet's climate

14 Years ago

Sept. 11.......1973

Dawn Takes a Closer Look at Occator (warning big image)

Fuk'd Snooze wastes NO TIME getting that effing bullhorn video clip out on Facebook this morning

"Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here!": Refugees Welcomed by Huge Crowds in Germany

complete video of Biden interview on Colbert

If I'm daring to raise my head above the parapet and post an OP for the first time in months...

Meet Baddie Winkle, Who Fell In Love With Raver Clothes At Age 87

September 11, 1858

Dean Baker: WaPo's Support of TPP Is In Line with a Tradition of Contempt for Workers

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake will not seek re-election in 2016.

Tara "pants unzipped" Mack "changed her tune" after story came out - Sheriff

Barry Cooper bitten by snake while filming psychedelic mushroom hunt

Where does pure, natural water come from? - USGS FAQ

GWB stole the 2000 election, Ignored 911 warnings and then used 911 to attack Iraq

The Duggars Have The Sads As Arkansas Town Passes LGBT Protection Measure

On 9/11 - A memory of Bush

9/11 FB post from Joe Sestak

25 Fascinating Facts About New York City And Why It Is Called The Big Apple

Thousands turnout for Hillary in Milwaukee

Why All Those Speculations About A John Kerry 2016' bid?

A rainbow over 9/11 site on day before anniversary

Rolling Stone Writer: Trump Was Not Talking About Carly Fiorina's Persona

The Kennedys "Stand"

57% Of Republicans Want Christianity Declared State Religion.

Hillary in Columbus OH Sept 10

Some Action on O’Malley’s Appeals for US to Accept More Syrian Refugees

No racial profiling in the James Blake case?

Kim Davis Won't Be Arrested Again Promises 'Patriot' Militia Group

Fundies Want War & Climate Cooking So They Can Be With Jesus Sooner.

California Legislature votes to suspend high school exit exam

Paying Respect to 9/11 Chris Christie Style

‘Lifesaving’ study points to overhaul in treating high blood pressure

Fed up with EPA, LePage retaliates with threat

Just do it

We Must Understand GOP & Fundies Want To Replace Constitution & Government We Have.

I want a journalist to ask Senator Sanders these questions…

Study: TABOR leads to inequities, unintended issues

1975's Boulder Clerk issuing marriage liscences versus today's KY Clerk refusing.

TYT: America Feels The Bern: Bernie Sanders Now Front-Runner

Report warns 'tsunami' of adults with autism are struggling to find work

Please hit the link included in this post..about high blood pressure

TYT: Trump On Carly Fiorina: "Look At That Face.. Would Anyone Vote For That?"

We Need the Right to Repair Our Gadgets

AAP Report: Many children with mental health disorders not receiving federal benefits

Does UC Berkeley miscalculate student rent expense by 42%?

TYT: Reporter Allegedly Fired After Asking Senator About Prostitutes

Finding your place: atheism

43% Of Republicans Say They Could Support A Military Overthrow Of The U.S. Government

Remember when?

TYT: Woman Convicted For Stomping Kittens To Death

Martin O'Malley Slams Democratic National Committee for Rigging Debates+

Insiders: Clinton Still on Track to Win Iowa and New Hampshire (HILLARY GROUP)

Chris Matthews ode to anti-lame duck President Obama (VIDEO)

Martin O'Malley Slams Democratic National Committee for Rigging Debates+ more,

Pic Of The Moment: Ewwwww

We Are All Chinese Now

If Florida boots Confederate general's statue, here are some candidates to replace him

hot new sounds from G.Yee, Hot Sauce #LunchClub

Ex-Romney Aides United in Stopping Trump

Teachers caught having sex at Swansea school struck off

David Duke kicked out of LSU hotel

Father who lost son warns parents on guns

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Slips in Early September, Survey Says

How To Attack a Public Scientist

When in Rome, Learn to Cook Italian.

Prehistoric Shark with Enormous Mouth Discovered

A debate over the Talbot Boys (MD) is planning on covering 4 events this weekend.

Historic accuracy of flag may prompt change in county seal (AL)

Habitat breakups put animal populations at risk

Mantra for "9/11": Fourteen Years Later, An Improbable World-- by Tom Englehardt

Nate Silver gives Hillary Clinton 93% odds of beating Bernie Sanders

When in Rome, Learn to Cook Italian.EDIT

Hello old friends --

*** I am starting the Sept Contest on Sept 14 instead of the 15th. Prelims late Sun, early Mon

Animal Facing Extinction In 2003 Fucks Its Way Back

Serena watchers -spoiler

We disrupted Hillary Clinton on behalf of black Trans women and here is why?

"Kitten Mutsu Loves His Mum Kami"

Oakland Raiders take a shot on troubled pass rusher Aldon Smith

Three kinds of threads to stop posting on

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake won't seek re-election

Republican Family Values UPDATE: "God's Marriage = 1 Woman + 1 Man" (and sometimes, another man).

Awesome event! Turnout of thousands for Hillary Clinton rally in Milwaukee: (HILLARY GROUP)

House Vote To Approve Iran Nuclear Deal Fails

Undocumented 9/11 Ground Zero Workers

At a Brooklyn Cemetary, A Place of Work and an Enduring Memorial

Security clearances and presidential candidates

Are we a "Democracy"? What does that even mean?

Illinois will not appeal high court ruling on pension reform

Longmire -- season 4. Wow...

One shot, one stabbed at D.C.’s Union Station

Bottom Feeder Republicans Are Clinging To Lunatic Kim Davis

Transcript of Clinton's talk at Brookings

top 5 on this wk: TP rally; Homosexual Gaystapo'; Dr Carson denies evolution;...

People need to learn to not use real information on the intertubes

"Why The Hell Is This Pig's Flesh Bright Blue?!"

S.C. Attorney General Threatens To Sue Obama Over Nuke Fuel Plant (Again)

If African Americans face disparate treatment in America in general wouldn't that affect DU also?

OMG, Paul Krugman just posted this in his online blog...

White House Press Conference rudely interrupted....

Church seeks legal injunction against protesting strippers

Here’s why so many voters are so dumb

YouGov poll: 43% of Republicans would support a military takeover of the U.S.

This Week In Crazy: Come Hell And High Water

NFL investigating Steelers assistant for allegedly assaulting Patriots fan

87 people killed as crane crashes in Mecca's Grand Mosque

A Duer said to post these dreamy Bernie cupcakes in this group, so here you go. Bakers rock!

Trumpery-it's a real word.

Remembering a True New Yorker on 9/11

Office depot involved in religious discrimination printing tiff

California enacts two-person train crew legislation

All The GOP Nuttery Over Iran Deal Is About The 2016 Election.

Huckabee: Same-Sex Marriage Is 'Illegal' Because It's 'Left The Country In A State Of Confusion'

Are you a fan of Scott Walker? If so, you might want to avert your eyes from this chart: chart

Bernie Superpack

Bernie enters the third Ghandian phase.

When the warning light comes on in your instrument panel, pull over and stop.

Is it a witch hunt yet?

Mr Citizen

Moon's crust as fractured as can be

Sleeping Kittens - The Translation

"...boring shit, man. Sorry, Jerry."

It's OK to Support the Democratic Primary Candidate of Your Choice

California Senate OKs automatic voter registration plan


I feel bad for Serena - But Boy I Love Vinci

Why a Fractious, Hard Fought Democrat Primary is Good for the Party and the General

Ladies semifinal results (SPOILER ALERT)

Greece: Poll shows Syriza pulling ahead in election run-up

Pats Say They Heard Steelers Admit They’re Just Jealous in Secret Recordings of Steelers Locker Room

Ted Cruz Gets Blocked By Huckabee Staffer While Trying To Approach Kim Davis

Last surviving 9/11 rescue dog honored with birthday celebration

Excerpt from the 6 August 2001 PDB - Bin Ladin Determined To Strike In US

Last year no kids were killed or injured by the monster under the bed.

Samuel DuBose shooting was due to 'critical errors in judgment', says report

San Jose mayor's office urged taxi driver to submit letter to newspaper

Spy Chief James Clapper Compares U.S. "Intelligence Community" To Spiderman (Kevin Gosztola 9-10-15

How 9/11 Was Displayed In Non-American Countries. This Is Eye-Opening.


538: Scare Headlines Exaggerated The U.S. Crime Wave

Yes Minister (British sitcom)- On the EU

British Airways jet suffered rare engine failure

I want a journalist to ask Hillary Clinton if she is ever going to answer these 5 questions.

Luckovich - Rupert Murdoch and Global Warming

Clinton address to Brookings not neocon

Trump discusses Ukraine and Syria with European politicians via video link

State Department Blasts Ecuador for Dissolving US-Backed NGO

One Hundred Academics for Ayahuasca Dignity in Colombia

Planned Parenthood files suit over Arkansas decision to cut funding

Here’s how much 4K video you can shoot on an iPhone 6s

Gun Trafficking Prevention Act of 2015

Russia to U.S.: talk to us on Syria or risk 'unintended incidents'

2 drunk guys plus "showcasing" equals?

RUDE PUNDIT: 9/11 Is Okay With You Forgetting

Remembering Salvador Allende today

Either elected officials respond to the needs of an involved electorate, or don't stay elected...

Bernie Sanders campaign opens field office in Columbia

Hillary Clinton Aide Bryan Pagliano Invokes Fifth Amendment in Email Probe

Burning all fossil energy would eliminate all ice of Antarctica (in 10,000 years)

Bernie Sanders is even with Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Turns out, homophobes ARE crazy.

Something tells me the site owner is paying attention to GD this afternoon for some reason.

California EPA Moves to Label Monsanto's Roundup 'Carcinogenic'

George R.R. Martin from GoT gets a cameo on Z-Nation.

"Look At That Face.. Would Anyone Vote For That?"

Sanders makes pitch to Black Caucus

A Nation of Sociopaths? What the Trump Phenomenon Says About America

Labor for Bernie: Conference Call Report

This is the religious hooha I heard today from my friend:

6 months' prison for hunter who killed a jaguar and posted it to Facebook


6 months' prison for hunter who killed a jaguar and posted it to Facebook

Hillary Clinton Did Not Break Law In Deleting Emails, DOJ Says

Why are we still treating autism like an epidemic?

Donald Trump says he has bought NBC's half of Miss Universe Organization

Why are we still treating autism like an epidemic? (xpost from Asperger's/PDD)

The POLITICO Caucus Insiders: Clinton still on track to win Iowa and N.H.

President Correa Considered Ecuador an Inequitable Nation

Births to illegal U.S. immigrants down 20 percent from 2007 peak: Pew

Bernie Sanders - The only candidate not getting his strings pulled by big business....

Venezuela opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez sentenced

Sanders to Visit Virginia

By Their Words Ye Shall Know Them: the US Goal in Cuba

By Their Words Ye Shall Know Them: the US Goal in Cuba

dead trees

Inside climate politics—Study: Pattern of winners and losers explains U.S. policy on fuel subsidies.

Bernie Sanders To Chris Hayes: "Don't Become An Inside The Beltway Pundit" (video)

The US and the Militarization of Latin America

The US and the Militarization of Latin America

Oath Keepers offer of protection for embattled Clerk Kim Davis

Sovereign Imagination: The Art of Leonard Peltier

Go Austin, Tx!

California Guv Trolls Climate-Denying Carson With Copy Of UN Report

September 11, 1973: The start of the global neoliberal dictatorship, Europe is now under attack

SEP 24 Comics Love Bernie: A Benefit for Bernie Sanders

Richard Trumka Schools Chris Matthews about Bernie Sanders.

"An Anomalous Event"

Hillary will win the nomination and will win the GE.

Potato Chip Craving

Immigration Activist Assaulted At Rally By Donald Trump Supporter

Richard Trumka Schools Chris Matthews about Bernie Sanders.

In Point Breeze, Martin O'Malley makes his case to city dwellers.Phila

Kim Davis Ask Appeals Court To Halt Marriages In Her County

The Earth and the Galaxy from the ISS

Photos: Clinton Makes Campaign Stop In Columbus OHIO: Women for Hillary event

Sanders gaining on front-runner Clinton in 2016 presidential race: poll

Black Ohio university removes Cosby's name from building

House asks for Pentagon briefing on intelligence allegations in war on Isis

Sanders gaining on front-runner Clinton in 2016 presidential race: poll

NYPD Releases Video Of Officer Taking Down Former Pro Tennis Player James Blake

Honduras: The Impunity and Legacy of Miguel Facussé

The Debate Schedule: "There’s no point in acting surprised about it." P.S. "Beware of the Leopard"

Ben Carson visits Ferguson in bid to woo black voters to Republican party

The Current State of Energy Technology

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 11, 2015

Miss me? I've been away too long. I've brought chocolates.

Jeb Bush’s economic plan: ‘Let the big dog eat’

Update on my neighbor's murder: The PD canvassed the neighborhood again last night.

Senator Reid's statement on GOP move to end debate on the Iran Nuclear Act

Police: Man urinated on passengers aboard JetBlue flight

Open Mic: Aussie Ministers Giggle about Climate refugees

How can Wassermen Schultz be removed from chair of the DNC

GWB probe: Trial of two former Christie aides delayed until March

Best comic relief all day is the story of a car crash

Ex-Cop Pleads Guilty to Violating Missouri Teen's Rights

Earthquake in Tokyo just now

Looks like Rick Perry is out

"trumpery"...its a real word and it means............

Grilling Thick Steaks, a Leisurely Approach

Attack ad against Harper, by Adbusters

Job openings hit record high in July - USA Today

NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) Signs Agreement With China’s National Utility

Has anyone seen "Narcos" on Netflix?

Pretty odd that on 9/11 a FREAK accident sends a BIN LADEN crane crashing through the holiest mosque

Share your current Trump conspiracy ideas. I have two.

Rick Perry Ends His 2016 Presidential Campaign

Who to believe, anonymous posters on an interweb message board or Nate Silver?

Donald Trump Proves Once Again That Empathy Is For Losers

Rick Perry Drops Out of 2016 Presidential Race

New Mexico officers plead not guilty to murder in shooting

This found its way to my Facebook timeline

Office Depot hits one out of the park on anti planned parenthood demagoguery...

What do you make of the "era of bad presidents" from 1837 to 1885?

Walker Blames Political Attacks For Slumping Approval Rating in WI

The difference between cats and dogs.

What makes Canada's middle-class better off than the US middle-class?

So you think you aren't a racist

Rick Perry issues statement:

California Gov. Jerry Brown Trolls Climate-Denying Ben Carson

The Rise of Victimhood Culture (Hola DU!)

Absolute WORST horror movie of all time, in YOUR opinion ?

I won't help your cat because I'm a dog person.

SLOWPOKE TOON: What If Donald Trump Were A Syrian Refugee?

Sadiq Khan wins vote to be Labour's London Mayor candidate in battle to replace Boris Johnson

Now Press lies about Hillary event attendance; MSM lies about Bernie & Lies about Hillary

On this 14th anniversary of 9/11

Contact Juggling - His Skills are Totally Hypnotizing

Roberta Vinci was a 30-1 underdog versus Serena Williams this morning.

U.S. Drops Charges That Professor Shared Technology With China.

O.J. Simpson appeal of 2008 kidnapping & armed robbery conviction rejected by Nevada Supreme Court

Using 9-11 to sell pillows

Pat Robertson: You Can Now Be Sent to Jail Just for Being a Christian

F-16 pilot was ready to give her life on Sept. 11

Atheism as my path to High Holy Days enlightenment

Tonight at Chez Miz t.: Garnelen mit spatzle.

Muslim-Jewish council formed to fight for religious freedom in Europe

TruthOut: Clinton Pitches Campaign Finance Reform While Raking in Million$ From Wall St Since 2008

Iran to take Parchin military site samples with IAEA present - diplomats

Iran to take Parchin military site samples with IAEA present - diplomats

Donald Trump's anti-immigration speeches inspires Gloria Estefan to record 'We're All Mexicans'

Toon: When It Rains, It Pours….

Kim Davis Files New Motion Claiming She Is Facing 'Immediate And Substantial Harm And Consequences'

Minnesotans - especially those in the 3rd Congressional District

Reuters graphics re; poll

Mistrial for Alabama police officer charged after throwing Indian man

What are you reading?

What constitutes an alertable jury comment?

Never Forget......The Worst President Ever........

Poll: Democrats claim resounding Latino support over GOP (General election all voters too)

Lloyd Doggett says opposition to Confederate flag limits delayed House action on spending measures

Kim Davis Is About To Get A BIG Surprise In Her Hometown

When will Dallas schools do the right thing and get rid of Confederate names? (TX)

Investigating the Saudi Government's 9/11 Connection and the Path to Disilliusionment - Sen. Graham

Wow this is a really interesting and powerful letter to members of the Reddit grassroots for Bernie

One more observation about bravenak's letter, and then I'm done.

Confederate-flag boycott shadows Melbourne budget talks (FL)

Ben Carson is on the march in New Mexico

Minnesota founder of Aryan Liberation Movement resentenced

TYT'S "HERE COMES BERNIE! America "Feels the Bern!"

Justice Dept: Employees are allowed to delete personal emails from .gov accounts.

You lucky New Yorkers! Tickets for The Late Show

'we have the greatest field of candidates'

Bernin' Down the House ( Bernie Group)

The Letter…

Yale Grapples With Ties to Slavery in Debate Over a College’s Name

Friday 9/11 - Kim Davis Ask Appeals Court To Halt Marriages In Her County

MSNBC on Clinton: 'Donors Are Panicking' - Poll: Nationally 'Any Lead She Had with Women Wiped Out'

Police trying to link 4th murder to suspect in NW Houston warehouse killings

How to silence Kim DAvis supporters (video)

Ex-city worker runs anti-Semitic website (CA)

from tumblr on tRump

Go James Blake.

Weekend Economists Go Muckraking September 11-13, 2015

Why would anyone run as a Democrat if they feel this way?

Are We Asking Too Much of the Federal Reserve—or Too Little?

Posted on reddit. I'm glad nobody's left a rude note because my Bernie bumper sticker.

Sep 11, 2015 5:04 PM EDT- Kim Davis could face criminal charges if she continues to defy court order

Trump's Dad Was Arrested In 1927 Ku Klux Klan Brawl With Police

Florida man arrested for threatening to behead girlfriend with a Samurai sword; fought with police

How To Vote

NFL announces changes after first game

The Death Spiral Of M. Night Shyamalan’s Career

Atlanta Fundraiser 1000+