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Archives: September 13, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn's Leadership Victory Prompts Congratulations From Argentina's President

Twin Peaks was great. Time for Boardwalk Empire.

Clinton is about to make a huge mistake

A Dark, Depressing View...No Doubt, but If One Can Stand it...Worth the Watch

Some of us believe that the sooner civilization crashes the better it will be for the planet...

Jobs not Jails, Sanders Says in South Carolina. Cornel West introduces Bernie (video)

An Xlnt Trade

As Trump and Sanders rise, the two major parties fall

Why diet soda is (probably) bad for you, according to science

Distant human relative found. (Toon)

Embattled Honduran Gov't Hires Controversial US-Based PR Firm

Gay rights group erects billboard in Kim Davis' Kentucky town

In El Salvador, Journalism Can Get You Killed

Bernie Sanders: ‘I Am Delighted’ By Jeremy Corbyn’s Victory

Fox News Lite

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: "Dick Cheney Should Be In Jail For War Crimes!"

If Democratic Socialism is so bad, where are all the scandinavian immigrants? - img

Dick Cheney?

Hillary's new 30-second TV ad, "Every Child," invokes her granddaughter Charlotte (video): (HRC)

Arkansas rice farmer urges U.S. to lift Cuba trade restrictions

House Planned Parenthood "investigators" are smoking crack... (satire)

Clinton Trounces Trump By 47 Points With Latino Voters, Leads 53-40 With All Voters

The U.S. Senate race shapes up — deja vu all over again

Closing the border was the "only way," Zulia governor says

Big Papi parks a deuce for 500.

FARC calls for end to all paramilitary activities in Colombia

Hightower: Supporting Sanders keeps big money out of presidential race


Would Clinton Supreme Court appointments be more like those of Bernie Sanders,

What does it ACTUALLY mean to sanction a "mistake" like Iraq?

Photo links (click and be happy)

How I wished Hillary Was on Our Side

Venice: 'From Afar' winning Golden Lion is a welcome surprise

Funny billboard in Kim Davis' home town.

Bernie is going to love me!

~~~ Cats vs Zombies ~~~

Is Fox News going soft on Hillary? Are they that afraid of Trump?

Blood Done Sign My Name

Well, Iowa won this thing again:

Tech Company: No Indication That Clinton’s E-Mail Server Was ‘Wiped’

Another roadside attraction...

Days of Revolt: The Making of Global Capitalism

PSA: If you have a sudden hearing loss, don't f*ck around with it!

A Farewell Bittman

Who is Bernie Sanders? (Nice graphic)

Patrick County protestors want Confederate portrait back in courtroom

Bernie Sanders and the Black Vote

US woman arrested for keeping her children in a cave

Austria's Faymann likens Orban's refugee policies to Nazi deportations

Top officials hail 'progress' on Ukraine deal

Quick question - are any candidates coming to Austin, Tx in any near future?

Female gun ownership is rising

Huh. Both Baltimore and Burlington have 11% of households in poverty

Three Inmates Dead, Five Hurt in 'Disturbance' at Oklahoma Prison

Hillary's very real authenticity problem... It is getting worse.

Bernie Is NOT Boring

Anybody watched 'Show Me A Hero'

By Number 23's request- My first diary here at DU

It's not always cool to be in the Top Ten

Black Labs Matter

I swear to god I'll pistol whip the next guy who says "shenanigans".

Chris Cillizza (Washington Post, The Fix): "Scott Walker’s remarkable Iowa collapse, in 1 chart"

Challenging War and Austerity, Corbyn Sails to Victory in UK

How Do You Say “Mission Accomplished” in Arabic?

Vatican launches rail service to Castel Gandolfo

Why isn't O'Malley getting traction?

A Wedding to a Funeral: US Drone Strike in Yemen Killed as Many as 12 Civilians

Correct me if am wrong! Why is Hilary only appealing to women voters?

Guilty pleasure movie...

Bernie and Hillary both have good records on civil rights and social issues

3,000 in Rock Hill see presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders

Trump article Daily Mail on The Great wall of Trump

SEIU battles over Bernie

Bernie Sanders running strong among Kansas Democrats

Volunteers Needed!!!|If you are in the Vegas area or going to the Democratic Debates I need you!!!

Support and Thoughts from New Zealand. reddit group see link below

Cornel West introduces Bernie Sanders at Benedict College

Sarah Palin confounds Rachel Maddow: 'Tell me what this means'

I recommend Diane Abbott as Shadow Defence Secretary

Ed Schultz will be stumping for Bernie!

"Wall Street is installing updates... your candidate will restart in 10 minutes."

A friend just sent this me and I see no lies…

Alabama Town To Ban Saggy Pants and Too-Short Shorts After Councilman ‘Prayed About This’

A Fascinating Look at the Democratic Primary Electorate

My Prediction on Donald Trump...

Toledo!! 16-12...

How would anyone get the address of a DU member ?

O’Malley drops in for some brownies.

I might get banned from DU for saying this! But when these Republicans

EMS: 40 K2 patients in the last 72 hours (Austin)

The August Day Mark Twain Met Donald Trump

Madness of Blockading Syria's Regime

Vote your biblical "Christian" values

There’s Not A Single U.S. County Where A Minimum Wage Worker Can Support A Family

Comcast changes customer's first name on bill to 'Asshole'

Bride puts a spell on her groom during first dance

How Common Core Hurts English Language Learners

Daily Holidays - September 13

New data reveals that higher Social Security income helps the memory and mental functioning of older

TPP Terms are Even Worse for U.S. Than NAFTA?

After Years of Protest, South Side of Chicago Finally Getting an Adult Trauma Center

Central State University Removes Bill Cosby's Name From Building

MADem Appreciation Thread

The Bright Light Social Hour - Space Is Still the Place

Not really LGBT, but I just

Malwarebytes FREE edition -- how & where to get it

Podcast video: Ed Shultz and Larry Cohen (former Pres. of Communication Workers of America)

Terrified Dolphin Throws Himself At Man's Feet To Escape Hunters

2nd presidential bust may end Rick Perry's political career

Sanders Halloween? The Bernie Boo! Not to early to begin preparing!

The specter that still haunts capitalism

I support an alternative conspiracy theory.

My Bernie Sanders Antenna Topper

Anyone know the total of Bernie's birthday money bomb?

Are gun owners just more suicidal?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Splishy Splashy Edition

Ancient Roman dog tag

It's not just white states that vote first, they also get debates. Where the fuck is the outrage?

Why Are Women Ditching Hillary?

Fall is coming. It's 59° here this morning-lowest since back in early May

Jeebus!! Middleton, CA is on fire now!

Fear the Walking Dead 1.3 "The Dog" (spoiler alert)

Wild fires wreak havoc in California

Raw: Time Lapse Of Mexican Volcano Spewing Ash

How to Identify and Defeat an Internet Troll

Donald Trump Takes Over Late Night While Rick Perry Drops Out of Presidential Race

Nations using child soldiers are invited to British arms fair

California Lawmakers Approve Right-To-Die Legislation

What the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Fracking (new short J Fox film)

Some good news about Davis in Kentucky...

"She's good on women's and children's issues, BUT..."

Clashes break out at al-Aqsa Mosque

At Winthrop rally, Sanders draws support of the young

2017 Total Solar Eclipse in the U.S.

Elon Musk Thinks Nuking Mars Can Make It Earth-Like - IGN News

Obama likely to meet Israel's Netanyahu in November, White House says

Pinkie, the Rare Pink Dolphin, Spotted in Louisiana Waters Confirmed a Female

They have a real winner at the Encyclopedia of Kooks...

9/12/15: Ortiz blasts 500th home run as Red Sox roll

"I'm at a loss for words."

Watch Martin O’Malley Make $1.74 Singing on Wall Street

Bernie introduced by Cornel West at Benedict College

Cornel West gives rousing introduction for Bernie Sanders at historically black college

We have a racist troll, ladies and gents...

Dan Rather moved by Toronto premiere of 'Truth'

Trey Radel, Busted On Cocaine Charge, Voted For Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients

"I can even f*rt whole passages from the Bible." . . . Please come CAPTION Kim Davis!!!

John Lewis: How we won, and are losing, the right to vote

Terrified Dolphin Throws Himself At Man's Feet To Escape Hunters

Bernie Sanders: ‘I Am Delighted’ By Jeremy Corbyn’s Victory

Canadian DUers: do you see Leftist swing to power in upcoming elections?

David Ortiz's 500-Home Run Milestone

Helping a Suicide When the End isn't Near

Colbert Wore A Black Lives Matter Bracelet On 'The Late Show'


Separated at birth?

Kim Davis Realizes Her "True Calling"

Tears of a Clown

"End Times"

Decline in Labor’s Share of Corporate Income Since 2000 Means $535 Billion Less for Workers

Trump vs. Walker: A tale of two tailgates At Iowa's big annual college football showdown,

Should a Nobel laureate be required to take the SATs?

Face It Sanders Fans, You’d Turn On Bernie In a Heartbeat If He Actually Won the White House

Well, MSNBC continues to play 'Smear the Sanders'.

NBA MVP Moses Malone dies at 60

Inside Amy Schumer-Has anyone been watching this?

NBA great Moses Malone passes away at age 60

Adjusted for inflation, $15 an hour is exactly what Henry Ford paid his workers over 100 years ago.

The deification of Ronald Reagan on CNN is making me crazy.

First "National Geographic" cover under new Rupert Murdoch ownership revealed

The Great Egg Conspiracy

Our Democratic Presidential candidates are being very civil

chuckie todd's first guest on mtp....chris christie

10,000-year-old stone tools unearthed in Redmond dig

"I'm Pretty Sure THEY Can't Hear You"

Israeli group raises NIS 174,000 for Duma attack survivor

Football!!! Thank you!

CHENEY: "Obama Is The Worst President We've Ever Had."

Everything Americans Think They Know About Drugs Is Wrong: A Scientist Explodes the Myths

Coming Up Next, BERNIE SANDERS on MEET THE PRESS with Chuck Todd, 10:30 AM ET

We ARE Bernie's 50-state strategy.

Richard Wolff, "Taboo Broken: New Critical Writing About Capitalism"

GOP tax proposals tilt to rich despite populist rhetoric

Refrigerator Art

The 911 decade/ Clash of Civilizations

LOL: "A Flock Of Douchebags"

Glitch in the Matrix

Underwater sculptures emerge from Thames in climate change protest

this (female) reporter thinks you cant rape a prostitute.

4 People, 14 Marriages....

Hillary and Chelsea speaking live now on Telemundo.

"I've been a very bad girl - I need to be punished."

No. It's not "hate". It's DISAPPOINTMENT.

I tailgated with drunk Donald Trump fans at Iowa-Iowa State so you don't have to

Russia begins blocking access to pornography; also now illegal to make memes of public figures

Young Person: "Why I Want Bernie"

Hillary Meme of the Day ~ September 13th, 2015

Trump criticizes Ben Carson, says he doesn't have 'energy'

Donald Trump Unexpectedly Switches Parties: 'Republicans are Losers!'

Mitch Albom: Tape tells story in James Blake arrest case

Bernie Was Supposed To Meet With The Congressional Black Caucus Last Week....

Can someone who has more skill than I do

Socialism For Dummies.

Democratic Party front-runner STILL leads Republican front-runner (New ABC poll)

A reminder as a new Yougov/CBS/NYT poll comes out. Results from the last Yougov British poll

University Scientists Caught Conspiring with Monsanto to Manipulate Public Opinion on GMOs

Head of Haiti's voodoo religion dies

The Blame Game

Bernie Sanders tries to meet with Black leaders but nobody shows up: Only 6 CBC members attended

From twitter-CBS/YouGov Iowa Poll bernie ahead.

Campaign 2016 and the 420: Marijuana Policy and the Coming of Big Weed

Cop's photo with man who tried to stab him last year goes viral: ‘I am ecstatic now to learn that he

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-12-15

CBS/You Gov Polls-more good news for Bernie

This says too much about who we are:

Pre-op instructions

Wisconsin Destroyer Scott Walker Doubles Down On Attacking Labor Unions

In his own words, The Consistent Anti-Neoliberalism Leftist Dr Cornel West

Kitteh kissing booth

The press and the e-mail brouhaha

Facebook Transcripts Show Girls Plot Against Alleged Rapist Tyler Kost

TimeTraks Guys & Bernie (long)

California poll looks intresting

This could be the ultimate Florida Man...

Actually, it's not difficult at all. I'm doing it right now, and I'm not even on drugs.

New California poll-Hilary-43% Bernie-26%

TOON: Huckabee's Qualifications

Bernie Sanders' Secret Recipe to His Surge in the Polls: Standing for What the People Want

Self delete versus Auto delete ?

New CBS Poll: Sanders up by 10 in Iowa and by 22 in New Hampshire

24th annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Pow wow photo gallery

24th annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Pow wow

History of socialism in the USA

Bernie refuses to attack Hillary. Hillary refuses to attack Bernie. They're setting a great example.

Twin California wildfires destroy homes; thousands evacuated

Conservation groups seek injunction to conservation money raid

Anti-christ christians have assamiliated with christians...they have taken over

"F__K This Guy"

If you give me Bernie as our nominee, I'm gonna vote for him…

AWESOME! Dame Vivienne Westwood Drives Tank To David Cameron's House In Fracking Protest

He says he will take on special interest-but Scott Walker can't define any conservative special interest that he has taken on.

Nasty Trump supporters in Iowa tear up a Latino protestor's sign.

Wolff and Brother West...capitalism and white supremacy.

How Bill Clinton’s Welfare “Reform” Created a System Rife With Racial Biases

Melting Permafrost, Deadly Viruses, Male Scientists: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? | Mickey Z.

Retrotopia: The View from a Moving Window | John Michael Greer

Voters raised on social media reject soundbite culture.... Corbyn Win./ Sanders.

Democratic Support for Hillary

Darwin weeps

A close look at the "deep intellects" of Cruz and Trump supporters

Polls Show Bernie Sanders Leading Hillary Clinton In Iowa And New Hampshire

9/11 and the Belligerent Empire (The Real News channel)

Bernie in Action

Oath Keepers and Kim Davis

Still a long way from BINGO

Cornel West Speaks Truth to Power

Sanders has some answers (Letters to the Editor)

4 your enjoyment

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 13, 2015

Koterba toon: Refugees

Iran’s president wishes Jews a happy new year, in Hebrew

California's statehood debate foreshadowed the American Civil War

Well ...If your concerned about Climate Change..

Carson is making it a real race vs. Trump in Iowa per CBS poll

And they said Ant Man would flop.

Michele Bachmann: Bombing Iran is 'peace, not war'

Shana Tova-Happy New Year to my fellow members of the Tribe

The under reporting of the Sanders presidential campaign serves Bernie well

Must Watch Ex Marine Goes Crazy Blows Whistle On Syrian False Flag And Real Agenda

Cartoon - me in one of my fantasy lives

Jon Chait wrote an optimistic take on climate change. Is it justified? (David Roberts)

I just trash canned my first group ever.

Remember this? Pulled from SNL in 1998 and never shown again.

Genetic engineering turns a common plant into a cancer fighter

Donald Trump’s glory days as the butt of Spy’s jokes

BART, packed with record crowds, to expand service

American Airlines accidentally flew the wrong plane from L.A. to Hawaii last month

Drunken Woman Arrested For Public Sex: 'I Was In The Mood'

Battleground Tracker: Sanders Surges in IA, NH; Clinton up in SC

Sanders on MTP: Dems to blame for losing Senate

I don't want an asshole for President

Insider vs. Outsider Matchup Finds Clinton, Trump Near Even

What are you reading this week of September 13, 2015?

Socialism For Dummies - part 2

In meeting with death penalty foes, Gov. Ricketts (R-NEBR) revealed the loss that shook his family

Why the N.Y. Times was wrong to link Jewishness, Iran deal opposition

For those who don't have TV (like me) Meet the Press 9/13/15

CJ Werleman published "The New Atheist Threat: The Dangerous Rise of Secular Extremists" Sept. 1

Turnout at Winthrop University, in the red state of South Carolina (looks great!)

Iraq for Sales: BANNED Excerpts

Inadvertently (?) funny NY Times Headline

And you wonder why these are the most ignorant people in America?

The REAL Rudy Giuliani (Full Documentary)

Fliers for all 50 states detailing how people must register to vote in order to vote for Bernie

True Believer? Why Donald Trump Is The Choice Of The Religious Right

Jane Goodall remains a road warrior for the planet

Stephen Colbert opens up about his faith

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Topless Feminists Hijack Muslim Conference, Get Tackled / Kicked In the Ribs

Bernie Sanders Surge Reflects US Shift on Socialism

Vicious Conservative Bashing of Black Lives Matter Is a Dangerous Proposition

It is telling when the hillary fans are changing their attitude about Bernie.

You say tomato and I say

Sanders brings surging campaign to two very different parts of Virginia on Monday

Famous Faces of Alzheimer's

Spanish Flyer (looks really good)

Something to think about:

September 27 / September 28, 2015 — Total Lunar Eclipse

Hillary/Trump poll: What a gender gap! (HILLARY GROUP)

Obama promised he would renegotiate NAFTA; TPP terms even worse for U.S. jobs and wages

"...neocon, but clearly her supporters are not going to call it that," Robert Kagan, leading neocon

"Da Bears still suck!"

A very warm but mostly white crowd welcomes Hillary in mostly non-white New York City..

Anti-war protesters were right. Iraq invasion has led to chaos.

Nebraskans for Bernie Meetup at the Waiting Room in Omaha

The Iraq invasion and chaos, thankful for Bernie's NO vote.

Congrats to the NY Giants for Winning The Opening Game of Their Season...

Why was Malcolm X important ?

UAW chooses Fiat Chrysler as target in contract talks

UAW chooses Fiat Chrysler as target in contract talks

Palestinians clash with police in Jerusalem in Al-Aqsa mosque dispute

UAW chooses Fiat Chrysler as target in contract talks

Do naval officers still have "gunnies"?

Using laptop PC as a TV remote?

Scott Walker Promises to Take on 'Union Bosses' As President

This Week in God (Maddow blog)

Chris Christie: 'Stop blathering' about Bridgegate and focus on Hillary Clinton

Wonderful, from '08: Maya Angelou, "Rise, Hillary. Rise." (HILLARY GROUP)

Donald Trump calls soaring CEO pay a 'disgrace' as he discusses tax plan

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 September 2015

Hawaii to experience worst-ever coral bleaching due to high ocean temperatures

Medical students protest the University of Toronto's anti-vaccine course

Comic: The Dictionary Definition of Racism

Epic Racist Fail - Crazy Lady in Walmart and What Happens When Shopping While Black

Ricky Gervais tweets:

Ex-tennis star Blake says New York cop should be fired for abuse

Stephen Colbert - Witness

Reformers Seek to Undo Growth of New 'Debtors' Prisons'

Bill and Hillary at Bicentennial, Foundry United Methodist Church, Washington: (HILLARY GROUP)

its hotter than ever. who will make the difference in 2016?

I'll put this here too

We'll teach science, but you don't have to believe it.

Have Mercy

Southern Illinois’s true heritage

Airstrikes Take Toll on Civilians in Yemen War

It’s the flag of a counterfeit state (FL)

Passenger on JetBlue flight arrested after urinating on fellow travelers

Trump And How The Media's Birther Blind Spot Keeps Getting Bigger

Arizona Bernie Folks

Could renaming streets in Northern Virginia promote racial healing?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has always done it his way

why do some people send emails instead of putting comments in the thread?

I'm getting really nervous now that Sanders' nomination is inevitable.

Second man set to plead guilty over noose on Ole Miss statue

Woman Yells ‘You Nasty!’ Then Attacks Naked Painted Lady in Times Square

CA fires take landmark spa.....

NY Times Editorial:G.O.P. Anti-Gay Bigotry Threatens First Amendment (and my comment)

Portrait isn’t just an issue of overlooking being offended (VA)

Hundreds of homes, other structures, destroyed in Valley fire

In line for Bernie. HUGE crowd! Greensboro

State leaders wrong on flag controversy (MS)

ELN guerrilla leader predicts ‘good news’ on peace talks ‘in coming days’

Bernie Sanders: I'm concerned about GOP "war talk"

Victory in 2016 for the DEMOCRATIC candidate, by any means necessary, which means....

Why does Hillary Clinton get a free pass on institutional racism?

New Mexico AG requests further injunction on horse slaughter

Jebus...4 TDs in the first half...

While not taking position, York Fair discourages sale of items with image of Confederate flag (PA)


I sincerely feel sorry for Hillary Clinton.

Rescued Sea Lions Released in Peru

Sanders won't put a number on how many refugees U.S. should accept

Watch Susan Sarandon's Full Speech and Procession For LSD Guru Timothy Leary At Burning Man

Nature: Coral reef of Honduras

Snakes in Costa Rica Bite People More Often During El Niño Years

Snakes in Costa Rica Bite People More Often During El Niño Years

Jeb 'Nine Percent' Bush: "I'm pretty confident I'm going to be the Republican nominee."

‘You ain’t nothing to me, n****r': Black farmer threatened with lynching after dispute over a cow

Greensboro, North Carolina

LIVE from Greensboro, North Carolina with Bernie Sanders - youtube LINK!

Another Jebus....Just Postpone it until tomorrow FFS!

The real reason Bernie's supporters are being attacked is because they are very effective

Chile plans world's biggest marine park to protect Easter Island fish stocks

Chile plans world's biggest marine park to protect Easter Island fish stocks

COST PER PLATE for your dinner: $25K. Where's the MONEY GO? HINT: He's orange.

I think CNN could end the farce (not that I'm sure I want them to. . . )

Kasich will be the Republican nominee....

Hard-luck Browns ... starting QB gets concussed in opening quarter

Journalists in Ecuador Back Decision Against US-Funded NGO

Designer Victoria Beckham at NY Fashion Week: I would love to dress Hillary Clinton. (HILLARY GRP)

Clashes as Israeli soldiers storm Al-Aqsa compound

Palin Warns America: Bernice Anders is a Socialist Vermont Obama!

Germany Announces Emergency Border Controls Amid Migrant Crisis

MSNBC pundits admit: 'We need to air more Bernie Sanders stories." (Sep 10, 2015)

Russia's Lavrov Says Moscow To Continue Military Support Of Syria: Reports

New ad uses Ronald Reagan speech to smack down GOP’s anti-immigrant hysteria

At capacity...the overflow is filling up now. (some pics) Whoa says Bernie. This is a Loud Crowd

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Qatar Prix Vermeille

Belfast: nail shop burned in hate crime; community supports victim

New coaches, new players, new hope ... same old Raiders

The TPP Will Finish What Chile’s Dictatorship Started

They're feeling the Bern in North Carolina

Once more proving cat's liquid nature

Let's not kid ourselves, the system is def. planning to take Bernie down. We can NOT let them.

Presidential politics: R vs. D looks like kids vs. adults.

Peruvian drug trafficker captured in Ecuador

WSJ: Tokyo Hopes to Make Hydrogen Power the Star of the 2020 Olympics

Iran discovers new supply of uranium

"The Economist's review of my book reveals how white people still refuse to believe black people