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How Old Tires Are Protecting Yellowstone’s Famous Geysers

When the End of Human Civilization is Your Day Job

Israeli Dies in Car Crash After Rock-Throwing Attack

Bernie at Liberty

Bernie, Manassas, VA. Bernie on stage NOW

'Science and religion can learn from one another' on Homo naledi

Now, Bernie Rally, Manassas VA, Intro. & Huge Crowd.*Drop down to Bernie2016TV LINK here to watch.

Charlie Pierce: Reports of Hillary Clinton's Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

Best moisturizer/lotion for feet? The podiatrist had some that was $50 for a bottle. Surely


Luckovich - 43% of republicans now say you're Muslim

I just turned on MSNBC to watch Chris Hayes and trump was on bloviating in Dallas

Justice Dept. affirms Clinton could delete personal emails

We Fucked Everything Up, But We Know How To Win Elections!!!

Bernie Sanders takes Tough Questions at Liberty University 9/14/15

Charlie Pierce: Reports of Hillary Clinton's Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

Inside the Yarmulkes at someone's wedding (from reddit grassroots)

Damonsplaining - The plight of the White Liberal

TA-NEHISI COATES: The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration

David Brock: Hillary Clinton hasn’t asked me to stop attacking the New York Times

can't pm a DUer

Has anyone else heard Gary Clark Jr's new album?

Morning Joe Gets It Wrong on Clinton's Emails (HILLARY GROUP)

If you're dumb enough to go to my “university” & give me your $$$ -you're a loser.

So, MSNBC has completely given up

Easton residents debate presence of Confederate statue (MD)

Watching Bernie on Cspan

Guatemala presidential candidate drops out of race

I just spanked a Carson-ite, on FaceBook

Anti-union group submits petition to end prevailing wage

Reports are that Biden may wait until late October or early November to decide to run

Anti-union group submits petition to end prevailing wage

local students impressed Melissa Harris Perry!

Anti-union group submits petition to end prevailing wage

Is Missouri a Southern state or a Midwestern state culturally?

Missouri Teen Named First-Ever Transgender Homecoming Queen at Her High School

Sanders full speech at Liberty University

Secret Fishing Fleets Decimate Marine Life in the South Pacific (Greenpeace caught them)

Venezuela ‘didn’t violate Colombian airspace’

Jeezus H. Christ on a hockey stick. This is the FIRST time I've ever tried to listen to a Trump

Parents Sue School Over Son’s ‘WiFi Allergy’

Biden Secretly Meets With Top Obama Bundler (and Hillary Supporter)- Report

Many Colombians Falsely Claiming Deportation from Venezuela

David Cameron's Unbelievable Over-The-Top Response To the New Labour Leader

From Alternet/Salon - "Black voters aren’t feeling the Bern"

Abita Mystery House, Abita Springs, LA.

Majority Report- Glenn Beck: I'm Embarrassed I Supported Sarah Palin!

Fresh arrests likely in Fifa corruption scandal, says US attorney general

Fresh arrests likely in Fifa corruption scandal, says US attorney general

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! WWJD?! & a new Kittehs gif

Obama knocks GOP’s latest shutdown threat for endangering school funding

Tattooed Pennsylvania mayor launches Senate bid

Gunmaker Selling Crusade-Friendly Bible AR-15 Rifles

Web of Secrecy Surrounding Federal Half-a-Billion Handout to Charter Schools

25 Reasons to Vote for Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton

Make your voice heard - Stop the DARK Act in the Senate

My nephew is having a Halloween wedding and I am planning on going as Pam Voorhees.

D=OUT ... another favorite band of mine lately!

HONEST NFL Headlines: Week 1

Sen. Sanders one on one with Rachel Thursday. Tomorrow Noon with Andrea Mitchell

How Far We Have Fallen

The Latest: Woman who died in wildfire was disabled retiree

U.S. airman who disarmed train gunman to receive Purple Heart

Activists submit signatures for California condoms-in-porn vote

Further to previous re: Friday 9/18 NYC Fundraiser w/Bernie -

Any one here know how to organize flash mobs? For Sen Sanders of course. nm

Venezuela denies violation of Colombian airspace

Ecuador President Calls for Resistance to 'Violent Minorities'

Upslope migration of tropical plants due to climate change

Upslope migration of tropical plants due to climate change

Bernie Sanders Makes an Unlikely Bible-Themed Pitch to Evangelicals

Shame on People Who Fat-Shame

Let us pray for the people of Middletown, California, whose town

Buddy Emmons--"Rose Colored Glasses"

Texas Senator Cornyn: The Federal Government Will Not Shut Down

Hunting show host charged with poaching in Alaska

Hunting show host charged with poaching in Alaska

Dr. Phil: 'Nothing Creepy' In Trump's Jokes About Dating His Own Daughter

Oct 13 - 1st Democratic Presidential Debates Let's start the debates! Go to a nearby Debate

Confederate Flags Removed From Kettering Schools (OH)

Bernie on Rachel Maddow Thursday

Ferguson Commission recommends drastic overhaul of city policing system

Architecture Firm Designs Batcave-Inspired Carpark, Complete with Hidden Entrance, Under This Statel

Liberty University revoked recognition of College Democrats in 2009.

When public names have political ends

Trump Storms Dallas with Frontrunner's Braggadocio

Legacies of Limited Justice and the Sandra Bland Case

University of Florida is feeling the bern!

Alan Kurdi's death mocked by Charlie Hebdo

School dress codes reinforce the message that women’s bodies are dangerous

School dress codes reinforce the message that women’s bodies are dangerous

School dress codes reinforce the message that women’s bodies are dangerous

How WILL the Muslims invade?

The United States Probably Has More Foreign Military Bases Than Any Other People, Nation, or Empire

.@SenSanders joins me live at noon Tuesday - Andrea Mitchell

Why So Many Americans Defend the Failed Capitalist Experiment

Dyett Hunger Strike Enters FIFTH Week: 'We Are Prepared to Die' (School Privatization, Chicago)

Social Engineering 101: How to Make a Refugee Crisis

Salon re-posts an AlterNet article and changes the title.

Krugman: Japan’s Economy, Crippled by Caution

I don't lilke Fiorina one bit, but...

Sanders to Johnson County Dems BBQ 10/18

How to (attempt) to spin a positive Bernie statistic about black voters

9/14: Decision 2016: Clinton Leads GOP Rivals… Bush Most Competitive Against Clinton

STUPID GIANTS....Ok...has anyone tried this play?

The Democratic Revolt Against the DNC Chair Begins

Why Joe Biden Is More ‘Likable’ Than Hillary

Is it just me, or

LESSIG is a CLUELESS IDIOT if he thinks campaign finance reform will fix our broken government

Bernie Sanders was great at the Liberty University speech

Bernie friends, Dyett, Chicago needs your help with hunger strike fighting school privatization

I am following Bernie's campaign closely and am amazed at his energy!

Trump and Hilter similarities

Politico: Wall Street's latest panic: Trump could win

Pokemon Teams Based On the 2016 Presidential Candidates


Politics Panel: MSNBC Disses Bernie -The Big Picture w/Thom Hartmann (video)

UN urges Venezuela to end abuses against Colombians

Venezuela's President Starts to Look Desperate

Colombia accuses Venezuela of new airspace violation

Can't the Cornel West apologists admit that his use of the word "n***ized"

Porsche and Audi unveil electric cars to take on Tesla

Prayers | Bernie Sanders at Liberty University

Go Bernie! Bernie to Fox News goon - 'Don't Push Me!'

Monday Night Football Doubleheader is a moronic idea.

Call for a ban on robots designed as sex toys

The Reason This "Racist Soap Dispenser" Doesn't Work on Black Skin

Clinton Super PAC goes after Bernie, Linking Him To Hugo Chavez

Hillary Clinton Promises To Tackle Campus Sexual Assault If Elected

Oddities, Art & Darrel (the Dogigator)

False Flag Terror. A Historical Overview

Perry blames indictment for early exit from presidential race

Perry blames indictment for early exit from presidential race

US Inadvertently Draws Comparison between US, Venezuelan Treatment of “Suspected Terrorists”

US Senate contest in California shaping up as one-sided

In a teeny-tiny way, in some of the "discussions" I've been having lately, I'm starting to get an inkling

Venezuela Takes Control of Its Border as Bogotá and Caracas Bring Their Cases to UNASUR

Former Koch Industries Official Says He Ghostwrote Letters On Behalf of Congressmen

New cartoon: @BernieSanders message on economic inequality for Rev. Jerry Falwell's @LibertyU

Jordan's King Warns Temple Mount Violence Will Affect Israel-Jordan Ties

New York State May Get a $15 Minimum Wage. Ford Paid Workers That 100 Years Ago.

Do Adults Have a Privacy Right to Use Drugs? Brazil’s Supreme Court Decides

Do Adults Have a Privacy Right to Use Drugs? Brazil’s Supreme Court Decides

Obama Administration Accused of Ignoring Geneva Conventions in Refusal to Release 74-Pound Guantánam

Suspected DSU shooter Shannon Lamb dead

Oath Keepers Sheriff Wants To Arrest Judge Who Jailed Kim Davis

Obama Administration Accused of Ignoring Geneva Conventions in Refusal to Release 74-Pound Guantánam

Black customers accuse Houston's Gaslamp bar of discriminatory cover charge; bar says 'no'

Freepers are throwing a fit about Bernie Sanders and Liberty.

Texan Pride: Medical Staff Turns Gynecology Patient Into Immigration After Detaining Her for Hours

Please understand what #BlackLivesMatter means to the community

What happened to The Discussionist?

So what is with Walfart?

Candida Royalle, feminist pornographic filmmaker, dies at 64

Full Show 9/14/15: Bernie Up 22 Points in NH, 10 Points in Iowa

Bernie Sanders’ Problems With Black Voters Go Much Deeper Than Him Just Blaming The Media (WaPo)


PBS: Walt Disney Revealed! - Communist Scapegoating, Strike Busting, Blacklists, Nervous Breakdown

Poll: Hillary Loses 33 Points With White Female Voters, Now Tied With Bernie Sanders

Conservative Pundit Bill Kristol: If Trump Wins, I'd Support Third-Party

RFK, Jr. Calls Koch Brothers “Deadly Parasites On American Democracy”

RFK, Jr. Calls Koch Brothers “Deadly Parasites On American Democracy”

Reference to Pinochet's privatization of Chile's natural resources by Robert Kennedy, Jr:

House of Shards & Hot Sauce House.

Ben Carson couldn't find the evidence for human-caused climate change, so Jerry Brown sent it to him

Europe’s Refugee Crisis Was Made in America

‘Syria Is Emptying’

10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True


Could A Military Coup Happen Here? Most Republicans Would Welcome One

At forum, David Vitter asked about prostitution scandal, says he doesn't appreciate 'gotcha' inquiry

TYT: Dancing In Her BMW Lands Black Woman In Mental Hospital

Will Hillary disavow this super sleazy email from her Super PAC?

Tom Cruise movie crew members in plane crash that kills 2 in Colombia

Does ebola still worry you, or have you forgot about it by now?

ESPNW: Ronda Rousey Voted Geatest Female Athlete Of All Time

Sandra Bullock fixes Bolivian election in new drama

Can Any Man Empower the Community of Women?

Strike at Pantex continues

Strike at Pantex continues

UTRGV professor bans 'disruptive' act of saying 'God bless you'

Rita beating put insurers into retreat

NKorea says it has restarted all nuclear bomb fuel plants

I see a loser

Atlantic Ocean Excited To Move Into Beautiful Beachfront Mansion Soon

It's Moooving Day

Prehistoric 7,500-year-old Europe’s largest stone building”, have been discovered

Daily Holidays - September 15

Trump Cuts Karl Rove Off at his Porky Pig Knees 'total incompetent jerk' -- 'terrible' -- 'loser'

Bernie Sanders smacks down O’Reilly Factor ‘ambush’ reporter Jesse Watters

Charters borrow nearly $500 million on taxpayers' dime

What are the rules on Vice-Presidency?

I-90 Adds Lane For Drivers Traveling Cross-Country To Stop Woman From Marrying Wrong Man

Pope Francis calls unfettered capitalism the “dung of the devil.”

West 'ignored Russian offer in 2012 to have Syria's Assad step aside'

Spotted - wild Alaskan photographers in their natural habitat

Who exactly are #Trump supporters?

New Sept Marist Poll: Walker plummets to ONLY 5% in IA and 4% in NH

A Pro-Clinton Super PAC Is Going Negative On Bernie Sanders

New Marist/Telemundo/MSNBC poll of Latino voters: Clinton beats Trump 69-22

California Republicans slam Walker for canceling convention appearance

Here's A Border Program That Actually Works

Charters borrow nearly $500 million on taxpayers' dime

Garrisoning the Globe: How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Undermine National Security and Harm Us All

DraftKings, FanDuel could face first significant legal challenge after hearing request

Bristol County officials seeking aid from White House to fight opiate abuse

Al Senate approves transfer of $100 million from school dollars to help fill deficit in General Fund

Cameron won’t take refugees who have reached Europe – like there’s a humanitarian offside rule

Iran says wants China's help to resolve Middle East tensions

Palestinians, Israeli police clash at Jerusalem shrine for third day

Bernie Sanders fan decks out his Tesla as the "Bern Machine"

Obama slams GOP candidates' anti-immigrant rhetoric

Rick Perry megadonor wants his $5 million back

Perry to Hannity: Fire bad, bread good, Trump "offensive" rhetoric "bad for GOP." GRRRRR!

When You Search For "Racial Justice" In Google, Bernie's Racial Justice Platform Is The Second Link

George Takei: "Let us be clear: This woman is no hero to be celebrated."

Marathon hero hopes to meet pope in D.C.

Hanging chad redux? US heading for 2000-style election catastrophe, report finds

Call Me Lucky - Official Trailer - (2015)

Mormon Apocalypse Prediction Has People Stocking Up On Food

There's a story going around that Obama won a 2nd Nobel Peace Prize

8 dead, 5 missing as flash flood washes away vehicles at Utah-Arizona border

Climate Denier Abbott Gone; Climate & Science Denier Harper Faces Election Next Month

Barry Crimmins at Anti-War Rally in Boston 1990

JMA - August 2015 Hottest August On Record; .45C Above 1981-2010 Average

Where is our Jeremy Corbyn?

New poll: Donald Trump still leads, but Ben Carson makes strong gains

CNN poll: Democrats support US taking more Syrian refugees, republicans oppose it

400+ Groups to Obama: You Have the Power to 'Keep it In the Ground'

Good Morning President Jimmy Carter

State board hears Clark County, union labor dispute

State board hears Clark County, union labor dispute

State board hears Clark County, union labor dispute

"When I was eight I tried to memorize the dictionary." . . . Please come CAPTION George Will on Fox!

Matt Damon interrupts successful black woman filmmaker to explain diversity to her

MJ: Nativists weren't always the kind of people who attended tea party rallies and watched Fox News.

I'm surprised by the 49ers

The Anti-Gay Bigots Are Going To Lose Their Sh*t Over This New Tide Commercial

OK, so what is -really- important to Cornel West?

Summer Photo contest...a little help?

BERNIE: "What HE Said."

4 A.M. and the rain woke me up

"We hate the whole system so much we wanna watch LOKI run Amok!"

Clinton: Unions help keep working families strong-Walker's attacks on unions & workers' rights aren'

My avatar is gone!

Hillary-->Scott Walker's attacks on unions and workers' rights aren't leadership—they're bullying. -

World stock markets subdued after China drop

GOP leaders work to defuse Planned Parenthood showdown as clock ticks

Martin O’Malley strongest Democratic challenger to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

Capitalism vs. Socialism

In Manassas Bernie Sanders talks immigration, living wage, free tuition

Bernie in the Lion’s Den

Yeah, I've cut my ties to Dancing with the Stars.......

Finally, Fusion Takes Small Steps Toward Reality

Meg McGuffin, Miss Alabama: Jeb and Chris could "absolutely do the job," but...

Liberty University students react to Bernie Sanders

the joke that is cnn

From the archive, 15 September 1975: Indian Ocean island of Gan returned to Maldives

Hillary Clinton Does Her Best Donald Trump Impression

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- A Murdoch Publication

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Magic Beans

Bernie Sanders at Liberty University, video of his full speech is here!

If you don't understand Trump's rise in the Republican polls, ask yourself three questions:

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Clinton wins key NH union endorsements

Chelsea Clinton: It's 'Surprising' Not Everyone Loves My Mom

NEA-New Hampshire Announces Clinton Endorsement

Jeb's Super PAC kicks off $24-million TV campaign to introduce the candidate

The Liberty speech was really, really good.

Thread that might be of interest to this group

"Entourage" star is my new hero!

Colbert caught between the past and dumbed down network TV

Toon: Paradise!

My Turn: Progress is a marathon, not a presidential race Concord Monitor

Atheist Pastor: the Future of Religion is Much Too Bright

The Real Reason Jeb Bush Wants To Cut Taxes For The Rich - TMFS Sketch Comedy

Court-ordered religious classes raise concerns

Is it me---or is DU running awfully slow the last couple of days?

Two weeks until the fed government runs out of money. CONgress only meeting for 1 week before then

Morning Joe had good things to say about Bernie today.

US makes largest residential sale in Mumbai history

Dr. Who Game Maker launched today.

Sweeping over the South Pole (of Mars)

Keynesianism Explained (Krugman)

You have to read the Aussie blog writings for ex-Rugby player and now Niner, Jarryd Hayne's debut.

Bernie Sanders talks Christian political values at Evangelical university

Zimbabwean accused in Cecil the lion case faces new charge

N.H.'s Largest Teachers Union Backs Clinton For President

MSNBC: On Why Women 'Souring' on Clinton - She Needed Extensive Notes For 'Women' Speech - 'Staged'

Five Things You Need To Know Before Predicting The 2016 Election

Contact Pacific Battleship Center. Trump must not step foot on USS IOWA

Community Groups Work to Provide Emergency Medical Alternatives, Separate From Police

Who Was Joe Hill? He's Gone Missing From the History Books

Politics and The Chamber of Commons -- Feedback please!

Kristol told CNN he would like to see former VP Dick Cheney or Sen. Tom Cotton run as independents

“Murda Dem, Murda Dem!” On Forbidden Wombs (black women) and Reproductive Justice

today is my 58 birthday :)

Morning Plum: Donald Trump is in on the joke, and the joke’s on you

National parts ban e-cigarette use.

Fiat Chrysler, UAW extend contract, continue negotiating

Fiat Chrysler, UAW extend contract, continue negotiating

Fiat Chrysler, UAW extend contract, continue negotiating

Possible cuts to pensions have Nebraskans, Iowans on alert

Possible cuts to pensions have Nebraskans, Iowans on alert

Possible cuts to pensions have Nebraskans, Iowans on alert

Sen.Warren, Rep. Cohen: It’s Time to Stop Employer Credit Checks

Red wine and chocolate diet to fight off Alzheimer's

O'Malley on the Diane Rehm show - live now

If he becomes PM the Very Serious People will be discussing the need for regime change in the UK.

What About A Weekly Activist Thread?

UK union wants to keep EU's "series of labor rights, including limits on excessive hours, rules on

This old campaign ad from 1971 sheds a lot of light on Bernie Sanders's appeal

U.S. News & World Report college rankings: Virginia Tech ranked No. 70 in the nation

Branstad’s Medicaid change: Smoke & mirrors

How did the crew on Star Trek know when their shifts would begin/end?

Sarah Palin, climate scientist

Big Salt takes aim at school lunch rules

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-14-15

Another nutcase anti-gay...

African-American group: a positive thread and post, I hope

Subversion Against Cuba Continues Uninterrupted Amid Normalization

Conservative group launches $1 million anti-Trump ad campaign in Iowa

The Refugee Crisis is a Crisis of Imperialism

If you need a good, easily understood example of Institutional Racism, here ya go.

Bernie Sanders live interview on MSNBC in 1 hour

WD-40 ---- A manly Man's thing

Majority Of Major U.S. Food Chains Still Use Antibiotics, Report Finds

I'm going to stick up for Cornel West here

NASA's SDO catches a double eclipse

Hillary losing support among Democratic women

Will Embattled GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Answer Questions About Campaign Finance Scheme In Face Of Renewe

After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, States Reconsider Domestic Partner Benefits

Operation Naked King: U.S. Secretly Targeted Bolivia's Evo Morales In Drug Sting

Pilot spots large object off Reunion, aviation authorities say

How @JoeBiden spent 4 decades helping Wall St prevent Americans from reducing their student debts

Analysis: How The Presidential Campaign Got Religion

CNN has a countdown clock to the next GOP Presidential debate.

Amazon founder Bezos unveils rocket plant, launch pad in Florida

Sanders and Corbyn: There Is An Alternative

GOP - We Cannot Afford A Middle Class In America.

Farmworker Women Awarded $17 Million in Sexual Harassment Suit (they won't get it, though)

Farmworker Women Awarded $17 Million in Sexual Harassment Suit (they won't get it, though)

Farmworker Women Awarded $17 Million in Sexual Harassment Suit

So when does Bernie get declared the new front-runner?

New Data Reveals Slow Progress For Women in Global Leadership (US is SEVENTY-SIXTH))

Donald Trump, protesters go big in Texas

New Data Reveals Slow Progress For Women in Global Leadership (US is SEVENTY-SIXTH)

New Data Reveals Slow Progress For Women in Global Leadership (US is SEVENTY-SIXTH)

President Obama Drops The "U" Word On The Republican Party

Bloomberg: 11% of Democrats would never vote for Clinton

WATCH: Fox Reporter Shoves Mic At Bernie Sanders During Ambush Interview

NYT Editorial Calls NY Police Department "Disgraced"

Fake Jerry Jones: How 'bout that comback with Tony Romo?

GOP leaders to give “show” votes to anti-abortion die-hards; PP partial defund plan; budget worries

BREAKING: French Court Rules Monsanto Guilty Of Chemical Poisoning

LIVE on #Periscope: WLCV AT SEN. JOHNSON's Office

Pride, Prejudice, and the Provisions of Privilege: Margo Jefferson on Race, Depression, and ...

Kentucky Is Obamacare’s Undeniable Success Story. This Man Is Trying To Burn It All Down.

Frontal Lobotomy: Zombies Created by One of Medicine’s Greatest Mistakes

Better Call Flo

Cecil the lion killer Walter Palmer breaks silence and returns to work

Andrea Mitchell to interview Bernie on MSNBC upcoming

The Walkers has the sads

watching Donald Trump speak in Dallas - all I could think of was

GOP Export/Import Bank Fail - GE moving 80 Bangor jobs overseas (500 nationwide)

James Carville on Sandra Bullock playing him: ‘What the hell, why not?’

Trump trash talks Latinos again!

GE to move turbine jobs to Europe, China due to EXIM bank closure

HEKAIA.COM - Every Stitch Changes A Syrian Refugee's Story. Announcing 100 Women Helped.

Russia’s Assertive Moves Weigh on Pentagon Plans for 2017 Budget

Sent this to Chris Hayes' 'Question Time' just now:

California delays the backlash over IT layoffs

kimmy d shall henceforth be known as the 'KY Clerk'

My avatar vanished and the system won't let me re-upload it

Trump to board a battleship (Just Like Bush) to speak about national security Tuesday

Putin Says Fighting Islamic State in Syria Is Top Priority

Medieval Bones Burst From Ground When Tree Topples

PPP Florida poll Hilary 55%(-3) Bernie 18%(+15) Biden 17%(+3)

The Water Con Never Ends

New Sept 15 PPP poll Florida-->Clinton 55, Sanders 18, Biden 17, O'Malley 2, Chafee/Webb 1:

Can a Divided Europe Handle the Refugee Crisis?

Steven Colbert: Trump Will Be Ready On Day One-Ish

Bernie Sanders Shoots Down Fox News Ambush

The Water Con Never Ends

WaPo: Clinton’s support erodes sharply among Democratic women

So, when Joe Biden announces that he's not running...

Florida: Clinton 55, Sanders 18, Biden 17, O'Malley 2 New PPP poll (Hillary Group)

CJ Werleman's book on Islam...

The dad-jeaned troubador

Striking Seattle teachers, district reach tentative deal (UPDATED)


District considers teachers' latest proposal

No, Bernie Sanders is not going to bankrupt America to the tune of $18 trillion

If Hillary Is Losing Support Of Women - Who Is Picking Up Their Support?......

District considers teachers' latest proposal

New florida poll-actully progress

Here’s Exactly Where the Candidates’ Cash Came From

Ugh. These warmongers (the Kagans) infest Republican and, sadly, Democratic administrations

Amber Alert remains for 2-year-old Alberta girl

NYT: Clinton's favorability ratings lower than during 2007/2008 run

John McCain is such an asshole

Operation Naked King: U.S. Secretly Targeted Bolivia's Evo Morales In Drug Sting

sincere compliment

Michelangelo Signorile : Sanders must tout LGBT record

Bernie Sanders' Colleagues Aren't Feeling 'The Bern'

New York Area Manufacturing Contracts for Second Straight Month

DeRay Mckesson To Guest Lecture At Yale About #BlackLivesMatter

Retail Sales in U.S. Rise as Consumers Unshaken by Turmoil

Bernie Sanders - Civil Rights Activist

PLEASE call to save this man's life! The real killer confessed!!!

What's Behind Hillary Clinton's Drop in the Polls?

'Alarming' Russian Arms Buildup Said To Have Closed Gap With U.S.

What is a sociopath ?

Hollywood Solves Sexism

Florida Down on Bush, Rubio Campaigns

GOP Wants To Invade Middle East. That Agenda Is The "Leadership" They Want.

Two Students Dead After Houston Bus Overturns on Highway

Bernie responds to Clinton attack via Jennifer Epstein Bloomberg Politics correspondent

UN will fly Palestinian flag after strong support for resolution – video

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 15, 2015

Email from Bernie: Attacked by a Clinton Super PAC

Chafee, Clinton, O'Malley, & Sanders to Headline The Iowa Democratic Party's 2015 Jefferson-Jackson

Yemeni Officials Say Shiite Rebels Advance in Western City

"I pray, Father, at this very moment, that he would know that he has made friends today."

FACT Trump's pal, Kissinger was thee worst SOS EVER!

What I learned from the Daily Mail today: Bobby Kennedy Jr. was a male desnuda.

Photo of Sickly Polar Bear Signals Tragedy Ahead in Arctic

Puppy Found Beaten, Buried Alive in Georgia Gets 2nd Chance at Life

Sanders was the FIRST Democratic candidate to visit Liberty University

I think i peed a little

There is no other candidate can match the moral integrity of Bernie Sanders....

CITIZENFOUR. finally watched it last night.

Router Hack Creates "Ultimate Listening Device" To Monitor A Country's Entire Internet Traffic

Say what???

Poll: Carson is now tied with Trump among Republican contenders.

A clip from Bernie's talk at Liberty was on The View this morning.

Kids. Kids - gimme a break

The American people are sick and tired, for good reason. America needs Bernie!!

PPP Florida polling Clinton up big

Dallas? Trump? Trade Imbalances? Back to the 80s!

The face you make when....

Stop the government from making even more kids go to bed hungry.

Let red-baiter and Hillary surrogate David Brock know how you feel!!

Video Shows 49ers Fans Beating Vikings Fan In Parking Lot

I think summer IS gone.......haven't seen ANY hummers for a whole day......

The Sanctity of Marriage - Tide commercial - video

Pic Of The Moment: At Wednesday's GOP Debate, Candidates Will Battle To Claim The Mantle Of Reagan

I am not a Bernie Sanders supporter

I was listening to Joe Madison this morning and a caller was asking what was up with the democratic

Thanks to Kim Davis, More Americans Than Ever Before Support Equal Rights Over Religious Bigotry

Ideas for Bernie's campaign songs.

Why Bernie Sanders's rise is more impressive than Donald Trump's

Bernie participating in the final leg of the NAACP Justice Summer March

Hillary and her SuperPAC just welcomed Bernie Sanders to the top tier.

Teen Arrested for Planning Alleged ISIS-Inspired Attack on Pope

Can Bernie Sanders Play in the South?

I promised a frog and fish photo, I just took this a little while ago

Donald Trump's "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"

I promised a frog and fish photo, I just took this a little while ago

What Do You Do With A Party The Refuses To Allow You To Save The Planet?

Millennials are huge in this election! Pay attention! They are an important voice...

Pentagon Confirms Investigation of Possible Skewed Intelligence on ISIS

California wants to automate voter registration. That’s bad news for Republicans.

Scott Walker's supporters urge a return to core beliefs

Martin O'Malley: 'Fixed.'

Roger Waters on Donald Trump: 'He is Pig-Ignorant'

Perry Blames Indictment, Debates for Failed Campaign

When was the last time you had a really good cleansing cry ?

Chicago teen who allegedly assaulted Sikh man charged with hate crime

Bernie Sanders Gives Zero F*cks About Fox Reporter’s Ambush Interview

NCAA gets something right in clearing USC blind snapper to play

Bill Kristol: Cheney-Cotton 2016

Biden Backed Bills To Make It Harder For Americans To Reduce Their Student Debt

Bernie Sanders Defends Price Tag of his Agenda

38 fraternity members charged in hazing death at New York college

C-span demands viewers identify "provider" before watching. When did this start?

Why is Bernie winning in Iowa?

Cecil the Lion accused arrested for Zimbabwe smuggling

Extremist Republicans Want To Get Rid Of Crybaby John Boehner

Anti-immigrant discourse is "un-American": Obama

Sen. Sanders interview with Andrea Mitchell (video)

David Brock's group IS coordinating with the Hillary campaign. Bernie fights back.

Bernie fighting back against attack by David Brock's group Correct the Record.

Bernie Sanders’ surge is partly fueled by veterans (older article June 2015)

New Orleans mayor spared house arrest threat in union fight

Ben Carson Gaining On Trump In GOP Presidential Polls

Free Chapter 1 Download of “Fear Babe: Shattering Vani Hari’s Glass House”

Don’t Garnish Social Security to Pay Student Loan Debt! (E action)

Why can't we have nice things?

Saudi suspends Saudi Binladin Group over Mecca crane disaster

White House does not back House bill to repeal oil export ban

Photo taken at Manassas, Virginia last night by attendee on reddit

Senate to hold new vote on Iran nuclear deal, Dems to block

Can You Ever Really Know a Candidate? Look at what he or she does when NOT running for office.

Democrats Lay Groundwork to Expand Use of ‘Super PACs’ (not really about Bernie)

Hillary Clinton Might Be Wondering: What's President Obama Up To?

Why This Guy Tricked Out His Tesla for Bernie Sanders

Good Reason To Wear Glasses

Sanders Likens Pro-Hillary Super PAC To Koch Brothers After Attack Email

GOP Propaganda Succeeds As 43% of Republicans Support a Military Coup Against America

The Key To Progressive Victory — Fight Together Or Fall Apart

Clinton's outreach to white women voters continues with "softer interviews"

How Does Venezuela Compare To The World's Worst Managed Economies?

This is just a fantasy, but ...

No, Bernie Sanders is not going to bankrupt America to the tune of $18 trillion

Suspect in Mississippi shooting killed himself

2 Houston ISD students dead, 2 others and bus driver injured as school bus plummets from 610 Loop

Y'all wanna see a bunch of Murdering Cowards?

Jim Bakker: in the End Times, people will eat babies

Elton John Thanks Putin For Calling Him, Will Meet Face-To-Face To Discuss LGBT Rights

Update: Dallas DA may remain out of office longer than announced

Can we all please play fair?

If you naysayers had lived in the 1700s, we'd still be a British Colony.

How to lose a GE: nominate a socialist who proposes $18T in new government spending.

Roger Waters on Donald Trump: 'He Is Pig-Ignorant'

Nearly half of Colombians fear Venezuela war over border crisis: poll

Crestview to give Confederate flag, memorial to Lundys (FL)

Then and Now: Malcolm X Addresses Law Enforcement

‘The View’s’ Joy Behar on Carly Fiorina: "It’s Not Your Face, It’s Your Policy"

Refugee Surge To Europe Raises Concern About Militants

Just volunteered to walk the second annual

Water Receding

Clinton wants to insure Biotechs against losses. First banks, now Biotechs..

Club For Growth attacks Trump as ‘the worst kind of politician’...bwahahahahaaa

Raining HARD in California

Found on Greg Palast's FB page today --

The 10% have $85 trillion*. An $18 trillion wealth transfer to the rest of us seems reasonable to me

How to lose a GE & demoralize the Party: Nominate the poster child for what is wrong with our govt

Excuse me, sir! Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

A new way of looking at the 1% - the takers of our wealth in a crooked game.

43% of Republicans can imagine supporting a military coup

Donald Trump is being replaced by an immigrant with an anchor baby.

Venezuela rejects Chile's communiqué on López's case

Chile rejects "meddling" accusations in López's case from Venezuela

Taco Bell to serve beer in Chicago

Pope Francis Endorses Iran Nuclear Deal

Animal officers seize 65 dogs from home in central Oklahoma

CHARLES PIERCE: Trump so thin-skinned-if he swallowed flashlight-he’d glow like a Japanese lantern

One of Joe Kennedy's ads for his heating oil from venezuela program

Bernie ahead in another new Hampshere Poll

Palast on Sanders --

Koterba toon: Campaign trail

A right of passage for a young fascist

Plane carrying 10 down in Alaska; 3 dead, troopers say

Presidential Determination -- Major Drug Transit or Major Illicit Drug Producing Countries for Fisca

Star Trek: Voyager’s ‘Kes’ charged with exposing herself to children

Omaha woman gives men $5,000 to show she trusted them; they split

Marie Antoinette: Let them eat cake. Clinton Super Pac: Let them freeze.

Sept 15 New FL PPP polll =Walker ONLY 2%

Post-ABC poll: Most say Kim Davis should issue marriage licenses to gay couples

Hillary AND Bernie Partisans: STOP Posting RW Talking points

UN: Israel-Palestinian Clashes A Threat Beyond Jerusalem

His debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight!

Fla. public schools evangelism/missions news

An idea with respect to t-Rump - just came to me listening to The World on NPR Radio.

Teacher who educated Afghan refugee girls wins U.N. prize

Is This Panda Cub Cute As Hell or What?

Tomorrow morning on Bernie's agenda

I wonder if *this* is why Trump is serious about running:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Jeb Bush: "If someone comes at me, bam! I'll come back at 'em," smacking a fist into a palm.

Fox News tries to ambush Sanders

The $18 trillion lie is getting a lot of coverage

Another use for old cars – blow ’em up!

Christians thinking of making Walter Palmer a Saint

CNN Hopes to Capture Candidates’ Combative Spirit in G.O.P. Debate.

Huckabee: Syrian refugees may just want ‘cable TV’

Scrawling 'F**k Your S**tty Town Bitches' On Speeding Ticket Is Free Speech, Judge Finds

As president Scott Walker will abolish public sector unions

Texas A&M to build McAllen campus

Newsflash: Bernie's Secret Plan to Borrow $18 Trillion from Hugo Chavez

Let's talk more about the Citgo Venezuela program for heating fuel. Not just Bernie's state.

Is Ted Cruz Getting A Little Too Clingy With Donald Trump?


Cubans can now apply for multiple entry visas to Panama

Vintage Minneapolis Mugshots or Current Minneapolis Hipsters?

Bernie Sanders will not cost the nation $18 trillion

Remember, the singular focus of Wall St and DC Establishment is to keep the Bushes in power.

Chelsea Clinton:I'm not a pundit I'm a daughter

Chelsea Clinton surprised by negative perceptions of Hillary: "My mom is my hero." (HILLARY GRP)

Are all Boston fans this stupid?

HP to cut another 25,000 to 30,000 jobs

The Pope says if you don't use your religious property for religious purposes than pay taxes

At least nine dead, five missing, in floods on Utah/Arizona border

Another media fail: "The only people who described Hillary as a liar were Republicans." (HRC GRP)

This Thursday!! Rachel Maddow one-on-one with Bernie!!

Pope Francis Endorses Iran Nuclear Deal

The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration--Ta-Nehisi Coates

Bernie Sanders is more popular than Obama was at the same time in race in 2007

Sanders Up 7 Points Over Clinton in Latest NH poll (Monmouth Univ.)

Hillary on 23 key issues: (HILLARY GROUP)

Democratic Dinner brings Big Names.

DC Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton and Bernie Sanders at today's #JourneyForJustice rally

Family of teen killed by officer wants evidence released now

O'Malley pushes Obama to accept more Syrian refugees

The NAACP and Me

Dislike button on Facebook! (Some thoughts)

Cancun's Underwater Museum set to grow

Honduras' IMF Agreement Includes Austerity Measures that May Make Conditions Worse, New CEPR Paper F

Colombia’s congressmen make 40 times the country’s minimum wage

NFL Odds Week 2

New York Times: Stop Publishing False Information About Hillary Clinton (HILLARY GROUP)

New Mexico lawmakers OK funds for impeachment investigation

Bobby Jindal Stokes Fears that Gays and the Government Will Soon ‘Assault’ Christian Pastors

Oh. My. Goodness! HOW Did I Miss This in 2011?

After 16 Months and taxpayer $4.4 Million, #Benghazi #Republican Panel Still Searching for Charges

A Nuclear Physicist Explains the Science Behind the Iran Deal

Missouri Transgender Teen Crowned Homecoming Queen

Colorado man charged with shooting farmer as he flew light aircraft toward his cornfield

Bernie Sanders joins NAACP Journey for Justice march

Bernie Sanders at NAACP Journey for Justice March

Georgia school district repudiates ‘bizarre’ mass baptisms on football field

It's time for President Obama to round up the terrorists among us...

There is ‘no freedom from religion': Parents rally behind WA high school coach who leads post-game p

Ruth Reichl Recharges in the Kitchen.

Let's spare a thought for the thousands in California who have lost homes, had to evacuate

Why is the media more interested in Hillary's email than in Jeb's profoundly dishonest tax pitch?

Pat Buchanan splains Confederate heroism. Plus -- Eeek! Immigrants!

Atheist Sam Harris Reiterates Support For Profiling Of Muslims At Airports

Hillary Clinton’s Second Email Scandal

Make Love - Not War

Myths And Facts About Net Metering For Solar Energy - MediaMatters

Why Bernie Sanders’ problems with black voters go much deeper than him just blaming the media

Kerry Seeks Syria Answers In New Call With Russian FM

Bernie Sanders is the only white guy that showed up

Hah! Dems block Iran deal vote AGAIN...



Refugees Crowd at the Gates of Fortress Europe

Fiat Chrysler, UAW Reach Tentative New Labor Pact, Both Sides Say

No she didn't!

In honor of the Rain in California - post your songs about Rain here!!

DU Votes For Bernie - Hands Down

HP to jettison up to 30,000 jobs as part of spinoff

MSA president speaks out about racist incident

Joplin's Psychedelic Porsche May Go for $400,000

Another state, another GOP couple, another sex scandal

Bill Maher on MSNBC just said:

I think I have a secret admirer...

Bernie2016TV is looking for help/volunteers

3 Dead, 4 Missing in Zion National Park After Flash Flooding

That Mitchell And Webb Parody Trump Years Ahead Of Time


As predictable as the sun spinning around the Earth,

I wrote this about five months ago: An Agnostic's Soul

Discussing how much things cost is not a "right-wing talking point".

Another hazard to keep in mind during the California drought:

(email) David Brock Struggles With Questions About Correct The Record Attacking Sen. Sanders

Trump is Right. Charles Krautthammer is an Idiot.