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Archives: September 16, 2015

I'm so excited!

Excerpt from Sanders speech at Liberty University

Bernie proposes biggest savings in US history.

How will Trump fare tomorrow night?

CNN's Wolf Blitzer Confronts Bernie Sanders: Draws Contrasts with Hillary Over Trade & Other Issues

Clinton talks women's issues during Cedar Falls stop IOWA

Mike Luckovich take on the Braves

Ronald Reagan would not recognize today's Republican Xenophobes

Bonding with a Newborn or Newly Adopted Child.NJ

Venezuela: Crisis shows Caracas will never please hostile Western media

Bonding with a Newborn or Newly Adopted Child.NJ

Regional bloc warns against meddling in Venezuela

He’s done it again! James Corden in tears as Stevie Wonder sings in Carpool Karaoke

Bernie Sanders tells Wolf Blitzer he's "stunned" that he is beating Hillary Clinton in Latest Polls

Bonding with a Newborn or Newly Adopted Child

Wash Post:No, Bernie Sanders is not going to bankrupt America to the tune of $18 trillion

Crisis in global oceans as populations of marine species halve in size since 1970

Found at Twitter. A rhyme about Bernie's venues.

Senate Dems block vote to disapprove of Iran deal for the second time

Sen. Sanders to Visit New Hampshire. Officially opens Manchester HQ Sat. On Sun, Portsmouth

Paleo People Were Making Flour 32,000 Years Ago

Sen.Sanders to Visit New York

This brings al new meaning to god and guns...

If Fiorina is proud of her 61 years and every wrinkle,

Sen. Sanders Statement on Trade Unions and Walker's plan

Over Ken Paxton’s objection, judge OKs gay marriage settlement

TYT: Is Saudi Arabia Ethnic Cleansing Yemen's Shiites?

Rep. Jonathan Stickland (Regressive) avoids prosecution for alleged rules violation

U.S. Training Helped Mold Top Islamic State Military Commander

Alternet reporter: Clinton campaign a mess

In 2007 Clinton attacked Obama on Race, in 2015 she attacks Bernie with Red Baiting

Oreilly obnoxiously sends his Goon to ambush interview Sanders

Operation Naked King: U.S. Secretly Targeted Bolivia's Evo Morales In Drug Sting

Operation Naked King: U.S. Secretly Targeted Bolivia's Evo Morales In Drug Sting

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitteh & Spock gif

NYT/CBS Poll 09/09-09/13: Clinton 47%, Sanders 27%, Biden 15%, OMalley 0%

Good grief! The Donald is about to give a policy speech--per Maddow on msnbc...

No Rachel - the really funny thing is you carrying more of this Trump bullshit

Majority Report- Police Union's Ridiculous Response to the Tennis Star James Blake Takedown

The official Randolph Mantooth ringers' lactate support group / appreciation society. Check in here.

TYT: Rick Perry Taps. First 2016 Candidate To Call It Quits.

Looks like the Conservative Party in Canada is 'buying likes' on facebook. Search your activity log

Mercury retrograde

Here's what Bernie Sanders can pay for with Jeb Bush's tax cuts for the rich

Another faux right-wing war: The War on Cops

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap!

TYT: Gun Shop Owner Cashing In On Islamophobia

Some fantastic shorts here......

As a public service, I thought I'd provide contact information for the FEC

Professor Richard Wolff: Precarious Work = Capitalism's Inefficiency (audio link)

Governor Abbott’s “LIFE” Initiative is Outrageous—and Pointless

TYT: Kim Davis Back At Work, Still Not Doing Her Job

Free Chapter 1 Download of “Fear Babe: Shattering Vani Hari’s Glass House”

Total fluff an arcade game of Bernie for Senate

Bernie Sanders Just Did More In Two Hours to Repair our Broken Political System Than...

Bernie's budget is good for the middle class (and the rest of the 99%)

Guardian UK: Bernie Sanders rejects 'vicious' attack over his support for UK Labour leader

Mike Malloy - 9/11 From The Eyes Of A Liberal Schoolgirl

A wonderful podcast: An interview with Anita Sengupta.

Con Edison to Pay $3.8 Million in Sex Discrimination Suit

Con Edison to Pay $3.8 Million in Sex Discrimination Suit

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Walks Into The Lion´s Den

Con Edison to Pay $3.8 Million in Sex Discrimination Suit


***Summer Photography Contest Preliminaries Group 1***

Sanders and Corbyn: There Is An Alternative

Can O'Malley's Plan Really Cut the U.S.’s 32,000 Annual Gun Deaths in Half?

***Summer Photography Contest Preliminaries Group 2***

Hillary Clinton Reveals Plan to Combat Sexual Assault, Calls it an “Epidemic”

[Lets assume Jeb falls short

Hillary Clinton Reveals Plan to Combat Sexual Assault, Calls it an “Epidemic”

Clinton Leads GOP Rivals....Bush Most Competitive | Marist Polling, September 14

CBS/NYT Poll: Hillary Clinton's Lead Over Bernie Sanders Cut By Half

Wasn't Bernie supposed to be on Rachel today?

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries series 3 is up on Netflix. N/t

Stephen Harper's Covert Evangelicalism

Homeland Security websites vulnerable to cyber attack: audit

Just sent Senator Sanders $20 because Hillary Brock

BIDEN: “Trump's Sick Message Will NOT Prevail"

LOL, now a Democrat wanting to increase spending is BAD thing???? You Hillary supporters........

Photo of Sickly Polar Bear Signals Tragedy Ahead in Arctic Sep 15, 2015

Meanwhile over in LBN - a CBS poll

Property toll from Northern California wildfire grows to 585 homes

Joe Hill

Tate Modern highlights pop art by women ignored by sexist establishment

Tate Modern highlights pop art by women ignored by sexist establishment

Tate Modern highlights pop art by women ignored by sexist establishment

Still one of the great documentary, hell, movie endings of all time......

Snitch-Ass Feral Hogs Lead Cops to Huge Northeast Texas Marijuana Farm

Video shared by superDU'er EFerrari on another website:

Am reading "The Residence" by Kate Andersen Brower.

Floods kill at least 16 in polygamous town, national park

Surprising New Finds from Ancient Egyptian Star Charts [Slide Show]

Lake Street Dive - "The Neighbor's Song"

The paleo diet bites the dust as new evidence is unearthed

Bernie Sanders video that should be spread to EVERYONE.

The Tide of History Flows Left

I'm going on vacation tomorrow.

Cuba's Castro to travel to New York for U.N. General Assembly

Cuba's Castro to travel to New York for U.N. General Assembly

This must be a rough night for El Supremo...

Brock Refuses To Apologize For His ‘Dirty Work’ Linking Sanders To Hugo Chavez

Washington’s Plan to Lampoon Cuban Politicians Is a Joke

Washington’s Plan to Lampoon Cuban Politicians Is a Joke

Cuba’s a beauty beyond the beach: Havana may not be a resort, but it’s where the nation’s culture li

Hillary Clinton and David Brock bending the rules on Campaign Finance and Dark Money

Global marine populations slashed by half since 1970: WWF

Devil's Bargain: A Former Medellin Cartel Official Has Been A DEA Informant For 27 Years. Now He Wan

Marylanders Weigh Removal of Memorials 150 years after Civil War

The women on the view made fun of the nurse

Confederate flag flyers spit on the graves of the Minnesota First (LTTE)

Senator questioning constitutionality of state’s Heritage Act (SC)

California doctor charged in $150 million insurance scam

On this President's place in history: "Barack Obama Is a Foreign Policy Grandmaster" (BOG)

Really? ... There are about 1000 homes lost in Lake County in CA

Maher:Trump’s speeches are the ‘brain farts’ and ramblings of a guy who inhaled construction debris

Kanye West’s "Yeezus 2020" Campaign Commercial! Do It For The Human Race!

Worried About Refugees?

NASA confirms there's a global subsurface ocean on Enceladus T

what's really happening in Venezuela (graphic)

More from Brock

~ Sweet Home Chicago~ Pres. Obama, BB King, Buddy Guy, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, The White House 2012

For Clinton Supporters: What can be done about media selectively ignoring polls?

Confederate flag deadline draws nearer for Danville (VA)

Divided opinions on state flag issue (MS)

Hillary’s Poll Numbers Are Being Sunk by Media Torpedoes from All Sides (HILLARY GROUP)

Finally! An answer to that all important question ....

Economist Takes Wall Street Journal to Task on Sanders "Hit Piece"

The Day Donald Trump Got Beat Up By An Old Scottish Farmer.

Facebook Is Finally Making a ‘Dislike’ Button

Fracking Boom Bursts in Face of Low Oil Prices

Rising Health Care Costs

Fundraiser idea for tomorrow's debates: Bullshit Bingo for Bernie. Please post your suggestions.

NYT, Sept., 2007: In Turmoil of '68, Hillary Found a New Voice ("a voice for her generation") (HRC)

*Late Night/Seth Meyers with Martin O'Malley NOW!!!

Woman Says Cat 'Saved Her Life' After Detecting Cancerous Lump In Her Neck

Confederate flag discussion held in Marion County (FL)

Don't forget to call your grandma today! Let her know about Bernie Sanders (Latinos for Bernie)

Patrick County finds new home for portrait of Confederate general (VA)

Security cameras now watching confederate memorial at UNC (NC)

Inside the government's student loan problem

Andrea Mitchell asks Bernie Sanders about his $18 Trillion plan to socialismize America

Ben Carson sez:

Fellow Bernie Supporters what attracted you to Bernie? What made you #feelthebern?

How to lose: Fight against the right to health care and the right to not freeze to death...

I lied. (in a BIG way)

US arms maker markets Christian-themed assault rifle

An Open Letter to the Wall Street Journal on Its Bernie Sanders Hit Piece

Gazette editorial: The interesting candidate you haven’t heard about.

Gazette editorial: The interesting candidate you haven’t heard about.

Oldest article of clothing/footwear you possess and still wear

This is the First Meeting for Students for Sanders at Michigan State,

Homeland secretary blasts sanctuary policies

Seattle Police Department Fires Officer Cynthia Whitlatch

Interesting local fundraiser!!

Irving 9th-grader arrested after taking homemade clock to school: 'So you tried to make a bomb?'

Sexting Teen Charged With Sexually Exploiting Himself

Family of man killed by deputies suing Bexar county, sheriff’s office

Cassini finds global ocean in Saturn's moon Enceladus

Tiny Nordheim Proclaims Small Victory in Oilfield Waste Vote

App: More than 2,300 Texas government worker emails for 'sugar daddy' dating service

Valley Interfaith questions McAllen’s use of sales tax revenue

SOUTH CHINA SEA WATCH: China seen building 3rd airstrip

9th-grader arrested -- taking homemade clock to school: 'So you tried to make a bomb?

Floods kill at least 16 in polygamous town, national park

The art of motion control

Nerding while Muslim

Biden on Trump- "I'm Being Deadly Earnest About This..." Trump has 'a Sick Message'

My first actual prediction

Wolf Blitzer interviews Bernie

New Mexico secretary of state pleads not guilty

Madalena campaign spending examined

Emails Show Close Ties Between Heritage Foundation and Lockheed Martin

Judge rules Y-12 protesters can only enter government nuclear facility with President's permission

Shin Bet orders Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu arrested again

$100 ATM cards for New Mexico teachers face union resistance

Daily Holidays - September 16

Daniel Ellsberg interview with RT International on arrest of Mordechai Vanunu

I just saw an an EXCELLENT picture with a meme, but don't want to link a friend's FB account here,

Outraged Dad Wonders If a Public Speaking Class Is Only for Rich Kids

Missouri GOPers reaffirm strong opposition to ALEC's 'Right to Work' attacks

How One State Escaped Wall Street’s Rule and Created a Banking System That’s 83% Locally Owned

O’Malley could be ‘Secretary of Hunkery’ if White House bid fizzles, says late-night host Seth Meyer

Santa Fe Rolls Out New Public Banking Campaign

Turning Pennies Into Billion$: The Tiny Tax that Wall Street Fears - See more at:

'Perilously' Outdated Voting Machines Threaten 2016 Election, Report Finds

Joe Biden hammers Trump for ‘sick message’ exploiting xenophobia

Robot sex would lead to objectification and mistreatment of women

Robot sex would lead to objectification and mistreatment of women

I'm going to be making some O'Malley buttons for the WA State Dems quarterly meeting

$Bundler-Wolf on Meeting w/Biden "Yes, I'm Going To Help Whoever's The Democratic Nominee"

Iowa Press: Interview w/Bernie Sanders - Pulls No Punches

Public School Students Are the New Inmates in the American Police State By John W. Whitehead

Catholic Bishop Blames Victims Of Child Molesting Priests

Borosage: Sanders and Corbyn: There Is An Alternative

Opinion: Is Biden-Gillibrand the winning ticket for 2016? GRASPING AT STRAWS DEPT.

Atheist Mom Forced Into Court-Ordered Christian Counseling

Johnson & Johnson created a powerful drug, promoted it illegally & covered up side effects

National Grid bills carry winter jolt

Something to really get the establishment righties really upset

I have a black eye right now. I know that's not him, that's not who he is; it's just the Alzheimer's

One Handed Receiver Sets Pennsylvania School Yardage Record..Yahoo Sports..

The Rude Pundit - Government Shutdown: These Crazy Bastards Might Do It Again

Sanders Marches for Voting Rights


Driver’s Licenses From 4 States Could Be Useless For Getting Through Airport Security NH NY MN LA

Find My Past is free this weekend - mid day 9/18 thru mid day 9/21 GMT

Caption this photo of JEB! Bush

Clinton and DNC face more pressure to add more debates

Court-ordered religious classes raise concerns

No, Bernie Sanders is not going to bankrupt America to the tune of $18 trillion

The Kris Sibaugh Story (Pennsylvania high school athlete with one hand, #1 wide receiver in league)

S&P lowers Japan credit rating as recovery prospects dim

Danish teen kills mother after watching videos of Islamic State murders

President Obama goes on a Twitter rant about the economy

Government cries foul over use of term 'forcible voting' as security bills debate heats up

Watter's T*rd. . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Jesse Watters!!!

Gun maker slammed for Christian assault rifle

Will Blairites cross floor to the Tories?

Portland artist uses period blood for Trump portrait

Union suspends strike; school to start Thursday in Seattle

Union suspends strike; school to start Thursday in Seattle

Venezuelan leader says to travel to push for OPEC, non-OPEC meeting

Union suspends strike; school to start Thursday in Seattle

Who's been sleeping in MY kitchen? Smarter than the average bear, this girl...

Robert Reich: Carly Fiorina's Hypocrisy

Fox News blasts Stephen Colbert for wearing Black Lives Matter bracelet

Report Details How Mass Incarceration Is Devastating Families, Society


Party leader has had worrying connections with extremists

This one clip shows why many choose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Endorses Bernie Sanders: He's 'A Man Of His Word'

Sanders solo filibuster December 10, 2010

Chicken Shit America!

Really enjoying the Knick.

A Scientist's Mind, an Artist's Eye

Sanders Responds to the WSJ on Single Payer

The Loneliest Club

Chief retires after post criticizing Black Lives Matter

NASA - First 8 Months Of 2015 By Far Hottest First 8 Months On Record

Gender-bending, pole dancing Chinese sexagenarian goes viral

Woo Hoo! Our favorite state sex scandal made it to HBO!

When Have Humans Ever Looked At Something We Need, Or Just Want, And Just Walked Away?

UN Climate Chief: Even "Successful" Paris Agreement Means 3C Increase

O'Malley on Late Night with Seth Meyers - the videos

‘Look in the Mirror, Fat Boy’ Ronald Reagan’s sons discuss Donald Trump and 2016

Jesse Matthew Jr. charged with murder in death of Morgan Harrington

The Republican plan for American education defined

Would you be willing to have a baby with a robot?

Clinton surrogate David Brock: Supporting Warren is "Cynical" and "Misguided"

Democracy Now! report yesterday on Seattle Teacher Strike

Two new Bernie Toons

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Welcome to the Hotel Trump

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Refugees

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

So it was scientifically feasible for a mega-croc to take down a helicopter.

U.S. Consumer Prices Fall 0.1%, Muddling Fed Decision

Colbert debuts Hungry For Power Games

The Biblical Argument for Bernie --- Jim, a Liberty University Alumnus, Explains:

Jade Helm ends with no takeover — Conspiracy theory fear mongers bummed out.

I would feel delinquent as a DUer if I didn't remind everyone of this incredible classic record.

Irving 9th-grader arrested after taking homemade clock to school

Why Some Democrats Aren't Giving Up on More Debates

My thoughts: A Biden-Warren ticket...and Bernie Sanders role...

Among many reasons to love Ta-Nehisi Coates' new piece: the footnotes

I found the mascot for GDP

Hilarious Larry Wilmore Does Bill Cosby Impression + What If Donald Trump Was Really President?

Climate Change vs: Population Growth

If The Modern Media Covered The Civil Rights Movement

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-15-15

The Tea Party Threat To Obamacare In Kentucky - Emily Atkin Part 1

Owner Of LaFerrari Caught Terrifying Beverly Hills Neighborhood Claims 'Diplomatic Immunity'

When walker quits running for president


repuke debate watch party tonight...Drink when you hear...

"Anyone Thought About Putting OUT The Fire?"

After reports of hearing screams and no answer at the door, deputies charge in, scaring kids inside

Black Lives Matter activists to meet with Sanders on Wednesday

Trump Says "China!" ;-)

Two biggest beer companies in talks to merge

OMFG! The clock kid in Irving's dad is awesome too

“There’s Just No Cash”: Oil Bust in Canada Hits Creditors

Video from Rachel's show from Tuesday exposing Trump scamming veterans

TYT: Will Sex Robots Make Real Women Obsolete?

Nate Silver at 538: "Hillary Clinton Is Stuck In A Poll-Deflating Feedback Loop"

Clinton Progressive in July, Moderate in September. Where will she be in another two months?

It’s Time to Break With Saudi Arabia’s ‘Kingdom of Horrors’

GOP touts Latino outreach during Hispanic Heritage Month

Check in to give Props for the profession of Nurses.

Missouri lawmakers poised to override employment bill vetoes

Political Frauds and the Ghost of Totalitarianism

Anti-Environment TV spot from National Assosciaton of Manufacturers

Please help to free Don Siegelmann, victim of Karl Rove

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: New National Geographic

Better than Rockwell!

How United Airlines’ Rapacious, Scandal-Ridden CEO Screwed Over His Own Company

TYT: Entourage Actor Posts 9/11 Memorial And Internet Goes Nuts

Blast from the Past: Clinton says lobbyists represent real Americans

Mike Papantonio about Hillary Clinton's connection to big banks and their influence

Rachel Maddow - Shameful Lehman Brothers legacy taints Jeb Bush, John Kasich

Seven Things About Ronald Reagan You Won't Hear at the Reagan Library GOP Debate

Clinton on Glass Steagal

Alberta: body found is missing two-year-old

Janis Joplin's psychedelic '65 Porsche expected to sell for $400K @ Sotheby's in December

I propose we play a game of Scott Walker debate bingo.

Thom Hartmann: The Backlash on Corporatism is Ramping Up World Wide

Arrest of 14-Year-Old Student for Making a Clock: the Fruits of Sustained Fear-Mongering and ......

TYT: O’Reilly Reporter Tries Ambush Interview On Bernie Sanders, Fails.

The Seatle Cop who arrested that old black man with his golf club...FIRED!!!!

Thom Hartmann: How The Socialist Surge is Growing

Thom Hartmann: The Coming Climate Shock

Maker and engineer of color arrested

Froma Harrop: Support the Establishment Because Movement Politicians are Mean!

Coen Brother movie fans---rank their films.

trump, after the debate will continue to climb in the polls. here's why...

Quick note: Bernie will live Tweet tonight's GOP debate

TYT: Face Off: Carly Fiorina Fires Back At Trump In New Ad

Pope Francis faces challenge persuading US Catholic leaders on climate change.

Marine population halved since 1970 - report

Can we stop the Biden-Warren nonsense and focus on our great REAL candidates? Warren said she isn't

Indigenous Australian storytelling accurately records sea level rises 7,000 years ago

Refugee crisis: Hungary uses tear gas, water cannons on migrants at border

Question about alerts

The Atlantic: Sanders and Kennedy at Liberty, 32 years apart

Will climate change significantly affect our species?

Borowitz: Party That Mocked President's Lack of Experience Favors One With No Experience Whatsoever

Not sure if this belongs in Creative Speculation

Number of Uninsured Drops 8.8 Million

The Biblical Argument for Bernie - From A Liberty University Alumnus

Rachel Maddow - Trump flips 'policy' speech into questionable fundraiser

Rachel Maddow - Trump reaches core Republican voters with simple message

Can't wait for Oct. 12th....

Pa. police chief fatally shoots himself cleaning gun

god: Don't You See What's The Matter?

W. Post’s Greg Sargent rebuts WSJ tally of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ spending plans:

Simi Valley: Reagan Library; Rodney King trial

Does every president get a new Airforce One?

Forget Sanders and Clinton for a moment. This is a symbolic schism that has been long brewing

Comedian Who Told of 9/11 Escape, Admits He Lied

Thom Hartmann on Clinton's Dark Money attack on Bernie Sanders

Rachel Maddow: ‘Veterans’ group’ fundraising off Trump speech is really one guy in S. Dakota

Wow. I didn't know goats could climb trees.

The War At Home

Our liberal Senator Brown is on the fence about labeling GMOs, along with 11 other Dems!

Debate Question for the Donald

PLS CALL - Our liberal Sen Brown is on the fence about labeling GMOs, along with 11 other Dems

Why Do Cats Come To The Bathroom With You?

Robert Reich on Glass-Steagall and Public Morality

While everyone else was talking about her authenticity, Hillary Clinton changed her position

USW, ArcelorMittal talks break down

USW, ArcelorMittal talks break down

Obama ok w/ short term funding bill but wants end of carried interest loophole; conservs want it all

USW, ArcelorMittal talks break down

Obama: Stop stifling debate on Campus

Do you think Donald Trump can brag his way to become Commander in Chief?

Do you think maybe he's compensating for something?

Political Frauds and the Ghost of Totalitarianism

Op-Ed: How secular family values stack up

FCC’s Wheeler says he’s banking upon 600 MHz auction taking place in March 2016

Geek Dad: We Stand With Ahmed – An Open Letter to Ahmed Mohamed

After finding loophole, Omaha council votes to ban hunting in city parks

WaPo: Hillary Should Call for More Debates (For Real)

Just Got My New Bernie Bumper Sticker!

The Hill: Clinton's campaign finance proposal weak on details

The LIttle Redhaired Girl Who Came To Stay dog rescue by Donna Exeter, CA

Who's in first? Why it's...

What is it with these "holier-than-thou" Jesus freaks?

My dear Dad passed away at 11:35 last night. I was with him.

Clinton Surrogate David Brock Pleads with Base to Stick with Clinton

The continued dumbing down of America

Rosetta Mission: Ptolemy sniffs next piece of the comet puzzle

Homer Hickam's Partners Offer Ahmed a Trip to Space Camp

POTUS is speaking to a business round table discussion and CNBC is the only

Email from Bernie...

Is Caroline Kennedy seeking revenge on Hillary Clinton?

Energy Secretary Moniz - Climate change calls for expanded use of nuclear power

Larry Wilmore Debuts As A Magician To Debunk Fox's War On Cops

Fake Donald Trump interview in Dallas:

MSNBC: Democratic candidates stop being nice and start getting real

Bernie Sanders Joins Historic NAACP March to Push for Equality, Lincoln Memorial, Wash, DC Sept. 15

Welcome to the BIG tent of Democratic Populism

Pocket Knives - Do You Carry One?

Fundraising Deadline Looms for Republicans Hoping to Engineer the Fall of Trump

Carter calls China 'out of step' in South China Sea

ACTUAL STATEMENT from the Irving Police on why they arrested Ahmed Mohamed. Worse than fiction.

Homebuilder Confidence in U.S. Strengthens to Highest Since 2005

Labor for Bernie marching down 5th Ave. in NYC!

Health Care: Why are so many companies self-funded? Because it costs more? Really?

Washington Post finally admits Hillary Clinton is winning by a mile

Assad Blames West For Refugee Crisis In Europe


The Real Terrorist Threat Is The GOP Presidential Field.

Hillary Clinton Weighs In On Arrest Of Muslim Teen Over Homemade Clock

Stop the government of Finland's massive attack on trade union rights!

Stop the government of Finland's massive attack on trade union rights!

Stop the government of Finland's massive attack on trade union rights!

Amy Schumer on Ellen = Ellen just lets her run free

Alligator Snapping Turtle vs Common Snapping Turtle

Plot thickens on the making randy in the park Minnesota Lawmakers

Thank Heavens they caught this terrorist 9th Grader

Pic Of The Moment: The People Who Know Jeb Bush And Marco Rubio Best Say... Just Quit Already

December 2013: Sen. Cruz Says Obama Administration Will Intensify Focus on Regulations

When you wish upon a star

All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists...LAWRENCE M. KRAUSS

Varoufakis urges the British Labour to take action in the class war

Matthew Yglesias: Sanders' $18 trillion in proposed spending is more affordable than it sounds

Salon on Sanders: This is what a political earthquake feels like

Interesting evangelical take on Bernie's Liberty University speech:

Planned Parenthood is a symbol. This is the reality of one Ohio clinic.

What's the best way to charge millions of electric vehicles at once?

How blacks being paid less for the same work drives down our wealth

Paul Robeson - Ol' Man River

Why This Evangelical Pastor Now Supports Bernie Sanders

O'Malley's letter to Obama on the Syrian Crisis

O'Malley's letter to Obama on the Syrian Crisis

If it's not an American flag, it's probably a bomb.

Exxon’s Own Research Confirmed the Role of Fossil Fuels in Global Warming Decades Ago

More fun with Kim Davis

They Knew: Documents show Exxon understood Climate Change in the 70s

Hillary Clinton is Still the Candidate to Beat

Bernie Sanders just slammed a report that claimed his proposals would cost a monstrous $18 trillion

I did a DU search, and didn't find this anywhere...

AFP: Sanders winning over US Democrats

As worries rise, Hillary Clinton camp says stick to the plan (read like a post mortem)

Sanders to Scott Walker: We need a stronger trade-union movement

Stephen Colbert's Hunger Games Sendoff of Rick Perry

Jim Hightower on Sanders: You can’t buy a president for 30 bucks - but you can help elect one!

kid arrested for clock invited to the White House

The Importance of Canvassing and Phone Banking

Cool clock, Ahmed

Discussion board software recomendations

I am so torn with deciding who I want most

Discussion board software recomendations

Potus on twitter - re: the kid in TX arrested for science project

Irving, TX is a notorious, rightwing cesspool of racist ignorance

Lincoln Mitchell: Clinton is too conservative for a Democratic primary electorate

An Evangelical responds to Sanders' speech at Liberty U

There is a petition out asking Obama why he hasn't fired DWS as DNC Chair person SIGN IT!!!

State gives Confederate groups a say, but not slave descendants

7 Kids Not Named Mohamed Who Brought Homemade Clocks to School And Didn't Get Arrested

Dallas Hackers Are Already Helping Ahmed Mohamed with His Next Inventions

Obama on Twitter: "Cool clock, Ahmed"

Time on David Brock: Meet Hillary Clinton’s Bulldog

Aldermen receive request to remove state flag (MS)

Sanders stars in his own game where you shoot down fat cats

Winter On Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom from Putin's Control. A Netflix Documentary

Uncle Lucius explains note on Confederate flag (NC)

Juan Cole: Obama as Grandmaster of Grand Strategy: Containing China

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Democrats Shun Hillary at Their Own Peril

Sanders bill would end for-profit prisons, immigrant detention

An Evangelical responds to Sanders' speech at Liberty U

An Evangelical responds to Sanders' speech at Liberty U

Death Row Inmate Glossip Granted a 2 Week Stay...

Um...about the design of the house...

What GD needs now is more threads about Ahmed Mohamed

Two very interesting articles today at The Trace

Bernie Sanders Vows to Strike Down Absurd Federal Marijuana Money Laws

Traveling While Black

'Bernie is the voice of Justice crying out in the desert. Evangelicals are convicted by his message'

Obama on debate: Nothing patriotic 'about talking down America'

I would love to have a beer with Biden. But I would not leave Bernie for him and

A message from Bernie2016tv to Elon Musk (Tesla)!

200 Feet Or More Of Sea Level Rise: Here’s What That Looks Like

President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Arne Duncan, and many others rally around the Muslim teen

Confederate Flag Flown In Independence County (AR)

Steve Rannazzisi, Comedian Who Told of 9/11 Escape, Admits He Lied

Could John Kerry wind up an alternative candidate for President?

Pictures of the kid being arrested for possessing a clock.

Irving mayor who defended Ahmed Mohamed arrest is a notorious fearmonger re: Islam

Denying Science Will Make Useless Republicans Lose The Youth Vote

What is going on with Bravenak?

Family adjusting to Ahmed Mohamed's sudden fame as police announce no charges for clock deemed 'hoax

Editorial: Overreaction in clock-bomb mix-up has chilling effect

Marketwatch: The typical household makes less than it did before the recession

What would I do if a kid brought me that clock when I was teaching?

Has anyone ever had an Ear Worm of a song? For a week mine has been "Its All Can Do"by The Cars

The Party of Lincoln (cartoon)

Facebook page for Beth Van Duyne, Irving mayor who shamelessly defended Ahmed Mohamed's arrest....

Never forget

White kid builds nuclear reactor and Homeland Security offers help

Presenting The Presidential Money Maps: Here's Where The Checks Come From inc. HRC/Bernie

Trump: Reagan farted in my general direction- And - it was YUUUUGE!!

Join O'Malley, Busch and Glendenning in Annapolis.

Branstad advocates for school choice

Message to Jeb "Deer in the Headlights" Bush: The Old He-Coon is grinnin' atcha tonight.

Does anyone know how to watch the dabate online

Bernie Sanders' appeal to Christian students met with polite scepticism

Debate, amen.

Do you join me in standing with Ahmed Mohamed

Donald Trump is Victim of Jimmy Kimmel's Latest Prank

Probe of Illinois officer's death marked by tension between cops, coroner

Charles Pierce: The clown car parks itself at the Reagan Library tonight

Corrupt Private Prisons Rake In Millions By Detaining Immigrants

Krugman: Trump is a blowhard talking nonsense but 'Trumponomics' is more sensible than GOP version.

BREAKING: The White House is on lockdown

Well, this should help TRUMP with evangelicals:

What a hero looks like to me.

Reports: White House on Lockdown due to Unattended package found

Hungary's neighbor, Croatia, allows refugees to bypass Hungary and its 'Trump' wall.

#IStandWithAhmed: President Obama Invites Ahmed Mohamed to White House to Show Him Clock Mistaken...

The U.S. just renewed the “State of Emergency” it declared after 9/11, for the 14th year.

Hillary's historian refutes Sanders claim that this country is "created on racist principles".

Dr. Oz promises to stop promoting pseudoscience. Should we believe him?

Kim Davis Speaks Out

GMOs, Facts and Illusions, a summary sheet - by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Texas principal sends awful letter to parents after Ahmed Mohamed was wrongfully arrested

US confirms special forces on ground in Syria aiding Kurds

Tom Brady endorses Donald Trump

So now GMOs cause concussions.

Irving Police Chief: Race Had Nothing to Do With Student's Arrest

Could London be in Danger!

Accused gunman in Charleston church shooting proposes guilty plea

Ted Cruz's Favorite Gun Lobbyist Warns US Government

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 16, 2015

Fired Anniston police officer defends actions in hearing (AL)

NC Police Chief Forced to Retire After Calling Black Lives Matter ‘an American-Born Terrorist Group’

Irving mayor defends arrest of Muslim teen with clock...

I think we all owe George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and company a huge apology.

Best of Mae West video - Why doncha come up sometime and see it?

How do I give you $$$$ ?

Department Of Justice Finally Unveils Plan To Put Bankers In Prison

Imprisoned brokers and politicians enjoy luxuries behind bars

Imprisoned brokers and politicians enjoy luxuries behind bars

What's your favorite episode of Fawlty Towers?

Colombia prosecutor office wants to jail opposition campaign manager for hacking scandal

Industry Suppliers Halt Confederate Flag Sales

Irving MacArthur student arrested after bringing homemade clock to school

PSA: No state tax on pot today in Colorado.

Another casualty of school security concerns: school lockers.

Gene Lyons: Hillary's staff "ought to go...walk the plank" (HILLARY GROUP)

Clueless, Ball-deflating, Douchebag Quarterback Says A Trump Presidency 'Would Be Great'

Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s chief assassin: El Chapo is doing to Mexico what El Patron did to Colom

Does every kid who brings a cell phone to to Ahmed's school get arrested?

Jon Stewart Lobbies Legislators to Extend 9/11 First Responders Health Compensation Bill

Kentucky Clerk Wants Name Removed From Marriage Licenses

For those of you who want to contact the Mayor of Irving TX and comment on clock "bomb"

Someone just donated to Ahmed, teen clock-builder, a scholarship to Space Camp.

Humpback Whale Breaches on Top of Kayakers

My "WTF?" of the day, Michael Savage edition...

Yikes! 30 killer whales surrounded her kayak!

Donald Trump just sold off the entire Miss Universe Organization after buying it 3 days ago

Teen accused in New Mexico homeless killings takes plea deal

Japanese volcano Mount Aso erupts

The ‘other disappeared’: Mexico’s missing people

Firefox question

It's no hoverboard, but....

Are fantasy sports gambling?

Hilary Clinton Has Advice For Kanye West

Obama and Netanyahu to meet at White House to discuss Iran nuclear deal

CIA declassifies collection of cold war-era intelligence memos

700 million cases of malaria prevented in Africa

The connected home

Anybody have Spanish language flyers I can download?

Denver park closes over risk to visitors trying to take #bearselfies

Sanders to WSJ: I’ll Create Jobs, Provide Better Care for Less

Democrats sick of the ‘status quo’ flock to billionaire-bashing Bernie Sanders

Can someone explain this Ted Cruz ad?

The Ahmeds Of Texas Are The Future -- We Must Embrace And Support Them Now

Is there a kitchen layout that doesn't involve

Russia complains over 'gay bar' on president's plot in Finland

What is the true cost of Bernie's single payer health care proposal?

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Loses Latest Attempt to Stop Issuing Licenses

Pushing the Limits: Hyperloop transportation system

Kerry Says Russia Proposes Military Talks On Syria


More whats going on in Venezuela

Chris Christie’s Criminal Woes Are Far From Over

Is anyone going to watch the four GOP candidates who will be debating on CNN at 6? We just cut the

7-Hour Standoff With Injured Military Vet Ends Peacefully

O'Malley will be doing a pre-recorded interview with Thom Hartmann to air Friday.

A 'distinctively American form of punishment' may get a long look from the nation's highest court

Oklahoma court issues last-minute halt of execution of Glossip

CNN: Bernie Sanders ratchets up knocks on pro-Clinton super PACs

California Could Become the Fifth State to Misidentify Suicide as a Medical Treatment

"BREAKING NEWS" on Wolf Blitzer CNN

Canada's Quiet Coup: How A CIA Off-Shoot Helped Install Stephen Harper As Canada's Prime Minister

So I am guessing the actions of the Irving, Tx. police & schools

Bernie Sanders vows to strike down absurd federal marijuana money laws

HRC supporters, help me out here, tell me why i should vote for HRC in the primary

Ahmed Mohamed will be on Chris Hayes tonight

The Nation: What the US Left and Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Can Learn from Jeremy Corbyn

Trump has a simple message, but Latinos say it’s not that easy

Dedicated to all those that want to take selfies with dangerous critters.

Exclusive Interview With School That Had Ahmed Mohamed Arrested - TMFS Sketch

Abbas: Israelis have no right to desecrate our holy sites with their filthy feet

Hillary: Should Democrats Nominate A Candidate At Risk Of Indictment?

Alright, it's been about a month since I've even turned it to MSNBC to watch any program…

Meet America’s Wackiest Trump Supporters

‘Hatred is learned': Austin band covers NC venue’s rebel flag in black, leaves note asking them to ‘

Poll question: the 'single payer' talking point edition.

The Nation: What the WSJ Gets Totally Wrong About Bernie Sanders’s Agenda

Linguistics Expert: Donald Trump Talks Like a 4th Grade Boy

USDA official in settlement

Anyone else going to boycott IT tonight, and tune your TV to anything other the CNN Demolition Derby Debate?

Arab-looking man of Syrian descent found in garage building what looks like a bomb...

Obama urges U.S. businessmen to exert pressure for lifting Cuba embargo

Obama urges U.S. businessmen to exert pressure for lifting Cuba embargo

Recruitment fliers for white supremacist group distributed in Cullman County (AL)

Millennials Feel the Bern: Manassas, Virginia

And Another Reason To Love This President…..

US Blockade Against Cuba Tightened Despite New Measures

The U.N. Praises Cuban Public Policy Model

General Austin: Only '4 or 5' US-Trained Syrian Rebels Fighting ISIS

Chilling New Poll Finds GOP Fascism Is Very Real

Examiner: The hypocrisy of David Brock's Clinton-supporting super PAC

Progressive Change against Corporatism is Sweeping the World: Thom Hartmann Explains

US appeals court hands Argentina a victory in bond dispute

We just got an important email

US appeals court hands Argentina a victory in bond dispute

Matthew Yglesias: Why a resurgent, unapologetic left is on the rise globally

I have one of these living in my back yard!

Why I Support Senator Sanders for President

Politics USA: Bernie Sanders Goes On The Attack After Pro-Clinton Super PAC Launches Smear Campaign

Mystery USPS Clerk Stole Pagan Woman’s Books Out Of The Mail, Replaced Them With A Hymnal

Irving, TX mayor encourages Islamophobia

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 September 2015

Independent UK: Bernie Sanders slams 'vicious' attack from Clinton super PAC

Clinton, DNC Face Pressure To Add Debates

The Telegraph: Clinton's attack on Sanders has "backfired"

The Guardian: How Bernie Sanders is winning over Democratic voters

Robbie Tolan’s Police Brutality Case Might Be Precedent-Setting — But So What?

Gavin Newsome was just interviewed on MSNBC.

Bernie Sanders an independent/nonpartisan/socialist politician Not a Democrat?

Bernie Sanders Vows To Fix 'Broken' Prison System, Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Elizabeth Warren: I Stand with Ahmed

Are all Boston fans this stupid...

Seneff Claims GMOs Cause Concussions. Umm.

Media Covers Trump’s Fake Veteran’s Speech and Endorsement: Doesn’t Realize it was a Fraud

Huckabee vows to pass legislation making missionary position legal only for actual missionaries

The Hill: PACs’ creative rule-bending

How Jeb Bush’s Tax Cuts Suckered the Media

Don't forget! Live tweet the #GOPdebate with us tonight! @WomenG4Hillar

Less than a's starting !!

*******Unofficial Kiddie Table Debate Thread*******

can you believe it?

If you see something say something

The Venue

Viral rewind: Never forget the time Carly Fiorina called Barbara Boxer’s hair “so yesterday”

undercard debate starting right now...we dems are stupid for not having more debates

Brent Budowsky: Biden-Warren in 2016?

Kos: When it came time for the hard work of implementing single payer in Vermont, Bernie was AWOL

Joe Biden is going to destroy Trump

Missouri Right-to-Work Measure Fails in GOP-Controlled House

Anyone thirsty? The DU Tea Room is open.

Anderson Cooper to Moderate First Democratic Debate.

I Can't Make My Mind Up As To What To Watch Tonight - America's Got Talent Finale Or....

Do you agree that the USA was, in many ways, founded on racist principles?

oops, i just surfed across cnn and the gop losers debate is on

Black Lives Matter Activists Meet With Bernie Sanders To Make Sure He's On Board

WHAT TREATS should be offered at your REPUBLICAN viewing debate party tonight?

Bald Knob police chief's truck burned, painted with '2nd Amendment'

so, between Biden's coy readiness and David Brock's integral position

Bohemian Rhapsody Played by 100+ year old fairground organ

We were for it until Bernie Sanders was for it.

Colorado Just Became the First State Ever to Generate More Taxes from Marijuana than Alcohol

Luckovich - Muslim Teen Builds a Device .....

NASA says first manned flight of Orion spacecraft could be delayed nearly 2 years

APNewsBreak: Vet group hosting Trump lost nonprofit status

Judge the Debate 2016 - originally posted in WAS LBN when I posted it!

Watch the birds

Georgetown church starts petition to remove Confederate monument (TX)

Rand Paul Shoots The Tax Code With An AR-15 Assault Rifle. Yes, Really.

Louisiana is the epicenter of the war on Planned Parenthood yet in dire need of its services

Board Hears Expert Testimony On Confederate Memorials (KY)

Wake Forest hosts panel discussion on symbolism of Confederate flag (NC)

Kshama Sawant at Social Security rally

Chile shaken by 7.9 earthquake (tsunami possible) (UPDATE: 8.3M)

Editorial Calls on Iowa Board of Medicine To Base Rules on 'Evidence, Not Politics':

Upgraded to 8.3 Earthquake off the coast of Chile! #Tsunami WATCH issued for #Hawaii.

State Restrictions on Mifepristone Keep it From Reaching 'Full Potential'

A Message from the GOPS revered Ronald McD..Reagan; on tonights Circus Debate

Bernie Sanders To Strike A Blow For Justice By Introducing Bill Banning Private Prisons

Why are they even having two GOP debates tonight?

FiveThirtyEight Endorsement Update: Clinton 331, Biden 16, O'Malley 1, Sanders 0


Are Google Plus links not working?

Review Debunks Medication Abortion 'Reversal' Claims (antis lie)

Keep the Kids...

Watching the kiddie debate and.....

Lindsey Graham..............."The ISIS is coming"

My debate drinking game has RayGun in it.

Brothers and Sisters, can I get a "Fuck you Lindsey Graham"?

WBUR Poll: Sanders, Clinton Locked In Tight Contest In N.H. Primary... BS: 35% HC: 31%

sociopath or psychopath, which term do you prefer ?

Make Your Football Season Union-Made

Bernie Sanders & Cornel West Go To South Carolina. Were Black Voters Listening?

Bernie Sanders Challenges Expectations for Democrats

Ringing the alarm over voting-machine troubles

The Cars or The Police. Which of these singers did you prefer as a singer

Sanders meets with Black Lives Matter activists

New Mexico Court Forced a Mother To Take Religious Classes Or Face Losing Her Kids

My Weekend With a Bunch of Atheists

Is "Breathless" dubbed in English on TCM tonight?

Pagan Books Stolen from Mail, Replaced by Hymnal

Chile earthquake: 8.3-magnitude quake strikes off coast / emergency agency issues tsunami warning.

WaPo: As worries rise, Hillary Clinton camp says stick to the plan

Anybody see 'Black Mass'?

WBUR Poll: Sanders, Clinton Locked In Tight Contest In N.H. Primary


Austin State Hospital could lose $7.1 million in federal funding

Ahmed Mohamed Speaks Out at Presser About Arrest over Clock

WaPo: The No. 1 word associated with Hillary Clinton is ‘e-mails’

Washington Post finally admits Hillary Clinton is winning by a mile

WaPo: Hillary Clinton’s woman problem, explained

A Reminder To The Clinton Campaign: This Is Exactly What You Did Wrong LAST Time! (*Facepalm*)

Liberty Univ Alumnus: Sanders called us out on our hypocrisy. He has my vote.

Wolf Blitzer Apologizes For Misidentifying Nancy Reagan Before GOP Debate

Rasmussen: 59% Think Hillary Likely To Have Broken The Law