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Archives: September 18, 2015

No, a thousand times No, Shrub You Failed in Your Mission to Keep America Safe

American Journey for Justice ends in San Diego

Natalie Maines passionate about 'justice'; hurt by her hometown's (Lubbock) lack of support

Here it comes.... (NH town meeting)

Turn on Chris Hayes right fugging now

Did any of you see the post by Capt. Sunshine about

Bernie Sweatshirts....

Martin O'Malley is right

Clerk Kim Davis loses another appeal in gay marriage case

Clerk Kim Davis loses another appeal in gay marriage case

Trump faces anti-muslim questioner and for once remains silent

Trump Refuses to Deny Accusation that Obama Is Foreign Muslim at New Hampshire Rally

Neugebauer won't seek re-election to US House of Representatives in 2016

Bush, Trump square off over FL casinos ---here it comes

good parody of anti-Corbyn hysteria:

Comforting reinforcement thread.


Bernie Sanders was GOP debate's real winner

Trying to transfer Itunes file from Mac to Windows 10 laptop

Ipsos/Reuters Poll (September 17): Sanders losing ground to Clinton

Anyone else having a great year for puffball mushrooms?

Brazil's top court bans corporate money in election campaigns

FYI. Cornel West is speaking to a PACKED symposium tonight. Harvey Gantt Center, NC

US starts carrying out nuke deal as time expires on GOP

Hoisting a few with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

Pro-Perry Super PACs Give Back Millions

Pro-Perry Super PACs Give Back Millions

Martin O'Malley and the Marijuana Legalization Listening Session

NOT the onion....'Fiorina defends citing nonexistent abortion video'

King Coal and the queen of subsidies

MSNBC: Progressives Donate $1.2m to Sanders in 48 Hours to Combat Clinton's Dark Money Attack

Political Cartoon: The latest from Matt @wuerker. Ouch.

Young Turks: Bernie Sanders Now Front-Runner

Report: Mexican police capture suspect in disappearance and deaths of students

Insurance companies seeking BIG rate increases for 2016: Says thanks for saying no to single payer.

Report: Mexican police capture suspect in disappearance and deaths of students

Politics USA: Supporters Respond To Pro-Clinton Super PAC Smears By Donating $1.2 Million To Bernie

Hillary Clinton ad regarding last night's debate

Mighty dog/brave dog protects master

ROF: Pro-Hillary Super PAC Attacks Bernie with Lies and Unfair Comparisons: HRC in Freak Mode

Thom Hartmann: David Brock Unapologetic over Bernie Sanders Attack

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitteh gif

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will DJ Chicago Radio Show, Because Why Not

UN Nuclear Conference Votes Down Anti-Israel Resolution

Iranian Women's Soccer Captain Will Miss Asian Cup After Husband Takes Passport

Bernie Sanders to be on Rachel tonight! nt

DNC Chair Defends Debate Schedule As GOP Contests Grab Attention

Rachel will interview Bernie Sanders!

NOW - Bernie coming up on Rachel Maddow!

Bloomberg (John Heilmann): Walker's Campaign Manager may be leaving...

So it appears that Carly is the new flavor of the week!

Time: Hillary Clinton on Democratic Debates: I’ll Go Where DNC Says

Daily Beast: Is the Democratic National Committee in the Tank for Hillary?

Melting Arctic sea ice accelerates methane emissions

Abbott on debate: Cruz ‘just kicked Iran’s a--’

Abbott on debate: Cruz ‘just kicked Iran’s a--’

Largest Companies 'Obstructing' Climate Policy - the 10 worst & 10 least obstructive

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders to register as a Democrat

Holly is ignoring the elephant in the room

The Second GOP Debate: "Mr. Trump, YOU'RE Fired"

Donald Trump on vaccines: ‘It’s not helpful’, experts say

NY Times: 7 lives intersecting with Pope Francis

NY Times: 7 lives intersecting with Pope Francis'

South Park shits on political correctness in latest episode

Trump to "look into" ethnic cleansing of Muslims

NY Times: 7 lives intersecting with Pope Francis'

Migrant crisis: Croatia closes border crossings with Serbia

Appeals court upholds injunction halting health mandate

Taiwanese Animators Spoof Mike Huckabee’s Love Affair with Kim Davis at the GOP Debate

Line Dance

Bristol Palin Rages: Obama 'Needs To STAY Out Of' Ahmed Mohamed's Case

Napa ranch offers space for horses/people displaced by fires

Battle fat cats and mudslingers in this vintage Bernie Sanders video game

So it is going to take millions and millions of us to work together to make government work for all

Deal would let Southern California buy surplus water from Nevada

Why are school administrators so STOO-PID?

Bernie w/ Rachel: Republicans get away with murder because they are never challenged" (link)

My favourite comment about tonight's leadership debate

WaPo: Clinton defends bankruptcy vote from Senate career, saying Biden played a role

Hillary Clinton: 'I Can't Wait Too Much Longer' On Keystone Pipeline Stance

Senate report 'proves Lithuania hosted CIA jail': detainee's lawyers

Donald Trump: American Psycho

Trump's 47% moment

Bill Maher backs Hillary Clinton

Native American tribes win $940 million in suit against the feds

Sanders’ plan to punch through Clinton’s Southern firewall

Chileans pick through debris after powerful quake; 11 dead

Designated zones proposed for New York Times Square street performers

Bernie Sanders had a great inteview with Maddow.

Sooner or later, we have to acknowledge that our country is running on two different tracks.

Texas Sees Big Drop In Uninsured Thanks to Obamacare, but Still Lowest Ranked

Native American tribes win $940 million in suit against the feds

Democratic candidate Martin O'Malley talks marijuana in 2016 campaign

Hydrogen from sunlight: new efficiency record for artificial photosynthesis

O'Malley on limited Dem debates: 'It's beneath us'

Brazil opposition seeks Rousseff impeachment for fiscal crimes

In TV message, pope tells Cubans that Jesus loves them

Black Lives Matter plans to shut down light rail before Vikings opener

The Next Great Extinction Crisis Is Under Way Under the Sea

One can be a Zionist while objecting to the policy of the Israeli government

Police chief ousted after calling Black Lives Matter a 'terrorist group'

Report: 64,000 people fled Puerto Rico last year amid crisis

WaPo: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, candidates in the age of anxiety

Breaking News Alert! Landmark Drift Gillnet Fishery Decision

Cartoon: The Smear

Cartoon: Religious Freedom

Fifth Circuit Reverses Criminal Conviction of Citgo in Corpus Christi Pollution Case

Sanders’ plan to punch through Clinton’s Southern firewall

Discovery of a highly efficient catalyst eases way to hydrogen economy

My dog is having surgery tomorrow - UPDATE PART TWO - The medical Mystery Dog

Common Dreams: For Many Democrats, Six Primary Season Debates 'Is Just Not Enough'

My german shepherd is having surgery tomorrow - UPDATE

Bernie Sanders: "We are obviously going to be on television and the radio with ads"

Quantico councilwoman’s Confederate flag comes down (VA)

Final version please share! Elecciones Presidenciales 2016 Posturas en Temas y Financianciamiento

Outsiders to contenders: Occupy Wall Street, Bernie Sanders & a new attack on inequality

Bernie Sanders Rachel Maddow FULL Interview (video)

The 2016 Republican ticket for President will be....

Can Bernie Sanders Win Working Class (ahem, white) Votes?

Call to inspect Israeli nuclear site defeated

The Bernie Sanders Surge Is Real

WaPo: Sanders sees burst of fundraising after opposition research against him surfaces

Navajo president: EPA ‘abandoned’ us

I saw 30 for 30: Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL? on netflix

PSA. REPUB primary stuff gets posted in GD. GDP is for DEMOCRATIC primary stuff.

Mike Malloy - The Freak Comedy Show

Froma Harrop: Bernie Sanders’ problem with blacks — and others

27 Enthusiastic Photos Of Bernie Sanders Looking Passionate

Is there a GOP debate/town hall Friday September 18?

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were caught on the kiss cam at the Atlanta Braves game

Trump and the fact checkers...

Clinton Campaign Chairman Questions Whether Biden Can Catch Up Organizationally

Muslim group doesn't fault school or police for boy's arrest

The DNC approached the O’Malley campaign in February, March, and April with its six-debate proposal,

Video: Rachel Maddow Bernie Sanders Interview

Asthmatic otter gets inhaler

cnn has gone all tabloidy....!

Ed Schultz: Hillary Clinton Should Be Worrying About a Debate With Bernie Sanders

Home Energy Storage Enters a New Era

Sanders’ plan to punch through Clinton’s Southern firewall

Another of Trump's inspirations...

Unearthing and revealing contrast material?

Iowa & NH September polls before the primaries for Sanders '16, Obama '08, Paul '08,& Dean 04

Rachel Maddow interviews Bernie Sanders (9/17/15)

Bernie gained 45,000 twitter followers during the debate. The best Republican gained 26,000.

Another Teabagger who can't go out and find a real job......

Bernie on Rachel Maddow (9/17/2015) Watch it now if you missed it

Draft Biden Official overheard on train

This photo I copied from Reddit. A man showing support for Bernie

Check out this GIF of Trump from last night

Sanders won the GOP debate (again)

Hillary to Trump in Tweet: "Cut it out." (HILLARY GROUP)

Let the anti-Sanders red-baiting begin: Hillary’s super PAC wants you to know he’s a socialist

Owner of speeding Ferrari in Beverly Hills is drag-racing Qatar prince who has fled the country

African American Florida teen arrested in 2013 for her volcano science experiment.

Bernie Sanders - The Only White Guy to Show Up... thomhartmann (video)

There's an old Howard Stern interview w/ Trump that I believe proves he's a racist

TYT: Cops Beat Black Teen For "Resisting" His Jaywalking Ticket

Kasich tries to praise Latino's - ends up talking about tipping hotel maid

Thread to try to reduce toxicity between the Dem presidential campaigns on DU

Trump isn't very quick on his feet

John Oliver tears Whole Paycheck...I mean Whole Foods a new one.

Video and Audio Show Fiorina Praising Hillary in 2008: Now Has Amnesia, Remembers None of That (HRC)

Stephen Colbert - Ohio Is Going Green

I plan to become unaffiliated after this election in 2016 but always oppose Republicans.

Laverne & Shirley Take A Trump

TYT: Carly Fiorina's Business Record At Least As Bad As Trump’s

AsahinaKimi has left DU~~We are looking for Mods

O'Malley talks marijuana in Denver

Dallas County judge reprimanded for ‘reckless’ remark about 14-year-old rape victim

TYT: Republican Debate: And The Biggest Liar Award Goes To...

Lost Or Not The GOP Still Controls A Lot Offices At The National, State & Local Levels.

Brazil's top court bans corporate political financing

Bernie's Facebook page, is closing in on 1.5 million likes...

Clock Noise

Alert stalking, fact or urban myth?

Rep. Keith Ellison Joining Bernie Sanders to call for the end of private prisons (video)


All Your Base Are Belong to Clinton

Security Council ‘gravely concerned’ over Temple Mount violence

Why isn't Maria Eagle calling for disaarmament?

Why is Bernie in this race? Everybody is saying he can't win, but....

Dallas Superstars - Helium - Official Music Video (HQ)

Japan’s credit rating cut as economy contracts

10 Real Facts About Ronald Reagan That Republicans Never Choose to Admit

Who remembers when DU began as an effort to defeat Bush treason? They're baaack...

Now I know why I didn't get married...

Final push for TPP set for end of September

Let's maybe have a serious conversation about race, Bernie Sanders, and the election

Gray wolf confirmed in Mich. area; second since 1910

Official Windows 10 support forum at Microsoft (go here for difficult problems)

Daily Holidays - September 18

Are Americans Finally Facing Up to the True Costs of Mass Incarceration?

Uruguay Shows the Way by Leaving Secret Trade Deal

Has anybody heard of a CJ Pearson?

Regarding shields, political lightning rods and Cornel West

What the US Left—and Bernie Sanders’s Supporters—Can Learn From Jeremy Corbyn

Sanders to push a plan to ban private companies from running prisons

Is it Trump? Or is it Mussolini? (Dialup warning)

Legend of the Dead Soldier-Dave Van Ronk

45 years ago today we lost Jimi Hendrix

Irving police chief admits: Cops knew Ahmed Mohamed didn’t have a bomb when they arrested him

IgNobel Prizes: making a chicken walk like a dinosaur, diagnosing appendicitis with speed bumps

from a friend in Munich:

Human Rights Watch: Gambia: Two Decades of Fear and Repression

Hillary willing to do more debates

Toon: What did we learn from the GOP Debate?

1000 Hajj Pilgrims Evacuated In Mecca After Fire At A Hotel

The $500 million US effort to train anti-ISIL rebels has yielded “four or five” fighters

Clock-making teen transferring to another school

Testing starts Sept. 28 at contaminated Hanover site

Netanyahu Approves Using Snipers Against Arab Stone Throwers

Chopra Watch: A BS Sandwich of Astrology, Primordial Vibrations, and Spirit Math

Pioneer Institute defends MCAS as state eyes test shift


Rare WWII planes pay a visit to Plymouth

Omaha firefighters rescue dogs amid blaze at home near Karen Park

Gaza kids say they aspire to ‘blow up the Jews’

Did I hear that right? Did Mika just repeat the bullshit story about

Verizon workers take protest to Taunton Green

Nationwide strike brings part of Finland to a halt

Walker gripes that media was going to crown Carly Fiorina GOP debate winner 'no matter what' as his

Nationwide strike brings part of Finland to a halt

Nationwide strike brings part of Finland to a halt

The Rude Pundit - Random Observations on a Clusterfuck at the Reagan Library

Gloucester police push pharmaceutical execs on opioid crisis

Bernie already on message, 28 years ago.

My photo blog from recent trip to Madrid, Avila, Segovia, Toledo...

'We Want a Massacre': Turkish-Kurdish Tensions Escalate as Election Looms

Politico: Bernie Ain't No Fortunate Son

Hillary Clinton ‘Putting the White House on Notice’ About Keystone Pipeline

Help Fund The Bernie Buckeye Banner Fly By

New Barrier for Immigrants: Texas Birth Certificate

Hillary answers Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire surge with wave of endorsements (Hill GROUP)

Jeb! celebrates his Debate performance...

America’s Lagging Response to Refugee Crisis

NASA; Global Jan-Aug Temps Highest On Record; Land Temps Highest On Record, Sea Temps Highest Ever

GOP Candidates Move From Junk Climate Science To Display Junk Climate Policy In Debate

Actors join campaign to draw attention to Arctic issue

Not up for debate: the science behind vaccination

Jeb Bush has defined himself with 4 words, "He Kept Us Safe"..

Airbus Plant in the US Threatens European Sites

Attention Carley Lieorina

The hidden education tradeoff: tax cuts now or real economic growth in the future

Inhofe Urges GOP Candidates To Straight-Up Reject The Idea Of Climate Change

Flinders University Students, Faculty, Fighting Proposed Lomborg "Research" Center

Looking down the barrel

GOP Candidates Resurrect Vaccine-Autism Zombie: "Thanks A Pantload", Say Pediatricians

GOP Debate Spin (cartoon)

Bankers Threaten Fed with Layoffs if it Doesn’t Raise Rates

Anyone know anything about HVAC and home heating?

Sharif don't like that rockin' Casbah thing, and Bristol Palin don't like Ahmed at the White House

Bernie is hitting it out of the park

Right now on GMA - the "hunk" from the Repug "debate" is on - nt

Drop everything this is important! - KATE MIDDLETON HAS BANGS!

Oh BROTHER...if this guy wasn't PLANTED in the audience, then ducks don't have watertight asses

In 2011 blacks viewed socialism favorably; is it actually Bernie's path to Black voters?

St, George, Utah: Native American second-grader sent home from school over traditional mohawk

FWIW, O'Malley's 'Furnituregate' Fizzled

Discoveries might reveal origins of first inhabitants in Southeastern North Carolina

"he kept us safe"

Lawmakers file 'Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act'

Social Justice in the OECD - How do the member states compare?

The Republican sideshow is to get Kasich elected

Montana: Gianforte gives entrepreneurial pep talk on campus, attracts student protest

Rachel Maddow - Bernie Sanders boasts 200,000 grassroots volunteers, 'I am running to win'

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - More post debate toons

Gianforte gives entrepreneurial pep talk on campus, attracts student protest

Sunset Over The Mountains Of Pluto

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Paul Krugman: Fantasies and Fictions at G.O.P. Debate

How does one "recommend" a thread. Thanks.

Rachel Maddow - Bernie Sanders makes moral issues case in outreach to religious right

Were there ever any audience pictures which showed the people asking Trump

Engaging Russia on Syria

Rachel Maddow - Sanders: Public institutions under attack by conservatives

Suspended Christiansburg HS students say they will wear flag again Friday

VIDEO: Awesome perspective on our solar system, modeled in the Nevada desert to scale.

COleg Rep. Singer tells O'Malley he now calls OD'ing on edibles "Dowding:"

25 Strangest Punishments Handed Out By Bodies Of Authority

Dear American Catholics, stop calling yourself Catholic and quit the church

BREAKING NEWS: Trump to "look into" grinding up our nation's senior citizens into sausage.....

When it rains it really does fucking pour, doesn't it??

Not a plant-A real Republican in NH

New Zealand: Maintenance fault blamed for Wellington train derailment

Bernie on CBS This Morning this morning!

7 Kids Not Named Mohamed Who Brought Homemade Clocks to School And Didn't Get Arrested

New Zealand: Maintenance fault blamed for Wellington train derailment

Laura Ingraham Praises Bernie Sanders Speech in "Enemy Territory" at Liberty University

Set the way back machine........

Oklahoma City: First OKC streetcar is expected to arrive in fall 2017

NY Observer: Bernie Sanders is coming back to New York

Born in Iran and raised in California-The GOP won’t be able to decide which of the two is worse.

George Takei's Facebook Letter to Ahmed Mohamed

"Machine Gun"...James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix, November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970

School canceled Friday as Prospect Heights teachers strike continues into 3rd day

Obama on liberal college students who want to be "coddled": "That’s not the way we learn"

GE moves 500 jobs overseas due to GOP Ex/Im bank closure

Billionaire JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon says there's no point in slashing CEO pay

Hillary Clinton bringing small-scale campaign event to Portland, Maine

GOP -Obama's Reaction To Texas Student Proves He Is On The Terrorists Side & A Moslem.

Staff members from rival Republican presidential candidates were allegedly involved in bar fight

Keith Ellison, D, MN Letter to Scott Walker

St, George, Utah: Native American second-grader sent home from school over traditional mohawk

Keith Ellison, D, MN Letter to Scott Walker

Whole Foods to Stop Selling Meat from Dead Bunnies!!!

Something is broken.

Anderson Cooper: Trump was gutless for not standing up to the “loudmouth” in the crowd.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-17-15

What It Was Like At A Pro Confederate Flag Rally - Emily Atkin Part 3

What should have been done in response to the briefing that Bin Laden planned to attack the US?

Guess who's running for the Michigan state congress?

Kasich tries to praise Latinos -- and ends up talking about tipping the hotel maid

School canceled Friday as Prospect Heights teachers strike continues into 3rd day

Marco Rubio - you know JACK about Rosa Parks

School canceled Friday as Prospect Heights teachers strike continues into 3rd day

Interesting GD thread worth scanning for gun related commentary

Corrupted Dishonest MSM Our Biggest Problem.

In Rwanda, dogs and handlers train to track poachers

UPDATE 1-China "extremely concerned" by proposed U.S. challenge to claims

Pic Of The Moment: Amid Stiff Competition, The Award For Biggest Lie Of The GOP Debate Goes To...

Most over-used charade term or word

OMG... Magic Flute in Vienna

Sanders Slams Trump For Indulging Anti-Muslim Question: ‘Let’s Stop The Racism’

General Petraeus Calls For Recruiting Al Qaeda

I think the PC Police have been a positive influence rather than a negative.

Two excellent articles about Hillary Clinton

And so the end of the tunnel nears .... 110lbs and counting

The Fight For Clemency For Mothers Serving Long Term Drug Sentences - Victoria Law Part 2

Hillary Defends Planned Parenthood After Fiorina's Debate Claims

Madison Police Officer Has New Court Date ... (APR)

Back after a three-week exile...

2 vignettes in misogyny (or at least patronizing of women) : TRUMP and Caitlyn JENNER

Republican Candidates Set Target on Supreme Court

SEE IT: Japanese lawmakers brawl on parliament floor while debating military bill

Restrictions on Cuba Travel and Business Lifted by U.S.

Scott Walker is barely seen, heard in second Republican debate

"My outrage has no limit!" . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Andrea Tantaros!!!!

Report of active shooter at two schools appears to be "a bogus call"

+100 Victim Serial Killer Pays Fine, Avoids Trial, Prison, And Death Penalty

Burn Trials

Is the Hillary loyalty pledge real?

Larry Wilmore Destroys Fox News For Pushing Mythical 'War On Cops'

Race Is Always the Issue

Would President Hillary Clinton choose Supreme Court Justices

How do we convince fewer people to teach at the college/university level?

Bernie Sanders Demands Trump Apologize To Obama For Muslim Question

Hello Lounge from a newish empty nester...

Debunking 8 of Carly Fiorina's Biggest Lies Wednesday Night

Found my perfect "job" - Water Sommelier

top 5 from this week: theocrats are everywhere & on rampage

Kiefer Sutherland narrates CBC'S Keeping Canada Alive (a snapshot of Canada's health care system)

Punch thrown as GOP Mackinac confab begins

Chuck Hagel faults all but two in GOP field

The Time Bomb under Canada’s Economy: Soaring Household Debt, and Suddenly Delinquencies!

Baby Doe Identified

Mat Staver Once Again Claims That 'The View' Called For Kim Davis To Be Killed [UPDATED]

"Rainbow-colored Doritos will make the kids gay!"

And now, for something completely different: How Europe is reacting to recent threats.


Virginia Board of Health rolls back strict abortion clinic regulations

Mike Huckabee: Gay Marriage Ruling Is 'Illegal' Because It Confuses People

Ok. What About Lawrence Lessig: The "Referendum President" Candidate?

Doesn't get much plainer than this, to me.

Chuck Todd To Host New Show Called 'MTP Daily'

'Justice Is Not For Sale': Sanders Leads Charge Against For-Profit Prisons

Woman, boyfriend file claim against Vallejo for calling abduction a hoax

Thanks, Skinner!

Why are some Alaska salmon and halibut getting smaller?

Heads up! Bernie is going to be on Colbert tonight!

Niyaz- "Eyvallah Shahim (Truth)"

'But because they think he made billions, they think he knows what he's talking about'

Budget cuts could devastate Alabama’s already-strapped environmental agency

Suspended deputy at center of excessive force investigation, federal lawsuits

Well, that escalated quickly: Rivaling republican campaign-staffers get in bar-fight.

Carly Fiorina's 'rags to riches' story is bovine excrement

What if you replaced the word “Muslims with the word “Jews”

The Republican Party has an allergy to facts

This Week In Crazy: Beyond The GOP Debate - National Memo

Teamsters Protest as Treasury Debates Allowing Pension Cuts for 1.5 Million Retirees

How Obama Out-Muscled Aipac

If Carly saw what she did ... baby cut up alive to get its brain .... then she witnessed a murder

Atlantic Coast Pipeline files formal application for 564-mile project through 3 states

Jeb! "Veto Corleone" "Joyful Tortoise" BUSH now calling himself "The Disruptor".

Questions for Clinton

Video: The solar system to scale

Bernie on CBS This Morning 9/18 (video)

Congressman to boycott Pope's address

Contemporary Capitalism: Neoliberal Capitalism, Financialized Capitalism, or Globalized Capitalism?

Dog stands guard for week until trapped friend found

ya know what kills me about carly?

Is Hillary doubling down on Keystone pipeline?

Editorial board of @DMRegister slams Scott Walker for demonizing people on food stamps

Still No Democratic Debates. What's Going On?

Mothman (food) is everywhere in Point Pleasant (video)

Why is DOJ funding the gun lobby? (saf)

Rep. Sean Duffy, #teaparty, WI making a fool of himself on the floor of House..

Charleston Gazette-Mail Mothman (food) is everywhere in Point Pleasant (video)

Bitcoin Is Officially a Commodity, According to U.S. Regulator

The Trouble Is Trump May Be The Best Of The Lot.

Feeling the Bern in Midtown!

Dejavu 2008

Today was my first paid holiday since the 90s.

Climate change group


O. M. G. Pretty.Strong The.Trailer.Says.It.All

August jobless rates down in 29 states, up in 10; payroll jobs up in 32 states, down in 18

Update from the road with Gov. O'Malley and two special guests

Designers Release Latest Harperbot(R)

NY Times: A Migration Juggernaut Is Headed for Europe

Apes know a good thriller when they see one

Pre-reptile may be earliest known to walk upright on all fours

Medicaid giveaway: An exclamation point on a dreadful NC legislative session

11 Conspiracy Theories That Proved True

Just a Reminder to All

Any of these Republicans who would be President won't have any work to do after day 1

Un-Boiled Egg Cracks 2015 Ig Nobel Awards List

What Is Hillary’s Greatest Accomplishment?

We can't forget that judge who got kickbacks for sentencing kids

Pope Francis puts up Syrian refugee family

Football Players Who Blindsided Ref Say They Were Following Coach's Orders

They did it again on Diane Rehm show!

Best Fantasy computer game soundtrack ever?

Neighbors sue to declare autistic boy a public nuisance

Can GOP Party Bosses Rig the Rules to Keep Trump from Winning? You Bet!

Hungary Repels Refugees With Tear Gas

You "right to lifers" out there answer this question

Just as I knew would happen with medical cannabis...

Refugee Crisis: Riot Police Lose Control In Croatia

Pope related street closures from 9/24-9/26 (NYC)

The Man Who Stopped The Desert (65 min video)

Batman boldly addresses police brutality and systemic racism in law enforcement

Missouri (R)s Use Override Session to Allow Companies to Act as Private Police Forces

Keiser Report: Hot Financial Promises

It's not that I hate you - it's just who I am

Hillary is going to win.....

Rugby World Cup fans: Who are you supporting?

Trump Camp Responds to Muslim Question Uproar: "Obama is waging war against Christians"

NH Gov Endorses Hillary!

so the media is surprised that the avowed birther is a birther

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz Boycotts Pope's Address Over #ClimateChange

Ring of Fire: The Republicans Debated For Five Hours And Said Absolutely Nothing

NFL Fan Violence and the New Vikings Stadium

Egyptian billionaire: I found the (Greek) island I want to buy for refugees

FCC's Gigi Sohn to American Cities: Stop Waiting - Build Your Own Public Broadband Networks

Are Self Driving Cars Just Us Ignoring the Real Issues?

House votes to freeze federal funding for Planned Parenthood

Hillary's inability to answer ANYTHING directly is infuriating and will be her undoing.

So old up-chuck wadd is

Los Angeles Volunteers Needed - LA County Fair

Post-Debate Poll Shows New GOP Frontrunner Has Emerged

It seems that pervert Rob Lowe has become a right wing moralist.

Slave Leia cosplay

Repercussions from the speech at LU

Prominent Climate Experts, Alumni Urge MIT To Divest From Fossil Fuels

Megadeals for 2015 hit record high

No hiding it now

GDP growth produces CO2 growth.

House panel votes to lift 40-year-old US ban on oil exports

Every year at this time I begin working on a HUD homeless grant. I doubt anyone knows about the

Fiorina now points to Tom Perkins as a supporter

Bernie needs a better answer about the $15T Swift Boats!

'Years Of Living Dangerously' Is Back For Season 2 On National Geographic

For white folk - an Arduino controller clock building workshop. (these are everywhere, bt

Hillary Clinton, Gov Shumlin, D, Vermont appear at drug abuse event in New Hampshire

What is Hillary saying when she announces that she is putting the white house

Kasich: Help Hispanics by tipping the hotel maid?

Bristol Palin is clearly now of member of the Republican intelligentsia

What Distrubed Me More Than Trump's Lack Of Response To The Guy That Asked The Muslim Question.....

Carrying a Clock in Texas vs ....

House OKs GOP bill blocking Planned Parenthood payments

Hellertown bar fight tied to Allentown FBI probe

Hillary vs Bernie--Concord, NH.

Courser announces plans to run for his old seat

Pro-Clinton Super PAC sees $25 million haul since July

The Rude Pundit - Karma Will Bite Your Ass Every Time: Jeb Bush's Michael Dukakis Moment

Fascinated when I wrestle a right winger into a corner I become a "Fag"

Freep: Courser and Gamrat think their constituents are suckers

Do I look stupid?

"Garth Brooks: Country Music’s Square, Liberal Dad"

Emanuel to ask residents to pay $9.50 monthly Chicago garbage bill?

Gray wolf confirmed in northern Lower Peninsula

This is what a $350,000 house in San Francisco looks like

District of Columbia

Trump + Apology = AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!

Where Are They Now?: Right-wing POS edition.

Broward Democrats Face Revolt Over Fired Black Staffer

Happy Ganpati, DU!

Volkswagen Used 'Defeat Device' To Skirt Emissions Rules, EPA Says

Go Fuck Yourselves, House Repukes

Thom Hartmann: The Arctic Sea Tumbles To A New Low

Update on my friend

NYPD union leader says anyone who questions the arrest of James Blake is 'un-American'

Thom Hartmann: The WSJ's Attempt to Take Down Bernie Backfires

Boston's 'Baby Doe' identified, source says

Thom Hartmann: The Fracking Nightmare

What Is Hillary's Greatest Accomplishment? 20 top Democrats answer: (HILLARY GROUP)

68 years ago today, the US Air Force became its own branch.

Well, my fellow Sandernistas, it's been a pretty good week, has it not?

DU Tweeters - would one of you please hop on the JebusEnoughfuggingBushes twitter account

Anti-vaxxers like Trump aren't just wrong: they promote bigotry toward people with autism

Trump drops out of Heritage event after birther backlash

Insane Clown Posse Win Appeal in FBI Gang Lawsuit

How To Help People Affected By Wildfires In Lake, Napa and Butte Counties (CA)

Here comes the new season of Dr. Who: watch the trailer

Birds will Kill Your Face

Cross burner Ann Coulter tries (AND FAILS) to excuse her anti-semetic rant.

How closed borders signal European Union’s demise

Hearing Loss Linked to Accelerated Brain Tissue Loss...

Clinton world engaged in 'McCarthy-ite' tactics against Sanders and it backfired (short video)

great. so now the lab manager wants to meet with me. :-(

Daniel Dae Kim: How we get to a post-racial society

I know exactly who I'm voting for...

Daniel Dae Kim: How we get to a post-racial society

I'll be in Santa Fe the 3rd week of Oct.

Impromptu Bernie rally happening outside Ed Sullivan Theater at 4:00

Now I have another song floating around me now. It's the 11th and last song on R.E.M-Green album.

Please Proceed, Governor

Hype! For the late show

Bernie at Town Hall in NYC 1,500 (photo)

U.S. Agrees to Begin Military Talks With Russia on Syria

Exclusive: Democratic donors urge Biden to challenge Clinton in U.S. 2016 race

Sanders support as a function of time (graph)

Rolling Stone: "'Gay' Doritos Prompt Freak-Out."

This shocked me

South Carolina Democratic Party and Congressman James E. Clyburn to Host Presidential Candidates For

Question re: people you know who believe Obama is a Muslim

Bernie is Going to Be On Bloomberg at 5pm ET (link to live stream in text)

Vatican: White House Is 'Smarter' Than Playing Politics With Reception Guest List

Can Hillary Clinton put out a Bernie Sanders brushfire in New Hampshire?

Backstage w/ @BernieSanders & his grandson.

Grammar Snob

Add Margaret Cho to the list of celebs who #FeelTheBern!

Pope Francis puts up Syrian refugee family

TRUMP re: his Concealed Carry Permit: “Our personal protection is ultimately up to us"

So tell me about Bernie Sanders accomplishments....

The world's fastest human-powered vehicle just topped 85 mph

Ok! Enough is enough!

Sources: Scott Walker’s Donors Are Circulating Rumor About Campaign Manager

Sanders on Bloomberg later today TV and Radio

Obama White House Rips Republicans For Lacking The Guts To Stand Up To Trump's Birtherism

Arizona congressman to boycott pope's address over climate change stance

How to stop a rapist.

Ted Cruz' "shameless rewriting of history" - WSJ editorial

Fellow Pastafarians, remember tomorrow is a High Holy Day

I CANNOT wait for the Democratic debates...getting antsy

Waco police bullets hit bikers in deadly May brawl, evidence reveals

AP sources: Marines seek to close combat jobs to women

Fox "News" attacks Emily Blunt for lighthearted joke.

Kids Fight Back Against Racist School and Police By Bringing Clocks To School

i dont really think of my chickens as food but,

Indiana court throws out murder convictions for three of the Elkhart Four

Mr. Conservative says he will run to replace Neugebauer in District 19

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Republican priorities...

GOP Openly White Supremacist Theocratic Party.

Aaron Schock is back in the news, and he's dragging his 'friend' with him

Professor Won’t Wear Device to Accommodate Deaf Student Because It Violates Her Faith

Ken Paxton conflict-of-interest questions raised in new filing, received $100K in shares

Take a little break from the GOP stupidity, cute attack!

AP: Deputy Kentucky Clerk's Lawyer Says Kim Davis Disobeyed Judge's Order (developing)

Solicitor general bases attack on Planned Parenthood on debunked hearsay

Smith-Schock ties attract scrutiny

What is the DNC "criteria for participation" in the debates?

"...the lure of rancid, right-wing populism was too great, and now the Republicans are tripping over

Trial Begins for Former State Representative and HHS Official Accused of DWI

Russia Moves Its First Tactical Fighter Jets to Base in Syria

Family Business: The Glorious Art of the della Robbias

A friend wrote on FB:

The Onion: How The GOP Can Appeal To Women

Kentucky - Hundreds turn out to rid mosque of graffiti

Rep. Kelley endorses O’Malley for president.

Alabama's ATU Local 725 invites Bernie to march with working stiffs in Selma next Spring

Rep. Kelley endorses O’Malley for president.

American Academy of Pediatrics responds to GOP debate lies.

Alter and Capehart are tearing this Genevieve Wood lady a new one

Pelosi Agrees Democratic Primary Needs More Debates: LATimes

John Kasich - just another republican shit being

"She stated that she had been constipated for most of her life, until she got a divorce."

Lol! Just found this on Reddit Bernie for President: Network News Staffer posted it

Why do they throw stones?

climate bill

Latest in horrible Republican stickers:

Global growth worries hammer stocks a day after Fed holds rates; Bonds, gold rally

Florida woman arrested in booby-trapped home filled with over 3,700 knives and other horrors

CNN or Trump TV?

First Three SMR (Reactor) Designs Will Be Online Within Four Years, IAEA Meeting Told

THANK YOU GREAT FALLS! GFPD's Sergeant Beall has expressed his thanks to the citizens

Joey Meek indicted for not informing on racist white supremacist killer

Expelled Michigan State Rep Cindy Gamrat's version of accountability, in one quote

Gazan refugees denied rights in Jordan for over 45 years

Scott Walker's economy policies have been a disaster for Wisconsin.

Israeli bus set ablaze by firebomb in East Jerusalem

Iron Dome intercepts incoming rocket aimed at Ashkelon

Does an OP about Trump & his post-debate bump in the polls, go in GD-P or GD?

What will Hillary do when Bernie is nominated?

Democratic Fundraisers And Activists Call On Joe Biden To Jump Into 2016 Race

Bobby Jindal Praises Cops For Arresting 14 Year Old Muslim Student With Clock At GOP Debate

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 18, 2015

That Time Carly Fiorina Was Caught Making Fun Of Sen. Barbara Boxer’s Looks

So, two Republican strategists walk into a Michigan bar........

Tug of war over children's lives

Lewis Black Predicted Trumps Run for Pres

Desperate Elephants Shot With Poison Arrows Travel To Humans For Help

Please welcome the new "Avaceratops" a 'Cute' Dinosaur Found In Montana

Is tonight the biggest stage in Bernie's lifetime?

Wednesday & Lurch dance to Joan Jett

Obama Admin, Big Businesses Abandon Clinton Global Initiative: Column

Rights group: More than 1,991 Palestinian children killed since 2000

O'Malley: DNC debate schedule 'is ridiculous'

Why Is the ‘Radical Pope’ About to Canonize a Priest Who Helped Enslave and Murder Native Americans?

Chuck Hagel says he warned White House against Syria 'BS'

Bernie Sanders Rolls Out 128 Celebrity Endorsements In One Day

They hired a house sitter when they went to Burning Man — and he rented their place on Airbnb

Weekend Economists Implore: "Say it ain't so, Joe" September 18-20, 2015

Look under your seat

When I click on a post and there is only a link,

Bernie Sanders debates....

With trump sucking all the airwaves I had an image

BUSTED: Lawyer says Kim Davis defied judge’s order and removed her name from marriage license forms

TPP protesters arrested in Wellington NZ

Radioactive Drilling Wastes Accumulating at Alarming Rate

Flyers for Bernie at the Los Angeles County Fair!

Hillary Clinton Evades Keystone Question, Puts Onus On White House To Act

Bernie Los Angeles are volunteers needed - Los Angeles County Fair

Rebels on verge of reaching transitional justice agreement with Colombia govt: FARC

IF you are a Birther, you are DE FACTO an outright RACIST.

Rebels on verge of reaching transitional justice agreement with Colombia govt: FARC

Update on our Fresno State Tabling

New Study Connects Health Issues with Gas Compressor Stations

Paramilitary leader freed from jail after completing 8 year sentence

Damn it I'm tired of "Be afraid, be very afraid."

He is in his 90's, has a slight limp, we bought his groceries as a thank you

If you happen to be in a bar tonight around 1130

He is in his 90's, has a slight limp, we bought his groceries as a thank you

Colombia govt proposes constitutional reform to implement peace deal

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Chris Matthews, Fmr. Gov. George Pataki, Mark Cuban

Hillary Clinton: 'Republicans Should Be Ashamed' Over Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood

Researchers find patches of heavy metals along Colorado, New Mexico river after mine spill

Under fire, Trump cancels appearance at South Carolina event

Fiorina doubles down on Planned Parenthood falsehood (LIE)

this is one reason I take umburage with fundamentist

Fiorina doubles down on Planned Parenthood falsehood (outright LIE)

NAACP chief says Confederate flag hurts town (VA )

States are now sending bills to inmates demanding they pay for their own incarceration

Tonight's TCM movie: "Hold That Ghost". Bud and Lou.

Hastings students asked to take down their Confederate flags (MI)

Intact 2,700-year-old tomb found in northern Peru

Rockville Historic District Commission Grants County’s Request to Move Confederate Statue (MD)

Any Tangerine Dream fans out there?

Kids Fight Back Against Racist School and Police By Bringing Clocks To School

update on my wife.

President Obama and the Democrats Should Use This Chart More

Lebanon County teen kicked out of school for wearing Confederate flag shirt (PA)

From Daily KOS, article from a Bernie Supporter:

Intact 2,700-year-old tomb found in northern Peru

Confederate flag controversy hits high school (FL)

UMaine denounces white supremacist posters found on campus

Fiorina: A Poster-Child for Corporate Welfare and Socialism For The Rich.

Mr. Bryant, take down the flag (MS)


A guest on Hardball is saying Carly was confused by the video.

Aryan Brotherhood of Texas member from Mesquite convicted of meth trafficking

Coca-Cola Says IRS Is Demanding $3.3 Billion in Taxes Following Audit

Friend of S.C. church shooting defendant charged with lying

Kentucky Deputy Clerk's Lawyer: Kim Davis Disobeyed Judge's Order

Bernie on Bloomberg 9-18-15

I could use some cheering up today.

BUSTED: Lawyer says Kim Davis defied judge’s order and removed her name from marriage license forms

Pope Francis Cuba Visit 2015 Mass Live Stream: Watch Coverage From Havana, Santiago, Holguín

Infamous Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Violates Judge's Order, Could Soon Return to Jail

Guatemala: Activists Kidnapped in Palm Oil Region

Drug Traffickers Kill Bolivian Policeman On Anti-drug Operations

Being a racist is bad for your health

Trump under fire for bypassing racist comment at New Hampshire town hall

"Time After Time". If this doesn't get to you, nuthin' will.