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My take on GOP debate


bernie needs phone bankers for new york state from anywhere

Does anyone think that person who made the racist comment was a plant by another Republican?

Is that Orly Taitz's twin sister on Chris Hayes

Crisis Hayes need to stop his foolishness with bringing republicans on

And now, cow pee: the 2015 Ig Nobel Awards are here

Judge blocks Arkansas from ending Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood

I scored a front row center seat to a Peter Frampton concert next month

Judge blocks Arkansas from ending Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood

Will Ferrell, Red Hot Chili Peppers among 128 celebs endorsing Sanders

LEAVE CARLY ALONE! The image DOES exist: (sarcasm)

Ted Talks: Inspiring Doctor on End of Life Issues and What Really Matters

Rescue of dog from puppy mill will make you feel all the feels

Japanese Lawmakers OK Greater Overseas Role For Military

Bernie pressing flesh outside the Late Show

One Good Thing About the Atheist Rift

Woman accused of faking kidnapping, boyfriend file claim against Vallejo

Interesting Kerry interview with British TV - mostly on Syria, both the trouble and the refugees

Flyering in downtown Ann Arbor Michigan 500+ flyers passed out

BradCast on Hillary Clinton's Dark Money Attack on Bernie Sanders

Go Austin, Tx!

Suit: Job offer pulled after religious accommodation request

Pelosi: 'We should have more debates'

Renate and I were married September 8th, a small town in Germany

Outside Late Show (video)

I am so sick of this sh$@ about the President's identity. The

Reverend William Barber at the America's Journey for Justice on Capitol Hill grounds (VIDEO)

NAACP Cornell William Brooks Capitol Hill speech at America's Journey for Justice end (VIDEO)

Mark Halprin and Phil Mattingly are joined by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders makes a statement on voting rights at #JusticeSummer

Axelrod: Sanders could do well at start but Clinton will get nod

Suzanne Vega -- Luka, Caramel, The Queen and the Soldier

UPDATE: DU friends. Appreciate the advice I got this week about cheating BF.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Not For Sale! & a new Kitteh gif

I am now officially a Bernie zealot...

Milo Hamilton, Hall of Fame MLB Broadcaster, Dies at 88

Greatest marriage proposal

Oh no...Jorge Ramos is talking to Symon Sanders

It's National Cheeseburger Day

You'd think Westboro Baptist would know to not mess with John Fugelsang

Trump flips on gun control to support national 'concealed carry' policy

We can't afford Bernie Sanders policies

Polls are beginning to turn Hillary's way.

fury in Crimea as Putin and Berlusconi drink 240-year-old wine

September photo contest is taking submissions.

Brazilian congressman ordered to pay compensation over rape remark

Bernie Sanders live at The Town Hall, New York City, 9/18/15.

Replay of that game winning touchdown last night:

Jerome Valcke: Fifa secretary general 'sought pay-off'

Friday Talking Points (632) -- Beyond The Debate Stage

Europe needs to take more refugees

Wasserman Schultz Not Budging On Democrat Debates

Some Counties In Texas Actually Are Denying Birthright Citizenship

New Data Reveals U.S. Far From Freest Country in the World

Pope Francis Smacks Churches: “If You Don’t Help the Poor and Needy, then Pay Taxes Like a Business”

Sweet talking Bernie

Smith-Schock ties attract scrutiny

Media Can No Longer Pretend That Trump’s Racist Birtherism Is Old News

It's Donald Trump as you've never seen him before

Farmworkers union claims victory in California labor battle

Farmworkers union claims victory in California labor battle

Farmworkers union claims victory in California labor battle


Slate: Why Income Inequality Isn’t Going Anywhere

TX H.S. teacher, principal suspect bomb in school - and don't evacuate

You all do know why the Republicans are looking so ridiculous in their huge debates don't you?

Cross-post from Video & Multimedia...

"Religious Freedom" my ass. Charlotte mayoral candidate proposes jailing all gays.

Tweety is eating them re Jeb Bush keeping America safe

President Obama on Criminal Justice Reform at the Screening of "Fixing the System"

Ancient “Tomb of the Serpent Jaguar Priests” Discovered in Peru

See Bernie Sanders’ Career in Photographs

Bernie Sanders live at The Town Hall, New York City, 9/18/15.

What Does It Mean To Be A Pagan In Today's World?

Suspect Arrested in Arizona Freeway Shootings, Governor Says

Iraq was a think tank war. Tried to scare us with bags of sugar held up on the talk shows.

Alabama court voids lesbian couple's Georgia adoption agreement

A post about Iraq..again. Not over it yet at all.

By The Riverside - Ben Hester

New Yorkers in favor of raising minimum wage to $15/hr - poll

U.S. report calls for release of immigrant children from detention

Bernie Sanders fighting against modern slavery in the U.S. and united with Immokalee Workers

Protestors Confront Hillary Clinton in Portland, Maine Over Keystone XL Pipeline

Bernie Sanders in the comics today

"Margaret, all I can say is a clown car pulled up to the Reagan Library

For Those that Don't Mind a Sausage Party/Fest

GOP wants to deny women essential medical procedures while insisting on medically unnecessary ones

Clinton: Trump response to Muslim remark 'appalling.' (HILLARY GROUP)

Bigoted Bill Maher supports 14 year old being arrested for building a clock

International Business Times: Election 2016: Bernie Sanders NYC Fundraiser Draws Campaign Supporter

Bernie Sanders Appearing on The Late Show Tonight with Stephen Colbert.

Super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton raises $25 million since July 1

Democratic donors urge Joe Biden to challenge Hillary Clinton

CNN has gone completely to the Faux side.

Tonight - Sanders and Colbert: a match made in heaven for those 'feeling the Bern'

Heads Up - Bernie Sanders coming up on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

President Carter and his First Lady on Kiss Cam

The Nightly Show- Trickery Dickery Fox - Phony War on Cops

Hillary’s new post-debate advert brilliantly mocks GOP debate clown car crash (video): (HRC GRP)

Watching Colbert now this is beyond GREAT BUT

Something funny happened to Chris Matthews on Bill Maher

Williamson County DA attacks judge’s ruling in capital murder case

My take on Ahmed Mohamed and his clock

George W. Bush kept us safe


TCM Schedule for Sunday September 20 - Detective Double Features

Why do they vote against their own economic well-being? Sanders is the logical choice.

TCM Schedule for Monday September 21 - TCM Memorial Tribute: Omar Sharif

The time Steve Wozniak was sent to juvenile detention for making a hoax bomb...

GOP - Paying American Workers TOOOO Much Costing American Jobs.

The Bernie Sanders Accomplishment Challenge

Grand Canyon from the Stratosphere! A Space Balloon Story

Dayton: School board member should resign over Muslim comments

AK: crazy person at city meeting rants against LGBT rights, waves tampon

It's time to recognize the State of Palestine, Mr. President

JIMI HENDRIX, music legend, 'Hey Joe' and 'Purple Haze' died this day Sept.18, 1970.

yup, i can tell i'm staying the night in rural nebraska

"most Americans would prefer to shut down the Republican Party over Planned Parenthood."

Bernie Sanders on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 9/18 (video)

George P. Bush trims more than 100 jobs from Texas land office

The Echoes Of Ahmed Mohamed's Clock In Muslim History

Jim Steager sings a song. About dogs. And Jesus.

Incoherent anti-gay speech at govt. meeting

The Interwebs bring us - Paint With Donald Trump

Thread after thread insisting HRC is going to be the nominee and everyone should just accept it...

Alabama court voids lesbian couple's Georgia adoption agreement

Tana Goertz is an ignorant fool

His facebook "im a white boy from Cashion AZ i used to be an idiot doing dumb s***-

Maybe I should put this in the Cooking & Baking Group instead?

Bernie on Colbert (VIDEO)

H. A. Goodman: 5 Reasons Bernie is a better Dem candidate than Hillary is.

Bernie is _______. Hillary is _________.

Daily Holidays - September 19

Carly Fiorina’s Military Would Cost an Extra $500 Billion (And That’s Before the New Nukes)

In case you missed it, "The Bernie Sanders Accomplishment Challenge"

Christie trys to position himself as an outsider

The original super PAC

Photos from my Wiseman trip - finally

Trump and the Specter of Totalitarianism

Bernie Sanders on Friday's "Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

Want to see some pics of my recent trip to the Brooks Range?

Why do US doctors make so much more than German doctors?

So I find a smalltown TX newspaper story about some confederates erecting a new memorial this week

If YOU are Asian, of Asian decent, living in Asia, or Just a huge fan of Asian culture

Tourists Get in the Way of Sea Turtles Laying Eggs in Costa Rica

Tourists Get in the Way of Sea Turtles Laying Eggs in Costa Rica

Trump goes after his opponents..... this is merica!

quite a few Hillary supporters have told me she'll beat him in

Pope offers solidarity with Cuba, highlights Hispanics in US

Pope offers solidarity with Cuba, highlights Hispanics in US

Sherwin, union again fail to reach agreement

New Rules and Then Some -- Real Time with Bill Maher

Trump said that Tom Brady endorsed Trump.

General says Bergdahl doesn’t deserve jail

'Invisibility Cloak' Hides Irregularly Shaped Microscopic Objects

GOP congressman plans to boycott pope's speech over climate

Video Of Parking Dispute In Downtown Denver Gets Nearly 2 Million Views

I asked Fiorina's campaign for video to back her Planned Parenthood claim. Here’s what they sent.

Everybody needs to see the crazy lady that ran for the US Senate in Alaska.

The right's display of Schadenfreude towards liberal Europeans in the refugee crisis.

Melania Trump on The Donald as POTUS:

List of People Insulted by Donald Trump.

Chris Hayes hosting a debate? O'Malley's in. How about the others?

Sanders and Colbert on TV ‘feeling the Bern’

Presidential hopeful Sanders wins warm 'Late Show' welcome

Presidential hopeful Sanders wins warm 'Late Show' welcome

Joe Biden Addresses Issue of Sexual Assault on Campuses to Ohio State University

Clinton ad........

Democrat Files Bill To Take Away Pay From All Congressmen Who Shut Down Government

Man Comforts Gorilla Who Just Lost His Mom

Colbert: America is Getting its Bern Notice

Weekly Address: It’s Time for Congress To Pass a Responsible Budget

Bernie at University of New Hampshire Tomorrow

Helpful map to add clarity to the European refugee issues.

**Summer Photo Contest: FINALS**

Texas Man Arrested After Reportedly Vandalizing his Own Truck, Targeting 'Black Lives Matter'

And the propaganda against Sanders and his supporters continues

Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village remade in Unreal Engine 4.

Interesting article on the upcoming debates.

The Guardian: It's not my job to absolve white friends of racism, but it can seem that way

De-Evolution of the G.O.P...


This behind the scenes footage of Trump and Fiorina at the GOP debates is beyond disturbing

chelsea v arsenal

Racism (It IS Personal)

Poll: Man Who Asked Trump Muslim Question Now Leading GOP Race

my Andy Rooney moment for the day: using nt or eom in subject lines on DU

Will the UK phase out coal in a decade?

German Stocks Crush Dream of Central-Bank Omnipotence

Artists, Musicians and Cultural Leaders Unite for Sanders

Sen. Sanders Statement on Fed Leaving Interest Rates Unchanged

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-18-15

On The Road: The Big Apple (pics)

Number Of Texas Workplace Deaths Grows, Leads The Nation For Second Year In A Row

Poll: Fiorina takes lead in New Hampshire post-debate

Car-Free Europe

What Republicons mean when they say that Obama has trashed the country:

Two people I dearly love are supporting a different Dem for our candidate than I am...

our media in general is now acting as if they've just discovered trump was a birther

Fools, Fascists and Cold Warriors: Take Your Pick

Political Smoke and Mirrors

If politics is the art of communication, then Sanders must be judged the winner, hands down.

Understanding the Current Refugee Crisis in Europe, Syria, and Around the World

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Repubs

CRYSTAL BALL: This is how Bernie will win

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

What Italy Can Teach America About Donald Trump

Really Phallic Fruit


Sept19 NH Dem convention photos/tweets [Hillary GROUP]

What do Americans think of Jeremy Corbyn now?

Bernie Sanders says he, pope & god agree on income inequality

There Are Many Ways To Illustrate Books, But None So Breathtaking As These

I saw a video of Republican Candidates eating a live baby

Sanders: "I don't support the agenda of corporate America... I DON'T WANT THEIR MONEY!"

Days after wildfire, AP reporter reunites dog with his owner

Let’s Talk About Christian Atrocities

Bernie Sanders Wants to Spend $18 Trillion: So What?

C-SPAN live feed New Hampshire Democratic Convention just starting

Israeli government is too involved in settler movement to take on Jewish extremists (short headline)

“If we’d had 9/11 with the Democrats as president, they’d be still blaming us like you never forget"

trump's lie: How Donald Trump tried — and failed — to open a casino in Florida

All Lives Matter.... Where have I heard that before?


Iridescent Cloud Sighted Over Costa Rica Triggers Debate between Atheists, Creationists

Colombia says Venezuela troops crossed border illegally - anyone else do the survey ???

Medellín, Colombia: a miracle of reinvention

Bill Nye the Science Guy in science class.

11 of 12 former NFL players' brains show signs of CTE, continuing trend

Venezuelan fighter jet crashes on Colombia border

Bernie's medicare for all will SAVE Americans Money

Mark Cuban doesn't believe HRC can win, & still hopes for another Dem to enter race

45 years ago today, a woman turned the world on with a smile. That woman was not Carly Fiorina.

Yes, John Fugelsang went there. I now really want to adopt him.

Sanders Shreds Trump

Mission Accomplished!

Bernie Sanders scores over 100 artist & cultural leader endorsements in 1 day


ROF: Biden Appears Ready to Join Presidential Race

Lawyer for Deputy Clerk: Kim Davis May Be Violating Judge's Order

Did you forget about us?

Seven-day execution window set for Georgia's only woman on death row

Can we call out CNN for having Trump apologist as part of their staff??

Maker Shed stands with Ahmed

Croatia says 'forcing' Hungary to take in migrants


Trump defend Obama? 'I don't think so!'

Huckabee is "insulted" by Obama "turning Pope's visit into politicized cattle call for gays"

Kerry says Syria’s Assad has to go, but U.S. is flexible as to when

Putin Moves to Establish Russian Military Base in Belarus

"Each time I open my mouth, my mind disappears!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Youtube Link of Sanders on Colbert Last Night.


Trump, AKA "The Short-fingered Vulgarian" @Spy Magazine archives...

'El Chapo' escape: Prison chiefs 'among 13 new arrests'

'El Chapo' escape: Prison chiefs 'among 13 new arrests'

5 Reasons Bernie Is a Better Democratic Candidate Than Hillary

The slime is escaping.....

James Woods has a reported IQ of 180

Biggest Laugh Of My Day So Far: "Yes I Am A Bush"

Concorde fans hope to get jet airborne by 2019

Perfect circle...............

Stuff to read to keep you busy all day

Just for fun.

Top al-Qaeda operatives freed in prisoner swap with Iran

What we need is a leader who will spark a congressional insurrection against their corporate donors.

Congressional Black Caucus evokes ‘Black Lives Matter’ themes

Saturday, September 19th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Then and Now: Malcolm X Addresses Law Enforcement #BlackLivesMatter

US repatriates first Chinese Sky Net suspect Yang Jinjun

Debt-Strapped Japan Planning a No-Frills Olympics

Traffic Jam - how about a boat jam

Wasserman Shultz heckled with calls for more debates. Good.

BREAKING: Jeb Bush throws away 65% of GOP base!!! NO CHANCE AT NOMINATION NOW!!!!

Trump says he's not 'morally obligated' to defend Obama against claims

“You couldn’t pick a worse, non-imprisoned CEO to be your standard-bearer” (Fiorina)

TYT: Police Put Big Pharma CEOs On Blast

Teen arrested for anti-government protest in Saudi Arabia set to be crucified and beheaded

The cover picture is not accurate.

Hillary's Bosnia Lie(s) will ensure a GOP victory if she wins the Democratic nomination.

TYT: Trump Is Lying About His Tax Position

The Atlantic: Is the Awfulness of Income Inequality Mitigated by the Cheapness of Consumer Goods?

TYT: Brazil Bans Corporate Money In Politics.

Virginia Board of Health Rolls Back Restrictive TRAP Law

TYT: Trump Fans Are So Sick Of Hearing This...

Virginia Board of Health Rolls Back Restrictive TRAP Law

Virginia Board of Health Rolls Back Restrictive TRAP Law

Capitalism has one metric...

Arrr - matey's tis talk like a Pirate Day

BREAKING: House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood (but there is NO war on women!)

BREAKING: House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood (but there is NO war on women!)

Martin just called Trump a racist carnival barker

BREAKING: House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood (but there is NO war on women!)

house passes born alive abortion survivors protection act (but there is NO war on women!!)

America Is Getting Its Bern Notice pre-interview w/Bernie (video)

house passes born alive abortion survivors protection act (but there is NO war on women!!)

Biden flirts, but black lawmakers still love Clinton

House also voted 248-177 to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (NO war on women!

Get to know John Kasich

Black Lives Matter Has an Impact in Colombia

TYT: Trump Will Be "Taking A Look At" Getting Rid Of Muslims

Blacks Lives Matter Has an Impact in Colombia

Bernie Sanders: A Moment of Truth for Democrats

Black Lives Matter Won't Endorse a 2016 Candidate: Report

Why the modern civil rights movement keeps religious leaders at arm’s length

1.5 Million Views In 2 Days (Sharing is Caring): The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

TYT: Bristol Palin Thinks Ahmed Mohamed White House Visit Demonizes Cops

Colbert to Sanders: ‘Why can’t you accept ‘socialist’ as the insult it’s meant to be?’ - video

They were being charitable by not showing much more gruesome images

TYT: Candidates Pounce On Trump's Fascist-Friendly Town Hall

Luckovich - Jeb and W

LIVE NOW: Why so little coverage about America’s Journey for Justice? Media fail continues

Liberal group to launch TV ad next week against Jeb Bush saying brother 'kept us safe'

Krugman: G.O.P. LIES

Pecksniffian (gosh, does this describe anyone we know??)

Sarah Palin says don't let a clock become a mushroom cloud


Fox’s The Five Thinks Anti-Muslim Trump Supporter Was a ‘Plant’

Florida Man is back with a vengeance

Bernie is up at the NH Democratic Convention live on C-SPAN

Where Were You When Kim Davis Stood Up For Jesus At Columbine?

Transgender? A Doctor Won’t See You Now

This post-debate poll will horrify the GOP establishment

Here's what a bomb looks like, Palin

GOP 2016 hopefuls split over Trump's Muslim controversy

Bernie on the issues. Short version.

Bizarre Appearance With Donald Trump Lands Indonesian Politicians In Hot Water | Coconuts TV

It is lonesome in here!

Whew- Texas safe from Jade Helm (for time being)

What do you guess the median IQ is of the regular posters on DU ?

Uncovering layers of Confederate past

This post-debate poll will horrify the GOP establishment

Confederate Flag’s Meaning a Total Mystery to Southern Teens Fighting to Fly It

Neighborhood Recycling at the Curb

In Virginia school parking lot, new questions about Confederate flag

Dean: "I've seen every negative attack you could make on Bernie & all they do is make him stronger."

Well, is they?

Why Is the ‘Radical Pope’ About to Canonize a Priest Who Helped Enslave and Murder Native Americans?

Why Is the ‘Radical Pope’ About to Canonize a Priest Who Helped Enslave and Murder Native Americans?

Why is Light So Fast?

Jeb! Bush attacks Bernie Sanders' economic proposals ($18TRILLION$18TRILLION$18 TRILLION!!)

Tune in at 11:20 EST to watch Governor O'Malley speak

Why Is the ‘Radical Pope’ About to Canonize a Priest Who Helped Enslave and Murder Native American

War Profits Drive GOP Hawks: Wilkerson on GOP Debate

George Will freaks out at Pope Francis taking on climate change and global inequality

DNC chair heckled over Democratic primary debates.

Gen. who investigated Bergdahl debunks RW media claim US soldiers died looking for him

Volkswagen Allegedly Cheated On US Emission Tests According To EPA Probe

Bernie Sanders leaving the Late Show With Stephen Colbert (short video)

In London for a couple of days on a little a vacation my hubby and I were walking across London

Strange bed fellows (photo)

Cop Beats and Pulls Gun on Unarmed Black Woman on a Crowded Bus

CNN - Shame on you for your negatively slanted Clinton NH Coverage

Not Sure Where To Ask This Question, But

Do you really want these people to lead?

Job Question - What Religious Exemptions Do You Claim While In This Position?

Rowdy bunch. DNC chair heckled at NH Democratic convention + video

What kind of a cretin views porn on a public library computer?

Everyone should be happy that Bernie is doing so well, including Clinton supporters.

I Have A Question To Ask About ROKU

OOOOH NOES!!!! The one-day "pretend trend" has reversed course since this morning!!!!!

Joint Fundraising Campaign For Syrian Refugees

A handsome fellow

U.S. training helped mold top Islamic State military commander

In Unit Stalked by Suicide, Veterans Try to Save One Another

Outrageous Bigotry, Racism, Sociopathy, Hysteria, & General Craziness Now The New Normal.

Open Debates? Sounds like they are rigged. Bill Moyers (videos)

Um?? Is Jeb! feeling the Bern?

15 percent of Democrats believe Obama is a Muslim

Video of DNC Chair Gets Drowned Out By Calls For More Debates

Video of DNC Chair Gets Drowned Out By Calls For More Debates

Feds reach $940M settlement with tribes over contract underpayments

If you think the Hillary is GOP lite, then you have no idea what the GOP is.

They found Ted Cruz.

Be there! Join O'Malley, Busch and Glendenning in Annapolis!

Dad treating daughter's epilepsy with marijuana oil relieved by SCC ruling

History: Women and ‘Undue Burdens’

Kerry: Russian fighter jets in Syria raise serious questions

Bernie2016TV live now Greater Machester Town Meeting

Into the Unknown: Commanders Kelly and Kornienko Begin Seventh Month of Space Travel | NASA

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Chipping away at choice...

Chipping away at choice...

NC Senate backs Billy Graham statue for US Capitol

Moya-Smith: When Did Native Lives Begin to Matter to These People?

Kerry to work on diplomatic solution to Syria and deconflicting in fight on ISIS with Russia

Defunding Women's Health Care Providers

Koterba toon: Making it easier to vote

Toon High School Science Fear

Defunding Women's Health Care Providers

people support Trump because?

Artists for Bernie Sanders. (Link to list)

Would Bernie select justices that would overturn Citizens United?

Personhood and Heartbeat Bills

Personhood and Heartbeat Bills

Come on Gov. Abbot..

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 19, 2015

IOWA: The HuffPost/Pollster Charts show accelerating movement to Bernie.

Open the Vatican’s Holocaust-era archives

the backrooms are a lot less smoky and there's now a facade, but they're still there

Question about Jackpine's "fringe candidate" logo.

has anyone read this article?

Breaking on CNN BS - Pope to greet Cubans in

Tommy_Carcetti says that I'm almost Canadian.

Garlic Soup That’s in a Rush

Recently finished "Rise of the Warrior Cop".

The American people don't want to be bored stiff with endless debates. Enough already.

The American people don't want to be bored stiff with endless debates.

Jade Helm 15 ends; nutjobs move on

The only mail we got today was TWO things from Bernie

Irving police chief admits: Cops knew Ahmed Mohamed didn’t have a bomb when they arrested him

KRUGMAN: Fantasies and Fictions at G.O.P. Debate

To refresh our recollections about 2008 Dem party primary 'games:'

Prophetic: Videodrome, "Soon all of us will have special names"

Secrets of Soviet space race come to London

More than 30 undocumented immigrants found locked inside 18-wheeler south of San Antonio

Clinton: Trump's 'been trafficking in prejudice and paranoia throughout this campaign!".

What do you guess the median IQ is of the regular posters on Free Republic?

Christian Schools On Strike in Israel Over 'Discrimination'

The Richest Americans Are Winning the Economic Recovery--Bloomberg Business Report

UN Warns European Unity At Risk As Borders Close To Refugees

This is really entertaining, I hope you like it.

The Dirty Role of the West in Syria

Rubio's deputy campaign manager in bar brawl with Paul aide

Her name was Bella

Researchers said a popular antidepressant was safe for teens. It was actually deadly.

US Auto Workers Get First Raise In A Decade

Great Dem Candidate Speeches at NH Dem Convention. (Hillary SLAMS the RePukes AGAIN!!)

The New Hampshire Postal Workers Union has endorsed Bernie Sanders

Car hit by unlicensed driver - cops won't do anything (happened on private property). WTF?

The Atlantic: Microaggressions Matter

If Carly Fiorina Really Wants To Kill Planned Parenthood...

The 2016 Senate map isn't looking as promised as thought

Election 2016: Chris Christie Embraces Nuclear Energy Industry That Has Backed Him

What makes America great? Any illiterate can rent a plane, that's what!

Des Moines Register editorial: Clinton Email Saga Losing Steam (HILLARY GROUP)

Better Know A Socialist: Bernie Sanders Visited Stephen Colbert

Michigan Lawmakers Propose Bill to Prevent Practicing Condom Use on Bananas

The Genius of the Democratic Establishment

Gosh, I sure miss her voice... Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Two of Bernie's grandkids with "the Bern Machine"

Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good

Trump Tower was built by illegals, lol

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Pennsylvania Derby

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game

Jeremy Corbyn reveals how Labour will renationalise railways if he becomes Prime Minister

Dropkick Murphys, Who Told Walker To Stop Using Their Music, Praise O'Malley.

Simply Falling - Iyeoka

Miss the Governor's speech at the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention this morning?

Noora Noor - Forget what I said

Burkina Faso coup ‘to be reversed’ as violent protests continue

Robbery suspect dies after California deputy shoots at car from helicopter

Alicia Keys - Fallin (Full Video/HQ)

Breaking -Trump is speaking - yes CNN said that

So what do you think this sentence is trying to say?

What's the Matter with 'All Lives Matter'

Why we need more debates and why we need them now.

"The Producers"--Trump Vs. Sanders

Deaf dog gets new chance


Do we need a 'pro football' forum and an NCAA football forum?

Is Trump drunk?

This! A note to Bristol Palin

Miyoko's Creamery Smoked Farmhouse vegan "cheese"

Sanders Tied for First Among Vermont Republicans

Diana Krall - Lets fall in love

Republicans Go to a Michigan Island in an Effort to Set Themselves Apart

Democratic Activists Call For More Debates At #NHDems2016 Convention

GoFundMe campaign for beagle probably hit by a car that needs corrective surgery.

Enough is Enough Rally in DC looking to early March

"It's the only game in town." - William "Canada Bill" Jones

75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption

Colombia’s women protest against gender-based violence

Watch the ad that tells Jeb Bush his brother didn't keep America safe

Trump goes up 5 points after the debate LoL!!!!!

Sanders Delivers ‘Excitement and Momentum’ at New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention

This post in GD-P needs some love

I drove past the solar plant on the CA/NV border yesterday...

Blood Donation: Argentina Lifts Ban On Gay Men, Could Impact Other Countries With Restrictive Laws

Blood Donation: Argentina Lifts Ban On Gay Men, Could Impact Other Countries With Restrictive Laws

Celebration Jebus!

Visit These Floating Peruvian Islands Constructed From Plants

Why do Republicans think Bombs tick?

The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight

Visit These Floating Peruvian Islands Constructed From Plants

After 32 years, mystery persists in death of rebel priest in Central America