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Michigan legislator who quit over affair cover-up to run again

El Salvador: Home of the world’s strictest anti-abortion law

I love this Tweet from New Hampshire, from @HillaryClinton! (HILLARY GROUP)

Lawyers, the Target of Violence in Honduras

Project X is preAlpha

A little Colbert Bump (graph)

Venezuela's Maduro Confirms 2 Deaths in Fighter Jet Crash

Pope Francis urges 'freedom' for Church on Cuba visit

Pope Francis urges 'freedom' for Church on Cuba visit

Great chalk art


Palin: Ahmed was asking for it.

Cameras Capture the Rare Sight of a Black Jaguar Swimming Across the Amazon River

Just watched the entire Sanders speech at Liberty University.

Cameras Capture the Rare Sight of a Black Jaguar Swimming Across the Amazon River

Jeb Bush can #FeeltheBern

Hypothetical: you're a Republican, and you really want a Republican in the White House.

Bolivians Translate Facebook into Aymara

This here be how Pastafarians have a Wedding!

8 trillion microbeads pollute U.S. aquatic habitats daily

Pastafarian schools college on Chaplainships!

Damn those Socialists countries. 75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption

Clinton Fires Up New Hampshire's Democratic Faithful (HILLARY GROUP)

Jackie Collins has died

This is Epic (The He Man Woman Haters Club)

So...why don't most progressive and PoC voters support O'Malley?

the pandering is preposterous...***pic warning***

Does the "new" Colonel Sanders creep out you folks, too?

Jackie Collins Has Died of Breast Cancer at 77

Maher and Matthews Destroy Jeb! bush

PROOF that the Flying Speghetti monster is real!!!

Read this amazing "sweet story" from #NHDems16 (maybe shedding a few tears): (HRC GRP)

Pro-democracy protesters defy Thai junta with rare rally

Started: watch President Obama speak (link) Thank you Pres. Obama

Video: Hillary's full speech (45 min.), New Hampshire Democratic Convention (HILLARY GROUP)

It's good that BLM is going to stay neutral on the presidential race.

I guess the Tyrone Swoops era is over. 24-14 UT at the half.

Redefining Socialism in Cuba

Redefining Socialism in Cuba

WTF? The Kim Davis Same-Sex Marriage Saga Continues - altering forms and information

Jackie Collins has died

When Mindfulness Goes Wrong: a Mega-Development’s Deceptive Branding in Mexico

Ed Schultz Is On Fire for Bernie

Action Panda takes… Uh, action…

Movies Done Right…

Pennsylvania Seeks Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Execution via Medical Neglect

Capitalism Run Amok: Hungry Kids, Falling Wages and Empty Houses

Black Lives Matter & Police Lives Matter protesters briefly shut down I-35 in downtown Austin

Ta da!

When Is Enough Enough?

Sun Country, pilots reach tentative labor agreement

Sun Country, pilots reach tentative labor agreement

Sun Country, pilots reach tentative labor agreement

Beyond Hillary's "We came, we saw, he died." Vice News: Libya Crisis (Video)

Fortune: Bernie Sanders is a socialist, but he's not a Socialist

Add about Jeb 'he kept us safe'

It was kind of interesting at the supermarket today…

Amazing Pluto Fly By

I still think Jebya fits better than Jeb!


Democracy Now Discusses James Blake, The Cop that Tackled Him, and His Past Aggressive Behavior

Anyone else get the feeling that tRump is running just because

Man vandalizes own truck, blames it on Black Lives Matter

Jackie Collins, Novelist Who Wrote of Hollywood’s Glamorous Side, Dies at 77

Someday soon, it's gonna dawn on those who don't support Bernie

In Unit Stalked by Suicide, Veterans Try to Save One Another

With All Due Respect, this man truly should be our president!

Did anyone notice all the sullen faces at the NH Dem Convention?

Mia Farrow

President Obama ready to get more involved in race for a Democrat to succeed him: (BOG)

Martin O’Malley: There’s More To My Campaign Than Debate Fight.

Trump to CNN: 'I love the Muslims'

Martin O’Malley: There’s More To My Campaign Than Debate Fight.

Trump to CNN: 'I love the Muslims'

Arizona Shooter arrested; turns out to be a white winger ammosexual

Sheikh Rashid, son of Dubai's ruler, dies of heart attack at age 33

Time for the lounge to get a bathroom makeover.

Vanishing Canada: Why we’re all losers in Ottawa’s war on data (Maclean's)

Funny or Die: Trump Sandwich

Grayson, Grijalva, and Gutierrez think Bernie can win

SNL last program repeat tonite

This mail program looks VERY interesting. Could be helpful with all Windows versions.

Proposed Amendment: Nonprofits and Public Ownership for the Public Good

Kim regime expands secret prison camp for women forcibly returned from China

Kim regime expands secret prison camp for women forcibly returned from China

Cal? I would like to hear what El has to say...

"Lost in Space" and "I Dream of Jeannie" both premiered 50 years ago this week

Ole Miss football player wins the Confederate Flag debate

Bands for Bernie! LIVE Fundraiser for Bernie / CXLD broadcast due to sound issues.

Duo who removed the Confederate Flag from South Carolina’s capitol tell their story (NC)

WaPo: The 2016 megadonors

When candidates confront inaccurate, inflammatory comments

my roadside attraction adventure

This business of limiting debates is not a good strategy

The President Addresses the Congressional Black Caucus

These guys couldn't handle the breeze...

The New Cover of Time...

And it just so happens this generation overwhelmingly supports Bernie Sanders (video)

New Hampshire Postal Workers Union Has Just Endorsed Bernie!

Chafee 'I did my homework on the Iraq war' as did others including Sanders. I am sorry ...

Watch Spanky From The Little Rascals Nominate Donald Trump For The ‘He-Man Woman Haters Club’ Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Clinton gushes: has full venue with the help of party establishment and other candidate supporters.

Open Debates Executive Director George Farah on NOW with Bill Moyers not so open (videos)

Report: Police Beat the Hell Out of Private Prison Inmates After Riot

GOP frontrunner will never give up racist pandering — because it’s working

"Business Cat"

What Exxon Knew About Climate Change

Here's Why The South Poses A Huge Problem For Bernie Sanders

Ever heard "The Partisan", as sung by Leonard Cohen...well, guess what...

Why Radical Leftists Need To Stop Worrying and Back Bernie Sanders

An Open Letter to the Wall Street Journal on Its Bernie Sanders Hit Piece

Facing South, Bernie Sanders Ramps Up Outreach in SC and Beyond

For those who don't remember the beta-version of the "Clinton is Inevitable" campaign, please recall

Why Is Bernie Sanders So Silent On Hate Toward Muslims?

Andy strikes again

As a Giants fan, I'm kind of despondent tonight.

Scotland: youth on bagpipes shooes away anti-gay preacher

You want irony? Here is irony.

Did the NH Democratic Party Establishment just Disrespect Bernie Sanders?


Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp signs new five-year contract

Daily Holidays - September 20

accidentally alerted on this thread

accidentally alerted on this post

Destruction from California wildfires now tops 1,000 homes

Here's why Bernie Sanders is going to have trouble with

Epic Bernie Rant

O'Malley and Sanders Speak at NH Democratic Party Convention

California Wild Fires, night view (pic heavy)

Golden Dawn leader cynically admits 'political assassination'

America Is Getting It's Bern Notice - thanks to Stephen Colbert

California Wild Fires, night view (pic heavy)

Poll: Americans Widely Admire Pope Francis, But His Church Less So

When baling in a field goes terribly wrong.....

Elizabeth Van Lew and Mary Elizabeth Bowser

Bernie Badger just don't care.

SBHS — forge new ‘Rebel’ identity (VT)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Wrong Password Edition

Authorities say helicopter shot hit wrong-way driver

‘Suffocate and bake’: new US method of killing bird flu-infected poultry by heat stress prolongs suf

Jeb Bush has slipped into total insanity...

It is unlikely that either Sanders or Trump will win the nominations.

Fear the Walking Dead 1.4 "Not Fade Away" (spoiler alert)

Bernie hard at work responding on Reddit

Farrakhan, A Black Muslim, Marches on DC on Oct 10th

"Now she refers to him as “my man Donald.”

W's "Liberated Refugees"

Herr Trump

Arguing with conservatives is like...

This is why Hillary can't win...

Religion In The Comics - 040

Dear Lady BlahBlah

Someone is happy. New gadgets arrived to Ahmed from Microsoft

DNC Chair Gets Heckled By Protesters Calling for More Democratic Debates

Sadly One Of These GOP Goons Is Going To Be Nominated/It Will Be Crappy Election Cycle.

Hillary's Campaign Bewilders Me

Clinton Backers on Debates: Stop your pointless complaining, it's time for a reality check

Latinos are fighting Republican racism by registering voters

Two new polls suggest that Trump is still the GOP front-runner

Donald Trump's latest props: a Bible and his confirmation certificate...

How people in Irving, TX train for war.

Planned Parenthood invites Carly Fiorina to visit a Michigan clinic for “an honest debate”

NPR: New Hampshire Democrats Unite In Cry For More Debates

Party Rules to Streamline Race May Backfire for G.O.P.

Salon: Three days in Iowa that explain why Hillary’s fading and the Dems have a new front-runner

Ben Carson says no Muslim should ever become US president

Rightwing asshole justifies Ahmed Mohammed's arrest

Travel warning issued for Venezuela

P-38 captured!

Nazi soldiers were high on meth-like drug, new book claims

Shooting someone from the sky--- when that someone is traveling 100 miles per hour----sounds.....

Video captures Sacramento County deputy beating prone suspect with flashlight

Ben Carson Does Not Believe a Muslim Should Be President

A powerful and difficult read about veterans.

Carly Fiorina Won GOP Debate, but Trump Still Leads: NBC Online Survey

GOP economic experts

Cartoon: Trrump and the Pope

Texas man busted for falsely accusing #BlackLivesMatter supporters of vandalizing his truck

Kim Davis may have invalidated marriage license forms, deputy clerk says

Calif: Does water district’s dam blocking salmon violate state law?

Nancy Pelosi calls for more debates

The debate outrage is pretty silly.

White House All But Calls GOP Racist

Firearms instructor Darryl Montague, shot by student at Vermont firing range.

TOON: JEB! Contemplates His Future

So the descent of Donald Trump begins


Behind the scenes with Bernie Sanders

Nothing goes better with a half-case of beer than a few joints.

Latino Victory Project: Republicans are Talking #LatinosListen

Please Share Adrienne’s Rescue Story…She Still Needs A Forever Home (update)

Keep talking it up. Don't stop.

If We Are Judging GOP Candidates By These Shit Debates, We Are Nuts.

yesterday in New Hampshire, the DNC and the NHDC pulled out all the stops to help Hillary

The right hides behind a fictional Bible

World FTD Awareness Week (October 4-11) Omaha Steve has FTD

Fighting Bob Fest, 2015 - Pictorial Report

CBS: Bernie Sanders talks about his brand of socialism

When will we ever learn...

About the so-called "economic recovery" .............

Spanish Banks Warn of Financial Meltdown if Catalonia Votes for Independence

Bush gets punked by Republicans for Bernie supporters

Republicans exploit another child for political purposes

Good news regarding Syria

NOW it all makes sense. Look to the sky!!

Bill Maher is an ignorant piece of dogshit.

Jim Hightower: Chicago’s Taxpayer-Funded Ode to Robber Barons

CNN graphics get sillier and sillier - carly is the flavor of the week

There is no Act Blue report today DU 4 Bernie has not had a donation since 18 Sept 2015 at 09:14 AM

Colorado man jailed after dumping more than FOUR TONS of litter in Uncompahgre National Forest

Why can't candidates ever give simple yes or no answers to yes or no questions?

Red State Update: GOP Debate - Carly, Carson, Trump, Huckabee Yells At Jackie

What Bernie Sanders means by ‘democratic socialism.’ (You still have your choice of pajamas)

People who are bewildered by Hillary's campaign are ignoring the facts, or worse.

Social justice live streaming events from SEIU 1021 - Sept. 26-27 (the Pope's visit)

Social justice live streaming events from SEIU 1021 - Sept. 26-27 (the Pope's visit)

Biden Supporters: What type of campaign do you think Joe Biden would run?

Social justice live streaming events from SEIU 1021 - Sept. 26-27 (the Pope's visit)

Banana bread bars...

Carly Fiorina Jets to 2nd Place Behind Donald Trump (24-15%)

Would welcome any fibromyalgia references you have.

Bernie Sanders Offers GOP Debaters a Tutorial on Democratic Socialism

Want to make a difference?

Well, at least Trump is showing what a farce bourgeois elections are.......

Seabrook Town Meeting with Bernie (live) BernieTime!

Getting ready for another Bernie event today!

Iraq For Sale: BANNED Excerpts

Archbishop of Canterbury to host refugees at official London residence - “Jesus was a refugee”

9-18-15 The Horse Race in 2:00

9-18-15 The Horse Race in 2:00

9-18-15 The Horse Race in 2:00

New Jersey Cop Shoots Unarmed Teen Seven Times as Gun Mysteriously Appears on Scene Following Day

AFRICAN-AMERICAN GROUP: Dear white progressives: Stop telling black people how to vote

Sources: Joe Biden Has Wife's Support for White House Bid

Economic recovery. Ok, economic recovery for some. Ok, economic recovery for very few.

Hillary Clinton Echoes Martin O'Malley's Early Call for U.S. to Accept 65k Syrian Refugees

9-19-15 The Solidarity March in 2:00 (PATCO-Raygun

Will Banks “Cough Up Executives” in the Treasury Bid-Rigging Scandal?

9-19-15 The Solidarity March in 2:00 (PATCO-Raygun

Video Shows Texas Police Shoot Man With His Hands Up

9-19-15 The Solidarity March in 2:00 (PATCO-Raygun)

FBI Ramps Up Biometrics Programs to Catalogue Information on Everyone in America

Itinerary for Sunday, Sept. 20

5 Artists Who Illustrate Today’s Native American Culture By Nicole Mormann

5 Artists Who Illustrate Today’s Native American Culture By Nicole Mormann

Police Brutality California: It Takes 9 Stockton Officers To Arrest 1 Teen For Jaywalking [VIDEO]

Would welcome any fibromyalgia references you have. (cross-post)

3 Moves that Could Save the Nearly Extinct Sumatran Rhino

Video: Martin O'Malley speaks at the New Hampshire Democratic Party State Convention

Jay Rayner: Jay is for ‘Jewish’ despite an atheist upbringing

"THE POPE IS WRONG" says Catholic Governor Christie

Is that why?

Is that why?

America’s founding fathers would have hated the Trump campaign’s approach to religion

(British) Army top brass warn there will be a MUTINY if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister

Kerry: U.S. will accept 85,000 refugees in 2016, 100,000 in 2017

Happy Birthday George R.R. Martin

Who is Tomas RIOS, a NAVARRETTE from the sophisticate P.C. side? His take on "our" Latino culture

TYT: Elizabeth Warren Wants To Keep Employers Out Of Your Credit History

Republican candidate Carson says Muslims unfit to be U.S. president

Elizabeth Warren’s bold new crusade: Keep employers out of your credit history

Joe Biden has Wife's Support for White House Bid

TYT: Brutal Fees Punish Families Of Prison Inmates

HRC: I'm "Outsider Candidate" Because I'm a Woman ("How come there are no girls on this placemat?")

Colorado for Bernie - Rally & Caucus Training at The Oriental Theater

Howard Dean:I'm the one who came up with the 6 debate rule

Huffington Post: America's Most Admired Lawbreaker By Steven Brill

TYT: Alabama Wants To Tax Porn

Chelsea Clinton's book "It's Your World" available here: (HILLARY GROUP)

TYT: Netanyahu Meme Going Viral On Facebook

Latinos are fighting Republican racism by registering voters

Sanders, Trump, Carson tied for FIRST place in Republican primary choice in Vermont

What it would be like if equal broadcast time was given to realm of science...

Aging Tea Party Looking For 'Hot Female College Students’ To Help Recruit Younger Followers

Republicans Debate Who's Nicer to Immigrants

What is that google program that pays developers for usage?

Trumpmania has officially reached North Korean propoganda levels.

An Atheist Group Asks, Should New York Be in the Pope Business?

September 29th is Planned Parenthood Day of Action.

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame plays the but seriously, some of my best friend are transgender card

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Little Village Interview with Bernie Sanders, (incl Palestine, guns). Excellent

Two American hostages released in Yemen

F*cking flies

1st full day back from 4 day hospital stay

I Completely Support the Democratic Primary and Caucus System.

The quest to resurrect America's best tomato...

TYT: Bernie Sanders: DNC's Debates Rigged

Savage, on Bernie, with assassination jokes: you student-molesting anti-christian commie retrovirus

AFP - UK Met Office Projects "Exceptionally High" Global Temperatures Through 2016

Clinton's full interview on Face the Nation

Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies

Allan Lichtman:A Ben Carson Presidency will be far more dangerous than Trump Presidency

As Global Consumption Skyrockets, 'Full Footprint' Felt by Millions

Whistle while you work.....

Zero tolerance in the schools is out of control

If you repeat a lie often enough.....

HRC Has 'No Interest' In Running Negative Ads Against Bernie

Bernie Sanders really scares the media.

Allan Lichtman:If Bernie Sanders secures the nomination it's bad news for the Democrats

An Open Letter to Dr. Ben Carson from America’s Leading Veterans Organizations

Pelosi, Democrats Face Tricky Decision on Keeping Boehner as Speaker

Pope Francis' U.S. visit may have political value for President Obama, who shares some views: (BOG)

Hillary Clinton Calls for U.S. to Take 65,000 Refugees,

Greece: Syriza wins, conservative New Democracy concedes

"We are in Danger..."

New items at the Bernie Store.

Happy Autumn Moon Festival!

Are there any polls showing how the race breaks down by people paying close attention, vs those not?

Argentina's Biggest Province Says 1 Percent of Civil Servants Must Be Transgender

Official says 3 people injured, 1 suspect in custody, after church shooting in Alabama.

Shameful! Today, Sunday, Trump still dodging Obama birther/Muslim questions: (BOG)

The Walker and the Saint

Me: If Bernie gets the nominaton he will shock the experts with a 40-state landslide next November.

Attorney Says Kim Davis Violated Court Order

The Arab world’s wealthiest nations are doing next to nothing for Syria’s refugees

"Joe Biden Is 100% In": Wilmington,VT Advisor Josh Alcorn Can’t Keep Secret On Crowded Amtrak Train

Carly Fiorina doubles down...

(The Hill) DNC's new meme is Bernie is "unelectable"...really? Never would have guessed.

Charter school supporters are hypocritical and misleading (

American Hostages Freed in Yemen (BOG)

If Bernie Sanders can rouse enough voters to come to the polls for

Hillary Clinton Argues She Would Be a Political 'Outsider'

It doesn't have to be this way.

Documents revealed: No wonder {AL Speaker} Mike Hubbard wanted them sealed (

Burkina Faso coup supporters attack hotel hosting mediation talks

Kerry: U.S Ready to take in more refugees

U.S. to Take In Thousands More Syrian Refugees, Kerry Says/Bloomberg

Trump Refuses To Accept That Obama Was Born In U.S., Is Not Muslim

State Specific Flyers for Bernie

Because GOP media, public has no idea, under Obama, deficit shrinking, more undocumented deported: (BOG)

OMG, Kim Davis may have tampered with SSM marriage licenses making them invalid!

A Sit-Down With God - A review of David Gregory's memoir

Burkina Faso coup: Junta insists on staying on

our nebraska adventure - lots o' pics

Microsoft gifts tech goodies to the teenager arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school

Nutjob Fiorina has not only jumped the shark...I think she just jumped the effin' demon sheep.

Peanut executive in salmonella case faces sentencing

It took Alabama Democrats 136 years to be this corrupt, the GOP matched it in four (

A guide to the worst refugee crisis since WWII

Let's see. Ole Miss beats Bama...

California Gov. Brown to Sign Expanded Fair Pay Legislation

California Gov. Brown to Sign Expanded Fair Pay Legislation

Live coverage of Bernie today...UNH Town Hall Meeting...begins 5:00PM Eastern

Among the last of its kind, Flandreau Indian School catches second wind

Do you have questions about the 2016 Democratic Primaries?

Among the last of its kind, Flandreau Indian School catches second wind

Attention: I'll be posting the prelims for the September Contest

The main reason Trump & the Klown Kar are more blatantly racist & anti-immigration is that

Joe Biden, The Anti-Bernie?

Jeb Bush Just ‘Felt The Bern’ In A Truly Awesome Photobomb

NSAA set to tackle guidelines after transgender students express interest in playing H school sports

Wasserman Schultz hypocritical about rules. 2008 said Dean's DNC rules "counterproductive"

NSAA set to tackle guidelines after transgender students express interest in playing H school sports

The New Colonialism: Greece & Ukraine

Debbie Wasserman Schultz didn't like DNC rules in 2008.

They suspended it from the *ceiling* ?

I know what Joe's up to!

The Great Unraveling

Mike Malloy - Planned Parenthood Accuses Fiorina Of Lying During Debate

Mike Malloy - The Illness That Exists Inside Every Single Christian

In 1940, FDR ran on the New Deal. The South was so upset with socialism they voted for him

Bernie Sanders Benefit @ Shea Stadium 9/27

A Dog Fitting Of Her Name dog rescue by Maggie Rockville, MD

If 9/11 had happened under a Democratic President?

Did Fiorina jump in the polls because

State of the Cartoonion: Hipsters for Bernie (short video) fluff

Ed Schultz at Bob Fest (Bernie can't be bought) (video)

Bernie gets ecstatic cheers; HRC hands out noisemaker sticks;

9-20-15 The Birth of a Working Class Voice in 2:00

Fools, Fascists and Cold Warriors: Take Your Pick

9-20-15 The Birth of a Working Class Voice in 2:00

Showdown - How the South’s Public Enemy No. 1 climbed onto the Supreme Court

9-20-15 The Birth of a Working Class Voice in 2:00

VW chief "sorry" after EPA says firm skirted clean air law

Repubs for Bernie (graphic)

Bernie on the front page of Dutch newspaper NRC Next last saturday.

New wildfire in Northern California kills 1; damage mounts

Trump’s Immigrant Grandpappy Made The Family Fortune On Stolen Land, Hookers And Booze

LIVE from the University of New Hampshire Town Hall Meeting with Bernie Sanders

James O'Brien grills Daniel Kawczynski MP on Saudi arms sales - Newsnight

What are you reading this week of September 20, 2015?

In latest CNN poll, Walker is an *

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 21 September 2015

The Walker and the Saint

Photoshop where do I go from here advice.

A Woman Had EIGHT of These Mini-Monsters Lodged in Her Brain

Can joe biden run with a broken heart?

Ring of Fire: Who Won The Second Republican Debate? Spoilers: They All Lost

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 20, 2015

"Enough is Enough" graphic...

Bernie on the Late Show and Time Mag has increased visability!

Obama Staffer Jake Brewer Killed in Bicycle Accident During Ride to Raise Money for Cancer

Fire Season Temps Up 2.1F In American West Since 1970; Fire Season 75 Days Longer

How the mighty have fallen.....

Hiding at home watching the Emmys. I don't know most of these shows.

2008 Ed Schultz vs D Wasserman Schultz outshouting each other.

Trump’s high school is bankrupt, up for auction

Wasserman Schultz 2008. Said Dean shouldn't "stamp feet" when DNC rules are broken.

Syriza returns to power in Greek general election

It loos like to me the lack of debates by the DNC and the

Sanders scolds Carson for Muslim remark

Company hikes price 5,000% for drug that fights complication of AIDS, cancer

Tip your server $15, Support #Fightfor15 and Bernie

Report: Toddler Bella's killer had thought she was possessed

Who wants to offer some advice of the non-medical kind?

Scott Walker at 0% in new national poll:

Netanyahu Wants Harsher Punishment for Rock Throwers

10 Reasons We Should Defund Planned Parenthood IMMEDIATELY

Well, my mom kind of blew my mind yesterday. Said she likes Bernie Sanders

Democrats Have A Growing Debate Problem On Their Hands

!!!September Photo Contest "Another Roadside Attraction" Thread 2!!!

!!!September Photo Contest "Another Roadside Attraction"!!! Thread 1

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys

September Contest, "Another Roadside Attraction" is up in GD

100 Immigrant Women Write an Open Letter to Presidential Candidates

September 20, 1891 Led by the local sheriff more than a dozen people had been killed

September 20, 1891 Led by the local sheriff more than a dozen people had been killed

September 20, 1891 Led by the local sheriff more than a dozen people had been killed

September 20, 1891 Led by the local sheriff more than a dozen people had been killed

My comments to the DNC that I sent today.

Poaching and Illegal Logging Are Wiping Out Ghana’s Birds

Poaching and Illegal Logging Are Wiping Out Ghana’s Birds

The media’s big Bernie Sanders myth: Here’s how we build the coalition that shatters Clintonism


Koterba toon: Syria

Belittling Bernie

What's your forgotten candy?

WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!?!?!??????!!!!!!!1

Company Hikes Price 5,000% For Life-Saving Cancer and AIDS Drug

Sarah Palin can, sometimes, be a little childish. Pretty shocking, eh?

Amazon Warehouse Workers Vote to Authorize Strike (updated)

Amazon Warehouse Workers Vote to Authorize Strike

Amazon Warehouse Workers Vote to Authorize Strike

No Dez, no Romo.

WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!?!?!??????!!!!!!!1

UN nuclear chief visits Iranian military site

Singapore Airlines 'Suites Class". The only way to fly.

Here's a hoot of a website for "Clinton Couture": (HILLARY GROUP)

200 headstones spray-painted at Kiski Township cemetery

Muslim group condemns Carson comment, calls for repudiation

Maid In Maryland's true identity revealed!

A Note to Ben Carson who said a Muslim shouldn't be president...

Hey Mad! Dallas needs a QB?

Mackinac Island is trending w/Fiorina and the rest of the GOP apologists ..

Another flyer in Spanish (check for errors)

Bernie held small, intimate, Town Hall meeting at UNH

Does this tee-shirt make me look like...

Forget his brother, did Jeb HIMSELF keep us safe?

The Emmys tonight

My prediction for what happens in the hours after the first Democratic Primary Debate...

What happened to Republicans in 35 years?

Trump is coming to Oklahoma?