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Opinion: Four reasons why The Wall Street Journal attack on Bernie is bogus

Now that we know that HRC wanted only 4 debates,

Art class.

The new CNN poll shows Bernie still has a POC problem.

Scott Walkers odd excuse for withdrawing from the republican primary race just does not ring true.

Fundraising for My Local Spina Bifida Association

Alabama state auditor addresses racist League of the South

OMG!! Santorum's brilliance! "Every problem that the State Department has, the answer is diplomacy."

Primary Resources: The Ludlow Massacre

David Vitter, Scott Angelle want to keep Confederate monuments in New Orleans

Transgender woman live-tweets her expulsion from Orlando airport

WND pundit: Conservative states should secede and start a godly nation

Coffman defends use of Planned Parenthood logo

Christiansburg High moves forward as NAACP, attorney take interest in Confederate flag debate

Jane Fonda: My question for the candidates

Hillary back in Arkansaw..

How equal is American opportunity? Survey shows attitudes vary by race

Where is Bill?????

Family: Ahmed withdraws from Irving ISD, eyes trips to United Nations and Mecca

Luckovich - Love Thy Neighbor

Newest Immigrants Assimilating as Fast as Previous Ones, Report Says

In the U.S. 49.7 Million Are Now Poor, and 80% of the Total Population Is Near Poverty

On The Road: Wildcats Go Wild for Bernie w/pics

what is an armor piercing bullet?

what is an armor piercing bullet?

Who will be the next to go from the GOP clown car?

Martin O'Malley op-ed: Pope's visit calls for a reflection on our nation's obligations, priorities

Biden Appears Ready to Join Presidential Race: Announcement Coming

Is this true? "Obama Birtherism Is Hillary Clinton’s Fault"

RUDE PUNDIT: The rule should be simple. Who the fuck cares what your religion is?

Hillary on repealing Obamacare: "Not on my watch." (HILLARY GROUP)

Ed Schultz on fire touring to support Bernie & fight the TPP

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Holier than Thou! & a new Kitteh gif

Game Changer -- Russia has deployed troops, tanks and drones inside Syria

OK, Evil DUers: What do we do about Martin Shkreli and Turing Pharmaceuticals?

Judge rejects bid from Angola Three's Albert Woodfox after 40 years in solitary

I bet MIM can't get the Buccos-Rox game on TV.

Son lodges action against Germany and US over father's alleged drone killing

Trump has a new book coming out

Sumatran rhinos likely to become extinct, warn environment experts

I thought I wandered off and got lost.

Remembering a day in the Bois de Boulogne,

Grand Saline principal arrested, accused of endangering children

(Brazil) Ex-treasurer of ruling party gets lengthy jail term in Petrobras corruption scandal

Cabinet ministers met publicly with KPMG while firm's tax 'sham' under CRA probe (Canada)

Burkina Faso army enters capital to disarm coup leaders

Question: Can The People of Wisconsin At Least GET THEIR MONEY BACK for the Last Six Months

Feminist Groups Oppose FratPAC Bill (r- bill makes it harder to deal with sexual assaults on campus

Feminist Groups Oppose FratPAC Bill (r-bill makes it harder to deal with sexual assault on campus)

Feminist Groups Oppose FratPAC Bill (r-bill makes it harder to deal with sexual assaults on campus)

Texas General Land Office bonuses totaled $6.5M

Without Calming Voice, G.O.P. Is Letting Divisive Ones Speak on Muslims

He said he supports closing my clinics.

Two TCU players suspended after arrest on robbery, bodily injury charges

Humanity, in focus

New study: San Francisco Bay more polluted than Great Lakes, the CNN poll is not part of a diabolical plot to undercut Bernie...

Hillary Had All the Marbles on Her Side of the Table Yet She's STILL Tanking

I wonder what they will ask candidates in the first Democratic debate?

Breaking Bernie NEWS!!!

fyi - Ted Cruz is on Colbert tonight


Santorum intends to ‘abolish the State Department’

Mike Malloy - Republicans Vote To Block Planned Parenthood Funding For One Year

Carly Fiorina is the candidate the GOP deserves: Her record of bending the truth & denying her failu

In the words of Keith Olbermann, who's the Worst Person in the World?

Today was a weird day...

Florida man disembowels girlfriend (warning -this is really gruesome)

If Joe decides to run, how long will it take the Biden Bashers

The polls showing Bernie ahead in NH only polled people in Converses and Buddy Holly glasses!

Crude at $50 threatens $1.5 trillion in oil and gas projects

Follow-up: Former State Representative and HHS Official Convicted of DWI

Hillary Clinton taps Arkansas network in bid to finish Sanders

Another in a long list of indications that I'm living in Republican hell…

Somebody explain something to me

Woman tries to escape moving car due to spider; causes crash

Martin O’Malley Offers Strong Plan To Expand Retirement Security

Vanishing Canada: Why we’re all losers in Ottawa’s war on data (X post from GD)

Here's video of Hillary's conversation with Keith in NH, who's his mother's caregiver: (HILLARY GRP)

I want this Clinton back in the White House

13-year-old Autism Ambassador to visit Pope, White House

Sep 21, 2015 10:35 PM EDT - 2 Women say Kim Davis took her name and the county off their marriage

Actress Nancy Lee Grahn Disses Viola Davis' Emmys Speech

It is really quite simple and irrefutable

1-608-266-1212 Call Scottie

Cubs are HAMMERING the Brewers!

It is true that any front runner would want less debates.

New CNN National Poll!!! .... Relax everybody.

Voters Raise Concerns About Bernie Sanders’ Record On Guns

Open Letter to Scott Walker.


Francis' visit calls for a reflection on our nation's obligations, priorities

O'Malley Op-Ed: Francis' visit calls for a reflection on our nation's obligations, priorities

Teenager Prosecuted for Possessing Own Nude Selfie

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 23: Kerwin Mathews

Did Republican Women get More Offended by Attacks on Carly Fiorina than Megyn Kelly ?

EWF - September

Obama will pick up Pope Francis at the airport.

Republicans Won’t Like Bill Clinton When He’s Angry, And He’s Angry

Colorado To Double Population By 2040. Yuk.

Hillary Clinton for POTUS "We have an opportunity to lift everyone"

my thread in general discussion ...

TYT: Debates & DNC 09/21

Stephen Colbert has made me realize that James Corden is terrible

Israel, Russia To Coordinate Military Action On Syria: Netanyahu

Where Do We Draw the Line at "Constructive Primary Criticism of a Candidate"

Port Rowan, Ontario: dog has fun in tub

Dawkins Alert

Cruz on with Colbert

It's Al From's Democratic Party..the rest of us just live here. The takeover.

It's Al From's Democratic Party..the rest of us just live here. The takeover.

Confederate statue up for debate in commission (FL)

NASA Developing World's First Space Shotgun to Blast Asteroids

Monument law is yet another overreach (NC)

Tasered for walking while black, arrested for resisting arrest

Lewis and Clark County Heritage Council Submits Confederate Fountain Recommendations to City (MT)

Republicans Try To Rig The 2016 Election By Blocking LEGAL Immigrant Citizenship and Voting

Don’t confuse forgiveness in Charleston with forgiveness for racism

Fired Dallas prosecutor levels more accusations about Dallas County DA Hawk’s behavior

The Number Of Companies Weaning Off Carbon Is Surging

Carry That Weight: Report Confirms Troubling Statistic About Campus Sexual Assault

UMaine reacts to white supremacist posters on campus

'It Can Be Done': New Report Details Path to 100% Renewables by 2050

This Is What Jeremy Corbyn’s New Labour Coalition Looks Like

FYI, a lawmaker thinks calling president SOB is A-OK (NC)

The GOP's Deeply Bigoted Week

White supremacist Cobb refuses interview with black co-anchor of ABC’s “Nightline” (ND)

Free for one day. E-book: "Steal This Term Paper: A Novel of Loving, Texas."

CNN seems so desperate to stop the Sanders surge.

State Didn't Study Budget Cuts for Children's Therapy

After Obama: Clinton vs. Sanders

‘Stars and Bars’ a topic for commissioners (NC)

Time to Break the Class Ceiling – Elect Bernie Sanders

Dialogue Continues On Confederate Memorials And Marker (KY)

Oakland Residents Respond as the Largest Police Training in the World Invades

‘Sexy Donald Trump’ Halloween costume is now a thing for GOP fans, foes

Why Are Two Aging Pacifists on the Federal No-Fly List?

Poverty and Disconnectedness Go Hand in Hand, and This List Proves It

Ben Carson is suing people making Ben Carson for President T-shirts, gets destroyed by logic

Frank Rich: Donald Trump Is Saving Our Democracy

Pig reveals all in kiss and tell exposé

Daily Holidays - September 22

Posted on Craigslist Campaign RV for sale

9/10/2015 Ani DiFranco Interview

US Military in Afghanistan aided and abetted child-rape and child-sex-slave-trade

Jeb Bush heckled by pro - immigration protestors

Bernie Sanders is the ranking minority member of the Senate

2,700-year-old "Tomb of the Serpent-Jaguar Priests" Discovered

So much for Jeb being the smart brother

Battle brewing in Hastings over confederate flag (MI)

Texas A&M System announces grant to expand flights at Easterwood Airport

Beth Clarkson has found a lawyer to help her in her law suit.

Did Joe Scum and Mika Mouse ever condemn the birther attacks on Obama

Russian politician orders assassination of journalist, no russian court touches him

Harker Heights family outraged over super glue poured in daughter's hair bullying incident

What is the most surprising 0-2 NFL team??

Drugs Cloak and Dropper—The Twisted History of the CIA and LSD

Tuberculosis drug price jumps 2,000%, shocks doctors

Another thread saying how much I appreciate each and every one of you Berners.

Anti-Gay Bed And Breakfast Loses Discrimination Suit

New French Law Passed: All New Rooftops Must Be Covered With Plants Or Solar Panels

Ahmed did not make a clock

Donald Trump’s 2nd amendment insanity

Former New York City mayor Giuliani to speak at Baylor

Being ethically challenged: GOP leaders preparing to dismantle Wisconsin elections agency

WATCH THIS! This 6 year old has advice for her divorced parents and for the rest of us too!

David Cameron pig allegations could harm UK productivity

Donald Trump’s 2nd amendment insanity

The Rude Pundit - Fear of a Muslim Planet: Carson, Trump, and the Cowards of the Right


The Emergence Of Christianastan. Only God Fearing Christians Should Be In Office.

You know Donald!

The Candidate Cutoff For The CNBC GOP Debate Should Be 5 Percent

Brilliant Post by Uncle Joe about Sanders, Hillary, CNN and the sudden drug price increase.

Rowan County Marriage Licenses May NOT Be Valid Legally.

If a Lib Dem conference takes place and no-one realises, did it really happen?

Six Trendy New Health Foods that are Full of Crap

Attorney Donates 23,000 Fully Stocked Backpacks So Kids Can Conquer Class

A Dialog mostly about Corporations

A Dialog mostly about Corporations (x-post from GD)

Fox ... the Porn channel?

You never know when you get up in the morning

If your S.O.'s drunk / high 35 year old son set a bonfire in the carport, would you approve?

JEB!? photobombed by "Republicans for Sanders"

Russian build-up in Syria puts Israel on the back foot

EU could face 1 million asylum applications in 2015, says OECD

We Should Have Seen This Refugee Crisis Coming

Paxton Prays for Tea Party’s Blessing at Grapevine Church

30 East Jerusalem streets given Hebrew names, enraging Arab residents

Do you know where the term "holy shit" comes from?

What the F...! I leave the lounge for just a few days and THIS happens

Syrian Civil War Prompts First Withdrawal From Svalbard "Doomsday" Seed Vault

LGBT workers in Mississippi fired, harassed: Report

LGBT workers in Mississippi fired, harassed: Report

Nature Climate Change - Study Projects 300X Increase In Violent Storms, Floods Along E. Coast, Gulf

Sanders commits to Johnson County Dems BBQ

Thom Hartmann: The "Ticking Bomb" Below the Great Lakes

VW Execs Lied, Repeatedly, For 1 Year+, Re. Emissions - And Got $51 Million "Clean" Diesel Subsidy

Questions about "Jesus died for our sins"

Thom Hartmann: How America’s Voting Machines Are At Risk

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Another One Bites The Dust

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Pope Visit

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

We found Hillary doing a lot better in Iowa over the weekend than other recent polling had suggested

Cowboys new QB.

Donald Trump: . . . .SUCKER!!!

Large Sub-Glacial Lakes Beneath Greenland Ice Sheet Draining Rapidly - 1 Crater 2Km Across

Former Scott Walker aide unloads on campaign in Twitter storm:

Behind The Scenes: Big $$$ Puppeting Revealed in Walker Exit - Fascinating Read!

Drug charges filed against Alaska canna-business owners

Drug charges filed against Alaska canna-business owners

Hillary Clinton unveils plan to lower prescription drug costs

Price-gouging pharma bro under investigation for corporate looting, fraud and stalking

A "relentlessly gay" backyard (trigger-warning)

Cornel West: Bernie Sanders is an insurgent on par with Jesse Jackson

Down the Memory Hole: NYT Erases CIA’s Efforts to Overthrow Syria’s Government

Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO, Has Cancer, Will Start Chemotherapy Treatment

This 16-year-old won the Google Science Fair with a way to detect Ebola

Colbert vs. Cruz

Clinton previews plan to expand Obamacare and lower health costs [Hillary Group]

Lab-grown kidneys work in animals

Justice Dept. Will Help Police Buy 21,000 Body Cameras

Whose Islamophobia Is Worse? Ben Carson Or Donald Trump? - TMFS Sketch

Aileen Wuornos - Prostitute Turned Killer | SERIAL KILLER FILES

Scott Walker, Who Said Presidential Bid Was 'God's Plan,' Drops Out

100 Years Old. 5 World Records.

Where does Scott Walker's support go now that he dropped out of the race?

It sounds like the same should apply to Kim Davis.

Hillary Clinton to Present Health Care Plan

So I saw Sam Harris on CNN talking about Muslims

Comic Relief Fundraiser: Sanders Perennial Snark Desperation Syndrome, or SPSDS

Heritage and Hate: Mississippi’s State Flag (Trailer)

New anti-Bennet Iran ad parodied almost before launch

Bernie Sanders to join striking workers for pope visit

The Moment President Obama First Meets Federal Inmates: Fixing the System (Teaser)

Christie Tells National Guard Leader to Slim Down..NYTimes

Is Kim Davis defying court orders again? ACLU files against Kentucky clerk.

greetings. working on quitting.

25 Strange Things Auctioned On Ebay You Might Not Know What To Do With

Bernie Sanders questions drug price spike

Prescription Drug Costs Are Rising as a Campaign Issue

Let's take a look at Ahmed Mohamed’s rebuilt Clock.

Even the Republicans Are Surprised: George P. Bush, Land Commissioner

Joe Scarborough goes off on rant after Scott Walker's departure.

Son of Jeb! Bush as Texas Land Commissioner: Cronyism

Hillary Clinton supports Obamacare, Bernie Sanders doesn't think it's enough and wants single-payer

Isn't it time for Republican polsters to add "none of the above" to their polls?

Ben Carson LIVE on msnbc news conference

Playinghardball hasn't posted since September 17.

Robert E. Simon Jr., real estate visionary and creator of Reston, dies at 101

Clinton and Sanders Offer Competing Visions of Health Care

SodaStream is offering 1,000 jobs to Syrian refugees—but Israel won’t let it happen

Americans are throwing away tons of “ugly food” each year, causing widespread food insecurity

PSA that shouldn't be needed

The apocalypse will happen on September 23rd 2015... and is caused by gays.

Bernie Sanders to join striking workers for pope visit

Whenever I hear anyone obsessing over Sharia law in the US, I can't help but think of Rainbowland.

“There is nothing in the New Testament about global warming."

Union will fight injunction

Democratic Primary Debate Schedule 2015 - 16

Dean Baker: Will President Obama Stand Up to the (Big Pharma) Drug Thugs?

Time Warner Cable Papal Visit Channel Featuring Complete Coverage of Pope Francis' Historic Visit

LePage won’t name board members, vows to bypass Legislature through citizen initiatives

Researchers reveal when global warming first appeared

How Scott Walker's Hubris Killed His Campaign

Bernie Sanders Minimum Wage Strike: Pope Visit Encourages Federal Workers To Protest

The GOP’s absurd anti-Pope crusade: The bizarre spectacle of ...

Bernie Sanders Minimum Wage Strike: Pope Visit Encourages Federal Workers To Protest

rock and roll auto museum

Union will fight injunction

Union will fight injunction

Privatizing the Apocalypse: How Nuclear Weapons Companies Commandeer Your Tax Dollars

New lawsuit says death penalty ballot language 'unlawfully misleading,' 'unfairly slanted'

Antarctic sea bed life captures carbon as sea ice melts

Right to Work Is Coming to the Public Sector. The Only Way to Survive: Social Movement Unionism

Margaret Atwood: Our governments now treat us like cattle – governed by fear,

Hillary Clinton Scores Another Big Union Endorsement

"Like the Syrians, I fled my country. Here’s what you don’t understand about refugees."

"Like the Syrians, I fled my country. Here’s what you don’t understand about refugees."

Steve King (R-Idiot) wants Pope to only address two topics during congressional address

Clinton Scores Another Big Union Endorsement

Shutdown-loving Republicans just can't get enough

US rejects protections for greater sage grouse across West

Who gives a shit if he did or didn't build a fucking clock.....

Private Equity Asset-Stripping Strategy Meets Charter Schools to Produce Even Better Looting

Puppy shoots Florida Man---Deputies say Dog put paw on gun's trigger as owner tried to kill him

You know you are a Facebook Liberal when

Perhaps Florida Man doesn't have access to good public transportation......

Waiting on your Bernie gear?

Federal Court Rules Anti-Abortion Group (fake PP videos) Can’t Plead the Fifth

Los Angeles Metro: Foothill Gold Line Opens Two More Stations

Sensationalist Clickbait Websites and DU - Just Say NO!

Federal Court Rules Anti-Abortion Group (fake PP videos) Can’t Plead the Fifth

Federal Court Rules Anti-Abortion Group (fake PP videos) Can’t Plead the Fifth

High price of drugs because... they can

What the British are really laughing about (#Piggate)

Rachel Maddow - Trump competence in question as 'veterans' group' event exposed as illegal

Republican Health-Policy Focus Shifts to Abortion Limits from ACA

The Gender Story I Saw at the GOP Debate

The Gender Story I Saw at the GOP Debate

The Gender Story I Saw at the GOP Debate

Rachel Maddow - With Scott Walker out of the GOP primary race, who's next?

From NY Times: Room in Catholic High School for Gay-Straight Alliance

New Iowa PPPpoll Sept 22 -->Clinton 43% Sanders 22% Biden 17%

I'll just put this out there

Clinton leads Sanders in Iowa 43% - 22%

AFA Offshoot "One Million Moms" Boycotting New Muppets Show Because, Wait For It..


IF it's okay for conservative Catholics to think the Pope is wrong about climate change...

School has been back in session for about a month and guess how many headlines

Goldenrod at the Golden Hour

Roger Federer Fan Wakes From 11-Year Coma, Can't Believe Fed Still Rules

Man calls 911 to tell police he just tried to drown his kids

Blindspot was amazing

Oil Bust Claims Unusual American Victim

A riddle for you----

Groupon Plans to Cut 1,100 Jobs in Global Restructuring

Sisters shoot it out in Arnold, PA bar

Meet the Evangelical Pastor and Liberty University Alum Who’s Feeling the Bern

Northern Cheyenne officials reject coal railroad plans

Yesterday's O'Malley call

You won't believe the six insane ways clickbait ruined people's lives

Half of PA. Supreme Ct., Co. Commissioner, School Board, Municipal elections this Nov.

Is this new? "How CNN Doctored up a 'Hillary Bounce' and Got Away with it"

Spectacular earth pixs

How can this be Justice?

#HillaryMen: How Low Can Morning Joe Go? Hillary Obsession Takes an Ugly Turn (HRC GROUP)

I can't believe this hasn't come up, re. Mohammed's clock/bomb --

What a coincidence...the red blisters all over Ted Cruz's ass are shaped just like Colbert's hand.

[UPDATED] Twitter’s Staff is 0% Black Women

Oil Bust Claims Unusual American Victim; The Surprisingly Big Market for Sand Just Collapsed

The Poverty Line Was Designed Assuming Every Family Had a Housewife Who Was a 'Skillful Cook'

Islamic State Threatens Cyber-Attack Against U.K., SITE Says

Even the Republicans Are Surprised: George P. Bush, Land Commissioner

Pic Of The Moment: Clueless Carson Wants Religious Test

PPP polling in Iowa, Hillary 43%, Bernie 22%, Biden 17%, O'Malley 3%

The Dad Who Wrote a Check Using “Common Core” Math Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

Lost tribe found in Amazon warehouse

Dumb Tennessee Republicans Have New Plan To Ban Gay Marriage. It Is A Stupid Plan.

US-Trained Division 30 Rebels 'betrayed US And Hand Weapons Over To Al-Qaeda's Affiliate In Syria'

I spent months on the campaign trail with Scott Walker -- here are some observations now that it’s o

8 Reasons Ronald Reagan Was One of the Worst Presidents Ever (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Key Hollywood Donor Backs Joe Biden for President, Says Others Could Follow (Exclusive)

David Cameron accused of 'doing an Iraq' in Libya as White House officials condemn 'incompetence'.

Pooh has a message about piggate:

Donald Trump leading Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina in Iowa: poll

Trump still leads Iowa; Clinton in good shape

BAE Systems cutting about 650 Norfolk shipyard jobs

How Do You Divide A Country Headed For Right & Left Divorce. Flyers Kit is posted!!!!

Frances Kelsey, FDA Officer Who Blocked Thalidomide, Dies At 101

Marine Forced into Retirement After Beating up US-Protected Pedophile

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 22, 2015

New dinosaur species may have left tracks in the snow

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-21-15

History Doesn’t Go In a Straight Line

NBC Online Survey: Hillary Clinton's Lead Narrows (Hill down 7; Bern up 4 in a month)

Has anyone heard the ads about Betty McCollum on AM 950?

Senate Dems Block GOP Bill That Would Curb Late Abortions

Frenemies: Tense Undercurrents For US-China State Dinner

Mole Needed: Focus on the Family

Scott Walker wasn’t unlucky. He was clueless. OUCH

Christie: Leader Of NJ Guard Never Told Me He Was Too Overweight To Serve!

Gov. Hutchinson excited about trade mission to Cuba

Clinton, the Asian pivot and everything you need to know about neo-liberalism

Broad, others want half of LAUSD students in charter schools in eight years, report says

The impossible just happened in Texas

Well, YES...the Pope DOES look DELICIOUS...but are you SURE there's no penalty for eating him?

Is ther a way to contact the campaign


Let us pray for the safety of Pope Francis and the success of his visit

This is Cuba's Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet

A nice trifecta.

Just for fun.

Volkswagen sets aside $7.3 billion over emissions scandal

9/21/15 Update -- Beth Clarkson has a lawyer and a discovery hearing

Fighter jet crashes near Lemoore NAS

Siobhan & Sinead 2 kittens rescued from flood water by Christina Austin, TX

Teacher Allegedly Forces 4-Year-Old to Write With Right Hand, 'Cause the Left One Belongs to Satan

9/21/15 Update -- Kansas mathematician Beth Clarkson has a lawyer and a discovery hearing

GOP to Defund Dept. of Reality After "Shutdown Bad for Economy" Report

Former state Senator's Houck's son kills man, then takes own life, authorities say

O'Malley: 'Bigoted and racist rhetoric coming off of the presidential podiums of the Republicans'

How RWNJ's Are Welcoming Pope Francis To America

Trial of Ukrainian pilot accused of murdering Russian journalists begins

David Petraeus urges Obama to credibly threaten Assad’s air force in Syria

78-year-old man punched in face over Nutella samples at Costco in Burbank CA

Kentucky clerk Davis rejects marriage licenses as invalid: ABC

Kentucky clerk Davis rejects marriage licenses as invalid: ABC

The Lounge cafeteria just got in a shipment of new utensils...

Top unions put brakes on Clinton endorsement SEIU and AFSCME decide to hold off

Republicans have voted to increase the federal deficit by more than $1 trillion dollars

Police Report: Pharma CEO Shkreli Hacked Legal Rival and Harassed His Wife and Teenage Son For Month

What are the best hashtags (i.e, #BlackTwitter, #BlackLivesMatter) on Twitter for black folks ?

Sgt. Bergdahl

Democrats block defense spending bill in Senate

A new Message from Matthew

In the fall of 1973, a documentary following women’s rights proponents at the 1972 Democratic Conven

Paramilitarism on the Rise in Venezuela

I heard Thom Hartmann talking about this today.

Web graphic says Bernie Sanders doesn't support compulsory K-12 education

Girl, 16, charged in gasoline attack on 2 school guards

Bankrupt Patriot Coal seeks end to retiree healthcare plans

Maker of Bernie doll wearing IWW lapel pin (cute doll)

Ayn Rand vs. Cesar Millan.

You Must Check out the Making of the Amazing 'Silver Arrows' | Fstoppers

Maker of Bernie doll wearing IWW lapel pin (cute doll)

2 Months Later: Should Sanders Be Thanking Black Lives Matter?

NBA Live Demo is available now for PS4 and XBone

The Rise and Fall of Guatemala’s Most Feared General

National Voter Registration Day!

National Voter Registration Day!


National Voter Registration Day!

PETA sues to give monkey the copyright of selfie photos

Planned Parenthood, Alabama in Court Over Medicaid Money

Petraeus Apologizes For Giving Classified Info To Paula Broadwell

Encouraged by alfredo,

Missouri Attorney General: Walgreen Co. Deceiving Consumers

Ring of Fire: Country’s Largest Telecoms Are Giving The Government Your Personal Data

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Could Face Fines For Disobeying Judge

Modi and Monsanto: a Wake Up Call for India

European Union Ministers Approve Plan to Distribute Refugees.

That Guy Who Is Price-Gouging AIDS Patients Also Did It to Kids with Kidney Disease

Why Israel Doesn't Want America's Newest Bunker-Buster Bomb

Operation Ridicule: the Character Assassination of Jeremy Corbyn

Don't Buy The Hype — Airbnb And Uber Are Terrible For The Economy


Argentine family drives 21,000 km (13,000 miles) to see Pope Francis

It's Odd that Jeremy Corbyn is Considered Non-Conformist:He Couldn't Be More British if He Bled Tea

O'Malley Slams Ben Carson As 'Sad' And 'Bigoted' Over Muslim Remarks.

Well lookie lookie - it's Brian the 'LIAR' Williams

Ring of Fire: After Embarrassing Test Scores, Alabama Finally Embraces Teaching Science

Republicans Pander To Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Argentine family drives 21,000 km (13,000 miles) to see Pope Francis

Survivor - Second Chance. Thoughts but no spoilers please.

O’Malley: Lots of ‘Bigoted,’ ‘Racist Rhetoric’ Coming from GOP Candidates.

Kerry: US Hopes Russia, Iran Will Be Helpful In Syria

Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Club For Growth Over Ad

Sen. Sanders Calls Drugmakers a ‘Health Hazard for the American People’

USAID and the Criminalization of Social Movements in Paraguay

O'Malley announces five events over weekend swing.DesMoinesRegister

O'Malley Slams Ben Carson As 'Sad' And 'Bigoted' Over Muslim Remarks.

New York Supreme Court Judge Overturns New York City Ban On Plastic Foam Containers

O’Malley: Lots of ‘Bigoted,’ ‘Racist Rhetoric’ Coming from GOP

stupid people crack me up - enjoy

You Emit A Personal Microbial Cloud - And It Can Be Traced To You

Regrets but never an apology: When the IDF makes 'mistakes'

Announcement: If YOU are Asian, of Asian decent, living in Asia, or Just a huge fan of Asian culture

Chicago Mayor Pushes Massive Tax Hike Over Crippling Cuts

America’s first fisherman bagged Alaskan salmon 11,500 years ago

Bernie Investigating Drug Price Gouging Before CEO Raised AIDS Drug Price: Here are the Details

I googled Bernie Drug Proposal and look what came up.

Judge Scolds Feds For Slow-Walking Clinton Aide's Emails

Geraldo Explodes at Bolling: ‘You Said That to Make Me Look Stupid and I Don’t Like It!’

Ed Schultz News and Commentary:Ed still at Bob Fest talking Bernie up

Ta Nehisi Coates to write a Black Panther comic for Marvel!

Hillary Clinton Scores Another Big Union Endorsement

Dr. Cornel West Says ‘Brother Bernie’ Will Win The Black Lives Matter Vote

Shkreli Needs to be Treated Like the Dentist who killed the Lion

My personal favorite voter registration experience (it's National Voter Registration Day)

Rick is gone and now Scotty. Who do you think is next to drop out?

Gov. Brownback's Big Fat Business Tax Cuts destroys Kansas

Looking for a petty arguement

10 restaurant chains with the best buzz. Guess who came in at No. 1 in the casual dining category??

I have a question

Venezuelan Paramilitaries Wreak Havoc with Cuban, FARC Support

I want to thank all the members of the photography group--again!

Colombia revamps drug policy as US eradication program ends

Colombia revamps drug policy as US eradication program ends

Fall Cleanout Time. Something Else to Do to Take Me

This Sleazy Corrupt Capitalist BottomFeeder is not going to last long

Police on scene of shooting outside Nebraska Capitol

Reasons for the Hillary rebound? I can think of a few.

Today in GD.

‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli gouged kids with kidney disease before ripping off AIDS patients

Bernie Sanders Joins Striking Government Workers Ahead of Pope’s Visit

Utah Mom: School 'Racially Profiling' Teenage Daughter For Having Dreads

Bernie Sanders speaks to today's strikers

Ben Carson Shattering Stereotype About Brain Surgeons Being Smart

Look who's here!

Deputy kills man pointing stapler during standoff

Orson Welles Commentary: Affidavit of Isaac Woodard

India-based company doesn't want drug used for executions

Zimmerman testifies against man who police say shot at him

Ring of Fire: Obama Calls Out Republicans On Racist Immigration Policies

The President personally greeting the Pope was oh so the right thing to do. It was spectacular and

Judge overturns New York City ban on plastic foam containers

Bobby Jindal wants to fire the entire House and Senate...

Justice Alito Critiques Supreme Court Colleagues

Former lawmaker found guilty in drunk driving case

27 Uparmored Black Suburbans™ and a Pope in a Fiat.

Four Kentucky couples demand Kim Davis reissue altered marriage licenses

Gun-friendly West Virginia eyes adding new Capitol security

Bob Fest advances the struggle for social and economic justice

GOP Officially & Openly White Nationalist/Supremacist Party Like Afrikaners.

Free press advocate warns media freedom on decline in Europe

Peta lawsuit claims Whole Foods is duping shoppers with 'humane meat'

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton says she opposes construction of Keystone XL oil pipeline

Correa Thanks Contribution of Cuban Doctors to Health Care in Ecuador

Rep. Timothy Smith State Rep. of NH endorsement of Bernie Sanders

Venezuela says international media 'distorting reality'

brian williams on MSNBC

Argentine socialist presidential candidate: 'We want a hard left that fights with workers'

U.S. envoy for anti-Islamic State coalition Allen to step down

Family confirms California teen who was beaten by police was on his way to school, didn't jaywalk

Big Pharma Greed: Your Generic Drugs Are Getting More Expensive

Introducing over 20 different customizable Bernie flyers that you can download

GD formatting suddenly a big mess.

White House seeks answers from China on U.S. woman detained in spy probe

Hillary Clinton Scores Another Big Union Endorsement

Pope Francis Reverses Position On Capitalism After Seeing Wide Variety Of American Oreos

The DU is broken

Fake Jerry Jones: "I'm on some of this new Oxyconsin"

Controversial Drug CEO Martin Shkreli Was Accused of Serious Harrassment

Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit Schedule

Must read: Are you REALLY Pro-Life or just Pro-9months?

Rightwingers will go CRAZY tonight!

Ring of Fire: Rick Perry’s Wealthy Donors Want Their Money Back

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hillary Clinton on Keystone Pipeline: "I Oppose It"

Newsweek article on Bernie Sanders "B-B-B-Bernie and the Jets"

How Scott Walker became an asterisk

This young lady is awesome.

NPR: Hillary Clinton Says She Opposes Keystone XL Pipeline

NBC Poll: Clinton lead narrows further.

Time: Bernie Sanders Joins Striking Government Workers Ahead of Pope’s Visit

NPR: Bernie Sanders Would Be The Big Winner In New Public-Funding Model

Bundesliga: Lewandowski scored 5 goals in 9 minutes as sub; guess who sponsors the losers?

Breaking: Hillary Clinton takes a stand against Keystone XL pipeline. (HILLARY GROUP)

So, the Pope is in town ...

Fiorina can quickly jump ahead of Trump by out Trumping him; just start using the N word and

Time: Clinton and Sanders Offer Competing Visions of Health Care

Yet another Backpfeifengesicht

Utah governor to speak at anti-gay, anti-contraception group's event

There is in fact a right wing conspiracy against Hillary Clinton

Dr. Ben, spinnin' as fast as he CAN! He'll vote for a Muslim, if they don't think or act like one.

Remember when I said white guys can't do Blues?

Secretary to CEO is a lie.

Penn files $10 mil lawsuit against 'Empire' creator.....

5 Easy Meals for the Distracted Cook

Have fun with the latest evidence of a vast conspiracy.

Pentagon announces transfer of Guantanamo detainee to Saudi Arabia

Momma must be so proud.

Tsipras to back Greek bailout with Tsakalotos as finance minister

9/10/15 Sanders and Cummings Introduce Legislation to Lower Soaring Drug Prices ...

Bernie Sanders Reveals How as President He'll Beat Obstructionist Congress

"Faux "news" and Jefferson...

Bernie on Chris Hayes tonight

Jon Stewart on Yom Kippur and Lent

I set up #ShoutYourAbortion because I am not sorry, and I will not whisper

National Nurses tool kit for Bernie

Reid Issues Powerful Facebook Message Describing Muslims who Died Fighting for America

Today, Bernie may well have made a significant step in attracting PoC to his campaign

Warning: TTIP Aims to Defang Local Rules Against Hazardous Chemicals

Key Court Ruling Coming in Smear Campaign Against Planned Parenthood

**LIVE NOW** Clinton speaks to Des Moines Register editorial board

Hillary Clinton To Address Nation’s Largest LGBT Rights Group In October

DNC chair says Rubio raising money at Harlan Crow’s house is ‘gross act of disrespect’

Deputy saves drowning kids in dark pond; the dad is arrested

Hillary Clinton’s Keystone statement says more about the primaries than the environment/WP

Am I just not progressive enough to understand this?

So it is not enough to push a corporate trade agrenda

Duggars Plunder Local Kripsy Kreme, What a Bunch of Takers

Killing of Abilene policeman at home linked to Craigslist

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: If ISIS Represents Islam, Then The KKK Represents Christianity (VIDEO)

Lockheed rolls out first F-35 fighter jet for Norway

WTF? People From 5 States Will Soon Need Passports to Fly Within the U.S.A.

Los Angeles Puts $100 Million Into Helping Homeless

Labor Department says Halliburton will pay $18.3 million in OT to workers misclassified as exempt

Labor Department says Halliburton will pay $18.3 million in OT to workers misclassified as exempt

Crowd Becomes Angry at Police as they Assault and Arrest Student for Riding a Hoverboard

State Senator Rob Hogg To Announce Run For U.S. Senate

September 29, 2015 Stand with Planned Parenthood events in Tucson

Marine Le Pen faces court on charge of inciting racial hatred

Did I just hear that Hillary Clinton came out against the Keystone pipeline today?

Well, that was fast! Power of @HillaryClinton's pressure: Drug CEO Will Lower Price After Hike Spar

Price Gouging Drug CEO Is The Donald Trump Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

Syria confirms receipt of Russian jets to target Isis

NSFW Icelandic woman claims elves are better lovers than men (Kind of graphic!)

How a frog's molecules 'leaped,' and 'crawled,' to evolve violet vision

Sen. Sanders Joins Striking Capitol Workers

A thermal invisibility cloak actively redirects heat

The Rantin’ Raven: Who Was Mabon?

Federal Service Workers Strike to Send a Message to Pope Francis

Elks on a trampoline

Federal Service Workers Strike to Send a Message to Pope Francis

BREAKING: Pharma CEO to Roll Back Price Hike in Response to Nationwide Outrage

Federal Service Workers Strike to Send a Message to Pope Francis

Time: Wearing a suit, Sanders cleared his throat and began "agitating."

Robert Reich is my hero!

State Department Left in Dark Over Hillary Email System

Can anyone give me some insight on Uruguay?

Worthwhile Meme


Cowboys trade for Bills QB Matt Cassel

'Witchcraft' Island Reveals Evidence of Stone Age Rituals

Terrifying new poll: Nearly 1 in 3 Iowa Republicans thinks Islam should be illegal

State Department’s Account Of E-Mail Request Differs From Clinton’s

A year later, Dallas' Louise Troh talks about how Ebola changed her life

US Nuclear Weapons In Germany: Russia Concerned By American Plans To Add To Stockpile