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Archives: September 25, 2015

Time: Bernie Sanders Holds Strong Lead Over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire

China to Announce Cap-and-Trade Program to Limit Emissions

The American Dream--We Once Were the Envy of the World!

Martin O'Malley: 'Gracias Sophie for your courage & letter to Pope Francis'

NYPD Cop Secretly Records Evidence of Arrest Quota System - Absolute. Must. Watch.

Magnitude 6.6 underwater earthquake hits eastern Indonesia

500-pound bomb put in scrap yard, killed employee

Remember "Reverend" James Manning?

Al From's group wanted a "bloodless revolution" in our Democratic Party.

Obamas Gonna Rumble . . .

Evo Morales Calls Chile to Dialogue after ICJ Ruling

White GOPer: We Can Beat Black US Rep By Adding More Prisoners To Her District

Oh that Bernie Sanders - what a political genius!

Hi Kids! I'm back if a little funny for y'all

Yogi Berra quotes, enjoy

Victims ‘are very happy’ with Colombia justice deal

Ben Carson: "Satan Invented The Big Bang Theory"

Tell me to stick with my diet today. I'm having a hard time resisting cereal and milk.

Did you honestly think we were ever leaving Afghanistan?

More about "living in Al From's Democratic party"

Israel approves sniper fire and 4 year mandatory prison sentences against stone throwers

Why Being a Poor Kid in America Is Particularly Awful

This is how they think

Jeb Bush wants you to think he’d raise taxes on hedge fund managers. He’d actually cut them.

Speak Up for Shockoe Bottom E action

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! God Bless America! & a new Kitteh gif

Speak Up for Shockoe Bottom E action

Mexico to create new prosecutor for missing student case

NSA Chief: Hillary Clinton Emails Were 'Opportunity' for Foreign Spy Agencies

Chinese billionaire in US custody 20 years after scandal

PA Rep: Don't Call My Witness A White Supremacist, He's A White Nationalist!

Surrender: San Fran's iconic, last gun shop to close over new regulations

Volkswagen 'allowed torture' under Brazil military rule

Volkswagen 'allowed torture' under Brazil military rule

People Want to Hear What Bernie Sanders Has to Say. The DNC Doesn't.

Charges dismissed for 2 in Southwest Airlines flight interference case (Chaldeans from San Diego)

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Takes Its First Swim

new post from old action


Pizza Rat Plush Toy!

How one black man reacted while being searched by police

How one black man reacted while being searched by police

This map shows why Republicans have a lock on the House: They drew the lines

Hillary Clinton Advocacy for Trans-Pacific Partnership Discredits Her on Every Issue

Posted Without Comment

How many "inevitability points" do you think are built in to Hillary's poll numbers?

You'll Love Naomi Klein's Take on the Pope's Popularity...

Fox News aired abortion videos

How White People Subtly Reinforce White Supremacy When They Laugh at Black Names

Bill to avoid government shutdown moves in Congress

how can I pull up one of my posts from 2008?

It's Official - Pope Francis Demotes Highest-Ranking US Cardinal over LGBT issues.

Confederate flag controversy comes to VSHS; student sent home Wednesday (IA)

Confederate Flag Riles Some City of Burlington Employees (VT)

Rachel Maddow: China to announce aggressive cap & trade policy tomorrow.

I missed Rachel, what was her blockbuster news or did the Pope pre-empt it?

Ukraine crisis: Rebels order UN agencies to leave

TYT:Citizens Make Cop Holster Gun During Arrest

GOP Answer To Family Planning. "Just Cross Your Legs".

The Right Kind Of Black People?

In less than 24 hours the Boston rally has more RSVPs

Why 100 Women Just Marched 100 Miles

Why 100 Women Just Marched 100 Miles

Egads! Rush has figured out Obama's Pope plan!

September 25th 1980 - 35 years ago the world lost a legend

'The Snowden Treaty': Pact to End Mass Spying Would Honor NSA Whistleblower

Ecuador’s President Used Millions Of Dollars Of Public Funds To Censor Critical Online Videos

NYT: Hillary Clinton Personally Signed Off on Job Change for Huma Abedin

Ft. Worth doggy train. Love it.

cut n pasted from GD

Stanley has risen from the dead!

Sanders Climbs to Double-Digit Lead Over Clinton in New Hampshire

Sanders Climbs to Double-Digit Lead Over Clinton in New Hampshire

Sanders Climbs to Double-Digit Lead Over Clinton in New Hampshire

Led Zeppelin Live Concert - Going To California (VIDEO)

Update: I got my Bernie stuff!

'Bernie Sanders Eclipses Hillary Clinton in NH Poll' Even with Biden in the Race!

Day After Employees Vote to Unionize, Target Announces Fleet of Robot Workers

Tricky with Martina Topley Bird - Makes Me Wanna Die (VIDEO)

In 1976 interview, Rabin likens settlements to ‘cancer,’ warns of ‘apartheid’

Garbage - Kick My Ass (VIDEO)

Florida poll: Clinton 60%, Biden 16%, Sanders 15% -Likely voters (Hillary Grp)

Potatoes for love!: Australians create rainbow spud flag for marriage equality

Conservatives are telling some of their candidates not to attend all candidates meetings in some

Police Program Aims to Pinpoint Those Most Likely to Commit Crimes

What if Volkswagen made Voting Machines?

Disappointed in some of the shows on WCPT today re: Pope Francis coverage.

5 year old Sophia Cruz delivers letter to Pope Francis at DC Parade

A few huge pressing questions?

NY TIMES:Clinton Proposes Cap on Patients’ Drug Costs as Sanders Pushes His Plan- Oh, Really?

HS kicker boots ball off ref's head, through uprights

Fed Up With Vitter and Jindal, Louisiana Voters Might Elect Democratic Governor

Granderson: Faith -- It's Not Just for Straight People Anymore

The Endorsement Primary

Velvet Underground- Sunday Morning (VIDEO)

Quick question. What's wrong with this picture?

Woman who shot intruder waited hour for police

SF: Arthur Evans is gone four years and the world still needs him.

Hillary Clinton Remains Heavy Favorite Among Jewish Voters Despite Support for Iran Deal

(Canada) Conservatives swing into lead, close in on majority government, new poll suggests

Is Argentina’s Presidential Frontrunner the Next Hero of Latin America’s Left?

Mazzy Star - Blue Flower (VIDEO)

What the Pope and Obama were saying at this moment

New Braunfels police dep't. driving seized Corvette Z06 named 'Coptimus Prime' with ties to cartel

Facade of Diplomacy Masks Same Old US Latin American Policy

Documentary on Ferguson

NHL mentoring twins aiming to inspire women in India

I just spent some serious time perusing The Political Pub on

Sexual Assault Accusation Against Chicago Blackhawks Star Collapsing

Forced Disappearance, a Cancer Eating Away at Mexico

Kim Davis To Speak At Anti-Gay 'Family Values' Conference

Chile’s Altiplano Region Seeks Sustainable Tourism

Two Journalists Found Dead At Hotel In Southeast Mexico

VW Diesel Scandal Spreads To Audi, Porsche — And Possibly Even BMW

Could someone please help me out here, I'm very confused!

2014 SXSW crash suspect Rashad Owens pleads not guilty of capital murder

Pope Francis Has Issued Us a Challenge

Syrian Army Uses New Russian Jets To Strike Islamic State: Monitor

Celebrating Dorothy Day - Praise from the Pope

U.S. drug company sues Canada for trying to lower cost of $700K-a-year drug

Outrage over FARC leader being transported to Cuba by Venezuela state oil airplane (SPANISH)

Priest Abuse Survivors Blast Pope's Message

Krugman: The Rage of the Bankers

The Hillary Clinton Emails and the Honduras Coup

WA State Board issues marijuana rules, announces retail license application schedule

Hedge Funds Get Cheap Homes, Homeowners Get the Boot

Nine Massive US Companies Pledge to Go 100 Percent Renewable

True Patriot Bernie Sanders Stands Up For Kids and The Troops As GOP Pushes Government Shutdown

Gov. Kasich waives food stamp time limit for rural whites, forces urban minorities to go hungry

Ben Carson: Science is fairy tales and the devil inspired Darwin

Trapped in the System: A Sick Doctor’s Story

Future Doctors Rising Up for 'Medicare for All'

Taibbi: Why Do We Care Whose Side the Pope Is On?

Think Police Can’t Use Illegally Obtained Evidence Against You? Think Again.

It's Finally Official - Pope Francis Demotes Highest-Ranking US Cardinal Over LGBT Issues

A Koch hack tells the Pope to 'back off' on climate change

Ta-Nehisi Coates,: Ben Carson, Bigot

Sales ban on fetal tissue in North Carolina OK'd by panel

PSL police officer accused of possession of child pornography

Donald Trump feuds with CNN over reporting CNN

Sarah Palin STILL Thinks Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock Was A Bomb

Bern, baby, Bern!

Reaction: Moratorium on Cannabis Clubs in Colorado Springs

Daily Holidays - September 25

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai: Give children books so they don't take up weapons

Hey Jeb! Only Losers Use The Racist 'Free Stuff' Line to get elected

A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

Family of man killed by Grapevine cop files federal civil rights suit seeking more than $1 million

China to launch national cap-and-trade plan in 2017, US announces

Don't bloody bow

I'm late to the party but Shadowrun: Dragonfall the Director's Cut is amazing

This really concerns me regarding Mrs. Clinton:

Prepare for right-wing freakout over new Marvel-comic (spoiler)

Sudden evacuation more harmful to elderly care patients than radiation: study

Thousands of people protest against nuclear power, security legislation in Tokyo

Kobe issues ordinance banning pachinko, other gambling-type activities at elderly centers

Ted Cruz calls out Pope Francis over the death penalty

The surprising charms of big-mouthed catfish / Bottom-dwellers popular among anglers, gourmets

Rice soaked in cocaine is a first, say Argentine customs

Rice soaked in cocaine is a first, say Argentine customs

Smuggled Venezuelan Gasoline Fuels an Entire Economy Next Door

Banksy's Dismaland 'gave Weston-super-Mare a £20m boost'

Smuggled Venezuelan Gasoline Fuels an Entire Economy Next Door

Argentina to Investigate Former Dictatorship's Economic Ties

Chinese Obama: 'I speak a mix of real English and fake English. I make it up as I go along'

Illegal logging crew arrested near New Taipei City: police

Korean actress Jang Yoon-ju looks cozy on Vogue

Why Many Republicans will vote for Bernie Sanders

Thailand names gay-themed drama as foreign-language Oscar contender

US man charged with helping cousin plan 2014 Bali murder

Three arrested over terror threat alert in Kuala Lumpur

Another truck chase involving undocumented immigrants results in six deaths in Edna

Rich Lowry Tells Megyn Kelly: Carly Fiorina Cut Donald Trump's 'Balls Off Like A Surgeon'

Fiat Chrysler workers reject UAW contract at Michigan and Indiana plants

Sen.Sanders to Speak at Portsmouth Democrats Banquet tonight

does anyone think it is an insult that the Chinese president visited Seattle before DC?

Slashing suspect must go to jail on 18th birthday

Saudi prince arrested at L.A. compound for alleged sex crime

GOP insiders: Jindal and Pataki quit next Rand Paul’s on the departure list too, insiders predict.

Catholic Justices Scalia, Alito, Thomas are no-shows for the pope

Two Minutes with Mitch Henck: Another Scott Walker recall?

Good Morning America a few min ago

Raise your hand if you would EVER cast a vote for President based on being in the same corner of a

HOSTS? Please take a look

The Rude Pundit - Pope Speaks, Boehner Weeps, Nothing Changes

"This year, as a senior, she won the coveted crown of Homecoming Queen."

Assembly passes measure allowing school board president to fill vacancy -bypass local control

Unvarnished and grumpy, presidential hopeful Sanders fires up the left in America

The Corbyn earthquake – how UK Labour was shaken to its foundations

Why are U.S. Special Ops Forces Deployed in 135 Nations?

8 reasons white America falls for demagogues like Donald Trump

Victims of war deserve more help, not more war

Some millennials digging into news, contrary to stereotype

Help needed. It is going to be really hot this weekend and

The surprising geography of American left-handedness

Walker's Yes, donors got their prices while Wisconsinites weep.

3rd Global Coral Bleaching Event Since 1998 Now Apparently Under Way

Hyundai recalls 470,000 Sonatas to fix big engine problem

#FreeKaren: Australians mock anti-radicalisation booklet

Ex-cop charged in killing friend: Thought gun wasn't loaded

The Pope talks of helping those who need help and saving the environment

Detroit dog owner faces sentencing in brutal mauling of man

New Yorker: Why Aren’t We Inspired by Hillary Clinton?

Donald Trump's Dad Arrested in KKK Brawl with Cops

Car industry 'buried report revealing US car safety flaws over fears for TTIP deal'

Judge Refuses to Dismiss 1st Test Case Against DuPont

An Erdogan-ish disaster in the making

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-24-15

The BEST Blue-Collar Rant Ever (pro-Bernie)

NAACP wants special prosecutor in death of man in wheelchair

Little Rock officials vote to rename Confederate Boulevard

Trump And Ailes Schedule Another 'Summit' Before The Next Round

Sublime Surprise: Rosetta's Comet Cycles its Ice

TSA Agent Miffed Over Right Winger's 'Expose'

Latex spills into North Branch Potamac River

Please tell me we won't have to look at Romney again

Charleston storm heavily damages 10 homes; no injuries

Rachel Maddow on John Kerry's handshake with the pope

Three Reasons Labor Unions Will Prevail

Compare and contrast

WH Tweet: Pope Francis Just Echoed Obama's "OFFENSIVE" Prayer Breakfast Remarks


Reports: US nuclear 'upgrades' in Europe

"Radical Views" I Can Support

A half century on, union still fighting for farmworkers BY KERRY KENNEDY

A half century on, union still fighting for farmworkers BY KERRY KENNEDY

Perplexing new 'snakeskin' image of Pluto terrain from New Horizons

I saw my first primary campaign bumper sticker last night.

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Pope vs. big money

I am not afraid.

A half century on, union still fighting for farmworkers BY KERRY KENNEDY

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Fools

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Refugees: The summit of many words and no plans

Pope yesterday.....Chinese president today.....

Did Rachel Maddow Say Something About Another Repug Candidate - A Governor - In Trouble?....

You know who can relate best to Pope Francis?

Pluto's features glow in new false-color view of the dwarf planet

USGS - Forests Faltering Globally; Boreal Most Stressed, Temperate Forests Not Doing Much Better

Opinion: Saudis' greed caused Hajj stampede

GOP Maine Mayor Wants To Create Public List Of Those On Welfare

Taibbi: "Trump Is Losing It Now"

Russia announces naval drills in Mediterranean Sea

1/4 Of Fish (Different Species) Bought At SF Area Markets Had Plastic Clothing Fibers In Their Guts

Joe Scarborough Doesn't Doesn't Know the Difference Between Argentina and Chile

Union negotiates first Oregon cannabis worker contract, hopes for more

Union negotiates first Oregon cannabis worker contract, hopes for more

Satire Is Dead.

How Carly Fiorina Screwed Her Campaign Staff—and Paid Herself First

Water for sale: Investors Are Mining for Water, the Next Hot Commodity

15 Years On, Conservatives Are Still Trying to Kill the Abortion Pill

Joe Scar made a good point today on Morning Joe...

***** Pope Francis Address to United Nations - LIVE Blog *****

Sanders plans first volunteer organizing push in SC

Pope demonstrates colossal ignorance and hypocrisy

Maybe, just maybe, it's not about emails

Paul Sasso talks about his 'Bern Machine' Tesla car, Thom Hartmann, The Big Picture 9/24

How Bernie won my republican Father's vote....

Boehner Will Resign from Congress

Hunger Kills 2 Per Day in Kirchner’s “Poverty-Free” Argentina

Speaker Boehner to resign from Congress this year. Not a joke

Carly Fiorina's Most Excellent Pregnancy Center Photo Op Adventure

The Job of a Good Troll is to Sow Division in the Ranks

Venezuela Cannot Sink Any Lower

BOEHNER QUITTING! BREAKING.... House Speaker John Boehner to resign at end of October...

Donald Trump is to successful business as KISS is to rock music.

Koterba toon: How much rain did Omaha get?

Boehner's Full Statement:

Man who died escorting veterans' remains will get escort of his own

Man who died escorting veterans' remains will get escort of his own

So where do the candidates stand on new nuclear power plants?

From 9/15: House conservatives warm to McCarthy as Speaker

Now watch the GOP elect Louie Gohmert or Trey Benghazi Gowdy as speaker.

Could a techie post the last 1/2 hour or so of Bill Press's show from today?

U.S. growth raised to 3.9% in second quarter, GDP report shows

Did the Rude Pundit's last work get to Boner?

Cannabis 'forest' discovered in south-west London

The Good Soldier: Why a Suicidal Officer Had to Go AWOL to Save His Life

From 10 days ago: House conservatives warm to McCarthy as Speaker

Couldn't Boehner Have At Least Waited To Make This Announcement After The Pope's Visit?....

TWEET JEB!: Your brother didn't protect us on 9/11

Jeb Bush: Win black voters with aspiration, not ‘free stuff’

Buzzfeed: Paul Ryan doesn't want to be Speaker...

We Can’t Address the EU Refugee Crisis Without Confronting Global Capitalism

Heritage Action Cheers: Boehner 'Stood In The Way' Of Conservatives

Will the next Speaker be more RW or less RW?

Hillary Clinton to Speak to Gay Rights Group in October

The Black Drag Queens Who Fought Before Stonewall

BREAKING: The Swiss are bringing charges against Sepp Blatter, head of FIFA

Pope Declares a 'Right of the Environment' at U.N.

(Swiss) Attorney General opens criminal proceedings against Blatter

Popemobile (cartoon)

At U.N., Pope attacks 'boundless thirst' for wealth and power | Reuters

Kevin McCarthy named as a possible successor.

Fight Misinformation On Local News


In new ad, Clinton draws contrast with Republicans

This what happens when you give voice to crazy assholes

Full text of Pope Francis's remarks before the U.N.

I Just Heard Something Really Funny From A Caller Into

Bernie Sanders speaks up against golden parachute for failed Vermont college president.

Someone told Boehner he could make $80k as a do-nothing KY county clerk...

Tom Marino reintroduces RAPID (climate denial) act: H.R.348

Clinton OK with GMO foods

Why not just have the government set health care prices?

Any Chance For The Dems To Pick Up Boehner's Vacated Seat In Ohio?.....

"unrepentant capitalist, quoter of Eminem lyrics, (and) embodiment of d****ebaggery"

Conservatives roar as Rubio tells a crowd of Boehner's demise

Spike Lee - "Black People Can't Be Racist - Discuss

Why I am supporting Bernie and oppose neoliberalism.

Florida ‘Officer of the Year’ Charged With Child Porn

John Boehner After Announcing Resignation: 'It's A Wonderful Day'

What is your take on the Candidates?

Boehner's Resignation A Bad Sign. Now The Crazies Will Be On The Loose.

Chinese talking cybersecurity means security is already lost

Reversing the Tide: Cities and Countries Are Rebelling Against Water Privatization, and Winning

High school teen who defended a blind classmate who was being beaten by a bully is SUSPENDED

Last British detainee in Guantánamo Bay to be released (after 13 years)

Cats vs Flip-Flops lololololol

Cruz vows to introduce Ayatollah to 72 Virgins if elected President

Limbaugh's Latest Conspiracy Theory: Obama Hijacked All The Conservatives!

American Psychos

Ann Coulter's tweets on the Pope & Catholics

Boehner Resignation is ‘Victory for the Crazies’: Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y

Marketwatch: Why John Boehner quitting may avert government shutdown

Huge Sunday Show Lineup: Boehner, Trump, Putin, Clinton, Fiorina, Bush

Just to add to the irony tally, the next GOP Speaker will probably be named "McCarthy"

Biden, Clinton To Speak At Major Gay Rights Group’s Event

Pelosi: Boehner Resignation 'Seismic"

Right-Wing Base Already Hates Kevin McCarthy As Much As They Hated John Boehner

EPA to change diesel tests to thwart VW-like cheating

11 Things About Kevin McCarthy You Need To Know, Or Might As Well Know

Get Ready For Continual Shut Down Mania & Anarchy.

If you had fun with "Boehner" than hope the next Speaker is the Republican Policy Committee Chairman

Heritage and Hate: Mississippi’s State Flag

Please email Ted Cruz and remind him

Roll Call Time: how many "Non-Bernie as first choice" posters still participate in GDP

I am watching the service at Ground Zero

I Will Never Forgive G.W.Bush And His Administration For 9/11.....

What Is Taking Joe Biden So Long? Is he this unsure, or does he actually have a plan?

Remember The "Reich" Wing Is The Theocratic Dictatorship In the Wings. We Must Take Note.

This Week In Crazy: Cranks ‘R’ Us

Superfood Silliness. Don't believe the hype.

Looks like the e-mail thing is going to have to move over.

The Week: Why 2016 Democrats need more debates

Abuse Victim Advocate Blasts Pope’s Remarks on US Bishops’ ‘Courage’

Will The Common Good finally enter our national/global dialogue?

Abuse Victim Advocate Blasts Pope’s Remarks on US Bishops’ ‘Courage’

NYT: Bernie Sanders Wins Endorsement of Ghost From Hillary Clinton’s Past

Pope of pooches: Americans dress up their woofies to meet Pope Francis

The Jury System is broken - it needs to be eliminated

Volvo to invest $38 million, create 32 additional jobs at its Dublin facility

Abuse Victim Advocate Blasts Pope’s Remarks on US Bishops’ ‘Courage’

Human Rights Campaign National Dinner?

HuffPo: Bernie Sanders's Revolutionary Politics -- And Why He Could Win

Everything you need to know: Super Harvest Moon of 2015

Here's what I wrote yesterday when Boehner was crying - post #7

Chalk the Block for Bernie

Sierra Club -->“We applaud Secretary Clinton for laying out a bold energy plan that rightly identifi

BradBlog: Bernie Sanders' Three-Phase 'Political Revolution'

Pic Of The Moment: With John Boehner Gone Republicans Need A New Speaker, Here Are Some Suggestions

I missed an opportunity to chat with Senator Sanadors regarding his supporters

Jeb Bush won't give African Americans "Free Stuff".

Shooting lightning out of the sky with lasers

Brian Kilmeade of FoxNews: Pope Francis "He's In the Wrong Country" - 'Stay Home'

Honolulu paid $167,500 to two hikers who said they were brutalized by officers

Shrapnel from an exploded star

Transcript: Pope Francis addresses the United Nations

Team links two human brains for question-and-answer experiment:

A few reminders about our future speaker, Kevin McCarthy.

"Spotlight" premieres 6 nov--detailing the boston globe's coverage of the sexual abuse scandal

Catholic Conservative Climate Denier Goes Ballistic and Catholic Climate Event

Giant killer lizard fossil shines new light on early Australians

Nablus police chief, 3-year-old daughter injured by Israeli fire

Why the next Speaker will also fail in two paragraphs

PELOSI: GOP Is "Now A Political Party At War With It's Own Government"

Nate Silver is arguing with himself.....

When Your Opponent Is Digging a Hole, Hand Him a Shovel

Enamel evolved in the skin and colonized the teeth much later

This Catholic anti-abortion organization wants you to suffer — and actually says so!

Rep. Peter King: John Boehner's resignation is 'a victory for the crazies'

Steve Scalise to run for House majority leader, sources say

How to find out about the human mind through stone

"I'll give you a tip, alright: lay off the compassion." Please CAPTION Fox's Charlie Gasparino!!!!

Most interesting thing in @ppppolls of Chapel Hill - @HillaryClinton is beating @SenSanders there

Are you aware that a group of Hillary supporters are coordinating attacks on Bernie supporters?

I think Boehner is going to do the right thing.

Spot the difference?

Ugly happens

Ted Cruz Wishes Pope Shared His Fetish For Killing People

Boehner Gossip Anyone?

Hillary Clinton campaign ad: "Get Ahead"

A generalized question about "alert stalking"

Todays Daily Shooting by Cop. This guys in a Wheelchair

POTUS on the resignation of Speaker of the House John Boehner.

The Hill: Sanders: Boehner was 'unable to control' GOP

Kentucky clerk in gay marriage dispute switches to Republican Party

Carson In 2011: Darwin 'Encouraged' By Satan To Come Up With Evolution

Is this the next Speaker of the House??

Watch your step! The Boner is out!

How to overcome mankind's #1 fear - public speaking

"So John ... umm .. what's new?"

Sanders + Senate Dems Demand Obama Ends Arctic Drilling

House aims to pass (clean) budget bill next week: Republican lawmakers

Goings and comings

Texas Gives Virginia Lethal Drug for Execution Next Week

If John Boehner actually cared, he would have postponed his announcement

Do you think we'll ever decipher this mystery in human origins?

Superintendents: Tallahassee has broken Florida's school grades system

Bil Nye dispenses some.... Scientific Common Sense

Florida congressional redistricting hearing heats up

You know...

The Pentagon's Brain

Question about Max Max: Fury Road

Obama Says U.S., China Agree to Curb Hacking Company Secrets

Pope Francis Visits The Sick

Fred Grimm: In Florida, zombie pills for kids are an old scandal

Question about renting an apartment.

WTF- Area we aren't #1 in - Seychelles is

Conservative Rep: Mitch McConnell Is 'The Next Guy In The Crosshairs'

Boehner resigns. That ought to keep Hillary's e-mails out of the news for a few more days.

Said no one ever!

Occupy Monsanto Food Justice March ~ Oct. 2015

Plot to overthrow West Virginia government

Price of proposed S. African nuclear program being kept secret

Lewiston, Maine mayor wants to publish names and addresses -- and more -- of welfare recipients

After four years as Speaker, Boehner has finally...

Democratic Party just had a good bowel movement

Pope Knows Best: Climate Action Is Imperative and a Responsibility

Hey Nixon/RR/BushInc: How's that Southern Strategy working out for GOP these days?

Orwell rolls over in his grave

Yet another study confirms that

GOP Candidates Fiercely Divided Over How Much Voltage Border Wall Should Be Electrified With

Live mic in Congress catches woman saying she wanted to throw a shoe, presumably at Pope Francis

LA Times: Hillary Clinton's big donors in California have found all sorts of reasons to be nervous

Conservatives roar as Rubio tells a crowd of Boehner's demise

Bank robbery suspect in stolen BMW crashes in Arlington (Texas)

Finland: protesters attack migrants' buses

Goes to show how fucked up Congress is

Exclusive: Joe Biden backers hiring staff in more states in hopes of 2016 run

Phony "Christian" Donald Trump joins the "War On Christmas" warriors...

By Surging In Syria, Putin Goes From Pariah To Powerbroker

Suspect in three deaths had refused to sign probation order

California Lake Mysterious Runs Dry Overnight, Killing Thousands Of Fish

Kentucky clerk in gay marriage dispute switches to Republican Party

Kevin McCarthy's bid for Speaker may be over before it starts...

"NH polls are a leading indicator of National Polls" - Nate Silver (of 2007)

The Tea Party GOP cometh

Middle School Wrestler Lets Boy With Cerebral Palsy Win Match

Big Questions for Little (girl!) Hillary Supporters (1-minute video) (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

What a difference a day makes: The Pope, BONER, new wingnut Kim

Obsolete Greeks insist on euro

Donald Trump booed by conservative crowd for first time in his campaign

GOP’s Kamikaze Caucus Takes Out John Boehner

Cop Threatens To Send Latino Family 'Back To The F**king Border'

Today only can get Amazon Prime for $67.00

Mike Huckabee Takes on Rainbow-Colored Doritos

He'll write you a song!

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Budget Committee Paul Ryan?

I got into an an argument at the PO

BLET letter to railroad CEOs raises concerns about locomotive engineer fatigue

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 25, 2015

Sanders and top Dems urge repeal of tax on great health plans. Clinton still thinking about it.

GOP making plans to cut Social Security and Medicare

Appreciation thread for John Boehner?????

Man dressed as Rick James robs Indiana bank

Nearly A Third Of Migrants In Germany Falsely Claim To Be Syrian, Officials Say

Madeline Albright is in for #WomenforHillary

Roy Barnes on the Confederate flag and where the South needs to go from here

We're Doomed: EU Chief Fears Union Will COLLAPSE Over Migrant Crisis

Is this a new Hillary meme? "Caring what you eat, makes you anti-science"?

Clinton Releases More Plans to Cut Health Care Costs-plans continue to favor consumers over maj

Trump Campaign Continues To Implode After Embarrassing Attack On AP Photographer

Applause at UN for pope's words on nuclear arms

Fox News anchor credits Leonardo DiCaprio with painting Mona Lisa

The Hill: Tom Steyer calls for Dem debate on climate

Sanders Statement on Speaker Boehner's Resignation

Hillary supporters don't have anything like these.

White Rightwing Domestic Terrorist "Sovereign Citizen" Arrested in Terror Plot To Take WV Capitol

'We The People' for The Global Goals

Report Recommends Expanding SeaWorld Killer Whale Tanks

McCarthy will replace Boehner, with all Tea Party folks in other leadership roles.

Joe Biden backers hiring staff in more states in hopes of 2016 run

U.S. court to revisit Guantanamo detainee's conspiracy conviction

The word "desperate" gets thrown around a lot by Bernistas. Odd.

What the RW will freak out about next: the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Caitlyn Jenner has name, gender change officially approved in California

The state of the Republican Party is gone, according to this former GOP heard today

Ohio man charged with threatening mosque attendees

Arizona militiaman gets tossed out of Oath Keepers for his planned stunt

With John Boehner's Departure, the Inmates Are Officially Running the Asylum

Love among idiots: Stormfront's dating forum

The perfect selection for the next House Majority Leader

So did the Democrats just decide to let the crazydam burst (re Boehner)?

Warwick Student Union bans ex-Muslim activist and says speakers must “avoid insulting other faiths”

Religious sign on Marine Corps Base Hawaii draws fire

Hams for Bernie!

Could Boehner's exit scuttle the GOP's government shutdown?

Israeli soldiers attack journalists on West Bank

On Popes, Swearing In On Bibles And Religion In Public Life

Kim Davis' Gay Friend Speaks Out

John's "Come to Jesus" moment...

Court hears first arguments in case challenging bulk data collection by NSA

Court hears first arguments in case challenging bulk data collection by NSA

As he prepares to enter the job market, let's offer Mr Boehner some career advice

Magic Cat

Bernie Sanders Warns That The Republican Crazy May Get Worse Without John Boehner Around

11 Ways White America Avoids Taking Responsibility for its Racism

International Criminal Court welcomes Colombia justice deal

What Is Taking Joe Biden So Long?

Colombia justice deal ‘most important news in 100 years’: Defense minister

Ha! I just met a Bernie supporter from NC visiting ME!

Kim Davis Decides She's Actually A Republican

Bye Felicia! Let's Muse on the REAL Reason Boner Resigned

Indigenous Leaders Want Pope Francis To Rescind Bull Justifying Imperialism

Indigenous Leaders Want Pope Francis To Rescind Bull Justifying Imperialism

I love Guy Clark's stuff

I can't take one more minute of this non-stop

What kind of flowers are these? We have to get some

"The Turtle"Is Not Conservative Enough. Crazies Next Target Is Senator McConnel.

Making yeshivas safe for LGBTQ youth

I am sorry for my last Jury Duty

Paul LePage apparently not interested in Lewiston Mayor's online welfare registry

Jindal: "You know {Trump} hasn't read the Bible because his name’s not in the Bible."

Some people have fascinating jobs

Obama Administration Set To Take Away Money From Cities That Criminalize Homelessness

Honduran priest Padre Melo wins Rafto human rights prize

Artie's Story dog rescue by Susan in Nashville, TN

Stolen Olmec Carving Recovered in Paris

Stolen Olmec Carving Recovered in Paris

For you, Boehner: cry, cry, cry baby

Weekend Economists Leave Autumn Leaves September 25-27, 2015

Environmental groups in Argentina criticize suspension lift against Barrick Gold mine

Court Drops Counselor Accused Of Inserting God Into Co-Parenting Classes

Remember, conservative evaangelicals think all Catholics are going to hell

Serious question about 'being gay' and the Bible

Bernie Sanders Lays Down 2016’s New Electoral Math

Lakeland discusses Confederate statue in park (FL)

Hillary's stand on Social Security, (Hillary Clinton Group)

Bills seek to ban display of Confederate flag on public property across Florida

VIDEO: Stephen Tobolowsky (Ned “Bing” Ryerson from Groundhog Day) analyzes Nicki Minaj’s "Anaconda"

JEB Goes Full Mitt Romney: Man of Inherited Wealth & Power Says African-Americans Want 'Free Stuff'

Grrrr... I'm on my soapbox

Bill Maher's lineup for tonight: HBO 10 pm and repeat at 11pm

Ted Cruz calls Obama communist, gloats about Boehner quitting, threatens to assassinate Iran’s supre

Cartoon: High school science fear

Sixteen year old lectured after admitting she's an atheist during a singing contest

Another National Poll to end the week - Ipsos/Reuters (weekly)

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Jane Goodall, Ron Reagan, S.E. Cupp,

Exile Chill Clinton Double Hemp Amber. (Hillary Grp)

Celebrations of Thaipusam look pretty bad-assed

I sent an old friend to see my specialist, he just called

One Of These 4 People Will Probably Be The Next Speaker Of The House

Jeb Bush Defends Dead Billionaires' Right to Rise

So I needed some maintenance done on my shorts

Pope Francis Lays Hands On Ailing U.S. Infrastructure

Officials Uncover Two Chains Of Emails Hillary Clinton Didn't Turn Over

Follow-up: Former State Representative and HHS Official Sentenced to 6 days of jail for DWI

Assad’s Position Strengthens In Syria With Renewed Russian And Iranian Support

Citing ‘irreparable injury’ to kids, judge blocks deep Medicaid cuts

Jeb goes full Mitt Romney: Man of inherited wealth and power says African-Americans want “free stuff

Want a movie poster?

I'm going to be heretical - Who you support has no bearing on who you are

Anti-Semites Flock to Ann Coulter’s Side – Emily Shire/The Daily Beast

Another poll with good news for bernie

Toon That Dastardly 14-year old

"We must learn to do more with less"

The Pope's Homily today: on the second-class citizens who live among us .

HuffPo: A New American Socialism

Thom Hartmann: Super PACs Have Already Spent 50 Times What They Did in 2012

Friday Talking Points (363) -- New Job Vacancy: Chief GOP Cat-Herder

Sen. Hansen D, Greenbay WI wants details on Walker's security costs

Ahh...FLOTUS helps POTUS

When you've about got it figured out, and then life smacks you back down...