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Mtn. View students asked to take down Confederate flags (OR)

Extradition questions raised in Panama killing

INTERVIEW-Colombia needs international money to fund peace deal -finance minister

Colombia peace deal with Farc is hailed as new model for ending conflicts

Scalise eyes leader's office

So, there's no time set for the October 13 debates?

Quebec agency orders changes to 'racist' place names

Migrants Continue to Stream Into Croatia

Pope Francis is scaring the hell out of conservatives. Here’s the real reason why

How I deal with racist patients

Fox Host Thinks Iran Funded 9/11 Attacks

War, Propaganda and the Enemy Within: Abby Martin & Chris Hedges

Stating and arguing an opinion about Bernie Sanders' chances is not a "smear."

Korea joins world's biggest astronomical telescope construction

Korea joins world's biggest astronomical telescope construction

Don't Forget The Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Night (9/27/15)

Meet One of Mexico City’s Best Tamale Makers

By request...some comments from Bernie Sanders 2014 NPR Interview

The real-life 'negro removals' behind HBO mini-series Show Me a Hero

Putin and Cameron

Great interview with Pastor Frantz Whitfield, former HRC supporter

NASA to reveal 'Mars mystery solved'

Michelle Obama just introduced Bono at the Global Citizen Festival. Pearl Jam coming up soon.

Kim Davis to become a Republican in name as in heart

We can do better.

St. Martin (O’Malley) of the Poor Gets Martyred By the Press

To all my friends supporting Sander’s on D.U,

Hillary Clinton: You should be allowed to buy medicine from Canada

I am sure you know that various organizations have paid people to respond on FaceBook and other

The Miraculous Deflection!

Best mix for playlist to use with one of those newfangled wireless speakers.

American tourist shot dead during botched robbery attempt in Colombia

Why Jeb Bush’s ‘free stuff’ argument about black voters is so off-the-mark

O'Malley: Technology can improve workers' lives in 'gig economy'

O'Malley: "Technology can improve workers' lives in 'gig economy''

Polling suggests the majority of 2016 voters agree with Bernie Sanders' platfrom

Greeting cards with a political theme: does anyone beside me hide the anti-Dem ones at the store?

NY Times: A Pastoral Pope, Slipping Conservatives’ Grasp

Pope Francis tossed out his prepared speech to the meeting on families,

In spite of 67.8 million raised by the Clinton Campaign, 15.2 seems to have more results, why ?

#HillaryMen: Working Families Like Mine Don't Give a Damn About Hillary's Emails (HILLARY GROUP)

Fascinating ... They still think it's the Emails ...

whassup lounge?

The Post-Boehner Congress and Washington’s Sense of Dread By JONATHAN WEISMAN and MICHAEL D. SHEAR

Remember 'Beakman's World'? The Wacky Scientist Is Still Big In Latin America

Corporatist/Third way Anthem

Animals Rights Activists Steal Homeless Man’s Dog, Sparking Outrage (VIDEO)

Heavyweight title fight on NBC (9/26 10PM EDT)

Irish marchers demand referendum on legalising abortion

Trump on 60 Minutes tomorrow. Apparently he will say that he will renegotiate NAFTA or tear it up.

Iran's president uses UN speech to call for investigation into hajj stampede

Feds: Axle from duck boat in deadly crash 'sheared off'

Germany's Merkel says U.N. Security Council must be reformed

Bill Clinton says Hillary would be 'great president' despite 'this email thing'

'Blue Lives Matter,' police and supporters say at Hollywood rally

Imhotep kitty rescue by Cary Morton El Paso, TX

Australian Confederates

ECU Trustees dropping ball (NC)

"Blowback as labor bosses, not members, back Clinton"

cats raised this Husky (found on line)

Shakira sings "Imagine" at UN, right after the Pope spoke

Bernie Sanders - Then and Now (1985-2015)

Happy Chuseok to All

Former McKinney officer in infamous pool party video had disciplinary record

The GOP still holds Ronald Reagan on a pedestal.

***Winners of the September Photo Contest, "Another Roadside Attraction."

Sept Winner's thread link

If Hillary appointed a Wall St. exec to her cabinet, they would find some way to excuse it.

A Week of Moral Epiphany, Immoral Extortion, and Dangerous Rhetoric

Plan to provide Nebraskans with paid family, medical leave draws scrutiny in Legislature

After 13 Years Without Charge, Shaker Aamer to be Freed From Guantanamo

Winnebago Tribe gets $519,033 education grant

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 29: TCM Spotlight: Five Came Back - George Stevens

Winnebago Tribe gets $519,033 education grant

Kim Davis becomes a Republican. "I've always been a Democrat, but the party left me."

Fiat Chrysler U.S. labor deal meets opposition in early voting

Fiat Chrysler U.S. labor deal meets opposition in early voting

Fiat Chrysler U.S. labor deal meets opposition in early voting

tonight life is good

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 30: TCM Guest Programmer: Diahann Carroll

Union workers at Kanawha County casino vote to authorize strike

Union workers at Kanawha County casino vote to authorize strike

Union workers at Kanawha County casino vote to authorize strike

Bill Nye: Can We Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies?

"My Chat with Dr. Cornel West about Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders"

Are Texas-born children being denied citizenship?

Thousands of foreign recruits still pouring in to join ISIS

Good Grief! Oregon Ducks losing to Utah 62-13!

Chicago cops turn off dash-cam and beat up police violence investigator

Did Bernie's wife commit a felony when she secured a loan for Burlington College?

Analyst: Tighter emissions goals won’t save N.Y. nuclear industry

First time grilling...and it turned out pretty dang well! Take a look!

Why Bernie Sanders Is The Way of The Future.

To my Clinton supporter friends

Statins: Heart disease drug speeds up ageing process, warns new research


Bernie Sanders is CRUSHING GOP Front Runner, Donald Trump in NH polls! 57% to 37%!

Latest Privitization Scheme -- Local TV Frequencies


Confederate flags found in old SBHS yearbooks (VT)

Two MSU Professors Petition for Jefferson Davis Statue to be Moved from Capitol (KY)

"Bernie is an advocate of trickle-down economics"


where did Windows DVD Maker go?


Another Saturday night and I'm in an awful way

Chris Brown refused entry to Australia due to poor character

Daily Holidays - September 27

Handy visual illustrating the candidate's sometimes shifting positions. A comparison.

Is Bernie Sanders an American Empire Denier?

The 1 Percent’s Houses Are Getting Bigger and Swankier While Average Americans --

Why Walking Down a Dark Alley at 2 A.M. Is Not ‘Asking For It’

Sanders and Fellow Senators Urge President to End Alaskan Oil Drilling

I probably shouldn't post this, because I find the idea that Bernie has some sort of real serious

a cute bunny gif

France launches its first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

Dad throws daughter's milkshake AKA GOOD PARENTING (??)

"(ominous) I can see the Republican attack ads now; Bernie wants America to look more like Denmark."

White man trying to buy gun shoots self in penis — blames it on a black guy

Don't miss tonight's free show in the sky!

Moving the goal posts on homelessness

Tough times, no easy answers for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) All Of Teh Cuteness Edition

If news headlines were honest. cbs news: "We came, we saw, we lied." (HRC Group)

LOL at Hillary's foreign Facebook likeshops

Things like Ted Cruz’s threat to Murder Iran’s Ayatollah are why Iranians don’t Trust US

Why the Blood Moon Eclipse Turns Red

Best Cat News Bloopers EVER

Caribbean Project: The Barbados-South Carolina Connection - interesting

Does the United Way Of Texas Have A Public Policy For Women, Children And Families?

(German) Regulator to VW: Get in line or get off the road

German youth hostels offer refugees winter shelter

OK, send me some positive energy to wake up early tomorrow

*****October Contest Theme: PERSPECTIVE--look up, look down, move around*****

Hundreds mark anniversary of farmworkers' labor movement

Hundreds mark anniversary of farmworkers' labor movement

Hundreds mark anniversary of farmworkers' labor movement

Cool fact about New England (esp. Maine) river names

Snowden hasn't leaked anything from Hillary's email server.

Catalonia votes in regional elections decisive for independence

Have you ever had a concussion?

They really hated Boehner, Do they really think the GOP establishment will support a Tea Party man?

The dropout


New York State Orders Health Republic Co-op to Wind Down Business

California senate candidate @KamalaHarris has endorsed @HillaryClinton for President!

Has Venezuelan President Maduro Gone Insane?

Sunday's Doonesbury- Surveying the Options

Revealed: British ministers tried to block EU moves to clean up air quality

Op-Ed from Austin-Statesman: Jensen: Can Bernie Sanders be labelled?

Venezuela Economic Crisis to Only Get Worse, Barclays Says

Fear the Walking Dead 1.5 "Cobalt" (spoiler alert)

Hit Kim Davis with Marriage Applications in New Android Game

(UK) Half of all services now failing as UK care sector crisis deepends

Man who lives in town of Gay couldn’t get farming license because it’s ‘offensive’

Pope to meet prisoners at end of immigration-focused U.S. visit

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-27-15 ($20,000 b-4 10-1-15 is do-able!!!)

SOMEBODY pissed in OS's pool

Hundreds shut out of sole session on gays at World Meeting of Families

A week of tumult within the GOP signals a transformation, but to what?

Carly is tripleing down on her LIES about PP and

Zuckerberg To Bring Internet To Refugee Camps

Salon: Bernie Sander's Facebook Advantage

NBC/WSJ Poll: HRC loses ground; Bernie within single digits! HRC: 42%, Sanders 35%, Biden 17%

A tear for Boehner...

Joe Trippi: No, pundits, Hillary Clinton isn't collapsing

The American sense of justice and morality is dead. Do you agree?


Should countries outlaw the hijab, niqab and burka?

Burlington Free Press: Set presidential debates free

Pope vows to hold clergy accountable for sex abuse

Anyone here have this nitwit as their congressman?

Forget The Country: "If he fails, he creates chaos, and chaos makes good TV."

Bernie Sanders Campaign is not for one man, it's for Democracy

NBC/WSJ Poll: Trump and Carson Lead GOP; Clinton Loses Ground

'I despised myself for hating Israel'

What's the religious version of the Heimlich Maneuver?

Bernie Sanders, Candidato Presidencial Tu Haces Una Pregunta. Bernie Sanders Responde.

HuffPo: Bernie Sanders Pulls Closer To Hillary Clinton In New Presidential Poll

Bernie Sanders, Candidato Presidencial Tu Haces Una Pregunta. Bernie Sanders Responde.

Angry Yoga (video)

more proof that there is no god

Clinton: Did not use personal e-mail server to evade FOIA

Last day of vacation. Don't make me go back to work tomorrow!!

An Ohio town where races have mixed freely for more than 200 years

NH: Hillary Clinton Down to Bernie Sanders by Double Digits

What a Nightmare Charlie Brown...

California political losers have hard time paying debts

What Is Boehner Claiming He Accomplished During His Term As Speaker And.....

Shakira - Imagine

Sinkhole swallows car and caravan at Queensland's Inskip Point campsite

Why is the media in the tank for Bernie Sanders?

Florida Cops Arrest Woman, 20, Wanted on Warrant for Riding Sea Turtle

REPORT: ESPN to lay off 200-300 employees

Rev. John McNeil, RC Priest, LGBT Rights Pioneer, Dies at Age 90.

Almost a Darwin Award winner here...

The pro-life case for Bernie Sanders

Telstar (1962)


Sex offender status reduced in rape case

You say Hillary would win the GE and Sanders would lose because...?

Mel Brooks Fears Donald Trump Bubble

You can't blame Hillary for using a home server for confidential US State Dept. comms...

Headline -Teabaggers Shut Down Government Until Their Demands Are Met. Now What?

The Hill: Clinton explains shift on Keystone, other key issues

New York governor calls for national gun control in eulogy for aide

A quiet American invasion

Chronic wasting disease in wild deer herd

Speaking from Center City Philadelphia:

Pro-Choice Caucus Leaders Blast GOP Plan to Create Committee on Planned Parenthood

The interview of Hillary by Chuck Todd was a disgrace

No, pundits, Hillary Clinton isn't collapsing

An update on state-level clean energy news from around the country

Billionaire's reassurance about income inequality

No, pundits, Hillary Clinton isn't collapsing

Sen. Sanders on Face the Nation Full Interview

Gwennie (she ate the couch) dog rescue by Alice Collins Woodhaven, MI

Iowa Public Radio: Bernie Sanders on the "Powerful and the Greedy"

After watching Meet Press Clinton interview, I realized something

Important Lessons from Animals

RAVITCH: Arizona Will Boost Charter Funding by Cutting Public School Budgets

Biden is not presidential material. Just this, "should I or shouldn't I run", nonsense tells me

Outcry from CU-Boulder students about limited seating at GOP debate

Dick Cheney Blames Bill Clinton For 9/11

X governor Tommy Thompson just said Hillary will drop out and

9-25-15 The Birth of Lewis Hine in 2:00

Call to Action: Stop TTIP, CETA, TiSA and the TPP!

Oops Caught Again: Carly Fiorina Chairs Organization That Funded Abortion Group

Pope Francis 'moved' by Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island flight.

Republicans missed a Presidential candidate

Look to the Heavens

Ben Carson: Death penalty should be a civil matter (huh?)

What will NASA's big 9/28 Mars-related announcement be?

2fer of scumbags: ZIMMERMAN and O.J. SIMPSON - going lower than low

Sanders jabs Koch brothers over Walker exit

Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines (pics)

TOON: Tears of a Clown

Hipster cafe attacked by masked anti-gentrification mob

A Chance for Arab-Iranian Reconciliation: An Opportunity in the Iran Nuclear Deal | Ramzy Baroud

Retrotopia: A Cab Ride in Toledo | John Michael Greer

AP: After ruling, Utah removing hundreds of prairie dogs

Hillary's Fat-cat Hollywood Moguls Can't Stop Fretting: “It is something everyone is talking about”

Stomping Johns: The Demand Side of Prostitution | Mickey Z.

Goebbels Is Alive and Well... In Amerika! | Philip A. Farruggio

The Whole Nation is FEELIN' THE BERN!!!

"Duck Dynasty" Dink Digs Donald. Delightful! File this under IDGAF.

15 seconds of squee!...

The problem with polls: Opinion researchers preach restraint for horserace journalists

The Latest on the 2016 race: Sanders pushes for more debates

The 800 Ways Taxpayer Money Supports Fossil Fuel Industries

U.S.: new bebeh panda called - get this - Bei Bei!

Darker Horizons Ahead: Rethinking the War on ‘IS’ | Ramzy Baroud

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 27, 2015

Howard Dean just now saying Hillary did not let Toddy frazzle her. So true...

9-26-15 Shays’ Rebellion in 2:00

Must have been having a robe sale on the second floor

Re: Possible government shutdown. Does anyone know how this will impact Soc Sec & Disability

Another World is Inevitable | John Michael Greer

MRA Group Searches For 'Beautiful Virgin' Brides With Intact Hymens

Occupy This Question: What’s Changed in 4 Years? | Mickey Z.

Jindal could soon end presidential run, website predicts

Herding Turtles | Emanuele Corso

Bye bye Jindal???

Orlando named a top city for sugar daddies once again

The Palestinian Bubble and the Burning of Toddler, Ali Dawabsha | Ramzy Baroud

Nom nom NO: Canadian kitty sheds pounds

Gil Levin was on The Space Show on Friday

with today's NBC/WSJ poll remember this

Catalan election: high turnout expected in de facto independence referendum

If we do not allow our opponents to divide us ... there is nothing that we cannot accomplish

Cop to Asian citizen: "You’re not f***ing American"

English-speaking female jihadis in Libya issue Islamic State call to arms

Why You Should Never Drunk Text A Doctor Who Fan.

Tough decisions - Horses to be slaughtered -round up in national parks

The DLC was started because we kept losing the White House

An Injured Pup Gets The Most Amazing Rescue And New Home!

Shifting Priorities: The Rise and Fall of Arab Revolutionary Discourse | Ramzy Baroud

"Collapsing" is a relative term. Hillary's numbers are "Steadily Declining".

Cameron: Assad Should Face Criminal Court

Koterba toon: Boehner & the Pope

Ben Carson says Muslim president would have to 'subjugate' beliefs

Boehner says government will not shut down next week despite fears

On TYT, question: should schools close on Muslim holidays

When Hillary voted in favor of cluster bombs, did this advance the best interests of the US?

Here's a weird thought about Joe Biden's role:

Martin O’Malley On DNC Limiting Debates: It’s ‘A Cruddy Way To Run A Party’ [VIDEO]

O’Malley: ‘God Bless’ Hillary’s Heart For Finally Taking A Position On Keystone [VIDEO]

Pope meets victims of clergy sex abuse, says 'God weeps' for them

ON THE ROAD: Buenas Tardes (video)

When has it happened that a candidate won IA and NH in the primary, and lost the nomination?

Profiles in Ineptitude

How can I tell if candy is fresh?

War Begets War Refugees: The Moral Bankruptcy of Italy and NATO | Ramzy Baroud

Pope Frances Performed His First Miracle On His Road To Sainthood On This Trip To The U.S.....

Sanders Digital Media Director Héctor Sigala named in 40 Under 40: Latinos in American Politics

Retrotopia: Public Utilities, Private Goods | John Michael Greer

Baltimore officer said Freddie Gray asked for help

Republican 'Values' voters back Cruz-Carson presidential ticket

I'm excited about grocery shopping.

The Pope's prison chair

Iran earns more from tax than oil for first time in almost 50 years

O'Malley is right about this: "Clinton email controversy threatens to define Democratic Party"

Hillary Clinton joins @ChuckTodd THIS SUNDAY on #MTP repeat now

Fiorina will just not give it up!

Republican hard-liners are ‘false prophets,’ Boehner says

Those St. Louis Rams are on fire today! Literally!

9-27-15 The “Uprising of 20,000 Girls and Women in 2:00

How about a DU 'Match' , including non-romantic, forum/group?

9-27-15 The “Uprising of 20,000″ Girls and Women in 2:00

9-27-15 The “Uprising of 20,000″ Girls and Women in 2:00

9-25-15 The Birth of Lewis Hine in 2:00

VW staff, supplier warned of emissions test cheating years ago - reports

9-25-15 The Birth of Lewis Hine in 2:00

Martin O’Malley On DNC Limiting Debates: It’s ‘A Cruddy Way To Run A Party’ [VIDEO]

9-26-15 Shays’ Rebellion in 2:00

9-26-15 Shays’ Rebellion in 2:00

Pope meets with family who drove 13,000 miles to see him

Stop Patriarchy protests Catholic Church's role in female enslavement

O'Malley: We need to talk issues, not Clinton's emails.

WTFaux News--Fox News Confronts Shrub's Bro over unfair Tax Cuts

60 years ago, I remember we had a party line.

'The Golden Compass' Turns 20 (Its Daemon Has Probably Settled)

'Islamic State' Pretence and the Upcoming Wars in Libya | Ramzy Baroud

Palestine’s Crisis of Leadership: Did Abbas Destroy Palestinian Democracy? | Ramzy Baroud

And the Winner of this years Darwin Award goes to.......

"Why we can't support police unions"

LA Times: Looking back 50 years after Delano farm workers' grape strike

Secular thinkers under attack in India as religious fundamentalism grows

The Moody Blues - Dear Diary

LA Times: Looking back 50 years after Delano farm workers' grape strike

LA Times: Looking back 50 years after Delano farm workers' grape strike

Carly Fiorina has announced she is dropping out of the 2016 race.

Jim Croce - Time in a bottle

More anti-vaccination nuttyness...

Cat Stevens - Wild World

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Fundamentalist (Kim Davis satire)

How did D-O-C-T-O-R Ben Carson get past 3rd grade?

The Monkees - Porpoise Song

Our daughter & granddaughter rescued a Monarch butterfly caterpillar (UPDATED)

Fairport Convention - Autopsy

Pink Floyd - Breathe

Can this Democrat really beat Hillary Clinton?

No wonder conservatives' heads keep exploding; The ‘Enlightenment’ keeps on winning

Season of the Witch - Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills

Here's one: when was the last time the initial Democratic front-runner won the nomination?

Shoplifting suspect dies in Indianapolis police custody

Clinton, Sanders, and their effect on TPP Negotiations

Cream - Sunshine of Your Love

America - Tin Man

Jeb! (bush) Still Pushing Discredited Trickle Down

TruthDig: Bernie Sanders Gets a Foreign Policy

10 CC - I'm Not In Love

Sanders on reaching out to conservatives and differing with Clinton on Education

What are you reading this week of September 27, 2015?

Trump the GOP defender of the faith

Sanders jabs Koch brothers over Walker exit

Pope Francis Delivers Eucharist Philly Style

Hello Admins, I have a slightly awkward question regarding MIRT

Bringing Up Baby ...

On this illustrious board is an ad running. Normally I ignore them, but I happened to read this...

Sanders: I Admire Boehner For 'Hanging In There' During Tough Years

Now big Scott Walker donors from Lake Forest, IL, want DNR to OK huge project to keep bog away from

Well, you can't blame Tony Romo this time.

When "Kill it! Kill it with fire" goes wrong

Bernie Sanders Remarks at the Latino Heritage Festival

Is Bernie a tough enough fighter to overcome the insane right?


Pope-less Notre Dame defeats UMass 62-27

Yogi Berra Stat. #2

Of all the candidates, I think Bernie is the best equipped to deal with the Middle East

Indiana Van wreck shines light on plight of the poor

The Meaning of Pope Francis

Top 25 Japanese Must-Know Phrases

"Today, We Are All Walter Mondale". Democrats learned the wrong lesson from 1984.

The centrist wing of the party learned the wrong lesson from 1984.

Hillary Clinton Says She Cannot Explain Why Previously Undisclosed Emails Turned Up

Great pic of Hillary

Any 12s here?

Iranian Activists Call On Iran To End Support For Syria’s Assad

How Are We Honoring the Memory of Reconstruction?

ABC Dowd: Clinton in Serious Trouble - 'Total Lack of Accountability'

Mail box vandalism tied to Confederate flag controversy (IA)

In another thread a poster was castigated for mentioning Clinton's tale of sniper fire at an airport

Why we should rename Hugh MacRae Park (NC)

Gender identity at core of two Toronto films

Peru’s first lady faces new money laundering probe

Confederate flag doesn't reflect best of Southern heritage

Another WinDOZE WTF????

Attorney: Lance Armstrong and Dallas sports promotions company settle $10 million dispute

Bernie Sanders doing Spanish language Q&A via Univision

Predicted viewing conditions for the blood moon eclipse

Vigilante lynchings go viral in Peru

Boehner Rips GOP Critics, Suggests Deals With Democrats On Way Out

Retraction: Hillary Clinton did NOT sign off on Huma Abedin job change

Experts: Pressure from advocates, press led to murder charges against Border Patrol agent in teen's

Experts: Pressure from advocates, press led to murder charges against Border Patrol agent in teen's

The Bernie Objection Memes I have Heard

Elizabeth Warren Acknowledges That Economic Inequality Is Just Part Of The Fight For Racial Justice

The American Dream--We Once Were the Envy of the World!

WashPo: Warren just gave the speech that Black Lives Matter activists have been waiting for

Three men sentenced to 1,560 years for Mexico bar kidnapping and murders

Three men sentenced to 1,560 years for Mexico bar kidnapping and murders

Fun new page on Facebook. OMG Fear USA!

Some German girls being told to cover up to prevent "misunderstandings" concerning migrant's culture

How Pope Francis spoke to the prisoners about the possibility of change

The IDF must come clean about the Hebron shooting

Japan, Cuba eye first public-private dialogue meeting in November

Congressional Dysfunction 101 With Bernie Sanders

Barack Obama and Raul Castro to meet to discuss new Cuban-American relations

Barack Obama and Raul Castro to meet to discuss new Cuban-American relations

Proposed Amendment to the Constitution, Ending Class Bias in the Law

"uncertainty" and the financial markets

I wanted to post this in the gun - friendly forum. But I could not find it.

Raul Castro meets with Bill Clinton in New York

Raul Castro meets with Bill Clinton in New York

How Pope Francis is being "Obamafied" -- in the eyes of conservatives.

Does anyone else remember when the Admins restricted the amount of original OP's...

U.S. drug company sues Canada for trying to lower cost of $700K-a-year drug

Toonami to air Parasyte.....

This Funny Explanation of Harriet Tubman's Spy Tactics Will Have You Cracking Up

I Was Raised An Atheist, But Something Completely Unexpected Turned Me Into a Believer

Don't forget Trump is on 60 Minutes tonight. Feel the squirm!

Leaving Islam: How I became an atheist

Dilophosaurus Pope

Massachusetts & Rhode Island Telephone Workers Unions Endorse Bernie Sanders For President

$25 of every purchase goes directly to the Stand With Bernie Campaign Fund

Records Show that Chicago Police Spied on Activists Since 2009

$25 of every purchase goes directly to the Stand With Bernie Campaign Fund

All that off-season film and all that practice, yet Kaepernick throws four picks today

Study Links US Political Polarization to TV News Deregulation

Allende’s Grandson: “Not in the Name of Allende nor Socialism”

Motorcyclist killed, 3 injured while escorting veteran's remains to Nebraska

Motorcyclist killed, 3 injured while escorting veteran's remains to Nebraska



Driver uses lighter to try to kill spider, burns gas pump (NOT Florida)

Bundle of marijuana worth $10,000 falls from the sky and crushes dog house

WaPo: Clinton’s hands-off policy toward Sanders is a long bet — with risks

Bundle of marijuana worth $10,000 falls from the sky and crushes dog house

Honduras says U.N. rights office to monitor drugs crackdown

Running out of ice

Aspirin 'may double life expectancy of cancer patients'

i'm afraid to click on the thread about the worst song ever.

big, fat harvest supermoon rising in the east/southeast sky right now!

Flogging Molly - "Float" (official video)

Have You Watched This?

I am so glad that I finally woke up in 2003! At the ripe old age of 45!!!

busy week welcoming @AnniseParker @finneyk & @GovHowardDean to SC!

George Zimmerman Retweeted A Picture of Trayvon Martin's Body

Reports: Tents trapped Boy Scouts during deadly flash flood

Blood Moon Time Schedule

BTW- I'm pretty pissed at the Mormons

Pope Francis never said "abortion." But he said "Love" -- over and over again.

Sanders and Clinton supporters, will you vote for whomever

Looks like it's curtains for Carli -

Kudos to MSNBC and their coverage of the Pope's visit. Of course we never see the nightmares

A question about airplanes ---

Their sons died from drug overdoses, and now they're pushing for immunity for 911 callers



What would be your Dream Team President / Cabinet?

What happened to Public Morals?

Fantasy memes and real targets

If you follow Coates on twitter

Pope him thirsty - guzzling water in plane window

There is a post about police unions in GD you might want to comment in

How Fringe Republicans Are Being Taught to Argue the ‘Social Issues’ with Liberals

Catalonia vote: Pro-independence parties win elections

There is a post about police unions in GD you might want to comment in