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Luckovich - Dick Cheney's Head Exploding

About the Des Moines Register and Loris polls.

Dare I say Bernie has peaked?

The Evolution of Fire

Martin O'Malley attacks Ben Carson's plan to shut VA.CNN

Martin O'Malley attacks Ben Carson's plan to shut VA.CNN

That Iowa Poll (email from the Sanders campaign)

Rahm Emanuel: Chicago’s Mayor of Go F*** Yourself

Can a local tell me what I am doing wrong?

IamAn Iowan who just spent 12 min on the phone with Quinnipiac pollster, AMA (nt)

Texas clinics file Supreme Court appeal of state's abortion law

Texas clinics file Supreme Court appeal of state's abortion law

Starfish-killing robot close to trials on Great Barrier Reef

America’s Prison Labor System--Exploitation for Corporations..Paid for by Our Tax Dollars

Most abused bad Internet phrases: 1) "I have heard..."

Elizabeth Warren says she will endorse SOMEONE in the Democratic presidential primary.

The poll results are in. Bernie wins with the elementary school set.

Gettin' Your Yup'ik Groove On :)

Increase in rate of Brazilian Amazon deforestation raises alarm

A really great video of the prez Yup'ik dancing in Dillingham

Want water? Dig a hole. (per Fiorina campaign)

It seems to me that DU's pseudoscience crowd is trying to find ways to escape.

South Dakota GOP Lawmaker Proposes Genital Inspections For Trans High School Athletes

Job Posting; Looking for Organizers in March 1st Primary and Caucus States

Oregon's Multnomah County Library promotes local writers via e-book publications

Bear that nuzzled hiker is fatally shot by state officials

Montana insists it can't release child death information

Martin O'Malley Slams DNC Effort To 'Rig' Party's 2016 Presidential Nomination ProcessBradBlog

Somerville, Mass Event for Bernie

Is this the right major heading for this group?

Rachel Maddow - Jimmy Carter a model of grace and civility

Donald Trump isn't rich because he's a great investor. He's rich because his dad was rich.

Martin O'Malley Slams DNC Effort To 'Rig' Party's 2016 Presidential Nomination ProcessBradBlog

"Hillary Clinton's State Department legacy tied to Iran deal"

California lawmakers pass ban on ivory to curb elephant poaching. Do you support or oppose the ban?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!!Holy Holy Holey

Anti-vaxxers threaten freedoms of others

I wish we could bottle this...

Clinton’s accusers are running out of ammunition: (HILLARY GROUP)

Is gender inequality man-made?

tune into maddow. Jeb picked fight with Stephen Cobert

URGENT: Petition: Provide Bernie Sanders Secret Service protection immediately

Stephen Colbert one-ups Jeb Bush raffle with 1 of his own

Packed house in Baltimore at Martin O'Malley's Young Professionals event

Uber Driver works 40+ hours a week at $3 an hour.

Elizabeth Warren says she will endorse someone in the Democratic presidential primary

Rivals Rushed to Help Roanoke TV Station

Watch Rachel tonight - repeat is on about midnight

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah RETHUGs ask all their candidates to sign loyalty pledges

9-2-15 Division in the Mine Field in 2:00

TYT: Trump And Jeb Bush Squabble Over Who Loves Hillary More

9-2-15 Division in the Mine Field in 2:00

9-2-15 Division in the Mine Field in 2:00

IT Staffer who set-up Hillary's private email server is pleading the 5th

Kotzebue, AK-Obama went there.

This was posted in GD (not GD-P)

Congratulations to President Obama

Judge Rules Employers Can Object to Contraceptive Coverage on Moral Grounds

TYT: Unarmed Man With Hands Up Shot Dead By Police [VIDEO]

Judge Rules Employers Can Object to Contraceptive Coverage on Moral Grounds

Judge Rules Employers Can Object to Contraceptive Coverage on Moral Grounds

Rachel Maddow - CNN changes GOP debate rules to include Carly Fiorina

Dangers Of Police Work Hurting Recruitment Of New Officers

Trying to understand President Obama's Arctic Circle policy.

TYT: Black Lives Matter Labeled A Hate Group By Fox News

White House Issues Reminder: Sex Without Consent Is Rape

White House Issues Reminder: Sex Without Consent Is Rape

White House Issues Reminder: Sex Without Consent Is Rape

Fuck Him. What a lowlife.

Marks One-Year Since Launch of “It’s On Us” Campaign to End Campus Sexual Assault

Marks One-Year Since Launch of “It’s On Us” Campaign to End Campus Sexual Assault

Marks One-Year Since Launch of “It’s On Us” Campaign to End Campus Sexual Assault

Dem powerbrokers demand DNC increase number of debates.fx

Dem powerbrokers demand DNC increase number of debates.fx

WH staffer indicted on assault charges resigns

TYT: Why Is This Man Getting No Jail Time for Child Rape Charges?

Nevada high school student wins right to form anti-abortion group

Florida officials propose bear hunt limit of 320 kills

Texas clinics file Supreme Court appeal of state's abortion law

I'm drinking at work. Ask me anything!

Backlogged rape kits in Detroit head for further investigation

Benghazi panel denied ex-Hillary aide's request to publicly testify

Dad forced 4-year-old to be accomplice on crime spree, deputies say

Axelrod subject of email

Mike Malloy - Everything Republican Is A Lie

Mike Malloy - If You Are White American And Over 30 You Are A Racist

Pro-David Vitter PAC's ad blasts opponents on taxes; Vitter voted for one of the measures criticized

Union arbitration override fails in House (IL)

Union arbitration override fails in House (IL)

Union arbitration override fails in House (IL)

No union coal mines remain in Kentucky

Kagoshima governor sorry for saying girls better off learning botany than higher math

Black America’s “gaslight” nightmare: The psychological warfare being waged against Black Lives Matt

No union coal mines remain in Kentucky

No union coal mines remain in Kentucky

Awesome video - lesbian probably NSFW

Questions About The Fox Lake Killing....

Advisor McDonough

TYT: Ted Cruz Blames Obama For Police Shooting

Rise of the warrior cop

Pilgrim nuclear plant one step from shutdown by regulators

Ignore the profanity and just enjoy - a bit of POTUS levity

Eletrobras suspends Angra nuclear contract as contractors quit

Bernie Sanders Claims His Supporters Aren’t ‘Anti-Clinton’ – Many Proceed To Prove Him Wrong

Don't Forget the Bernie Sanders Money Bomb on His Birthday, Sept. 8th!

TYT: How Does This Woman Get To Keep Her Job?

A Man Sent Naked Selfies to the HR Manager of a Company That Offered Him a Job

Netanyahu hints at easing rules on firing at Palestinian stone-throwers

Confederate Park Name Changed to Civil War Park (VA)

Hillsborough decision lets museum remove ‘Confederate Memorial’ marker (NC)

Something To Keep You Warmed Up For Star Wars Episode 7

Republicans are taking their biggest step yet to try to box in Donald Trump

Texas State student rides her Barbie Jeep around campus after DWI arrest, Internet loves it

Athens should turn from Confederate past (GA)

Walker Vows to 'Wreak Some Havoc' on Washington While Campaigning in Texas

Mr. Robot taught me an important lesson to night.

From Democracy to Dictatorship in Chile

Bill O'Reilly just called Jorge Ramos an "enabler" of murder

Charlotte woman talks about her actions to take down Confederate flag in SC

Gube candidates criticize Jindal for being absent from state, and Vitter for being absent from forum

News Coverage Outside Freddie Gray Pre-trial Hearing, Baltimore 9/2/2015

I fully expect to get hides from here on out for no reason other than I annoyed Bernie supporters

Hiroshima Map Offers Cat’s-Eye View

President Obama with Dillingham kids

Rowan County Attorney Throws County Clerk Under Bus in Interview

China Will Cut Its Military by 300,000

So in one of the promo interviews for Colbert he was asked if he would interview a dictator

SodaStream CEO Accuses Boycotters of anti-Semitism, Hurting Palestinian Workers

Did Anyone Watch Big Blue Live on PBS?

Jeb snaps at reporter:“Did I mention his name?” “Did I mention his name?” “Did I mention his name?”

OMG! Kentucky has lost its mind over Kim Davis!

Frank Conniff: I bet Kim Davis was glad that the clerk who issued her divorce papers..

he Best Way for Bernie to Win: An Electoral College Agreement

Reich: Labor Day 2028

The Rise Of The Inhumanes By Paul Craig Roberts

Marco Rubio Says Government Should Respect Kim Davis’s Beliefs

The rise and fall of the American homeowner: Current homeownership rate is back to where it was--

A Back-to-School Message From Celebs: Without Consent, Sex Is Rape

Teachers in This Broke School District Are Working for Free

King County Elections: Was Your Ballot Counted?

NAACP Files Complaint Against Confederate Flag At Fairmont (OH)

Dr. Ben Carson makes it into the Encyclopedia... of American Loons

Kerry Threatens: Iran 'Will Get A Weapon' If Nuke Deal Doesn't Happen

How a 19th century political ‘joke’ turned into a 119-year-long debate

So I got a rowing machine

Donald Trump caves to the RNC, will sign pledge promising not to run 3rd party

Does anyone here hate leaf-blowers???

Emanuel set to call for largest property tax hike in modern Chicago history

Why is the Iran deal "2/3rds to block" rather than "2/3rds to ratify" like most treaties?

Protesters organize in front of Confederate monument in Norfolk

Bexar County Approves $500,000 For Lone Star Rail District

Let's Talk Polling: A primer on terminology, analysis and validity of polls

Making America Work for Working People: IOW fuck "flexibility"

Is your spouse actually a member of your family? Not in Ohio, it would seem

Remember when they ridiculed President Obama...

PBS Sept 12: U.S. Under Secretary of State, played key role in Iran deal

What It Will Take to Win in 2016

Walker Administration’s Lax Health Insurance Regulation Costly for Wisconsin Consumers

Washington state patrolman will not face charges in shooting of two black men

Why Hillary Clinton Has the Best Track Record on Women's Issues

Vice President Joe Biden to push Iran deal in South Florida

Democratic Party's "Democratic Values" Omit Democratic Process

Obama just tipped $31 on an $18 check, because some lighthearted news is good for a change

The night you realize your high school science teacher is a RWNJ...

I just missed a court date.

Huh. Iceland and Korea spend the least % of GDP on social programs in the OECD

Ex-Hillary Clinton Staffer Who Set Up Email Server Plans to Plead the Fifth

I didn't know Ben Carson was THIS stupid...

Students Bombed the SAT This Year, in Four Charts; Scores on the reading were the worst in decades..

David Cameron: Britain should not take more Middle East refugees

Trump likely to rule out third-party White House run: report

Judge sets bond for men in Amarillo diverted flight case

Inside the VMAs’ D*******t Afterparty: $50,000 Bottle Service and Justin Bieber’s Sad Karaoke

Chinese Navy Ships Spotted Off Aleutian Islands

Greg Grandin on "Kissinger's Shadow"

Ruling strikes down lesser prairie-chicken's 'threatened' listing

Ex-NFL running back Phillips charged with killing cellmate

Obama in Alaska: We Have To Save the Ice so We Can Break It.

Nueces County, sheriff officer’s association reach tentative agreement

US Muslims hope new billboards reclaim Islam's message

Journalist spends four years documenting India's disappearing stepwells (cool pictures)

Stephen Responds To Jeb Bush's VIP Ticket Offer With One Of His Own

David Petraeus' Bright Idea: Give Terrorists Weapons to Beat Terrorists

Number of trees halved since dawn of human civilisation

At least 14 killed as boat capsizes off Malaysia

World's infrastructure projects spell doom for Planet Earth

Arby's apologizes after employee refuses to serve police officer

Republic Closer to Bankruptcy as Teamsters Ground Proposed Pilot Deal

Republic Closer to Bankruptcy as Teamsters Ground Proposed Pilot Deal

Republic Closer to Bankruptcy as Teamsters Ground Proposed Pilot Deal

Should Bernie announce he'd put Warren on the Ticket?

Julian Assange: documents show 'fancy dress' escape plan

Boston Globe Columnist Pushes for Broadband Dereg; Fails to Disclose He’s On Time Warner Cable's Boa

Daily Holidays - September 3

Crews working to finish $16 million, 60-bed nursing home in Whiteclay (Oglala Sioux Tribe)link added

Crews working to finish $16 million, 60-bed nursing home in Whiteclay (Oglala Sioux Tribe)link added

Man gets jail for writing racist graffiti on refugees' homes (NH)

Minority firefighters speak out after racist post (CT)

Racial slur burned into Palm Bay man's front lawn (FL)

Trump’s Success Makes Romney Want to Run Again

Racist graffiti in Bay City (MI)

Trump Could Ensure Democratic Dominance for Years

Judge OKs gender surgery opposed by 48-year-old's parents

Selling plasma to survive: how over a million American families live on $2 per day

Quick anger, little action on Confederate plates in NC

Coordinated Strategy Brings Obama Victory on Iran Nuclear Deal

Please check the Sanders campaign website for events in your area Labor Day weekend.

Warmonger Lindsey Graham Throws a Temper Tantrum After Obama Win On Iran Deal

Rowan transgender man and wife got license

Strict state gun laws could lead to drops in suicide, study says

NPR: How The 2016 Candidates Are Getting Their Money, In 1 Infographic

Who Is Kim Davis, The Kentucky Clerk Who's Refusing To Issue Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples?

Why the US is No. 1 in mass shootings

Pacific bluefin tuna group puts off new moves to save fish

Ya gotta start off each day wid a song. Today's Bernie Sanders song: Bernie Damned Sanders!

Fox News' Eric Bolling misstates tie between gun laws and gun deaths internationally

Bernie Sanders Said to Be Close to Signing Fund-Raising Deal With Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders Said to Be Close to Signing Fund-Raising Deal With Democratic Party

Walmart to Reopen 5 Stores Named in Union Complaint

Walmart to Reopen 5 Stores Named in Union Complaint

Walmart to Reopen 5 Stores Named in Union Complaint

I don't think the people at Coca Cola thought through their new promotion. But it sure is fun.

The Atlantic: Birthright citizenship wasn't born in America

Australia under fire for lobbying on California kangaroo trade


Clinton readies New Hampshire push to erase Sanders’ lead Read more:

307,000 vets died awaiting VA care, report says

Coerced sterilisation of Canadian indigenous women in 70s widespread - researcher

Woman fabricated story in manhunt for Illinois officer's killer, police say

Photo of a drowned 3yo syrian refugee. I'm disgusted, but not for the reason you think.

Sanders beginning to "fizzle"?

Biden: "Bernie Sanders, he’s doing a helluva job"

Guatemalan President Resigns Amid Scandal

Biden in hush-hush donor meeting: Sanders ‘doing a helluva job’

TX Senator R-Ted Cruz At War With The Constitutions of The United States,

Bernie Sanders: What is old is new again....

Israel unveils 1,800-year-old sarcophagus (photo added)

Huh? Hasn't NYC Government Heard About Separation of Church and State?

Please contact NPR ombudsman about Mara Liasson.

'We are fed up': Taunton rally calls for federal action on heroin epidemic

Scott Walker-Backing PAC Buying $9 million in Early State Ads

Climate "Safeguards" Would Allow 100s Of Oz Companies To Boost Emissions 15-20% Over 15 Years

Toon--Kim Davis and her god in Court today...

Boreal Forests At Precipice; Siberian Regions Could See 11C Warming, All Regions Massive Fires

Lower Hood Canal Dead Zone Killing Eels, Crabs, Mussels - Pretty Much Everything

It's a good morning to be alive! This is for all my DU Friends!!

Summer 2015 Hottest On Record For Seattle; Average High 80F; Historic Avg. High 73F

“The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution” Film Review

Hey,remember when this was a totally evil Clinton conspiracy?

“The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution” Film Review (X-Post from GD)

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-2-15 ($ bomb on the 8th)

Hulu offers ad free option

US trade deficit drops to $41.9 billion in July

So what part of the State of Kentucky constitution does she think her willingly taken oath....

Women’s Health Services Take a Hit in Attack on Planned Parenthood

‘Cadillac tax’ looms over health care coverage, could affect benefits like flex spending accounts

‘Cadillac tax’ looms over health care coverage, could affect benefits like flex spending accounts

Houston teen kills himself while taking a selfie with a gun

‘Cadillac tax’ looms over health care coverage, could affect benefits like flex spending accounts

What is Bernie Sanders socialism, and is he making it less scary for U.S. voters?

GOP signs contract with the devil... Sign or lose your seat....

A Texas man raped a 2 year old.Gets a plea deal with ZERO jail time.

Chris Christie Caught In Public Lie About Saying Breathing Causes Climate Change

Trump,The Manchild.

My cat has diabetes :(

Vast majority of U.S. Catholics who left the church can’t imagine returning, study says

Refugees in Hungary tricked onto train which is taking them to "camps", journalists forced to leave

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-Molehills and Emails

Matt Damon Says New "Bourne" Film Inspired by Edward Snowden

IOWA Daily Democrat: Loras College poll shows Sanders surge (on the front page)

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Trump, the Leader of the Pack

Ramos smacks O’Reilly: "You are NOT a News Man"

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Rights and Bigots

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

The RNC pledge, obtained by washingtonpost

Guatemala's President Otto Perez Molina resigns

TYT on Faux's attempt to paint BLM as a "hate group"

Rachel Maddow - Bush crosses Stephen Colbert, Elizabeth Warren interview raises eyebrows

Rachel Maddow - Trump to meet RNC officials as party circulates loyalty pledge

Gravitas in the Balance?

Kan ye think of a caption for this? I could't - I was laughing too much

A Twitter account titled "Sitnextto Kim Davis" has been created and it's hilarious!

Charles M Blow: " mythological Cronus has been eating its children, the darker ones"

The Most Insane GOP Comments On Women's Health

Applications for US jobless aid rise to still-low 282,000

The Perfect Argument To Shut Down ‘Illegals Are Stealing Our Jobs’ Rhetoric

Party That Mocked President’s Lack of Experience Favors One with No Experience Whatsoever

456 violent deaths in August in Caracas (Spanish)

Judge lets Brady play, ruling against NFL in 'Deflategate' (UPDATE)

Has the Republican Establishment Created a Monster?

Fire in Venezuelan prison leaves 17 dead, 11 injured

Sept 3 new PPPolling: 2016 General Election Match Ups Close {Hillary Grp]

Tom Brady Won

Tom Brady game suspensions nullified by judge in Deflategate hearings.

Under GAWDS! Authority ROFLMAO

Moi ?

Undercover FBI agents spy on Burning Man

Science GIF's

If Hillary is not our candidate, I can deal with that, even though I support her.

Tom Brady has won his appeal and will play in the first game.

Day 24 - Breakfast

For those complaining Tesla's vehicles are toys for the rich. The Model 3 arrives in 2017 for $35K

Clinton Campaign: We Wanted Staffer Who Set Up Email Server To Testify

Greater Los Angeles area...come on!!!

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 3, 2015

Tears for the children

TALKING POINTS 101: Rowan County, Kentucky

Live updates: Crowds gather outside courthouse for Rowan clerk's case over marriage licenses

GOP - Walks Like A Duck - Quacks Like A Duck - Is A Duck. Neonazism In Our Midst.

I posted in LBN...

U.S. judge approves $415 million settlement in tech worker lawsuit

A terrible day for Patriots/Brady haters

"Why do I get the feeling you aren't hearing me?"

Israel's 'Eric Garner Moment' Entrenches Its Habit of Victim-blaming

Whoa Bitch!

Breaking: District Judge throws out 4 game suspension for Patriot's Quarterback Tom Brady

Deez Nuts admires the Canadian political system

GOP Will Undermine Gay Marriage Just Like They Have Reproductive Rights.

Melting Ice in Yellowstone is Revealing Ancient Artifacts Faster Than Researchers Can Handle

Is anyone watching " The Last Ship?" .nt

The Elephant Theorem

Pic of Syrian little boy: Published Everywhere..... Execpted France.

Understanding Mass Incarcertation - James Kilgore Discusses His New Book Part One

Bitter as a T*rd! . . . Please come CAPTION Dick Cheney!!!

Judge, clerk in marriage case dealt with nepotism charges

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has a Tough Fall Ahead Facing Primary Debates & Iran Deal Support

Bernie sanders "enough is enough" rally in SF Bay Area

It’s Pope Francis Who Should Apologize on Abortion

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer 'Offended' Over Internet Ads

I hope Trump lowers the boom on the RNC's "loyalty oath" tactics at his news conference.

US-Made Cluster Bombs See Action in Yemen

EXCLUSIVE: Trump will sign GOP loyalty pledge

Campaign cartoon - name the candidate

Why Are Cases of Shoulder Injuries From Vaccines Increasing?

Security ushers Emanuel away as Dyett protesters take to stage at budget hearing

'Certainty' that Reunion debris from MH370, French official says

Judges Standing Upside-Down by Linda Greenhouse

Europe's migrant crisis: Chaos as trains are stopped in Hungary

Say What You Will. Trump IS Their Best Candidate. All Others Are Horrid And Evil.

Anti-GMO hysterics...

Investigation underway after 'MASS BAPTISM' at Georgia PUBLIC high school

Just how stupid is Bill O'Reilly?

Hillary in Iowa (and Illinois) on Labor Day.

Republican lawmakers Harsdorf, Tiffany & Olsen cash in as voucher costs soar.

Martin O’Malley: The Point-Blank Progressive

DNC chief faces perilous Fall

Lawmakers deny park ranger's "making out" report

Clinton locks down key endorsement ahead of Puerto Rico visit

LIVE:@SenChrisLarson & Rep Koltse introducing bill challenging health costs in Walker's WI

**Live Now** Sanders talks to Des Moines Register Editorial Board

Calls intensify for more debates

Papal Mass in Washington will be in Spanish

Party That Mocked President’s Lack of Experience Favors One with No Experience Whatsoever/ Borowitz

Kim Davis (KY bigot clerk): "I’m just a vessel God has chosen for this time and this place"

Monmouth Poll, just out, shows Trump 30, Carson 18, Bush 8.

Bernie sanders "enough is enough" rally in SF Bay Area

Congressman Mike Honda grapples with ethics report's release

Trump doubles down on Megyn Kelly with gas attack.

‘Obamamania’ in Juneau!

San Jose: A week after inmate dies in jail, investigation continues

March Against Monsanto Calgary Falls For Parody Meme

Pic Of The Moment: Rick Scott Censors Report Clearing Planned Parenthood

Kim Davis is not following the tenets of her Apostolic Christian Church

Scalia-loving Tennessee judge: Straight couples can’t divorce if same-sex couples can marry

New video of Bernie meeting with Des Moines Register this morning

Young mother targeted on FB for her...tattoos!

Father of drowned Syrian toddlers prepares to take bodies home

Um.....where actually do I put my "eom" the headliner, or the body part of the thread??

Pittsburgh-area roofers sue over school background checks

Los Angeles considers raising cat limit from 3 to 5

Police in Ferguson gave a lesson in how not to respond to protests, says report

Viacom shut down Bernie needs our help!

US: Bill Ford says automaker considering health care co-op with the UAW

US: Bill Ford says automaker considering health care co-op with the UAW

US: Bill Ford says automaker considering health care co-op with the UAW

Bernie Sanders #1 most popular search on NYT!

Not big enough

FEC donation info: Iowa

Kim Davis’s Deputies Reportedly Say They Want To Issue Marriage Licenses But Are Too Afraid Of Davis

American Airlines cutting Pittsburgh flights to St. Louis, Hartford


Gov Christie: "Breathing contributes to climate change"

I've started several OPs today that I erased before posting.

September 2015 presents two eclipses

Yo Joey

Headlines about Bernie today

Why do you suppose Viacom shut down Help him re-establish a subscribers network

African Americans Feeling the Bern Start Grassroots Effort in Brooklyn, NY for Bernie!

Al Jazeera America's digital newsroom votes to unionize

EDF Postpones Flamanville Nuclear Reactor Startup to 2018

What happened when this college student drank too much, too quickly

Bernie Bias: The Mainstream Media Undermines Sanders at Every Turn

Animal without synapses feeds by external digestion using global, local cellular control

Explaining crocodiles in Wyoming

Whitworth University soccer players rebuked for blackface Instagram photo

Donald Trump - "I Will File Bankruptcy for the US!"

San Jose jail death: 3 officers arrested on suspicion of murder

Walmart and (Scott) Walker: Always Low Wages

Trump to sign GOP loyalty pledge

Two Minnesota state lawmakers deny 'making out' in car at state park.

Live feed for Bernie in Grinnell Iowa. Coverage starts at 1pm CDT. Speech at 2 pm CDT

Steve Martin photobombs Colbert

Martin O’Malley says white people need to appreciate ‘vulnerability’ of black neighbors.

Argentina 'stolen child' abducted in 1978 found

Curiosity Finds a 'Floating Spoon' on Mars

I has a fuzzy: Chris the sheep receives emergency haircut

Martin O’Malley says white people need to appreciate ‘vulnerability’ of black neighbors.

Chris Christie Flip Flips on Bruce Springsteen in Duplicating Duh Donald Desparation

More changes coming to MSNBC, including "Morning Joe"

North Dakota Frat Probed in Alleged Assault, Anti-Gay Taunts

Hundreds of Thousands of Abandoned Mines in US Could Pose Risk

In the Prawn Nebula, a Nursery for Newborn Stars

Kim Davis is in custody

The put the asshole Kim Davis in Jail until she issues license

Breaking -Kim Davis now in the custody of Federal Marshals

Hi Ho Hi Ho It is off to jail you go..

Washington Supreme Court Rules Against

New PPP Poll: Clinton net favorability worse than Trump, Cruz

Trio charged with running $54M green-energy Ponzi scheme

Kim Davis found in contempt and taken into federal custody by US Marshals

Washington sues feds over safety of nuclear waste tanks

Clerk Kim Davis creates a Kentucky theocracy in her own mind

Syrian boy explains refugee crisis perfectly: ‘Just stop the war'

Thom Hartmann: Why the Epidemic Of Police Killings In America?

Kim Davis found in contempt and taken into federal custody by US Marshals (x-post from LBN)

Kim Davis’s Deputies Reportedly Say They Want To Issue Marriage Licenses But Are Too Afraid Of Davis

Old Classic: George Carlin on the Language of Politics

Five Ways Trump Changed 2016 Republican Presidential Race

Christie Flip-Flops On Bruce Springsteen!

Bernie Sanders will win the primaries and general election BUT

First on NH1 News: Anti-Clinton group questions timing of Shaheen endorsement

Jailing Davis Now Justifies RW Christian Persecution Complex Gives GOP A Campaign Issue.

Thom Hartmann: How We Can Save the Planet From a Dangerous Tipping Point

Rick Perry's campaign is about to bottom out, loses entire staff in key primary state

Bernie's views reflect not only my own but those of most people I know Other candidates simply don't

Re: Nuclear waste, I've often wondered...

Disposable People: Obama, the TPP, and the Betrayal of Human Rights

Boston brothers in Trump-inspired attack on Mexican to remain in custody

Belinda Carlisle endorses Bernie!! We got the Beat!!

Sanders campaign cool to O’Malley’s more aggressive approach to forcing more debates.WaPo

"You're George Wallace, lady. Not Rosa Parks."

DNC Chairwoman Refuses To Support International Iran Deal

The NFL should re-suspend Tom Brady for destroying evidence that's subjected to an investigation

Charleston shooting: prosecutor will seek death penalty against Dylann Roof

It ain't over. Goodell will appeal.

I was reading an article on DU, that lead me to an article about ...

One in four hepatitis C patients denied initial approval for drug treatment

If Kim Davis cannot be removed because she was elected, and many believe KY will not impeach her

Let Bernie Save You From Voting Against Your Own Interests...

Kim Davis Ordered Jailed in Kentucky Gay Marriage Dispute

Question - What Services Could Be Denied/Activities Condoned Under "Religious Freedom"?

The Hairball is getting 5 channels to say he'll toe the party line????

Kim Davis - Just Another Nail In The Coffin Of Religion

Legion of Tech Volunteers Lead a Charge for Bernie Sanders

Stand with us to vote for the poorest member of congress, Bernie Sanders....

6 Signs You’re an Irrational Atheist

UAE's fourth power reactor under construction

Jailing of Kentucky Clerk will begin a true right wing war...GREAT SHOW ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Jersey Sen. Booker announces support for Iran nuclear deal; another boost for Obama

So, looks like (knock on wood) the Iran deal is done. Nobel Peace Prize #2, anyone?

This is from the "only in Florida" department...gators? sharks? Hell no: King Cobras!!! (video)

Bernie2016TV is starting

Persecution on Parade.

We ALL #FeelTheBern too, Liz!!

What Jesus really looked like?

Has Bernie Sanders ever explained why he is no longer a Conscientious Objector?

Scott Walker Warning...

Focus on Pesticides is a Distraction from Major Eco Impacts

Bernie’s birthday is September 8, and we’re asking his supporters to sign a card to celebrate...

Why the decline of the Catholic Church in America is great news for progressives.

Clinton Confidants Set for Two Day GOP Grilling--Politico

The Atlantic: Blood, Plasma, Sweat and Tears (Being poor in America)

How insignificant are you?

Native people seize 11 oil fields in self-defense!

Peruvians are mad as hell & they ain't takin' it anymore.

Trump's 24/7 campaign ad

Email from Angie's Craig: Kline Retiring

What Donald Trump Understands About Republicans

Frisky Repub state lawmakers, first Michigan, now two Minnesota lawmakers "exchanging documents"

Rolling Stone: Conservative Heads Explode Over Kentucky's Bigoted County Clerk

Political, religious and sexual behaviors may be reflections of intelligence

Proud of my President, ashamed of his treatment...

1 Marine killed, 11 hurt in helicopter hard landing

Three-volume Soviet history of US labor movement, covering 1918-1980 (PDFs inside)

Picked this up in the Brady thread in GD.

Sen. Warner will vote for Iran nuclear pact

Slowing Down The Revolving Door Won’t Stop Wall Street Corruption

Charles Pierce's Take on Today's Framegate Ruling

I thought I was out of it when I thought BLM meant Bureau of Land Management - but

Now that ditz will get lots of money.

As rough as jail may seem, here are some key things to keep in mind

Edward Snowden hits Hillary Clinton for not properly protecting classified information

Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton Aide, Testifies Before House Panel

Hey DU historians! Who WAS the "worst Secy of State in the History of the US"?

The “Atheist” Neo-Nazi Just Convicted of Triple Murder Was No Atheist

Franz Kafka statue, Prague

KY Clerk Ordered to Jail over Gay Marriage Licenses

The “Atheist” Neo-Nazi Just Convicted of Triple Murder Was No Atheist

Trump signed the pledge--no third-party run

GOP members must sign a loyalty pledge

Kim Davis staying in jail, even though deputy clerks will issue same-sex marriage licenses

Judge rules against NFL, drops Tom Brady’s four-game ban

Should Kentucky clerk Kim Davis go to jail? Here’s what a political compromise would look like.

National: Trump Holds Lead, Carson 2nd

Man Trying To Prove Gun Won't Fire Shoots Self In Head

See What Elizabeth Warren Says When Asked About Being Joe Biden's Running Mate

Kim Davis may be off the hook: Deputies will issue licences.

I logged out to see if any of the haters were apologizing...

As SPLC maps Confederate monuments, groups resist 'greatest threat to our heritage'

The connection between the drowned Syrian refugee boys & that POS Stephen Harper

Maize superintendent: Threat that caused school lockdown linked to Confederate flag (KS)

Kim Davis saga continues...back in court at 3:30 PM--tells judge she wants to stay in jail!

Reports suggest radiation at Bridgeton landfill has moved offsite

Confederate flag still flies - amid conflict - at Huntington Beach Civil War Days (CA)

Five deputy clerks tell federal judge they will issue marriage licenses in Rowan County

Kansas Republicans May Have Just Shut Down the State's Court System

Flying of Confederate flag is alarming (LTTE)

Clinton aide says he doesn’t know what 'wiped' server means

May 7, 2015: Senate Votes 99-1 to pass Iran Nuclear Bill. Posted because the mass media is again fucking it up.

This Guy Skins a Watermelon and It's Pretty Freaky

Kim Davis' Lawyer Says She's Just Like A Jew Living In Nazi Germany

Student told to cover up Confederate flag on truck (ME)

Need info about modem

Why Are Climate Groups Only Focused on 50% of the Solution?

Even Bush Appointed Judges Agree: Voter ID Laws Are Racist

MA Police Officer Who Said Cruiser Was Shot at Made the Whole Thing Up

Slowly, Lake Calhoun Is Losing Its Weird Tribute To Mr. Slavery

Trump Picks A Fight With Native Americans

Sorry, Media, Trump-Style Racism Is Mainstream in Republican Party

30,000 Leaky Mines Contaminating U.S. West's Water Supply

Kim Davis's son is the only other clerk refusing to issue ...

Women Saved the Iran Deal From Washington's Bickering Do-Nothing Men

Does DU pay attention to groups targeting individual posters with alerts?

Scott Walker couldn’t be more wrong about the threat to police officers WPost

Study Shows How Investments Reflected Shift in Environmental Views

Palestinians attack US tourists mistaken as settlers

Look what came in the mail today!

I use this for inspiration as well as for my political ideals for both social and economic justice.

Lawyer representing Kim Davis compares her to a Jew under the Nazis

Clinton aides says 2016 bid hurt by email controversy

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" is getting a FOURTH hour for Joe's non-stop Hillary-bashing:

Labor Day Drivers To Enjoy Lowest Gas Prices Since 2004

It's official: July 2015 was the hottest month ever recorded (since 1880) for planet Earth

Looking for entries seasonal photo contest: "Summer" scenes

One Way to Mislead and Distort: Six in Ten People Read Only Headlines

Mutant Plants Suck Toxic TNT (Yes, That TNT) Out of Soil

The most ridiculous aspect of the Kim Davis affair . . .

Jeremy Corbyn on the British anti-Iraq War movement

Bernie Sanders on Class Warfare

Ky. clerk's office will issue marriage licenses Friday — without the clerk

UPDATE: Kim Davis staying in jail, refuses to let deputy clerks issue licenses

Davis in federal custody removes all doubts about the criminalization of Christianity in this countr

Hey New Hampshire people

Does anyone have an idea for a Bernie Sanders related Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor?

I can't imagine votng for someone with absolutely no experience in government

So the serial cheater/serial liar gets his suspension overturned

Authorities Analyze 'Significant' Footage in Fox Lake Cop Shooting

Robert Reich: 3 Steps To Restore Balance Of Political & Economic Power In The US (VIDEO)

Sanders Visits New Hampshire on Labor Day: Breakfast, Parade, BBQ, Office Opening

RSVP for all Union members!

Tennessee judge denies divorce request because of gay marriage ruling

O’Malley Super PAC Cuts Iowa Staff

OMG! Imma addicted toda Fiiishhhh!!

Baby burrito in a hammock.

A favorite of mine

Trump says Jeb! should speak English while in U.S.

Oh yeah! Davis's attorney ...goes to the Hindu argument.

Rick Perry Has Lost His Entire New Hampshire Staff

KKKarl Rove: Obama Wouldn't Be President If McKinley Hadn't Annexed Hawaii

O'Malley urges protest

The right wing’s hideous crusade against Michelle Obama has completely fallen apart

Cameron bows to liberal pressure to allow more Syrian refugees into Britain

Trump's grandparents showed up with no visa, no passport, nothing

Is this usual & customary? I asked a question months ago, and you guys just blew me off? Really?

How to Curb Emissions? Put a Price on Carbon

The Limey Bastard is having a tough match...

Kim Davis: the perp walk

Enough is Enough San Diego!

Religious Right Is Keeping Ted Cruz’s Campaign Alive

Stinky the Clown nails it (not as well as BossHOG would have)...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 4 September 2015

Rand Paul Says People With Jobs Don't Do Heroin

Sitnexto Kim Davis – @nexttokimdavis

Did Trump make a bad deal?

Andrea Mitchell to Interview Clinton Friday

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton has big edge over me with black voters

Neener Neener Neener

Lawyers for gay couples offered Davis a "stay out of jail" card

Theory on why Joe Biden met with Elizabeth Warren?

Kim Davis (Martyr)

Kim Davis Reveals GOP Support For Sharia Law

With GOP In Power Must Sign Loyalty Oath To Get Your Social Security Benefits, Et Al.

Kim Davis perp walk. In leg chains and handcuffed. And still clearly in need of a designer.

New home for Clerk Kim Davis!

I've started to get cortisone injections again for my osteoarthritis.

White House on Kim Davis: The rule of law is central to our democracy

My favorites from T-RUMP AROUND THE WEB

Iron Maiden Unveils Ed Force One 2016

Christian Science Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Any Prescription (The Onion)

Chris Christie refuses to sign RNC loyalty pledge on CNN, but signs it on Fox News

Un-Democratic Democratic Party

What the RNC’s pathetic loyalty pledge says about the GOP

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be on Rachel Maddow tonight

Hillary's Former IT Staffer Refuses to Cooperate with FBI/State Dept Investigations

Why were the Blairites so SURE Labour would have done better in '15 with David Miliband as leader?

Anti-progressive John Roulac: Anti GMO leader, Big Organic businessman, master manipulator

Davis Waiting For Judge To Change Mind. Won't Accept Compromise.

Monsanto's GMO's kicked out of Greece and Latvia

What are the requirements for being recognized as a religion?

Bernie Sanders out-polling Clinton among Latino voters in Georgia

No COLA for 2016!

Review of "Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America," by Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney

Judge who jailed Kim Davis is Jim Bunning's son

Kim Davis supporters show their support for her "religious freedom"

Magnetic 'wormhole' connecting two regions of space created for the first time

Kim Davis is a Democrat!

U.S. banks moved billions in trades beyond CFTC's reach - Reuters

After you tan you can inflate your tires and get an oil change

You know, on this whole Kim Davis thing, "Derp Christians" Gonna Derp.

Q: When Will Xians Support A Dem? A: When They're An Overt Religious Bigot.

Fox News is now pathetically trying to link Donald Trump to JFK

60,000 Antelope Died in Four Days and No One Knows Why

Remembering W.C. Green...

Great new info website on Bernie put together by a couple hundred volunteers!

Bernie to be on Ed Schultz Friday!

Bernie to be on Ed Schultz Friday!

#HillaryMen: Hillary Embodies the Brightest Hopes of Girls and Deepest Fears of GOP Operatives (HRC)

MSNBC to Expand Morning Joe One More Hour; Kate Snow Gets Afternoon Role

Let us not forget what the Contempt Ruling in Kentucky Really means.

Best response to Kim Davis I've seen yet . . .

Cooking With Kids: 5 Reasons You Should Be Doing It

Chernobyl-blighted land to be used 4 biofuel crops, remediate the land & produce a valuable biofuel

Bernie Sanders Is The Strongest Candidate On Women’s Issues

Cooking With Kids: 5 Reasons You Should Be Doing It

TALKING POINTS 101: BLM v. Racial Profiling

Forest Service spends a record $243 million on wildfires

HRC Digital Campaign: Why are Bush, Walker and Trump Ducking on Kentucky Clerk Ignoring Federal Law?

UCI study finds dramatic increase in concurrent droughts, heat waves

Father of Drowned Syrian Boy Describes Son’s Death

Private island for sale in the San Francisco Bay (only $5M, what a steal! sarcasm off)

Bernie Sanders - Straight To Washington

Rand Paul Says People With Jobs Don't Do Heroin.....

Wow. Chris Christie really is a bastard. He is such a is his basic nature.

Marine invites country musician to be his date at Marine Corps Ball, and He Accepts!!

Al Jazeera America's digital newsroom vote to unionize

As Giant Media Platforms Rise, Local News is Getting Crushed--Neiman Lab Reports

Fact-checking the refugee crisis: Chris Alexander calls Canada 'model of humanitarian action'

Why Al Jazeera America digital workers went union

Why Al Jazeera America digital workers went union

I feel a rant coming on...

Bernie Sanders Had A Great Response To War Hawks

U.S. judge dismisses civil rights suit against Arizona sheriff

non computer literate ?

Ky. clerk's office will issue marriage licenses Friday — without the clerk

Judge declines divorce case, citing gay marriage ruling

Police officer indicted for first-degree murder in death of unarmed teenager

RSVP for all Union members! Bernie Sanders needs your help!


Tom Brady is Lucky That He is A Union Member

The Mayday Project: Reclaim Democracy (This video should be shown to every American)

when GOPers parrot: "regulations cost businesses"..tell'em Trickle Down Disaster cost >$20 Trillion

Adorable piggies chewing.

Texas bullet train 'one step' closer to reality

Driving instructor smoked pot with, kissed teen student

yes there is an enthusiasm gap. And it's obvious.

Dutch defense ministry: Airman likely left to join ISIS

Salmon spawns on Obama in Alaska

A conservative judge locked up a democrat over gay marriage.

Have you ever worked with someone who refused to do part of their legal job due to religious objecti

Minnesota Congressman John Kline Will Not Seek Re-Election

Hillary's Email: Still No There There (Hill GRp)

Daily Kos is coming to North Carolina

Jim Webb: The Time Has Come. Will You Help?

Demonizing the Poor

Oops: Rick Perry says a broken clock is right once a day

better than 1,000 words.

September 3, 2005

September 3, 2005

September 3, 2005

Andy Parker has withdrawn from the Henry County Supervisors Race

DMV will allow workers to make decisions based on religious beliefs

Kraft Heinz expands Kraft Singles recall

OK, I looked up the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys....

Bernie2016TV live now

Saved By Grace kitty rescue by Sandra Hollywood, FL

New Research Documents Growth of Extreme Poverty in US

A new kind of academia: free courses, no exams and real life lessons

‘Turning point’ — Obama defeats Netanyahu and ‘destroyers of hope’ on Iran Deal!

They're not giving up trying to sink the Iran agreement