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Great Vegetarian recipes?

Berning Manhattan needs more volunteers; 2 more days Sept. 5

ESPN benches Curt Schilling for the rest of MLB season

THIS charge is really important:

"We Will Make Our Country Great Again" - Be Electing Trump Or A WHITE President.

Chiara Vigo: The last woman who makes sea silk

The Evolution Of Labor Day (Info-Graphic)

The Evolution Of Labor Day (Info-Graphic)

Feds Will Need Warrant to Use Cellphone Scanning Technology Known as 'Stingrays'

The Evolution Of Labor Day (Info-Graphic)

Building a Bern Net

WoW-Did anybody see the video of the Trump goon hitting the Latino guy...

Clinton vs. Bush

U.S. court: Transgender illegal immigrant cannot be deported to Mexico

NYTimes all-out war on Hillary Clinton: a photo montage (HILLARY GROUP)

They Cracked This 250-Year-Old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside

Three more Senate Democrats back Iran nuclear deal

Game time! What percent of the sample did Hispanics make up in that Georgia Poll?

On The Road: Bernie Builds on Iowa Momentum

Walker super-PAC's first ad touts union fight

RSVP for all Union members! Bernie Sanders needs your help!

Walker super-PAC's first ad touts union fight

Walker super-PAC's first ad touts union fight

The Here and Now

Oregon judge refuses to perform same-sex marriages, cites First Amendment right to religious freedom

Anti-Defamation League: Step Aside If Religious Values Keep You From Doing Your Job

Bernie going Green

Look what the computer generated announcement says. 3-3 hide.

9-3-15 The Day the Pictures Spoke in 2:00

New national poll shows Scott Walker 'fading into the background' of presidential race

9-3-15 The Day the Pictures Spoke in 2:00

DOJ's new Stingray rules: feds need a warrant to track phones

Union members will campaign on Labor Day for Bernie Sanders

Meet Dummy, member of the Stupid Family...

9-3-15 The Day the Pictures Spoke in 2:00

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Suffer the Little Children! & a new Kitteh gif

Mmm, homemade peanut butter cookies.

Donald Trump’s Bodyguard punches Protester in head!!!!

Governor Beshear Releases Statement (re: Kim Davis)

Benghazi Investigation Spends Fortune to Harass Hillary Clinton

Help? Under the Dome pre-empted by football. :(

Manhunt for active shooter near Sacramento City College

At what point is the party going to admit that there's a Hillary problem?

Booker, Warner, Heitkamp Announce Support for Iran Nuclear Deal

O'Malley camp to DNC: “Silence isn’t an option.”

If you are not a Democrat in NY you can't vote for Bernie!

Ted Cruz: 'I Stand With Kim Davis'

Huckabee: I Can't Believe Kentucky Clerk Is In Jail And Hillary Isn't!

Ring of Fire for Bernie

The clown car scrambles for its "Je Suis Charlie" moment with a fucking bigoted clerk

Scott Walker's Kim Davis reaction is vaguely word-shaped air.

Hillary Clinton On Jailed KY Clerk: 'Officials Should Be Held To Their Duty'

Pentagon discloses new problems in widening anthrax investigation

Hillary Clinton To Give Sit-Down Interview To NBC's Andrea Mitchell

Emilys List for Hillary 2016

ACLU fights U.S. funding for Los Angeles police body cameras

Bassem Tamimi and the Use of Children as Political Props

Why I am a Democratic Socialist

Karen Finney: 5 Things You May Not Know About Hillary Clinton's Famous Beijing Speech (HRC GROUP)

Father of drowned Syrian toddlers prepares to take bodies home

Mass. police say officer made up story about shooting that sparked a manhunt

Target Forced to Pay $2.8 Million to Women and Minority Applicants

Report: 12 UNRWA-linked Facebook Accounts Incite Antisemitism & Violence

Target Forced to Pay $2.8 Million to Women and Minority Applicants

Tuskegee mayor wants downtown square owned by Daughters of Confederacy (AL)

In Memoriam, Aylan Kurdi

Doubts Over Confederate Symbols Put a Chief Justice’s Statue in Jeopardy (MD)

Scalia explained why Kim Davis should issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or find a new job

Otto Pérez Molina out as Guatemala's President, ordered to jail

Biden: Presidential Run Depends on ‘Emotional Energy’ of Family

500 mile British trip in a Nissan Leaf...

Update on my medical thing

Tobin S. should write a book, or several.

(White humpback whale): Chalking it up to fate for lucky sight-seers

To those who are Berning Manhattan September 5th

I Saw Hamas' Cruel and Selfish Game in Gaza

Married 4 times - but did you know this ?

Franklin Graham

Did the IDF Conduct a 'Rescue Mission' in Gaza?

Police: 11-year-old fatally shoots intruder, 16, in Missouri

tired of paying for the kim davises of this country. first, as taxpayers, we are paying the

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 6 - Esther Williams

TCM Schedule for Monday September 7 - Telluride Tribute

Brazilian Army Called to Keep the Peace After Death of Indian Leader

Mein Trump trumped by foreign policy question

Inside ‘the Bloodhound’: Why Mexico’s fact-checking experiment should scare politicians everywhere

Cats don't suffer separation anxiety when left alone, study shows

Rep. Elijah Cummings Demands Gowdy Release Transcript of Cheryl Mills Interview (HILLARY GROUP)

Guatemala's new president is conservative former top judge

Armed citizen helps police

6,550 dead people registered to vote in Colombia’s local elections

Exclusive: MSNBC to Expand Morning Joe One More Hour; Kate Snow Gets Afternoon Role

In defense of Kim Davis

Religion In The Comics - 039

Peru's Congress boosts state energy firm in populist turn

How to cook Scrapple?

Editorial: Why public employees should follow the law, not their private religious beliefs

San Bruno penalty remains tax write off for PG&E

Feeling the Bern at the Minnesota State Fair, Penn sued by family of student who killed herself

Exposing the Real Deceivers: Why the Overhyped Hillary "Liar" Poll Is a Joke (Hill group)

I wonder how much support I'd get...

Mike Malloy - I Hope I Outlive Cheney, So I Can Celebrate His Death

Today in polling, the RCP mega-sample

Kim Davis is in the wrong party

Bryan Pagliano, Clinton’s Former Tech Staffer, Will Plead The Fifth In Email Investigation

Hillary Clinton: Whatever language you speak, you should feel welcome in America.

Who Needs Fox? NY Times and Morning Joe Battle for Title of Chief Hillary Basher

So everyone, what is your favorite song?

Trump Popularity Is Response to Brain Dead Politics

From a ramble

What impact does Ms. Davis have on pharmacies that refuse to offer contraception?

A wound covering nearly half my face had dried to the upholstery Wapo article

Ken Paxton gets extra week to hire lawyer

Bernie lays the SMACKDOWN on the Koch Brothers, GOP Shysters, the MSM and the Think Tank Toadies

Cruz views on jailing of Kentucky clerk reflect embrace of nullification, disobedience

With Iran Deal Battle in Congress Over, It's Time to Rehabilitate U.S.-Israel Ties

Biden says he's not sure if he will seek presidency

Inside Israel’s Bid to Derail Iran Pact ("people are angry")

Considering the unbelievable amount of fugitives

The right wing’s hideous crusade against Michelle Obama has completely fallen apart

Clues from ancient Maya reveal lasting impact on environment

Clues from ancient Maya reveal lasting impact on environment

Plan targets health care bias against transgender people

Inside Israel’s Bid to Derail Iran Pact

For the Love of Water: El Salvador’s Mining Ban

For the Love of Water: El Salvador’s Mining Ban

King cobra is on the loose in Orlando, Florida

Krugman: Bubblewashing

Night of Broken Immigrants and Politics of Liberation Psychology

Night of Broken Immigrants and Politics of Liberation Psychology

Latest SAT Scores Raise New Alarms Over 'Test-and-Punish' Education

Trump "security" when it comes to Latino protesters

NBC golf analyst Rolfing battling cancer

The shocking truth about Donald Trump: He’s actually the least terrifying GOP candidate

Petraeus Prosecutor Anne M. Tompkins: Hillary did NOT break the law.

Thousands of gallons of oil spilled in Mississippi River

Obama left a moving comment on a 'Humans of New York' photo from Iran

Rock-throwing that injured teacher results in jail sentences

Jorge Ramos puts O’Reilly in his place:“You're not the right person to lecture me on advocacy....

Polls: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump lead in Georgia

Inside Facebook's plan to build a better school

Utah authorities probing 'OSU' found on ancient rock art

The Hague: Warlord Offers a Defense

Virginia Officer Stephen Rankin indicted in teen's death at Walmart parking lot

Comic book trailer about a black single mom raising superhero son is a must watch

Great site of Bernie on C-Span videos; lots of videos. Thank you Catholics 4Bernie!

Mike Huckabee Compares Kim Davis To Abraham Lincoln

A Picture That Tells a 1000 Words

Another great site of Bernie videos; Thank you Peoples War

Immigrants Commit Fewer Crimes Than The National Average

Sign these: Petitions to remove Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as DNC Chair

Is it appropriate for progressives to mock Kim Davis's weight and fashion sense?

Young nurse asked to adopt newborn after mom dies of Ebola

KOS breaks down Mara Liasson's show

Former Nevada beauty queen arrested again for alleged drug possession

Mexico Registers Around 26,000 People as Missing

The Successes and Mistakes of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Teen Boy Charged As Adult For Having Naked Pics of a Minor: Himself

Anyone watching Narcos?

Scott Walker's Record on Wind and Solar Power Leaves Renewables Industry Fuming

Go To Jail, Go Directly To Jail, Do Not Pass Go or Pay $200 --- The Story of Kim Davis.

Colombia issues arrest warrants for 22 army officers

Colombia issues arrest warrants for 22 army officers

How Netanyahu Lost the Iran Deal

Mike Huckabee just got shutdown on MSNBC over his support of Kim Davis

Colombia: Displaced Wounaan Look for Government Support in Guaranteeing Safety

Cree Woman Wins International Pageant, Speaks Out For Native Rights and Against Conservatives

The Economist: Why Trump Is Dangerous

I'm starting to think that Americans aren't ready for a female president

Migrant Chaos Mounts While Divided Europe Stumbles for Response

Evo Morales Says Good Bye to Doctors Departing to Major in Cuba

Saudi King To Meet With Obama Amid Gulf Concerns Over Iran Deal

Editorial: Tampa the logical place for Cuban consulate

Martin O'Malley pulling pints at Doyle's Cafe in Boston

"Freedom From Consequence: The Abandonment of Truth in 21st Century Politics"

Abbott vs. Abbott

Cruz Opens Texas Swing With Warning for Rivals

Disposable People: Obama, the TPP, and the Betrayal of Human Rights

Obama Plan Targets Health Care Bias Against Transgender People

Kentucky clerk’s actions are about deprivation of rights under color of law

Republicans say politics could interfere with probe of EPA spill on Animas River

How Many Trees Does Earth Have? New Study Yields Big Surprise

Judge to hear union’s request for suspension of teacher evaluations (Santa Fe)

Judge to hear union’s request for suspension of teacher evaluations (Santa Fe)

A Y-12 insider’s account of the July 28, 2012 security breach and what followed

No-spin zone: Freeway stunts a bad idea (trucks doing doughnuts on I-25)

IMF Officials Implicated In Theft, Concealment Of Ukraine Loan Corruption, US Justice Department

Bobby Jindal administration says jailed Kentucky clerk would be protected in Louisiana

The Truth of ‘Black Lives Matter’

Daily Holidays - September 4

New Research Documents Growth of Extreme Poverty at 3rd world levels in the US

Unnecessary Censorship...

Bernie's response to war hawks

Trump complains about ‘gotcha question’ again after blowing answer on Middle East issues

Columbia, South Carolina office opening 9/10/15

How well do you know Bernie Sanders?

North Texas Legislators Cry Wolf Again About Sharia Law

Happy Labor Day weekend, Bernie Sanders supporters!!

These men's rights activists are using a 1950s law to shut down women in tech

Essentially, let the UK be Switzerland number 2 under Corbyn

All 15 Dallas Council Members Sign Letter Supporting Gay Pride

Texas Doctors Ask SCOTUS to Stem Tide of Abortion Restrictions

Keller School Board Met Illegally Ahead of LGBT Protections Vote, Experts Say

In politics, the "conventional wisdom" may be neither conventional nor wisdom. Discuss.

Stephen Colbert is pissed at jeb! for fundraising using his show:

Foreign-Born Teens Less Likely to Commit Crimes Than Those Born in U.S., Study Suggests

Two charged with murder in connection with Abilene police officer's death

Childress PD's 'In God We Trust' decals trigger constitutional debate

Childress PD's 'In God We Trust' decals trigger constitutional debate

Texas man with crazy mugshot pleads guilty to threatening to blow up federal courthouse in Amarillo

Santorum Mocks Liberals For Believing That Diversity Benefits America

Lawyer: Vice News journalists face deportation from Turkey

Trump Calls Martin O’Malley A ‘Disgusting Little Weak Pathetic Baby’

So the rumor mill on MSNBC is to replace Chris Hayes with Willie Geist WTF!!!!

It's September 4 (soon to be September 8). Cedar Rapids Town Meeting and Sanders Song

Bernie Sanders Coe College, Cedar Rapids Iowa Tonight (9/4)

Another heartfelt message to any Teabagger that may be trolling DU

Bernie Sanders Had A Great Response To War Hawks

Texas Man Threatens The Lives Of Any Black People Coming To His Town

Some idiot Declawed a Siberian Tiger Cub, then Abandoned it

Texas Gov. Abbott seeks retribution against hospital that advocates Medicaid expansion

Toon- A good summation of Obama's Presidency

Police: Man threatens to 'kill all white people' in 'purge'-inspired tweet

Davis Is Still The Boss And Could Fire The Deputies Issuing License.

Erickson: "the beginning of the end of the Republican party"

Global stock markets sink ahead of US jobs report

The Young Swede Who Changed from Pro-Palestinian to Israel Supporter


Baker urges nuke plant owners to correct federal concerns

The Rude Pundit - Mike Huckabee: "Lawbreaker Kim Davis Is Totally Tits"

HUndreds protest over Michael Vicks at Steelers home game

Sesame Street - Donald Grump

Will Joe pass the Elizabeth Warren test?...Biden: "I’m not a populist like Bernie"

Trump's favorability soars among Republicans

Hillary Clinton campaign to spend $4 million on ads in Iowa, New Hampshire

Trump just announced something I hadn't heard before ...

One Day After The Big Parade, Beijing Air Quality Back To "Unhealthy" Levels

Starving Common Murres Overwhelm CA Seabird Rescue Center - 15X Normal Numbers

This woman is telling others who they should marry?

Bernie Sanders on Payday Lender Loans

Hillary's top donors moved billions in trades beyond CFTC's reach

So Kim Davis may not be able to cash in on Gofundme?

Obama-Elizabeth Warren payday lender rules slammed by Florida Democrats

Going to the chapel: Will Smith & James Yates get a marriage license in Rowan Co

6 Signs You're an Irrational Anti-atheist:

I am not sure how I feel (or how I should feel) about this.

Good Morning President Jimmy Carter

Payroll employment rises by 173,000 in August; unemployment rate edges down to 5.1%

Unemployment rate now 5.1% - lowest since April 2008 before the crash

Police Fatalities Much Lower Than Under Reagan, Yet Walker Blames Obama

Sen. Bernie Sanders braves the summer heat at fairgrounds Thursday night

The Ashley Madison Hack And The Christian Right - Amanda Marcotte part 3

Bernie Sanders Blasts The GOP With Reality: It Wasn’t Immigrants Who Caused The Great Recession

Who Benefits From Mass Incarceration? James Kilgore On His New Book Part Two

John Kerry: 'There's A Massive Amount Of Overclassification'

UK far-right leader urges left to join his anti-EU campaign

Sanders is building a real campaign organization

Dinner with some good friends who happen to be republicans...

Interesting article

In Case You Hadn’t Noticed Yet, The Koch Brothers Are Losing The Republican Primary

Wonderful elephant pilgrimage

Democrats Are Pouring It On As Top Foreign Affairs Dem Releases Must Read Support for Iran Deal

Kim Davis' stunt demolished in one brilliant tweet

Guardian: Why the refugee crisis is only now getting so bad, 4 years into the Syrian civil war

Kim Davis should have just resigned

Something else I learned from the Trump. Did you know ...

UK’s Fake Housing Market Makes Fake Millionaires

Liquidity Stress Spikes to Worst Level since Financial Crisis

This is too perfect! Koch bros - it's the evil thing

Rick Perry Concedes To Trump: "A Broken Clock Is Right Once A Day"

In The Jailhouse Now

Republicans Just Shot Themselves In The Foot By Forcing Trump To Sign Loyalty Pledge

Corpse in closet while men partied

Retiring BBC presenter: As with all conservative media, facts mean little in Russian media

Cheney was the greatest thing that happened to the radical regime in Iran since it took power.

How Pope Francis is perpetuating the Catholic Church's radical anti-abortion position

Check in - Christian and proud. Sick and tired of these idiots who give us a bad name

Kansas State campus in Manhattan on lockdown after 'possibly armed' person seen

BERNIE: "War should be the last resort of a great nation-We should explore every other option"

Voters must demand political realism on Iran

Keiser Report: ‘Frack now, pay later’

Kim Davis follows the footsteps of George Wallace

Kim Davis' husband 4 calls judge who jailed her a "butt."

My favorite movie is L.A. Confidential.

Kentucky: "LOVE HAS WON" --- Gay couple gets Rowan license amid frenzy

The new gotcha question should be:

A welcome challenge to GOP’s tax-cutting dogma - Boston Globe Editorial

Props to Deputy Clerk Brian Mason, the dude that just wanted to play Minecraft

Friday Toon Roundup 1- Ungodly

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Pledge of Stupidity

Kentucky Clerk Enters GOP Presidential Fray

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Deflated Goodell

This week in crazy: Cheneys; #Pufferfish; Beck; FauxNews; Huckabee

Heee's back--my big bull buddy.

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

U.S. adds 173,000 jobs in August as unemployment falls to seven-year low | Marketwatch

Gowdy said will treat Chery Mills testimony as if Classified-but leaked all ..(Hilllary Grp)

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-3-15 $ bomb is 9-8-15

Idris Elba can't be James Bond

The Jeb Bush Campaign is in Free Fall

Magnetic 'wormhole' connecting two regions of space created for the first time

Drone crashes at Louis Armstrong stadium, interrupts US Open tennis match

Chihuahuas Win 10-1 Thursday to Take Series

14 senators (all Democrats) call on US to take more Syrian refugees; republicans oppose it.

Watch Ted Cruz’s strong defense of Kim Davis Tea Party Rally in Kingwood Texas (VIDEO)

How Trump Outsmarted the GOP

Dem staffers walk out of Planned Parenthood video screening

What Would It Take for Bernie to Win?

Watch Ted Cruz give Hillary Clinton a taste of what the presidential election will be like (VIDEO)

Clearly Bristol Palin gets her brains from her mom......

Bank executive sentenced to 8 years behind bars in bailout’s biggest criminal case

Rachel Maddow - Donald Trump losing his edge, becoming a politician, stump speech and all

Protest in India: fake snakes, pink underwear and more

Politics Done Right: Touching dialogue with my friend’s frustration with the country’s race dynamics

Righteous Video Rant on TYT about media coverage of politics (and Sanders and Clinton)

Chris Christie Slams ‘Done Nothing’ Republican Congress

Chimp that attacked a drone with a stick planned ahead, researchers say

Trump just lost the conservatives...

I just heard a new nick name for Trump "Goldfinger".

Chris Christie by the numbers...He's a HUGE waste of NJ money!

Theocrat Kim Davis' hypocritical saga continues. In jail.

Edmonton Metro Line LRT Extension Opens Sept. 6

Cat Street View: Japanese site lets you follow public antics of kittehs!

Saudi King Salman to visit D.C., rents entire hotel

What does this slang phrase mean?

Nativism And Economic Anxiety Are Fueling Donald Trump. In Other Words: Populism

Overbearing, over-regulated governments like the U.S. are full of nothing but blue sky promises.

Share with people who suggest KY clerk is being jailed for practicing her religion.

Patriot Coal miners union reaches agreement

Patriot Coal miners union reaches agreement

Patriot Coal miners union reaches agreement

Joe Biden Talks 2016: ‘I Just Don’t Know’

UPDATE - Kim Davis

Refugee's marching to Germany-Austria other places- photos

Become a Forum host! Sign up today!

Elizabeth Warren interview in at noon today. Call in show.

"See, I told you they'd pay for the wall!"

Why Is DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz Afraid of Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley Debating Hillar

The Truth of 'Black Lives Matter'

Kim Davis Is Not a Christian Martyr: The Ky Court Clerk Deserves to Be in the Clink:By Ana Marie Cox

Hearing aid info needed: I'm being offered


The Clinton Hate Algorithm

Black lives don’t matter to the Republican Party

Rachel Maddow - Trump screwed up: Maddow on his RNC pledge

Top Dem On Benghazi Committee: Shut It All Down!

Disband the Benghazi Committee - By ADAM B. SCHIFF

Man rushes into burning building to save his--- Ribs?

Help! What should I do?...... Police came.

Who is responsible for the refugee crisis in Europe?

Orthodox Jew City Clerk Refuses Tax Payments from Uncircumcised Males

X-post: Police: 11-year-old fatally shoots intruder, 16, in Missouri

"Can't Buy Me Love" actress dies

Why the Brady win IS about Politics

The GOP’s ludicrous Kim Davis primary: How raging homophobia took the Republican campaign by storm

Shithead runs for Parliament

"My husbands were all punks!" . . . Please come CAPTION Kim Davis!!

Walker foreign policy doctrine-a dangerous authoritarian tyrant, charlatan and demagogue

2012: U.S. manufacturing sees shortage of skilled factory workers

It’s Trump’s party now, Jeb! just lives in it:the GOP “loyalty pledge” is a win for Trump-Joan Walsh

Is Kim Davis in jail? And her supporters are going off the deep end...

Ranking member, Adam B. Schiff, of the Select Committee on Benghazi says to shut it down now!

Thom Hartmann: Mainstream Media Undermines Sanders

Davis Won't Resign. Does That Mean She Will Continue Her Policies If Let Out Of Jail?

Hillary Clinton is not ‘calculating’ or risk-averse. (Hillary Group)

Damn it, Pat, make up your mind

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders

Teen shot in Sterling, Loudoun, VA. Suspect(s) on the loose.

Pap and Thom Hartmann: Dr. Ben Carson — A Medical Malpractice Nightmare

From Decider to Delegator

“Hillary likes ‘Parks and Recreation'”: The media’s breathless email scandal coverage reaches new...

Naked man runs around Times Square for hours, and police do nothing.

In what way is the NFL not for profit? If they paid their fair share of taxes, imagine that number.

How did Portugal cut drug addition in half?

Man reduces house for sale price by 1/4 - still no buyers

Who, What, Why: Can a bang on the head cause a bald spot? as scott Walker Claims

Fourth youth implicates Somerset priest in sexual abuse

Help Wanted...

President Obama's incredible response to an Iranian boy's photo on Facebook

Even Norway is feeling the Bern!

Feel the excitement in this new video

Andrea Mitchelll interviewing Hillary --LIVE now on msnbc

TYT: Rick Perry's Campaign Staff Abandoning A Sinking Ship

Tip Jar Thief Shot

Bernie Pics.

movies you love that everyone else hated

The Great Wall of Mexico...

Former Clinton aide to plead the 5th

Pap and Thom Hartmann: GOP Signs Contract With The Devil — Trump’s Agreement Is Meaningless

TYT: The Real Reason Donald Trump Is Rich

Things that can reduce gun violence and why we don't do them.

Donald Trump refuses to support Kentucky clerk Kim Davis: ‘We are a nation of laws’

TRANSCRIPT: Andrea Mitchell's interview with Hillary Clinton today: (HILLARY GROUP)

Gay couple getting marriage license call "perverts" by protesters "disgraceful" by clerk's husband

Custody battle waged over San Francisco Bay Bridge chicken

Florida security guard admits killing unarmed black man: ‘I was arrested because of George Zimmerman

Pic Of The Moment: Scott Walker Blames Obama For "Disturbing Trend"

Medicare's three-day inpatient hospital stay

Kim Davis as imagined in a song by Gilbert & Sullivan.

TYT: How To Unlock The Easter Egg In Rand Paul’s Selfie App

Huckabee On Kentucky Clerk's Jailing: Even Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Got Bail!

Arlington Jefferson-Jackson event may be stripped of namesakes

"He has no clue...He does not give a fuck about you. So fuck that guy, and fuck his hair."

“Yes Means Yes” Sex Education Could Spread to California High Schools

“Yes Means Yes” Sex Education Could Spread to California High Schools

“Yes Means Yes” Sex Education Could Spread to California High Schools

Lilo the dog and Rosie the kitten: very squee video

Christie: I’d ‘Officially Retire’ Biden If He Runs Against Me In 2016

It's Friday, it's a long weekend, I'm 2lbs from vacation goal weight. Here's your song for the day

Mayor names Confederate monument review commission (MD)

Clinton And Bush Promise Relief For Puerto Rico While Raking In Cash From Its Vulture Fund Creditors

TYT: Anti-Gay Marriage Clerk Kim Davis Goes To Jail

L. L. Bean's Leon A. Gorman dies at 80

the ohio state falls to 12th:

Medicine in the Magic Kingdom of Cascadia

Capitol artwork honors white supremacist politicians (GA)

Scott Walker- This is both factual and incredibly insulting....

Dem insider: O'Malley can't win Democratic Party nomination because he's a "mainstream white male"

So Donald Trump’s head body guard punches

Senate candidate Sestak fund-raising for Dem. Supreme Court candidates.

How many Confederacy-tied Alexandria streets can you name? (VA)

First same-sex couple marries in Tijuana

Where does Martin O'Malley stand?video

Police chief receives KKK flyer, Confederate flag (NC)

TYT: Majority Of Republicans Think Obama’s A Muslim

Where does Martin O'Malley stand?

Mean Obama Regime Now Making Short-People Jokes About Alaska’s Favoritest Mountain

Please join us on September 17

Mississippi’s flag – time for a change

Rebel flag symbol of racism, not historic point of pride

Millis officer to face charges in alleged false report.

Never setting foot in Florida

Amandla Stenberg is Creating a Comic to Empower Women of Color

Martin O'Malley calls on US to abide by moral principles, accept 65K Syrian refugees

Serve Yourself

Okay MSNBC just demonstrated what's so angering about the media coverage

If a 90 year old woman can stand in front of Walmart every week to tell people about Bernie,

Hillary down, Bernie up in polls

Pulitzer Prize Reporter Exposes Trump’s Lack of Wealth, Mob Ties, Failure to Support Charity,

Bernie Sanders' revolutionary message resonating in conservative Iowa

Check THIS out: MSNBC's Morning Joe Edits Out David Ignatius' Debunking Of Clinton Email "Scandal" (HRC)

5 Bible Verses That Are Way More Graphic Than "Fun Home" (the alison bechdel graphic novel)

17 Genius Tweets from the Person who Allegedly 'Sits Next to Kim Davis'

5 Bible Verses That Are Way More Graphic Than "Fun Home" (the alison bechdel graphic novel)

Chris Christie Wants To Track Immigrants Like Fed-Ex Packages

Bernie Sanders Surge Reflects US Shift on Socialism

Buggering Mercury bum tickler...

Why a Criminal Record Shouldn’t Disqualify Someone From Public Assistance

Kim Davis' Lawyer Says She's Just Like A Jew Living In Nazi Germany

These Portraits of Ethiopian Women Showcase Strength and Bravery

How the Federal Government Built White Suburbia (segregation)

These Portraits of Ethiopian Women Showcase Strength and Bravery

Bernie Sanders is all wet !

aaaand the attacks on Hugh Hewitt begin (bad Trump interview)

GOP’s Ben Carson eyes end to Veterans Administration

MrScorpio Talks To Everyone

Ted Cruz indifferent to rule of law in Kim Davis case

Scott Walker links recent police killings, racial tensions to Obama (Mary Spicuzza&Jason Stein Sept-

GoFundMe’s New Policy Prevents Kim Davis From Collecting Conservatives’ Cash

Demonizing the Poor

Donald Trump, Bullying & the Very Very Rich

Another dumb statement courtesy of Pat Robertson

Kim Davis scoffs at her own Bible

The obligatory New York tabloid covers:

Those Republicans

Jeb Bush hypnotizes 'em in New Hampshire yesterday.

I just bought a $3 raffle ticket for Stephen Colbert's show

DIY Electric clothes dryer energy recovery for those colder months

Love this Bernie Sanders2016 T-shirt...

Bernie LIVE at 2:00PM CENTRAL...Meskwaki Nation Town Meeting.

60,000 Antelopes Died in 4 Days — And No One Knows Why

World Wildlife Sanctuary: Fox Resuce

cnn frames the incident where trump body guard hits protester: Protesters scuffle outside Trump Tower

Death Star 'Exhaust Port architect defends his design. (Funny)

Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization (

When Racism Slips Into Everyday Speech

What The Hell Is Going On With The Democratic Debates?

Carly Fiorina Says Kentucky Clerk Has Two Choices: Do Her Job Or Resign

South Carolina Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Dylann Roof: Victims’ Families Divided

Petition to require all gov't officials to swear upon the Constitution, not the bible

"Bernie Bomb" on this Tuesday--his birthday(Sept 8)

Louisiana cop fired after giving Nazi salute at KKK rally

The Royals' magic number is 17.

Toon: Bernie and Goliath

Bill O’Reilly Finally Gets Around to Being Outraged by MTV VMAs

Dish Taking Away Users’ Right To Sue Company In Court. Here’s How To Opt Out

No battle over Liberty Place monument

We are in September now. The first debate

Renewed debate over renaming Calhoun (Yale Alumni Magazine)

Why the Media Loves Trump: CNN Charging 40 Times Its Normal Rate for GOP Debate Ads

Hillary Clinton On Emails: 'I'm Sorry It Has Been Confusing To People'

Georgia vs. Scotland

Bing, Bing, Bing! JUST hit 10,000 subscribers!

...spotted this logo on

#HillaryMen: The Hillary Email Scandal Is About Making A Powerful Woman Bow Down And Apologize (HRC)

Bumped into an old college acquaintence online. A bigot then, and a bigot now.

from Wayne Powell:

My advice to Mike Huckabee

The ‘Secret’ Details in the 1940 Census You May Be Missing

Here Are the Best Damn Photos From Pres Obama’s Alaska Trip

Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit.

OK. I found it. The site where donations to support Kim Davis are being solicited.

One candidate is leading on the Syrian refugee crisis.

One candidate is leading on the Syrian refugee crisis.

Posted this article from Rima Regas/Alternet yesterday made Raw Story today.

Ottumwa Campaign Headquarters Opening (video)

Florence, South Carolina

Anybody here have hypothyroid?

The 1 Easy Way Donald Trump Could Have Been Even Richer: Doing Nothing

Martin O'Malley Calls for U.S. to Accept 65,000 Syrian Refugees.Newsweek

Exodus of Syrians Highlights Political Failure of the West

Martin O'Malley Calls for U.S. to Accept 65,000 Syrian Refugees.Newsweek

Rally at Rock Hill, South Carolina

Interesting discussion over at Reddit Bernie group re: NYT and their coverage.

The million year old monkey: New evidence confirms the antiquity of fossil primate

But he's a Socialist!!

Luckovich: Hey, this isn't your signature!

Clinton: I Didn't 'Stop And Think' About Email System

Key Democrat Ben Cardin opposes Iran deal

Patrick Murphy fundraising pitch likens Alan Grayson to Donald Trump

Israeli forces shoot, injure child of fisherman in Gaza

Cornel West to join Bernie in SC next week!

Labor Day is about LABOR. It isn't about our war machine. That is all.

Attention metalheads

The million year old monkey: New evidence confirms the antiquity of fossil primate

JAMES O'KEEFE: Did he find a job working at MSNBC?

CNN Raking In Advertising Money For Republican Debate On Sept. 16

Anyone here from the Cincinnati area?

UN Agency Forced To Cut Food Aid To 229,000 Syrian Refugees

Canada high court dismisses Chevron appeal in Ecuador environmental damage case

Unions plan big Labor Day Bernie rally

Canada high court dismisses Chevron appeal in Ecuador environmental damage case

Kitty musical genius - very squee video

Ky. clerk’s attorney: Marriage licenses ‘not worth the paper they’re written on’

Unions plan big Labor Day Bernie rally

Top 5 posts on this week: Kim Davis & End Timers dominate

I have likely a dumb question, but why is Hungary trying to stop the asylum-seekers

Bernie Sanders revitalized the economy and solidified support for progressive municipal policies.

2016 Candidates 'better halves'

Thom Hartmann: Why The World Is Running Out of Water

Fox News Waaambulance Ready for GOP Dropouts

Thom Hartmann: NPR Needs To Clean Up Their House

oldie and a goodie...

Another March Against Monsanto Page Eats, uh, SHARES the Dihydrogen Monoxide Meme!

Texas Tent Revival Spews Hate Speech Across Public Park

I Used to Work as a Scientist with GMOs—Now I'm Having Serious Second Thoughts About The Risks

Lawyers: Texas owes $741,000 in legal fees in gay marriage case

The Walking Dead - Jesus is Coming

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet announces support for Iran deal

UPDATED: Kim Davis' Attorney Says She Will Appeal Contempt Ruling Today

Devangshu Datta: The politics of the Census

Hillary Clinton Just Picked Sides With the Democrats’ Warren Wing Against the Rubin Wing

Federal court says Indiana religious non-profit groups must comply with Obamacare

Firing squad, blood-draining among suggestions sent to Gov. Abbott to continue Texas death penalty

Another wonderful photo of the president with the kids in Dillingham

When Prime Prep Academy shut down, another school inherited “anarchy” (Deion Sanders' school)

How Democrats became secular and Republicans became religious. (It’s not what you think.)

‘Worst coupon ever': Twitter trolls take over #FreeKimDavis — and it’s hilarious

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 4, 2015

Latinos plan anti-Trump rally in Dallas, ahead of Trump visit

Sen. Michael Bennet backs Iran nuke deal

Few countries are as tolerant of gays as the Jewish state

Dark Germany, Bright Germany: Which Side Will Prevail Under Strain of Refugees? (Der Spiegel)

Rice researchers demo solar water-splitting technology

September 1, 2015: a rare day in the annuals of climatology- national heat records falling in

Dedicated to all those couples in Kentucky who

"What law has Kim Davis broken?"

RIP William Provine

Pakistani nationals extradited to U.S. in narco-terrorism case

Blast From the Past in Buenos Aires

What's the point of having a block feature when the person you block can still...

Blast From the Past in Buenos Aires

Bernie Sanders' America 2024

Hungary says to bus migrants to Austrian border

Turning National Parks into Corporate Profit Centers

Greek polls show Syriza, conservatives neck-and-neck

Ga. cops go to wrong home, shoot owner, his dog and one of their own cops.

Bernie Sanders Reddit Following Helps Campaign For 2016 Election

Apple applies for patent for fuel cell system that could power a MacBook “for days or even weeks”

Massive rock threatening to crash into base of Arizona dam

Alaska: Pete Souza Magic

Was Timmeh Cut?????????????/

Isis destroys ancient tombs in Palmyra

“I will show you what a woman can do.” The Beheading of Holofernes by Artemisia Gentlileschi.

"You talkin' to me?"

What Dems can learn from Trump

(Baltimore) 2,000 cases may be overturned because police used secret Stingray surveillance

Rest in peace, Wayne Dyer.

Confederate flags taken down at Augusta High School (KS)

Tabling for Bernie today at the local university.

'White Boy Rick' drug trafficker likely to get new sentence

Can we stop slut-shaming and attacking the looks of women that we disagree with?

This is the car fleet that awaited the Saudi King when he landed in USA:

Activists to speak at Warren Wilson

The best Kim Davis Memes this week ~

Passive Aggressive Attitudes - What's your example?

Teacher has gun pulled on her during road rage incident

Bernie Sanders has got his own set of emojis

Council tables any discussion of Confederate flag use (FL)

Sanders Calls for Immigration Reform, Rips Trump Attacks on Immigrants

Meet the man behind 'Buy Confederate Flags From a Black Guy'

Insiders: Scott Walker the biggest loser of the summer (lolzzzzz!)

The blue wall: Stronger than ever (police protecting police)

Kawasaki Industries is working to create a supply chain for liquefied hydrogen

How many times was Kim Davis brought before the court today?

Scott Walker couldn’t be more wrong about the threat to police officers

Ford UAW leaders vow no concessions in new contract

Massachusetts police officer to be charged with hoax shooting claim

Ipsos/Reuters Poll 09/02: Clinton 44%, Sanders 24%, Biden 17%

Murder conviction tossed, man freed after 9 years in prison

The Arab world’s wealthiest nations are doing next to nothing for Syria’s refugees

Judge: Injunction against water rule limited to 13 states

Driftin' Blues-Charles Brown

Our Best Labor Day Recipes

WTF is the deal with Saudi King Salmon?

Are they really this stupid in Villa Rica, Georgia?

5 Honduran Reporters Assaulted by Security Forces

Guess where I went today.

Could this be the difference between liberal and progressive? A subtle but distinct difference?

Kim Davis' attorney now spouting off

Hubble Peers into the Heart of a Galactic Maelstrom

Weekend Economists: Labor Not In Vain September 4-7, 2015

Guatemala heads for elections tomorrow

This makes me so happy: the power of books

Guatemala's ex-president says Mexican drug boss tried to bribe him

Guatemala's ex-president says Mexican drug boss tried to bribe him

Close to the bone.

Confederate Group Tries Again on Davis Statue

Hillary isn't ‘calculating’ or risk-averse. I watched her take a huge gamble, and it paid off. (HRC)

"If Hillary Clinton were a stock I would be buying because she is undervalued."

Farthest galaxy ever detected

Hello DWS! We Already Have the First Internet Debate between Hillary and Bernie

Here's the Conservative Playbook for Tearing Down Black Lives Matter

So gas prices are at their lowest level in 11 years

So Hillary has started lobbing digs at Bernie.

Countdown for Bernie show. Looks like 4 pm PT

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

Donald Trump - The New Don Rickles....

New Orleans Mayor Faces Possible House Arrest

US Deports Salvadoran Man Wanted in Prosecutor's Slaying

Florida gun shop's rifle designed to repel 'Muslim terrorists'

Science: Vaccine = safe. ACC =real. GMOs = safe. How do some progressives ignore this?

Ted Cruz's father is a WHOPPING Moron!

Iran hints prisoner swap may be way to free jailed American journalist

Systemic changes in our economy. More details from Gar Alperovitz

Undecided On Who To Vote For In The Primaries

Sanders fires back at Clinton's subtle dig

Could Cruz Prompt Another Government Shutdown?

What "democratic socialism" means to me.

Starship Congress live-streaming today and Saturday.

Monsanto's GMO Crops Banned by Two More European Nations

Serena is playing in the third round match.......

In 08 Hillary accused Obama of avoiding debates

Hillary comments on the Iran Deal (during Andrea Mitchell interview Sept 4 )

The Big Lie is unravelling

Syria conflict: Ministers to 'argue for UK military action'

Key House Democrat says Mississippi flag will change

"Well I think that all lives matter."

I'd be open to considering HRC in the primaries if she'd say something like the following:

Senior manager at Akkuyu nuclear project resigns, says Turkey shouldn't work with Russian company

New Orleans can't thrive as a city divided by race and income

I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Fundamentalist - (Kim Davis "tribute")

Mayo-Gate: The US government is trying to take down egg-free mayonnaise