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It's Beer-thirty!!

Tennis Fans - Wow, Serena loses first set! But I bet she comes back and wins the next two! nt

Next year at this time, the conversation will be

Time to follow Gen. Buckner’s example and pull down that Confederate flag

Group of 100 black male professionals greet students on first day, help bust stereotypes

Update: Planned Parenthood fire determined to be arson

A Confederate flag flies in Stonington (CT)

By Kim Davis logic, any clerk sworn in before Loving vs Virginia

Cedar Rapids town meeting (some pics)

John Kerry: "We ignore... religion at our peril"

John Kerry: "We ignore... religion at our peril"

Biden Shocks Hillary Crowd by Stating “Bernie Sanders Doing a Helluva Job”

Fox "fake news", is the most dispicle vermin that pollute our air waves. I was in a place where

Rachel Maddow Defends Hillary on Authenticity Issue: She Talks ‘Like a President’ (HILLARY GROUP)

Hey Hill,

Kim Davis blowback

Pope makes surprise visit to Rome optician for new glasses

Hillary Clinton’s proxies ramp up attacks against Sanders

Wow! Chris Hayes just flambeed Kim Davis' attorney.

Senior manager at Akkuyu nuclear project resigns, says Turkey shouldn't work with Russian company

Friday Talking Points (360) -- North, To Alaska!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Suffer the Little Children! & a new Kitteh gif

Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a nutshell:

Hilton To Allow Anti-Gay Hatefest At Dallas Hotel

Cardin to oppose Iran nuclear deal

Jailed clerk no martyr, gay rights advocates say; Texas clerk vows that she won't issue licenses

Sarah Palin Uses The Pen Name 'Denali' To Bash Obama's Alaska Trip

I could use a little-

I hope the Kim Davis movie is a musical

Selma 2015 - Every Member of Congress on Civil Rights, Ranked

Conservative group trying to mount anti-Trump ad campaign

Students for Bernie Sanders

Do you opt your children out of standardized testing (if your state allows this)?

Bernie Sanders visits Native American settlement in Iowa

Bernie on the picket line

Mike Huckabee to Hold Rally in Kentucky in Support of Kim Davis

wait what did I just hear about the email system at the State Department?

San Antonio Bernie Supporters protesting Joaquin Castro over his comments

MSNBC's Morning Joe Edits Out David Ignatius' Debunking Of Clinton Email "Scandal"

Perfect running mate for tRump: Don King

King cobra is on the loose in Orlando, Florida

Althea Gibson On PBS

Is anyone here from the Cincinnati area?

My Skype account was just compromised per Microsoft...

A Plea to Consider Bernie Sanders

Ronald Reagan, Heretic

Bernie Sanders picks up megaphone, walks union picket in Cedar Rapids

Where ever you go tomorrow

Fox News host compares Hillary Clinton to measles

Southern U.S. Border Sees A Slowdown In Unaccompanied Minors From Central America

55 years ago conservatives feared a candidate might not respect the separation of church & state

Trump-- Like A Cockroach Under A Magnifying Class

On The Road: The Greed of Ingredion (video)

On The Road:The Meskwaki Tribal Center

These two...

Mother Bear Hides In Tree For Hours After Man Shoots And Kills Her Cubs

How Kim Davis is just like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King

Cameron bows to pressure to take more Syrian refugees

Black Man Brutalized by Security Guard at Whole Foods for Trying to Buy Food

Legal challenge alleges authorities withheld police use of stingray surveillance

Mike Huckabee is planning a major rally in the honor of anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis

Fox's Geraldo Rivera Says Benghazi "Stand Down" Order And Clinton Emails Are Both "Fake Scandal[s]"

Fox's Geraldo Says Benghazi "Stand Down" Order & Clinton Emails Are Both "Fake Scandal[s]" HILL GRP

Please read- cross post from-

Fire at Washington state Planned Parenthood clinic ruled arson

State Supreme Court: Charter schools are unconstitutional (WA)

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu found in contempt of court on pension fund overhaul

Tom Brady releases statement on Facebook: 'I am sorry our league had to endure this'

Trial winding down for popular Venezuela dissident leader

I have a question for my LGBT friends.

Fox's Geraldo Says Benghazi "Stand Down" Order & Clinton Emails Are Both "Fake Scandal[s]"

More of the police's War on Americans

New Mexico Gov. Martinez: Trump’s criticism of Bush’s Spanish a distraction

Simple exercise to get ripped abs

ESPN’s Israel Gutierrez Comes Out as Gay: ‘I’m So Happy Right Now’

Conservative loses it over women not speaking English in a Kebab shop

Democracy Now plays video of Bernie Sanders speaking on Greek and Puerto Rican debt

Terrifying new Survey USA Poll: Trump beats Hillary, Bernie, and Joe Biden (HILLARY GROUP)

Religious Right Going To Defy Secular Laws They Don't Like No Matter What ANYONE Says.

Maryland Man Arrested For Tweet Threatening To Kill All White People

Sarah Palin is so desperate for attention she wrote an op-ed attacking Obama's trip to Alaska

Clintons personally paid State Department staffer to maintain server

2,000 cases may be overturned because police used secret Stingray surveillance

Crossing guards for Bernie

I'm sticking with this guy & Bernie Sanders

Burning Man founder on diversity: “Black folks don’t like to camp as much as white folks”

Citizens United means GOP candidates can stay in the nomination

A conservative Alaskan's comments on the president's visit - this is nice.

Poll: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump lead in Florida--Clinton 52: Sanders, 20,

Perhaps you'll enjoy this blog post from Blue Oregon as much as I did.

Same-sex couples issued marriage licenses in Rowan County; jailed clerk claims licenses are void

Bear sighted with blue head. No, seriously, a blue head.

State Supreme Court: Charter schools are unconstitutional

Robert Reich: The Secret to Bernie's Campaign

Watching the ABC special with Pope Francis and the American video audience.

Guatemala: What to look for with embattled ex-president Otto Perez Molina

No, Protests Against Police Brutality Are Not Increasing Crime

Kim Davis won't be getting Rich because GoFundMe has changed its policy

"You take care of yourself and let the other person take care of himself. That is NOT God's plan."

What are your thoughts on "trans-exclusionary" radical feminism?

Clintons Personally Paid State Department Staffer To Maintain Server

Survey USA poll: Hillary loses the worst of 4 Democrats against Trump

Let's not forget this.

Georgia Capitol heavy with Confederate symbols

Troye Sivan -Blue Neighbourhood Part 1/3 WILD

If President Obama had been allowed to intervene in Syria in Aug/Sept 2013....ISIL would not exist

Ken Burns says US civil war still relevant

Just Got Home & Put The TV On & Surfing Channels & Fox Is Doing A Hour Long Hit Job On Hillary....

Demand on the rise for Confederate flags

The other baggage of Confederate symbols: anti-Mexican sentiment

The Truth of ‘Black Lives Matter’

New collars can alert owner if pet is in pain

Czech Cops Haul Refugees Off Trains to Germany and Write Numbers on Their Arms in Ink

MSNBC Gives Trump a FREE 25 Minute Commercial-and-Love Fest -- All Rolled Into One!

Illinois Governor Rauner, by seizing heating assistance, has become a "domestic terrorist"

Nash: Well, this is embarrassing. Now the whole country knows our governor is clueless.

Daily Holidays - September 5

ISIS destroyed ancient tombs in Palmyra

Human wall shields Guatemala deputies debating stripping leader's immunity

West Point pillow fight turns into bloody brawl. 24 concussions


Weekend Toon Roundup 1: A problem of our own making

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: Hateful Hypocrites

Weekend Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

When I buy a newspaper now, it's not to get the news, it's to get the paper.

So it turns out that 2015 is one of the lowest years of cops killed in the line of duty

Ya gotta start off each day wid a song, Labor Day weekend edition (more substance than usual).

How Ghanaian Artist Azizaa Is Challenging Christianity's Grip On Ghana

Southwestern Pirates or Hardened Sinners?


Weekly Address: This Labor Day, Lets Talk About the Budget

Shut Up, and Do Your Motherf&%*ing Job

Why Mom never lets Dad go shopping by himself...

MO'M and the Selfie Girls

Netanyahu arrest up for debate as UK petition hits target

11 year old shoots 16 year old "home invader", but neighbors say there was no break-in

A great use for your empty Rx bottles - especially those with child proof caps

Toon - Do your job Muppets...

Do You Ever Think About Economic Justice for the Rest of the World?

How a devastating forest fire revealed a tree as close to fireproof as a tree can get

Let's Talk About the Issues - Living Wage

Elizabeth Warren will campaign for Russ Feingold in Madison next month

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-4-15 (Bernie $ bomb is Tuesday 9-8-15)

San Diego firm recalls cucumbers after salmonella outbreak

Vast, stubborn California fire to rage through long weekend

What’s Coming Unglued Now in Canada?

One republican's take on the GOP today. WOW!

Bernie Sanders picks up megaphone, walks union picket in Cedar Rapids

Evangelical Death Threats Against Planned Parenthood Are On The Rise

New Book Accuses Hillary Clinton of Waging a War on Women

Bernie Sanders Rips Donald Trump While Calling Out The Bigoted Billionaire’s Racism

Keiser Report: Rule 48

Persecuted Christians--USA: Franklin Graham's new way to raise $$ at Samaritan's Purse

Woman Sprints In To Save Fox

Why doesn't Kim Davis just resign?

Nurses union wins labor complaint against North Memorial

Martin O'Malley Talks National Service With 'City Year NH' Americorp Volunteers

Building a New Silicon Valley in a Post-Soviet Dictatorship

TWO stories just posted in LBN

CNN Pathetically Fabricates Story Trying to Create Tension Between Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders

TWO stories just posted in LBN

Fire At Planned Parenthood Clinic In Washington State Ruled Arson

HOME by Somali poet Warsan Shire

OPINION: The most threatening form of anti-Semitism in Britain today

More Bad News for A&P Supermarket Workers as Judge OKs Assaults on Union Contracts

Open antisemitism doesn’t harm your reputation

So, in 4 years Clinton did not stop and think ...

Income inequality is Hi-Larious!

William K. Black: Financial frauds had a friend in Eric Holder

AP: Black couple uses housing law to sue over slurs, threats

AP: Black couple uses housing law to sue over slurs, threats

This Liberal had pleasant but surreal experience at Kingwood TX Tea Party Ted Cruz rally (VIDEO)

20 Years Ago Today, Hillary Clinton Gave A Rallying Cry For Women's Rights

The Ghost Writer

Two clowns in a rubber room. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump and Hugh Hewitt!!!

A wall for everything.....

The Haymarket Massacre, or, Why most of the world celebrates Labor Day on May 1 and you don't.

Comedian Damon Wayans stuns radio host with defense of Bill Cosby: ‘B*tches’ were ‘un-rape-able’

Icarus Interstellar's Starship Congress Now Streaming

Throwing Obama under the bus all for the good of the campaign...

Robert Reich: Bernie 1st pres. candidate since RFK to join picket line.

On reflection, I probably should have posted my Haymarket thread in this group,

"The Parkland Doctors" JFK Documentary

Fireworks by Katy Perry (Yoko Ono cover)

My viewpoint on the controversial court decision:

Hillary surrogates are really attacking Biden on Melissa Harris-Perry's MSNBC show. n/t

20 Years Ago Today, Hillary Clinton Gave A Rallying Cry For Women's Rights

Muslims threaten Europe’s Christian identity, Hungary’s leader says

Donald Trump is unqualified to be president of the United States


When does your religion legally excuse you from doing part of your job?

Who makes more, the County Clerk or the Sheriff?

Japan lifts 4-year evacuation of Fukushima town

BREAKING: Trump To Continue Without Dick

Jim Beam explosion: Lightning strikes whiskey factory, making rivers flow with fire and alcohol

Poll: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump lead in Florida

Here we go again hurricane folks -TD7 will be Grace late tonight or

Oregon judge under investigation after refusing to perform same-sex marriages

Trump, Clinton still in lead in Georgia, but leads are shrinking, poll shows

Instead of The Donhole's presser, I watched a documentary on Hubert Humphrey ...

Saudi Arabia satisfied with Obama's assurances on Iran deal

Gov. Jindal’s War On Planned Parenthood Has Created A Raging Syphilis Epidemic

The Republicans who did ‘exactly what Hillary did’

Be honest - how long did it take you to understand this joke?

Funny->Online petition to rename Ohio peak for Palin emerges

Migrant crisis: Applause as hundreds arrive in Munich

Fuel tanker burns in Valley, diverts Alaska Fair-going motorists

Be prepared for the next source of anti Hillary bull shit brought to DU

Israeli Terrorists, Born in the U.S.A.

Brownshirt "...guard for Donald Trump smacked a protester in the face... snatching his banner..."

Kim Davis' Previous Jobs:

Bernie Sanders meets with Latino roundtable in Iowa

hellmann's or best foods?

Don't ever say Hillary supporters never post anything nice about Bernie.

Residents cautioned to avoid Ohio River algae

Toward a better understanding of religion and global affairs - by John Kerry

Documentary heaven.

This sentence has five words.

#NHWomen4Hillary!- Let's get loud, Portsmouth! Crowd gathering for speech

Russia may be escalating military role in Syria

Meet the new voice of Meet The Press opening.

France Might Soon Begin Airstrikes On ISIS In Syria: Report

A Hillary theme emerges?

Rico Rodriguez, trombonist of the Specials, has died

Here's a thought about Mrs. Kim Davis

Obama Turns the "Lame Duck" Narrative on Its Head (BOG)

Vanessa Ruiz: "I know change can be difficult, but it's normal..."

Very proud of this Facebook page

Labor Day Look at the 2016 General Election For President: Every Democrat Trails Trump,...

Excellent news - Iran nuclear deal. (Barack Obama Group)

Women will win this election

200 supporters gather at jail for Kentucky clerk held in same-sex marriage dispute

You want to see illegal Gerrymandering at work? Florida---an unbelievable story.

West To Blame For Europe's Migrant Crisis, Say Erdogan, Putin

Let' see if they call it Obamadeal

Four Hours Of 'Morning Joe' Is Waaay Too Much

Report: Tim Tebow released by Philadelphia Eagles

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Counting on Minority Voters

Rachel Maddow Defends Hillary on Authenticity Issue: She Talks ‘Like a President’

God speaks about the Kim Davis situation

Why I want Senator Bernie Sanders to join the Democratic Party

Today marks the 20th anniversary of @HillaryClinton's famous speech at the 4th World Conference on


Excellent photo - Iran nuke deal. (Barack Obama Group)

Can't they just fire Kim Davis?

Meanwhile, at the pro Kim Davis rally...

Davis's controversy isn't about religion: It's about her rights to her govt. job. None.

Kim Davis finds that her church wants her to stay in jail

Your dentist may be ripping you off. Here are 7 tips to help you avoid it.

Sean Eversley Bradwell: Do the Math on #AllLivesMatter and It Equals White Supremacy

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Bernie held his sign high, protesting with local union workers. Could he be any cooler?

Margaret and Helen, twice!

It sounds extreme, maybe even crazy, but it's very true. Americans need to wake the hell up....

Yep the campaign season has finally started Hillary's henchmen are

Uriah Heep-Rainbow Demon

Kim Davis' Attorney Compares Her To Jews Living In Nazi Germany, Invokes Images Of Gas Chambers

Police fire 84 shots at suspect, hit him once

Confederate flag defenders' planned Capitol protest fizzles (MN)

Woman accidentally impregnated with black man's sperm has legal case dismissed

"What have Bush, Clinton learned from voters attraction to the outsiders?" - a decent analysis

Snowden criticises Russia for approach to internet and homosexuality

Why do you think they want McGinty over Sestak?

If we were all as kind as this man, the world would be a completely different place

Attention Atheist, can you please do me a favor and listen to me.......

How Hillary Clinton's struggles are letting the GOP candidates sprint to the right

Starry Starry Night Paint your solar bike path blue and gray

Let's Adopt the GOP's National Platform - by Jim Hightower

Creation of Corporate Media--Why It Doesn't Change & What We Need to Do--Thom Hartmann & Jeff Cohen

Matt Taibbi: The Republicans Are Now Officially the Party of White Paranoia

So, this just came across my twitter feed :)

Colombia suspends gold mining in protected natural reserve

Meanwhile at the RNC ...... building a future .... Toon

Ranch used to dissolve bodies in acid discovered in western Mexico

Help with t-shirt?

Why is CNN saying there's a "spike" in attacks on police?

As Ocean Waters Heat Up, A Quest to Create ‘Super Corals’

I was locked and was invited to move it here, I hope it's relevant .

Interesting article about caramelized onions

Indigenous and Campesinos From 15 Countries Reject GMOs

Indigenous and Campesinos From 15 Countries Reject GMOs

Birthers, ‘Trumpists’ and a crisis for the GOP

Share this with the next Kim Davis supporter you encounter.

Europe's refugee crisis, explained (Vox)

Here comes President Trump! (according to a poll, anyway)

Will and Grace O'Malley on the trail in NH for their dad

Searching for the 'Disappeared' in Medellín's Most Notorious Slum

Went to an organizational meeting for a new chapter of MDA today.

Why The Three Biggest Economic Lessons Were Forgotten - Robert Reich

Boston Film Festival revels in a first

Boston Film Festival revels in a first

Sacramento Community College Reopens After Fatal Shooting

A keyboard Nazi who became a real killer

great! Nissan is recalling some of their 2015 Versas...and I got my new one 3 weeks ago!

Chilean business leaders keen to invest in Cuba's special economic zone

Went to an organizational meeting for a new chapter of MDA today.

Grandpaw for Sanders!

Local leaders look to shut down hate speech after anti-Islam speaker visits again (ND)

Post Traumatic Electoral Politics in SC Senate Runoff

The Middle Class and Women: Bernie Sanders is listening. Connecting. Speaking on their behalf.

Rico Rodriguez : The Specials' trombonist dies aged 80

Post your favorite Kruger Brothers song about a bakery in Buxton!!!

Does anyone know if the lawsuits for civil rights violations have been filed in Rowan county yet?

someone just sent me an IM

Brazil indigenous leader's killing raises tension

Bill Kirchen's still got it.

To teachers, counselors: abused students CAN get exemptions from FAFSA requirements

Officials looking for entangled blue whale off California coast

The suffragists of Saudi Arabia: 'We try and be reasonable calling for our rights'

The suffragists of Saudi Arabia: 'We try and be reasonable calling for our rights'

The suffragists of Saudi Arabia: 'We try and be reasonable calling for our rights'

Dog lost in Yellowstone National Park found 42 days later

Only 1,000 attend Clinton event

The Mizrahi Thorn in the Side of Israeli Left

I'm with him.

Anti-choicers warn that clinics are not doing enough to protect themselves from anti-choicers

Anti-choicers warn that clinics are not doing enough to protect themselves from anti-choicers

O'Malley rallies workers in front of Trump Hotel

Enhanced Security over Labor Day Weekend

Learning to live with (if not love) W-10.

Cops: Job applicant sent naked selfies to HR manager

In U.S., 42% Believe Creationist View of Human Origins (2014 Poll)

Dallas Cops Kill Man Begging for Help in Jail Lobby (video)

Hillary Clinton Blasts Donald Trump Over Women's Issues in New Hampshire

TYT: 2016 Candidates Forced To Sign Ludicrous Pledge

Kitty has kitty face on his forehead.

Rosa's story

Satirical Illustrations Reveal How World Leaders See Justice

New joke

Gen 1 iPod Touch question.

Humans of New York: How to solve the world's problems

It's not everyday that someone like me finds a new cultural hero.

I predicted this Rowan County fiasco 5 years ago on DU

TYT: Bernie Sanders Defends Gun Control Record

#GodHatesAdultery: Westboro Baptist church turns on Kim Davis for causing ‘F*g marriage’

Coca Cola + propane = Mega ROCKET

"Did Traffic Cameras Catch Glimpse of a Bigfoot Family?"

Trump the insult dog goes after Meghan McCain

When you're as bad at campaigns as Scott Walker, you should just give up

Clinton open to more debates

Rally held for Kim Davis in Kentucky

Utah event honors Joe Hill, hero to many, murderer to others

Boeing opens commercial spaceship plant in Florida

Clinton open to more debates.

How Huma Abedin operated at the center of the Clinton universe

Clinton open to more debates.

They cut down the Trees!

The Court Case That Could Shut Down Kansas's Courts

I Ain't Gonna Study War No More...

Kitten kisses a baby chicken


what's the netiquette on breaking up with someone via text msg?

What a beautiful Saturday in the Northeast


What’s It Like to be Gay in Appalachia?

Argentina's YPF signs production deal with Gazprom

This Fake Health Brochure About Donald Trump Was Added To A Doctor’s Waiting Room

Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever

Unacceptable.. email heading from Gov. O'Malley

Kim Davis is in the wrong party

Kenneth Cole Billboard Slammed by Psychiatric Association Over Gun Control Message

Kim Davis is in the wrong party

Kim Davis is in the wrong party

A few random snaps

After years on the Supreme Court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor still feels like an outsider.

The pitch video for Bell System's iconic logo is like a lost episode of Mad Men

Pics of Berning Manhattan

TYT: News Anchor Gets Hate For Pronouncing Words Correctly

I got an email from the event host for the mini-rally outside the Sullivan Theater (NYC) Sept. 18

A fighter pilot's wish: To die of old age.

I did not mean to trash Bernie supporters!

Jared Fogle Mocks People Caught on ‘ To Catch a Predator ’

America’s silent-but-deadly billionaires: How our tight-lipped overlords are waging stealth campaign

TYT: Trump: Once Elected, I Will Totally Learn Things. Great Things.

Bernie Sanders really does walk the walk, he just joined a picket line of union workers in Iowa

The human-dog bond is eternal and the definition of love

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Spinaway Stakes

Amarillo, Texas!

Apple Kuchen and Cinnamon Buttermilk Ice Cream - A Match Made in Food Heaven

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Woodward Stakes

Judge upholds Arizona's 'show your papers' immigration law

Honky Tonk Woman Sheryl Crow with The Rolling Stones

This Week in God (Maddow blog)

Asians (Latinos, Blacks, Women, LGBT, Millenials, etc.) Will Win This Election!