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Some wild cats

FOUR out of FIVE followers is not bad!

Martin O’Malley visits Clinton.



This is a great video and Bernie is superb in this type of format.

Did PetSmart Kick Out a Rescue Group to Make room for a FOR-PROFIT Rescue Group?

Michigan women, ages 90 and 84, to fly to all 48 contiguous states

More views from the Minnesota State Fair (from the Minneapolis Star Tribune)

photos from Kim Davis rally

The first time I read “Phenomenal Woman”

Fox News just called out Dick Cheney for leaving "Obama with a mess" in the Middle East

A couple pics of me looking almost like a real outdoor photographer.

To date, has there ever been a review of the NRA's instructional program to teach new shooters?

Hank Paulson and Timmeh's work on Income Inequality. Hold on to your stomachs.

Tennessee: judge refuses divorce for straight couple, cites gay marriage ruling

495' - the longest this year

‘Kim Davis for Rosa Parks Award' Flatulence from the 4th district representative

I guess Spiral Hawk isn't happy at all.

Temple co-founder wants to start Buddhist frat and sorority

Ben Carson: “As President I Will Create A Biblical Sin-Based Tax Program”

Chris Wallace Screws The Pooch - Dick Cheney Handed His A$$ On FoxNews: 'Left Obama a Mess'

Sarah Palin Is Back And Demanding A Government Job As Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary

Several weeks ago I speculated that Sanders could win Iowa and NH

Expert Panel Rejects Official Account Of What Happened To 43 Murdered Mexican Students

The U.S.-Led Fight Against ISIS Has Killed Far More Civilians Than It Admits

We can officially say that Elizabeth Warren won't be running

New Apple TV Will Feature Universal Search, Start At $149

Raw: David Chandler at PCC (2-21-15)

O'Malley discusses his support for comprehensive immigration reform.Video

Flyers fans using GoFundMe to buy rival Pittsburgh Penguins

O'Malley discusses his support for comprehensive immigration reform.

StarTrib:"Tevlin: Punch Pizza has the last laugh over its higher wages"

I just noticed something kind of odd.

What was the first name of the wife of Dr. Bernie Tupperman on The Bob Newhart Show in the 70s?

Pope Francis calls on Europe to take in refugees -- despite the concerns of some

Migrant/Refugee crisis explained

If it Bleeds, It Leads... Sanders Lead Over Hillary in New Hampshire Hits Network Shows

Bernie Heading Back to South Carolina with Cornel West in Tow

i remember when.....

Martin O'Malley's broad Immigration reform plan:

Cape Verde avoids major damage as Hurricane Fred moves on

Perfect for Lounge: Submitting a FANTASTIC story idea to Hollywood

Saudi-led coalition jets kill 20 at a wake in Yemen: residents

Martin O'Malley's broad Immigration reform plan:

Sisters in this together......

Experts dismiss Mexico's account of apparent student massacre

Full page of Bernie in today's L.A. Times

Public opinion mixed on flag issue (VA)

Mike Malloy - Greatest Hits: Go Plan Your Father´s Funeral, Liz

Arkansas Republican says he’ll shoot you if you ask him about his job in public

BART Closing Transbay Tube Labor Day Weekend For Track Repairs

Let's dance with Bernie

Israel plans to demolish 17,000 Arab buildings in West Bank, UN says

Does anyone have a clue why Fox put on an ENTIRE HOUR of Trump?

KSU halftime causes uproar.

We Asked People Who Have Never Heard Of Bernie Sanders What They Thought Of Bernie Sander's Policies

How rich people get rich

Matthew Dowd says Sanders Authenticity would beat Trump in general election

Arkansas Republican says he’ll shoot you if you ask him about his job in public

Mediterranean diet 'as effective as statins' in reducing heart attack risk

Homeowner shoots suspects during home invasion

Trump Vs Mexico Supercut

We Asked People Who Have Never Heard Of Bernie Sanders What They Thought Of Bernie Sander's Policies

Two High School Footbal Students Suspended After Barreling into Referee

I'll leave this here.

WTF??? Conservative candidate Jerry Bance caught in CBC sting urinating in homeowner's coffee mug

O'Malley touts experience in Tipton, Anamosa.

#HillaryMen: From Beijing to Brooklyn: Hillary Is the Woman They Just Can't Silence (HILLARY GROUP)

Aryan Brotherhood member gets 60 years for grisly Tarrant County slaying (TX)

This is what Hillary Clinton will be up against (Hillary Group)

Oregon Police chief ‘compared African-Americans to monkeys’

Black Georgia couple sues former neighbor, city, over racist slurs, threats

We Asked People Who Have Never Heard Of Bernie Sanders What They Thought Of Bernie Sander's Policies

White nostalgia: when 'timeless' fantasies turn out to be incredibly racist

Migrant Offshore Aid Station: Saving migrant lives at sea

Conservative candidate Jerry Bance caught in CBC sting urinating in homeowner's coffee mug

I have never, ever seem such a strange camera lens. (at least it's the stereo version)

Tom Brokaw: I’d Call In Sick’ If I Had To Lead With Trump Every Night

Venezuela: Summary of Maduro's visit to Asia - family trip at expense of more debt, and Chanel glam

Remedial Reading Lesson for the Week:

Battle Over I-1366 Shifts To November Ballot

Chris Hedges: The Enemy Is Within

"... Where Everything is union made, union printed and made in the USA" ...

Trump, Club For Growth go to war.

Here's to an awesome 69 year old LGBTer who was taken too soon...

Why is tolerance so difficult?

Quebec: Funny kitteh ads for cat cafe mock political campaigns; mayor has a sad

Dentist who killed Cecil the lion defends African hunt

Reactionary students in Missouri protest transgender student's right to use bathroom/locker rooms

Major news anchor set to return to MSNBC, possibly during the 6 p.m. time slot

Palestinian woman wounded in Duma firebombing dies

Williamson County civil rights case requiring religious test for hiring constables moves forward

Surprise Military Reunions At NFL Games Reach Peak Bullshit

Abbas to declare end of Oslo peace process – report

Obama To Sign Executive Order On Paid Sick Days

"General Strike" w/banjo - original folk live recording

Sarah Palin Would Like To Be In Charge Of The Dept. Of Energy

Houston family saves son from joining Islamic State; now he may face prison

Abbott arrives in Mexico for trade, security talks

Texan declares own brand of secession

Charlie Poole

Sarah Palin is hoping Donald Trump makes her the head of the Department of Energy

Monuments to Civil War dot New Mexico

Lightning Kills 22 People in Southeastern India

Dog and chicken are best friends

Uncertainty for Lone Star Steel workers on Labor Day

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s presidential fundraising not as strong as that of main competitors

(New Slogan) Conservatives: We've Let Them Piss In Our Coffee Long Enough!

Austria plans to close border as migrants surge across Europe

Allegheny Technologies Inc. lockout enters fourth week

Had Clinton not run, who would have been on the DNC bench?

Daily Holidays - September 7

Megalithic super-henge found buried one mile from Stonehenge

Megalithic super-henge found buried one mile from Stonehenge

Labor Day 2015 by the Numbers

More Israeli Experts Back the Iran Agreement

Fall colors on the tundra

NPR's non apology, Apology........ for not covering Sanders

Conservatives LOVE them some socialism

Abby Martin returns to TV with "The Empire Files"

Judge Will Hear Birth Certificate Case Next Month

The Thing about a Piñata is that you have to beat it with a stick

A cautionary note about the excitement over the polls showing Bernie up, way up over

Results of SurveyUSA Election Poll...... this is some crazy data

Made in China..........for Merica and Mericans only $1.99....... I'll just leave it here

Republican says he’ll shoot you if you ask him about his job in public

Media Ignores Scott #Walker16’s Campaign Collapse While Obsessing Over Hillary Clinton

Tropical Storm Grace: 4:30 a.m. Monday update

Two labor day posts from Daily Kos that seem well done.

Two Labor Day posts from Daily Kos that seem well done. (X-post from Omaha Steve's Labor Group).

Why Google Is Going All In On Diabetes - September 06, 2015 7:03 AM ET

EDITORIAL: Each Fukushima water leak weakens faith in Japan's food safety

China's government to regulate public dancing

The French Agent Who Bombed the Greenpeace Ship Rainbow Warrior Apologizes After 30 Years

Female empowerment law first step, but male-oriented work culture must change: experts

FDA warns of severe joint pain risk with DPP-4 diabetes drugs - 08/28/15

Bernie Sanders Joins Picket Line in Iowa

Happy Labor Day-Reminder: Bernie Birthday Bomb TOMORROW, September 8

One more- AskNadia: Can I Use Marijuana to Lower My Blood Sugar

Tom Brady appears to have a Donald Trump hat in his locker

Shooting star seen on 7-Sep-2015

Happy Labor Day. Eugene V. Debs Documentary, made by Bernie Sanders in 1979

WATCH: Shaolin monk doesn’t really run on water, but it’s still awesome

Lightning kills 22 people in southeastern India

Polio resurfaces in Mali from Ebola-hit Guinea - WHO

Roadside bomb in Sinai kills 2 Egyptian troops, wounds 5

Drone crashes into stands during US Open match; no injures

Police charge woman for false report in cop killer manhunt

Lost Australian sheep yields 30 sweaters worth of fleece

PKK says it killed 15 Turkish soldiers in ambush

Happy Labor Day - Eugene V. Debs documentary made in 1979 by Bernie Sanders

Syrian military official: There’s been a ‘big shift’ in Russian military support for Assad

The Inevitable Solar-Powered March Of The Hydrogen Fuel Cell

France wants top-level Ukraine talks, hopes to end sanctions

"Never forget your dreams" - Crazy Horse

"Never forget your dreams" - Crazy Horse

Hillary has spent most of her political career denying she's a liberal

‘Horror show’ has cop union boycotting Obama

"Never forget your dreams" - Crazy Horse

Fiorina staffer: "Liberals have been willing to sacrifice jobs, livelihoods on the name of ideology"

Guatemala Likely To Require Runoff Presidential Election

Qatar sends 1,000 ground troops to Yemen: Al Jazeera

Palestinian man gets threats for saving US Jewish students

Basic Question: Does our Political/Economic System Need Fundamental Reform? or Just Tweaks?

Raw: Australian Sheep Gets Long Overdue Haircut

This site might help you find places for "Another Roadside Attraction."

Solidarity Forever - Happy Labor Day

San Antonio Referee Pummeled by Two Football Players

In #Iowa, Hillary Clinton Refutes Cheney On Iran-Regime developed nukes under Bush admin-NOT Obama's

Monday Toon Roundup 1-Dead Refugees

The anti-Donald Trump is coming to town. And he speaks Spanish, too.

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Looking for Bernie images & memes?

Italy top court: Knox conviction was based on poor case

Buying Shit on Black Friday (yes already)

Labor Day, the labor movement, and black Americans

Self-driving cars can be fooled by fake signals

Look for the Union Label song

New Obama order requires contractors to pay for sick leave

The New York Times continues to prop up serial media hoaxer James O'Keefe

Colin Powell: Iran Deal Is a 'Pretty Good Deal'

Link to GD post: Labor Day, the labor movement, and black Americans

How nice to have a national holiday for my birthday.

There are three key reasons conservatives started supporting Trump:

"I'm getting verklempt." The NYC Labor Day Parade is NOT on Labor Day. Discuss.

“If it’s all the same to you Mr Trump-I’d rather you stop cherishing women & start respecting women"

Another take on what's her name, the woman in jail in Kentucky

Grace Kelly beats Audrey Hepburn?

Whiskey tastes nice but 'different'.after being in space

Bernie Sanders is the cantankerous champion American labor needs

To Kim Davis on her moral conflict

Analysis of polling data shows Biden entering hurts Clinton, not Bernie

Chris Hedges: The Real Enemy Is Within

"Talk about labor! Try looking at my face in the mirror each morning!" Come CAPTION Dick Cheney!!!

Take a break: 13 Facts About Labor Day (slide show)

Labor Day? Let’s Tell The Truth And Call It “Assets Day”

CBS This Morning: The Sanders Surge... Trump's Message is 'Winning'... Possibility of a Biden Run

The big crime against Greece

Video - Cecil the Lion's Killer Speaks Out

Bernie Sanders Joins a Union Picket Line, and It’s Not Just for Labor Day

Bernie Sanders booked to appear next week (Sept 18) on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

How the Wisconsin media failed to warn us about Scott Walker

Poll shows Donald Trump would beat Democrats in presidential election

Bernie Sander's Labor Day Index.

Pups 3.5 weeks

The Forgotten Radical History Of Labor Day

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update FOR 9-6-15 (Bernie's $ bomb is tomorrow)

First time I agree with the Club of Growth on something.

In Iowa, Clinton ridicules Trump immigration plan as unworkable

The President Speaks at the Labor Day Breakfast in Boston(replay)

Thought you'd like to see my champion 'Asparagus Cake'.

Bernie's VP

Loebsack to endorse Clinton

Cecil the lion killer, Walter Palmer, to return to work

Introducing Trump's "Winning" Running Mate

Chihuahuas win division title!

Monday, September 7th. William Shakespeare's Thought For Labor Day.

I am watching Barack Obama on MSNBC. Gawd, I wish there was no 22nd Amendment.


I found this just now and I'm sharing on Labor Day

I found this just now and I'm sharing on Labor Day

35 - 21

I found this just now and I'm sharing on Labor Day

Labor Day post: Bernie vs. Hillary


AP BIG story: Rwanda names 24 baby (critically endangered) mountain gorillas in annual tradition

Chinese drywall suit and Chinese government agencies

Marching w/ @HillaryforIA in the Dubuque Labor Day Parade! Amazing turn out for the Dubuque Dems and

you compared the royal family to pandas. Some in Britain have accused you of being ungrateful

A question about Kim Davis and contempt

Senator Bernie Sanders: Unions will help rebuild the middle class

Senator Bernie Sanders: Unions will help rebuild the middle class

Obama to issue executive order, ends the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ era

Another list

MSNBC makes it official.

Why The Hell Is Ben Carson Running For President? He's A Medical Malpractice Disaster

Poetic justice for a real a**hole........

Pic Of The Moment: Cheney Attempts To Spin Faster Than The 5000 Centrifuges He Allowed Iran To Build

The Guardian: America's decline in wages can be traced to the George W Bush era

Stopped donating to NPR

Did Senator Tom Cotton Just Commit Treason…Again?

The refugee crisis is a direct result of George W Bush

Bernie after dark in Atlanta, GA

Happy Labor Day to all in the HCG! (HILLARY CLINTON GROUP)

Sea turtles set new nesting records in Georgia, Florida

Bernie Sanders supporters are hitting the street in NYC!

Phish drummer, Jon Fishman, endorses Bernie Sanders!

Bernie Live...Monday, September 7th.

Chicken-in-a-biscuit crackers

In America, only rich lives matter. Everyone else is lazy and undeserving.

Trump as a medical condition brochure.

Tell The U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service: It's Time For Smart Conservation! (E action)

Ousted as Gay, Aging Veterans Are Battling Again for Honorable Discharges

An Angry Joe Biden Urges Workers To The Fight Corporate Barbarians Who Are Holding Them Down

Man who had trouble breathing while being arrested has died

Legal guns fuel criminal gunfire

Gorilla and human share selfies

Tampa, Florida: police officer rescues kitten from manhole

Your view of the root cause of much of the general "mess" we are in

West Indian Day Parade some pics

'Adam 12' Star Martin Milner Dies at 83

(What she can't comprehend) US anti-gay marriage clerk Kim Davis appeals jail ruling

I shook the President's hand today

Fight To Save The Sage Grouse Finds Friends In All Corners Of The West

Something to smile about.

I Don't Hear Anyone Blaming Me For Low Gas Prices

I guess weather patterns are still very difficult to predict past a week...

Rubio pipes up again: faults Trump for lack of foreign policy command

Confederate flag supporters need history lesson (OH LTTE)

5 Huge Historical events That America Is Mostly Ignoring (BARACK OBAMA GROUP)

We have a brand new secret weapon in Dayon, Ohio - The portable Bernie Billboard!

Toddler's dismembered body parts found in Chicago park lagoon


New Zealand bans award-winning teenage novel after outcry from Christian group

O'Malley highlights Labor Day event.

Working Class Hero

Two Britons killed in RAF Syria strike, PM tells MPs

Military selects rarely used charge for Bergdahl case

President Obama demands action on sick leave policies: (BOG)

LMAO-Noam Chomsky on the ludicrousness of the term "avowed socialist" and other political jargon

'Give It a Go, Joe': Pittsburgh Union Crowd Cheers on Biden

College Demands List Of Rape Victim's Sexual History - Amanda Marcotte Part 4

SALON-Outright lies from the New York Times: What you need to know about the dangerous new phase ..

TYT: Explosive Story About Trump's Racism In The Eighties

HILARIOUS - Obama --> Trump logo

INCREDIBLE pro-union piece

Bernie mobile in Louisville, Colorado

Poster (work in progress)

Murphy on the couch

Do you actually know what socialism is? (vis a vis the positions of Sanders) Prof. Richard Wolff

Hillary misses the mark with millennials

Kentucky clerk seeks to force governor to OK denial of gay marriage licenses

French far-right leader accuses Germany of accepting refugees only to get cheap labor or even slaves

Walker promises to "wreak havoc" in Washington D.C.

TYT: Fox News Anchor Sues Hasbro Over Toy

Bernie Sanders planning first Atlanta appearance

Bernie speaks at New Hampshire Labor Day breakfast (video)

Ousted as Gay, Aging Veterans Are Battling Again for Honorable Discharges

Trump warns of Schrödinger’s immigrant


U.S. Revamping Rebel Force Fighting ISIS in Syria

How to Make Sense of the World's Irrational Love of the Corporate Creep Steve Jobs

Enough is Enough Rally in DC

Paul Krugman- Trump Is Right on Economics

Search on for 3rd day in Chicago dismembered-toddler case

U.S. asks Greece to deny Russian flights to Syria

Just back from the Labor Day Parade in small community

PubCitizenBlog: Arbitration & CLASS Acts; GMO suit; ebay suit; HHS; enegy scam

TYT: Why Are Gulf States Refusing To Take In Syrian Refugees?

Meet 5 Nebraska women who were trailblazers in jobs traditionally held by men

San Francisco rent jumps again in August

Conservative politician apologises after being caught on camera urinating into a cup of coffee

TYT: Shooting Victim's Father: Media Has Been Kind, Except Fox News

Any of the Democratic candidates could beat any of the pukes.

PBS documentary about tennis great Althea Gibson

Dog Takes Bullet for Human, Ends up Homeless

So a post of mine got hid for alerting others to a spam for clicks OP

Fox Host: Kim Davis’ Lawyer Is ‘Stunningly Obtuse’

A ride back in time: Honda auction of vintage bikes in Iowa draws about 2,000 U.S., abroad

TYT: Voters Love Obama's Ideas When They Think They're Trump’s

Seder: Wage And Hour Abuse Ravaging The Home Healthcare Industry

Hedge Fund Titans Hum a Happy Tune as They Target Public Schools

Clinton says no email apology: 'What I did was allowed'

Video of a Kitty Hugging its Sister at an Animal Shelter...

Sarah Palin Is Back And Demanding A Government Job As Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary

Putin Orders Snap Military Drill of Major Russian Division

As it sets IT layoffs, Citizens Bank shifts work to India via Web

Mike Huckabee: Kim Davis Only Has to Uphold the Law 'If It's Right'

Elegant Ladies.

Labor Unions Hold Back On Endorsements For Hillary

I went to a wonderful Bernie Sanders rally in downtown San Antonio this morning

Union Power E action 9-7-15

Union Power E action 9-7-15

Union Power E action 9-7-15

October 14 - 2015 - Mark it down, JOIN the People's Climate Movement Day of ACTION

AP: Replanting project focuses on repairing Sandy-damaged coast

August 23 1946 – September 7, 1978

Something to chew on .. VP Biden entering the race

Work site committees

Violence once again mars New York's West Indian Day Parade

I just have to say that Bernie supporters on DU are an awesome bunch.

Hillary To Trump: ‘Stop Cherishing Women And Start Respecting Women’

Something to show to conservatives. Colin Powell supports Iran deal.

GOP debate moves seamlessly from birthright citizenship to English as official language

Will Biden run?

St Ronnie falls short

Bloomington/Normal Illinois

The Pope vs. The Donald In U.S. visit, Francis will tout immigration, call for compassion toward mig

Kind Stranger Ran to the Rescue of a Bleeding Cat and Got a HUGE Surprise (PHOTOS)

Arwa Damon - CNN

A few more quickie aurora shots

Livechart-Fall 2015 Anime

Martin O'Malley is getting some very bad press in his home state

Black bear with blue head spotted in Mission, B.C.

Some photos of the aurora for my Lounge friends in case you missed them in the Photo Group

My Pic of the Day

Dear Vice President Biden: Thanks for all of your great service, but please don't run. If you want

O'Malley: Thank the American Worker (LINK ADDED)

Watch Bernie in Concord, New Hampshire Bernie1016TV (live)

Habre, Chad's ex-dictator, dragged into courtroom for war crimes charges

Trump defeats all Democrats in SUSA poll

Should Bernie Sanders campaign with Cornel West?

Where's Bernie? An Interactive Map

Palin wants to be Secretary of Energy but doesn't know what the agency does.

JBLM soldier who beat Afghan man over child’s rape faces Army discharge

How To End Mass Incarceration - James Kilgore On His New Book Part 3

About 100 demonstrate against Nazis, police in downtown Olympia

Va. Democrats unveil gun background check petition

Actress Jean Darling, star of "Our Gang," has died at 93

Republican Racism Is Stronger Than Corporate Money

The following is a message from Donald Trump:

Roast Chicken With Plums Gets a Touch of Spice

Obama likes clam chow-dah!!!!

So, I was at the laundromat doing a months worth of laundry today...

US embassy urged Clinton to hold back on praising Uribe during 2010 visit

US embassy urged Clinton to hold back on praising Uribe during 2010 visit

DU experts, Amanda KNOX: So the court said they're guilty but dismissed because of shoddiness?

GOP Plots Global Climate Pact Attack

Dozens protest Orlando's median wage

Italian court finally releases written report: "stunning flaws" in the case against Amanda Knox

I Know You've Heard this Before . . .

Amid drought, thousands of Californians cancel their flood insurance

Navajo “Water Lady” Provides Water to 250 Reservation Families a Month

When the CIA’s Empire Struck Back

Dentist who killed lion set to return to work

Someone smarter than I, give me some ammo to refute this - re: Kim Davis

A graphic that says all that needs to be said,

Bernie Sanders has a Plan for Racial Justice

BBC: Could diesel made from air help tackle climate change?

Canadian NDP (Socialist) Leader Comments On Conservative "Peegate." Trickle-Down Economics!

Kentucky clerk petitions for governor to excuse her from issuing same-sex marriage licenses

Indian village council denies ordering rape of sisters

Muslim flight attendant suspended for not serving alcohol

Rapper Dex Osama reportedly dead in strip club shooting

Mother of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson dies

Dowd YMCA plans to remove monument with Confederate battle flag carving (NC)

Blue Claws: The Tasty Embodiment of Crabby

A Citizens United Conundrum.

Anyone know anything about FANDOR as a service?

Texas lawyer exposes religious hiring test for peace officers: County only wanted Baptist constables

Eddie Griffin On Christians, Muslims, Bible, Jesus and Religion.

Niembro case (Argentina): La Usina PR firm and Macri's Buenos Aires city government offices raided.

Song From The Bush Years

A Special Labor Day Message from Tommy Chong

a Labor Day post in the Lounge just reminded me of another union leader -

feelthebern, Pittsburgh style.....

How Trump Continues To Lead The Polls

Judy Carne, ‘Laugh-In’s’ ‘Sock it to Me’ Girl, Dies at 76

At Labor Day Rally, Joe Biden Gives Glimpse Of His Candidacy

To the woman in the Bernie T-shirt at Art in the Pearl today (Portland)...

How do I get Facebook to stop making friend suggestions and other unwanted meddling?

Senator Elizabeth Warren is ‘Open To’ Marijuana Legalization

Now I've seen everything! TAWAF by hoverboard!!!!

It looks like TS Grace is breaking up before she even got started good.

We asked all 22 presidential candidates to define a US refugee policy. Few had clear answers

a Labor Day Post

The Sandman!

Bernie Sanders: What he thinks about a completely open border.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Climate shock--Fairbanks Alaska to Washington DC in one day

A million votes counted/Bernie leading in 33 states

Ousted as Gay, Aging Veterans Are Battling Again for Honorable Discharges

Iowa Daily Democrat: Stolen chances: Low-wage work and wage theft in Iowa

"Even Brady is Happy He's got a Union".....President Obama

What if she was armed

The President Speaks at the Labor Day Breakfast in Boston

At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves

Jimmy Carter’s cancer is God’s punishment,’ says leading Israeli newspaper


9-4-15 Look for The Union Label in 2:00

9-4-15 Look for The Union Label in 2:00

9-4-15 Look for The Union Label in 2:00

Maybe we shouldn't have laughed...Maybe we should have became concerned?

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen hatching

Blue whale entangled in fishing line believed near Mexico

How can people be so uncaring?

9-5-15 The First Labor Day in 2:00

9-5-15 The First Labor Day in 2:00

9-5-15 The First Labor Day in 2:00

9-6-15 Packinghouse Workers Master Contract in 2:00

9-6-15 Packinghouse Workers Master Contract in 2:00

9-6-15 Packinghouse Workers Master Contract in 2:00

Why should someone who is transgender not use the facilities they identify with?

9-7-15 Actors Strike & Boycott The Emmy’s in 2:00

9-7-15 Actors Strike & Boycott The Emmy’s in 2:00

9-7-15 Actors Strike & Boycott The Emmy’s in 2:00

Two Men Brave Raging Floodwaters To Save Foxes From Drowning

Ad van Wijk: “The energy sector has nothing to do with energy companies anymore”

Biden's Labor Day Speech Rallies Crowd - He Praises Bernie Sanders... 'Doing A Hell of a Job!'

Clinton at her last Burlington, IA: "I am a proud Democrat. I am a true Democrat"

Supervisors vote to contribute $50,000 to second Civil War memorial in Leesburg (VA)

The worst is over for tourist traffic on the Alabama gulf coast.

We're seeing a lot of racial cluenessless around; but; I'm ...

FoxNews Throws Kim Davis to the Lions - Her Lawyer's Opinion 'Ridiculously Stupid'

Kim Davis asks Kentucky governor to free her in same-sex marriage case

Michigan's Middle Class Stumbling Despite Economic Recovery

Progressives rally for Bernie Sanders at LR park (Arkansas)

Hundreds Surge Past Police Near Hungary Border, March North

Wanted: New Home for Confederate Monument in Forest Park (MO)

How are these insane nuts winning elections?