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Polling Trajectory Shows Bernie Sanders Winning the Democratic Nomination. It's Time for America to

Must see! Fishermen "catfishing" on Warrior River-- look what they found!!

Clinton Says No Email Apology: 'What I Did Was Allowed'

Bernie Sanders Surges Past Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush Implodes in New 2016 Poll

From the archives, first Labor Day parade 1882. photo

President Obama's approval rating is starting to bounce back after a productive summer

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 7, 2015

How much longer before the primary/caucus season is over?

O'Malley Endorsed By IA State Senator Rich Taylor (his 1st IA Leg. Endorsement)

Found it!

China, Trying to Bolster Currency, Taps Foreign Reserves

Fox News Legal Panel: Kim Davis' Attorney's Defense Is 'Stunningly Obtuse' And 'Ridiculously Stupid'

Mother Of Toddler Killed In West Bank Fire Attack Dies Of Wounds

Anybody else out there hooked on any of the podcasts on the

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Compete For Union Support

Obama: If Tom Brady needs a union, Americans do too

Hillary Clinton to Show More Humor and Heart, Aides Say

Even Fox News panel concludes that Kim Davis’ lawyer is ‘ridiculously stupid’

Obama: If Tom Brady needs a union, Americans do too

Obama: If Tom Brady needs a union, Americans do too

Republicans Weigh New Ways to Upend Iran Nuclear Deal

In English Bibi calls Syrians migrants, in Hebrew they're 'infiltrators'

Hamas urges 'retaliation' after death of Dawabsha mother

NYT: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Compete For Union Support

NYT: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Compete For Union Support

NYT: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Compete For Union Support

Damn, but I still really, really like Metallica.

Kim Davis is no Rosa Parks

Child, dog rescued from well in Lincoln County UPDATED

New York Public Library Puts 20,000 Hi-Res Maps Online Free to Download and Use

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Surprise! Best of Malloy? & a new Kitteh gif

Things a heroin dealer says.

Colorado raises $150 million from marijuana. Will more states legalize?

Revenue Recession Spreads past Dollar, Energy

New Annulment Process To Be Good News For Divorced Catholics

Time: How a Bloody Railroad Strike Paved the Way for Labor Day

Bizarre TLC shows

Time: How a Bloody Railroad Strike Paved the Way for Labor Day

Time: How a Bloody Railroad Strike Paved the Way for Labor Day

Binge watching Twin Peaks... awesome. lol total freak show.

Why our nominee must be Bernie. Hillary cannot defeat Trump

Sen. Sanders Applauds President Obama's Action on Paid Sick Leave

Sanders Addresses New Hampshire AFL-CIO on Labor Day

European countries must support the United Nations’ proposals for sovereign debt restructuring!

Myanmar's Suu Kyi calls for free and fair election

A conservative revolt is brewing inside the Vatican

O'Malley: Time to grow labor movement.

O'Malley: Time to grow labor movement.

Alaska state trooper seizes reporter's camera memory card

First assassination of Briton by drone signals mission creep in Syria

Jim Hightower: The Rebellious Spirit of the First Labor Day Is Spreading Anew

Bernie Sanders Can Help Revitalize the US Labor Movement

Europe Invaded by Mostly "Regime Change" Refugees

Photos: SeptemberFest parade marches through Omaha

Photos: SeptemberFest parade marches through Omaha

Photos: SeptemberFest parade marches through Omaha

Turkish prime minister vows to 'wipe out' PKK after deadly militant attack

The Ivy League, Mental Illness, and the Meaning of Life

Local church offers firearms training to members

Howard Zinn: A reinvigorated labor movement needed for social upheaval

You read it here first: Bernie will take PAC money

Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley talks about Labor Day messages

2nd Review Says Classified Information Was in Hillary Clinton's Email

Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley talks about Labor Day messages

The Bedouin children trying to stop bulldozers with their cameras

Re-naming Mountains

Grumpy Cat 'throws' out first pitch at Diamondbacks game

Martin O'Malley talks about Labor Day messages(video)

Bernie Sanders Has President Obama’s Back On Paid Sick Leave Executive Order

Housing for All: The Tenants Movement Takes to the Streets

Finland's Prime Minister takes a 17 year old refugee i to his own home

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Hard Core Liberal . ....

Koreas to hold Oct. 20-26 reunions of war-divided families

Baltimore: "Marilyn Mosby blames Martin O'Malley for violence"

Wiltshire, England: huge 'Superhenge' discovered

Help! Need flea killing advice!

Manure fertilizer increases antibiotic resistance

"Blunt Talk" is easily the funniest new show I've seen in a long time.

Republican donors, strategists plot to take Trump down

'Still not one arrest or even a lead’ in hunt for Duma killers

To Achieve Food Security, We Must Prioritize Women's Rights as Human Rights

Mike Malloy - Exclusive: Controversial Interview With Donald Trump

Glimmer of hope in ending the Tucson bus strike ***edit Strike over ***

Glimmer of hope in ending the Tucson bus strike

“Snowden hits back at Clinton and Trump” from Al-Jazeera’s Upfront

Love you people....

Love you people....

Snowden Responds To Donald Trump’s Death Threats, Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal

Cheney Presidential Memoir Heavy On Criticizing George W. Bush

New government in Trinidad and Tobago

S. Africa may cancel dual citizenship to curb IDF enlistment

Food industry enlisted academics in GMO lobbying war, emails show

Silver City, New Mexico!

Suspicious package at Union Square Park prompts evacuation and ruins my evening.

You Deserve a Raise Today. Interest Rates Don’t. By NYT EDITORIAL BOARD

Eric Burdon & The Animals - A Warm San Franciscan Night (VIDEO)

Is Trump mentally ill?

Not sure if this got posted:Jean Darling Dies: ‘Our Gang’ And Silent Era Actress Was 93

White Sand Beaches Are Made Of Fish Poop

Obama Supports Bernie Running as a Democrat

Obama says Republicans hurt working people

Different kind of endorsement

Mental health stigma denies my dignity

Bernie's world famous now if we can only get him elected!

Is there any DU rule against using mental illness as an attack on people we despise?

Vero Beach, Florida kicking high for Bernie!


Joe Biden says 'vote for Bernie' in Pittsburgh?

Thomas Paine on Religion in The Rights of Man

Time for a guaranteed income?

Bernie Sanders booked to appear next week on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

I don't always speak American

How Bernie Sanders Is Winning New Hampshire

Herald Scotland-The rise of Bernie Sanders

Sanders Ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire

California EPA Moves to Label Monsanto's Roundup 'Carcinogenic'

Bushwick is Bern-ing for Sanders


This week my Bernie event..

Bushwick Berners are killing it!

Here Is The Perfect Teabagger Socialist-Free Purity Pledge

A graphic that says all that needs to be said.

Hillary's electrifying speech in Illinois today!!!

Bernie Sanders' 1979 Eugen Debs Documentary

The poster who made this OP acted absolutely abhorrently toward other DUers.

Clinton To Propose U.S. Campaign Finance Overhaul

Bernie Sanders booked to appear next week on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

Hillary gave a great Labor Day speech!

Did "Club for Growth" Try to Shakedown Donald Trump To Buy Their Silence?

Labor Day in Alabama!

This is about the immigrant crisis!

10 awesome chemical reaction GIFs


Northern Lower 48, look for auroras tonight.

What would Biden's real impact be?


Daily Holidays - September 8

Autumn leaves on the forest floor

Martin O'Malley is right: why the US should admit more Syrian refugees

Martin O'Malley Is Right: America Should Be Taking More Syrian Refugees

Sanders has at least 1 superdelegate

How Bernie Sanders Is Winning New Hampshire

Bernie-Palooza held on Labor Day

LSU student arrested, accused of punching female student at frat house, breaking her nose

Four U.S. peacekeepers, possibly from Bryan-based Texas Army National Guard unit, injured in Egypt

Krugman: Jeb is wrong about Trump's economics

The Most Important Legacy of the Black Panthers

Scott Walker, Meet Noam Chomsky: Here's the Real Iran History Republicans Need to Learn

Time Is a Democracy Issue

What happens when you give 100 homeless people disposable cameras?

40 years ago, a county clerk gave a marriage license to two men

Canadian Conservative candidate quits after footage emerges of him urinating into a mug

New climate studies depict 'Day After Tomorrow' scenario: Gulf Stream shifts, sending chill through

About those cheering Germans welcoming refugees

Hillary And The Democrats' Dilemma

Impunity, Functional Equivalent of Genocide: Collapse of Social Institutions

Turning the Cradle of Civilization Into its Graveyard

Clinton and the Bungling of Cuba Policy

Clinton and the Bungling of Cuba Policy

Christian Parents Angry That Their Kids Will Learn About Islam in School

Kentucky governor tells Kim(eh) that her problems are between

Soft pastel, "Sunset Over the Ocean"

Locked out workers rally at Sherwin Alumina (Day 331)

Locked out workers rally at Sherwin Alumina (Day 331)

Slowpoke Toon: Trump the Refugee

Well this is kind of depressing.

Bob Beckel on "Morning Joe"

Hoosiers to join others on Capitol Hill this week in calling for universal background check for guns

Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican

Texas Murders Expose Fatal Link Between Gun Sales Loopholes and Domestic Violence

Former porn star turned director Candida Royalle dies aged 64

Hillary Clinton, fighting for votes, promises to defend unions

Rise of the alternative funeral: beaches, buses and anything but black

About the term "socialism" some is already here. (not complicated)

UN: Assad, ISIL, al-Qaeda committing Mass Atrocities, Endangering Int’l Security

Poison in Arctic and human cost of ‘clean’ energy

Retired US Army General who singled-handedly stopped another Korean war abused by NC police….

Kim Davis supporters gather outside judge’s home to hold him ‘in contempt of God’s court’

POLL: Meme of the Week – September 8th

Trump: The Candidate the GOP Deserves

Barack Obama, Scott Walker spar in Labor Day comments

How the IMF Has Helped to Crush Greece

One word definitions of candidates? How about "untrustworthy" and "liar"

Does everyone know about this new podcast out of Chicago?

Hillary Clinton outlines campaign-finance plan

NYT Coverage of Iran Deal Looks Quite Different From the Science Section

Uganda fears for children as overseas adoptions boom

What is your Zombie Apocalypse Theme Song - play the game and post it here!!

Today's money bomb for Bernie (his birthday) is already in record territory!

Today's money bomb for Bernie (his birthday) is already in record territory!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1:GOP

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

done with Yahoo News,too much clickbait,recommend another news site that's neutral?,already have BBC

Petition calling on House Speaker John Boehner to back up his outrage over renaming Mount McKinley

Solar-Powered Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project to Reduce CO2 Emissions at Hawaii Port

Clinton: 'Global effort' needed to help refugees in Europe

Cocoa, Caffeinated ‘Black Drink’ Were Widespread in Pre-Contact Southwest, Study Finds

I'm rethinking Biden. Now I'm not so sure he ISN'T going to consider a run...

Special "OMFG are they SERIES111" poll from Survey USA: "Trump would beat all Dem candidates"

German exports and imports hit record highs in July

Overnight fire destroys "Full Throttle Saloon" bar in Sturgis

Big Donors for Bernie?

***** LIVE Harry Reid on the Iran Nuclear Deal - 10 am ET *****

To Judge: 'We’re going to ask sheriff to arrest you for putting this precious little girl in jail'

Black Women Are Driving the Rebirth of the Labor Movement

Nicole Arbour argues fat people deserve to be shamed in YouTube rant; offends everyone

"There Will No More Refugee Crisis Especially if we freedom bomb the refuges"

Sweden's far-right won't be happy about this: Thousands Of Swedes Rally In Support Of Refugees

Can the Planet Support 11 Billion People?

TRUMP: I Never Went To Vietnam, But 'I Felt That I Was In The Military'

I just heard on cspan2 that Manchin said "no" to Iran deal.

Police Group Claims Protests Against Police Violence Causes More Violence - TMFS Sketch Comedy

Latinos for Bernie in San Antonio (short video montage of Labor Day Rally)

Elephants hate you too. This one is particularly sick of your shit.

I really beginning to hate the seedy underbelly of social media.

Poland's army wants area cleared before Nazi train search

Investigation: LePage, education department threatened Good Will-Hinckley funding

re: kim davis -- what does marriage legally have to do with sex, anyway?

IDF: Duma attack was definitely ‘Jewish terrorism’

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-7-15

Guantánamo security clearance denied to lawyers of cooperating witness

Nebraska, Iowa delegation's 'no' votes on Iran deal won't move the needle

The question is: Who are we now?

Kasich touts his links with Scott Brown. Is he not a loser?

Didn't Kim Davis trample the religious freedom of the gay couple first?

Malcolm X Comments Seem Prophetic In 2015

This God guy just doesn’t get how we do the Bible in America.

Koterba toon: Price of GAS (Sept 1, 2005)

Hillary Clinton To Appear On 'The Tonight Show'

Vampire Hunter D-Blu-Ray Review....

Sorry, But Your Cat Really Doesn't Need You Around

Hillary Misses Mark With Millennials

"If you've seen one tree . . . ." Please come CAPTION John Boehner!!!

2016 Trial Set for Brown Family's Suit Against Ferguson

Turkey sends ground forces into Iraq after militant attacks

Midcentury U.S. Germ Warfare ‘Cover-Up’ Underscores Official Duplicitousness

Huckabee, Cruz Plan to Meet With Jailed Kentucky Clerk

Revisiting Hurricane Katrina: Racist Violence and the Politics of Disposability

Cops Mistake Lou Gehrig’s Disease for Insanity – Kidnap, Strip Search, and Jail Man for Days

SIGN Bernie's >>> OFFICIAL <<< birthday card here!!!

Ted Cruz travels to Kentucky to support Kim Davis

SIGN Bernie's >>> OFFICIAL <<< birthday card here!!!

Since May 1, 2015 the DU has now raised over $15,000 for 4 D candidates!

Wall Street Banks Warn: Climate Inaction Will Cost Trillion of Dollars

Just so we're clear ...

"Gay marriage is like the donut without the hole!" . . . Please come CAPTION Kim Davis!!!

They got away with Deflate Gate and now... Stealing opponents play sheets

We get text messages instead

In a car accident? Expect Lawyer solicitaions by text

Baltimore: City to pay Freddie Gray's family $6.4 million to settle civil claims

HBO's New Sesame Street

Florida #1 with highest bicyclist death rate in the country

Report: Pats' Spygate Cheating Lasted 'At Least 40 Games'

How to silence Kim Davis supporters who cherry-pick the Bible

49er fans vent frustrations

Democrats rally 41 Senate votes for Iran nuclear deal

No special prosecutor planned in Kentucky gay marriage case: official

Louisiana's Disappearing Island (Excerpt from 'Oil and Water')

Will Pope Francis’ annulment reforms impact U.S. Catholics?

A guy named Chase got saved.

Pic Of The Moment: Sure, Donald Trump May Have Dodged Vietnam Through Draft Deferments, But...

New Monmouth University National poll: Clinton 42 % Biden 22% Sanders 20%

'El Chapo' Guzman escape: Mexican prison officials charged

Monmouth Poll: HRC 42%, Biden 22%, Bernie 20%

#HillaryMen: How to Stay Calm and Confident in the Turbulence of Hillary's Campaign (HILLARY GROUP)

Protestors A Cheney's Iran Deal Speech: "No more war-mongering. Dick Cheney is a war criminal."

Germany open to 500,000 refugees each year as crisis grows on continent

Huckabee-nuff said

Why is Russia in Syria now?

My pet peeve about supermarket checkout lanes

God's Top 10 Life Hacks

Jack Abramoff to speak in Florida about 'corrupting influence of money in public policy'

Coalition strikes Yemen capital, more foreign troops reported arriving

Texas county defend right to hire ONLY Baptists.

Where do science-based progressives go to discuss the issues?

Former bishop admits sexually abusing young men

Scott Walker was in Wisconsin for one day last week, but—he did not show his face publicly.

Bernie's Birthday Bash!

Yes, People Hate Cops—but Aren’t Stooping to Their Level

For the seventh time this morning between 8:30 and 8:48

Now That The Lion Killer Dentist Has Come Out From Hiding And.....

Rick Perry: 'A Broken Clock Is Right Once A Day'

Natural Gas Impact Fee Revenue Shrinking, While Repubs refuse to pass extraction tax

Top Israeli Newspaper Makes Vile, Disgusting Comment About Jimmy Carter’s Cancer (IMAGE)

New Monmouth National poll: Clinton 42 % Biden 22% Sanders 20% (Hillary C. Group)

Ohio Planned Parenthood fights back at frontline of new conservative assault

Missing American volunteer, Dahlia Yehia, beaten to death in Nepal

Just how cool is this - a 3d printing PEN

TYT: Fox News Punked During Shooting Coverage

Upcoming HRC TV appearances: (HILLARY GROUP)

haha Liberty Counsel pants are all wadded up...

50 years ago today, the Delano grape strike started (GREAT VIDEO!!!)

Hillary Clinton Gives up and Gives In!

Cornel West, Marc Lamont Hill Rip Fox News Over #BlackLivesMatter Coverage

50 years ago today, the Delano grape strike started (GREAT VIDEO!!!)

TYT: The Most Political Obituary EVER

50 years ago today, the Delano grape strike started (GREAT VIDEO!!!)

I just heard on Bloomberg that wyden and Blumenthal Will support the iran deal

"Jailbreak Me Jesus!"

HOLYCOW!!! ~Part two~

Royal Navy submarine responsible for NI trawler incident

‘China’ rising: The Parade

3 more Dems support Iran deal: Democrats have enough Senate votes to stifle Iran opposition

Marin immigration lawyer convicted of hate crime against man speaking Farsi

41 Senators for the deal, the Pope coming to DC and the UN - this should be a great month

Tom Brady calls Donald Trump 'amazing,'

When does your religion legally excuse you from doing part of your job?

JOB - Just Over Broke. Now A Job Is Well Under Being Broke.

Paducah, Kentucky!

O'Malley announces Iowa Endorsements

84 Cheeseburger Cheeseburger

Guam for Bernie!

Scooter is high on something!!

OWH: Income inequality issues the focus of Bernie Sanders' unlikely run for president

OWH: Hillary Clinton is a fighter, and she says she's the 'future'

Joe Biden speaking in Pittsburgh to Bernie Supporters says: 'Vote For Bernie' 'He's a good man'!

Breaking re: m$nbc...judge who ordered ms davis to jail has just ordered her release

Pope Francis makes annulment of marriages cheaper and easier (CNN)

Watch World News Tonight at 5:30 pm today for David Muir's one-on-one interview with Hillary Clinton

Hillary-hate from the far left seems more intense than Obama-hate. Why is that?

I posted Omaha World Herald feature stories on Bernie & Hillary in GD-P

Cool video of Twin Cities

Biden Unlikely to Run. Doesn’t Appear to Have “Emotional Energy”:

'Have A Thick Skin And Three Other Things I Learned About Business From Martin O'Malley'

O'Malley in Dubuque: Democrats need more debates.(Includes video.)

Santa Cruz, California

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Ordered Released From Jail

Joe Biden: Rupert Murdoch's Dem Primary Choice

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis ordered released from jail

Civics class required for high school graduation will push the envelope

Three Other Things I Learned About Business From Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley

Obama takes a jab at Christie over teacher union comment

Dick Cheney Floats Military Action As Alternative To Obama's Iran Deal

Martin O’Malley Is Right: America Should Be Taking More Syrian Refugees

Three Other Things I Learned About Business From Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley

Men vs Women Spanking Butt in Public! (Sexual Harassment Social Experiment)

O'Malley in Dubuque: Democrats need more debates.(Includes video.)

Should countries honour their climate debts?

You are not the father

Why white men hate unions: The South, the new workforce and the GOP war on your self-interest

Joe Biden Edges Past Bernie Sanders in New National Poll (and he hasn't even declared yet!)

Only scientist in Congress backs Iran deal

White people don't want to talk about it

WH Responds - Vice President Dick Cheney: Wrong Then, Wrong Now

Would you be happy or sad if Joe Biden was our nominee?

The Sanders paradox

PolyU develops novel efficient and low-cost semitransparent perovskite solar cells with graphene el…

Santa Barbara County for Bernie

Obama takes a jab at Christie over teacher union comment

Obama takes a jab at Christie over teacher union comment

A funny great musical number about Kim Davis.

Seagate and/or Microsoft OneDrive backup frustrations

'We need your help.'

Cheney/Davis side by side

Do you support H. Clinton's proposal to repeal the Bill of Rights?

Art-inspired solar cells

In 2000 the CIA gave Iran atomic weapon construction plans. Yep, "flawed" plans-supposedly.

Tickets for pope's Philadelphia speech snagged in 2 minutes

‘Dick Cheney Is A War Criminal’

Today is Bernie's Birthday!!

Warren Buffett: I 'admire' Bernie Sanders

Suspects open fire at Indiana taco stand, shoot 14-year-old boy while yelling anti-Hispanic slurs

Canadian politics - Peegate

Federal grant to help Omaha target lead in homes

Kitties got to have some fun...

I Think Joe Biden Should Be Pissed.....

Never for sale.....

Ukraine New Prime Minister Petition: Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili Gets 26,000 Onlin

Off-duty officer questioned in neighbor's death

She'll never find it at Fox News....

The Clinton Foundation and slave wages.

Which Party Creates More Jobs? (like we didn't know)

What Do You Suppose Huckabee Is Saying To Davis Right Now?....

There’s No Evidence That Two Indian Sisters Will Be Raped as Punishment for Their Brother’s Affair

'Superhenge' Found Buried Near Stonehenge: Photos:

Has the KY Democratic Party expelled Kim Davis?

Forest Trump

Scientists link oil exposure to reduced survival of fish

Why Do We Let Fox News Incite So Much Racial Hatred?

I welcome a run by VP Biden

As Arctic ice melts, oil bonanza yet to arrive

How a bold American imam and his skeptical Israeli host bridged the Muslim-Jewish chasm

The specter that still haunts capitalism

Can Bernie Sanders really beat Hillary Clinton in Iowa?

Northern forests are changing fast -- and no one knows what it will mean

Send your name to Mars: Deadline TODAY 9/8/15

Marriage licenses issued Friday in Rowan County were altered to remove Kim Davis' name

O'Malley announces more Iowa endorsements.Gazette

SF judge says building manager who stole rent should pay tenants up to $110,000 each

Police officer's quick action saves Papillion man's life

Congress: They're ba-a-a-ck

European Jews Afraid to Reveal Jewishness

AOTL's Circumcision 2016 - One Question Interview with Donald Trump

How Headlines Change the Way We Think

At this moment what do you think Bernies chances of winning the nomination are?

Hey YOU! You there with the American Flag flying on your car!

Element Capital Hedge Fund Large buyer of US treasuries

Live coverage of kim davis rally now.... Perkins talking..

Ugh... I think I'm going to puke...

Frankenvirus emerges from Siberia's frozen wasteland

Hastings Introduces Resolution Authorizing Military Force Against Iran if Necessary

Just read the ESPN report on the Pat's.

Just A "Look" kitty rescue by Amy Guerette Tiverton, RI (Little Cecilia - named after the slain lion

Its official Berniemania is upon us

I love We got Ed! Of course he talks about Bernie!

"If somebody needs to go to jail, I'm willing to go in her place." - Mike Huckabee

God it is good to be me!!! and it is good to be you fellow Democrats!!

Spotted in Madison...

School Board member weighs run against Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

HL Mencken's dispatches from the Scopes Trial

LGBT Fight Makes It Clear That Religious Freedom Believers Will Deny Any Service.

Striking Down the Nostalgia for Mammy: Black Women and Labor Activism

Meltdown-Proof Nuclear Reactors (molten salt reactors) Get a Safety Check in Europe

So, will Kim Davis follow the law of the land or not?

Grayson: Everyone's thinking it. I'll say it: Donald Trump is racist and his supporters are nuts...

Office opening in Concord, NH (short video of Bernie) Labor Day 2015

The Fundies Have Drawn A Line. They Do Not Accept Constitution Unless The Bible Is Its Base.

Warren: Trump Discusses 'Important Things' Like Taxing The Wealthy (Sigh!)

Hank Williams Jr's classics couldn't overcome his discourse in Dallas

Alexandria to take up its Confederate memorials tonight (VA)

BERNing Manhattan video

Bigots that picket. Rah Rah for bigots!

Facebook uh-oh...

Activities That Would Have To Be Allowed Under Religious Freedom.

Petition Calls For Airline Seat Standards To End The Cabin Crush

Bill filed to replace Confederate general statue at U.S. Capitol (FL)

Will We Now Have Christian States/Heathen States?

H Post: Humpback Whales Intervene in Killer Whale Attacks on a Baby Gray Whale, and Save Seals

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Half of Americans Have Diabetes or High Blood Sugar, Survey Finds

Family of man fatally shot by Cleveland cop is awarded $5.5M

First on CNN: John Kerry appoints email 'czar' for State Department

What Can You Do that Computers Can’t?

RIP Nelson Peery

Max Landis DESTROYS Donald Trump

the christian taliban has gathered in Kentucky....

What Can You Do that Computers Can’t?

Cutting Pentagon Pork Will Help Struggling Middle Class Families

This morning I was diagnosed with the early stages of glaucoma.


Sanders to Visit North Carolina

How is it that the Ivory Tower idiot libertarians get the damage caused by alt med?

Kerry appointed a transparency coordinator to deal with all the email issues

Bernie first greeted by boos turns into shouts of Bernie and HB

Denmark sends first group of refugees back to Germany

Sanders to roll out criminal justice bill, says we need bold change in our criminal justice system

Allowing biological men to use women's restrooms?

One of nation’s largest school districts ditches high school final exams.

Montgomery County ditches high school final exams.

Sanders: Our Criminal Justice System is Broken, to introduce a criminal justice bill

Jeb Bush is one of the only Republican candidates who does not own a gun

Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, on ISIS and extradition

Well looky here--a Confederate flag at the big rally.

Your unbearable cuteness for today

WATCH: Ky. clerk #KimDavis walks into rally to "Eye of the Tiger"; she speaks to supporters

Australia hosts the 6th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention - October 11-14, 2015

Cuba Before the Revolution

Grassroots raises $10,000 before sunrise

Kim Davis Speaks - Praize!!!

SurveyUSA shows Trump Winning the Presidency - Ring of Fire Explains Why This is Hogwash

Face The Facts: The American People Are Populists

"She can never recover the past six days of her life spent in an isolated jail cell."

'Wrong Then, Wrong Now': White House Video Rips Cheney For Iran Deal Criticism

Kim Davis, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders. All Democrats

Ted Cruz goes to visit Kim Davis in jail

UPDATE: Today's DU Bernie $ bomb is getting close to $4,000 and 100 donations!

Dog Filmed Home Alone Gives His Parents A Surprise

Philadelphia Eagles are done with Saint Tebow, who wants him next

SacBee: Amid corporate money blackout, Richard Pan feted at anti-recall event

Hillary Clinton apologizes over private email; takes responsibility

From Apes to Elephants, Wolves to Whales, a Tour of Animals’ Minds and Emotions

10 SEC teams in the AP Top 25 after Week 1

It's Tuesday, Sept. 8 What's for dinner? Tacos!

538: "If Donald Trump Can Win The Nomination, Ben Carson Could Too"

One of the big delights I am having watching the Repub Primaries is----

Grayson:Today, we recognize the courage of the suffragettes, who won the right for women to vote,

Does the Sanders surge pose a serious threat to Hillary? Howard Dean weighs in.

"Don't tell any one but once we do well in Iowa and New Hampshire, no one will be able to stop us"

Kim Davis released, but judge bars her from withholding marriage licenses

Kim Davis is slow on the uptake:

Alabama Bernie supporters order 4500 bumper stickers!

If the guy on the right is Kim Davis's husband, then I guess they're a matched set,

Who here would switch to Biden if he jumps in the race?

George Takei: Lessons in the First Amendment and Kim Davis

Sen. Sanders Happy Birthday Twitter

Go see @nexttokimdavis on Twitter

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Man Suing Facebook Because It Recognizes His Face Even Though He Doesn’t Use Site

“Resolution 242 Revisited”: new research on Security Council’s approach to Israel-Arab conflict

United Airlines CEO steps down after Port Authority probe

Jon Stewart Set To Storm Deadbeat Congress With Sick 9/11 Responders Demanding Healthcare

Hillary Clinton on Private Email: ‘That Was a Mistake. I’m Sorry’

New Research Reveals Hidden Growth of Extreme Poverty in America

Good riddance to the Labor Day telethon

The ARG Poll putting Trump ahead of Clinton is actually a good thing in my opinion

GOP’s Benghazi panel springs yet another leak

Please stand and cross your hearts or if you're in the military; salute.

My brother was diagnosed last week with type 2 Diabetes...........

Bernie Sanders - Feel The Bern [CC]

Questions surface about Tony Campos, one-time Bush family friend (Jeb steered state money his way)

Senate sends Brown bill on Confederate names (CA)

Why is "2.718" not as popular as "3.1416"?

Does anyone need a flash cable for a portable power pack?

PLACE YOUR BETS! How long is Kim Davis going to stay out of jail?

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror to become a Netflix show

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror to become a Netflix show

Bernie being stalked?

Four-time All-Star Joaquin Andujar, 62, dies after battle with diabetes

This video from Nina Paley is absolutely beautiful!

We often talk about insanity

Poster-- Hillary's proposals to curb big money in politics &#10145;&#65039;

Memo for the Public: Most of You Agree with Bernie Sanders' Message

O’Malley: DNC Is Stacking The Deck For Hillary [VIDEO]

Cantwell backs Iran Deal

"Scarborough Expresses Public Gratitude for MSNBC Show Cancellations" (8/27/15)

Atheist Castros praise Christian values, prepare for papal visit

Howard Dean weighs in on Bernie's run

Bernie front page news again!

In 'non-religious' Japan, the shrine can still exert a pull

Jonathan Cahn: Kim Davis, Gay Rights And Two Cows Prove God's Wrath Is Imminent

Brewing for Bernie- looking for an artist

Feel The Biden: Biden is siphoning supporters from BOTH Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Has MSNBC gotten rid of Rev Al Sharpton's show? nt

It's amazing how little we (in the US, at DU, whatever) actually fully communicate about racism

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Never Should Have Gone to Jail

Netanyahu to visit Britain facing pressure on stalled peace talks

Irish transgender rights law takes effect

Yellow dust smothers Middle East

Once again Huckabee has NO clue as to what he's doing.

German Homeopaths Accidentally Get High as Balls as Conference Ends in Chaos

Senate Republicans want immunity for Clinton's former IT staffer

California guards charged with inmates' murder, assault

The fundies have just ruined a song for me.

Israeli hotels warn Jewish guests that Arabs will also be there

Berniemojis at the Apple App Store for free.

Bomb attack in eastern Turkey kills 12 police

Trouble for, and tears from, Michigan's boinking congress critters

Huge SF landlord under legal fire over units used as tourist rentals

I was taking nature pix in the yard, and then it happened

Not a very lively group, this

I was taking nature pix in the yard, and then it happened


Bernie is scary!

One thing Clinton, Sanders and O'Malley supporters might agree on. The Media Sucks.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz says 6 debates enough

DOD Orders 25% Funding, Staff Cuts; Government Employees Union Objects

Survivor guitarist slams unauthorized use of 'Eye of the Tiger' at Kim Davis freedom rally

And speaking of 'Grass Roots' efforts -- have you all seen the 'Boat for Bernie' ?

Let's play! "I always thought I was........ because I.........

American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten on Hillary Clinton’s plan to reform campaign financ

CIA: Hillary Clinton's emails contained Top Secret information (+video)

Brothers guilty of assault against gay man got posts at UT

Bernie still most searched in NYT

Exclusive: U.S. to shift 50 staff to boost office handling Clinton emails

Next move in Rick Perry case belongs to upper court

The Future Of The Polar Bear, Captured In A Single Photograph

DOD Orders 25% Funding, Staff Cuts; Government Employees Union Objects

DOD Orders 25% Funding, Staff Cuts; Government Employees Union Objects

Religious groups want U.S. to accept 100,000 Syrian refugees

Bernie Shave

Scott Walker Labor Day Sale >15% off and free shipping of Wanker gear....

PPP (D) Palmetto State Poll -Clinton 54% Biden 24% Sanders 9%

AP Exclusive: Drilling boom means more harmful waste spills

AP Exclusive: Drilling boom means more harmful waste spills

If Joe Biden enters the race he is my third choice

Trump and his wife just got a rhatid New York booing

NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice Nearing Seasonal Minimum; 8/15 On Track For 4th-Lowest August Extent Recorded

New largest penis? 19 inches compared to the 13 inch one of the man

Mayday, Mayday! This Is The Chairman's Flight.....

Is this too patronizing?