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And my Republican staffer acquaintance just sent me his best text ever



Donald Trump's entire campaign is based on racism and sexism. That alone makes him

Hillary's opening remark --

I usually do not call people names, but...


Question: Do you think Trump will have one of these women blurt out a question to Hillary?

Alleged victims of sexual assault supporting a sexual predator

I just had one of those frustrating calls with a family member most of us

Trump flips again on Bill

I am beyond anger. Why our Hillary has to deal with this.

Hey Don the Con, GET A CLUE! Bill Clinton isn't running, Hillary Clinton is, you damn fool! n/t

Up next Trump to appear with former Blockbuster clerk who says Hillary never rewound Spaceballs

Tomorrow last day to register in AZ

In Council Bluffs visit, wife of Democratic V.P. nominee thanks party backers, says 'we’re making hi

Steve Schmitt....

Trump is no longer trying to win the presidency. He's trying to destroy the Republican party.

If there are more tapes about Trump, NOW would be an excellent time to release it.

How Many Times Did Trump Interrupt Clinton In The First Debate? Depends On How You Count

drumph will be dealt with by a Zen ninja

I just heard the best summary of our this elections season:

Isn't this about the time Republicans declare they won the debate?

Jake Tapper is getting pissed!!

BREAKING at USA Today: Trump, companies accused of mistreating women in at least 20 lawsuits

Trump is no longer trying to be President; he wants to be the champion of alt right news

Who knows what tomorrow I post this tonight

Even Fox is somewhat aghast at what just happened...

New research shows one big change when cops wear cameras

Will this be the way they bring Donald Trump onstage tonight?

I'm a Bernie voter who likes Hillary more and more every time Donald opens his mouth.

Trump Has Tarnished a Generation of GOP Stars

"The only thing shocking about this

Popcorn? Popcorn?...anybody need Popcorn????

Trump has proven; yes, women can lie about sexual assault and rape

JUST IN: Clinton comms director statement on Trump's "latest act of desperation"

Trump, companies accused of mistreating women in at least 20 lawsuits

Carville on MSNBC: Rump is a tired, overweight LOSER.

heres an idea, how about kick Trump out of the debate until he grows up!!!

I wonder if Hillary will shake Trump's hand?

Totally anecdotal but I take great pleasure in it

I bet he doesn't show up at the debate.

The head of the RNC chair walked right in there

Trump vs Obama Talking About Women

Joy Reid just said Trump has a suicide vest on! nt.

I was really looking forward to this debate, but now it just feels too creepy!

All four women will be in the debate hall as guests of the Trump campaign

Tonight's Debate Livestreamed by C-Span

I just watched that sad little presser.

"Rage Politics" that is what Joy just called the Trump campaign

NBC suspends Billy Bush for role on Trump tape indefintely.

Don't worry! Stunt is going to implode the Donald's face. Hillary's got this!!!

When they go low, we go high.

Which one of Trump's Human Shields will be asking a question tonight?

How does Über-Xian Mike Pence Justify Staying On The Ticket With Trump Now?

Appears Trump is about to commit political suicide on national television

Gotta ask:

Drumpt is going scorched earth. Targets are, well, everyone. n/t

Does anyone else remember the primary debate where Trump talked about his penis size?

I'm beginning to expect physical violence at tonight's debate

this is GLORIOUS to watch!

It's not sad.

Trump arriving looks like he's heading to the gallows

David Plouffe tweeted that Trump could be headed to under 40%nt

Mike Pence is "Keeping his options open"

Mantra for the debate.

So the women Trump "showcased" will be in the debate room, about 20 feet from HRC

The Republican party will Vilify Trump for this fiasco

***** LIVE stream 2016 Presidential Town Hall - Thread I *****

Remember how concerned the GOP was that transgender women were going to grope women in restrooms?

Legislature passes $371 million budget fix

Christian blog: When Christian Women Defend Men Behaving Badly

Link to Juanita Broaddrick's

Wondering whether Pence was informed about the Juanita press conference.

Is there any Shepard Fairey-style "Grope" memes about tRump floating around here?

The Donald has really motivated the base tonight!

Here's how truthful Paula Jones is

Hey GOP, how does it feel carrying something that was forced on you to full term?

Trump would bring change to Washington...

What is happening with the bet market?

Macri administration caught spying on two leading opposition journalists.

Is there any Shepard Fairey-style "Grope" memes about tRump floating around here?

Macri administration caught spying on two leading opposition journalists.

POLITICS CNN Just Found Proof Of Trump DEFENDING Hillary for Bill’s Cheating, Praising Her

Drumpt is now a kamikaze attacker on the Good Ship Democracy.

Is This The Best You've Got, Donald?

If only Hillary had known about Trump's guest list...

She's got this...

~#OFFICIAL Let's Watch The Debate! Thread#~ with retrowire!


Just promising no drinking games tonight

Fuck trump put these women on front row... asshole

There are two debate threads going, we should only have one, no?

Today marks 56 years since I saw the first TV debate.

No excuse for how low this is going,

Uncommitted voters my ass

The instant it gets personal, the moderators need to shut it down

Isn't the campaign now like the play "Hamilton"?


No handshake

Clinton Camp Responds To Trump Presser With Bill Clinton Accusers

No handshake and white top

Please release the racist pig tape of Trump!!!

This is starting to remind me of some kind of a prize fight

Trump looks like shitty faced monster

Oh man, he is sniffing again.

Trump's got a mic problem again.

HFA Statement on Trump's Latest Act of Desperation

Sounds like he is on downers


He's sniffing again!

Trump is doing the sniffing thing again.

sniffing number infinite

He's a sniffling maniac! nt.

The Mr Sniffles is back!


Sniffer in chief is back!!!!

Sniff, sniff, sniff.....

He looks like shit.

Drump sniffling has started again.

He calls it "locker room talk."

Debate drinking games are for wimps.

Union Members Approve Deal to Keep Sikorsky Aircraft

He's sniffing!!!!!

He is sniffling again

He's Started To Sniff Already....

Union Members Approve Deal to Keep Sikorsky Aircraft

baby needs his nose wiped again

HRC looks so angry about this asshole

Look at his eyes

With that first answer,

Good for Anderson Cooper!

He's already falling apart.

Union Members Approve Deal to Keep Sikorsky Aircraft


Trump is Fucked... Thanks Cooper

Can America vote right now?

Hillary is kicking his ass!

Pigsnort McPussyGrabber.

I'm calling it now...Debate is not going well for Trump

What is that clown doing on stage with President Hillary Clinton?

Cooper made him say he never kissed women or groped them without consent.

the sniffing could be lack of breath control

DAMN!!!! way to go Hillary!!

OMG!!!!!!! he is gone wowowowowowow

Trump attack ads airing during Sunday Night Football.

Who was the most embarrassing Democratic Presidential nominee in your lifetime?

I'm watching the lapel pin on his coat trying to make a break for it.

***** LIVE stream 2016 Presidential Town Hall - Thread II *****

Ivanka looked like she was having a panic attack.

Who is already PROUD of Hillary?

Here we go.

he going to stand up the entire time

How Much Longer before Trump's Mic has a "problem"?

He's sniffing again.

here he goes into clinton world...he won't last 90 minutes

Martha threw trump under a train or airplane...

Sniff, Sniff, Stump speech, Sniff, Sniff

He's bringing up Bill Clinton!

He thinks standing makes him look strong.

He is talking in a low tone. Intentionally?

someone needs to ask about his rape charge right now

Therererere He goes!


Trump is already losing it

I just noticed he's holding the mic with his 'okey dokey' hand

Why does he look so bad?

Trump's Microphone Contaminated with Cocaine, AGAIN !!!

He comes off like your embarrassing drunk uncle you try to keep quiet at a restaurant

When they go low, you go high.

OMG this man is a fucking asshole , he will rot in human feces

She said it

White trash on drugs

15 minutes in? He went there. He's going down ugly. Hill is handling it.

I'm not watching..... how is it going? She doing well? He screwing up?

RIP Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson. Passed away at 50, way too soon.

I admit I am muting everything Trump says

is anyone going to fact check him?

MOO-chelle Obama?

My God! What a fucking CHILD!


Trump must be on drugs


He's getting angry.

What the hell is with all the sniffing. He sounds like a rabid dog.

Oh fuuuuuu.....

Can we stop this debate and talk about real policies... trump is behaving like a child

Trump Is Off The Reservation And He's Not Going To Stick....

He's threatening to prosecute her if he wins.

This is embarrassing for our country

Gotta say it - Hillary sitting there looks like a very patient Mother Superior

Kiss it goodbye, Orangeman.

A Grand Inquisiator appointed by Drumpt. Wonderful.

Oh god, now he's threatening her with a special prosecutor.

Any bets on how long until he goes ballistic?

Moderators have completely lost control of this...

I have no sympathy for rapists

OMG he is theathening HRC....

Here we go, Crackhead Trump is good for about 20 minutes and then he becomes completely incoherent.

he is walking around the stage like a bully

What the fuck is "acid-washing" of emails?

ROFL, did she just "accidentally" say fat-checking?

Trump is like a 3rd world dictator

WHY IS HE SNIFFING ??? Do people on drugs do that?

Sniff sniff

Just like the first debate. He can't contain himself!

Isnt this supposed to be a Town Hall? What is this crap?

Is he finished!? Can we actually have a Debate? Or just more of Trump's insults & lies ..

Trump threatens Hillary with jail

Never seen anything so cringy in my life

Anybody have the courage to see what the Pubs are saying to alll of this? nt

OMG: You will be in jail... I want to punch this guy now... sorry secret service

I hate him so much.

I predict at some point in these debates Trump will pick his nose

Trump sounds like Frank Booth Huffing on a tank of Nitrous Oxide

Prince fans allowed inside Paisley Park home

The pussy responds.

Wha an incredible bully.

They should turn off his microphone while she's talking.

My 13 y.o. daughter: it was 33,000 emails, then suddenly 39,000 emails

He just lost the debate!

HRC has to be moderator and candidate

Trump says, "I'm a gentleman," crowd bursts out laughing.

Trump is physically, emotionally, and politically THREATENING Hillary -- telling her to be ashamed

What word did he say after the threat to prosecute her? It was one word

He's channeling Biff from Back to the Future.

Is there really "real time" fact checking going on...

Oh wow this guy might literally do something bad now

He's creeping up behind her

Are you disgusted? Then donate.

I feel like I am watching The Jerry Springer Show

This has the fascination of horror

Does he go the full 12 rounds of the debate? He may blow.

Just a comment from the peanut gallery...

My god Is this really happening in AMERICA ... really how did we get here

Make America Sniff Again

Trump is just playing to his base. It's all he has

I hope everyone in America is seeing how dangerous this lunatic is

Is he high?

Great quote on Twitter about Trump standing behind HRC

30 minutes in. How soon till he crashes?

I wish someone would put the healthcare blame where it belongs: FOR PROFIT MEDICINE!!!!!

Oh Donnie! If Canada's single payer is so bad, why don't the switch to

Downpours in North Carolina from Hurricane Matthew trap people in homes, cars; copters pluck some fr

A wise businessman or military leader never pays for the same piece of real estate twice

Trump looks like a slob tonight.

You go Anderson!

You're going to have plans that are so good....

OMG the emails!!

Donald is stalking Hillary on stage.

That creature Drumpf needs to be kept away from the White House.


Let's be clear - selling insurance across state lines will only make it worse

this is not going well....

Cooper is killing trump and baiting him

He says Canadians come to the US for their medical. In fact those who have international health

For a guy who is supposed to be good on TV....he sucks...nt

I can't stand the sniffing!

Only Muslims have to report?

What's with the sniffing??

I am a muslim as to report everything I see, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE

"When are you going to ask her about the emails?" "We just did." Trump has lost his mind

Now on to word salad

Why does Trump keep putting his hand in coat pocket?

I wish she would just hand him a kleenex

Holding onto a chair

Donald is exercising on chair, so much anger asshole, FUCK YOU

Why don't the NRA members have to report on each other????

Holy fucking shit. Cpt. Khan would be alive today if Trump were president?!?

"Answer the question"

Trump reminds me of the Captain Queeg ball bearing scene in the Caine Mutiny

Answer the question...

I never thought I would say it this cycle, but the House is now in play.

Trump is a monster


Everytime he says Obama's name,

Looks like He going to lay an egg and kackle !

What's with the pacing and messed up body language from Trump?

***** LIVE stream 2016 Presidential Town Hall - Thread III *****

Trump is physically threatening Hillary standing weirdly close. NOW ATTACKING HIS CHAIR!!!

Why doesnt she own him on the refugee question?

Now he's timing her...

Back to the pacing & chair exercise

Speaking of drug problems.... SNIFFFFFF

I'm guessing Bernie is getting quite upset now.

Drugs are pouring through his veins I think.

Trump sound like Alec Baldwin

He's gotten a real Mussolini

He is like a kindegartener having a temper tantrum.

Trump is incoherent. He is unable to put thoughts together

UC Berkeley Course: The Travesty of the Distortion of History Under the Guise of Academic Discipline

How many times has he whined about not getting enough time to talk, so far?

Two websites with live blogging of the debate for those who'd prefer it

He's making George W. Bush look intelligent!

Donnie! About the drugs coming across the border,

Wow, just saw trump with a crossed arms stance while she was talking

Wow, she is PREPPED!

Good to hear Hillary take on Wikileaks/Putin.

I think this guy just went from undecided to decided.

This is an odious man

"I know nothing about Russia"

WTF STOP THE AUDIENCE SUPPORTING TRUMP! Fuck whoever allowed them in. Trump ridiculing Hillary

"I know nothing about Russia!!"

! PIC !

No business with Russia?

He got a laugh.....

Got his hotel ad in, I see.

He pays hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes?

Trump forgot he was begging the Russians to hack Hillary's emails

Hey Trump! You do the post office and everyone around you!

Sniffing lies - "I don't know Putin, sniiifffff!"

Did he just say he pays hundreds of millions in taxes?

I'm sorry.. Doesn't the HOUSE do the money stuff?

This town hall style forum is a total joke.

Trump has been surrounded by "yes" men, his whole life. He's just not prepared to be confronted

Drumpt's haircut is grifter in the front, pervert in the back.


Clinton didn't change the tax code


China inflates their GDP dumbass.


Drinking "word" should be the sniff breathing....I'm getting wasted !!!!

He NEVER answers the question.

She is doing a great job of listening.

"He lives in an alternative reality"

Lord, this woman is articulate,

Donald Trump is the only guy I know who can insult Muslims at the beginning of a sentence & Mexicans

How the hell does he think she controls the tax laws in this country.

OMG, Natalie Maines (of the Dixie Chicks) just dropped the mic on twitter!

Shut him up Moderators

Here's my take on the infamous sniff.

If your "drink word" is "bad judgement" you must be pretty tipsy by now...


he keeps asking her why didnt she do something as if she was the Queen Victoria

The Trump creature (I can't call him a man) lies constantly........

Stalking, ridiculing, and pointing at Hillary on stage. Standing and pointing at her -- creepy!!

Did Hillary make every single law that is in existence in the U.S.A?

I pop in and out of the debate cause I can't listen to

Great answer by Hillary about her accomplishments over 30 years

Don the Con

Paces to get in her line of sight

TRUMP: "Of course I do."

Trump has a child's view how govenment works

This blonde lady should run all the debates, from now on.

FINALLY moderators that have some control

It would be MALPRACTICE for the media to even imply that Trump won this debate.

Did anyone see the pretend gun?

Donald J Trump will not be attending the final Presidential debate

I'm so damned proud to be supporting the adult candidate!

Hillary, as a single senator, had total control over what laws were passed

Last 30 minutes - pool on when Trump begins uloading bombs

She went there. Drumpf is Putin's candidate.

For the most part, I think Hillary is doing a fine job!

Russia is new to nukes???

If my word for my drinking game was "disaster"

um....he is running out of steam....

My favorite piece of BS fro Trump tonight was very unnoticed through

So what with the Donald sniffles?

F'ing Putin lover.

He is gonna get really disgusting as time runs out

Trump memorized a bunch of lies and he's just spewing them.

He just attacked his own VP

"Mr. Trump, let me repeat the question, what would YOU do..."

Saying that Hillary is "dumb" -- totally inappropriate. Disagreeing with Hillary on policy is fine

Jumps from Syria to Mosul

If at the end of the debate if they are asked to say something nice about each other...

He just wrote off Syria and gave it to the Russians!!!!

They ask him about Aleppo and he talks about Mosul?

"This is who he is" ~ HRC

I think he's WINNING and winning big . . . . .

can you see that grin Hillary is holding back

Yeah Raddatz. Get him!

Did Trump just give away Secret information?

"How stupid is our country?"

Trump is giving the greatest discussion of foreign policy ever. LOL!!!!

He's arguing with the moderator about how and why. things are done


Martha Raddatz started debating Trump on Syria

Donald is going to make his pre-memorized talking points fit no matter what!

Now he's debating Martha Raddetz.

Thank you Martha and Cooper

He is the blowhard drunk at the end of the bar.

Dare I say Trump sounds like a drug addled lunatic

He is scaring the hell out of me!

Hillary is the teacher waiting for the kid who didn't read the book to finish

I wonder what the moderators are thinking.

The Nose Knows,,,,,

She's doing great, but just missed an opportunity!

What a fucking cry baby

How does he know all the black people live in bad neighborhoods.

An African American asks a question and he right away goes to his inner city riff

Being an aggressive a-hole does not mean you're winning a debate

He keeps flinging feces as if they were facts. nt

" What do you have to lose" ...that racist bullshit again

Believe me folks, I may have small hands but I have big speeches.

What did she do to Upstate NY? He keeps bringing it up.

hey fuck face, this isn't a reality show. No one gives a shit about your rallies

***** LIVE stream 2016 Presidential Town Hall - Thread IV *****


someone should tell him to sit the fuck down

I did not think it was possible but he managed

How can

Ivy League football scores

Trump has an extremely...

He says he'll create jobs, etc.

yes....fantastic answer to deplorable question....

Do you think the back of his tie even makes it past his 2nd button?

Benghazi! nt

So about the continuous pacing...

4 More Years of Barack Obama: Thanks, trump!

LOL, reprise of attack on Miss Universe

"SNIFFFFFFF, Murder...SNIFFFFFFFFF...Doom......... SNIFFFFFF...Gloom....SNIFFFF...What?"

We're watching a 12 yr old boy. Emotionally stunted at age 12.

Pence Out?

Could We Ever Sleep With Trump So Near The Nuclear Codes Were He President?.

I'm embarrassed for the GOP...

HRC needed to attack his claim re Syrian refugees

Hillary is pretty fantastic tonight

86 minutes to hear reproductive health mentioned? (AGAIN)

Is Scalia still dead?

He wants Scalia back...

Hillary Shuts Him Down: "Donald always takes care of Donald—and people like Donald."

Now on fundraising....

Wait.....what was the question?

DT: I'll buy my way to the WH. Why don't you?

Dammit Hillary...

Congrats gop you built this

Call him out on the tax BS re audits.

Some great tweets tonight on Patton Oswalt's twitter account

I am sick of hearing him bloviating!

Today's word is "rejiggering"

It's fracking that's beating coal, not Obama!

There is no such thing as "clean coal".

the repubs on my FB page are in a panic

Please Hillary - remind America that he imported all his steel from

drumphs lie count tonight?

So if he thinks "clean" coal and the energy companies will "pay off our national debt"

just saying shit doesn't make it true...

TreMENdous !!!!

Donald throwing red meat to male viewers, but it's women that will decide the election

Oh, my. Lots of entertaining tweets if you search Twitter for keywords "Trump wandering"

Sidney Blumenthal? This is the second debate he keeps bring him up. What is the problem he has with

There's always some DUMBFUCK who wants you to say something nice about the other one

Taking a break from the "debate" to say

Lol, I respect his children.....

One thing I like about Trump?

Trump is a poor man's Alex Jones

Trump concludes with a campaign commercial for Hillary

"She doesn't quit and she doesn't give up." nt

T rump did better, much better

Donald Trump is the WINNER!

OMG!! He actually pulled that last question off decently!!

What a fucking shitshow.

Unless I missed it, at least he didn't "go there"

Snap answers, please: Did he make anyone like him more? Did she?

Post debate, Trump's huddle, Clinton’s engaged the crowd

Okay. . .instant response thread. How did HRC and the Shitgibbon do tonight?

He called her a fighter. That just conceded the election to her.

No change. Trump is still an admitted abuser of women.

Thought Donald did a tad better this week

Wtf ? Andrea mitchell is saying Trump was much better prepared than last time ????

can't believe I watched the whole thing...

How Repulsive.

Bloomberg is giving it to Hillary.

Donald Trump is fucked now, I hope his business is destroyed...

Disposable cameras?

The asshole questioned her sincerity about his children? What a fucking asshole!

After another Fail Burger, Trump promises,,,

Trumps just left-- Clinton's still meeting audience

Rude, interrupting, lying, stalking

ABC's Jon Karl "He stopped the bleeding" BUT Repubs who've left won't come back

Breaking: @gop advisor says @mike_pence has "asked to be removed from Presidential ticket

Bill Clinton holding court on stage

Does anyone know if Hillary, Bill, or Chelsea engaged with the

Hillary did well. The MSM are talking up Trump because they want to keep the race close.

Endless ad material.

Chuck Todd & Tweety just smooching DJT

Ignoring hideous optics, Fox trying to claim Trump won debate. He was being "tough"

Trump looked like a stalker out there.

This Bernie supporter is going to make Donald Trump FEEL THE BERN.

Oh noes! Chuck Todd says Trump fired up the base!

Chuck Todd: Donnie came off very angry.

Former RNC chair compares 2nd presidential debate to a nuclear explosion for Republicans

Hillary let Trump stay alive, so now the GOP is stuck with him

I am listening to MSNBC!

Didn't the special prosecutor law expire?

Don't shoot the messenger. Luntz focus group says Trump won.

He never smiled, did he?

Nicole Wallace: If someone on the street was his size and looming . . . . .

When Trump brought up Sidney Blumenthal...


The ladies on MSNBC saw Trump as a lech ...

Hillary did great imo. I'm

Did anyone ask to take a pic with Trump?

Sorry, but do we need to hear from

"Banana Republicanism"

Cnn is burying him

Kelly Anne Conway is sounding like Baghdad Bob.

Not a Peep from the MSM abt ,,,,

My 16 year old daughter watched a bit of the debate and her take...

Trump is a predator.

Black guy asks question - Trump talks inner cities

DRUMPF is already put-away, but Chris WALLACE will be Waterloo!1


Well Britt Hume has declared Trump to be the not overwhelmingly winner

So is Jill Harth going to get more coverage now?

It is locker room talk and I am not as bad as ISIS?

Just wait for one more woman to say Groper Don the Con grabbed her parts

That was a loaded gun answer, Kelly Ann!

Trump-I'm not as bad as ISIS. LOL

Van Jones: Trump did well enough that he won't be replaced and "will bleed out."

Gawd is Tweety awful

So much for those Pence rumors

Debates are won in the week after the event.



SNIFF SNIFF - He must have another broken mic

So, what is coming out next for Trump?

Trump assails Bill Clinton, vows to jail Hillary Clinton if he wins White House

Black Virginia Councilwoman Makes Sheriff Upset for Saying KKK Traded Robes For Police Uniforms

LOL@ David Frum: Hillary didn't wholly win that debate. Just the election.

Kellyanne Conway is doing a moment imo.

Enough of KellyAnne

It was like watching your drunk Uncle trying to talk shit to your Mom

Bob Schieffer just went off on Trump, to paraphrase that it was disgraceful,

The Moderators

It doesn't matter who "won" the debate media spinning a Trump win? Hope the CNN

Did Kellyann just say Hillary did not look and or do good tonight?

You idiot, Chris Matthews!

Tangerine Boy's performance tonight would be unacceptable from any other presidential candidate.

With all the discussions about the Clinton charges of years ago, why

Who is Hillary's Kellyanne and how much

Trump outright denied he ever sexually harassed/assulted any women....

Trump didn't do what he needed to do tonight.

Now's the time to release those 'hidden' tapes.

Hey, if you folks are feeling nostalgic about Trump

why some folks think trump won

So trump won because he survived without losing it on tv?

Does anyone have a link to vote at CNN?

HRC talked, Trump stalked

I know steve schmidt gave Sarah to us

In the Heart of Trump Country

Clinton Told Truth In Speech Answer

Jail my opponent if I win

This tweet sums everything up perfectly

Obamacare is working as well as it can with 2/3s of the government working to undermine it

Steve Schimdt is not buy Trump and his BS!

CNN is making a big deal about the Jailing her accusation

Bottom line: Trump can't do anything that would cause anyone to un-repudiate him

James Carville is telling the Emperor that he's not wearing any clothes

OMG. My local news is fact checking.

Overall Hillary Did Better, But Trump Was Slightly Less Out of Control

Apparently a fly landed on Hillary during debate. RW sites go nuts. Fly has Twitter page.

So he calls her the devil, says she has hate in her heart; he's going to prosecute and jail her if

There's supposed to be a snap CNN poll released any minute now about the debate...

Stop saying that: Trump is NOT snorting cocaine!

Until tomorrow, good night all!


Congrats to the Blue Jays and their fans ...

We the American people and a complacent media have not

Can we be religious without God? Alain de Botton on "atheism 2.0."

ON MSNBC: James Carville is destroying Trump. says Hillary won

Don't we all remember the Bush/Gore split screen issues?

Viewers not fooled. They saw Hillary connecting, answering; Trump angry, snuffling, lieing.

What did Trump do more...

Nate CorddryTweet of the Day.. "We are all this bald gentleman"


Giuliani is stark raving mad.

Hillary's strategy was excellent! Keep Trump in the race, but only with his base...

Rudy on Tweety is out of his mind.

Nice To Hear Trump Declare That Hillary Is At Top of His Enemies' List! Just Like Putin!

A list of faith leaders calling out the Religious Right for failing to abandon Trump

So, who won the debate?

"If the people clamoring for change get it they will regret it"


Huffington Post Headline: "DON IN FLAMES"

Howard Dean: "he knows nothing", "total meltdown"

Luntz is tweeting that Trump is back in the race

The Media is only giving Trump some credit for his performance

Can someone whisper in Carville's ear and tell him to straighten his glasses

A poll that could use some DU love.

Trump ally paid sexual assault victim critical of Clinton

Trump goes third world by threatening Clinton with jail. The Daily Show predicted it:

Trump doesn't understand why he can't take political prisoners.

A theory...

How bout them Blue Jays!!

Deacons, millennials part of bishops' conversation at women's conference

"This is now indistinguishable from SNL." - Sen. Brian Schatz (HI)

Latino Democrat: Trump supporter tried to run me over

How do you acid wash or bleach an email?

How do you not discuss foreign policy with your VP candidate?

LAT: "This wasn't a game changer - which means it was a victory for Clinton."

If Trump Did Not Totally Tank First Debate, Then Hillary Would Be Declared Winner ...

Has anyone mentioned that America's Team is in first place in the NFC East?

Khan family response to tonight's debate:

Earlier today, Chris Hayes said something about how to make people hate HRC:

Frankly, Trump's performance would have been appropriate for a locker reminded me of that

"Headlines: between sniffs, Trump threatened to jail his opponent, admitted writing off $916m in

What A National Nightmare We Are In. Even If Hillary Wins It Will Not Be Over.

Was Trump wearing heels?

Predictwise down to 86%

Joy Reid taking it home..

Update: We now have 4 sources confirming Pence is leaving the ticket. linked 2 of them up with press

Trump looked like a predator tonight

Remember when Al Gore "invaded" George W Bush's space...?

Sniff, sniff, sniff, Benghazi.

Her job was to prevent him from getting any good video for his ads. And she did.

The week is young, folks

Donald Trump’s threat to imprison Hillary Clinton is a threat to democracy

Somewhere tonight, Bill Weld is saying THIS:

Yougov Poll: Clinton edges a win

Hit this poll DU. We need to support our candidate.

Joy made a huge deal about Trump threatening to throw Hillary in jail.

Why doesn't anybody talk about the SNORTING?

Mike Murphy: "Trump was dead before the debate; he's dead now"

I am listening to Progressive radio on Sirius and the coverage is

Hillary Clinton (on campaign plane): "We need to take off so we can have some drinks served"

CNN Group: 5 out of 29 thought Trump "did enough" to answer the tapes issue

‘Call your dealer…er…doctor’: Donald Trump’s #sniffles set the entire Internet’s nerves on edge

CNN Focus Group: Hillary won!

CNN Ohio Focus Group Results



Trump did not win a damn thing and those who are saying he did


If anyone had done a shot for every Drumpfsniffle tonight...

YouGov post-debate poll: Hillary leads

CNN Poll Hillary 57 - 34 winner

LOL Debate closes with Trump endorsing Hillary: "She fights hard...she doesn't quit."

CNN poll

If you see something, say something

CNN Poll of Debate Watchers: Hillary 57-34 Trump

BREAKING: CNN poll of debate watchers: Clinton wins 57-34

YouGov Clinton wins

what bullshit; cnn calls debate 'scorched-earth'.

msnbc truth squadding as I type

Michael Steele responds:

CNN poll results, just reported by Rachel, tell the story.

Dana Bash blows up Trumps talking point

i only seen one candidate GOING LOW with Insults for the full 90 minutes.

Could maybe another 50 people tell me what the CNN Poll reported??

HRC won the second debate.. hands down

CNN Ohio Focus Group wasn't impressed by Trump at all. About 3 people

When Did Reddit Become Pro-Clinton?

Vox - Donald Trump’s threat to imprison Hillary Clinton is a threat to democracy

Kelliann Conway needed orthognathic surgery

CNN: Trump did better than people thought he would

CNN has Hillary slaughtering him and VoteGov has her winning by four points

"Devil" "Heart full of hate" "You'd be in jail"

Did anyone notice Trump's trousers?

By 54-37 margin, voters trust HRC to make supreme ct pick! (ppp)


Any guess when the next "explosive" tape will surface?

We scored the town hall debate and Hillary Clinton won (LA Times Clinton Wins)

YouGov poll, CNN poll, and OH focus group all for HILLARY! YES, Hillary won. Here's why:

Kellyanne Needs a Nap!

REAL polls are showing that Hillary won the debate by a wide margin.

Paul Ryan Sitting Among Undecided Voters At Town Hall Debate

MSNBC Fact Checkers Now Tearing Trump Apart For His Lies

I apologize to all DUers, after this debate #Sniffles, there

Vox - A competent woman just debated a man who has no idea what he’s talking about

You know, in the end...

I had NO idea that senators had so much power!

Trump Would Easily Win If The Poll Question Is Framed As...

Professional athletes take issue with Trump’s ‘Locker room talk’

What was with the Orange Hulk looming behind Hillary?


David Brock offers to Pay the Leak Fee For the "Apprentice" Trump Tape:

Ezra Klein - Donald Trump confirmed our worst fears about the kind of president he would be

AT&T, T-Mobile Won’t Replace Galaxy Samsung Note 7 Phones After New Fires

For the good of the country, Gov. Bill Haslam believes Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

What is the format for the third debate?

Rethug euphemisms: furniture shopping, Appalachian Trail,

Most retweeted tweet of the debate. (You do not want to miss this one.)

I am disappointed Hillary doesn't have a righteous foe.

dont feel bad for Kellyanne conway remember who her piece of shit husband is

Mike Pence cancels N.J. Trump fundraiser scheduled for Monday in Ocean County

Pre-debate Economist/YouGov 4-way poll: Hillary ahead by 6.


If you were Jeb Bush

Looks Like the Early Media Spinning For Trump Has Failed

A less-unhinged performance means he's still in.

Matthews has a thrill up his leg about Hillary

Brian Williams: God forbid that there are more tapes

The real reason for Trump's constant sniffling

Has anyone commented about Trump difficult breathing

Chris Mathews..?

Why the Republicans lost tonight.

Chris Christie Sudden No-Show at Debate

58% of CNN debate watchers said the tape did not change

Trump has complemented her as being an outstanding Sec. State in the past and been for Single Payer

Trump said he has not assaulted women, I am sure the proof is going to come out

Here's Who Won the Second Presidential Debate (from Fortune Magazine)

Love Joy Reid!! Must read 10 post debate tweets

i want an oil painting of this

Hillary on Russia:important

New Benchmark model has HRC with 346 electoral votes

So Hillary wins. Now imagine 2020 and 2024

"I can't tell a lie" is from George Washington, not Lincoln, Donald Trump!!!

Exclusive Video From Within Trump HQ Tonight Has Just Surfaced

A pompus self proclaimed entitled man came to the stage.

great sign behind the cnn set:

Will Trump show up for the third debate?

Can we grab Donald Trump Crotch ? Please I am a man and we should be allowed

Josh Marshall's TPM debate review: In The Abuser's House

Hillary Has NO Stamina: She Never Quits. Which is it Donald?

Corey L totally losing it

I have a son who is 29 years old.

Pence is sticking with Trump -- but closely watching debate

Van Jones just slammed Trump for his "locker room talk" excuse

Pence cancelled fundraiser in NJ tomorrow (Mon)

Check out the hashtag #MuslimsReportStuff

Just wanted to point out Trump really never smiled the whole time like it was unpleasant to be there

If you want to escape for a couple of hours: The Girl On The Train (movie)

Trump ally paid sexual assault victim critical of Clinton

Maple Bacon Crack

RNC schedules call with members for Monday night

Subtle but Very Smart Moment from Hillary Tonight

CNN "Fat Check Him" sign....

I'm watching the debate for a first time on tape delay

NY Daily News Front Cover

I have to say that I was quite pleased with the moderation tonight

Trump is going down. CNN poll: Women said that Clinton won the debate by 34 points: 64% - 30%

I Seriously Think Hillary Needs to See a Doctor

An 8 year old's perspective of the 2nd debate

UK's The Guardian: the debate was a "Red Bull display of Madness"

Donald Trump Just Summed Up His Totalitarian Vision for America in 4 Words -John Nichols, The Nation

I can't help but feel sorry for Tiffany

Tell me again: Which country is Trump running for president of?

OMG: When your own daughter won't even kiss you. Trumps daughter refuses to hug/kiss him

Dictator Donald Trump threatened to jail Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

I seriously think Donnie needs to see a doctor, STAT.

ALEPPO ... poll question

Steve Schmidt - "Trump came into this debate politically dead."

Meme for tonight... Trump killed it

1 of 3000 Calicos is Male, They Found Two from This Litter of 5 Calicos

What Trump did tonight was half Gish gallop, half Palin 'answering the question I want'.

HRC: "I want a round of applause 4 Philippe—he played such a good Trump, I kept hearing him tonight

Not for nothin', but Corey Levandowski is an annoying little twerp.

"I moved on her like a bitch"

Univision viewers say Hillary won 98% to 2%

#sniff #sniffles #sniffgate. Also: #debate #stalking

Chelsea meeting Ivanka. The eyes have it.

Lets not forget this: Judge sets date for hearing of lawsuit accusing Donald Trump of child rape

So how can Hillary be a "fighter" if she has no stamina?

Yes! Do it! I will even pay for the office visit as long as it isn't with Dr. Bornstein!

Melania Trump looked like a Stepford Wife

Please Ms Conway tell us

NYT: "Sniffing and glowering, Mr. Trump prowled behind her . . ."

Just got in and viewed some clips from the debate and

Don’t just listen to Donald Trump boast about sexual assault. Listen to the women who’ve accused him

Trump campaign manager: Members of Congress have assaulted women

Trump '. . .a warthog in a red power tie. . ." - John Oliver

Why didn't someone use the chloroform on Trump along time ago?

Can someone tell me why Hillary Clinton has a likability problem?

Anyone else watching Ash Vs. Evil Dead?

Melania wore a 'Pussy Bow' blouse tonight

Trump keeps repeating the same debunked nonsense he feeds his cult members at the rallies

Just the fact that Trump had to pull that silly reality TV stunt before the debate shows you

The face EVERYONE makes when Donald Trump speaks. #debate

These women from the Clinton years why would they agree to this?

Anybody gonna get up early for Trump's three a.m. Tweetorrhea?

Tweet from Pence after debate...

Predator Predator Predator

Tomorrow's RNC conference call: Paging Sophocles...

Jails crowded, Kentucky reconsiders private prisons

So...what "shame names" will Trump give Anderson and Martha?

Kentucky State University closes dorm after mold discovered

Trump ally paid sexual assault victim critical of Clinton

Trump bailing on the last debate?

BIG SCOOP from Robert Costa about the "rape" victims:

"Of course I do" Present tense :: There is more losses

Robert Costa just reported that WA Post will be having a big story

The Trump family demonstrates how to protect against pussy grabs

What do you think of those supposed undecideds who wupped it up when Trump said he'd JAIL Hillary?

Trump’s debate plan to seat Bill Clinton’s accusers in family box was thwarted

A confrontation with Bill Clinton was planned for tonight's debate

FWIW - Local ABC News Affiliate - 10 Person Focus Group - Hillary Wins 7-3

Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Kathy Shelton - Were they paid?

Did you hear Trump try to say the words "African Americans", "Latinos", and "Hispanics"?

Wouldn't it have been nice to hear a lovely duet instead

VOX: Is Donald Trump right when he says Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails? Yes and no.

Trump breaks with Pence on Syria policy: ‘He and I haven’t spoken, and I disagree’

Trump brags about not preparing for debates and it shows,

Amber Tamblyn Shares Past Sexual Abuse in Wake of Donald Trump's Lewd Tape

How'd she do? (I COULDN'T WATCH)

The Latest Vile Trump Revelations (Saturday 10/8/16)

It wasn't a locker room, it was a WORKPLACE

‘Voice’ Star Meghan Linsey Speaks Out About Sexual Harassment in Frank, Trump-Inspired Facebook Post

Snap Polls Suggest Clinton Won Debate, But Changed Few Minds

Sources: Ryan discussed revoking Trump endorsement

Trolling down the river,


Five Takeaways From The Oakland Raiders Week 5 Win Over The San Diego Chargers

Anderson Cooper Begins Debate By Giving Trump Opportunity To Explain What The F*ck Is Wrong With Him

The bar was set so low for Trump that as long as he didn't leave the building in straitjacket

Paul Ryan Sitting Among Undecided Voters At Town Hall Debate

Any connection with his snorts and what he said?

GOP Leaders’ Daughters: ‘It’s Pretty F*cked Up If We’re The Only Reason You’re Denouncing Trump...

NBC and/or Marc Burnett Productions have been shielding this racist for YEARS by sitting

Seriously, what motivates people like Bannon and Trump?

Paul Krugman on Trump's impeachable offense:

Geraldo Rivera: ‘I have tapes’ of ‘embarrassing’ statements from Trump

Trump's legacy

Kentucky candidate refuses to withdraw after posting pictures of Obama as an ape

91-year-old woman hits first hole in one in 74 years of playing golf

House Speaker Stumbo appoints panel to investigate Gov. Bevin

Out for a stroll

Ohio voter disenfranchisement case may head to U.S. Supreme Court

Ted Strickland says he regrets saying for-profit charter schools have 'raped' taxpayers, but stands

Paging Joe Conason...

Cleveland woman wins $1.3 million lawsuit against Giant Eagle for motorized shopping cart injury

It's 4:03 on the east coast -- I guess no 3:17 tweetstorm this time.

Last Week with John Oliver: Trump's Lewd Remarks

Child rapist blames Lake County victim at sentencing

OMG Gotta love John Oliver -- PHEW LMFAO

Samsung 'pauses Note 7 production', say media reports

Paul McCartney and Neil Young ♫♥♫ What we do for love

Immunotherapy cancer drug hailed as 'game changer'

Prediction: Trump will blame his debate performance on a LACK of mic trouble.

Just wondering...where and when will Hillary be speaking today?

Minister Bennett Calls to Pardon Hebron Shooter if Convicted

Daily Holidays October 10

This, from Michael Steele:

Happy Native American Day, everybody!

On Trump's divisive policies, Michigan GOP fails to lead

MY suggested moderators for the last debate or any further Trump "town halls":

Two missiles fired at US navy destroyer from rebel-held Yemen

Did we really 'almost lose Detroit' in Fermi 1 mishap 50 years ago?

The Huffington post is putting THIS at the end of every story it posts on Trump:

Why DIDN'T the moderators tell Trump to stop stalking Hillary?

What is the defining "theme" of the 2016 election?

Is this the first time in American history that a Presidential candidate

Detroit News: Trump in debate failed to recover from disaster

Morning JoeScum begins with the tape and ReTHUGs calling for Groper Don the Con

Mike Pence on MSNBC at 9am SO I am sure they

Morning Joe : Incredible

Bono and U2 deliver scorching musical takedown of Trump

#MuslimsReportStuff trending on twitter

Morning Joke is sniffing what Donald had left. He is glorifying him and

Hillary definitely does high because I would have wanted to know from Trump if he is responsible

Hope there is another tape drop so the media (Scarborough,etc)will stop

NY Daily News Front Page: Grab a seat, Loser!

Shia Muslims march in Dearborn for their faith and justice

Yet more stunning tweets from Michael Moore

Cuomo just mentioned the ongoing NY rape case.

Giuliani: "We had it all set. We wanted to see if Bill would shake hands with them."

Hillary is a fighter who never quits

Indianapolis Archbishop Joe Tobin named Cardinal by Pope Francis

Here we go again...

Due to Indiana's restrictive abortion laws, Pence required to carry it to term

Indiana State Police expand vote fraud investigation to 56 counties

"Why #Donald_Trump is always given a mic laced with coke ?? #sniffles Not fair liberal media!!"

The 5 most off-the-rails moments in the debate

Khan's on Trump: "The only thing that Donald Trump sacrifices is the truth."

Anyone else suddenly seeing a lot of message-removeds?

Sources: Ryan discussed revoking Trump endorsement

This debate should be seen as Trump’s official divorce from the Republican party.

Trinity University dorm evacuated due to fire

I am a Human Being | Native Americans for Bernie Sanders

Paging Mark Burnett...


Native American Policy | Bernie Sanders

I didn't watch the debate...

One thing I wish that Hillary had done last night

Mr. Khan’s Response is Perfect...

To all the Republicans who have inflicted Donald Trump on our body politic

Native American Policy | Bernie Sanders

What in god's name is TRUMP doing to that poor chair?

Holder hits Trump for threatening to jail Clinton

When a spurned Kathleen Willey fabricated a "pregnancy" story to punish her ex-boyfriend

Russia Today complains that US is obsessed with Russia. Is obsessed with US.

Comedians will have a field day with last night

First Nations For Bernie Sanders | Deaf People For Bernie Sanders

Enjoyed seeing Mark Shields

Kellyanne up next on CBS

Matalin emerges from hole, calls Machado “Venezuelan tart," sees shadow, 6 more weeks of winter

Bernie (Senator dxʷshudičup) meets with Tribal Leaders in Seattle

Where are the Clinton campaign surrogates?

Nate Silver: The Second Debate Probably Didn’t Help Trump, And He Needed Help

Donald Trump’s threat to imprison Hillary Clinton is a threat to democracy

Maybe it was all that Jameson's

#MuslimsReportStuff trends after Trump's comments

Alaska is moving toward Clinton and away from Trump.

HAHA the truth, regarding Libertarianism. COMIC

Reagan's son Michael: Trump "has lost his mind"; my dad "would be so embarrssed"

Donald Trump repeats false claim that neighbors saw 'bombs all over' before San Bernardino attack

FULL SPEECH: Jane Sanders Speaks at Save Oak Flat

Sorry, GOP, Donald Trump Is Your Monster--It's Time To Own Him

Supaman - Why

CNN's poll found that by 57-34%, a majority of voters watching them thought she got the best of him.

Two economists win Nobel for insights on setting pay and rewards

Russia to upgrade Syria naval facility to permanent base

Mika is not very bright

Orange clowns are dangerous! eom

Trump: Assad, Iran And Russia Are The Only Partners I See In Syria

Hey there! I'm back after a long absence.

[VIDEO] New Hillary ad: "Locker room talk?"

Poll: More Voters Say Trump Doesn't Respect Women After Lewd Tape Surfaces

from nytimes editorial: he lied....

The GOP Death Spiral

If Trump gains power he will jail opposition if he can get away with it.

Was Melania Trump signaling her support for Hillary w/ her Pussy Bow blouse & pants?

The Face of Hunger and Malnutrition in Venezuela

Did Trump think Bernie voters would shift their allegiance to him...

drumph's legs were shaking early in the so-called debate?

He already lost the Debates

Lawsuit: Strip club's pay scheme unlawful

White nationalists see opportunity to pack Trump administration: ‘We are the new GOP!’

Could you imagine the outcry if Hillary put on forty pounds on the trail like Trump?

I won't gloat, but I am pleased that

Clinton says she wasn’t expecting Trump’s ‘avalanche of falsehoods

USA TODAY: 20 lawsuits by women who reported sexual discrimination, harassment working for Trump

BTRTN's 50-State Electoral Snapshot #6: Clinton Regains Total Command -- and That's Pre-Tape/Debate

Hillary's face was the face of every female bartender

German police say arrested Syrian bomb plot suspect

Donald Trump's mission: Make Clinton's life hell for the next month

Any doubt after watching this shit show all summer until now, how women are treated professionally?

A new low, even for Donald Trump - by the Washington Post Editorial Board

Clinton at 95% probability on Sam Wang's site.

"I'm a Muslim, and I would like to report a crazy man threatening a woman on a stage in Missouri."

Morning Joe made me lose my breakfast.

Donald Trump's Sniffling Continues, Here Now Are The Possible Causes

Ana Navarro tweet LMAO

The Wells Fargo Scandal Was by Design

Chris Christie breaks a 40 year agreement between PA and NJ to scam money.

***Rasmussen Clinton 45, Trump 38*** !!!!

It Follows.

Mika's concern for Hillary is NOT concerning, it is totally predictable.

It seems Trump planned to stalk Clinton around the stage. An effort to control her?

NPR has cokie roberts and jonah goldberg reviewing the debate....

If the "locker room banter" was a way of life and not a big deal to Trump?

Electoral - Hillary 353, Trump 186

My favorite part of the debate was when he called himself a gentleman

Forget the debate spin: Trump is still a hot toxic mess (Maria Cardona, The Hill)

What are the ethics of working with multiple recruiters?

Trump certainly had plenty of standing O's last night

How long till we see and/or hear a new recording of Trump being the sexist he is?

Conway: [GOP] lawmakers “rubbing up against girls”?

Can you wear out a mute button?

Look out behind you, Hillary!

Drumph does not just grope for words it seems

Pence on MSNBC: Declines to pledge to be on the ticket for the duration.

will you please foward this message to the non -believers

Trump Campaign: We Paid For Bill Clinton's Accusers To Be At The Debate

Morning Joe trying their best to Gore Hillary

Trump exceeded expectations last night

Now We Know Why Trump Admires Putin, Kim, And The Chinese Regime - by Joe Conason

New NBC/Survey Monkey national poll: Clinton 51-Trump 44

Gotta say that anti-Trump Republicans

The truth about Kathy Shelton, the 12-year-old rape victim Trump used to attack Hillary Clinton

On a very positive note


When the People Choose Gun Control

Richard Wolffe: ‘The nicest thing you could say about Trump’s performance was that it was bonkers’

Prison reform - Increasing the probability of a sentence is more effective than longer sentences

Trump's Campaign Manager Says She's Sticking With Him, ‘Unless…’

what defines sucking the teat?

Predators in Arms

A few terrifying Facebook responses to Hannity's "Who Won The Debate" question

RNC Spox: We Did Not Know Trump Was Going To Bring Bill Clinton Accusers

Wow. Trump could give us the House. NY Times

Cook Political: Debate Was Like Trench Warfare Which Benefits Clinton

Mike Murphy tells the truth about KellyAnne Conway

Trump's debate coach should have told him to back away from Clinton when he was not speaking

Whoa! New Rasmussen poll:

Aide: Pence Isn’t Quitting as Trump’s Running Mate

Audience laughs when Trump calls himself a ‘gentleman’

The best analysis of last night's debate I've seen!

No, Trump, Canadians do not flee en masse for US health care

The NEXT Trump scandal dump will occur:

CREEPSTER: Donald Trump Invades Hillary Clinton’s Personal Space

BTRTN Debate #2: Donald Trump and The Holy Grail -- "I'm Not Quite Dead Yet"

Trump Taj Mahal closes after years of losses

Ew, Betsy McCaughey has crawled out of the woodwork to support Trump.

PR for the deplorables?

Farage praises Trump: he's like a dominating silverback gorilla. Frum: Endangered, nearly extinct?

Martha Raddatz was visibly pissed off at Trump.

Locker Room Banter?

Did you guys notice who rushed to greet Cheeto behind the curtain after the debate

With the treasure trove of Trump last night, there is little talk of his admitted tax dodges today.

Trump sign is GONE.


Garry Kasparov: Trump's "President Day 1" Checklist:

‘Trump was so bad, he made the dog throw up’: Ohio GOP chair’s wife can’t stomach Sunday’s debate

It would be difficult for me to comprehend any woman voting for Trump based on his stalking

I've noticed new behavior in public places.

Body language expert says Trump’s lurking a ‘pre-assault indicator’: ‘I was really getting nervous’

Trump is deplorable, and anyone who votes for him is either deplorable or has

Krugman: Let's be clear...

‘Trump was so bad, he made the dog throw up’: Ohio GOP chair’s wife can’t stomach Sunday’s debate

More than Trump, the Republican Party was the biggest loser in last night’s debate

Donald Made Charity Pledges In His Dead Brother's Name, Then Apparently Never Delivered


Creepy new girl on MSNBC just said her ma is a lifelong R and now cannot vote R

New Ad: Locker Room Talk?

I'll never make the mistake of letting my cat watch Trump in a debate, ever again!!

White nationalists see opportunity to pack Trump administration: ‘We are the new GOP!’

Trump’s Atlantic City debacle: He racked up debts that no honest man could pay

FDP Files Lawsuit to Extend Florida Voter Registration Deadline Due to Impact of Hurricane Matthew

In His New Book, a Humanist Writes About What We Can All Learn from Jesus

Ana Navarro: "It was like directing 2-way traffic w/1 car driven by a blind creepy clown."

How many women who "support" Trump are actually doing so out of fear of the men in their lives?

OMG I am so pissed here is what someone I have known since preschool wrote about me

Above the Law? What last nights reviews of Debate are ignoring

How many unconstitutional things does dipshit want to do?

Isn't it obvious that Trump has a Palin-like grasp of the issues?

Donald Trump's signature looks like a failed polygraph

Ok, who is going to be in DC for the inauguration when HRC wins?

Religious right to Trump: Grab us by the p***y

Hillary's New Ad: Locker Room Talk?

US death toll from Matthew climbs to 20; 1,500 stranded in NC city

The Fix: What Donald Trump’s campaign has in common with ‘The Big Short’

I was thinking about making a cake with Donald's face on it.

1. Hillary is tough as nails.

Nigel Farage: Trump comments just 'alpha male boasting'

Trump/Clinton Debate Remixed with Anchorman

Turns Out Donald Trump Attacked Woman Who Accused Him of Sexual Assault. This Year.

"The late, great Abraham Lincoln"

What's the last food that you "binged" on?

Meteor video like last days of Trump campaign. A few flashes and burns itself out.

Trump's letter to Catholics

Plz Mika,,,,,,

Trump Sniff Count for 2nd Debate (104!)

The best attack on Clinton smears I've seen anywhere.

NYT: Fact Checks of the Second Presidential Debate

"Debating" Donald Trump

Monday Toon Roundup

Statement From Berks County Republican Chairman After Trump Tape

Nate Silver: More leaked tapes/taxes probably ahead - No ground game, far fewer ads.

Martin O'Malley just called trump a fascist on m$nbc.

Poor Glenn Greenwald -- Trying so very very hard to stop Hillary...

US gun violence in graphs.

We need Trump to say in through the bitter end

Wanna have fun?

Trumpty Dumpty

Unhinged Rudy Giuliani defends Donald Trump by pointing to Bill Clinton’s affair: “There was semen..

Hillary Clinton’s win probability hit 95 % yesterday according to Princeton Election Consortium

One of the defining pics of the debate - A brooding sulking tired Trump.

I Felt Guilty This Morning

Kudos to HRC for not putting down single payer last night when baited by Trump

Being embarrassed is not the same as being ashamed

***CBS/Yougov Ohio poll HRC +4***

The Media focus should now switch to Mark Burnett

Forget the Words: Everyone’s Talking About Trump’s Hulking Body Language -- check video

Rasmussen poll Clinton +7

So basicly Trump is a lowlife, Pence agrees, but we're supposed to vote for him because ...

Not all Republicans Are Deplorables

When you are about to light up his ass with facts

The second debate: The end of Trump?

Triumph Meets Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson

Will the Headlines after the election celebrate Hillary's win

Make no mistake, it was sexual harassment on the tape

'Big League Truth Team' pushes Trump's talking points on social media

Some nature pictures

Florida DNC Sues Florida Governor and SOS

AZ swings to 50/50 in Polls Only FiveThirtyEight, should go blue here shortly.

Trump's stamina-- why did he keep leaning on the chair like he needed support?

Trump looked like an extremely lazy velociraptor behind Hillary, down to the tiny useless hands nt

White House Watch: Clinton Surges Following Trump Video

Three revealing Donald Trump moments in that hot mess of a town hall

Pro Athletes Say No One Talks Like Trump In Locker Rooms

Donald Trump: The American-Made Fraud

Save Our Public Schools

Roy Blunt is `fighting for his political life’

Hey, Fellow Texans! October 11th Is The Last Day To Register To Vote In This Year's Election

Time To Run An Ad With Trump's Face And The Letters GOP Fading Into The Center.

Ana Navarro lays waste to Scottie Nell Hughes for trying to whitewash Trump’s gross behavior

Debate set appreciation...

Possible causes of Trump's sniffling

The one thing I agree with Trump about:

FACT CHECK: Trump says Clinton "acid washed" her email server. She did not.

FACT CHECK: Trump says Clinton got rapist's charges dropped & laughed at victim. She did not.

The Republican Party is DEAD

Speaker Ryan tells house GOP he wont defend Trump

New Meme For GOP - "Grabbing Our P***y" ? - Thanks To One Of My OP Responders.

Reality TV Defined According To Wikipedia.....

Did Trump even bother to apologize to Arianne Zucker?

Breaking - Throw Grandma off a CLiff Ryan says he will not campaign with Don the Con

Anybody here watch "The View"?

Now ,,,,, where does Trump go from here to Nov 8.....?

When Donald Trump loses, and loses bigly

Disturbing pix from last night's debate - The chair and Don

I'm beginning to wonder who Trump will claim "fixed" the election, Democrats or the GOP

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) rips tRump

Pic Of The Moment: You Decide: Which Was The Moment When Donald Trump Won The Debate?

‘Trump was so bad, he made the dog throw up’: Ohio GOP chair’s wife can’t stomach Sunday’s debate

I hope no DUers played the "1 Drink per Trump Sniffle" game last night ..

Paul Ryan will not campaign for trump

Thank you America: ....from a phone call I got from Germany

Just Reported on CNN - Ryan telling House members to abandon Trump if necessary

HRC is a very strong candidate, but I am glad Trump is a trainwreck.

Trump Gains On Betting Sites Last Night Have Evaporated

New NBC News/WSJ poll out at 12pmET today, launched Friday night

The Dodo Bird last nite

Isn't going after your political enemies using the apparatus of state SOP for 3rd world dictators?

My Significant Other Is A Staunch Hillary Supporter But She Still Says She Can't Count Trump.....

I don't think Trump's running for president anymore

25 commonly misspelled words — how many would you get right?

Statement from Khans on Trump's comments that their son "gave the ultimate sacrifice


********* BREAKING NBC WSJ POLL -CLINTON 52 TRUMP 38 ********

Clinton said Trump "was very present"

Todd on MSNB just reported that 49% prefer a Democratically led COngress over 42% R.

"A new low, even for Trump"

Locker room talk? They weren't in a locker room.

Refugee resettlement agency under investigation


Karl Becker - undecided voter at the debate MSNBC now

Would you support a Constitutional Amendment to change House terms from 2 years to 4 years?

Is our society finally learning something about dealing with bullies?

will Cheeto go to Heaven

Watch the chipmunks celebrating Hillarys victory on cam one.

Roger Waters floats "Fuck Trump and his wall" pig above crowd at Desert Trip Night 3

Trump stopped spending here in WPB, FL


The debate was dark, depressing and Donald was repulsive.

TV Ratings: Early Numbers Show Significant Drop From First Presidential Debate

Fort Worth man broke into Texas Capitol, damaged governor's portrait, officials say

I'm calling it right now -- the Republican nominee for president in 2020 will be...

SNL ruins Kelly Anne Conway's day off

Poll: After Trump Tape, Clinton's Lead Up to Double Digits

Trying to find good home for female orange tiger stray in Lehigh Valley area

Oh, the irony!

4 debate exchanges that roused Austin Democrats

For Some Women, Donald Trump’s Words on Bus Echo Louder Than Those at Debate

Conway walks back Trump's threat to jail Clinton, calling it a 'quip'

Okay, normally most Buzzfeed lists are sort of lame. But these are hilarious.

What's going on in the NH senate race

Battleship Trump about to capsize

Trump Ally Roger Stone's Group Paid Sexual Assault Victim Critical Of Hillary Clinton

Trump, "I never lie." Then "things were said." and "I didn't do them."

So are we basically watching the end of the Tea Party Takeover of the GOP?

Bill Kristol on MSNBC.....

How Hillary baited Trump in 2nd debate with a compliment

Trump aide dismisses as 'quip' his threat to jail Clinton

Warren Buffett fires back at Trump over taxes

Nestle recalls Drumstick ice cream treats for possible listeria

How to respond when a Trumper claims he's not racist

It must be said. Trump is advocating treason.

So Trump's remedy to his sexual assault tape is to stalk and threaten a woman?

Donald Trump’s idea of ‘locker room talk’ is as demeaning to men as it is to women - WaPo

NBC Poll: HRC opens 11-point lead nationally; +7 on Congress--House is in play

Another debate ... another week of Trump defending himself, but for ratings sakes

Gender, Ambition, and Likeability

I will hold a Supreme Court Pageant and pick the best judges

A new generation of voters will now equate the R Party with Trump

Why has the "Wall" never been mentioned in these debates?

Pence Says Trump’s Threat To Jail Clinton Was One Of The Debate’s ‘Better Moments’

Hope Keith Olbermann is doing a debate video summary

Article: Trump: ‘I Know That Was Pretty Bad, But What's Coming is Worse" (the Onion)

There Is A Name....

Russia's top spin doctor in nuclear warning

Trump is getting schlonged bigly in the polls

Ryan all but concedes Clinton will be president

Roger Waters - Last Night - Live

Ryan Goes Full Weasel: Won't Drop Trump But Won't Campaign For Him

App developer's business question.

A 90-Year-Old Woman Who’s Voted Since 1948 Was Disenfranchised by Wisconsin’s Voter-ID Law

I wonder whether any of the people who submitted questions were queried

Last night we witnessed the most acute case of psychological projection ever recorded

US presidential debate: Clinton doubts Trump 'groping' apology

Trump Goes Hard Right

Train Wrecks Are Good For Ratings. Trump Ends Up Giving America What It Wants>>>

Another bleak Trump moment from the debate.

The Latest: GOP Lawmakers Say Leaders Too Negative on Trump

Putting it all together. Brilliantly. Winona LaDuke.

Sounds like she's blackmailing them into backing Trump or she'll sing like a canary.

BREAKING: New CNN/WSJ poll: Clinton 46 / Trump 35

Turkey Hill Recalls Some Mislabeled Packages of Ice Cream

Trump Using ISIS To Defend His ‘Pussy’ Comment Will Make You Laugh And Cry

Justice Ginsburg: Kaepernick protest is "dumb and disrespectful"

Some men, and campaigns, just want to watch the world burn


IAEA chief: Nuclear power plant was disrupted by cyber attack

Thanks Obama?

Native Americans try to describe Columbus in one word

After Matthew, Some Second-Guess Decision to Evacuate

Buffet responds - Never carry forward

Desperately need a home for a 10 year old female (spayed)

Grumpy Cat is NOT pleased with Trump

BOOM: Clinton Trounces Trump By 14 Points In New WSJ/NBC News Poll

an existential threat to the GOP....

The Latest: McConnell Says He's Remaining Mum on Trump

Is there a doctor in the house? The "Sharp Inhaling"?

Hillary's campaign smells blood, now trying to tie Paul Ryan to Trump

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Calls NFL Anthem Protests ‘Dumb And Disrespectful’

Proof of the GOP War on Women

Pence - now our evangelical pastor is giving us a sermon - n/t

Pat Robertson: It’s ‘macho’ for Trump to grab women ‘by the p*ssy’ without permission

Trump already attacking Paul Ryan ... for not defending Trump

Ken Bone split his pants on way to debate - had red sweater as backup

Prominent Cuban-American Trade Group Endorses Clinton

Bernie: "... I think Donald Trump is a pathological liar. It really is rather extraordinary."

Facebook Rant

Lockeroom talk?

More Democrats are voting for Clinton (as opposed to against Trump) than those for Trump (as oppose

***HRC has 96% chance of winnning (election consortium)***

Are the polls measuring how many previous Trump voters are going to stay home?

Kaine goes after Pence, Pence wins for appearing calm and presidential. Trump goes after Hillary,

The Ken Bone connected to the... Microphone.

Donald is hurting down ballot Rs - FiveThirtyEight jumps 7 points in Senate forecast

538 Polls-Plus now at 79.8% for HRC

"How dumb is this country?"

Funniest Memes From the Second Presidential Debate

I want to thank Trump

Can you spare $3 to help Lon Johnson turn Mi-01 Blue?

Will Trump run for president again in 2020? Or will he just fade away?

Hillary's going to be in Concord, NH on 13 October. That could be VERY important ...

How delusional are Pinebaggers? There is a thread there that Hillary is in damage control mode today

Why hasn't Mitch McConnell said anything about dropping the Senate's support for Trump?

Let's Take Eddie Munster Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Republicans, rich or poor, are two sides of the same coin.

Not A Joke: Melania Trump Wore A ‘Pussy Bow’ Blouse To The Debate

New Poll Gives Hillary Clinton A Double-Digit National Lead

CNN’s Dana Bash: Trump’s threat to jail Clinton sounded like a ‘totalitarian dictator’ (video)

Best pic of Hillary and Cheeto man at the debate

Shall we send cat pics to D'ump? I'd LOVE to throw some pussies at him...

FOREIGN POLICY: Hillary Clinton For President Of The United States

United Steelworkers calls for investigation of steel used for Trump project in Vegas

Top Republican Spokesman Thinks Pussy Grabbing Might Not Be Assault

Is NBC threatening whistleblowers?

SNL Alec Baldwin OUTRAGEOUSLY Returns to Roast Trump’s Audio Leak 10/8/16

cnn pushing old trump interview


What Unites and Divides Humanism

I grabbed a pussy once, and paid dearly for it.

I'm not bashing someone's beliefs, but hey Mike!

Damn that Hillary Clinton!

God I Hope GOP Get Smashed By An Oncoming Train They Cannot See.

Who else is tired of Donald's over-the-top language!?

A teen died after a 68-day religious fast in India. Are her parents to blame?

2nd Persidential Debate beat Football in ratings last night

Thanks, tRump.

Anyone watching CNN right now?

Editorial: State GOP chairwoman’s defense of Trump disturbing

Omg poor brook baldwin.

Trump pledge to jail Hillary Clinton was actually one of the articles of impeachment against Nixon

Native groups from all over the world came together to protest the Dakota pipeline

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 11: Trailblazing Women

Editorial: State GOP chairwoman’s defense of Trump disturbing

Sen. Bernie Sanders says Donald Trump would be a disaster for the country | WISN 12 News

Feminist protesters assault Catholic cathedral in Argentina

"God can use this man" referring to Trump!!!

turn on cnn, if you can. insane god squadder vicki is more entertaining than nine kitties!

Trump Told Russia To Blame for Hacks Long Before Debate

Trump says he had his own version of Vietnam.

Arizona (Tucson) Daily Star Endorses Hillary Clinton

Impeachment Hearings To Commence After Hillary Inauguration.

Trump's Vile Game of Distraction

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 12: Robert Osborne's Picks

The local radio wingnut mocked my "I'm-with-her" with "She's-for-herself." My reply to him:

how come nobody is bringing up trump modeling?

Wondering how pleasant things are around Trump Tower today?

Whatever happened to Katrina Pierson?

Gloria Allred Says More Women Are Contacting Her About Trump Misconduct

Religious investors lose faith in Wells Fargo after scandal

McConnell not yet advising candidates to break with Trump

Chichiri's State of The Election - 29 Days to Go

Trump (Katrina Pierson) begins sabotaging Senate and House Republicans (Samson Option)

Suggest advertisers for Trump TV

538: The Second Debate Probably Didn’t Help Trump, And He Needed Help

U.S. federal agencies ask for another pipeline construction pause

Trump: Muslims need to start reporting on Muslims


Julie Hiatt Steele

JUST WHEN YOU THINK that Chachi could not be more of a sniveling, clueless toad for Trump...

And somewhere in an undisclosed location (perhaps Russia?) Paul Manafort is smiling.

Four new Clinton campaign ads: "Doug", "The Right Thing", "Respected", "Values"

Donald Trump's shadow hangs over Kansas Statehouse candidates, but effect unknown

Anti Trump Ad - 1 Minute Ad With Numerous Women Saying You Assaulted Me.

Names for the two branches of ReTHUGs when the split is complete

No, Trump, Canadians do not flee en masse for US health care

Continuing/Double Down Meme - Bill Clinton Worse Than Trump

So is Ivanka now officially off the campaign trail as well?

Florida Insider Poll: Video is fatal to Trump's campaign - Tampa Bay Times

Trump was personally briefed by U.S. intel on Russia's role in hacks

My hatred of drumph is only matched by my fear for this country

Deconstructing Libertarianism... (w/Guest: Charles Sauer)

Trump's Policies Aren't Any Better Than His Personality! (w/Guest: Steve Beaman)

sniffling groper would use Oval Office to settle scores

NBC/WSJ poll: Clinton opens up 11 point lead.

It could be that a number of voters saw the real Trump for the first time.

Supreme court retention research ... spread the word - Canady is a Trump pick for SCOTUS

OK. I mustn't be greedy.

It’s all falling apart for the GOP. - New Republic

New Trump 2016 Campaign Song

Obama signs bill mandating baby diaper changing stations in mens rooms of public buildings

Clinton vows Supreme Court judge who backs gun control

Remember Merrick Garland?

Hillary Clinton Was Every Woman During The Debate

Harry Shearer's twitter post

Was fly sending message when it landed on Hillary Clinton's face? Native American Totems

My Greatest Fear is Not That Hillary Won't Win...

Hillary was brilliant last night!

Katrina Pierson tweet

History of tiny hands

I think the media has finally had enough of Trump

Hillary at rally in MI on msnbc --fans chanting Hillary Hillary.....

Texas A&M student senators face discipline over disparaging remarks about women

This photo shows Trump at his worst last night:

Beauty and the Beast

drumph's rabble remnants

Trump: Warren Buffett avoids taxes like me. Buffett: Nope, and here's my taxes to prove it.

Who are you working to support Downticket? Get me interested in helping your candidate!

UPI/CVoter state polls: Hillary Clinton has Electoral College edge over Donald Trump

MSNBC US Intelligence


Once Kellyanne is unleashed, can Boris be far behind?

UPI/CVOTER poll goes from -2 to +6 in one week

I think, the Trump-family will break apart after the election.

Rates for Wisconsin plans on health insurance exchange to go up 16 percent

Is there a good primer or fact sheet on the email scandal

Blast from the past....anybody remember AMPOL/Pundit Pap?

Support grows to rename Columbus Day

Buffett Just Released His Own Tax Data to Hammer Trump

If not for that tape,

Borish Boris Epstein just keeps adding lies on top of lies!

i want to find a clip of THE EYES moment from the debate

AP FBS poll 10/10/16

Dan Rather: Trump's threat towards Hillary were of a despot, tyrant, or monarch - not a president

Georgia moves in favor of Hillary some more, + 0.3% in past two hours.

Four New Ads from Hillary Campaign

Trump circle: "We don't care."

The floodgates open: Women call Gloria Allred alleging ‘inappropriate contact by Mr. Trump’

Today's 'In The Bleachers'

Alex Jones Says ‘High Up Folks’ Can Confirm Obama and Clinton are Literally Agents of Hell

Real car that runs on saltwater

Parents probed in teen daughter's religious fasting death

Rudy Giuliani confirms - Bill accusers were there to pull a stunt last night

"So if you grab a woman by the genitals, that’s not sexual assault?"

IMHO: Irony: Trump's "jail" threat may innoculate HRC from future RNC impeachment

Midnight Strike Deadline Looms for Chicago Teachers Union

Why does the MSM keep acting like Hillary was JUST as nasty as Trump?

"With blood coming out of her wherever..."

Looks like the federal government just fact-checked Trump.

Midnight Strike Deadline Looms for Chicago Teachers Union

Midnight Strike Deadline Looms for Chicago Teachers Union

The better angels of our nature.

Trump tried to get the 3 accusers in his VIP box at debate

Trump rally going on right now playing WAGNER

Trump back to reliable numbers...

Loathsome, beady-eyed little inchworm Jeff Sessions: "I don't characterize that as sexual assault"

Trump feels good right now. Trump says really dumb things when he feels good.

Female students at Coral Springs High School in Florida spot

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Lead the Charge: Arrest Wells Fargo Executives Over Fraud Cases!

Trump Virginia staffers organize protest of GOP HQ in DC instead of doing GOTV in Virgina

Something not being talked about regarding The Tape

Welcome to Tennessee: Marsha Blackburn, Diane Black still back Donald Trump

Trump Would Make A Fine President.---IN A CHAMBER OF HORRORS!!!!!!!.

Wow! There are people who believe and want this idiot for their president!

Did Some GOP Hope Trump Would 'Tank' So He'd Drop Out?

This sign at the pro-Trump rally outside the RNC is essentially the GOP's new slogan.

Carrie Fisher Says Trump is ‘Absolutely’ a Coke Head After Sniffling Again at Second Debate

IAEA chief: Nuclear power plant was disrupted by cyber attack

Donald Trump: Women Have Had Enough

Trump lashes out at Ryan

Shit got real...

My House Candidate had Swastikas painted on his house again

Look , Marcia, he's never coming back. Someone had to tell you this. Looks like it's me.

The DNC needs to remind Floridians that Rick Scott

In historic move, Latin Builders back Clinton (Miami)

The Apprentice transcripts, #1: "Her skin sucks, okay? she needs some serious fuckin’ dermatology."

Serious question: What percentage of the GOP are "the Deplorables"?

Sen. Ron Johnson: Trump remarks 'indefensible,' Clinton unfit for presidency

Oooh! Reince Priebus has 5PM the phone call with members of the RNC - in "radio silence" all day

Trump Sunlight Campaign: GOFUNDME to raise funds to cover leak fee for Trump videos

University of Wisconsin System Regents say they want control over tuition back

Trump energizes his voters during debate by reminding them they hate Clinton

Did You Notice That Trump DID NOT Apologize Last Night

Trump Va. campaign chair Corey Stewart fired for organizing protest outside RNC

GOP Presecutor/Thug Allies Threaten To Run Dem Candidate Out Of The State.

Gov. Dayton meets with Allina, striking nurses

Anyone have more info on this doozy or know who Corey Stewart is?

Trump fires Virginia State Chair for organizing protest at RNC HQ

Geraldo Rivera on Trump's lewd remarks: "I have tapes"

Donald Trump is the GOP’s chemotherapy - By George F. Will

Angry customer throws coffee, scalding St. Paul clerk’s face, police say

Teen dressed as clown, carrying butcher knife arrested in northern Minnesota

UN human rights watchdog orders Saudi Arabia to stop stoning children

Britain's Nuclear Cover-Up

Gaack. Ari Fleischer on MSNBC now

Hilarious! No one is answering the phones at the RNC

Something to remember about future Trump scandal leaks...

Debate #2: Breaking the Bottom of the Barrel

Scariest fucking thing that nutbag spewed last night.

Between just Saturday (10/8) and this morning, endorsements of Hillary from daily newspapers...

Chelsea Clinton stumps for mom in Rochester

It's 5 PM...what's the over/under on when details of the RNC call will start leaking?

Donald Trump's Right Wing Fever Swamp Debate Performance

CBS News just mentioned a Trump Tape from New Zealand

Ex-Gov. Pawlenty calls Trump ‘unhinged,’ drops support

Donald Trump himself said his views on women meant he should never "run for political office"

Do you believe these "undecided" voters? I find them suspicious.

Has anyone noticed that Uncle Huckabee has been silent!

Will Trump decide to run again in 2020?

University of Minnesota study shows optimism for $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis

Profiles in Cowardice: Sen. Mitch McConnell

On MSNBC just now -Is that Mike Huckabee's daughter?

Clinton pulled back on a kill shot for a reason: Keep Trump on the ticket

BREAKING: first leaks from RNC call...

Trump Humpers Are Like The Zombie Apocalypse. Their Rallies Sound Just Nauseating.

Latest Election Polls - 10/10/16

Flip flop! The RNC jumping back on the clown train!

I would like to commend Hillary Clinton on her COURAGE

Carrie Fisher: She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie..Trump sniffles "ABSOLUTELY" from cocaine

His hands are so tiny that when he DOES grab your pussy you have no idea.

My Shuffle(snuffle?)blues tribute to the Hair Apparent.

BREAKING: Florida voter registration deadline extended...

Trump Goes Hard Right

This could be very interesting?

Nancy O'Dell Reacts to Donald Trump Recording

Great video ad for Hillary regarding her work for foster children

Everything Donald Trump Says About Syria Is Crazy, Wrong, or Both

Okay, who blabbed?

Anyone know anything about Cerber Ransomware?

The Orange Con's tweet says polls show him winning last night's debate

Priebus declares RNC standing behind Trump

Hitler Reacts to the News of Donald Trump & Billy Bush "Pussy" Video

A view from the outside: I don't often see cable "news".

Just an observation of Chelsea Clinton. Last night after the debate I noticed everyone coming onto

I hope there aren't any more Trump bombshells at this point...


New cat rescue slogan: "Grab some pussy today!"

HONEST NFL Headlines: Week 5

Hurricane Matthew unearths civil war cannonballs on US beach

Powerful Evangelical Women Split From Male Church Leaders To Slam Trump

passport records ???

Athletes respond to "locker -room" reference

Trump's crotch grabbing apparently isn't only directed at women...

The Thrill of Watching Hillary Clinton Take Down Donald Trump

Trump Can Grab All The P______ He Wants

Here's why your vote for Hillary matters even if you live in a safely blue state.

This is a 37-second supercut of Trump's lurking and prowling behind Clinton last night.

Taking a break from Windows Update

Dutch take on debate

Cracking the code of the gender gap & how American families are not ripping themselves apart...

Where is Ana Navarro?

GOP Senator Says Grabbing A Woman’s Genitals Is Not Sexual Assault

In rebuke of Gov. Rick Scott, judge grants voter registration extension

538 omg - GOTV does not mention Trump's name or Pres. campaign. There is a video pic of him with Pence.

Lauren Bush (Bush 41 granddaughter, Bush 43 niece) endorses Hillary

Video of Reince Priebus' comments to the GOP.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Gloria strikes

Musical Interlude (courtesy of The Netherlands)

Mike Pence uses Jesus as a human shield to protect Trump

The media doesn't seem to want to address "words vs actions" properly.

Living in SW PA is a nightmare...

Gorbachev warns US and Russia tensions have reached a "dangerous point"

Dear Donald Trump: I played in the NFL. Here’s what we really talk about in the locker room.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions doesn't believe grabbing a woman's genitals is sexual assault

Trump, in Ambridge, PA: "And I consider myself, in a certain way, to be a blue collar worker"

Samsung to halt sales of Galaxy Note 7

Many Republicans are having second thoughts about Trump.

Google is pushing voter registration deadline notices through my android phone

Hey guys - I would appreciate your help here - building a "wall" of Trump-supporters names:

I was literally yelling, "What a DICK!" at the TV over and over during the debate.

Respected = new Hillary Clinton ad

Pinocchio's Nose Grows When He Lies & Trump's Nose.....

2,000 people stranded in North Carolina - eight dams broke

Is tRump a cocaine addict? That might explain some of his erratic behavior.

How do you find a Trump rally?

I just dropped my 83-yo mom's ballot in the mail box

Nancy O'Dell makes updated statement condemning Trump comments, refutes locker room excuse

Trump Told Russia To Blame for Hacks Long Before Debate

Trump's vision of a Trump Presidency, courtesy of Stan Lee and Jack "King" Kirby (1963)

not so amusing anymore: CNN... "agressive russian military moves in europe and syria"

Monday Oct 10, Wikileaks new Clinton campaign hacked emails- NY Times article

There is a scary outlook when Trump loses the election!

Are Men Like Trump Afraid of Vaginas?

Open Letter to the Creators of Disney's Live-Action Feature Film 'The Legend of Mulan'

POLITICS Eric Holder Issues Dire Warning After Trump’s Threat to Jail Hillary

Jesus Christ: Chris Matthews just said

Now The Hatemonger is churning up Ted Kennedy and Chappaquidick

TRUMP: "I consider myself a blue-collar worker"

You want to get ill - watch Trump give Cosby advice on handling assault cases

I've been in a deposition all day - what did I miss?

Roy Blunt is `fighting for his political life’

So proud of

Update: Retracted Endorsements Score

The first off-camera leak from 'The Apprentice' drops

Trump ally Alex Jones says high-level sources confirmed to him Clinton & Obama are demons

I can't stand listening to the TRUMP spin

Trump Concedes That There are More Damaging Tapes of Him

Trump’s One Public Service Was Exposing the Misogyny of the GOP

Hillary Clinton's Values Are Union Values

Jill Harth on Inside Edition

Breaking: "Apprentice" producer Mark Burnett breaks his silence about possible Trump tapes

Islamic State confirms death of propaganda chief: statement

Please can we stop speculating about Melania's actions, thoughts or future.

Clinton Super Pac may shift to Senate Races

Clinton Super PAC May Shift to Senate Races

Russia and Turkey sign gas deal, seek common ground on Syria as ties warm

Late Night Comedy Lineup

Apprentice transcript pieces leaked...Trump making rude comments about woman's skin

Hillary Clinton's values are union values

Jennifer Garner to deliver a speech backing Hillary Clinton... DailyMail

New word: Remorsement (noun) A retracted endorsement.

Hillary Clinton's values are union values

I still say all the other (R) candidates half-assed it running for the nomination...

I can't wait until these demented teabag losers wake up on November 9th,

Description of two and a half year old.... sound familiar?

Arizona 'jihadist' agrees to plead guilty to terrorism, conspiracy

Trump: "Ben Roethlisberger is a friend of mine"

Please don't be like Tweety and let anyone tell you

Whoever invented thin oreo cookies should be

Release the #trumptapes campaign

Brainstorming! Daughter needs ideas for political posters.

do you hate these body language "experts" as much as I do?

Last Week Tonight 10/10/2016: A look back at Billy Bush being creepy with everyone (Video)

Borowitz: Putin Cancels Campaign Event with Trump