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Archives: October 13, 2016

Chris Hayes starts with breaking news - two women come forward to say

CNN is taking Dump to the cleaners!

Federal government denies Maine's REAL ID compliance extension

*******BREAKING******ET has video of Trump asking a ten year old girl for a date.

New accusations in FL from Ray Charles concert

Wow, the floodgates are bursting open. It's Cosby time for Trump.

This entire election is a trigger.

How long until Bill Cosby endorses Trump?

I wonder how stable Trump's blood pressure is now.

Questioning of Julian Assange by Swedish authorities postponed

16 Natnl Secrty Experts Warn Media.. Take Great Care..Reporting On Info Published From Russian hacks

Well, Putin say if Trump is not elected president...

Jeff Lord is grading sexual assault on a curve

Syria talks involving US to take place this weekend, says Lavrov

instead of repealing the 19th lets repeal the 2nd

Domestic Abuse: Why Women Stay: Is this the same profile of Trumps women supporters?

From the annals of chutzpah: NYT article "trivializes sexual assault"

Palm Beach Post exclusive: Local woman says Trump groped her

Miss Washington 2013 says Donald Trump groped her

This has been the most intense memory trigger time, of my life

Judge Rips Wisconsin Officials Over Voter ID Law Confusion

I predict that Gloria Allred will have

Bermuda Braces for Hit From 'Nicole,' a Cat 3 Hurricane

TRUMP POLL DISASTER: Down 11 points in swing state Ohio, tied in deep-red Utah -

Before it happens---

My Four-Legged Angels dog rescue by Lynette Ames, IA

"Bad Touch Donny"!

So this is why Blake Farenthold was hedging about withdrawing his support

Bill Clinton paid a price - Trump expects a pass nt

Donald Trump Was Part of an Effort to Keep Mike Tyson Out of Prison

I'm trying to imagine what else can happen in the third debate: Just more of the same?

Luckovich Toon - Trump's Yuge Crowds

Must watch! "Make America Great Again" video!

I'm pretty sure if Trump becomes President that he'll leave us for a younger country when he

George W. Bush officials endorse Hillary Clinton in open letter

This Trump sex scandal so reminds of the previous sex scandals

Let's step back: the days are bright

Some in G.O.P. Who Deserted Donald Trump Over Video Are Returning

Major GOP Donors Are Asking Trump for Their Money Back - (Good Luck!)

Forget the Pulitzer. I think David Farenthold should get something

How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind (Why Trumpers Exist)

Wells Fargo CEO steps down in wake of sham accounts scandal

Trump - I did it. I admit it.

A Good SIGN: the number of "orphans"

US Declines Prosecution of Government Worker in Mine Spill

So is Melania as guilty as Hillary?

Passenger who cat called flight attendant kicked off Alaska Airlines flight

Rushbo: Left Sends Out "The Rape Police" Whenever There's Sex With "No Consent" (Also Known As Rape)

CNN detects a "drip, drip drip" of emails, changing the subject from the FLOOD of women saying Trump

This is what I tell people who tell me that they hate Trump...BUT...

I admire the bravery of these women.

Former Exec at Ivanka Trump's Company Says She Had to Fight for Maternity Leave

$20/month "cable". We FINALLY unplugged from cable.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Live and Uncensored


For the men of DU! Kick please

Glenn Greenwald on MSNBC just now: John Podesta 'has a lesser right to privacy.'

Folks we need to put our differences aside and get right with the Lord

Howw come Groper Don the Con's sister is not defending him?

UN human rights boss says Trump would be a global danger as president

Trump mistakes the word "women" for an actual woman and immediately begins kissing it...

I think Trump intends to make the whole election such a sewer he could win with low turnout.

Is it possible to get away from Trump over here?

Virginia ex-cop gets 2-1/2 year sentence for black teen's shooting death

Virginia ex-cop gets 2-1/2 year sentence for black teen's shooting death

Donald Trump Quips About Little Girl on '92 Tape: "I'll be dating her in 10 years'

Forget 270. Carthago delenda est.

Are there similar stories to this sex stuff about the Con published about leaders of other

comparisons between Trump and Bill

Are the authenticity of the wikileaks emails being verified in any way?

U.S. lawmaker urges Saudi arms sales halt, cites possible Yemen 'war crimes'

Think there has been news today (more Trump accusers, and more hacked emails)?

Can we end all the Frisco Giants posts now?

More U.S. arrests for pot than violent crimes: rights groups

OMG The Ben Carson ads.

"Believe me, the last space I want to invade is HER space..."

I Know What The Ultimate Blow Can Be To Destroy Trump.....

Obama's top Asia diplomat says baffled by Duterte pronouncements

Donald Trump conflicted over Dora the Explorer.

Sue scumbag sue

I figured this would happen

Jim Beam Union Workers in Kentucky Vote in Favor of Strike

Jim Beam Union Workers in Kentucky Vote in Favor of Strike

The ever growing List of Trump Accusers (12 as of 10/27/2016)

Pence and Putin look like each other

Meghan Kelly just nailed Trump

Jim Beam Union Workers in Kentucky Vote in Favor of Strike

Nate Silver: At the rate we're going Trump'll come out for the 3rd debate in a Hannibal Lecter cage.

BLACKS FOR TRUMP signs at Trump rally

Let's give a collective, heartfelt DU HUG to all the brave women coming forward.

If you're still a Trump supporter, there is a very good chance...

Anyone watching the CNN special on FLOTUS helping girls in Africa?

may the dam break entirely. so far, it has been drip,drip, drip. with the latest accusations

Wisconsin: 20 point swing to HRC in 3 days since sex tape.

Who else is watching We Will Rise on CNN?

who actually helped Trump more? Fox or MSNBC

9:51 pm Rachel says she just received ANOTHER allegation

Rachel just broke that there is a fourth woman

Analysts: Donald Trump’s new tax plan is even more tilted toward the rich than his old one

Instead of #RepealThe19th, let's #RepealThe22nd

I know a "chick magnet" guy. Bit of a dinosaur. NOTHING like the Nuclear Cheeto.

Trump making fun of NFL concussion rules.

Anderson Cooper set Trump up when he made Trump affirm or deny the groping.


FBI (re)issues statement on Podesta hack

It's time for the GOP to fix its ticket.

4th Trump Woman Accuser to be on MSNBC at 11PM Tonight

This is quite curious from a Marquette poll on Wisconsin

Just watched that voting segment on Rachel's show. Michigan doesn't really have "early voting".


Watching MSNBC right now is like watching the OJ car chase. Every few minutes

Floodgates: NBC says it has yet another Trump accuser coming tomorrow morning

So I'm in the dentist chair today getting a tooth fixed...

Yawn. The Orangutan Says He's Suing NYT Over Today's Story

R (9/11) U (9/11) D (9/11) Y

PIGS - tRUMP - Desert Trip last weekend

I have made a decision!

Just leaving this here...

I think we are going to find out that there are some really sick and twisted skeletons in

Trump Told The Truth Years Ago

Republicans Endorse, Unendorse And Then Re-Endorse Donald Trump

Jack Greenberg, Civil Rights Champion, Dies at 91.

Tomorrow's NY Daily News cover

Nancy Giles just made an interesting point on Laurence O'Donnell's show

It's pretty likely Clinton wins, but I'm still a bit on edge whether the margin and the turnout...

Good article on how Wikileaks are taken out of context.

"Perhaps your name is Rumpelstiltskin?"

NY Daily News Front Cover

From 2009: Porn in the USA: Conservatives Are Biggest Consumers

So now I'm wondering how, in the future, political parties

The Ross Perot Myth

Hey Giants fans, this is for us, for having a great year! See you in the stands next year!

I wonder IF Trump's lawyers get paid for their work??

Getting my hip replaced beginning of January - what should I know?

Stop it with Ivanka

Top GA Republican: ‘Hillary will do for gender relations what Obama did for race relations


Florida man goes main stream

Grope THIS

Trump killed his brand.

Does he REALLY want to open himself up to legal discovery proceedings??

Somedays we just need to hear an awesome version of 'Black Dog' by Robert Plant to make us smile!

If Trump sues NYT, can NYT use third party discovery to get Apprentice tapes?

Sorry for the personal DU question...

Video Just Surfaced Of Trump Hitting On A Ten-Year-Old Girl

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 13, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight - Trailblazing Wome

OMG another one! From People Magazine.

Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – A PEOPLE Writer’s Own Harrowing Story

Holy Facting Shite - now People Magazine has a story about their reporter

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Thet thar dam's 'bout to BURST. RUUUUUUUUUN . . . . . . .

BREAKING: People Mag Writer Says Trump Assaulted Her at Mar e Lago

Suggest policy of labeling satirical (e.g. Onion) posts as such

And WHO will put WHOM in jail after this election?!?!?!

Keith, The Closer.....sooo fitting!

Now would be a good time for Trump to release his taxes

Trump supporters want to repeal the 19th amendment

Breaking: Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – A PEOPLE Writer’s Own Harrowing Story

We need a list of Trump's sex crimes.

The Trump denials sound exactly like Cosby's.

So . . . . its October, huh? What happens in October, other than Halloween?

Just an observation

Wonder if Kelly Ann Conway has reached

And these accusers are not being paid by anyone. Unlike the

The GOP is about to be destroyed

LIVE MSNBC FEED - Covering Trumps Assaults on women -

OMG Someone in Trump Tower is Periscoping a Video Feed

Tomorrow's Daily News cover...

Today was a REALLY bad day to re-endorse Donald Trump...

What else could we have expected?

Thanks GOP!

Hackers breach Clinton campaign chairman's Twitter account

FBI should start an investigation of Trumps attacks on women in several states.

BTW, I hope this settles the argument about whether there's such thing as "rape culture".

With apologies to Mother Goose

I'm feeling good about Georgia and Arizona at this point.

Assange right now

Delgado is only slightly less odious and stupid than her boss.

I've received my absentee ballot...

Who is worse?

"I think the damage and the stain on the GOP is potentially a generation long."

OH for God sake! A.J. Delgato in on MSNBC swearing "all these allegations are LIES!

Reviled by G.O.P., WikiLeaks Embraced by Trump for Clinton Email Leaks

Lawrence O'D live now.

A.J. Delgado Giving Trump The Servpro Leak Repair Job

Full Speech. "Hillary Clinton Rallies Voters in Colorado"

GOP Groper or Pedophile. Take you pick.

Donald Trump's new nickname "Old Dixie"

Donald Trump ally Roger Stone admits ‘back-channel’ tie to WikiLeaks

Liberty is not Trump University

Some newsperson needs to ask these Trump surrogates:

Activists hit the pavement to get out the Pa. vote

***Salt Lake City Tribune endorses Hilllary Clinton***

Politico - How Hostile Poll-Watchers Could Hand Pennsylvania to Trump

My God! Brian William’s host of 11 hr.?

Latest RW Talking Point: Nobody is going to vote because everyone is fed up with both sides

Morgan Freeman turns his 124-acre ranch into bee sanctuary—others join to fight massive die-offs

I have a suggestion, about sexual assault

Nostradamus:Quatrains on Donald Trump 2026

Victory For Democracy: Judge Extends Florida’s Voter Registration Deadline By A Week

***NH poll HRC +11***

Republican Horseshit:" She's So Lucky, Anybody Else Would Beat Hillary"

When are the GOP finally going to bail on Trump? Have they lost their minds? Look at him.

Trump campaign tells Trump Accusers to lawyer up...

Trump Jr. lets the cat out of the bag about Trump's deals with Russia

I'm getting worried. We haven't heard any new Trump scandals since I started typing this OP.

Republican Ex-Justice Department Officials Alarmed by Trump’s Threat to Jail Clinton


Do You Think Trump Is Even Trying to Win Anymore?

A moment please.... Before you put on your party hats...

Ryan sounds alarm on Trump

‘Liberty is not Trump U.': Students protest Donald Trump

1992: Sick Motherf*cker Trump sees a TEN YEAR OLD GIRL and says "I'll be dating her in 10 years"

Condor chick born in wild flies from nest at California park

Megyn Kelly points out that "truth is a defense" re: Trump suing New York Times

Trump is the new Cosby....

Obama Jokes About InfoWars Hecklers, Alex Jones Calling Him A ‘Demon’

Demand for Retraction

New York Daily News Cover tomorrow on Trump / 10-year-old

Trump lawyer sends letter to NYT...

If this is what the ten days of Hanukkah are like, I'm converting!

Richard Hatch tells of Trump's boardroom behavior on "Celebrity Apprentice":

BREAKING: Trump campaign to pull out of VA

Richard Hatch tells of Trump's boardroom behavior on "Celebrity Apprentice":

Trump tweet: .@realDonaldTrump: "Why the hell is Obama allowed to campaign for Hillary Clinton?"

Donald always calls women "disgusting."

Guys... news is moving so fast, I cannot keep with the entertainment

Trumps rape trial court date has been set

WOW, #repealthe19th is trending #2 right now. GrOPers gone crazy?

10 women made allegations of sexual assault against Trump today...Are these Numbers

predictwise has our senate chances up to 70%! (hillary 89%, house 24%)

CNN: Trump sends letter to NYTimes, threatening a libel suit

oh my GOD: Did I hear the Faux news Promo right for third debate???

Gaza Strip population said to reach 2 million

Former Miss Teen USA: I was warned Trump didn't like black people

October 17, 1989

John Podesta is stupid with cybersecurity.

Trump Ally Roger Stone Admits ‘Back-Channel’ Tie To WikiLeaks

"I'm here for Hillary, not for Bill" Millennials aren't that interested

Hillary in Vegas tonight -- What a great turnout!!

ROFL - Freepland is deleting any stories about the assault allegations

October 17, 1989

Dr Bornstein provides explanation for Trump's skin color and bitchiness

Donald Trump a 'revolting slug' unfit for public office, NSW Parliament decides

Kitten rescued, adopted, wears sweater made from a sock

Paraguay's Indigenous Slam Columbus Day, Demand Ancestral Lands

My granddaughter posted this on her facebook page:

October 17, 1989

Honduras: Top indigenous activist survives new murder bid

"Nobody ever wins honestly." On Russia's inflatable tanks, jets and missile launchers:

Doggy doo head scratcher

Honduras: Top indigenous activist survives new murder bid

Conquering Choquequirao: the long walk to Peru’s lesser-known ‘lost city’

Conquering Choquequirao: the long walk to Peru’s lesser-known ‘lost city’

Ancient bird from dinosaur era probably sounded like duck

Ancient bird from dinosaur era probably sounded like duck

I just gave to Hillary's campaign and it felt SO good!

Colombians take to streets to support FARC peace deal

Colombians take to streets to support FARC peace deal

Hillary Clinton widens Wisconsin lead over Donald Trump in latest Marquette poll

The 'Green Book' Was a Travel Guide Just for Black Motorists

Holy Crap..did you see the people magazine story? Reporter Assaulted by Trump

Desperate Argentines Cross Chile Border to Buy Essential Items

Trump and Rape: In Defending the Indefensible—Trumpeteers Reveal their True Colors.

Cheran: The town that threw out police, politicians and gangsters

Cheran: The town that threw out police, politicians and gangsters

Instead of dealing with the issues, Old Donald opened this can worms when he

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: "There are so many pussies around the campaign on both sides..."

Trump, on his way to a rally...

Only 16% of Trump Voters Have Aptitude to Participate in a Democracy

October 17, 1989

Watch this conservative get taking down my facts...

I'm not a big meme fan, but, for a laugh, this one needs to be posted:

Rush Limbaugh is responsible for creating the Trump monster...

Fmr. Miss Utah accuses Trump of inappropriate behavior

The Irrelevant Second Amendment Argument!

The Climate Change rebutal to Stupidparty disciples.

Ecuador moves Assange questioning to November

All the groping talk isn't a trigger for me, but it does bring back a memory.

This Friday's New York Tmes X-word is mine...

early voting - where & when to vote

Good Grief! Trump Strategy To Deal With Allegations: "Turn Bill Clinton Into Bill Cosby"

I'm a Buffalo Bills fans and their fans are pissing me off this week

A cheap and stylish warm dessert in less than 30 minutes: Brie, pears, nuts and honey

Trump's Campaign Is 'Pulling Out of Virginia'

The Guardian: A second Miss USA contestant: Trump barged into room when we were naked

The #WISen race is tightening, according to the latest #MULawPoll

Indian-American woman, a US citizen since 8, told she must spend $345 for naturalization papers to

Regulators Want To Let Factory Farms Label Their Meat ‘Humanely Raised’

Wait... Trump sexually assaulted a journalist with pregnant Melania in the next room?

Daily Holidays October 13

Guys! Clinton campaign released statement about hacks mentions "espionage"


How soon before Allan Lichtman changes his prediction?

Writer says she was attacked by Trump

**** October Photo Contest SUBMISSIONS. Theme: ORANGE****

****COMMENTS for October Photo Contest. Theme: ORANGE****

She wore a message to a Trump rally: ‘Grab my p—-. I dare you’

Chinese state media reports death of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej aged 88

You have got to see J. K. Rowling's tweets on Groper Don the Con

Mika should be scorned by all women for the way she hesitates to condemn Donald for his treatment of

Joe is ignoring his own indiscretion that has left many questions about the death of his intern.

October Photo Contest is open for Submissions!

October Photo Contest is open for Submissions!

October Photo Contest Announcement posted in GD and The Lounge

Hillary Clinton for president

Clinton Dominates in Key Philadelphia Suburbs, Bloomberg Poll Finds (October 13, 2016)

Washington Post Endorses Hillary Clinton

Trash can explodes outside home in New Jersey, had been left for collection

Hurricane Nicole Approaches Bermuda as Category 4 Storm

Post-debate Michigan poll puts Clinton up 12

SNP's Nicola Sturgeon announces new independence referendum bill

Could Trump Be Criminally Prosecuted For Sexual Assault

A List of Women Who Have Accused Donald Trump of Sexual Misconduct

Trump Says He'll Imprison Clinton's Lawyers, Too

realistically, all trump is doing is developing followers for a new cable channel...he has

Barbara Res on CNN

Nicola Sturgeon challenges May with second referendum bill

Breaking - Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize for literature

Bob Dylan wins Nobel prize in literature 2016 – live

Nate Silver says the chances of Trump winning...

OPINIONS — Atheist stereotype puts stress on relationships

New Republic: "Bob Dylan 100 percent is not going to win.

Dario Fo, Nobel-winning playwright, dies aged 90

Government cannot trigger Brexit without MPs' backing, court told

RNC TV ad spending for Trump: $0

I just did a quick run through of various election related RWNJ sites and blogs....

Why a bunch of religious groups are picking a misguided fight with the Obama administration

US enters Yemen war, bombing Houthis who launched missiles at navy ship

US enters Yemen war, bombing Houthis who launched missiles at navy ship

Support for Marijuana Legalization Continues to Rise

Ever been to a fundie haunted house?

Nigeria confirms release of 21 girls kidnapped in Chibok by Boko Haram

Trump Will Sue New York Times Over Assault Article: Reports

Bill Clinton is not running for President. Donald Trump is.

Are We There Yet? Autonomous System Safety and Sensor Accuracy vs. ADAS Complexity

Benedictines count on beer sales to rebuild earthquake-damaged monastery

‘Armrest Truther’ Katrina Pierson Launches The Most Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Ever

Wu-Tang's RZA gives HRC an awesome endorsement!

Are they the "silent majority" or are they the "loud minority"?

Best Nobel Prize in decades but

Can anyone unpack what this homemade bumper sticker means?

Do the windows open in Trump's tower of solitude?

Payback: Dems see chance to boot Issa

Liberal groups tell Schumer: No Bayh as Banking chair

Trump’s Scottish golf resorts report 2015 losses

My coworker got a dog & made me scroll through 2 dozen pics on her phone

Hi. I asked earlier about an "I voted" sticky thread, but got no response.

Please Subpoena Trump for his Tax Returns!!!

Good read - Dangerous idiots: how the liberal media elite failed working-class Americans

Following Falwell Jr.’s acceptance of sexual predator for President---Students issue statement:

Here's how we stop Trump!

How the GOP’s Big Tent turned into a house of horrors - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Cover of Time Magazine: "Total Meltdown"

Personally, I think when they catch that damn scary clown it will turn out to be Trump!!!

Attorney Cheney Mason speaks out: Trump will have to answer teen rape accusation

You go, girl!

John Kasich: Refusing to ratify TPP risks America’s role as the world leader

Is this Espionassange-gate going to be the biggest con-job ever perpetrated on the American people?

Here's who voted against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, so ya know


Mika had to suffer through a MAJOR bout of mansplaining from Joe this morning.

Morning Joe warns Hillary not to be self righteous about the women

Senator Elizabeth Warren & Jason Kander Rally in Kansas City, Oct 14

We get it, Joe S.: You think we're hypocritical about Bill Clinton v. Donald Trump

Life is nasty, brutish, and short. Especially for people unable to recognize binary choices.

President Obama re: Bob Dylan

Hillary is taking the day off.

Anderson Cooper Fact Checks Trump Campaign Manager Mid-Sentence, Segment FLIES Off Rails

Irish-Americans set to raise $250K for VP Tim Kaine in NY

I feel bad for Mika. Bernicle asked if she had been the victim of physical sexual harassment and she

Giuliani Apologizes for 'Mistake' About Clinton and 9/11

Keeping autonomous vehicles safe at system level

President Obama: "Democracy is on the Ballot" ..This should be a TV ad

Bloomberg Poll: HRC: 51% Racist/Groper: 42% in Pennsylvania

Our Giant Experiment on "Greed is Good" Has Failed

Hitler Finds Out Trump is a Serial Sexual Assaulter

NFB Hotline for Blind and Low Vision Voters 877-632 "NFB"-1940

Well, he's using CAPITAL LETTERS. I don't know about you, but that makes me believe him.

The Donald's Two pronged defense: 1.- Totally false. 2.- Happened decades ago.

It may have been hard to follow it all (it was for me), but there were . . . .

Two Boston police officers in 'extremely critical' condition, gunman killed after late night ambush

Thursday Toon Roundup

The Washington Post endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

Clinton Campaign Event Lineup for today & tomorrow, Oct 13-14/2016

I think Kellyanne may want to get this one deleted

Liberty U Students Break With Falwell Jr: ‘We Want Nothing To Do With’ Trump

Here's the letter to the NYT from Trump's lawyer

"It's just locker room talk"

MEDIA ADVISORY: Journalist Amy Goodman to Turn Herself in to North Dakota authorities

Here are the topics for the third and final presidential debate

UNESCO Poised to Pass Resolution Casting Doubt on Jewish Ties to Temple Mount

Trump Campaign Withdraws From Virginia

Trump Threatens To Sue NYT Over Story With Groping Allegations

Jerry Falwell Jr. would still vote for Trump even if the stories about abuse are true.

Trump's numbers are worse in PA than VA but

Ana Marie Cox’s Emotional Reaction To Latest Trump Sexual Assault Allegations

Longtime Trump exec explains why her ‘vindictive and dishonest’ ex-boss should never be president

Morning Joe panel writes Giuliani’s political epitaph: ‘From mayor of America to mayor of...

Let's spare a thought for the folks in Bermuda who are facing Cat 4 Nicole today

wonder why wikileaks isn't hacking the trump campaign?

Clinton proposes plan to tackle deep poverty

Donald Trump is ‘a revolting slug’: Australian state parliament

Trump falls below 31% in Michigan. Clinton up by 12

VP Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump's Lewd Language and Behavior an Abuse of Power

Trump Unhinged Twitter Tirade Against Republican Party, Paul Ryan, John McCain

Pat Robertson: It’s "Macho" for Trump to Grab Women "By the Pu$$y" Without Permission

Republicans standing with Trump are banking on voters having short-term memories

Is Edward Snowden involved with these Wikileak emails from Russia?

Trump Takes A Page From The Kremlin’s Media Playbook

Ohio judge nixes pipeline builder's eminent domain plans

Trump Is Just Not Funny Anymore.....

A Lot Of People Are Pissed Off That All The Nobel Prizes Went To Men This Year

Here's what I think...

America’s Dazzling Tech Boom Has a Downside: Not Enough Jobs

Saw this on a car in West Palm Beach, FL today

Legal questions regarding Donald Trump's threat to sue the NY Times

The Madman's not being so subtle at his latest rally.

Gingrich: 'Little Trump is frankly pathetic'

Total Meltdown, courtesy of TIME! A picture says a thousand words, lol.

Given the extreme loss of privacy and anonymity involved with

Bloomberg reported that Sean Hannity will have a "special" wth Bill Clinton's accusers, as a

I For One Am Shocked!

Bob Dylan - Desolation Row - Desert Trip - Indio CA - October 7, 2016

I start feeling uncomfortable talking about Trump sexual misconduct.

Do not invite that tawdry turd to the Inauguration

where donald got his hair style & color from

Groper Don the Con has already confessed to doing everything

Event Stats for Today: First Lady Michele Obama & VP Joe Biden

Donald Trump apolgizes to Serbia for Yugoslavia Bombing

Grab her

San Francisco Bay Bridge 2010-Build it Bigger ( Discovery Documentary )

Liberty U Students Break With Falwell Jr: ‘We Want Nothing To Do With’ Trump

Come Election Day, *everyone* is going to know Trump has zero chance.

Ivanka has been Rump's most prominent supporter.

Rogue One - Official Trailer #2.

Mormon church, others urge Obama to renounce report on religious freedom

Food for thought...

boris epshteyn says it's all a coordinated attack by the Clinton campaign (the women victims)

New 3RD Party Forming: Mesa County Deplorables

Thursday A.M. Quiz - Which one is different?


Shi’ite Muslim children among the religious followers taking part in... bloodletting ceremonies

Missouri Senate candidate Jason Kander interview


Senators Ask President to Halt Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline

Times: Inside Donald Trump’s Total Meltdown

Self Defense For Pussy Grabbing

I have a question for MSNBC viewers during this election season

Did Joe Scar also question why some of the Cosby victims waited so long to come forward?

I'm REALLY worried about Hillary Clinton's safety. WingNuts are coming unglued.

Arianne Zucker wasn’t shocked by Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women in 2005

Did the media flap following revelations of ...

I do not condone physical violence but I do wonder why Hillary hasn't hauled off and punched

Omg is there a radio progressive on alternate to stephanie

Homeopathic "medicine" can be dangerous. Even lethal.

Oh we go..."Bill Clinton's black son" debunked story was just dropped on National TV

Scottish government to publish plans for second independence referendum

LMAO @ R(epublican)asmussen has Trump +2 today

Proof the Trump effect is in full effect: Friend of a former student tells historian to STFU (me)

Enlighten me about Kaine.

No, I have never been in her shoes but

Read this, then try and imagine this man responding to a national crisis as president

"Women" Will Be The Reason..

Newt Gingrich smacked down the Republican nominee, saying “little Trump is frankly pathetic"

Drumpf can't even get support from the Backstreet Boys!

New York, New Jersey Bombing Suspect to Be Arraigned From Hospital Bed

Todays' Electoral Vote thoughts - Hillary Clinton more popular than Trump and Johnson!

Michele Bachmann Warning Christians

Clever Pivot from groping scandal - apologize to Serbia for stopping them from committing genocide

Got my N.M. ballot today (Who are these people?)

On the NYT story about the 2 woman groped by Trump - In the comments section

Pic Of The Moment: For Someone Who's In The Midst Of Multiple Sex Assault Scandals...

Sacramento Woman Comes Home To Find House Stolen

@RT_com tweeted a story on fresh @wikileaks Podesta emails dump before WL posted them to the site !

OH NO.... tRump is gaining ground - up to 10.3% chance (from 9.1) on 538 now-cast !!!!

NLRB complaint against Postmates raises specter of fight over employee classification

NLRB complaint against Postmates raises specter of fight over employee classification

Judge issues criminal summons for Christie over Bridgegate

NLRB complaint against Postmates raises specter of fight over employee classification

Judge recommends N.J. Gov. Chris Christie be charged in bridge-closing scandal

Karma in real life - The metaphors that can be derived are endless

Former Miss Washington USA accuses Trump of groping her

Let the back pedalling begin

*** wipes the dust off her staple gun and posts today's DU Lounge lunch specials ***

TRUMP on The Apprentice: ‘I’d like to drill you - Now get me a diet coke'

Here's a reason more women have not come forward

Newt admits he has seen "little Trump"

He Said, She Said

Facing new charges of groping, Trump lashes out in self-pity and impotent rage


Judge signs summons against Christie over GWB lane closures

Judge signs summons against Christie over GWB lane closures

Trump Supporter Today

re: we're SCREWED

Liberty University students protest association with Trump

Trump says his 2016 campaign could be his ‘single greatest waste of time, of energy and money’

We’re Witnessing Trump’s Meltdown Here, Folks --KO's latest!!

Losing all 50 states is about as unlikely as bankrupting a casino in the middle of an economic boom

Donald announces "Major Speech" at noon in FL

The word of the day is Cognitive Dissonance!

An Open Letter to Ivanka Trump from Michael Moore:

Falwell Jr on CNN: "I believe all people are redeemable - except Hillary."

:-) "Shows Good Judgment" Does: Clinton - 48%: Trump - 28% WI new poll

Donald Trump’s D.C. Hotel Shows His Brand Is Sinking Along With His Poll Numbers

Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature.

Rudy really had cut down Hillary in his 9/11 vile comments....

Sean Hannity was going to interview Trump today, but Trump just CANCELLED

David French on CNN: "Not a matter of he said/she said. It's a matter of he bragged, she confirmed."

Random Question .... Is Trump going to drop out @ noon today?

Donald Trump cancels "Hannity" interview

Benchmark model has HRC win at 91%

Hillary Clinton will be on the Ellen show tomorrow

Drunk Trump

Trump cancels on Hannity

Denise Juneau mounts historic run for U.S. House

Donald Trump asked what Hillary Clinton has been doing for 30 years. He’s getting his answer.......

"This is not, he said, she said

Trump adviser Carter Page accuses U.S. of disregarding Russia's interests

Trump effect: First grader beaten on school bus for being Muslim

An oldie but goodie in light of the recent resurgence of Slick Willy Derangement Syndrome

Trump is not a case of he said, she said. It's a case of he said and now we know he did

So Michelle's speech is going to get shut out by the troll

The campaign right now, in the eyes of the GOP

Ivanka being served really weak questions - vetted audience?

VP Joe Biden Calls Trump's Alleged Behavior a 'Cardinal Sin'

Gun-Control Groups Push Growing Evidence That Laws Reduce Violence

Clean up crews after Matthew meeting their basic needs?

i would like to do passive solar heat from an upstair west facing window

Is trump's speech at noon going to be televised?

Incredible Nikon microscope images of 2016

RNC TV ad spending for Trump: $0

Donald tweet: --> Thank you, Michigan! We will #MakeSexualAssaultGreatAgain!

Billionaire AOL Co-Founder Steve Case denouncing Trump on MSNBC

the real story on drumpfy's DC hotel (the historic Old Post Office)

Through Trump - Republicans show how unqualified they are to run the country

Former Trump Employee, "I absolutely believe allegations of sexual misconduct"

MSNBC: Russia Today announced new leaked emails from Wikileakes BEFORE Wikileaks released them

Why is Trump dodging the press? When will Trump hold a press conference?

The greatest irony of this entire election season is that Trump ...

I love Peter Robinson's Inspector Banks books. Can any of you recommend a series that is

Armed '3%' militia fights against proposed mosque in tiny Georgia town

Michelle is making me cry.

Michelle Obama has me in tears. What a speech!

Live stream of M. Obama without the choppiness

'I'll humiliate you': Duterte challenges West to probe Philippines drugs war

Former Miss Teen USA: I was told "Trump Doesn't Like Black People"

Michelle Obama on CNN.

Michelle Obama is powerfully and credibly denouncing Trumps behavior

Planned Parenthood Targets Vulnerable GOP Senators With $2 Million Ad Campaign

320 Lincoln jobs to be cut as Verizon announces plans to close call centers

Trump noon announcement: did I miss it?

Michelle Obama on Trump scandal… it has shaken me to my core”

Michele Obama speech on sex abuse right now

Texas judge officiates same-sex marriage, then quits Republican Party

I bet you didn't know that Trump was in an original Star Trek episode!!

Judge Allows Official Misconduct Complaint Against Christie to Go Forward

Need some guidance about Hillary. Hope this isn't against TOS

Michelle Obama: The most wonderful First Lady

Why the Russian Hacks of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Should Reassure Us All

Its been a half hour, have I missed the latest Trumplosion?

Enough! A Report Back From the Border Vigil Against US State Violence

Enough! A Report Back From the Border Vigil Against US State Violence

Can We Get Through the Next 25 Days?

TripAdvisor Stops Selling Tickets To Many Wildlife Attractions

Their playing the Stones 'Heart of Stone' at the Trump rally

Trump Drops 'Hannity' Interview Amid New Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Trump foreign policy adviser bashes the United States for disregarding Russia's interests

I think we have our introduction to M'Obama '24

Utah Republicans Deliver A Fatal Blow To Donald Trump’s Reeling Presidential Campaign

Sleazebags: Trump's preferred slur at any reporter who quesions him on his serial groping

In a medical first, brain implant allows paralyzed man to feel again

Trump is reading prepared statemnet from telepromter

Trump says his 2016 campaign could be his ‘single greatest waste of time, of energy and money’

I am listening to Trump give a speech and have not heard him sniff one single time.

Face of the moon to change completely – in 81,000 years' time

Not a dog person - but this is precious

Solar Hydrogen Electric vehicle refuelling station opens in East London

OFFS. Trump is lying his ass off about Clinton and the media.

Planned Parenthood Drops Off 100s of “Protect Yourself From Trump” Condoms At Kelly Ayotte’s Office

Nazi group uncovered after Colorado teen kills himself to prove his commitment to killing Jews

Jill Stein: Donald Trump is Better Than Hillary

"Feckless" - what is a "feck" and how do you lose your fecks?

WATCH: Choking back tears, Michelle Obama delivers powerful speech on Trump’s abuse of women

Trump just said that the New York Times

Trump is accusing "the Clintons" of doing everything Trump has been doing.

Trump is going off the rails.

FLOTUS: "This is not normal. This is not politics as usual. This is disgraceful. It is intolerable"

Trump is in full on scorched earth mode. He has no idea how unhinged he sounds.

Yasuni Man film is an intimate portrait of a beautiful land under siege for its oil

International Day of the Girl Child-- “Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: A Global Girl Data Moveme

CNN Host Turns Lewandowski's Attacks On Bill Clinton Back To Donald Trump

Yasuni Man film is an intimate portrait of a beautiful land under siege for its oil

We need more video proof against Trump!

International Day of the Girl Child--“Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: A Global Girl Data Movemen

International Day of the Girl Child--“Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: A Global Girl Data Movemen

Link - live funeral of slain L.A. County Sheriff Steve Owen. What a man.

Trumps Rallies have Dissolved to Basic Sedition and Insurrection

People Magazine slams Trump for "disgusting, pathetic attempt to victimize" reporter

Peruvian Film Documents Massacre of Indigenous Protesters

Peruvian Film Documents Massacre of Indigenous Protesters

He is making me so crazy, I might just walk to town and vote against him today!

Note to CNN and MSNBC - First one to STOP broadcasting Trump's latest rage speech wins.

#DadsAndDaughters: Celebrating International Day of the Girl

#DadsAndDaughters: Celebrating International Day of the Girl

Trump just implied that the People reporter he allegedly attempted to molest is too ugly to attack

#DadsAndDaughters: Celebrating International Day of the Girl

It's all over for Trump except the concession speech (which we'll never hear)

How accurate is the Rasmussen Poll?

Trump is speaking in Florida

international day of the girl images

What are your state's "State Questions"? What does your state's ballot look like?

international day of the girl images

Lawmakers join Elizabeth Warren's call for US to 'step in' on illegal Airbnb hotels

Are you pissed that all Nobel Prizes this year went to men?

international day of the girl images

Can I assume that a concession speech is more of a courtesy/tradition than a requirement?

This speech

Michelle Obama's POWERFUL speech in New Hamphire (with good audio)

I'm in an airport and there is a (live?) speech by Trump that CNN is letting run on and on

He is trying to intimidate the media with this rant. If he EVER stops talking

Expecting the men in white coats to come whisk Trump off the stage...he sounds insane today

Donald Trump is pissing on every single institution, the whole government, It's a CONSPIRACY!

In his former life, Trump was a sexual predator!

Fox News Host Lou Dobbs Retweets Home Address And Phone Number Of Trump Accuser -

Donald Trump can rage and lie all he wants to now. He'll still be a sexual predator when the speech

Trump is a fascist.

Jebus Christ, is Podesta's Gmail STILL compromised?

Every 7 seconds, a young girl becomes a bride, report says (the US ranks THIRTY-SECOND in the world

Great Neil deGrasse Tyson/Carl Sagan story worth repeating

Will Ferrell doing his impression of the Trump campaign now

Every 7 seconds, a young girl becomes a bride, report says (the US ranks THIRTY-SECOND in the world

Christie faces official misconduct complaint for bridge case

Bolivian Minister Alerts on US Interventionism

Every 7 seconds, a young girl becomes a bride, report says(the US ranks THIRTY-SECOND in the world

Oh, you poor thing!

Has Dan Savage chimed in on Gropergate?

Republican talking points that should be dead now

Has anyone ever matched Trump for using so many words to say absolutely nothing of value?

Election anxiety is real. A majority of Americans report “significant stress” in 2016.

Giuliani Whines That Media Conspiring To Damage Trump And Favor Clinton

The Wheel of Sharp Weapons

A rally for nuts by a nut master!

Extreme vetting

Woman: On-campus rape was followed by 8-hour interrogation

Trump Attacks Reporter Who Said He Forced Himself On Her: 'Look At Her!'

Mainahs, have you got a link to voting primers for our state? Can't send eldergreenkid to vote for

4 men accused of human trafficking, murder of Florida teen

Limbaugh channels his inner Santorum while waxing philosophic on rape and consent

Trump: I didn’t sexually assault a People magazine reporter, because “look at her”

Why is MSNBC broadcasting over one hour of uninterrupted Trump campaign speech this morning?

Court reversal shields Missouri's execution drug provider

I am depressed

NRA Buys Deck Chairs on Trump's Titanic

Bernie Sanders asks Obama to halt pipeline for full review

Dario Fo, Italian playwright and Nobel laureate for literature, dies at 90

The difference between hearing Michelle Obama and Donald Trump speak is ...

Trump is like a cult leader

Poll -Did you like Trump's speech better in its original German?

NYT's legal team responds to Trump: Bring It On!

Drumph's ROI in the campaign will be negative again

The MSM is going to crucify him

Breaking: Video Just Surfaced Of Trump Defending Rapist Teachers

Hillary speaking on cnn

O.K. I’ll say it..

Why is Hillary responsible for John Podesta's emails?

Today's Republican Party ---

NRA Buys Deck Chairs on Trump's Titanic

Trump is so powerful & intimidating that he can bend nations to his will ("Mexico will pay")

Senators Ask President to Halt Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline

Senators Ask President to Halt Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline

Michelle Obama denounces the 'bragging about sexually assaulting women'

Another mushroom drumph surrogates pops onto msnbc

Trump Threatens To Sue His Female Accusers

David McCraw, NYT lawyer, responds to Trump’s letter. Brilliant!

Predictwise at 90% for HRC

Video Just Surfaced Of Trump Defending Rapist Teachers

Longtime San Francisco saloon owner passes away

On CNN Brooke Baldwin

Looks like today's YOOOGE "major speech" was that he didn't do any of it and was set up by Hillary

TWEETS re: Michele Obama Speech

Are you pissed that all Noble Gases demonstrate low chemical reactivity?


One silver lining to this election is that Trump will be so radioactive his businesses are screwed.

Just shaking my damn head...

Yes? No?

Hillary Clinton was born for this moment

Does anyone have a link to recommendations for down ballot races?

Canadians telling you why they think America is Great!

NYT response to Trumps cease & desist letter

BREAKING NEWS: Trump says he has "definitive proof" that accusers against him are lying.

Major rights groups: Decriminalize use of all illicit drugs

So-Looks like another "lost week" for Trump

Pigeon Point Light Station

a foreshadowing of Trumps "Proof"? (via slate)

The first Trump U trial starts on November 28 and will last for a MONTH.

So Ryan's district in WI has a "Trump Conservative Party" candidate on the ballot. operators appear on California pimping charges

Wikileaks Exposes Thom Hartmann & Bernie Sanders!

What Do You Do If Someone Tries To Block You From Voting?

Here's the scary part of Trump's words nobody has discussed:

Permit carrier stops assault in Minnesota, police say

Media in the tank for Hillary?

WATCH: When Howard Stern Joked About Trump Being a Sexual Predator in 2006, He Said ‘It’s True’

Angela Rye on Brooke Baldwin getting her rant on after Trump surrogate calls her "darlin'"

Better Things / FX

Trump says sexual assault accusers are too ugly for him

Are you more Toronto or Cleveland?

Prosecutors: California man targeted police in deadly ambush

"this is not how decent human beings behave"

Bridgegate misconduct complaint against Christie can move forward

OMG. Twitter can be a force for good sometimes (video of Bane with Trump's voice)

The advice Donald Trump gave Bill Cosby about sexual assault accusations

Delta accused of 'blatant discrimination' by black doctor after incident on flight

Former nuclear launch officers sign letter: Trump ‘should not have his finger on the button’

Barbara Res, top Trump employee for 18 years, just totally slammed him

Barbara Res - Trump Executive.... Wow

Show this youtube video to anyone who doesn't understand Trump Voters

Trump said "Only thing going for Hillary is her breasts".

Trump is not merely ignorant. He is also supremely confident and feels superior - the most dangerous

Donald Trump sings Mahna Mahna

‘Only White People,’ Said the Little Girl

Breaking: Have Fun With This One Donald..

MSNBC is re-running FLOTUS's speech as penance and redemtion for Trump's bile.

I'm watching the movie Christine

Should Donald Trump sue any of these women who accuse him,

Well that is it.. I have had it up to my ears.. I am done with this campaign!!!!!

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 13, 2016

I was listening gto Rudy Guliani the other night and I felt that

Trump Rebound? An Outlier?

Poll: Foreigners would overwhelmingly choose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump

Trump's Speech In Florida Just A While Ago - Who Wrote It?.....

‘True Scale’ of India’s Tuberculosis Problem: 2.8 Million New Cases

Four charged with assault in beating of HS student who supported "Blue Lives Matter" movement

VP Joe Biden - Vegas Rally Live

You realize that we are discussing this election exactly the way Trump always wanted it discussed

Sure love Joe Biden hoping he gets

Poll: Clinton Ahead in North Carolina; Virtual Tie in Ohio

Watch ex-Trump employee Barbara Res on CNN: She believes the women.

***NBC post-debate Polls Ohio/NC***

If you haven't read "Marching Morons," here it is.

Universe has two trillion more galaxies than previously thought

Pennsylvania residents, whose congressman is Tim Murphy........

Trump Faces Another Accusation — This Time, He Looked Up Models’ Skirts

Sasha and Malia have their work cut out for them.

Watching Donald Trump reach the ‘total meltdown’ stage

Trifecta! Breaking New poll reveals Clinton leading in OH, VA and NC

New York Times stands by Trump story, rebuts claim of libel

Left: TIME's cover Aug. 22. Right: TIME's cover Oct. 24.

Ethical question

Trump Warns Of Dark Conspiracy By Clinton, Media, And International Banks

Clinton: Don’t Give Into Negativity, Go Watch Michelle Obama’s Speech

Mama said there'll be days like this....

Russia interfering in Montenegro's election

Algerian forces kill commander of Islamic State affiliate behind French murder

(re Rick Scott) Manipulating the right to vote: Is this who we are?

Trump gives America chance to correct course by Rep Mike Kelly (Barf alert)

Trump Cannot Win Because I Need My Life Back November 9th.

I am taking this post w/me when I vote for Hillary ..... I am so done with Trump

Maldives to Leave Commonwealth Over Allegations of Rights Abuses

So what are the chances that Donald doesn't get endorsed by any paper other than....

Curt Schilling defends Trump by asking Fox anchor if she’s fantasized about ‘somebody else’s son’

This Trump lie must be debunked completely...

just a thought, RE donald and his denials

Syrian girl Aya, wounded, cries for her baba (daddy) (her family is located later)

I just got a robocall from Pat Boone ...

Awkward Family Halloween photos

As Clinton Emails Continue to Be Released, Trump Confidante Roger Stone Admits Ties to Wikileaks

Jack Kingston

Limbaugh defends Trump: 'How can it be assault if they let you do anything?'

I find this photograph disturbing

Infrastructure, investments, and the candidates

Former Miss Teen USA Accuses Trump of Racial Preferences at Pageants

Hearing pundits use "alt right" pisses me off. WTF? They get generic term to hide their racism? BS.

Vermont Wind Project Needs Support, So Company Offers to Pay Voters

Lou Dobbs tweets Trump accuser's address and phone number

Little Donald Trump Jr, tweetin' & deletin' about "sexually harassing the hell out of anyone."

Facing the end or coming back? The Last Bookstore.

Psssst....they don't care!

Springsteen: Bob Dylan is the father of my country.

so candy corn Cosby is in total meltdown

Lou Dobbs Sorry for Doxxing Trump Accuser

Donald Trump Denies Sexually Assaulting Journalist: ‘Look At Her. ... I Don’t Think So’

An Unprecedented Attempt to Delegitimize the Election

Wealthy San Francisco tech investors bankroll bid to ban homeless camps (xpost from GD)

What Wikileaks Tells Us About Hillary Clinton

Canadian court rules Trump can face claims in Toronto tower case


Today at work

Putin ally tells Americans: vote Trump or face nuclear war

So if Donald loses...the election was stolen.

Brazil court to try Lula on Angola corruption charges: Globonews

Wouldn't it be great if . . . .

Weird Al deserves a Nobel too

Can we start a collection for Donald Trump's wardrobe?

Caption Trump having "happy time" with his chair

Roger Stone denies collusion with WikiLeaks in Hillary Clinton campaign email hacks, but met with a

“Proud to stand with you as we #MAGA.”

I can't wait for this election to be over. Trump and the toxic racism and misogyny need to end.

Inaugural tradition

Will anyone dare to be dressed as Trump this halloween?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 14 October 2016

Hillary might lose Ohio

The bestest Trumpenstien photo evah!!!

does anybody know whats going on with the Elizabeth Mae Davidson's Gender Discrimination lawsuit?

The unrosyness of the Short and Long runs, and the worthlessness of apologies

OMG....the Orange Hulk has made a soap opera out of the Presidental Election

Whether the women are telling the truth, or it is all lies

The GOP rape hotline!

Predatory Trump Genes Successfully Transferred.

Interesting article from CBS NEWS (Oct.11).

Triumph of the Ruling Class Extremists: the Failure of the Colombia Peace Accords

Texas, Once a Star, Becomes a Drag on the U.S. Economy

Triumph of the Ruling Class Extremists: the Failure of the Colombia Peace Accords

Hillary Clinton Wikipedia Page Vandalized With Pornographic Images, Pro-Trump Message


Brand New Video of Trump in Sexual Misconduct on Tape in 2000

The Power Behind the Pipeline

Trump thinks if he goes low enough he'll eventually break through and end up back on the surface

Welcome Back, SPY (Magazine) We Need You

Home of the Brave, Land of the Free Speech Zones

The Caveman Trump!

Raping without consent? What am I missing?

WATCH: Nevada Trump supporter has racist meltdown at ‘illegal’ Latino construction workers

guy on PBS just reminds me of Gary Hart- just cuz he was seen with another woman

Trump Has A Huge Night At The Second Presidential Debate

Hey Groper Don the Con

something I've seen in posts on DU, is this a Twitter effect?

Paraguay's Ousted Progressive President Lugo to Run Again

Portugal's Antonio Guterres elected UN secretary general

South Africa's Jacob Zuma seeks to block graft probe

A manual to take down EVERY Trump stooge talking point.

Woman claims cabin crew refused to believe she's a doctor because she's a person of color

CNN panel goes off the rails after Trump surrogate floats Bill Clinton ‘love child’ conspiracy

Serbia. Russia. Trump. Clinton. Apology. Never happened?

Okay, I'm still working on the perfect gumbo seasoning mix.

New York Times to Donald Trump: We won't retract

If Trump loses...

VIDEO: “This is not normal”: Michelle Obama rebukes Donald Trump

🐦 Pramila Jayapal - GOTV Campaign Rally with Bernie Sanders Saturday, October 15, 2016

Unhinged Trump supporters attack the press at Florida rally: ‘We’re mad at you!’

CNN: "Trump cast himself as a Messiah-like figure backed by a committed movement." Hahahahahaha...

FOX NEWS Poll: Obama Favorable (+16%) 57%-41%

Putin Ally Tells Americans: Vote Trump or Face Nuclear War

London Zoo gorilla Kumbuka recaptured after enclosure escape

Donald Trump once told 14-year-old girls, 'In a couple of years, I'll be dating you'

Another report of Trump saying inappropiate things about dating teenage girls

Seeking guidance in Scripture,

🐦 Bernie Sanders in California this week for Prop 61 Rally - Oct 14 and 15

Chris Christie Facing 10 Years In Prison As Summons Issued For Misconduct In Office

Cnn Vid-Brian Stelter "Trump Paranoid and Dangerous" Dead On!

I miss George W. Bush

A manual to take down EVERY Trump stooge talking point.

A manual to take down EVERY Trump stooge talking point.

Trump Isn’t Teflon - Nate Silver

Another GOP myth destroyed.

Bernie Sanders in California this week for Prop 61 Rally - Oct 14 and 15

Obama Regulators Want To Let Factory Farms Label Their Meat ‘Humanely Raised’

Cancel the last debate

cool article about how awe is ignored as an emotion

Maybe this will lighten your day.

Donald Trump is doing women a great service right now.

China is cutting off cash to Venezuela

‘I’m with Nigel’: the Farage entourage tries to break America

Obama Regulators Want To Let Factory Farms Label Their Meat ‘Humanely Raised’

I was watching CNBC today and heard this

Thought #2476. When HRC is announced winner

If you're still a Trump supporter, there is a very good chance that

even in Texas

Donald Trump once told 14-year-old girls, "In a couple of years, I'll be dating you"

Gov. Paul LePage slams ballot questions at chamber breakfast

Obama speaking soon at Ohio Democratic Party State Dinner (link)

Trump's supporters--->

MELANIA: How dare you say I said hi to you!

I've tried twice

My 11-yr old called Donald Trump a bigot in his class today.

In the back of my mind a swell has formed, pushing its way forward

Donald Trump has 'betrayed First Amendment values,' journalism advocates say

Are you folks aware that many of the voting machines are programmed in one city?