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Tweety salutes Dylan!

‘Atheist’ conclave cancelled after religious leaders protest in Mathura

is this how trump got started

There Are Now Armed Men Trying to Intimidate Campaign Volunteers. Guess who they're voting for?

I am no longer referring to Donald Trump as an asshole.

Some comments on trump and women

I nominated Bob Dylan for the Nobel Prize. You’re welcome.

Bill Maher lineup at 10 pm EST / HBO tonight. A joy and an apology.

Trump planning on removing his name on hotels...Brand destroyed!

I just saw a clip of a Trump rally held today and

Hillary Clinton makes brief fundraising stop in Seattle

I have know idea who these women are

The Trump Brand Is So Toxic That His Company Is Now Planning Hotels Without His Name on Them

GOP Mailer: We’ll Tell Your Neighbors If You Vote Democratic

Republican Party, where did you go?

House Dems ask FBI to investigate Trump over Podesta emails

For Donald Trump, low-turnout strategy unlikely to work

Idaho Statesman: Hillary Clinton’s experience makes her the right choice for president

I come from a Republican family...

Wisconsin Senate Debate

The Trump Brand Is So Toxic That His Company Is Now Planning Hotels Without His Name on Them

It's No Mystery Why Trump's Accusers Waited to Come Forward

Great Performances, Some GOOD music!

UPS truck w/ 2-cylinder range extender engine feeding lithium batteries = 4X MPG

Trump Warns Hillary May Rig Election by Getting More Votes

Opponents see religious bias in Supreme Court candidate's emails

.@Latina officially endorses @HillaryClinton. The only thing that needs to be deported is a Donald T

Progressive Field (The Jake) is located at...

Did you catch John Lovett on Chris Hayes's show tonight?

New ad: Progress is on the ballot

Now I understand why the Trump women.....

If you were one of Trump's victims, do you think you'd come forward?


Here is a link for the Russ/Johnson debate

In a medical first, brain implant allows paralyzed man to feel again

For Many GOP Women, Party Loyalty Trumps Personal Affront

Today in deep red south Texas

Poll: Clinton edges Trump in deep-red Arizona

Rothenberg: Florida isn't a toss-up state

Pope Francis: You can’t defend Christianity by being ‘against refugees and other religions’

Trump on sex assault allegations: 'I am a victim'

At Long Last, Trump Blames The Jews For His Failed Campaign.

Florida Woman Donates Her Pubic Hair To Donald Trump

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Puck Off! Live, Uncensored & a new Grumpy cat gif

Billy Bush to leave NBC, move to TrumpTV and host the third hour of Morning Joe (probably)

NV-SEN: New Poll Shows Cortez Masto Leading Senate Race, More Undecided Voters

Hannity Defends Trump Over Sexual Assault Allegations By Suggesting It May Have Been “Welcome”

Trump accuser says she is leaving country

Trump's really losing it

Early ballots and voter-registration numbers show Democrats surging in Florida

Just saw the tail end of the Feingold Johnson debate. Russ was identical on the issues as

Every Women Is An Object To Him.

I feel like some old engine...

These latest Trump campaign rallies are little more than big Whine and Cheeto events!

No wonder they cry.

Trump is right!

I voted early today - only took 10 minutes.

On maddow now, Trump has destroyed the teleprompter with his hands and the crowd cheers.

The Con is going unscripted!

North Louisiana parents angry about strip search of students

Luckovich Toon - Trump's New Beauty Pageant

So Donald knocks his glass teleprompter off it's stand and this is the face he makes...

Yo, DRUMPF: So if whoever meets your Do-able standards, what do you *do*?!1 n/t

Donald Trump Proposed a "Black vs White" season of the 'Apprentice'

Charlie Cook: This election is over.

Rachel Maddow just announced a CIA leak re our intent to cyber attack Russia.

Brazil opens Latin America's first elephant sanctuary

Anyone watching Rachel?

The hard life of a Panda zookeeper.

Friday Talking Points (412) -- Trump Unshackled

***New Times-Picayune national poll HRC +9 (4 way)***

MSNBC keeps showing Hillary and Dumpster walking off of or onto stage together and he touches

Idaho Democrats struggle to match GOP fundraising

Hillary's gay 'nephew' speaks out

University of Idaho fraternity suspended for undisclosed allegations

Sovereign Citizen terrorist attack foiled ft and Liane V - GRAB'm by the PU$$Y (Official Music Video)

PPP: Clinton's Florida Lead Continues to Grow

I never post at night, but- Hannity

Aftermath - Either the laziest writing I have seen, or too subtle a Lampoon.

Ann Coulter on Bill Maher

Workers compensation rates to decrease for 2017

Brazil opens Latin America's first elephant sanctuary

Man arrested for planning to car bomb Somali refugees in KS said in May that he's a Trump supporter

Clinton: "This election is incredibly painful."

Donald Jr. says women who can't handle harassment

US OKs aid to Honduras despite rights concerns

US OKs aid to Honduras despite rights concerns

My early ballot arrived today!

Topics I'd rather hear about this election

I got invited to a trump rally in colorado springs, tuesday...should I go?

Hawaii board denies rules changes for foreign fishermen

‘Redwoods of the sea’ reveal fundamental growth patterns for photosynthesis

Trump Could Be Proven Pedophile And It Would Not Make A Difference.

Watch Kellyanne Conway Quietly Re-evaluate Her Life Choices Live on MSNBC

Homeless camping prompts emotional Seattle City Hall hearing

Breaking News -- The CIA is prepping a possible cyber strike against Russia

After Seven Years and Millions of Dollars, Decision Announced in Pac Rim Mining Company vs. El Salva

Hillary Clinton in Seattle: ‘This election is extremely painful’

trump: 'I'm a victim'

After Seven Years and Millions of Dollars, Decision Announced in Pac Rim Mining Company vs. El Salva

I stopped by the library and got to vote!

Hundreds of Seattle teachers to wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirts in show of unity

NC’s voter registration deadline extended in 36 counties

'Apprentice' star: Trump kissed me, I wasn't offended (Jennifer Murphy, Trump supporter)

Bernie Sanders to headline Pramila Jayapal rally Saturday in Seattle

The Tikal and the Mayan refuse to give up their mysterious secrets

Trump accuser's journalism teacher says she was 'rattled' after alleged sex assault

The Tikal and the Mayan refuse to give up their mysterious secrets

Democratic strongholds in Northern Virginia see big increases in early voting

IL: Lake County Clerk reports record voter registration, recommends early voting

Trump Waves Goodbye As His Campaign Collapses

Don’t use my picture, Democrats tell Republican in key Senate race

Desert Trip Live Feed

Since it's my birthday, here's the #1 single for the week after I was born...

Humans Have Already Killed 26 Panamanian Jaguars This Year

Humans Have Already Killed 26 Panamanian Jaguars This Year

Real Time With Bill Maher Monologue October 14 2016

Lawrence O'D live now. re: Marlee Matlin etc.

Trump refusal to accept government assessments on Russian hacks dismays former officials

Trumps WWE appearances were ridiculously lame.

November 9th: Election is over, Clinton Wins, Dems take small Senate Majority and 10-20 House Seats

Up and coming Seattle rockers destroy the KEXP studio!!

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 15, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Deborah Kerr

At least one of the 3 radical militia terrorists arrested in Kansas is a Trump supporter

Man flings himself from 3rd floor inside Collin County courthouse after getting 5 years for assault

Bypassing congress, Maduro decrees Venezuela budget


HP, restructuring again, will cut up to 4,000 jobs

Man gets 2 days in jail for sex abuse of 12 women

The latest Right-Wing (or rather alt-Right) meme about Hillary.

The_Donald subreddit in meltdown mode

A vote for Trump is a vote against your health.

Barrrow votes to change its name to Alaska Native name

Family sends pizza delivery driver to check on grandma after hurricane

We knew it would happen: At Long Last, Trump Blames The Jews For His Failed Campaign.

Boeing wins $3.2 billion order from China Southern for 787s

Mark Davis says Las Vegas will be Raiders’ new home

Secret Mayan tombs lend rare insight into rule of mysterious 'snake kings'

Secret Mayan tombs lend rare insight into rule of mysterious 'snake kings'

Bill Maher, New Rules: Ken Bone and the Stupid Undecided Voter

Real Time with Bill Maher, Overtime

Gov. Jay Inslee and opponent Bill Bryant will meet again in Tacoma Nov. 2

Area Democrat may refuse to cast electoral vote for Clinton

World Bank tribunal dismisses mining firm's $250m claim against El Salvador

Looks like the Dems have the enthusiasm heading into the final weeks

Bill Maher wondered about the custom of Kapparot

Haiti faces fresh cholera outbreak after Hurricane Matthew, aid agencies fear

Haiti faces fresh cholera outbreak after Hurricane Matthew, aid agencies fear

I wonder if the russians have buyers remorse?

Just curious: why do people even keep all their emails

How many points will Trump lose by?

Students expelled after Facebook group calls for 'execution' of Jews, black people

Pence Vows to 'Reverse' President Obama's New Cuba Policies

The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper: Donald Trump's Locker Room Talk

Pence Vows to 'Reverse' President Obama's New Cuba Policies

Ex-DPS trooper in Sandra Bland may seek to move trial

Texas Ethics Commission ends 4-year probe into Empower Texans

Big man, pig man

After the election will Trump start a plethora lawsuits for defamation of character?

Trump Supporter Attempting To Bomb Mosques FBI ARREST

Huff Post Headline Says It's Over For Trump. Hope It Is. But Exposes Festering Pus.

New clips show Trump talking about sex, rating women’s bodies, reminiscing about infidelity on Howar

Black city Parks employee who felt forced to clean dog poop off artist’s shoe says boss later told h

Trump: If Clinton falls in China, 'they'll just leave her there' - PRC has no good Samaritan laws

Donald Trump Kept Calling Lil Jon an ‘Uncle Tom,’ Celebrity Apprentice Staffers Say

Republicans 'Cut her mic' moment left me flabbergasted

2 additional women accuse Trump of sexual assault

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 16 - Monster of the Month: Frankenstein

TCM Schedule for Monday October 17 - Star of the Month: Christopher Lee

Judge tells school to change name back to South Texas College of Law

Why Vote?

Texan man raped in jail gets billed for care

BOOM! Natasha Stoynoff's (people magazine) story of sexual assault by Donald Trump cooraborated.

NEWS Ivanka Trump’s Top Exec Quits, Drops Bombshell About What A Creepy Sadist Ivanka Is, It’s Sick.

Big Trump vs Little Trump

The Most Important WikiLeaks Revelation Isn’t About Hillary Clinton.

Environmentalists free orphaned sea lions near Peru capital

So THIS is what Trump's doubling down on? "they're not HOT enough to grope"?

Environmentalists free orphaned sea lions near Peru capital

@bluegal on "why did it take until now for these women to come forward?"

Anti-Trump Super PAC Releases BRUTAL Video… Makes Trump Look Like A FOOL!

This Time, Anna Deavere Smith Cuts Close to Home.

To the woman in the Trump Can Grab My P@@@Y Shirt

Lil Jon Confirms Report That Trump Nicknamed Him 'Uncle Tom' on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

US aid worker kidnapped in Niger

Facts and Denial

Paul Ryan: Bernie Sanders Will Lead Budget Committee If Democrats Win The Senate

Paul Ryan: Bernie Sanders Will Lead Budget Committee If Democrats Win The Senate

Real Time with Bill Maher: Bernie Sanders, full appearance

Full Circle in the Americas: Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence in the 21st Century

We need GOTV to win the Senate!

Saturday morning smile . . .

Daily Holidays October 15

Dylan getting the Nobel: a bittersweet opinion

HRC tells ELLEN what it's like to debate Cheeto

unshackled becomes unhinged

Bernie Sanders Full Appearance on Bill Maher Real Time - October 14, 2016

to all my conservative friends who question why haven't trump's accusers stepped forward before

The people behind Trump at rallys are the same in different cities.

Former Schnucks president sues chain and CEO

And in other news: Hurricane Matthew: Days of disaster unfold under a cloudless sky

PBS: Why Clinton may have a chance in dark-red Georgia

Poll: Michigan church goers shift from Trump to Clinton

Students expelled after Facebook group calls for 'execution' of Jews, black people

North Carolina: Hurricane flooding will cause some voting changes

"Grope This"

Terror plot by militia group in Kansas thwarted

Extreme kitteh cuteness: Autumn music festival and Maru

Check in here if you are a woman who has been groped.

Daddy, Why Did Republicans Nominate Donald Trump?

Since The Release Of The Bus Video The Secret Service Detailed To Protect Trump....

Clinton camp steps up attacks on WikiLeaks, bashes media

Domestic Christian Terrorist ‘Crusaders’ Militia Group Arrested

AA Officially Recognizes Atheist and Agnostic Membership in This Month’s Grapevine

Trump uses "bummer" teleprompter as justification for all of those contractors he never paid

Trump to address nation in ‘more personal way’

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Ensuring America Leads the World Into the Next Frontier

Ann Coulter tries to drag Beyonce, confuses her with Nicki Minaj

Pic~Hillary for Ohio~"Hello Ohio! -@POTUS~#OHVotesEarly rally

Socialized costs, Privatized Profits

U.S. appeals court upholds law that requires religious clinics to inform women of abortion options

CNN’s President Says It Was A Mistake To Air So Many Trump Rallies And “Let Them Run”

Romney Isn’t Sure the Republican Party Can Survive

The real reason Gropin-Fuehrer ran for president

Texas inmate refuses Obama's clemency

Donald Trump’s dangerous ploy to destabilize democracy - Washington Post Editorial Board

Trump Law & Order Candidate SVU Edition

unless something drastic happens... he can't win

Trump Supporters Busted By FBI For Plotting MASSIVE Terrorist Attack

From Nate Silver: Trump Campaign Polling Analysis:

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Blaming Remington For Sandy Hook Massacre

The Nation: Arrest of Journalists & Filmmakers Covering the Dakota Pipeline, a Threat to Democracy

Indianapolis police stations targeted in 2 shootings

The next UN chief: A self-described man of acion

‘You got a bad attitude’: Agitated judge tears off robe, tackles man in courtroom

Some Eau Claire WI residents change vote

Newtown Families' Lawsuit Against Remington Arms Dismissed

Can't figure out if the dog is humoring the owner, or this is a really confused animal.

Bill Maher Oct 13

Thousands Of Milwaukee Residents Turn Out For Early Voting

Gundamentalism is a filthy, filthy religion.

Trump Assault victim: ''I didn't do anything wrong. TRUMP DID this to himself!"

Trump: Clinton walked in front of me and 'I wasn't impressed'

I have two questions

Antisemitism and the End of Europe

Matt Taibbi "The Fury and Failure of Donald Trump"

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and Roe v Wade

Stay safe Pacific Northwest DUers

Does history repeat itself ?

People Mag Editor explains to Wash Post what would have (not)happened if he had known about assault

Great Minds - Richard Wolff - The System-wide Crisis of Capitalism

Great Minds - Richard Wolff - Here Are The Alternatives To Capitalism...

Need a favor from the Lounge.

History-making website aims to beat BDS with facts

Groper Don the Con -"I have great respect for women," Trump said. "Nobody has more respect for women

Trump's refusal to accept intelligence briefing on Russia stuns experts

Paul Ryan's big speech on "liberal progressivism" (whatever that is)

You don't have to watch this news story, but the headline is delightful

Trump's refusal to accept intelligence briefing on Russia stuns experts

Maher: ‘What the f*ck’ does Trump have to do before GOP voters recoil from him and act like humans?

Three dead, dozen wounded in shooting at Los Angeles party

For the younger DUers

How do you feel about DU threads

This Republican’s ‘Confession’ From The 1964 Election Is Eerily Appropriate Today

Lynnesin, knock this off your bucket list - cage breach!!!!

Suicide bombing, shootouts kill around 55 in Iraq - police

Get Ready for AM Joy!!!

Bill Maher makes a good point.

Clinton and the banker speeches-- is there any good in-depth reporting on this?

Smoke 'em if you got 'em...

One of the best personal testimonies to Hillary's compassion and character I've seen.

Hey Chuck Todd

Trump says the election is rigged — and his supporters are furious channels the 2016 election

Bill Clinton speeching at outside Cincinati OHIO Rally from Friday on cspan.

Roberto Batista Agut!!!

I'm in dangerous territory, this weekend

All Trump surrogates cancelled their apperance on Joy AM show..

I'm working as an election judge. Should we be concerned about violence at the polls?

Have Any Of Trump's Female Accusers Said They Are Willing To Take A Lie Detector Test.....

I was groped and I'm a man

Florida Rep dismisses Trump assault allegations: ‘He who has not sinned cast the first stone’

DANA PERINO: After 20 years of defending these guys. I’m done.

The women on Fox News are out of control. Dana Perino has gone fully anti-rape!! WTF?

Almost everyone, except Donald, can see he's disqualifying himself with every desperate defense

UVa College Republicans rescind Trump endorsement

Saturday Toon Roundup

Bob Dylan is just four years older than I am.

From our neighbors: Tell America It's Great

I defended Trump the other day

Gas Station at Nashville

Utah and the Mormon church make me weep again

She's holding a torch, he's got a flammable mat on his head. Do the math!

Hillary's FaceBook page is filled with trolls...hardly any supporters...WHY???

"...there’s something profoundly evil about the Trump campaign at this point..." - Nate Silver

Filmmaker Faces 45 Years in Prison for Documenting Pipeline Shutdown video: GRAB'm by the PU$$Y

Florida woman sends RNC unique donation - Adult type post

Can the Democratic Party win the Senate? Let's give E. Warren and B. Sanders some power!

Hillary's reflective & positive comments I think are good (and good politics) these last weeks

I listened to Mike Max last night on WCCO 830 and

"Hillary is the Devil!"

Message to America from Canadians~

Trump is blaming a 'rigged election' and his supporters pivot to discussion of 'violent rebellion'

How #TrumpDrSeuss Hilariously Stole Twitter

It really is just because she's a woman, right?

jerry fallwell jr. supports trump regardless of his sexual assaults on women

My Anti-Donald Trump Pinterest Board

Is Trump Man Enough to Tell His Followers to "Stand Down" on November 9th?

Tinfoil Trump: Steve Bannon Has Donald Go Full Conspiracy Nut

Donald Trump’s “no concession” stand: He and his hate-filled followers will not accept a Clinton...

GOP Voters Just Like Nazis In One Way. Party Loyalty "Trumps" Good Of The Country.

Hillary's Hot Sauce - Where she gets her fire

Which is more important: character or policy?

From Matt Taibbi: The Fury and Failure of Donald Trump

No pay, no expenses, no laws for Venezuela's opposition lawmakers

The reasons why Trump has his appeal.

~~~~New Battle Ground States defined!~~~~

huffington post....

Group accuses Mike Pence of voter suppression after state police raid registration program in Indian

Jemima Khan's "Groping" Halloween costume

Spent the morning on Facebook dealing Trumps little friends.

smerconish LA TImes poll guest: predicted the obama 2012 victory within one point

Take their pictures...

Trump's, "I am a victim" is a version of.."The Big Lie"

***HRC win probability at 98% per Sam Wang!!** *

Social media is looking scary....

After The Groper refuses to accept his loss, what will Pence do?

I have a relative who's a lawyer. Hillary's got a huge ground game to protect the polls Nov. 8th.

mike pence lied to trump supporters and the world on the 'today show'

This is Trump's Amerika...beware

With Islamophobia on Rise, Right-Wing Militias Threaten Communities in Kansas, Georgia

Tearing down Trump's wall

We MUST defeat Darryl Issa!!

The best poll analysis side is NY Times/Upshot

I listened to Mike Max last night on WCCO 830am and

What we all need - Needy cats

Why be a Trumper? It's fun to be racist

Newegg Now Owned by Chinese Company

A Trump Metaphor

Will the US survive?

Russia slams 'unprecedented' US threats over cyber attacks

5 Days Before The Election

Modern version of UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE

Person behind PussyGate talks. My guilty pleasure, Days of Our Lives, may change history. Interview


A lesson regarding insurance claims

I got this in an email...

Trump Leadership Team

Church, Transformed

Has Herman Cain reached out to Trump as being a victim of Sexual Accusers?

We Are The Lions

Christian Alt Halloween named Jesus Ween (not the Onion)

Yoo Hoo! Where's 91u1iani? Or Christie? Or Kellyanne? Or Jeffrey Lord? Or Katrina Pierson?

Has any politician ever been lied about by their opponents more than Hillary Clinton?

This recent Ohio poll was interesting to me regarding education levels.

Which two does NOT (or should not have been) in this picture?

CNN president: Airing so many full Trump rallies was a 'mistake'

Imagine if Trump's or his surrogates emails/smart phones were hacked, what awfulness would be found:

How Dictatorships Are Born - NYT op-ed

Watching We Will Rise: Michelle Obama visiting international women's groups on HLN

Trump is not really the problem

Governor Orders Flags to Fly at Half-staff to Honor Westmoreland Co. Judge.

The unappreciated brilliance of rats

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - White evangelical Right a form of heresy & theological malpractice

Will some Trumpers stay home because they believe election is rigged?

JFK, toward the end of the 1960 campaign,

Trump calling for a drug test for Hillary

''President Obama has commuted the sentences of a record number of HIGH LEVEL drug traffickers''

Did Trump Just Admit To Taking Drugs Before The Debate?

How the GOP Came to Trump

What the fuck did I just wake up to?

Trump's Daughter Dodges Kiss (VIDEO)

Good News / Bad News from the "dark side"

The Debasing of American Politics

Time to talk about the elections

Blitzed: how Nazi drug abuse steered the course of history

Trump accuses Hillary of doing drugs and wants them both to take a drug test

Typhoon Songda hitting WA, BC, OR today

I had an interesting survey call last night...

Next Debate Could Be A Doozy. And It Could Be Terribly Embarrassing.

Trump campaign denounces Ohio GOP chairman

Sheriff Supporting Trump Says It’s Time To Bring Out ‘Pitchforks And Torches’

Any Attorneys or law students may sign up here to be poll watchers, help is needed.

Trump through the years: Age 7: "I should get to swing all the time. This playground is rigged!"

Sticking it to the poor - Predatory "laws"

Norway: man suspected of raping daughter as punishment for her Western lifestyle

Is it ethical for me to have made this bet?

Danny Elfman writes the score for the last debate. It is CREEEEEPY.

ESPN scout: There’s absolutely no baseball justification for Tim Tebow

A Cornered Rat Is Most Dangerous In The End. Trump Is Looking More & More Like One


Bread machine - Crazy idea?

hillary's "secretiveness"

The LA TIMES POLL is an example of sloppy social science .Caveat emptor.

Iowa: Cerro Gordo County Democrats top Republicans in early voting

New Accuser comes out against Trump

All aboard the Trump Train!

CNN president says network made 'mistake' in airing too much Donald Trump.

want trump in your movie? here's what you have to do

Are women people? The presidential election has turned into a referendum on whether women are full

Are women people? The presidential election has turned into a referendum on whether women are full

Thousands Of Milwaukee Residents Turn Out For Early Voting

Are women people? The presidential election has turned into a referendum on whether women are full

Truly frightening report from Trump rally in Cincinnati: supporters call for Clinton's death, say st

Slope of curve from Predictwise shows

After reading about those men in Kansas planning to bomb the Somali community

BTRTN Senate/House Snapshot #5: Dems Take Aim at Senate, House Control as Trump Implodes

New accuser: Trump grabbed and kissed woman on the lips at Mother's Day brunch

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 15, 2016

An Apprentice female who supports Trump - a basic lack of understanding of SH

m$nbc just showed senator jeff sessions saying the election is rigged.

LA Times Polling Averages Distorted Toward Trump by One 19 Year Old Man in Illinois

It's gonna happen. Just heard on my local station that Captain Coke Jaw accused

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9.

If you could have dinner with Trump and three others, who would you invite and why?

ORANGE is our theme for the October Photo Contest and it's everywhere this month!

Trump Proposes Drug Test Ahead Of Next Debate With Clinton

NH Republican: New Hampshire is pretty much out of reach for Trump

The difference between Al Capone's vault and NBC's vault -- there is something there at NBC!

ORANGE is our theme for the October Photo Contest and it's everywhere this month!

Isn't this basic hijacked radicalization - like Islam?

New threads in GD and The Lounge announcing the October contest feature ORANGE photos I took today

50's era country music reccomendations anyone?

Trump's assault on teleprompters

Trump, comparing sex to Vietnam, said in 1998 he should receive the Congressional Medal of Honor

Is It Me or

Arizona: Joe Arpaio just lost the election

Where we come from: where are we really going?

Chris Wallace as moderator

Senate GOP faces late cash crunch

Roger Stone/ Alex Jones convo appears to be source of Trump's accusation that clinton was on drugs a

What Germans think of Trump...

New poll shows Paul Penzone leading Joe Arpaio in sheriff's race +10 points

"Psychics" completely blow it. Again.

Get a haircut; save the world.

Ben Sasse, alone amongst national Republicans, endorses democracy over Trump

New York Times: Donald Trump and Other Animals

Shrinking Audiences for Trump

SpottedLewandowski-- by @JTSantucci walking out of the VIP tent & into the Trump motorcade

U.S.-led talks on Syria end after over four hours in Lausanne

Happy super Hunter Moon!

Trump is missing a HUGE opportunity to show he's a straight talker

International Tribunal Seeks to Build Case Against Monsanto

Standing Rock Pipeline Fight Draws Hundreds to North Dakota Plains

Standing Rock Pipeline Fight Draws Hundreds to North Dakota Plains Who’s the Foxconn of Pharma? A Global Battle Spawns Two IPOs

My mother & I did our civic duty by voting early in Nebraska!

We must demand Trump release all confidentiality Agreements he's made others sign!

Well spoken by a Brit he called Trump..............

HRC to Goldman (via wikileaks) on June 4 2013: Expect more nationalist sentiment in Europe

A Grand Tour of Switzerland, Reluctant Son in Tow

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson stands by Trump in debate

Where Is Republican Leadership As Donald Trump Engages In Sedition?

Men charged with felony assault and hate crimes in beating of Bay Area Sikh man

DU POLL: When do you think Trump will totally flip out mentally?

Daily Camera ordered to remove judge's ruling from web, but won't be held in contempt

Could a judge legally void the Trump employee "confidentiality agreements"?

Just venting

Is there some sort of insurrection in the offing? I'm getting nervous

"The Devil has told you that!" cried the little man

"Shocked" cousin of a Trump accuser is an angry ex-employee of the accuser.

So in a week of PutinLeaks releases of private emails, what we've learned is

The die-hard Trumpsters are 100% convinced that

A reason why media companies won't release "The Tapes"

When women feel that hand begin to creep

GOP N.Y. State Senate candidate busted in alleged Craigslist rent scheme

Trump says he and Clinton should take drug tests before next debate

As Flint Suffers, Big Pharma Slammed for Lead Poison Drug Price Hike of 2,700%

How to Build an Exit Ramp for Trump Supporters

Clinton to Seattle backers: If you know Trump voter, 'stage an intervention'

"Trump Has A Breakdown In New Hampshire And Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Being On Drugs"

Breaking: ND Prosecutor Seeks "Riot" Charges Against Amy Goodman For Reporting On Pipeline Protest

No Clinton/Kaine or Trump/Pence bumper stickers or yard signs here in San Diego

Nirvana, Nordic Style, at Grand Central’s New Food Hall

Breaking: ND Prosecutor Seeks "Riot" Charges Against Amy Goodman For Reporting On Pipeline Protest

Trump’s supporters talk rebellion, assassination at his rallies

RECORDED Stream Link: San Francisco Prop 61 Rally Bernie Sanders

I'd like to think no Hillary supporters are this gullible or non-tech savvy, but did

Trump Is Not Responsible For Turning His Supporters Into Deplorables....

Wearable, Pain-Free Glucose Test Uses Sweat, Not Blood

SO...Señor Sniffs A Lot delivered a rambling, "pumped up" fatwa about Hillary being "pumped up"

Waterloo Mosque vandalized

If the apprentice tapes are worse? Did he brag?

Why For-Profit Education Fails

‘Oh, Come On!’ Latest Accuser Says Trump Grew Angry When She Tried To Avoid His Kiss

US military 'begins shelling' Daesh in Iraq's Mosul

CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists) chairman says Trump is threat to press freedom

How Turned Off Are Voters? Check Out Tommy’s Diner.

three good 'ol american boys.....

Howard Stern asked Rump why he is successful with women.

So are the bookies taking bets on the number of women who will come forward

Photos: Bernie, Jane Kim, Morning Work Session before GOTV San Francisco 10/15

Saudi-led coalition admits to bombing Yemen funeral

United Nations condemns attempted coup in Libya

CEO sold millions in Wells Fargo stock before fraud revelations

Russian warships to sail through Channel amid Syria tensions with UK

Today & tomorrow tinykittens is having their Nano's Feral Fix-a-Thon if you all are interested.

Media Matters VIDEO: CNN Has A Trump Surrogate Problem

Walt Disney's 'Skeleton Dance' (1929)

This seems surreal right now

Just checked the Indystar - two stories worth noting from "onceuponaPenceland"

Homemade Still Life --- Oh so TIME-ly

Climate change: 'Monumental' deal to cut HFCs, fastest growing greenhouse gases

Dutch open first bike path made from toilet paper

Make Mulan Right or Don't Make it At All

"Very high ranking Wall Street donor" warns Priebus that his ass is grass, and he is the lawnmower

I think the only thing that might snap the Trump followers out of the trance is...

Recorded Stream Link: San Francisco Prop 61 Rally Oct 15

Make Mulan Right or Don't Make it At All

US military detects failed N. Korean missile launch: official

Pssssssssssssst! Paul Ryan “Fully Confident” Election Will Be Carried Out Fairly, Spokesperson Says

Group accuses Mike Pence of voter suppression after state police raid registration program inIndiana

1982 Michigan governors election

I'm not putting any more political tv on until the 9th. This is getting to me.

Trump campaign declares war on Ohio GOP chairman

Boy, what a treat to have Peyton Manning in the booth at Tide-Vols game.

I just participated in a poll by Survey Sampling International.

Woman jailed after admitting she made up horrific kidnapping, sex assault story

Mexico's Zapatista rebels to field a presidential candidate

Trump filmed under "warm golden lighting, to accentuate his warm golden skin & defined jaw-line."

Trump Continued to Trail Clinton's Fundraising in September

Trump surrogates current favorite talking points..

Judge Rebukes Florida's Top Election Official in Ballot Case

Judge Rebukes Florida's Top Election Official in Ballot Case

48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime (That Men Just Don't)

Boston Globe interviews Trump people and one says HRC should be shot

My October Letter to the Editor

NYT op-ed: "Detested and defeated, Donald Trump is now in a tear-the-country-down rage"

Trump Challenges Legitimacy of Election

It's On All Of Us ~ Take the Pledge

Hillary Clinton for President - Washington Post

48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime (That Men Just Don't)

Donald Trump’s dangerous ploy to destabilize democracy - WaPo Editorial

Ryan 'confident' election will be carried out fairly

Trump calls for drug testing of the candidates before the next debate

Presenting the New Logo of the Republican Party

Journalism Professor Supports People Writer’s Claims Against Trump

Prairie Home Companion w/ Chris Thile

Will the Trump Party supporters ever return to the Republican Party?

Trump's scorched-earth campaign could affect more than the election

Homer Votes 2016: Homer Simpson Catches Putin Voting For Trump

Republicans: you created this mess. As our President said, you fed the crazy. You could have nom-

University of Missouri fraternity accused of teaching pledges to use date rape drugs

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Denver on Sunday

Tim Kaine Urging Florida Voter Registration Ahead Of New Deadline

Watch the money....

What do we have to lose??

Maybe we live in a different reality from the rich

Trump: "We Should Take a Rug Test Before Debate"

Pls report in: how does the Senate race look in your state?????

The Donald Trump In These Allegations Is Not The Complete Monster I Married (The Onion)

🐦 MON, OCT 17, 2016, 2:30PM MDT: Bernie Sanders GOTV Rally Fort Collins, Colorado

facebook cartoon.

Is Donald Trump a Sexual Predator? - The Conversation

If the GOP were smart, they would divorce themselves from the Trump part of Deplorables.

What To Do When A Presidential Candidate Attempts To Grab Your Genitalia

🐦 Sunday Oct 16 7pm: Sanders and Warren at Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria Campus in Denver

Asgardia, Proposed Space-Based Nation Accepting Citizenship Applications

This is actually a joyous election

Poll: Ken Bone leads Jill Stein in Florida

Brooklyn Pub Issues Perfect Response After Pharma Douche Invites His Fans To “Drinks On Me” Party

Michelle Obama vs. Donald Trump

Trump Supporters Talk of Rebellion and Assasssination at Rallies---Boston Globe

Paul Ryan’s Problems Are Just Beginning

What Did Trump Know and When Did He Know It?

PSA for Women and Men who are subjected to "Donald" type P*ssy or C*ck assault.

How the GOP Came to Trump

Tee hee

At this point it's all about the Senate, I think.

Trump Rape Case

Bolivia police arrest US man with some $1.5 million in gold

Syria conflict: Rebels advance on IS stronghold of Dabiq

First round of moving the plants back into the three season room...

USS Mason Fired on Again Off Coast of Yemen: Officials

"Imagine" as rewritten by Donald Trump

Please read this.

I'm eating crow and became a Hillary campaign donor.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Has Become a Cult

In the good ol' days ...

White Privilege Thy Name is Donald Trump

When Drumpf accuses others of something, usually that means he is doing it himself.

Ashby Law: Let’s dispense with this notion that the election is rigged, shall we?

‘Sodomized’ Guantánamo captive to undergo rectal surgery

Trump Produced This Sexist Reality Show He Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Post your sexual harassment and groping stories here. I'll start.

Lisa Bloom's Mom

Donald Trump’s Campaign Is Imploding. Most Republicans Are Still With Him.

US Russian war?

Trump Campaign Cuts Ties With Ohio GOP Chairman

A great personal testimony from someone who knew Hillary all his life.

Donald Trump's Droit De Seigneur

Ya' think?

Whoha! Trump Just Cut Ties With The Ohio GOP

Why Putin Fears a Clinton Presidency

Evil God Challenge: The Movie

Donald Trump made the Religious Right implode in less than a week

#forkhillary --- Her tine has come