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SEE VIDEO of TRUMP from Progressive activist in private meeting with Trump in Maine a few days ago.

CNN Presidential Historian: Trump's Rigged Election Claim Is "Bogus" And "Anti-American At Its Core"

Trump is bringing Obama's half brother to debate

Caramel M&Ms on the way in May 2017

American Electric Cars Generally Meet the 2030 climate Goals, and Almost the 2040 Goals.

Melania has been playing possum.

The KKK’s Official Newspaper Just Endorsed Trump

What the hell is going on?

Here's a video of one of the six wittnesses to the People Magazing reporter's claim of

Heads up: Garry Trudeau on Hardball tonight-- last 10 minutes or so

Watch Women Explain Why Trump’s Comments Are More Than ‘Just Words’

Why the Fuck,? I’ll say it again..

Reporter arrested at "pitchfork and torches time." Sheriff David Clarke's house Milw WI

10/18/16 Trump, "The election is rigged because just look @ the cities." rough quote

Keith Olberma strikes again!

HRC could invite Billy Bush.

In Rome, Using ‘Roman Holiday’ as a Guide

Nothing says "Surrender" quite like Drudge featuring a National Enquirer Article as his main story

Please, Las Vegas, please meow when Agent Orange speaks.

Michelle Obama Drops Jaws In A Chainmail Versace Gown At Her Last State Dinner

Donald Trump Is Bringing President Obama’s Half-Brother to the Third Debate

Bookmakers are cutting their loses and paying out on Hillary's win.

Where can I watch the debate online?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Rigged! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

BREAKING: Ecuador admits it cut off Assange's internet due to his use of it to interfere in the U.S.

Poll: Even lots of Trump's supporters are starting to think he'll lose the election

I don't think it's been posted, but the Supreme Court agreed to take Turkmen v. Ashcroft.

Obama To Take On Redistricting In Post-Presidency Project With Eric Holder

Hillary should bring a few hundred contractors that Trump stiffed to the debate along with

U.S. civil rights groups to fan out on Nov. 8 to fight voter intimidation

Anderson Cooper has completely pivoted all the way to Repub Town

Venezuela delays state elections to 2017, opposition angry

New poll has Trump +2 in Texas

Ivanka Trump Breaks Silence On Dad's Offensive Groping Comments

Everytime I call up a paper on Physical Review at the library, the software wants me to prove...

LMAO - Drudge and Limbaugh fall for fake tweet (USPS employee destroying Trump votes)

Jaws Drop After Shocking Poll Shows Texas Is Now A Tossup State For Hillary Clinton

Michigan health director Lyon targeted in Flint water criminal probe

An Important Message from Sam Wang at Princeton Election Consortium...

Irish bookies already paying out $1M to people who bet Hillary Clinton would win

Now, this is a brilliant dog.

Clinton can all but sew up the election by the time the midwestern states' polls close!!

Twitter users, let's help get Michael Moore's Trumpland trending on Twitter

Priorities USA: Hate

Gary Johnson in Virginia - CLARENCE THOMAS is the type of jurist he would elect-

Hillary's strategy for the final debate should be...

It appears @POTUS may have gotten under Donald's skin by telling him to "stop whining."....

Note to tRump:

Why are Brexiters trying to shut down debate? Because they’re scared

Luckovich Toon - Trump: Great Respect For Women

ZOMBIE VOTERS - Brainless, will probably vote Repuke

Reality always wins.

So, the debate tomorrow starts at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Puscifer's "The Arsonist" Video Takes A Stab At Donald Trump

"Hillary is the most corrupt person to ever run for the presidency"

At my Saturday bookclub meeting - we were discussing "Men Explain things to Me"

15 tweets since Obama told him to quit whining

Anthony Weiner could soon be indicted in sexting scandal

Condi Rice responds to report Trump called her a 'bitch' in 2006 : 'Can't wait until November 9!'

Trump goes with the Obama brother who actually was born in Kenya and really is a Muslim

Any word on michael moore

WISH-TV/Ball State Hoosier Survey shows Bayh leading Senate race

The Plot Against America

A little something from the Michael Moore in Trumpland preview tonight...

The Plot Against America

Does anybody have a link for Trump/Ryan's plans on Social Security and Medicare?

NSFW: Outside my office today (no direct connection that I'm aware of...)

Trump as Theater of the Absurd

So I headed over to JPR to see how the Piners were handling the Assangeraper not having Wifi...

When considering that Drumpf is bringing President Obama's half brother to the debate ...

Can we get Jared Polis flair?

Did the Presidential Debate Commission Check Whether Trump Still Qualifies On Poll Numbers?

Oh golly, Al Smith Dinner Thursday

so drumpfy was here this afternoon. and in this oh-so-red county, THIS was the coverage:

MEMORY LANE: O'Keefe fired staff who wouldn't use his 'kill cops' script to incite protestors

I voted today.

Get to work...

What does Trump have to look forward to after Nov 8...

WaPo: Voter registration system crashes in VA, prompting lawsuit to extend registration deadline

*West Side Story on TCM NOW!

Lawrence O'D live now.

West Side Story on TCM now!

Did Melania Trump plagiarize Hillary Clinton today?

Kasie Hunt describes mood on Hillary's plane

Cubs down 6-0 after 8 2/3

What do you expect from the tRump campaign the day after he loses?

Fox News Poll: Clinton tops Trump by 6 points

Are we there, yet?

How to germinate(?) seeds from pods of a Royal Poinciana tree without hiring parrots?

REPUBLICANS FOR CLINTON billboard in Las Vagas...

So Donald Trump Just Invited a Hamas Supporter to the Debate Tomorrow Night

Melania Trump says she believes her husband.....

Hillary should've invited kids/teenagers

Sanders to campaign for Democrats

She is Captain America, not Miss America.

Kathy Griffin has a few choice words for The Donald (video).

Vermont Candidates for Governor Press Each Other on Issues in Debate

Does anyone know if, when Reagan won his first term, did the pundants say they KNEW

Michael Moore in Trumpland is supposed to be available to buy on iTunes on Wednesday

Boise man allegedly threatens black man with knives, racial slurs

Kathy Griffin Approves of this Message!

Even Without Trump, American Politics Is Pathetic—VP Debate Is Proof

Parent: Burlington School Board Member’s Facebook Page ‘Spews Forth Hatred'

The Founding Fathers would loathe the contemporary Republican Party...

How Money Has Bought Democracy.

Fox News - the most deplorable news agency of all time.

A depressing thought

Bill Clinton on the campaign trail in Keene

America is an oligarcy

Gov. Paul LePage casts doubts on a 'clean election in Maine'

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump to attend the 71st annual Alfred E. Smith dinner in NYC

Miami Herald Endorses Patrick Murphy for US Senate & A Scathing Rebuke of Sen Rubio

State auditor says that DHHS ‘improperly managed’ more than $13 million in federal funds

LePage accuses media of covering up welfare fraud investigation

MTV Live, the coolest thing ever

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)

Democrats off to fast start with absentee voting

Republican Budget Politics - debt, debt, and more debt.

Trump is losing NOT because of the tape or the women he groped

found this gem in the break room today

Yoda thinks that privatizing social security is a bad idea, he does.

Five Individuals Arrested in Puerto Rico for Bank Fraud

Review: Michael Moore's Trumpland is a "passionate and very humorous, reasoned appeal

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Puerto Rico

Central Florida’s Puerto Ricans are Trending Democratic, Prefer Statehood

US Department of Defense Recognizes Puerto Rican Military Service

Sad what Trump will do to an historic election

PROMESA Board Meets to Discuss Governor’s Turnaround Plan (Puerto Rico)

Is JPR really a pro-Trump site?

GOP State Lawmakers Sign Brief Opposing Same-Sex Benefits

Colbert Has A Ven Diagram That Accurately Explains Trump's Conspiracy Theories

No, you're not entitled to your own opinion in a fact based environment!

What Anderson Cooper apparently doesn't realize...

POLITICS Here’s A List Of A Thousand Ways Trump Shipped American Jobs To China

How Colombia’s newspapers consistently misinformed the public on the armed conflict

"We want the government to abide by the Constitution... and to play by the rules."

TinyKittens Fixathon article in Langley newspaper

How Colombia’s newspapers consistently misinformed the public on the armed conflict

Michael Moore: "Whatever you're afraid of does not wear a dress--or a pantsuit."

DNC apologizes for dumping raw sewage from bus in Gwinnett

18 Colombian State Officials Accused of AUC Paramilitary Links

18 Colombian State Officials Accused of AUC Paramilitary Links


Matthew Shepard’s Mom Denounces Trump in New Ad: ‘I’ve Seen the Result of Hate’

Ami Bera, Scott Jones grapple over character in congressional debate

Mondoweiss:New ad campaign in college papers calls out Israeli leaders’ bigotry against Palestinians

I need to say it. All Lives Matter is bullshit (rant to help a friend on FB)

State board follows recommended suspension for vet who killed cat with arrow

North Dakota - Fracking water - illegal dumping of radioactive toxins

Remember when Colin Powell said he was pro-choice and pro-affirmative action

Let's get the facts out there - we have refuted every GOP talking point.

Let's get the facts out there - we have refuted every GOP talking point.

Let's get the facts out there - we have refuted every GOP talking point.

Let's get the facts out there - we have refuted every GOP talking point.

One Thing Is Sure - MSM Will Still Try To Make Election Close To Prove It's Not Biased.

Senators: Loopholes allow for trafficking of tribal items

One Thing To Remember The GOP Really Does Support Trump On The Platform.

Court mandates new recovery plan for Mexican gray wolves

Court mandates new recovery plan for Mexican gray wolves

Why a vote for a third party candidate is idiotic...

I see everywhere that the email case against Hillary Clinton has been reopened.

Philippine police van rams protesters in front of US Embassy

Very sweet, touching story:

Trump wants Catholic votes now but he's slammed Catholic Popes in the past.

Stephen King fans - Last debate made me think of "The Stand" & Randall Flagg's last stand in Vegas

Nano-spike catalysts convert carbon dioxide directly into ethanol

Let's get the facts out there - we have refuted every GOP talking point.

Trump's talk of 'rigged' election alarms Florida election officials

Clinton camp acknowledged difficulty of discussing Israel with 'Democratic activists'

"Hands all over the steering wheel"

The Food Stamp Moocher Myth

The Food Stamp Moocher Myth

Oregon militants cast by defense as victims of corrupt government

Zika Funds Not Going Anywhere Fast Until Next Year, HHS

Shame Them, Shame Them All

Fiat Chrysler recalls vehicles in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Colbert: Melania Trump Blames Everyone But Donald For His Locker Room Talk

"Liberty" University censors anti-Trump article in university newspaper

Where Polls and Surveys Fall Short: A Conversation with Robert Wuthnow...

Fantasy Musical Performance Thread for President Hillary Clinton's Victory Celebration

Donald Trump = the GOP's ass.

Czech police arrest Russian in connection with U.S. hacking attacks

Chinese astronauts enter space station following docking

Saudi prince executed for murdering a compatriot

'Wall' of Taco Trucks to Line Up at Trump's Las Vegas Hotel in Protest

Prosecutor Asks Ranching Standoff Jury to Use Common Sense

Moment of truth awaits Europe's Schiaparelli Mars probe

Venezuela referendum: Court tightens rules on Maduro recall

Jailed 96 Days on Bogus Charge: It Is No One's Fault?

Jailed 96 Days on Bogus Charge: It Is No One's Fault?

Argentina: hundreds of thousands of women set to protest against violence

"On Sunday, Trump sparred with Chris Christie, who informally played the role of Mrs. Clinton"

And now for something completely different. A preview of tonights debate.

And now for something completely different. A preview of tonights debate.

Daily Holidays October 19

Morning Joe: Safe to Watch Today

PA: Denial of Jewish history 'victory for Palestinian people'

How Ayn Rand contributed to US becoming a greedy, individualistic nation.

Prominent Honduran Rural Leader Under Police Protection Killed

Prominent Honduran Rural Leader Under Police Protection Killed

Potential Trump TV Show Names:

For Indigenous Lenca People in Honduras, Rebellion Is a Centuries-Old Story

Brazilian president plays down charges against cabinet members

A new Hillary Tv ad : "A Place for everyone"

If you all will indulge me, I'm going to ramble on about religion for a little bit.

Brazilian president plays down charges against cabinet members

THE HILL: The CDC is being being influenced by corporate and political interests

Cubs Made Los Angeles a Home Before the Dodgers Did

The return of Brazil's 'gig economy'

Indigenous leader assassinated in Brazil

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Tucson, Arizona 10/18/16

Updated Video Link: Bernie Sanders Rally For Hillary Clinton in Reno, Nevada (10-19-16)

***New Arizona Republic Poll: Hillary up 4% in AZ.***

Mark Blaxill via The Wallet Hub: Should Vaccines Be Mandatory? Experts Pick Sides

National (Bloomberg-Selzer): Clinton 47, Sniffles 38, Johnson 8.

New Arizona poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Trump 47 - Clinton 46

New Colorado poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 50 - Trump 41

New Florida poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 47 - Trump 47

New Georgia poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 48 - Trump 45

New Iowa poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Trump 49 - Clinton 45

New Michigan poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 51 - Trump 42

New Nevada poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 47 - Trump 46

New New Hampshire poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 50 - Trump 43

New New Mexico poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 50 - Trump 39

New North Carolina poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 51 - Trump 43

New Ohio poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Trump 48 - Clinton 46

New Pennsylvania poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 51 - Trump 42

New Texas poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Trump 48 - Clinton 46

New Virginia poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 54 - Trump 41

New Wisconsin poll (WP/Survey Monkey): Clinton 48 - Trump 44

Clinton holds clear advantage in new battleground polls

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Rigged!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: Cryin' and Lyin'

The world when Donald Trump loses

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Arizona Republic Poll: HRC leads by 5

For once what happens in Vegas won't stay in vegas. The whole world will get to, again, be witness

A Story for Adventurous Journalist-Pundits: Trump is Struggling in the South Because Yankee

The first baby was just born at Sacred Stone Camp


OUR REVOLUTION Book Tour - Philadelphia Nov. 28 7PM with Amy Goodman

Canadians tell America "you are great".

A good debunking of the latest wikileaks mini-scandal on Patrick Kennedy


George Takei’s Response Is Brilliant - POLITICSMelania Said Billy Bush ‘Egged On’ Trump

Trump Ally Says It Would ‘Take a Miracle’ to Win

Politico: Confessions of a Trump Fact-Checker

Writing about food: Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine."

Ecuador: We Cut Off Assange’s Internet Access Over Interference In US Election

Can Hillary win 50 percent of the popular vote?

OUR REVOLUTION Book Tour - Pasadena Nov 29 7PM

Clinton Has 9-Point Lead as Comeback Obstacles Loom for Trump

All major figures in Bill Clinton's impeachment were also adulterers.

Trump seeks game-changer in last debate

Crash Course Astronomy

Voting for the current Republican Party facilitates discrimination and racism.

The Daily Show - Donald Trump's "Rigged Election" Talk (comedy)

Trump campaign outspending Clinton on TV

Review: ‘Michael Moore in TrumpLand’ Isn’t About Donald Trump

Congressional Republicans want to talk Tehran, not Trump

New Arizona poll (Arizona Republic): Clinton 39 - Trump 34

Trump didn’t invent the ‘rigged election’ myth. Republicans did. - By Elizabeth Warren

Two Democratic operatives lose jobs after James O’Keefe sting

Voter registration system crashes in Va., preventing some from signing up in time

Debate action: Drumph snatches defeat from the jaws of defeat and jumps into the jaws

High-power surrogate army is on the march for Clinton

The Drug Trafficker Donald Trump Risked His Casino Empire to Protect

Trump tells supporters to watch polls in St. Louis, Philadelphia and Chicago on Election Day

New national poll has Hillary up 51 - 36

OUR REVOLUTION Book Tour - Boston, Nov 20 8PM

Czech Police Arrest Russian Suspected of Hacking U.S. Targets

Has Chris Wallace ever been a moderator for General Election

Trump, Clinton Alma Maters Endorse Hil

I have positive proof the election is rigged. The TV showing Fox Noise at the gym..

Why Are So Many Horror Films Christian Propaganda?

OUR REVOLUTION Book Tour - Concord, NH Nov 21 7PM

Sandy Hook Dad Mark Barden: ‘Disgusting’ That Trump Advised by Truther Alex Jones

A few Dating Agency videos (comedy-skits)

Trump says sex accusers are "phony people saying phony things". This from a


Why Are So Many Horror Films Christian Propaganda?

Gingrich: Little Trump reacts to criticism 'almost uncontrollably'

*****It's Christmas****** Survey USA National Poll -Clinton 46 Trump 36

PANTS ON FIRE-->Trump: "Of course, there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before elec

Trump and Hillary's alma maters join forces on presidential endorsement

‘..panic is beginning’: GOP strategist Steve Schmidt predicts Election Day disaster for Republicans

New from Keith Olbermann: The Secret Trick to Decoding Everything Trump Says

In 6 of the last 8 national polls, Clinton is AT or ABOVE 50%

5 Disturbing Highlights From A Rally For Hindu Supporters Of Trump

Amy Schumer reads an 'open letter to Tampa,' addresses Trump supporters who walked out on her

Mark Cuban bombshell: I personally know women who have been assaulted by Trump who won’t...

"Stand By Your Man"

Mr. Trump and Abp Kurtz

"Political Apartheid" NC's most gerrymandered district in America. This is what is RIGGED!

Twenty minutes ago, I got bored and found out that wasn't taken.

Just listened to Ohio Gov. John Kasich on CBS. He's the one the GOP

Photo: Bernie on the road again

Name some great follies in American history.

Bernie Sanders is the most-liked politician in the United States.

Lin-Manuel Miranda changes Hamilton lyrics for Hillary Clinton Video

John Kasich skewers Donald Trump's "silly" rigged election claims

The Power Of Disavowing Innappropriate Comments

Color With Trump

Why Is Trump Bringing Obamas Half Brother To Debate?

Imagine if Donald Trump Controlled the NSA (must-read, from Wired)

Remove Rasmussen, expand the scale and...

Mother Jones: Donald Trump Is Completely Obsessed With Revenge

Faculty at Pennsylvania state universities on strike for 1st time

Last call for entries in our OCTOBER Photo Contest!

Last call for entries in our OCTOBER Photo Contest!

Last call for entries in our OCTOBER Photo Contest!

BREAKING: Nebraska’s First Lady Breaks With Trump-Loving Husband To Back Clinton

Larry Flynt is entering the election scum scrum.

OCEAN'S ELEVEN: Rigging the Election Vegas Style...

Does Hillary need a taser for the debate?

I Do Not Want ANYTHING To Do With Trump Voters Now Or In The Future.

From Conde Nast Traveler: TSA May Start Securing Trains, Buses, and Ferries

What job will Kellyanne have on the Breitbart channel?

Trump Insists Election Will Be Rigged

I got the Jeopardy clue of the day! "1960s Science Books" and I didn't look it up!

Pro-Hillary SuperPAC Attacks Alex Jones

Is Deflategate the cause of Rodgers' slump?

***Poll: Clinton beating Trump by 5 in Arizona***

Video ads

New Clinton campaign ad: "A Place for Everyone"

"A 5-point plan to defeat Islam"

I Hope GOP"s Panic Is Justified And The Are Crushed In November.

U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner: Donald Trump is 'absolutely disgusting'

New Clinton campaign ad: "Bully"

***Clinton has double-digit lead in new national poll***

They like to call it "counter-punching"

Christie's approval rating hits an all-time low

Illegitimate Trump Poll Watchers Should Be Immediately Arrested. I Don't Count On It.

If there were a 4th debate, who would DRUMPF's stunt-guests be to top his previous ones?

Believe me folks we're doing great

Don't be the Super in Superfluous... VOTE!

Uber’s Robotaxis Still Struggle With Double Parked Cars, The ‘Pittsburgh Left’

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's Healthcare Plans Examined

Steve Schmidt was interesting on Morning Joe today. They asked for his predictions, & he said if

Just Cannot Watch This Debate Either. Never Watched Frist Two.

Elizabeth Warren: Trump didn’t invent the ‘rigged election’ myth. Republicans did.

President Obama's brother is jealous of him. That's all I have to say

Just heard Trump

DR Congo's Bemba found guilty at ICC of witness bribing

Hey Trump and the Trump minions here's an image I want seared into your brain

iowa #'s are killing me.

Debate day levity - there's something wrong with the rice cookers

DiCaprio to co-operate in probe into Malaysia's 1MDB scandal

So have any DUers seen Michael Moore's new documentary

I think there is a factor the polls overlook.

Katy Perry to Roar for Hillary Clinton at GOTV Performance in Philadelphia November 5, 2016

On the morning after Election Day, Republican politicians will have to make a choice

Women are wavering in Trump County,USA

Warren's Tweetstorm slams Trump's 'rigged' comments: "You're losing because we see through you..."

Obama to Trump: 'Stop Whining"

Kathy Griffin to Trump: "Seriously, Donald. Fuck off."

OUCH!! mobile billboard on Vegas strip: DON'T GROPE. VOTE. !!

Nobody is looking at you Barack

John Green Discusses Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's Tax Plans

Kathleen Hanna and Le Tigre - "I'm With Her"

Our Votes Are Already In The Hillary & Dem Bag. Voted And Turned It In 1 Hour After Getting Ballots

Will T's guests tonight cause a problem?

There's a new “silent majority,” and it's voting for Hillary Clinton

New Clinton Fundraising Tool Auto-Donates Every Time Trump Tweets

In 2016, people have read anti-Semitic tweets 10 billion times, many from Trump supporters

Republicans have shown they are unwilling to govern if they can't get their way 100%.

Can't vote for Trump? Don't like Hillary? Stay home!

Trump Supporters Could Have Nervous Breakdowns Election Night If Trump Loses. Get Ready ER's.

The Unforgivables: Trump’s Top Collaborators

'Outrageous Abuse of Power': NAJA Responds to Charges Filed Against Amy Goodman

The Supreme Court will be a focus of tonight’s presidential debate

Kasich: "Rigged election talk is like saying we never landed on the moon."

THE MYSTERY SOLVED: Kellyanne Conway's response to why Trump is inviting POTUS's half-brother

I would vote for Donald Trump

Clinton maintains double-digit (51% vs. 36%) lead over Trump

Beware the Barnacle - The Boot's next generation thingy

If The Election Turns Out As Polls Show Will Enjoy Giving Trumpers Their Crap Sandwich.

Stopping Clinton from appointing Scalia’s replacement is no longer a good enough reason to support..

Two American advisers killed, three wounded by shooter in Afghan capital

Malware and spam groups exploit US election fever

Steve Bannon tells media Obama's brother is "just an appetizer" at tonight's debate.

There is a reason why Trump is pushing the "Rigged Election" idea

538 has shown that the Dems will take the Senate since August 1st

Trump's appeal for poll monitors draws tepid response from some supporters

Trump Decoded for Tonight's Debate Keith Olbermann The Closer #25

Almost unbelievable how awful Trump is at this, even expecting him to be a buffoon

U.S. government sees one million more people in Obamacare in 2017

Three Nevadans to attend debate as guests of Hillary Clinton

Massachusetts marijuana ballot initiative support grows: poll

Massachusetts marijuana ballot initiative support grows: poll

Regarding the debate tonight. If Trump mentions Russia and their socalled bombing of ISIS, I

Condoleezza Rice has the last laugh in response to a report that Donald Trump called her a 'b*tch'

WATCH:- While Demolishing TRUMP, MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt Declares Hillary Next President

My 89 yr old neighbor hates Daniel Trump

The American way - Chaos, uncertainty and lack of focus

White House plans community-based prevention of violent ideologies

Trump Campaign CEO In 2012: “I Don’t Want To Hear That The Media’s Against Us”

***New Surveyusa/Boston Globe/Colby college national poll HRC +10***

Hey richie rich. You losing. How's your potholes & bridges SC, WV? Richie rich gona pay to fix em

Finland sees propaganda attack from former master Russia

***Arizona Cronkite poll HRC +5!!***

What time will Donnie start his pre-debate snorting?

The type of people advising Trump - Says a lot

I just gotta ask...

Brazil poll shows disapproval of Temer growing

Trump campaign’s guest list for final presidential debate

Clinton maintains double-digit (51% vs. 36%) lead over Trump

My millennial niece just called...

Steve Schmidt is making some of the most Brutal, and True, Attacks on the GOP and Trump

Colbert on Melania's interviews

***Georgia...YouGov Poll, 10/18/2016...Clinton 46.4..Drumpf 45.9***

Debate betting lines? Over/under on "disaster"?

Not inexplicable.

Mars may have claimed another spacecraft

donnie is a disease. here's how you can tell: how much time do we talk about him instead of hillary?

The Times of Israel: Trump invites pro-Hamas Malik Obama to debate

Kos: Trump is hoping red shirts intimidate voters in minority communities

Trump's all in on this third debate.

Maryland Police Officer Suspended For Displaying ‘Oath Keepers’ Hat In Cruiser

Hotel Hitler: A 9-month stint in a genial little prison helped to make Adolf Hitler into a dictator

Trump in 2013: We must 'leave borders behind' because future of US 'depends on a cohesive global eco

Tonight's debate and what should Hillary do...

Kids pick Hillary 52-35 439-99 ev USA Today

ISIS Deserves To Lose ALL Their Fighters In Mosul And In The Rest Of Middle East.

Ute Tribe declares political war with Rep. Rob Bishop

Undecided: The Movie (2016) Trailer HD

Incredible!!! Must see Ad about Trump!!! Exceptionally well done!!!

Anti-Semitic Posts, Many From Trump Supporters, Surge on Twitter

Trumps George Zimmerman Pollwatching Squad best be advised

A comedian's thoughts on Donald Trump

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #46: Wheel O’Corruption X: Never Go Back Edition

Will Wallace preface any question re Benghazi with facts about those killed under Bush etc

New New York poll (Siena): Clinton 54 - Trump 30 - Johnson 5 - Stein 4

Road to 270: CNN's latest electoral college map

Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC *must GO*. Man! She's no longer hiding her dislike for Hillary Clinton.

It looks Elizabeth Warren is tearing into Trump today

Florida voters, amendment 1

Prediction: this last debate is going to be insane.

How low is the bar set for drumph?

Trump Scampaign Preps for Spectacular Flaming Finale - "Get Ready to Fumble!"

Play this game - If we take both Houses, I'll _______

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 New Trailer

Mark. My. Words. Trump will claim he's leading the fight against sexual assaults.

Trump/Republicans are hoping for a silent white nationalist vote to come out for Trump

Trump Bad Enough Just Can't Watch That POS Wallace. You Just Want To Slap That FOX Asshole.

Now is the Greatest Time to be Alive

There are a lot of people sucking it up and voting for Trump because of party loyalty, but...

Garrison Keillor: When it’s over, maybe Trump should move to Nebraska

Tip’ written on napkin says, ‘woman’s place is in the home’

Jill Stein is giving interviews to InfoWars. Just in case you're still clinging

Missouri Senate race

"Please excuse Donald's atrocious performance at the debate," signed Trump's Mother

George Takei Nails What’s So Dumb About Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ Gibberish

Trump Would’ve Banned Obama’s Muslim Half-Brother from U.S. But Now Brings Him to Debate

xp- Ute Tribe declares political war with Rep. Rob Bishop

Pic Of The Moment: Preview Of Tonight's Debate

Roger Stone is getting old, and crazy. How crazy? Take a look.

Poll: Clinton up 5 points over Trump in Arizona

For tonights debate will they be

Ex-postal union president dies in jail awaiting sentencing

Poll: Clinton up 5 points over Trump in Arizona

Appeals court denies more early voting time in North Carolina

Who heard KellyAnne Conway on MSNB this morning

The main reason I detest "reality" shows...

Melania Trump Offers Surprise Endorsement While Defending Her Husband's Alleged Sexual Assaults

Obama should announce he's coming to the debate "to see my half-brother, who....

Calling All Climate Activists: "Go Out and Get Yourself in Some Holy Trouble"

Patrick Murphy sweeps, earns endorsements of Florida's four major papers

Per CNN: Hillary's guests tonight are Cuban & Whitman

Fascinating comment from my VERY perceptive husband, about Andrea Mitchell...

Dade Medical College owner charged with illegally shuttering school

Is there a ‘Trump effect’ on public morality?

Poll shows why Miami-Dade might be Clinton’s favorite Florida county

Rev. Dr. William Barber: We Must Battle the Politics of Hate

MSNBC Host grills Trump Campaign Mgr. Kellyanne Conway fact checking in real time (VIDEO)

Anyone know how Prop. 64 is doing in California?

Lutherans and Catholics chart path to unity

'Make America Laugh Again' presidential comedy roast in Brickell

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 19, 2016

Earth had 16 straight months of record high temperatures

Bad Blood? Donald Trump and Roger Ailes Reportedly no Longer Speak

Tribe offers pipeline protesters a place to overwinter

Did they flip a coin? If so, who won?nt

Is Google AMP bugging you also?

Topics for tonights debate

‘Birther’ judge accused of making crude and racist comments is still on the bench. For now.

Judge revives Kansas voting citizenship case

Bannon had said they were planning on making Bill Clinton into Bill Cosby.

NYPD commissioner: 'We failed' in fatal shooting of woman

Florida man puts woman's toes in his mouth

Trump has gone full Benghazi-Birther-Wallbuilder for this debate. Invitees:

Hillary's Leaked Wall Street Speeches: A Closer Look

Jailed 96 days on bogus charge: It is no one's fault?

Accused Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear claims he's being forced medication at state mental

Accused Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear claims he's being forced medication at state mental

Accused Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear claims he's being forced medication at state mental

Trump’s Call to Monitor Polls Raises Fears of Intimidation

Lawyers for officer charged with murder want trial moved

Number of police officers killed by suspects declined last year

Vegetarian Dishes You Can Cook in Less Than 30 Minutes

My Facebook status today -- please STEAL it and post in as your own

Glenn Beck Is Taking on Trump – But at What Cost?

Judge weighs extending Georgia voter registration a 2nd time

SIROTA: Clinton financier & potential Treas Sec - pushing plan to shift retirees' savings to Wall St

Real or Fake: GOP Women | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Ivanka Speaking Now 10 Miles From My Home

Bill Clinton to campaign in Jacksonville on Friday

‘Birther’ judge accused of making crude and racist comments is still on the bench. For now.

"....the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has canceled $8 million of the $10 million...."

It's my ONE YEAR anniversary of joining DU! The HILLARY GROUP convinced me that I had a place here!

Joe Exotic for President! 2016

Eminem rips Trump in manic new song, 'Campaign Speech'

Life of a Labrador in 2 minutes.

Help. I called an appliance repairman and when he left after commpalaining constantly

Norway asked to host rotational force of US Marines

Victims demand Uribe admits responsibility for war crimes in Medellin military operation

Victims demand Uribe admits responsibility for war crimes in Medellin military operation

Gropers Halloween costume

🐦 Bernie Sanders Get Out The Vote Rally - Montpelier Oct 21 6:30 - 8PM

Colombia’s obstacles for peace: returning the 15% of national territory that was stolen in the war

"Those who exalt themselves shall be humbled, and those that

Colombia’s obstacles for peace: returning the 15% of national territory that was stolen in the war

Election Model 10/18/2016

Trump Campaign Manager Promotes '5-Point Plan To Defeat Islam'

U.S. Fighter Jet Painted Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

So, who wins when Trump's campaign implodes on 11/8?

Apacalypse now

Trump couldnt get financing for his DC hotel. It's self-financed. If it fails, Trumps lose millions.

Will Chris Wallace stand up for journalism or for FOX News propaganda tonight?

Beautiful movie about Love Trumps Hate

Social Security Beneficiaries to See Paltry Increase in 2017

Waiting for a fight to erupt behind Brooke Baldwin on CNN...

Has anyone watched the Vermont Senate debate?

🐦 6 Events Oct 21, 22, 23: Sanders to campaign for Democratic candidates in Vermont

America hits new landmark: 200 million registered voters

Anyone else play poker? I used to play quite a bit.

OUR REVOLUTION Book Tour - Manchester VT Nov 22 Noon

OUR REVOLUTION Book Tour - Montpelier Nov 22 4PM

This Whole Rigging Meme By Trump - Could It Have More Negative Effects On The.....

10,000 Critically Endangered Frogs Have Suddenly Died In Peru’s Lake Titicaca

Obama really got to the maggot, expect an explosion tonight

~*~ OUR REVOLUTION TOUR DATES: Starts NOV 14 - Dec 2 ~*~

Friendship Ended with Roger

Who is going to play Trump in the movie about this election?

OUR REVOLUTION Book Tour - Berkeley, CA Dec 2 2PM

What's the name of that program that blocks ads?

the maggot's alma mater endorses Hillary

Muslim women's group inundated with hate mail after endorsing Hillary Clinton

Watch for Flop Sweat from El Donaldo Tonight

The planes of Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton pass in Las Vegas on the eve of their final presid

Predator BFF Trump and Alies have fallen out

I finally understand why

Watch for it with Trump tonight

President Jimmy Carter --- Carter Center Statement on the Integrity of U.S. Elections

Yes on Initiative 300: Denver measure is a reasonable test of social pot use - Denver Post Editorial

The worst October for any Presidential candidate in memory

The apocalypse is being delayed

Finally the one thing that will Dump Trump. ........

My new website!

Did I just hear Harry Reid say, that the only thing rigged are Trumpster's minds?

Nate Silver Debunks the Perot-Myth

Tony Schwartz coming up on CNN, after the break

T-shirt my hubby brought yesterday

This is what it looks like to have a void in your soul so complete that it can never be filled:

11:32 A 1%er Makes The Case For Tackling Inequality... (w/Guest: Chuck Collins)

How "Lucifer's Banker" Brought Down The Swiss Bankers.. (w/Guest: Brad Birkenfeld)

Trump is losing UTAH, McMullin ahead.......LOL

Melania Trump Blames Everyone But Donald For His Locker Room Talk (The Late Show - Colbert)

Military spending: The economy of defence

The Unforgivables: Trump's Top Collaborators

Trump’s Newest Debate Guest Appears to Support Terrorist Group Hamas, Abolition of Israel

Trump Skips Debate Walk-Through To Presumably Mope In His Hotel Room

Rick Hasen - Wake Up Progressives 2016 election is all about SCOTUS

Brazilian politician who led Rousseff impeachment arrested on corruption charges

Brazilian politician who led Rousseff impeachment arrested on corruption charges

Kentucky now a toss-up

Conservative Legal Scholars Decide Trump Isn't Worth It

Clinton leads Trump ahead of final debate – and is closing in on Georgia

How about a new progressive tv network to counter trump and murdoch

Hillary should point out "rigged election talk" is from Roger Stone who also says the moon landing

Norman Lear urges voters to destroy Trump: ‘Beat his ass so his message is discredited for all time’

Student loses leg after alleged incident with school employee

Trump Campaign Could Have A Guest Rush the Stage

Remember when the media refused to run a story that wasn't double and triple sourced?

Trumpism must be crushed. Here is one way to do it. - WaPo Op-Ed

Jimmy Carter calls Donald Trump’s talk of rigged election ‘baseless’

A "wall" of taco and food trucks lined up in front of the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas!!!

When the whining starts on Nov 9

Once again, Trump is overcompensating for his shortcomings

VOTED VOTED! Today in NY-19! Yay!!! for 1st female President Clinton +Teachout & Malick !!

Building explodes in Oregon, injuring

Thousands Call to Impeach Judge After He Gives Father Just 60 Days for Raping 12-Year-Old Daughter

Quinnipiac has Hillary up by 7 points nationally. Effing Quinnipiac!!!

Backrounnd Checks (Dem MO Senate race)

Gunmaker Daniel Defense plans big Georgia expansion

Think about this - Groper Don the Con

Toon: The Unhinged and Repug "leaders" in Senate and Congress

What's everyone drinking for tonight's debate?

Donald Trump Can’t Stand Losing to a Girl (Jeet Heer, The New Republic)

Trashpot and Ailes no longer BFF's???

The Trump Foundation’s Got Problems with Its Taxes. Again.

Poll: Most Americans think Donald Trump is a raging jackass

If it's 80 degrees in mid-October then global warming is true, right?

All of a sudden, Catherine Cortez Masto jumps into the lead in Nevada - DailyKOS

I can't help but wonder...

Julian Assange?

Faculty at Pennsylvania state universities on strike for 1st time

I can usually get answers here re polls.

"Nobody is more skeptical of Donald Trump's boasts than I am" -Zorn

Faculty at Pennsylvania state universities on strike for 1st time

The Aftermath Of The Election

Oregonian: Experts suggest nine weed strains to get you through a presidential debate

What Are the Topics of the Third Presidential Debate?

Nebraskan with rare form of dwarfism to be Clinton's special guest at tonight's presidential debate

Rumps lingerie shop

Did I Miss Something - Trump's People Are Saying Hillary Was Rattled & Thrown Off Her Game....

A question that perhaps should be posed to the Trumplodytes...

Is Paris Burning?

Convoy of Russian warships to approach British waters en route to Mediterranean

President Obama, early voting for Hillary Clinton.

Could Electronic Voting Machine Software Be Programmed to Alter the Outcome of an Election?

Hillary needs a knockout in this election.

October 19, 2016 - Clinton Tops Trump By 7 Points, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds

The Real Vote Rigging: Republicans Make It Harder for Millions to Vote in 2016 Election

Update: Trudeau abandons commitment towards electoral reform

Mailroom problem causes Georgia to reinstate 6,300 suspended driver’s licenses

Dougherty jury awards $15.2 million in wrongful death lawsuit against city of Albany

Trump in 2008: Hillary Clinton will 'go down at a minimum as a great senator'

Trump is a no-show at today's Debate walk through..hmm

The Dish on the Washington Power Dining Scene

Billy Bush and Roger Ailes got paid to leave. Women should get paid for tolerating them.

McMullin +4% in latest Emerson Poll of Utah

Ha! Paul Ryan is flaming down with the Trump's Hindenburg campaign

‘If you can’t save us, please bomb us’: The U.S. must help free enslaved Yazidi women in Mosul

Who is IBD/TIPP?? They have Trump +1 nationally

Koterba toon: Affordable Care Act

Va. Online Voter Registration System Crash Leads to Lawsuit

Gallup: Support for Legal Marijuana Use Up to 60% in U.S.

***Latest Bloomberg national poll HRC +9***

CNN's Gloria Borger on Trump: "He has to run the table. And then he has to find another table"

Hayward, Rodgers Creek faults connected

Russian man accused of hacking U.S. targets arrested in Prague

Polls ARE Crooked

Evan McMullin takes the lead in latest Utah presidential poll

A Legendary Pizza Maker Steps Away From the Fire.

Meanwhile super-cyclone Haima Slams into Northern Philippines

Hillary's 10/19 Dirty Trick Revealed - Borowitz

Shareblue Benchmark has Texas a lighter shade of pink today

Best damn news reporter on tv....

If Trump had any brains, he'd have bought off Tony or Hugh Rodham to join his audience. ...

If only Trump had been allowed his first choice for VP.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 20 October 2016

Judge won't extend Georgia registration again

Buzzfeed CEO: I heard Ivanka Trump talk about "mulatto cocks"

Spending a week in Galveston and lovin' it.

Debate prep, part 3 (final)

Ai Otsuka Daisuki Da Yo

Breaking News: Fart spray culprit pleads guilty, put on probation

Roger Ailes breaks away from ‘waste of time’ Trump just before the final debate

Ai Otsuka: Daisuki Dayo

This shouldn't be an issue but if true damn Ivanka

"We're going to do a Brexit"

Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 5 points in Arizona

How many Trump voters cast their ballot for him and skip all downticket races?

I have a question for Trump tonite...


Vogue Endorses Hillary. Another 1st time ever endorsement

Sanders: Benefit Increase Too Small for Americans Relying on Social Security

Some election irregularities already showing up in Indiana

m$nbc reporting that sarah palin has been invited by trump tonight

Sarah Fucking Palin? Debate guest?

70 Nobel Laureates Endorse Hillary Clinton

Clinton has double-digit lead in new national poll

Fight over PB&J sandwich ends up with 2 years in jail

CNN: SARAH PALIN is another Trump guest tonight...

Of course Palin's going. Wasilla makes the best meth.

The Groper Don the Con Alphabet (from n2doc's cartoon thread)

NSFW: "I heard Ivanka Trump Talk About..."

Too cute - little girl asks for a toot and gets it

ABC Nightline Does fine (ie digusting antireporting) job selling GOP Big Lies about Clinton's emails

Just announced; Sarah Palin will be another guest of Trump

New Utah poll (Emerson): McMullin 31 - Trump 27 - Clinton 24

So three daily papers have now endorsed Trump.

Whoever Invented The Fishfinger?-Leon Rosselson

Your handy guide to translating Trump in tonight's debate

Steve Schmidt a repub

Omaha World-Herald Editorial: Editorial: Hillary Clinton is prudent pick for president

Accidental discovery could be renewable energy breakthrough

Senator Bernie Sanders campaign rally for Hillary Clinton at The University of New Mexico (Oct 18)

Why is CNN outside? You can't hear anything.

Did anyone catch Kellyanne's slip ups with Stephanie Rule?

New poll shows Clinton leading Trump with men

Oh lordy, New Yorker cartoon today is for all you video game and Clinton fans

Elizabeth Warren is tearing the Donald a new one..

Meet the Toy Smuggler of Syria

CEO of BuzzFeed just massively trolled Trump....

There are times when I wish for a literal heaven.

Big Voting Rights Victory in Ohio..The Unpurging !!

Chris Christie to Appear in Court Over Misconduct Complaint

Cleveland Indians win AL Pennant!

Poll: Most Americans think Donald Trump is a raging jerk

Meet Harlem's last old-style-rugelach baker.

Dinesh D’Souza and his “Hillary’s America” Seen Through the Eyes of Two Idiots Posing as Film Expert

Dinesh D’Souza and his “Hillary’s America” Seen Through the Eyes of Two Idiots Posing as Film Expert


Dinesh D’Souza and his “Hillary’s America” Seen Through the Eyes of Two Idiots Posing as Film Expert

Hillary, Beware Of Trump's Secret Plan Tonight

Luckovich Toon - GOP Paternity

Window sticker

Youngstown Diocese Proposes Bringing Refugees Here

Hillary's campaign is like the Shawshank Redemption.

Director Dinesh D'Souza's film "Hillary's America" debunked!

Idiot Trump Thinks His Crazy Train Of Guests Will Rattle Hillary?

My favorite pre-debate sign... "Don't use Enterprise, Alamo, National Rent a car"

Hillary's America: "dumbest movie ever."

I heard Chris Hayes say that Lydie Denier was briefly engaged to Ambassador Stevens a bit ago and

Sanders: Benefit Increase Too Small for Americans Relying on Social Security

Hillary Foundation rating with Charity Watch

Prevent defense prevents you from winning.

Former House Speaker Mike Hubbard Denied New Trial in Lee County

Showwahanz . . . . will Chris Wallace run a fair debate?

Chris Matthews is not simply annoying, he's sexist.

BREAKING NEWS. Lee L. Mercer, Jr. to be a guest of Donald tRump at the debate.

Tonight in Vegas. Jerk Du-Soleil

Matthews asks Harry Reid: "What are you going to miss in this business?" Reid: "Not you"

Andrea Mitchell ought to be fired and made to do a public apology. This

Maybe the election was 'rigged' for Clinton.

tabloid 'news'....

Rudy Giuliani vs Mark Cuban pre-debate Debate coming up on CNN

Unknown plant overtaking nature trail - Please help identify this for me.

Thank you Jose Bautista, you big beautiful wonderful douchebag ...

Roy Moore Responds to Demands to Clean Out His Office

***** LIVE stream 2016 Presidential Final Debate *****

BREAKING: Trump LIVID After Debate Commission Makes BIG Rule Change To Stop Him (DETAILS)

***** X-Post = Debate Thread in GD-2016 *****

Roger Ailes breaks away from ‘waste of time’ Trump just before the final debate

House minority leader calls for state Democratic officials to step down

Lincoln Atheists billboard coming down

Mark Davis tells owners he will file for Raiders' move to Vegas

Hillary's campaign manager said they will not authenticate the emails

Rudy Giuliani Will Not Let Go Of Erin Burnett's Arm

Why do the 'Pubs keep touting HRC's "30 years" of public service?

Man Sentenced to 30 Years for Trying to Aid Islamic State

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. news network is carrying the debate, tonight.

This debate is ... 4th and 10 on the 50 yard line with 4 seconds on the go in the 4th quarter.

‘This is not how a democracy is supposed to work’: Georgians already facing four hour waits to vote

Florida man charged with possessing counterfeit bills

Florida man pleads guilty to trafficking stolen identities

Trump is gonna knock it outta da park!

Argentina: thousands protest violent death of young woman