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Memorial to confront South's troubled history of lynchings (GA)

Split Over Donald Trump and Cut Off by Culture Wars, Evangelicals Despair

THIS is how smoothly every Dem on TV should be answering the HRC 'trust' question.

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Zenyatta Stakes

Mississippi flag debate returns to Harrison County

Shaolin kungfu on poles

Atlanta, GA traffic...

Dear Trump and his media enablers: don't tell me this is a change election,

Rolling Stones Producer Confirms Blues Album For December

Just checked and Peter Kiernan's fundraising campaign has passed the $1,000,000 mark!

Donald Trump polls at 0% in Detroit

Trump Supporters bring a new kind of crazy (like we don't know...)

Donald explains why he can't defend our country! Very sad!

My guru had to reinstall Windows 10, which is fine. Now I am getting ads all over the

Do you think Trump will plant a couple of questioners in the audience for the next debate?

Sooner or later, Trump will screw up and say something atrocious

The Best Stamina EVER! The BEST!

REMEMBER: These are the Republicans that led impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton

Seahawks' Doug Baldwin on receiving death threats

Let's stop being so hard on Donald"

Trump deposition released (Food Channel's Geooffrey Zakarian). He's better than Ike.

Pence refuses to pardon Keith Cooper

Again:african american man harassed and beaten in his mom's home by police, when will this stop

Trump on Clinton: 'I can be nastier than she ever can be'

Hillary Clinton comes back to Ohio Monday

"Finally. Someone who thinks like me"

Donald Trump polls at 0% in Detroit, a WDIV/Detroit survey finds

Trump Tax Records . . . Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two Decades

Sleepytime Cheerios.

Clinton tweaks Trump with her own 3 a.m. tweet storm

In case you hear about the silly #basementdwellers meme, it is debunked. Here is the proof

Sanders in Davenport, Iowa City and Des Moines Monday

Yo, America: Maine Already Tried The Whole Trump Thing. It Didn’t Work.

"I've come to admire Hillary Clinton. What on earth happened?"

Thought I'd best post this here: Five Worst States for Obesity (& 5 best states)

Tax Records Obtained by The Times Reveal Trump May Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two Decades

000000000 Taxes: Finally Trump 1995 return shows how he gets $50 mil a year benefit

Trump's tax records show the system is rigged for rich people like Trump, and he LOVES IT.

Trump" I don't think she's even loyal to Bill. Why should she be?

Sometimes you just have to forget politics, for a bit, and go to that "Zen" place

South Carolina school shooting: 6-year-old victim dies

Black Ballerina

El Salvador judge reopens case of 1981 civil war massacre

El Salvador judge reopens case of 1981 civil war massacre

NYT reporting that tax returns were mailed with the following return address:

We came to Alaska to learn about sustainability

Trump Tax Records Obtained by The Times Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two Dec

Appeals court says U.S. 'motor voter' law preempts Kansas ID rules

Appeals court says U.S. 'motor voter' law preempts Kansas ID rules

Iran showcases new combat drone, copied from U.S. unmanned aircraft

Pope says gender theory part of 'global war' on marriage, family

Pope says gender theory part of 'global war' on marriage, family

Can someone break down this tax information for me?

Will the Secrets Behind the 5000-year-old Cochno Stone Finally Be Solved?

Politically savvy folks: How does one run against a flip-flopper?

The GOP wants what Donald Trump wants.

Open Letter to Blue Collar Workers


Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Isn’t “Even Loyal to Bill”

#LastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes is a Twitter comedy extravaganza!

This "Hillary Shimmy" may have already been posted-- I offer no apologies because it's so amusing

Clinton, DNC raises $154 million in September

Election Model Update

Mets announce Noah Syndergaard will start NL wild card game

My 35K post.

Boris Epshteyn will be everywhere Sunday/Monday spewing shit on these tax returns.

Official Saturday Night Live Thread!!! Alec Bladwin as DJT.... Heard they

Endorsing third party candidates

Shimon Peres' Funeral Proved That anti-Semitism Is Dead

‘I just got scared’: Baltimore teen ...

Tonight Trump mocked Hillary having pneumonia

How about a music video "get out the vote" from: Hillary, Bernie, Michelle, Barrack, and Kaine?

Why Trump is saying these outrageous things..

Bill cheated on Hillary - Donald cheated on all of us.

I know she won't, but if Trump does bring up Bill, Hillary should use THIS line:

I have some friends who have been FFR for months even though hides have now fallen to 1 or 2

Well donald, we see you didn't pay taxes for around 18 years. We will believe it until you release

The last time Trump paid taxes:

Alec Baldwin is killing Trump on SNL. No sleep for Trump tonight.

Partial list of things I couldn't care about in a presidential candidate

CNN headline is $916 million dollar loss

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Advice for Living

The New York Republican State Committee is sending Trump mailers to Pennsylvania residents.

I'm really looking forward to the Pence/Kaine debate Tues

So, Trump has a thin skin

Rhetorical Question # MDCXXXIV:

Marla Maples was married to Trump in 1995.

I got your back...

I meant to do that...

Trump '95 Tax Return Raises Possibility He Paid No Fed Income Tax for 18 Years: New York Times

Waiting for another report of a Trump attack on a woman - wait no longer

Evacuations in Guantanamo, Haiti as fierce Hurricane Matthew looms

Trump mocks Hillary for stumbling during pneumonia episode

Watching Sarah Palin debate Joe Biden on CSPAN (2008) puts Trump in a starker light.

Florida man arrested for having milk crate

VIDEO: Alec Baldwin as Trump in SNL premiere debate sketch:

White Atlanta attorney shoots wife to death and blames Black Lives Matter

Gary Johnson Ad

So Trump's business model

"Scenic Route". Very interesting movie.

SNL Clinton vs Trump Debate:

Does Al Gore EVER speak publicly about politics?

Relieved Nation Wakes and Realizes Trump Was just a Nightmare, Not a Real Person

It's time we all demanded an end to NRA-sponsored terrorism.

Tim Tebow Hit By Pitch, Charges Mound To Offer Instant Forgiveness

Only 5 People Have Ever Finished This Insane Texas Taco Challenge

chipmunks at camera one.

Trump on Clinton: 'I don't even think she's loyal to Bill'

Desert Sun (Palm Springs) endorses Democrat for President for first time ever

Newt Gingrich chastises Donald Trump over Miss Universe tweetstorm

New Jersey Transit Was Under Investigation Before Fatal Crash.

Incoming Missouri legislator faces rape accusation from colleague

Idaho hunters learn Texas billionaires are locking them out at the last minute

TIME: President Obama’s Moving Eulogy for Shimon Peres

Pleas from uninsured, physicians don’t sway Idaho lawmakers on Medicaid expansion

Judge won't dismiss Bergdahl case over Sen. McCain comments

El Paso (TX) Times: Hillary Clinton is the clear choice for President

Episode 5 President Clinton sits down with Max

Caption This Photo! (Prepare yourself for a vile image--write a suitable internal monologue!)

Judge says VA Montana retaliated against whistleblower

So whaddya bet that Trump drops out before the election claiming that it's all rigged against Him?

Reinvest Montana continues to push UM Foundation to divest from fossil fuels

Montana Democrats release audio of Gianforte proposing sales tax

Judge orders former real estate mogul Blixseth of Montana to pay creditors $286M

Montana to test 1,400 unprocessed rape kits dating to 1995

Montana secretary of state calls for automatic voter registration

Now we know why Trump flip-flops on abortion

Montana Commissioner: Anonymous political blogs can’t be regulated

Mark this thread: after trump bombshell tonight, no taxes for two decades, really?

Montana lawmakers spar over condition of state budget

I've been absent for a while....


Delusional Donald Tweets: "I won the debate if you decide without watching the ..."

Hranicka Propast: World's deepest underwater cave discovered in Czech Republic

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Most Loyal Republican Friend’ Gets Behind Hillary

John Fugelsang Says “Dream On!"

Inslee on education funding: What governor has — and hasn’t — accomplished

Auditor’s public disclosure report, possible tool for revising state law, draws praise & skepticism

New report another black eye for Western State Hospital

Daily Holidays October 2

7 Things You Need To Know About Trump And Sex Slave Island

Brexit: May to trigger Article 50 by end of March

GOP asks candidate to drop out after offensive Facebook posts

🐦 Sun Oct 2 - Bernie Sanders on ABC "This Week"

Pedro Sanchez: Spanish Socialist leader resigns

Man bit by rabid bat in south-central Idaho

Trump renews voter fraud warning and says Clinton 'could be crazy'

Flint Water Still Isn't Safe

Oregon governor candidate Pierce booed for sexual assault remarks at debate

Vancouver heart-transplant patient to sue over Legionnaires’ disease

Hungarian referendum decides whether to slam the door on migrants

After Murder of 20 Candidates, Armed Forces Deploy 25,000 Men for Brazil's Elections

After Murder of 20 Candidates, Armed Forces Deploy 25,000 Men for Brazil's Elections

Texas businessman Wyly strikes $198 million deal with SEC

Governor Brown says she was victim of domestic violence

Flint's Water Still Isn't Safe

Public Employees Retirement System floats new idea for rising pension costs

Deputies refuse security detail after high school students take a knee during anthem

For Disgraced Congressman Who Ousted Brazil's President Is Revenge Time

7 Things You Need To Know About Trump's Marriages

5 well known Websites have Trump Tax avoidance at the very top

Trumpery - the dictionary definition of Donald Trump

Oregon bans janitorial company from government jobs over wage theft

Implied chance of winning US election from current Betfair exchange odds (Clinton 72%, Trump 26%)

3 LIVE Streams @ 11:30am Wednesday: Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Des Moines, Iowa 10/5/2016

LIVE Stream CANCELED: (Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Davenport, Iowa)

LIVE Stream: CANCELED (Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Iowa City, Iowa)

Netflix's orginal series, or how to do Audio Description right

Help Donald prepare for the 2nd debate

The Latest: LAPD finds handgun at scene of fatal shooting

Bombshell report on Trump taxes sends GOP nominee reeling

As news of Trump’s taxes broke, he goes off script at a rally in Pennsylvania

Illness among Univ. of Oregon fraternity members raises fears of swift-moving norovirus

Sunday's Doonesbury- My Facts, not Your Facts

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) 10 Cent Box Edition

Vetting the candidate

Trump Claims Mexicans "rapists" bringing crime are pretty mainstream" - good for restaruant business

Just heard that over 700 folks from the Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay

915,729,293 is my new most favorite number

John Kerry Appreciation thread

Not paying income tax for 18 years..How will the average tax payer respond?

Barbara Bush ( the younger) at a Hillary fundraiser in Paris?

With a change in state law, crimes against the elderly and intellectually disabled are on the rise

If the Democrats take back both houses of Congress should

7 tweets by Trump about taxes that are very awkward now

Please Cnn and MSNBC - no more Trump Surrogates

U.S. project of regime change in Cuba is still on

Desperate: Trump brings up Clinton's health, questions if she's 'loyal' to Bill

Trump mocks Hillary stumbling after she had been diagnosed with pneumonia!.

Trump imitates Clinton stumbling at 9/11 memorial

Trump has a challenge with white women: ‘You just want to smack him’

Trump seeks jumpstart from Pence

John King on CNN right now - says "Clinton's Momentum Stopped with Missteps?"

Girl Talk at Trump Tower

Donald Trump Is Seen as Helping Push Asian-Americans Into Democratic Arms

Trump essentially conceded that he's paid little or no income tax

Is snapchat just plain stupid?

Finally saw Obama's appearance on Bourdain's show last night. I will miss this man.

Scientists testing HIV cure report 'remarkable' progress after patient breakthrough

Fear the Walking Dead 2.14/2.15 "Wrath" and "North" Season Finale (spoiler alert)

What kind of "human being" mocks those with disabilities and sick people?

Heartwarming SNL faux ad from last year regarding the Donald

Team Hillary Faces Off with Team Trump in Hilarious SNL Family Feud Sketch

Did Hillary Insult Sanderistas as 'Basement Dwellers'? No—Just the Opposite

Do you get the feeling that Trump knows he's going to lose?

Michael Moore: "I'll be on Meet the Press this morning on NBC."

37 days till election: The Daily News

Will Media Call Out Rudy Giuliani's Horrific Treatment Of His Ex-Wife?

can you take business losses as a loss

Donald Trump the billion dollar welfare king

Billion Dollar Loser...

Bernie didn't take Jake Tapper's (CNN) bait about Hillary's comments regarding Sander's supporters.

Name any woman who would hug it out with the mistress

You know Don the Con is not merely a racist bully and a cruel man

Trump's Worst Week in Presidential Campaign History

"They took my microphone to Kenya and broke it"!

Jake Tapper trying hard not to laugh in Giulini's face.

In 2010, Trump Charity Gave $10,000 To Jenny McCarthy's Anti-Vax Organization

Shocking! 4 Million Barrels Of Oil From BP Disaster May Have Hurt Bluefin Reproduction

Ontario Dumps Plans For $3.8 Billion In Renewable Energy Projects

I wish I could find an 'okey dokey' hand gesture smiley or gif.

Hillary camp nails it on Trump's leaked tax returns

"Debt Parking"

#LastTimeTrump PaidTaxes, The Kardashians looked like this:

Jake Tapper goes off on giuliani

This is how stupid and ignorant some voters are.

How the TPP Could Be A Death Sentence For Some Americans

Sanders slams Trump over NYT report on taxes

Maybe Our Taxes Wouldn't Be So High If Your Candidate Paid His.

I'm so waisted

COMPLETE INTERVIEW: Bernie Sanders On CNN's "State of the Union" (10/2/2016)

COMPLETE INTERVIEW: Bernie Sanders On CNN's "State of the Union" (10/2/2016)

"The only news here is that the more than 20-year-old alleged tax document was illegally obtained.."

Ocean warriors unveil new high-speed ship against Japan whalers

Joy Reid is discussing drumpf taxes

Phonebank from home for Hillary! Trump hates you!

Giuliani thinks trump did 'really well at the debate'

How Drudge is spinning the tax returns

The Spokane (WA) Spokesman-Review Endorses Hillary Clinton

Since Trump has now been outed as the world's largest leech

Is The NYT Tax Article The October Surprise?.....

Ghouliani is on ABC This Week saying Donald is a genius for not paying taxes.

Chuck Todd brought up Rudy Giuliani's infidelities to his face!!

"Proof" (?) of an afterlife

Mike Pence: Dick Cheney is My Vice Presidential Role Model

Clinton Campaign Issues Statement on Leaked Audio of Her Talking About Sanders Supporters

" We the People" - Civics lessons are better in 12 bars

Corpus Christi (TX) Caller Times endorses HRC: "Our Support is Enthusiastic"

I've had infidelities...

Will Clinton invite Alicia Machado to the second debate?

If America Used Trump's Business Plan-


Full Interview: Bernie Sanders on ABC's "This Week" 10/2/16

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders on ABC's "This Week" 10/2/16

This is driving me crazy

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate

Chris Christie: Bombshell Trump Tax Piece Is Actually Good For His Campaign

If you missed SNL's fantastic send-up of the first debate, see it here:

What was your first "45"?

Clinton Camp Probably Leaked "Millennials Living In Basements" Comments Deliberately

House Dems amplify anti-Trump strategy

The Final Stretch

Who thinks Trump will continue to have more "bad weeks"?

Donald Trump’s Golf Resort Gone Awry: Scotland not impressed!

Like the music? ...go VOTE for the PHOTO!!

Jake Tapper’s Interview of Rudy Giuliani on Trump Taxes Descends Into Open Mockery

"illegally obtained" tax documents and the exclusionary rule

Trump leaked his own 1995 tax returns

The Jude Cause And The Ferguson Effect

Spouses of Presidential Candidates ALWAYS Appear During Campaigns

Trump had a cameo in a Playboy softcore porn-video in 2000

One of the Deplorables: Homicidal Ideation

Do you think the Hillary "Sanders comment" non-scandal was leaked because they found out...

Albuquerque Journal Poll: Close race in New Mexico--could Johnson be the spoiler?

Did Trump Receive Welfare Benefits in New York?

Bernie Sanders: Trump’s Tax Avoidance Is Why Americans Are Angry With Corrupt System

Historian David McCullough has studied & written about Presidents. This is what he says about Trump

Governor Backs Minimum Wage And Tobacco Tax Hikes, Medically Assisted Death

Bernie Sanders: Trump’s Tax Avoidance Is Why Americans Are Angry With Corrupt System

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Cold Open - SNL

Election Prediction: Republican Voters Stay Home in Droves

U.N. Atomic Agency Chief Confirms Iran Is Fulfilling Nuclear Deal

I didn't know at the time it was goodbye, she left us Friday morning

Trump said President Obama and Michelle didn't pay enough taxes!!!

How about a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel for a Sunday AM break?

Behind Machado: How A Miss Universe Roiled The Presidential Race

Excerpt: ‘American Maelstrom: The 1968 Election And The Politics Of Division’

Making the Rounds on FB: BREAKING: “Tens of thousands” of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio war

My profound thanks to the "Deep Throat" of Drumpt's Tax Records. n/t

Ohioans the last day to register is October 11

Tax Return Brings Up HUGE Questions re: Trump Directing Income to his Charity

Bernie tweet: Middle class families pay their taxes. But billionaires like Mr. Trump..

Actually, Foreign Nations Pay Billions For U.S. Military Bases

Sir Neville Marriner (1924-2016)

Trump tweeted: HALF of Americans don't pay income tax....


And the moral of the story, kiddies, is this....

Ohioans the last day to register is October 11

agent orange woke up early this morning. Tweets from 4 hrs ago

OMG Trump has no shame!!!

If you can vote early please do!

trump supporter "Obama daughters kidnapped", "Obama gay"...Washington Post must read

New ABC News/Washington Post poll: Clinton trounced Trump in first debate

Shit stupid Trump supporters in Texas say

Does anyone suppose that the Clinton Campaign hasn't done opposition research?

You know damn well that he's tweeting from the toilet

Beverley Hills Trumpettes

The 2nd debate may be just like the 1st debate.

Legal, Shmegal, Donald.

Van Jones silences Trump supporter: Tax-evading billionaires are 'part of the corruption'

Mark Cuban: I saw Trump relative rolling her eyes during debate

Mike Pence refuses to pardon a man wrongly convicted and proven innocent

Trump Chides Sanders for Making a ‘Deal with the Devil’ and Supporting Clinton

Since it's October: #trumpkin

Trump at top of ticket has some Utah Republican leaders squirming

Trump Campaign leaked those 1995 tax returns

the Republican vaccination strategy

Governor Herbert backs away from $400 million promise for education boost

Mitt Romney says 47 percent of Americans pay no income tax

Is anyone else sorely tempted, upon learning someone supports tRump...

"I did not interview this Trump-supporting Uber driver in VA-He just talked & told me to take notes"

Donald Trump is 100% confirmation that rich people pay little taxes and that we need to...

A Federal Court Orders Wisconsin to Stop Suppressing the Vote

out of curiosity what 1995 federal budget item would have been covered by trump's $900+million loss?

The Time I Found Donald Trump’s Tax Records in My Mailbox By SUSANNE CRAIG/NYT

A Few Notes on the Times Blockbuster - by Josh Marshall

POS Donald Trump Mocking Illness, Disability

Utah Supreme Court could weigh in on case against ex-A.G. John Swallow

This might seem like a stupid question...

Just in case it matters: Where the candidates stand on animal rights.

Whenever you meet a trump voter ask them if they have children.

Rudy Giuliani is batsh*t crazy

Reflections on this year's CO2 minimum at the Mauna Loa observatory.

Roger Stone claims Wikileaks drop Wednesday

When Asked If NYT Has More Trump Docs, Reporter Gives ‘No Comment’

I can't fault Trump for not paying taxes he didn't owe, BUT...

The roots of Donald Trump’s anti-intellectualism

The Laughable Defects In The Argument That Trump Can Reform Tax Law

Bernie defends Hillary after leaked audio: "I agree with her"

Has anybody seen Page 2 of this 1040

Trump's cycle of Rage and Abuse

Rudy Giuliani: All Americans cheat on their spouses

Hillary Clinton Charity Work, (26) Events and (30) Causes

Connected: Two Women, Two Mothers, Two Leaders.

Funny Barack Obama Memes and Pictures

Atheists Reflect on the Impact of The God Delusion Ten Years After Its Release


Chicago Tribune endorses Gary Johnson (and my LTTE in response)

Video Shows Carolina Cop Violently Arrest Black Man For Sitting On His Porch

NC: Six Months Into HB2, Small Business Owners Feel Economic Impact of Law

TRUMP "Finally. Someone who thinks like me" - diagnosis: “homicidal ideation” ....

Ethiopia: many dead in anti-government protest at religious festival

A knock on the door -

Trump should release all of his Tax records if this was such a good idea

tRump Tax Returns: Why these particular three pages?

Trump Threatened to Cut Off Alimony to Marla Maples if She Spoke Negatively About Him

How much of that $915m business loss Trump claimed did he actually absorb?

NYT might be sitting on more tax documents - from Raw Story

Hey! Donald! Delete Your Campaign!

That idiot Jack Kingston on CNN: "We don't know if it's authentic..."

Sick Of Obnoxious Flag Waving & USA!!!!, USA!!!!,USA!!!! Shouting.

The Last Time I saw Paris - NO- The last time Trump paid taxes

Cold hearted Mike Pence refuses to pardon a man wrongly convicted and proven innocent

Uh-oh: NYT reporter hints more bombshell Trump tax documents are coming

Headline says Trump goes off-script at a rally. It should say "Trump goes off the deep end

We Must All Remember GOP Hypocrisy Is Ok. The Media Certainly Approves Of It.

Giuliani Calls Donald Trump a Genius for Minimizing His Taxes

Pat Robertson: Trump sniffing at debate "MAY HAVE BEEN A SIGN OF THE HOLY SPIRIT coming out of him"

Did Don the Con say he paid no taxes in the GOP primary debates?

Bernie Sanders: Trump’s Tax Avoidance Is Why Americans Are Angry With Corrupt System

Gay Catholics test Poland's conservative church

and here we have Trump on the Wheel of Fortune

Seriously, people. This business genius lost money in the biggest economic expansion of our lifetime

Donald Trump’s Pathetic Fraternity

The republican party has become a complete propaganda party.

In wake of Keith Scott shooting, Hillary Clinton visits Charlotte

Hate to be the teenager dating Obama's daughters

I hope Marla Maples leaked the tax information

First glasses.

Lauren Bacall: "I'm a liberal. The L word!"

Say, Donald, How'd you do that? Really...

What are you reading this week of October 2, 2016?

Clinton in Charlotte: 'Community Is in Pain' Over Keith Lamont Scott Shooting

Giuliani an ass.

Granddaughter Barbara Bush attended a Hillary fundraiser in Paris.

Gunner's mate no more? Few fans of Navy's name changes

At This Point I Am Rooting For The Europeans To Win. It Would Sure Silence That Crappy USA!!! Chant

Guess who's MIA...Kellyanne missing from all the Sunday shows.

Has anyone asked, "Where did the $916 million in losses come from?"

New Ad: Trump victim: George Hanus | The Briefing

Donald Trump is an expert on the tax code. He knows how to fix it.

Disclosure | The Briefing ~ New Ad with Eichenwald & Fahrenthold

With only $6000 in wages Trump would have paid next to nothing in

so trump asked his supporters to go monitor polling sites on election day...

Baby bunnehs! High squee warning

WikiLeaks cancels highly anticipated Tuesday announcement due to 'security concerns'

Where is the FBI when they are needed?

Trump already not keeping campaign promises...

Since tRump thinks it's so genius to not pay taxes

Pence: Condoms are "too modern and too liberal"

Is Trump throwing the election?

Where is the call for reform of our tax system?

AP FBS poll 10/2/16

With all their money

How Do RW Geniuses "Support Our Troops" By Not Paying Taxes?

Meanwhile in Russia

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe

WOW: Harry Reid: "Trump is a Billion Dollar Loser"

Hillary's new tax tool

Low turnout will nullify Hungarian vote on refugees, initial results suggest

Women to go on strike in Poland in protest at planned abortion law

Women to go on strike in Poland in protest at planned abortion law

When will the shoe drop on trump on how little he gives to charity....

Trump”s really dangerous statement?

New augmented reality comic book shows the resilience of acid attack survivors

Where is Kelly Ann Conway today? Have I missed the shows she's been on?

"Everything" Bagels Made w/Cauliflower (low-carb)

Trump's taxes bump Miss Universe from headlines

This is how the tweet storm came about-- drumpf was left unsupervised

Trump Said to Resist Pressure to Show Taxes After NYT Story

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

When Donald Trump gets in a hole, he just keeps digging. And digging. And digging.

Someone trying to hack Kurt Eichenwald's twitter account!

Hungary referendum rejects EU mandatory migrant plan

Harry Reid mocks Trump tax leaks: ‘Racist incompetent failure managed to lose a billion dollars’

Congratulations to Donald! He is now part of that mythical 47% Romney was talking about.

Shouting about family values

It Was Another Brutal Week for Mass Gun Violence in America


Trump is a Fake!

Ugh - frequent jingoistic Trump ads during the Red Sox/Toronto game on TBS.

Who sent the manila envelope - with page from Trump's tax return - to the NY Times?

Yuan joins club of IMF reserve currencies

Giuliani: A man with 'this kind of economic genius' better for U.S. than a woman

Never Mind: Wikileaks Cancels Big Clinton-Related Announcement Amid Security Concerns

Yuan joins club of IMF reserve currencies

A shout out to Sanders

I believe Hillary unfavorables are a result of lot of Trump supporters' racism

Terrorists target Army camp in J&K's Baramulla (India)

Sick of cheato? Me too. But this slideshow about his hair's evolution is rather amusing

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 2, 2015

Trump Says 50% of People Are Lazy

Patriots shut out in Foxboro!

Weis Markets expands, buying 38 Food Lion stores, including 21 in Maryland.

Wait for it . . . . wait for it . . . .

Anyone planning on staying up late tonight for Trump's twittering?

The media doesn't seem to have as much time now

Hillary went to Charlotte on Sunday. She spoke at a church...

Trump apparently just implied that Hillary Clinton has had affairs...


Nevada Poll shows Joe Heck and Catherine Cortez Masto are in close race for U.S. Sen. Reid’s seat

Nevada Poll shows Clinton and Trump are in statistical tie

Super Genius Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton at the last debate

Huffington Post: ‘Virtually Every Alt-Right Nazi I Know Is Volunteering For The Trump Campaign’

Anti-Semitism at My University, Hidden in Plain Sight

Shout out and crossed fingers for Malaise and all DU folks in the path of Matthew.

I think my neighbor is conflicted looking at their yard signs

Ducey identifying doomed state agencies, regulations

Feds reject Ducey’s bid to limit Medicaid coverage, charge poorest Arizonans

Racist graffiti attack on historic black school in Virginia

Interesting Tweet from Nate Silver

Racist graffiti attack on historic black school in Virginia

Watch Donald Trump Lecture Americans For Not Paying Taxes

Tycoon George Soros gives $300,000 to anti-Arpaio group

Timber Company Tells California Town, Go Find Your Own Water (xpost from GD)

I think everyone should write their congressman and tell him or her that you are paying the

How to make a fortune by losing a fortune. Or, no - Donald Trump didn't lose a damned thing.

Cops Starve Mentally Ill Citizen to Death as Punishment “for Being Offensive”

Grand Canyon tram proposal sparks ire, awe from Navajo Nation to Germany

Bernie Sanders - What Patriotism!

Florida Christians Want to Kill Women Who Have Abortions

Rudy Giuliani Says Trump Would Be A Better President Because He Is A Man

Assange Says New Hillary Clinton Leak Will Destroy Her This Month

Donald Trump Goes Nuclear On Hillary: Mocks Her Illness And Says She Cheated On Bill

Pear Snacking Cake With Brown Butter Glaze

Trump Goes Way Off Script

Mayor Eric Garcetti's house egged after protesters marched there Saturday

Trump doesn't pay taxes but lectures NATO nations for not paying their dues.

Trump Puts Our Fragile Democracy at Risk

Bevin urging pastors to get political from the pulpit.

Donald Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton; She Can't Even Make it 15 Ft to Her Car! SAVAGE

Will you get stinky for Christmas?

What kind of an audience can Gallup find for the 2nd debate that hasn't made

Six year old Jacob Hall dies from injuries in elementary school shooting in SC. Enough said. nt

CalPERS poised to cut retiree pensions in tiny Sierra town

Donald Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia Stumbling Episode

Medical care now California’s biggest industry, dwarfing all others

What are the idiots saying

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 3 October 2016

Part-time community college instructors to get job protections

In time for Halloween The pumpkin grape arrives

Trump’s unusual conflict: Millions in debts to German bank now facing federal fines

The Giants having the Dodgers lie down for them is like having...

Jerry Brown vetoes expansion of unpaid leave for new parents

California increases penalties for secret recordings like Planned Parenthood videos

The most shocking part of Donald Trump’s tax records isn’t the $916 million loss everyone’s talking

Ivanka not happy with campaign manager’s approach

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes bill that would raise funeral benefit for CalPERS members


Good Grief! Trump Accuses Hillary Of Cheating On Bill Clinton

What does Donplorable mean exactly by "he's the only one that can 'fix' them(tax laws)"?

Anthony Bourdain says no to dining with Donald Trump: ‘Absolutely f—ing not’

Brown vetoes bill to broaden ranked-choice voting in California

Wikkileaks and Assange are cancelling their big bombshell announcement

Leave it to Chuck Todd to find something positive to say about Trump's tax return disclosure.

Nudist resort offers aid to Loma Fire victims

World's nations agree elephant ivory markets must close

World's nations agree elephant ivory markets must close

Big Sur fire acreage increases to 132,069 acres

Guardian: Hydrogen cars and electrolysers: the dawn of Australia's hydrogen economy?

Cleveland clinches ALCS homefield advantage with Boston loss

Fracking Threatens Chaco Canyon

If it's Trump's personal return, what's this "he'll get sued" BS?

136 Orange County library workers will lose their jobs

NY Times Reporters Brush Off Lawsuit Threat Over Publishing Trump Tax Forms

Woman is overwhelmed by cute Corgi puppies

Syrian Military Calls on Aleppo Rebels to Surrender

Ask your question

Colombia voters reject FARC peace plan: near-full results

NEW New Mexico, @ABQJournal Poll: Clinton 35% (+4) Trump 31% Johnson 24% Stein 2%


Fan in gorilla suit, 'All Lives Matter' shirt runs on field in Chicago

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