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MSNBC: Latino voters holding "You need Jesus" signs behind Tweety

I haven't had much time (or stomach) to listen or read a lot today - who all is Trump bringing?

Kentucky Is Now A Toss Up As Trump Support Collapses In Mitch McConnell’s Home State

GOP is no longer the party lincoln.

Black protesters removed from Birmingham Trump rally sue campaign and convention center

Netanyahu tells settlers of worries of possible U.S. action at U.N.

BREAKING: Trump to do another live show on Facebook at 8:30...

Harry Reid WINS pre-debate coverage

WMUR poll: HRC up by 15 in New Hampshire.

I'm not watching the debate tonight

My 86 year old mother is getting ready...........

Alabama Capitol statue honors doctor who experimented on slaves

The Ultimate Apocalypse Grifter is still doing his thing

How powerful is the Budget Committee?

listening to the debate on NPR is going to be interesting

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin = the new GOP.

Ex-Christie spokesman testifies he warned governor on 'Bridgegate'

BREAKING: Scott Baio is in the house...

Pundits STILL Underestimating Hillary, Offering Childish Advice To Boot

Obama signs executive order making loser of election leave US.

Clinton Hoping to Guarantee Victory by Inviting Trump to Debate

Though Banned From City Hall, Tennessee Man Runs for Mayor

Vogue Endorses Hillary. PIC by Anne Leibovitz

The truth about the Clinton foundation

Jury Soon to Begin Deliberating - #BundyTeaParty

The truth about the Clinton foundation

The truth about the Clinton foundation

Watching c-span.

Legislators' pay to increase by $1,700

Larry King with a front row seat.

How America was responsible for giving Pakistan the bomb.

I am truly in awe of Hillary Clinton.

Politico has LIVE BLOGGING of the debate

Remembering DUs Andy Stephenson tonight. I know you're watching, Andy.

California launches criminal probe into Wells Fargo account scandal

Obamacare - a big upgrade from the status quo!

Ecuador cuts off Internet access for Assange

So one of Trumps debate guests is supposedly Bill Clinton's black love child?

Mississippi attorney gets prison for bingo embezzlement

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-18-16

Clever Halloween Costume

Tonight's Huffington Post headline: TONIGHT IN VEGAS: JERK DU SOLEIL

TEXT from Vegas: "Funny to hear Russian spoken in lobby of Trump hotel here !"

TrumpHumpers Want To Shut Down The Polls Most Likely. Wonder What Possibility For Chaos Is?

What's the best online/streaming debate link? I have no TV source right now.

Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians - World Series bound

Debate on C-SPAN:

Northern Ontario Jesus statue gets shocking replacement head

Hillary is in white tonight...

I'm not a violent man...

Hillary arriving dressed in white.nt

She's wearing the white suit! Do it for us all, Hillary!

New PPP Poll of Wisconsin: HRC leads by 12; Feingold leads by 6

Ms. Clinton is wearing all-white tonight.

Why Is Assange Helping Trump?

So: Trumps "special Facebook program is apparently a TV interview (precursor of TRUMP TV?) w/ Flynn

Yay!!! I sold my paint so now I can just paint the house white.

Yeah. Bring my old bosses half brother would totally terrify me.

The Definitive Clinton E-mail Scandal Analysis

MSNBC just reported that Trump is bringing an old girlfriend of Amb. Chris Stevens to the debate

Can we avoid having 15 "Official Debate threads" tonight?

The Definitive Clinton E-mail Scandal Analysis


The Definitive Clinton E-mail Scandal Analysis

The Definitive Clinton E-mail Scandal Analysis

Which network is broadcasting the debate please?

Trump is bringing beezlebub to the debate

You're welcome, Cleveland. From a Yankees fan

I keep hearing Trump & Trump supporters including members of the media

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Tesla Says All Vehicles in Production Capable of Self-Driving

The GOP is the problem, the whole problem, and the only problem.

Please suggest a site that is providing recommendations for House candidates...

Bravenaks debate live blog- because fuck this shit

***Can we avoid having 15 "Official Debate threads" tonight?*** Official Thread #2

Good grief he's squinting already

Shimmy forward Madam Secretary....

Hey Cheetoe Jesus! What about the 15th Amendment?

Trump will play the part of squinty eye tough guy in tonight's debate

He sounds like he is sedated

"MISTER" Trump and "HILLARY" Clinton.

For the baseball fans...

He going to appoint 20 Supreme Court justices?

Paul Begala destroys Trump followers on Benghazi!

I have to watch this debate via proxy

What's that hole in his throat?

He leads by attacking The Notorious RBG?

Trump can't seem to get his medication right, he's either acting like Frank Booth

There goes the first sniff!

Chris Wallace is favoring right wing hot button issues off the top

His eyes are so BLOODSHOT! Omg! Visine!!! nt

Oh hell yes Hillary! Trump admits wants to overturn RvW.

NPR - Live Blog, Fact Check and Transcript

Can someone explain to everyone that Indiana is 30 min away from Chicago

Hillary is really good at explaining

"You can take the baby and rip it out of the womb on the last day of the pregnancy"

Trump confirms he is pro-forced-birth.

Great answer by Hillary that govt has no business in abortion decisions

Awesome Asparagus dog rescue by Anonymous Newport News, VA

Donald Trump Claims To Say What He Means

I think his medication is wearing off


God, here he goes with the sniffing


"Bad hombres" ? ? ? ?

so glad i an mute when t'rump is spewing shit

His "snyphilus" has returned.

The moderator has clearly coordinated with the candidate.

MSNBC is only showing

Mr. Sniffles is back!

He has cotton mouth.

Trump is getting owned!

Do you know what they call "taking a baby from the womb..."

Oops - he's started drinking the water and sniffing

Good job on Hillary's part bringing up the Twitter wars. n/t

First "bigly"...

Bigly! Drink!

Biggly again

She is running the table.

Is bigly and adjective or adverb

Bigly . . . . sniff . . . sniff . . . . Bigly


Hazardous Child Labor Is Still Legal In The U.S. And President Obama Needs To End It

There is only one thing on Trump's mind ... how SNL will make fun of his debate performance

That's what's happened bigly?

Great segue from Wikileaks to Russian hackers!

I thought ObamaNton didn't deport anybody. Which is It? nt


Go Hillary Go!!! Russia engaged in ESPIONAGE!

I Predict at 60 Minutes Trump Will Be Looking Like He Needs to Pee Bad

Chris Wallace do your job!

Wallace quoting wikileaks,

Hillary is doing a good job of standing up to Chris Wallace so far.

Trump's face right now...

Mark Cuban is the winner here! He said that if you ask Trump questions for more than a few minutes

Just a theory, but is Trump's microphone squirting invisible crazy gas at him?

He is starting to crack.......

No puppet! Bad lipreading is gonna have a blast!

The pressure is building and he will blow up soon!

Hillary just called Trump a Putin "puppet"

Am I the only one who thinks Mike Wallace is fucking BIASED......

BASEBALL UPDATE: Cubs 2 run homer in the 4th

Trump has a 25 minute limit on self-discipline

She is going to make him blow up.

She is bringing up good points about trump on putin's side

"THANK YOU" Trump says to Wallace. Clearly biased questions for Trump.

Hillary is killing it right now. She's doing amazing. Very proud.

Trump's makeup looks better than usual tonight.

The valium has worn off...

She got 'im he's drowning in shit. Fucking puppet. nt

#1 takeaway from tonight: Trump is a dirty commie stooge.

He just implied that ISRAEL's trying to influence the election?

Hillary is starting to push Trump's buttons.

Trump is winding up. She's inside his head and he'll soon explode . . . . again.

she got to him with the Puppet comment

donald is going looney tunes!!!! Stand by

If anybody has a link to the bald GOP guy on MSNBC just before the debate

***** LIVE stream 2016 Presidential Final Debate Thread II *****

The lighting is TOO bright on them both - good grief!

Chris Wallace is asking good questions imho. Nt

Comrade Trump is in the house representing the 011 7 812

He thinks the squint looks "tough" but he looks like a pool hall punk watching his girlfriend . . .

Chris Wallace is really spinning the questions

Fuck you Wallace and your rightwing questions

Anyone notice that Wallace is framing the questions to resemble rightwing talking points? nt

There's a hashtag trending on Twitter right now: "#signsyourelying".

She's got game tonight.

Up to 4 or 5 on "disaster"...

Want to fact check Trump? Please read. Let's go Dems!!!!

She it one TOUGH LADY! GO HILLARY! She's doing VERY well.

Still top of 4th...Cubs just hit a two run double

Trump the puppet

My wife just yelled at the TV

Trump is running out of working memory just on que. He's beginning to repeat himself

I see Donald has learned nothing from the last two debates.

Kind of amazing...

Businesses don't hire people based on tax cuts

another thought, if Clinton is president, will she only get paid 72% of what men presidents make?


Hillary is kicking Trump's and Wallace's ass

Wallace: "blah blah blah" Trump: "Correct" Wallace: "Thank you, Sir"

Gulp Gulp gulp

Nice hat tip to PBO

When Chris Wallace said "Thank you, sir" when Trump interrupted him...

He's lying about China's and india's growth rates.

He's mentioning ''Gina"

Just donated to Hillary Clinton

Chinese steel!!!!!

yes=she did it

It's ironically impressive how Trump can be so absolutely clueless on so many topics


My God, I'm starting to feel sorry for this clown.

News reports say, his companies are in decline


She is kicking ASS!

Did Trump almost say "give me a fucking break" when she brought up Alicia Machado again?

How do we get out of Iraq? Declare victory and leave, thats how.

If Wallace is going to ask about Trump women he will ask Hill about Wikileaks

He just blamed HRC and Obama for violence at his rally in Chicago.

OMFG! Meltdown!

Get ready for more victims to come out tomorrow...

Here come the INSANE conspiracy theories. HE IS NUTS!!

What's With This $1500 Payment For Rioting?....

Sitting here with my mouth open

"Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger"

She's good

She's using the perfect tone in this response about Trump's groping

There it is...33,000 emails! OMG!!! nt

Was Trump having a stroke, or is that his standard incoherent babbling?

I can see the SNL skit now!

This woman is AWESOME!!!!!!

***** LIVE stream 2016 Presidential Final Debate Thread III *****

Maybe "$1500 payments" are how Trump gets people to go to his rallies..

And the winner is???

The only way Trump can win this debate...

He just wiped the sweat off his upper lip

Solo Cubs home run in the top of the 5th

Gen. James Cartwright the former four-star general's admission that he lied to FBI agents

The slow growth is due to the obstruction by the cons

Solo shot by Cubs in top of the 5th

The truth meter has to be bowen by now

Its ridiculous for a right wing shill to be "moderating" a presidential debate.

Wallace allowing Trump to interrupt and take over Hillary's two minutes

List of things Trump did to help Haiti:

The Trump Foundation bought a 6 foot portrait of Donald. Who does that?

That woman makes me proud! NT

It Looks Like Trump's Face Is Beginning To Perspire....

Trump would have been so much better off skipping these debates

anyone following Free Republic reaction to this debate?

Donnie just mentioned his hotel in Vegas.


...Built with Chinese Steel...

Trump is starting to make that 'Mussolini' face, at the end of his answers

Trump shouting down Wallace and Clinton. Wallace letting him run wild.

IIRC, she did change that law...

Transcript Excerpt Re Supreme Court - You Can't Make This Up...

Wallace was the worst of the moderators

And HERE comes the voter fraud and corrupt media shit

Paid with Chinese steel.

"I will look at it at the time" in answer to Chris question about accepting election results

They should call this debate on points.

So basiclly he will not accept it if she wins.

The fucker just admitted he's going to contest the election.

Total meltdown and crazy conspiracy theories. HE IS NUTS!

No peaceful transition of power. Wow

Did Rrump just say that Hillary Clinton shouldn't be allowed to vote?!

Mr. Wallace's father is not rolling around in his grave. He's crawling

"I'll keep you in suspense"??????????

Emmys rigged, lol, attaway Hill! NT

Now she's cookin'. . .

She should be charged with animal cruelty.

OMG I think she is channelling his mother

It sounds like Trump's drug dealer rigged his supply

This is Hillary's best debate

'I will look at it at the time'

I almost think wallace is trying to set the buffoon up but still trying to play his faux credentials

"Hold on, Trump!"

He's toast! nt

So there we have it. trump wont except election result

Chris Wallace should be taken out to the woodshed, after this debate is over

I think Hillary's mic volume is lowered when trump is speaking. Yet

I've never seen a woman kick a man's ass like this since

View of Trump's debate notes

This great woman is beating the living SHIT out of this crazy asshole! YA!

She got his number on ' rigged'- made him look pathetic. Beautifully done.

Can Someone Tell Donald Trump How the United States Government Works

I went to Little Haiti

Anybody else think he looks like a lizard?

Can someone explain to me how Hillary Clinton lost muscle?


lol, back to MacArthur

Did he just say least stupidest??

Can anyone follow what this nitwit

Check out this lying tweet from Andrea Mitchell:

Hello 9-1-1. I want to report a scary clown.

So thirsty glue glue was he prepped by Rubio


Debate Excerpt Re Russia - Clinton Owns Trump Again

"When she took everybody out of Iraq....(something horrible)" He talks like she is the Queen!

He's like a petulant child. n/t

Ooooh - too cool! He's back to Wrong

She's not a dictator. Dimwit donnie

Shut up about Bernie Sanders! His supporters are NOT crossing over to

he's citing Senator Sanders....

Trump's next tweet: I was treated horribly by Chris Wallace.

Director Dinesh D'Souza's film "Hillary's America" debunked!

He. Just. Praised. Assad.

Who's drunk from taking shots every time the orange one leans into the mic and says "Wrong"?

How are my chain-smoking companions coping?

According to Trump, EVERYTHING is Hillary's fault.

He's created a new meme

Trump is doing a great job

Call His Corner! Throw In The Towel! Standing 8 Count!

You know at the end of the day he looks as evil

Bernie Sanders: "No major U.S. company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

SNL is writing the skit as we speak - something related to Haloween and Trumps crazy eyes

Build a wall around Queens!

Lots of luck Hillary!

She just set a trap for Trump by mentioning the wounded kid from Syria.

Three debates and not a single mention of climate change

What's 12 inches long and hangs between Vladimir Putin's legs?

It sad to see someone deteriorate like this, even a clown like Trump

Hillary was presidential during the ISIS segment

Headline for tomorrow: Trump won't commit to accepting election results.

Wait a minute!

Excuse me. What the FUCK is he talking about??????

Transcript - Beautiful Take Down of Trump Re Rigging The Election...

Trump said he never apologized to his wife...

Trump is an orange, bloated, foul mouthed, loud mouthed, habitual liar.

Wallace let drumph babble on many times.

Hey Dipshit! Are you gonna make your line of clothing in the USA?

No Donnie, America cannot grow at 6-8 percent a year.

How do you do all that Donald?

Explain to me how he gets by with complaining about jobs going to other countries

"Swatches of land"? says Donald talking about Syria. He don't know the word swaths, I think.

Don't shake his hand after the debate, just wiped his nose with his finger

He lied about Buffett using loopholes.

Colbert will be Live tonight - FYI

Didn't watch the horrorshow. Will I enjoy the spindrift?

Economy Grew Under Both Reagan and George W. Bush

Quit calling SS and Medicare entitlements. The recipients paid into it while

What was with the swipe of his finger under his nose and under his chin?

He ends by calling her a nasty woman

Did he just call her a "nasty woman"?

Did he just say "such a nasty woman"

Social Security & Medicare Will Run Out Of Money?.....

It is so fucking pitiful that this swollen orange hemorrhoid is standing on that stage

Overrides Wallace yet again. After Wallace said no!

"Such a nasty woman" he interrupts to say

"Such a nasty woman." Trump almost makes it through the debate without an insult.

"Such a nasty woman!" And Trump gets away with it, again. nt

Oh fuck NO! He just interrupted her and said "such a nasty woman". n/t

Entitlements driving our debt? According to Wallace.

"SUCH A NASTY WOMAN" I can't believe I just heard him say that -- what a sexist ass.

Meet Fancy Bear, the Russian Group Hacking the Election

Go Cubs Go!

"Such a nasty woman" yes he just said that sbout Hillary.

In two months, Trump will not only be denying he lost, he'll be denying he ever ran for President

"such a nasty woman"?

"Grand bargain"

Such a waste of good oxygen Donald

6% GDP growth???

I LOVE IT! You KNOW Con didn't prepare any closing speech because there wasn't

Great unscripted final answer by Hillary

Donald should have been forced to wear a shock collar.

While You Were Watching The Debate, Trump Just Launched Trump TV

He can shove that pointing finger of his RIGHT UP HIS PASTY ASS.

The African Americans and The Latinos have No Educations and No Jobs

Chris, the social security trust fund will run out because of Repukes raiding it

"I will do more for Latinos, and Africans"

I'd take four more years of Barrack Obama in a heartbeat

She ends with an uplifting statement.

Last question shows how fucked MR TRUMP is... he is done deal now

Our women are disrespected?


He Looked Like He Was In SERIOUS Pain at the end of the debate.

"The Alec Baldwin full employment act."

The Alec Baldwin full employment act of 2016...

The Alec Baldwin full employment act.

"The Alec Baldwin Full Employment Act of 2016": Brian Williams

Once again, Hillary goes to the audience, Trump stay on stage, waits for family

Todd: "Hillary had a substantively better debate"

OMG! Its Like Rhonda Rousey v. Turtle!

melania is just a trophy. Do you see how he pushed her away to lunge toward his daughter he wants

donald is rather stiff-even with his family. Not give his wife a hug. He seems rather upset. te h

Media Reaction

Fox already claiming that Trump WON. They are FUCKING CRAZY. FUCKING CRAZY

One of the first TV criticisms of Trump is the "nasty woman" remark


She wipped the floor with his orange hair!

Ok. What the holy FUUUUUCK did we just watch?

Donald Trump says you cannot telegraph to ISIS your plans, you should keep them in suspence.

It's rigged folks Obama is hiding illegal aliens in tunnels under Walmarts in Texas

******NASTY WOMAN***** Top twitter meme

I know it is unpopular, but Chris Wallace did a good job

So.....who won? 😉

California launches criminal probe into Wells Fargo account scandal

I am not rehashing the primary. So please keep finger off the alert button.

Nicole Wallace crucifying Trump for not accepting the result of the election

HAHA FOX screwed up (again)

Chris Matthews is calling it a win for Hillary, five minutes after the debate!

Tweety, Hillary won

The final scenes are amazing. HRC surrounded by LOTS of friends. Him, not so much

He actually said: "We're entitled" !!!

Trump is LEAVING -- NOT GOING TO SPIN ROOM! Leaving Kellyanne in the dust.

I’ll say this and I’m amazed That I am.

I'm calling it now...

In the same sentence, in the same breath,

What did Justice Ginsburg say about Trump?

PBS: Trump wanted to be a strong man, but now is a whinner.

Top of 6th

"He was like an old man in the park, feeding squirrels"


Tonight, the final nail in the Trump coffin

LOL, Steve Schmidt: "An Old Man In A Park Feeding Squirrels ...

he was like an old man in the park arguing with himself

Forget Al Gore, Trump is the sore loserman!

Hillary won the debate

so the Big Story from the Media is that he will not concede the election

Anybody else notice that all of the tough policy decision questions went to Hil first? She detailed

Donald Trump refuses to say whether he'll accept election results

K&R if you are GLAD there are NO MORE TRUMP DEBATES!!!!

we: *WON*! that is all.

Holy crap. Donnie is a very scary person to get anywhere near the presidency

Hillary worked the crowd while Trump ran for the car.

Trump quick exit is sort of surprising ... maybe he's actually (physically) sick.

hillary ripped his tiny arm off and beat him to a pulp with it

Pretty Much explains Herr Gropenfuror

"Nasty Woman" and not willing to say he'll concede

Trump admitted he already lost the election, you can't lose a debate anymore bigly than that.

Yet another ape stomping on trump

i'm so happy Hillary didn't shake his hand. he proved tonight he has no respect for women.

Yay Van Jones!

Van Jones: "Trump praises Putin and Assad more than any American president."

My impression of debate: Women will hate him(even more)

"You can't polish this turd" Van Jones quote

Oh my God, the Trump surrogates on CNN are going nuts.

Politico: Clinton now has a 90 percent chance of winning the Nov. 8 election

Hell has frozen over:

Obviously The Biggest Moment of this debate?

Steve Schmidt

Any Trump University Alums posting here tonight?


Let's hear it for our Nasty Girl (umm...Women)

OK kids

PBS panel called the debate for HRC

Before I head for bed!

Love How Hillary Milled around with the Crowd, took selfies

Martha Raddatz and other pundits

Nicole Wallace says he nailed boards of his own coffin, disqualified himself from Presidency

Mama Just Took The Drunk Uncle Out To The Woodshed.......

Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC saying Trump lay in his own coffin and pounded the nails in.

I think Wallace just...

Hillary got stronger by debate. She circled back to "The Apprentice" as Obama did in 2011

You know who was a nasty woman?

Gloria Allred announces new sex misconduct accuser against Donald Trump...

Trump refuses to say he’ll accept losing


I can get this out of my mind!

"in the panic room" was N. Wallace response to the question Where will McConnell Ryan et all

Axelrod: "this was the worst of the three" debates for Trump

Congratulations President Hillary Clinton!

Apparently the MSM thinks "I won't accept the results of the election" is a big deal.

HRC got under this orange man skin around 35 min marker and then he is dead

And the talking heads still act

Donald Drumph invoking Bernie Sanders is simply blasphemy.

Can't wait for Joe and Mika's spin tomorrow.

Chris, the check is in the mail, Donald,

Bottom line: Trump hates America

I Am .......... A Nasty Woman

sniff & disaster count

My favorite response on twitter to Trump's "nasty woman" comment

Didn't stay long at free republic......

Ok... now what happens if and when Trump is committed to a mental health facility?

He kept calling her "she" while jabbing his finger in her face.

Stefan on 2016: NY's hottest club is #NastyWoman. It has everything...

A quote from Brideshead Revisited that describes Trump perfectly

LOL, they just showed Reince Prebuis covered in flop sweat.

Trump just Tweeted: That was really exciting. Made all of my points. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Hugh Hewitt - "Donald went 14 out of 15 rounds"

He is toast, He knows it He drove away from the debate right away

Drinking Game suggestion

Massimo Bottura, the Chef Behind the World’s Best Restaurant

Hillary's Finest Hour

I can't wait to vote. Then I can't wait to work the poll in Hill's Voter Protection Team

Red, White, and Blue

I'm with Nasty Woman.

My gut tells me there will be violence from Trump supporters after he loses

Trump letting his kids and Kellyanne try to clean up his mess. What a COWARD. Eric sounds like he is

The GOP approves of Trump's rapey behavior!

Trump re Clinton: "Such A Nasty Woman"

So what was the point of his "Guests", no mention of Benghazi, nada.

Wait for it...the next few tweet volleys will be epic

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey Goodbye

One thing I just realized about the debate is

My Dearest Vladimir, I am forever sorry for forsaking you, Hillary made he do it,

Have you noticed how right wingers blame 'everyone' for the state of our country?

This is how Trump won the nomination...

Re-enactment of Third Clinton vs. Trump Debate

Trump blatantly lied about not making fun of the disabled reporter

Ryan Lizza: Trump surrogates on air right now are literally helping Trump destabilize our democracy

Trump's debate nine-word fail leads NY Times tonight:

Trump wants to work with Putin, who is currently using and enabling

Trump's Asshole Son on TV

"Your husband disagrees with you." That's Trump in a nutshell.

hugh hewitt has lost his silly ass grin tonight

Brian Williams just cut to "the back of Donald Trump Jr" leaving the site.

After every debate, the spin and all the commentators are talking some Trump gaff

Trump said he won. 😂 Nt

Kaleigh on CNN referred to Pres Obama to Van Jones as "your president" when discussing the

To Bernie Sanders' supporters: it's time to come together!

Did someone just dial 1-800-KELLYANNE?

OK. I grew up in the

Donald Jr on t.v. saying his father was creating jobs for his employees,.

LA Times columnists call it for Clinton ... and it's not even close.

Why are only trump surrogates

"wife was reading her kindle ...when he called her a "nasty woman" she looked up and said "fuck you"

Thoughts on the debate?

I don't like her, but KellyAnne Conway looks absolutley haggard and tired

If that debate had been an MMA fight, Donnie woulda needed a priest, not a doctor.

Serious question: Might Trump end his life rather than face humiliation?

All kidding aside for a moment. One thing not discussed but was PERFECTLY clear . . . . .

Wow, state of Indiana admits their 'voter fraud' might be people trying to correct

Kelly Anne is totally full of shit.

The one line that not only summed up Trump's campaign but his entire life

I think they get paid by the pound...

OK How early election called on election night?

Fortunately, conceding the election is a nicety

Again Kellyanne Conway is Baghdad Bob

So I'm going to be mean! Kellyann looke like sh&* tonight! Her hair's a mess,

While You Were Watching The Debate, Trump Just Launched Trump TV


MARK CUBAN: I 'don't have any doubt' about the allegations against Trump because 'I know' a victim

Bill Bennet: "... is she nasty, is she a woman?"

Let's have some newspaper headlines for tomorrow please?

"Mommy! That nasty woman just kicked my ass!"

Indiana Election Official Clarifies Registration Fraud Probe

There is no point in polling people about who they thought won, Trump lost bigly, what needs polling

MSNBC Ohio Group: 11 Hillary Won- 10 Trump - 11 Neither

Wow...Trump groped his microphone

nah, nah,,,,

Any Snap Polls Yet?

I don't think it is premature . . . .

Well, SNL

warning: conway & giuliani on m$nbc

Trump says he didn't apologize to Melania. Earlier: Melania says "He apologized to me and I accept h

Trump is all out of love when it comes to women with power!

CNN has to get better Republicans

I'm +HAPPY+ - we WON!

Trump's already working on milking this election for another year or two with his conspiracy nuttery

Hillary wins YouGuv debate poll 49% to 39%

Stephen Colbert is live in a few minutes

Nate Silver Live On Colbert Tonight

CNN Poll: 52-39 Hillary won

Kathy Griffin tells Donald Trump to 'f--- off' in campaign ad parody

***Hilary wins CNN poll 52 - 39!!***

Perhaps not significant but

CNN poll-Who won debate?-Clinton by 13!

Summary of Debate Performance by Dan Rather.

I watched Hillary kick the bile-filled tangerine in the debate on Twitter. My fave image of the nite

Wow! He really has the maturity of a 5-year old!

Rigged Election is Trump's "Read my lips no new taxes" moment

Glamrock's post-debate thread

George Takei: I hear bathrooms in Trump Tower are being relabeled "Bad Hombres" and "Nasty Women"


CNN debate watchers ....

Buried in this discussion is that Hillary gave a Master Class in Debating Tonight

***New Ohio poll HRC +3***

Rock music super group Nasty Woman and the Bad Hombres

YouGov post-debate poll: Clinton 49%, Trump 39%

Debate CNN HRC 52 Groper 39

Nasty Woman/Wont concede/Hombraes

Bad Hombre

Trump's Threats Not To Accept Election Results Are NOT Unprecedented - Like 1860 Election

"Undecided voters"

CNN Las Vegas Group: Hillary win debate 11-9

Maybe Hillary should appoint Trump

Hillary did a great job of connecting abortion to families

well, trump certainly did get his message across....

What Hillary was doing every time She looked down at the podium

Maybe Trump means he won't accept the results if he wins.

So who will President Clinton run against in 2020?

Did you see Trump's face when Hillary said he went to Mexico and choked?

Dan Rather's Comments from FB

One of the Trump sons just told Fox News that being president will be "a step down" for his father.

Donnie Dipshit said one thing in this debate that was true and I agree with

More CNN poll results

HRC 3 Groper 0 (which is correct, most americans are not dumb)

YUP Here's what its all about folks: "While You Were Watching The Debate Trump Launched Trump TV."

CNN: who is more prepared for presidency?

After the election... Hey, there's a taco truck on my corner!

Snap Polls Give Hillary Clinton A Third Debate Victory

About to watch on tape delay

Winners and losers from the final presidential debate - By Chris Cillizza

Hillary basically crushed a feeble old man with the temperament of a spoiled 7 yr old boy

Red, Blue, White

Mike Pence political career over his Trump tv time slot to be determined

Trump's leaving us in suspence is the same strategy he has for

CNN needs to clear the background crowd

How bad is it for Trump? He leads by only 10 in very RED IDAHO (Mittens won by 32% in '12)

Trump refuses to say he'll accept election results

Trump always makes his opinions two name words: Lyin Ted, Crooked Hillary, Lil Marco.

To Bernie Sanders' supporters: it's time to come together!

I shall not accept the Eagles' loss to the Vikings this coming Sunday

Those saying Trump just wants to found ultra right wing media and not win I think are wrong

"Bad hombre" has morphed into #BadOmbre on Twitter

"The Media" is still giving trump legitimacy.

This video makes more sense than Donald Trump!

Is Guliani running for anything ?

Did he really say bad "hombre"? Sounded to me more like "hambre"

Clinton Campaign purchases

Trump, Bad Hombres, Taco Trucks, etc.

#BadHombres exploding on Twitter

Hillary is winning the Breitbart Poll LOL !!!

So Election is done, Hillary wins by a landslide, and Putin's puppet refuses to accept the result

He said it, he really fucking said it...

Hillary Clinton’s 3 debate performances left the Trump campaign in ruins

What is David Axelrod doing in CNN, he is so much better

So when does the Trump twitter war against Chris Wallace begin?

Ezra Klein: Hillary Clinton’s 3 debate performances left the Trump campaign in ruins

Told the wife....."You are a nasty woman!"

Trump losing Alt Right site "B" online poll 60 to 40 LOL

"I will look at at the time" In other words, if I win, yes. If I lose, no.

What better way to announce tRump TV?

I just told someone that The Yam was sucking Vladmir Putin off when he quotes wikileaks

tRumpt will watch the country burn before he accepts the label of LOSER. n/t

Trump did a very good imitation of Alec Baldwin

No one ever wants to suffer a terrible indignity.

****OCTOBER Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 1****

Unconditional commitment to accept election results is a MISTAKE.

****OCTOBER Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 2****

Hillary hacked the debate polls to show she won.

***October Photo Contest Preliminaries are posted in GD***

Holy Shit! Princeton Election consortium has HRC win at 98.7% (bayesian)!!!

Clinton showed what a Democrat needs to be: God damned TOUGH!

I Have Trumps Voice Stuck In My Head Now

Trump walked over the so called moderator and the so called moderator...

When will the twitters start?

The Republicans are now shitting their collective pants.

Relax, Trump will give a much in demand concession speech....

Where is this "Trump Started off Strong" coming from?

Looks Like Trump Really Cooked His Goose This Time - & The Gooses Of A Lot Of Republican Candidates

Two hours 'til "Tweet Time".

"Everything that doesn't favor me 150% is RIGGED!"

I don't get it...

This just in! Toronto Blue Jays will not accept loss of ALCS to Cleveland.

Just Incredible...

Trump spent half of his closing talking about Hillary.

Did you see poor Mrs. Greenspan's face?

Hillary's camp just made a web ad using debate footage

CNN Nevada focus group

Watching the replay. She ripped him to shreds. Eom

We are being invaded by Russia and yet...

Trump fell flat on his face on entitlements

The Final Nail in the Trump Coffin

This NY TIMES scathing opinion piece of Trump in the 3rd debate is a must read

Was that Vince Neil from Motley Crue shaking Trump's hand at the end? n/t

Trump campaign sued over Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles tweet

LOL…MSNBC panel is now blaming Democrats for making Trump the nominee of the GOP

Memorable Trump quotes from these debates

Any Voter Who Is Undedided Right Now Has Some Serious Thinking Or Perceptual Issues.

C'mere Donald ---

Joan Walsh: Donald Trump Just Destroyed Himself—Sad!

Such a nasty woman? Say WHAT?

Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC moments ago blames dems for Trump

I think one of Trump's sons will run for president in 2020

So what was Palin doing in the "Spin Room" at the debate?

Another Women to come forward with an accusation against Trump (Tomorrow/Thursday)

Dust off your crystal balls, DU: What will Reince Priebus be doing on November 9th?

Trying to watch Hardball, but what's with the screaming UNLV students?

At the end, Trump couldn't stay positive for ONE minute. Literally one minute.

This post-debate photo of Trump & Family says it all

Sooo Proud of Hillary tonight

Hugh Hewitt brought up Norm Coleman and Dino Rossi

Does Trump really care about abortion...or does he just like to talk about ripping up babies?


What Will Be The Name of Trump's Future Show on Russia Today Channel?

She went in for the kill

Clinton After Debate : When Trump is losing, he blames the system

Clinton After Debate : When Trump is losing, he blames the system

People actually are Googling “Donald Trump Iraq,” like Hillary Clinton suggested at the final debate

That feeling when you win three straight debates.

I was too scared to watch! How'd she do?

No you're the puppet.

Hillary Clinton won the last presidential debate by finally just being herself

NC: Record turnout expected for early voting in Wilmington area

I missed the first hour because I was on a plane.

Drones and virtual reality combine to recreate mysterious archaeological site

Stephen Colbert Reacts LIVE to the Third Presidential Debate

I was there!!! AND SHE WAS GREAT!!! tRump sounds even dumber in person. if thats possible

How a non-loser reacts to losing

Debate 3: The Last Straw: Trump and his Enablers are now trying to Destroy Democracy itself—with the

Debate 3: The Last Straw: Trump and his Enablers are now trying to Destroy Democracy itself—with the

Debate 3: The Last Straw: Trump and his Enablers are now trying to Destroy Democracy itself—with the

Debate 3: The Last Straw: Trump and his Enablers are now trying to Destroy Democracy itself—with the

It's almost kind of strange, really...

African-Americans are hurt the most by voter ID laws.

Beaumont youth football team disbanded after anthem controversy

Evidence of first chief indicates Pacific islanders invented a new society on city they built of cor

AZ Poll: Arpaio trailing 46-31.

This Unlucky Fellow Is The First Known Victim Of A Boomerang Attack

Donald set out 2 non-scientific polls (drudge &WashTimes) polls saying he WON........

Siberian Town Stakes a Claim as Humanity’s Cradle

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft has released crazy new pictures of Mars

31 credible incidents (of voter impersonation) out of one billion ballots cast

Hillary battled withering media bias for two years, and beat Trump in the process

Social Security...

German policeman dies after being shot by right-wing gunman

For All The Nasty Women Of America....

2 agrarian activists murdered in Honduras

2 agrarian activists murdered in Honduras

You're The Puppet

Wild monkeys make sharp stone tools, but they might not realize it, scientists say

What do you most strongly wish for in a Clinton presidency?

The Debates Were a Failure of Journalism.

Faux News on Debate

Daily Holidays October 20

Epic rant against Trump post-3rd-debate

The Bigliest Loser premiers on TrumpTV next month.

GOP Obstruction Of Obama For 8 Yrs Shows They Don't Accept Elections Either.

Broadway Stars Audition for "Trump on Broadway!" (Great ad for Hillary!)

Videos show that Donald lied repeatedly! (link) CNN

There's a new "silent majority" and it's voting for Hillary Clinton.

Trump Humpers Will Not Accept Defeat Either. Country Won't Come Together.

Mason jar censorship.

SEC fines Ernst & Young for not spotting client’s earnings manipulation

U.K.: Gay men convicted of now-abolished sex offences to be pardoned

Hillary was like a champion matador, moving masterfully around the snorting, spewing bull

Schiaparelli Mars probe's parachute 'jettisoned too early'

The moderators missed a HUGE change to ask Trump this

Hmmmm..minutes before Morning Joe.. Will he turn on his buddy or have his back today? My guess is

Don't accept the polls and stay home- go vote!

What's this talk about "bad Harambe"? FTLOG let him rest in peace.

Americans hate poor sports and sore losers

Will "Morning Joe" move to the new Trump TV after the election is over?

Dan Rather on Debate #3

will you concede after you lose?

I Wonder To What Bad Trump Stories Conservative Pundit Liz Mair Is Referring(?)

Florida sees surge in new voters after weeklong registration extension

Trump tried so hard last night not to be creepy, but he couldn't do it, he is who he is.

People aren't tuning NFL out due to kneeling. People are tuning NFL out because it's bad.

After listening to Trump last night attempt to put together a coherent thought for 90 minutes,

Note to Donald: for future reference, never go full third world dictator during a debate

Dallas Morning News: An unshackled Trump goes narcissistic, while Clinton avoids gaffes

Philippines president Duterte says 'time to say goodbye' to America

Turkey kills 160 to 200 Syrian Kurdish militants in airstrikes

AM-After Assessment: She came in with Fists of Fury and threw down!

Possible Post-Election Scenario

Nate Silver Colbert Interview After The Debate:

TIME Magazine's - "Nasty" Cover

Malaysia demands Auntie Anne’s rename its Pretzel Dog because it doesn’t contain real dog

The spirit of John McLaughlin lives on in Trump

Republicans despondent that Trump threw away final debate

Didn't watch the debate, but read the crowd laughed at Trump

Really though — these "after" shots sum up their performances tonight

Pennsylvania Rep claims Trump was "teasing," asserts fact-checkers don't know facts

Hillary Clinton’s 3 debate performances left the Trump campaign in ruins

Chris Cuomo raked Kellyanne Conway over the coals.

Wallace asked him, "Will you accept outcome of election."..seems simple enough..and

GOP strategist Steve Schmidt: ‘Rigged’ talk in final debate was ‘a disqualifying moment’ for Trump

Sen. Bernie Sanders endorses Oregon's Measure 9

Morning Joe - Pro-Trump BUT great moment with Bob Woodward

OMFG. Joe Scab looks like he's going to

Did any of the people dipshit donnie bring in try anything?

The front pages of America’s largest newspapers after the final debate

Van Jones unloads on Kayleigh McEnany for defending Trump: ‘You can’t polish that turd’

The Al Smith Dinner will be shown live tonight 9PM ET

OUR REVOLUTION Book Tour - New York City, Nov 14 7:30PM

Colbert: "He is going to keep us in suspense on whether he’ll wipe his fat ass with Constitution"

and here it comes tRumps new cause celebre'.

It doesn't matter if Trump accepts the outcome of the election.

As rumors swirl about Trump TV, Donald hosts his own debate coverage

Trump proclaims himself debate winner in early morning tweet

An autistic boy who can't be touched has connected with a service dog

Fired Up

For someone who supposedly "tells it like it is..."

Sniveling bed wetter is what tRump has shown himself to be.

If Trump looses by 10,000,000, will he accept the election ?

Plouffe tweeted final margin closer to 400 than 270! 😮

The Gore 2000 Analogy to Trump 2016 is a False One

I'd like to personally thank the psychologists team Clinton hired.

And THIS my dears, is why we can't merely defeat him, we must

The headlines from around the nation - and the world - are nothing less than stunning.

There are no undecided voters!

Presidential debate: 'Nasty woman' insult embraced by Clinton's female fans

Kelly Ann Conway just conceded the 2016 election

Wallace did a great job..for asking Trump, "the" question


'The Stranger's' Endorsements for the November 2016 General Election

Rachel Maddow's Reaction To Trump Campaign Debate Spin Is Priceless:

I’m Praying For God To Bring Hillary Clinton Down And Confuse Her Mind

John Avlon (Daily Beast): Donald Trump’s Final Insult to American Democracy

Did anyone else notice Joe Scar pushing away Mika's hand during a political argument today on MJ?

Undecideds at this point: low-grade, wishy-washy morons, liars and drama royals

I said it before, I'll say it again....

Will the All Smith Dinner be televised tonight?

"I mean, who does that?"

Donald camp has a poster of All the non-scientific on-line polls to show us he won debate #3

Borowitz: TV Academy Offers Trump Emmy If He Will Quit Race

"Tuva Farewell" -Paul Pena (Genghis Blues soundtrack)

What Hillary was doing every time she looked down at the podium

Italy abortion row as woman dies after hospital miscarriage

I figured out why Joe can't stop loving Trump - Trump must have info on Joe's intern...

DETROIT NEWS: Trump lost it Wednesday night. Not just the presidential debate-But also his mind.

Luckovich: They "Built That!"

Jury to begin deliberations in conspiracy trial of Oregon militants

I'd love it if Obama and Clinton collaborated on a more liberal USSC pick and BO pulled Garland....

Is Trump's Performance Tonight...

It's going to be close

Another North Korea missile fails after launch, say U.S. and South

Since Trump can not see himself as a loser might he drop out a few days before Nov. 8

GOP group to spend $800K on Yoder Effort

Colbert overdid the puppet meme

The problem with Chris Wallace.

Jimmy Carter releases a must-read statement on the 'Integrity of U.S. Elections'

Trump's 'bad hombres' and 'nasty woman' remarks stoke online outrage

So, it the morning after of the last hurrah for Trump!

John McCain Finds Arizona Senate Race Isn’t a Lock

Bobby Mair reads the internet to Julian Assange

"Finish Him"

Trump-driven divide will consume GOP long after the election

Trump obviously has no idea what the Nuclear Umbrella is

Dim Don's problem is he's no intellectual match for Hillary, not even close.

..lots of nasty women and bad hombres have decided to vote early this year; Some Posters for .......

RNC Asks Members to Avoid Poll Watching, Other ‘Ballot Security’ Activities

Trump’s breathtaking repudiation of American democracy - By WaPo Editorial Board

The final push should be to encourage Dems to get out and vote to ensure a blowout.

Last night, Hillary was debating, Trump was grandstanding, an Wallace was enabling him

Why Trump Terrifies The Republicans Who Created Him And His Movement - Joe Conason

Death of a salesman.

Our Economy is Buttressed by the Stability of our Political System

We need a Democratic Party Controlled Senate and if possible Democratic controlled house!

It begins: New right-wing election talking point claims Trump's just following Gore.

Carl Hiaasen: When Trump gets excited he looks like a Muppet in a microwave

The three times Donald Trump demonstrated he was unfit for the presidency in last night’s debate

Slate: Trump Is a Madman

Disgraced and Little-Known Generals Backing Donald Trump

Immediately after the debate ended, I watched

With one line, Trump ensured our rape culture isn’t going anywhere His words could hurt — and silenc

I think one of the funniest times in the debate is when Trump leaned into his microphone

Another Trump Accuser Coming Forward Today

I knew Donald's "You're the Puppet" line seemed awfully familiar.

Writing about food: M.F.K. Fisher


Lopez, Bon Jovi, Perry GOTV Performance Schedule for the final week

Hannity: Ryan Is A ‘Saboteur,’ Should Be Replaced By Hard-Liners Like Gohmert

Trump Surrogates' New Argument For Not Accepting Election Results: Al Gore

have any republicans spoken out this a.m. denouncing trump election results comment?

Poll: Battleground state voters give Clinton debate edge

Donald Trump’s Clueless Debate Answers Spawn #TrumpBookReport Tweets

Trump Says Insta-Polls Prove He Won, Breitbart’s Says He Lost

Biggest Loser of Third Debate: Paul Ryan.

BREAKING: Court forces Ohio to allow most illegally purged voters to cast ballots

how does one embed a picture in a post.

BTRTN Debate #3: Trump is Victim of His Own White Noise

When is the Phoenix Rally with FLOTUS?

After Gloating About Polls for a Year, Trump "No Longer Believes the Polls"

Pre-Debate Polling: Hillary +7, 87% Chance to Win

Donald Trump Jr.: Becoming President Would Be ‘A Step Down’ For My Father

Trump has the situation well in hand.

Prostate exam?

Controversial (Palestinian) Culture Festival in Berlin against Israel - with public money

A Theological Endorsement Of China’s “Crackdown” On Religion


The Debate Question That Should Scare Us All to the Polls

Trump and Palin are having a Palin-off this morning to see who can sound the most batѕhit crazy.

We love it when @JoeBiden comes home to PA! Join us TODAY—doors open at 1:30pm.

A.Word.A.Day: trumpery

I heard a Republican spokesperson

Palin will help get Trump elected, but first must locate Captain Jack Sparrow & the Black Pearl

Watch the first teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Maniac ranting on CNN re election fraud etc Betsy

How'd Trump stop snorting?

Hard to overstate importance of Hillary's debate appearance last night

Now that Trump has finished running his campaign into the ground, it's time for his next failure.

Campaign Ad: 30 Years of Experience

Donald really hightailed it out of the debate hall last night, didn't he?

Julian Assange - Internet shut-off skit - (Stephen Colbert)

The Logan Trailer Is Released

Anybody else SUPER ANNOYED by the outdoor panel on MSNBC last night? (background screaming)

Toddlers have shot at least 50 people this year

I just voted

The debate wasn't a total loss for Trump.

I'm still undecided

Larry Sabato just said on CNN that he now has Hillary Clinton at 352 electoral votes

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Time's running out, Bigley

I am going to vote for the first woman to become President of The United States of America.

Trump was reasonable, rational, and Presidential (in the debate)

Poll: Sheriff Joe Arpaio trails Dem by 15 points

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

Can we get a complete sentence count from last nights debate?

Special Seating Planned for Donald Trump at Al Smith Dinner

Sabato: Clinton at 352 electoral votes

BWAHAHAHA ... Tampa Bay Times has an interesting front page today.

Alex Jones Close To Hate-filled A Nervous Breakdown Last Night

You can remove the drama queen from the reality TV game show, but you can't ...

New video from Keith Olbermann: Donald Trump Must Now Be Compelled to Withdraw ("Burn. In. Hell.")

Trump: "I was only being sarcastic when I begged Russia to hack our government's computers"

Just voted in NC

Crystal Ball: makes 11 House ratings changes, most in favor of the Democrats includ ISSA!!

Conway: Trump won't concede!

When the Chicago Cubs last won the WS, there were only 46 states in the union

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump's closing remarks...

The biggest loser last night was Pence

Could someone please make a graphic that says "Bad Hombres Vote 2016"!

Finally got me some new fosters!

1 in 4 Millennials Prefer Meteor Strike to Clinton or Trump

dKos: These three states will decide control of the Senate

Trump is no Hitler..but his constituency reminds me of Hitler supporters

All us Bad Hombres and Nasty Women will #KAGA! Keep America Great ALWAYS!

Philip Klein: Trump is down two touchdowns with no timeouts, 1 minute left, Hillary has the ball


Day After Debate, Trump, Clinton To Square Off Again At Al Smith Dinner

Why are people proud to be "nasty women"?


Isn't the GOPs biggest 2016 mistake...?

Kellyanne Conway has that "far away look" in her eyes these days. I think I know why.

Trump's entire campaign has been the equivalent of a Russian driving video on Youtube

Cincinnati Enquirer disses Trump

Trump just tweeted that Hillary once again knew the questions beforehand.

Pic Of The Moment: Four More Years

George H. W. Bush's letter to Bill Clinton on the day Bill Clinton assumed the office of President

OUR REVOLUTION Book Tour - Portland, Dec 1 Noon

When he said "nasty woman" all I could think of was "filthy Hobbitses"

Trump’s lack of self-control allows Clinton to sweep the debates

Donald Trump is up: bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

So what came of Trump's Debate Surprise Human Shields?

When I saw Hillary in the white pantsuit......

A "Fair and Balanced" discussion of the media from Quora

Was there an episode on "Friends" when "Joey" was selling a pefume

Any word on approximately how many people tuned in for final debate? Nt

Graphic analysis of the debate via Lena Dunham on twitter

SNL: Alec Baldwin's outfit for Saturday

Tamron Hall just reported that DJT is whining that FOX provided the questions to

Clinton Shreds Trump's Claims That Everything's 'Rigged' Against Him

Snoopy Has Been Fired by MetLife

Trump's latest tweet...

CNN reporter: Trump’s ‘rigged election’ talk will only elect him head of ‘the white grievance party’

NO, we're SCREWN! LOOK at this IMPRESSIVE list of folks who Trump tweeted, saying he won the debate!

The NRA Has Aired 1 in 6 of All Pro-Trump TV Ads

Sarah Palin threatens ‘no quarter’ for election ‘cheaters’ in logic-free rant defending Trump

Tape measures ready? What color?

Three totally insane things Trump did at the debate

Um, is "such a nasty woman" code for "bitch" when you are on TV?

For all his bluster Trump is a weenie. He was totally afraid of Hillary at the end of the debate.

Vox: Hillary Clinton’s 3 debate performances left the Trump campaign in ruins

You know the expression "loaded for bear"?

President Donald Trump would be a “step down,” GOP candidate’s son says

Here we go LIVE TRUMP ACCUSER (Press Conference is over now)

How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History

Hillary Clinton is an actual feminist: She met Trump’s misogyny head on, without apology

Just a thought regarding Ryan

In the very first Reps debate, Trump mentioned "like Canada" about health care

Another Trump Victim Speeks Out

Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis Rates Are At An All-Time High In The U.S.

Republican Party: its rigged

Donald Trump undermined democracy: Where’s all this going, after the election? Not someplace good

Did anyone else notice the long-haired blond guy?

What's your Twenty?

No, Donald Trump, abortions do not happen at 9 months pregnant

This is war. Some deplorable stole my Hills sign!

Mike Roman is Roger Stone's Beard.

This election should be written as an Ant and Grasshopper illustrated book.

OMG! The NY Post is on to Hillary about election rigging!

“All the black and brown people have to leave”: Trump’s scary impact on how kids think

Uhm... who is johnny poopy pants on CNN?

"Say it ain't so, Tuf." Scandal rocks world of rodeo calf-roping.

Bill Maher's funny tweet on Trump and fetuses:

Anyine watching this nutso former bernie now trump supporter on CNN?

Trump supporter: ‘Heterosexual AIDS’ and campus rape are liberal lies

Watching the debate from airport

Chris Wallace is a bad hombre

"I'll keep you in suspense, OK?": The NRA needs to drop Trump TODAY and end the suspense.

Bill Maher's funny tweet on Trump and fetuses:

After court ruling, LA governor refuses to rescind LGBT nondiscrimination order

Megyn Kelly grills Trump mouthpiece Jason Miller

Consider this. Who amongst us wouldn't cross party lines if Hillary was the R candidate?

Who really gives a flying fuck if trump concedes or not?

Petty: Disgraced Alabama Supreme Court justice refuses to clean out his office

Krugman calls climate change the most important issue.

Rapper Bobby Shmurda gets seven years on weapons and conspiracy charges

Election consortium (Princeton) has HRC win at 99% bayesian

Virginia Voting Registration Deadline Extended

Lynching victim to be honored in Abbeville (SC)

Trump Is Winning. Against Paul Ryan.

Scarborough: ‘Elites and Media People’ Are Misconstruing What Trump Actually Said

Statement by 10th Trump accuser Karena Virginia

Watch Trump Angrily Rip Up His Notes at the End of Last Night's Debate

He can't hide his impotent rage

Bill De Blasio Says Rudy Giuliani Has Gotten ‘Increasingly Delusional’

The Most Irresponsible Thing Ever Said in a Presidential Debate

the most powerful anti-republican meme was given to us last night

Paul LePage On Trump’s Election Results Answer: “C’mon, Get Over Yourself”

Bolivia’s fast-melting glaciers are leaving behind lakes that could cause catastrophic floods


Re: Trump rally accusations, my article on James O'Keefe from 6 years ago


2016 Swing State Tracking Poll (UPI/CVOTER 10/9-10/16)

Donald J Trump appreciation thread.

Bolivia’s fast-melting glaciers are leaving behind lakes that could cause catastrophic floods

Fox News Drops in 2016 Brand Index Ranking Among Republicans

Another North Korea missile fails after launch, say U.S. and South

Of the things he said about not conceding, this one is the most important

HRC bringing out the big guns...

Here's what will happen if you watch "Cool Hand Luke" too much.

538: Clinton Probably Finished Off Trump Last Night

What Does Nevada’s $35 Billion Fund Manager Do All Day? Nothing

Keith Olbermann is at it again making me happy

do any of you know what the maggot meant

We made it through the dark times my friends. Now we are in the home stretch....

Nate Silverman: Clinton Probably Finished Off Trump Last Night

Trump on now: "Everybody said I won." Yep, he's nuts. And right to fixed elections.

Trump just doubled-down on not accepting the outcome of the election

Trump will only honor election results if he wins...

Bill Kristol vs. Mika & Intern Killer Joe. Who ya got?

Trump rally starting now -- CNN

Trump: Will totally accept results "If I win"

“Michael Moore in TrumpLand” review: What MM Understands About Hillary Clinton

Trump really bombed at the debate

Trump now at rally, falsely comparing HRC to Charles van Doren of "$64K Question" game show infamy,

Here's what would have been the icing on the cake, last night

How Evan McMullin could become president (he's leading in the Polls in Utah)

I want each of the Trump kids to be asked what they think of his "nasty woman"

Trump this morning: I will totally accept results "IF I win"

Update your astrological sign - Mine changed

Donald Trump singing Mahna Mahna funny song

Overlooked aspect about how self-defeating Trump's refusal to respect voters' wishes

In a way, I almost wish the Trump/Billy Bush video hadn't come out til after the elction

RNC Asks Members to Avoid Poll Watching

Tim Kaine's take on SuspenseGate is accurate, to a degree

Thankfully, Trump's Shackles Were Made From Chinese Steel.

Hillary Clinton Invited The ‘Access Hollywood’ Bus To Sit In The Front Row Of Debate

Clinton Wins. Trump Refuses to Concede. What Happens Next?

Hillary's impressive debate technique

Poll: Trump, Clinton tied in Ohio

A question for Trumpers: "What if Hillary had said that?"

Bill de Blasio on Donald Trump: 'We've seen this before. This is what fascists do'

Donald Trump Has No Idea What’s Going On in the World

UNIVISION Viewers Respond to Debate

The Nominee of the Party of Lincoln Pushing Civil War If He Doesn't Win

Bear drives car into tree in Grand Lake

London underground station evacuated; suspicious device detonated

Actress Shailene Woodley Strip-Searched After Her Arrest Protesting Dakota Pipeline

Just a thought -- a way to make a cool hundred million if you're a sleazy billionaire

FOUR newest ads for HRC!

Fact-Checking The Third Presidential Debate (The Onion)

***** BREAKING -The Times-Picayune/Lucid 2016 Presidential Tracking Poll -Clinton 47 Trump 35*****

The third debate settles it: He’s not just cynical. He’s paranoid.

I'm surprised Trump didn't call Hillary a "rigger-lover" last night.

That Nasty Swing!

MIYAVI guitar solos (I will leave this right here)

Donald Trump vs. America

Special Report: Something’s Rotten in the State of Florida

Miyavi Guitar solos

This is a surprise...! Shep Smith has outed himself.

If Clinton is Nasty Woman, does that make Trump Wonder Boy? More like Mr. Mucky Muck.

FOUR newest ads for HRC!

What would happen if Trump Refuses to Accept Election Results

Tim Kaine in NC: "This thing is surreal, folks"

Military weigh in on Trump's election result refusal threat: “In my mind, this is sedition"

Miley Cyrus will be out canvassing for Clinton/Kaine at George Mason University, Northern Virginia

Election Predictions- Make Yours Here

Trump didn't lose any debates, Hillary WON them all by being Presidential, prepared

alice nine. - RAINBOWS (HD)

alice nine. - RAINBOWS (HD)

New Ohio poll (Suffolk) Clinton 45 - Trump 45

UNIVISION-$10 Million to Elect Clinton. IS THIS is what Trump fears/ Why he is pushing for Trump TV?

Trump Zika Attack?

Open Carry and Election Law

My theory: Donald Trump is losing this election,,,,,

Antic Cafe - Nyappy in the World Live (English Sub)

Fuck you, Trump! You'll accept the elections results only if you win?

An Cafe - Pipopapo Telepathy*

Hillary deserves an EMMY

Donald Trump Jr. said it would be a “step down” for his father to become president.

No Hiding: CNN's Chris Cuomo grills Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (VIDEO)

Hannity Suddenly Has Praise For Louis Farrakhan After Hearing He Likes Trump

I can't wait to see this movie!

Trump: I don't know Putin. This is not my best friend.

Trump's tweet about Morning Joe says a lot about he & them

A Mexican judge involved in Chapo’s extradition case was just killed while jogging

Trump: Clinton Should Resign Over Allegedly Leaked Town Hall Question

A Mexican judge involved in Chapo’s extradition case was just killed while jogging

RNC Warns Against Poll Watching, Citing Decades-Old Court Decree

Anyone in Ohio


Clinton Probably Finished Off Trump Last Night ~By Nate Silver / 538

Environmental Official Murdered in Brazilian Amazon

Sanders seeks Ariad data on cancer drug price hikes (Act Two)

Environmental Official Murdered in Brazilian Amazon

Trump’s rigged election comments a ‘gift to dictators,’ say Africans

i'm surprised at the reaction to donnie's effort to characterize a hillary win as illegitimate

US judge orders Virginia to extend voter registration through Friday

Nassau Co. executive Ed Mangano, wife, Oyster Bay supervisor indicted in federal bribery probe

This is what Trump's "you're a puppet" exchange reminded me of

Going to Donate $100 to RNC Diet

The Third Debate: When Trump Goes Low, the Media Go Lower

Newest Trump-sex-misconduct accuser is named

Usually at this time in the election cycle

Air pollution more deadly in Africa than malnutrition or dirty water, study warns

Yoga instructor accuses Donald Trump of sexual misconduct

Be Nasty -- Get your Woman Card punched

Trump Camp Slams Latest Accuser As A Clinton Attack, Doesn't Deny Her Claims

Focus Group says Hillary's defense of Planned Parenthood was her most liked moment

Another Trump accuser speaks

U.S. service member killed in northern Iraq: military statement

Guidance on Hillary's Deficit and/or spending plan, please

Pussy Donald Trump Already Complaining Debate Was #Rigged

MSNBC: Stupid Male NC Voter Sez "Last time, Gore sued about election results."


U.S. appeals court upholds al Qaeda publicist's conviction

Con-way walks away from Dana Bash mid-interview

First new US nuclear reactor in 20 years goes live

Reminder: "pussy" is a gendered slur. "Ugly" to critique a woman doing her job is a sexist insult.

Trump debate prep transcripts revealed!

Baylor University faces U.S. probe over response to sex assaults

Baylor University faces U.S. probe over response to sex assaults

So, at the end of yoga class today,

Wow! Just checked, Hillary is ahead in GA, NC, FL, AZ and NV

Justice Department survey shows drop in violent crime from 2013 to 2015

Mark Ruffalo to narrate Bernie Sanders' memoir (Our Revolution)

Justice Department survey shows drop in violent crime from 2013 to 2015

Top Nassau County, New York official arrested on corruption charges

The Walking Dead - new picture hints at new potential victim and second bat wielder

I've decided my vote has only been counted IF

The only acceptable use of "pussy" is in reference to cats.

Someone please explain the "Gina" comment

Israeli troops kill Palestinian suspected of throwing rocks at them: army

a message to trump

Funniest Memes from the Final Presidential Debate

HRC opens a 13-point lead in Michigan

If I read this correctly, Donald Trump Jr just said we're each going to get $40 million. USA! USA!

#DelusionalDeplorables: Trump won the Third Debate

***New Michigan poll HRC +13 (4 way)***

Does Jill Stein (or anyone who's voting for her) honestly believe that she can win?

Day 1 early voting turnout in Nashville (TN) up 20 percent over 2012

President Trump

Trump: "I was only being sarcastic when I acted like a douchebag for the millionth time"

Has James OKeefe - video been debunked?

“Nasty woman" becomes the feminist rallying cry Hillary Clinton was waiting for

How to Rig an Election

It's Hillary. President Clinton if you're Nasty

Hillary Clinton is a Nasty, Two-Faced Political Monster

I have an idea: The 3 debates need to be made into a Play with 3 Acts!

Are Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka going to go away after Trump loses?

According to, Hillary has 273 electoral votes, if you

HFA TOOL: Make your own #LoveTrumpsHate video

Hillary Clinton wore the American flag to the presidential debates

Check out Election Consortium

What the New James O’Keefe Videos Show and What They Don’t

trump is a loser who wants to turn American into a bunch of bankrupt choked losers like him

In Depth: Syrian Conflict and Hillary's position

trump can only win IF the system is fixed.

Hillary's schedule for today.

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Polls say I shouldn’t be but I am still uneasy about this election

Ohio Voters Illegally Removed From Rolls May Cast Ballots in November

This JUST HAPPENED: someone discovered votefortrumppence wasn't taken.

A Historic 200 Million Americans Are Registered to Vote

Donald Trump does not do humor.

CSPAN LIVE starting soon: President Obama Campaigns for Hillary

Trump wants a clear result in the elections..

Incredible Olberman Closer.10/20/16..Truly Great.."Trump Must Withdraw, Here's Why".

Trump Camp Slams Latest Accuser As A Clinton Attack, Doesn't Deny Her Claims

This Trump-quote perfectly describes his whole election-campaign:

Amid 'rigged' election charges, Russia wants to monitor U.S. vote

Message from Hillary on #SpiritDay.....

a nice compilation of national polling

This weekend's tune, a day early. Robin Scott - "Dancing on the ruins"

For some levity - watch Dustin Brown's shot against Jack Sock

31 Things Your Kids Should Be Doing Instead of Homework

Hillary Really Is A Formidable Candidate

Trump: "I will totally Accept the Results, If I win"

Trump at the end of the debate (speaks for itself):

The temerity of Trump..

31 Things Your Kids Should Be Doing Instead of Homework

So many places to buy food - but no place to eat!

Obama: "Trump having a bromance with Putin"

We took a LONG break from Rachel Maddow ... just because I'd had enough of "cable news" in general.

The Bottom Line/Brutal Truth IS Trump DOES Speak For The GOP As Their Leading Candidate.

Live Stream YouTube: Michele Obama Rally in Phoenix starting soon!!

300,000 registered voters in Wisconsin alone lack strict forms of photo ID and could be disenfranch

What I've learned from Trump's campaign

Jewish settlers invited Palestinians over for the holidays. Everything went better than expected.

President Obama going in on Trump..

Ode to Nasty

Computer stuff - Help! Does anyone know someone who helps people at home with computer

Black, Male, and Disabled Children Bear the Brunt of Corporal Punishment in U.S. Public Schools

Hillary cheated. She prepared for the debates.

Now you know how it feels to always come in 2nd, Daddy.

VIDEO: VP Joe Biden Rally in Nashua NH 10/20

***breaking : New Monmouth poll Wisconsin HRC 47 DJT 40 GJ 6***

Trump accuses Clinton of being secretly given debate questions

What Donald Trump Really Meant When He Said ‘Nasty Woman’

Shailene Woodley: The Truth About My Arrest

The Bundy Fundie Klan is about to hear their fate

Syrian military threatens to down Turkish planes

The election is rigged

Government alleges former NSA contractor stole ‘astonishing quantity’ of classified material over 20

Did we have a Nasty Woman dance party yet?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 20, 2016

What is wrong with Ohio?????

Stevie Nicks wants to sing at Hillary's Inauguration. Guess which song.

Reality Check: Trump on Clinton allowing abortions 'in the 9th month, on the final day'

Vox: Donald Trump and ISIS are pushing the same weird conspiracy theory

All this "voter fraud" bullshit? It is racism in camos.

The mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ might be causing the whole solar system to wobble

Michelle Obama is giving another historic speech

Important: Things you CAN NOT do on Election Day in polling places

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 21 October 2016

Donald Trump's phony charity gave to James O'Keefe's phony investigative reporting agency.

BWAHAHA! Pro-Trump goon's Twitter poll DELICIOUSLY backfires. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S-L-Y.

Chuck Todd's very interesting discussion with Sen. Jeff Flake.

Nancy Pelosi Rips Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell For Cowardice Over Trump

I voted early!

Same Russian Hackers Got Into Podesta Email

What we saw last night was a scene from Hilly Jack

Cheeto and HRC face to face tonite on CSPAN

ThinkProgress: Trump Has Funded Discredited Right-Wing Activist James O’Keefe Through His Foundation

Trump’s Self-Absorption Killed His Chances

So, is Bill going to be the FGOTUS?

GOP Hillary Has No Mandate Unless Gets Over 50% In ALL States She Won.

Jim Irsay speaks out against protests, did he cut Antonio Cromartie over it?

Luckovich Toon - Hillary: Miss Housekeeping

Trump used his foundation to fund guerrilla filmmaker James O’Keefe

Trump: "the election is rigged! Unless I'm winning of course..."

Orionids meteor shower peaks tonight: How to watch 'shooting stars' left behind by Halley's Comet

Trump's anti-PC stand: "I just want to be racist when I want to!"

the media is still pretending there is a horse race....

When Trump speaks, this is all I hear..

The Trump Family on the podium post debate reminded me of something.

An IQ test for Trump followers!

I don't expect an organized uprising or coup; but, there are likely to be 'random acts of violence'

Joseph Heller beyond the grave talks about Trump.

Russia wants to monitor the U.S. presidential elections

I think Chris Wallace inadvertently saved Trump from what would have been his nastiest moment

Orionid meteor shower peak tonight!

Trump's the 1st person to ever blame a woman for pulling out.

Oh, for D_g's sake ... sample these opinions from our local paper ...

BREAKING: Trump national political director 'steps back' from campaign–Jim Murphy,

Can we please have no more posts with the names Stein and Johnson in them. They're irrelevant.

Kemper Freeman Jr. gives $100,000 to Trump Victory Fund

Obama: Trump's rigged election talk 'not a joking matter'

In 1.5 hours Clinton and Trump will speak at a dinner (CNN). I thought the debate

Obama's brilliant legacy

Obama's brilliant legacy

Obama's brilliant legacy

You know what happens on 28 November?

trump loyalists plan own exit poll amid claims of 'rigged' election

electoral vote: 350-170 HRC. PLUS: We get the senate; 50-48: 2 ties.

Anyone see the Judge/Grassley debate last night?

Trump's Business Credit Score Is 19 Out of a Possible 100

Gov. Brownback, the failure.

Any guess if tRump will show up

Jim Beam strike: Kentucky distillery workers have started a new whiskey rebellion in the name of san

Trump’s inner circle knows he has lost - By Jennifer Rubin

Gov. Brownback, the failure.

Hassan +9

Trump September $$: raised $54.7, spent $70.2, $34.8 Million on hand

On the Republicans distancing themselves from Trump about accepting election outcome

The GOP must reform or die - By Joe Scarborough

After that baby seal clubbing for Trump last night PETA has withdrew its support for Hillary

The silent stampede away from Trump is about to begin

Once again, I ask trump and pence where is the proof that his accusers are lying?

Do we care about our deteriorating relationship with the Philippines??

"Jett, you want to know something that's true? You're all through." From "Giant" (1956)

Who else heard trump

was douche boy jr on speed last night? a friend and I watched on msnbc, and idiot son was

'you can't polish this turd'.....Van Jones

That Dinner Roast Charity Clinton-Trump

Two Ft. Smith, AR mosques were vandalized last night.

once again, after the debate, nasty woman is in the crowd, talking, laughing, hugging, clearly

Sometimes I do love Chris Matthews

Hilarious hashtag on how Trump interprets classic literature

Bill Maher clarifies Trump's true position on 9 month old fetuses

Obama Roasts Rubio: You Call Trump A 'Con Artist' But You'll Vote For Him?

Bit a hole through my tongue tonight.

Trump accuser calls BS on allegations she’s in cahoots with Clinton: ‘I’m a Republican!’

Consider The Compelling Cases For Johnson And Stein

LIVE OHIO Senate debate on now....Portman vs Strickland......

Trump Campaign Busted Handing Out Fake Photos Of Hillary & Osama Bin Laden

Rassmussen has Trump ahead

Virginia Ballot November 2016 non-candidate ballot items

Trump is really saying votes are illegitimate unless they are for him.

Who knew Chuck toad is a Green Bay Packers fan......

Kanye West 2020? Wtf is wrong with this country?!

Trump started chanting "election is rigged" as a reaction to talk of Russia's efforts 4 Trump

No puppet! No puppet! You're the puppet!

Remember Karl Rove's Plan to Build A Permanent Republican Majority?

How government can be the good guy!

Richard Pryor and Robin Williams - Racist Court Trial

GOP senators aren’t happy that John McCain was probably caught telling the truth

white for the brave suffragists!!

Al Smith Dinner Live Stream

LIVE stream of 2016 Final Presidential Debate

I know Election 2016 is still 3 weeks or so away, but I'm making an endorsement for 2024

Biden Tears Into Trump: Maybe He’s Too ‘Stupid’ to Understand the Damage He’s Doing

So what's your game plan on election night?

Any fog machine wizards out there?

Bill O’Reilly and Barack Obama (Finally!) Agree

Trump now wants a fourth debate

after voting on election day.... I feel like a bit of a break.... like here.....

let's put this out there right now: we need to end filibustering over supreme court nominees