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Arrested, jailed, beaten, chained, body-slammed, twisted, punched & tortured

People are asking travel agents to avoid Trump hotels

Rick Wilson is teasing again on Twitter

NBC Nevada poll has Trump getting 40% of latino vote,,,,,,,,,,

On Early Florida Voting As On Every Other Subject, Republicans Prefer Their Own Facts

CNN breaking news!

It's 8:00 Eastern

What do dumpy Trump and jack-o-lanterns have in common??

Early voting shows there is no silent Trump vote

I Only Have Eyes For You - Peggy Lee (1947)

This Election is Too Important Not to Vote for Hillary | The Closer with Keith Olbermann

My Insurance Premiums are only going up 1% Next Year

Just a reminder...

Sad story: Michael Massee, ‘The Crow’ Actor Who Accidentally Shot Brandon Lee, Dies at 61

Another Repugnant devaluing a perfectly good metaphorical use of a word

Please Read

The media is pulling out all the stops to get the Democrats and sensible Independents to the polls

The Last Hurrah on TCM now.

San Diego 2016 Progressive Voter Guide

I’m a white southerner – I know what "Make America Great Again" means ~Bill Clinton

I feel uneasy about everyone's confident expectation that Hillary will win.

Why Russia Wants the U.S. to Believe the Election Is Being Hacked

Donald Trump Gets Sassy at the Third Presidential Debate

Wha? The DNC sues the RNC for Trump's false claims of "rigged" election

NBA Season begins today

I'm just about ready to unplug from politics

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

When pollsters do their analysis do they include any kind of weight for

Impeachment Hearings Will Begin Right After Inauguration.

GOP "underperforming" in NV: “We're all going down.”

Flanagan slams Cuomo’s backing of Democratic takeover of Senate

Married Donald Trump Kept ‘Proposing’ to Celebrity Apprentice and Playboy Model Brande Roderick

Schneiderman reaches $12M settlement with DraftKings, FanDuel

There's a special place in hell for drafters that don't lock veiwports

Rep.--the tax $$ waster & witch hunter- Jason Chaffetz is a Coward...

@%&# Scott Adams.

Tobacco seller pays $250,000 in tax fraud case

Ex-Secret Service officer who wrote Clinton tell-all plans to file defamation suit

A prediction...

Dry mouth

Jury grants $10M to man crushed by platform extender at Manhattan subway station

In a tirade against renewables, Trump claims wind power ‘kills all the birds’

Support for banning "assault weapons" (aka modern-looking civilian rifles) is now at record lows.

Injuries at Venezuela protests against President Maduro

Renewables just passed coal as the largest source of new electricity worldwide

Pollster Frank Luntz: The Trump campaign ‘is an absolute joke’

It turns out that our do-nothing Congress knew about the Pentagon taking vets' money for 2 years

I heard Trump plans to start a vacuum cleaner company after he loses

Abandoned On The Curb With A Pile Of Garbage, Boo Is Trying To Find A Better Life!

Abandoned On The Curb With A Pile Of Garbage, Boo Is Trying To Find A Better Life!

Abandoned On The Curb With A Pile Of Garbage, Boo Is Trying To Find A Better Life!

I hope this

Donald Trump Praises Newt Gingrich for His Exchange With Megyn Kelly

Libertarians concede, make preference known

Trump pledges ‘new deal for black America’

Succinct Update On the State of the Race From Nate Silver

Did North Korea just test missiles capable of hitting the U.S.? Maybe.

Jon Ralston reports good news for Dems

Democrat. Democratic. Whatever.

City of Madison, WI shatters early voting records

Do hotels and restaurants get Amber alerts?

All We Wanted to do Was VOTE. Iron Jawed Angels - Force Feeding Scene

Huge Crowds Rally Against Venezuela's Deeply Unpopular President

Baseball for All

Could Republican Women Lead The Creation of a New Center Right Party?

How the Media Manufactured Hatred of Hillary Clinton

Preparation for H

What Percentage of Trump Voters....

West Virginia Water agency’s purchasing card transactions under review

Eastman Chemical settles in lawsuit over WV water crisis

Paving lawsuits may consolidate

Any guesses on what % of big corps offered employees a solid defined pension in 1998 and now?

drumph's 5 words - count them. He said "my theme today is five words" He's no number cruncher....

The Republican Party knows something about “rigging” elections

Venezuela: Opposition Escalates as Anti-Maduro Protests Turn Violent

Suffolk University/USA Today Poll Shows Clinton Leading Trump by 9 Points Nationwide

University Of Wisconsin Student Accused Of Multiple Sexual Assaults

Domestic Terrorism Complaint Filed with FBI Against Joe Walsh Over Violent Tweet

Former Bristol doctor sentenced on federal tax charges

What Scares You More About Trump

Philippine president calls for removal of all US troops (Guardian)

Voting has started, long lines are happening again. Are past problems repeating?


Standing Rock Sioux representatives on O'Donnell's show now

NRA spends $1 million on ads in Virginia presidential contest

Pastor Defends Having a Late-Term Abortion: “It Was the Right Course of Action for Me”

*Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor on Charlie Rose tonight.

Most dangerous dog?

Oh, Yah-Yah-Yah, Again-Oh, Yah

Lawrence O'D live now.

How White Nationalists Learned To Love Donald Trump

Anti-choicers don't have a Biblical leg to stand on

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by 14 Points Nationally in New Poll

Jason Chaffetz

National Geographic 'Afghan girl' arrested in Pakistan

CNN: Bloomberg New Florida Poll: Trump up by 2 over Clinton..

Donald Trump is the black messiah

The Polls — All Of Them — Show Hillary Clinton Leading

War and Peace

Trump has to win all toss up states and flip a blue state to get to 270.

Inside Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant

Tense standoff at Dakota Access protest encampment

Trump booster Alex Jones: I’m not anti-Semitic, but Jews run an evil conspiracy

Brutal story about Jill Stein's Finances-Short Version: She's a Hypocrite

Just a reminder: The GOP is dominating in FL, OH, PA, VA, NC, WI, MI, NV, and NH right now

Dozens come forward about student charged with sex assault

Trump son tours Yuengling brewery in Schuylkill County

All Chris Mathews did was interupt.

Interview: Next U.S. gov't not to improve relations with Latin America, warns Argentine scholar

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 27, 2016 -- TCM Spotlight - Trailblazing Women

ELN and Colombian Government Set to Start Peace Talks in Quito

Jack T. Chick, Religious Cartoonist, Dies at 92

Repeat Gallego got my vote

If you were the Clinton campaign and had a juicy piece of oppo...

The DOJ Voter Toll Free # and Online Form if you see Any problem whatsoever when Voting Tuesday

Wait, wut? Carlos Santana whiffed with two on and two out in the seventh?!

Semi-permanent CNN news ticker: Clinton lead shrinks in new national polling

No flip-flops or exposed belly buttons for Kentucky state workers

Question? If cheeto's supporters turn out to violence on Nov 8th that causes depressed turn out

Ten Things You Should Know About White Privilege

The Most Dangerous Place in the World: US Pours in Money, as Blood Flows in Honduras

The Most Dangerous Place in the World: US Pours in Money, as Blood Flows in Honduras

Republican claims they will start investigating Clinton right after the election

262 of 1574 Upshot/Siena

Urgent Memo to all CNN hosts and panel members!

New Mexico seeks copays from Medicaid patients

Alberta oil spills

Irish Whiskey

US Drug War Kills Honduran Civilians, Talks with Elite Suspects

You too can have orange face if you do what this woman does!

The Surprise Senate Race: How Missouri Became a Key Battleground

Country Profile: Honduras

New NC ‘bathroom’ ad was used before – in Texas

In wake of Keith Lamont Scott shooting, minister calls for resuming a local tradition

The Yale Record Does not Endorse Hillary Clinton

Two Charlotte banks complete $350 million merger

For what it's worth, San Francisco clerk reporting record returns of mail-in ballots.

Light the Night 2016 with Team Salesforce

Trump still leading Hillary by 3 in Texas

MSM is back to ratings "it's still a horse race" mode

#NVGOTV in Nevada (NV) 5TH day. Dems lead by > 25,500 EV, 45% to 36%

Americans strongly favor expanding solar power to help address costs and environmental concerns

Charlotte loses 730-job operations center over House Bill 2

Media claims of race tightening at this point = the media's pure hatred of Hillary

Democrats lead, unaffiliated voters gain in early-vote turnout

GOP leader complains about Cooper to Bar

Bill Clinton tours NC: ‘I’m a white southerner – I know what Make America Great Again means’

Good Vibrations-Democratic Party Favorability at 4 Year High-Republican Party Favorable Not

Winston-Salem readying for Clinton, Obama appearance Thursday

What are the chances the NY State Senate can be flipped this year?

Engle jury awards $29 million in damages against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

Stokes County woman charged with embezzling nearly $300,000 from Hayworth-Miller funeral home ...

In Fayetteville, Bill Clinton says HB2 'based on fear'

My mother just had a stroke

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete First Season

Hello everyone, 50 posts in

It Is Not Looking Like Democrats Are Going To Win The Elections They Need.

Brazil Senators May Axe Corruption Investigation Targeting Them

Rachel Maddow Covering Trump "Vote Watch" Effort. Including Law Enforcement.

Spanish-focused elementary school attacked with pro-Trump graffiti in California

Spanish-focused elementary school attacked with pro-Trump graffiti in California

Peru’s Unhappy History with Surveillance, and How To Fix It

Holier-than-YOU Jill Stein claims disdain for corporations but invests in big carbon, banks & pharm

Seth Meyers, A Closer Look: Donald Trump's Obamacare Fail

In Pickens County, first elk sighting in state for centuries

UN rejects blockade of Cuba, again, as US abstains for first time

'Evil clown' report near Charleston Southern University latest in national phenomenon

Lawmakers aim for proposal to fix ailing pension system by January

Sources: Any General Assembly public corruption indictments may come by December

Trump supporters want Trump TV... but only for free

Ex-Colombian Minister’s Defense Says There’s No Extradition Treaty with U.S.

South Carolina employers urged to prepare for tax withholding changes

I don't want 3 inches tonight !

Warwick priest: A vote for Clinton would put 'immortal soul' in peril

PBS: Why white nationalists hear a political ally in Donald Trump

Voter rolls off by 189,000 in Rhode Island, Journal analysis finds

Rhode Island pension officials aim to divest $585M from seven underperforming hedge funds

The Five Worst Halloween Treats According to Gordon Ramsay

So Faux News are saying its a landslide for Trump

Daily Holidays October 27

Researchers Clear 'Patient Zero' From AIDS Origin Story

Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (Full Episode)

A message so important, it got @RobbyMook to finally join Twitter! This thing will be close, people.

Re: Coal ash hexavalent chromium drinking water contamination in VA & NC

What would you do if your raise was just $5 a month? Seek Senate relief

If every Democrat who could vote, votes, along with women, people of color, and

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Joe Biden unloads on the potential groper-in-chief

The Polls — All Of Them — Show Hillary Clinton Leading

The Realities of Sea-Level Rise in Miami's Low-Income Communities

Donald Trump’s Grand Opening For His Hotel Is Greeted With A Boycott

Looks like I have to drive 55, that's my age today!

Former CEO of Hollywood Payroll Company Convicted for Tax Fraud Conspiracy

If you live in PA and experience a voter challenge or witness voter intimidation

Drum roll please....Top story on Morning Joe is .....

Woman tells police Oprah instructed her to set fire at Las Vegas LGBT Center

Beneath Cheers at Donald Trump’s Rallies, Dark Fears Take Hold

California poll: Trump’s numbers dropping into ‘uncharted territory’

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: Man-made Disaster

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Trump congratulates Gingrich on 'amazing interview' with Megyn Kelly

CNN still pimping the Bloomberg Fla poll

To applause and boos, Kerry urges Congress to ratify Pacific trade pact

EU Parliament awards Sakharov prize to Yazidi women

EU Parliament awards Sakharov prize to Yazidi women

Predicting This Election Is Easy.

U.S. says two top al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan targeted in strikes

Anybody else notice

Republican hold on U.S. state legislatures could slip in election

Morning Joe trying very hard to say an email shows Hillary is corrupt.


EU-Canada trade deal: Belgians break Ceta deadlock

Ted Cruz raises possibility of keeping seat vacant on Supreme Court

This is amazing: "The Yale Record Does NOT Endorse Hillary Clinton"

Idlib school attack could be deadliest since Syrian war began, says UN

Word of the Day: pre-impeach

Domestic Terrorism Complaint Filed with FBI Against Joe Walsh Over Violent Tweet

Erdogan says Turkish offensive will target Syrian towns of Manbij and Raqqa

Howard Stern: Trump 'always talked in a misogynistic, sexist kind of way.'

I don't understand why some on the left think that a trump presidency would be harmless

Humans Are Close To Killing Off Two-Thirds Of All Wildlife In Just 50 Years

Clinton slams Trump’s hypocrisy in using undocumented labor to build D.C. hotel

Cook: House Alert: Democrats Poised to Pick Up 10 to 20 Seats

New FL poll Clinton +4

Good Morning DUers

Donald Trump may find a place in history — by losing just that badly - By George F. Will

POLL: Meme of the Quarter – 3Q2016

VOTER SUPPRESSION: You're not supposed to say this publicly...

Former State Representative Sentenced To Probation In Mortgage Fraud Scheme

Wikileaks Wikileaks Wikileaks and Morning Joe

Inside the Trump Bunker with 12 days to go

Argentinian activists pin blame on machismo as attacks on women rise

Lawmakers Analyze Conflicting Budget Deficit Numbers

New Haven Register evacuated after suspicious letter discovered; no hazard found

***Clinton nearly doubles lead over Trump in latest CNBC survey*** (+9)

Inside the Trump Bunker with 12 days to go

Patients left in limbo as more doctors flee Puerto Rico

I don't understand all these polls.

Now is the time to take down Marco Rubio, but the DSCC has decided not to

BOMBSHELL: Trump’s own data team has him losing

Oprah steals God's thunder

Woman finds amazing way to get back at cheating Ex

My Case Against Term Limits

Jews blamed for Holocaust in UK event slammed by Israeli embassy

I hate this election cycle

Samantha Bee destroys the myth that drumph had a good 20 minutes in the debate

Winston Churchill to Jason Chaffetz

Well, I guess everyone has to get out and vote since it's now so close..

"We have three major voter supression operations underway"

"Don't give Hillary a blank check" ad

Prince Mikasa, a China war veteran who spanned three reigns, dies at 100

Which Countries Have Single-Payer Health Systems?

How Paul Ryan Will De-Cuck Himself

Anti-racism group to displace Confederate parade in Lexington (VA)

Fredericksburg hears case for renaming Jefferson Davis Highway (VA)


Bloomington high school students gather to rally against hate symbol (IN)

Clinton wins by landslide in student election

Clinton's camp must come up with an attack against Trump's voter suppression

Repubs preparing for years of investigations of Hillary.

I don't drink, in fact I had two glasses of wine last night.

HRC supporters - Don't let GOP use Senate control to OBSTRUCT every step of the way.

TRUMP: "My theme today is FIVE words: 'under budget and ahead of schedule.'"

Clinton is leading the African American early vote in NC 96-2

Kellyanne Conway: Trump's DC "pit stop" was incredible, stunning, because, you know...Adele.

Joe Scarborough's word of the day is TREND LINES...I know what the polls say but it is about the

***Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 7 in Pennsylvania***

Koterba toon: Trump & Rump

A casino magnate is spending millions to fight legal marijuana in three states

Montana House race contrast: Navy SEAL vs longtime educator

Harry Reid Warns Of ‘Constitutional Crisis’ If Democrats Don’t Win Back The Senate

Massive Demonstrations Demand President's Ouster in Venezuela

Susie Buffett, now ex-donor, calls Goodwill CEO’s defense of pay ‘outrageous’

Poor 'tax paying' man of the people. Vets were getting some humanity all over his posh

Voting in person on election day?

"African American"

Twitter to lay off more than 300 workers

Trump Supporter: Make American Great Again, Like Before Homosexuals

Oct 28 - Sen. Bernie Sanders to Headline "Get out the Vote" Rally at JSC in VT

Trump Campaign's Dishonest & Delusional Election Map

Cher is coming to Boston for Hillary

How Hackers Broke Into John Podesta and Colin Powell’s Gmail Accounts

Why is Ivanka Trump ok with her father describing her voluptuousness,

For Democrats, defeating Donald Trump isn’t enough

I see so many complaints about MSNBC - why do you watch that Network?

Pressure mounting for state czar to oversee teen homelessness

Happy Birthday, Theodore Roosevelt!

Obama Stands with Sue Minter

The "Glass Ceiling" metaphor.

Obama Stands with Sue Minter

Pacific Islanders appear to be carrying the DNA of an unknown human species

Exactly who the f*ck is "THE MEDIA" anyway?


Belgian Deal Clears Way for EU-Canada Free Trade Pact

Holy crap: Christmas came early this year with yesterday's and today's polling

Now we know why gun control has not been an issue for this election.

Trump’s ‘Celebrity Candidate 2016’ Will End — Even Without A Concession Speech - Gene Lyons

FYI: HILLARY CLINTON & MICHELE OBAMA / 2:00PM – 4:00PM EDT / Winston Salem, North Carolina

Brexit! Michigan Primary! Columbian peace deal! Spread the word! GOTV! nt

Symbolism of Hillary's election night event location :)

Trump springs news on Melania that she will give two or three 'big' speeches

The DNC wants to hold the RNC in contempt for its ‘voter fraud’ crusade

Thank you Bernie | Sue Minter for Governor

Gays seeking safety in Trump? (Dallas Voice column)

Another good celebrity ad chuckle.

Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists

Pets who hate Trump-

Somen Noodle Recipe そうめん

Chris Cuomo refusing to let Rudy G. get away with crazy talk (Video)

Vid~James Franco: Hillary is the most interesting woman in the World!

He's in-he's out-he's in again

A 30 Year Smear Campaign: How the Media Manufactured Hatred of @HillaryClinton

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton! It's back! ERB is back!

MLive Media Group Editorial Board: Hillary Clinton is best for Michigan

They really do think theyre winning ya know...

Faith an Antitheist Could Like

Trumpie: he'll teach that military expert a thing or two!

(not made in America) Ivanka Trump's best-selling fashion line

Religious people find it harder to understand the world – study

Pregnant women in south America with Zika not having fetal deformaties

A question for political junkies.

Pretty funny tweet by a GOP strategist

Kinda like this pix - Time's they be achangin'

Bice: Sheriff Clarke begins raising money for 2018

Cnn host is questioning a guest-Does Michelle Obama have a close relationship

ESPN Ultimate Standings: 49ers franchise drop to last place in sports

The problem with elections over the last 30 years--too many polls

Summary of EV estimates by every political analyst/survey aggregator

Donald Trump’s risky plan to use the Internet to suppress Hillary Clinton’s turnout

"Deadbeat Donald" - has a nice ring to it!

For you Civil War buffs - 101 interesting facts about the Civil War

Texas Voting - HOLY CRAP, it's going blue!

Q & A with Sr. Susan K. Wood, exploring the Catholic-Lutheran relationship

TW survey: Trump's candidacy pushing agents, clients to shun his hotels

This is much more than just an election.

Alice Cooper “I played with Donald Trump one time, that’s all I’m going to say.”

Horror Roles That Really Messed Up The Actors' Heads

This is why I hope Cleveland loses

Repub Jason Chaffetz flip flops on Trump.

Donald Trump’s risky plan to use the Internet to suppress Hillary Clinton’s turnout

Trump for a "STONG AMERICA"

"Democrat" as adjective started with Joe McCarthy

Mullet Man Is Suing Over This Photo

'Nasty woman' and Ken Bone: US election's viral stars a hit for Halloween

Sea Ice Extent Is Near Record Lows--South as Well as North

Carlisle school backs student's right to sit during Pledge, substitute dismissed for confronting him

KO: To The Women Supporting Trump… A Message

FOUR Pinocchio's -->Trump’s false claim that Clinton ‘lost’ $6 billion at the State Department

Millenial Surge Has Arrived (WaPo)

KO: To The Women Supporting Trump… A Message

Chechen wedding police to tackle drunkenness and 'incorrect' dancing

What is the punishment for the RNC violating the consent decree?

Great Trump / #Halloween Cartoon: Is THIS Donald's BIGGEST fear from trick 'r' treaters?

Donald Trump speaks the truth for the first time in his life

Question regarding voting and haven't received ballot.

Mecklenburg Cty. Dems need emergency funding ASAP. National focus on NC has them stretched to limit

The Nevada Early Voting Blog -- 5th day raw vote, Dems commanding 26,500 vote lead

Dear Professor Gingrich: Sign up for America's Changing 101

Dear Professor Gingrich: Sign up for America's Changing 101

Dear Professor Gingrich: Sign up for America's Changing 101

Closing Arguments Delayed in Bridge Trial Over Legal Issue

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Official Admits To Engaging In A Campaign Of "Voter Suppression"

US Attorneys will be monitoring on Election Day to respond to complaints

Back east they have their fall colors, here in California we have them too!

Experts Wonder Why US Official (Clapper) Uttered Hard N. Korea Truth

Charles P. Pierce: This Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Trump Campaign Is Terrifying

Andrea Mitchell...ugh...

Twitter Axing 9 Percent of Workforce

When will cannabis users demand equal rights?

How to Roll your jeans

2016 Congressional Race map

Let's play "Equivalency: Yay or Meh?"

US Charges 61 Defendants in Call Center Scam Based in India

Three Reasons U.S. doesn't have Universal Health Coverage

US Charges 61 Defendants in Call Center Scam Based in India

Who works for a business and how long have you known not to

Kotoko -Shooting Star

Kotoko-Shooting Star

Milo the dog steals a sausage. A good attorney would get him off.

Joe Heck Against The World: Can A GOP Senate Hopeful Win Without Trump?

Trump Created Trump Magazine With the Help of Boiler-Room Penny-Stock Scam Artists

A Narcissist's Prayer

Six full hours today on MSNBC so far, Clinton E-Mails...WTF ?

Ted Cruz’s off-the-wall Supreme Court suggestion

About speaking fees.

Happy to say we voted early in Maryland today!

Cross post for those of you who, like me, mostly stick to GD: 2016

MoJo, The Trump Files: Trump's Long History of Getting Sued By His Own Lawyers

But this picture, tho!!

I Waited 96 Years to vote for a woman president.

Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by up to 65 Percent

Donald Trumps hired guns

Announcing the 2016 War on Christmas

Amtrak settles fatal 2015 crash in Philadelphia for $265 million

Next Congressional investigation in regards to Hillary

The Real Trump Is Revealed In His Handwriting. And It Is Very Ugly.

NEW AD: Damian | Hillary Clinton

A "movement" without the celebrity.

State of the Race with HFA Campaign Manager Robby Mook | Hillary Clinton

Google it | The Briefing ~ NEW AD

Texas officials deny Trump's 'vote flipping' claim

First Lady Michelle Obama Campaigns With Hillary Clinton for First Time

PHOTOS Added: Oct 28 & 29 - 5 Bernie Sanders GOTV Rallies in Vermont

Chicago, overrun by rats, pleads for feral cats.

Donald Trump’s risky plan to use the Internet to suppress Hillary Clinton’s turnout

Clinton wins!!!! 1992...

Watch Ana Navarro destroy Trumper Scottie Hughes who calls her ‘selfish'


Looking at the latest email dump, There is still nothing there.

Beyoncé-Bashing Trump Surrogate Calls Sexual Assault Allegations ‘Man-Shaming’

Trump Son: Dad 'Started the Conversation' About Obama Birthplace

Democrats hoping to pick up a few Texas House seats - Texas Tribune

Trump 2020 - What do you think?

What is most amazing about Hillary's leaked campaign emails.

The DOJ Voter Toll Free #, Email Address & Online Form if you see Any problem whatsoever when Voting

Live from Trump Tower, the Ultimate Conspiracy

Question about cashing olds checks

I am so tired of hearing about those damn emails. I am sure that there are many others who feel

Donald Trump Seems Jealous That Hillary Clinton Got to See Adele In Concert

"Do You Understand the Electoral College?"

538 - Election Update: Is The Presidential Race Tightening?

My contract ends tomorrow...

Trump springs news on Melania that she will give two or three 'big' speeches

Images reveal crashed Mars lander

Poll: Gun control support rises after Orlando shooting

Pumpkin Fun at the Chester Zoo!

Ted Cruz wants to block Supreme Court appointments forever

Imagine if the emails of the Trump campaign were leaked - can you give and example?

Vandal arrested after demolishing Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star with a sledgehammer

Judges hearing Roy Moore appeal to be appointed today

Wiki leaks and Bill Clinton?

Looks Like GOP Signalling They Will Never Accept Clinton As President Ever Just Like Obama.

Predict the president: Will Clinton or Trump win the US election? You decide.

Defense of Bill Clintons Speeches, Reagan was no slouch

AP: Early voting: More good signs for Clinton in key states

The reality of Trump’s alt-right trolls: They’ll put your 7-year-old’s face on a gas chamber

Just Voted in Texas

Uncle Sheldon is preparing to screw the Las Vegas / Raiders Stadium out of his $650m pledge

When Trump Blames Clinton For His Own Bad Behavior, He Sounds Like a Rape Apologist

A Canadian's perspective...

When Trump Blames Clinton For His Own Bad Behavior, He Sounds Like a Rape Apologist

Trump probably won't be mentioning Rasmussen or IBD polls today - both have Hillary ahead again

Why is Morning Joe always in a perpetual outrage?

BREAKING: Clarence Thomas Does The UNTHINKABLE, Turns Against Republican Party

Does anyone remember what the polls were like in 1992

The Press - "They’re already trying to erase what they did to Hillary Clinton" by Melissa McEwan

Chelsea in Boone NC Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama 2-4PM ET; Live Stream.***.

Look at all the empty space at the Trump rally that's about to start

The only thing missing is "I'm Hillary Clinton And I Approved This Message"

Poll: Most Americans see the country on the right track

HRC leads by nearly +22 in NC in early vote

What to get the man who has everything: A new fragrance:

Joe Biden Does a Burnout In His Corvette Stingray - Jay Leno’s Garage

John Elway campaigns against amendment to raise minimum wage, health care.

I voted for a woman President of the US today!!!

Could Trump blow it in Texas?

Grab that, asshole:

Hamburg gang rape teenagers' suspended sentences spark anger

Why I want to see Trump's emails

Watching donald with no sound...

US election: 'Cruel' Trump claim annoys Muslim family

We'd All Be Better Off If From Today Until Election Day That We.....

The (not so) secret socialist history of Trump’s new favorite slogan

Paleontologists just identified the first fossilized dinosaur brain

They're running his full lying speeches again

Thinking about moving abroad?

Female Lawyer Accuses Justice Clarence Thomas Of Groping Her In 1999

Cruz and Mc Cain have both defined how important the senate elections are.

Trump Thought Nobody Would Notice Who Was Holding A ‘Blacks For Trump’ Sign At His Rally

Pussy Riot dedicates its new music video about female private parts to Trump

I'm not sure if I should even post this. "Voting for Hillary is a sin." I just returned from

Probe Finds Guards Who Unleashed Dogs on Pipeline Protesters Were Not Licensed in ND

Pat Toomey (R) Tries To Reach Out To Democrats — While Still Bashing Hillary Clinton

Destruction of Walk Of Fame star leaves Donald Trump down to his last six Horcruxes

Black turnout key to House fight

Jury awards $150,000 in botched funeral case

Inside the Controversial World of Medically Assisted Sex: Slutever

Hillary & Michele are on stage!! Whoo Hooo!!! ***LIVESTREAM **

Hillary and Michelle speaking now in NC

My wife and I are going to a local New Deal dinner tonight in Indiana.

By any measure, an historic presidency.

The beautiful Bradbury Building in downtown LA.

Bluebirds and Woodpeckers at Cam one.

How Far We Haven’t Come: Jessica Leeds, Anita Hill and Me

How Far We Haven’t Come: Jessica Leeds, Anita Hill and Me

kawaiiiiiiiiii ne!

Those flocking to Jill Stein should realize they don't have her privilege

FINALLY!!! Obama is comin' fer my GUNZ!!1!!!!!!11!!

South Korean Adopted At Age 3 Is To Be Deported Nearly 40 Years Later

The FCC just passed sweeping new rules to protect your online privacy

Republicans May Want To Reconsider What They Pay Their Consultants...

From Standing Rock: 'They Have Us Surrounded!' (w/Guest: Kandi Mossett)

Just an example of a vile Trumpster tweeter....

Sheriff’s Office Removes Protesters From Dakota Access Pipeline Site

Trump Supporter Bob Knight Allegedly Likes Grabbing Genitals, Too

Beer drinkers disavow Yuengling after owner shows support for Trump

America's small town in Canada

Best ever Clinton Campaign Staff

I'm having trougle understanding why this latest Wikileaks info is bad for Hillary.

Another Repugnant devaluing a perfectly good metaphorical use of a word

I think the Donald looks good in orange-give him a bit of color...

Bob Roberts (1992) is on. Holy crap, it's virtually the story of Trump's rise, rhetoric and all!!!

New Q-pac polls - very good for Clinton and they normally hate her.

Biden to stump with Senate candidate Kander at Pageant Friday

***New Quinnipiac polls have HRC running away with Virginia,ahead in NC, tied in Iowa, Georgia***

Lawsuit Against SCOTUS Justices for Gay Marriage Ruling is Dismissed

Trump is a sex addict! And he’s Rich and he can’t help himself!

GOTV event with Vice President Joe Biden & Jason Kander in St. Louis Fri Oct 28

With so many folks opting for early voting; how how this figure into daily poll projections?

Once you have voted get others to vote

Palestinian Authority Names School After Planner of Munich Olympics Massacre

Most of the media are lapdogs for conman trump - it's only when his lies and actions

Set your DVR: American Humane Hero Dog Awards™ Recognizing ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things

Clinton: 'Dignity And Respect For Women And Girls' Are On The Ballot, Too


Trump Goes After 'Bill Clinton, Inc.' Over Latest Wikileaks Revelation

Dakota Pipeline ignored by press, this site, and HRC

"He has to find something blue on this map and turn it red".

Neat wildlife Webcam

If Trump won Washington would become...


We have some really hateful, vandalizing teanuts in the Cedar Valley

12th accuser

BYU to stop investigating rape victims for violating Honor Code

Trump Groping Victim #12

‘He Really Grabbed My Butt’: Latest Accuser Claims She Was Groped By Trump In 2006

Bernie's Not Sitting This Out. Neither Can We.

U.S. Takes Down Call-Center Financial Scam

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 27, 2016

Trmp is pandering to the holier than thou goons...

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Do not vote third party. Vote your interest.

Halloween St. Louis Tradition - Telling Jokes for Your Candy

Mother of Pulse victim stars in pro-Hillary ad: If you love someone gay....

I am not interested in STOLEN email from either side.

Bill Kristol: conservatives need to be less compassionate

Conflicting Numbers but One Clear Conclusion - Clinton Is Ahead

Nearly every demo group thinks less favorably of Trump brand now, says CNBC survey

It's been said: "I Long for the good ol' days when ignorance wasn't considered a Political Position"

Follow-up article in Esquire about dumpy drumpf tower-- it has improved

Have the Republicans Lost White Women for Good?

For Trump so loved the country that he gave it himself on a 757 jetliner....

Just Sent Mail to Find Out About Distant Relatives

HRC appears to be making a comeback in Iowa in new poll (leads 61-27 among early voters)

N.J. voter intimidation case at center of Democratic court fight against Trump

Obama commutes sentences of 98 inmates

Lawyer Alleges Justice Thomas Groped Her When She Was A Young Scholar

25 years after Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas has another accuser

Trump transition trying to raise $100,000

Why is national polling all over the map?

"I'll teach them thar generals!"

Pussy Riot: "Make America Great Again" WARNING!!. . . NSFW

With the polls...

How Does Everyone KNOW How People Are Voting In The Early Elections???

Interview with Governor O'Malley

Is voter intimidation working?

Donald Trump spends $100,000 a week on internal polling that's giving him the same results as public

Interview with Governor O'Malley

Kentucky is ideal for Skittles: Flip-flops are *banned* for State employees. I mean "shower shoes".

Will Trump have fits with reporting on election night, before some states polls close?

Humanity decimating planetary wildlife – Nearly three-fifths of all vertebrates gone

CNBC Trump supporter reduced to yelling ‘BREXIT BREXIT’ in unbelievably insane interview

Trump Takes Issue With Clinton’s Criticism Of Putin

Remington Research polls (the only ones showing Trump surging) are completely skewed Rethug SHITE

House GOP Campaign Arm Runs Ad Praising Rep. For Standing Up To Trump (VIDEO)

100,000 new Florida voters when judge rebukes Scott’s 'poppycock'

Trump U Staff Included Drug Trafficker, Child Molester

***Detroit Free Press Michigan poll HRC +7***

Pew Research Poll: HRC 46-40 (4-way) & 50-43 (2-way) nationally

U.S. Indicts Dozens in $300 Million Indian Call Center Scheme.

I'm super excited for Melania Trump's upcoming 2 or 3 major speeches!

"He's leading in Fla"

R.I.P. Manfred Krug, the coolest actor you never heard of

Here’s what I’ll do the day after the election

Voted Early Today On Cape Cod

Michelle Obama today (facebook)

VOTE early

Sexual predator informs CNN's Dana Bash that she is "actually very insulting" and "very rude"

The Corrosive Election and the New Abnormal by Linda Greenhouse

This is the kind of "news" we have to put up with in Alabama:

Apple introduces "Touch Bar" for the MacBook Pro ...

Another one...Ex-Miss Finland: Trump groped me

Correction: Obamacare Premiums Are Going Up About 0% For Most People

Armed Palestinian Eight-Year-Olds Say They Were Sent to Attack Israelis

The Bengaaazi Boys Are All Ready To Pre-Impeach Clinton

Georgia voting machine suspected of ‘flipping’ presidential votes

Have We Already Won the Renewables Revolution?

WATCH: James O’Keefe hypes up ‘literal revolt’ of infuriated internet users if Trump loses

There's a special Baldwin..

Driver Leaves Angry Note On Fellow Driver's Car

Ok Clinton Campaign - High time you get this out there - Trump calling 1/2 people lazy

Republican Rift Over Supreme Court Widens

I voted today

YAY!! Democrats Are Going Back Into Florida With Millions Of Dollars To Retire Marco Rubio

Live updates from Standing Rock

Live from Trump Tower

Our Revolution Stands with Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

Why is Michael Moore saying Trump will win?

Can you really plant multiple bulbs in the same hole?

Olympus global photo contest.

After voting machine issue, Georgia officials blame testing

"One is the loneliest number"

Maryland early voting way up......Early voting seems way up everywhere.

Trump Wants To Legalize Political Endorsements From Religious Organizations

SLATE: "Donald Trump’s list of supporters is worth tens of millions of dollars. But who owns it?"

For anyone needing some LOLs, check out Benchmark/ShareBlue's California county map

Some Cub Fans Have Too Much Time On Their Hands :)

Trump Fan Threatens To Beat Hillary ‘Like A Man’ Before Shooting Her And Obama

The Leahy legacy: Fidel, fundraising and influential friends

Why is the media discussing emails from a private person stolen by Russia??

This Nov. there are marijuana ballot measures in 10 states!

Reno Gazette endorses Clinton

Why these economists say Hillary Clinton’s tax hike could create jobs

Hillary needs to amp it up against neoliberalism and austerity,

Sheldon Adelson Dumped $40 Million to influence elections Not for Trump but everyone else, really?

Michigan men adopt stray dog, puppies at bachelor party

How Deep Will 2016's Blue Wave Be? Progressives Push Many Candidates and Issues Up and Down Politica

Quiros laptop to be searched in Jay Peak fraud investigation

So what's the actual story about early voting?

Rutland mayor: Fake gunfire in movie scene rattled state employees

Happening Now

Chile seeks help to protect world's oldest mummies

Pssssssssssssst! Former Miss Finland is 12th woman to accuse Trump of sexual assault

WCAX poll shows Scott ahead in race for governor

Irony is having a rough year

Green Mountain Care Board approves all-payer model

Voter group wants documents unsealed in Indiana search

Trump: 'We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump'

Former Miss Finland becomes 12th woman to accuse Trump of sexual assault

Vermont House candidate McGarghan stands by controversial Tweet calling for Obama to be hanged

I just voted and Mailed my Oregon ballot.

Bernie's Not Sitting This Out. Neither Can We.

Where the hell are all DU's Seniors? I know there are a bunch of us.

Where the hell are all of DU's Seniors? I know there are a bunch of us.

Huffpo 2016 Election forecast update: HRC 97.8% Grump 2.2%

Damián López Rodriguez: A son, a soldier, a dreamer | Hillary Clinton

Julian Asshole, opps, I mean Assange, claims in "RT" that "'crazed' Clinton camp tried to hack

NRCC cancels remaining TV ad reservations in NH01 - Guinta must be toast.

Trump: 'We should just cancel the election' and declare me the winner

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 28 October 2016

Minister asks to be defrocked over treatment of atheist colleague


States Dispute ‘Rigged Election’ Claims, Cite Focus on Security State election officials and cybers

Last donation: consider giving a couple bucks more if you can

Breaking : Trump University staff included drug trafficker, child molester, financial disasters

A Trump supporter lurking in my extended family

Faux News after Chelesa Clinton now

Commentary: Release every religious prisoner of conscience

Oregon standoff: All defendants found not guilty

Adelson Tells Davis To Get His Filthy Hands Off His $750m, Could Blow Up Vegas Raiders Deal

My 90 year old mom voted for Hillary today.

#BREAKING: Jury finds 7 Malheur occupiers not guilty

Election Update: The Polls Disagree, And That’s OK

MO-SEN: Blunt up by 1

James O'Keefe's New Story About the 47 Percent Video Is Totally False There's no scoop here.

Is The Trump Campaign A Grift To Sell Hats?

Looks like early vote in Fla.

White Catholic women dump Trump

i'm over these pundits and the 24/7 bullshit....

Oregon standoff: All defendants found not guilty

Bloodbath coming- Clinton camp says it entered the final stretch with $153 million on hand

Trump raised $0 for RNC in October

Visiting Mom in Boston area this week. The Hassan vs. Ayotte ads are interminable

I listened to a Trump rally today.

Developing: 100+ Militarized Police Raiding #NoDAPL Resistance Camp

Police Raid Voter Registration Office

Oregon standoff: All defendants found not guilty

All defendants in the Oregon standoff found not guilty

Luckovich Toon - Heimlich

CNN Poll of Polls: Clinton lead holds steady

Lady on Hardball

Wow, did you know Donald Trump is an award winning actor?

State rep candidate 'concerned' about opponent's past

This 7-year-old SLAYS

Fired officer sues department, town in sexual harassment case, alleges 'rapability' scale

The Second Amendment Is All for Gun Control

First on CNN: Super PAC tied to Senate Democrats putting new focus on Florida race

Baldwin vs. Baldwin Twitter War

VP Candidate Mike Pence's Campaign Plane Slides off Runway at LaGuardia: NBC News

no new imac. :(

Pence plane skids off runway at La gaurdia,

I always figured a saboteur of American democracy would be an evil, formidable figure