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Cast our votes for Hillary today with my daughter and

A good audience.

Dozens Dead In What UNICEF Calls One Of The Worst School Bombings In Syria's War

Spate of drugged driving deaths alarms U.S. regulators

California poll: Trump’s numbers dropping into ‘uncharted territory’

Pentagon ordered to stop forcing veterans to repay bonuses

"Not the first incident." Who the fuck did Trump hire to fly the plane????

Breaking: Pence skids.

Pence plane video from interior shows Eastern Airlines livery ...

Twice the FLOTUS!

Jury acquits leaders of Oregon standoff of federal charges

Iggy Pop on "Austin City Limits" Saturday!

These Expert Writing Tips Will Guarantee Your Blog Posts Get Read

Trump raised $0 for RNC in October - Yup $0

I am glad no one was injured after Gov. Pence's plane skidded off a runway......

Satanic stuff on Amazon Prime's "settings" menu???

IL-SEN: Kirk Just Ridiculed Tammy Duckworth's Asian heritage.


How can we prepare to break Repub plans to block the Supreme Court?

Best Headline Ever: Even The Plane Skids Out of Control!

Trump opens his rally speech talking about the crowd, but........

While the Bundy fucks got off today, American Indian Water Protectors were shot with rubber bullets

Does Chris Hayes have ability to shut that stupid idiot talking over the other person continuously?

Group: Senate flier exploits Hassan's 'Muslim-sounding name'

Trump interview on EWTN: refuses to discuss "prayer life," says Catholics should be shunned if they

So, who are the smartest scientists? (since we're on the topic...)

Full Transcript: George Stephanopoulos Goes One-on-One with Donald Trump

"I forgot that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve with George Washington (VIDEO)

My 19 YO son voted for the first time today

When you stand up against corporate interests you get this:

Sununu calls on Van Ostern to return campaign contributions from D-H employees

Danse Macabre 2010 ( Saint-Saëns )

As Election Day Nears, 1 in 6 Americans Say They're Buying Guns and Half of Voters

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Halloween Redux! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Panel clears Maine GOP senator of wrongdoing

I need help.

Trump's Hollywood Walk of fame Star destroyed.

"Hillary just tried to kill Mike Pence in order to get a leg up in 2020!"

Judge awards blueberry worker nearly $730,000 in heat stroke collapse

Trump is Done: Third Debate Was His Last Chance to Catch Up To Clinton & He Failed

Trump is Done: Third Debate Was His Last Chance to Catch Up To Clinton & He Failed

Rachael, we know Trump is an ass hole

Trump's fascist followers!

Trump, the Specter of Political Violence, & Lessons From the Roman Republic (Or, We Have a Problem A

It is time to Kill off Stupidparty—it is Time to Mess with Texas

Texas: the least insured state. Why am I not surprised?

Republican S.E. Cupp wrote a heartbroken takedown of her own party for The New York Times

Trump for President, Really?

Trump's approach to Ebola!

X-Japan: Kurenai LIVE (The greatest Japanese Rock Song--So Far!)

X-Japan: Kurenai LIVE (The greatest Japanese Rock Song--So Far!)

Maine health insurer to drop abortion coverage in 2017

If the Bundys can be found innocent in Oregon...

"American Exceptionalism"

Not even Trump kids donate to his campaign.. Guess who else???

I wonder if Mike Pence is re-thinking his alliance with Donald?

Maine voters to decide tax on wealthy to support schools

Even Mike Pence's plane is trying to run away from the Trump campaign.

Whoever the prosecutors in the Oregon occupation case were...

American Exceptionalism Simply Prevents America from being Truly Exceptional

Virgin Islands Gov. Mapp Announces Plan And Partnership To Transform Horse Racing Industry

World's largest marine protected area declared in Antarctica

Donald Trump and Mike Pence both said that women shouldn't be allowed to serve in the military

Comparing liberal movies ratings to conservative...

Trump: Peeping Tom Pervert

Dakota Access Pipeline

Let's look at the scorecard shall we?

Trump Filet: Nickel 98 A Pound...

GOTV Rally w/Bon Jovi in Pittsburgh

North Carolinian Dems, and Dems of all types, is this good or bad?

The Republicans win when voters stay home!

NPP, Statehood Maintain Lead in Puerto Rico Polls

Trump walks back vow to sue accusers

Feds Arrest 61 For Alleged Indian Call Center Scam That Bilked Millions From Consumers

BET founder proposes $14 billion revenue solution for Puerto Rico

Trump: We should just cancel the flight and give the landing to Pence.

Federal judge fears 25,000 voters won't be eligible for Nov. 8 election

GOP TV ad backing Republican congressman criticizes Trump

(Pics of kittens): Airborne cats will fly into your heart in new photography book

Obama: Most will be ‘pleasantly surprised’ by health plan costs

Sentencing of former Opa-locka supervisor convicted of bribery postponed at last minute

I'm glad no one was hurt at LaGuardia, but geeze . . . . . a 737-300? Really?

DNC decides Rubio (Florida) is beatable & they are going to fund Murphy

Man wearing 'deplorables' shirt charged with electioneering

Best Button I saw today at the at least 14 000 folks rally with Hillary and Michelle

I am going to early vote tomorrow. Here's the info I have collected on the judges

Oath Keepers Promise to Patrol the Polls on Election Day

So NBC releasing the P*ss* tape

Democratic staffer goes 'Over the Edge'

Former Miss Finland Is 12th Woman To Accuse Trump Of Sexual Misconduct

Every Child Protective Services worker would receive a $12,000 raise under chief's new plan

Having a laugh at Fiona Apple Criminal lyrics

Secretary Biden

Clinton eyes Biden for secretary of state

Neiman Marcus pushes out debt due date, buys time

This country

I have a feeling Mark Kirk (R-IL) isn't going to look fondly on his debate performance.

Hillary up by 2 in Arizona

Mark Kirk questions the Revolutionary War service of Tammy Duckworth's family.

I wish the Republicans would come to their senses and realize...

Trump edges Clinton by 3 points in UT/Texas Tribune poll

Bundy set free by jury

News reports claim Trump allies use 'voter suppression' tactics

Utah R Jason Chaffetz, who said he couldnt look his daughter in the eye if he votes for Trump is vot

Pussy Riot member: Assange ‘openly works with’ Russia

Pussy Riot Singer on How Trump Is Like Putin, His Treatment of Women

Clinton eyes Biden for secretary of state

Texas A&M student crashed into patrol car while sending topless selfie to boyfriend

I don't know how the GOP thinks it can win

Polls tighten for Trump, Clinton

Toronto’s Trump Tower nears auction as developer defaults

How FUCKED UP was that image?

Sanders calls Trump a 'political coward' over voter suppression report

Clinton eyes Biden for secretary of state

Hijack my ass. In their racist, misogynist fervor, the GOP knowingly supported an insane incompetent

Why isn't trump's comments about women in the military getting bigger coverage?

Cruz says there’s precedent for keeping ninth Supreme Court seat empty

Kirk Flubs Debate with Duckworth

Is there a NFL game on tonight?

"groper" almost sounds not truly criminal. I prefer "sexual predator".

A lot of people are saying Donald Trump is scared of St. Pete's mayor. Sad!

Joe Biden exposed Donald Trump as not ready to be Commander-in-Chief.

Meanwhile at the NFL HQ...

Kẻ lập dị

National Geographic Reports: 'Burial slab' of Jesus found in Jerusalem church

Barbara Corcoran (From Shark Tank) tells about Trump talking about her breasts

Nebraska AMBER Alert Notification (Twin babies abducted in carjacking from Baker's parking)

National Geographic Reports: 'Burial slab' of Jesus found in Jerusalem church

Police: A&M student hit police car after taking topless Snapchat pic for boyfriend

Definitely a trick, not a treat...

Even Trump’s Kids Haven’t Donated to His Campaign

Dakota Access Pipeline: More Than 100 Arrested as Protesters Ousted From Camp

Wow..Florida State director for Obama 2008 said

My BCBS of Texas premiums went up 60%!

Bowl of Skittles' Photographer Sues Trump for Copyright Infringement

I'm stunned by the Bundy Oregon verdicts

Clinton Campaign Responds to DAPL Face-Off

Donald Trump Promises to Work On 'Our Ghettos'

Twin babies found safe almost 2 hours after abduction from Baker's parking lot

Lawrence O'D live now. Re: Standing Rock.

Mason-Dixon Missouri Senate Poll: Blunt (+1) 47% Kander 46%

Anyone know anything

Trump says he's been saying "big league," not "bigly." Isn't that worse?

Future of sports betting: The bettors

GD2016 these days.

Do people not get that Clinton FOUNDATION is a charity organization??????????

Venomous caterpillars shown on our local news - looks like you know who

Vox - Last year, no candidate got more negative media coverage than Hillary Clinton

Writing about food: Bram Stoker's "Dracula"

Mark Kirk - you are SCUM and not a very good joke teller

America's Test Kitchen

I'm glad Mike Pence is safe and unhurt. Obviously there should be more government safety regulations

Fight On!

We have to look beyond HRC and down to the Senate

***HRC win probability at 99% per Sam Wang!!** *

wonderful: The Last Thing My Mother Did Before She Died Was Vote for Hillary Clinton


Health insurer Anthem to bring 1,800 new jobs to Georgia

Georgia approves new coal ash rules

Little Donny says Melania will give up to three campaign speeches....

By coddling the Bundy Klan

FULL EVENT: Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama Rally in Salem, North Carolina

Officials say votes on 'private' voting machine in Jefferson Parish will count

Hillary went to two more GOTV events today after big rally with M. Obama. and stupid

Hillary and Michelle - North Carolina Campaign

Trump Getting More Unhinged And Dangerous As We Close In On Election.

Georgia nudist resort plans for winter expansion

Biggest Asshole of the Week

Dems demand apology for Kirk comments on Duckworth's heritage

Alicia Keys: I Vote Love (Video)

Lying Down With Dogs

Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld at Crossroads 2007. "Because We Ended As Lovers."

#NVGOTV in Nevada (NV) 6TH day. Dems lead by > 26,000 EV, 44% to 36%

Alicia Keys: I Vote Love

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 28, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Terror Classic Movies - Universal H

If we take the Senate and the ReThugs threaten filibusters...we should make them filibuster FOR REAL

North Carolina Republicans try to stop 100-year-old Grace Bell Hardison from voting

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 29, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Underground Above Ground

California Democrats and Latinos returning ballots at record levels.

Marylanders crowd polls on first day of early voting

USA Gymnastics hit with major abuse allegations and lawsuits

Louisiana early voting on pace to break records

20% of Travis voters have cast ballots in unprecedented early voting

The Question Is How Trump Humpers Will Act When The Donald Loses.

Holy Crap! Gary Johnson FLIPS OUT over tax policy question! He looks nuts here! (video)

Regional Care Organizations Collapsing

Impeachment Committee Demands Testimony from Governor

Some Advice For Alabama Democrats

No Question: Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next President

Georgia Early Voting Turnout & Polling Hours 2016 - Quinnipiac poll of GA EV: HRC 48% DT 42%

Alabama Supreme Court Justices Plan to Recuse Themselves in Moore Case

Unbelievable that the Bundy Klan got off...

Alabama 'pill mill' doctor who prescribed millions of narcotics pleads guilty in federal court

Judge blocks law banning abortion clinics within 2,000 feet of schools

Attorneys in BP oil spill settlement will divide $555.2 million

Mike McQueary wins civil case against Penn State, awarded $7.3 million in damages

Former GM of Jasper car dealership indicted in $900,000 theft

Montgomery tax preparer gets 3-year sentence for filing for $1.6 million in fraudulent returns

'We're not doing our job,' NASA leader tells Alabama rocket engineers

Georgia still using hackable electronic voting machines

Gary Johnson blows up when interviewer presses him on his tax policy

Arkansas Supreme Court Disqualifies One of Two Medical Marijuana Initiatives from November Ballot

Fixin’ To Lose--Red States. Red Herrings.

Gov. Haslam cites 'real concerns' about long-term future of national GOP

There is a Russian propaganda troll at Discussionist right now if

Insurer sues Memphis recording studio for $2.8 million

Two Tennessee lawmakers rented house owned by GOP donor

College student smashed into police car while sending topless selfie to boyfriend

Mississippi teen says he was ‘forced’ to stand for Pledge

Mississippi school: Student in noose case disciplined

Mississippi GOP unprepared for Hillary Clinton administration

Amendment one -should I vote yes or no. I have tried to read it and don't quite

Legislators seek savings on state travel expenses

UN votes to start negotiating treaty to ban nuclear weapons

Scores of lawmakers demand 'permanent solution' to National Guard bonus problem

I have a nickname for the person responsible for stealing all the private

'What Do You Have to Lose' Donald Trump Remix of Stevie Wonder 'You Haven’t Done Nothin'

Philippines Duterte: God told me to stop swearing

Greitens trims Koster’s lead as Trump surges in Missouri

Texas - Who to call if issues while voting

Team Clinton raises more than $5 million a day

Daily Holidays October 28

Post anecdotal evidence of a Clinton victory here!

Hmmmmmm! Why are all of the machines with calibration problems

Republicans want to complete the parallel by turning Clinton into Nixon.

With $313M budget deficit looming, Louisiana agencies, colleges braced for cuts

Gov. John Bel Edwards increases federal flood aid request to $4 billion

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Wrecking everything He touches

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Rapper Kevin Gates drops out of 2016 Voodoo Fest 'due to unforeseen incarceration'

Democratic and Republican party heads criticize David Duke's participation in statewide debate

Project Alamo? Aptly named.

the right main attack on Hillary=where is the democrats response?

Clinton or Trump? The choice is unclear for some atheists

Trump's Long History of Getting Sued by His Own Lawyers

Venison coming to (some) Arby's

Kingdom Hearts ~Utada Hikaru

Kingdom Hearts ~Utada Hikaru

A King for Jesus: What the Religious Right Sees in Trump

Where it all Began: Union of Catholic School Teachers Assembles in Baltimore

Trump leads HRC by only 5 in RED Missouri

Businessman gets 7-year term for bribery of DHS deputy director

“‘We have three major voter suppression operations underway,’

New Arizona Poll: HRC: 48% Trump: 46% Johnson: 5% Stein: 1%

Tibetan Ice Avalanche 3.7 Miles Long, 100 Feet Deep; Another 2 Months Later "Unprecedented"

Paul Wellstone Memorialized On 14th Anniversary Of Death

Russia's October Surprise -- Its Failed Attempt to Hack the Election

The Battle for the Senate

Trump getting blown out in the Philadelphia suburbs, as Pennsylvania drifts out of reach

500 Vertical Meters Of Ice Gone In 7 Years From West Antarctica's Smith Glacier

Police from 5 States Escalate Violence, Shoot Horses to Clear 1851 Treaty Camp October 28, 2016


Teachers union hopes optimistic ad will rally battleground voters for Clinton

Progressive group tries to inject Wells Fargo scandal into House races

Highway 1806 Riot Gear Indian Wars

It's All About Trump

WI Dems Request DOJ Poll Monitors After Voter ID Chaos, 'Rigged Election' Talk

JoJo and Mika Blues

"Green" GOP Donors, PACs Shovel Money To Ayotte, Burr, Heck, Portman - As Do The Kochs

Judge fears 25,000 voters won't be eligible for Nov. 8 election

Ohhhh NO,,,,,,,, Oh the horror of it all!!

Marijuana Vote in California May Herald End of Prohibition Era

What would Donald Trump's tax returns tell us ?

Arctic Basin Temps Weekend Of 10/29-30 Forecast As High As 15-20C Above Historic Averages

Rudy Giuliani is 2016’s Mr. Deplorable - By Eugene Robinson

I am tired of hearing about the hidden trump voter

Michael Moore finally realizes his life's true dream, becomes official "Useful Idiot for Trump"

Trump, in a business meeting with pregnant woman, comments on her large breasts.

Evidence Emerges of Outrageous Militarized Police Collaboration with Oil Companies at Standing Rock

U.S. economy surges to strongest growth in two years


Florida Gov Rick Scott goes missing

Why the poorest county in West Virginia has faith in Donald Trump

ABC News tracking poll

Hillary's final 2 OFFICIAL events before the election: Today - Hillary in IOWA/Pres Obama in ORLANDO

Alabama law blocks 1 in 13 adults from voting

The Trump Files: How His Huge Election Con Went Down

Beneath The Rancor, Social Security’s Future Is On The Ballot

Polls and Uncertainty - concerned, worried, anxious? Here's the only solution:

Team Clinton Hitting Trump on his Illegal Foundation? Cuba? Tax Fraud?

Mad And Need To Vent - This is Part of the Reason Women Don't Come Forward

Pence: 'I've Never Heard' Talk About Discouraging Democratic Turnout

Will Trump Keep America Safe? Marco Rubio Won't Say

Yuengling Faces Backlash After Owner’s Donald Trump Endorsement

****IBD/TPP Poll HRC+3****

This 'Conservative News Site' Trended on Facebook, Showed Up on Fox News—and Duped the World

"I am not a dummy!" - Gary Johnson.

Brazil prosecutor says Trump franchise may have benefited from corruption

Morning Joe downplays violent talk: ‘Stop insulting Trump supporters — there’s rage on both sides’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo refuses to let Joe Walsh off the hook for ‘musket’ talk: ‘Words matter’

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee - please read this book

Are Trumped-up Poll Results a Ruse?

Rudy Giuliani: "Outrageous" to Call ANYONE a Racist!

Brexit #2: Could Trump Win Despite Hillary Leading Polls?

Republicans by the # .... aka shut up about Benghazi

Will Donald Trump’s uprising go global — even if he loses?

Sigh... I think I want to buy a firearm. (updated)

Post a song that refers to a forest, jungle or woods

Also in California's Proposition 64

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Pence issues statement following incident involving campaign airplane.

Police evict oil pipeline protesters from private land

After the election

Tom Cruise: Scientology is 'a beautiful religion'

US economy grew 2.9%

The conspiracy theory-based campaign of Donald Trump and the GOP

90 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Who Fought Off Purse Snatcher

A Tale of Two Very Different Early-Vote Efforts

Sounds as if the Pence plane incident was pilot error.

Metaphors, oh, metaphors.

So did I see Groper Don the Con suggesting that they cancel hundreds of years of voting and

‘Off the charts unbelievable': Will acquittal of Oregon refuge occupiers embolden extremists?

Please, please, please if you live in Florida, VOTE!

Professor who’s predicted 30 years of presidential elections correctly is doubling down on Trump win

Mark Kirk under fire for comments about Tammy Duckworth's Thai heritage

That awkward moment where your opponent appreciates the safety of your running mate before you do.

Looks Like Kirk Just Conceded The Illinois Senate Race to Tammy Duckworth

One really good thing about this election.

So the guy complaining about "rigged" elections wants to cancel them and declare himself the winner

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Final Pitch: "Cancel The Election"

Christ's Burial Place Exposed for First Time in Centuries

Can anyone make a picture of the top of the Javitz Center blowing off??

Clinton makes gun control a key issue, but quick action unlikely

Money Flows Down Ballot as Donald Trump Is Abandoned by Big Donors (Even Himself)

Man Arrested For Wearing 'Basket Of Deplorables' Shirt At Texas Polling Place

Obama Warns Voters His Legacy Is On The Line In New Clinton TV Ad (VIDEO)

From TPM Livewire: Report: Trump Camp Tells House GOPers 'No Waffling' On Support For Nominee

Maine initiative on ranked-choice voting likely to pass...

Urgent call for action.

Voted for Hillary & Murphy in FL, went to polling place 'cause I hadn't gotten my absentee ballot in

Obama Legacy Get Some "Cojones" and Stop the Siege  on the Sioux Indians

Seth Meyers dissects Trump & GOP masterfully on their women & misinformation problem (VIDEO)

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete First Season

I'd like to build the ultimate Halloween music playlist. Your help is appreciated.

Chaos erupts as anti-Israel activists trap Jewish students inside UK lecture hall

Hit Attempt: Pence & Trump!

Payback? Russia Gets Hacked, Revealing Putin Aide's Secrets

Unable to get to NYTimes site

Swing-state polls: Clinton pulls even with Trump in Iowa and Georgia

American Arrested in Tunisia for Terrorism Says He’s the Islamic Messiah


Trumps 1st Giant Lie SELF FUNDING BS to Win Nomination Hedge Funds $70 Million

**Saint Leo University Hillary + 13 in FL, +11 Nationally!**

If Germany Bans Internal Combustion Engines, It'll Change the Game

NY Times Editor Swings At Fox News, CNN: They're 'Bad For Democracy'


**PPP FL Senate - race is tied!**

Catholic priest who worked as youth minister busted for child porn

Despite Repeated Claims, Trump Now Won't Commit To Spending $100M

Belfast High Court rejects Brexit challenges

20 Million now have Medical Insurance because of ACA (Expanded Medicaid Program}.

Excuse me while I clear my throat (ahem)

Gun culture holding us hostage

Clinton lead shrinks, even as nearly 6 in 10 expect her to win, Post-ABC tracking poll finds

President Obama to veto defense bill if it includes anti-LGBTQ provision

Atheists Outraged by SPLC Branding Atheist Critics of Radical Islam 'Anti-Muslim Extremists'

NASA's Pluto Probe Beams Back Final Data from Historic Flyby

Political Pros See No Logic In Trump's All-Over-The-Map Campaign Schedule

Native journalist Mark Trahant is angry

Foodie Chuckles

Real Time With Bill Maher Tonight 10/28

U.S. Economy Roars Back, Grew 2.9% in Third Quarter

Man pleads guilty to spying on gay roommate who then killed himself

Turkey’s religious body issues fatwa against underage marriage

Here’s why current polling suggests it will be very hard for Trump to win

538 polls model gives Clinton an 82% probability of winning, BUT.....

KO: What’s Behind Trump’s Odd Infatuation with Dictators?

Indian Givers..

KO: What’s Behind Trump’s Odd Infatuation with Dictators?

Mark Kirk FINALLY apologizes///


Corporate interests, not wolves, are the real danger in Wisconsin

Trump fans flood the web with bogus voter fraud stories as officials scramble to debunk them

TWEET: Day 4 early voting in Texas breaks records

Ex-Putin adviser's death in Washington hotel an 'accident'

Sam Wang (Princeton): Why did the polls seem so variable this week? (more of them)

Oklahoma murder and sexual assault suspect on the run, may have hit list

Trump Is Ahead In Zero National Polls While The Media Continues ‘Close Race’ Narrative

Cannabis a treatment for night blindness?

Bobby Lee Has an Accident Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Michael Moore Shares 'TrumpLand' Clips to Stop Its Pro-Trump Perception

November 2--Hillary will be in ... ARIZONA.

After Successful Pro-Clinton Reunion Show, Will & Grace Might Get Reboot

What is going wrong? And how do we make it go right?

CookPolitical shifts North Carolina from "Toss Up" to "Leans Democratic

Federal judge blocks two abortion laws in Alabama

Federal judge blocks two abortion laws in Alabama

Kirk apologizes for questioning Duckworth’s heritage

The "Hidden" Trump voter

It is crazy that Hillary hasn't made an appearance in Maine's 2nd congressional district

Just GET THE VOTE OUT, and turn off the f**king MSM. If every Democrat, Woman, and

Michael Moore Shares 'TrumpLand' Clips to Stop Its Pro-Trump Perception

Bundy Jurors speak: arrogance of prosecution and predisposed to acquit

Clinton's final week...

Madoff trustee reaches $277 million accord with money manager's family

2 Women in Florida Facing Election Fraud Charges

ACLU Sues Catholic Hospital for Putting Religion over Medical Care

New Electoral College Ratings: Texas and North Carolina Shift in Clinton's Favor

ACLU Sues Catholic Hospital for Putting Religion over Medical Care

“This is not your word.”

ACLU Sues Catholic Hospital for Putting Religion over Medical Care

Monsoon III

Real Time with Bill Maher; guests as follows

Oh fuck. Comey is trying to get Trump elected.

What this election has demonstrated is that the country is loaded with racists and sexists

76ers Apologize for Canceling 'We Matter' Anthem Singer

Dishwasher tip

CNN panelist just mentioned a very interesting tidbit re Arizona!

"Too Cheap to Meter” Nuclear Power Revisited

Violence against women harms us all: will measuring the pain help prevent it?

OMG anyone watching the last couple episodes of Gotham? *spoilers*

Violence against women harms us all: will measuring the pain help prevent it?

Violence against women harms us all: will measuring the pain help prevent it?

Uh, oh: looks like Trump is committed to sticking to issues for the rest of the campaign...


I'm tired of this dirty politics crap..

FBI Says It Will Investigate New Emails From Clinton's Server

New Jersey's 'Bridgegate' defendants executed 'vicious' scheme: prosecutor

Comey's letter on "reopening" email indicates following protocol not "We've found something awful!"

Why Congress Matters

Russia fails to win re-election to U.N. Human Rights Council

How do Kellyanne Conway, Kristina Pierson, and AJ Delgado get along?

I'm planning on totally ignoring the FBI email investigation from here on out

Remember this very special Jason Chaffetz moment?

Christian food banks turn down government donations so they can keep forcing the homeless to pray

New Clinton campaign ad: "On the Ballot"

"This ‘Conservative News Site’ Trended on Facebook, Showed Up on Fox News—and Duped the World"

Wikileaks officially lost high ground

FBI pushes back. CBS News: Sources say "premature" to say FBI investigation reopened

Official PA. Info on your rights as a voter

Is this another email coming from Russia's Wikileaks?

Forsyth County, NC voting machine didn't print receipt, what should I do?

And done. "Reopen" language from House Oversight Chair not FBI

Payback plot for bridge traffic was 'cruel,' prosecutor says

Trump's voice is actually shaking at his rally, like he is about to cry. The crowd is hysterical.

Not lighting my hair on fire over this one.. Comey strikes again...

Glenn Greenwald’s Sympathy for the Devil

Will this election be the end of "reaching across the aisle" or "being the adults in the room"?

FRI, OCT 28, 2016, 3:00PM – 6:00PM EDT / PRESIDENT OBAMA in ORLANDO!

These games that the GOP are playing are the biggest...

This needs to be dealt with NOW by Clinton campaign. This could easily sway the election and huge

Fucking Matt Schlapp...

From CBS: FBI has NOT said it is reopening investigation.

Your crazy uncle was arrested in Texas today while electioneering for Donald.

Trumpers saying that something "huge" MUST have been found. CNN saying it is a bombshell

the prediction markets have reacted swiftly to the fbi/email news:

E-mail Wars

Wow. GOP opinion writer for NYT says GOP is offensive, anti-intellectual, propagandistic, and

Guatemala Indicts Top Ex-Military Men for War Crimes and Rape

WaPo Headline - No Evidence of this in Comey's letter

Some sanity about the emails "thing" (from ThinkProgress):

Kurt Eichenwald, a breaker of news on Trump, clarifies Comey letter (updated)

For Día de los Muertos, a beautiful Guatemalan kite festival honors the dead

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

Bundy Verdict: And People Wonder Why POC Aren't Standing for Nat'l Anthem

So there is no vast right wing conspiracy you say?

Pete Williams sources say not about Clinton world w/holding emails or Podesta or Clinton emails.

MSM Tones Down FBI Headlines

Most Republicans believe Russia is meddling in U.S. election: Reuters/Ipsos poll

What the FBI Director’s letter about the Clinton emails really says

On a personal note: I've blown through my data allotment like it was nothing in the past 30 minutes

Facing potential loss, Trump expands the list of conspirators plotting against him

For those with a deeper understanding with 538

Blue movement. Are you wearing blue when you vote?

Woman Who Cited Religious Objections Law Pleads Guilty

Check in here if you'd take a pill and sleep till Nov 9 if it were possible.

For all we know, these were emails to/from Republicans

Trump Commends FBI For 'Courage' To Investigate Additional Clinton Emails

11 days before the election??? Obama must fire this fuck Comey on

What is going on? reopen investigation? new device found? unrelated to HRC?

Republicans are already plotting the next war against Hillary Clinton

Comey's latest letter timed to overshadow solid economic news

Pete Williams.

FBI agents now talking with reporters that reopen language is incorrect

This all comes down to

Stop faulting Comey: his letter doesn't say "Clinton emails"

New Tweet from Tom Winter at NBC re. FBI - emails at issue not withheld by Clinton

Jan Brewer is delusional of the facts!

About the e-mail investigation this is Important from Sam Stein:

Jason Chaffetz lied. The investigation is not reopened.

FBI Says New Emails Are Not From Clinton

My fellow West Virginians!

Mark Halperin has actually been fair and sensible today

Video Shows Female Armed Robber Ambush, Shoot Family in Florida

Pete Williams reports these emails were NOT withheld by Clinton or campaign.

Hate is a very strong word!

Damn folks, don't panic about emails/FBI

Breaking News: It's a Horserace Again!!!

Comey needs to come out now and address this mess he created 11 days before election

World Bank tribunal dismisses mining firm's $250m claim against El Salvador

I don't believe in dirty politics, but....

Search posts pre-2011?

First Domino: Washington Post drops "reopen" from story headline

So glad I'm watching a DVR'd copy of project runway......

Lessons to be learned as the Buenos Aires Herald goes weekly

Trump Has Been Dismissing FBI's Conclusion About Russian Hacks

Can we stay?

I wasn't planning on another campaign donation...but this changed my mind!

Clinton in Cedar Rapids: Live stream

Human Rights Campaign Maintains Endorsement of Sen. Mark Kirk After Racist Comment

Comey has blatantly violated Federal rules barring prosecutors from interfering in an election.

Gun store runs ad saying it won’t sell to Muslims, Clinton supporters

How To Talk About #NoDAPL: A Native Perspective

Brooke Baldwin (CNN) just said FBI is reopening the email investigation!

Frog goes extinct, media yawns

Frog goes extinct, media yawns

Now I know how Trump supporters were feeling over

And then there's more of this disgusting behavior by Trump that goes unnoticed by the media

FWIW, the Dow is back into slightly positive territory

Hillary's (hopefully landslide) victory on November 8th will be bittersweet. . .

NYT headline is just "FBI will review new emails". No reopen. Second Domino


Canada urged to quell discrimination against women after fall in UN ranking

CNN has just changed their headline

Whatever! I'M WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloé Wang - "Uh Oh" (English Version)

Martin Shkreli: I'm not upset about HIV drug hike; it was 'woefully underpriced'

AP : BREAKING: US official: Newly discovered emails did not come from Clinton or her server.

Oliphants make Punkins go Squish!

Have You Seen 'The Best Democracy Money Can Buy'? (w/Guest: Greg Palast)

You Better Save Your Vote If You Can!! (w/Guest: Greg Palast)

Who Appointed Comey Obama? If So What A Huge Mistake.

Hillary Rally in IOWA 10/29

There's no 're-opening' of the email investigation

Is FBI Director Comey's Blatant Election Interference Meant To Save GOP Congress Or Trump?

Police: Woman rams squad car while taking topless selfie

Let's all take a deep breath.

Stock Market Reovering After Hysterics

Mt. Holyoke prof. tells students to vote for candidate who respects women-Trumpsters Explode

Oh no! Talk me down!

Did Comey short the market today or what?

Emails are not from Hillary per NBC

Further sign of "shock" disappearing. Economic markets recovering from initial plunge

Are the so called 'News Media" going to end up looking like total fools over this? (nm)

About that startling news release from the FBI ...

Young Trump Supporter

CNN is still hysterically reporting that FBI "reviewing Clinton email probe." The headline is a prob

All right, we good here?

Dirty Trick? "Examining a device"

Kirk thought there was nothing outrageous on questioning an opponent's military history in a debate

Gun Control Can Swing the 2016 Election

Glad to hear that the 'new e-mails' thing is just much ado.

I'm a criminal defense attorney, let me tell you why Comey did this. (You'll feel better)

People Need to Chill Out About the Email News - It's a Non-Issue

Comey 's letter and Anthony Wiener

New emails tied to the FBI's Clinton inquiry were discovered during the investigation into Weiner

Oct 28 - Sanders Calls on President to Intervene in Dakota Access Pipeline Dispute

Hear we go again, last ditch effort to screw Hillary Just another bump in the road to plow through

Looks like the cons on skinner's freeper site don't like being reminded of their Donald's rape

Oct 28 - Sanders Calls on President to Intervene in Dakota Access Pipeline Dispute

Nebraska’s Tiani Reeves finds her voice on issue of racial profiling


Nebraska’s Tiani Reeves finds her voice on issue of racial profiling

I'm at the Obama rally

Mother of God... This is all because of Anthony Weiner's dick pics????

Please...Anyone out there with new info new email investigation?

So.....Number 4 Nothingburger with cheese then? Am I right?

How come the FBI can investigate Clinton so thoroughly but cannot get to the bottom of Paul Manafort

So Weiner's phone is bigger than Watergate!!! You could not make this crap up.

Wow, the need for a distraction from Trump's sex crimes must have hit "code orange"

Standing Rock Buffalo Stampede from the angle of the Protectors

PPP: HRC +4 in Florida; Senate Race tied

New Emails in Clinton Case Came From Anthony Weiner’s Electronic Devices

NBC's Pete Williams reports that the e-mails Comey announced today were NOT originally withheld

It Took Less Than 2 Hours For The New Email Investigation Story To Completely Collapse

Email story is NOT what you think

This crap has pushed off trump's troubles completely off the tv

The new FBI BS is just another reason

NYT: new emails in Clinton case came in from Anthony Weiner electronic devices

It's time for the Clinton surrogates to start squawking about Trump's RAPE case

msm is in 100% speculation 'news' facts, no details.

So, the news of the day is that Anthony Weiner got emails from his wife on his phone.

Email, Schmemail. Can we not go immediately into full panic mode

Google news headlines. Not good.

OK, MSM, get back to REAL BREAKING NEWS: The 12th woman has come forward to accuse Donald Trump

James Comey is a POS partisan scumbag

Is Comey angling for a 2020 run for president?

Here's a distraction! Full frontal nude Trump photo emerges.

white men with guns

Weiner is under investigation by FBI in sexting case for potential child endangerment

Supreme Court takes up transgender school bathroom case

I'm pretty sure James Comey secretly moonlights as the Literal Doctor from Arrested Development.

Is it wrong for me to question the reading skills of our elected Officals?

Remember when this guy asked Russia to look for 30,000 Hillary emails?

Everyone Lets Take A Second

msnbc a diet of tripe inside a shit pie

A calm,cool,rational,detailed look at the near impossibility of a Trump win (even w/ mass damage

If this lastest bombshell is a unwarranted hoax?

48 hours. The Republicans timed this well.

Clinton Camp Fires Back At Comey

Finland planning to invade New York, capture sexual predator, return him for trial.

Pete Williams: new emails do not appear to be a game-changer.

Contents of damaging emails released!1!!!111!!

The RNC jumped on this soooooo fast. Look--

Looks like those emails were a real danger to the Clinton campaign!

Plane on fire at O’Hare Airport, emergency crews responding

Anthony Weiner, could he have blown this up?

Even This Bus In Denmark Is Rolling Its Eyes At Donald Trump

Media has yet to point out that blocking lanes on the GW Bridge that week was far more dangerous

CNN is STILL MISREPORTING -- STILL saying case "reopened," still saying it's about "Clinton emails"

kornacki just called it the 'october surprise' FUCK m$nbc

Comey couldn't wait to release this information?

** While our hair was on fire, new state polls: Hillary +3 NC, +8 NH, +4 OH, +7 PA, +1 NV **

Lets Take A Moment to Thank the Shining Beacon Of Sanity During the MSM Shitstorm

Trump is going to go ballistic on the FBI when the smoke clears

"If there is a God, atheism must seem to Him as less of an insult than religion.”

A Final Plea to Trump’s America

In the immortal words of Gilda Radner...

Way to go Weiner. Your infintile obsession with your erect dick...

Clinton camp calls for FBI to release full details of probe

These emails are not from Hillary or her server...

In my opinion, this election will not be determined by emails or any other so-called "scandal".

New Trump video surfaces - from 2011

anyway you look at this, it is meddling with american politics.

Here is John Podesta's statement just released to the press.

Dear Barack Obama, thank you for not being an evil robot accountant

Fuck this shit. That's my opinion of this new FBI crap. nt

Revived Clinton Email Scandal Killed By A Slew Of New Facts In Record Time

Ha! Funny Tweet debunking the Clintons murder people

Stock market drops thanks to cable tv

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 28, 2016

...economy grew by 2.9 percent in this year's third quarter ... - ... the fastest pace in two years.

Only 1 of the maggot's little maggots have conributed to his campaign

A right winger friend of mine, called me!

Fake RW website duped Trumpkins and Fox News Stated FL Poll at 76% Trump Winning

Clinton: Trump's Strategy Is The 'Last Refuge Of A Bankrupt Candidate'


Hillary moments ago

Good Grief: Joe Scarborough calling this the "Biggest October Surprise in 50 Years"

So Sec. Clinton is still 45 right? Today doesn't change that? Please answer.

Yawn. No one is interested in the media's scandal-a-day BS about Hillary

Is it a bombshell or is it a "dud"?

Seriously, Comey, if you wanted to prank us...

NY Times reporting there are thousands of emails.

David Axelrod tweet

New Emails in Clinton Case Came From Devices Once Used by Anthony Weiner

City of Bordeaux Embarks on Project to Use Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bikes

Using clean cars as power plants: it can be done in the UAE. A detailed plan from Dr. Ad van Wijk

DOJ Complaint Filed Against FBI Director James Comey For Interfering In Presidential Election

Tell us about the worst Garo that you ever pulled!!!

OMG! Looks like they've finally found the smoking gun against the Clintons...

Clinton Numbers Begin to Rebound on Betting Markets

Have we learned our lesson yet? NO. MORE. REPUBLICAN. APPOINTEES.

A very well done compilation of what went down at Standing Rock yesterday

Anti-Trump Group Files DOJ Complaint Against Comey For ‘Interfering in the Presidential Election’

"Ranked Choice Voting Could Start Renewal of Democracy According to Scholar" - BLOG

What trick or treat candy are you giving out?

The Daily Show - Obamacare Takes a Price Hike

This election is killing my diet

Woman who molested girl appeals prison sentence saying she'd get less time if victim was male

So once again a man can not keep it in his pants which ends up causing an issue for Hillary

‘I Don’t Wanna Let You Go’ — A Bittersweet Tribute To President Barack Obama

China Finds Way To Improve Air Quality Readings - Stuff Cotton Into Air-Sampling Apparatus - NYT

Trump would fall right into the terrorist's trap

NEW --> Six days before Election Day, @HillaryClinton will campaign in new battleground Arizona,

For what it's worth

Thanks again, Weiner

GOP Senator Makes Distasteful Remark About His War-Hero Opponent’s Ancestry

Clinton campaign says ‘confident’ FBI conclusion in email probe won’t change

A miracle happened O Hare Airport....all got out alive...

*If* the FBI News Affects the Numbers Per Nate Silver

ugh sigh groannnnnnnn

Chucky Todd just stepped out of a two rounder in the orgasmtron:

I have a problem accessing the old DU

It was Jason Chaffetz who manufactured the scandal with a tweet.

After listening to Pete Williams

The Mouse that Roared

Suggestion: Shame your local news outlet

Pertinent question re: Weiner & Clinton...

Has drumph called in a one of his favors?

TrumpLand on youtube if you're wanting someone to see it tonight!

Calm Down DUers

Give credit to Wolf Blitzer just now. Rudy is doing his vile crapping on

From all the bombs thrown at Hillary....

Suggested email to send to your Representative/Senators on requiring FBI investigations re

Why did the FBI have to inform congress?

I have no idea why Mark Cuban would know all about this, but here it is

New at the zoo: Parents Chewie and Stevie welcome baby white-handed gibbon (Threatened Species)

At Least 8 Hurt as American Airlines Plane Catches Fire at O’Hare Airport, Passengers Evacuated:

Fuck This Oct.Surprise Bullshit!

I think this email thing will make us all crazy-

Video shows Donald Trump publicly humiliating Jennifer Hawkins

Army: Two-star's death ruled a suicide

Ecuador Hosts Colombian Government-ELN Peace Talks

I'm Hungry

I think that most of the voters are locked in

We're tired of hearing about your damn emails!!! Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton 1st Debate

what Hillary MUST do when this witch hunt ends...

Each media members keeps slamming Hillary for having a bad week!

Nancy Pelosi Statement on FBI Letter to GOP Congressional Chairmen

Florida: Broward election chief prevails in lawsuit about ballot amendment on medical marijuana

Adorable but shy, pygmy anteaters are VIPs at Peru zoo

Adorable but shy, pygmy anteaters are VIPs at Peru zoo

In other news, the Danes throw Trump under the bus..

Hey gang

Nebraska lawmakers facing nearly $1 billion budget shortfall next year

Candy corn has how many calories????

Voting machine in Louisiana allowed some voters to skip the line

Oops: Wikileaks parrots easily disprovable right-wing lie.

Greg Abbott presses court to limit gay-marriage ruling

I am really done with Politico, HuffingtonPost, and Salon. . . .

Russian Helicopters to build training center in Peru

Trump Fence

PredictWise started today at 90%, dropped to 87% at max insanity back up to 88% now

Didn't Eric Trump's wife hint about the campaign having something up their sleeves?

US President Barack Obama to Visit Greece, Germany and Peru

Chris Matthews is a Republican, in my view.

Trump calling Wiener a sleaze bag and a pervert!

Do Wars Make Us Safer? The People Aren’t Feeling It

When You're a Protester, the Color of Your Skin Is All That Matters

Pipeline protesters make deal with law enforcement, landowner says

Alternate take: This afternoon "scandal" has already fallen apart, but it was around long enough to

1969 Wellesley College commencement speaker: Hillary Rodham | Hillary Clinton

Poll: Republican Josh Hawley leads Democratic opponent in race for Missouri attorney general

Missouri governor's race now a statistical tie as Greitens closes in on Koster

Ok. Think about this for a second...

Big Ag’s Wild Game of Monopoly Endangers Food Diversity

Baylor report: Art Briles failed to alert police of alleged assault

Baylor report: Art Briles failed to alert police of alleged assault

Obama speaking LIVE in Orlando.

Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere at Standing Rock

INITECH: I want to read your Gotham thread

Which Eagles song is your favorite?

Pork Stew Gets a Chile Kick

23 painful facts about the Cubs, Indians and the longest World Series droughts ever

Money in Politics..One Senate Seat..New Hampshire.. $100 million .$114 for each registered voter

I have seen this ad on MSNBC the last couple of mornings-General Allen | Hillary Clinton

Comey is a referee calling a foul late in the 4th quarter !

Pres. Obama rally-he is speaking now LIVE on cspan from Orlando I think.

Tony Blair's call to mobilise against Brexit sparks mixed response

This says it all...

Iceland election could propel radical Pirate party into power

I am shocked there's an October surprise targeting Clinton. But I am not surprised.

Robert Reich speaks to a former Republican member of Congress (this is how dictators get into power)

Fabulous Shatner don't give a fuck, because fabulous Shatner is too busy being fabulous

U.S. Economic Growth Accelerates

Eric Trump, today, in Pahrump, NV

Temple Taggart: Donald Trump wants to 'silence his accusers’ with legal threats

$10 donation for sanity

Florida Man.......are you ready? Wait for it....a Florida man fell out of his truck on the way home

is credit karma a reputable site?? eom

5 Facts That Killed New Hillary Email Scandal In Less Than An Afternoon

Minnesota sect leader gets 30 years in teen sex assault

CBS Evening news opened with "The FBI reopens email investigation"

Putting on my tinfoil hat.

Federal judge wants to know why Florida hasn’t registered 25,000 people who applied to vote

Jury awards more than $70M to woman in J&J baby powder cancer lawsuit

It appears that Comey broke FBI policy.

7,000 acres of East Texas forest shielded from development, but some logging will continue

Making a killing under Obamacare: The ACA gets blamed for rising premiums, while insurance companies

Concern raised over new name of Nixon library theater

Emails were found on a laptop shared by Weiner and Huma. CBS evening news.

Military Expert Responds To Trump: 'Can't Wait' To Hear What You Teach Me

Did Trump get a heads-up on the Huma/Weiner emails from the Russians?

Protesters shout down Christie at Superstorm Sandy event


This Is Jason Chaffetz’s REAL Reason For Duping The Media About Hillary’s Emails

All we can do is GOTV

Kellyanne has a sense of humor?

CNN is finally covering Huma's emails associated with WeinerGate accurately

What Hillary Clinton's email scandal is really about, explained with a cartoon

Bill Maher tonight 10 pm EST / HBO ---Repeat at 11:30 EST - LINEUP:

Heh!! The San Francisco Giants have donated their plane to the tRump campaign

Montana governor criticizes sentence in incest case

Ex-DOJ Spox Rips Comey for ‘Inappropriate Public Disclosure’ of New Emails

Virginia law officer acquitted in shooting of woman in car

Elijah Cummings weighs in.

When you have President “TRUMP”

The Secret Lives Of Nasty Women: How Trump, Trolls, And Bros Have Chilled Our First Amendment Rights

Commissar Trumpski?

How large is the “Secret Hillary Club”? Red-state women may be defying their Trump-loving husbands

HRC doing a press conference ( on CNN ) - Letter only sent to Republicans

The press is not our enemy

WATCH: Trump Teaches Audience to ‘Get Even’ by Humiliating Miss Universe

Baha’i Accuse Iran of Campaign to “Destroy” Their Religion

Are we falling for a clever distraction from the daily Trump sexual assault revelations?

This is genius! Trump vs BP Richfield (the boss from the old Dinosaurs sitcom)

Compare Hillary's response to this non-controversy to...

Well, I am certainly glad Twee ty wants to get the facts straight.

FBI HAD NO WARRANT/right TO SEARCH Huma's emails on a shared laptop for a case on Anthony Weiner

Agree completely with HuffPo's banner tonight: WTF FBI

Weeks after hurricane, Haitians struggle for clean water

Did Wiener have security clearance from being in the house?

I just donated $100.

Fatal Measles Complication Killed Patients Years Later

A tweet from Lawrence Tribe...

Hillary just gave a brief Press Conference, and took a few questions. I was watching CNN

This FBI memo would send a person as weak as Trump hiding under the bed in a fetal position

It is time for Loretta Lynch to intervene.

I'm just so tired...

I bet Comey is celebrating tonight

I caught right wing hack Joseph Digenova on the radio

Statement from @johnpodesta in response to Comey letter to GOP chairmen

Oh crap--Pence just said that the Democratic nominee is under FBI investigations. damn

Yet another witchhunt.

American Bar Association to publish controversial report on Trump being a ‘libel bully’

Hillary statement on new FBI email investigation - Boston Globe

Registered Republican arrested for voting twice in Iowa

Asshole Weiner posted his parts on line

Thank you, Tweety.

This, of all things, is what causes some of the masks to come off around here?

In case anybody didn't see this: 2.9% growth.

Biden doesn't want a role in Clinton adminstration

Wow, just saw a advertisement for RoJo with kids counting down in their

Text to FBI Director Comey:

After the Bundy "verdict", Oregon Gov. Kate Brown needs our re-election help NOW.

Bob Dylan Finally Breaks His Silence on the Nobel Prize

Anyone from the Sacramento area?

Against my better judgement I went to the cesspool over at JPR. I won't do it again

If you're pissed about Comey, use your anger to drive your campaigning in the next week.

This is my 'red letter' day. I finally got an internet troll to respond.