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CNN:Time for FBI chief Comey to resign

What was the 1st Presidential Election you voted in?

Lawrence Tribe doesn't think much of Comey..

Nate Silver prediction: 1% change in polls


Some fall color. Not at its peak, but I was out and had my camera with me.

GOP Scandal Falls Apart As New Emails Didn’t Come From Hillary Clinton’s Server

Mark Cuban goes on tweetstorm to reassure panicked Dems: 'Everyone relax'

Jennifer Granholm on msnbc

A 9 step guide on how to sabotage an election, by James Comey

Venezuela: People show scant support for right’s ‘general strike’

Moos on McCain: CNN 10/17/08

The anti female POTUS forces are not going to go away easily.

So Judge Curiel wouldn't depose Trump because it would effect election and he's corrupt to Trump!

Chris Hayes is doing a GREAT job on msnbc right now...

World exclusive: Bob Dylan - I'll be at the Nobel Prize ceremony... if I can

Who else thinks that Comey is a politically minded jerk putting his finger down to help Trump?

A white jury determines that the law doesn’t apply to white protestors

CNN: Time for FBI Director Comey to resign

The unsatisfying outcome to the Malheur refuge occupation

I am sick of this RACIST asshole! READ THIS!

Met Senator Kaine today along with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

World exclusive: Bob Dylan - I'll be at the Nobel Prize ceremony... if I can

This replay shit has got to go.

ALMA witnesses the birth of a triple-star system

Experts worry Malheur verdict could cause 'copycat' standoffs

ALMA witnesses the birth of a triple-star system

There's a shoe waiting to drop on Trump.

I just pledged $400 to Hillary. Have given before but this crap really, really pisses me off!

Director Comey the new J Edgar! Crooked bastard.

Stocks sink after new email review tied to Clinton

Comey should resign....Today

There will be a massive relief when we don't have to...

MSM is just a tickled as it can be that there's something they can whip...

Richard Sherman says Roger Goodell needs to ‘give up some of his power’

Did the feds botch the Bundy case?

Thanks President Obama! I toast you with a REAL rum and Coke tonite.

Goodwill Omaha CEO Frank McGree resigns following World-Herald investigation into executive pay

Smart lab rats filmed using hooked tools to get chocolate cereal

The Roanoke (VA) Times endorsed Pat McCrory..............

Give Temer the elbow

DUers? I ask you this..?

If Huma sent an email to Hillary from a different device,

Denise Juneau gets $$ from Democratic House Majority PAC

I'm not concerned about the emails

Souter warned of a Trump-like candidate in prescient remarks

Was just polled!

Ever wonder why so many assholes are running for President?

Front page of Huff post now....

How many of us do work emails at home?

Nasty! And happy.

Fight Back !

Clinton Holds Press Conference Following Announcement FBI Reopen Email Investigation

Anyone still think electing a woman president would be more accepted than a black male?

Clinton Holds Press Conference Following Announcement FBI Reopen Email Investigation

It really ticked me off when Erin Barnett on CNN

Threatened or blackmailed?

The George W. Bush email scandal the media has conveniently forgotten

Politico headline: "Comey's disclosure shocks former prosecutors."

Supreme Court to Hear Gavin Grimm Case; Huge Implications for Trans Students

How does the FBI email story headline read in your town? I'll start.

We have to support Hillary

How is the GOTV effort in your area?

Here's an amazing view from the other side

Temple Taggart: Donald Trump wants to 'silence his accusers’ with legal threats

Question Comey letter

EDITORIAL >> Charlotte NC : Comey drops Hillary Clinton email bombshell; so tell us more

Cubs VS Indians

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Surprise Surprise Surprise!! Live, Uncensored &

NY FBI office at odds with Comey

should I give to the DSCC, DCCC, or directly to the candidates?

How Comey screwed Hillary

VP Joe Biden campaigns for Jason Kander in St. Louis

Let Me Get This Straight

Registered Republican arrested for voter fraud in Iowa.

Go Cubs Go! from Nebraska

Patagonia Is Completely Shutting Down For Election Day

OK, Ive heard 2 different stories today on Comey's letter to Congress.

Don't bother trying to contact the FBI

Today my respect for HRC even increased more, I voted for Bernie

So the group that just opened the tomb of Jesus has announced...

Pls help me understand

Gun store runs ad saying it won’t sell to Muslims, Clinton supporters

This is why the repukes started their hate on Hillary...

Trump can't tell his supporters from "thugs". they all look alike to him

Something We Need to Let Republicans Know Regardless of Who Wins This Election

Early voting numbers surge in Harris County (Houston, TX) - Houston Chronicle

Men, if you respect women, you'd damn well better be pissed right the fuck off.

Nissan warned government on fate of Sunderland without deal

Hillary's statement just now

Complain about FBI Director at this DOJ link.

Seinfeld: Trump has a child's image of what being President means

Main reasons why I dont want a trump presidency

Florida man shoplifted to get money to bail out wife charged with shoplifting

Breaking on Fox: Comey memo says he felt he "must release info before election"

Oklahoma County sheriff candidate accused of using 'faked' endorsements in mailer

Goddamn Breitbart is stupid.

Chickasaw Nation plans resort hotel, casino on Lake Texoma

Tesla unveils residential ‘solar roof’ with updated battery storage system

Hey, is Donald Trump still a racist rapist who broke tax laws and bribed elected officials?

I just don't get riled up by this kind of stuff anymore - the FBI email garbage.

State's civil asset forfeiture law flawed, lawmakers told

Would love to see some peaceful protests at FBI Offices

The gloating in the media today

This Bird Keeps Flying For 10 Months Straight

Every once in a while I wish a font was available that suitably expressed my outrage, disappointment

Does this comey asswipe have a boss??

5 Facts that killed the Latest Hillary Email Scandal

Carpet the airwaves with the worst of the worst Trump ads. Slam him hard as hell.

If HRC loses 2% because of this that translates into 2.5 million votes!

Early voters cast over 240,000 ballots in New Mexico

New Mexico settles lawsuit over immigrant tax refunds

Former Miss Finland is 12th woman to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault

Tim Kaine’s wife holds town hall in Albuquerque with Clinton supporters

Trump-Comey-Putin . . . . . is there a nexus?

Liberals are preparing blacklists of appointees they want Hillary Clinton to avoid

Republican Trump voter arrested in Iowa for voter fraud after allegedly attempting to ‘rig’ election

Retired state workers could see bump in pensions from back pay dispute

Luckovich Toon - Trump (with tongue)

Anthony mayor facing legal action over claims of misconduct

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 30 - Monster of the Month: Frankenstein

Maher to do standup live on facebook November 2, topic is Trump

Maher says Obama is on "Real Time" next week--at last. nt

TCM Schedule for Monday October 31 - Star of the Month: Christopher Lee

Bill Maher landed President Obama ----- he just told it ----- next week

New Mexico to issue new REAL IDs Nov. 14

Appeals court denies request to halt drilling in New Mexico


Only in California

Reform Party candidate lays out plan to sink Trump, Clinton

Comey as dumb as a fox. Fire his ass loretta. An email to the press and american people?? He is

WaPo - The FBI’s October surprise just made Hillary Clinton’s awful week even worse

Regarding the November theme

Strong economic report welcome boost for Clinton, Trump calls it "dismal"

The only people who care about this FBI

State AG asks for stories about mine spill

David Bossie

Hillary Clinton's emails: The real reason the FBI is reviewing more of them.

Fuck Cumey, I Will Never Vote For An Ignorant Prick

Reminder - Vox - The media's 5 unspoken rules for covering Hillary

Accused ‘thug’ escorted out of Trump’s Kinston rally says he’s actually a supporter


Bevin releases emails after Stumbo files suit

Comey Praises Brave F.B.I. Agents Who Had to Touch Anthony Weiner’s Computer —Borowitz

I know I'm in the minority about Comey but

I've come to accept there's no way to convert a Con voter no matter what we try.

Mom cites religious freedom in beating son, pleads guilty

A newly surfaced video shows Donald Trump grabbing and kissing a former Miss Universe onstage

Different systems

Comey ‘flagrantly violated DoJ rules’

Monolog! Bill Maher on the emails and Weiner..

Is FBI Director James Comey still getting a monthly check from Vladimir Putin?

NY Times: F.B.I. Chief James Comey Is in Political Crossfire Again Over Emails

the end of email

Trump Brothel re-opened in Whitehorse

Toon: Trump And The Sisyphus Media

Lawrence O'D live now.

Should Obama have fired Comey long ago?

Hey Comey, want to really investigate e-mails?

I like Pete Williams

'We've got some stuff up our sleeve' (4 days ago)

Watch that hemline: Kentucky workers get dress codes

20 minor injuries after American liner catches fire on O'Hare runway: 'Everybody started panicking'

Why is WikiLeaks releasing material damaging to Hillary? Can we please see the RNC material?

More Bill Maher! Michael Moore sticking up for Hillary

Now Comes The Part Trump And His Ass Clowns Love The Media...

Report: GOP should be worried about Texas

Minter calls fight to end abortions nationwide her 'life passion'

Kentucky shutting off kynect Tuesday

Nicole Wallace on 11th Hour...

Ashland doctor convicted of performing unneeded heart procedures

The FBI Story Seems to Be Completely Unraveling

UK blames newspaper for drop in sex-assault reports. Expert calls that claim ‘shameful.’

New Rules!

Today's News - A One Act Play

Trump-inspired graffiti on the walls of Home Depot in Austin

It's early, but it might a blessing in disguise

If cats could poop into a human toilet, wouldn’t life smell sweeter?

Donald Trump says it was rigged.

The Latest: Comey Felt Obliged to Send Letter to Congress

Now that was a great game.

Hawaii's Crazy War Over Zombie Cats

The timing of this FBI media release is very disturbing.

Pennsylvania ambulance service asking overdose victims their preferred funeral home for ‘next time’

Economist challenges Nebraska attorney general to public debate on cost of death penalty

Free cats

4 Idiots

Republicans act like Wile E. Coyote...

Comey needs to give a brief/press conference

Upshot still at 92%

I'm so angry that I'm making my first donation of 2016

Is This Right? The emails are not TO or FROM Sec. Clinton?

Doesn't the FBI work for Obama?

President Obama to appear on Real Time with Bill Mahar, November 4th!

Fishing With James Comey On Hillary Pond

Four Cleveland nurses accused of stealing drugs from Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth hospitals

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to campaign separately in Ohio next week

***New Reuters poll HRC +10 head to head (RV)***

Much ado

Samsung accused of shell game that harms Ohio workers

Dems have 2400 vote lead in Washoe cty (slightly R)

Interesting rig...

Former President Bill Clinton to campaign in Cleveland and Columbus areas on Saturday

Comey is being sucked into the Hillary Clinton witch-hunt!

Notice the FBI never fishes in the Russian Intelligence involvement with Donald Pond?

Comey is being sucked into the Hillary Clinton witch-hunt!

F Trump. This is my anthem for this election.

Comey is being sucked into the Hillary Clinton witch-hunt!

No, President Obama should NOT fire Comey

Why don't ALL UK parties make MPs face compulsory re-selection before each general election?

Comey has finally given into the stupid elements of the GOP...

CNN and the rest

Johnson campaign asks stations to dump radio ad for Kunze

That face you make when you realize how dumb the GOP is...

That face you make when you realize how dumb the GOP is...

Hillary should "Stand With Standing Rock".

Great OP ED: Toomey Ducks for Cover

The Second Amendment Loophole!

Trump's 1980s-style TV Ads Are Pathetic

#NVGOTV in Nevada (NV) 6TH day. Dems lead by > 31,500 EV, 44% to 36%

Pete's Pond, cute baby warthogs.

NY Times: F.B.I. Chief James Comey Is in Political Crossfire Again Over Emails

Senator Al Franken appears in Toledo for Clinton

Trump for President, Really?

Here's your white privilege:

Let's Turn The Latest Email Distraction Around

Every Trump argument taken down WITH FACTS!!!

Every Trump argument taken down WITH FACTS!!!

Every Trump argument taken down WITH FACTS!!!

Every Trump argument taken down WITH FACTS!!!

White People do the darndest things

"When Your Stupid Twitter Poll Backfires & You Trigger Yourself"

#ImWithHer now. And I'm sick of having my loyalty questioned.

New York Times Editor Slams Fox News, CNN As ‘Bad For Democracy’

FBI agents furious at Comey

Breaking: James Comey reports to his new job.

Dumb Criminals: Arizona Man In High Speed Persuit Stops At In-N-Out

In one year, no one will admit to having voted for Donald Trump.

Folks ... there's a REASON that "runway" got so torn up ...

Why don't Americans like to travel abroad?

Equality House Riddled with Bullets, Defaced with Anti-Gay Graffiti

While Texas is changing politically, it is still a bastion of stupidity.

"The Louder the Monkey, the Smaller Its Balls, Study Finds"

The LA Times is reporting that the emails found......

Spongebob and Patrick were right about Texas...

What Scares Donald Trump The Most?

Utah School System Sued For Oppressing Gay Students

Dinesh D’Souza is the worst director of all time.

Loony Tunes Alex Jones: Donald Trump Is God’s Messenger And The King David Of Our Times

GOP values....oh wait, what values?

Rie a.k.a Suzaku - Ocean Breeze

WTF are they even looking for?

I am really so sick of this election.

Reaganomics is an ongoing failure...

Virginia Paper Endorses Pat McCrory Because HB 2 Is Sending Them Jobs

Which Party lies more? Republicans of course!!!!

VP debate proves that America is an embrassament to the World...

Remember: These are the people who claimed Iraq was behind 9/11.

HELP ! I need some links to

Pervert Donald in his own words, creeping around women's dressing rooms.

Biden rules out being a potential Clinton secretary of state

Progress is On the Ballot this election - PBO

David Gergen made a good point on CNN

Bill Maher: Republicans have one path to victory, False Equivalency

Hillary Clinton press conference after new FBI email investigation (VIDEO)

Future doctors push for water policy changes

15 lawmakers and their potential conflicts of interest

Democratic gains in House could shift debate on infrastructure funding

Court says no ballot-box selfies in Michigan, after all

Snyder vetoes Medicaid tax change, cites budget implications

New Stryker prototype on public display for the first time

America's health care system = caca.

Indianapolis Star: John Gregg ready to lead Indiana as governor

GOP gubernatorial candidate Eric Holcomb under fire after declining interview with black newspaper

Poll finds growing support in Indiana for LGBT protections

Every Trump argument fact checked!

Indiana man pleads guilty in terrorism-related federal case

Treasurer candidate's report has math errors

The first actual voter-fraud of the 2016-election just happened in Iowa. It was a Trump-supporter.

Pirate Party Poised for Power as Icelanders Cast Their Ballots

UN Demands Argentina Release Indigenous Leader Milagro Sala

UN Demands Argentina Release Indigenous Leader Milagro Sala

Bill Maher: New Rule, The Danger of False Equivalency

Donated $25 and voted early for Hillary. We can't let Chaffetz and misleading news take us down.

Donated $25 and voted early for Hillary. We can't let Chaffetz and misleading news take us down.

Does the FBI even have these emails?...

Wisconsin solicitor general says state's voter ID law is 'quite permissive,' should be model for US

Overtime with Bill Maher: Nice Guys, Sexism, Hillary's Qualifications

Voter registration up more than 61,000 since 2012, with more gains in Obama counties

I'm done, filled out and mailed my ballot today

A throwback tribute to Bernie Sanders!

Details released for Tim Kaine visit in Appleton

Daily Holidays October 29

Man accused of threatening to kill Muslims is a 'victim' of alt-right social media, says attorneys

State reaches $15-million settlement with estate of Beverly Hills money manager tied to Madoff

'This is slavery': U.S. inmates strike in what activists call one of the biggest prison protests in

Bigger than Watergate?

Hate Rising Trump in America Documentary with Jorge Ramos:

Where is the FBI investigation into Trumps ties to the Russia's break in to the DNCs emalis?

Note to future Presidents that are Democrats

Coup D'etat....

Former DOJ spokesman blasts Comey after email letter

Comey gives the congress to the GOP

Tarrant County group claims seniors are being intimidated into not voting

Tesla shows off solar roof tiles


Trump Supporters Hopeful After News Of FBI’s Email Review

This nasty woman is up early so she can go VOTE for Hillary!

SO tired of false equivalencies

I am so ready for the Democrats to go nuclear on the Republicans

Judge Posner says quality of Supreme Court is 'awful'

I am tired of voter suppression laws and actions! Why is the FBI and DOJ so slow to act on these?

Detroit-Area Home Health Care Agency Owner Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for $33 Million Medicare

If dems have some major news on Trump, when should they release it?

Britain’s oldest hotel collapses after being ravaged by massive fire

Owner Of Real Estate Investment Firm Sentenced (re $17 Million Securities Fraud)

Don't get discouraged, vote!

FBI director Comey Need to be asked if anyone in Trumps camp is under investigation

Schnucks employees approve contract, avert strike

Schnucks employees approve contract, avert strike

Critics rip Rauner for funding cuts after online chat on breast cancer awareness

I Am Undecided.

Cook County approves $13 hourly minimum wage affecting suburbs

Great news! Sec. Clinton maintains her lead despite Comey smear in latest polling this morning.

Big Soda digs in for a fight over proposed Cook County beverage tax

Real Time with Bill Maher, panel

Pension board votes to suspend Hastert's $28,000 pension

The Sympathetic Atheism of Julia Sweeney

Donald Trump supporter in Iowa arrested for voter fraud, as Trump continues to call election rigged

Texas group: Santa Anna's leg in Illinois should be sent to Mexico

Trump's Lead With Religious Voters Not As Bigly As You Might Think

Comey's disclosure shocks former prosecutors

Could this backfire on the Republicans?

False charges of ‘anti-Catholicism’ are anti-Catholic

Everyone please calm down... I can't believe how many people are freaking out here about

Video of Trump sexually humiliating, forcibly kissing/grabbing woman on stage

Church-and-state separation advocates see a troubling trend at public schools

Why don't the Hillary team ever talk about the Bush/Cheney 22 million deleted emails?

Email hmmmf. If I hadn't already voted, I would still vote for Hillary. He's still a sex assaulting

Syria, the Spanish Civil war and foreign legions

I once thought I HATED Hillary; NOW I am fucking ENTHUSIASTIC about voting for her

Trump will be tied in WaPo poll shortly because

Media Freak Out At FBI Letter, Disregard Facts And Run With GOP's False Description Of Clinton Email

Halloween is coming #12

On a couple of threads I have commented that Comey should be fired but alternatively,

Weekly Address: VP Biden: Achieving the Mission of the Cancer Moonshot

Fox Renews Calls For A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Hillary Clinton Despite No Evidence

A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Voter Suppression

Trump leans on small donors as wealthy givers pull back

The FBI just gave down-ballot Republicans something to grab on to

FAUX News Judge; "... It was wrong for Comey to come out now about this...

Donald Trump’s Entities, Family Rank High as Vendors to Campaign

David Corn on Twitter: "The Choice"

This is pushing it.

Two of president Obama political appointments may cost Clinton the election

A must read piece from The New Yorker: "Comey broke with Loretta Lynch..."

Hillary in Daytona Beach FL Today-4-6pm EST, #GOTV rally-->LIVE stream...

Remembering Candy Cigarettes, Big Tobacco’s Most Evil Way to Turn Children Into Smokers

John Koskinen IRS Commissioner now has no choice,

Of a sample of 10,000 Trump supporters on Twitter, well over 1/3 also followed white nationalists

The damage Comey’s bad timing could do - By the Washington Post Editorial Board

I will be so glad when this 2016 election is over.

Biden: No plans to serve in Clinton's administration

What a white male retiree said to me while waiting in line to vote...(in Florida)

My Girl's Pussy

Is this media narrative and the faux allegations against Hillary going to last to Election Day?

Supreme Court

The television news media has an important choice to make

Joy Reid this morning will have Kurt Eichenwald on her MSNBC show

Dakota Access Pipeline, the Ogallala Aquifer, and Indigenous Water Rights

Aerosmith One

Obama got ZERO votes in 38 precincts in 2012

So Comey, WTF did the American public have a right to know?

Rubio’s Poison Pill for the ACA (Obamacare)

Obama should have picked a Progressive as the F.B.I Director

Let's Finish Strong!

No time to slack or fret

Tens of thousands of members of the media have been deployed to find a single voter

Fish, Eels, Salmon Rush Back To Penobscot River With Removal Of 19th Century Dams - NYT

Blue-Green Algae Blooms Coming Earlier - 20 Days Early In N. Atlantic 2003 to 2012

Why Women Bring Their 'I Voted' Stickers to Susan B. Anthony's Grave

Always loved this quote.

Med Temperatures Already Up 1.3C Since Late 1800s; Expect Deserts In Southern Spain By 2100

President Obama to Appear on Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)...after 8yrs of Bill asking

Hello MSM: "The emails were NOT TO OR FROM Clinton" Not TO Hillary. Not FROM Hillary.

Carbon Sequestration "Research" Became Piggy Bank For Developer, Paid Mike Enzi's Son's Salary

30 years?

J Edgar Comey

Oilfield Wastewater Used to Grow Food in California May Contain Toxins

Explain this to me.. How would different emails be on Wieners device than Hillary's server??? HMMMMM

Despite Some Rain Relief, CA Still In Year 6 Of Drought; 50% Chance Of Mead Cutbacks In 2017

It seems like Deja Vu all over again, another manufactured miracle, but this one will finally matter

Where is Comey?

10/28 - Arctic Sea Ice Extent Continues To Diverge Beyond Prior October Records

attorney with civil liberties defense center -

Thank GAWD Joy Reid is on

James Comey broke with Loretta Lynch and Justice Department tradition

2 Weeks before Election Day, dozens of the 4,000-plus lawsuits involving Trump remain open..

Can Hillary use this?

What Kind of Costume is That?

Jamelle Bouie: Why the “October Surprise” Is Dead

Comey has committed an act so dangerous for our democracy.

The news story has morphed into story on Comey.

Bold GOP Action! Dave Brat (R) Bill Would Ban Regulation Of All GHGs, Plus Water Vapor

FBI Dir. Comey sent a second letter today - to FBI employees. He seems to have some doubts about..

Wheelchair Dating Questions You’re Too Afraid To Ask

Maybe someone should start an investigation on Comey.

On now: MSNBC Morning Joy. It will be good for you.

I get the feeling that Comey did this to save his job.

What did Trump promise Comey?

WP - October Arctic Ice Extent Lowest On Record, Plus Record High Temps

A hopeful and expectant Gowdy is having a Treygasm over the Comey horseshit

Congratulations Mr. Comey.

Why doesn't Comey announce he may or may not be investigating Trump for racketeering?

Were FBI Dir. Comey's actions just about Sec. Clinton?

Comey needs to apologize, take responsibility and RESIGN NOW!

Joy Reid

I think it's likely that President Obama will comment

Former Miss Utah Temple Taggart speaks out against Trump’s threat to sue his accusers

10 more days till Hillary Clinton wins the election to be President of the United States!

Note to future Democratic Presidents:

Interesting thoughts about Bundy acquittal

Tim Kaine: Democrats Will Nuke Filibuster For Supreme Court Nominees If GOP Won’t Cooperate

Trump accuser Miss Utah Temple Taggart CNN interview

Comey's boss is a black woman from North Carolina.

Peaceful Transition of Power is NOT About This Time, It's About Next Time

Virginia Paper Endorses Pat McCrory Because HB 2 Is Sending Them Jobs

Googleology 501 : Bypassing paywall/subscriber page limits

Would this be a nanny state law or a law for the national good?

Report: FBI Director Broke With Attorney General Over Letter To Lawmakers

What if Huma is the target here and not Clinton?

No Republicans in Hillary's administration

Send this EVERYWHERE!!!!!

i'll bet comey is giving and getting high fives this am from the republican party.

Membe the battle of Endor

Fuck you Comey. Two votes for Hillary this morning in Florida!

Origins of Trump family fortune traced to Canada brothel during Gold Rush era

It's no accident that Comey's tossing out the FBI manual with regard to Hillary,

Was it just my imagination, or did Trump recently threaten.....

Email servers 101: Why the FBI can quickly check if they have already seen these emails

Trump supporter charged with voting twice in Iowa

What Comey's latest action tells me

The War for America's Soul, Important for the World

I wonder when

Breaking on Washington Post: Senior Justice Department officials warned the FBI.

This speech will make you stand up and cheer. Every American should hear it!

Keith Olbermann minces no words when it comes to Jason Chaffetz

"The rules are different for the Clintons"

Americans Support Expanding Social Security But The GOP Is Still Trying To Cut It!

The most amazing and uplifting obituary

There Are 2 Things I Know For Sure

rep. jason chaffetz....

On November 9, 2016

Morning Joy

I am glad Hillary is running and will most likely be POTUS!

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich spoke to a Republican member of Congress....

Hillary Clinton should demand a public apology

Yesterday I saw Obama, Today HRC

The debates, policy plans, tv ads, rallies etc... don't matter anymore

Japanese Halloween Candy with Risa

Justice officials warned FBI that Comey’s decision to update Congress was not consistent...

Comey is guilty as hell - but he's not running for President

Has this election changed you in any way?

I would rather a corporate friendly Democrat than any Republican

What happens to Trump's leftover campaign funds?

A message for today.

we are too fucking big hearted 4 our own good,,,,,,,,,,

Rude Pundit: It's Alive: The FBI Reanimates the Clinton Email Server Fake Scandal

A little perspective from a former prosecutor.

Robby Mook is holding a call with reporters at noon to "unpack what we’ve learned in relation to the

Justice...American Style

Terry Francona is one lucky dude

Dean Heller (R-NV), feeling the heat (?), removes "Elections" link from his contact page

A Theory for Why Comey Sent Congress Letter

I would like to hear from a leading Democratic in Congress a demand that the FBI ..

DU came through for Mecklenburg Dems. Good thing, too. News teams from around the world

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - FBI Director’s new quasi-attack on Hillary Clinton could be a bles

This Texas Bernie supporter just voted

Ethical Questions Surround FBI Director’s Decision On Email Probe - by Joe Conason

Clinton will be in Daytona late Saturday afternoon

Bob Dylan: "The Nobel Prize Left Me Speechless" (Rolling Stone)

VP Biden campaiging in Las Vegas Saturday morning

Bill Clinton campaigns in Cleveland for wife Hillary Clinton

Coordinated effort by Comey to release his letter

BTRTN: Comey Acrimony

Clinton enjoys solid lead in early voting: Reuters/Ipsos poll

James Comey fails to follow Justice Department rules yet again

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Pleads Not Guilty To Criminal Contempt-Of-Court Charge

Update from Nate Silver’s 538...I was feeling a little cocky lately..

Obama to do Real Time w/Bill Maher

The republican scum are out of bullets!

the first time a director of the storied agency has been dismissed. - 1993 -

Will Ferrell has joined the Nasty Women Vote movement

Yeah I am annoyed with Comey, but I am also annoyed with Democrats for nominating him

Let Hillary know we have her back!

Let Hillary know we have her back!

Dressing room talk | The Briefing ~NEW AD

in case anyone cares, the WTA final is set. spoiler

Despite ‘Bombshell’ New Emails, Hillary Clinton Probably Still Didn’t Commit a Crime

Robert Reich: Yesterday I spoke with a former Republican member of Congress

I've got a great least I think it is...

No one said it’d be easy to elect the first female President.

Hypocrisy - Daily Beast - "GOP Blocks Probes Into Trump-Russia Tie"

Makes you wonder what Republicans have on Comey...

in not so loving memory

No Reasonable Prosecutor Would Bring This Case Hillary Clinton Email CSPAN

in not so loving memory

Politico - Trump [Still] maintains he doesn't know if Russia behind hacks

"If you are the President of the United States, you can't walk into any teenage girl's locker room"

So Comey ignored the DOJ and tried to influence the election on his own?

Rep. McCaul (R): I told Trump Russia was behind the hacks, but he thinks there's no proof

Beginning to think Comey may have won the election...

“Partial Birth” and Partial Truths, Part One

“Partial Birth” and Partial Truths, Part One

“Partial Birth” and Partial Truths, Part One

Liberal Redneck

I think that Trumps campaign loans from foreign sources (Russian) will be revealed next week. He is

Trump Voter Math:

It must be obvious to Hillary and Comey that he cannot serve under her.

Lynch objected to Comey's decision to notify Congress of email review

A little perspective from Twitter:

Eichenwald: Hillary Clinton's emails: The real reason the FBI is reviewing more of them.

comey violated not one, but (at least) two fbi departmental policies

Native Americans protest outside CNN demanding they stop ignoring Standing Rock

Rick Wilson: "We're Not Even Close To The Final Surprise" (Watch Out, Donald!)

North Dakota pipeline activists say arrested protesters were kept in dog kennels

New Clinton strategy: Steady as she goes and criticize Comey.

Greg Sargent has a good article on the latest dark Come(d)y

BILL McKIBBEN: Why Dakota Is the New Keystone

My James Comey meme

Comey knows his days are short.....

oh crap........

The US 'terror' training camp you've never heard of

The US 'terror' training camp you've never heard of

A Mother’s Right (art and performance pieces about childbirth in america)

A Mother’s Right--art and performance pieces about childbirth in america

A Mother’s Right--art and performance pieces about childbirth in america

So Msnbc and Cnn air the whole Trump rally but ignore Obama and Hillary yesterday wtf liberal media!

FBI Director James Comey Defied Attorney General With Email Announcement

Look at some of Chaffetz's tweets. He and the rest of the blood hounds deserve

Why FBI Director James Comey did the wrong thing....again.

Complete and total silence from James Comey...


Will any action really be taken against James Comey, or will it just morph away?

Watching Trump speak in Colorado....

Trump campaign rally promises

He Just Lies With Impunity

As Soon As Election Is Over Obama Should Fire Comey.

New voters can register in-person through Monday

What the hell happend to chris matthews , ed shultz , michael moore

If The Media Did Its Job Trump Would Be Totally Destroyed By Now.

HS cheerleaders hold up sign says "Hey Indians, get ready for Trail of Tears pt.2"

I was completely unaware "Liberals Use Witchcraft Against Conservatives"

Bill Mitchell Models Chances of Winning Presidency

He lies and they cheer


Thank you DU! Your help made a HUGE difference in NC!

Does anyone know anything about "the homeless woman defending Trump's

I Will Be Happy Seeing Trump Lovers Crying & Depressed. And I Will Rub It In Endlessly.

My ex-wife called yesterday.

My Prayer. We Have A Blow Out Of Trump & GOP Like Krakatoa.

Bless their hearts

#NODAPL Press Conference For The People | Sioux and Cheyenne River Tribe Discuss Events

Where do you go to get reliable polling data (if such a thing) with a map of the US? Thanks!


Roll Call: Who has voted and where?

University of Minnesota leading the Big Ten in voter registration by students

Jose Fernandez was drunk and had cocaine in his system when he wrecked his boat

Need help. Did Obama cancel some campaign appearances with Hillary?

Jason Chaffetz and his merry band of treasonous sycophants promise HRC investigations on day 1.

Do You Realize the GOP Controls the New York State Senate?

Why @HillaryClinton sent Tom Perez to attack @realDonaldTrump on labor in Ohio:

Donald Trump Is Still Whining About Alec Baldwin’s ‘Nasty’ Portrayal Of Him

Does anyone know how I can block types of pages from my Facebook feed?

Doesn't Common Sense Tell These Buffoons There is Nothing New In These Emails?

Philly Inquirer

Argentine scientists march against Macri's budget cutbacks; Minister of Science threatens to quit.

Time to avoid all cable "news" channels indefinitely

Argentine scientists march against Macri's budget cutbacks; Minister of Science threatens to quit.

Biggest joke of it all

Is there anything preventing AG Lynch from issuing a DOJ order

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 29, 2016

Finished Voting

Trump boasts about his philanthropy. But his giving falls short of his words.

Does anyone work with elections? Question from another thread here at DU

I saw Penn & Teller last night

Only 10 more days!

Rude Pundit: It's Alive: The FBI Reanimates the Clinton Email Server Fake Scandal

‘Oh God, Anthony Weiner…’: Biden Reacts to New FBI Revelations

(UK) Uber drivers win key employment case

The Catholic vs. libertarian debate continues

This is at the bottom of MSNBC..."Fbi's Comey: We don't know if emails are significant"

Minnesota cult leader gets 30 years in prison for sexually abusing 12-, 13-year-old girls

Happy Saturday! (jeez that felt good)

Did you all just sneak in new smilies?

HRC Revokes Endorsement Following Racist Comments of Senator Mark Kirk

Question about how to find reputable contractors for house work

Photos: NoDapl prayer ceremony/drum circle on road blocked by police for DAPL workers

Did you hear Groper Don the con's shout out to the ranchers today

Calvin on mathematics

Has pseudojournalist Edward Klein weighed in on the FBI thing yet?

250,000 Minnesotans have already voted. Here's what we know

Judging from my facebook feed

Michael Moore trashes Julian Assange: He’s a ‘human Molotov cocktail’ Trump is using to blow up...

Imagine if the emails of the Trump campaign were leaked

Roll Call: What is your most interesting LOCAL race?

Is it possible to send classified information over a personal laptop?

Takin’ It to the Streets?

Gov. Dayton offers rebate plan amid battle over health insurance market

MSNBC keeps talking about

Fahrenthold to the rescue: My hero drops the first negative story on Trump post Comey-Updated

Early voted in College Park MD!!

US Orders Families of Consulate Workers in Istanbul to Leave

Wisconsin mayor who called Obama a Muslim to quit term early

I like this image, which I found on twitter.

Message to Hillary: We will stand with you against this last-minute intrusion in the presidential ra

trump "tightening in the polls" is probably the subject of Morning Joe Monday morning...

I'm having a really hard time watching Utah / Washington

***NM early vote is 53 Dem to 35 repub***

Can Comey be fired?

It is heartsickening to see America go down this road.

Anyone hacking Priebus' or Ryan's email?

My Prediction From About 6 Weeks Ago Is Eerily Accurate

Hillary is nice Hillary is brave Hillary is smart One day I can be President too

Charges allege Cottage Grove pastor made porn with photos of children in congregation

just felt a very small earthquake

**Swing state polls - FL, NC, OH, WI, NV**

I expect something to drop tonight

If you ever thought about voting for Gary Johnson

TODAY FREE CONCERT-in Support of @HillaryClinton w/ @JLo @MarcAnthony @GdZOficial

"The head of the FBI is beyond reproach."

prediction: Comey will make an announcement 5 days before election that he found clinton emails

Alternet: 10 Ways Trump Broke the Law and Got Away with It

About Comey: Interesting

Something kind of humorous happened earlier today

Canvassed again in NH today. Senator Ed Markey was there...

REVEALED: Trump Foundation’s largest payout ever was $264,631 — for renovations at a Trump hotel

Mark Halperin’s Donald Trump Interview Even Fails The Mark Halperin Test

Obama Ratchets Up Fight To Unseat Rubio

A GOP Lawmaker Off-the-Record

Trump tears into US judicial system

From HRC and Podesta re the Comey Letter

Children can say the darndest things...

Any More October Surprises or is Rick Wilson just Joking?

Trump Is Coming Back in Polls Because Too Many People Are Afraid To Take a Stand

Those ungrateful midgets that ran against Trump in the Republican primaries...

DoJ officials warned FBI that Comey’s decision to update Congress wasn't consistent wth dept policy

If it's any comfort, this stupid email story isn't even in the top ten "trending" stories...

Clinton Slams FBI Chief James Comey's Email Probe as 'Deeply Troubling'

New Rule: The Danger of False Equivalency

Clinton Kaine yard signs are EVERYWHERE in my neighborhood!

Is it getting too late to release oppo on the Orange sociopath?


After donating $900 to Bernie Sanders, I'm now a regular donor to the Democratic Party

United Nations expert will visit Standing Rock to gather information on Human Rights Violations

A great movie clip that reflects Donald Trump

What is the longest running thread?

Koch Brothers Running Scared: Behind The Scenes, Koch Empire Crumbling (Corruption)

Carl Bernstein: No Way Is Clinton Email Investigation ‘Bigger Than Watergate’

Comey: Trump's new stooge!

Please make sure that any young or new voters that you know

The Equality House Hit By 7 Bullets, Graffitied In Anti-LGBTQ Attack

In Daytona, Hillary Clinton calls on FBI to 'put it all out on the table'

FBI Chief James Comey

Please share this blog with all your friends - we need to get the truth out.

Clinton enjoys solid lead in early voting: Reuters/Ipsos poll

The latest Trump tape accidentally explains rape culture in less than 3 minutes

Load of manure dumped at Democratic Party HQ in Ohio

No-Fly Zone Declared as Militarized Police Prep for Assault on ‘Front-Line Camp’ at Standing Rock

How 75 pending lawsuits could distract a Donald Trump presidency

White Supremacist Groups LOVE Donald Trump!

White Supremacist Groups LOVE Donald Trump!

Introducing: Justice Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Airline tells veteran with PTSD, ‘You’re not flying with THAT!’

Obama Job Creation vs. Bush Job Creation

Good Gawd People, I Don't Think the Sky is Falling

Of Course Comey's Motivation Was Political!

Obama Job Creation vs. Bush Job Creation

A vote for Jill Stein is a a vote for Trump

A vote for Jill Stein is a a vote for Trump

These damn flies are driving me crazy!

Is there a way to contact MIRT without reporting a post?

Huma Abedin Swore Under Oath She Gave Up ‘All the Devices’ With State Dept. Emails

Trump's tax bill = zero....Illegal immigrants tax bill = 11 billion.

Free WiFi

Kellyanne Conway likens working for Trump to regulating the sweets intake of a cranky pre-teen

Michael Smerconish just said he's decided not to vote for either Huma or

NYTimes has HRC up 18.5%

Election Update: Four Ways Forward For Clinton After The FBI News

Come for the crime ~ Stay for the mugshot

Breaking: Dem senators ask Lynch and Comey for investigation update by Monday.

What we know, and what we don't

Joy Reid: Republicans Weaponize James Comey’s FBI To Kneecap Hillary Clinton

North Dakota pipeline activists say arrested protesters were kept in dog kennels

Oh, for the Love of God

Trump is just saying that Loretta Lynch was promised reappointment

Donald J Trump, Release all of your emails

When I decided to speak, I had a lot to say,

Trump is over playing his hand

Slow Blues in the Mississippi Delta

Do You Think Russians Have Also Hacked Trump & Co?

I still say that we need to attack those that attack us right back. If they have no

The Latest: Tribal chairman calls for rerouting pipeline

Trump's warning of voter fraud prompts Iowa supporter's attempt to vote twice

Report: Baylor regents say 19 football players accused of sexual assault since 2011

Man with sex abuse record charged with grabbing state worker

In this campaign, Michelle Obama became more than just another political voice

Dumb computer questions about the emails.

Imprisoned founder of body armor company dies at 61

A tale of Two Rallies(Obama/Clinton)

Can somebody tell me why MSNBC has Trump speaking all day long?

The most astute analysis of the 2016 election was SNL's 'Black Jeopardy' sketch

Why can't journalists get the facts straight?

Babies in intensive care get the best Halloween costumes

Has anyone watched "Tracey Ullman's Show"?

Trump supporter shouts "Jew-S-A" at the press

I don't get it. The emails were not from HRC nor to HRC.