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Archives: October 30, 2016

And Meanwhile in another part of Trumpland in Southwest, Ohio

***PPP poll of Florida has HRC +4***

Trump supporter Hung Two Black Dummies From A Tree In His Front Yard

A candidate unfazed when under seige

televangelist Jim Bakker said that Donald Trump is much like Saint Peter

Crooks and Liars: the FBI has had all Huma's emails since APRIL.

CNN: Critical counties: Prince William, Virginia, a long-term warning to the GOP, MUST READ

Mayor hopeful vows to keep campaigning amid sex allegations

FBI still does not have warrant to review new emails

The Irony .....If Comey Gave a Shit...He Could Have Classified His Letter.

History's Presidents Visit the White House

Cleveland baseball fans create wedding registry for Joe Buck and Kyle Schwarber.

Alicia Keys: I Vote Love

Proof That Donald Trump Is Actually B.P. Richfield From Dinosaurs

I need an Anime translator

There will not be a Big 12 team in the national playoffs this year.

Appeals Court Might Revisit Arizona Ballot Collection Law


Steve Schale: Notes on the fifth day of early voting in Florida

College football overtime is just like baseball.

Venezuelan president threatens to jail opponents

Tim Kaine Believes Bob Dylan 'Absolutely' Deserved The Nobel Prize

Trump absolutely 100% broke the self dealing rules for his foundation


Queen Offers to Restore British Rule Over United States - as told to Andy Borowitz

Hillary was seranaded for her birthday on El Gordo y La Flaca (Univision) t.v. show

Shell ends contract with gas station over pro-Trump sign

Latina College Student Used ‘Hence’ In Paper, Is Accused Of Plagiarism

Four cats on a motorcycle

New guy here

Documents show AT&T secretly sells customer data to law enforcement

I hate these interleague pitchers' duels.

It's turning into a Comey

As a woman inches closer to the White House...

WOW on Fox now, "Justice Jeaneene" Comey = WRONG!

Spain avoids third election and ends 10-month political impasse

I haven't posted in, like, forever...

Trump Suggests That Election Officials Will Throw Away Mail-In Ballots

Thailand’s crackdown on ‘insults’ to the monarchy spreads abroad

538 Podcast On the Possible Impact of the FBI Story

Senate Democrats want answers by Monday from Comey AND Lynch

Native American woman being searched "He searched me everywhere, touched everywhere"

Clinton campaign demands answers from FBI Director Comey

Clinton campaign demands answers from FBI Director Comey

I canvassed today. It made me feel better to be out doing something instead of focusing on

Hillary Clinton : Trump is already making up lies about FBI letter

Hillary Clinton : Trump is already making up lies about FBI letter

American Airlines plane engine flung debris in rare failure

James Comey has just partisanized the FBI to derail HRC and her inevitable victory. He has spent


U.S. challenges China's imports of North Korean coal amid U.N. sanctions

Mental health crisis center opens in KC as alternative to jail, emergency room

!!Of all places..HRC up in Alaska..

A Comey of Errors

Johnson County leaders are critical of KanCare in new letter

Why did Obama pick Comey for FBI director? This NYT article explains it:

High and Mighty Color Living Sakura Con 8

FBI Question about Comey?

Stakes high in races for Missouri lieutenant governor, secretary of state, treasurer

High and Mighty Color - You with lyrics

Kansas City proposes to settle several costly lawsuits

So, what's with these TWO plastic bag propositions 65 and 67?

Did everyone have a festive National Cat Day?

as if there is no difference....

Poll shows Missouri voters not fired up about raising nation's lowest cigarette tax

Man who shot and killed puppy was acting in self-defence, authorities say

JinnyOops!/ラバーソウルラバー(Rubber Soul Lover)

Trump Supporter Screams ‘Jew-S-A’ at Reporters, Calls Them ‘the Enemy’ During Rally

Phony telemarketers netted $10M, scammed many seniors, indictment filed in East St. Louis says

Yoko Keisuke: Kokorono Hane

Mucc: Fukurouno Yurikago

Hats Off to the GOP!!!

Unknown powder sprinkled into pit halts New York opera performance

It's Called WORKING THE REF, And It Sometimes Works Pretty Well.

Mucc: Sorawasure

Cant link it but read a story about the reporter

DespairsRay: Yami Ni Furu Kiseki

An old term from Hawaii is "f***head." And that is the phrase for Comey.

How the Oregon militia acquittals reflect the appeal of white nationalist agitators

Push to remake top Kansas court hits backlash over governor

Kansas considers lowering pension system's rate of return

Columbia SC's The State endorses Clinton, 1st Dem nominee they've endorsed since Carter in 1976

Bill Maher funny tweet

Shit! Even Boise State lost.

Went to Capitol Steps performance tonight, very funny political satire.

Comey Throws Flaming Bag of Dog Shit Emails on HRC's Porch

Oil pipeline through a cemetery

Trump supporter tries to vote twice in Iowa.

Could Trump Try To Disrupt Election Via His Followers Before He Loses?

Not voting for anyone with ads that have menacing voice-overs

fun Halloween post: Let's Google "the death of..."

Ancient Bird Coughed Up 'Fishy' Pellet 120 Million Years Ago

Alaska's first retail marijuana store set to open at 'high noon' two years after vote

Best Move: Abedin Should Give FBI Permission to Search Her Email Immediately.

"Did you see that!?"

Fueling U.S. Truck Fleets Is Destroying the Amazon

Fueling U.S. Truck Fleets Is Destroying the Amazon

Comey screwed up big time

Education gap divides white voters in Kansas, elsewhere

Nasty Women Vote

The endangered cultures of whales

I phone banked this afternoon. It sure felt better than stewing and doing nothing

Comey needs to clean up his mess

I am very disturbed.

Halloween Fun @ Solly's House

Clinton Email Scandal Is A Joke

New research on bats hunting in noise

Watching sports this week - LOTS of Trump ads

Comey's letter and the problem of leaks

One of my favorite motivation songs-- for all of us-- stay the course!!

NY Daily News Front Cover

Police: Officers respond to alleged altercation between N.C. House candidates

James Comey under fire

Mathematics and Religion

Comey should’ve done America a favor and shut up

15 Indigenous Women on the Frontlines of the Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance

Comey Throws Smoke Shell Into Presidential Race

I am nervous

Hillary Clinton is the Roadrunner. The Republican Congress is Wile E. Coyote.

Quiz: Only 1 In 50 People Can Get 100% On This Politics Test. Can You?

U.N.: At least 15 children die from bad measles vaccinations in northern Syria - vials mixed up

Collecting micrometeorites

CNN's Smerconish 6pm Sean Spicer: Abedin signed security promise

MISC info from drive up I-95 from MD to NJ today, 150 miles:

See: James Comey’s Campaign Donations to McCain, Romney

Dems and GOP Justice officials: James Comey is damaging our democracy

Tesla shows off solar roof tiles

Combat Veteran With PTSD Wasn't Allowed To Fly With Her Service Dog So She Sued, Wash. Post. 10/29

Comey is thin skinned and his self righteousness has gone to his head

Assange denied funeral pass request

iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

***New Poll Shows Clinton Leads Trump by 4 Points in Alaska - October 29, 2016***

Comey Letter Backfires As Email Scandal Revival Energizes Hillary Clinton Supporters

Comey - NSA fall guy

Welcome to the 10th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil, Campbell Conference…

Welcome to the 10th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil, Wales Conference…

Quebec did a study on what makes kids turn out to join ISIS, or try

Happy Halloween.

This is how Trump won the nomination!

7-year-old fatally shoots 3-year-old in Ohio, police say

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

The dumbing down of America...

"Let me know when one of Hillary's emails contains Trump's tax returns."

Be You y Vota. Uhh, this is just awesome.

Call Maury....?

Trump the caveman!

Trump didn't know what a Gold Star family was!

Holy Carp! So-called Christian group wanted to make the Pulse massacre into a haunted house!?!

Comey fails to follow Justice Department rules yet again

Trump didn't know what a Gold Star family was!

Comey is damaging our democracy

Outrage: Pipeline Police Strip-Searched Native Girl, Threw Her Naked Into Cell

A look at FBI Director James Comey

Is anyone watching Donald Glover's Atlanta on FX?

As election day approaches

***Election consortium (Princeton) has HRC win at 99% bayesian (Oct 30)***

Sanders among five senators asking Obama to order Dakota pipeline review

I have had a good time in this Group.

Media Blackout: ABC, NBC Still Refuse to Air Single Word About Dakota Access Protests

Anytime you need a pick me up - go to Barbara Kinney's Instagram feed

Trump's role model from the Dinosaurs TV Show!

Don't tell Californians their votes do not matter. Early voting draws long lines in LA County

Iowa is looking like Trump territory, but Clinton has a shot at winning Nebraska’s 2nd District

Damn tired of MSM telling us that Trump supporters anger is justified...

Latino voters in Texas being intimated at their homes by vigilantes.

Powerful quake hits central Italy near Norcia

Man staring down press removed from Trump rally

Next time a Democratic administration negotiates a trade deal, it needs to stipulate THIS:

Trump Suggests That Election Officials Will Throw Away Mail-In Ballots

BREAKING : The United Nations is headed to Standing Rock!!!

Jennifer Lopez headlines Clinton Get Out the Vote concert

Voters to be final jurors in payday lending fight

8 arrested in northwest Iowa while protesting Dakota Access pipeline

Attorney general offers thoughts on death penalty

Moldovans electing president for 1st time in 20 years

US Report: Afghanistan's Road System Years From Viability

Nebraska lawmakers facing nearly $1 billion budget shortfall next year

Pipe bombs found in Lincoln County; 2 men arrested

Labor-backed ballot measure group takes in more than $620K

Before The Flood documentary airing 9 pm EST Oct 30 on NatGeo channel

South Dakota Democrats look to overcome eight-year losing streak

Sunday's Doonesbury- Heel Spurs

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon- Plumbing

Comey has royally screwed up! He should be standing at attention in Lynch's office. Check this out:

Toon- Pipeline of Tears

Daily Holidays October 30

6.6 quake in Central Italy

Alaska's first pot shop opens to a long line of customers

Protest camp growing as tribal chairmen condemn law enforcement aggression

Vote 2016 ...

North Dakota to change rules for lawyer misconduct

Wyoming Legislature discusses expanding health insurance to non-state employers

Trump lady just said early voters in my state can get a do over

Paul Krugman melts down over FBI's Clinton announcement: Comey 'was trying to swing election'


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Tricks And Treats Edition

Amnesty International just sent human rights observers to North Dakota to protect water protectors

The Walking Dead 7.2 "The Well" (spoiler alert)

FOX News is all over this email story.

Obama: Last Chance to Rectify Your Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking Failures

Comey's letter breaks with DOJ tradition and w/views of AG Loretta Lynch

Trump supporters

HuffPo home page headline: Trump an "FBI Fanboy In A Frenzy"

Paul Simon - American Tune (1975)

playing the 'short' version of 'in-gadda-da-vida' on the radio. what silly a waste of time.

Heart Of Darkness: Venturing Deep Into America’s White Anger

So, about the guy at the Trump rally who shouted, "JEW S-A"... I think I found him.

Obama Holds Private Meeting As Cops Mass Near NoDAPL Front Lines

"Epic Rap Battle" Hillary vs Drumpf

Iceland elections leave ruling centre-right party in driving seat

24 Totally Normal Hours On The Trail With Hillary Clinton

This American Life: Neil Patrick Harris portrays Paul Ryan singing a song to Trump supporters

Upshot Siena Poll Florida Trump 46 Clinton 42

Yahoo news exclusive: FBI does not have warrant to review new Abedin emails

Come what may, on November 9th, I *DEMAND* *MY* President FIRE that asshole.

US editor of Israel's Haaretz: Thanks to Trump, We Can Better Understand How Hitler Was Possible

Anybody hear this: CNN panelist/reporter said that Huma said she didn't know what the e-mails were..

A GOP Lawmaker Off-the-Record

It’s Hard to Overstate the Turmoil In the Republican Party

Comey timed letter so that republican commitee members got it before Democrats.

How Hillary Clinton Met Satan

Truckload of manure dumped in front of Warren County Ohio Democratic Headquarters

I Predict,,,,

Whatever happened to the quotes

Hillary HQ ‏Clinton Leads Trump 47% to 43% in Alaska. Wait...What?! - HIL

Trump/GOP Supporters Have Embraced The Same People Who Screwed Them.

What Democrats should do regarding Comey

New polls: NBC/WSJ/ Marist poll North Carolina, Florida

NEW NBC/Marist North Carolina poll!!!

CNN trying their best to give the eletion to Trump: Blaming Hillary for the FBI directors actions.

BREAKING ******** Poll NC Clinton (Democrat) 50 Trump (National Socialist) 44 ********

Quad City Times' editorial slammed Sen. Grassley and did not endorse him...

This Election Is Revealing A Despicable Malignancy In Our Country That Must Be Stamped Out.

Jake Tapper has shown his sexism

How can the polls go from Hillary being 14 points ahead to

Did Trump and the Enquirer have a heads up on the FBI "reopening"?

From a purely strategic perspective it would be best for Comey to clarify or say nothing.

Overseas voter registration - 120,000 new Republicans in Israel?

Speculation. Truth or fiction?

Our Federal Institutions Seem To Be Doing A Lot Of Strange Things & Are Less Effective.

NBC/WSJ/Marist Polls: Clinton Leads Trump in North Carolina; Dead Heat in Florida

For what it's worth Hill's six point NC lead is holding up is nicely- current as of last night !

Reality Check for anyone freaking out about polling

I just voted for the first woman President of the United States

Fortuune: Nearly 40% of Consumers Say They Will Shun Trump Businesses

Comey Wanted To Charge Hillary With A Crime And End Her Candidacy.

Now would be the time for Johnson/weld to drop out and throw their support to Hillary

Putting my tin foil hat on - Could disgruntled FBI agents have put emails on Humas laptop?

I'm tired of email talk but I have a question about email that maybe I'm not understanding

Writing about food: the funeral dinner from Joris-Karl Huysmans' "Against Nature."

ABC News / WaPost: Trump has a 22 % gain of independent voters in one week

John Kerry is in Ireland to receive the Tipperary International Peace prize

Note to ex military: when you left the military you did not leave your country. You took an oath

How stereotypes of women as weak push female politicians to be hawkish

Huma Abedin has told people she doesn’t know how her emails wound up on her husband’s computer

A review of "The Girl from Krakow" by Alex Rosenberg

FBI doesn't have warrant to review new emails: reports

Cbs/youGov Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina, Arizona

Why The FBI Is Reviewing More Of Hillary Clinton’s Emails - by Kurt Eichenwald

James Comey wants to be the Franz von Papen of his time !

Media not safe but you would think DU would be

Newsweek: Bush White House "lost" 22 million emails

Comey Ignored Attorney General, Violated Policy In Announcing Email Review

Comey is not the candidate, he is the diversion. Attack Trump relentlessly, ignore Comey.

Sadly There IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Significant About Emails. ALL MANUFACTURED.

******Key battlegrounds tight, but Clinton maintains 8-point edge in Pennsylvania ******

NEW CBS Battleground poll: Clinton +8 in PA, +3 in NC & CO, trailing by only 2 in AZ

Republicans Weaponize James Comey’s FBI To Kneecap Hillary Clinton - by Joy-Ann Reid

Farmer murders farmer in dispute over dicamba herbicide drift

Oldest Chinese Laundry in the U.S. Closes Shop After 140 Years

Why Do Democrats Not Just Pound GOP Openly About Being Racist, Bigoted & Misogyny Party.

A lot of polls this morning favoring Clinton

Please, everyone. Avoid panic.

Oldest Chinese Laundry in the U.S. Closes Shop After 140 Years

Four Pinocchios Trump’s bizarre claim that the Clinton email controversy is "bigger than Watergate"

Raw Story: 37 percent of Americans would rather date a convicted felon than a Trump supporter

Trump Was In Colorado Yesterday Implying GOP Ballots Were Being Thrown Away.

Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops - New York Times

If You Are Still Undecided Now Too Stupid To Vote In The First Place.

Trump whining on Twitter that "very dishonest" Twitter, Google & Facebook are "burying" FBI story

Stay positive and GOTV!!

The emails were PHYSICALLY on a laptop shared by huma and anthony

Kellyanne Conway schools Jake Tapper on Trump's "easily over half a million U.S.A.-loving Americans"

You know WHAT this means....

Time to focus on what we can control and stop focusing on what we can't...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 1: Before They Were President

Clinton chairman turns up heat on FBI

New biochar model scrubs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Hillary Clinton vs. Ronald Reagan

JLo introducting our next president...Hillary in Miami! (Video)

Poll "tightening" has showed up with new 538 numbers

Leaked email from James Comey to Donald Trump on 10/28/16

Huma Abelin announced her separation from Wiener on Aug 29

Stop Militarized Response to Standing Rock Water Protectors. Sign the petition.

CNN opinion: Time for FBI director Comey to go

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 2: To Tell the Truth

OK, it's a strech but. . .

Pro trump poll (Florida) Clinton +1

Dan Abrams: ‘Even Longer Long Shot’ That FBI Finds Anything Criminal in New Emails

Trump offers PROOF of Clinton STEALING the election...and it's Cliff Clavin. WHY, Cliffy...WHY???

What the hell is Comey doing? Using an investigation to help the GOP?

Did someone plant these emails on the Laptop?

Post Comey Polling In Battleground States. Found Here

Iowa Republican Trump voter arrested for voter fraud (VIDEO)

5 Reasons To Talk About Donald Trump On A First Date

"Trump's alleged rape victim describes an alleged sexual encounter with Trump when she was 13"

Stamford Advocate: Endorsement: Hillary Clinton for president

Stories, audio, & video on the internet ripping the scab off of America

Don and the Devil made a deal

Trump lawyers given court date over lawsuit alleging rape by Donald Trump of 13-year-old

Tweet: Podesta, on Russia hacking his emails

Trump lawyers given court date over lawsuit alleging rape of 13-year-old, December 16th.

"Former Bush Ethics Head Files Complaint Against Colmey..."

Pete Williams on Meet the Press said Comey felt if he waited people would say he rigged process wtf!

People who support Trump;

WaPo: Trump boasts about his philanthropy. But his giving falls short of his words.

Post-ABC poll finds tight presidential race, with mixed reaction to FBI’s review of Clinton emails

Comey tried to put his finger on the scale back with his...

Top ethics lawyer in GWB WH files complaint w/ Office of Special Counsel over Comey's abuse of power

What does it mean that the emails were found "on" the laptop

The Comey letter is the FBI's Bush v. Gore

Will Ferrell canvassing for Hillary Clinton in Durham, NC

I haven't been this angry since the Bush vs. Gore decision

Trump rallies for 'Sheriff Joe' in Arizona

Making cities interesting - Wall art

Trump accuses media of burying Clinton investigation news

Democrats Net +8 More Likely To Support HRC Following Comey Letter Debacle: CBS

Rather annoying - but spot on

Turkey sacks 10,000 more civil servants, shuts media in latest crackdown

Koterba toon: Election season

Hey Kids!

Powdery substance cancels Met Opera show; human ashes suspected

Pirate Party surge falls short in Iceland election

I'm waiting for Clinton campaign oppo

Dumb question

The Falcon 9 explosion: Why SpaceX says it's found the flaw

PM JOY! Today 5-7pm. MSNBC. Wooohoooooo!!

It gets tougher for Cleveland, of course

Monthly DU H. R. training - protecting White Fragilty with the SILENCE system.

FBI director mum on possible probe of Trump-Russia relations

Poll: Most Voters Say FBI Story Does Not Change Their Minds

Does the POTUS have an obligation to weigh in on Comey-gate or would that be inappropriate?

POLITICO - Yes, there is evidence Trump does business with Russians

Community in Unity Rally and Concert with Hillary Clinton FLORIDA 2:00pm – 5:00pm EDT

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 30, 2016

Removal is the only penalty authorized for violation of the Hatch Act, under 5 U.S.C.S. § 1505.

Dare you to watch this and NOT yawn

MUST-READ: Putin's Campaign to Seduce, Subvert and Screw Over Western Democracies—Including Ours

Weird Dilbert Guy Promises To Assassinate Donald Trump If He Becomes Hitler. O … Kay?

"Donald Trump Remarks on NATO Trigger Alarm Bells in Europe" - Ignored By Media

After signing racist voter suppression law, NC Gov. Pat McCrory brags voters are ‘not coming out’

make calls to swing state votes with

Justice Department and Abedin lawyers in talks to allow full search

Lawyer, please help..

Melania tRump will give a speech in Philadelphia next Thursday, yawn.

Is it beyond Anthony Weiner to log into his wife's email account to spy on her?

Shiny object alert---Melania to speak in Pennsylvania this Thursday (per MSNBC just now)..

WTF!!! Ohio sending their patrol to fight the Native people too!!!

Washington DC Bars and Restaurants Dump Yuengling Over Trump Endorsement...

NBC (Oct 27th) - Vladimir Putin Praises Donald Trump, Denies Meddling in U.S. Election

So does Hillary really eat babies?

Justice Department, Abedin lawyers in talks to permit email search

CBS battleground poll: Partisans divide on news of FBI, emails

Early vote in Nevada and North Carolina

In Getting ‘New’ Clinton Emails, Did The FBI Violate The Constitution?

If Comey wrote Star Wars ...

Please someone explain to me why Florida

Petition to appoint Special Prosecutor to investigate possible violate of Hatch Act.

Which is worse? 12 Women Accuse A man of Sexual Assualt, or Some More Emails.?

I know we all rail against the media, but who are your favorites?

Hillary Goes To Church in Fla.: "We Are Not Going To Back Down"

Two troll usernames, probably same troll running both

Pennsylvania : according to an internal Clinton campaign memo: 350 new get-out-the-vote offices

For Pence to say the American people have a right to know and Chuck Todd not to ask about tax return

The Religious Right’s Trump Schism

Let's See Your Predictions


She is made of steel

***New NBC/Wall st./Marist poll in Florida has HRC up 54-37 in early vote***

Email rant

James Comey is damaging our democracy

The Clinton campaign needs to bring up Trump U and the molestation case

Much of mainstream media threw Donald Trump`s bulls--t into a national petri dish

Fess up Rick Wilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone who says "he can't win" should look to Brexit...

FBI agents knew of Clinton-related emails weeks before director was briefed

FBI Director Begins Briefing Congressional Leaders on Email Review

Other than the paper Adelson owns,

The GOP had this planned all along. The GOP may have planted the emails on her computer.

What are you reading this week of October 30, 2016?

Basket of Deplorables - Sunday WI Badger Edition

Clinton should go on the offence & accuse Comey of trying to sway the election; accuse of Hatch

Basic Comey/FBI timeline Questions that need to be answered - this is really a mess.

I'm just not that worked up about this email thing yet. I want to see whether it moves the polls.

Tim Kaine: Really cool dude

I've Reached My Limit with the Doom and Gloom Here Today

Romney's 47% Comments....

In the end..Comey’s actions will accomplish nothing for Trump.

New Trump Ivanka Groping Photo?

Trump campaign keeps saying HRC meeting with FBI was not under oath so doesn't count -

Former federal prosecutor: The FBI does not need a warrant.

When teachers realize that Halloween falls on a Monday.

"U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin" - Any Comment Comey?

This is when I knew that the election would be hard fought and close

Look DU members .... You can try to hide your head in the sand and pretend this is nothing but.....

BREAKING: Senior Congressional Aide Says Chaffetz Tweeted Comey Letter Before Democrats Even Saw It

For fuck's sake, CNN

Rocks and Sewage, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 2016

Queens Congressman to FBI Head: ‘Don’t Try to Persuade an Election 10 Days Beforehand’

Do you have three minutes and a half to watch two yo-yos?

Eichenwald: My next Newsweek cover story on Trump will be posted on tomorrow.

The Nation - How Trump’s Media Cheerleaders Turned Campaign Coverage Into a Total Disaster

Regarding Security of Classified Information

How Comey Ignored His Boss and Broke DOJ Rules to Announce Clinton Email Investigation

Why is Trump suddenly talking about World War III?

100 years after the Everett Massacre we’re still learning more

Hilarious Halloween Setup!

What about the NCEC?

It’s Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them.

What's Next Phony Indictment? Setting Up For Impeachment If Hillary Wins.

NBC’s Pete Williams: Trump’s bogus ‘rigged’ talk pushed Comey to break DOJ rules on elections

Brian Fallon - HRC's Spox: The facts about Hillary Clinton's emails? | The Briefing

Hillary Goes To Church in Fla.: "We Are Not Going To Back Down" (X-posted from GD)

How Hillary Clinton met Satan

Help me out here .... the newest Hillary "email scandal"

My area is going ALL IN for Hillary and the Dems.

Jill Stein slams companies she invests in...

Comey performed an obviously subversive political hit

Justice Department seeks approval for email search (Huma Abedin)

Some insight to the environmental impacts of so called "renewable energy": LCA of the Lanthanides.

How do you know the new email issue is winding down? Trump starts complaining about media coverage

Reminder: there is no "perfect" way to react to a situation like Comey's letter, so...

No words...

How Trump chose Pence: Manafort got Trump to change his mind on VP by faking mechanical problems"...

J. Edgar Comey

Maduro becomes talk of summit by not showing up

Mass. cop's wife faked home robbery, blamed Black Lives Matter, police say

David Plouffe tweet

Fabulous hedgehog, winning at life by being waaay more fabulous than you...

Intro speaker at Trump Rally spoke about wishing for the deaths of Huma and Hillary

I see Comey turned from ReTHUG to Independent

Most of my posts have disappeared

early voting totals

Ancient Battle Left 'Sea Monster' With Tooth Stuck in Its Face

FBI knew about the Huma emails weeks ago. Weiner investigators stopped

The people united will never be defeated. From friends abroad

Manure load dumped at Democratic headquarters

Once again, Apple's new design won't accommodate your old cords

Pete Williams: Comey's decision was influenced by Trump.

WSJ Breaking: FBI to scour 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop

In the motions of distant solar system objects, astronomers find hints of Planet Nine

On Clinton Emails, Did the FBI Director Abuse His Power?

A $72-million apartment project. Top politicians. Unlikely donors. Who wrote the checks?

Video: Meet Ludo, the longest cat in the world

Some Good Things About It All

Halloween is coming #13


My BFF, Joy Reid: Republicans weaponize Comey to kneecap Hillary Clinton

Judgement at Nuremberg

Report: Santa Clara Threatens To Take Over 49ers' Stadium For Misuse Of Taxpayer Dollars

U.S. airlines lose bid to dismiss price-fixing lawsuit

A first in the NFL:

AP FBS poll 10/30/16

Probably about 15 to 20 people from NV Trump rally today made it to Boulevard Mall to early vote

Before the Trump rally in Greeley CO

Biden on Face the Nation: "Hillary’s going to be a hell of a good president.”

James Comey, the Last Witch Hunter

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway: Trump fan chanting ‘Jew-S-A’ behaved in ‘deplorable’ way

Here's why ground game matters. Trump Rally to encourage early voting... Gets only 15-20 to vote

Early Voting Is So Strong For Democrats That Clinton Could Lock Up Nevada this Week

So, where's Tim Kaine?

Bills Fan Appears to Throw Sex Toy on Field During Game vs. Patriots

"the emails were not to or from Clinton"

Jay Gruden has sorta/kinda Donovan McNabb moment, says he didn't know NFL games could end in ties

Former WH Ethics Lawyer Files Hatch Act Violation Complaint Against Comey

Early voting data: cheer up guys

538: How Much Do ‘October Surprises’ Move The Polls?

Nevada: Democrats hold edge in statewide, Clark County early voting

CNN reporting that FBI found the emails weeks ago.

Tonight! Everything you ever wanted to know about the TPP!

The best summary of Trump's negatives I've read.

Hillary Clinton rally in Florida

Raiders just set the NFL record for penalties

Clinton campaign hitting NC hard; Trump has nothing scheduled in NC this week

Wall Street Journal reports that there are over 600,000 emails

New York Times: Broken Promises of GMO Crops

The My Pillow guy is a Trump supporter

Is there anything better than hazelnut coffee?

Black homeowners, Chinese drywall - get little help

James Comey: The Latest (Not So Special) Pornographer In Chief Peddles S-E-X.

Pennsylvania early voting stats?

Politico: "The Very Political James Comey"

AZ Senate: McCain leading by only five (You Gov: CBS Poll)

Polar Ice Loss: Faster than Forecast

Early voting in North Carolina - not enough poll workers

70,000 more Dems in FL have mail ballot have not yet returned them

RIP Chunky Sanchez, Chicano musician/activist/community icon

WATCH: Trump crowd cheers after rally speaker calls for Hillary Clinton to die in a fiery crash

My crossword in today's Sunday Washington Post...

Paul Manafort tricked Trump into switching from Christie to Pence by faking airplane malfunction

Joy Reid about to start: MSNBC, 4 pm CDT

Slippery Slope? How many people have at least one email from SecState Clinton or her office?

Texas early voting: "I think there are reasons for Democrats to feel good..."

Four Texas Votes for Hillary Today!!!

Reminder for most of us: Time change NEXT Sunday - NOV 6

Salt Lake Tribune Poll (Utah): Trump: 32% McMullin 30% HRC: 24%

Watch This Artist Create Kaleidoscope Masterpieces With Single-Celled Algae

You know, sometimes I wonder about Democrats

Inside the Final Days of New York City's Last Dairy

Survey USA Poll: HRC leads 71-23 among early voters in Minnesota

Washington state Voting Statistics

The Anthony Weiner scandal was from 2011. What are they doing with the emails now????

Joy Reid just interviewed Farenthold about Trump's charitable giving scams.

Washington Voting Statistics as of Friday (10/28)

Lady Gaga pays tribute to Trayvon Martin on new album

Portland Press Herald Poll: HRC opens double digit lead in Maine (leads in 2nd district as well)

Wishing everyone a Merry and Blessed Samhain

Harry Reid: FBI Director Comey’s ‘Partisan Actions’ May Violate Federal Law

President Obama has a message for the next week:

18 Falsehoods Just From Trump's Thursday Night

Has the Democratic party stopped their backing for Patrick Murphy? Republican family member says

Miami Woman BUSTED On Election Fraud — Guess Which Party It Benefited?

What ever happened to THIS story?

Free Press endorsement: Hillary Clinton is a prepared, mature choice

Tweet: Trump Goes On Trial For Fraud In November and Child Rape In December

In Case We Forget: HRC's Campaign Started with Positivity! Trump Brought the Negative.

WaPo: Violation of 4th Amendment? (Good Analysis)

Salma Hayek: "He calls us CRIMINALS ... He calls us RAPISTS"

Robby Mook responds to FBI's probe

Robby Mook responds to FBI's probe

Heartbreaking song for Obama

Comey's stunt is mostly an attempt to secure the Senate and the Supreme Court

CBS Evening News keeps saying the FBI is "reopening the investigation." Argh.

Reid talked w/ top NatSec officials and Comey “has explosive information” about Trump and Russia

Welcome to the 10th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil - THE FINALS!

Former Bush WH Ethics Lawyer Files Hatch Act Violation Complaint Against Comey

When the hell are people going to wake up?

Huma Abedin should not give permission to access her laptop until Comey admits he mishandled

Man to Obama: Don't touch my girlfriend

Every time I hear or read Katy Tur's name...

tRUMP with blue hair! Noticed this yesterday. Is it a Halloween costume or

A quietly escalating issue for NFL: Fan violence

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

200,000,000 have registered to vote.

Harry Reid blasts FBI’s Comey for ‘partisan actions’ and possible violations of federal law

May I ask if anyone knows the name of the GOTV ad featuring a little dancing gal with

Harry Reid: FBI Director’s ‘Partisan Actions’ May Violate Federal Law

It is POURING outside

Kellyanne Conway FINALLY finds a "deplorable" Trump supporter.

Initech where are my Top 10 Conservative Idiots?

from Salman Rushdie's FB page:

I don't know who this Devlin Barrett from the WSJ is, but this smells like repuke contrieved

If Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni are guilty and that appears to be the situation

Derek Carr Hits Seth Roberts for the Game-Winning TD in OT! | Raiders vs. Buccaneers | NFL

Invitation to General Discussion: "Broken Promises of GMO Crops"

Happy Halloween!

trump said they found 650,000 emails on the laptop????

FBI Obtains Warrant for Newly Discovered Emails in Clinton Probe

Derek Carr Hits Seth Roberts for the Game-Winning TD in OT! | Raiders vs. Buccaneers | NFL

Could THIS be the bombshell?????

NYTimes: Warrant obtained

I never pictured Melania as a Godmother

Unless they find that Hillary is personally responsible for the demise of Tupac or Biggie Smalls

Infinite Flow - A Wheelchair Dance Company

Harry Reid accuses Comey of sitting on proof of Trump-Russia ties, possible Hatch Act violation

Isn't there an investigation into the Russian hacking to influence our elections?

Here is me again covering a song I love on my trusty epiphone...

It's very clear the FBI is a sewer of rightwing operatives

Time to STOP PLAYING NICE with the House Republicans!

Action Steps In Support Of Standing Rock(posted to a Facebook page I run)

I don't give 2 rips about email. I don't, I'm done.

This has been in my head since Friday. Eric trumps wife

Hillary in Orlando Tuesday

FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe

Email Observation

Harry Reid Letter: VERY Important Part!!!

Late afternoon walk today, Appalachian fall color

Trump offered Christie his VP slot — then rescinded it

The media and the right wing are symbolically trying to destroy the first woman President, and they

Vague Email Controversy Brings Out the Worst in TV News Media

Trump Supporter Jeanine Pirro Defends Hillary Clinton Over FBI Announcement

Attempted Hostile Takeover of the United States Government

With regard to Comey...

Everybody needs to calm down and stop fighting amongst ourselves

Hillary in Cincinnati Monday Joined by Gabby Giffards and Capt. Mark Kelly

Senator Tim Kaine is coming back to AZ! NOV 3rd

Did you see where DU raised a bunch of money for local Dems in NC?

New emails unlikely to change FBI decision not to indict HRC, prosecutors say

Space Station Fisheye Fly-Through 4K (Ultra HD)

I felt this needed to be said

The Dangers of Donald Trump

"The Alt-Right will be the "Tea Party" of the HRC Presidency"

TWEET: "2nd page of Reid to Comey letter a must read"

Florida Latinos and NPA who skipped 2012 are flocking to polls

Re: "I don't know who is worse, Hillary or Trump..."