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I have a hunch we haven't seen the last of Trumps tax free years.

Meme: T. Rex vs. T. Rump


CBS News Poll HRC: 45% (+3) Trump: 41% (-1) Enthusiasm for HRC up

It was his PERSONAL taxes!

Icarus J. Trump and the Long Fall

Who is Muhammad Ali Jinnah? Founder of Pakistan. Movie on TCM 7 p.m. CDT

Atheist Alliance of America Evolves

New Ad: Smart

I am one of those who never ask for help....however

If The Media Spent Half The Time On Trump's Actual Scandals As They Spend On The Fake HRC Scandals

Trump kept saying that he lost his money...

George Takei tweet on Trump's PTSD comment

Are Trump Supporters Too Dumb To Know They’re Dumb? Science Says “Probably”

In New Jersey, a renewed push to make marijuana legal

Serial Adulterer Giuliani Is Asked If He Should Be Trump's Point Man On Infidelity

September Photo Contest Winners!!


Religion and the US election: does faith matter anymore?

Want your high school diploma? Pennsylvania lawmakers propose civics test

September contest WINNERS! in GD

Pope Francis Says Jesus Would Not Abandon Transgender People

‘Apprentice’ cast say Trump is a sexist pig

Has anyone here read this book?

McGinty/Toomey's money race now tops in U.S.

Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine to campaign in Philly region this week

How is this thoughtfull post not have hundreds recs and dumped?

Marlins fire Barroid Bonds

How Donald Trump Ditched U.S. Steel Workers in Favor of China

Trump says ‘race riots’ are happening every month

Assange will tell the world tomorrow...

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! And Now For Something Completely Different!

I'm Baaack!

These are a few of things that are rigged

Trump understand the tax code better than anyone

State System to host webcast for students on faculty negotiations

Sex offender's $4m lawsuit against his victim thrown out in California court

Court rejects Pence's efforts to deter refugees as 'nightmare speculation'

Poll: Likely Pennsylvania voters say Hillary Clinton won debate

Super Lyin' Fragile Racist Whiny Braggadocious!

Hillary: "What Kind Of Genius Loses A Billion Dollars In A Single Year?"

OSHA nails N.J. contractor doing Lehigh Valley site work for fall hazards

Hillary: "What Kind Of Genius Loses A Billion Dollars In A Single Year?"

I no longer understand FFR.

Nigerian actress Rahma Sadau banned after on-screen hug

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Wisconsin John Doe case

BB&T paying $83 million settlement in Justice Department investigation

DRUMPF and John WAYNE never had PTSD.

Donald Trump sparks outrage by suggesting vets with PTSD aren’t ‘strong’ and ‘can’t handle it’

Kelly Ayotte steps in it: Donald Trump can be a role model

Tom Brady returns to work after Deflategate suspension: 'Great to be back'

I'm baaack!

WATCH: Angry Joe Biden brutally blisters Trump over veteran PTSD insult—‘Where the hell is he from?'

Sen. Brown Plans Bill to Ban Forced Arbitration in Wells Fargo Sales Scandal

Yet another story of the REAL Hillary, told by someone who's loved her for decades.

New Ad: "That Makes Me Smart"

Joe Biden goes off on Trump's PTSD comment

McGwire, Selig, Steinbrenner on new Hall of Fame ballot

Iraq and Afghanistan Vets release statement regarding Trump's insensitive PTSD comments

We had a visitor show up at dinner to eat on her trip South

This is how Donald Trump actually got rich

Gov. Wolf announces $1.5 million grant for TechVentures

Miracle in Nasawara

Company accused of abusive business tactics targeted service members and veterans

'Please, save the world,' actor Ted Danson tells Hillary Clinton supporters in Lancaster

Trump Gave 10 Times Legal Max To Florida Attorney General

Pennsylvania police find 110 heroin bags in man's butt

Classic republican not listening to anything he says

Best Trump taxes toon

Vermont governor uses 1960 plane, but predecessors wouldn't

Embattled West York mayor threatened to suspend police chief

Buckingham Police: Man exposed himself to two girls Monday at George Bush Park

Extreme rainfall and illegal campaigning mar Colombia peace vote: Observers

Cuban on Trump's tax issues: 'You can't be brilliant at anything if you think you've never failed'

Colombia didn’t really vote ‘No’ to peace, it mainly didn’t vote at all

Donald Trump is a WELFARE KING. In fact, he is the quintessential one

Trump Gave 10 Times Legal Max To Florida Attorney General

PA - Franklin and Marshall - Clinton +9

Trump’s Fellow Travelers

Donald Trump's campaign is collapsing

JPR is citing Alex Jones as proof Hillary to exit Presidential election

The Trump Possibility

Trump Adviser Roger Stone: Alicia Machado Is A “Ho Bag”

Donald Trump: Terroristic Man-Toddler

First Set Photos Confirm Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’ Series Has Started Filming

Lawrence O'D live now.

Too close for comfort

I was going to Wang Chung tonight, but I was too tired.

The AP is now reporting on Trump ogling his daughter.

Hey do me a favor and look up into the sky

10 Ways White Liberals Perpetuate Racism

DART proposal for shorter suburban rail would stop at Addison

Man detained, ‘military-style’ rifle seized after shots fired at officers at NC beach town

Sam Wang

2 more women who say they were sexually assaulted at Baylor join lawsuit against school

I'm voting by mail this election

Trump's latest problem.

I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever I say bounces off me and sticks to you.

***October Photo Contest Announcement***

Man admits he flung profane, violent threats at AG Ken Paxton

Trump pays no taxes? Oh, that’s not the half of it, America. In todays Atlanta Journal

Drunk Trump 5: Ladies Man

WOW: Joe Biden PASSIONATELY Calls Out Donald Trump on His PTSD Comment

Once we cross the bridge, it will be very difficult to come back...

A Succinct Summary of Trump

Prediction markets stable ahead of Wikileaks dump.

The global reaction to Trump summed up in a cartoon

Ayotte stumbles when asked if Trump is role model for children

Like It Or Not We Will Have To Live With Trump Supporter/Voters.

GOP Senators: We could work with Hillary Clinton

Make this go viral

Have you lost a friendship because of Trump?

Disgusting! Some White People Are Complaining That Luke Cage Is 'So Black'

"I Regret Allowing my Child To Watch The Debate"

The Ugly truth about right wing alpha males

Not ready for this merry-go-round again.

Author of ‘How Would Jesus Vote?’ might not vote at all

Oregon governor candidate's spokeswoman quits over remarks

I'm picking out a thermos for you.

Students drop California lawsuit against A&E celebrity Montelongo to refile in San Antonio

North Korea’s Missile Test Progress ‘Leaves Japan Vulnerable’

Barber shops helped move millions of dollars of heroin into San Antonio area

Tenet Healthcare, which owns Baptist Health System, severs ties with Humana insurance

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Looks Back on Murray Buttes (360 View)

I wept today....

Austin taco trucks to register voters in push to boost Latino turnout

Court overturns $12M sex abuse verdict against Boy Scouts

Justices to referee states' dispute over uncashed checks

With All The Trump Disasters, The Media Is Salivating Over How It Somehow Won't Hurt Him

This is shaping up to be Trump's week in hell and it's only Monday still

WaPo: Thousands of millionaires don't pay federal income taxes

Just stumbled across a shocking VA statistic concerning vets and suicide

Democrats set to win back the House?!:Yougov + 6

Fun Fact: Cops can't be sued for police-brutality if they take off their badges and wear gas-masks.

#OctoberSurprise Official Thread. What a Twitter Clusterfuck.

City, county get more than $500,000 to cover Twin Peaks shootout costs

Bulls**t Alert: Texans benefit from alternatives to workers' compensation

Pfizer Wants to Keep Lawmakers in the Dark Over State Medicaid Contracts

I Did Not Volunteer For Vietnam But I Went Anyway.

Pro-Trump Email Urging Students to ‘Fight White Genocide’ Circulates College

Jury told Georgia dad sought 'escape' in son's hot car death

Commentary: Evolution debated again in Texas

Texas Official Compares LGBT Workers to Purple-And-White Zebras as Nondiscrimination Protections ...

2 Officers on Paid Leave After Child Left in Patrol Car Dies

Montrose Drop-in Centers to Serve Homeless LGBT Youth

Barbara, daughter of GWB, in Paris yesturday, attended a Clinton fundraiser.

Philippines secret death squads: officer claims police teams behind wave of killings

2016 Nobel Prize Winner Yoshinori Ohsumi’s Discoveries Could Change How We Treat Disease

Today's NY Daily News Front Cover: "My Son Was Not Weak."

2 men wounded by accidental discharge at Florida gun show

After debate, Clinton widens lead over Trump in Pa

Rep. Garnet Coleman Will Introduce Comprehensive Legislation Next Session in Memory of Sandra Bland

Tough race forces wealthiest congressman to spend

I'm not particularly fond of Kim Kardashian, but the NRA is fucking EVIL.

Corruption: Trump Gave 10 Times The Personal Max To Florida Attorney General

Can Assange turn it around for Trump?

Clients Say Quanell X Ripped Them Off, but He Says He Can't Help Everyone

UT Admissions Case Goes to High Court, Journalism Goes to Hell

Julian Assange has rickrolled all the left and right extremists!

Daily Holidays October 4

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & Trinity - Road to Cairo 1968

Johnny Hammond - Tell Me What To Do (1975)

Listening to Wikileaks conference, Bombshell dropped!

Donald Byrd - (Fallin' Like) Dominoes (1975)

The Dakota Access Pipeline: Another Epic Clash Between America’s Military-Corporate Powers and the G

Assange denies that his October surprise will destroy Hillary Clinton.

The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park

Plan Colombia Vindicated: Colombia Rejects Peace

Plan Colombia Vindicated: Colombia Rejects Peace

In other news, Trump supporters woke up early to watch Julian Assange open Al Capone's vault.

Strange matter wins Physics Nobel

Desperate Fox host Neil Cavuto reduced to asking Scott Baio for expert analysis of Trump’s taxes

No place for paralyzed, seriously ill teacher at local hospital

Strange matter wins Physics Nobel

Morning Joe: Unwatchable Today

Franklin & Marshall PA Poll: HRC surges to 9-pt lead; McGinty (D) leads by 6 in Senate Race

Atheist engagement with Buddhism: denying (or redefining) awakening

Pray for those people in Haiti right now - Hurricane Matthew

CNN’s Navarro: Trump is ‘driving drunk into a big beautiful brick wall’ with his ‘disgusting’ campai

A Field Trip to a Bizarre, Religious Disneyland

To all Trump supporters who are fawning over him when he says he knows how to game the tax system,

New poll: Catholic voters favor Clinton for president

Tenet Healthcare Corporation will pay over $513 Million (re Medicaid-Medicare fraud)

Dashcam police video shows 'execution' of California black man: lawyer

Supreme court to address Duane Buck's 'racially tainted' death sentence

The Hurricane

Honeywell workers say lockout aims to destroy union: 'It's corporate greed'

Ok! It is time for Morning Joe show to go away!

Sharks and rays win new protections at global wildlife summit

Cat nap.

No rumored October surprise at WikiLeaks event

U.S. judge says racecar driver, others owe $1.27 billion in payday case

Halloween is coming #6

True Fact...

NBC survey monkey stays at Clinton +6

LIVE Stream @ 4:30pm CDT: Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Minneapolis, Minnesota 10/4/2016

2 LIVE Streams @ 8:00pm CDT: Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Duluth, Minnesota 10/4/2016

New poll: Catholic voters favor Clinton for president

Dear Mika and Joe

10 things that I have completely lost patience over

Paris deal on climate change is sealed as EU ratifies agreement


'I could write an entire essay about why I love this photo of Hillary'

Trump Used Foundation Funds for 2016 Run, Filings Suggest

If your campaign success relies upon an anti-American, anti-Semite, rapist, criminal hacker & leaker

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti

A right wing troll is flooding the forum & I had alert privileges revoked

The RW spin on Trump's taxes is that he was just being smart, following the law.

So Sick And Tired Of Hearing How Smart He Thinks He Is

Ex-prosecutor gets big settlement in battle against Christie

Mika from Morning Joe is angry as hell for making me decide between

6 Tuesdays including today! Vote early if you can! Vote wearing a Power Pantsuit!

Yesterday (10-3-16) Hillary strongly denounced TPP while on the campaign trail but..

Morning Joe and Mika have exceeded their "Sell By" date. I must confess I only lasted about five

Donald Trump personally accounted for 2% of all domestic US business losses in 1995

Today's Google Doodle: The Gregorian Calendar

What does it say re Trump that a sitting senator of his own Party has to clarify she mis-spoke when

Did dipshit donnie set a record for single year losses?

538's Election Forecast update this morning: Clinton 72%, Trump 28%

Nevada Poll: HRC: 44% Racist: 41% Johnson: 8%

Monday Trump Dump: And here you thought he couldn't get worse

In 1989 Trump was a billionaire. In late 1991, he had less than $1.7 million available.

Fox News is NOT happy with Assange's informercial.

Warren G Harding's Heirs Reportedly Hoping for Trump Presidency

Uh-oh. MAJOR Wikileaks data dump- this looks awful for Hillary.

#BundyTeaParty : Bundy Brothers, Who Sought to Rally a Nation, Draw Scant Support at Trial

Today’s Big Lie: The Clintons ‘Avoided Taxes Just Like Trump’ (No, They Didn’t)

That PTSD comment should break the fucking camel's back - '...his ignorance is profound...'

Tuesday Toon Roundup

Trump never talks about policy or plan specifics.

Duterte tells Obama 'you can go to hell' in new tirade

Thought-provoking interview with Andrew Sullivan...

If you are in the mood for a kitten fix--update on Tiny Kittens

Dionne: Trump has shown us who he is

A very personal 'Flintstone' shout out to Russell Simmons, on his 59th Birthday

I do not believe Donald Trump had $916 million dollars in losses.

Vanity Fair: "The Ugly American" w/ "tiny, tiny fingers" —Trump:

The biggest mistake of the Clinton campaign thus far.

Clinton manager ‘reticent’ to comment on report Clinton floated drone strike against Wikileaks

No place for paralyzed, seriously ill teacher at hospital

Tuesday Morning Update on #Hurricane Matthew: Models Continue to Shift Track West

A President Trump could end the era of American global leadership - Washington Post Editorial Board

Paging Mr Trump ... We have a message for you from October

NYT: Trump's tax proposals wouldn't close a single loophole that benefits him.

Re Pence - I hope this comes up tonight

Loretta Lynch: Community policing can make us all safer

Trump backers realize they’ve been played as WikiLeaks fails to deliver October surprise

I now want to contribute to wikileaks...

Let’s Take A Look Back At The Best Of Alan Grayson Over The Years

Mike Pence Pushes Guns as Indiana Bleeds

We ignore the power of right wing media at our peril. They gave us Trump. They stole Brazil.

Megyn Kelly To Trump Advisor: How Can You Answer For Workers He ‘Screwed’?

***Elon University NC Poll Clinton +6***

Pantsuit flashmob takes over Union Square in homage to Hillary Clinton

Poll: Nearly half have negative view of Trump Foundation

KY Gov Bevin urges pastors to "ignore" federal laws and get political!

Can we have more information when we are asked to adjudicate an alerted post?

The World’s Largest Church Declares War on Transgender People

‘I stayed up all night for this?!’: Trump fans seethe after WikiLeaks’ #OctoberSurprise is a bust


DANGER - Kitten overload

Exclusive: J&J warns diabetic patients - Insulin pump vulnerable to hacking

Germany drops Turkey President Erdogan insult case

"Fiduciary" is Trump long form for BS

Police in Utah Recommend Against Shooting Random Clowns

Biden on Trump's PTSD comment: "He's not a bad man. But his ignorance is so profound..."

This is why Bill Clinton should STFU.

E-cigarette explosion injures girl at Orlando theme park

Trump Unhinged, Goes on 5:30AM Twitter Rant Recommending a Sex Tape

Brutal Hillary Clinton Ad Destroys Trump on Out of Control Lies

Hurricane Matthew 11am Update

"Five Days That Shaped a Presidency"-- Obama on GOP opposition

Donald plays his woman card: Ivanka’s misdirection can’t cover up a campaign built on misogyny.

Fake Jerry Jones: "Kaepernick's afro has it's own ecologic system"

Poll: Hillary Clinton Holds National Lead Over Donald Trump

Pic Of The Moment: Wikileaks Unveils October Surprise

Re Trump's tax write off...

We should never forget the traitorous actions of the GOP-- just one example


JEEZ H. Christ - Do these fuckers EVER stop

Do I have this right about the Trump write off


The biggest problem I have with Trump

Because I'm home injured today... a Fake Word definition challenge.

Juliann Assange to hold snipe hunt down by the river Saturday 3a.m.

Was the pre-debate poll tightening a "dead cat bounce" for Trump?

Obama won Iowa in 08 and 12.. why is that?

Oh goodie, we get to see the screamer "Maria", in April.....her ban was reduced

Tamron Hall just laughed at a Trumplodyte...

Just to be clear, *these* overweight men are all body-shaming women.

Solar panels surpass coal-fired electricity in previously ‘unthinkable’ feat

Tuesday morning WTFcat

LOL! 'Push button for...'

Matheson Museum Declines To Accept ‘Old Joe’ Confederate Statue (FL)

Bill Clinton slams ObamaCare: 'It’s the craziest thing in the world'

The Ultimate Goal Of GOP Is To Make America Completely/Totally Broke Financially.

We Might Have To Build Mental Hospitals For The Trump Crazies Once He Loses.

MATTHEW forecast update...

Vice President Biden and Adam Devine Go Undercover

WOW now Matthew is a Cat 4 skirting past South Florida

Rush Limbotrump's statemant of the day!

100 years ago: Audubon asks birders to protest planned drainage of Malheur Lake

Sanders scares Trump Round II

L. Rhodes singing along with Willie on a new song she wrote. She's 92.

How many years is the IRS auditing?

Haaha..From the Comments Section on HuffPo. Pence vs Kaine

Mika Brzezinski snaps at Clinton: ‘Get off your high horse’ because Trump is ‘brilliant’ on taxes

Stuxnet = Old Cyberwar = Why We Need A Serious President

A somewhat complete list of Trump scandals (and debunked Hillary scandals)

Ok, I'm comparing Trump to ISIS. See if this is legit or if I'm the one in need of medication....

.@FLOTUS Michelle Obama campaigns in Charlotte, NC - LIVE shortly online here

Insurance agent has paid only fraction of fraud settlement amount

The 'Save Social Security' scam

New Providence island may face a direct hit for the first time in

Julian Assange: All That Malware on Wikileaks Isn't a Big Deal

Dear Moderate and Traditional Conservative voters of New Hampshire.

Williamson County Grand Old Picnic

Hillary now holding a conversation w/ families in Haverford w/ Chelsea and actress Eliz Banks

E. Warren & Russ Feingold will be campaigning together for Hillary on Friday in Madison & Milw WI...

The port of Nassau looks deceptively calm right now.

Trump protester kicked out of Loveland rally

Christie, legislators agree on gas tax increase for N.J. Transportation Trust Fund

I am so bummed I was supposed to see President Clinton today

Cuomo Implicated In Bridgegate Cover-Up

Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" has new shitty movie, "Torchbearer"

Gary Johnson unhinged on MSNBC just now

Monmouth: Clinton leads by 10(!!) 50-40 in Pennsylvania (Senate race tied)

***new Monmouth Pennsylvania poll has HRC +10 (4 way)***

New Clinton Ad In Florida Hits Trump For Allegedly Violating Cuba Embargo

How's Bullock doing?

Donald Trump is toying with refusing to concede if he loses. That’s horrifying.

Republican Obstruction Is Undermining The Supreme Court, Enough Is Enough - by Barack Obama

Keep Space for Peace Week Events List: October 1-8, 2016

Cecile Richards: @Mike_Pence—the guy who really really wants to make your health care decisions for

Re: Trump's PTSD Veterans Statement

Just heard that the Air Force is still measuring 145 MPH winds for Matthew at 12:30 PM

Newsweek: Trump used steel, aluminum from China

Nailed it

America! Please Don't!

Jeff Flake lets the truth slip again (SCOTUS appointments)

Roger Stone Suggests Someone In The Trump Campaign Might Have Leaked His Tax Docs To The Times

Ladies man

Maine Peace Walk Pot Luck Supper & Program Schedule: Oct 11-26, 2016

Heartbreaking: 15-year-old girl tells Clinton how Trump foments body-image shaming at her school

PepsiCo Misleads Buyers of Naked Juice, Lawsuit Says

Okay, I'm getting confused. What swing states does Cheeto Benito need to get to 270? Assuming he

Donald Trump and Alicia Machado's 1997 interview with CBS News

These letters from children about Donald Trump’s bullying will break your heart:

How fast will we need to adapt to climate change?

Hear this vet out.

Trump Stumps for 19th Amendment Repeal

Two ads! What Donald Trump's tax returns reveal & Luisa, hija, empresaria e inmigrante

" But who would have motive to destroy Donald Trump...."

New Illinois Poll: HRC leads by 25 points & Duckworth leads by 14 for Senate

Voters punish Brazil’s Workers’ Party in local elections

Trump running child care ad on MSN in D.C. featuring Ivanka

Robert Reich is live now.

Can Mike Pence Contain His Crazy During The VP Debate?

Please if you live in a solid blue or red state help us in swing states

The Flint Water Crisis Has Now Spawned An Infectious Shigellosis Outbreak

President and Mrs. Carter captured on Atlanta Braves Kiss Cam

Trump supporter's float in Indiana parade depicts Hillary Clinton in an electric chair

Inside Clinton’s struggle to win over college students in Ohio

Clinton takes big lead over Trump in Pa.: F&M poll results

Adopt-a-Refugee Plan Under Consideration by Obama Administration

Meanshile, Back in Wisconsin

Wrongfully Convicted, Behind Bars for 20 Years, He Taught Himself Law, Got Released, $15m Settlement

Now THAT'S a copy cat! Bronze statue honors famed Istanbul feline Tombili

Al Capone's Vault

"If Donald Trump Sues The Times Over His Tax Returns, He’ll Probably Lose Badly"

Oh, no they didn't ... Trumpettes: 'We finally have a God that's gonna come down and help us all'

A couple of notes about the Trump tax return from personal experience

Which week was worse - post-conventions or post-debate (for the Yam that is...)

Here's the Proof of Mike Pence's Anti-Women, Anti-Gay, & Anti-Science Record You've Been Asking for,

Karma Is A B*tch: It’s Looking Like Marla Maples Leaked Trump’s Taxes – And It Was Totally Legal

Please if you live in a solid blue or red state help us in swing states

If Trump sues the NY Times ...

Trade Deficits For 30 Years... What's Up With That? (w/Guest: Dr. Jared Bernstein)

Will Mike Pence Get The Tough Questions In Tonight's VP Debate?

Gary Johnson Says He's Best Presidential Candidate Because He Doesn't Know What Countries Are Where

Exxon Working With Republican AGs To Derail Climate Investigations

How medical marijuana could help boomers get the most out of retirement

whatever happened to the big europa announcement?

What Question Should Hillary Clinton Ask Donald Trump in the Next Debate?

🐦 Bernie Sanders is coming to four cities in Michigan on Thursday, Oct 6

Should those of us in the path of Hurricane Michael....

predictwise has hillary at 81%, matching all-time high!

Clinton Now Leads in Polls by About As Much As Obama Did 4 Years Ago

New Ad: Kelly Ayotte Says "Absolutely" (Trump is a good role model for kids)

New Ad: Kelly Ayotte Says "Absolutely"

538: all 3 models have hillary at 70% or higher; senate at 60% or higher

The most important line on Trump’s tax return. MSNBC The Last word with L.O'Donnell

Julian Assange Promises ‘Significant’ Releases Related to the U.S. Election

David Kay Johnston on Amy Goodman now

Isn't Trump a living, breathing example of why Trickle Down, Voodoo economics don't work

How does an individual get to deduct business losses on their personal return?

It Takes A Genius Like Donald Trump To Lose A Billion Dollars

Complain about the country? Who's hands are all over the steering wheel?

The Vader family gets a new member!

Trump’s Tax Avoidance Was Perfectly Legal. That’s Why It’s an Issue.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton with Elizabeth Banks in Pennsylvania Town Hall

JetBlue Is Turning Supermarket Clerks and Baggage Handlers Into Pilots

When life gives you lemons.....

On Trump, PTSD, and being a Coward.

🐦 Friday, Oct 7 2016 2pm - Bernie Sanders Rally at Keene State College, NH

To see Mike Pence as ‘normal’ is to grade on a generous curve

🐦 Friday, Oct 7 2016 5pm - Nashua Community College, NH Rally with Bernie Sanders

Fun for the whole family!

Free magic spells for Halloween!

The sole rationale behind Trump’s candidacy starts to crumble

Watch Alex Jones Fume Over Wikileaks’ Failed ‘October Surprise’

Vulgur Trump at 93' White House Correspondence Dinner

My fellow Buckeyes we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the maggot is being audited because he is a *choke, cough, CHRISTIAN*

Donald Trump's Brain Trust hits the road...

Young Voters Actually Believe Trump Will Reign In Wall Street

Trump Spent '93 White House Correspondents Dinner Ogling Attendees

What is $916 million in todays $

Creepy Clown Hysteria Reaches Washington (State)

Any of you young whippersnappers remember "The Whitey Tapes"

Alex Jones posts a topless picture of himself riding a horse — and the internet can’t stop laughing

Big Money Conservatives Support Republican Atty Genls

Trump’s Abuse of Trump Foundation — Criminal Tax Implications?

Palm Beach County, Florida closing all schools Thursday and Friday

Pakistan, India blame each other for Kashmir fighting

Life After 'The New Jim Crow'

How Did This Trump Supporter Learn That Clinton Has Dementia?: ‘I’ve Been Watching a Lot of Fox News

Election satire from Chris Lamb -- List of things blamed on Hillary

David Fry's Father Testifies, Ammon Bundy Up Next - #BundyTeaParty

Lynching by Laptop = the “Interstate Crosscheck” Purge List

Women Reclaim Their Lives After Two Brutal Years Under ISIS Rule: “Now We Are Free”

Today is International Wrongful Conviction Day.

Brilliant Trump: The Empty Box Scheme

Ukip leader Diane James resigns after just 18 days in job – reports

What is DU like? Please tell me

Beer Company Develops Edible Six-Pack Rings That Feed, Rather Than Kill, Marine Life

Yemen famine feared as starving children fight for lives in hospital

So... what was the Wikileaks's story?

Report details rise of anti-government groups in Oregon

The Democratic Party’s Racial Reckoning

How One Brazilian Dancer Is Changing The Lives Of Young Girls Through Ballet

James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley (1965)

Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for US intelligence - sources

Gary Johnson trashes leaders who know geography: ‘It allows them to put our military in harm’s way’

I have a question for you jazz musicians: What is a "blues note?"

Sometimes 가끔 (Cover) - Ashley Yoon

Defying Gravity (Live Cover) - Ashley Yoon

Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Nicole

Defying Gravity (Live Cover) - Ashley Yoon

It's National Taco Day...I've never had a taco - what are they like?

The power of the chancleta.

How will hurricane Matthew effect the election?

Trump bought copies of his own GQ profile to keep people from reading it:

Domestic Violence Charity Creates Intentionally Offensive PSA (NSFW)

Unbelievable tidbit from Vanity fair article

North Carolina Senate Race Heats Up

Every time Mike Pence says Trump' leadership style is "BROADSHOULDERED" I will donate one

So I traded-in my iPhone 6 Plus for a 6S Plus ...

Downfall: Assange/Trump edition

***HRC +13 head to head in latest national Reuters poll!!!***

Toadie To Robbie Mook: "Hillary has put out detailed plans. Trump hasn't."

humor for you today

This is NOT OK for 12 year olds

Looks like Mathew is going to have a major impact on US

Why politicians shouldn't use words like "Revolution" so loosely.

Gov. Haley Orders Coast Evacuation, Declares State of Emergency

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 4, 2016

Saudi Teenager Abu Sin Arrested For ‘Unethical’ Video Chats With U.S. Blogger Christina Crockett

Undocumented immigrants could teach Trump a few things about paying taxes

Saudi princess 'told guard to kill Paris decorator'

"Would you tell a child to aspire to be like Donald Trump? Would you point to him as a role model?"

Cheers to Julian Assange, of Wikileaks. And thanks!

Ifukube Akira - Godzilla Medley

Mr. Trump’s Government Bailout...

Ifukube Akira -Godzilla Themes

Trump speaks out against transgender and female soldiers in ‘PC military’

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Hacker With Alleged Ties to Russia Claims to Have Clinton Foundation Files

Uribe proposes compromises with FARC already in Colombia peace deal

Trump speaks out against transgender and female soldiers in ‘PC military’

Paul Ryan Struggles to Keep Distance from Trump

Judge won't release drafts of Hillary Clinton Whitewater indictment

Mike Pence Pushes Guns as Indiana Bleeds

Kaine’s plan: Turn Pence into Trump

"Pantsuit Power" dancing flashmob for Hillary

HRC press conference BLASTS DT for suggesting strong do not suffer PTSD

The worst part about this asshole's racist screed...

26 jaguars killed in Panama so far this year

Donald Trump to live tweet during debate tonight

26 jaguars killed in Panama so far this year

Cracks in the Donald J. Trump Foundation: Report alleges self-dealing to buy conservative favor

Another msnbc failure

*tap tap tap* Dear Right Wing Nut Jobs and those suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome

HRC press conference BLASTS DT for suggesting strong do not suffer PTSD

Mexico's former president doesn't want to talk about the bloody drug war he helped start

Donald Trump’s “economic depression” lie: His massive loss came during a booming economy

Insiders: Trump will sink Pence in VP debate

Hillary Clinton campaign manager: Donald Trump's campaign is "panicked"

Ohio Just Turned Pale Blue

I had a flood near my bathroom. Cat had spilt some clean clumping kitty litter on the floor.

What's up with Bill Clinton?

Florida is not taking this storm seriously

Hopefully someone asks Pence if he thinks Trump is qualified to be president

Trump supporters horrify Aurora, IN residents with parade float depicting Clinton execution

Polygamist leader: Communal living key part of religion

The biggest threat to Trump’s business? Trump.

Any word yet from the right wing about Julian Assaunge

U.S. scientist warns of risks of pursuing nuclear power

Even If Hillary Had Lied...

Oklahoma's Supreme Court strikes down the state's abortion restrictions law

Utah police warn against shooting 'random clowns’ as hysteria builds

What would happen if Trump was found guilty prior to the election?

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Sanders Announces Bill to Close Tax Loopholes Used by Trump

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I think Mika Brzezinski must be schizophrenic.

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Hope Kaine wins tonight. I know Pence won't screw up like his running mate. However, hope he comes

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This Cannot Be Said Often Enough ...