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Did Kim Kardasian make up the story of her being robbed?

Louisville bans players from signing autographs for fear of NCAA rules

After testy VP debate, Trump rebuffs claim he 'loves' Putin

This furry caterpillar looks REMARKABLY like Donald Trump's hair

Bill Clinton Says He 'Strongly' Supports Obamacare but it Needs Fix

The Closer-Keith Olbermann

For Mike Pence: Norwood University, before it was Norwood (SNL)

The House Is Back in Play

Another Ohio poll just released....

Trump denied use of NC civil rights museum / Rrump supporters retaliate with threats

Kaine's job last night was not to "win" the debate . . .

Maru vs. the swing:

Will Donnie try to get out of the debate because of the hurricane?

She has the resilience for the presidency

Make you predictions: What will be Trump's strategy on Sunday?

Progressive Ohio Democrat David Sparks Talks About Marijuana Policy

Poll: Clinton edges Trump in Ohio

Deafening Stupidparty With Beautiful Music

Police Shootings Data: Cops Historically Safe, Systemic Racial Disparity & Overuse of Force Biggest

Republican Party Plays Politics with Zika, Shows Its True (Disgraceful) Nature

Could it be that Penz bought a Samsung phone?

Just How Bad are Trump Supporters? Let’s go to the Numbers

Fancy Bears doping data 'may have been changed' says Wada

Vladimir Putin: George Soros Is Wanted “Dead Or Alive” & Trumpeteer’s Agree

Cedar oil to kill fleas and ticks safe for us, pets, birds, bees (animal rescue month 10% discount)

I Want My “Freedoms” Too

Sen Tim Kaine / replay Speech in Philly today, on CSPAN2 Now.

Our Revolution Announces Final Round of Endorsements - October 5, 2016

Will HULU and NETFLIX emphasis on original series drive some customers away?

The Latest: Bundy Says People Needed to Take a Stand

Warning, A Trumpeteer Posts Here

I Want More Freedoms to Torture Children and Coal Miners

Mike Pence’s lies don’t make him a ‘winner’

Obama Legacy Becoming Crystal Clear—and it is Quite Brilliant

Obama Legacy Becoming Crystal Clear—and it is Quite Brilliant

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Witness: Plan Was to 'Insulate' Christie in Bridge Scandal

A Future We Are Ignoring.

The Paris Climate Agreement Is Now Official

Father and son duo indicted in $1 million tax fraud

🐦 FRI, OCT 7, 2016 - Bernie Sanders at Bangor Maine Rally 10:30am

Hillary’s America Seen Through the Eyes of Two Idiots Posing as Film Experts

Frida Kahlo exhibit coming to Tucson Botanical Gardens

United States Department of Justice Investigates the Yonkers Police Department

Election Model 10/5/2016

Ya ever not wanna post anything because

The Hurricane and Florida Voting

Hillary’s America Seen Through the Eyes of Two Idiots Posing as Film Experts

'Clown Lives Matter' march planned for Oct. 15 in Tucson

Mike Pence's Aleppo Moment:

Mike Pence is totally Governor Ritchie from the "West Wing"

The Atlantic uses its third-ever presidential endorsement for Clinton (& to shred Donald)

Latest Matthew Track projection from National Hurricane Center

Coalition forms to fight New York nuclear bailout

Hillary Clinton Pre-Election Email Primer—What You Need to Know

For the first time I can say

Rachel Maddow just read a litany of events that Bernie is doing for Clinton this week.

Hillary Clinton Pre-Election Email Primer—What You Need to Know

trump tells Reno how to pronounce Nevada.

New York DOT drops tunnel idea for new I-81 through Syracuse; it's down to 2 options

Maddow, O'Donnell, & the 1995 Tax Accountant

Thousands of Colombians march to save peace deal with rebels

Donald Trump: Mike Pence Did A Great Job, Thanks To Me

Navy awards $149M contract to Lockheed Martin Syracuse for missile defense

Narcotics, porn smuggled into Maryland's largest state prison for money and sex, feds say

Kaine lost the night but won the morning It wasn’t pretty, but he got the job done.

Thousands of Colombians march to save peace deal with rebels

The psychology of evacuation is complicated

Detroit man charged with threatening police officers on Facebook arrested

Cuomo to headline state Senate Democratic fundraiser

Offerman: people are very reluctant to see the patriarchy topple

I hear the Flat Earth Society has members all around the world

CA senate debate starts at 10pm ET

Hurricane Matthew may hit Florida, then make a U-turn and hit again!

Baker: DCR deputy who used sirens showed 'terrible judgement'

I hate these National League pitching duels.

When does someone pull a Patricia Neal on Lonesome Rhodes Trump?

NY Times: Dem and GOP private polls show Trump cratering

Re-watching the debate today, and Tim Kaine comes off rather well on second glance.

Oh my: "History Can Be Fun"

A little bathroom humor while we are nervous in the home stretch

Report: Trump Sexually Harassed Apprentice Crew Member by Comparing Her to His Daughter

Remember 'Little Miss Flint'? She's having fun here:

Trump Will Turn On Pence

New Texas Poll: Trump: 45% (-1) Clinton 38% (+3)

Lawrence O has Dumpster's previous accountant (tax attorney) coming up after the break

We have some unfinished business.

Activists blast 'O'Reilly Factor' Chinatown piece as racist

Argentina: Protesters tell Temer he’s not welcome

All I hear in Florida is that Trump is a joke.

Facebook Might Have Spurred Massive Climb In Voter Registration

Argentina: Protesters tell Temer he’s not welcome

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 6, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight - Trailblazing Women

Smart Fortwo Police Car Goes on Patrol in New York

Report: Nebraska wants to rejoin Big 12

Stephen Hawking's PPAP Pen Pineapple apple pen

How Money Has Bought Democracy

Mall of America to close on Thanksgiving... sort of

Encounter With A Copperhead.

Empire cast endorses Hillary Clinton

Lol. Hannity is losing it. Now attacking Megyn Kelly.

Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze is coming apart

Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze is coming apart

How can I block someone from seeing my posts

Oregon bakers who wouldn’t make lesbian wedding cake post closure notice

John Lewis is the speaker at this year's DFL Founders Day dinner

Trump never gets called out for using the term "anchor babies"

Here's a new Maralix post about the Blue Jays!

Here is Another Telling Difference Between Democrat Leaders and Stupidparty Leaders

Trump has invested as much as $1 million in the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline,

Argentina group IDs 121st person taken as baby

Argentina group IDs 121st person taken as baby

Ok Clinton Campaign - High time you get this out there - Trump calling 1/2 people lazy

Did anyone else see Ana Navarro's righteous rant, in Spanish and English, on CNN tonight?

Trump tells Nevada crowd they're mispronouncing state's name

Racism at Department of Treasury

Madison Bumgarner just pitched his way into the MLB Hall of Fame

If dipshit donnie pulled money from his foundation. I wonder how much from partnerships?

The Tick gets full series order at Amazon

RATM Predicted Drumpf 16 Years Ago

'Marvel's Iron Fist' Gets a Release Date and teaser trailer (VIDEO)

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 7, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Terror Classic Movies - '20s Horror

Tim Kaine, John Negroponte, and the Priest Who Was Thrown From a Helicopter

Tim Kaine, John Negroponte, and the Priest Who Was Thrown From a Helicopter

Trump Leads; Clinton Gains In Latest Texas KTVT-CBS 11 / Dixie Strategies Poll

To all Republicans ...

Group at Trump rally walks out after Colorado mother and disabled daughter harassed

Infant has so much hair that he needs help holding up his head.

North Texas investor takes on Wells Fargo over $34.8 million trade that went bad

Trump's next wife?

Court files stolen in case of murdered Honduran land rights activist: U.N.

Court files stolen in case of murdered Honduran land rights activist: U.N.

Brace yourselves, folks: Sean Hannity is officially off the reservation!

10 arrested after 'patients' say they were beaten, held against their will at Irving, Fort Worth ...

Giants win wild-card game on Gillaspie’s home run

We Need To Inflict The Most Bitter & Catastrophic Defeat To Trump Lovers Imaginable.

Honduras police tear gas anti re-election protesters

Greg Abbott pledges to push anti-abortion laws next session

Honduras police tear gas anti re-election protesters

GOP Will Stop Climate Change Initiatives No Matte How Dire The Evidence.

I ran into a Trump supporter today.

Caption this photo of Donald J. Trump praying with church leaders in Las Vegas.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 8, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Feel Good Romances

Texas CPS workers miss key deadline in 14,000 child abuse cases

Clown with chainsaw reportedly seen near San Marcos apartments

Pence is a teabagger bastard that voted to privatize social security

Feds order Texas to comply with special ed laws

Texas Senator Calls State Ethics Commission "Arrogant" and "Haughty"

Trump weirdly asks those newly diagnosed with terminal illness to "hang on" long enough

Why Star Trek Made San Francisco the Center of Its Futuristic Utopia

Don’t Blame Just Trump for all the Blossoming Bigotry

In a traffic jam today in Philly, a white SUV tried to cut me off.

Trump seems confused by the favorable/unfavorable poll.

MUST WATCH -- "The Last Word" on MSNBC is on now

Trans teen kills himself after suicide watch hospital nurses kept calling him a girl

A tribute to Bartolo Colon

Clinton reaches out to women while Trump defends taxes

Halloween is coming #9

Trump's overexposure

Samantha Bee: Meet the Veeps; Maine's Personal Trump; RIGGED!; Party Like It's 1997

Clinton Uses Pence’s Debate Words Against Him In Stunning New Ad

AG Ken Paxton Asks to Jump Into Austin Rental Fight

East Coast Florida DUers - Stay Safe! If You Can, Send Us Storm Updates

Gary Johnson unable to name leader of North Korea in interview

Fox News Hack Praises Berlin Wall as example for Trump to follow.

Gary Johnson running as an example of what happens when you smoke pot.

Powerful new Hillary Ad directed by Lee Daniels..

NY Times: Donald Trump’s Slip in Polls Has G.O.P. Worried About Congress

Live cam from port Nassau

Judge rules WV Medicaid I/DD waiver lawsuit can be class action

Labor unions ask for summary judgment in West Virginia right-to-work case

Labor unions ask for summary judgment in West Virginia right-to-work case

West Virginia gubernatorial candidates spending millions

In jail, ex-coal CEO says he's 'American political prisoner'

23 arrested outside Gov. McAuliffe's mansion during protest

Hey, Hillary...I forgot to do this, can you take care of it for me?

Virginia analysts surprised by Kaine's aggression, but say debate likely did not change race

Stumping for Clinton, Feingold in Madison, Sanders appeals to Wisconsin's 'progressive heritage'

Virginia denies claim it unfairly suspends driver's licenses

Ballot selfies are legal in Virginia, attorney general says

No criminal charges against 3 accused in Liberty University sexual assault case

Virginia lawmaker files counter abuse claims against wife

Sanders in Green Bay talks jobs, economy, and his support for Clinton

Northrop Grumman fires back at state allegations of breach of contract

19 things Donald Trump knows better than anyone else,

'All the guys pay': Cash-for-jobs alleged inside Trump Tower

UK fracking ruling due to be announced by government

Daily Holidays October 6

Get Out's Trailer Is Making White People Mad...

"Don't leave me. I love you."

Have you ever bought a business suit online?

McCrory says he’s been consistent on HB2

"Verizon workers can now be fired if they fix copper phone lines"

Cards Against Humanity trolls Donald Trump over tax returns with giant billboard

(Bleeping) Netflix!

$2 billion in trust for jobless benefits. Is it time to increase unemployment checks?

Who picks the attendees at town hall debate

Stephen Colbert: Did Mike Pence Upstage Trump With His Strong Debate Performance?

Locomotive to steam through Maplewood

We ready. NE SC

Obama approval hits new high

Trump Is Tearing the NFL Apart

Armed Auburn woman scares off clown

NOAA is predictiing a 5-8 foot storm surge with Matthew.

South Carolina likely to pay workers for days off due to Hurricane Matthew

State tells Greenville County to drop voting questionnaire for college students

Trump says he "deserves a lot of credit" for Pence's debate performance...

Haley’s sign language interpreter’s flair gains attention of social media

Judge OKs settlement in lawsuit against South Carolina child-welfare agency

All the Right Wing Nuts are worried about President Obama declaring Martial Law....

The Benghazi Committee is done, but Trey Gowdy isn’t finished with Hillary Clinton

Trump tells Vegas TV that he insulted women's appearances merely "for the purpose of entertainment"

Reid Slams Trump Again: "I have news for Donald: it's pronouced Nev-Ad-a & Yucca Mountain is dead"

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive – Women Beyond Belief

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive – Grace Without God

UPI C Voter poll?

Clinton debate prep is focused on what happens once the debate is done

Our Vote Is In For Hillary Today yea, yea, yea, feels so good....

Brilliant, hilarious Seth Meyers vid with Pence reacting to those things he can’t believe Trump said

Pence on CBS this morning, no wonder Kaine had to interrupt.

Remember when Bush 41's house was destroyed by a northeaster in 1991?

Poll: Clinton retakes 11-point lead over Trump in Michigan

The Atlantic Makes Historic Anti-Endorsement Of Trump

The Atlantic Makes Historic Anti-Endorsement Of Trump

Riders on the Storm

Republican Chairman of Wall Street Committee Held Fundraiser With Official From ‘Domestic Terrorist’

Stumped by Trump’s Teflon Popularity? 10 Reasons Fans Want a Faux-CEO in the White House

Latino support for HRC at record high while Trump's shrivel

Trump factory jobs sent to China may never come back

"Not feeling Hillary? I wasn't, either" - CNN Opinion

The Paradise (BBC)

Kankakee, Illinois Voter Fraud - Please do your duty!

UKIP's Steven Woolfe in hospital 'after altercation'

New TV ad: Measure

Pence is doing a contrasting job on Trump!

Crazy: How Right-Wing Pundits And Politicians Distorted Bill Clinton On Obamacare

Jeff Danziger Cartoon: Mr. Pence

Springsteen: ‘The republic is under siege by a moron’

🔥 Special Event: An Evening with Senator Bernie Sanders - Saturday, Nov 19 Miami, Florida

Author explains why Democrats have zero chance of winning the House until 2030

Flint warnings as Atlantic City may be forced into state takeover of water

Flint warnings as Atlantic City may be forced into state takeover of water

Reporting a Scary Clown

This is what my Republican MD state representative posted today (I need advice)

Kankakee, Illinois Voter Fraud - Please do your duty! (xp)

Trump urges the terminally ill to hang on long enough..

Not too Big to Fail - Jeopardy regulars

Atlantic magazine: Against Donald Trump

Mika was looking dejected today. After a few disastrous days of being downright nasty to

Springsteen On ‘Tragic’ 2016 Race: ‘The Republic Is Under Siege By A Moron'

Fox News Under Fire for 'Racist' Chinatown Segment

Why arent Animal Rights ever an issue in presidential politics?

Hurricane Matthew: at least 136 people killed in Haiti, officials say

Valley Fair Security Guard Sued After Pulling Gun On Driver

Donald Trump's Tax Records: A Tale of Business Failures

*****BREAKING*****Clinton’s Electoral College Lead Regenerates She’s back over 300 electoral votes !

VP Debate: Pence Shocked Kaine Would Insult Trump by Quoting Him Verbatim

EPIC VIDEO: Trump Slams Americans Who Don't Pay Taxes

Kaine baits Trump: ‘His own running mate threw him under the bus — that’s going to work on his head’

Morning Joe

Religion Is the Biggest Bully of Them All

Washington’s ‘governing elite’ think Americans are morons

New Arizona poll (Emerson): Clinton 44 - Trump 42

New Nevada poll (Emerson): Clinton 43 - Trump 43

New Florida poll (Emerson):Trump 45 - Clinton 44

A common thread I've noticed in the tRump campaign

***UNF FL POLL Clinton +7, 2-way***

Steven Woolfe in 'serious condition' after altercation at Ukip meeting (Ukip punch up)

Arizona just flipped to light blue on 538 Now-Cast

Chris Christie-Always Classy......

Trump Pence - Unscathed has hillary down by only 3% in... wait... *mississippi*????

U.S. Government Health Plans Spent Over $1 Billion On EpiPens Over Past 5 Years

Imprisoned Coal Baron Makes Impassioned Case For His Innocence

Suspect in Blue Jays-Orioles beer-tossing furor is identified

Fight ‘Big Soda’

Brexit: The Divorce Edition

Mother loses son to a driver high on pot


ChristianPost: Hillary Clinton Is the Best Choice for Voters Against Abortion

Photos: Bernie on the campaign trail with Russ Feingold in Madison

‘I will NOT wear a hijab’: U.S. chess star refuses to attend world championships in Iran

Texas boy charged for setting special needs child on fire

Rick Scott (FL) Just activated part of the National Guard.

Video Link: Bernie at UAW in Michigan - Oct 6

Pic Of The Moment: Are You Not Entertained?


New Florida Poll: HRC +7 in 2-way race +3 4-way race

Duffelblog, "The Onion" of the military, eviscerates Trump

***BREAKING*** Hurricanes SUCK!

hallucinations are a symptom of bipolar disorder yeah?

Mother Jones - The Trump Files: Trump's War On His Scottish Neighbors (Attack of the Shithead)

Oh LORD just wait for the tin foil fucks when FEMA starts helping post hurricane

Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF

Poland: Up to 6 Million Women Protest Proposed Abortion Ban

"Good job, boys. This one will sink her for sure."

A Closer Look: The Trump Foundation (Humor: Seth Meyer)

Mike Pence looked the part while avoiding the truth - Minneapolis StarTribune ed

Thoughts on how Category 4 Matthew will affect the campaign?

The Race Towards Matthew

Proposition 64 Now-Cast has Arizona light blue ....

Dozens of former GOP lawmakers announce opposition to Trump

Historical Photos

New Clinton campaign ad: "Measure"

New Trump campaign ad: "Consumer Benefit"

Jerry Rice tweeted he didn't know there was a BLM movement.

Parents warned about rare illness that can leave kids paralyzed

"there's not a single documented case where the drinking water has been impacted"

TX: special needs child set on fire

is trump outperforming rmoney with any demographic?

This hurricane Matthew is damn scary - have you seen the path?

Disabled child in coma after being set on fire by bullies

You just can't make this stuff up!! (Latest from Rush)

Another day in the NRA's America

Trump blames Clinton for tax code which allowed him to avoid paying taxes.

Why isn't this news? "Blind Trust" my ass.

Wow!!! Michael Moore on Deutsche Bank 7 billion loss

Paul Ryan, So Handsome, So Sad

Pence might have won the debate, but Kaine was the only one who left with his dignity still intact

Pence might have won the debate, but Kaine was the only one who left with his dignity still intact

Got an ad for Trump in the mail today.

Hurricane Matthew: At least 98 people killed in Haiti, officials say (update: over 330)

Iowa barely light blue & Ohio light blue on 538

Couple hit each other with fireplace poker

*Freeper style* Whacko graffiti's his century old house with Political messages

Couple hit each other with fireplace poker

If Matthew is as bad as expected, should the Sunday debate be postponed?

Chipmunks on camera one, no trump or pence allowed,

Donald Trump Urges Terminally Ill Voters To Hang On

Glucose-Sensing, Non-Invasive Contact Lens Invented

Humane Society airs new ad against The Con

Batten down Coastal DUers on watch or warnings for Matthew

Murphy creeping up on Rubio

If Hillary Wins GOP "Caucus Room" Meeting Likely.

The Clown. Starring the magnificent Dominique Pinon

I so want to do this - Crocodile 'Cage of Death'

*********** BREAKING ************

In radio interview, Mattiello tries to pin 38 Studios on Frias

Police raid Indiana Voter Registration Project, reports of fraud expand to multiple counties

R.I. computer glitch delays 29,000 SSI payments to the elderly and disabled

Why do campaigns try to convince you that they are winning, even when they are not?

My message to the Governor of Florida.

Ford Bronco officially coming back, will be made in Michigan

Discipline Considered For Officials Whose Children Got State Jobs

We are going to win next month

More Layoffs, Vo-Tech School Closures Possible As Malloy's Budget Office Seeks Spending Cuts

Pence Advises Trump to Keep Same Debate Strategy

Testimony from Trumps lawyers- he lies so often we had policy of two lawyers at all meetings...

Oh no - over 108 people are dead in Haiti

Some residents refusing evacuation orders; claim the storm is overhyped

Christie Helping Trump Prepare for Next Debate

Trump Voters Are Angry? Well, Here’s What’s Really Worthy of Anger (KO's latest)

The Samantha Bee team's delightful takedown of Trump supporters

UnitedHealth accused of gouging customers on prescription drugs

Video Link: Bernie Sanders at University of Michigan - Oct 6

Hurricane Matthew death toll rises above 100 as Haiti tallies devastation

***New NH poll HRC +2***

Trump the clown

Authorities refuse to act after group of boys from Arkansas High torture baby goat.

A good article on photography

Anthem, Yale Medicine reach deal

Flat tax - no such thing. A poor person pays a higher tax rate vs income on ALL goods.

Nevadans School Trump On How To Correctly Pronounce His Name

Cover of 'The Nation' - says it all.

Israel rejects US criticism, says no new settlements planned

Paul Ryan To Stump With Trump For First Time Saturday In Wisconsin

In the interview, when asked whether his marriage was monogamous, Trump replied

Fox Commenter Gets Year In Prison For Threats On Planned Parenthood Partner

U2 vs Trump - "Bullet the Blue Sky" - 10/7/16

The Marijuana Boom Is Contributing To The Climate Crisis

Anybody got links to court cases where The Angry Yam had to pay people he'd stiffed?

U2 Blasts Donald Trump During San Francisco Show

Making pain a vital sign caused the opioid crisis. Here’s how.

Palestine, Uti Possidetis Juris, and the Borders of Israel

Joe Buck's addiction to hair plugs nearly cost him his voice

I'm glad that this hurricane didn't happen during election day! What a nightmare ...

Trump’s own bankruptcy lawyers say he lies so much they could only meet with him in pairs

Clinton Using Al Gore To Attract Millennials On Climate Change Issue

What's your hurricane comfort food?

Spare us the sight of men discussing abortion – especially politicians

I will move to WI

Bernie Sanders is working his ass off for HRC this week

Spare us the sight of men discussing abortion – especially politicians

Spare us the sight of men discussing abortion – especially politicians

Spare us the sight of men discussing abortion – especially politicians

Trump aide: Clintons don't 'get what it means to be American'

Tailgate - Schumer and the Bills

Lindsey Graham Sighs Over Trump: ‘I Can’t Go Where He’s Taking the Party or the Country’

Vice President Biden and Adam Devine Go Undercover

There is an upside to this hurricane, you know......

New Poll: HRC is closing the gap in Pence's Indiana

At this point, I think I'm in favor of the balkanization of the US.

BANKRUPTCY. do this 6 times !!!!!!!!!!! LOSER

NSA contractor charged with stealing top secret data

BREAKING: President Obama Declares Emergency in Florida Over Hurricane Matthew

***new Indiana poll shows HRC gaining (43 Trump-38 Clinton)***

I just averaged the last 5 national polls

Sorry, Sally Phillips, but a woman should be able to know if her unborn baby has Down’s syndrome

Sorry, Sally Phillips, but a woman should be able to know if her unborn baby has Down’s syndrome

Sorry, Sally Phillips, but a woman should be able to know if her unborn baby has Down’s syndrome

Sorry, Sally Phillips, but a woman should be able to know if her unborn baby has Down’s syndrome

Chewbacca mini meal


Looks like Matt is going through an ERC.

Hero cat saves owner from potentially deadly seizures

Ralph Nader Supporters Warn Third-Party Voters: Don’t Make The Same Mistake!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Guns in Abusive Homes

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Guns in Abusive Homes

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Guns in Abusive Homes

The one good thing about this hurricane, at least as far as MSNBC is concerned, I have not heard or

The story of Donald Trump's Atlantic City comeback is even worse than his collapse

Does Mar a Lago have moat? And enough sandbags?

Assume Nothing

CNN will probably play Trump's townhall "scrimmage"

Nuclear plan gets backlash from left, right

I am taking an "undecided" voter to lunch this weekend

Duterte wants to liberate Philippines from U.S. shackles: foreign minister

Russia warns it will shoot down alliance jets over Syria if US launches air strikes against Assad

So will the media whores cover the hurricane tonight or Drumpfs "town hall"

Paul Ryan Burns Final Shred Of Dignity, Will Campaign With Trump

A message to Pence about that Syrian family that he tried to bar from Indiana last year

New York church creates program to compensate sex abuse victims

NLRB Chicago Office Issues Complaint against Postmates

Update: Hurricane Matthew a Potentially Catastrophic Category 4 or 5 Headed for Florida

NLRB Chicago Office Issues Complaint against Postmates

NLRB Chicago Office Issues Complaint against Postmates

Jesus Mary and Joseph

Are GOP Women Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome? (w/Guest: Gayle Trotter)

Will Hurricane Matthew Finally Make Rick Scott Admit That Climate Change Is Real?

Pentagon watchdog cites ex-aide to defense secretary for misconduct

my ex inlaws live in Volusia county in Fl.

Humane Society launches ad: Trump presidency a 'threat to animals everywhere'

U.N. says situation 'rapidly deteriorating' in embattled Afghan city Kunduz

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 6, 2016

Sean Hannity Goes Full Psycho On Megyn Kelly

***New Tennessee poll has Trump up only 11***

If my calculations are correct, New Hampshire is the most important state.

Matthew is the strongest hurricane to hit the US since

Robby Mook on press call, expects turnout to exceed '12 and '08

Bahamas weather stations are totally offline:

Trump punts on Yucca nuclear waste site

Sia "Cheap Thrills" ft. Sean Paul parody

I have noted 2, 3, or 4 identical posts in succession in various groups, fora...

100+ dead as Hurricane Matthew wracks Haiti

One of Pence's lies: the Clinton Foundation keeps 90% of donations for itself.

Trolls Spent 24 Hrs. in Online attacks of 15 Yr. Girl Who Asked Hillary about Body Image

Trumps town hall tonight: the real reason

I'm going to put my 25,000th post here. I've had a rough year and it helps me to know I'm not alone.

Remember how a group of extreme Republicans were complaining about the mandatory Boston curfew?

Therapists more likely to call back white sounding names like 'Allison' than 'Lakisha'

Obama commutes sentences of 102 inmates

Trump blowback

HRC's tough interview with 11-Year-Old Marley Dias

Trump campaign admits to reporter behind in multiple states it needs to win

Keith Olberman: Trump Voters Angry? Here is What's Worthy of Anger

Trump's bankruptcy lawyers had to meet with him in pairs.

Fox News Outdoes Itself With a Ridiculously Racist Segment About Trump and Asians

Tampa Bay (FL) Times Endorses Hillary Clinton

National Guard, State Police descend on 81-year-old’s property to seize single pot plant

'Trump Plaza' street sign has to go, Chicago alderman says

Perdue Farms Eliminated Antibiotics From Chicken Supply

Mook Tweet: Clinton Campaign calls for extended Fl voter registration

Parents Outraged After School Takes Away Student Lunches

Trump threatens to sue over attack ad

This Freaky Plant Has an Incredible Trick For Luring in Flies

Trump Shoes Made In "Ji - Nah!!!!" (It's the MAIL...but it's good!)

Trump asking people to sign up to be election observers

Trump on September 5: Only natural disasters will keep me from debating Clinton

Hydrogen-powered passenger ferry in San Francisco Bay is possible, study says

Hoboken Train Sped Up Before Crash, Emergency Brake Applied at Last Second, NTSB Says

Hey Grits

Two teens arrested in ongoing investigation of vandalism at Trump house in McKinney

Perhaps one of Olberman's Best "Special Comments"..9/11/06..

PoliticusUSA: Clinton Drops A Bomb On Trump As Democrats Are Dominating Early Voting

FT Lauderdale Beach Cam..for your viewing

19 deaths in Michigan related to elephant tranquilizer and heroin

What aren't the Xians using their power of prayer to stop Hurricane Matthew?

Trump will tweet something about Mar Lago before he empathizes

OK, who else this summer engaged in the guilty pleasure of going to the county fair?

I hope all the people stay safe but it's so nice not having Trump on the TV news every second

I see that "God is not Real" as a screen name is an offense now.

Told to cut their budgets, Texas agencies respond with fatalism, flair

Ammon Bundy Takes The Stand For 3rd Day - # BundyTeaParty

Three arrested in alleged scheme to export sensitive U.S. technology to Russia

Here's another great kitty video, Momma Bengal talking to kittens

Local progressive Dems to support / Vote NO on Amendment 1 "Right to Work"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 7 October 2016

Wal-Mart Balks at Paying $600-Million-Plus in Bribery Case

Wal-Mart Balks at Paying $600-Million-Plus in Bribery Case

after trump loses (and the lawsuits and indictments roll in) the media will pat itself on the back

Baylor University in Waco issues ‘all clear’ after fatal shooting

Miss. governor declares racial reconciliation month

Assad offers rebels amnesty if they surrender Aleppo

This is for any of your willfully ignorant douchebag acquaintances who think Hillary is a crook:

Who's your favorite Phil Hendrie Show character?

I'm getting the feeling that Sunday is Trump's last chance.

Tech billionaires are trying to develop a way to break us out of the Matrix

Trump: I Disparage Women For 'Entertainment'

Judge questions Airbnb stance on San Francisco rental law

I Haven't Heard It Reported On The News Or Weather Channel But Are There Any Cruise Ships....

Pls read, it's worth it! If this isn't inspiring, I don't know what is!

Weed, cocaine, Molly and Xanax: Johnny Manziel's ex-roommate says hard partying dates to A&M days

Clinton campaign chief: Florida should extend voter registration deadline due to Hurricane Matthew

U.S. Republican group hit by Russian-linked virus: researcher

Billy Gillispie's Ranger College team must forfeit all 31 wins after NJCAA's ineligible-player ...

Good news (Trump & Issa content)

DOJ investigating violence and rape inside Alabama men's prisons

RECORDED Stream *Now Canceled* : Oct 6 - Bernie Sanders Campaign in Duluth, Minnesota (dated 10/4)

Banner Calling Vladimir Putin A ‘Peacemaker’ Hangs From Manhattan Bridge

Poll: Clinton retakes 11-point lead over Trump in Michigan

Matt Drudge Idiotically Suggests Hurricane Matthew Warnings Are Government Conspiracy

Russia issues stern warning to U.S. against striking Syrian army

Will Matthew Just keep circling around


Rosie O’Donnell Exchanges Words With Ivanka Trump In New York City

Donald Trump Is Setting a Time Bomb

If Chris Christie is really teaching Trump about Town Halls, then I can't wait for Sunday.

Judicial Watch vs. Hillary: The conservative group has a long history of spreading Clinton lies

Too late.

Harry Reid: Trump Is A 'Fraud' Who 'Raped And Pillaged Atlantic City'

Anyone here ever read "Man and His Symbols" by Carl Jung?

Conservative Hurricane Truthers Downplay Danger Of Hurricane Matthew

We’re not going to panic

Western New York US Attorney Hochul Announces Resignation

Former Aide Takes Back Christie 'Flat out Lied' Comments

Oddball Sean Hannity fantasizes about Trump winning debate by talking about Clinton’s underwear

Not everyone with Giuliani genes is crazy, His daughter is for HRC

FBI: Minnesota Mall Attacker Newly Interested in Islam

Clinton Foundation warns donors about targeted phishing attempts

How many?

Officer Acquitted in Shooting Death of Mentally Ill Man

Trump is about to do a Town Hall. It'll be interesting to see the preview of Sunday.

UN Authorizes EU to Stop Migrant-Smuggling Vessels off Libya

Simply Put: No record anywhere of Trump having considered the public interest above his own.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah they are deplorable

Dear Trump: I Treat Combat Veterans With PTSD And They Are Not Weak

Republicans can flip the ticket? Will they?

Feds: Protect Alabama Salamander, Louisiana Burrowing Snake

"The Iran Nuclear Deal"

4 Debate 2 Look 4 Trump to sink to new lows in slander speech, as the 13 yr old gets desperate

Schatz: Fox News correspondent not welcome to Honolulu Chinatown

Update your dog's microchip data before it's too late.

30 More Republicans Denounce Donald Trump as ‘Unqualified to Be President’

Hubble detects giant 'cannonballs' shooting from star

Obama reducing 102 inmates' sentences

TRUMP can't wait to do the same to you.

Group of nearly 80 evangelical leaders publish letter condemning Trump

Rufus large dog rescue by Marjorie Salem, OR

Nearly 80 evangelical leaders publish letter condemning Trump “We cannot ignore this bigotry"

If this doesn't make your day nothing will.

are all the polls bullshit?


A Sincere Apology

It’s Hers to Lose

Hurricane Matthew: Haiti death toll now 264

Why Was a 26-Year-Old from Ohio the Last Man at Malheur?

Hurricane Wind Scale

'Honour killings': Pakistan closes loophole allowing killers to go free

Evan McMullen takes a...running mate

Sotheby's declares 'Frans Hals' work a forgery

The Daily Show, Back in Black (Lewis Black): Getting Out the Millennial Vote

If you're half as stressed out as I've been these last two days, try this:

Aviation industry agrees deal to cut CO2 emissions

Special-needs boy set on fire by bullies he thought were friends

On CNN just now: Trump reading phony polls and insulting the media.

I hate these American League blow outs.

Rudy Giuliani's daughter says she's a Clinton supporter

World Bank admits some have lost out from free trade

Malheur occupation impacts linger throughout the West - #BundyTeaParty

World Bank admits some have lost out from free trade

"Working class white men make less than they did in 1996"

the GOP's Stealth War against (prospective Democratic) Voters - Rolling Stone

I love Elephants

Mugabe: Zimbabwe to soften controversial foreign company law