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Archives: December 12, 2016

It magically turns all fRump photos into kitten photos: No lie. Chrome add-on!

Remember these? (if you're an old fart that is)

Aug '01 "Osama determined to attack US" daily briefing also said to be repeat of earlier reports

Jeffrey Lord compared John Kerry's Vietnam era protests to Rex Tillerson being awarded by Putin.

Apropos for the orange-u-tan - "Starting At the Bottom" TPM

DT's servers running some horribly insecure and out of date software.

I gave a donation to renew my star

Fun foto of Ivanka from Elizabeth Plank:

Man Arrested for Hate Crime after Stabbing Outside Simi Valley Mosque

WHO urges Trump to expand Obamacare, ensure healthcare for all


Pass a local Anti-Corruption Act

Someone should write a story about how brilliant Trump is for appointing Obama's SC pick

Trump's conflicts of interest: a visual guide

Inside Democrat's plan to beat trump at his own game: Time Mag.

yeah. I'm thinking her name is going to have to be...

Macklemore's "Wednesday Morning" will make you weep and give you hope.

Intelligence Agencies Distressed by Trump's Rejection of Findings on Russia

Austria's 52-letter word of the year

Question from Ken Burch

USGS records several small earthquakes across Oklahoma

Nearly Deported for being Muslim

rogue F.B.I..?

I believe Trump will be impeached for treason

Would it really be that terrible to make our 2020 message something like THIS:

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Paul D Eaton Statement on Appointment of Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State

A Black Swan event: The elevation of Trump to the presidency via Russia and FBI

What what you have done?

Why are we writing off the possibility of an Electoral College coup?

Whoa! Check this tweet from Politico:

Hamilton Electors

Ex-Russia Today Anchor Says Goal Is to Undermine U.S.

Quote of the Day

Let's not be duped again, OK?

John Bolton suggests DNC hack was potentially a false flag operation by the Obama administration

World War II never 'formally' ended Russia and Japan may change that soon

For Trump....

New York Times: Russias Hand in Americas Election

Bringing International Corporations To The Anti-Corruption Table

Donald Trump Keeps Blaming Everybody But Russia For Election Hacking

No Shit...

Here's why East Asian students consistently outpace their Western peers

Pentagon! Defend Your Country! Unless YOU WANT to Fight Putin's Wars for Oil.

Call me a hypocrite, but I'm feeling a lot better about the CIA these days.

CIA Veterans Urge Caution on Leaks Saying Russia's Putin Tried to get Trump Elected

Manufacturing Sector, Transportation, HOusing and Retail---Soaring Oil Prices Will Hurt You, Too

Schumer: The fact the CIA and FBI disagree shows the need for a bipartisan investigation

Russia Needs Higher Oil Prices. Putin Will Blackmail Trump For Higher OilPrices. It's That Simple

Just how drunk...

Dec. 19th: Don't think it can't happen just because it hasn't hasn't happened yet.

In a rare rebuttal, CIA is pushing back

Dangerous, dangerous guy

When Rethugian strategist Frank Luntz says this country is over

Same Text Marriage - Sack cartoon

Lately, I've been thinking about Sting's song...


Teacher to Trumps education pick: Lets address the elephant in the room. Its you.

Trump is going to start selling Ryan's "improved"

SW Pa DU Members, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is no longer....

Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! n/t

In all fairness, a daily intelligence briefing would cut into Trump's valuable p*ssy-grabbing time

"...the Russians provided the lighter fluid, and Trump is standing half-burnt and holding a match.

Weekly Intelligence Briefing

If Putin Wants Discord in the West, Trump Is His Man


He Waged Intimidation Campaigns Against Climate Scientists; Now Hes Helping Trump Remake the EPA

Ummmm .... OK ....

Can we make RT a forbidden or limited site to link on DU?

This may be America's finest hour, as we act together with unshakable resolve to deal with enemies

Who is in charge of keeping a sociopath controlled by a foreign government

A member of Congress has gone there! Called for Electoral College to STOP TRUMP

While I find the Russian hack of our election deplorable,

I just bawled through the 2016 and last White House Christmas decorating.......

Audit: Many fixes but problems still at Grand Rapids vets home

Legislature quietly mulling $24M in niche tax breaks during lame duck

Jury convicts 13th Detroit school principal involved in bribery scheme

9/11 lawsuit bill puts veterans in the crosshairs

JAMIE DIMON: 'I want to do my share to help America get better'

Britain facing energy crisis that could see families pay extra to keep the lights on

Trump: 'Nobody really knows' if climate change is real

Greenwald, Cole, W R Pitt, ...go on down the line

The electoral college

C.I.A. Judgment on Russia Built on Swell of Evidence

Trump Surrogate Calls on FBIs Comey to Crackdown on Peaceful Protests

There has to be a price, the robot has to compensate the workers they replace.

Want to send Holiday Cards to President Obama and VP Joe Biden?

This is a thousand times worse than 2000.

Trump favorite for State Dept. John Bolton tries to shift 2016 hacking blame from Russia to Obama

Republicans need to get their story straight.

Jeanine Pirro fondly recalls how, in 2008 "we" ALL "united behind the flag" and Barack Obama

Let's also not forget about the other states with voting irregularities that had ties to the KGB/GOP

Amazing Epic Twitter essay by Eric Garland on Russia and Trump, 20 years history to current

Trump's tax returns are a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE, and i expect to be protected

Teen vogue: I'm middle aged just subscribed

DNR suggests higher fees, naming rights at state parks

Netanyahu on 60 Minutes

Natalie PORTMAN won Critics Choice. She had me at "TCHAIKOVSKY" (Black Swan)

Stolen kitty was part of lovers' spat

Bill de Blasio Finds His Mojo as the Anti-Trump

Police expect Trump to lift limits on surplus military gear

Dane County completes presidential election recount with no major discrepancies reported

by Robert Reich:'So far this weekend, I've received phone calls from three electors

Donald Trump To Be On Next Season's 'Dancing With The Stars"......

Assisted living growing in Wisconsin, but some say regulations not keeping up

Priebus denies Russian hacking attempts

State Senate Democratic leader skeptical of tolling roads

Milwaukee officials weigh lead pipe replacement plan

Star Wars: Rogue One Review (Non-spolier) - Darth Vader is scary.

China flies nuclear bomber over South China Sea to 'send a message' to Donald Trump

trump completing appointments this week.

Evidence-based vs. accusation-driven reporting (and the monumental struggle which lies ahead)

The 2016 Haters Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog (lolz & sarcasm alert)

How Corporate Lobbyists Conquered American Democracy

on Twitter

It is truly about our values as a nation.


Putin's Poodle.

who is Scott Dworkin?

The New American Flag

What the Founding Father fought Against...

C.I.A. Judgment on Russia Built on Swell of Evidence

Any Other Country Would Be In Open Rebellion Over the Elections- Why Are We Different?

Trump Says No to Daily Redundant Intel Briefings Because He's a 'Smart Person'

How many people here have heard of the concept of "Prisoner's Dilemma"?

Someone in the IRS needs to grow a Deep Throat.

Just Wonderin

The Uncomfortable View from 1824

John Dean on twitter says the intel report on Russia shold be available to all electors before 12/19

Stein concedes end of Mich. recount, suggests reform

Whistleblower Protection Act Will Be a Critical Bulwark for Scientific Integrity in a Trump Admin

I planned to take a break from Lola posts. Then this happened.

Something for the electoral college to consider

Trump saved 800 jobs in Indiana, but at least 2,100 still leaving

The revelations about Russia of course mean that Trump will be keeping his businesses...


Bill would require DNA collection for felony arrests in Indiana

Indiana officer shot in exchange of gunfire out of hospital

Man arrested on assault charge at Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital

House Unanimously Passes Chaffetz Legislation Protecting FBI Whistleblowers

If Putin does not already have something on Trump, he soon will find

How about a most hated Christmas song thread

Iran seals deal with Boeing to buy 80 planes worth $16.6B

I think, hope, that the Russian connection will finally sway his voters

US intelligence split on motive for Russian election interference

So, Russia has taken over the WH via PEOTUS.

ACLU suing Indiana town over illuminated cross display

Proposed engineering school at Purdue faces opposition

Wishful thinking: Can Obama close Gitmo within the next month?

Keep seeing posts hoping some dirty laundry will arise that will end Trump. The "beauty" of Trump...

FBI told state GOP in June its emails had been hacked

Pro-Trump, pro-white banner found hanging outside Libertyville building

Becoming More Clear Each Day We Have A Truly Mad Man Going To The White House.

Check in if you feel the same way I do: I will never respect the Shitgibbon ever, ever, ever!

I love the Scots: Oldie but goodie: Choose your Trump insult and put it in your sig line

2 suits over fatal Chicago police shootings being settled for about $3M each

Emanuel rules out DNC chair run, flips off guy in bar

A joke in response to Assfaced "I'm so smart, I don't need DIB" Shitgibbon: A joke

In the 1800s, Rich Southern Whites Were Convincing Poor Non-Slave Owning Whites to Defend Slavery...

Parthenon restaurant founder, daughter withdrew $870K before closure: suit

Gang member loses $6M of legal windfall to shooting victim

When I was young there was one thing I believed about the GOP and the rich...

Hanaupah Canyon camp....

Anyone but Hillary

Bannon: Studied Propaganda to Sway Masses Darkness is good affinity for Nazi propaganda

How is the University of Illinois campus feeling the state budget cuts?

Peoria County Board, treasurer on collision course

PA Unemployment Call Center layoffs

On cbc news website: Trump criticizes F35 program. I have one question:

How the ancient Maya brought sharks to the jungle

How the ancient Maya brought sharks to the jungle

Trump's Election Represents an Evolutionary Clash Between Eras in Human History

Dusty Springfield - Son of a preacher man (VIDEO)

Researchers Humans have been polluting rivers for 7,000 years

Statehouse bill would put repeat gun offenders in prison longer

Amnesty International campaign takes aim at Canadas Site C dam

Anti-abortion medical providers argue against Illinois law

Comptroller: State employee bonuses on hold during impasse

Rauner asks Democrats for budget proposal, cancels meeting

Rauner signs Exelon subsidy to spare 2 nuclear plants

Prosecutors: Don't move Aaron Schock trial out of Springfield

Daily Holidays - December 12

Autumn 2016: Warmest in U.S. Weather History -Bob Henson, Weather Underground

Oil prices jump on new output deal

Why The GOP's Stance on Russian Interference In The Election Should Come As A Surprise To Nobody.

Why is Dick Cheney so quiet

Ice loss spreads up Antarctic glaciers

Methane surge needs 'urgent attention'

The GOP & the Deplorables are a Fifth Column that loves Putin and Russia more than they love America

Russia Today downplaying the hacking-accusations by quoting Bolton and Trump (and nobody else)

A big change to U.S. broadcasting is coming and its one Putin might admire

Stop the pro Putin, pro Russia, Trump Republican Fifth Column

Explaining the madness: Game theory and the long con.

Waco orangutan expecting, registered at Target for baby shower

We are the patriots. We uphold American ideals. We love one another and our nation.

Former ambassador to Russia: Putin wanted 'revenge' against Clinton

LIVE Stream: Dec. 14 - 7:30pm ET- Bernie Sanders & Keith Ellison - Vision for the Democratic Party

Texas school gets in trouble with Ken Paxton over 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

Why Liberal States Won Americas Tax Experiment

If you think education is difficult, try being stupid! LOL

Twitter U-turns over banning white nationalist

Dee Sniders Standing Rock Music Video So What (UNCENSORED)

Accreditation group gives 'warning' to Baylor University

Condoms-in-trees effort in Austin park takes officials by surprise

Robert Reich: A dark cloud of illegitimacy hangs over the pending presidency...

With Putin now elected as President does that mean I can see Russia from my house in Arizona? nt

A George Carlin quote that will ruin your day:

Trump to inherit state-run TV network with expanded reach

Australia "Trapped In An Idiotic Netherworld" Between Economy And Reality - Guardian

And to be clear: *WE'RE* calling it TREASON

Nicholas Kristoff: The Dangers of Echo Chambers on Campus

Trump Forgot To Delete This Tweet Criticizing Obama For Skipping Intel Briefings

Comrade Casino...Receive the goddamned briefings.

Morning Joke ridicules NYT reporter on air

NFL and MLB fans bringing guns to stadiums? Washington state legislators have proposed the idea.

POLITIFACT: Trump Is Lying, Russia DID Swing Election In His Favor


Fired federal investigators supported adviser's claim against JPMorgan

Trump can't fix it. In fact, nobody can.

Disney news (ABC) keeps referring to the Russian incursion as

Jonas: A town this deep in the crapper's got nowhere to turn but GOD!

Author of Lucifers Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy

NPR: 4 US senators - Reed, Schumer (D), McCain, Graham (R) - call for election investigation

The New Reality of TV: All Trump, All the Time

Dems grapple with lessons from Clinton disaster

Credit Suisse Said to Face Tax Probe Over Undeclared Accounts

Trump still bumbling on China/Taiwan. Now he's offended both countries

Intel Warning: Trump Determined To Strike Inside U.S.

Tillerson is just "business as usual" - focus on FDA, EPA, Commerce...

China 'seriously concerned' after Trump questions Taiwan policy

So Exxon does business in 160 countries?

Russia will continue to hack post-election.

Tweets from Trump expressing his anger over Obama missing intel briefings. Many people are saying!

Good news. Bipartisan outrage.

"Plunder Monkeys"

At what point after January 20, 2017 will resisting Americans realize

Trumps Treasury Secretary Pick is a Lucky Man. Very Lucky.

I threatened friends and family with my Mama's ghost if they denied science. lol

The Only Way Forward

Has the GOP become a wholly owned subsidiary of Russia?

Please Shitler ! Do something super crazy this week !

The Supreme Court Case That Could Bankrupt Religious Schools and Hospitals

Trump Falls Behind In Race To Create American Jobs

Laughing stock Trump tweets: Why wasn't this [hacking] brought up before election?

Latin Catholic priest of 28 years switches to an ancient Eastern Rite, and explains why

Marijuana under a microscope

Didn't you ask Russia to hack Hillary on live TV?

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Agent Orange

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Kellyanne Conway defends Tillersons Russia ties: It's not like hes pounding down vodka with Putin

KellyAnne says of Tillerson and Putin: It's not like they are pounding down Vodka together

Remember, remember...

How Republicans Justify Unlimited Trump Corruption

This is the only reason why it's better to live oop North at this stage of the Football season.

The Deplorables are not your friends. They hate your guts.

What's standing between Donald Trump and nuclear war?

I wonder who is going to snap the iconic photo along the parade route to the White House

Trump has proven he's a Russian agent. Let's call him "Agent Orange."

How Do We Know Our Elections Are Fair?

It's time for Episode 34,867 of "Here's the Thing, Donald...."

The Deplorables believe the Russian interference in our election was a good thing.

Let me explain how to handle the Trump-administration, via an old joke:

(R) rep. joe walsh on trump/russia: 'close to treason'

Bernie Sanders: Look beneath the surface when Trump attacks people

Eric Garland storified with a little game theory about the Russians and the 2016 elections

Republicans worry that repealing Obamacare will lead to a cliff

Does a Ukrainian-Style Revolution Await Washington?

Do you, as I do, suspect we are seeing the death of our country? First our democratic ideals are

A search for Trumps debts to Russia is interesting

People in charge of GOP now aren't traditional Republicans-They took over GOP in a coup in 80s & 90s

Republicans play politics while the world burns.

Why Hillary Lost: The Great American Lie

Eric Garland Tweetstorm: How everything toppled...and what makes it worth fighting for.

How pre-teens using metadata found a whistleblower in two hours

Du this Fox News poll.. about Russia and hacking

I myself find it hard to believe Russia would ever involve itself in other country's elections.

Geert WildersFar-Right Leader, Islamophobe, and Trump FanConvicted of Inciting Discrimination

here's my question.... if trumps disputes the CIA, where is he getting his intel from?

Let's All Congratulate Bristol Palin, the Spokesperson for Abstinence, on her 3rd Blessed Event!

Pastor shouting at children in mall: "Santa is fake! Santa is fake! And Jesus is real!"

From the files of Conservative Jones, Internet detective

RNC Chief screams in panic for nearly 10 minutes, denying Russian hacks.

Holy Turtle Shell! McTurtle just said the Ruskies are not our friends!

The real challenge facing humanity in this new century is not just global warming

PLEASE NOTE: Its NOT... NOT just the CIA... its 16 different other intel agencies !!!

An underappreciated fact about the 2016 election: The massive generation gap

In Trump Era, Uncompromising TV News Should Be the Norm, Not the Exception

My friends from the military that voted for Trump have been oddly

Trump targets Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet costs

David Frum 'Imagines' Along With Donald Trump

DU help please. Any links to Mitch McConnell blocking increased security for the 2016 election?

Keeping it real

Are you an "automation denier"?

Podunk Trump-centric Youtube channel will get White House journalist credentials.

Cruella Deville just entered the Trump Tower...

Judge rejects Green Party's Pennsylvania recount case

Joe Trippi: Everybody can point to something that went wrong and theyre right

Eliminate the EPA and the Energy Department

Annual Hater's Guide to Williams-Sonoma

A Hard Rains a-Gonna Fall: Obama Exits and Trump Takes Center Stage

Trump presidency as a mass hysteria/mass psychogenic illness?

Trump is gloating about the hacks and rubbing OUR faces in them

wanna see a cool Christmas gift?

American Express will give all parents 20 weeks of paid leave

LOL @ David Frum trolling Herr Drumpf.

Am looking forward to the big fall that DRUMPF is going to give stooges Scabs & Mika Mouse

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell: The Russians are not our friends.

McConnell rejects special committee for Russian hacking

7 Top Law Firms Launch the Firearms Accountability Counsel Taskforce (FACT)

Question about thyroid symptoms after head and neck radiation

The US Intelligence Community Is Not Liberal!

94 peasant leaders assassinated in Colombia so far this year

94 peasant leaders assassinated in Colombia so far this year

Colombias latest disinformation jewel: Norway was bribed to grant Nobel Peace Prize to Santos

Syria army takes Aleppo district, battle in 'final phase'

Intelligence Agencies Distressed by Trump's Rejection of Findings on Russia

Remember that embarassing photo of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein?

Should the more prominent Trump opponents be concerned about their physical safety?

Turkey hits Kurdish militants in Iraq after attacks: report

Electors demand intelligence briefing before Electoral College vote

More Trumpian revisionist history - "Nope. You're Lying, Trump"

This is more than a sprint to the finish line. In a little more than a month,

So the GOP has no problem with Russia now?

Diane Rehm show this AM discussing Russia - worth listening to (and could raise your blood pressure)

Man spends stolen $1m on Game of War

If you have a t v check out this clown defending Herr Drumpf on CNN right now.

My last thread of this morning. I saw a meme from an alt-right twitter page right fucking here

A Petition to Release the Names of Voters on the "Interstate Crosscheck" Purge List

Senator Mitch McConnell supports Inquiry of Russian Hacking During Election

Pic Of The Moment: Way To Go, Republicans

A Guide To Donald Trump's Huge Debts and the Conflicts They Present

That W Va racist who posted a slam against Michelle Obama? She has her job back.

PizzaGate Shooter Read Alex Jones. Here Are Some Other Fans Who Perpetrated Violent Acts.

All That's Left Now Concerning McConnell Is To Speculate What Kompromat Russia's Got On Him

McConnell gets on board!

Trump is 70yo, has trouble remembering stuff and can't concentrate. Dementia?

is trump trying to start a war with china before his inauguration?

Snow Day !!111

Me again: This Friday's New York Times crossword is mine...

Oh yay, Carly Failurama is trolling around Trump Tower - CNBC.

To make the election fair the only solution is for Trump to release all his emails and taxes

Electors demand intelligence briefing before Electoral College vote

Republicans exploited hacks targeted at Democrats, now they're in control of the investigation

Trumps expected choice for State in very real danger of being blocked on the Hill

Carly Fiorina for DNI?

Morell calls Russia's meddling in U.S. elections 'political equivalent of 9/11'

Note to DRUMPF: Your replies to substantive criticism with "bias/unfair/sad,etc." magnifies your

Trump risks war by turning the One China question into a bargaining chip

Estimate - how many people who voted for Trump are going to regret their decision a year from now?

Mark Cuban, who repeatedly dissed Trump as unfit for office, now says he's 'our number 1 draft pick'

carly fiorina quote: 'he has really cool stuff in his office'

Wall Street Won Bigly By Running Against Wall Street

Can anyone access Thom Hartmann now?

Despite Trump, McCain Vows To Probe Russian Election Hacking

For decades, Exxon and Tillerson lied to the public about global warming.

A noisy inaugeration parade?

anyone know anything about replacing linoleum floors?

Trump cannot FATHOM why the Russian thing wasn't brought up before election. Sad! Not fair.

Rep Adam Schiff on Andrea Mitchell

It's Time To Raise This Idea Again About 'Workers Rights', The War Against Unions, & Our Future.....

What does everyone believe will happen if Trump is removed from office?

Shocking, just SHOCKING! A conflict of interest for Trump Cabinet pick, the beloved Elaine Chao?

McConnell backs Russian hacking investigation

So you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction?

Trump Considers Fiorina for Top Intelligence Job

There is a way some Republicans can show their anger with Mitch McConnell

Political Corruption Silences Our Voice

Trump is publicly humiliating those who opposed him

December 12, 2000, a date that will live in infamy.

McConnell FOR investigating Russian election hacks now? Slow-walkit thru Inaugural, then impeach

I Put In A Call Today To Sen. Mark Kirk's (IL) Office.....

The Latest: Store manager details church shooters gun buy

Name this WW2 veteran (and later TV actor)

Neo-Nazi group National Action to be banned under terrorism laws

Majority of Vote Counting Machines in Detroit Broke On Election Day

Harry Reid: Sen. Joe Manchin 'Is Obviously Running For A Cabinet Spot'

Trump Should Be Admired for His Display of Loyalty

Allen West recently praised a plan to exterminate Muslims, and now hes meeting with Donald Trump

McConnell: No Need For Special Committee To Probe Russian Hacking

Have you ever clicked "report" on a Trump tweet?

Okayyyy! Here is the popular anti-Trump song

Podesta says Clinton campaign backs effort to get Electoral College voters Russian hacking intel

Call White House about briefing entire Electoral College before Dec 19 about Russian interference

podesta says Clinton campaign backs effort to get Electoral College voters intel briefing on Russian

We have to explain ALL the losses

Reid Blames Comey For Worsening Impact Of Russian Meddling In Election

First Lady-elect Melania Trump appears in Maryland county courtroom

The Ambassador from Russia

Fmr GOP Rep Joe Walsh says Trump's behavior almost an act of treason (VIDEO)

The wealthy corporate elites were never held accountable

Americans Demand Democracy at the Polls

Dear Republican Leadership:

A Massacre in the Rear View Mirror: El Mozote at 35

A Massacre in the Rear View Mirror: El Mozote at 35

Can you imagine the damage Donald Trump would do...

Palin: "I Can Keep an Eye on Russia"

Not The Onion: Trump is upset Time named him 'Person of the Year' instead of 'Man of the Year'

China Warns Trump With Nuclear Fly-By

Suspected Russian cyberattack waged on Clinton campaign just days before vote

Well folks I just called our "Senators"

Russian hackers 'threaten Germany 2017 election', MPs warn

Surge in drug-affected newborns driven by rural opioid use

Inflation-hit Venezuela to pull largest bill from circulation

The Republican Obamacare repeal plan comes into terrifying focus

Google-funded Flint water app helps residents find lead risk, resources

LIVEBLOG: Dylann Roof's rejection to buy firearm came 12 days after Emanuel shooting

What's up with Mitch Turtle coming out of his shell regarding Russia?

I wish someone could hack the audio system at the inaugeration

Execution costs spike in Virginia; state pays pharmacy $66K

Setting House of Cards afire with Red Laser Light - Spectacular

Fighting for the Poor Under Trump

How Tracking Product Sources May Help Save World's Forests

House of Cards Vs. Red Laser Light

Congressman begs Electoral College voters to block Trump

Former Pennsylvania congressman Chaka Fattah gets 10 years in prison for fraud

When Miranda violations lead to passwords

Transition Advisor Peter Thiel Could Directly Profit From Mass Deportations

Time to get busy, DU! A Complete List of Congressional Representatives Contact Info:

A list of Congressional contacts for your convenience!

Trump facing two-front legitimacy war

Electoral College voters want to know whether Russia meddled in election

Montana incest sentence 'reprehensible' but no way to appeal

Supreme Court rejects trade groups challenge to Colorados internet sales tax

This from Scott Dworkin's twitter feed

Love it, Hate it, Leave it, Stay...20 Below Zero Here right now

Don't get all excited about McConnell "suddenly" being "on board" about checking Russian meddling

Transition Adviser Peter Thiel Could Directly Profit From Mass Deportations

Today's petitions

What things be different if Trump had been forced to show tax returns?


North Dakota Democrat Top Of Trump's List For Agriculture Secretary, Gives GOP Another Senate Pick U

A peeve: When lyrics are credited over music/melody, to either like or dislike a song

Trump Says Hes A Smart Guy, So He Doesnt Need Intelligence Briefings

Teen Vogue denounces drumph better than much msm

Former Acting CIA Director Calls Russian Interference In Election The Political Equivalent Of 9/11

Technical glitch postpones NASA satellite launch

Science Team Finds Melt Lakes, Moulins, Glacial Rivers Atop East Antarctic Ice Sheet - WP

11 arrested in France over Nice massacre

White House suggests Trump benefited from Russia hacking

Brooklyn man's website helps people contact Electoral College before Trump vote

Terminally ill boy dies in Santa's arms

How many here watched the Nixon watergate hearings?

Trump's simplified 1040 charity deduction form

Donald Trump confirms he will violate Constitution his first day inoffice

Here's my hope

'Santa Claus does not exist!': Texas pastor heckles children, parents waiting to meet Santa at mall

Do you feel yourself becoming stupid whenever listening to Trump speak

Cherokee Nation joins Native American tribes recognizing same-sex marriage

Violence Threatens Planned Protests in Brazil, Americans Urged to Avoid

UPDATED Photos: Getting ready and Taping tonight's UAW town hall in Kenosha.

Bill Gates leading multi-billion dollar climate change-fighting venture

All RNC Emails Should Be Released To The Public. Since Russia Released DNC Emails

LGBTQ advocates concerned over Trump's expected secretary of state pick

Trump to Split Time Between Trump Tower and Kremlin

It Is Time To Seriously Consider Treason Charges Against Republicans

Wisconsin recount is done, needs certification

Fresh graft allegations hit Brazil Senate president

White House Hits Back Against Trump, Bolton Claims Of Hacking 'Conspiracy'

Fresh graft allegations hit Brazil Senate president

What women should know about Trumps labor secretary pick

Jeff Greenfield: The Faithless-Elector Fantasy Is Fun, but Its Just a Fantasy

Hey Thomas Roberts- you just repeated Groper DOn the Con's lie

As Trump takes aim, union membership has declined in Washington

As Trump takes aim, union membership has declined

Costs are 'out of control' for F-35 fighter jets made in Fort Worth, Trump says

President Temer's Name Is Cited 43 Times in Plea Bargain of Odebrecht Executive

Dear Don, it's called the "Presidential DAILY Briefing" for a reason ...

White House: Trump knew he was benefiting from Russian hacking

Palmyra: 'Chemical gas attack' hits IS-held Syrian area

GOP Senators To Re-Introduce Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill Next Year

Trumps coming war against Islam

Hey Republicans, how'd that Hamilton boycott work out for ya?

Who did more to undermine our electoral system and elect Donald Trump ?

Twitter ends ban of notorious white nationalist Richard Spencer

Why a Trump presidency inspires fear

This Is Madness: Joe Scarborough Rips Into Report of John Boltons State Department Nod

Swiss Banks Probed at Home Over Brazils Carwash Bribe Scandal

On the El Paso border, Trumps appeal with Latinos defies expectations

Swiss Banks Probed at Home Over Brazils Carwash Bribe Scandal

Does Senator-elect Kamala Harris have a phone number yet

Methane surge needs 'urgent attention'

New push to replace Obamacare reignites old GOP tensions

The Deplorables would rather live under Putin than under democratic rule

Key GOP senators join call for bipartisan Russia election probe, even as their leaders remain mum

Democrats Need To Stop Acting Like We're The Minority!

We Are Walking In To Dangerous Territory...

Love you Jane Fonda -a sexist boy in a bully pulpit who is missing an opportunity to be

McConnell: The Russians are not our friends."

"Military Medicine: Beyond the Battlefield" on PBS

Forget Air Force One: Here comes the new first limo

Spicer going nuts on MSNBC again... he's a RNC com director not some low level IIRC...

Never forget that Groper Don the Con asked Russia to hack Hillary's email

Trump "has really cool stuff in his office." Except for that FACE. Can you imagine?

Trump Landslide? Nope

President Obamas White House Shreds Trump For Supporting Russian Hacking

imho, the crucial task of election investigators, whoever they may be,

The authoritarian leaders who are eagerly awaiting a Trump presidency

Best case scenario

President Obama's Approval Rating Is the Highest in Years

Stuck in West Virginia

Abortion providers sue to block Texas fetal burial, cremation rule

Jeff Fisher is OUT of There

China Responds to Trumps Provocations by Flying Nuclear Bomber Over South China Sea

Honest question. If there is proof that Russia hacked the DNC,

Pic of the moment

House Speaker backs probe of cyber threats on U.S. election process

Bonus reason why Trump wants global warming, aside from helping big businesses....


The Democrats Must Stop Ceding the Security State to Republicans

Former CIA director says Russian

Reid blames Comey for Hillary Clinton's loss

Photos: Getting ready and Taping tonight's UAW town hall in Kenosha - Bernie Sanders, Chris Hayes

Breaking news

Trump's Taxes/Russia

The Trump Deficits

Syrian forces enter 'final stage' of Aleppo conquest

My President Was Black

The crime and its punishment

Joan Baez earns her singular place in the peace movement

constitutional grounds to impeach trump? definition of "emolument" is...

Hugh Hewitt

SALTO - This Wall-jumping Robot is most vertically agile ever built

King Nut

John McCain coming up on CNN

I don't believe that the Trump Campaign didn't know about the Russian Hacking.

Now who would be surprised about this?

Bernie Sanders appears at Kenosha town hall

Do NOT let them frame the fucking narrative.

Trump Owes $713 Million in Loans, $2 Billion in Real Estate Debt

James Zogby: What Democrats Must Do

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders appears at Kenosha Town Hall - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Muslims to march on White House in bid to dismantle discriminatory registry

I recall in the weeks prior to the election, there was a thread on DU that reported that the FBI

Trump too smart for intel briefings

Trump is considering a radical to lead FDA. This is F-ing insane!

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

Trump plans personal touch for Oval Office wall

In a million years, I never want to hear the republicans whine about liberal media. Ever again.

Just out of curiousity, how good are China's hackers?

Harry Reid: The Trump Campaign Was In On Russias Election Hacking (video)

Wisconsin, Pennsylvania Officially Called for Trump


Elizabeth Warren: An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us

Remember all the republicans trashing Obama for being weak or soft on Russia?

House Benghazi committee files final report and shuts down

tRump and pence MUST NOT assume the power of the the presidency, period. Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck

Bernie Kenosha Video Clip Link:

Electors demand intelligence report on Russian hacking before Electoral College vote

Donald Trump has lost popular vote by greater margin than any US President in history

Paul Krugman: Donald Trump is the Siberian candidate

Fidel Castro left Cuba a green legacy

Wake me when it's over: "Las Vegas strip club to feature Melania Trump look-alike"

Clouds, 'supermoon' could dim Geminid meteor shower Tuesday

Trump "transition adviser" Peter Thiel might rake in millions with software for mass deportations

Peter jokester on cnn

Remember what Comey is supposedly hiding. This too must be investigated.

VA GOP Delegate Submits Legislation to Make Anniversary of Roe v Wade Day of Tears in State

trump the twitter, shows he knows little about technology

The Scumbag Elect In Chief

The Russian Conspiracy on Behalf of Conspiracy Theorist Donald Trump - By Jonathan Chait

I never thought I'd be rooting for Mitch McConnell....

Pelosi Statement Calling for a Bipartisan Investigation on Russian Interference in U.S. Elections

Guys! Don't forget what they did here...don't forget Rudy911 touting his FBI

Harry Reid: The Trump Campaign Was In On Russias Election Hacking (campaign colluded with WikiLeaks)

We Do Not Talk About Jeffrey

Reid: FBI director's letter cost Democrats the election, Senate

I am so sick of this fake news crap!

The GOP seems shook by the Putin-Trump Axis Of Evil.

First Amendment VS Trump

RNC, Trump, Manafort & Republican Emails Are In Putin's Hands.

Tech billionaire advising Trump might rake in millions with software for mass deportations

Ryan Backs Probes Of Russian Hacking, Warns Against Doubting Election Result

Moonrise at Sunset

Shocker: House Benghazi committee is done

Michigan to audit 'significant mismatches' in Detroit vote


Investigate Kellyanne, too!

He Even ASKED THEM to do it. It's fucking treason

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Republican Obamacare repeal plan comes into terrifying focus

Added Marmite to my vegan gravy.

Trump revels in fake news and phony claims - By Jennifer Rubin

Texas rule requiring burial or cremation of fetal tissue shames women, suit says

Texas rule requiring burial or cremation of fetal tissue shames women, suit says

Eric Cantor and the 2018 Senate race

Lockheed Boeing CIA - who will shithead fight today?

Russia intervened to help Trump win election: intelligence officials


House intelligence chairman: no benefit in opening new Russia hack probe

Judge says Stein "inexcusably" waited till the last minute on PA recount filing.

Stone Says Trump Was Just Playing with Romney

Trump finally secures some A-list entertainment for the Inaugural

Pipeline Spills 176,000 Gallons of Oil Into Creek 150 Miles From Dakota Access Protests

Remember the Wikileaks??

Ari is on MS RNC... 2008 quote from Donnie JR "Money pours into us from Russia" WHOA

Oxfam Names World's Worst Tax Havens Fueling 'Global Race to Bottom'

Report: Dad bounced mobile home up and down with loader in hopes of getting rent from son

BOLTON is talking about the politicization of intel??!??

Cyber-hackers always leave evidence behind, despite what DT and Bolton claim.

Jose Canseco just asked Donald Trump to name him Fed chair

Just got this e-mail from an old friend and former poster -makes you think

Harry Reid: Trump Campaign Was 'In On' Wikileaks Efforts To Damage Clinton

Double message from Trump by toying Romney?


Russia Seen Moving New Missiles To Eastern Europe

Biz owners near Trump tower losing Biz.

Loretta Lynch: 'a pernicious thread' links rise in hate crimes after US election

Whats Up With How Teen Vogue Is So Badass Lately?

Coal and oil are obsolete. Gas is the fuel of the 21st century.

Harry Reid is right that Trump campaign was involved with wikileaks which we know Russia gave them.

Clinton Campaign Wants Electors Briefed on Russian Sabotage Allegations

PISA 2015 shows education privatization leads to decline or stagnation, while long-term investment..

Russian-Registered Trump Companies

News surrounding Russia and interference is breaking so fast I can

Tax Reform Is Coming! Watch Out for Nonsense Like This Chart From Paul Ryan.

Russian influence at the highest levels of our government

Christine Pelosi-the elector who, along with other electiors, was just on msnbc. They had asked

All I want for Christmas is.....

Kellyanne Conway says Trump is going to put his own people in the intelligence community

For the record Groper Don the Con knows more than sixteen

Key factors that led to Trump winning, according to my calculations:

Charleston shooting trial: Dylann Roof had list of other local black churches

I just read this-

Do you think the EC will reject Trump due to the Russian question and/or the popular vote situation?

Criticism of Pope Francis rooted in misunderstanding of Vatican II

Western Michigan basketball player charged with murder