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President-Elect Trump Postpones Business Conflicts Announcement

If Trump wants to show that he is not owned by Russia

I'm not fighting over how we lost.

Ivanka Trump Auctions Off $50,000 Coffee Date

Would you be ok with Pence being President ?

Donald Trump Interviewed Mitt Romney to Torture Him, Roger Stone Says

Hardball is good tonight.

Trump Goes Into Hiding And Cancels Press Conference As Russia Investigation Gains Momentum

Trump's criticism of Russia hacking claim could haunt him

Virginia Republican proposes bill to designate Roe v. Wade anniversary as 'Day of Tears'

Trump vs. Trump-I find it quite ironic that Trump is self destructing. His egomaniacal self

"OMG! Trump is TERRIBLE! His nominee for (fill in blank) is a fascist POS! Did you hear

What do you plan on doing on January 20, about noon?

Trump-supporting Tea Partier stuns CNN host by saying the president-elect is on the verge of treason

Since GOP figures were hacked, won't the CIA need to see any compromised emails?

Ex-Illinois congressman Aaron Schock, pleads not guilty to spending scandal

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will reportedly attend Trump's tech summit

So. . . Just imagining that President Obama releases a smoking gun with clear fingerprints--

GOP leaders shield Trump from expanded Russia probe

Warnings Signs for Republicans in Final Days of 2016

Joe Walsh: Donald Trump 'Acting Like A Third Grader' In Face Of Russian Hack

A case of abdominal pain in the ER. And a surprising cause. (marijuana)

Bats new threat for survival: shale gas industry

Bernie Sanders WI Town Hall - MSNBC Tonight @8pm ET!!!

Pierce: We deserve all the answers

Britain adopts broader anti-Semitism definition to fight hate crimes against Jews

What You Need to Know About Authoritarianism

Trump has lost popular vote by greater margin than any US President in history

This Modern World- Conservative Detective

China says Trumps Taiwan comments cause serious concern

Got my SS notice of my 2017 New Benefit Amount today

Donald Trump 'will violate US Constitution on first day of presidency' due to business interests

Boeing to cut 777 production, slash Everett jobs

Users of Airbnb, the housing share site, are pulling their listings in the DC area

Does Putin have something on Trump? Do any of our IC entities know what it is?

Israeli man starts charity to get injured Syrian women & children to Israel for medical help

Eichenwald, Wall Street source: They watch TV news to see which co. might anger Trump, then short it

In 2011, Rick Perry forgot the name of agency he wanted to eliminate. Now Trump wants him to head it

SF Symphony Cancels Concerts In NC to Protest Discriminatory HB2 Law

Why leaving Alabama for FAU is the best thing for Lane Kiffin

So, freedom and independence are just bargaining chips now

WATCH: Sen. Harry Reid Accuses Trump Campaign of Coordinating With Wikileaks and Russian Government

Crowd gathers to witness the dismantling of AR-15

Jimmy Kimmel Presents: Trump On A Stump

Trump could refuse to take office.

Exclusive: SWIFT confirms new cyber thefts, hacking tactics

Former Dep. Asst. Sec. of Defense: "Not at all far-fetched" to ask if Trump is Russia's puppet

Predictit has Tillerson at 76 cents.

Sure Seems Like Romney Got Punked into Kissing Donald Trump's Ring

That swamp gettin' any lower yet?

My thoughts exactly

Eichenwald suggests Trump canceled 12/15 business-plans presser b/c of Newsweek story out tomorrow

Watching "All In" from Kenosha, WI.

Red Don Trumpski, desperate to change the subject,

Trump skipping Intel briefings, and Trump's first one.

Trump's incredible arrogance: "I don't need to hear the same intelligence reports!" If Hillary

Mitch McConnell knows how bad it is going to get.

Been hearing rethugs saying not supporting tRump is unpatriotic?

Did Trump warn someone of this Tweet, giving them insider information AKA Insider Trading?

Trump delays "conflicts" presser until after the Electoral College votes on his election (Dec. 19)

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's best Christian, speaks the truth.

OK - This is blasphemy.

Hammer and Sickle (er, ahh Combover) - Luckovich Toon

If Rex Tillerson is nominated, Russia could get some very unfortunate ideas

Heads up on Dec. 13th NC Congressional meetings

Senate torture report to be kept from public for 12 years after Obama decision

Senate torture report to be kept from public for 12 years after Obama decision

Any Congressional Investigation of Putin Installing Trump will be a white wash

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Ghost of Christmas Past! Live, Uncensored & a new

When Fred Trump died

NEWSWEEK story in the AM, Conflict Zone, pic of the Con by Eichenwald

Trump plans African-American issues meeting

Donald Trump Interviewed Mitt Romney to Torture Him, Roger Stone Says

Are those idiot Kenosha Trump voters still hot on the T-rump?

Wow. This is a very restrictive restroom.

K. Eichenwald: Trump team knows Newsweek story coming 2morrow about his business. They know what it.


K. Eichenwald: Trump team knows Newsweek story coming 2morrow about his business. They know what it.


KO: Is There a Russian Coup Underway in America?

See, *this* is the problem: PALMIERI just said "Alexander HAMILTON" to Rachel because

KO: Is There a Russian Coup Underway in America?

Flight worker who fled checkpoint guilty of drug smuggling

Flight worker who fled checkpoint guilty of drug smuggling

Ivanka Trump Auctions Herself for $50,000

Ex-Councilman Albanese announces 2017 NYC mayoral run

The racist b***h who called Michelle "an ape in heels" is getting her job back!

Trump targets F-35, but aircraft means jobs in 45 states

Why Any GOP Congressional Investigation will Go Nowhere

With Obamacare repealed, 1 in 4 adults could be uninsurable due to a pre-existing condition

Holy Crap. This is real!?

Roger Stone: Trump interviewed Romney to "torture" him

Venezuela shuts Colombia border to fight currency smuggling

Vandal spray-paints swastikas, racist word, and Hail Pres. Trump at Kansas City library

Electors Against Trump Are Faithful Not Faithless

When Daily Intelligence Briefings Prevented a Nuclear War


Maddow previews explosive Newsweek story that hints at Turkeys blackmail of Trump

Once Again, Justice Breyer Presses Case Against Death Penalty.

Walked by my Christmas cactus while playing "Where's Lola"

Released 'Operation Condor' Files Show CIA Torture in Argentina

So, remember my Trump voting cousin?

Released 'Operation Condor' Files Show CIA Torture in Argentina

China Auto Sales Peak in November: Group

ABC News tonight

The ELECTORS must DO THEIR JOBS -- or we must ABOLISH the Electoral College - PERIOD.

Next year's MLS Cup favorites: CSKA Washington

Dan Patrick Accuses TX Chamber Of "Fear-Mongering" Over Anti-LGBT Bills

Rachel Maddow previews "explosive" Newsweek story that hints at Turkey's blackmail of Trump

Womens March gets spot for post-inauguration rally

Barclays, HSBC, and UBS were allegedly involved in rigging the silver market

IF Trump is actually sworn in,

Here's a thought: Instead of chips'n'salsa, how about chips'n'strawberry jam?!1 n/t

UN Warns about Decline of Struggle against Poverty in Brazil

I think it is time we tighten up those standards to run for POTUS

Mittens just got punked again

So we now know that Trump put Romney in a cage on the roof of his car and took him for a ride.

December 12th - Blessed Our Lady of Guadalupe Day

Why we walk on our heels instead of our toes: Longer virtual limbs

After Trump's win, China and Mexico move to deepen ties

After Trump's win, China and Mexico move to deepen ties

Expert: We caught Russian hackers in the act (video at link)

I think I've figured something out.......

And if you doubt the Media wasn't slurping whatever shit Trump Spewed...ask yourself

Do the Electors in the Electoral College only get to vote from Trump or Clinton?

What time zone are we set on?

To Do More

Breaking News: Apprentice executive producer to pick ExxonMobil CEO Tillerson as secretary of state

Little discussed fact: Siberia and Russia might BENEFIT from worldwide climate warming.

Obama Will Preserve Senate Torture Report in His Presidential Library

Trump is going to do whatever he wants and nobody will stand up to him.

Blasphemy Trial of Indonesian Capital's Governor Begins

Garrison Keillor says Keith Ellison, 'lackluster black Muslim,' is wrong for DNC chair

Donald Trump chooses Rick Perry to be energy secretary

If Trump falls below 270 votes, who is your best guess for who congress would install as President?

University of Minnesota pulls ads from

Holiday Food With Julia Moskin and Kim Severson

Trump cabal lies - "It Comes So Easily" Tell it, Josh Marshall!

New York should seize Trump Tower (Catherine Rampell, Washington Post)

So Trump named someone to Department of Energy that can't remember the name of his department?

'Brick' wall placed in front of Univ. of Minn. College Republican's bridge mural

AP FACT CHECK: No landslide election win for Trump

Anybody notice a lack of enthusiasm by Trumpanzees on Facebook?

Donald Trump vs. the CIA over Russian Hacking: A Closer Look

Something has gnawed at me since the election day.

Ivanka Trump's Boots Are Getting Some Interesting Reviews on Amazon

University of Minnesota may change the way it lobbies for state funding

Flawed Choices for the State Department

There are 72,000 manufacturing jobs on Long Island, NY...

Expert: We caught Russian hackers in the act

Labor Secretary Tom Perez plans bid to lead Democrats

Jim Bakker Show: Trump Could Be The Messiah Or A John The Baptist-Like Forerunner To The Messiah

Well, is f***ed up.

Accused shooter had list of other black churches in his car

Maddow previews explosive Newsweek story that hints at Turkeys blackmail of Trump

If you can, please considering ordering an online subscription to media outlets doing

Woman is deathly allergic to most everything - including her husband

Do you think the mainstream corporate media is finally waking up to the danger that is Assfaced

FYI.. Obama to open post-presidency office in World Wildlife Fund headquarters

What is your greatest fear of a Trump presidency?

Donald Trump To Name Rex Tillerson Secretary Of State

Smithsonian to display Trump portrait ahead of inauguration

A Top Google Result for the Holocaust Is Now a White Supremacist Site

Life changes in an instant and you can't change that.

Minneapolis man charged with raping female passenger on intercity bus

Harry Reid: The Trump Campaign Was In On Russias Election Hacking

Colorado judge rejects electors' effort against Trump

St. Paul firefighters weekend sick days a disturbing pattern, chief says

Judge rejects Electoral College lawsuit in Colorado: A political stunt

Minnesota legislators say they'll introduce bill over location-tracking ignition systems

Donald Trump Eyes Carly Fiorina for Director of National Intelligence

Life can change in an instant and we can't change it...

How many electors do we need?

Philippine lawmakers file criminal case against Duterte critic

Why Trump Won't Win In 2020

John Goodman sums up the Trump Presidency in 6 words.

State faces $100 million in budget cuts

Branstad could oversee one last legislative session before China departure

Nativity scene inside Iowa Capitol called free speech

Would Trump Use A Terrorist Attack As a Pretext for Expanded Presidential Powers?

Eight Democrats vying to be next state party chair

Can anyone corroborate this?

Russia hacked GOP groups, US intel believes

Rick Perry joins THE SWAMP !!

I had a Crohn's C-Diff accident in my classroom. Stupidly I fled.

Trump represents the culmination of news as entertainment...

Missouri agency tried to bill a genealogy group $1.5 million for records

school problem

Fake Cop Pulls Over Off-Duty Police Officer, Gets Arrested

I need a miracle

Costly Missouri Department of Corrections Payouts Draw Calls for Investigation

Planned Parenthood seeks injunction to resume abortions at Columbia clinic

Former head of St. Louis police officers' group gets prison term for fraud

American Family Insurance Co. ordered to pay Missouri woman $20 million

'Racial aversion increased greatly over the last 8 years'

Are the Republicans and Donald Trump outsourcing our foreign policy to Moscow?

We Get To Experience "On The Beach", "7 Days In May", "Dr. Stranglove" For Real.

Police: Woman drives truck through Missouri clinic's doors

Belleville men burned on the job get $18.5 million settlement, lawyers say

Mitt Romney is a clown.

Samantha Bee: Democrats in the Wilderness (Identity politics; yes, Hillary talked about JOBS dammit)

Oakland, county weigh $1.3B Raiders stadium financing deal

Trump/GOP Preparing To Sentence Countless Americans To Misery/Early Death.

Putin Picked Trump in Order to Get the U.S. to Go to War to Stop South China Sea Oil Drilling

Potential Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson Has an SEC Problem

status of the December 16 rape pretrial against president-elect still on?

Arkansas delivery man shoots at attacker after pizzas stolen

Arkansas lawmaker's bill on food stamps says no junk foods

NPR: Israel's Right Wing Expects Boost From A Trump Presidency

Donald Trumps Theory On Catching Hackers Gives Cybersecurity Pros The Giggles

Crowd calls for school official who wore 'blackface' to step down: Superintendent tries to have ...

Jett joins the GOP; Democrats lose majority on House taxation committee

Stephen Colbert: Congratulations to Russia on Winning the Cold War

Reid is practically screaming look at the Russians and Donald Trump's campaign connections

Damn! Judge says electors must vote for statewide winner

One in six U.S. adults takes a psychiatric drug, study says

Daily Holiday - December 13

Microsoft to partner with Arkansas to promote technology education

Rep. Karilyn Brown files bill to require vaccinating schoolchildren

Nickel clue to 'dinosaur killer' asteroid

The GOP is protecting Trump from being investigated on National Security grounds

A taste of the future? Russian deathsquads killing with impunity in Turkey.

Republicans actively destroying meme that they are the "national security"-party.

Arkansas archeologist does his job, is asked to leave

Governor plans talk on $50 million tax cut

Stratos Sentenced to over 21 Years in Prison (Over $30M Fraud)

Lake Mary Man Pleads Guilty To Investment Fraud

Two Securities Traders Charged In Scheme That Netted $26 Million In Illicit Profits

I feel like I am in a cross between "All The President's Men"

Reports of Aleppo civilians 'shot on the spot' by pro-regime forces UN

Wow-the beautiful pure talent of Julien Baker

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Ms. Robot

New Century Coal Fraud Ends in Lengthy Prison Sentences for Ten Individuals

Quest hack. Seriously: Freeze your credit: I did. Not too hard. Here's how:

Former Congressman Chaka Fattah Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Racketeering Conspiracy

Seven Defendants Sentenced - $36 Million Fraud Scheme Involving Low-Income Housing Developments

Gov. John Bel Edwards takes issue with Sen.-elect John Kennedy's take on federal flood aid

Rex Tillerson's Company, Exxon, Has Billions at Stake Over Russian Sanctions

Misogynistic jokes spark Rep. Helena Moreno taking #ItsNoJoke campaign to next level

Violent convicts working in state buildings, audit finds

President Obama on the media obsession with emails

Gorbachev Says U.S. Was Short-sighted on Soviets

Why should he give a shit what the Intelligence community has to say in their surmises

How JPMorgan Chase avoided prosecution over Sons and Daughters

A California man steals $5 million, spends $1 million on a cellphone game

Rex Tillerson named as Donald Trump's secretary of state


An Opinion

The emerging science of bromosexual friendships

Russia Today continues muddying the waters on the hacking-allegations

RTW, other anti-union measures pre-filed in Missouri legislature

RTW, other anti-union measures pre-filed in Missouri legislature

Obama warning Trump of danger of skipping intel briefings will only make him determined to skip MORE

In New Trumpanistan, reality as we know it will cease to exist.

Boycott Exxon!!

Trump and the GOP are charging forward with Obamacare repeal, but few are eager to follow

Sanders to Trump Voters: Why do you vote for someone who is lying?

Records: Too many votes in 37% of Detroits precincts

Watch Bernie Sanders convince a Trump voter she voted for the wrong person in less than 2 minutes

Well, Tillerson has supporters and it's the Iraq gang.

By any definition of the word, this may be Russia's greatest coup since Sputnik.

Bill de Blasio: if Clinton had had a message of economic change, would overwhelmed Trump

Inauguration blues: Why pop stars won't play for Trump

Maddow previews explosive Newsweek story that hints at Turkeys blackmail of Trump

How Donald Trump's Business ties are already jeopardizing U.S. Interests / Eichenwald's newest

'United Patriots Front' Leader Charged With Serious Religious Vilification

How Donald Trump's Business ties are already jeopardizing U.S. Interests / Eichenwald's newest

'Person' of the year

GOP Senators To Re-Introduce Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill Next Year

McConnell and Trump are guilty of treason

Trump says his sons will do no new deals once they take over his business

Leader of Opus Dei dies at 84

Chinese Protestors Put Smog Masks On Statues, And In Come The Riot Police - Guardian

Rex Tillerson's Exxon-Mobil has been under formal investigation by the SEC since August

Russian deputy minister: we reached out to Trump entourage during the campaign.


NASA Earth Science Waiting For The Axe; No Comment From Shitler's Denialist Transition Team

Puppet of The Year.......

The Putin-Trump bromance

How do Trumpies respond to newspaper articles connecting Trump to Russia?

to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln...

Obama to Trevor Noah:"very clear relationships between members of PEOTUS's campaign team & Russians"

Michelle Obama 'ape in heels' Facebook post: Woman 'to return to work

Ta-Nehisi Coates: My President Was Black

Charity warns of FGM 'parties' taking place in England

Rick Perry to be put in charge of oops

Newsweek: Trump business conflicts open US to foreign blackmail Rachel Maddow

Full Video 12/12/16 Bernie Sanders Town Hall On Trump Country From Kenosha

Donald Trump, Catholics, and the Scourge of Racism

Obama hits Trump on intel briefings: It doesnt matter how smart you are

Rachel Maddow: Poll Reveals Trump Voters Live in Alternate State of Reality

Bernie talks to his Kenosha audience after the taping of this show.

Donald Trump, I will never pledge allegiance to Moscow.

Bernie talks to his Kenosha audience after the taping of this show.

Should journalists be worried about the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Orange Mess

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Do we do like Donald Trump, the Deplorables, and (most) of the GOP and pledge allegiance to Russia?

I know my senators will be voting against Comrade Tillerson.


Why Donald Trump cannot sell his property

If you live in a blue state do you think your senator will vote for Comrade Tillerson to be S. O. S.

Trevor Noah on trump appointments

Why are you defending Russia?: They are asking the GOP

Iran works on nuclear-powered ships in response to US sanctions

Exxon is a full-blown fracker but Rex Tillerson sued when frackers came 2 his backyard

dana rohrabacher is completely out of his mind - total wacko on mourning joe

Trump and the "refrigerator" who rejected him

Shot, Chaser

EU struggles with split over Turkey membership bid

Ugh. We lost Rob Sherman. No small planes, please!

More electors join call for Russia interference briefing before vote

Wyoming sells land in Grand Teton National Park to feds for $46M

Neonatal Opioid Dependence Spikes 7X In 9 Years In Rural Areas, 4X In Cities - NYT

The Issue Is Treason

GOP House Intelligence Chair Won't Start New Probe Into Russian Hacking

Fair and balanced poll.

USGS/NASA Program Will Provide Near-Real-Time Tracking Of How Quickly Large Glaciers Move

Podesta also wants Obama Adm to declassify and make public intel information...

Eugene Robinson: Trump is assembling an anti-government

Chinese state tabloid warns Donald Trump: 'Pride goes before a fall'

Our new national anthem

State revenue growth slows, sparking fear of recession

The German Press unloads on ours


Read Coates's Atlantic piece. Now.

What movie will best describe the rise and fall of

kanye west has entered trump tower

Will any of Trump's appointments be rejected by Congress?

Safe spaces on post'its!

"Mom, tell me about 2016."

It's basic: Yan group sets performance targets for alternative fuel cell technology

Watch Bernie Sanders turn Trump voter into a Liberal (VIDEO)

Venezuela frees four anti-government activists, opposition says

terrifying headline: Trump rewrites US foreign policy on the fly

Source: 21+ Trump Electors Switching, RNC May Be Lobbying for Mitt Romney

Do You Know Where The Candle Supply Is?

This is not a drill. Kanye West is at Trump Tower.

Trump "Won" Michigan: Half of Detroit Voting Machines Broken, Countless Ballots "Unrecountable"

So, here's a question: Are Trump and Putin Communicating re: the Transition?

On Twitter, Flynn Follows Racists, Conspiracists, And Islamophobes

It's the reason for the season

My husband and I started to try to decide

Mouse-sized buildings pop up in Sweden

Dispute over Russia reflects growing Republican resistance to Trump

Passing the torch: Mikulski says goodbye to the Senate

Gambia's security forces 'take over electoral commission building

Interesting Middle East math...

So....just to recap, off the top of my head.

Meat market

Trump team working to remove top NATO official

Getting political again

Why is Herr Drumpf hugging Russia while pushing away China?

Ayn Rand-acolyte Donald Trump stacks his cabinet with fellow objectivists

Heres What America Needs to Know About Trump and Russia

Misprision of treason

Mouse-sized art appears on Swedish street (BBC)

Koterba toon: Trump on weather

Jesus.. As though Trump is not enough to worry about!

Do you think Putin has veto power on Trump Cabinet picks?

Weingarten: Ellison brings together biggest partisans for Bernie and biggest partisans for Hillary

Joe Scarborough warns Trump: CIA can cut your administration to shreds with leaks and they will

Vox - Why Obamacare enrollees voted for Trump

Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy! Since he said he wanted to get rid

Following Intercept Report, 22 Organizations Urge Tech Firms To Reject Muslim Registry

Wise owl

Energy Dept. rejects Trumps request to name climate change workers, who remain worried

Walking back to your desk when there's free food in the breakroom

Oh, the ones who count the votes are unassailable. Only 85k votes in six states

Welcome to the alternate universe.


Will Perry wipe out the wrong agency?

Aleppo: Reports of executions as Syrian army closes in

McConnell: "...After all, it's not Benghazi!"

The War Powers Act should be re-visited.

"Liberal" MSNBC asking ExxonMobil board member if Tillerson is a good choice.

Cryogenic storage offers hope for renewable energy (BBC) {among other things}

Did you ever notice that post excerpts that make the front page of DU lose their apostrophes?

Aleppo in a happier time...

Latest on Social Security fate - TPM - "This is Where It's At"

Fighting hate in the checkout line

The fake news fakeout: Conservatives want to discredit the news that they dont agree with

Rick Perry and the DAPL

Democratic Coalition Against Trump Filing TREASON Charges Against Trump, Comey, Giuliani, McConnell

Donald Trump's Russian hacking denials ignore the fact that he asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump sets date, location for next press conference.

Corporate Media is the News

How many DUers have read

Could the electoral college dump Trump? (BBC) {probably not}

Russian anchor: under DT, US will drop annoying slogans about human rights, democracy

'Everyone is dying. I will soon die, too'

Women and children sought out and killed in the streets in Aleppo.

When Trump takes office

What Would You Do If You Were a Presidential Elector? (Garrett Epps, Atlantic)

A word of advice about controlling the Democratic Party message

Lane Kiffin is the new Head Coach at Florida Atlantic University

Racist screams "freedom of speech", beats her up, orders food, beats her up again.

Comey told FBI there was significant risk in Clinton letter

Energy Dept. Refuses to Buckle to Trump Transition's Climate Change Witchhunt

Evangelicals are more skeptical of evolution than of climate change

trump, the really smart president, doesn't have time for daily briefings....

So its looking like the recounts are rigged...

I wish they had set the age from 35 to 65 in the constitution for

Winter safety warning

Syria is the new Bloodlands.

I noticed that clown Trump patted Kanye on the back but wouldn't hug him.


the dick is back: CHENEY calls tillerson an 'inspired' choice for secretary of state....

4 million Americans could be drinking toxic water and would never know

REPOST: How Donald Trump's Business Ties Are Already Jeopardizing U.S. Interests

Wellll, Neocons tied to Exxon recommended Tillerson to Dump

Wasn't Tillerson CondiLIAR's boss in a previous time?

Trump's strategy of smearing and badmouthing is actually very strategic:

Prosecutors moving ahead with second Oregon standoff trial #BundyTeaParty

Will Trump let his Department heads work from home via secure internet?

Eric Trump Charity Spent $880K at Family-Owned Golf Resorts

Trump's business ties already jeopardizing U.S. interests

Nate Silver, Harry Reid agree: Hillary Clinton isn't president because of James Comey's letters

Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump

kanye and trump are buds

Russian Oil Production Information?

A Guy Who Exists Purely to Troll the Humane Society Was Just Hired by Donald Trump

Russian Oil Production Information?

Joe Manchin Is Staying Put In The Senate After DOE Slot Goes To Rick Perry

Detroits voting irregularities spur state audit

Is Reince Priebus a blithering idiot?

Crazy idea, if you were President, wouldn't you hire people who might succeed?

Trump Energy Secretary Nominee, Rick Perry is on DAPL Owners Board of Directors

Post-trump america.

Its late but this song is the perfect theme for tRumps win.

'Morning Joe' Cuts Off Pro-Russia Congressman's Mic in Completely Off-The-Rails Interview

Hillary should staff a Shadow Government

Remember when Donald Trump was naming cabinet picks the day before the election?

Let's collect questions for Trump's press-conference on January 20th 2017

Chris Hayes tells the story of what happened in Kenosha

Why humanity will survive the coming plague.

2016 Year in Review and Song (NSFW lyrics)

Why must we remind people: Wall St is NOT Main Street?

Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump

What a web we weave, when we practice to deceive..

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia: Vladimir Putin Wanted 'Revenge' on Hillary Clinton

Real America is its own bubble

12/12/2000--another day that will live in infamy (bush v gore)

Missouri: snowman stabbed

There will be a Shenmue 3!

Cartoons: "From Russia With Love"

Wow. Energy Department says it WON'T provide individual names who worked on climate polices to Trump

trump appreciates and rewards ignorance.

He didn't vote, but if he had, it would have been for Trump, because...well, "life."

Baruch College student busted at Trump Tower with backpack full of weapons

Unarmed 73-year-old man with dementia was shot 9 times by Bakersfield police, son says

Report: Trump plans to hang Nixon's 1987 letter in Oval Office

I just got a call from Trump, jr.

I know the end of the world is nigh

Universal Declaration of Human Rights--10 December 1948

J. Edgar Hoover Is Rolling Over In His Dress

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Supporters Thought He Would Stick It To Big Corporations...

Approve Merrick Garland, due the popular vote win by Hillary

Breast Vibration: Could It Mean Cancer? (the answer is NO)

ya know, i sure do miss the old days of du meetups.

Putin Agrees to Receive Intelligence Briefings in Trumps Place - Borowitz tells it

how about tagging? ever considered adding tagging?

Trump doesn't have time for a news conference but..

The Defend and Improve Social Security Act of 2018

What Was James Comey Thinking? - An exclusive report from inside the FBI. (GQ)

I Can't Believe That As A Country & Government That We Could Be Left So Vulnerable.....

Women are knitting and crocheting their pink pussyhats for the women's march against Trump

Its clear cultural fascism.

Fired Trump pimp is "really personally excited" about Rex Tillerson, Russia, and...

has russia fed the polarization of american politics?

Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump (*Perry)

CNN: Ceasefire and evacuation deal reached in Aleppo

Energy Dept. Rejects Trump Team's Request To ID Climate Staffers

Syria rebels 'to leave east Aleppo' - Russian ambassador

Nonprofit offering mobile showers to the homeless is now way more than that

Protest Against Trump on Inauguration Day: Fight Racism, Defend Immigrants. DC.

Let's call it "The Resistance"

This is really beginning to resemble Watergate.

It's all about arctic oil and gas. Russian and U.S. gangster oligarchs will control half of it...

Electoral Vote Inequality per gun states vs. control states (REVISED)

A more moderate Donald Trump? His taste in men shows otherwise

This is why I'll never throw a Christmas party.

With Rex Tillerson at State

Plans to let women Israeli soldiers serve in tanks draw the wrath of rabbis

Greg Palast delivers a petition to the DOJ to demand an investigation into Interstate Crosscheck

Approve Merrick Garland, due popular vote win by Hillary

4 Churches drop lawsuit against Massachusetts transgender protection law

Is Trump even solvent? Do we know?

Check out Newsweek Eichenwald

Check in if you're ready to fight Trumpism. Help me craft a call to action.

Check out Newsweek Eichenwald

Eighty-seven years ago...

Offutt lab identifies remains of WWII fighter pilot who disappeared in 1944

Offutt lab identifies remains of WWII fighter pilot who disappeared in 1944

Today's petitions

Cyber War *IS* *STILL* an act of WAR. This is TREASON.

Rick Perry Might Lead The Agency That Caused His Oops Moment

"You will never find a more wretched hive

Et tu,

If they release hacking intelligence to the electors,

"It's called freedom of speech"

Bloodless. Coup.

Our democracy is at stake....and now more than ever we need President Obama to LEAD.

Donald Trump Wont Silence Us

Is it time to resurrect HUAC?

Bill Gates? You're fucking Crazy? Trump is similar to Kennedy?

What is going on at Trump plaza?

Watch Bernie Sanders convince a Trump voter she voted for the wrong person in less than 2 minutes

Could it be worth a try? (copy and paste if you think so)

Boeing to Move Defense Headquarters from St. Louis to DC

How Russian money powered Trump's financial comeback, helped him win the White House

Trump and Tillerson Joint Message:

Monsanto shareowners approve Bayer merger

Briton Michael Sandford jailed over plan to shoot Donald Trump

Alan Grayson files to run again but says its just paperwork, for now

Katie Tur just mentioned Bob Gates and Condi Rice are paid consultants for ExxonMobil

Hillary ONE TERM & DONE: a possible face-saving compromise for GOP electors?

RNC keeps close tabs on Electoral College vote

Where are all the women, Wikipedia?

Stephen Bittel and Dwight Bullard to face off for Miami-Dade Democratic Party position

Where are all the women, Wikipedia?

Where are all the women, Wikipedia?

Trump Backs Out Of Press Conference That Would Have Addressed Conflicts Of Interest

is there any way around this? or are we completely f*cked?

People actually think Trump is a populist. Think about that.

Trump Is a Phony Bastard...

To: Members of Congress

Margaret E. Knight--inventor paper bag machine, amoung others

Dick Cheney, James Baker back Tillerson's selection

Margaret E. Knight--inventor (paper bag machine, amoung others)

The Electoral College and the GOP will screw us

Did Trump have someone dump Lockheed stock before the Tweet to make Trump look powerful?


President Obama became a "symbol of black peoples everyday, extraordinary Americanness"

Creative accounting for Medicare Part B premiums

NFL 'greats' visit Trump today

Sanders on Trump Appointment: Very sad. Very dangerous. Mr. Tillerson must be opposed


When Tyranny Takes Hold - Xu Hongcis experiences in China show that autocracy demands collaborators

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.

I think we need to stop and take stock how surreal this is right now.

No public figure will call Trump insane

Filmgoers arrested for refusing to stand for India's national anthem

My PFLAG T-Shirt going shopping today

Poll: Dems favor Biden, Sanders for 2020 nomination

Government Watchdog Conducting New Investigation Into Pentagon Whistleblower Retaliation

In Europe they have automatic recounts for every election

I am so glad Donald Trump keeps reminding me

The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

Ok even if Russia didn't hack to help Donald Trump.

Shouldn't A Re-Count Be A Routine Part of Our Elections?

Is Trump Being Blackmailed By A Foreign Leader?

VP Biden on now as President Obama signs his final bill.


U.S. strike kills Islamic State militants linked to Paris attacks

Study: Warming global temperatures may not affect carbon stored deep in northern peatlands

Iran to work on nuclear-powered marine vessels after U.S. 'violation' of deal

ATF believes overloaded electrical lines caused Oakland warehouse fire: report

Senate panel plans hearing on Russia hacking in January: spokeswoman

Sign the Petition: Stop the Republican Attack on Social Security

Republicans Set to Battle on Legal Immigration

Racist post about Michelle Obama sparks West Virginia review of nonprofit

Central Texas City Adopts $15 Minimum Wage (San Marcos)

UPDATE: Judge wants to review search warrant related to Hillary's FBI investigation.

Judge blocks mental health testimony for South Carolina church shooting suspect

Election Security Is a Matter of National Security

It's a different rulebook and Constitution for Repubs

The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

Universal Health Coverage: an affordable goal for all

Your Trump laugh of the day

Seriously, it's just unbelievable how my friends are handling the day to day developments.

UN drops Wonder Woman as honorary ambassador

Yeah So...

Haunting Photos Feature Trumps Sexist Comments Drawn On Womens Bodies *NSFW*

You are gonna love it...

The Left Lane: How to Know if You Should Move to the RIGHT

Don't look to Trump to predict the coming storm. He's the distraction...

Bernie Sanders: Trump Won Because People Are Tired of Politically Correct Rhetoric

Business Groups Terrified That Trump Will Keep Mass Deportation Promises

"The president-elect has at least 75 pending lawsuits, each extending after he takes office Jan. 20"

Trump 2017 in office!

From Mrs. Betty Bowers (America's Best Christian)

Breaking ... And Santa is real

Kanye on Meeting With Trump: 'We Discussed Multicultural Issues'

Mornin joe says...about the Bolton...yep, this is madness

'The Press Are Animals': David Brock Says Dems Need to Be Tougher With the Media

Samantha Bee: identity politics is the dismissive term for what we used to call civil rights

Just 40, WTF

Might as well kiss your sweet ass goodbye

Tech employees vow not to help Trump surveil Muslims, deport immigrants

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 13, 2016

The next Secretary of State

Who remembers the Vietnam era graffiti-

Boomers, who here remembers the Vietnam era graffiti-

Denzel Washington nails it!

Heres Whats At Stake For Women If Trump Repeals Obamacare

WTF Schumer on Russia Inquiry: I Dont Want This to Turn Into a Benghazi Investigation

Do you think if HRC had just focused more on economic justice and not on social justice

Eric Schmitt-Matzen is hard-core

bookmark this, in case you're ever down

Nothing to See Here Guys. Trump is now THREATENING ELECTORS, but there will

A proposal:

Trumpster Nixon...back in the White House

VOX: This Trump voter didn't think Trump was serious about repealing her health insurance

Ohio Governor vetoes 'heartbeat' abortion ban, signs 20-week legislation

This tragedy has broken the heart of the community I live in.

Accused 'fake-news' pizza gunman planned raid for days: affidavit

NYTIMES: The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

Report:Donald Trump's campaign is threatening political reprisal for defecting Republican electors

This 1941 DC plan shows another National Mall through Capitol Hill

Gov. John Kasich vetoes Heartbeat Bill, signs 20-week abortion ban

The Civil War never ended

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Kanye visited Trump Tower. Watch cable news take thebait.

Poll: Do you think Trump and his regime will be stopped?

Intelligence briefing

Tom DeLay is still as deluded as ever.


Heres how permitting works for demonstrators on inauguration day

Exxon is the 17th largest economy in the world

U.S. to halt some arms sales to Saudi, citing civilian deaths in Yemen campaign

Pres. Obama just signed the 21st Century Cures is what you need to know about it

Trump has found a performer for his inauguration

Why didn't Democrats do anything to stop Republican voter suppression in the eight years Obama was

House Benghazi committee folds its tent. After spending millions of dollars ...

"John Podesta Reportedly Fell For Russian Phishing Attack Thanks To A Typo"

Trump attacked this union leader on Twitter. Then the real fight began.

There is going to be a lot more of this coming your way Trumpster

Oklahoma abortion restrictions blocked

Trump attacked this union leader on Twitter. Then the real fight began.

Did anyone see Green Day on "Ellen" today? video of them singing "American Idiot" at the link

Donald Trump might just have made Joe Scarborough as important as he always thought he was

The Normalizing of Trump is in full display on the network who signs his paycheck.

Planned Parenthood fears it may be first casualty of rekindled abortion war

Alex Jones Scrubs Pizzagate Content; Complaint Reveals New Tie Connecting Shooter To Jones

Samantha Bee to Democrats: 'I Know You're Having a Rough Time'

Putin Agrees to Receive Intelligence Briefings in Trumps Place

Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump

Bernie filled stadiums. Much as I like Hillary, she just wasn't an exciting candidate.

Trump taps former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to head Energy Department he once vowed to abolish

Trump taps Montana congressman Ryan Zinke as Interior secretary

Hack of Quest Diagnostics App Exposes Data of 34,000 Patients

Trump's nomination for Surgeon General

Sheriff Pitchfork Clarke is opening act for Trump Ego tour now in WI...

Since Trump doesn't like intel briefings should he have his pal Vladimir Putin get them instead?

'The right thing to do': Neighbor buys back elderly woman's house after she's evicted

Shouting matches break out at Cosby hearing

U.S. Energy Department balks at Trump request for names on climate change

Rick Perry, a Very Different Kind of Energy Secretary

U.S. Energy Department balks at Trump request for names on climate change

Did you have your house built so you could have it just the way

Thank God that could never happen here...Gorbachev: "a crime and a coup" killed the USSR in 1991

Putin's yappy dog performs for Japanese media,picks Exxon chief Rex Tillerson for secretary of state

US Halts Some Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Over Concern About Casualties in Yemen

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2 jury requests in two days, same post by the same poster

Putin foe Navalny announces 2018 Kremlin bid

Soviet 'NKVD' restaurant name triggers Moscow row

U.S. urges Taiwan to increase defense spending given China threat

Research: Arctic's role as climate moderator threatened

Trump's Treasury pick has a $230 million blemish on his record

Not sure about this website, but here is something:


Trump is fucking with the country simply because he can...

Politifact: 2016 Lie of the Year: Fake news

Politifact: 2016 Lie of the Year: Fake news

Oklahoma to require restroom signs in anti-abortion effort

Report: Grade school, college hate-incident reports spike since Nov. 8

Venezuelans mock 'useless' banknote

Post your estimate of how long it will take for the pro-frumps to turn on him

Resistance to repeal will not be futile.

Report: Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance - from Forbes (!!!)

What does Trump promise now?

Colorado marijuana shops sold more than $1 billion of cannabis in first 10 months of 2016

Protests Erupt in Poland Over New Law on Public Gatherings

Trump pick for Energy secretary sits on Dakota Access Pipeline company's board

Obama signs $6.3 billion law for cancer research, drug treatment

Saudi police arrest woman for posting photo without veil on Twitter

Here is how NYC can recoup Trump's security expenses.

In 2014 - Russia hacked the Ukrainian Presidential election with malware

8 Million Cuisinart Food Processors Recalled Due to Laceration Hazard

Tech employees vow not to help Trump surveil Muslims, deport immigrants

Which cabinet nominees to REALLY oppose.