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Whites lost 700,000 jobs over past nine years

digby: Every despot on the planet has his number

Obama signs medical cures bill into law

Breaking news on NYTimes, "Clinton campaign Demands..."

Temperature anomaly, gif

Bernie at Cooper Union Live-Stream will be hosted on Huffington Post Facebook at 8PM 12/13

Scientists Are Frantically Copying U.S. Climate Data

Trump Stacks Cabinet with Ayn Rand Acolytes

We need bullshit meters on the TV...

I had to let go of a long time friend,

Over 150,000 votes stolen in Michigan according to Greg Palast

All of the Trumpsters conflict of interest

Vlads puppet is hiring Vlads friends. So FOVs will make America Great again?

John Podesta Reportedly Fell For Russian Phishing Attack Thanks To A Typo

Gen. Clark: Tillerson Should Get Tough Questions.

The unnerving evolution of Trumps conflict-of-interest troubles

Sessions Omits Failed Bid For Federal Judgeship From Senate Questionnaire

I Do Not Think Donald Trump Is Running His Transition Team

Whatever else you do tonight watch Cindy

All of Donald Trumps known conflicts of interest in one place.

Fox Hit With New Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

McConnell & Ryan Just Blocked Expanded Russia Probe To Shield Trump From Impeachment

Just kind of musing here, but it's driving Trump voters NUTS that they can't enjoy their victory.

You got questions? Some answers tonight on TRMS: Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Yes, There's Already a Poll Out on the 2020 Election

Chris Matthews Just Said The USA Should Bend Over For Putin & Russia

Trumpster is actually one of the biggest loser presidents...

People massively overestimate Muslim population, poll shows

Yes, they are deplorable. (REDUX)

How did the governments technology get so bad?

Oklahoma to require restroom signs in anti-abortion effort

🐦 Bernie on Late Night with Seth Meyers 12/13

Oklahoma to require restroom signs in anti-abortion effort

12/13 Bernie will be on Seth Myers' show

Democracy for America endorses Ellison for DNC chair

I've just obtained a NikonCool Pix P900,

Oklahoma to require restroom signs in anti-abortion effort

The fact that McConnell tried to hide the hacking by Russia from the

Katrina Pierson seeking role in Trump admin: report

Robert Reich Resistance Report - 12/13/16

Dump Trump...

Must read this:The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

Inauguration plans are beginning to congeal.


Fake news and how to detect

Sat next to a trumper on the plane today who actually believes trump is going to solve our problem

Bwah-HAH, my DRUMPF-flaming LttE got a reply telling me I "belong in Mexico"!1

They're Trying To Make Tillerson's Being A Putin Crony A Positive

Snowden: Donald Trump could get pal Putin to kick me out of Russia

Anyone selling fake inauguration tickets to the rubes?

Tucker cuts off guests mic...

Republicans are finally willing to spend on the economy - at the exact wrong time

Finland: vests made to protect pet dogs from wolves

Pelosi says the republicans will not repeal ACA

Trump's Cabinet: Generals, Banks and Oil

When it comes to his businesses, Trump is trying to sucker you yet again

Fosters come and go

CIA officials: Dems suffered "sustained and determined online assault" by Russia

A website to reach electors and request they stop tRump

Texas SDEC will have all three announced candidates for DNC Chair speaking on Dec 17

Do others DUers share my view that Groper Don the Con has the goods on ReTHUGs as well

Richard Spencer: We Investigate: Whitefish, family torn apart by white nationalist's notoriety

A professor called Trumps election an act of terrorism. Death threats forced her to flee.

Good article (NYT) about Betsy DeVos' plans to destroy public education as we know it:

Hydrogen from sunlight -- but as a dark reaction

Oklahoma court strikes down abortion restriction as unconstitutional

Trump wins liar of the year award

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Artificial Intelligence! Live, Uncensored & a new

Captain America would kick Trump's ass

Didn't Gulliani prosecute Leona Helmsley for the same tax practices he excuses for Trump?

High social cost' adults can be predicted from as young as three, says study

(2011) Mass Oyster Die-Off in S.F. Bay Related to Atmospheric Rivers

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Gets Drunk, Punishes Military Leaders Until They Cry

Study: Maximizing grain yields won't meet future African needs

I thought that Chris Matthews was going to retire after the elections

Cutting, pasting and sharing from my FB on what Hamilton Electors is needed

Saw the movie 'Loving' today.

I often wonder, the internet is fragile in many ways. Decades ago we had air wave jamming to stop

GOP Senator Blames Opioid Epidemic On...Obamacare?

Photo: "America is ready for Bernie" - Harry Belafonte.

New study shows impact of Antarctic Ice Sheet on climate change

Today, Humanity Aches

Trumps subliminal message

Why the Obama administration didn't respond earlier to Russian hacks

Obama: Rethink your biases

Alan Thicke has died

Sanders: Tillerson 'must be opposed'

Democratic House Candidates Were Also Targets of Russian Hacking

"My President was Black" by Ta-Nehisi Coates

That's it.

Mountain glaciers are showing some of the strongest responses to climate change

I proudly stand with Bernie Sanders in opposition to Rex Tillerson, Putin's poodle

Has anyone considered the possiblity that the polling organizations were hacked?

I'm a dork how do I post a photo on DU?

Trump Effect: OC Professor Gets Death Threats After Calling Trump's Election "Terrorism"

The New York Times: U.S. media became 'de facto instrument of Russian intelligence'

Labor Secretary Tom Perez will join race to run DNC

Researchers baffled by nationalist surge

Photos: Bernie at Cooper Union

Trump team working to remove top NATO official

Wind farms key to cutting carbon emissions

Senate will start hearings on Russian interference in... wait for it... wait for it... in January!!

Don't let fake news defeat facts.

Is Trump tipping off investors or is this just a coincidence?

Theyre definitely going to take care of him: Trump admin looking to add anti-LGBTQ Gov. McCrory

Link to the NYC Jan 21st inauguration protest info: Anyone going?

Stop me if you've heard this one:

OUR Nuclear Option

At least I think that "little Marco" will pay back by making it harder

Bets on where UPS lost my new blanket:

Oklahoma Lawmakers Require Businesses to Post Dishonest Anti-Abortion Messages in Oklahoma restrooms

KO: The Grave Danger of Trumps Intelligence Failure

Luckovich Toon - The Real Threat

I live in a soon-to-be-embattled free state in an otherwise occupied country.

A decent breakdown of all things real and fake news

"Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed" -Michael Moore

If you bought a dildo in Denver, the government must legally be told

Offshore wind, which Trump fought in Scotland, is finally up and running in the U.S.

#BREAKING: Twenty Republican electors are reportedly considering not voting for Trump.

fb post idea: live "freedom concert" airing same time as inaugural

Holy shit! Harvard professor says GOP electors are close to blocking Trump win

Warrensburg administration apologizes after student displays Trump sign during introduction

Donald Trump is a traitor.

If I had the money....

Republicans Sneak Bill To GUT Social Security, RAISE Retirement Age & REDUCE Benefits

"The GOPs Russia Hawks Are Not Your Friends, Democrats" - Slate

Michael Moore said a lot of worrisome things on The Last Word.

#STOPTRUMP AT THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE - Dec 19th - attend a protest in YOUR state.

Here's a list of members on Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Tjey have to pass Sec. of State or

What are your weird recurring dreams?

Cuisinart Recall

A Trump Train Wreck Is Inevitable. The Only Question Is How Bad It Will Be.

It seems the media talks about Russia having influenced the election as if they were an ally...

Tomorrow's DOW JONES will pass 20,000

If Congress Does Not Shut Down Government Trump Cabinet Will.

Why Haven't we heard anything from Anonymous?

Oklahoma lawmakers eye boost in teacher pay ahead of 2017 session

BBB warning: 'Secret Sister Gift Exchange' latest pyramid scheme

OU awarded $166 million NASA grant for first geostationary carbon cycle mission

Hamilton Electors has a very specific plea...

**December Photo Contest Prelims.** Thread #2

**December Photo Contest Prelims.** Thread #1

Bill would eliminate straight-party voting in state

Oklahoma law requiring hospital admitting privileges for abortion doctors tossed out

How Obama Handled the Conflict-of-Interest Issue Trump Now Faces

Voting open in GD until 16th. Links Below

Damn, Michael Moore was on Lawrence O'Donell

Weapons seized after girl arrested for reportedly making threats against Tonkawa HS students

Where ARE you, oh Grand Ol Party?

With Multi-State Presidential Recount Over, Stein Campaign Ends Fundraising Drive

+25,000 -14,000 + Ah..this IBM math

Trump sign waved in student section as predominantly black basketball team introduced

I think Skinner ought to put up a suicide hotline number on the masthead

Missouri drivers license may not be accepted ID at KCI in 2018

Screaming, cursing protesters end Lawrence school board meeting

I'd like to propose a Social Justice/Economic Justice Dialog Group.

Is Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer of Johnson County preparing to step in for Sam Brownback?

If the Devil had run for President would he have done it any differently then Trump?

County filed insurance claim, property loss notice after fraud

Suicide Squad Director David Ayer To Direct Gotham City Sirens For Warner Bros.

Okay, here's the thing.

Former Great Bend bank employee pleads guilty to embezzling more than $73,600

I am wondering about something:

Brownback selects new state bank commissioner

Kansas lawmakers mining for a pot of gold to fix budget woe

Poll: A little thaw, but still no honeymoon for Trump

KPERS: $177 million in extra funding needed next year to keep system on track

Trump is an extinction-level event

I just watched last night's Daily Show, with the Obama interview...

Poll: Majority Oppose Trump/Ryan Plan To Privatize Medicare

Mutual's plan for property east of Midtown Crossing includes apartments, hotel and office building

I believe that Trumps action of ignoring intelligence reports

Cass County GOP calls for State Sen. Bill Kintner to resign in wake of his cybersex scandal

Felons seek expanded voting rights in Nebraska, hope to get rid of 2-year waiting period

Muslim & Hindu immigrants to U.S. are highly educated, study shows

Inside Rex Tillersons long romance with Russia

Seth Meyers, A Closer Look: Trump's Cabinet of Plutocrats and Hardliners

Woman who made racist comments about Michelle Obama will regain position at gov't-funded nonprofit

Peruvian activists fight for forcibly sterilized women

Peruvian activists fight for forcibly sterilized women

Mexico Senate passes bill allowing the use of medical marijuana

Dear Electors: If You Elect Trump, Everything He Does As President Is On Your Heads.

Agent Orange

UN-Lincoln awarded $15 million grant to study workforce problems facing child welfare agencies

Thousands of Haitian migrants amassed at U.S.-Mexico border unsure what's next

Thousands of Haitian migrants amassed at U.S.-Mexico border unsure what's next


Omaha Westside students face charges, disciplinary action after feeding teacher semen-laced frosting

Cabelas annual shareholders meeting lasts less than 10 minutes, offers no information on what the

Well, that was a short fad: Pokeman Go(ne)

A Wreath Made for Chrismukkah

Lincoln approves $16M expansion plan for its zoo

Clashes in Brazil as Senate approves 20-year austerity plan

Clashes in Brazil as Senate approves 20-year austerity plan

Should it be tougher to put questions on S.D. ballots?

Hamilton Electors, from Alexander Hamilton's great great great great great grandson

Trump company pulls its name off a Brazil hotel caught up in an investigation

Trump company pulls its name off a Brazil hotel caught up in an investigation

South Dakota judge puts government ethics overhaul on hold

A joke only mathematicians will get

Tainted peanut butter leads to $11.2M penalty a decade later

'Smart boulders' record huge underwater avalanche

Yemen conflict: US cuts arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Virginia voter ID law upheld by federal court after Democratic challenge

Virginia voter ID law upheld by federal court after Democratic challenge

Argentine Sports Marketing Company Bribery- $112 Million In Forfeiture And Criminal Penalties

Following the Links From Russian Hackers to the U.S. Election

Activists asked to leave Enbridge pipeline community meeting

Activists asked to leave Enbridge pipeline community meeting

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte says he personally killed criminals

Tampa Resident Indicted for Involvement with Tricare Health Care Fraud Scheme

Daily Holidays - December 14

Canada's recreational marijuana should come in plain packaging, panel says

World's oldest known breeding bird lays egg at age 66

Autism linked to vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy, researchers find

Cool! An interactive map of live radio streams around the world.

United States ready to confront Beijing on South China Sea - admiral

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders on Late Night with Seth Meyers Dec. 13

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders on Late Night with Seth Meyers Dec. 13

'Kimi no Na wa' Becomes Third-Highest Grossing Japanese Film All Time

2500 year-old Greek city discovered

Peru's public TV airs first news programme in Quechua

Peru's public TV airs first news programme in Quechua

Daily Cartoon from The New Yorker

The Alt-right quickly explained

Mexican Senator Ana Gabriela Guevara beaten by men after road crash

Mexican Senator Ana Gabriela Guevara beaten by men after road crash

Catholic church gets back into business in Czech Republic

BREAKING: Russia Also Tilted Key Congressional Races

N.D. law enforcement officials 'completely and utterly abandoned' by federal government

Dalrymple, Archambault meet for almost three hours over pipeline protests

ND oil production up 7 percent, returns above 1 million barrels a day

Philippines' Duterte admits personally killing suspects

Full interview coming Thursday 9:00-11:pm EST - Bernie Sanders & Sarah Silverman

ND Gov. Dalrymple releases $13.7B budget

Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope, you realize you are witnessing history being written.

I don't know who will pay for the wall, if it is built, but

Appeals court sides with Dallas Police and Fire Pension System in 2014 DROP case

How A Single Typo Led To The Unraveling Of Hillary Clintons Campaign

Serious scrutiny needed as EPA seeks input on cancer ties to Monsanto herbicide

MICDS alumni say conservative students' complaints are indicative of privilege

Lawmaker seeks to ban local laws that remove criminal history question on job applications

Mandatory debate-questions for the next election:

Alex Jones Scrubs Pizzagate Content; Complaint Reveals New Tie Connecting Shooter To Jones

Pesticides stop bees buzzing and releasing pollen, says study

Texas AG Ken Paxton: Brown County attorney's program was not operating within the law

Sanders Statement on Trump's Secretary of State Nominee - Dec. 13

Abbott floats school choice as solution to special ed frustration

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Red Seal

A thriving healthy democracy!

Wednesday TOON Roundup 2- The rest

Mika telling Joe twice he has talked about Obama failure in Syria first hour over

Some Headlines For Today Dec 14 2016

Denial, denial, denial

Academy Sports + Outdoors given namesake to Katy ISD stadium complex


Kingwood waitress fired for photo that went viral

Life Partners exits bankruptcy with plan to repay investors

Full page ad in Tampa Bay Times today!!

Oh, And Don't Forget Oceans Filled With Plastic - China Alone Dumped 5 Mt Back In 2010

Texas lawmakers could target local control in 2017 if cities impede liberties

A Gay Atheist Enters Gothenburg Cathedral And Finds An Antidote To Darkness

China is still not amused; France says Dump is 'not clever'

Bombshell report from NYT shows that FBI was aware of Russian cyber attack of DNC in September-2015

PolitiFact's 2016 Lie of the Year: Fake news

Is there a least worst option?

NOAA Arctic Report Card @ AGU: "It's Hard To See How Summer Ice Will Survive"

How Trump is paving the way for a revival of the religious left

Signing Ceremony for the 21st Century Cures Act.

City Of Seattle Moves To Dump Wells Fargo Over ND Pipeline, Multiple Scandals

Rick Perry:Secretary of Nukes, Not Energy

West Coast States Will Go It Alone On Climate - And Really Don't Give A Damn What Trump Does

Orthodox Rabbis issue historic statement of cooperation with Catholic Church

Today is the 4th anniversary of Sandy Hook.

NYT op-ed: Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans

Texas governor doesn't 'want to see' border wall in Big Bend

Reporter Sues Fox News, Accuses Roger Ailes Of Sexual Harassment (Dumps poss undersecretary)

Rogue One review: this is the first Star Wars movie to acknowledge the whole franchise is about war

I took a dip in the pizzagate cesspool last night.

Site Lets You Contact Electoral College Members

"My President Was Black": By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Who on the Senate committee will ask Tillerson about Chad?

Where opiates killed the most people in 2015

"Blushing Bride"

Intimations of mortality.

Is Trump going to turn America into Russia and what we are we going to do about it ?

EPA Reverses Course, No Longer Says Fracking Does Not Cause Widespread Water Contamination

Alarming? Tillerson/Exxon have larger holdings in Russia than in the USA

'Save us': Aleppo civilians plead for help as airstrikes resume

Should the penalty for treason be death ?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas.....

Wake Forest investigation reveals radio announcer leaked game plans

Why is Russia so great the Republicans and Trump want to make us like them?

Bail money funds Louisiana courts. Now this powerful industry is fighting reform

Bail money funds Louisiana courts. Now this powerful industry is fighting reform has a handy guide to the cabinet of deplorables.

Ex-CIA chief says Trump risks blame for an attack if he skips briefings

Trump names Elon Musk, Uber CEO to advisory team

Striking Resemblance's

Photo: A lone file desk and a lone computer.

How RUSSIA Wins an Election

Chris Christie's Revenge: Kill the Press (Editorial)

Political cartoon by Norwegian artist Bloom

Ubers self-driving cars start picking up passengers in San Francisco

Why are some on the left dismissive of Russian hacking and unconcerned about

74 Transition Team Questions To DOE - ZERO Questions On Nuclear Weapons, Policy, Programs

Anybody see the 2016 AVN awards where Kate Quigley announced the "Biggest Dick" award?

Pantsuit Nation made it easy to ask for an inquiry into Russian election interference. Text INVESTIG

One small mercy: I haven't seen the Putinista trolls around here

CHVote: an open-source electronic voting system from Switzerland

Suppose 38 repub electors flip to some "mainstream" Repub like John Kasich.

I think the contrast between neighbors will be vast. Check out Prime Minister Trudeau's cabinet

President Hate

World Championships in bobsled and skeleton moved from Russia

You may call Trump an "illegitimate President". Because he has called his own victory illegitimate.

Mexico finds two drug tunnels leading to U.S.

Please troll this asshole republican member of the electoral college . . .

Trump Era Signals Normalization Of Racism, Bigotry, Misogyny & More.

Why we cannot abandon I.D Politics - Yep, another thread about it, because it's critical.

Why we cannot abandon I.D Politics - Yep, another thread about it, because it's critical.

Under Tillerson, Exxon under investigation by state AGs for downplaying risks from climate change

New MLB hazing rules ban dressing as women, offensive costumes

Keith Olbermann: Trump voters have guaranteed themselves slavery, defeat and economic disaster

Tater Tot Traitor Trumph

Does Tillerson have to resign

To the Deplorables those are attributes

Trump's national security adviser shared secrets without permission, files show

Even The Wall Street Journal. is raising reservations about Rex Tillerson.

Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans

11' foot 8" strikes again!

Worse Than Watergate? Concerns Grow That Anti-Clinton FBI Faction Conspired to Hand Trump Election

Change in the Arctic this year was unlike any ever seen before, scientists say

Tech pros sign up: will not participate in Muslim registry, mass deportation, tyranny

Elon Musk joins Donald Trumps advisory council after criticising President-elect

Florida electors case goes to appellate court

The fringe left solution

CNN reporting that General Flynn is getting the daily intelligence briefings.

Florida electors case goes to appellate court

Trump DC Hotel Conflict Hits the Fan

Please don't Laugh! My guard dog is posing.

Russia Ran the Most Epic Ratfucking Operation in History This Year

Donald Trump's master in Moscow

Federal Agency Warns Trump He Must Give Up DC Hotel Before Inauguration

Report: Romney Refused To Apologize To Trump During Secretary Of State Bid

The irony meter hasn't been broken. It's been pulverized, and disintegrated.

"Election was never about these issues"

Can President Obama offer a full pardon to anyone who comes forward with evidence

Coverup at French Nuclear Supplier Sparks Global Review

Hacking Expert Says His Firm Caught Russia Actively Intruding On DNC

Panetta: Trump Risks Blame For Any Attacks If He Skips Intel Briefings

Judiciary Dem Flags Missing Documents In Sessions' AG Questionaire

Right-wing Christian furious Trump's Secretary of State pick destroyed Boy Scouts by allowing gays

Russia has found the United States' security weakness.

How Russia Wins An Election ARTICLE

Pipeline 150 miles from Dakota Access protests leaks 176,000 gallons

Trump Skips Intelligence Briefings...Why?

Bernie Sanders backs Dwight Bullard for Miami-Dade Democratic party position

A nativity scene without Jews, Arabs, Africans or refugees.

Out of all the dastardly deeds the GOP has done selling out to Putin is the most dastardly.

Bernie Sanders rips Trump for breaking promises to struggling workers:'I dont think he was sincere'

My theory about Trump and Russia

Reid: 'The DNC has done nothing for state organizations

How Clinton lost Michigan and blew the election

What is the difference between a basket of Deplorable and a basket of Putin simps ?

Comet Conspiracy: Mass Delusion Is Nothing New (But Still Lucrative) - by Gene Lyons

Hi everyone!

Is this a threat from Gen. Flynn's son?

Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Cubs playing in snow...

Ok, now he's just fucking with us.....who knew he had a sense of humor?

Gov. Jerry Brown asks President Obama for permanent ban on offshore oil and gas drilling

As long as Putin says nice things about the donald, he's happy. What will happen when Putin

Here's the Moment Trump's Future Secretary of State Received an Award From Putin

Trump Adviser: Global Warming Could Be Disproven Just Like Flat Earth Theory

WE HAVE TO KEEP THE PRESSURE ON- Poll: Trumps transition has lowest approval rating since 1992

This image sums up the state of our nation post democracy

Identity politics is a right-wing slur for civil rights

In January 2001, I correctly predicted that George W. Bush would start something up with Iraq.

A Putin lover, a misogynist, and a conspiracy theorist walk into a bar.

Join Organizing for Action. President Obama's group for community organizing to continue the fight

Democratic House Candidates Were Also Targets of Russian Hacking

Obama's Red Line, Revisited

The Kremlin: Plus a Change, Plus C'est la Mme Chose

Kacey Musgraves - "A Willie Nice Christmas" (featuring Willie Nelson)

Last night I was a mole

China Enters Top Chip Equipment Spenders

Trump nominates former head of FOREIGN NATION to top cabinet post.

Amazon's first drone delivery

Rick Perry, climate change skeptic, soon to oversee U.S. supercomputing

Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans (NYT)

Bridgegate lawmakers leading fight against Christie's newspaper 'revenge bill'


Christie pushing bill to pull legal ads from newspapers

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

The Russians will not stop now. They know they have their opponent on the ropes.

Uber takes San Francisco, Amazon does it in London, that is

He refuses to disclose his tax returns...

Never Again...

This GOP-Backed Law Forbids Donald Trump From Using Presidency For Personal Profit

Russia/Trump/Elections-Nothing to see here, move on

There seems to be a lot of handwringing about the term Identity Politics and what it means

Woman tracks down stranger who hugged her in saddest moment of her life

Not Much Wiggle Room 4 TRUMP's FAT ASS..

Where is Gary Johnson?

De Blasio endorses Ellison for DNC chair

Wisconsin lawmaker to propose drug testing for high school

If Some Trump Electors Vote for Someone (Not Hillary) He Still Wins

An important point that is getting lost amid the Russian Hacking scandal . . .

GOP Leadership Greed/Thirst For Power Drive Betraying US To Russia.

Andrea Bocelli to perform at drump,s inaugural.

It should be no shock to anyone if the Electoral College elects someone other than Trump

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-5: The Election From Hell:Treason Is The Reason For The Season Edition

Since the Election, More Than 4,500 Women Have Registered to Run for Office

Emboldened by Trump victory, man storms into LGBTQ affirming church to spew hate

I wonder what the Chinese are thinking while Trump disses them while hugging Russia.

Pittsburgh becomes first city in Pennsylvania to ban conversion therapy

Where is President Obama on the election?

This for me is one of the biggest ironies of the times

NC legislature starting *second* special session today -- keep your eyes on this

50% American wage stagnant for decades - dire consequences come to bear

Why you should watch Microsoft's Christmas message right now and ignore haters

Breaking: Andrea Bocelli confirms he will sing for Trump - See more at:

Samantha Power is reaming Trump's buddies, the Russians, at the UN over their bombing of Aleppo.

Automation Can Actually Create More Jobs

The most powerful person in the world...not who you think

Trump Dares Senate to Reject Tillerson


Spicer: If Were Transparent About Conflicts Of Interest, They Dont Exist!

1917 Russian Revolution: 2017 Russian Revolution - celebrate with a USA one!

Trump Team Disavows Request To ID Climate Staffers: 'Not Authorized'


NASA scientistic claims Earth due for an extinction level asteroid impact.

COMEY, Voter Suppression and Russia !!!! ALL OTHER THEORIES ARE GUESS'S !!!! N/T

SOMEONE SAID YES! 'America's Got Talent' singer Jackie Evancho to sing at Trump inauguration

A great graphic detailing the quality of sources

Reid goes there on Comey and more

Today's petitions

Just a general plea to spend (more) time looking at what's posted in the Editorials forum

EPA Finally Comes Clean About Fracking Dangers

93 year oold elector signs letter

Researchers just destroyed a key belief underlying the GOP's anti-abortion laws

Someone sent me this bumper sticker, back in 2000. Who knew it would be applicable, again

Cartoon: Secretary of Energy

Republicans rush to minimize Russian hackers

Flynn deletes fake news tweet about Clinton's involvement in sex crimes

Yes, Virginia, there are differences between the two parties.

For once, I'd like someone who just met with Trump would come down to the awaiting press....

March 24, 1989-Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

What cures the economic ills of "Flyover Country"/Middle/Rural America?


What does Putin want?

The Democratic Party has to create a BIG committee dedicated to stopping the r's from stealing


Pope Paul VI's greatness lies in his church leadership after Vatican II

With Drones At His Disposal, Trump Can Murder Anyone, Anywhere

Step One of shutting down the press: Trump chief of staff Priebus: White House press briefings could

Two Old Ladies Take Down Carjacking Gang

Ohio Republicans Advance Nationwide Wage-Suppression Campaign

Several years ago I was traveling down a rural road at a pretty good clip of speed

Olivia Engel, 6 #SandyHook

If Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil is making deals with Russia, which business interests want war?

I think it's worth pointing out...

Today is #BlockOutTrump day! (I followed him JUST to Unfollow). Get your BLOCK

i heard the trump kids are sitting in on the 'tech summit' today...

Update: Congressional Democrats, Obama administration at odds over Trumps D.C. hotel

Ex-Marine Firefighter Fired After Racist Post

It's Not A Recount When You Never Count The Votes In The First Place! (w/Guest: Greg Palast)

Stephen Colbert cartoon

More Cronies Added To Trump's Koch-Head Cabinet...

55 electors join call for intel briefings before Electoral College vote

i would like to apologize to the bernie supporters

Suspended Venezuela tries to crash South American trade bloc talks

N.Y. Times Silent Majority wins it for Trump"

Email Dept of Justice and ask for investigation of "interstate crosscheck."

The man behind the full page ads with the "Letter to Electors"

Don Jr. Helped Pick the Interior Secretary Because He Likes Hunting

We ALL need a bit of fun around here.

Suspended Venezuela tries to crash South American trade bloc talks

This is what we are up against in a nutshell

Sources at the Kremlin are calling Trump's Cabinet picks a "Dream Team" for Russia

A How-To in Solidarity: Teacher Takes Turkeys to Teamsters

William Binney, Ray McGovern and Other Intel Experts Call Russian Hacking Allegations Baseless

We're all comrades now.

NC Legislature Calls Mystery Special Session With Just Hours Notice

He was minutes from retirement. But first, he blasted his bosses in a company-wide email.

don's Favorite Sheriff Still Calling For Pitchforks And Torches Against 'Subversive Progressives'

Why is Ivanka Trump entitled to the Office and benefits of the First Lady?

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 14, 2016

"Our Revolution" LIVE-Stream 8pm ET: Keith Ellison & Bernie Sanders - Keith for DNC

Tonight on TRMS: AG Lynch, PART 2 (too big for one night!)

Anti-government conservatives may finally be getting their wish. Only not in the manner they sought.

Feeling Powerless? Join the Crowd.

So interestingly....talking about regionalizing the country

Legislators might limit Gov.-elect Roy Coopers powers in additional special session

Now he's punishing Twitter:

Who was the boy pundit attacking the anti-Trump prof on CNN just now?

Janet Yellen: Interest Rate Hike Is A Vote Of Confidence In U.S. Economy NBC News

Citizens of St. Kitts & Nevis prepare for Universal Healthcare Program To Launch In 2017

LeBron James wears a safety pin on the cover of S.I. What's the significance?

Dear Paul Combetta: Do You Still Have That BLEACHBIT Program?

Any interest in discussing men's fashion?

Vladimir Putins Popularity Is Skyrocketing Among Republicans

DU we can call Obama NOW.. info below

Turkey, Russia, Iran to meet on Syria conflict: minister

Could President Trump use a terrorist attack to declare martial law?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 15, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Christmas Classics

My Twitter war with Stu Rothenberg...

German military relying on Russia, Ukraine firms to transport tanks

Bill de Blasio Endorses Keith Ellison in DNC Chair's Race

Rex Tillersons stocks shot up $9 million after he was tapped as Trump secretary of state

The most white song ever written.

Lujan Grisham running for governor!

While Melania learns how to speak English ...

Did I hear correctly? The Russians were allowed in DNC email servers for 7 months???

Cheeto didn't even know who Tillerson was, it was Gates

Someone please explain this to me...

Trump Camp Threatening Defecting Electors

Idea for the Electoral College

Photo: Our friend Oscar Salazar at Wells Fargo NoDAPL Action

Trumps Team Reportedly Offered Ambassadorships to Talent Bookers in Exchange for Inauguration Singe

Do you suppose

Gingrich brags that Republicans are coming for everything FDR accomplished

Outbreak of Dunning Kruger Disease spreads to all 50 states

Office of the First Lady to become Office of the First Family

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 16, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Star of the Month - Myrna Loy

Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham: I'm Running For New Mexico Governor

Vladimir Putins Popularity Is Skyrocketing among Repubs

Popular Chinese Muslim website down after posting letter critical of Xi

Trump's evil spawn was sitting in on the tech meeting.

Office of the First Lady will become Office of the First Family under Trump (CNN

So the runner up sings for the runner up...LMAO

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Watergate reporter Bernstein: 'fact-free' Trump is worse than Nixon

Keith for DNC Livestream at 8pm ET Dec 14

In Texas, a religious liberty battle rages at one school over quote from A Charlie Brown Christmas

DT punishes Twitter for stopping a "crooked Hillary" emoji.

"Office Of The First Family" Is this for real ?

Where is Fox Business 'Risk and Rewards' Dierdre Bolton?

Germany's Catholic, Protestant churches denounce growing arms sales

Republicans! Here is a tremendous vacation and second home

Media consolidation killed this country

A Rep elector accepted my message request on facebook!!!

Who here has ever had something they've done labelled "treason" by the right wing?

Today's Trump quote...

I really dislike dislike Putin. I don't see a difference between him and a mob boss.

Trump winning makes me wonder, Mccain lost but would Palin have come closer to winning

Russia blocks United Nations tribute to Ban Ki-moon for promoting LGBT rights

Russia blocks United Nations tribute to Ban Ki-moon for promoting LGBT rights

It's beginning to look like a 'quid pro quo' election.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 17, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Religious Favorites

If he does this, we can really kiss our collective asses bye bye

Greece on collision course with lenders as ESM freezes debt relief

Bill Gates compares Trump to JFK

Chile judge questions Pinochet's widow over embezzlement allegations

Chile judge questions Pinochet's widow over embezzlement allegations

The Office of The First Family, in The White House

Charleston shooting trial: prosecutors to wrap up case with survivor testimony

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 15 December 2016

FBI sued over records from campaign

"Family Business"

In newspapers across the country

Is Joe Manchin the worst democratic senator?

So Uday and Qusay are sitting on the meetings to vet Cabinet heads?

Manchin is going to cross the aisle and work with trump

Legendary jewel thief Doris Payne, age 86, caught stealing diamond necklace

UPDATED: Yahoo says hackers stole data from more than 1 billion accounts

Amazon makes first drone delivery

What a Time to be Alive..

Yep. They bought it-- lock, stock and barrel. We knew they would.

DC-Area Marching Bands Opt to Sit Out Trump's Inaugural Parade

Tying Trump to Putin is a winning strategy.

Ample evidence..

Ivanka Trump as First Lady in and of itself does not bother me.

Rise of the alt-right: How mainstream conservatives obsession with purity fueled a new right-wing r

An anti-Muslim hate group boasted Tuesday that it has a direct line to Donald Trump

Do you agree with president Obama's decision to not make the Russian hacking story public

Russian have won our election, and then what ...

Expanding his business interests in the Philippines

Putin's Russia has emerged as 'a beacon for nationalists' and the American alt-right

IMPORTANT, from a friend, re: EC

Attorney who filed lawsuit on the HRC/Abedin search warrant: "Investigate the FBI"

Electoral College vote to be postponed?

Senate Dems Call On DeVos To Pay $5 Million Fine From 2008 PAC Violation

Police pilot project will test systems to detect drug-impaired drivers

The etymology of the word "inauguration" goes back to the Roman Republic.

Charles P. Pierce: Here's an Electoral College Prediction You Can Take to the Bank

Trump's Men In Moscow: Trump Disciples Suddenly Showing Up In Russia

Trump's Inaugural Committee offered "diplomatic posts" to bookers able to land A-list talent

The New York Times Our Favorite Travel Photography of 2016

A Billion accounts hacked - WTF

Putin directly involved in Election hack. NBC nightly news.

Campaign to Get Electors to Reject Trump Faces a Major Structural Hurdle

U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack

Ivanka Trump Will Have Office in Part of White House Historically Reserved for First Lady

Just Curious...

I dispise RoJo........

UPDATING: La Judge Rules Democratic Governor's LGBT Nondiscrimination Order Is Unconstitutional

Guess who was missing from trump's meeting with high tech

Will Trump admin be better or worse than Dubya?

Oops Groper Don the Con's threats to Climate Change workers blow up bigtime

What do Trump and Kanye have in common? Totalitarian aesthetics and disconnection from reality.

Ellison no lock for DNC chair

President Toddler is gonna hate tweet us all out of existance

The Russians are coming!!! The Russians are coming!!!

While the right wing batshit crazies scream about applying their "2nd amendment solution" to things

Livestream with Keith Ellison + Bernie Sanders Tonight 8pm ET!!

Livestream with Keith Ellison + Bernie Sanders Tonight 8pm ET!!

Poll: Trumps transition has lowest approval rating in decades