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Trump to unveil Supreme Court pick close to inauguration: aide

U.S. ready to confront Beijing on South China Sea: admiral

I have always thought that using the adjective "Kafkaesque" in casual conversation was

They are not worthy

If you do not see the Trumpster limiting press

NBC says Putin directly involved in hacking

Source: Twitter cut out of Trump tech meeting over failed emoji deal

Texas 'affluenza' teen's father found guilty of impersonating officer

If the Emoluments clause doesn't matter then the date of certification

IF I were the CEO of Twitter....I would delete any account that trump has

White House: Trump knew Russia was behind hacks before Election Day

Race for DNC chair is round 2 of Sanders vs. Clinton

Mexico Could Be The Biggest Winner From OPEC's Production Cut

White House: Trump knew Russia was behind hacks before Election Day

SHitler appoints another arrogant racist jerk to his cabinet

Insiders: Trump Team Dangled Ambassadorships to Lure A-List Inauguration Singers (Exclusive)

Pennsyltucky gave Trump the edge

This is how the Electoral College works

RNC E-Mail Was, In Fact, Hacked By Russians

It feels like our country has totally been taken over by the mob or the mafia.

I really don't understand the boomlet for Tom Perez as DNC head.

Ex-CIA officer: Trumps horrifying incompetence poses worst threat to US since the Civil War

Pastors tell Muslims: We will 'stand with you'

This woman is just horrible

Russia-Publican Election

The NC GOP-dominated legislature is holding a coup, like as we speak

Corker is a Russian apologist..

Sorry DU..... gonna have to leave, I just can't handle tRump's name here any more.....

I have an interview Monday

who will be saying this about Groper Don the Con and how soon

Eiffel Tower goes dark for Aleppo

If it were true, would it be a military coup or a corporate coup?

Does the rule of Law apply to president elect Trump? Or will he rule as a dictator?

what a relief....

When Groper Don the Con called on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email

Should President Obama be meeting with the CIA for guidance at this time?

Wake County school choirs barred from performing at nativity event

Why the f**k is everyone so afraid of Donald Trump?

Wake County school choirs barred from performing at nativity event

U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack

Graham: Russians hacked my campaign email account

So...what about that tipping point?

More Than Five Years After Their Arrest, Convictions Reversed For D.C. Occupy Protesters

Firm Cited for Hazards After Robotic Machine Kills Woman

Chris Matthews suggested my idea of "FixIt Bonds" like FDR War Bonds program

Bernard Fox, Film and TV Star of BEWITCHED, TITANIC, THE MUMMY and More, Passes Away

A Trump team member just compared climate science to the flat-Earth theory

I Love Our Governor

Trump Rape Trial?

Sovereignty not a 'bargaining chip': Chinese ambassador to U.S.

I want a bumper sticker that says:


Canada: if a moose licks your car...

What Cabinet Job Will Trump Give Billy Bush?....

Here are the hustlers, hucksters, hacks, and cowards who helped elect Donald Trump

Methinks, that while the Russians exposed the inner workings of the Dems, they also got into the Rep

NFL owners approve measures related to potential L.A. move by Chargers

Congress needs to step up and assert themselves over Trump's nepotism

The Russians haven't released the RNC information. . . yet. . . .

Desperate for A-List talent at the innauguration, they're now offering ambassadorships.

Gutting Obamacare would hurt jobs, families and the economy, Inslee says

Tonight's Moon

OMFG NC H18 gets rid of bodycams

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Wilmington is happening again, right now, in Raleigh

How Trump's Win Is Changing Stand-Up Comedy

Joy Reid is doing Rachel's hour tonight. n/t

We have a right to exist. White supremacist fliers reported at the University of Maryland

We are in the middle of an unprecedented Constitutional Crisis

Rex Tillerson: a Secy of State appointment that would confirm Putin's US election win


Sanders, Dems want Trump's Education pick to pay a $5.3 million fine

Trump has already rolled the next Congress over his finances

Bernie Sanders criticizes banking regulator over pot policy

Vladimir Putins Popularity Is Skyrocketing Among Republicans

Though I love my phrase Goebellsvision for Fox News,

The Wilmington Insurrection of 1898

How much time might President Trump spend above 50 percent approval?

8 Things Guns Compensate For (Besides Your Penis)

North Carolina Republicans are evil.

Solar cooking.

How Democrats can win again

Make Fairyland Great Again

KO: Alexander Hamiltons Plan to Keep Trump From the White House

KO: Alexander Hamiltons Plan to Keep Trump From the White House

Gov. Jerry Brown strikes defiant tone: California will launch its own damn satellite

A Stonehenge, and a Mystery, in the Amazon

A Stonehenge, and a Mystery, in the Amazon

Bernard Fox, known for 'Bewitched' and 'Hogan's Heroes,' dies at 89

Luckovich Toon - Loony Trumpsters

soooo, the apricot asshole has a meeting with tech leaders, and his three eldest offspring

Am saying it: We LOSE because we *ARE* soft!1 Wingnuts send gutter fighters

Judge rejects Washington electors attempt to avoid fine

Fuck it. The NC coup is a declaration of war. Confirm Garland with a 34-vote quorum

The Rest of the Story

My theory about why Trump ignores the Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB)...

That thing the Standing Rock protesters were afraid of just happened

The pompous ass speaks ...

The dumbest group of voters in the country...

adult colouring books ended an addiction

And the Winning Answer Is

Esteemed Electors

My appellation:

*Eliz Warren gave up Energy Committee, transferred to Armed Services.

Elizabeth Warren moves to the Armed Services Committee.....


Huff Post: Report Says Putin Was Directly Involved With Russian Interference In U.S. Election

Seven Anti-LGBT Laws That Remain on Texas Books

Please Mr Trump, deport our illegal exes say America's vengeful lovers as they use social media

For whatever it is worth:Celebrities Urge GOP Electors To Deny Trump Electoral College Wins

In SEC case, Paxton lawyers zero in on Byron Cook

Greg Abbott thinks Trump will ease fiscal burdens on Texas

Federal health officials issue Zika warning for Brownsville

Sgt. G.M. Tippit, oldest Dallas Police Department retiree, Jack Ruby acquaintance, dies at 96

Army recruiter in San Antonio admits selling guns to associates of Mexican drug cartel

Black-capped vireo no longer considered endangered

Why "Eating Disorders" are so difficult..

Stand by Me. I will stand with you.

Trolling Republicans on my Facebook page: This week's post

December 19th. Your state capitol. The day we defend democracy.

Are the Russians blackmailing the RNC to do their bidding?

Obama: if you were fine with big government until it served black people, rethink your biases.

Just to clarify for everyone: Clinton never had an email problem.

Anything going on Ebay group? Buying stories? Selling stories? Bueller? Bueller?

Jerry Brown: If the US stops collecting climate data, CA will launch its own satellite

New Line of Trump Condoms Boast Thinnest Skin Possible

The reality is...shyster Trumpster

Do you have some old coats just taking up space?

And this will be the person crafting the message for the press...omg

Austrian MPs vote to seize Hitler's birthplace house

Eggnog with an Elector

Unusual New Resident of Manhattan Has People Talking.

Fidel Castro survived 11 US Presidents

The 2016 primary fight is about to be rehashed in the DNC chair fight.

After false accusations, girl forced to undergo vagina/rectal search AT SCHOOL.

It would have been undignified, but it might have worked.....

Montana Supreme Court reverses order allowing forced medication of 72-year-old woman

Montana State Parks continues to wrestle with downsizing

Skinner to host art exhibit, donate proceeds to Billings, Montana nonprofits

Lawyer argues to allow Montana State Hospital patients out of seclusion; judge to rule 'soon'

The hacks have been occurring since July 2015?

Harry Reid says Trump camp in on Russian hacking

Has Anyone Here Been Watching 'Designated Survivor' With Kiefer Sutherland?.....

Our Esteemed President: Judge orders Trump sit for 7-hour deposition in early January

To Combat Trump, Democrats Ready a G.O.P. Tactic: Lawsuits

Anti-Spam Programs

McConnell Squelched CIA Reports That Russian Hacks Were Aimed At Electing Trump

73-year-old killed by police had crucifix but no gun

The amount of cognitive dissonance and double think it takes to be a Trump supporter right now...

So, umm, the Missouri high school video where the students turned their backs on the black team

Is it possible Joe Walsh is sounding sane because he is worried about 2018?

Treated sawdust may help sop up, burn off Arctic oil spills

Musical Interlude. Just Breathe. You'll Smile.

There needs to be more discussion about epic protests on inauguration day

Teen sues Columbia Falls, Montana police department over fatal crash

On top of everything else, this may have poisoned the well for any woman for a generation.

Montana Democrats, Republicans plan for special election to replace Zinke

Can you imagine not hugging your kid?

Japan's Kounotori H-II Transfer Vehicle 6 Successfully Docks with International Space Station

Macri cousins, top public works beneficiaries, buy bank based in Buenos Aires and the Cayman Islands

Indigenous Groups Demand Freedom of Mapuche Leader in Chile

Wyoming couple suspected of grooming young girl to perform sex acts

Sinclair pays EPA $655,000 for asbestos cleanup at former refinery site

With little ability to generate their own revenue, Wyoming cities fear loss of state funding

New South American Directors Present Their Films in Havana

bernie & trump supporter

Twitter excluded from Donald Trump's tech meeting because it 'refused to make Crooked Hillary emoji'

No Shit...

Conservatives are now the thin-skinned whiny crybabies they accuse us liberals of being.

Trumps Approach: A Fresh Start or Crazy Reckless? (Thomas Freidman)

I have reflected upon what we did not do in 2000. Will this be repeated in 2016?

Wyoming gov. says state doesn't have the law, money to handle public land transfer

Casper nursing home with history of poor care allegations settles most recent lawsuit

Governor presents budget to Wyoming legislative committee

No. This isn't weird.

The connection between Trump and the BREXIT vote is: government austerity

Lost Dorothy Parker Christmas Story

Wyoming legislators propose bills to fight education funding deficit

Why Colorado Tokers Love Presidential Kush

I also belong to Procrastinator's Anonymous... we meet on the second Tuesday... every week

Question about weak candidates.

Denver Police Took Blankets From Homeless Before Halted by Mayor

Hogan vows to fight Maryland 'road kill' law.

So Much For The #NeverTrump Tweet-Gate

Coal Magnate Tells Trump to Lower His Expectations.

Corpus Christi, Texas, tells residents not to use tap water

Trump Names Top Michigan Official to Senior G.O.P. Committee Post

Report: Black Lives Matter Website the Target of More Than 100 DDoS Attacks

New York boy playing with friend in snow mound buried by snow truck, dies

Anchorage sees first retail pot store open Thursday

Ice-busting ship preps for trip amid push to replace fleet

Beauprez Keeps Getting Dissed for Interior Secretary

South Korea presidential hopeful: U.S. missile defence should wait

Colorado embarks on experimental predator control killing of more lions and bears to try to save

The neo-Nazi murder trial revealing Germany's darkest secrets

This is how you deal with homophobes, bigots, racists, xenophobes, neo-nazis and klansmen

About 75 Percent of Americans Support Relations with Cuba

About 75 Percent of Americans Support Relations with Cuba


BP to establish headquarters in Denver, open 200-employee office near downtown

Family sues Arapahoe County, private health care contractor for 2014 jail death

Electoral college

Long Read: Latin Americas Schindler: a forgotten hero of the 20th century

Long Read: Latin Americas Schindler: a forgotten hero of the 20th century

Boulder police, DA plan new DNA testing in JonBent Ramsey case

Russia greenlights using mercenaries for domestic and foreign operations

CBC Reports On Trump's Conflicts of Interest.

This Raw Story piece on the number of Ayn Rand fanboys in Trump's cadre is beyond "chilling."

Russia Today redefines "draining the swamp" as replacing politicians with businessmen.

I don't know about you, but everyday, my anger gets worse and nothing will assuage it (rant time)

Strip searches at state-run center in Pueblo violated disabled residents rights, suit alleges

Daily Holidays - December 15

That pompous a$@ Kellyanne seems to be less visible in the midst of all

Enough already.

God how I love Keith

Coastal cave site was a must-see tourist destination for Neanderthals for over 100,000 years

Is "big government" code for "government programs that

Anyone think Groper Don the Con built that Washington Hotel

It's gonna happen... It's gonna happen... It's gonna happen

Arizona Cardinals Cut Michael Floyd After DUI Arrest

Trump supporter who punched protester at rally offers 'apology' in court

How come Putin isn't denying/ridiculing the hacking-allegations?

I cannot get over this 'election.'

Honestly, I think now the only thing that could make me happy....

Nothing to see here

Where are the discussions?

McMillen:"I know for a fact" that GOP knew about RUSSIAN ELECTION MEDDLING

Thursday TOON roundup 1: The Very Worst Cabinet

Colorado Springs conservationists call on president to create Grand Canyon monument

To avoid lawsuits, General Motors claims the company is only 7 years old, not 108.

Thursday TOON Roundup 2: Time's running out to stop Twitler

Thursday TOON Roundup 3: The Rest

The Intellectual Yet Idiot

Sentinels map Earth's slow surface warping

Babies made from three people approved in UK

How ADORABLE is THIS? Kanye got a little trophy during his visit to Trump Towers. ADORABLE! HUGE!

The FBI's Robert Hanssen - "the "most traitorous actions imaginable" against the U.S"

"Prevent Tragedy Before It's Too Late": Read the Statement 1,200 Scholars Just Released About Trump

Former Bank President Indicted in Connection with $100,000,000 Bank Failure

Justice Department Collects More Than $15.3 Billion in Civil and Criminal Cases in Fiscal Year 2016

Weakest Links For Miami Beach As Seas Rise May Be Vulnerable Causeways

Salt Lake City wants to cut homeless population, close shelter

No more jail for Provo man who brought small bomb to US building

CDC Issues Zika Warning For Pregnant Women Considering Travel To Brownsville, TX

Pentagon Chief May Have to Steer Clear of $10 Billion Contractor

Without any one of 3 things Hillary Clinton would have won the presidency

Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans

Utah lawmaker wants to require all rape kits be tested

46 More Electors Sign Onto Letter Demanding Putin/Trump Intelligence Briefing

Army audits find National Guard bonus repayment problems in at least four other states

Jerry Brown: If Trump turns off weather satellites, "California will launch its own damn satellite"

China should plan to take Taiwan by force after Trump call, state media says

Bear Lake catches astronaut's eye

Loser Arpaio Claims New Revelations in Birth Certificate Investigation

Evacuation Of Aleppo Underway As Second Cease-Fire Takes Hold

Navy Wants to Weave LCS, Unmanned Systems, Subs into New Battle Network

I love being a Californian- We just say no to Deplorables

For Those Upset with My Bashing of the Democratic Party:

Jerry Brown: "If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellite"

Utah review of radioactive waste plan to rev up in 2017

Iran sanctions extension act to become law without Obama's signature: White House

Officially today recreational mj is legal in MA.

Breitbart writer targets transgender UWM student


Why isn't Herr Drumpf bringing his victory tour to Los Angeles?

North Carolina G.O.P. Moves to Curb Power of New Democratic Governor

If the Electoral College appoints Trump they should change the name to Electoral Kindergarten

Just how will we trust the next election result?

From Catfish to Kombucha, Conservatives Target 200-Plus Rules' No clean air, nutritous

The "money speech"

If the EC is just a rubberstamp, why have the system at all?

Scientists Measure Pulse of CO2 Emissions During Spring Thaw in the Arctic

Best Comic Book Series of 2016 Nominees

Writing about food: Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

It might be possible for Electors to receive "interim Security clearances"

Can anyone verify this full page ad in the NYT today?

"Boy, I love reading those WikiLeaks" - How Trump Pushed 'Treasure Trove' of Hacked Emails

Now Trump is dissing President Obama.

Froma Harrop commentary: Trump might go for Medicare for all in '18

The Madman's back on a Twitter rampage again, I see.

LDS Church gifts $1 million to Mormon studies at Utah State University just as professor moves to BY

Some humor - You Are What You Eat - Trump Grill Could Be the Worst Restaurant in America

Trump is dissing Vanity Fair because they called out his restaurant

How about something nice, and something funny? old Christmas ads

Opinion: Your Social Security cuts are already on the way

A 20 year toll: 368 gymnasts allege sexual exploitation

Ohio's just-ended lame duck session a shameful display of political logrolling: editorial

This Political Theorist Predicted the Rise of Trumpism. His Name Was Hunter S. Thompson.

Rumors and rumblings over Bears Ears monument run rampant


And so it begins

Someone needs to publicly call for a new election.

Pressure ramping up on Utah electors to ditch Trump; voters like Electoral College

Massachusetts tiptoes into pot legalization; OK to smoke, not to sell

Massachusetts tiptoes into pot legalization; OK to smoke, not to sell

What happens if Republican electors vote for a third person, and no one

New Law Eases Small Business Health Care Burden (But May Make Repealing ObamaCare Harder)

North Carolina is undertaking an effective coup against the incoming governor who beat Pat McCrory

Waite, Waite! Don't tell me!

LDS Church yanks song White after lyrics fell flat with Mormons of color

POLL: Do you think the GOP funnels large sums of money into hate radio/media covertly.

This is what old Deplorables voted for --- large copays while your insurance is gutted

Utah lawmakers feel compelled to respond to push for education tax hike

An "opaque corporate misinformation network" - the Latter Day Republcians

So why was the Elector College created?

Those who have had plantar fasciitis, have you ever tried Kuru


Matthew Modine is the thinking man's Judge Reinhold

VA hospital in ABQ (Albuquerque, NM) ranked in bottom 10

1/10/17 VA Special Election

VA hospital in ABQ (Albuquerque, NM) ranked in bottom 10

Harvard Prof: Electors Close to Blocking Trump; Trump Trying to Stop Elector Lawsuit

50+ Electors Now Demanding Full Info on Russian Election Interference Before Voting

VA hospital in ABQ (Albuquerque, NM) ranked in bottom 10

"Prevent Tragedy Before It's Too Late": Read the Statement 1,200 Scholars Released About Trump

University of New Mexico president to leave early under deal

Democrats looking at insider-trading law to counter Trump family blend of business and politics

The oil and gas industry is quickly amassing power in Trumps Washington

The Deplorables are saying it's a typo-Bullshit

TPM take - Phony Oppositions and Score Settling


Has anyone ever seen Trump really laugh?

New Mexico finds no red flags after inspecting nuke dump

REPORT: Intelligence officials believe Putin was directly involved in the Democratic Party hacks

FCC chairman to step down, handing GOP majority (GOODBYE Net Neutrality)

Lawmakers warn New Mexico schools might have to take bigger hit

Ellison calls for '3,007-county strategy' in DNC bid

Melissa Harris-Perry: since when has racism or sexism disqualified an American president?

House conservatives want Trump to undo regulations on climate, FDA, Uber

The Fascist Plot to Overthrow FDR

As much as Russian involvement, Trump/FBI/Comey Collusion MUST be investigated

Dad of affluenza teen guilty of falsely identifying himself as officer

Why In The World Would Trump Tap Perry To Be Energy Secretary? - by Jim Hightower

Tucson Democrat Farley considering run for governor in 2018

U.N. Says Aleppo Assault Likely A War Crime

Center for American Progress focuses on anti-Trump efforts

Cave glow-worms vomit long sticky urine threads to catch prey

Trump's pick of a loyal Romney to chair RNC is a win for Priebus

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump issues a strong statement on humanitarian crisis in Aleppo.

IT STARTS. Pro-Life Leaders Want Trump Justice Dept. to Prosecute Planned Parenthood

Happy 225th Birthday, Bill of Rights

Orwellian: "Surrender Is Victory"

The ticking time bomb in Pennsylvania's election system

Democrats open to replacing Obamacare

Trumps Witch Hunts Are Having a Huge Chilling Effect

Joe Arpaio To Hold News Conference About Obama's Birth Certificate (Again)

Dont believe the haters who say Democrats are doing nothing

Ex-Hill Staffers Put A Spin On The Tea Party Playbook In Anti-Trump Guide

Judge may unseal FBI search warrant for Clinton emails

Trump's campaign is targeting three groups for widespread voter suppression.

Sen. Feinstein: Fair to Say Clinton's Hurting After Campaign of Name-Calling

Zombie G. Washington and other interesting things

Trump's Energy Secretary Choice Rick Perry Flunked a Chemistry Course in College

New Celebrity PSA Implores Members of the Electoral College to Reject Trump

Some poor Venezuelan parents give away children amid deep crisis

Some poor Venezuelan parents give away children amid deep crisis

Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, James Cromwell and More Send Message to Electors to Dump Trump

It is very rich to have the same people who were complaining that HRC had too much support


Donald Trump Is Qualified To __________

Thursday A.M. Cuteness overload

Landslide??? 77% of all US Presidents won Electoral College by higher margins than Trump.

Ron Johnson not sold on CIA conclusion that Russia tried to tip election to Donald Trump

Jerry Brown is a freaking treasure

Dear Presidential Electors: you have ONE JOB

Tribalism run amok: Now Donald Trump voters are worried he might take their Obamacare away

LGBT movement back on defense as Trump era arrives

Targeting U.S. automaker signals possible China retaliation over Trump talk

Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison Lay Out Their Plans to Defeat Trump's Pernicious Agenda

"Eigen" and "Proper"...

Zoning Commission clears path for LGBT seniors home

Just how stupid are the Freepers?

My Theory about the Meeting with the Silicon Valley Head Honchos

Ellison: We don't need to decide between social justice and economic justice

There are at least two women who i hope run in 2020 primaries

Elizabeth Warren

Nor Cal Embezzler Spends $1 Million On Cell Phone Game

GOP super PAC linked to Paul Ryan used illegally hacked material against Democratic House candidates

If the Election goes to a House vote, this is what the Congress votes may look like

"Falsely claims." I see this all the time on Internet news.

Toronto 'guerrilla' archivists to help preserve US climate data

Which is more infuriating?

which donnie states would have gone for hillary were it not for voter id and voter roll purges?

Brexit trade deal could take 10 years, says UK's ambassador

Russia's involvement in U.S. election was personally headed by Putin and Trump

Trump ordered to give deposition in Washington restaurant suit

I got it. Here's the solution how the Democrats can win back the white middle-class:

White man taunts black comedian: Trumps victory entitles me to call you a ni***r

Reid to GOP: "You get rid of ObamaCare, people are going to die"

EgyptAir crash: Explosives found on victims, say investigators

Its here,,,,,One World Government


Senate Dems Want To Force Trump To Divest All His Business Interests

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

Things I Will Not Do On Inauguration Day

NYT: Twitter Is Within Right To Suspend @realDonaldTrump, But Shouldn't

A coup? A power grab? Theres some serious political drama in North Carolina right now.

Trump Ally Tells Businesspeople In Moscow: Trump 'Can Look At Sanctions'

Cleveland ballclub to keep Wahoo mascot on caps and uniforms for 2017

NASA Launches 8-Satellite Constellation to Track Hurricanes from Space

Why doesn't the CIA just release the evidence?

STILL wondering when Americans are going to fall out of love with Republicans.

Graham Signals He Won't Vote For Tillerson If He Rejects Russia Sanctions

How do you know when it's time to let a pet go?

Here's What Caused the New York City 'Zombie' Outbreak

Trump taps Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke for Interior secretary

The Latest: Bill Cast as Media Rebuke by Christie Advances

Aren't you my representative? Tried to contact a Repug representative from my

Pic Of The Moment: Dear Republicans: Time To Stop Waving Your American Flags And F*** Off To Russia

A call to action!

Either you are with the Democrats or you are with Vladimir Putin

Drugmakers push profitable, but unproven, opioid solution

Do you have a favorable opinion of Vladimir Putin?

Quake-detection app captured nearly 400 temblors worldwide (Oklahoma is a hot spot)

Obama Leaves Office on High Note

Trump Treasury pick Steven Mnuchin has a 'widow foreclosure' problem


The future leader of the free world is on another tear...

Americans Have Very Low Expectations for Trump

Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop

Trump's 17 cabinet-level picks have more money than a third of American households combined

GOP Resistance to Bolton Builds

Traces of explosives found on victims of EgyptAir Flight 804

Trump Making Appointments Without Full Vetting

Extraordinary animation reveals ocean's role in El Ninos


Today's petitions

Found on FB - likely the best post ever on FB

NC just went full banana republic....

A light in the darkness:Senator Elizabeth Warren

Trump Considers FDA Chief Who Says People Should Use Medicines At Their Own Risk

Dear Democrats. Out with the "Olds" (Biden, Bernie, Warren) and in with

This group knows why people are gay!

Budowsky: Bernie Sanders is right about the DNC

I wonder what kind of approval rating

IMO, There will be less than 3 wayward EC voters.

Elizabeth Warren Says Democrats Will Introduce Presidential Conflict-of-Interest Bill in January

#EsteemedElectors Undisclosed taxes hide Trumps conflicts of interest, danger 2 nat'l security. He

Remember when Condi said she didn't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud?

New DEA Rule Says CBD Oil is Really, Truly, No-Joke Illegal

North Carolina May Be a Harbinger of the Nation's Future

Women's March on Washington officially has a permit for Jan. 21

Poor STILL Can't Afford Outpatient Pneumonia Meds---Thanks to Generic Price Fixing

Political Civil Wars in Ohio

Why the new-found love for Putin among Republicans?

 An Unabashed Misogynist Is (will be, barring a miracle) in Charge of Our Country. Now What?

 An Unabashed Misogynist Is (or will be, barring a miracle) in Charge of Our Country. Now What?

 An Unabashed Misogynist Is (or will be, barring a miracle) in Charge of Our Country. Now What?

Despite the Republican's gains,

This Isn't The First Time Donald Trump Picked A Fight With Vanity Fair

Betsy DeVos and the Plan to Break Public Schools

Under Trump Administration May Want To Turn Off Global Warming Satellites.

NBC In Bed With Trump Is The Media's Latest Grand Failure


Texas electors face threats for defecting: 'Vote for Trump or we rape your wife and daughters'

Cooper threatens to sue over North Carolina GOP 'power grab'

We're getting a good dose of rain in the Bay Area today

What if criminal collusion (Putin/Trump) is PROVED to have had an extreme effect on the election?

Albany Times Union calls for EC to "reject Mr. Trump"

Next year the news will be much brighter and positive.

Walking Dead actress tapped to play lead in the next Star Trek TV series

A True Gem-Julien Baker

Have Any Of Our Allies Intelligence Agencies Corroborated Putin's Involvement In Hacking....

Fake news is a convenient scapegoat, but the big 2016 problem was the real news

'Affluenza' teen's dad convicted of pretending to be officer

Julia Ioffe and the "aristocrats".

My Christmas shopping is done. I am thankful that I was able to do it this year.

The single greatest scam of the Trump presidency--

The damage done by Yasmin Seweids hijab hate hoax

Shaheen questions whether Trump national security adviser pick should get secret clearance

And a Second deer has managed his way into my freezer...

Judge rejects Trump plea to avoid deposition in Jos Andrs case

Do I hate W as much as I do Trump?

Google - Year In Search 2016

Slate - "North Carolina Republicans Legislative Coup Is an Attack on Democracy"

Bright Dog Stars on December evenings

democratic candidates, particularly the next presidential one, should run on this *one* issue:

Exclusive: Why I'm officially running for DNC chair (Tom Perez)


You know how the CIA finds spies and traitors?

PETITION: De-Schedule Cannabis -- Free the Plant!

Donald Trump just handed Senate Democrats another lucky break

Scientists prepare to fight for their work during the Trumpocene

Is There a Way I Can Hide any Post w/ "Poll says" in the Title?

Steve Bannon is dangerous..

20 States Accuse Generic Drug Companies of Price Fixing.

Facebook...and fake news

Why we have DJT as POTUS

"Sad Songs Make Me Feel Better"

In your state does the county or the state pick and maintain the voting machine.

Can The Libertarian Ideology Achieve FDR's New Deal Vision? (w/Guest: Charles Sauer)

What Does It Mean When The GOP Says They're Undoing FDR's Legacy?

How the alt-rights sexism lures men into white supremacy

Trump, The Russian Whore

Trumps Team of Rivals, Riven by Distrust.

Rev. Barber: We are witnessing the birth pangs of a Third Reconstruction

Russian tanks are rolling down the New Jersey Turnpike. Film at 11.

Keith Ellison endorses Stephen Bittel in Miami-Dade Democratic Party race

Sen. Bernie Sanders office says he had skin cancer removed from cheek

If this is mostly true, then why do they pay next to nothing??

Bullshit is everywhere (George Carlin)

Scott Baio: I Was Attacked by Red Hot Chili Peppers Wife Over Trump

Donald Trump Denies Thing That 66 Million People Watched With Their Own Eyes As It Happened

Sen. Bernie Sanders office says he had skin cancer removed from cheek

Dylan Roof found guilty

Democrats Shouldnt Let the Race for DNC Chair Become a Battle for the Party's Soul

BREAKING: Dylan Roof guilty of murder in SC church killings.

Can you imagine if the democrats ran a software program like "cross check" that targeted white men.?

Dylann Roof Found Guilty in Charleston Church Massacre

Trump's Team Reportedly Offered Ambassadorships to Talent Bookers in Exchange for Inauguration...

Trump recruits army of chief executives to battle with the system in Washington

If Trump tries to weaponize the DOJ and the FBI do you think the GOP will try to stop him?

What Needs to be Said!

Facebook Is Finally Taking Action Against Fake News

Why Conservatives Were Wrong About Why Republicans Like Trump

Purported quote by Vladimir Putin in 2003. Does the imagery sound vaguely familiar?

Watergate Reporter Says Trump Lies And Denies Facts More Than Richard Nixon Ever Did.

The Deepest Lake in the United States

EXCLUSIVE: Rocky goes to Washington! Trump taps Sylvester Stallone for top 'arts' role

Potential Hamilton Electors slate

Daily Kos post to my email on calling the White House

Jack Daniels and Country Music Television team up to defeat hate bill

Paper by scientist says raw exit polls point to Republican election rigging

So, in honor of Putin, is Trump going to make the inauguration parade

WOW...a feud ..

i figured out how trump is picking his cabinet

OH YEAH...Bay Area its coming down hard!!

Lindsey Graham, on Trumps comment: "If it was a 400 pound guy, it was a 400 pound Russian guy."

What anti nepotism law

Feds deny request to renew mining lease in Minnesota wilderness area.

3 men accused in shooting of Judge Kocurek to go on trial in October 2017

Our 5 1/2 month old puppy

Critical Discovery During Wisconsin Recount: Cellular Connectivity of Tabulators

Why in the hell are Democrats held to such a different standard??

I am not sure that the electorate (deplorables) want to pause..nihilism

School bus drivers handed out anti-gay pamphlets to kids as Christmas gifts

Peter King: Are ROGUE CIA persons behind a desk somewhere using this against the president-elect???

Trump is now inviting corruption - By Jennifer Rubin

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Donald Trump, the undemocratically illegitimate president

We need an independent, public investigation of the Trump-Russia scandal. Now.

Let's predict the line-up for Trump's inaugural gala(IF it happens)

Trump attacked Vanity Fair because they gave his restaurant a bad review:

You know how those techno-libertarians want to move offshore?

Sign the Petition to Express Support For Keith Ellison for DNC Chair!!

Comey, who influenced the election, "reportedly" told Trump Russians didn't influence the election

The Only Christmas Song You'll Need This Year:

Kurt Eichenwald

Rap Song in 12 Different Accents riceboyliu riceboyliu

I've learned how easy it is for the media to twist a story in whatever fashion they wish.

$1 billion Kingman airport plan off the table until officials learn more

Craig Sager Dead At 65 After Cancer Battle

National Film Registry makes a 2016 list for the ages including 'East of Eden,' 'The Birds,' more

Plurality Of Fox Poll Respondents: Trump Presidency Will Be 'One Of The Worst'

Suit filed to block minimum wage hike as Medicaid payments increased

NPR.... Putin needs outside enemies

CA AG (and Future Senator) Kamala Harris Files Brief Against Unbinding CA Electors

Trump Organization Terminates Three Overseas Deals In Brazil, Azerbaijan

Havasupai lawsuit a first for the tribe

Atheist activist who died in plane crash wasn't supposed to be flying at night

Craig Sager Dies At 65

Sheriff Joe Arpaio dives into Obama birth certificate again

The DNC needs Joe Biden as chair in order to rebuild and replace.

Protesters storm NC state capitol as Republicans try to strip power from new Democrat governor

Conway has her knickers in a wad!: WH 'incredibly irresponsible' 4 suggesting Trump knew of Russia

i think the gop is fine with the focus on russian involvement in the election

Ducey's State of the State address to reveal plans for education funding

Trump advisers: The faith factor

DEMS paving the way to impeach Trump

Michael Flynn ran company that lobbied for foreign clients while he received intel briefings

What could go wrong?

What America Is Getting For Christmas

Nancy Pelosi is now calling for an Independent commission to Investigate the Russian Hacking.

Coptic Catholic Church cancels Christmas festivities in solidarity with Coptic Orthodox Church

The oil and gas industry is quickly amassing power in Trumps Washington

George W. Bush will be disappointed.

A group of us decided to visit the homes of our friends' elderly parents

Trump's DC Hotel a Frightful Dump.

Trump's Newest National Security Staffer Once Suggested Obama Lied About Being Black

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-5: Treason Is The Reason For The Season (Bonus Russian Edition!)

Jake Tapper/CNN vs Chuck Todd/MSNBC - Truth reporting on a Trump tweet

Why General Motors is asking the Supreme Court to say it's only 7 years old not 108

Reba McEntire

White House supports claim Putin directed US election hack

A moment in the forest.

This Letter sums up how I feel

KING: Theres a huge education level drop-off with the Trump cabinet picks

How big is the gap between the donor class and ordinary Americans? Bigger than you think.

Lessons from the Tea Party

Swedish island likely to reject renting space to Russia

Expect a mass server exploit over Xmas: Change root/su pws

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

Tom Perez Career:

Tom Perez Career:

Trump's similarities to Putin are evident, but will we call him out for what he really is?

Barack Obama Was Too Cool for the Press Room

Corpus Christ Water Crisis--$26 for a case of water, plus two articles

Climate change driving population shifts to urban areas

Alt-Right Troll Milo Yiannopoulos Uses Campus Visit to Openly Mock a Transgender Student

Rising sea level estimates require collaborative response, Princeton-PSU experts say

donnie's cabinet picks give him tremendous power. think bridgegate on a national scale.

Someone needs to tell Groper Don the Con that the United States of America is not

No more burning batteries? Stanford scientists turn to AI to create safer lithium-ion batteries

US congressmen urge action to stop killing of Colombia community leaders

Smithsonian: How Journalists Covered the Rise of Mussolini and Hitler

US congressmen urge action to stop killing of Colombia community leaders

To Understand Trump, Learn Russian.

Mexico removes 'ghost' nets to save tiny porpoise

Mexico removes 'ghost' nets to save tiny porpoise

President Obama to hold news conference at 2:15 tomorrow.

Bush Sr. Helped Reagan Smooth Over Death Squad Terror in El Salvador

Bush Sr. Helped Reagan Smooth Over Death Squad Terror in El Salvador

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 16 December 2016

Celebrity chefs have poor food safety practices, a Kansas State University study finds

NOW: Protestors Being Arrested as North Carolina Republican Lawmakers Attempt Coup Over Incoming De

the orange menace will not like this - "Brothers in White Resentment" - Trump, and Roof

The Daily Show: Trump Lets the Truth Come Out Post-Election

Conway, auditioning to be a pundit after her job is over, slams Ernst for auditioning to be a pundit

DuPont to Pay $50M Over Mercury-Contaminated Virginia Rivers

I know exactly when Trump is going to release the details

WATCH: Kellyanne Conway says Donald Trumps team found an exception in anti-nepotism law

Blue Lives Dont Matter Because Blue Lives Dont Exist

Paul Begala goes Boom! on the traitor elect:

Trump keeps falsely claiming allegations of Russian hacking only came after he won election

Race for the Cure canceled in Tucson

China Issues Red Alert For Smog In Beijing, Tianjin

It's now illegal in the US to punish customers for posting bad web reviews

Court: Ex-AG Tom Horne can fight $1.2M campaign finance violation fine

Dig In! Antibiotic-Tainted Fish, Shrimp From China On The Menu, Breeding Resistant Bacteria