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Joy Reid is sitting in for Tweety again.

California is itching to take on Trump. Here are the prominent figures leading the charge

Putin makes $136,000 a year...

Ex-Russia Today anchor: "No mouthpiece for the Kremlin is better than Donald Trump."

"Putin's Poodle".

Velvet worms

Del Monte plant in Sanger evacuated after ammonia leak

PBS NewsHour picked this up from POTUS' presentation. It's IMPORTANT:

Why is that clown taking his "victory" tour to my old hometown?

Let's limit the fox news mouthpiece

Cummings and Sanders Raise Concerns about Assertions to Congress by Heritage Pharmaceuticals

I think I'm gonna throw up

A question about "the high road".

Carlsbad desalination plant produces 15 billion gallons of fresh water in first year

How to Make Pizza

I hope worthy opinion leaders/policy makers read this book.

The GOP coup in North Carolina previews what were going to see everywhere

Office of DNI won't brief members of Electoral College on Russian election meddling

Donald Trump doesnt know it yet, but Vladimir Putin is going to dump him - By Jonathan Capehart

"they could only criticize the German regime so much and maintain their access."....

We desperately needed a lifeline from our President

Loving brother turns hairdresser

LA to pay more than $8 million to settle lawsuits over 3 deadly LAPD shootings

A New Word For The Professional Ratf@#kers: Kerry Got "Swiftboated." Clinton Got "Jimmied"

Is this too self-promote-y?

Here's the deal...

Trumps false claims about U.S. murder rate raise questions

Why Trump can't stop counterpunching

Trump Drained The Swamp, Alright...

The genial transition from Obama to Trump gets a lot less friendly

TRANSCRIPT of POTUS' Press Conference:

Obama is dealing with the Russia thing appropriately

Who do you rec as the anti-tRump to counter his tweet shit storms?

The carbon bubble and the eventual pop.

Feds launch investigation into Orange County DA's Office, Sheriff's Dep't. over jailhouse informants

It helps me to remember that

Ethics panel looks at state's Rep. Duncan Hunter

This Horrible Belief About the Election and What to Do With It

Activists Say Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Should Not Get the Death Penalty

Evidence, facts and reason are the building blocks of civilisation. Without them we plunge into dark

Orange County pays $6M to children of workers who said building caused illnesses, birth defects

So even though everyone agrees there was foreign interference in our election,

US voting machine certification agency probes potential hack

How Do We Keep Our Star if PayPal Won't Accept Our Payment?

QUESTION: Did Clinton lose because of the hacking?

Keith Ellison Just Made North Carolina Politics a Democratic Party Fight

Your media future, explained.....

Putin Hacked The Election Because Of A Vendetta Against Hillary Clinton

Have we arrived at the point where the "average American" is just too damn

Anaheim dental clinic shut down again after more bacteria found in water system

and now, my yearly presentation of the holiday classic - William Burroughs 'The Junkys Christmas'

Gingrich brags that Republicans are coming for everything FDR accomplished

Electors wont get intelligence briefing: report

Electors wont get intelligence briefing: report

For Stanford Marching Band, its insult added to injury

Trump picks U.S. Rep. Mulvaney to head White House budget office

Trump Still Hasnt Named a Democrat to His Cabinet

So does the FBI have the power to find out if Trump surrogates

The Lesson I Learned in 2016

Calif. adult store employees ward off armed robber by throwing sex toys at him

Boeing has 150,000 U.S. jobs tied to selling planes to China, says Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO R

Luckovich Toon - Trumps Inauguration (More The Scarier)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Artificial Intelligence! Live, Uncensored & a new

Young doctors could work 28 hours straight under new plan, despite possible dangers

House GOP Quietly Closes Flint, Mich. Water Investigation


Friday Talking Points (419) -- Obama's Final Presser

Why Hillary Clinton Bombed With White Evangelical Voters

Michigan loses court case to stop home water deliveries due to lead

Italian sausage sub?

Report: Chemical leak reported week before public was warned

FBI kept tabs on Muhammad Ali in 1966 during Nation of Islam probe

Uber fires back at California DMV in self-driving car spat

Training center mistakenly exposed students to deadly ricin

I have a job for the first time in years

Transgender Ohio child may continue to use girl's restroom: appeals court

Why do the FEC and the National Archives report different 2012 Presidential results?

Aryan Brotherhood Mississippi leader gets life sentence

U.S. lawmakers press Heritage Pharma on high prices for antibiotic

New study casts doubt on theory Anne Frank was betrayed

Slate - "This Time, Obama's Calm in a Crisis Isn't Helping"

The Dehuminizing of America

Five Fulton County voters cast their ballots twice in Nov. election

Raises for state workers: Maintenance union, psychiatric techs make deals

Russia's Hacks Followed Years of Paranoia Toward Hillary Clinton

The Vampire Squid Occupies Trump's White House

The Onion: The Obama speech America really deserves

Sacramento shoe store owner, doctor indicted for allegedly defrauding VA

President Obama's press conference 12/16/16

Has California become America's Taiwan ?

Friday night vodka buzz. Ask me anything.

Rural living.

Uber defies order to stop using self-driving cars in San Francisco

Germany threatens to fine Facebook over hate speech

Trump says his supporters were 'violent'

Petition for Governor Elect Cooper to empower nonviolent protest

Trump in Orlando calls his supporters vicious, violent and nasty

Lovin' Spoonful - Darling Be Home Soon (VIDEO)

September 1 to November 8.

Led Zeppelin - Hey Hey What Can I Do (VIDEO)

Pink Floyd - Mother (VIDEO)

Norm Ornstein: "Trump political rally in Florida is Mussolini-like."

The price tag for cleaning up nuclear waste at Hanford site just went up another $4.5 billion

2020 doing a rehash on the RAMSEY child killing. Hyping as juror-tells-who-did-it then he says no

Rural America: You won't change their minds.

The White House will not improve Donald Trump in the slightest...

Like this site

We are women. Stand with us,

Trump paid $12.5 million to his own businesses during race

We are leaderless basically and here's why:

Vanity Fair breaks subscription record after Trump attack on Twitter

Trump May Stay at His Hotel, Not Blair House, Before Inauguration

Why are democrats saying there is no constitutional remedy or really anything anyone

Did I Hear Right That The Russians & Putin Interfered With....

A $1-billion desalination plant might be coming to Huntington Beach, but it will test California's

Trump called Evan McMullin "Evan McMuffin" tonight. This was McMullin's response:

Abortions don't lead to long-term mental health problems for women, but being denied causes anxiety,

"That's How It Works."

Why Hitler was such a successful orator

You know what I noticed?

**Finals for December contest Posted in GD**

Rate of black lung disease among miners may be 10 times higher than reported

Auction Offering Coffee With Ivanka Trump Is Canceled

Sometime in Winter - Blood Sweat and Tears

How I Learned to Love Putin


Harry Reid says FBI Director James Comey

Oil company withdraws application for New Mexico pipeline - Yea! No Pinyon Pipeline!!

Extremely helpful post found in GD

New Files Reveal US Sold Argentina Military Aircraft to Dump Bodies in Ocean

Hate A Black President For 8 Years And Presto A tRump Presidency

Please pray that Monday goes well

New Files Reveal US Sold Argentina Military Aircraft to Dump Bodies in Ocean

How are millennials coping with a Trump presidency? They're running for public office.

Argentina Wanted US to Fight Africa's Anti-Colonial Revolutions

Peru rejects new request to pardon imprisoned Fujimori

December 19th...

To Putin, Trump is perfect

If I go running across town, stop at a bridge, bend over the rail and call out for Clarence...

HillaryClinton: "That's because Putin would rather have a puppet as President of the united States"

Seeing Africa by Road

Mary Hardin-Baylor wins NCAA D3 football title

Mary Hardin-Baylor wins NCAA D3 football title

Interesting thought

Dwight Twilley-"Standin' in the Shadow of Love"

Chemical leak in Corpus Christi water reported week before public was warned

Woman allegedly conned Heisman winner Ricky Williams out of millions

Woman allegedly conned Heisman winner Ricky Williams out of millions

I want a divorce from half of the country

Just any reference to not campaigning in WI., not sending extra help to MI and PA,

South Texas prison bus crash sends 16 to hospital

So I expect that states rights are going to be en vogue

Can we craft a stronger economic justice message WITHOUT throwing anyone under the bus?

Baylors Sexual Assault Scandal Could Cost University $223 million

GOP....Grand Old Putin Party

Mechanics union files federal lawsuit over Southwest Airlines' 'take it or leave it' negotiating tac

by Robert Reich:'The President-elect continues to lie big-time:

Remember when it was interesting and fun to surf the Net?

question: electoral collage vote being televised?

Nine Ways to Oppose Donald Trump - The New Yorker

Will Putin Stab Iran in the Back (The Way Bush Sr. Did to Iraq)?

Greg Abbott's racial profiling remarks prompt criticism

Why are there so many on the Left denying or justifying the Russian hacks?

Dwight Twilley- "I'm On Fire"

Feds Rate Increase Ratchets Up Pressure on Chinas Yuan

Dwight Twilley- "Alone in My Room"

State wins case against oil companies worth an estimated $500 million

For Diane Riehm fans, her replacement starts on January 2...

Former Alaska House press secretary convicted of disorderly conduct; assault charges dropped

The Golden Secret to Better Challah

Dwight Twilley- "Sleeping" 1977

You gotta admit the GOP has a set of balls that the Democratic Party could only dream of.

Alaska Gov. Walker looks again to Permanent Fund for revenue in new budget proposal

UN chief Ban Ki-moon hints he could run for South Korea's presidency

Alaska Republican Party formally pulls support from 3 of its own

Kushner: We struck deal with Sinclair for straighter coverage

Chris Grayling sent cyclist flying with his car door, video shows

Judge in Alaska tosses lawsuit against electors

Dennis Skinner on the football sex abuse scandal.

Former VA Podiatry Chief and Sunrise Shoes CEO Indicted for Health Care Fraud Scheme

Mourning in America 2: The Abyss

The worst MP in Parliament?

Kellyanne Conway hates cats. People are having a "wee bit of fun" on Twitter is still up. And it still gets to me every time I see it.

Some combat-wounded vets could see a windfall thanks to a congressional tax fix

Daily Holidays - December 17

Dwight Twilley-"That I Remember"

Library cat outlasts councilman that wanted him gone

Good Effin' Grief - the lunatic Sheriff is still fighting Obama's birth certificate

Three more charged over Nice truck attack

In his book Hell's Angels, Hunter Thompson's ethic of total retaliation foreshadowed Trumpism.

Gallo's, Taco King ordered to pay Alaska workers $850,000 in back wages


FBI notes rise of gang violence in Anchorage

Greg Lake, pioneer of progressive rock music, dies at 69 (King Crimson; Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

20 Lessons from the 20th Century on How to Survive in Trump's America

Re Trump: Would this count as insider-trading?

Honolulu mayor says ride-hailing bill does not go far enough

Kansas City is an ice rink.

Weekly Address: Ensuring a Fair and Competitive Marketplace

Judge overturns BLNRs approval of TMT sublease for Mauna Kea telescope


#BundyTeaParty makes Mad Magazine's 2016 list of '20 Dumbest People, Events and Things'


Weekend TOON Roundup

Sen. Durbin's anti-Trump Tweetstorm: Trump has time to meet w/ Kanye, but not to solve biz conflicts

University Of Minnesota President Refuses To Bow To Boycotting Football Players

I'd hate to think that Trump did all this (running for President, dismantling the New Deal,

The Rude Pundit: This Horrible Belief About the Election and What to Do With It

Guam Gov. Calvo vetoes pair of bills for home cultivation and to repeal senatorial raises

He didn't plan on liquidating his business schemes because he never wanted the job.

Dear America, Why Did You Let Us Down?

Both Samoa canneries shutting down one for three weeks, the other indefinitely

How many inches did you get last night ...

National Maple Syrup Day: Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House in the Big Woods"

Pope Francis asks for good vibes from atheist Anne Hidalgo, Socialist Mayor of Paris

Board Of Education: Northern Mariana Islands Government owes Public School System $10.3M

Death of Democracy: North Carolina Governor Signs Law Limiting Successors Power

Northern Marianas Democrats in the midst of reconstitution

Michael Moore: You Better Believe Trump Is Afraid of the Electoral College Vote on Monday

How mainstream outlets use the "fake news" crisis to give themselves a veneer of legitimacy

nailed it:

Congress Passes Bill Protecting Atheists, Humanists, and Other Freethinkers

PLEASE share the DU love. NC PETITION

Arab Israeli newscaster: Aleppo onslaught is a holocaust

Between the Trump-Putin administration and what's going on in North Carolina

To lighten the mood, funny Amazon reviews of Ivanka Trump's boots.

Weekend could bring coldest low of the year - Bismark, ND

The Prospect of Trump

Anyone collecting examples of Trump's literacy errors

how can I tell if my donation check mailed was received?

Maru, Hana and a box:

IMO, Trump's goal is to lead the St Pat's parade in NY then quit April 1.

The most common words in @HillaryClintons speeches, in one chart

We need environmental "Emoji's"

Environmental "Emoji's"?

Hey Trump supporters! Did you get your holiday card from your heroes yet?

This is a very good recommendation for the future

Our pal, Donald Drumpf, is doing "twitter diplomacy" with China*

Too Many "Things"

Elizabeth Kolbert On The Non-Denier Denier And Exxon's Decades Of Climate Lies

****Dec Photo Contest Restart**** I made a major screwup, left one image out of the voting.

I think I know what the problem is. The Democrats are the Hufflepuffs in the Hogwartz House,

BAS: "Trump Appears To Have Less Respect For Expertise Than Any President In Modern History"

*** I restarted the voting for the December Photo contest. ***

Pope Francis hits 80, still zealously working to overhaul Catholic church

NOAA - Of 30 Floods, Heatwaves In 2015, 24 Directly Tied To Warming Earth

Trump names Rep. Mick Mulvaney, a fiscal hawk, to head budget office

Are Americans Experiencing Collective Trauma?

Science Advances - Ocean Heat Drives Rapid Basal Melt Of The Totten Ice Sheet (Antarctica)

Suburban/urban living

"The report... reads like a checklist for the apocalypse..."

East Antarctica - 55 Melt Lakes Confirmed Just Below Surface Of Ice Sheet Once Thought Solid

Terrorism: A Dire Prediction For Trump's First 100 Days

Its time to stop with the false choices on school choice - By Rahm Emanuel

Dept. of Tweety Bird...

Trump Inherits the 'Good War'

"Bernie Sanders anti-political correctness rant proves the left is learning the wrong lessons"

Now, America, You Know How Chileans Felt

Zephyr Teachout lost in NY-19

Jeff Danziger Cartoon: Twain And Trump

Planning Panel - New York Needs To Start To Prepare Now For Permanent Flooding

There's a message here somewhere.

A Dangerous Choice for Ambassador to Israel - by The NYT Editorial Board


Time for the Democrats to stop catering to the

Michael Mann - I've Dealt With Death Threats, And It Will Only Get Worse Under Trump - WP

Obama is reported telling Putin to "cut it out" in reference to Russia's hacking our election system

Trump Mocks Media for Predicting Clinton Win

Joy Reid on fire- talking about Trump intimidation of media similarities to Putin!

Bernie Sanders In A Candid Conversation With Sarah Silverman

Why is it so difficult for us to think the election was stolen?

Does DU3 not support embedded videos that start at a selected time ?

What to expect...

Keith Ellison Just Made North Carolina Politics A Democratic Party Fight

Bernie Sanders Slams Donald Trump's Racist Birther Movement

Gun-control propaganda film Miss Sloane a historic box-office bomb

Kellyanne Conway's deleted #catsjudgingkellyanne #whysoserious

The events over the past couple of months have shown America who the real danger is.

This Political Theorist Predicted the Rise of Trumpism. His Name Was Hunter S. Thompson.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Putin Attacked the U.S. Election

Flawed individuals will victimize you:Top FBI profilers lessons on extreme narcissists like Trump

Russian reality TV show Game2: Winter to 'allow' rape and murder in Siberia -

The Only Enemies Donald Trump Can See Are His Fellow Americans

Trump says he has an I Q of 156

Good article about the Trump/Bernie/Hillary divide and where

Harry Potter's Sorting Hat inspires the name of new spider species

Hello all

Trump Slams China For Seizing Drone, Calls It 'Unprecedented Act'

These "Victory Tours" are disturbing

Middle Class Manifesto

Minnesotans Clear Away after Snowstorm, Expect Bitter Cold

Waldo tries to sneak one by but is nipped by the censors

Ignoring All Evidence, NRA Decides Gun Policy Determined The 2016 Presidential Election

Part 2: Lawsuits - Trouble on the Horizon for the Trump Administration

'Making words great again': Internet ridicules Trump for Freudian 'unpresidented' complaint about...

Part 2: Lawsuits - Trouble on the Horizon for the Trump Administration

'THE WARNING SIGNS ARE REAL': NYT column questions whether American democracy can survive Trump (NO)

China says it will transfer US drone; Trump slams Beijing over incident

Is there any way to make lemonade out of these lemons?

AM Joy - who is this idiot Dallas Woodhouse?

Trump hair over the years

Cross-posted from Castle Bansalot, since we can discuss this here but not there

Larry Colburn passed. A man you really should know!

In Vietnam Our Troops Did Not Refuse To Fire Back Because We Did Not Want To Be Like The VC/NVA.

Helloooo, KGOP. Your Russian partners didn't hack "Hillary's private server" (Ya facking idiots)

Leslie Odom Jr and Sara Bareilles new song is stunning and haunting.

Am calling them "DRUMPF's Chumps" - He mocks his own supporters to their face. How's it *FEEL*?!1

How much would you have paid for an hour with Ivanka?

Played like a drum

Fact-Checking The Ukrainian Revolution from 2014.

Trump's Cabinet: A who's who of homophobia - By Michelangelo Signorile

I was thinking about the issues surrounding the hijab yesterday

I am going to see 'Jackie" at the 9:15 matinee for only $6.79

Madonna speaks out about sexism, misogyny, and feminism

We can all hope

If you live in a Trump state, give electors NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE POLLS for their state:

Trump is emboldening Racism with College aged Students..

In A Year From Now - Which Country Will The U.S. Be At War With?......

To all the Evangelicals who voted for Trump

Have to go shovel my sidewalk.

Pollsters Should Poll Trump Supporters And Ask Them The Following Questions......

Anti-Semitic website calls for action in Montana

Anti-Semitic website calls for action in Montana

Call me a snowflake one more time...

Mr. Trump - Do You Have Any Evidence To Refute The U.S. Intelligence Agencies About Russian.....

Awesome article about the absolute lunacy of Sean Hannity and his ilk

Comic Highlights Form of Gaslighting TrumPutin/KGOP Are Guilty Of (and why it's considered abusive)

CNN Hosts go at it over Trump's legitimacy: That guy's not my President (VIDEO)

Honest College Football Headlines: Bowl Season Edition

When IS Intel says they have proof, they not only have logs, but the actual data sent and by whom!

RUN-DMC - Christmas In Hollis (VIDEO)

'What would constitute an Electoral College "December surprise "?'

How Democrats Help Trump

Another thing about the "rub-it-In-our-faces tour"

For a president-elect that touts America First, Russian hacking poses a problem

LIVE NOW: Trump may be my new president but he is illegitimate in most of our eyes

The NC coup...

Transition Adviser Peter Thiel Could Directly Profit From Mass Deportations


Harlem deer dies amid would-be rescue attempt

Trump shits in his supporters' mouths and they think it is ice cream.

How a Putin Fan Overseas Pushed Pro-Trump Propaganda to Americans

'Unpresidented' Trump tweet on China sets off deluge of mockery

Falsely he'll "build a wall" that Mexico will pay for is one thing

Had a thought, if each of us that voted for President Clinton were

Zimbabwe's Zanu-PF confirms Mugabe as 2018 election candidate

Carolinians can protest 4 NC universities that support 16 pro GOP Trumputin radio stations.

I blame george bush for the rise of trump

Watch: Ellen DeGeneres' holiday movie remix will make you want to dance

Ex-Georgia policeman convicted of murder in Taser death of suspect: media

As Trump vows to boost drilling, fracking foes turn to court

I learned new word today: Kakistocracy

Standing Rock UPDATES 12/13 & 12/16

"Senate investigation of Russian hacking will be broad..."

Trump Grills star rating is plummeting, and Yelp is trying to save it from the trolls

Inauguration Protesters Plan to Surround White House to Keep Obama from Leaving

99 Ways to Fight Trump:

Missing the 70's: Dwight Twilley- "Sleeping"

Just back from seeing Collateral Beauty today...

Robt REICH nails 4 Stages of DRUMPF-*grief*. I'm Stage 2/Numbness.

Vote: Oregon Person of the Year

Final Results Show Clinton Won Popular Vote By Over 2.86 Million, Or 2.1 Percent

Demonstrations Monday

Pentagon: China will return naval drone seized in South China Sea to U.S.

Women's March on Washington: List of local events:

President Obama knows more than he told in news conference yesterday.

Women's March on Washington: Find a local event near you!

Job openings

Unpresidented"? You Idiot.!

How a Putin Fan Overseas Pushed Pro-Trump Propaganda to Americans

Today's petitions

Trumps self congratulatory tour reminds me

Multiple people are in the press pen here at the Trump rally wearing pro-Trump shirts and openly che

What are you doing to prepare for the next administration?


Henry J. Heimlich, inventor of lifesaving technique for choking victims, dies at 96

7.9 quake off Papua New Guinea

Watching John Glenn's funeral on Cspan right now

North Carolinas assault on public education just got worse

Is there anybody, Out There....Trumped by Putin

It's 2:30pm here in the east coast. What is wrong with DU's times???

What if a Drumpf SCOTUS overturned Obergefell v. Hodges ?

Rural vs. Urban? They're different, for sure.

Trump campaign struck deal with media company for more favorable coverage

Why there's a war on Christmas.

Lege Preview: The Coming Attack on Texas Unions

I prefer this guy to Trump...

Trump described his supporters as "vicious" and "violent" during the 2016 campaign

I'm ready to open my window and yell

Louisiana nondiscrimination order declared unconstitutional

First family lands in Hawaii for Christmas vacation

"Some Wasted Guy"

Whitefish, Montana's most infamous resident

Anti-Climate Science Conspiracy Theorist to Lead Trumps Department of Energy

NASA Scientist Warns Earth Is 'Totally Unprepared' for an Asteroid Hit

New Report Indicates Accelerated Ice Melt in Antarctica

Happy birthday plus one, Beethoven.

Ivanka Trumps Boots Are Getting Some Interesting Reviews On Amazon

Which would hurt GOP more in the long run: electors dumping Trump or keeping him?

Just one more...

Ice-Busting Ship in Hawaii on Way to Antarctica

We Gave Up Leadership Of The Free World By Electing Trump. We Will Be A Nation In Ridicule.

Ghost Shark Caught on Camera for the First Time National Geographic

Remember all those silly chicken littles who used to tell us the sky was falling?

Killer Whale Vs Great White Shark - National Geographic Documentary (HD)

Were in Europe Against Our Will: France Is E.U.s Next Big Test

Family Research Council lays out harsh agenda for Trump's first 100 days

Pope celebrates 80th birthday, invites 8 homeless people to breakfast

Iran calls for meeting of nuclear deal powers over U.S. sanctions

By now a normal person would have said, "I wanted to win, but not like this."

Trump, Putin and the Pipelines to Nowhere

The ghost that will haunt Trump

OK, can someone suggest a different website?

One Hundred and Forty Days Without a Trump Press Conference.

Three professors of psychiatry call for neuropsychiatric evaluation of Trump...

J.K. Rowling: TrumpSpellCheck...

Same day the FBI said they agreed re: Russian hacking, Vanity Fair trashed Trump's Grill in tower

How should Democrats proceed on Supreme Court Justices?

Litmus Test Question

Donald Trump raises specter of treason

I like this metaphor from twitter

How a Putin Fan Overseas Pushed Pro-Trump Propaganda to Americans

10 years ago Trump would have faced a treason trial after being co-opted by Putin

Hillary Clintons Inaugural Address - Bill Moyers & Michael Winship

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 17, 2016

Craziest Elected Official In The US? Maybe - AK GOPer Paints Local Electrician As Muslim Terrorist

Meet Sitting Bull's Great Great Granddaughter Brenda White Bull at Standing Rock

Jared Kushner: Trump Campaign Struck Deal With Sinclair Broadcast Group For Better Media Coverage

Rogue One: Best Star Wars movie ever. Better than Empire.

Do you think Trump won "fair and square"?

Three professors of psychiatry call for 'neuropsychiatric evaluation' of Trump out of fears he's

The Parmelee Post: Cybersecurity Firm Says Russia May Have Hacked Santas List

Politico: Trump lays out limits of business involvement

Anyone here ever post on Facebook?

Trump is telling The Deplorables they are the ones who love this country.

Self-delete: (DUPE, sorry)

Nine die in Vancouver in 24 hours from fentanyl opioid overdose

House Freedom Caucus wants To Undo 232 Rules On Net Neutrality, other consumer protection laws

Walking Dead fans. I just saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan die in grand style.

The 2016 Sh*tgibbon Victory Lap Tour Of What Used To Be America sadly concludes in Mobile, Alabama.

Another gem from John Fugelsang

Dishonest Election - Why bother voting? Video at Alternet

Kellyanne Conway said Drumpf could have won California

LePage paid less than every other governor

Potus and Flotus. This is hilarious.

Maggot alert

Group has enough signatures to put Medicaid expansion on Maine ballot

Solar has become the most cost effective electricity source

Magnificent photographs from 2016

Proof that God is evil? Easily and quickly controverted.

For a president-elect who touts 'America first', Russian hacking poses a problem

OHHH GOD! Can he make it any worse?

State says it won't enforce tip credit wage hike next month

Photos: Online Bernie Tree

They have their own "news station."

PBS reports on Fake News: they should start with the biggest fake news story: Clinton's email

Singer Andrea Bocelli's fans threaten boycott if he performs at Trump inauguration

Our politicians need to accept that oil is a dying industry..

Arnaud Montebourg: 'French Bernie Sanders' plotting a shakeup

The Extinction Crisis is far worse than you think

Navy's call for dramatically larger fleet could boost Bath Iron Works

People need to chill as individuals and warm up as a group

If Trump has an IQ of 156...

Trump's Proposed Ambassadors to Israel wants to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Michael Sheen to swap acting for activism against 'populist right'

Dump is so concerned about "person" of the year

You know about, but do you know about

I am interested in rural Dems checking in with ideas for Dems to attract rural voters

The Best Chrome Extension Ever!

I give money for gifts at Christmas

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 17/12/16

Source: Donald Trumps alleged threats against Hamilton Electors arent legal.

Warning: Eye bleach needed. Have you noticed that a lot of media outlets

Is North Carolina a Sign for Whats Coming In Politics?

Senior UK MPs to be briefed on dangers posed by Putin's Russia

The Emoluments Clause: Its text, meaning, and application to Donald J. Trump

It looks like a housing bubble to me

Alabama (wet) Dreamin', On Such a Winter's Day

Does anyone remember in 2000..... there were no senators who would object to the electoral vote?

Groper Don the Con is about to discover that anything he can to to others will be done unto him

Dwight Twilley- "Standing in the Shadow of Love" 1979