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Here's how Republicans view your healthcare: He let his son's broken arm wait until the morning

How do we get James Comey charged for violating the Hatch Act?

Sacramento Bee: California birth rate drops to Great Depression levels

A Historic Number of Electors Defected, and Most Were Supposed to Vote for Clinton

How Ed Schultz transformed from MSNBC lefty to the American face of Moscow media

Hillary Clinton is immensely popular -- as long as she isn't seeking a seat at the Boy's Table

CBO Lays Down Key Ground Rules For Scoring Obamacare Replacement Plans

Does anybody here work in retail?

SPLC warns that Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn is a dangerous anti-Muslim zealot

Just read a chapter on cat aggression by a cat whisperer. She suggests that you

Quote of the Day: Michelle Obama

VOX: Israel just announced it will take in wounded civilians from Aleppo

Strong enough to defeat ISIL?

So...why Colin Powell?

Just had an epiphany! A guy that was involved in the whole reality tv debacle

Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck) Alison Ledgerwood TEDxUCDavis

Congratulations, GOP! Here is what you have WON!

What will be the next shoe to drop...?

Praying raccoons.

The Electoral College Must Go

Mexico fireworks market explosion leaves at least 26 dead

Mexico fireworks market explosion leaves at least 26 dead

Ties between Russia and the Taliban worry Afghan, U.S. officials

Trump wins Elect College: the 1st thing he does is put out a statement that starts with a LIE

Trump children backpedal on charity events amid concerns over selling access

I thought this was a great idea, contribute in the name of someone

Pentagon memo on Trump's priorities doesn't mention Russia: report

Ten million, six hundred sixty-nine thousand, one hundred eighty-seven more people

The Sexism this Cycle just about killed my Brain

Frisco wealth manager who hosted 'Dollars & Sense' arrested on fraud, money laundering charges

How Republics End by Paul Krugman

Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. distance themselves from Dallas-based nonprofit's inauguration party

Trump frames Europe attacks as clash of religions

My Talking Point To Conservatives Re The Electoral College: It's An Affirmative Action Program.

Klingon Newt

Donald Trumps National Security Advisor Met with 'Alt-Right' Freedom Party Leader

Trump Sons Auctioning Off $1 Million Hunting Trip to Celebrate Inauguration

Hillary applauded at the Carlyle.

Perez is kind of a goofball

Does being wealthy make you more charitable?

Maine woman besieged by hate calls after pro-Trump websites list her number

Hey Trump, take a hike, eh?


Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Unpresidented! Live, Uncensored & a new

How are the continuing attempts to delegitmize Bernie's campaign NOT "refighting the primaries"?

Red Kettle update: Donations up roughly $200,000 since Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott made his deposit

Bright Future for Energy Devices

Nigerian bobsleders need help to get to

Frisco man guilty of driving to Illinois to murder his grandmother for $400,000 inheritance

Texas officially removes Planned Parenthood from Medicaid

Big Utility Sees Pathway to $10 Oil (Due to pressure from low-cost solar)

$10 million given to families of Dallas officers slain in downtown ambush

A well written letter about Robin Hood and the failure of the State to fund their responsibilities

Bill Maher: Trump picked Carson as Housing Secretary because he lives in a house

Fort Worth rail line to DFW Airport hits another milestone now that federal grant is official

A reminder: The Federal government's emails were hacked (the .gov system);

So, I hear some parents of deceased kids are suing Facebook...

*Posted to the Hillary Group* Is everyone here a member of Pantsuit Nation?

Dem senator calls for 'war on drugs'

American Airlines awarded $5.1 million in damages from Sabre Corp. over 2011 antitrust case

Calumet City Residents to Vote on $15 Minimum Wage for All Workers

Obama, always one step ahead, what's his next move?

Sad Jeopardy Spoiler inside.

Why US liberals are now buying guns too

Solar is top source of new capacity on the US grid in 2016

Pompous Ass speaks about EC...and says it's all about race?.

The White House: Inside Story

Offer of access to Trump and family at fundraiser is pulled back, but ties remain

Warmer climate threatening to northern birds

Defining points of fascism

Praxair to Buy Linde for $35 Billion in Industrial-Gas Deal

China: CO2 footprint of wealthy households reaches European level

Love and the Trumpster

It is time to send this forum into the cornfield.

Eyeing Trump, Obama takes new action to ban Arctic drilling

The Deepwater Horizon Aftermath

Vandals attack pentagram erected to protest Nativity scene

New approach to water splitting could improve hydrogen production

Do you use Cuisinart Food Processr? Recall notice

has everyone seen the google doodle? ushering in winter. brrrrrrr.

Team Bernie: "Hillary f*cking ignored us in swing states"

The Woodlands construction company wins $66 million bid for airport project

conan o'brian teaches some chicago kids about the blues.

Comey's search warrant didn't need to be executed until after the election.

Vandals attack pentagram erected to protest Nativity scene

Never seen anything like this, sheriff says of 3-year-old kept in small plywood box

What the President of the United States once stood for....

Where the Democrats should start?

We keep making comparison of the elevation of Trump to that of Hitler



The Brilliance of a Stradivari Violin Might Rest Within Its Wood.

Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism

Are loners smarter?

Arctic lakes thawing earlier each year

Pacific Islanders hit the hardest in Johnson County mumps outbreak

Seinfeld Excerpts : The Story Of Festivus

There are aliens amongst us

Trump's Pro-Russia/Big Oil Agenda - Making The US Guzzle Again!

Do we have a lot of new people that have come to the democraticunderground?

Greg Abbott channels Trump, tells faithless elector Chris Suprun, 'YOU'RE FIRED!!!' on Twitter

"I'm really important, so I should be able to monetize that"...

North Texas sheriff commits suicide amid state investigation

Cat With Dreadlocks Loses 2 Pounds Of Fur

David Corn Just Compared O'Reilly's Electoral College Defense To Apartheid.

Four bodies found after massive search ;Retired cop accused of killing 4 Middletown men


League fines Giants $150K, McAdoo $50K for walkie-talkie use

Halp (again), this time a DU issue. Yahoo problem?

Drunk Texas mother passes out in movie theater while 4 kids roam building

Great to hear from Senator Al Franken of Minnesota - post election

Math teacher's word problem about texts and nudes upsets parent

If we want to protect this country's integrity, we need to start with Comey.

Arizona now requires cursive be taught in schools

Las Vegas just became the largest U.S. city to rely solely on green energy

Yikes. Footage of Colombian 727 take off and crash

What the hell is a "Republican"??

psst. i am getting puppy fever.

It's not about being 90yrs old, it's about Jerry LEWIS being hateful and bitter

Isn't it time for Snyder to resign

U.S. sanctions companies, people over Russia actions in Ukraine

First Amendment Defense Act Would Be 'Devastating' for LGBTQ Americans

No Shit...

Skinner, it's time to close down the Postmortem Forum

Top 10 Worst Texans of 2016

Down for a spot of tea

After Neo-Nazi Posting, Police in Whitefish, Montana, Step Up Patrols

San Marcos Adopts $15 Minimum Wage

Is There a Lawyer in the House? I think Watergate 2016 has already been committed.

So... what will happen when Trump fails to deliver?

The Subpoena That Rocked The Election Is Legal Garbage, Experts Say

Former Texas Comptroller Susan Combs to meet with Trump team

Questions Remain Over Corpus Christi Water Ban

New Bill Would Mandate Drug Testing for Needy Adults Before They Apply for Benefits

Thinking ahead on the January contest....

Meet The Man Believed To Be The First Black Millionaire In Texas

Ecstatic squirrel goes NUTS for his favorite toy raccoon

Kountze ISD bus driver believes DWI arrest was a 'set up'

I don't understand how some of the most religious people I know voted for Trump.

Cuyahoga River Fire 1969. A reminder on why we need the EPA.

Man accused of murder believed he shot Trump

Ocelot kittens cuddly: Wildlife refuge den discovery first in 20 years

The Winner: or how to win bigly and lose even biggerly

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is protection from Trump...

Sharp: Why Texas A&M is expanding in the Valley

STC partners with UTRGV despite probation

21 busted on felony drug charges 10 days after 22 heroin overdoses in Walker County

Judge favors Progreso ISD in residency case against state

Abbott promises more help on way to Texas National Guard along border

Obama bans oil drilling 'permanently' in millions of acres of ocean

VW strikes another US emissions scandal deal

In Austin, DNC Candidates Pledge to Rebuild the Democratic Party from the Grassroots

In Austin, DNC Candidates Pledge to Rebuild the Democratic Party from the Grassroots

Former Ithaca CPA Sentenced to Prison for Multi-Million Dollar Investment Fraud

Santa is a dick...

Embattled former Virgin Islands senator releases 800-page, cutting-edge etiquette book

On Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 5:44 am EST

Daily Holidays - December 21

It's not the economy, stupid. "Drain the Swamp" has different meanings for liberals/conservatives:

In which states would Bernie have done better or worse..

The Shape Of Things To Come....cartoon...


Peace to all!

Virgin Islands Gov. Mapp To Forge Plan To Restore 8 Percent Pay Cut ($65M) Of Government Employees

Little boy and his dog playing baseball

Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders: How To Remake the Democratic Party

Keep on defending the kleptocracy Joe Scum

Virgin Islands Governors Security Officer Pleads Guilty To Smuggling More Than 21 Kilos Of Cocaine

Trump did it come to this ...With Putin's Help .....of course..... cartoon

Obama used the red phone.

Virgin Islands Government Releases $10 Million In Tax Refunds In Time For Holidays

Absolute morality from God doesn't exist

Cannabis Certification Program for Doctors to Be Offered in Puerto Rico

Local Religious, Political Leaders Share Support for 'Sermon Safeguard' Bill

HuffPost Hosting DNC Debate Jan. 18

Roman Catholic church denounces New Mexico food tax idea

Detlef K appreciation thread

Obama must pardon Manning and Snowden before Trump takes office

Pentagons Newest Exhibit Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Vietnam War

EU's highest court delivers blow to UK snooper's charter

Senate Democrats Should Block All Trump Supreme Court Nominees, Forever


David Corn Calls Out Bill O'Reilly: 'He Was Defending Apartheid!'

Aramco CEO's Plane Among 300 Diverted From Beijing; Airpocalypse, Day 4 Continues

Modern times.

Puppy and kitten - very squee video!

Trump Inauguration - Chachi's Unavailable (Luckovich Toon)


Uday and Qusay, the Trump "kids"

Sure has been cold here in the MidWest, anyone go ice fishing?

Barbara Boxer's last op-ed as member of Congress: Trump undermines our republic-threatens our values

Opinions Trump voters didnt take him literally on Obamacare. Oops?

There was no mandate. There was no landslide.

The Democrats should "pull a Mitch McConnell" on the Trump-administration.

Donald Trump Eliminates Need for Lobbyists in Executive Branch

30 Amazon Rivers: That's The Volume Of Warm Ocean Current Melting World's Largest Glacier

The Evolution of Donald Trump and the Media Enablers

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 21/12/16

McConnell: I didnt think President Trump had a chance of winning

New CA Senator Kamala Harris: Im In Senate To Stop Trump

I am afraid.

Trump: "I would have done even better in the election, if that is possible, if..."

Why cant Democrats use Wisconsin as a road map going forward?

Have you heard this joke about the content rating system?

Berlin truck attack: Polish driver Lukasz Urban fought for his life

Im the guy who first tried to warn Hillary Clintons fans about the Pantsuit Nation scam

The Rosetta Stone of House GOP behavior:

The Madman got in on a technicality (and international collusion) and it's absolutely eating him up.

Walmart to pull Black Lives Matter T-shirt after complaint from Americas largest police union

Why China Is Dominating the Solar Industry

Fox's Benghazi Obsession 1,098 Evening Segments, Propaganda Overload!

Trump posse browbeats Hill Republicans

Finally Posting

Trumpists SILENT As Trump Fills Administration with "Globalists"

NC Set to Repeal Ridiculous HB2 Transgender Bathroom Bill

To Trump Voters Who Say They're "Good People": PROVE IT

GOP leadership in U.S. Senate is now involved in obstructing & covering up the Russian hack of 2016

Name the Republicans who told the truth and admitted this was rigged:

Non-partisan ICT thinktank on hacking techniques

Trump's doctor on health: 'If something happens to him, then it happens to him'

Gov. Chris Christie tweets up a storm after 'revenge bill' fails in New Jersey Legislature

Hillary won 13 out of the 23 open primaries

A note to some people who are finally calling for everyone to join together

Wall street Fixing Oil Prices Huge Glut Iran adds 500,000 US Largest Oil Reserves


How would Martin O'Malley have fared in the GE?

Senate Democrats plan to run Trump playbook against Tillerson

America just got hugely great again after Hamfisted Bun Vendor posted this on Twitter

FBI director under pressure to explain Clinton bombshell

2016 Comeback player of the year? OLIVE GARDEN!

Mitch McConnell Assaulted the Constitution (and Got Away With It)

'Our first crybaby President': Internet hammers Trump after he again whines about losing popular...

Photos: Bernie Sanders - 36th Annual Pomerleau Family Holiday Party

Priorities USA positions itself as center of gravity for the left in the Trump era

The Democratic Party does not need to be Remade. The KGB/GOP needs to follow the LAW

Caption trumps sons, Qusay and Uday

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Raw Deal

Alex Jones is Back on Birtherism and his theories are INSANE

PLO will revoke Israel recognition if US moves embassy, top official warns

I can see it now. Trump's "talent" for the inauguration will be ....

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Claims The CIA Is Trying To Assassinate Trump

Progressive Values Dont Stop at the Waters Edge

Megyn Kelly is sucking up to the Orange Fuhrer

Gropey Old Man Roger Ailes Asks For Apology After NY Daily News Labels Him 'Gropey Old Man'

Donald Trump's still-amazing doctor: don't worry if he dies.

Daddy Daughter Hair School

Lots of talk about the ethical and legal violations w/Trump finances, less about propriety

"Drain the swamp" of all those P.C. liberals! Turns out Trumpers don't care about lobbyists or...

U.S. Existing-Home Sales Rose in November to New Postcrisis High

and another orange lie just to get elected

Preparing for Trump and Pence By Supporting Secular Activism

Snarkhead Paul Ryan made a movie smacking Obama

The Staten Island Pizza Rats?

Is the rule of law now only for Little People?

New state Senate leader fervent in faith, measured in approach

O'Malley blasts Democratic leaders for rigged 2016 debates

A Half Blind Trust is coming

It's Time! Crazy Cruise III...

Ladies and gentlemen - and DUers too - I present to you my 10,000th post.

Democratic Reforms Held Hostage To Absurd Amendment Process

James Comeys reference to Hillary Clintons emails... was a legally terrible decision

Part 4: Jobs - Trouble on the Horizon for the Trump Administration

New slogans

After an assassination, Turkey and Russia are only getting closer


tRump buildings worldwide as targets?

Can someone please tell me how the bathroom law will be enforced ?

Nigel Farage Called a Disgrace for Remarks About Berlin Attack

Bring it on

White House: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy

i wish we could make presidents take a physical before inauguration.

To Rehabilitate Democratic Party, Obama Plans To 'Coach' Young Talent

Netanyahu planning unprecedented new construction during Trump reign

Trump proxy boycotts top Israeli official over refusal to meet rep with 'neo-Nazi tendencies'

Here is a poster to use....But her emails....

CRTC to rule on whether internet is an essential service

Newt Gingrich - Trump doesn't want to use "drain the swamp" anymore

Switzerland fines banks including JPMorgan and Barclays $97.3 million for Libor rigging

Trump's tweet storms

Russia condemns Netherlands over U.S. military cooperation

Texas officially kicking Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid

Martin Makes Its 2 Millionth Guitar

Mapp Grants Four Days Of Holiday Leave To Virgin Islands Gov't Employees As Festive Season Take Hold

A Tangerine Wig and a Tightrope Walk: Alec Baldwin as Trump

Kremlin says almost all communication channels with U.S. are frozen: RIA

Edmonds man wins Democrats top county position

My latest broadside to the local radio talk show wingnut

As my family watches "It's a Wonderful Life" this year

Did we think this clown, this buffoon with the funny hair, would ever become a world leader? Not

The Rules for Rulers

Pro Bowl is a Joke

Reclaim The Flag. Fly It At Full Or Half Mast With Appropriate RIP Black Ribbon On It.

Virgin Islands Gov. Mapp Calls Senate Into Special Session To Act On Measure Aimed At Generating

I believe Trump like I believed Obama! A case study of 2 working-class Latino T voters: my parents

at the gym today and saw on CBS one of my fav women reporters from MSNBC.......

What Should We Call Trump? What Would Make a Good Bumpersticker?

Darkest Night

Another stinger.

Congressional Task Force Urges Quick Action on Medicaid, Highlights Inequalities Between Puerto Rico


Van driven into Canberra office of Australian Christian Lobby, causing 'explosion'

Rebellion 2017: All flags at half mast on January 20 to morn the loss of democracy

Open letter of complaint to my brain. About dreams.

Berlin attack: Germany issues European arrest warrant for new suspect

Woman faces ban from Jefferson Mall after unruly outburst

Republicans Are Reportedly Too Scared of Breitbart and Hannity To Challenge Trump

GOP Rep Says We Should've 'Kicked the Russian Ambassador Out of the United States' Over Hacking

Hodges thrusts minimum wage debate into 2017 Minneapolis mayor's race

New questions complicate Ellison's bid for DNC chair

I don't believe in god

Where is Jimmy Carter?

Here's The Law That Poses The Greatest Threat To Donald Trump

Google responds on skewed Holocaust search results


Did free college save this city?

Muslim American Women Ditching Hijabs? Fear Causing Them To Remove Religious Headscarf

Trump sons distance themselves from fundraiser selling access

Putin's long game

Ex-Apprentice producer: Reality TV scam accidentally turned buffoon Trump into a world leader

PROMESA Board Prescribes Fiscal Remedies for Puerto Rico

UN says more children and men falling prey to traffickers amid migration crisis

New Census Data on Puerto Rico


I've stopped throwing up which I have been doing since the election.

Heres the real reason Rust Belt cities and towns voted for Trump

Aint Alabama politics fun?

Universal Fan Con

Remaining FCC Commissioners Promise to Gut Net Neutrality 'As Soon As Possible'

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump demands every government phone call ends with praising him....

Alabama Ethics: How a broken reporting system hides who wines and dines your elected officials

New questions complicate Ellison's bid for DNC chair

Cinnamon, Vanilla Detected In Water Samples, Which Scientists Hope Will Prove A Broader Point

Trump Effect: White woman goes on a vile racist verbal attack on Latina (VIDEO)

Pritchard, who rescued Dutch Jews during Holocaust, dies

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Voters Don't Think Black People Are "Average Americans"

Bentley administration seeking legislation for $21 million state parking deck

Pictures of Kerry's years as Secretary of State from the Boston Globe

Sanders Calls for Investigation of Big Pharma Drug Pushers Over Shocking New Report

Giuliani: Administration job 'just didn't work out'

Convicted Alabama House Speaker Hubbard had a Hillary Clinton-style private server

Trump for Sale

New York - I'm Sick of You

Different popes, different personalities -- and underlying continuity

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-6: Wheel Of Corruption And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Edition

Son's broken arm: Bill Huizenga says people must be responsible for own health care costs post-ACA

University of Alabama grad lands 'Star Trek' lead role

State inmate kills self after mental health testimony

Germany to expand CCTV network

#BoycottDelta is now trending worldwide. Here's the reason why 📹 by

Trump supporters are going to be dizzy for the indefinite future

Bentley plans special session for prisons

Like a different perspective on what happened?

Biden Headed to Penn

Spokesperson: Uday & Qusay "just floating an initial concept" of $1 million pay-for-play scheme

Nile Rodgers bemused by nod from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Trump Climate Deniers Prompt Scared Scientists to Set Up Hotline

could someone rig the Bible to burst into flames when Trump puts his hand on it for oath of office?

The one Christmas song that Justin Trudeau can't stand

Troubled Coal-Fired Plant Could Get New Lifeline

Trump Voter Priorities

Sarah Palin Spits Hot Verse At New York Times, Misses, Also Is Broke, Broke, Broke. (graphic image!!

Out-of-state company could do most of states Medicaid managed care

A $15 Minimum Wage Is Not the Best Way to Help Poor Workers

Did you feel the earth tilt?

Dem Senators Stand Up for Federal Employees Working on Climate

Troubled Coal-Fired Plant Could Get New Lifeline

Ruling backs Montana's right to Wyoming water for reservoir

The Only Effective Blind Trust For Trump... Is A Lobotomy!

The time has come to once again address the myth of the "independent" voter.

Spectra Energy's Algonquin Pipeline 200 Feet from Failing Indian Point Nuclear Reactors Bad Idea

Today's petitions

Clinton schools evacuated due to natural gas odor

Ok, So Donald Rump is going to be GWOTUS, or...

My latest on Facebook: Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State!

Judge OKs new deals in Mississippi foster care case

Thank You D.U. family with my kittys passing!

When did you first get health insurance?

EU court says mass data retention illegal

He was just kidding!

We are the only fools who believe in "mandates"

Daft Punk- "Contact"

I have a lot of empathy and sympathy for working class voters who voted for HRC

Force of argument: why Jediism should be recognised as a religion

A supervolcano caused the largest eruption in European history. Now it's stirring again.

"Satan must love all this division"

Marana High bans Confederate flag, calling students' display disruptive

Barbara Bush: Health care should not be political

Emoluments clause, etc.

Donald Trumps Fight With Hotel Workers In Las Vegas Comes To An End

we need to build a coalition around amending the Constitution and getting rid of the Electoral

Corey Lewandowski spurns Trump administration to start consulting firm

Better than getting rid of Electoral college would be Statehood for D.C.

Letter to Betsy DeVos

'Mad Alex': Donald Trump letters abuse Scottish ex-first minister

Remaining FCC Commissioners Promise to Gut Net Neutrality 'As Soon As Possible'

Racist Bill O the Clown on FOX last nite

Berlin attack: European arrest warrant issued for Tunisian suspect

To Hell With Godwin's Law... We're There!

Bill O'Reilly Wants To Maintain The White Male Supremacy In Our Elections!

What's so terrible about saying "the system is rigged"?

NeoNazis beat out far right Zionists as priorities for the Trump team

Does anyone else wonder what Trump voters were voting FOR?

I worry that Democrats are completely unable to withstand Trump

Regulations and Safety Considerations

Anthony Bourdain on Trump: "Theres so many reasons to find the guy troubling."

We have a very different set of values from Trump voters

Conservatives' Special Revisionist Math: Trump Won Popular Vote If You Nix CA!

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 21, 2016

Trump team asks State Dept. what it spends on international environmental efforts

I think the Jerusalem embassy move could really set up a new round of terrorism

Most Nonvoters Still Arent Sorry They Didnt Vote

Turkish prosecutors probing why Russian envoy's killer not taken alive: state media

Yahoo email scan shows U.S. spy push to recast constitutional privacy

So My Latest Anxiety Evoking Rumination - Re: Russian Hacking

Youre an Adult. Your Brain, Not So Much.

Colombias former army chief knew of mass killings of civilians: Human Rights Watch

Maine voters passed measure legalizing marijuana use: official

Maine voters passed measure legalizing marijuana use: official

Colombias former army chief knew of mass killings of civilians: Human Rights Watch

U.S.-supplied drones disappoint Ukraine at the front lines

All of the Democratic faithless electors were from caucus states

We could use another Eminem anthem to channel our intensity for the next 4 years.

just like that video they put up when DU was hacked

Prison 'killing' Peru's re-jailed ex-leader Fujimori

Prison 'killing' Peru's re-jailed ex-leader Fujimori

Christmas Recipes

Trump on the future of proposed Muslim ban, registry: You know my plans

Our Best Hanukkah Recipes

Gingrich: Trump dropping 'drain the swamp'

Oklahoma Father Identified As Decapitated Man Found Behind Albuquerque, New Mexico, Walmart

Arrest in 'Vote Trump' burning of Mississippi black church

Senate Democrats plan to run their Trump playbook against Tillerson

Senate Democrats plan to run their Trump playbook against Tillerson

I have spent the last 8 years concerned about the use of drones

Trump's clueless about press releases he sends out? Who's the President? (VIDEO)

Alabama Guv Interviews Roy Moore As Potential Replacement For Sen. Sessions

Conservatives' Special Revisionist Math: Trump Won Popular Vote If You Nix CA!

Report: Freedom Caucus Members Are Ready To Cave On Fiscal Austerity

Is Trump a terrorist??

'Its on!': Tom Arnold claims Trump lawyers are threatening to sue him over 'Apprentice' tape claims

Those E collars have come a long way...

Justice Department Announces Largest Corporate Bribery Penalty Ever

Justice Department Announces Largest Corporate Bribery Penalty Ever

Muddling Towards the Next Crisis: James Kenneth Galbraith

I am calling it right now. Jason Kander will be the Dem nominee in 2020

When do we air the Lounge Grievances?

Internalized concepts of "success" may explain voting patterns. And analyses.

Concern as Brazil's Coup Government Moves to Scrap Environmental Regulations

Concern as Brazil's Coup Government Moves to Scrap Environmental Regulations

Obamacare Enrollments Exceed 6 Million, Outpacing Last Years Sign-Ups

Democrats to Hillary: Thanks you but it's time to hang it up.

Autopsy: Oklahoma manhunt subject shot at least 20 times

Gingrich says Trump is done with drain the swamp slogan

Delta policy change after black doctor's help refused

Arkansas deputy shoots, kills man at Fayetteville tire store

IF the Fraudster doesn't divest, Congress must Impeach

Volcano eruption in Aleutian Islands sparks aviation alert

The root of ALL of our problems starts with:

CNN: Obamacare 2017 enrollment hits record, despite Trump's threat to repeal

Ex-Israeli president exits prison after 5-year rape sentence

At rising rate, Nepalis working abroad go home in coffins

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 22 December 2016

Let's all give our hardworking Administrators Merry /Christmas/Holiday wishes!

Is the universe evil?

Poll: Conservatives most likely to be offended by holiday greetings

North Carolina GOP Goes Back on Promise to Fully Repeal 'Bathroom Law' HB2

Trump Names Carl Icahn as Adviser on Regulatory Overhaul

So, good news....Thrump spawn have back down after public pressure.

McConnell refuses bipartisan demand for a special panel to investigate Russian election interference

This Big Bank Is Literally Going to Read Your Mind Before Deciding to Hire You

A really white Christmas: Ann Coulter attended racist white nationalist group VDAREs Xmas gala

'Faithless' Clinton Elector in Colorado May Face Criminal Charges

Americans who voted against Trump are feeling unprecedented dread and despair

Trump taps China trade critic to lead new WH trade council

Feds: Pension exec moved $2B for coke, hookers, other bribes

Mexico City Main Square among the Top 20 Sites to Visit in the World

Nina Turner just said that we have lost over 900 legislative seats since 2010

About 6.4 million Americans signed up for Obamacare from Nov. 1 to Dec. 19

'Plastic rice' seized in Nigeria

Repeal of "bathroom bill" stalled in NC statehouse

Judge gives early approval to Trump University settlement

What is Trump going to do in our battle with Isis that is not being done?

Campaign Finance, BP Money Bills Await Legislators


Gingrich: Trump dropping 'drain the swamp'

Mississippi Church Member Charged in 'Vote Trump' Arson

Am I Losing It? Glenn Greenwald on MSNBC saying hack has no evidence

Whats Next for Bernies Revolution?

Conspiracies Grow in Hinds County DA Smith Trial

Do we need to replace Iowa as the first in the nation during primary season?

Mississippi Man Pleads Guilty to Hate Crime for Murdering Transgender Woman for Her Gender Identity

NTSB to Finally Examine Long Lost Black Box of Eastern Airlines Flight 980

NTSB to Finally Examine Long Lost Black Box of Eastern Airlines Flight 980

Some Mississippi drivers licenses suspended by mistake

Poor Kitty!

So Kellyanne Conway told der Trumpenfurher that he would win on October 22nd.

Camp Okefenokee

Song for a Winter's Night

You got me a rat...for Christmas?

Asia Wonders if Trump Really Means What He Says

Public pension fund faces test

(New Jersey) State Employee Accused of Pulling off Muslim Woman's Hijab

95 years is the last time Elon beat Duke