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Is McConnell facing a mutiny in the lame duck? Over Russia?

New York City Police Identify Suspect in Theft of $1.6M Pot of Gold

See the Noble Reason These High School Boys Are Collecting Tampons

Mitch McConnell Assaulted the Constitution (and Got Away With It)

Feds oppose former House member McCrorys plea attempt in prison corruption case

Kentucky Jury Awards $200K in Damages for Political Ad

NYT: Russian Cyberforgers Steal Millions a Day With Fake Sites

Humanist association criticizes Bible study at Missouri public school

Sanders supporters "coordinated insurgency" to defeat chairman of WA Dem Party


We Need to Kill the Electoral College - The Nation

Oracle executive publicly resigns after CEO joins Trump's transition team

Political reporter says a malicious tweet sent to him caused an epileptic seizure

Trump surrogate Jack Kingston returned from

North Carolina Senate votes not to repeal transgender bathroom law

Hillary won Independent Women ! Independent men? Not so much, They went for Trump

All the clinton hate out there espoused by powerful people

Young Democrats of Michigan protest at MI Dem Party Meeting: "Whose party? Our party!"

Would you personally be willing to take up arms to prevent red states from seceding?

Skowhegan propane dealer with anti-Trump message is not licensed to sell fuel

tRump is being sent to D.C. To drain the swamp?! Drive out the alligators? Um, well it seems he

Trump on fomenting religious wars: 'Who said that?' Reporter: 'You did'

Michelle Obama FULL Interview with Oprah

LePage said ballot referendums are just recommendations. Legal experts say hes wrong.

Tom The Dancing Bug TOON: It's a Wonderful Trumpville

To Rehabilitate Democratic Party, Obama Plans To 'Coach' Young Talent

How many think votes were flipped to Trump in all the swing states?

Trump rejects John Bolton not because he's deranged but because he has a mustache. You can't make t

The Final Interview With The Obamas (Full Interview) PEN Entertainment Weekly

American Foreign Policy Has an Empathy Problem

Trump advisor: Take the president-elects words symbolically

Creationist Ken Ham puts colored lights on his ark in bid to take back rainbows from gay people

Chimp is set free, but says thank you before leaving.

GOP Congressman Urges Self-Rationing Of Health Care

Some data for your anti-California repubs

First of all, I hate Rap - but

Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill Biden On Their Husbands' Bromance & More PEN Entertainment Weekly

The perfect latke for Chrismukkah is General Tso's Latkes!

The perfect latke for Chrismukkah is General Tso's Latkes!

Wow, History Channel

Iraq: ISIS Attacking Civilians in Mosul Retreat

Pie survives trip into space

Metro Unveils Inaugural SmarTrip Notably Devoid Of Trump

Ellison: Why I'm Running For Chairman Of The Democratic National Committee

Trump's casting call

Thanks to Trump, 'Pay to play' America now open for business (Wetli,

Donald Trump on Proposed Muslim Ban: You Know My Plans

Russias meddling to get Donald Trump elected president is straight out of the old KGB playbook

Get a load of this. LOVE Wells Fargo! :sarcasm:

The Sewer in chief.


Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Live and Uncensored

Uber ends self-driving car program in San Francisco

Sick People, Help these State Legislators Help You!

Finland: Basic Income experiment authorized by Parliament starting Jan 9th

We are NOT gonna "unify" with the KLAN, Yall

Koterba toon: Election secrecy

Murfreesboro officers violated policy in Hobgood arrests of school children

Joy asked her panel who were the biggest winners and losers in the year

Trumps Infrastructure Mistake

Trumps choice for Israel ambassador is a danger to American lives

U.S. Department of Labor subpoenas records for probe of possible Hutcheson Medical Center fraud

marsha, marsha, marsha....cnn corrects her lie.

North Carolina Senate fails to repeal HB2 bathroom bill after bruising all-day legislative session

I have a question: WTF is relationship between National EnKKKuirer and Don-the-Con ??

Latina shoppers harassed by ignorant piece of work (caught on tape)

Russias Rise in Mideast Creates Enemies

Gov. Haslam delays road funding plan as GOP lawmakers seek options

People who wear $10,000 suits ,,,,,,,,

17 of Trump's Cabinet picks have more money than the bottom 43 MILLION U.S. households combined.

Tennessee lawmaker wants to give state tax money back to cities and counties

KO: How Our New Corporate Overlords Plan to Thrive:The part-time president and the plot to pilfer SS

KO: How Our New Corporate Overlords Plan to Thrive The part-time president and the plot to pilfer SS

Catching 92-pound catfish like a 'circus' for local angler

My First Post...Hope

Embattled Tennessee human services commissioner to resign

there are sunsets and then there's . . .

Serious question: Why are so many older white men so mean and angry looking/acting. I see

Bevin's lawyers rip Beshear in University of Louisville case

Woman goes on racist rant @JC Penny

The U.S. Is Now a Country That Can Be Ignored

Louisville Metro Police Department cop admits stealing $74K in drug money

David Cay Johnston starting new web site to report what Trump is doing.

Whats in Ivanka Trumps Art Collection, and What Is It Worth?

New chief of Kentucky legislative staff brings reform

Adelsons give $15M more to McConnell super PAC

Idaho Democrat for Chair of DNC

ok DU detectives, I have a task for you...

Trump voters dont want Trump to get rid of Elizabeth Warrens consumer agency

It's official: Clinton swamps Trump in popular vote by 2.9 million.

A handy guide

Kentucky jury awards $200K for 'false' political ad

Car Dealership's Religious Pandering Commercials in Oklahoma - funny (but scary) article, with video

Bevin declares 2017 the Year of the Bible in Kentucky

Police: Alleged threat to Michigan Muslim student untrue

Saw one of those Hallmark Christmas movies and it wasn't half bad

Talking heads on MSNBC pointing out that Trump hires based on looks

What the hell are they thinking?

"More outreach to rural areas of purple states" and "Change the message" are 2 different arguments.

Louisville mall plans to ban woman after bigoted rant; store offers to reimburse customers

Be Prepared To Go Batshit Crazy Like SGT Riggs "Lethal Weapon" In The End. .

Remember the lions, tigers, etc. from South America who were taken from circuses,

Remember the lions, tigers, etc. from South America who were taken from circuses,

State assists with fraud investigation totaling over $388,000 in court-ordered payments

It Has Happened Here: The Nazi Rally in Madison Square Garden (1939)

Trump's physician, Dr. Bornstein's blase attitute towards presidental health

Holiday travel hell

"Support the Syrian people not the USA or Russia"

New species of fish in Hawaii's waters named after Obama

Pretty scary shit

'Donald was not going to like that mustache': 'The look is an important factor for Trump in his Cab


Multi-millionaire found guilty of murdering escort girlfriend who was blackmailing him

Amnesty Launches Campaign Urging Obama To Pardon Snowden

Congress passes bill to protect non-believers for first time

O'Donnell: Jon Stewart should head the DNC - no kidding

Alaska's top anti-rape leader forced out

There's a movement afoot to mess with the Inaugural Ball

More rain in Southern California!!!

What changes does the Democratic Party need to make?

Seems "Snowflake" is the deplorables insult word of choice this week. Well...

Get my work off your walls: Artists are horrified to be in Ivanka Trumps art collection

Message From Trump Humpers STFU Or Get Out Of My Country.

Trump vineyard asks to have more foreign workers: report

Philippines Larry Que first journalist slain in Dutertes war on drugs

American singer James Taylor cancels Philippines gig over Dutertes drug war

Check in if you are an atheist who DOES say "Merry Christmas" to people.

The main reason Hillary lost...the electoral vote

West Virginia Paving says company sucker punched by antitrust lawsuit

US Congressmen Meet with Cuban MPs

Donald Trump letters show hate for Mad Alex Slamond and wind turbines

Ombud Urges Redress For Victims 25 Years After End Of Salvadoran Civil War

Jury awards $2 million in C8 case against DuPont

My prediction about a Republican-controlled government in D.C.

Trump Supporters ...

Drone today, gone tomorrow ...

Trolling Trump: The Easiest Way To Create New, High-Profile Democratic Politicians/Celebrities

GOP Leader ....LOL

Refugees West Virginia resettlement OKd by State Dept.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 22, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Christmas Classics

West Virginia to get $87 million more for flood recovery

See the 50 Best photos of the year via NBC News

Civil Rights Battle Deja Vu. More Confrontative This Time. More Like A Civli War

102 year old keeps office at university

Robot camera finds colourful creatures under Antarctic sea ice

Greenwald is starting to become yesterday's Assange ...

Dutch scientists' artificial leaf can create medicine anywhere

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 23, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Star of the Month - Myrna Loy

Spiders Growing on the Surface of Mars Right Before Our Eyes!

Eating processed meats regularly aggravates asthma: study

Something about the ads keeps making my browser window jump back to the top.

Moscow Mules seem popular this season...

Tenants charged in Cleveland housing fraud busts had Heartless Felon, sex offender in homes

This is too funny; From Commander in Chief to Couch Commander!

Well sweet pea...

Ohio government employees overpaid for unused vacation time, Inspector General report finds

Road project reveals millennia-old wetland-gardening site

Ohio lawmaker calls for payday loan lender reforms

Road project reveals millennia-old wetland-gardening site

Judge: Public has right to view entirety of executions

Proposed UN resolution demands end to Israeli settlements

Centralized vs. Distributed data processing methods applies to communism

Gov. John Kasich signs bill blocking Cleveland's $15 minimum wage proposal

College student charged after Hawaii seabirds found dead

Ohio 'tort reform' helps protect rapists

Video: Photographer captures first drone footage of psychedelic rainbow mountains in Peru.

Former Portman aide opens government relations firm with Lewandowski

Bill would give $264 million tax break to Ohio oil and gas industry

Ohio lawmakers look to override 'heartbeat bill' veto

Kasich signs 17 bills, including concealed-carry expansion

Its on!: Tom Arnold claims Trump lawyers are threatening to sue him over Apprentice tape claims

WHO has caught up with the scientific literature on air pollution deaths.

Scott Walker directly appeals to Trump to let him drug test people who need food stamps

Daily Holiday - December 22

Navy Leaders Bring Back Rating Titles

PBS: Ta-Nehisi Coates, How Obama's unique background shaped his outlook on race

Cop does speeding college student a favor by tying necktie

Uday and Qusay trump bringing 263 foriegn workers, 6 to work on their vinyard estates,

Multiple sclerosis drug 'a landmark'

Vote for John Kasich could land elector in jail

Android Malware Targeting Ukraine 'Ties Russian GRU To Election Hacks'

DeVos-funded corporate front group compares those living under Emergency Managers to cancer

Some Dems resist new Russia select committee

Bangor assault case going to trial, attorney says

Conan: Trump calls Obama to ask about the line of succession

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Executive Of Axact In $140 Million Diploma Mill Scam

#FlintWaterCrisis: Two Emergency Managers charged, Congressional investigation quietly concluded

Chiropractic Insurance Fraud Conspiracies Cracked by Minnesota Commerce Fraud Bureau and FBI

Only 4% of Americans Do Not Celebrate December Holidays

Snyder: I'm not concerned about being charged over Flint water crisis

Blind NHS patients to be fitted with pioneering bionic eye

Former softball player sues Michigan State, Nassar for sexual abuse

Trump proxy cancels meeting with israeli minister bc Israel didn't want swedish Neo-Nazi to attend

Snyder's legal tab with criminal defense firm hits $3.5M

Freedumb! KY Gov Bevin Policy - No Review, Or Even Public Notice, On New Coal Waste Dumps

The Religious Couples Who Say That Niddah Ruined Their Sex Lives

And it's already started...

German bishops plan guidelines for divorced, remarried

Farcical, Hilarious And Disturbing - Up To 2 Letters A Day From The Asshole Whining About Wind Farms

Industry-Funded Sugar Study: Don't Trust Those Other Sugar Studies!

Arab rights group: Western Union not transferring cash

State budget director John Roberts to join Blue Cross

NSIDC - Arctic November Temps 18 Degrees Above Normal; Low Ice Eases Path For Warm Air

Kushner looks for buyers for New York Observer: report

Celebrity isnt just harmless fun its the smiling face of the corporate machine

China - Principal Suspended After Forcing 400 Students To Take Exam Outdoors In Toxic Smog

For First Time In 40 Years, Snow In The Sahara Desert (Algeria)

Emergency motion filed seeking immediate start to Flint water delivery

Blinded By Smog, Shangdong Province Motorist Drives Off Pier; Rescued, But Car Sinks

Michigan auto supplier tops $400K in fines after state safety inspections

One-Third Of Deaths In China Related To Toxic Smog - Bigger Hazard Than Cigarettes

Police: Man fatally stabs stepmom 'gloating' about Cowboys' win over Buccaneers

Police: Man fatally stabs stepmom 'gloating' about Cowboys' win over Buccaneers

Thursday Toon Roundup

Climate Breakdown Raises A Fundamental Question - Whether To Have Chldren

Tell Bernie: How Has Opioid Addiction Affected You and Your Family?

Ikea to settle for $50 million after its dressers tipped over, killing three young boys

1,730 US Weather Stations: 98% Hotter Than Average; 10% @ Record Highs For Year; 2% Cooler Than Avg

Cost of driving in Michigan about to rev upward as fees, gas tax jump

Trump picks Kellyanne Conway to serve as counselor to the president

Podcast: Arrogance Is No Way To Get People To Accept Self-Driving Cars

A nativity scene without any Jews, Arabs, Africans, refugees or unwed mothers

Just a note on Paul 'Ayn Rand' Ryan. His home town and the county seat is Janesville Wisconsin. This

Trump and Popular Vote

The attorney general could have ordered FBI Director James Comey not to send his letter

The attorney general could have ordered FBI Director James Comey not to send his letter

President signs funding for Everglades Restoration

Donald Trump and dementia

I am reserving an advance copy of any book that is being written that

An assistant at the world's first demonstration of television, 90 years ago, has just died

Trump talked to the press for 74 seconds.

Yes, there is shame in not knowing

The One Way to get to to Rattle Him!

All I Want for Christmas is Bernie Sanders in Office

Muse -"Knights of Cydonia"

Lil' Kellyanne, helping Trump shape Muslim policy with polls of "no real statistical value."

Wow. New AF1 flap simply another object lesson about the reality behind Trumpian "deal making."

Funny response from Amazon

Oracle executive publicly resigns after CEO joins Trump's transition team

Writing about food: Dostoevsky's "The House of the Dead" -- The Christmas Holidays

I am sorry to say this, but there is no higher authority than President.

Would you personally be willing to accommodate deep red states if they want to peacefully secede?

Cybersecurity firm finds evidence that Russian military unit was behind DNC hack

The True Meaning of Christmas (That Everyone Forgets)

California Forests Not Growing Back After Extreme Fires; Study In 10 National Forests Across State

Two Sex Shop Employees Fought Off A Robber By Pelting Him With Dildos

Trump Wanted to Win the Presidency, Not Be President

Sen. Franken Presses Uber to Upgrade Privacy Policy, Protect Users Sensitive Location Data

World Bank's "Sustainability" Arm Covertly Funded Massive Australian Coal Mine

Trump Kids Selling Access to Dad For $1 Million

Goon Squad: Trump Will Have Private Security Despite Secret Service

Trump's very, very brief public appearance yesterday raises a question:

9 questions about Russia you were too embarrassed to ask

Donald Trump will not have news conferences.

2016 Deadliest Year for Catholic Priests in Mexico

BLUE COLLAR BETRAYAL! When Will Trump Voters Realize They've Been Had?

I Truly Think...All We Have to Do Now is Sit Back

Will Mar-a-Lago become Drumpf's Berghof retreat

Is there anything Trump could do that would make him lose support of the majority of Republicans?

Draft law may allow China police to shoot protesters: HRW

U.S. Third Quarter GDP Revised Up to 3.5% Gain

France pushes to give police greater freedom to use their guns

Are the billionaires in the cabinet

Obamacare Enrollments Exceed 6 Million, Outpacing Last Years Sign-Ups

It's a wonderful life in Trumpville...

Obama: I didn't appreciate how weak the presidency is until I was president

By striking a single word, Congress shakes up U.S. nuclear defense doctrine

Horsey: President Sanders? Bernie would have beaten Trump

Pic Of The Moment: I Have The Greatest And Best Memory

Is it impossible?

Trump supported by more dicators daughters than any other president.

10 year old autistic girl Kaylee Rodgers singing 'Hallelujah'

Trump voters dont want Trump to get rid of Elizabeth Warrens consumer agency

NOTE: Obama ... DID... blow the whistle on Russian attempts to hack voter Machines !!!!

Senate Dems hire former Warren aide to lead 2018 effort

Abortion rights leader won't run for DNC chair

Bernie Sanders In A Candid Conversation With Sarah Silverman

What Exactly Is The Trump Fix For The Economy? - by Jim Hightower

Poll: Which Trump property suffers terror attack?

Bernie On NPR "On Point"... link to podcast here

Is This Court Filing The First Shot In Four Years Of Legal Battles Against Trump?

Good cartoon/article in Postmortem that concisely articulates how Bernie would have won the GE.

Saddam Hussein's daughter heaps praise on Trump: 'This man has a high level of political sensibility

Obamas Grants of Clemency Top 1,300 in Effort to Address Justice System Problems

Apparently, Greenwald's check from Putin just cleared.

Snowden is still in contact with Russian intelligence, House report charges

Cattle drives - sure: But have you ever heard of Turkey Drives?

we are selling our property in beautiful Door County...

Stages Across the Country Will Take Part in THE SANCTUARY PROJECT January 19

Russia used Syria as live-fire training - US general

Why did O'Malley do so poorly during the debates?

Cats are so damn demanding

Kellyanne Conway thanks Mika Brzezinski for her "counsel and friendship throughout"

Coal is on it's way out in Texas! Period!

Europe searches for suspect in Berlin Christmas market attack

Obama to Dismantle Visitor Registry Before Trump Can Revive It

The Clintons Own a Hotel in DC

In a parallel universe, Donald Trump is a McDonalds Asst Manager

Jordan Davis mother: What I want Trump to know about gun violence

Dystopian Donald: Will Trump Make 1984 Look Like a Nursery Tale?

Headline: Trumps Taps Kellyanne Conway...

It's a first: Admitted killer of trans woman is charged with federal hate crime

Donald Trump will do for America what he did for:

How Do You Distinguish Between Religious Fervor and Mental Illness?

Conway: Trump will not pursue immigration ban based solely on religion

Tom DeLay says God made Trump president so religious right could shape America

Mike Pence's hometown bans 'controversial' pride banners from town square

What's with Trump's marriage?

Boy dies after fall from water slide at Mt. Olympus

Not Okay (sexual harassment and assault)

Not Okay (sexual harassment and assault)

Not Okay (sexual harassment and assault)

Trump Urges Obama to Veto U.N. Resolution on Israeli Settlements

Trump OMB head Mulvaney is brain dead about govt funded science

Most new ObamaCare enrollees are from states Donald Trump won

Nation Throws Off Tyrannical Yoke Of Moderate Respect For Women

1969 Sears Christmas Catalog

Donald Trumps doctor: If something happens to him, then it happens to him

I hope that you won't mind me leaving this right here, do you?

Trump tweet "The US must strengthen and expand its nuclear capability"...

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts, December 21, 2016

I predict that a weekly show by Alec Baldwin on Trump will be the most-watched show on television!

Obama Administration Announces New Manufacturing USA Institute, Third Institute Awarded 12/21/16

Donald Trump is making the swamp about a hundred times swampier

Is this an appropriate topic to discuss in a tweet?

Trump Wanted to Win the Presidency, Not Be President

Worst Vice President Ever - Past, Present and Future Edition.

Mirren doesnt think we should completely despair, because at least we still have alcohol to help us

Catholic priests appointment as university president stuns French

Dissatisfied progressives weren't responsible for the loss, the problem was independents

Atheist vow to challenge Wabukalas nomination to head anti-graft body

Obama just made it much harder for Trump to build his Muslim registry

Men's Fragrances over The Decades - A Personal History Thread

Nonviolence proponents meet with Vatican foreign minister Archbishop Gallagher

A Judge on Trial (the stanford rape judge persky)

Seriously, FOUR YEARS of THIS sh*t? "Man booted off Jet Blue flight for allegedly accosting Ivanka"

Pelosi rallies House Democrats to oppose health law repeal

A Judge on Trial (stanford rape case judge persky)

A Judge on Trial (stanford rape judge persky)

A Judge on Trial (stanford rape judge persky)

are compression socks the only thing I can do for swollen ankles/feet?

Senate Democrats want more info from Trumps Cabinet picks

GOPs next battle against gay rights: Proposed First Amendment Defense Act will use religious...

A hypothetical EC reform idea.

Conservatives who say "Now Democrats know what Republicans felt like in 2008"

alec baldwin as "phony bennet" at tony's 90th bd celebration--and one more

California Today: A Water Crisis on the Central Coast (NYT)

The American Mustache Institute has risen to John Bolton's defense.

WBUR Audio 12/22: Sen. Bernie Sanders: 'We Need To Organize And Mobilize'

Today's petitions holiday schedule

WAMC: many of those alarmed by Trump are turning to Sanders for guidance

What we need today...

Trump gets defensive about "draining the swamp." Hamfisted Bun Vendor sets him straight.

WSJ: Candidates for DNC Top Job: Obama Failed Us

WBUR Audio 12/22: Sen. Bernie Sanders: 'We Need To Organize And Mobilize'

Keith Ellison Addresses the Texas Democratic Party

Trump Says U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Must Be Greatly Expanded

Romney Was Right About Russia

Fake News and the New McCarthyism

Revealed: how family courts allow abusers to torment their victims

Revealed: how family courts allow abusers to torment their victims

Revealed: how family courts allow abusers to torment their victims

Barf-O-Meter Alert! Newt retracts his "Swamp Report"

GOP RW Meme - You Don't Get Health Care You Cannot Pay For Period.

Motives Revealed: Repealing Obamacare Will Give The Wealthy A Massive Tax Break

Will Political Chaos in North Carolina Lead to a Third Reconstruction?

A degree by degree explanation of what will happen when the earth warms

Here's a real example of 'political correctness' policing

Trump Commerce Secty and Trade Council head are super stupid

Nepalese teenager dies after being banished to shed for menstruating

Nepalese teenager dies after being banished to shed for menstruating

Not yet in office, and he's already fomenting a new nuclear arms race

Nepalese teenager dies after being banished to shed for menstruating

The Demographics argument.

We put our 'elf on the shelf' in our tree for our holiday greetings!

Susan Collins recovering from surgery after slip on ice

GOP Tax Plan Could Boost Prices At the Pump

Just as I figured...

Why Did the New York Times Publish Fake News About Trump, Zionism, and Alan Dershowitz?

Beijing "Targets Midwestern Republican States" after Trump appoints China trade skeptic

"Its No Surprise The Racist Electoral College Elected A Racist (Again)"

T-rump stupid things

Trump and Putin agree: Let's revive the nuclear arms race.

Was Rudy Giuliani At The Center Of An FBI-Trump Campaign Conspiracy To Steal The Election?

"A Very Barry Christmas" by Amerigo Gazaway

Trump picks Sean Spicer as White House press secretary, Jason Miller as communications director

Here's xmas present for y'all...the Trump kid's brochure of the event they deny they are holding

A Trump gift guide...

So what have I missed around here in my absence??

More Respones to Republican/Trump claims of Political Correctness

Cry baby Trump just can't take criticism, is Twitter deranged

Africa at highest risk of major economic blow from future climate threats: global index

Mom Says Neighbor Choked Son, Fort Worth Police Show Up, Mom Gets Arrested

Texas cop attacks mom and daughter who call for help

"He's fucking with people!" Bill Maher on President Non-Elect and his appointments

Could Rudolph And Friends Help to Slow Down Our Warming Climate?

No. Bernie Sanders would not have beaten Trump

From Now On - In Relation To Trump - Here's What I'm Doing.....

Temperature Drives Biodiversity

Passenger removed from flight to Florida with Ivanka Trump

Impact of Climate Change on Microbial Biodiversity

What can a medieval climate crisis teach us about modern-day warming? Andrew Simms

McGill database will help climate-change experts track world's lakes

Arctic 360: take a tour without doing damage

Water for sale

"Jewish family flees" fearing pizzagate-like backlash over Brietbart War-on-Christmas lie

Homeless who died on the streets this year included 6 veterans

Sustainable solutions for cement paste

It's official, let's get started we've got a lot to divvy up..

State of the Arcticlonger melting seasons, thinning sea ice

a -i have to try this some year- xmas cookie wish list item achieved.

I think he enrolled in the wrong class. The AP class covered meats on sticks.

Foreign money trips up Trump

Warming is Sending Mountain Glaciers Off a Cliff

Kellyanne Burns Boss?

New EU Wood Energy Rules Threaten Climate, Forests

22 million pounds of plastic enter the Great Lakes every year

Uh oh...Trump says we need more nukes until "the world comes to its senses"

Why Is It That Americans Always Get Screwed???... The Banksters!

Trump team asked State Department for info on womens issues programs, sparking fears of another wit

Can you buy half loaves of commercial brand rye bread?

Taiwan's president to visit US despite objections from China

WBUR Audio (47:17) - In Trump's Era, The Future Of The Democratic Party 12/22

Now California and New York do not matter

If Trump wont create a blind trust how about an open trust

Massive Recall Issued for Ineffective COEXIST Bumper Stickers

Band List For Trump's Inaugural Ball Gets Posted People Are Laughing So Hard They Can't Breathe

WBUR Audio (47:17) - In Trump's Era, The Future Of The Democratic Party 12/22

Library of Congress, noon today.

The Right Decided To Make Democrats The Party For Minorities

Is The American Media Held Captive By Corporate Advertisers?

R. Maddow: Melania suing ridiculous blogger as a way to stop media

Seperate stories: Trump and Putin seek to expand their respective countries nuclear arsenals

Compare Trump and Putin statements today on nukes

Obama helped bring back economy, restless voters chose Trump

Trump picks China hawk to lead new White House trade council

Denton Singer Jessie Frye Embraces a Role in Progressive Politics

Merkel Feels Hillarys Pain as Web Trolls Take Aim After Berlin

Who ever thought the new nuclear arms race would be announced on Twitter?

Happy holidays, Donald Trump

Trump Mulls Imposing Tariffs by Executive Order

BREAKING NEWS: Canadian hip-hop artist Chuggo agrees to perform at Trump inaugural

Celine Dion Is Reportedly the Latest Performer to Give Donald Trump's Inauguration a Hard Pass

Feel-good story of the day: bullying Trump trolls have their asses handed to them

Trump Picks Billionaire High-Frequency Trader for Army Secretary

Harry Reid blasts 'worthless' DNC in blistering critique of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Invasion of the Agency Snatchers by Linda Greenhouse

The Bell tolls no more

Canada passes universal Internet class speeds.....

How James Comey and Loretta Lynch made Donald Trump the president of the United States

PU ERH is a lovely Tea!

Snacks and Punishment

Thank You, Hillary.

Perhaps the most worrisome thing will be the long term fallout of a Trump presidency.

Rockettes and Mormon Tabernacle Choir to perform at Trump Inauguration. CNN

Butter and Shrimp Make Holiday Magic

This will be the musical lineup for Trump's inauguration

I'm really liking our newbies! Invitation to tell us why you came to DU

Do Trump voters feel no anxiety or uncertainty about the future?

What will you tell your daughters about 2016?

George Takei: How can you tell Trump is lying?

Trump Spokesman Denies Flynn Met With Austrian Far-Right Leader

Spicer Named White House Press Secretary

My Letter to the Editor got anther anonymous response from a Deplorable..ENJOY

The Paradox that Drives Me Crazy!

Amazon Reviewers Are Trolling Ivanka Trump, But That Won't Decide Her Brand's Fate

The surest way to get rid of the electoral college.

Donald Trump.. you work for me now..

Great tool for comparing tires for rolling resistance, puncture resistance and other stuff.

Trump Tariff on imports of 10%? (CNN)

Roots of the black/white divide...

Harry Reid: "The DNC has been worthless", backs Keith Ellison

NYC Rockettes to perform for Trump inaugural

Sanders Supporter Charges Senior Michigan Democrat With Assault After Committee Meeting Dispute

You do understand that it is impossible to accurately recount the vote?

What do you mean Colombias extradition treaty with the US was never legal?

His path to inauguration all but assured, Mad King Trump emerges.

if this doesn't belong in the group. please move it. thanks.

Montana ski town roiled by white supremacist 'troll army'

White Nationalists (AKA NAZIs) Raise Millions With Tax-Exempt Charities

Gold Plated Trump iPhone Being Offered For $151,000

Clinton aides kept tabs on anti-Trump elector gambit

A little Sean Hayes (and husband Scott Icenogle) for your Christmas pleasure.

Bullock cancels event addressing Neo-Nazi threats after security concerns reported

UPDATE: Rockettes 'Appalled' Over Trump Inauguration Command Performance

The Latest: Reward offered after store worker set on fire

Just Kidding, Guys! Gingrich Goofed When He Said Drain The Swamp Is Dead

Whos in charge here? Donald Trumps regime-in-waiting has a vacuum at the top

Stunning photos capture rare snow in the Sahara Desert.

How bizarre is tRump going to get? And when should we stick our heads between our legs and kiss

Jill Abramson: who owns the economic ideas that must rejuvenate the Democrats?

The Democratic Party's future could be on the line in 7 hugely important governor's races

UN panel urges Mexico congress pass general law on torture

UN panel urges Mexico congress pass general law on torture

The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Exists - Slavery

Donald Trumps budget directors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bill would socialize risk and privatize

Checkout line protests are actually catching on!

Troubled New Mexico nuclear dump moves towards reopening

Looks like there will be an anti-inauguration counter-concert!

The Horrors of Reaganomics: Bernie Sanders on Economics, Insurance Reform (1993)

The Horrors of Reaganomics: Bernie Sanders on Economics, Insurance Reform (1993)

Crossing the Darin Gap

Crossing the Darin Gap

How about my appeals from when I was stalked 4 times?

A song that's been in my head for a couple days

The AG could have ordered Comey not to send his bombshell letter on Clinton emails...why she didn't

Final evacuees leave eastern Aleppo as Assad regime takes control

Obama Just Blasted FOX For Creating Fictional Obama To Make Trump Fans Hate Him

Woman filmed without permission on Donald Trumps golf course allowed to sue for data privacy violat

Kansas Birthplace of CrossCheck Declines to Participate in Survey Showing Virtually No Voter Fraud

Uber takes self-driving cars to Arizona after California demands permit

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Sean Spicer Named Trump's White House Press Secretary

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HERE IS what a REAL tenor sounds like!!!

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Colombia After Peace

Emanuel admits using personal email for public business as city settles open records lawsuit


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Can't decide which name to use...

Robert Reich...

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Sessions Downplayed Relationship With Breitbart News In Senate Questionnaire

Trump asks Boeing for F-18 pitch, citing tremendous cost overruns of Lockheed Martin F-35

I am still the fucking President

Keep this in mind the next time you are about to repeat a rumor or spread gossip, even about Trump

President Obama comes thru again...

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If President Obama does not appoint the next Supreme court justice we will have a right winged

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Rinda Rinda Rinda!!

Mobile phone company to pay $30 million in U.S. fraud case

Rinda! Rinda! Rinda!

What could possibly go right...???

Old Shampoo brands that you miss?

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