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Archives: December 23, 2016

Who's hiding the pickle Saturday night?

Photographer captures images of uncontacted Amazon tribe

Australian police thwart attack possibly planned for Christmas Day

Sham populism, shameless plutocracy - Kristina vanden Heuvel

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 23 December 2016

These should be 2 major priorities for the Democratic party, starting now:

Bernie Sanders Discusses Corrupt Influence Big Pharma Has on Corporate Media Coverage

Celine Dion Says Non! to Performing at Trump Inauguration

So Drumpf can't get any A list entertainers for his Inauguration.

Finally, You Can Hear All Your Holiday Favorites Performed by Goats

Draining the swamp is working, they are all in Prez maggot's cabinet

The United States might be the next Argentina

Voter ID Laws are a threat to liberty

Researchers launch tool to understand spread of fake news (

Joy Reid said the Beach Boys are considering performing for Drumpf.

A drone that flies (almost) like a bird (

What 3 Spirits Would Haunt Trump????

Transition Teams Request on Gender Equality Rattles State Dept.

Photographer shows first images of uncontacted Amazon tribe

Sighting of uncontacted Amazonian tribe in pictures

Donald's pet names for each of the Rockettes: GO!

An ethics question for ourselves.

"Muslim spies in Obama's CIA! 55 Double agents exposed!" Last week:"Hillary blackmailed FBI to kill

McConnell rebukes Trump on Russia, endorses hacking investigation

Ugh. Kellyanne Conway on Rachel tonight.

Women are not considered a minority? I was told that here the other day.

Bucking austerity, Argentine Congress passes $1.8 billion social spending hike and $3 bn. tax cut

Bucking austerity, Argentine Congress passes $1.8 billion social spending hike and $3 bn. tax cut

JUst 2 months until Isis is gone since.........

Russia Josef Stalin: Outspoken grandson is 'found dead'

KellyAnne Conway on Rachel Maddows show tonight,

Ex-L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca's obstruction trial ends in mistrial; jurors hopelessly deadlocke

Generation KKK - No joke. It's coming to t.v.

Do We All Remember Why Dick Cheney Was In A Wheelchair At Obama's Inauguration?

Even Gene Simmons/KISS turned down an invitation to play

Gentoo penguin eggs.

*George Washington was very clear in his letter to the Jews he visited in Rhode Island,

In reference to the situation at Standing Rock, has anyone here ever seen the movie 'Clearcut'?

WTF! Turkey and Nukes too!

*George Washington was very clear in his letter to the Jews he visited in Rhode Island,

Triumph has agreed to do an hour at the Inauguration.

Dear Secretary Clinton

Scott Walker says "vagina" in American Sign Language

Britain's Prince Charles Says Anti-Immigrant Populism Echoes Nazis

Trump Winery begs Labor Department to hire foreign workers over Americans

The Beach Boys are considering playing at DT's inauguration. We should let them know

Why can't he have Ted Nugent perform in his inauguration

Frank Schaeffer: Merry Christmas? Forget it Were Screwed

Hey Tom Arnold Shut the Fuck up

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 24, 2016 -- Robert Osborne's Christmas Eve Picks

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Yuleapalooza 2016! Live, Uncensored & a new

Trump Seeks Path for Mexico Barrier. But Will It Be a Big, Beautiful Wall?

I'm not looking forward to it....

Gun retailers report a run on firearms ahead of new California restrictions

AP: Eric Trump Foundation flouts charity standards

Schumer fires video unit staff

Just curious: do the Kushners observe Christmas?

Paying More for Less: Affordable Care Act Repeal

Trump is going to get us killed

Remember this??

Drump tweets nukes his blond mouth attenpts

Donald Trumps EPA Pick Championed Exxon Mobil After Donations To Association He Led

Rachel is kicking Kellyanne's butt! Little Kelly is stumbling her way through

There are so many interesting differences in language between the UK and the USA.

A Quarter of Florida's Black Citizens Can't Vote. A New Referendum Could Change That.

It's an AMBUSH!!!! Rachel Maddow is doing a job on Kellyanne the Con as we speak!

Amazon, Goodwill team up to use empty shipping boxes.....

UW-Madison students clash over campus carry bill

There have been several versions of the story regarding the UN vote on settlements

jelly belly quelly

Amtrak says an electric company wants to take it for a ride

Legislators' attempt to blackmail University of Wisconsin is un-American

Who remembers the movie, "Mahogany," starring Diana Ross?

Will Hillary sue Groper Don the Con for his lies?

By trumps standards....Obama should sue the trumps for the birth certificate

Michael Moore coming up on Lawrence O'Donnell n/t

Somehow tRump just doesn't get it. Nobody with self respect will play at his inauguration. He needs

Does don understand the power of just one nuclear bomb?

Who needs to lead the DNC and why?

A big cat is beautiful to behold

So Kellyanne says it's OK for Milania TRump to sue the press for telling liesabout her .... Then

who's gonna tell trump he should wait till he's president to destroy the world?

Senator Rod Culleton declared bankrupt

How to report a troll?

UCLA faculty voice: The fate of Covered California under President Trump

Will Trump Make 1984 Look Like a Nursery Tale?

Does Trump's Tweet About Expanding Our Nukes Move Doomsday Clock Closer

You Must Remember This

SMU Professor and Three Students Make Hit Card Game With Shakespearean Dirty Jokes

Oh fer Chrissakes, FUCK THEM AT EVERY TURN.

Kellyanne Conway: One of the greatest bullshit artists in politics.

NW coal exports back on the table under Trump

Russia ExxonMobil Crimea gas/oil Danger Will Robinson!

On Lawrence O'Donell - Michael Moore wants Democrats to save Trump voters from Trump

Why did President Obama Cave to Mitch McConnell in September?

Baylor player later convicted of rape reportedly had suspension lifted by then-President Ken Starr

Michael Moore on Lawrence O'D...

Rogue One - Sequel pictures leaked! (Spoiler Alert)

Gov. Greg Abbott pardons five Texans

Donnie the Vulgarian wants to know why no one's mentioned how he

"And she'll have fun, fun, fun till President Trump takes her Medicare and Social Security away..."

Dallas firm that told drivers 'Your wife is hot' goes into deep freeze after 65 years in HVAC biz

Is Trump Going To Have To Hire Americans To Show Up At His Inaugauration?......

Not photography related but wanted to share anyway

Car Brands Ranked by Owner Satisfaction

Cleveland Indians land Edwin Encarnacion

Texas State dance squad to perform in Trumps inaugural parade, triggers social media backlash

Tony Blair Destroyed Britain's Faith In The Benefits System, Claim Researchers

OK, the Kushners should have been left alone in their flight

Anyone here see the movie "Barry" on Netflix?

American Airlines flight attendants file grievance over new uniforms

Twitter user suggests that even holograms of dead celebrities said "nah" to the Inaguration

How The Donald Stole Christmas

Dark Money:

Abandoned Texas oil wells seen as "ticking time bombs" of contamination

Biggest Laugh From The Kellyanne Conway Interview: "I don't know, but I'm sure HE does."

Trump Team Asks State Department To Hand Over Info On Gender Equality Programs

How Bout Then Cowboys!!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott responds to tweet asking why God hasn't answered his prayers to walk again

We are all part of Donald Trump's "narcissistic supply"...

Rollin Christmas

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 25 - Capra vs. Sturges

TCM Schedule for Monday December 26 - Last Man Standing

US Muslims Concerned That 'Few False Reports' of Hate Crimes Will 'Unfairly Discredit' Real Ones

After a fire and claims of anti-Muslim bias, police seek to tamp down tension on St. Louis street

Chewbacca sings Silent Night

Perry will be just 15 heartbeats from presidency

Will Trump Make America Corrupt Again? (

Kentucky governor declares 2017 "the year of the Bible"

BREAKING : Trump Bags First A-List Group For his Inauguration !

As Democrats ponder their future, Biden makes a plea for a focus on the middle class

The Fight For Free College Moves to the States

My early Kurisumasu Presento....WATCHING Godzilla Resurgence IT WAS AWESOME!


(A Musical Interlude)

Globe University and MN School of Business are closing all campuses

*Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor on Charlie Rose tonight.

Oh Man, Ive been giving Rachel a lot

Rachel Maddow Succeeded Wildly In Showing Trump, Kellyanne and His Team Are Incompetent.

ALL I want for Kurisumasu is you!

Trump supporters would be most likely to turn on Trump if...

Trump the Dinosaur...

(You Know Which State) Dumb Criminals: Fleeing burglars hop fence into police parking lot

Radio City Rockettes 'Appalled' Over Trump Inauguration Command Performance

And he has the best conflict of interest, believe him.

Prison ordered for Green Bay tax preparer

Lawmaker backs off requiring random drug testing of students in extracurriculars

The Kochs final hurdle leaped

Wisconsin officials file charges in lottery fixing scheme

Two 'deadliest' police departments in US to be investigated in California

Two 'deadliest' police departments in US to be investigated in California

F!@#k you Donald Trump. A powerful piece:

Star Trek Trump Parody

Deutsche Bank agrees to $7.2 billion mortgage settlement with U.S.

Opposition says Congo politicians seal Kabila transition deal

Alcohol panel votes again to postpone votes on controversial proposals

Erik Trump Foundation funneled $881,779 of donations to Trump golf courses

Seth Meyers: Skeptic on a Stick Holiday Toy Commercial

State proposes to reduce amount wealthy parents pay in child support

Trump and the Rs are Losers, and they're LOSING, bigly

Putin Giving Live Press Conference Right Now

Ebola experimental vaccine is highly effective, trial shows

"Filthy Little Atheist"

If this doesn't tear your heart out, you don't have one

Scott Walker ties himself to the Federalist Society

Melbourne Christmas Day 'terror attack' foiled, say Australia police

Some young dinosaurs shed teeth, say experts

53 puppies die of overheating in truck in southwest Missouri

From Baptisms to Bible Study: Strong Religious Vibes in Eagles Locker Room

After prison, Jungen files for bankruptcy

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. to Pay More Than $283 Million re Foreign Corrupt Practices Act C

The party must go on yes, into February

McCaskill is early target of conservative ad campaign

suspect in the German market attack has been shot-now confirmed

Credit Suisse also penalized over toxic debt

Gov. Mike Pence authorizes $31M in raises for state employees

In a Hacked Ukrainian App, a Picture of the Future of War

Daily Holidays - December 23

Trust physics.

Lockheed F-35 fighter project in doubt after Trump tweet encourages rival Boeing

$42 bonus was an 'insult.' So these Indy teachers made the best of it.

German police arrest two men over alleged plot to attack shopping centre

I Can't Effing Sleep.......

Holcomb picks corrections chief with controversial past

OK, MS RNC gives Kellyanne an HOUR of airtime, what did you learn?

REUTER'S VIDEO: McConnell takes on Trump after attacks on CIA

Holidays have a new face, with llamas

"I didnt want you to come to my party anyway, I dont even care"

Experts: China preparing counter-measures for Trump's trade-war

State senator proposes casino for Terre Haute

Tulsi Gabbard on CNN New Day talking about her new bill, Stop Arming Terrorists Act

Eric Trump suspends operations of his charitable foundation

"I'll just leave this right here.."

Hijacked Libyan plane lands in Malta with 118 on board: media

Porter County fraud victims receive settlement

Berlin market attack suspect killed in shootout in northern Italy

Pramila Jayapal promotes hate-free Washington

it makes more sense when you realize The Swamp is Trump's nickname for his penis

How's THIS for a cheerful Holiday thought? Dump just told Mika on Morning Joe...

We're Getting Rid of Comments on

Black mother arrested after telling Texas police a white man assaulted her child

The NYT deconstructs Trump's tweet on nukes

Population growth could position Oregon to add congressional seat

A man wakes up after being asleep for a year.

What could be more fitting for this inauguration?

Postal worker charged with stealing toys, other mail

Freedom Caucus wish list: policy areas conservatives want Trump to roll back

Trump to Mika: "Let It Be An Arms Race"

Trump has been planning to team up with Russians on nukes against others since 1987.

Former Notre Dame player's plea deal scrapped after failed drug test

Rachel Maddow refuses to let Kellyanne Conway dance around Trumps terrible treatment of the press

NSA watchdog put on leave in whistleblower case

Rockettes don't want to perform but forced to

In Emanuel emails, players ask favors big and small

Mark Burnett is another foreign asshole that we need to deal with

Obama to give final speech of presidency in Chicago next month

Fast forward to Christmas 2017. Predictions?

Turkish troops killed in clashes with ISIL in Syria

ISIS rise surprised Obama, US intelligence

Rauner gives his campaign $50 million almost 2 years before election

Today's Google Doodle: 'Tis the Season!

Today's Google Doodle: 'Tis the Season!

January 20, 2017, Donald Trump becomes a ***SERVANT***

what are the political norms now, anyway?

Trump Aide Partnered With Firm Run by Man With Alleged KGB Ties

Rauner files unfair labor charge against AFSCME; asks for $2M/day penalty

Rauner files unfair labor charge against AFSCME; asks for $2M/day penalty

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Tis the Season

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Orange Grinch

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Former Gov. Blagojevich again appeals prison term

Rauner 'out west,' Madigan's whereabouts unknown as budget fight continues

Saddam Trump's CIA pick faces 'serious management problem'

help me, why in the world would trump want a nuclear arms race?

Mining May Threaten Newly Discovered Ocean Ecosystems

Catherine Rampell: Why the White Working Class Votes Against Itself

Airstrikes against ISIS ramp up with fights for Mosul, Raqqa

Do you agree with Donald Trump that starting a new nuclear arms race is prudent?

Juan Cole: I declare Donald Trump a lame duck now. Four years out.

Here it's not the sunset, but sunrise


"Let It Be An Arms Race"? I Want To Slap Every Trump Voter I See For Giving Us This POS.

Local news: Stop telling me what's trending and going viral

Yes, I am crying. What of it? (Kodak promotes acceptance with short film)

Here's the rest of Trump's comment to Mika and Joe.

Trump is pissed that his "wonderful son" Eric will no longer sell access to him at $1 million a pop.

Berlin truck attack suspect killed in shootout in Milan

I got it!! trump's answer to global warming, is nuclear winter!

And Putin responds.

Been watching the movie V for Vendetta.

88 dead in Turkish raids on IS-held Syria town: monitor

Man Surrenders in Little Rock 'Road Rage' Shooting That Killed Boy, 3

Turks angry over 'nightmare' IS video of soldiers burned alive

Trump on US/Russia vs rest of world, 1987: Between those two nations you have THE POWER TO DOMINATE

Aleppo recapture deals setback to Gulf rebel backers

Don't miss "Skeptic on a stick"!

Insiders: Trump Team Dangled Ambassadorships to Lure A-List Inauguration Singers

Concentration camp survivor, Franz Frison, on the value of debating fascism,

So how long before Twitter becomes a reputable news source, for purposes of LBN

Alec Baldwin Calls Trump "Most Reviled Candidate" in U.S. History

Climate change, civilization and Trumpism

ADL Calls Reports of Family Fleeing Lancaster County, PA "Untrue and Damaging"

Do Trumpists Get That Donald Trump Has NO Mandate?

Trump DESTROYED Goldman Sachs During Election, Now Will Be Goldman Sachs President

ISIS-linked news agency releases video of Berlin attacker swearing allegiance to the radical group

Merry Christmas-Trump said he's cool with blowing up the world *

Trump: Just SHUT THE F*CK UP!

Trump spokesman quickly contradicts Trump: 'There is not going to be a nuclear arms race'

Trump's tweets are not random, but are induced by his coterie of rwnjs.

Helen Mirren's Royal Christmas Message

Performers for the inauguration

Joe Biden worries about the "bit of elitism that's crept in" the Democratic party

A Donald Trump Christmas

Most passengers released from hijacked Libyan plane in Malta

Paul Krugman- Populism, Real and Phony

Trump's BLUEPRINT for the rest of America: North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy

Pic Of The Moment: If You Asked Santa For Global Instability This Christmas, Good News!

Even in Great Despair, There Is Hope

Tank Car Maker Controlled by Carl Icahn Suing Railroad Regulators

He who shall remain nameless

Berlin Attack Suspect Is Killed by Police Near Milan

Keith Ellison Says He Is Ready to Fight for Democracy in North Carolina and Across America

Campaign 2016's anti-Semitism has me feeling conspicuously Jewish this Christmas season

Sing out - Morman Tab. Choir to perform at Trump's dodad

It really says something about a country that considers Cheetolini Pussygrabber as a success story..

APNewsBreak: Railroad in fiery derailment agrees to changes

Donald Trump Reportedly Goes Nuclear, Says Let It Be An Arms Race

The Democratic party does NOT need to change!

Crazy people visiting Orlando --

Donnie has not even taken the oath of office and he is already saber rattling the rhetoric

Today's writing assignment - Defend the KKK

As expected, John Fugelsang has the best response to trump*'s 'nuclear' tweet

Star expired a couple of days ago. Now I'm getting massive iexplore.exe loads, up to 500,000 k.

Yes, he REALLY Said this!

January 20th 2017 Freedom Concert - the UNauguration?

The DNC messed up (Hillary '16 instead of '08)

a letter from the governor of north dakota concerning teh dakota pipeline

Trump Team Asks State Dept. To Name Those Working On Gender Equality

Is he deliberately trying to create his Reichstag Fire on Obama's watch?

EFF: members of Trumps transition team have long sought to undermine net neutrality

Donald Trumps Presidency is illegitimate

Any chance Departments will resist?

The last hour of The Diane Rehm Show is on now.

He died but will be reborn

Bernie might have been right about a revolution, but it could come from Trump over-reaching

This Donald thing is starting to blow up.

Merry Christmas everyone

I think the donald should be referred as * (that's an assterisk)

We didn't underestimate Trump.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

Was Edward Snowden a Spy? The Answer Remains Classified

A Quarter of Floridas Black Citizens cant Vote. A new Referendum Could Change That

Every celebrity who turned down performing at Donald Trumps inauguration but who cares, he doesn

I specifically remember watching Wisconsin taking a vote to abolish unions without

Ivanka Trump Reviews Jet Blue Airlines

Never miss an opportunity

Deutsche Bank Wins in Stare-Down With DOJ Over Mortgage-Backed Securities Liability


...And now an interpretive representation of America after the election of Cheetolini Pussygrabber

So Now Mika And Joe Are Shocked About What Trump Said.....

4 more years of Twitter analysis?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays from the O'Malleys

The 58 Greatest Finds of 2016

Tennis star Petra Kvitova, after injury by attacker, can move hand

Donald Trumps Pick for Health Secretary Traded Medical Stocks While in House

Embarking on the "Clown of New York's" Benny Hill pResidency

Social Security Interest Rates... an insult to workers and the disabled.

A certain replicant from Indiananistan will never be this cool...

Give me that... It's MINE!

Where Carl Icahn the Adviser and Carl Icahn the Investor Meet

Former US Navy commander: Here's what the US should have built instead of the F-35

American voters, you had ONE JOB: keeping a pure madman out of the office of the president.

Holiday helpers jump in to erase kids' school lunch debts (in the Twin Cities)

Path to Victory ,,,,,

'Nothing unusual' in Trump's nuclear comments, Putin says

Ubinas: The Trump empathy tour stops here

Continuing battle with media, Trump avoids news conference

Hello everyone

Apropos of nothing political - Part 2

Putin to Democratic Party: You lost, get over it

Is anyone else concerned/depressed by the plethora of posts with "Trump" in the subject?

Will Donald Trump bring the return of voodoo economics?

So they are going to leave it up to guesswork?

Kasparov did warn us: Winter is Coming

New Term Coined: "War on Christmas Stupid"

toxic trump

GOP Wants Trump to Trim ACA Benefits, Say Congress Aides

Glenn Greenwald On Fox Attacking Coverage of Russian Interference in Election - Not a Progressive!

Brownback Urges Trump to Copy His Tax Plan

If the Rockettes are forced to perform or lose their jobs,

Timid Liberals Blew the Election by Flinching at Hillary Clinton's Email Server

Declassify the Evidence of Russian Hacking!

How many rightwingers do you know who don't read?

Trump Writing His Own White House Rules

This was posted yesterday on DU, (link at bottom), which presented the disingenuous,

UPDATED: Trump Ally's '17 Wish List: Prez Obama 'Dies', Michelle 'Set Loose' In Africa

The worst job in the trump white house.


I got a say Merry Christmas, or else death stare, yesterday.

DOJ Weighing Civil Rights Inquiry Into Deaths At Sheriff Clarke's Wisconsin Jail


Dynamo Hub to USB

What is a Frack-Pot?

Rockettes Parent Company Says Inauguration Participation Is 'Voluntary'

Gotta love our (lefty) State Premier

Piers Morgan doesnt think we should call Trump a "man baby," so here are some alternatives

I am not sorry at all for this cryptic post

(V for Vendetta) Chancellor Drumpf Comes To Power.

Lawyers Offer Free Representation for Media Facing Trump Threats

Trump campaign official wants Michelle Obama to be let loose to live with African apes

This Amazon tribe lived without the outside world. They may be the last

Finally decided on my outreach to Trump supporters

Really big news: someone on the interwebs said that Herr tRump, in a fit of pique, is demanding

Why do you post here?

When the Sun Sets Early, Its a Race to Prepare for Shabbat.

Trump won votes promising to protect veterans, but major veterans groups are rattled by his plans

Did anyone see 'Jackie' yet?

Hamfisted Bun Vendor wishes

Washington Post: Trump shares a "very nice" Christmas Letter from Putin

Another VA special election

I think the reason why so many people suggest that Bernie could have beaten Trump

Recipes for Christmas Morning

Alec Baldwin perfectly trolls Trump and offers to sing Highway to Hell at his inauguration

Stunning wall of sea smoke rises as freezing temperatures hit the US

Trump is going to help people on social security. He doesn't know it yet.

Here is a electoral map after a nuclear holocaust

Republicans Won't Require Rex Tillerson To Turn Over Tax Returns

Scientists Find That Water Might Exist in a Whole New State

Trump Claimed That He Could "Stand In The Middle Of 5th Ave And Shoot Someboday And.....

How Journalists Covered the Rise of Mussolini and Hitler

Silk Soy Milk's new commercial takes no prisoners...

Dyslexia May Be the Brain Struggling to Adapt

OMalley urges North Carolina to move forward with HB2 repeal.

Poll: Majority of Dems want 'someone entirely new' to run in 2020

The largest obstacle for America, at this time, is chicken-shit Republicans

U.S. declines to veto U.N. Security Council resolution for Israel to stop Jewish settlement activity

How to see Chichen Itza without the crowds

In all the "Bernie would have won/No he wouldn't" posts I've read...........

Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks there's a 'very high' chance the universe is just a simulation

Kremlin plans golden gala to celebrate installation of Comrade Casino's (R) illegitimate regime

New antimatter breakthrough to help illuminate mysteries of the Big Bang

So What Would It Take for Many of You To Be Rude to Ivanka???

This should be required reading moving forward...because they need to be TOLD

Maggie Hassan says ISIS advertises lax U.S. gun laws

Scientists are going to hunt for dark matter at the bottom of a gold mine

Trump campaign official wants Michelle Obama to be let loose to live with African apes

Came across this fun reminder of how great Michelle Obama is.

James - Sit Down (VIDEO)

The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!

Trump campaign co-chair's wish list for 2017

TESTING, from new camera. On the creek.

Trump appoints his business attorney to manage international negotiations

So, who will be the first foreign head of state to visit Trump?

Trump's going to get us into a shooting war over Israeli settlements.

Does anyone else see a threat in Putin's message?

What Long-Held Right-Wing Goals Will Trump Make Happen?

Alt-right Plans Armed March Through Montana Town To Scare Jews

Mama Blue is 85 I know I am lucky she taught to be

Alec Baldwin perfectly trolls Trump and offers to sing Highway to Hell at his inauguration

Bush White House Ethics Lawyer Files Complaint Against FBI Director

The tale of Evan Mecham -- a close Trump analogy.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 23, 2016

Dylan Roof

I miss MiddleFingerMom

President Obama Says First Lady Would Divorce Him if He Ran Again (VIDEO)

US Army blew up bodies that were donated for medical research

Sand Key Beach Sunset

UN passes resolution calling for end to Israeli settlements

Trumps Doctor Hints Something Might Be VERY Wrong With Him

New Trump Christmas Carol - Let there be an arms race

Harsh Mongolian winter threatens disaster

Yet more evidence that Tiger Woods is a D-bag

How Chinese students will react to the Trump effect

Future Smart Cities Should be Super-Connected, Green and Resilient

Jimmy Carter Is the Only Former President Coming to Trump's Inauguration So Far

Stability Challenge in Perovskite Solar Cell Technology

More states consider working around the Electoral College

Trump humiliates Newt Gingrich, He joins Mitt Romney in Trump's Kiss A____ing.

Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan

First movie of energy transfer in photosynthesis solves decades-old debate

Blacks arrested in Colorado at 3 times the population rate

Huge message sent from Obama to Netanyahu (& Trump).

Please, Don't Go!

Brazil budget cuts put uncontacted Amazon tribe at risk, say activists

I have a google search set for GUNCONTROL and for GUNVIOLENCE just to keep up with the topic.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir will sing Trump, Pence into White House

Christmas Street Food Market in Fukuoka, Japan

Carrie Fisher had a heart attack.

Christmas Street Food Market in Fukuoka, Japan

There is something important I have learnt from this election

A Marine Mystery: What's Causing Seabird Die-Offs in Alaska?

The Rs take away ACA, we go for Medicare for all...same 51 votes

This panda battling a snowman is all of us grappling with the year 2016


Corruption probe clouds survival of Brazil's transition leader


Christmas Day in Japan (How the Japanese celebrate)

Renewable Energy: An Exxon Investigation Given Second Life as Trump Taps Exec for Cabinet

Corruption probe clouds survival of Brazil's transition leader

Yes, Bernie could have won under the exact right circumstances

SoCalGas, UC Irvine test hydrogen energy technology to store renewable energy

Finland to begin paying basic income to unemployed citizens

Bernie Sanders could not, and will not be able to, get racist White Americans to stop voting against

Solar power is now the cheapest form of energy in almost 60 countries

Chile Pinochet: Anger as jailed abusers ask forgiveness

Chile Pinochet: Anger as jailed abusers ask forgiveness

Weird & disturbing facts about Donald Trump's personality

Take a pledge not to watch tRump's inauguration.

℃-ute 『会いたいロンリークリスマス』 (MV) c-ute Aitai Lonely Christmas

Nozomi Sasaki ☆ Jin Jin Jingle Bell feat. Pentaphonic

Bernie Sanders nails 'Tweeter in Chief' Trump for unleashing a 'dangerous nuclear arms race'

Take that stupid hat off and look like you are an adult.

... Commissioning of 155 MW-ac Springbok 2 Solar Farm to ... Los Angeles ...

Shirley Temple Figured Out Christmas at the Age of 6

BoA / まもりたい ~White Wishes~

Senator Says Trump Has Maturity Of A 5-Year-Old Which Makes Nuke Talk Very Scary

Has Vladmir Putin ever sent a presser to a US Political Party Before?

In 2017, Watch Out For These 5 Nations Pushing To The Forefront In Renewable Energy

Will you allow for a name change soon?

Star Wars - Carrie Fisher suffers massive heart attack

Hey DU, interested in hearing your opinions on AARP.

FFS! "Duterte Threatens UN? Philippines President Vows To 'Burn Down The United Nations' For

Actress Carrie Fisher in critical condition after a 'cardiac episode' on flight from London to L.A.

Gordon Butte (400 MW) Pumped Storage Hydro Project (in Montana, gets OK from FERC.)

Worlds first solar highway opens in France (solar panels in the pavement)

This is a serious question:

Happy Festivus!!!

New York Historical Society To Preserve Thousands Of Post-It Notes Mourning Trumps Election

Wind power across rural and rust belt America powers big brands

Rockettes may be off the hook

No peace in sight in Syria

Sign the Petition: Stop the 27% Cut to Social Security

TMZ: Carrie Fisher Has Heart Attack On Plane

When the unholy trinity Trump, Ryan and Netanyahu don't like know...

Donald Trump: I meant that Obama founded ISIS, literally

There is a song I have been listening to for the last couple of days.

Wishful Thinking

Gambia: Africa bloc vows to send troops if Jammeh stays

What is your favorite all time Christmas TV epioside?

Tracking Trump's Conflicts of Interest (Sunlight Foundation)

Stabbing attack in Efrat

After mocking the Kochs puppets, Trump huddles with David Koch

A Spiritual lesson for the Trumpster ...

Merry Christmas my friends

Political beliefs hard-wired into brain, say neuroscientists

Trudeau says Canada will capitalize if Trump takes a step back on climate change

The GOP has a fight on its hands

More than a year and a half ago, Donald Trump announced he was running for President.

Two roads to the same place: 2016 and the future of self-driving cars

The Tragically Hip...Prayers for Gordon Downie, still rocking after terminal brain cancer diagnosis.

Trump as Caligula, Trumpists as Visigoths

Meanwhile in Russia

LA Times article on recent Congressional action that is behind Trump's Nuclear tweet

Chill. Be happy.

I've encrypted this sorry post.

Enjoy the next 4 weeks. 28 days! Jan 20th falls on a Friday!

I have a twitter only to follow Trump. I'm scared out of my mind.

Enjoy the next 4 weeks. 28 days! Jan 20th falls on a Friday!

Enjoy the next 4 weeks. 28 days! Jan 20th falls on a Friday!