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Trump supporters didn't like his Happy Hanukkah tweet

I knew beyond a doubt what was happening.

Vanity Fair: The Exact Moment Each of Trumps Enemies Sold Their Souls

Maxine Waters: A Problem With Democrats Is That We're Too Nice to Other Side

Creationist Ken Ham Lit Up Ark Encounter To Take the Rainbow Back from LGBT People

What life was like before the internet

A&E Cancels Ku Klux Klan Docu-Series

We went to Canada for a couple days.

Trump Kicks Off the Return of the Czars

I mistakenly clicked the Submit Appeal button too soon.

Silica snowman

What IS IT with Republicans and Guns?!?

Logging in.

Keith Olbermann's latest: Resistance #14 -- Social Security

Latino Leaders Who Dumped Donald Trump Now Hopeful Hes Their Guy

Another bizzarre tweet from the shit gibbon

Dems Need To FINALLY Go For The Jugular...

Amos Oz' "Judas"

Trumps Health Secretary Pick Leaves Nations Doctors Divided

Muslims in a Bible Belt town hold their breath

Wielding Claims of Fake News, Conservatives Take Aim at M$M (their former partners in crime)

Make Your Face Great Again!

Ten Red-State Democrats May Hold the Balance of Power

If this election was free and fair then of course someone else could've won it

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Holidaze! Best of Malloy Live, Uncensored & a new

Astronomer Vera Rubin, pioneer of dark matter theory, has died

Why the Dems can't fight and republicans can...

Hamfisted Bun Vendor responds to Trump's "The world was gloomy before I won, no hope" Tweet.

UK disappointed Netanyahu scotched planned meet with May

White nationalists raise millions with tax-exempt charities

*on C SPAN ended 10:20 pm est, Future of Democratic Party

Trump reveals his ignorance regarding the United Nations

Dont Believe the New Myths About Americas White Working Class

2 posts for good laughs today

Netanyahu Is Dragging Israel Into the Abyss

This is really a longshot but heh, you can still dream....for representation

Obama Promises Not To Leave Us All Alone With The Scary Clown-Man In The White House

The Great How Will Trump be Remembered Survey

Reality Check: Hillary won by close to 3 million votes over the Big Con...

My world is NOT all about money...fuckface

Love em or hate em, the end of SMAP marks the end of an era

Why he's called DRUMPF: Immigration so big in his life (mother, grandparents, 2/3 wives)

A Message from Flyover Country

Dana Bash on CNN is a Fucking DUmbass

My first time back at DU after the DU hack. Nothing has been the same since.

I sincerely hope Tom Arnold has what he claims and he is playing Trumps own game...

Praying for Time

Bernie Supporters Seem to Be Staging a Revolt in the Washington Democratic Party

Why I am taking a break from DU.

Two years from now, let's do another town hall with the proud Donnie supporters

My Constitutional question, a question that came to me on 11/10 and I articulated on

Redmond man arrested, accused of holding family captive with machete for 6 days

Tacoma man creates boom box to deter package thefts and police say that could be a crime

From Sen. Patty Murray: "In 2017, don't ask me how I'm doing,

If you get the Smithsonian Channel, or the Canadian History Channel, you might be interested in ...

I am praying that the Big Con is buried in lawsuits over his term..

Inslee seeks biggest business-tax increase in decades to fund schools


For those old enough to remember Paul Wellstone...

Jury awards $550K to fired Western State employee who reported expired food

King County Sheriff Urquhart told investigators to ignore womans claim he raped her, documents say


For homeless in Puyallup, fewer beds and no hope in sight

I am so SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of everyone armchair quarterbacking Hillary!!!!

Hotel trade groups sue over Seattle initiative that gives new rights to workers

Prayer Karma is working...thank you

Will helmet law kill Seattle's new bike-share program?

Good commentary on Trump

When the media called the "election" for tRump I described my experience

Cleared for take off!

Fascism 101.

Technology-based not fuel-based...The future

State undertakes pilot study to replace gas tax with a road user charge

Spokane's recycled glass ends up in area landfill, due to lack of interested buyers

Trump says UN just a club for people to 'have a good time'

WaPo - "Muslims in a Bible Belt town hold their breath"

I think Obama confused a "peaceful transition of power"...

So this is our party's plan?

Teen charged in heroin-fueled shootout in Everett

Michelle Obama is right, there is no hope with Trump. Before 11/8 I had lots of hope

A Roundup of Trump Covers From Papers Around the World (DIAL-UP WARNING)

2016 the last "election" the historical American remedy of "vote them out"

Newt Gingrich warns of major actions during President Obama's final weeks in office

Nazi's Plan Heavily-Armed March on small town of Whitefish Montana; Target Jews

House Republicans Propose Rules to Punish Broadcasting, Photography From Chamber Floor

The easiest way to stifle the mangled apricot hellbeast

A beautiful grace note from Hillary

Lawmaker questions why pornography site can use state photos, but she cant

Portland Woman Quits Job After She Says a Trump Pinata Was Lynched At a Holiday Party

Finally an act that's agreed to play the Inaugural Ball:

Orwellian: Scott Walker admin. quietly scrubs mentions of climate from Climate Change website

New Audit Finds State's Economic Development Agency Gives Lots of Goodies But Fails to Measure ...

Need pot, but can't leave the house? Marijuana delivery services are coming to Portland.

Reep Congress first order of business: rebrand itself as a "death panel".

Cheetah numbers decline as African habitat shrinks, face extintion.

Gin Wigmore

Bulk of Oregon's death row inmates mentally impaired

Trump Hotels has had its eye on China but the door hasnt opened

Sanders to Dems: We must change our strategy to regain power

Whistleblower plans to sue lottery over alleged retaliation

Union Pacfic agrees to changes, in wake of Mosier oil train disaster

Looks like Groper Don the Con is worried

University of Oregon professor who wore blackface blasts school report

NY woman stabs black man in face after he offers his subway seat

Deputy who yelled 'Vote Trump' at voters under state investigation

Taking on income inequality with a CEO pay tax

Daily Holidays - December 27

World wildlife 'falls by 58% in 40 years'

The Big Tent and the Catholic Church

There Is No "War on Christmas," Just a Right-Wing Lie

How do liberals halt the march of the right? Stand our ground and toughen up

Trump fans attempt to humiliate Hamfisted Bun Vendor, invoking, his mom. Guess who wins.

Oregon State Trooper shot, critically injured; suspect dead

Nigel Farages Criticism Of Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby Has Not Gone Down Well

The Ashes: A Humanist Sermon

This is the simplest explanation I have found for why some on the left defend Russia

Kerr County 21-year-old charged with threatening to kill President Obama in letters: reports

Fights break out at malls across United States

Inmate being sought after escape from Live Oak County jail

"...yes, there is a war on Christmas but its not being fought by the people youd think"

Report: Netanyahu to be investigated for bribery, fraud

Employees of Oracle Corporation say: "Donald Trump is Not Who We Are"

YOUR economy starts January 20th, babyhands.

"Do we want Trump to fail?"

Nuclear experts: Trump tweets could provoke global crisis

Ahh.. New Yorkers.....

Democratic Leadership, let's talk about this.

For all the Tragically Hip fans

There's more than one turd in that punchbowl.

River in Egypt UPDATE: After 8 years of obstructionism, Fox frets Dems will be "The New Party of NO"

If Mercedes ever made this thing, there would be floods of drool...

Trump May Well Try to Clamp Down on Anti-Trump Humor; Can He?

Maxine Waters: "Oh no, I wont go! I'm not going to sit down with him-I'm not going to pretend"

We Love You President Obama, but

CONTEST: The Anti-Trump Bumper sticker contest

trump's legacy?: Fights break out at malls across United States

Six Compelling Executive Actions by President Obama That Donald Trump Is Targeting

President Obama Protects Non-Believers from Religious Republicans

UK Climate Head: Expect Major Flooding Every Year; No Coherent Plan In Place - Guardian

12/20-24/16 - Arctic Ocean Loses Sea Ice Equal In Size To United Kingdom

An Oklahoma Newspaper Endorsed Clinton. It Hasnt Been Forgiven.

Can Donald Trump persuade Americans to support his agenda? It's not likely.

Trump is being handed a great economy. What happens when it goes south?

Taking a break, I've been on DU for over 1 month

These 80 Christian leaders are plotting the abolition of LGBT legal protections

Winter Solstice sign vandalized over holiday weekend

One thing you should remember:

JFK assasination secret papers can be opened Nov of next year

Stricken Italian bank says ECB wants it to get 8.8bn bailout

US home prices rise 5.1 percent in October

Let me say it right here, if you voted for Trump-I do think you are a racist, homophobic misogynist.

Now all news is "fake news": The right's war against truth goes back long before 9/11

Bernie Sanders: Its a tragic mistake to dismiss anti-establishment voters as deplorable

Corbyn hits back after Obama suggests Labour is disintegrating

A Letter to Donald Trump About Health Care

Need some ideas (Neko Atsume)

Hey ma, what's for dinner?

Hey ma, what's for dinner?

Trump rewards big donors with jobs and access

Opdycke: All voters should be eligible to vote in all elections, including primaries

Capitalism creates scarcity out of abundance

Trump taps Bossert for counterterrorism post -statement

Bogoslof spews lava in fourth eruption (Alaska)

Do you have a KIA Soul? How do you like it?

Ellison: NC is a very dangerous precedent and everyone in every state should be worried about it

Ash tree genome aids fight against disease

Tuesday Toon Roundup

Sanders to Dems: We must change our strategy to regain power

Tom Perez is speaking my language

Trump fans' 'Deploraball' party descends into chaotic infighting over Nazi salutes and book burnings

Mother Walks 30 Miles to Save Her Family Stranded in the Snow Near the Grand Canyon

Who Will Do What Harry Reid Did Now That Harry Reid Is Gone?

Interesting take on Trump's financial entaglements and tax breaks

Obama tweaked Trump.

BEWARE! Anyone visted "that site" lately?

Letters: Mass protests needed to save country from Trump

Trump has a perfect blueprint to make the poor pay more for Medicaid: Mike Pence's Indiana

Someone vandalized MT. Rushmore

Drumpf the Deplorable poll

Boy Scouts support daily Amtrak service for National Jamboree in WV next summer

Maine Governor Says He Won't Punish Employers Who Ignore New Minimum Wage Hike (For Now)

President Obama and the Japanese PM

Finally! Some good news (thank you, President Obama)

Chuck Schumer just wants to get along.

The beauty,grace and amazing life of animals

During the holiday season let's have some empathy for Drumpf's victims.

Trump cant dissolve his foundation during investigation, NY attorney general says

It still chaffes my ass that Drumpf ran as a friend of the working man...

The Gabby: Navy to commission USS Gabrielle Giffords

Israel to Build in Jerusalem, Mulls More Steps Against UN

US consumer confidence climbs to 15-year high in December

Predator in our yard this AM pix (can you ID this?)

The Atlantic: It's Not the Economy, Stupid

A Rockette speaks out: exclusive interview in Marie Claire

Nigerian female suicide bomber is lynched and killed by a mob after her explosive vest fails

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 27: The Golden Years

Hoodwinked: Americans played for the fools that they are. A Xmas day PBS analysis.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 28: Starring Roland Young

Minnesota GOP fights for the working man by... killing the $15 minimum wage?

Obama Signs First Anti-Persecution Legislation Protecting Atheists

India Successfully Tests Nuclear-Capable Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Red State Update

A critique of the nation's wealthiest charity for kids - Milton Hershey School

This is the best research we've seen on how many Americans are really struggling financially, and it

Darwin Award Runner-up.. North Rim hiker

Report: Powerful labor union plans massive budget cuts in wake of Donald Trump victory

Trump agenda poll

The cheetah could soon be extinct

USA TODAY: President-elect Trump has 100+ court vacancies to fill on day one

The "news" media is covering in depth today's minor tweet tiff btw Trump & Obama.

Amherst police called in to settle 'Festivus' dispute

Fake News Is Not the Real Media Threat We're Facing

The Bills have fired the Ryan brothers

The unemployment rate in Elkhart, Ind. went from 22% to 4%. Yet voters don't give Pres. Obama credit

NOTE:......FACT BASED..conclusions on Comey, Voter suppression Russia effect

Trumps Treasury Pick Excelled at Kicking Elderly People Out of Their Homes

On Twitter, Trump defends foundation, ignores legal controversy surrounding it

Advertisings Moral Struggle: Is Online Reach Worth the Hurt?

SLATE article: "Mr. Unpredictable and Friends"

North Carolina Christian pastor writes piercing open letter to Hillary Clinton

Judge indicts former Argentine president in corruption case

How Was Rural America TRUMPED? Read "Bandits" by Eric Hobsbawn

Marching to Aleppo: Berliner leads mass peace march to Syria

Did James Comey Cost Hillary Clinton The Election?

South Carolina Rep. Chris Corley arrested, charged with domestic violence

What's wrong with gun-"control"?

You dont have to agree on anything just to be kind to one another

Pink Flamingo Tree

"Brawl of America"-MSNBC reporting on multiple disturbances and chaos at malls across America

My son is in love.

Iconic Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

How to fight Trump with Progressive Populism

A Russian Analyst Just Revealed The Chilling Truth About Putin and Trump

Miners to lose Black Lung benefits when Obamacare is repealed.

2016 in one image.

I need the dirt on Jamie Dimon

Carrie Fisher has died


Iconic star wars actress Carrie Fisher dies at 60

Donald Trumps Cabinet Picks Disagree With President-Elect on Some Key Issues

TIME to call your Senators re: Mick Mulvaney (Psychopath) 202-224-3121

******Carrie Fisher has died..

Financial Holdings of Some Donald Trump Nominees Complicate Approval Process

Felix Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture

Bernie Sanders caught in the wild shopping at Costco

Happy New Day,

Comedian, Ricky Harris; Everybody Hates Chris' actor dead at 54.

McCain: NATO key to stopping 'Russian misbehavior'

West Virginia official who called Michelle Obama 'ape in heels" fired

I wouldn't call Dak Prescott a rookie anymore

WU: Top Ten Tropical Cyclone Events of 2016 Potentially Influenced by Climate Change


An American in France Finds Adventures in the Day-to-Day.

I wish "twimp" had caught on

How many Family and Friends have you lost this year?

Stuck in the Smoke Hole of our Tipi

Steelers players 'weren't happy' with Terry Bradshaw's comments ...

Steelers players 'weren't happy' with Terry Bradshaw's comments ...

No Shit...

New US Defense Bill 'Direct Threat,' Says Russia

Adding to the heatbreaking deaths in 2016: America.

Hate Groups Promise Revolt If Trump Abandons White Supremacy

2017 can bite me!

New York Times Interactive Map: Duck Dynasty Vs Modern Family & More

End of year donation idea: support election reform efforts

Watership Down author Richard Adams dies aged 96

A violent Christmas in a violent year for Chicago: 11 killed, 50 wounded

Who you supporting in next year's gubernatorial election (NJ Group)?

West Virginia official who called Michelle Obama 'ape in heels' fired

Progressives are working to take over local state Democratic Parties

The Year in Climate Change: 2016's Most Depressing Stories - LiveScience

The extra hard death of Carrie Fisher.

'Alt-right' groups will 'revolt' if Trump shuns white supremacy, leaders say

Carrie Fisher suggested a line for her own obituary. Even through my tears, she can make me smile

Virginia ACLU urges Loudoun School Board to add LGBTQ protection to its policies

Millions Mourn As Rocker/Activist Ted Nugent, Age 68, Found Alive

Virginia ACLU urges Loudoun School Board to add LGBTQ protection to its policies

Dedicated to all the greats who have left us behind on this planet this year...

FYI..NPR & "Drug Peer Counselor" this pm on All Things Considered"

Dont be fooled: Closing the Trump Foundation doesnt solve Trumps conflict of interest problems

Someone Please Take the Methamphetamine Away From the Grim Reaper

What would 2016 look like to you in a picture? Sent to me by my daughter:

Picture of the Year?

Trump Foundation cannot dissolve amid investigation into charity spending

Carrie Fisher's finest work

Today's petitions

Take it to the streets, Florida

Abandoned Christie Still Sees a Path to Trump

The note I sent to the National Archives and Records Administration about Trump tweets

Gun Owners of America

Mike Pences New Neighborhood Gets Plastered With Trust Women Signs

US appeals court revives Clinton email suit

Editorial: NCR's person of the year for 2016

My check is in the mail. Just wanted to let you know ....

The Christians Soldiers have once again won another battle

Britain Pulled the Strings and Netanyahu Warned New Zealand It Was Declaring War: New Details on...

Aw, Richard Adams has passed

CNBC's John Harwood: 'White Fear' Partly Responsible for Democratic Losses Under Obama

Chilean President Urges Repressors to Inform on Forced Disappearances

The Big Con should be arrested...

S.C. GOP Rep. Chris Corley arrested, charged with domestic violence

10 Favorite Han/Leia Moments

In Venezuelas Difficult Times The Grassroots Are Stronger

Trump Ally Alex Jones Wonders If Carrie Fisher Was Murdered

America is Awash in Fake News

Unhappy Holidays: Houston Police Force Homeless People To Throw Away Food

THIS is greatness??

Unhappy Holidays: Houston Police Force Homeless People To Throw Away Food

Right on Julian...

Election follow-up -- Aiken SC Sheriff Mike Hunt gets 69%

Great letter to Hillary Clinton from NC pastor

Sanctions against Russia over election hacking forthcoming:

Former Versace Store Clerk Sues Over Secret Black Code For Minority Shoppers

Obama at Pearl Harbor

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 27, 2016

Donald *Rump is in fact "draining the swamp", and...

Lagoon Waterfall...

KEEP THE PRESSURE ON - Who to contact about issues

Portrait of the Artist as a Christmas Tree Ornament at the Canadian Embassy

Is elitism a nice way to say intellectual? Why do we need to dumb down?

A shot fired into Mexico killed a teenager, and now, the Supreme Court will weigh in

Want to hear something beautiful? Air and Simple Gifts, performed at Obama's inaugural 2009

Thanks DU

2 black kids adopted by white Republicans 40 years ago

As Trump prepares his kissy face for Putin, a glimpse into the dictator's soul

What are your Favorite songs of Regret, Desire to Change things that can't be Changed?

The numbers dont lie, but anti-immigration radicals do - By Jennifer Rubin

Who Lost in 2016?

Crazy Cruise III... Day four in St.Thomas

These coal country voters backed Trump. Now they're worried about losing Obamacare.

Which D-lister will emerge as the headliner for the tedious tangerine toddler's inaugural?

Halal grocery windows smashed on Christmas Eve in Portland

Republicans may not be prepared for the Obamacare war

Only the trumpians will be at this inaugural..go Ted Nugget

Rockettes win an "opt out!"

Heritage Action - Liberty Brigade

Trump fans' Deploraball party descends into chaotic infighting over Nazi salutes and book burnings

Bangladesh garment factories sack hundreds after pay protests

Carrie Fisher died today, drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.

Be Princess Leia in 2017...

"I would say that 99 of us believe the Russians did this," Graham said.

Sons of Panamas ex-president deny bribery allegations

Onetime internment camp in Catalina Mountains offers lesson in history

Sons of Panamas ex-president deny bribery allegations

Happy Fruit Cake Day

"The place where I come from is a small town..."

Trump gets caught lying about his charitable foundation

Just Saw They Were Evacuatng Trump Tower In NYC....

The War Over the World's Darkest Pigment Got Even More Ridiculous

"River of Tears" -Eric Clapton

Bernie Sanders on Trump, Social Security & Medicare

More Offshore Companies Linked to Macri Family

More Offshore Companies Linked to Macri Family

No one should ever normalize the Big Con...

No GI Bill for Oregon Marine reservists deployed to Honduras

No GI Bill for Oregon Marine reservists deployed to Honduras

Russian officials admitted to The Times that they carried out widespread Olympic doping...

Trump Tower Partially Evacuated Due to Suspicious Package

Obama administration is close to announcing measures to punish Russia for election interference

After U.N. resolution on settlements, Israelis say the worst is yet to come

Intelligence agencies sued for records on Russian election interference

Steve Bell on Donald Trump 'Making Christmas Great Again' cartoon

LTTE: Hard for Dilma Rousseff to clean up Brazils dirty politics

Tab for Christie's fights over public records tops $900K

GOP House Rule Would Ban Video Of Protests As They Gut Medicare and Social Security On House Floor

If We Hold On Together ..from Land Before Time.Diana Ross. 3:41

Who will really be the Next President of the United States?

Reid: White House options for 2020 resemble 'an old-folks' home'

Humor for Another Day

Julian Assange has kind words for Donald Trump, says Russia has "vibrant" criticism of Vladimir...

Isn't it an unwritten rule that just out of common courtesy the incoming president STFU about

SC Republican Rep Chris Corley arrested for domestic abuse

Carrie Fisher dies at 60: actor and writer best known as Princess Leia

Orwellian: Scott Walker admin. quietly scrubs mentions of climate from Climate Change website

If you don't have the support of the base, you won't be the nominee.

Interesting read: Former spy reports Kremlin cultivated Trump as an asset for 5 years

Interesting talk with my dad's UAW neighbor

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 28 December 2016

My favorite Carrie Fisher memory

Biggest Irony About The U.N. Vote On Israeli Settlements: RUSSIA Voted For It. (As they always do.)