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Massive brawls breaking out at malls in the USA. Are they coordinated - CNN


Burnt Ramen Punk House Residents Thought City of Richmond Would Help. Instead, They Got Evicted.

How Analytics Failed Clinton

CalPERS, CalSTRS, UC Invested in Dakota Access Pipeline Despite Pledges of Sustainability

Teen Vogue writer receives threats after Fox News interview

Oakland: Police arrest four after Christmas Eve shooting


P.O.T.U.S soon to stand for

Orange County attorney defrauded Chinese investors, SEC alleges

So I go to the lawyer with my mom who has Aphasia to try and take care of this trust issue

We need to have POTUS troll PEOTUS for the next 4yr years..

I just had 20 teeth pulled---Don't ask me anything.

Montana governor, legislators condemn plans for white-nationalist march

From Anthony Bourdain...

Cheeto mouthpiece just said he expects to see Trump and Obama playing golf in the future !!

Why are we not here upset? This was supposed to be a comedy...It just turned out to be true in 2016.

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

Purchase will expand Joshua Tree National Park

Trump does not own most of the properties with his name on them.

Carrie Fisher's impact was epic even beyond her iconic Princess Leia

Prop. 64 doesn't prohibit employers from mandating drug test

Obama, Abe remember Pearl Harbor dead in historic Arizona Memorial visit

BOOOOM!! "hackers are believed to have penetrated at least one state voter-registration database"

Grammar Note: Bigly is an adverb.

PG&E fined $5.45 million over gas inspections

California hopes $3 billion experiment will improve health of neediest

Lessons of the North Carolina HB2 horror show: Republicans simply cant be trusted

Cinnabon Decided To Use Carrie Fishers Death To Hawk Its Cinnamon Rolls

Has there been a problem with Network Manager (or other network stuff) in recent Linux distros ?

The Song That Needs to be Sung

California state firefighters gain 11 to 18 percent raises in proposed contract

My appearance this morning on Fox & Friends re: Democratic Losses, future and Obama

General Flynn may be falling out of favour. Too many around Trump think

Bid-rigging indictment alleges California government contracting scheme

Trump backer says he's 'not a racist' after insults against Obamas published

Tonight on Frontline: Exodus

Cat reportedly paralyzed with hunting arrow in Kailua-Kona

Diving into the unthinkable cold truths of a nuclear war

Israel warned New Zealand that UN resolution was 'declaration of war'

Supreme Court called on to intervene in giant telescope case

So I've been really sad about Carrie Fisher

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Holidaze! Mike's back! Live, Uncensored & a new

The new world order:

Honolulu police chief on paid leave amid federal probe

Carrie Fishers tweets on trump.

This is the portrait of Donald Trump that his charity bought for $20,000

Northern Marianas retirees to receive $3.5M in bonuses Thursday

disregard if this is a dupe

Do insurance companies suddenly cut you off of anti-depressants and other psych medications?

And America Was Worried About Emails

Kennedy Centre Honors On Now

It is not easy to be me.

The Top 10 Feminist Moments in Pop Culture from 2016

The Top 10 Feminist Moments in Pop Culture from 2016

We lost a dear family friend today

Guam Legislature debates wage hike bill

The Top 10 Feminist Moments in Pop Culture from 2016

What happened to the DU wiki?

Luckovich - Missing Carrie

Trump's Request for Global Gender Equity Program Details Leaves Many Fearing for their Future

Trump's Request for Global Gender Equity Program Details Leaves Many Fearing for their Future

Guam's Fitch ratings downgraded; Gov. Calvo Administration blames PROMESA

Trump's Request for Global Gender Equity Program Details Leaves Many Fearing for their Future

Carrie Fisher's Dog Says Goodbye to his Mommy

Guam Democrats announce new legislative leadership

WE Are NOT the Problem

Jaime Harrison, who's running for DNC chair, was just on MSNBC

Why Paul Ryan Is So Desperate To Vote On Obamacare Repeal Quickly

4 Completely Wrong Post-Election Things Democrats Are Fighting About

Misinformer Of The Year: The Ecosystem Of Fake News And The "Alt-Right"

Is The MSM Still Busy Normalizing the Orange Asshole?

I fear too much attention is being paid to Trump. Trump is the distraction...

Did this tweet just happen?

Definition of Reddi-Guilt

'Climate Change' Deleted From Wisconsin DNR Website

are the archived threads still available?

Actual headline on m$nbc webpage....scary times....

Laugh it up fuzzball Star Wars

Deutsche Bank Agreed to Pay $7.2 Billion Fines For Mortgage Securities Scam

In Colombia, Criminal Gangs Muscle Into Areas Once Controlled By Guerrillas

If a store posts on it front door, "Muslims not welcome here"

These are odd times

Jeff Sessions and Civil Forfeiture - WSJ editorial

Trump is intellectually incapable of reflecting on his own pathological narcissism.

Montana lawmakers denounce plans for neo-Nazi rally

Phone Call From Biden Said to Precipitate Ukraines UN Yes Vote

An interesting e-mail I received (Without edits)

The Future Of Medicaid May Be Found In Indiana, Where The Poor Pay

*****SMH*****Trump Decries His Foundation's Closure, Overstating Its Giving

Former Trump staffer gets 30 days in jail after being convicted on 10 counts of election fraud

Win10/MS-Edge, can't Copy image URLs, heck, can't *find* URLs anymore!1 (EDIT: NEVER MIND!1)

Noam Chomsky on American Exceptionalism

Trump supporter who insulted Obamas says it was a 'mistake'

Jewish temple in Sun City vandalized on first night of Hanukkah

We need to get the word out: immediate repeal of the ACA, as they're planning,

'If I had to lose my job over this, I would': Some of the Rockettes are refusing to perform at Trum

Ohio Democratic Star, Nina Turner, To Keynote Single-Payer Conference

Bag of toys prompts evacuation of Trump Tower lobby

Remember the Bush billboards?

Bogoslof volcano under heightened alert after another eruption

GOP-led Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world

State senator takes lawsuit over reduced permanent fund dividend to Alaska Supreme Court

Watching the Kennedy Center Honors

Apparently the Russians have copped to /olympic Doping

Carrie Fisher: Pro-Trump? Then you're a "total moron"

Developers of Anchorage office building take Alaska lawmakers to court

Second Bumble Bee executive in American Samoa agrees to plead guilty to conspiring to fix prices

"He Would Have Won"

Would Trump Appoint Liberal or at least Souter type Justice in Exchange for A list performer ?

Doubling Down on Disaster: the Degradation of Brazil

Doubling Down on Disaster: the Degradation of Brazil

Anti-fluoride ballot initiatives get support from Anchorage legislators

Am I the only one who remembers this Carrie Fisher TV appearance?

Conservative Knows Nothing about Democratic Socialism

Question: If two or three Republicans opposed Jeffry Beaureguard Sessions...?

Newly discovered prehistoric bird lived near a balmy North Pole

Don't you dare tell me to 'get over it' or 'be tolerant'!

State employees union to file grievance over DOT outsourcing

State employees union to file grievance over DOT outsourcing (Alaska)

Alaska Legislature expected to address alcohol law revision

State helps disabled with new program

After the elections, Hunter Pence found the perfect excuse to change his last name

You know who'd be having a ball if he were still around, ripping into Trump?

Charles P. Pierce: The Syria Delusion Continues

coal jobs are not coming back

LFR's New Year's Resolution.

Perfume Genius-Normal Song

Police are going after Alexa voice recordings of a murder

As we're all searching for just the right word...

The story behind the woman whose sign at Cowboys' Monday night game went viral

The story behind the woman whose sign at Cowboys' Monday night game went viral

Netanyahu goes to war with the world

Police in Maryland warn residents of threatening text message scams.

Full video of Fort Worth officer arresting black family includes 23 minutes of new footage before,

Full video of Fort Worth officer arresting black family includes 23 minutes of new footage before,

Video of Fort Worth officer arresting black family (GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

Carrie Fisher's Star Wars audition

After surviving Ebola, doctor returns to practicing medicine in Texas

Trump tweets arent stopping ramp-up of F-35 production at Lockheed Martin

Waller County and Texas come through on $1.9 million Sandra Bland settlement

Smoked Trout and Beet Salad With Pink Caviar, NOT having this for NYE!

Texas man confesses to scrawling 'N----- lover' on his home, setting family cars on fire

The Supervolcano That Killed The Neanderthals Might Be Waking Up

The Rise and Fall of the Texas Helium Reserve

Follow-up: Inmate escaped from Live Oak County fatally shot

Daily Holidays - December 28

Netanyahu 'told New Zealand backing UN vote would be declaration of war'

North Carolina Christian pastor writes piercing open letter to Hillary Clinton

Dallas Accused of Violating Federal Housing Rules Again, as Investigations Keep Coming

Law Firm's Lawsuit Against Student Over Bad Yelp Review Backfires Badly

The Whoppers of 2016

CPS Crisis Got Worse After Gov. Abbott Took Office

In Northern Ontario, herbicides have indigenous people treading carefully and taking action

San Antonio Engineers Developing Tiny Implantable Drug Delivery Device

Diversity in Alaska-maybe there is hope to one day be blue!

Americans favor liberal policies, so why do we lose?

The Unbearable Whiteness of Secular Studies

Why I wear the habit a nuns reflection on religious life

Sikh doctor in US denied job, files religious discrimination lawsuit

Does anyone have experience fixing up old autoharps?

Clothes make the man

Bullies will Bully you until you FIGHT BACK.

Nine Inches Of Rain - 2X Record - Drench Uluru (Ayers Rock); 7 Tourists Missing In Floods

Photo: Bernie Bumper-Stickers

On Trump Supporters and Empathy:

Bernie Sanders Wants Fewer Cannabis Banking Regulations

Marine father gives his daughter a pride flag for Christmas, along with a beautiful surprise

Rightwingnutbloggers Mad That Stars They Despise Won't Come Out for Trump's Inauguration

For 2015 And 2016, Miami's December Pretty Much Mid-Summer; A Dozen Records Fell Just This Month

My greatest worry for 2017 is for all those who depend on Trump Fdn charities

Massive Glacial Lakes In Greenland Drain In Weeks; One Had Been Stable For Decades

A Netanyahu Question

Contact your senators and congressman about healthcare

First It Was A Typo In Congress Now It Will Cost Real Jobs

Weeks before Trump takes office, this U.S. civil liberties board is in disarray

Russia Rejects Kerrys Proposal for Quartet to Adopt U.S. Principles on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Rockettes dancer: I would rather lose my job than dance for Trump

Floating factory would process invasive Asian carp

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Drumph and other issues

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Or should he be thanking Obama....

I'm usually a very optimistic person...

You can have empathy for the Deplorables if you infantalize them....

Donald trump's infrastructure bill

North Korea Is About To Give Trump The Nuclear Arms Race He's Lusting After

TwitterTwit-in-Chief whining about POTUS: "Thought it was going to be a smooth transition - NOT!"

Donald is having a "sad"

the latest tweet from the twit

The Most Trump Thing Ever

China Announces Its Largest-Ever Seizure Of Trafficked Pangolin Scales

Crazy Cruise III... day 5 in St.Maarten.

House GOP aiming to prevent another Democratic sit-in

Obama Bests Trump as Most Admired Man in 2016

I'm not wasting my time trying to apologize for or "understand" racist people better.

Progressives see a leader in Bernie Sanders as they prepare to fight back

trump is already having an effect on our school children....

After Bernie Sanders Delegate Issue, Colorado Creates Open Primaries For Independent Voters

I proudly stand with Maxine Waters in her opposition to Donald Drumpf

3 Special Elections in VA on January 10

Michael Moore Discusses 5 Ways To Challenge Trump

Single-Payer Strategy Conference, Jan. 13 Jan. 15, 2017 (New York City)

Single-Payer Strategy Conference, Jan. 13 Jan. 15, 2017 (New York City)

Facebook Doesnt Tell Users Everything it Really Knows About Them

Keith Ellisons 3,143-County Strategy

Dick Cavett: I will find a job for any Rockette dismissed

I watched a populist leader rise in my country. Thats why Im genuinely worried for America.

With US abstention, Israel again forced to face reality of worlds rejection of settlements

Cognitive Dissonance (Bold-Face Liars)

More than one-third of schoolchildren are homeless in shadow of Silicon Valley

Whatever happened to those white supremecist twins with their rock band that was all the rage

Nearly 50% of Donald Trump voters believe Hillary Clinton is involved in pedophilia ring

Crazy Cruise III... day 6

Venezuela Military Trafficking Food as Country Goes Hungry

Catholic Shrinkage: Has Brazil Given Up On Jesus?

Run for office! This website is one place to start.

You know....POTUS is kinda one of those "elitist" terms.....

A Tale of Two Retirements: The Great Divide Between CEOs and Everyone Else

Run for office! Here's one website to learn more and get started.

'Its time to roll up the sleeves and fight back': DNC chair candidate vows to halt Trump agenda

A Day Which Will Live in Infamy

NY Times: gross conflicts of interest at National biotech (GMO) panel.

Right Wing Neo-Nazis With Guns

Howard Dean: 'Obama's Taken the High Road for Eight Years' to Bring the Country Together

This: In a nutshell

Edward Snowden on Snowden Movie ACLU Award

H.I.V. Cases Surpass a Million in Russia, but Little Is Done

Sell the Business, Not the Presidency, Mr. Trump - NYT Editorial Board

Trump has released a malevolent spirit upon the land. Happy new year!

Why Paul Ryan Is So Desperate To Vote On Obamacare Repeal Quickly?

Once-promising diabetes breakthrough comes unglued with a major retraction

Dean Baker on NAFTA, Tump

Turkey and Russia 'agree terms of Syria ceasefire'

At this point, I am disassociating myself from people who voted for Trump.

Bernie Sanders Tweets Quotes From Pope Francis in Christmas Day

Gun Homicide Rates Up 31 Percent Since Stand Your Ground (FL)

who here thinks toxic trump's state department will use a private email server?

Trump Q's to DOE look like he wants to gut dept., bury nuclear waste in Yucca Mt, & export nuke tech

Experts: Ryans livestream crackdown may be unconstitutional

The US made the right decision in regards to Israel.

Trump Spam.

Gun Homicide Rates Up 31 Percent Since Stand Your Ground(FL)

Rick Perry, as Energy Secretary, May Be Pressed to Resume Nuclear Tests

Donald Trump rooster statue takes China by storm

I don't know how to twitter but.

Mike Porn Tabs Webb Running for Arlington School Board

Pictures of DRUMPF. Why?!1 On every website, every post, every-unnecessary-where.

No More Half Measures

KERRY is killing it. "Friends need to tell friends the truth."

Court Orders Review of Haitis Preliminary Election Results

Has anyone from the MSM asked Trump

UPDATED Kerry says U.S. decision to abstain on U.N. settlement vote was 'in accordance with our ...

How did women fare in 2016? (misogyny, sexism and the patriarchy are, alas, alive and well)

How did women fare in 2016? (misogyny, sexism and the patriarchy are, alas, alive and well)

Trump Thanks Himself For Rising Consumer Confidence Index

How did women fare in 2016? (misogyny, sexism and the patriarchy are, alas, alive and well)

Conservative radio host: Trump isn't smart enough to think beyond 140-character tweets

Reflection on what we are up against

Protest like your basic rights depend on it because power is taken, never given

Gone in 2016: Ten Notable Women in Science and Technology

Protest like your basic rights depend on it because power is taken, never given

Dana Milbank: As Trump prepares his kissy face for Putin, a glimpse into the dictator's soul

Behold, the Leidenfrost maze

Protest like your basic rights depend on it because power is taken, never given

Republican radio host belittled Donald Trump's intelligence (VIDEO)

Beyond Hope

Goodbye America, we hardly knew you.

Chinese Trump Chicken

Up yours ...

Big Mouth Strikes Again - The Smiths

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is this:

Trumps Homeland Security Pick Falsely Claimed Narcoterrorism Has Killed 500,000 Americans

19 States Passed 60 new Abortion Restrictions In 2016

Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything

The real reason the GOP is gung-ho on repealing Obamacare

The Russians are already here...

Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything

John Kerry's speech on Israel Dec 28, 2016

Yeah, I think it's racist to say Mexicans and Indians are taking our jobs.

What Will Happen When Donald Trump Takes Over U.S. Drone & Targeted Assassination Program?

Schumer calls for more cabinet picks to turn over tax returns

is it the lawbreakers? Or is it the sensationalistic media?

Warren stirs talk of 2020 White House run

Trump finds musician to play at inauguration

Sanders, Top Dems Call for "Day of Action" Rallies

Navy repeatedly dismissed evidence that Fat Leonard was cheating the 7th Fleet

GOP Wants To Punish Filming, Photography On The House Floor

Mar-a-Lago remains a top destination for charities despite concerns about Trump

'You cannot eat here': Hawaii caf riles residents with ban on Trump voters

Sanders planning progressive Tea Party, Warren may be preparing a 2020 run for president

As Trump prepares his kissy face for Putin, a glimpse into the dictators soul

Ryan's Crackdown on Protests May Not Be Constitutional

Think for a moment how hard this is for all the good cops and civil servants.

Time: Barack Obama Beats Donald Trump as Most Admired Man of 2016.

Jan 15 Day of Action - Our First Stand: Save Health Care

The First 3 Bills Trump May Sign

Cenk Uygur can kiss my ass

All the sudden sanders wants obamacare saved.

Here is a list of Advertisers that are sponsoring Twitler's "Celebrity Apprentice"

It's Time To Resurrect Class Warfare!

Venezuelas military is trafficking food as the rest of the country goes hungry

Bernie Sanders: It's Impossible To Live On The Minimum Wage

The Latest: Mortar Fire on Russian Embassy in Syria

The GOP evil plan for seniors

Texas Ag commissioner [Sid Miller] summoned to Mar-a-Lago to meet with Priebus and Bannon

World leading Spy Agencies - Top Result shocked you

Hillary Clinton voted "Most Admired Woman" for the 15th year in a row.

about that 7-0 jury rule.

Mayhem continues as 200 teens crash Philadelphia mall for Snapchat-planned brawl, officials say

Looks like Donald Trump just can't get it up...

Polygamous leader takes plea deal in food-stamp fraud case

Donald Trump is on the wrong side of almost every issue voters care about

Appeals court weighs Ohio law shielding lethal drugs source

Its an open question if Trump can restore coal-country jobs but hes brought hope

George R.R. Martin: 'Let This Wretched Year Come to an End'

Medicare for All will help solve health care crisis

I am tired of refighting the primaries

9 states had significant over-the-year unemployment rate decreases in November 2016

Everything You Know About Latkes Is Wrong

Chinese mall erects giant Trump rooster statue just in time for his inauguration

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner pushes back, calling her indictment political persecution.

Commentary about British newspapers, where is it from?

Sorry New York Times, But Racism DID Get Trump Elected

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner pushes back, calling her indictment political persecution.

Trump accuses Obama of putting up roadblocks to a smooth transition

Shin Gojira Full Theme (Persecution of the Masses)

Shin Gojira Full Theme (Persecution of the Masses)

Trump's Pick for Labor Secretary Doesn't Think Workers Should Get Breaks

Nutandyahoo slams Sec. Kerry-sickening!

Bernie Sanders is leading the Democrats into battle against Donald Trump on Jan. 15

netanyahu is calling President Obama a liar....says u.s. brought this resolution to the u.n.

Today's petitions

Caught on camera, violent arrest triggers protests in Texas

Police want to know what an alleged murderers Amazon Echo heard, on the night of the crime

Netanyahu's main priority is for the US to bomb Iran

Under "Stand Your Ground" Trayvon Had The Right To Kill Zimmerman

Police take blankets from Denver homeless after urban camping ban

2016's Final Blow...

Texas officer shot black man as he walked away, dashcam video suggests

South Carolina church shooter seeks to keep mental health evidence from jury

Lawmaker seeks big boost to Hawaii's minimum wage

Immediate fact check options available for Trump's lies

Canadians ice skate on the streets as 'freezing rain' turns roads into rinks

Note how the leader of Israel's main opposition party responded to Kerry's speech

Report: Phoenix-area synagogue vandalized on first night of Hanukkah

Hillary Clinton Most Admired Woman a Record 21st Time

Alaska indigenous people see culture slipping away as sea ice vanishes

Report: Netanyahu to be investigated for bribery, fraud

Why the markets have jumped since the election

A suggestion for the restoration of progressive unity:

Remember when?

Secretary of State John Kerry lays out principles for Middle East peace

Bernie did not support getting rid of the ACA BEFORE Medicare for All was passed.

24% of Democrats think Pizzagate is true!

If you want to stop refighting the primaries, need to remove things like THIS from OPs

Muslim Bangladesh goes gaga over Catholic cardinal

Senators ask Trump EPA chief pick to disclose energy industry ties

New biography tells Mauras story

What Those Who Studied Nazis Can Teach Us About The Strange Reaction To Donald Trump

The cause of the problem-is the rich

Peru volcanoes explode into life triggering state of emergency and MASS EVACUATION

No Shit...

Peru volcanoes explode into life triggering state of emergency and MASS EVACUATION

After states legalized medical marijuana, traffic deaths fell

More signs that Trump is out of touch with reality

450 churches prepare to act as Trump-era 'underground railroad' for undocumented immigrants

Safety, Security & Peace

Safety, Security & Peace

Resist? How and When?

Breaking: Randy Watson and his band Sexual Chocolate have agreed to play at Trump's inauguration.

Nice words about Carrie Fisher, New Yorker

HuffPost Journalist blames Obama for 'The Destruction of the Democratic Party' (VIDEO)

Poverty in Panama Reaches 50 Percent of the Rural Population

Maine's largest solar farm prepares to power up

In four hours Tuesday, five heroin overdoses in Presque Isle

Parsonsfield man arrested twice Monday in dispute over woman

Get ready for an unpressidented violation of the First Amendment under Trump...

If I see one more of those god damn Lexus commercials...

LePage's top attorney leaving administration for private practice

Massachusetts delays retail sales of marijuana by six months

Are the police tracking you? Push to restrict license plate readers heads to Va. Supreme Court

Husband got letter stating Social Security benefits suspended *Resolved* see below

Are the police tracking you? Push to restrict license plate readers heads to Va. Supreme Court

State hospital patient triggers breach of HHS data with personal information

Crosspost in seniors too- My husband's Social Security benefits suspended

Massachusetts $1M Scratch Ticket Winner Arrested for Shoplifting

New Hampshire Lawmakers to Consider Paid Family Leave in 2017

Will Don don the skinhead look to match his agenda?

Debbie Reynolds Rushed to Hospital for Possible Stroke

Lawmaker, Understanding What He's Up Against, Backs Income Tax in New Hampshire

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 28, 2016

Jasper: Appointing Representative With Assault Conviction to Crime Committee Was Quid Pro Quo

In 2008, when HE was President-Elect, my President's "most-admired" rating ...

Shortfall hits $112 million at Dartmouth College

A Flashback to My Soviet Childhood

With new monuments in Nevada, Utah, Obama adds to his environmental legacy

Troubling Signs for Science under Trump

This cannot be repeated enough times

Fox News wonders whether we should cancel food stamps because 0.09% of spending is fraudulent

Biogen's new drug for a rare genetic disorder will cost $375,000

One of our neighbors gave us a bag of

FBI, Russia, RNC, etc, against Hillary, but she still ROSE UP to get over 3Mil more votes....

Holy Shit Debbie Reynolds rushed to hospital after suffering

In Bahrain, Arabs and Jews Gather (and Dance) at a Hanukkah Celebration


You know.. I am sick of this Israel stuff... Where are the Priorities???

Fat Leonard and the Navy

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 29 December 2016

Protest Pays Off As World Bank-Funded Guatemalan Project Killed

...Christian pastor to President Obama: For 8 years, I've watched you be the better man

Protest Pays Off As World Bank-Funded Guatemalan Project Killed

Every 9 Seconds

Oh what a year!

Sean Duffy, Deplorable Congressperson, from Wisconsin says Russian sanctions are unnecessary

If you're a climate change denier, and you're up to your neck in coastal flooding,

Thank you DU, for playing a part in keeping me sane over the years

Bernie and Elizabeth gearing up to head

Trump: Sprint Is Bringing 5K Jobs Back To US Because Of 'The Hope' I Created

IMO, The Dow will hit 12,000 before it hits 20,000 now that we are

Israel has public universal health care

Gordie Tapp, of "Hee Haw" fame, has died

Hundreds respond to Shumlin's offer of pardon for pot possession

Thanks, New York Times, for compromising away seniors Social Security income

Innocent black man paralyzed after being shot in the back by Fort Worth cops for no reason;

Shumlin: Vermont better off without nuclear plant

Missouri State University Chorale to perform at Donald Trumps inauguration

Innocent black man paralyzed after being shot in the back by Fort Worth cops for no reason;

Apache helicopter goes down in water in Pasadena (Texas) area

How the Media Manufactured Hatred of Hillary Clinton

Trump Adviser on Lack of A-Listers at Inauguration: 'This Is Not Woodstock'

Simple question. Did Trump work with and or hire Russians in order to win the election?

Senator Patty Murray's statement about DT's nominee for Labor secretary.

Social Security Works Petition: GOP Hands Off SS/Medicare

Kennedy Center Honors: Will honorees next year refuse to sit in presidential box with Trump?

Bennington family stole $100K from Medicaid

A stone ignites a community: Billings, Montana, stood up to white supremacists

A stone ignites a community: Billings stood up to white supremacists

The Autopsy of Jane Doe