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why there is absolutely no dealing with Trumpettes

You think you're busy?

I heard Thom Hartmann talking about solar energy being cheaper than

So Steve Bannon is embracing the term Deplorable. Saying 2016 was a good year for the

In preparation for the new administration, time to dust off an oldie

The Alt-Rights Worst Troll Gets Book Deal for $250,000

"The Changing of Sunlight to Moonlight, Reflections of My Life"

Mom in Arizona had to tell her kids: "People hate us for no reason."

Republicans Nominate Martin Shkreli to Head Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Elite White Men as The Problem

Agent Orange is in the Urban dictionary:

Could Putin have planted child porn to blackmail Trump?

Where was the sympathy for Bush voters

Mormon Harry Reid supports choir member who resigned.

Trumpelstiltskin finally found a singer for his out-nauguration

Perhaps the saddest and most intriguing thing about these elections...

Pure pleasure - photos from the Obama official photographer

Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont

Chuck Grassley is right.

Orange Dawn

Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont

The Best Way To Weaken Trump's Presidency? Stop Him From Harming Minorities

Welcome back to the Big 12, traitors!

Outgoing Gov. McCrory: Politics prevented bathroom bill' repeal

Trump Said to Weigh Aide Conways Husband for Top Legal Job

May the Force be with you. And with all of us.

McCain: Russian cyberintrusions an 'act of war'

I'm just going to leave this here.

I wouldn't blame Hillary if she moved to Canada.

Time - Alan Parsons Project

25th Amendment Constitution: "President's incapacitation prevent him from discharging his duties"

Judge puts NC GOP elections board makeover on hold after Roy Cooper sues

WH Photographer Pete Souza Presents: Behind the Lens: 2016 Year in Photographs

What are we drinking this weekend?

A year-end plea: don't let politics overshadow life's splendor

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!Encore Classic

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 1 - Hitchcock Happy New Year

My 2016 "McLaughlin Awards" (Part 2)

Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont, U.S

3 Miami police officers fired over "target practice" jokes in black neighborhoods

Nine Places Unhappy People Look for Happiness

Franklin Graham, who said God intervened in Trump's election win, tapped to pray at inauguration

Sutter Brown, first dog of California, dead at 13

Kellyanne Conway's husband on short list for top US lawyer job

I have an honest question. How many people here actually text and drive?

TCM Schedule for Monday January 2 - Based on John Steinbeck

I grew up in a very red, rural community in the midwest.

My netgear offered a firmware upgrade, but I read the upgrades and turned it down...

Mail theft

Mayor says Charlotte backed deal because GOP leaders vowed for first time to repeal HB2

House and Senate Dems should give Trump the exact same chance...

OMG this is low even for Faux

Should Trump have access to the names of our agents in Russia? Can we stop him from getting them?

Announcement: I plan to start a thread at 5:55 AM Pacific time Saturday morning...

With Biden in the chair on Jan. 3, the Senate can confirm a renominated Merrick Garland. Here's how.

Probably the best place to be for the next four years as insanity rules. n/t

Interesting method of prosecution results in police officer sentenced to life in prison.

Trump's Worldview: Winning at all costs

Ronald Reagan portrait defaced during break-in reported at Goldsboro GOP office

Anybody in NY 1-- Eastern Long Island? We're visitng Zeldin's office next week...

Fuck the mainstream press before elections! And FUCK THEM NOW! They are not taking responsibility!

U.S. embassy in Guatemala closes temporarily after threats

U.S. embassy in Guatemala closes temporarily after threats

Since the Iraq war is being used as a reason to doubt our security agencies:

Cultural Protectionism

Bankruptcy judge approves sale of Stokes County hospital

Ranking Dem on House Intel Committee on Trump/Putin Collusion

McCrory asks US Supreme Court to pause court-ordered 2017 elections

Astronauts On The International Space Station Just Pulled Off The Best Mannequin Challenge Yet

Thatcher Wanted to Infest Peru With Coca-Eating Moths: New Docs

Thatcher Wanted to Infest Peru With Coca-Eating Moths: New Docs

Summa Health (OH) bringing in new doctor group to staff its ERs starting New Years Day

Greek ambassador to Brazil murdered by wife's lover: police

I just had a thought. Donald Trump is going to expect to be able to pick

A coup and austerity bring chaos to Brazil

A coup and austerity bring chaos to Brazil

Cyber War and Russia is kicking our Asses. McCain has scheduled a cyber attack hearing next week.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir member resigns rather than sing for Trump

Former Argentina president faces fresh inquiry into bombing cover-up claims

The folly of Trump's palace guard

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. The sooner this year is over, the better...

The Big Con is a Fucking Traitor... apology...while 82% of your statements are bullshit..

A Fable For Our Time

Yeah John , you better start screaming for that investigation...

Put another way...high intelligence vs your low output ignorant dipstick

Hannah Arendt on Loneliness as the Common Ground for Terror

When John Dean says the Big Con is lying know we are in some deep shit

There was no Vermont electrical grid hack

Motion Filed to Compel Federal Court to Rule on Texas Redistricting

Ted Koppel on America's Vulnerable Power Grid in 'Lights Out':

trump in Art of the Deal:

When a singer quits the inaugural because she knows he is the next Hitler..

Obama never took your guns...

No Shit

Perfect bathroom accessory ...

Those are lighthouses?

Russian operation hacked a Vermont utility, showing risk to U.S. electrical grid security,

You Could Have Bought A Ticket To Donald Trumps New Years Eve Party

1965 - Eve of Destruction - just as relevant today as it was then

Mitch McConnell said he wanted the American people to have a voice on the Supreme Court nomination.

Planned Parenthood asks court to block ouster from Texas Medicaid

Texas Supreme Court to take up UT regent Wallace Hall's fight over student records

Man jailed over negative Yelp and online reviews wants to use free speech defense at his Dallas ...

Any one know of a good translation app for desktop?

Great Ambition unchecked by principle . . . is an unruly Tyrant.

TrumPutin Inaugural Poster...

US to replace "Hail to the Chief"with the Benny Hill theme

The answer to this question will tell your age

Kellyanne Conway's husband on short list for top US lawyer job

Bacardis battle to feature on 60 Minutes

Bacardis battle to feature on 60 Minutes

What if the Mayans were right and it IS the Apocolypse

Proposals would streamline South Carolina public records process

Legal battle over coal ash landfill in Pickens County to continue in new year

Once outlawed, Uganda Jews open synagogue

'Daddy, please stop': Children heard screaming in 911 recordings from S.C. Rep. Chris Corley's ...

Vandals turn a Jewish familys home menorah into a swastika

Judge denies latest effort to delay Dylann Roof's mental competency hearing

Lawmakers scramble to find fixes for state's roads

Chattanooga company will keep contract after deadly school bus crash

Georgia Republican Party financial problems set to carry over to 2017

Iraq Baghdad: 21 dead as twin bombs rip through market

Appliance of DNA science can shine a light on forced labour in the cotton fields

US theme park visitors rescued from ride in southern California

Georgia GOP leaders hope to avoid snags over hospital tax

Court reinstates Kennedy cousin Skakel's murder conviction

Daily Holidays - December 31

Coastal Academy's future uncertain in face of federal lawsuit

Fire Destroys 14 Businesses In Kew Gardens Hills, Queens

Former President Carter Helps Release Turtle in Florida Keys

David Cameron tipped for NATO secretary general

Maryland bank VP stole from elderly, deceased customers, prosecutors say

4 Cherokee County firefighters ousted

Deonn Carter's mom, sister charged with Medicaid fraud

The public is being kept in the dark about Trumps deal with Carrier

Married minister allegedly plans sex with child, gets arrested in internet sting

Paine College dogged by financial problems again in 2016

So let me see if I get this

Colobus monkey arrives at Chehaw via c-section

Richard Dawkins mocks Christians for 'pretending' there's war on Christianity

Moral Revival Poor People's Campaign Watch Night Service on New Year's Eve

Little boy and his dog playing baseball

Happy National Champagne Day!

Waffle House waitress pulled gun on robbers who threatened to shoot everyone

Why I became a Catholic in spite of everything I heard

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: The Orange Year

Hey, Florida, It's Time to Stop Blindly Adoring Publix

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

DEP overreaching legislative authority in issuing 24-hour notification rule

Are more restrictive gun laws only a good idea if the correct party is in control?

This is forensic! Its indisputable: Former CIA operative slams Trump for dismissing Russian hacks

Gun issues to get quick airing in Senate

Decades in Congress leave U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown awaiting vote by jurors

Have you seen the photo of the billboard for Trump Tower Mumbai looming over sleeping street kids?

Fired Miami cops joked about using black neighborhoods for target practice

Today's Google Doodle: Anticipation!

CNN is the news equivalent of Seinfeld.

Picture if you will....

Another politician charged with bribery in corruption-weary Opa-locka

Three new Florida laws go into effect Jan. 1

Happy New Year! Share you favorite music.


Going Crazy Here

As Puerto Rico moves closer to debt restructure, the Virgin Islands may need a similar lifeline

400 Companies Have Now Pulled Their Advertising From Breitbart News

Trumps inaugural parade lineup announced

Are Great Danes really "gentle giants"?

US Virgin Islanders Should Continue Fight For Full U.S. Citizenship In 2017

If you support Hillary and still think the WWC can piss off...

Vice President Joe Biden And Wife Ringing In New Year On St. Croix, Virgin Islands

10+ Introvert Problems That Hilariously Capture The Life Of An Introvert

Gene Weingarten: A three-pronged plan to make peace with a Trump presidency

Do you think Trump will do to McCain what his comrade Vladimir Putin does to his enemies?

hey media, ask trump when he is going to hold his first press conference since july 27, 2016.

Does Trump have idea any how many people absolutely loath him?

Should McCain be concerned about his safety now that he is taking on Comrades Putin and Trump?

Today's tweet..

Trump and The Wizards First Rule

Oh f*ck off! Internet buries absolute sociopath Trump for bizarre New Years Eve message

What are we going to do about the fact our president elect is in cahoots with Vladimir Putin?

Former prime minister Ehud Barak: 'Majority of Israelis' agree with Kerry

Workers Rights - Nina Turner's Remarks to the Amalgamated Transit Union

Дональд Трамп

For Whistleblowers, Repercussions Are Felt Beyond Wells Fargo

The failure to hold politicians accountable has consequences.

Planned Parenthood-Donations - Tripled Today (12/31/2016)

WaPo: When did Trump develop fealty to Russia, & why does it persist after their cyber attack?

Trump's dismissal of hacking. Is he trying to hide something?

Iraq Baghdad: 28 dead as twin bombs rip through market


McCrory Makes Last Attempt to Stick It To His Successor

What will it take for the Proofers to see what happened here?

Conservative radio host caught in lie that Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang at Obama Inauguration

Are there any circumstances where the GOP would impeach Donald Trump?

Black America Steels Itself for Obama's Departure and a Future Under Trump

Emails: Gov't Ethics Chief Ordered Tweets Praising Trump

Steve Curwood interviews Michael Mann

DC restaurant will donate Trump inauguration profits to Planned Parenthood

Alan Dershowitz: I'll Resign From the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison Named DNC Chair

Scrub, little Jeffy! SCRUB! SCRUB those nasty "Jeffy is a racist" remarks and BE OUR #MAGA A.G.!

"gracious New Year's greetings" from Trump

Recalling the last president who called his critics 'enemies'

We are so used to how Presidents HAVE behaved before

Is it too much too ask of the Deplorables and the GOP to show fidelity to America and not Russia?

Oh no! Another Twilight Zone marathon.

2016 summarized:

Video of trump asking russia to hack Hillary's emails

"My dear wormwood..."

The 10 Americans who didn't have a terrible 2016

2016 Survival Thread(please keep kicked & rec'd)

Venezuela frees jailed activists, ex-presidential candidate

Words of Wisdom from Pennywise

Tomorrow stricter DUI rules go into effect here in WI...

"Putin's Way" (soon to be Trump's Way) - PBS. Watch this documentary now online.

It just struck me: Trump is making Palin sound "articulate"! (Look it up, Trumptrolls!) nt

TRIPLED today--Planned Parenthood Donations (In Pence's name)

"Allow me to introduce myself"...

Dennis Rodman the next Trump ambassador to North Korea??

Dear America: The man who did this is not your friend.

Even Kellyanne Conway family needs two government salaries to get by on,

Scenes from the Front Lines: 40 Years of in These Times

Andrea Chalupas post on Russian Influence of U.S. presidential Election

Update: Quincy Jones Not Attending Trumps New Years Eve Party, Spokesman Says

Mr. Kerry, the 2-state solution isnt at risk, its already dead

A happy and healthier New Year to all!

PSA: Mixing lime and coconut does NOT cure a belly ache

SLATE article: "Trump is Weaker Than He Looks"

Finding common ground. Can most all of us agree about the following:

Second Amendment Absolutists Celebrating Trump's Vicotry

Americas Worst Charities - a listing with #1 a surprise

Trump's pick for Attorney General

New Year Resulutions

I am so disappointed that Sly Stallone is attending Drumpf's New Year Eve party.

According To Fox News Doc "Too Many People Have Health Insurance". Unbelievable.

The Pig Cardinal Dolan Who Is Really A Christianazi Is Going To Be At Inauguration.

Let it sink in

In Memoriam - People killed by Police in 2016

Trump tweets: Happy new year to my enemies who lost so badly

How do Reeps know their PRIMARIES weren't hacked?

'This is not normal': Kurt Eichenwald blasts reporters for being afraid of questioning Trump

For the love of our pets -

24 Chinese cities on pollution red alert

We are entering the Twilight Zone:

WaPo Editorial Board - Trump refuses to face reality about Russia

Sessions Omits Decades of Records for Hearings

New year's resolutions from Woodie Guthrie in 1943

I'm Not An Anti-Theist Anymore. Here's Why.

Trans activist detained in Arizona and threatened with deportation due to bureaucratic catch-22

Happy New Year to all my fellow DUers!

Smudging in public schools: Reconciliation or religious act?

CNNs Jim Sciutto eviscerates former GOP Rep saying Russian hacking is no big deal

Catholics have three chances, not one, to celebrate New Years

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - This is why Republicans must kill Obamacare and do so early

The Curious World of Donald Trumps Private Russian Connections

Putin's ban on Christian Evangelism

Teen Vogue writer receives threats after Fox News interview

Awaiting Trial in a Gilded Cage, a Rich Defendant Wants More

They scream when we say Nazi, but...

Michael Brown's family fights Ferguson push for his records

ALL "Multi-National" Corporations are twisted, Stateless monsters.

Trump and Putin: A relationship where mutual admiration is headed toward reality

Its not game over. Austria stopped rightwing populism in its tracks

Need advice on helping (recent) survivor of suicide attempt

Revolution Road: A Bernie Bedtime Story Paperback

Have you seen Trumps New Year's message?

BREAKING!!! Hypocrite Bans Guns At Inauguration

No Happy New Year

Trump may well be little more than a distraction.

Bridges Not Walls (UK Protest)

Round up 2016: We lose Prince, Bowie, John Glenn (to name 3), and we get President Putin and Drump.

China court jails 16 for black market kidney trading

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (Happy New Year)

'Today, Trump declared more than half of America his enemy'

Apparently the VT Electrical Grid was not compromised by the Russians

Discussion: which things should NOT be left in the hands of "market forces"?

Simon & Schuster stands by Milo Yiannopoulos book despite backlash

President-to-be gets schooled by kid president

Did M$Greedia mention the anniversary of SandyHook this year

A legacy of war in Lebanon's unknown mass graves

Goodbye 2016.

If I were called upon to read from the Bible at the Ignoration, this is the passage I would choose:

Forget January 20. January 3 is the day you should be watching.

Four generations.

Birtherism is rooted in racism.

From the House Majority Leader's Calendar Page


The FLOTUS-elect posing on her hubby's airplane. And they criticize Michelle's bare arms . . .

This: Dems went from being party of the people to

Choose your news sources carefully. The real headline is "Trump parade short because no sane people

Hope Hicks: "The president cannot and does not have a conflict" at tonight's Mar-a-Lago bash

Report: 86 people carrying fake or toy guns killed by police in 2 years

Look For The Privatization of Everything as Trump and GOP Go Full Acquisition Mode

DRUMPF's idea of being "president of all" is for the All to submit to him.

Donald Trump's 2017 Presidential Address

Donald Trump's New World Order

Ray Davies of The Kinks to be Knighted

Keep your eyes on BOTH Congress and Trump

CNN just showed a clip with the lights of Baghdad at midnight

How are voters ever to learn to be good citizens in an antidemocratic system?

A fitting end to a shitty year

My 2017 Wish is Trump's Resignation!

How 100 of Rock's Biggest Bands Got Their Names

It's funny....these bowl games??? Lotsa black players, and not so many black fans

My small contribution for ALL - HEAL the WORLD - Michael Jackson

How Hamas is looking to boost foreign ties

Fox is covering fireworks in Moscow (for new year's). This is so surreal at this point -- Fox

Idaho fundamentalists attempt to get abortion declared First Degree Murder

Court Rules Cops Shooting Barking Dog During Drug Raid was "Reasonable."

The Twilight Zone:

Dear Orange Julius Caesar. Happy Fucking New Year you obnoxious piece of shit.

Racism In America: 'Kill Obama' And 'Muslims Not Welcome Here' Signs In New Mexico Draw Criticism

Is it beyond the pale to believe Trump will use extralegal measures against his political opponents?

Trumps New Years Eve 2017 Tweet

Dump's Happy New Year tweet:

Sat. Jan. 21: Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women

For the past 24 hours whenever I click on My Posts

More on the hacking of the US Election Assistance Commission. NOT GOOD.

The Rockford Files is leaving Netflix at midnight tonight.

It's difficult to believe...

Found on Twitter, just had to share. Picture worth 1000 words!

My New Years wish for the president-elect

We have serious threats to election integrity that must be fixed before the next election.

Just curious. Can Mr. T reverse the sanctions on Putin and invite the ones who were kicked out

Tyrus Wong, Bambi Artist Thwarted by Racial Bias, Dies at 106

Crazy Cruise 9 in Labadee, Haiti

Paul Winter "Midnight / Minuit "

Weekly Address: Working Together to Keep America Moving Forward

If the GOP thinks that the Russian release of "the truth" by WikiLeaks...

FOX went from being an auxiliary of the GOP to being an auxiliary of the GOP and FSB

Veteran's death investigated after struggle with deputies

Barack Obamas Photographer Shares His Favorite Candid Photos Of 2016

No Shit..never ever

Trump and Putin: A relationship where mutual admiration is headed toward reality

The Party of Denial

The New Year Google Doodle

For the past 24 hours whenever I click on My Posts

The Inagural...

Drumpf The Deplorable has a New Year's greeting for you

Bernie Sanders with Kat Wright, Brett Hughes, Dwight & Nicole, and Ben Folds

Obamacare repeal is a giant tax cut for the wealthy. That's why Republicans are obsessed w/ it.

A True Moment for Journalism

This Is The Look On Putin's Face When He Realized How Stupid He's Been For The Last 15 Years.

Please stop saying the votes of California are superfluous.

Republicans have been wanting to repeal the New Deal since it was created in the 1930's.

To Make America Great Again, Start With This

DU Romanceurs... Need Romantic Writing Advice

Whale spotted in NYC's East River near Gracie Mansion

Macri, top officials, and tennis great Gaston Gaudio charged with fraud in Qatar offshore trust case

Macri, top officials, and tennis great Gaston Gaudio charged with fraud in Qatar offshore trust case

Happy New Year to you all...

What Being A Progressive In A Red State Has Taught Me

Happy New Year...

Companies rush to link jobs to Trump

My head is spinning

Texas judge halts federal transgender health protections

Multiple Fish Species Moving North, Deeper To Avoid Warming Water; Fishery Rules Play Catch-Up

Lords revolt over plans for free-market universities

Istanbul nightclub attack 'leaves 35 dead'

Report: Betty White, beloved actress, aged 94

Lots of new laws come into effect at midnight

I'm going to be so screwed in 2017

And the people bowed and prayed..... To the neon god they made (pic)