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Here say what you sincerely believe about the supporters of the candidate you do not support.

1 (800) 273-8255 Suicide Prevention Hotline

Boeing job cuts, union contract clause could push skilled workers out

DU GDP Archives

The overflow crowd at Bernie in the Bronx. Pic.

Coming Up On ED SCHULTZ, News & Guest Danny Glover, Bernie Supporter, Activist/Actor, 8 PM ET

on tone and finger wagging in face...

Hillary Clinton: Democrat Extraordinaire

The Guardian: How the scientific community united against Tribeca's anti-vaccination film

To Hillary Camp: Let's have some examples how ultra-white, ultra-rich Hillary checks her privilege.

Just got back from canvassing in Sunset Park Brooklyn for Hillary. HRC ROOM

The State Department just issued a travel warning for ugly people

How Wall Street's Favorite Solar Company Spent Itself to the Brink

Hillary Clinton Tells Greenpeace Activist She's ‘Sick of the Sanders Campaign Lying About Me’

Wendy Davis on Chris Hayes.

"Help me to show Hillary how much support we have for her."

This is only the beginning: Nate Silver explains how Donald Trump has “hacked the system” and create

"Muslims and Christians will share their bodies tonight."

When you take money from Goldman Sachs, you're taking money from big-time fossil-fuel supporters.

NYC Could Drown In Less Than a Century, Climate Change Map Shows

A whole day dedicated to fans who don't want the designated hitter!

So I have a funeral to attend on Saturday and I have a couple of questions.

Hillary fans, meet Bernie supporter and tax hypocrite Danny Glover

91% Chance Of Hillary Winning The Democratic Nomination. 72% Chance Of Winning General Election.

All the numbers spell disaster for Trump: Latest projections portend electoral doom for both the bil

Trump starting to lose is bad for us......

FOX News and DU. Both went nuts about the "147 FBI agents."

Hillary & State Dept & Emails & Symbion in Tanzania & Joe Wilson

# of FBI Agents Working on HRC Emails: 12

FCC approves plan to expand U.S. low-income subsidy to Internet use

The South Bronx just felt a serious BERN !!!!!

Wake Up: Your Vote Doesn't Count

POLL: Americans say U.S.’s biggest drug threat is already 100% legal

TECHSPLOITATION:Labor brokers are often an Indian high-tech worker's best bet for securing a U.S. wo


Debra Messing & Susan Sarandon Have Twitter Political Fight for the Ages

France: Exodus of 10,000 millionaires amid rising Muslim tensions

When will Hillary demand fairness in elections?

Hillary Clinton OUTRAGED When Asked About Contributions From Fossil Fuel Industry

Hillary Clinton’s Support Among Nonwhite Voters Has Collapsed

#WeThePeople meet Ken Clark 24th Dist Candidate for Arizona

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Throwbacks! Uncensored & Live &

Bill Clinton Says His Superdelegate Vote Will Go To Sanders If He Wins Nom

Dear Hillary: just sent Bernie some more money...


Book review: The Intruders

Another addition to my Ignore List

"An Image of an Apple Tree" An Essay by Nancy the Artist...(The Beauty of Complex Solutions)

Rachel is tearing Cruz (and Trump) on matters abortion

Bernie will be on Colbert's "Late Show" tonight 3/31

Be careful on the Internet tomorrow.

How Big Pharma sells us drugs we don't need or that don't work.

Andy 'Thunderclap' Newman dead at 73 (1969's "Something In The Air")

After 40 plus years Marta says I can finally "get a pair"

I am not a Hillary fan, but if you think Hillary is no better than Trump or Cruz you are insane.

Well I'm sure she can clear this all up at the next debate

Bernie responds to Clinton's false accusation he is lying about her fossil fuel contributions.

Specifically what "lie" was hillary screaming about?

Hillary has developed a nasty tic, she now screams BERNIE!! at every disruption

Bernie leads Hillary among the US Military!

🐦 FYI: Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Sheboygan, Wisconsin 4-1-2016 @ 1PM

Gov. Robert Bentley's top aide resigns

FOX Business Network Poll: Sanders Tops Clinton by Five in Wisconsin

Is a democracy legitimate if votes don't weigh the same?

Only $372k left to go to beat February! We're going to do this!!!!!!!!!! Everyone keep going!!!!!!

Bernie Sanders in The Bronx -

Today must be the all time high for fundraising emails

The last 8 national polls, in chronological order:

Raise your hand if you believe Hillary Clinton has empathy for ...

Early voting line in Madison today, reddit poster had to wait an hour, and it was still growing.

Updated Sabato Electoral College Crystal Ball-Clinton 347 Trump 191

Seven police killed in bomb attack in Turkey's Diyarbakir

My Favorite #ToneDownForWhat/#ImSoSick meme

Hundreds of thousands protest at French labor reforms

Mike Malloy - Republican Fuckers Are Trying To Tear The Union To Pieces

James Spader Threw Up at Dinner with the Kennedy Family

Question about Democratic National Convention roll call procedure

So lets assume Drumpf is yesterday's news. Now what?

WHO sees scientific consensus on Zika as cause for disorders

"I pray every single day For a revolution"

Bernie Leads Hillary Among all branches of the Military. Is #1 of all candidates for Navy/Air Force

Mike Malloy - Robert Bentley Kicked Out From Church

WARNING: the content of this OP CAN NOT be unthunk.

Bernie is going to be here in Sheboygan tomorrow!

Police recommend charge against girl at Trump rally

The Amsterdam News (leading NYC African American publication) endorses Hillary Clinton

Updated Sabato Congressional Ratings-14 Congressional Seats Move in Democrats Direction

Free bus to Milwaukee field office to canvass (50 open spots)

Trump went on Fox and said Tweety cut out his follow up

NY Daily News re: Bernie rally in S. Bronx

Made phone calls to Wisconsin, from KC, for Bernie tonight

Trump busted for discussing possible abortion of Maples baby...

So a Hillary Clinton supporter here described how they were committing a felony

Shop Steward Day That Makes It All Worthwhile

The Art of the New Deal

Trump Says Abortion Comments Were Taken Out of Context, Blames Flub On Convoluted Interview

Sen. Elizabeth Warren - Student Loan Servicing Fundamentals

Uh Oh: Antarctica Might Melt Much Faster Than We Thought

thank you chris matthews -- the best

Latest superdelegate tally: Clinton 0, Sanders 0.

#BernieinTheBronx #4 trending in the U.S. on Twitter.

Meet the Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Raising Money for Hillary Clinton

Kim Jong Un balloons to 300 lbs as nation nears famine

be sure to keep checking your voter registration...

#ImSoSick hashtag rages on Twitter

Twenty-nine Duluths.

"The woman is a victim..."

Series of photos taken by Reddit poster at Bronx Rally

Not Your Father's Root Beer

This is how Democratic candidates should treat each others campaigns

Jean-Claude Van Damme does battle with anti-Israel trolls during Jerusalem visit

I was not dying, but I thought I was...This is how I placated my fear

Bernie's campaign press release responds to Hillary's latest lie

Meet The First Transgender Cover Model For “Men’s Health” In Germany

An honest question to Bernie supporters.

Could this be the unwinding of Trump as a political guru?

One of the nation's oldest African American newspapers has endorsed Hillary Clinton


Supporters of Clinton & Sanders on The Issues

The Bronx FeltTheBern!

Ted Cruz's 2016 bid epitomizes the GOP's new abortion extremism

Time to ignore Clinton supporters on this board and focus efforts on winning NY.

I did not know that Budweiser had a dog.

Google Cardboard Plastic

Nevada power plant first in world with solar-geothermal mix

Sanders says if he wins New York, he'll win White House

Girl faces juvenile charge in Trump rally pepper-spray incident

"America has moved past the Iraq war vote."

LISTEN LIBERAL, Thomas Frank's New Book | How the Democratic Party Changed

MSNBC Clinton Strategist says HRC More experienced because "she's seen world leaders in the eyes"

Hillary Clinton's Support Among Nonwhite Voters Has Collapsed.

Priebus: Candidates backing away from GOP pledge are 'posturing'


NREL Supports Native American Tribes in Clean Energy Transformational Leadership

Rosario Dawson Delivers Amazing Speech at Bernie Bronx Rally

In Israel, many now find justification for the videotaped killing of a Palestinian

Was this her "You People" moment? Instead of You People it's now You Bernie People?

Bernie 1992 on CSPAN addressing question on Willie Horton ad

We've been thinking. You might be a Red neck if you. Just vote R. T

Most Clinton voters think trade deals are good — and so do most Sanders voters

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel online poll

Is it acceptable to call Hillary Clinton a "bitch?"

500,000 currently receiving food stamps will be ineligible April 1st

Retraining the Police - Hug a Thug

Terrifying New Anti-Ted Cruz Ad Will Give You Nightmares

Study: Fracking, Not Just Fracking Wastewater Injection, Causing Earthquakes in Western Canada

We have now moved to the portion of the Primary where Hillary has to win states or she is not viable

Lytro Illum Light Field Digital Camera - $320

Kyle Kulinski: The Most Preposterous Argument For Hillary Clinton Yet

So this is why she snapped at that young lady asking about Fossil Fuel Donations...

My millennial daughter just made her first campaign contribution ever!

So if Hillary leads in pledged delegates going into the convention

Great new book on atheism by an ex-islamist

5 Japanese-American Women Activists Left Out of U.S. History Books

Just a reminder that the DU For Bernie ActBlue group is a mere $138 away

Magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurs off the coast of Mie Prefecture, Japan

it is sad - a hillary supporter says her taxes are going to go up 30 k a year

Same-Sex Couples Can Now Adopt Children In All 50 States

George Mason University (Virginia) renames Law School for Scalia

It is time for political pay back - Using the gift that Bernie has given us

Bernie's March fundraising tops February

Something I missed last year, still important:

From Warriors to Guardians - a new model for police training.

Bernie has fallen hopelessly behind.

Hillary Clinton Sick And Tired and Slowed Down For Dramatic Effect

That's not quite the same...

Bernie is now on Late Show w/Stephen Colbert

Oops, we did it again

Bernie is on The Late Show (w/Colbert) right now

Bernie was just on Colbert -

Full Show 3/31/16: Bernie Up 4 Points in Wisconsin

Now for a really weird picture of improbables

Bernie Sanders Addressing Overflow Crowd At Rally In South Bronx -


Bernie Sanders Addressing Overflow Crowd At Rally In South Bronx -

The Lil Bernie Doll creator

One in eight adults now obese: global survey

Greenpeace Uses Seattle Skyline to Send Message to Clinton

April Fool's!

There's a special place in hell for the inventor of HDCP.

The Importance Of Taking Away Trump’s Phone Privileges

🐦 FYI: Bernie Rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin 4/1/2016 - Doors open 4PM

Days After Clinton Said His Tone Too Aggressive, Clinton Ally Files FEC Complaints Against Sanders

I have to agree with my sister.

Trump as Samson

"Atheism is a Religion"

The Stones in Havana: Who paid for that “free” concert?

#TheBronxisBerning Why use atrocities for slogans? This is sick!!

Fucking cop shot a dog, and the poor thing died wagging his tail :(

McGovern: FBI landmines await Hillary Clinton

Why you (and Donald Trump) should care about Nuclear Weapons

I support Bernie Sanders. I don't think Clinton's donations from fossil fuel are a big deal.

Kasich & ThePizzaWasScaldingHotSoIAteItWithAFork-Gate

[Stephanie] Miller Takes Over For Armstrong & Getty [on Talk 910 in San Francisco]

The Fracking trade deal...

Hillary Clinton’s Support Among Nonwhite Voters Has Collapsed

States fight surge in fake tax filings from identity thieves

April's Fools day shifted one day out this year, per BNTS and as reported in Calendar Watch Weekly.

Ducey signs bills on campaign finance, abortion, deportation

From Honduras to the UN, Caravan Demands a Stop to the Killings from the War on Drugs

The Women's Kingdom - PBS FRONTLINE Broadcast

Honduras Relents, Allows Witness of Caceres Murder to Leave

For your listening pleasure: Johnny One Note.

I’m the Greenpeace activist who asked Hillary Clinton to pledge to reject fossil fuel contributions

U Dub ladies Final Four!

Some days, you shoot the target...

Yo BernieBros...

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are spreading the mischaracterization that

Macri Dealing Dirty? Argentine Ex-Minister Claims Vote Buying in Vulture Funds Plan

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 1, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Judy Garland

Bernie Sanders on Late Show 3.31.16

Look...tRump doesn't know jack about the public sector

Texas’ Alamo to undergo ambitious renovation

DuPont won’t reopen Texas plant where leak killed 4 in 2014

3/31 TIME: Inside the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton

Supporters rally to save Brazil’s President Rousseff from impeachment

After Losing Control of His Revolution, Bernie Sanders Must Drop Out Of The Race

Figure skating: American Gracie Gold leads after short program at worlds; Wagner 4th

Brazilians march to support Rousseff against 'coup'

A compilation of lies Hillary has said about Bernie

Johnson & Johnson must pay $72 million over talc tied to cancer

Fossil Fuel Investors Are Pumping Millions of Dollars Into Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Utah Gov. Herbert vetoes bills, early education funding

Maybe Obama is supporting Bernie?

A compilation of lies Hillary has said about Bernie

Daily Holidays - March 32

Maternity Leave and Why the U.S. is the Only Developed Nation Without It

Why doesn't Hillary debate before Wisconsin?

View From Space Hints at a New Viking Site in North America

HuffPo: Clinton campaign in midst of historic collapse

Madeline Goss is a software engineer from North Carolina, and she has one simple request:

United Church dismisses appeal by atheist minister to halt review

Clinton Investigation Reveals a Devastating Cover Up... :(

Poll: In New York, Clinton, Sanders best all in GOP

Today's new terrorists were radical before they were religious

Philadelphia finally issues public apology for racist treatment of Jackie Robinson

North Korea's 'Catholic church' blasts South's president Park as 'satanic'

Calls Super Delegates Undemocratic..

The Bernie-Inspired Candidate for Senator From Pennsylvania

Robert Reich: Why the Major Media Marginalize Bernie

The Only Girl at Her Science Camp

The Changing Politics of Free Trade — Politicians are Finally Listening

I wonder why Hillary doesn't attack Bernie's inconsistencies

The GOP’s Nuclear Option to Stop Donald Trump: How to get your own unelected Presidency


April Fool's Day

Mike Malloy - The Media Will Ignore Bernie Sanders No Matter What

Guam Gov. Calvo pushes political status vote in address; Democratic Party response

Walmart’s first-ever revenue drop: end of an era?

20 years ago today we got married. It lasted 13 years before Donna left this existence

No snow? No problem. This dude has is figured out by mountain his skis to his hoverboard.

Newly Discovered Star Has an Almost Pure Oxygen Atmosphere

Mike Malloy - The Right Wing Has Been Trying To Destroy Unions For 30 Years

From Warriors to Guardians - a new model of police training.

US Congress drafts language impeding on financial authority of Northern Mariana Islands govt

Store brand vs. name brand? Your experience?

Water treatment plant hacked, chemical mix changed for tap supplies

Democrats and the term Islamic Terrorism: 2008 vs. 2016

Joe's getting his morning boner by bashing Hillary. #morningjoe

Rise - Short film

Cenk Uygur: 'Bernie Sanders is the political revolution, we are the media revolution'

Hawaii bill would allow gun seizure after hospitalization for mental health issues

Well, I was going to take my little monsters to the park this morning. It started raining.

Hillary wants to end loophole that allows below-minimum wage salaries to the disabled

Hillary's story

No, the Democratic Race Isn't Close

Man who slugged Montana's attorney general calls to apologize

Tesla Model 3 Orders Surge Even Before Its Unveiling

Confederate Flag Display Plans Still Uncertain (SC)


Board hears tale of tense Malheur refuge occupation

Good Morning America - actually mentioned that Bernie

Police seek charge against girl pepper-sprayed at Trump rally


The George Mason School of Law's new acronym upon being renamed in honor of Scalia: ASSOL

Bernie Sanders talks about abortion on GMA - April 1st, 2016

The Cause Is Right and the Time is Now | Bernie Sanders

The Cause Is Right and the Time is Now | Bernie Sanders

New Hillary Clinton Ad: "New York"

Is Bernie's vote tracking program in only three states?

Vox and the False Consensus of ‘Most Economists Agree’

A perfect example of why Clinton cannot be trusted.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 1, 2016

It's the 60th anniversary of the Swiss spaghetti harvest!

Full interview: Bernie Sanders on GMA. April 1, 2016

Cross post/link about PA candidate..

HuffPo: Dep. of Justice Joins FBI in Hillary Email Investigation, Use Subpoenas, Grand Juries.

Massive NYC Sanders crowd "Smells like Woodstock." MSNBC.

Tornader watch in part of SC.

Connecting Man and Machine

China bans April Fools Day and warns nation not to spread rumors

Newsflash: most people don't like huge tax increases.

The momentum is real!


Kolkata flyover collapse: officials from building firm detained

So will Trump lose all the South Carolina delegates

Payroll employment rises by 215,000 in March; unemployment rate little changed at 5.0%

"Obama's Greatest Triumph"

Hillary Clinton Tries To Remind New Yorkers How Much They Liked Her As Senator

If you care about the future of our planet, here’s why you should support GMOs

Seoul: N. Korea fires missile and tries to jam GPS signals

Ben & Jerry Handing Out FREE Bernie Sanders Ice Cream In Union Square Today (3/31/16)

Questioning the overarching acceptance of "Employment at Will"

Reddit's removal of ‘warrant canary’ could hint at US demand for its user data

Not Trump. Paul Ryan.

Residente Introduces Bernie in the Bronx | Bernie Sanders

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - April Fool

Residente Introduces Bernie in the Bronx | Bernie Sanders

Monaco-based firm Unaoil at the centre of British-led investigation into corruption implicating oil

Spike Lee Speaks Before Bernie in the Bronx | Bernie Sanders

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Misogynist SOB

Spike Lee Speaks Before Bernie in the Bronx | Bernie Sanders

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Friday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Selma Hayek on Trump, See the madness

YouGov Nat'l Poll -Clinton 53% Sanders 40%

CIA left explosive material on school bus after training exercise

The Greenpeace questioner attacked by Hillary had nothing to do with Bernie.

Europe would elect Hillary Clinton by a landslide

About Hillary's boast of being 2.5 million "popular votes" ahead of Bernie

Which Hillary subordinate will she throw under the Email Bus

Trump on his sacrifice for US: "I give up a lot when I run. I gave up life. I gave up this"

538 Fiverthirtyeight Podcasts

Jeffey Dahmer's childhood home for rent during Republican convention

North Korea to pursue nuclear and missile programs - envoy

Casting out the Money Changers

Bernie is currently up by 4% in the Wisconsin polls

Clinton aides unite on FBI legal strategy

Five San Francisco officers found exchanging racist, homophobic texts

Syrian refugee cat makes his way to family in Canada

Delivery driver guilty of Isil plot to kill US troops in UK

NY Reaches Deal for $15 Minimum Wage

Reince's world

Hillary Clinton Lies About Taking Money From The Fossil Fuel Industry

Chicago Teachers Union on Strike Today. Big day of action and protests

My cat may have hyperthryoidism

Chicago Teachers Union on Strike Today. Big day of action and protests

No, the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton isn't close

So caucuses favor Bernie and closed primaries favor Hillary. I think both are un-democratic.

will honest liberalism in the form of a Sanders Presidency meet more opposition

I need a little more about how the New York $15 hour state Minimum Wage came about. Thanks.

I am concerned for Bernie's vocal chords/throat. He sounded very hoarse this morning.

25 Of The Best One Liners You Have Ever Heard

I see more and more evidence the US is moving towards "Fahrenheit 451" and "Idiocracy".

Son, you just went Full Derp.

Ezra Klein and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Tax Calculator (Hillary supporters help spread FUD)

Looking for healthy turkey in the deli section. Not processed or at least low processing.

Europe wants a U.S. President that will continue to fund their defense.

YouTube introduces SnoopaVision - announcement today, implementation someday!

Here are two must-reads by Jim Wright. Nails America's obession with war and fear of other.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-31-16

Vermont AP Reporters's assessment of Sanders as Burlington Mayor: "Incredibly Successful"

The Police Force: America’s New Gangsters - Ed Schultz

So has anyone gotten money from Revolution Messaging?

Question about popular vote calculation

BERNIE’S BIRD -cartoon lol.... Happy April Fools Day

Esurance Rolls Out ‘Election Insurance’ on April Fools’ Day to Move You to Canada

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update 3-31-16 Running out of steam? LOOK @ THIS!!!!

Question about popular vote calculation

"can i help you?"

ExxonMobil Investigation Reminiscent of Tobacco Wars of 1990s

Why Shouldn’t Women Be Executed For Having Abortions?

Let's hear it for victim cards!

bernie appears to me to be wildly overestimating taxes needed to accomplish our goals, especially if

A Fukushima on the Hudson?: The Growing Dangers of Indian Point

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 1 April 2016

I have reluctantly taken steps to feel more secure in my home

Hey 3-year-olds, Come Represent Yourself in Court!

Kim Davis’ lawyers offer to defend NC’s transgender law after attorney general refuses

Facing Reality: Political Prisoner News and Updates

Is there any argument cheaper and less meaningful than "Muuuuuuuh PROJECTION!"

Black musician befriends white supremacists

Hillary Clinton to propose $10 billion manufacturing investment

Rubio won't release delegates

Hillary Clinton and the Northern Strategy

Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary Clinton a real run for the nomination

Democrats Living abroad vs. European Voters

Trump claims MSNBC edited his answer - that darn technology

Civil War land mine prompts evacuation (AR)

Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya television shuts Lebanon offices -

Greyhound shooting suspect was from a Chicago suburb with a long record, anger at police

What are we going to do about the lack of diversity of Bernie supporters?

White-nose bat disease jumps the Rockies to Washington state

Learning From Obama (Paul Krugman)

Trump would be least-popular major-party nominee in modern times

NASA satellite images uncover underground forest fungi

Question About Buying Bernie Products...

FACTCHECK: No, Hillary Did NOT Get Money from the ‘Fossil Fuel Industry’

Rare crane a boost to Taiwan's troubled wetlands

Fox News: "Cut Trump some slack. He has no political experience!"

Stephen interviews the future Vice President of the United States

From Slate: Poor Whites Trashed

More lead found in Newark schools' drinking water

Bernie BOOKS

When Bernie enthusiastically endorses Clinton for President

Chicago Teachers set to Walk out in Protest!

Push to change racist place names in Washington state

Can we have an honest discussion about Superdelegates?

Luckovich - Trump and His Walls

San Francisco Police Under Fire for More Racist, Homophobic Texts

Any tips for someone over 55 looking for work?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update 3-31-16 Running out of steam? LOOK @ THIS!!!!

Sanders Campaign Says Clinton Owes Apology For Calling Sanders a Liar

St. Louis, St. Louis County voters can't use touch-screen machines at Tuesday's election

I sometimes use a fork and knife when eating a slice of pizza.

ACA Enrollees Cost More In Care Major Insurer Finds - Duh!!!.....

Politico names HRC Staff who sent Top Secret materials and separated emails

Michael Tomasky:Get Off My Lawn, Bernie Kids! Why I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton

Whether you get this or not depends on your age

Trump speaks the truth re: punishing women for abortion.

This year's Democratic Primary has demonstrated

Politico names HRC Staff who sent Top Secret materials and separated emails

The more and more Trump talks, it's quite clear he has no F'en idea what he's talking about! n/t

Enough is Enough in the Bronx | Bernie Sanders

Enough is Enough in the Bronx | Bernie Sanders

Coming soon to a Caucus near you!

Sorry... a $15 minimum wage is too high

The latest coming from the Clintonistas. Get ready. They are doubling down.

Too many cooks in the ISIS kitchen?

How Can Portland Brace for Its Population Boom?

Sanders: 'We are going to win New York'

The Bernie Sanders Campaign Releases Photo Of Bernie Sanders Marching With Martin Luther King Jr.

Should Elizabeth Warren Run For President in the Future?

Southern Black Voters are so Privileged.

Adult Coloring

The Cause Is Right and the Time is Now! Bernie Will Win NY!

Any suggestion that Clinton's campaign has received corporate money is an outright lie.

Fighting the anti LGBT bill

It's getting real here in NYC

Pic Of The Moment: Trump: Ban Muslims From Entering The U.S.! (Unless They're My Rich Friends)

 Half of the Abortion Clinics in Ohio Have Closed. And Kasich Is a ‘Moderate’?

FACT: Hillary & her SuperPAC have received $4.5 MILLION from OIL & GAS INDUSTRY to date

Hillary Clinton has received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry in 2016

Japan and South Korea hit back at Trump's nuclear comments

Clinton launches big Upstate New York push with $10 billion manufacturing proposal HRC ROOM

Cory Booker campaigning for HRC Charms WI Democrats

The Police Force: America’s New Gangsters

South China Sea Controversy: Indonesia To Deploy F-16 Fighter Jets To Natuna Islands

So we got this going for us:

So the government is doing "everything it can" at Port Talbot. Any bets on the outcome, sports fans?

I’m the Greenpeace Activist Who Asked Hillary Clinton to Pledge to Reject Fossil Fuel Contributions

Hillary Clinton’s “tone”-gate disaster

Clinton Must Reject Money from Fossil Fuel Interests, Starting with Exxon Lobbyists

Can coal companies afford to clean up coal country?

Rally for Hillary with Sen. Mikulski


Rosario Dawson calls out Clinton as she stumps for Sanders

Hillary WASN'T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered...

Rosario Dawson calls out Clinton as she stumps for Sanders

Northeast Wyoming reels from mining layoffs


How to Hack an Election

Cenk from tyt on CNN 4/1/16

Details of HRC visit to Eau Claire, WI on Saturday released

Ted Cruz May Be in DC Madam's Black Book

Bill C to stump in Appleton WI cite and Cory Booker in 3 cites also :-)

Rove is talking about a “Fresh Face”..This am..

Pizza etiquette

Why Republicans Want Bernie Sanders to Win

Is it possible that some Trump supporters are moving to Sanders?

Rachel Maddow And The Hard Truths For Bernie: Tad Devine Is Full Of Crap Edition.

I'm officially 29.

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 4.1.2016 - #FrackOffFriday

Is it possible that some Trump supporters are moving to Sanders?

Privatization of Schools: Selling Out the Right of Quality Education for All

April Fool Cannot Surpass SCAM "Treatments" For Trickery

Bernie Sanders Gets Some Outside Help He Didn’t Ask For ~NYT


Trump April Fool's Day Prank

Click on the link below to see pics of crowds lining up to see Bill in Appleton, WI

Sperm Whales Found Full of Car Parts and Plastics

That settles it once and for all!

US 'appalled' by deadly air strikes in Damascus suburb

Bernie Shattered His Fundraising Record; Meanwhile, HRC has to charge $2700 admission

Hillary Needs to Apologize to the Young Woman Who Dared to Ask Her A Question Yesterday

Hans-Dietrich Genscher, German ex-foreign minister, dies

Morning Joe giving major props to Bernie and talking about rigged DNC primary process

One thing you will never see!

Turkey 'illegally returning Syrian refugees' - Amnesty

Wrasslin fans have Trump jokes

US Uncut: Hillary Supporters Horribly Racists Postings on Tumblr

Remember: Hillary is a DOer...

Remember: Hillary is a DOer...

April Fools or Hipsters? I can't tell anymore.

UN Uncut: Tumblr Reposts the Racist Posts of HRC Supporters

Chase got saved (re-post for April Fool's Day :) )

A second look at the gorilla genome shows just how similar we are

Sound Judgment

The war on women is hurting our fight against the (Zika) virus

Novella Wrote A Great Piece On The Need for Improved Food Production

Greenpeace Article on Clinton's Oil and Gas industry Contributors

Vermont Governor on Marijuana Legalization: It’s What ‘Enlightened States’ Do

When a Wall Street Billionaire funds a Hillary super pac or her campaign it comes from an individual

Greenpeace Response to HRC: She Conflates Greenpeace w/ Sanders Campaign

Prep underway for Bernie Sanders event (Wisconsin)

I ended up going to the park after all. They tried to kill me.UPDATED:

Bullet Lodges In Florida Man's Testicles After Wife Shoots Him Over Extramarital Affair

The Racist Agenda Behind the Now-Dead ‘Friedrichs’ Supreme Court Case

What Is McRacism? When White Hillary Supporters Lecture Bernie Supporters about Privilege

The Late Show Wheel Of News IV (with Bernie Sanders)

Why the conditions are perfect for Bernie's socialist crusade

Vox and the False Consensus of ‘Most Economists Agree’

Founder Matt Joseph Reveals the Racial Biases People of Color Face in Silicon Valley

Possible Viking Find Could Rewrite North American History

My pro Bernie post in gd-p

Maine governor refuses to swear-in newly elected senator

News from Brownbackistan: Outraged by Kansas Justices’ Rulings, G.O.P. Seeks to Reshape Court

Sanders pushes back on Clinton's claims that his campaign is lying

Bernie v Hillary Demographics

Young People of Color in the South Bronx Tell Us Why They’re Backing Bernie Sanders

Sanders Statement on Clinton Accusations

New York Election Fraud: Is Arizona Happening Again?

Skim milk is actaully "imitation milk product" unless you put in additives, court rules.

Neoliberal Asphyxiation

Karl Rove says "a fresh face" should be GOP nominee and might be only chance to beat Hillary Clinton

The South Isn’t The Reason Schools Are Still Segregated, New York Is

'I can never tell what he's talking about': Hillary Clinton dismisses Bernie's ' Wall Street attack

Attention WI Students for Hillary!

Best Friends Plan To Carry Their Buddy Across Europe

Interesting chart from Vox on where the various candidates' supporters are on the issues

I’m a 2%er – a Conservative Dem and I support Bernie Sanders

Hillary has taken millions from 7 of 14 banks in a lawsuit for rigging interest rates

Bernie Sanders jabs Hillary Clinton on donors- CBS NEWS 04-01-2016

The controversial reason tens of thousands of people just lost their food stamps

"Free Trade has NEVER been zero sum!!" Really?!? TWO minute search on CNN . . .

Instructables got me


Bernie Sanders jabs Hillary Clinton on donors- CBS NEWS 04-01-2016

Started a while ago - but a great Roundtable in Harlem with Rosario Dawson, Michelle Alexander

Spending $2700 to "bribe" a candidate is about the stupidest investment scheme you can

Professor Boskin on the origins of April Fools Day

A: It's about net neutrality.

Before posting something on campaign donations

Speaking of Big Oil

Enbridge pipeline plan in northern Wisconsin prompts concerns

New Veteran-led Campaign Challenges Islamophobia

Why Hillary Clinton is justifiably annoyed by criticism of her Big Oil fundraising

Muslim Woman Lied About Being Slashed In Face And Called ‘Terrorist’ (UPDATE)

Ted Cruz’s Climate-Denial Hearing Attracts Cash From Coal King Bob Murray

Kunduz Killers Go Free

Demographic Breakdown of new Reuters Poll

Billionaires fund Hillary super pacs with millions of dollars

Just a reminder, our guy is the creampuff in this race

I will settle the pizza debate!

It’s time to get rid of the Democrats' special class of entitled and unelected ‘superdelegates’

Ben and Jerry on CNBC to endorse Bernie, but will not endorse Hillary should she be the nominee.

Palestinians: Presidents for Life, No Elections

I’m the Greenpeace Activist Who Asked Hillary Clinton to Pledge to Reject Fossil Fuel Contributions

Revised Crystal Ball 2016 Electoral College ratings for a Clinton vs. Trump matchup


Interested in having your voice heard on election issues? (not directly about Bernie)

Abbas: We are searching schools, in one 70 children had knives

George Clooney Debunks Hello! Magazine Bogus Interview

Sanders fires back after Clinton says he's lying

America has locked up so many black people it has warped our sense of reality

Vel Phillips, first African-American to serve as WI SoS & civil rights activist Endorses Sanders!

DS received good news today

How many days has it been since Hil promised to "look into" releasing her paid $peeche$?

Anyone near Brooklyn College? If so - get your butt over there ASAP. Spike Lee needs you.

Stop false comparisons of Petraeus to Clinton. Here is why

Hillary Clinton Lies About Fossil Fuel Money & Plays Victim Card to Avoid Personal Responsibility

Glimpses of a Seattle's MASSIVE Stadium Rally for Bernie - Didja See It On the News? I bet not

A crowd waits to see former president Bill Clinton at Lawrence University, April 1, 2016

Beyond Flint: The Lead Paint Poisoning Crisis Across The US

Speaking of Cannabis

Should ALL open primary results be questioned or ignored? Would be bad for Hillary

Evolution in progress !!! ...

Largest Nurses Union in NY (37,000+ members) endorse Bernie Sanders

Career on the range was mostly cooperative — except with Cliven Bundy

How would you interpret these polls?

Your Taxes Are Being Spent on Making It Harder for Americans to Vote

Time to celebrate Confederate Heritage Month

NASA's Spitzer Telescope Maps Temperatures of Super-Earth

No $ to send to Bernie today, so for every rw meme I see on DU I will make one phonecall for him.

Just remember. The flameouts we will get to watch when Hillary wraps this up.

Where to Invade Next - Michael Moore

Confederate Heritage Month? We aren't ready for that

Clinton’s viral video backlash: Eco groups, Sanders blast Hillary over fossil fuel money “lies”

=*= LIVE Streams @ 4PM: Bernie Town Hall in Sheboygan, WI 4-1-16 =*=

HILLARY GROUP CNN: Sanders has received over $50,000 from same Big Oil group as Hillary.

Not a big Hillary fan, but...

Bernie Sanders Will Make the Economy Great Again

Trump Aside Cruz Worse On Reproductive Issues. Advisers Recommend Death Penalty For Women &

i want to post about Hillary s daily jalopeno or hot peppers. where?

How climate change is affecting common birds—Strong effects of climate change…in Europe and USA

I'm confident Bernie will be on the ballot in DC.

Pakistan honour killings on the rise, report reveals - nearly 1,100 women murdered in 2015

DUers who use teenage babysitters - do you pay them at least $15 per hour?

A Progressive Revolution Takes Place in Small Steps

Meet the Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Raising Money for Hillary Clinton

The media & establishment stealth attack on progressive movement exposed

The Heterosexual Agenda

Pot Dispensary Seeks naming Rights to Mile High Stadium

Now you too can own George W. Bush original paintings!

Re: 'Democracy Spring' April 2

Time for your Friday Puppy Fix, no April Fool!

Sanders Statement on Clinton Accusations

the name Bernie is an insult and trigger for burn victims

The Defense Industry’s Surprising 2016 Favorites: Bernie & Hillary

Weaver tells CNN this morning NY is not a "must win" for Sanders. Clearest proof yet they're not pla

What constitutes getting campaign money from a particular industry?

I keep asking how Bernie can get things done

Yet Another Bogus Story About Clinton’s “Email Scandal” Collapses

In Bronx, Sanders supporters find more common ground with Trump than Clinton

Bernie Sanders Yells At .....: "Shutup! You Don't Have The Microphone"

In Bronx, Sanders supporters find more common ground with Trump than Clinton

Bernie surrogate from Hollywood TRASHES President Obama in Harlem, declares him a failure

Stanford University report finds fracking CAN pollute underground drinking water

State Department Halts Its Clinton Email Investigation, Defers to FBI

Bernie Sanders vows to back Hillary Clinton if she is the nominee

Andrew Sullivan returns...

An honest question about wage discrimination

Andrew Sullivan Joins New York Magazine As Contributing Editor

Bernie supporters get excited because a conservative newspaper said Hillary is likely to be indicted

End of life may be better for families than sudden death

Basically, if you're white, you have carte blanche to shoplift at CVS...

I got booted out of a chatroom for quoting Crow T. Robot

Should Christians be banned from entering the U.S.?

Sarandon: U said I'd RATHER vote Trump @thehill. Ur misleading headline.

Bernie's hypocritical attack on Hillary's fossil fuel dollars

People who say they don't see race are ignoring racism, not helping solve it.

Good News re: NY

Fact check: Would transportation bill kill 'every bridge and every road' in Maryland?

Enough Is Enough – Time To Rein In Wall Street Thugs

Media Matters' E.Boehlert Details Problematic Consequences Wash Post's Erroneous HRC email report

Well it's Hillary versus Greenpeace now?

When do children develop their gender identity?

Kissinger endorses Sanders!

The Push back by some here regarding a higher living wage is surprising.

Rebecca Bradley leads JoAnne Kloppenburg in latest Marquette poll - not likin' this news.

Mary Sanchez: Who can save the GOP from Trump? Women

Feel the Math

Upgrade septic systems for recycling at home

Demoracy Now! (April 1): Cherelle Baldwin on Being Found Not Guilty for Defending Self

Something's buggin' me

No Rosario Dawson didn't say Obama was a Failure for Not Tweeting

Daily News Bin???

Sanders surrogate Dawson praised Clint Eastwood's empty chair speech bashing President Obama

"hillary took some money from some people who lobby for fossil fuels…" — @GovHowardDean

What's for Dinner, Fri., April Fool's Day, Apr. 1, 2016

Oliver Stone Makes Impassioned Plea for Sanders: 'Hillary Clinton Has Effectively Closed the Door on

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' poised to make TV history

Leave it to a top hits FM Station in NY to do a better job interviewing Bernie than the MSM

Reddit Hints That U.S. Now Spying On Its Customers

So in AZ the people who run elections knew who was going to vote for Bernie some

JUST improving elementary and secondary schools doesn't help THAT much.

Ray Magliozzi of ‘Car Talk’ Takes to the Road in Cuba.

Why Hasn’t Bernie Sanders Released His Tax Returns? (Or Cruz Or Kasich, Either…)

I'm reading on Facebook that Bernie voted for $1.7 trillion to invade Iraq.

Trump's Campaign Manager, who grabbed that female reporter, was closely linked to

Someone is finally doing something positive about global warming

Aurora notification for the sky watchers

Urabeños make it clear that they, not the police, are the authority in north Colombia

Urabeños make it clear that they, not the police, are the authority in north Colombia

Damm near wrecked my car, I was laughing so hard!

Hillary is Losing It...

Ben Jealous backs Donna Edwards in Md. Senate race.

CURRENT EVENTS Video Emerges Of NYPD Cops Shooting Tail-Wagging Dog After Knocking On Wrong Door

Does anyone know the name of the law firm representing the Sanders campaign?

The FBI’s Interview of Hillary Clinton Will Save Obama’s Legacy and Nominate Bernie Sanders

Bill Clinton rips Trump's plan for a wall (pictures)

It’s April and Clinton has not managed to put away a 74-year-old avowed socialist...

The only way to stop a bad guy eating pizza with a fork is a good guy eating pizza with his hands.

If Trump heads to convention without 1,237 delegates, 100+ "poised to break with him on 2nd ballot"

Gas & Oil industry contributed $21.8 million to Repubs, $2.1 Milln to Dems in 2016 election cycle

Casino Workers Union in Atlantic City NJ endorses Bernie Sanders

It's not over by a long shot...

Stop 2016 Election Theft: Greg Palast 3 of 3

Today's CO2 levels in a deep time context

well, off we go.

Who Are The Right-Wing Media's Benghazi Lawyers Victoria Toensing And Joseph diGenova?

Scientists try to assess Monarch butterfly mortality after Mexican freeze

Immigrant advocate charged with failing to help clients

Democracy Corp poll: Edging Towards an Earthquake Election

CNN: Hillary Clinton Suspends Presidential Campaign. Indictment In Process.

Can someone cite instances of the world coming to the end due to a minimum wage increase?

Chicago teachers hit picket lines, shift to rallies at colleges

political rorschach test

CIA left explosive material on Loudoun school bus after training exercise

Looking for book suggestions

Oh, my! ...

I'm a model, you know what I mean, and I shake my little tush on the catwalk....

I almost forgot

State Dept. Halts Clinton Email Investigation, Defers to FBI

I would appreciate and enjoy April fools day more

Here’s how one man hacked Latin American elections for nearly a decade

Here’s how one man hacked Latin American elections for nearly a decade

Ben Jealous (former president of NAACP) on MSNBC today..

Red Box is Hiring


Why Hasn’t Bernie Sanders Released His Tax Returns? (Or Cruz Or Kasich, Either…)

Live Link for Sanders Rally in Sheboygan Wisconsin - On Now


If only HRC had 'just' outed a CIA covert agent, no problem... oh wait, only if she was a Republican

Who else is voting for Myron Buchholz, not Ron Kind, in August?

Democratic National Convention Media Credentialing Deadline

Trump won't be the Republican nominee for president. Neither will Ted Cruz.

Anti Trump zealot goes nuts at Trump rally (explicit language)

In Syracuse, Hillary Clinton pledges to defend Upstate NY workers, make college 'debt free'

If Paul Ryan is the Republican nominee, who would you be more comfortable with, Bernie or Hillary?

D.C. Council scrambles to get Sanders on primary ballot

Bernie Brings Down the House W/ Hilarious Colbert Appearance

Sanders Campaign Fires Back After Cinton Says That Bernie Is Lying!

Wine ice cream & Sanders saying Clinton has taken # 'from the fossil fuel industry"

Flint could sue state over contaminated water

Detroit police finally rid of federal oversight

The Brainwashing of my Dad

Barney Frank compares Bernie Sanders to a Tea Party Republican

Hell getting rather chilly

Here's a good link for Bernie's Sheboygan, WI rally; Bernie about to speak

I Just Heard A Quote From Trump Saying He'd Be The Last To Use A Nuclear Weapon.....

This Mexican canyon is alive with the sound of music

Knife linked to former O.J. Simpson property is not connected to homicide case, LAPD concludes

Brace for Longer Security Lines at Airports

TPP 'worst trade deal ever,' says Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz

Siding questions - what to do with asbestos shingle?

Louie DePalma is a Sanders supporter. Louie is a horrible little man.

Judge won’t let Larry Klayman defend Cliven Bundy

The Zeitgeist clearly has already chosen Bernie... we would be foolish to go against it!

Dupont Underground: Abandoned tunnel turns destination for art fans.

Feel The Bern? Get a Free STD Check

Interesting piece on the candidates and their taxes (guess who's the most open?)

Desert tortoise militia occupies Bundy Ranch

NEW! FEC Tells Bernie 2016 to Account for $10M

Bernie On FTAs- Senator Sanders has NEVER voted for ANY of the so called "free trade" "agreements"!

How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties

East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention

Bernie in Sheboygan is going after Trump ("nut case"), is he slightly turning to GE?

Peace out, fools! Obama plays the clown by flashing the peace sign for nuclear security summit 'team

When you hear BS supporters say that he's won the last five contests...

Were you paying attention this week? Take the USA Today news quiz

30 Years of Landsat Images Show the Dramatic Shifts in Peru’s Ucayali River Over Time

Martin O’Malley wins Democratic primary!!!

A Hacker Said He Rigged the 2012 Mexican Election, and It May Still Be Happening Today

20K+ crowd for Bernie in NYC! (plus videos)

Manufacturing in U.S. Expands for First Time in Seven Months

Ted Cruz Calls For National Law To Cripple Unions

North Korea threatens 'nuclear storm' against China as ally makes pact with US

Maddow:"Focus of Republican presidential race & its national media coverage right now is a farce"

Holy moly it's a deluge out there

Florida Will Vote This Year On Measure That Would Block Solar Leasing In The State

Automakers Miss March Sales in Sign Rapid-Growth Era Ending

Governor gets bill allowing denial of services to gays

Krugman: Feel the Math

More San Francisco officers accused of sending racist texts

I had a job interview today.

I thought this thread was an April fools joke.

Hillary to Bernie backers: Here's a bowlful of mush, now hush

Court revives California challenge to police dog 'bite & hold' policy

New York nanny reportedly in coma after pushing baby stroller out of path of car

Linden Lab trolls thousands of customers with Rick Astley video instead of....

More vetting Bernie Sanders. Bernie admits that he's a Socialist, not a Capitalist.

U.S. Commandos Trained to Stop Terrorists With `Dirty Bombs'

Culture Secretary John Whittingdale Caught in Prostitution Scandal

Paul Krugman: Feel The Math

The Voice of Berta Cáceres

The Voice of Berta Cáceres

Reddit has been hacked! Berniebot has taken over...

Anyone here from WI?

Hacker 'Guccifer' extradited from Romania, appears in U.S. court

Vel Phillips, Wisconsin's First African-American Secretary of State, Endorses Bernie:

Actress Rosario Dawson Should Apologize to Dolores Huerta This Cesar Chavez Day

Bernie in Sheboygan, WI: The Clinton campaign owes an apology

Bernie Sanders Is Gaining on Hillary Clinton in Her Own Backyard

Five Democratic Primaries: Exit Poll Discrepancies and Win Probabilities.

Kelly: Was 'Dark Moment' When O'Reilly Let Trump Attack Me After Blowing Off Debate

We should all apolgize to everybody...

NY Times: "Bernie Or Bust" Is Bonkers (link fixed)

So many BS trolls on twitter it's exhausting to block them all.

China not to accept any act detrimental to security interests under navigation-freedom pretext: Xi

Uh-oh: Where does all the white rage go when Donald Trump loses?

Trump sued in Kentucky by three who say he incited crowd to violence

=*= LIVE Streams @ NOW: Bernie Rally in Green Bay, WI 4-1-16 =*=

I hadn't really intended to go birding today.

What is this bullshit about a FB group that is going to write in Bernie if he doesnt

Robert Parry: "Cleaning Up Hillary's Libya Mess"

Huma Abedin On Her Emails Being Out There: 'Terrifying'

The state of California is suing Morgan Stanley over crisis-era investments

The GOP is using Ted Cruz to defeat Donald Trump and will throw both of them overboard...

Bernie in the Bronx, Can Sanders stun Hillary Clinton in the state they’ve both claimed as home?

The Latest: Democrats hope arrest lifts 'veil of secrecy'

"Bernie Sanders’ Bronx Rally Proves The Power Of Live Campaigning"

G.M. dodges U.S. Taxes - China, not so much

The reason we like Bernie is that he is “one of us” -- one of the believers. Let me explain:

I support Hillary and I support $15 per hour. She still will make a great President.

So is there no difference between a "surrogate " and a "supporter"?

evolving on the fossil fuel cash

Today I cannvassed in St. George Staten Island, HRC ROOM

Is that an Artic blast I see heading East

Bernie Sanders Rapidly Gains Support with Nonwhite Voters, I Told Yall!

Bernie's negative campaign

I just voted for Bernie Sanders for President of the United States!

Veterans For Bernie!

This is what I was really after when I got sidetrack with the birds

Don't be fooled

A man on Chicago's South Side was filming a selfie as he got shot.

So, I have a small break between jobs

Hey, Peace, and the POTUS's new BFF at the summit closing photos.......

Haven't seen anything from DFW since Jan. 13,

Noam Chomsky: White fear of revenge is ‘deeply rooted in American culture’

AG: Bevin's university budget cuts are illegal

Amy Schumer Officially Endorses Hillary Clinton & Uses The Perfect 'Bambi' Quote For The Occassion

Take that Trump!

Oil Erases 2016 Gains as Saudis Say Output Freeze Hinges on Iran

Defense industry donors prefer Hillary and Bernie over GOP rivals

Here’s a look at the top presidential campaign staff for Bernie Sanders......

SuperPacs - who is funding who from Open Secrets

You are nuts!

Mike Malloy - Trump Is An Instrument Of God

How Money Has Bought Democracy.

Its Evolutionary Dear Watson. Gravity, Evolution and Climate.!

Sensitivity Training: Bernie's Meltdown Over Hillary's Truth Telling Exposes Nature of a Bully

Hillary Clinton will never stop fighting for justice HRC ROOM

request please for video of Sanders "Meltdown"

Oooh, give it to me

she's not a movie star, but Nydia Velazquez had something to say today.

Miami Kyrgios vs Nishikori......Winner plays the Joker.

Mother apparently hires stripper to do lap dance at 8 year old son's birthday party

I am concerned the press is taking Trump out too soon.

Bernie Gets Fossil Fuel Money Too!!!!

"HRC carried the AA vote in the South largely because that vote in that region tends to do what.....

she's not a movie star, but Nydia Velazquez had something to say today(HRC Group)

Florida Will Vote This Year On Measure That Would Block Solar Leasing In The State

My wife gave notice at work today. She is retiring the last day of April.

"Trump vs. Clinton": A Controversial! But Spirited Discussion!

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Drops A Reality Bomb On Corporate Media

It all depends on your definition of "is".

Erin Burnett just conducted...

Erin Burnett's interview re "fossil fuel donations"

Milwaukee Journ Sentinal: Hillary Clinton will never stop fighting for justice

Ok, this is pretty funny.......Indiana women calling the Govenor regarding their periods......

Nathan Place ; MONEY TO BERN Bernie Sets Fundraising Record, Again

Constantly Claimed By Atheists, Neil deGrasse Tyson Responds To That Whole Concept — Wonderfully.

When Commercialism Trumps Democracy

The Ed Show Nailed It WAAAAAAY Ahead of the Curve - from JULY

It's a Revolution | Bernie Sanders

The Alabama Hatred Preservation Act (Montgomery Advertiser editorial)

It's a Revolution | Bernie Sanders

Bloomberg: How to HACK an Election (FASCINATING ARTICLE - A TRUE STORY)