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US Women’s Soccer Is More Popular Than Men’s, but the Players Are Still Paid Less

Can the HRC people please just stick to one story for more than 30 minutes in regards to #PopeGate?


France to Ban Glyphosate Weedkillers

NASA scrambles as Kepler telescope goes into 'emergency mode'

I did not get to meet Hillary but it was a productive day today in Sunset Park Brooklyn.

In Shock to Wall Street & Washington, Puerto Rico Moves to Suspend Payments on $72B Public Debt

Peru: Veronika Mendoza Closes Campaign with Remarks in Quechua

Why the Banks Should Be Broken Up

A Media Unmoored From Facts

It's official: Wyoming is a tie.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Sexually Abused 4 Boys, Prosecutors Say

At Sanders Rally in Wisconsin, Tim Robbins Delivers Fiery Speech Against Political Pragmatism

NC evenly split over HB2

As Campaigns Seek Delegates, Ordinary Voters Feel Sidelined.

Fox News Sunday Exclusive with President Obama

Roger Stone (Trump consigliere) has shown Republicans a dead horse head

Clinton Exceeds 538 Delegate Target In Wyoming. Awesome Result For Hillary! Leads by +212.

"The Bern" Corrido for Bernie Sanders

Clinton Faces New Challenge from Fractivists After 'Insulting' Comments

NY 2016 Voting by Absentee Ballot Deadlines (Primary)

Sunday Talk Shows with Bernie

BS tough on Crime 2012 Vermont

The Irony and the Awfulness

Sunday Talk Shows

Press Conference in Queens, NY | Bernie Sanders

Press Conference in Queens, NY | Bernie Sanders

Does the Washington Post have any journalistic integrity left?

The Return of the Brutal Savage and the Science for War

Bernie Sanders' Brooklyn headquarters: Gowanus office is 'heart and soul' of New York operations

Rick Scott Releases Attack Ad On Starbucks Woman Who Called Him An ‘Asshole’

New Hampshire News - Gov. Hassan wants to boost minimum wage to $10 an hour

Politifact: "No, Bernie did not retroactively win Nevada"

Team Cruz | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Hillarians on board with social security cuts

Burger King workers smash windows after prank call in Minnesota

My only thought on the delegate split in Wyoming

Bernie Sanders just won his seventh straight victory. Is he unstoppable?

CIA’s Work With Filmmakers Puts All Media Workers at Risk

Trump Inner Circle Fractures

So, how is Sanders flying to Rome?

DC Press Corps Spins Itself Silly Over Sanders’ Specifics

The Nation: Vox’s Tax Calculator Is Wildly Misleading—So We Made a Better One

What REALLY caused the 2008 Financial Crisis? Out of control DEREGULATION pushed by the US and WTO?

Whoever led the prayer at the NASCAR race a couple hours ago

For the sake of what democracy we have left, the role the NY Times, the Washington Post

When life imitates art? TV "Blacklist" No, no spoiler

So does Hillary use white noise to hide her speeches very often or was this some special occasion?

In NC we are suing to permit early voting on a greater number of days

Three Years of Maduro: Venezuelan Power Plays or Popular Power?

THE HILLARY GROUP. "Bernout In Wyoming" from HillaryHQ

Because, momentum

took a walk today

Bernie needs 56.6% of the remaining pledged delegates--no change.

Where is the find key on a Toshiba Satellite?


Octopus Brains Are So Much Cooler Than You Think

North Carolina’s Terrible Anti-LGBT Law Is Even Worse than We Thought

Wyoming was closed and registration ended a long time ago

Sanders Takes Wife On Best Date Ever ...

The Conservative Plan to Fix the VA Has Vets Hopping Mad

The Humanist Report | Hillary Laughing at Fracking Activists (plus debunking her response)

Very conservative estimates has Bernie winning another 10 contests

Car Trouble

NY Occupy Events

I have my own question about Sanders' trip to Rome

NY Occupy Events

Despite Major Legislative Advances, Colombian Domestic Workers Still Suffer

AsCoach, Ex-US House Speaker Molested 5 Boys: Reports

Clinton team looking for knock out blow with "big win" in New York

Does anyone seriously believe Hillary's SDs are going to flip after this week?

Van Jones and Angela Rye Rebuke Bill Clinton over #BlackLivesMatter Meltdown

the biggest problem with financial deregulation is caused by the WTO

Hillary's Cheesecake

Clinton likely to have alot more superdelegates locked up than are being reported

WV voters can check registration status here

Indonesia Threatens to Ban Leonardo DiCaprio Over Palm Oil Criticism

Resolution on Trade Rules and Financial Regulation (Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue)

I hope everybody is watching!! Bernie is GREAT OMG! What an EVENT! Don't miss it!

Hunter’s campaign fund a cautionary tale

BOSTON GLOBE to publish fake news in Trump edition of Sunday paper...

Vermont News - Bills being considered, Sanders on gun industry protection law

Losing the last 8 out of 9 is rough.

The rhetoric around BLM sure has changed in the last six months or so

Jamaica Ponder, a writer to follow: a high school student from Princeton, NJ whose explosive piece

Boy what SOME people won't do to get elected. New hairdo?

Bernie Phonebanking 10 minutes before the phonelines closed for New York!

Sex Worker Seeking Election in Peru Promises to Turn Congress into a ‘Respectable Brothel’

CA releases new details on possible bullet train routes

What kind of man

Why Hillary Clinton, the Senator from Wall Street, won't release the transcripts of her speeches

RIGHT NOW! Bernie Sanders BEST EVER Town Hall with Spike Lee, Harry Belafonte, Erica & Nina Turner

Oil-Eating Microbes Threaten Shipwrecks and Ocean Life

L. A. Metro will boycott North Carolina conference

Have to ask sincerely, do you really think the Pope didn't have to sign off on the list?

Bernie Sanders says Bill Clinton should apologise for'defending the indefensible'

Anti-abortion politicians deserve to be asked if they've helped a woman get one

'Cremation pits' found at Vale of Glamorgan housing site

Anti-abortion politicians deserve to be asked if they've helped a woman get one

Sanders: Bill Clinton, "owes the American people an apology"...

Anti-abortion politicians deserve to be asked if they've helped a woman get one

Anti-abortion politicians deserve to be asked if they've helped a woman get one

President Clinton Owes Us an Apology | Bernie Sanders

President Clinton Owes Us an Apology | Bernie Sanders

Welp! Now that the South is out of the way under the Limousine goes Obama...

Panama Papers Whats THAT?

My "WTF?" of the day, CEO's wife department...

A Polish abortion ban would turn women back into childbearing instruments

A Polish abortion ban would turn women back into childbearing instruments

Gas Prices

A Polish abortion ban would turn women back into childbearing instruments

Missing in Chile: What happened to Boris Weisfeiler?

Scores killed as fire breaks out at Indian temple in Kollam

A Polish abortion ban would turn women back into childbearing instruments

Nice Graphic.

Brazil: Building New Worlds in the Favelas

How teaching highlights the double standards applied to men and women

If the pope could endorse a candidate, he'd pick Bernie Sanders

wyoming -- ???

How teaching highlights the double standards applied to men and women

How teaching highlights the double standards applied to men and women

Official: Ex-FBI agent was gunman in Texas base shooting

Japanese monks put Buddhism on the menu

So, how is Sanders flying to Rome? He'll be in a plane. Bernie won't be flying on it!

Who exactly are these “Freeloaders” and “Welfare Queens” the GOP still blames for the US deficit?

Just like FDR - Bernie Welcomes the GE CEO Hatred...

Hillary perpetuated the lies about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. She is responsible.

UnitedHealth starts pulling out of Obamacare, but will anybody notice — or care?

Simple hypothetical: candidate A gets more votes, candidate B more pledged delegates

Yuge Thank You to WYOMING Tonight! and Victory Songs :)

I just love the top comment on this video:

Could someone recommend betting sites?

Rush Limbaugh's GOP Primary Season From Hell

Why wasn't Hillary Clinton invited to the Vatican?

Bernie on crime bill

Suit challenging Cruz eligibility reaches Supreme Court

Wow wow wow Bernie at the Apollo.

Fired Indiana trooper rants about preaching to pulled-over drivers: ‘I’m a soldier for Jesus Christ’

Break the donation record - April 17 (post debate, pre NY primary)

Accidental Shootings in US Go Way Back

A Museum 'Hired' A Cat As A Prank, And It Looks Like They Have No Choice But To Keep Him Employed

Hillary Clinton announces endorsements from Maryland women

Bernie broke the Bullshit Ceiling.

Don't be fooled, Hillary Clinton loves gun sales....

Why Hillary Clinton was called the "Senator from Wall Street"

Maine News - Woman who won $1M shoplifts a $14.99 blouse

I just don't get it.

That damn Bernie Sanders and his F-35...grumble..grumble...

SNL opening with Hillary monologue.

Hillary Needs 627 Delegates To Win; BS Needs 1315

Florida ex-sheriff's deputy acquitted in excessive force case

There's No Place in Israel for an Honest Arab

Subconscious racism can be corrected

The "Swing State Primary" - Clinton leads by 9% (As measured by delegates)

Test to correct subconscious biases

Defendant in Skaneateles court claims sovereign status, says he doesn't need license to drive (NY)

hillary supporter admits that she does not get it

Buzz's buzz

Bernie Sanders addressed a packed Apollo Theater in Harlem earlier tonight. Watch the Video

An expert in banking corruption and finance has joined the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Now the Vatican Lies

Hello my fellow left leaners of all variety!

Hey Bill - THIS is how you handle a heckler....

Richard Dreyfuss Performs Theatrical Reading of Donald Trump

Tucson man sues over state presidential primary results

Bernie Sanders New Ad - These Are Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters

I posted the clip of Bernie & the anti-semitic heckler in GDP. If you haven't seen it,

Hillary Clintons support of War and Neo-Con regime change

New Jersey News - Marijuana for menstrual cramps, Christie's mojo slipping, 'Jews vs. Nazis' game

Congrats to Sanders for winning Wyoming by double digits.

‘Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger’ is coming to Freeform

Did Clinton manage to win a single county in Wyoming in terms of in person caucus supporters?

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer (VIDEO)

This is as close as the race will be in delegate spread from here on out

Grab Your Best Headphones And Forget Politics For 9 Minutes

Sanders Folks Upset About Registration Rules in NY

SNL Open: "Hillary Clinton" discusses her campaign and the NY primary

Bathroom Patrol in North Carolina

Some helpful info for Wyoming delegates and democrats in general

I'm a trans watcher, I'm a trans watcher, here comes one now!

And right on cue - here comes the spin on Bernie's townhall at the Apollo.

Bernie won Wyoming, but they each got 7 delegates a piece. How and why?

Delaware News - Beau Biden, Christine O'Donnell and figure skating


The truth about Hillary's handling of the bankruptcy bill

We’re out of time on climate change. And Hillary Clinton helped get us here...

Alicia Garza: Bill Clinton's shameless answer to Black Lives Matter protesters

SNL’s Hillary Clinton panders to New Yorkers and takes pot-shots at Susan Sarandon and Ted Cruz


It's going to be beautiful weather for a Bernie rally in Newburgh on April 15 @ 6PM

Has Clinton won even ONE single county in any state since 3/15 in terms of votes cast in person

Bernie just won 8 of of 9 non Confederate States. Is he now Inevitable?

Ben Dixon Show: Bill Clinton Caught Being Bill Clinton

This is how "progressives" talk?

hummer nest

Bernie Sanders needs 932 pledged delegates to get a majority, Hillary Clinton needs 716

so- had the annual scope because of the Crohn's not good news...Thank God for ACA

Great advice from a poster at GD-P:

Is this about presidential "primaries" where we bash Republicans in "primaries?"

Top 6 BIGGEST Donald Trump Mysteries

Well, isn't that just lovely, Thom?

Pushed aside so a fake train ride video can be fabricated.

When did the Catholic Church become a good thing?

Damn Al Sharpton is too skinny

The Panama Papers prove Mr. Sanders was wrong about a trade pact with Panama

With a little help from her friends...

With A Little Help From Her Friends

Turns out Hillary broke the law with her subway stunt!

Chief Inspector Murphy ends a tough shift

So is Bernie ordering the Chicken or the Fish?

This is the one thing I think of when it comes to HRC vs BS.

When did the drug war become a good thing?

George Takei on Trump's speeches and sentences.

Daily Holidays - April 10

Pennsylvania News: Senate debate, bills, and more

Vulcan (Alberta, Canada) residents get 1st peek at new Canada Post Spock stamp

Have you seen how many NYC campaign HQ's Bernie has?

It's going to be interesting...

TIL that SpaceX's two autonomous spaceport drone ships

I am not a Neon God; but I am God-damned angry enough to get Chinese satellite teams investigated

This is just creepy. She brings up Marian Wright Edelman all of the time, like they were best buds.

Clinton Signals That She Is Ready To Dispatch With Sanders, Focus On GOP

David Cameron faces questions over £200,000 gift from mother

Maryland News - Northrop Grumman tax credit, Van Hollen vs. Edwards, Hogan vetoes overridden

I think Walmart meant Fist Bump:

King Fire: California wildfire 'selfie' arsonist gets 20 years, $60 million fine

King Fire: California wildfire 'selfie' arsonist gets 20 years, $60 million fine

Ex-Saint Will Smith shot to death in New Orleans, coroner confirms

Is Bill Clinton in hiding since his Black Lives Matter disaster?


Bernie Sanders had some awful anti-Semitic crap hurled at him.


Dennis Hastert Acknowledges 'Transgressions,' Apologizes, Lawyer Says

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Beating Expectations And Tying Sanders In Wyoming Delegates

Panama Papers: Act now. Don't wait for another crisis Thomas Piketty

Brussels group 'initially planned to hit France'

"Stop the Revolution! I want to get off!" How Bernie is NOT creating a REAL political movement.

West Virginia News - State employee told to remove Gadsen flag, Blankenship appeals conviction

Laura Bush to vote for Hillary? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha


Virginia News - School choice, senators in contempt, party affiliation in local elections

Sunday's Doonesbury: There's a Market For That

Question about convention delegate announcements

North Carolina News - HB2 coverage

I am so fed up of CNN and GEM$NBComcast spending so much time

This election cycle, which Billionaire's influence do you mind the least?

Another road rage incident leaves NO Saints former player shot dead, wife injured

Religion: It’s About Having Faith in the Unknown… Unless You’re a Jerk

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Attack Cat Edition

South Carolina News - Roads plan, ethics and other bills

Just saw a NEW Bernie Ad on WABC-7 that I've never seen before :)

Struggle against religious fascism

🐦 FYI: Sunday: Bernie Sanders Rally On Coney Island’s Reigelmann Boardwalk - Doors Open 11AM

This what happens when you combine dishonesty with desperation.


Why is the Catholic church moving away from just war theory?

Rigged race means Hillary takes more delegates in Bernie’s Wyoming win

I finally understand the Clinton Campaign rules! (the smearing of Jane Sanders)

British Parliament member destroys Hillary Clinton's Iraq War Lies

@BarackObama :Add your name to petition if you think Judge Garland deserves a fair hearing...

Florida News - Gov. Scott responds to coffee shop showdown

The high cost of war is damaging the global economy. Economic stability demands that we find peace

Under the Bus, Jimmy, Under the Bus you go....

De Blasio rapped this: "I came out blazing with...Suprise apprearance by Hillary@InnerCircleNY>..

Neocon War Hawks Want Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump. No Surprise—They’ve Always Backed Her

The main difference between Clinton and Sanders Supporters.

What the Panama Papers Tells Us About Global Capitalism...

Notice how Clinton wins big diverse states and Sanders wins white states.

Clinton to campaign in Baltimore midday Sunday--Pics added....Yaaas, Hillary! B'more ambitious!

Kollam, India: over 100 dead after explosion at temple

Ex-Saint Will Smith shot and killed in crash flare-up

Carole King stopped by the office: "When she represented NY, she represented everyone in NY"

Kerala Fire LIVE: Over 100 killed in Kollam tragedy

The Donald Trump Wig Field can be found outside Tromsø, Norway.

California News: Lawmakers collect pension checks and salaries

It will take a miracle for Bernie Sanders to beat Hillary Clinton. And that's OK

The coming era of the mega-leak

"If we lose them, we never had them."

Crewless 'drone ships' will be sailing the seas by 2020

So, is 15 across the nation now the right thing for all of you who steadfastly attacked it?

Is Hillary too, too, too for Bernie supporters?

Editorial: Who needs Panama: Iowa, Illinois cater to shell companies

Katie Hopkins says well done to the 1% in rant at poor people who "can't work velcro"

Tickling Apes

Strong earthquake shakes buildings across South Asia

Fox News Anti-Sanders Segment Goes Horribly Wrong!

If the Democrats could win both the black vote and white working class vote, they would win huge

Syrian PM says Russia to back new Aleppo attack; opposition says truce near collapse

Jeremy Corbyn suggests all politicians should publish tax returns – video

Anybody notice that the team that once had a 50 point lead now refers to a tie as a "win"?

HIllary is more trustworthy than Bernie!

Indiana theocrats prove misogyny with "bad medicine" laws

New York primary: Meet 5 Hillary Clinton supporters

A Short History of the Media Smugly Dismissing Bernie Sanders’ Campaign at Every Step of the Way

Who actually won Wyoming?

xp - Indiana theocrats prove misogyny with "bad medicine" laws

Then why did Sanders vote for the same [crime] bill? THE MEDIA IS COVERING UP BERNIE ARCHIVES #Fee

The FBI Is Investigating De Blasio's Fundraising, Too

Sanders to Clinton: 'Stop being vague' about tax, Social Security plans

Arizona News - Press attorney says House lockout is illegal retaliation

Super PAC Backer Says Big Money Entitles Donors to Campaign "Oversight"

Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan - question on election rules

Understanding America's Problems

Panama Papers: Hillary Clinton Donor Benefits From Tax Loopholes While She Calls For Accountability

My, my, my... Camp Weathervane is seriously having conniptions. Their inner numbers for NY must

Paul Krugman Is Not Making Much Sense

Clark County GOP chairman resigns during heated convention

Thank you, #Wyoming! Congratulations Hillary from Emily's List~

Three men rescued from deserted island after spelling 'help' with palm leaves

Could this be true?

New York poll: HRC leading by 16-points

Panama Papers: Argentine President hires Obama's former public image advisor.

Laura Bush hints she'd rather see Hillary as president

More Bernie pics

William K. Black, who exposed savings & loans corruption, joins Sanders campaign

New Pennsylvania Poll: HRC leads by 11-points

Charlie Rose interviewing Bernie sounded like a Clinton surrogate.

Societe Generale headquarters searched in Panama Papers probe

Billboard In NC Mocks Anti-Gay Gov: Visitors Should ‘Set Clocks Back 100 Years’

Reminder of who's had toughest campaign

Delegate and Popular vote trackers

"Get me the artist who paints Jesus for nursing homes."

First 2 hydrogen refueling stations to open in Massachusetts next year


Glenn Beck is making sense

Ukraine PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk to submit resignation Tuesday

Rory Fanning, Talking to the Young in a World That Will Never Truly Be "Postwar

Delegate and Popular vote trackers

Sanders's high school classmates talk about the Bernie they knew...

The Obamas show class and civility

What Happens to the Leftover Campaign Money?

Both Clinton and Sanders Are Qualified—but Only Sanders Calls for Political Revolution

Utah News - Sanders backers don't fare well at Salt Lake County Democratic Convention

In 2008, Tad Devine Predicted ‘Very Bad Reaction’ If Superdelegates Contradicted Will of Voters

Before going 5 for 5 with OH, FL, etc Clinton +206. After losing 7 of the last 8, Clinton is +216

In the past 13 states Hillary is +10 in delegates

Benchmark Politics NYS model: Clinton 57% - Sanders 43%

The Rise and Fall of an All-American Catchphrase: 'Free, White, and 21'

Crime or Punishment: How a 1990s Hysteria Forced A Difficult Choice on the Clinton White House

Help me find a quote by Robert Reich

Challenge: Donate 27$ to Bernie and K&R this thread.

Obama: Clinton Didn't "Intentionally" Put America In Jeopardy;

Nuclear Winter on a Planetary Scale: The Biggest Threat to Mankind Virtually No One Is Talking About

Shilling for the Status Quo

Hillary owes her delegate lead to five states: Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

In anticipation of today's upcoming day of rage against Jimmy Carter, just remember...

I'm watching Bernie on This Week with George Stephanopolous. He made the following statement:

Have you all seen this nonsense?

How did HRC gain such a big lead in delegates in southern states?

DEJA VU: In Mass. Race, Warren Faced Nearly Identical Likability and Honesty Challenges as Hillary

Clinton takes on Sanders’ Israel comments

Colorado News - Cruz would leave pot law alone, assisted suicide proposal

"If the Democratic Party would fight as hard for the Working Class ..."

April 10: Fox News Poll: Trump, Clinton rule Empire State Clinton 53-37 %

Bernie Sanders Town Hall with Spike Lee, Harry Belafonte, Erica & Nina Turner (4-9-16)

Japan Nuclear Plants Are Vulnerable to Terror Attacks

Bernie Sanders Town Hall with Spike Lee, Harry Belafonte, Erica & Nina Turner (4-9-16)

No Blues for Bernie in L.A., Where Sanders Backers Are Still Making Happy Music

NOW, Bernie on CBS Face the Nation with John Dickerson. Also today, MTP, CNN.

Who leaves the messiest bathroom---Men or Women?

Free lobster dinner, but lobster catching dog will cost $2500

France is 'not prepared for a nuclear accident', report says

Think atheism is a modern phenomenon? Think again, says Cambridge professor Tim Whitman

Obama: Clinton's Email Server Did Not Jeopardize National Security

I hope I never see Justice Merrick Garland

I was recently informed

Obama interview on Fox News Sunday - his comments on the email investigation.

Pakistan veteran recalls shopping trips to nuclear grey markets

Let's all start using the phrase "God-myth" instead of the word "God" from now on

Obama on Fox News Sunday: His comments on the email investigation.

Bernie Foils Attempted "Hatchet Job" By CBS Face The Nation Host John Dickerson With Great Skill

Don’t proselytise at work, a court rules

My governor, Jerry Brown...

Dear NC Governor Pat McCrory:

Why would Clinton repeal Glass-Steagall on the heels of the S&L Crisis

Senator Warren questions criminally negligent Federal official who let approximately 12 trillion dol

The Irony and the Awfulness

California judge OKs FDA decision to approve additive banned in 150 countries.

How does HRC's hawkishness NOT doom us to perpetual war?

California judge OKs FDA decision to approve additive banned in 150 countries.

Power and Wealth should not be excessively concentrated. It is immoral. PERIOD.

White Men Don't Count

Here’s How 72% of Fortune 500s Use Congress to Avoid Paying Taxes, Sticking You With the Bill

BS & his campaign - SHAMEFUL

While SOS, Clintons Failed Honor Ethics Agmt: Failed Disclose $26.4 Million Incdg From Foreign Govts

Moving Left

They're Now Ignoring The Delegate Math Completely

new "Religious Freedom" laws - spreading like wild-fire

protesters occupy French cities in revolutionary call for change

Statements by lawmakers cloud Japan’s position on nuclear arms (Weasel words by right-wing neocons)

Why the Labor Movement Must Join the Anti-Racist Struggle To Make Black Lives Matter

Labor Mobility and the Global Economy: SHOULD THE WTO SET US MIGRATION POLICY?

Why the Labor Movement Must Join the Anti-Racist Struggle To Make Black Lives Matter[

"Good evening! My name is Xxx. I'll be taking care of you tonight."

First the bird, then the Vatican. Next? The presidency?

The population of Wyoming is 584,153 (2014).

G7 foreign ministers gather in Hiroshima to discuss nuclear, maritime issues

New York Primary: Clinton 53 Sanders 37 Clinton +16

Actually, Bernie Sanders Does Have a Clear Plan for How to Break Up Too-Big-to-Fail Banks

Hillary: Candidate for the Jet Set

Face the Nation interview with Sen. Sanders(vldeo)

Who wants change?

Obama: Clinton’s Email Server Did Not Jeopardize National Security

Arizona News - - - without going to a blog that has zero replies

Seven-in-a-Row Sanders Celebrates 'Momentum' After Double-Digit Wyoming Win

Clinton Campaign LEAK - Plan to Bury Bernie, "DISQUALIFY HIM" - Running out of Patience

Right is left, up is down...

Why the Labor Movement Must Join the Anti-Racist Struggle To Make Black Lives Matter


Looking for source of grass fed beef?

Banking Expert who exposed S&L Corruption Joins Sanders Team

Have you noticed the Bernie or Busters trying to pretend to care about the General?

Fox News Poll: Trump, Clinton rule Empire State

The Truth About Hillary Clinton's Email Controversy

Sen. Bernie Sanders on State of the Union(video)

Is Jimmy Carter going under the Limousine today?

Yet another Big Lie: Traditional Democrats are extremists, like Tea Partiers or Trumpers.

New York Labor Hosting 'Virtual Union Hall' for Bernie Sanders

New York Labor Hosting 'Virtual Union Hall' for Bernie Sanders

New York Labor Hosting 'Virtual Union Hall' for Bernie Sanders

Obama tells Fox News: ‘Republicans have their own TV station’

A Message from Hillary on her losing streak (Last Night's SNL)

Before the very first primary vote took place

Public service announcement regarding DU jury duty.

Coming down to the wire on the "Burgers & Buds" contest... GO VOTE!!!

The revolution is happening in Kansas!

Rep. Elijah Cummings and the ENTIRE Maryland delegation endorses Hillary

NOW, CNN State of the Union, Jake Tapper w HC & Bernie NY Hometown Special Look


Former Gov. Bob Graham goes on 60 Minutes to talk about Saudi/911 hijackers connections

The incident of antisemitism at the Apollo theater was not the first of the campaign

Fact Checker Is Hillary Clinton really ahead of Bernie Sanders by 2.5 million votes? UPDATE w/WY.

Bernie Sanders "This Week" Abc Interview

So, Clinton was careless for 4 years?

Will Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party leadership not help Bernie win the November election?

Hillary Clinton to campaign Sunday in Maryland--> Baltimore AMBITIOUS signs!

NY Times: Congratulations, you've been fired

After 13 years, I proudly post my 5,000th post in the Hillary Clinton Forum!

Question for Berners in the *DMV-DC Area: Know anyone or any Groups

Sanders Hired this guy William K. Black, who exposed savings & loans corruption, joins Sanders campa

NY: One advantage for Bernie in this closed state

Clashes between migrants and police at border between Greece and Macedonia

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-7, 4-8, 4-9-16

Climate Rally for Bernie Sanders Draws 1,000 Anti-Fracking Activists in Upstate New York

If the super delegates switched last time

Vatican: Pope Didn't Invite Bernie Sanders

Nothing Bill Clinton Said To Defend His Welfare Reform Is True

=*= 2 LIVEstreams @ NOW Bernie Sanders Rally Coney Island's Riegelmann Boardwalk 4-10-16 =*=

Why GOP Neocons Love Clinton

Proof that Paul Krugman is a hypocrite and partisan political hack

LOL -- Yeah, keep on telling me Snowden isn't a Kremlin stooge...

HRC is set to be interviewed “within weeks” as part of an FBI investigation

Calif. school district puts Wi-Fi on wheels to close digital divide

Obama: Bless her heart, Hillary didn't ~intentionally~ put America in danger, as far as I know *

United Nations 2009 Final Report on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System

Bernie--so not ready for Prime Time in NYC:

India temple fire: 105 killed in fireworks disaster

Fact Checker Is Hillary Clinton really ahead of Bernie Sanders by 2.5 million votes? UPDATE w/WY.

In Hiroshima, Kerry will not apologize for atomic bombs dropped on Japan

Bernie Sanders is --so not ready for Prime Time in NYC:

Hummer driver rear ends Saints Defensive End Will Smith; shoots him dead in road rage

WA Delegates and should be getting emails about next step

Sanders backers don’t fare well at the S.L. County Democratic Convention

"Iraqis were given the greatest gift, the gift of freedom" --Hillary

Another Fitzmas Fizzle?

Overpopulation – The Root Cause of Our Problems – Why Is It a Taboo Topic?

List of official Campaign events in New York (Week of 4/11)

The ads say it all. See Here:

Fingal's Cave:This astonishingly geometric cave has inspired everyone from Jules Verne to Pink Floyd

Odd Behavior?

Archaeologists say Confederate treasure hunters damaged a plantation site in Southside Virginia

Lots of other ppl have pointed this out, 3 of the Southern states Hillary has won...

You might want to think about ordering the special

Extradition of 'Guccifer', who 1st uncovered HRCs' private server, raises indictment probability

List of New York official Bernie Sanders campaign events (Week of 4/11)

Does Hillary have the temperament to be President?

Obama says Clinton never jeopardized U.S. national security in email case -Fox

The weekend after Chemo is the worst. I finished the pills and now I only have the liquid.

Oh my: MSNBC Raining All Over Sanders' NY Parade

Welcome To NY, Bernie Sanders

Obama: "...nobody is above the law."

Hillary hasn't won anything in one month- if this were a sports team how would the media cover it?

The Grand Old Pie-fight in the news

NYer's what is the type of voting in NY please..

Does anyone even BOTHER anymore?

The Boston Globe pulled no punches today. Trump's America Front Page

Hillary Serves out the Pork

Trump's New Right-Hand Man Accuses Cruz Campaign of 'Gestapo Tactics'

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Dismissing the so-called "Confederate states" is contemptible.

Will the real Bernie please come forward?

Bernie loves this trillion dollar war machine

Sanders in Coney Island - Live Link - Starting NOW - BERNIE IS ON NOW!

Durably reducing transphobia: A field experiment on door-to-door canvassing

No Mr. President-she did not "intentionally" put America in danger...

They're handing out umbrellas in GDP.

Former Saddam aide seeks to reshape Sunni insurgency

Ezra Klein - Is the media biased against Bernie Sanders?

Banking Expert Who Exposed Savings and Loan Corruption Joins Sanders Campaign

Hillary's perfect defense for the email security legal peccadillos, two simple words...

Malta's opposition demands resignation of PM over Panama Papers

Next years Headlines?

Was Hillary, the Senator from Wall Street, hoping to get an invite from the Vatican?

Al-Qaeda - they're back. Fascinating history from the BBC World Service.

Hillary's speeches to Wall St banks are OK w/ Hill fans. Bernie to speak on the Idolatry of Money

Daily Chart: Hillary Clinton’s problem with (white) men

More icing on the legacy cake

Pope Francis Snubbed Clinton Foundation Invitation:

Question: what was the prediction in Wyoming to start with? (poll numbers)

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 10, 2016

What are you reading this week of April 10, 2016?

CNN - Exit polls: Half of Clinton's supporters won't back Obama

Hillary & supporters have done a 180 on racial lines since 2008

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #23: Wheel O’ Corruption 2: Money Never Sleeps Edition

Massive Navy search-and-rescue operation continues for missing sailor off North Carolina

Sanders sure wants apologies from lots of folks lately....

Can you really rely on the Bible?

Excuse me, but YOU look like the warmonger to me

Beware: It's World Homeopathy Awareness Week

Denying Trump Would Cost GOP In November

You have to be kidding posted fact and it gets hidden?

Fox News Poll: Trump, Clinton rule Empire State (Clinton tops Sanders by 53-37 percent)

North Korean ships with corpses on board have been washing ashore in Japan

Meat company denies backing advertisements against Brazilian activist

Watched Bernie Sanders repeat the lie that Hillary said he was unqualified CBS Face Th Nation

Climate Rally for Bernie Sanders Draws 1,000 Anti-Fracking Activists in Upstate New York

What specifically would Hillary do to address rising poverty and income inequality?

LIVE-Baltimore-- @HillaryClinton to hit the stage #ImWithHer #hillaryincharmcity

Malta's opposition demands resignation of PM over Panama Papers

Bernie or Hillary? It all comes down to 2 remaining factors

I thought Al Sharpton was supposed to endorse Hillary Clinton. What happened?

My theory regarding what is in the Goldman-Sachs transcripts

GOP’s Benghazi Committee just keeps going (and going) ~ Rachel Maddow Blog MSNBC

I'm worried the strange weather back East will effect the NY primaries.

Sanders not yet spreading campaign wealth to other Democrats ~ Rachel Maddow Show/Blog

The Not-Completely-Crazy Theory that Russia Leaked the Panama Papers

Tom Mulcair speaking now to NDP in Edmonton. He's stepping down. New leader in a year, year and a

Hillary Clinton, The Former Senator From Wall Street: Look Who Is Paying For Her Election

There can be no peace among liberals until Bernie Sanders drops out of the race

Polls: Trump, Clinton lead big in NY, PA

Vatican: Pope Didn't Invite Bernie Sanders

Conflict between science, religion lies in our brains

Since Sanders tax returns were made an issue:

"Religious Freedom" laws and artists' responses

Bill Clinton just did to an entire generation what he did to Sister Souljah a generation ago

The latest's Nomination State Polls

A little perspective...

A Kwik Kwiz -- Did ISIS originate in Iraq or Syria? What caused it? (Answer before reading.)

Sanders' Wins To Date and His Path Forward

Drugged beggar babies for rent in Indonesia

A political anthem for modern times

POPE'S PERSONAL AIDE & Close Friend, Bishop Sánchez Sorondo INVITED Bernie to Rome.

If your team lost 8 in a row what would you think about that

Migrant Guest Workers- Putting a Human face on WTO Talks: By Amy Gottlieb, Director Immigrant Rights

What to Cook This Week nyt

Look at this nice National Poll!

This is why you shouldn't use victims of the tragedy of Sandy Hook for political gain...

US Adoption of WTO Procurement Policies will Prevent Cities Procurement Bans on States and Countries

SpaceX cargo arrives at crowded space station

Massive kudos to everyone who tries hard to be nice on the internet

Display in the book section at Target:

Sanders: "Of course she (Hillary) doesn't bear responsibility for Iraqi war deaths

The insanity from the Sanders crowd is at fever pitch.

So...ACCIDENTALLY putting the country in danger is OK, then?

Why is the FBI So Slow on Clinton Email Probe? (Boston Globe)

World's Wild Tiger Count Rising for First Time in a Century

The crime, President Obama, is not "jeopardizing our national security."

Paul Krugman Is Not Making Much Sense

Donald Trump's Toupee escapes

Tensions Run High on US Presidential Campaign Trail as TPP Debate Continues

Obama Defends Clinton When Asked About Her Emails

If Hillary takes the nomination and is then indicted, can the Party replace her?

I need help responding to, "I'll pray for him."

Yes, ‘Citizens United’ gives Republicans an electoral edge. Here’s proof.

So we're focusing on the invite instead of

"Obama's 'lame duck' period best chance for US to ratify trade deal"

omg! so Cute!!

Pickles Bush Speaks

Fernando Niembro, to whom Macri gave $2.3 million for phantom services, hid proceeds in Panamá.

Elijah Cummings endorses Hillary Clinton after staying neutral for months

Good article "Paul Krugman Crosses the Line" from

Hillary's foreign policy disasters should not be ignored.

As a person that has presented at a forum:

The problem in 2009-2010 was forced demobilization, not idealism.

Yes, we're corrupt: A list of politicians admitting that money controls politics

Pelosi Calls for Declassification of Redacted Portions of 9/11 Joint Inquiry Report

🐦 10AM April 11 - Bernie Town Hall -Binghamton, NY Floyd Maines Veterans Memorial Arena

Is it legal to pass an illegal law making an activity legal?

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Bernie Sanders Calls For More ‘Balanced’ Approach, Palestinians Should

🐦 3PM - April 11 - Bernie Sanders Albany New York Rally at Washington Avenue Armory

Blizzard of 2014 in Panama City, Florida

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 10, 2016

🐦 7PM - April 11 - Bernie Sanders Buffalo New York Rally at Alumni Arena, North Campus (4-11-16)

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REVIEW: This Is What Civility Looks Like: Sanders at Liberty

What is David Brock cooking up for Hillary in New York?

Latest Huffpost/Pollster New York chart showing Hillary steady and Bernie sinking.

did Hillary attend the Kissinger school of diplomacy, or just audit?

Navy officer faces charges of espionage and prostitution in highly secretive case

John McCain Stuns America And Says This Candidate Has The Best Record On Veterans Issues

Bruce Springsteen crushed as he finds out Congressman listening to Justin Bieber instead

Heads up, everyone...this OP in LBN definitely needs to be recc'ed up. Please see to it...

Scotland Moves Against Wealthy Gentry Who Dominate Land

Bernie/Vatican vs. Hillary/FBI

Panama Papers: The Sham of Austerity and the Storms to Come

Why women’s representation may suffer when Hillary Clinton is attacked as ‘ambitious’ and ...

Good article "Paul Krugman Crosses the Line" from

The Daily Show - How the F**k We Got Here - Donald Trump: The GOP's Perfect Match

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) endorses HRC today after months of being neutral

Sotomayor: Too Many Catholics, Jews, on the Supreme Court

Sanders: Clinton 'condescending' to young voters

Trump rally fashion report

What Obama Says Is His 'Worst Mistake' as President

Another Domino falls...

How a US president and JP Morgan made Panama: and turned it into a tax haven

Pro-TPP Op-Eds Remarkably Similar to Drafts By Foreign Government Lobbyists

Obama On Clinton’s Emails: ‘There’s Classified, And Then There’s Classified’

Bernie Sanders Is The Best Feminist For The Job

Jordan Speith destroying the field so far today.

5 Reasons This Election Is Nuts—and the Science Behind It The candidates are outrageous...

Optimism Used To Be An American Hallmark

Hi my fellow Floridians! How is everyone ?

Started from the bottom now we here! (Nationally)

Elon Musk. A nerdy geek. Watta guy

World's wild tiger count rising for first time in a century

Johnny Manziel, Von Miller become roommates

Hillary Clinton acknowledges 1994 crime bill led to mass incarceration of minorities,

ALL the states Bernie won represent 51 million ppl. ALL the states Hillary won represent 150 mill

State Sen. changes endorsement from Clinton to Sanders

I just read about the static noise issue (a little late I know)

NightSide – Voter Fraud In Massachusetts?

Fox Media Buzz discussed "qualified" meme - worth watching 11 pm EST/8 PT Good disc.

Ukraine PM Resigns 2 Months After Narrowly Dodging No-Confidence Vote

Pope Francis Just Made It a Little Easier for Catholics to Marry Jews

Boy, is the FBI going to be pissed at Obama!

Who is watching 60 Minutes tonight - Saudi Arabia involvement with 911?

It's getting worse

Bernie is sharpening his transcript attack...

If you don't like what Bernie says about Hillary being qualified

Has anybody seen a transcript of Hillary's interview with the NY Daily News Editorial Board?

Quick question in hopes of appeasing mom (89 years old)

Offshore Account: More than mere tax avoidance. It's also to hide ill-gotten gains.

Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars?

Jim Dean for Bernie

Have you considered automating alerts on primary content posted in GD?

Liberal Israeli Paper Urges Barack Obama To Back Palestinian UN Resolution

is proportional representation not in the Party guidelines?

Largest PA paper endorses Sestak 4 Senate: "He puts principle above party"

Birdie Sanders Again!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 11 April 2016

Bernie Sanders Did Not Disappoint at Coney Island

Tale of Donald Trump’s 1989 Biking Extravaganza

The Little Girl and the Atheist

Ted Cruz brings anti-gay demon-hunter Gordon Klingenschmitt on his Colorado leadership team.

Seeking loud, pulsating, mid-tone alarm clock

NBC: How Citizens United Is Helping Hillary Clinton's White House Bid

Beer Thieving Pig Gets Drunk and Starts Fight With Cow

Left, Right, and Center; Who Is Qualified to Be President?

Heard Bernie Sanders Ad on Local Rock Station Today!

Would the US be better off broken up into different countries like Europe?

Mort Zuckerman, Owner NYDN, Huge HRC Donor: On Obama and the Iran Treaty: Unforgivable Betrayal


"You know it's gonna be funny, he's wearing corduroy."

Nolan says he’ll support Sanders at convention

Sorry gang. That OP on Obama's interview was locked as a dupe. Please rec. the earlier one.

Bernie attacks Hillary over a crime bill he proudly voted for and even ran on in his state.

why 2383 delegates to win?

From America magazine: Three Steps to a Happier Life

"As an Alligator-American, I find your suggestion highly offensive"

Money and Phone Bankers needed for NY win...

UK: Calls increase to outlaw brutal ritual called "breast ironing" in Britain

Trump rhetoric spurring Latinos to naturalize, vote

Phone call from Daddy

VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Gets a Hot Dog at Nathan's Famous Hot Dog after Coney Island Rally, NYC

GOD DAMMIT! It's Snowing! **AGAIN!!**

The most definitive article to date: Vatican: Pope Didn't Invite Bernie Sanders

For me it all comes down to this one thing: A President Sanders would be a breath of FRESH AIR!

Should the Surgeon General make a ruling on Cable consumption?

Fear the Walking Dead 2.1 "Monster" (season premiere - spoiler alert)

Because -- Jamie Raskin for Congress (He is running against Chris Matthew's wife)

Mama Toffee is here

Obama admits his worst mistake...Hillary's Libyan regime change.

State Trooper & The Old lady

It's just like a cult...once the followers are promised riches, they become devoted and...

Director Brennan: CIA Won't Waterboard Again — Even if Ordered by Future President

Sanders Supporters Call on Vermont Superdelegates to Drop Clinton

Uh oh. I forgot about the Bill Clinton Dust up with BLM vs. Sanders handling of an anti-Semite

Tyler Pedigo's predictions look pretty good for Hillary.

Jimmy Carter on HRC

Sanders, losing in delegates to Clinton, claims 'path to victory'

Politics USA: Obama goes on Fox and blows away the GOP’s Hillary Clinton email conspiracy theory.

UPDATE: My friend's sister died after a car crash.

Do we all agree that Jeffrey Sachs...

Watch 60 minutes now!

The trouble with Bernie.

Got the "skillet / oven steak method" down pat, it was just the wrong cut of meat.

Hillary Clinton makes case for cities in Baltimore

Bernie scorches Hillary on the Sunday morning shows - what a grouch!

2016 will be a Master's talked about as long as there is golf.

Alaska News - The Legislature is still in session

Hillary is QUALIFIED at working with neocons and the war industry, thats for sure!

Schwarzenegger ally’s son freed from California prison

Dog Heaven: Hundreds of Strays Make Bucolic Costa Rica Shelter Their Home

Dog Heaven: Hundreds of Strays Make Bucolic Costa Rica Shelter Their Home

Bernie and the Pope (Elton John Benny and the Jets cover)

5 of the next 6 states are fully closed primaries worth 607 pledged delegates