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Brooklyn Born...Native Son (NEW EPIC AD)

'SNL' mocks Clinton on NYC subway

The Closed Primary stretch is about to start (5 of the next 6 states with 607 delegates)

compare & contrast

Did HRC call herself a progressive in 2008 or in her senate campaigns?

Hawaii News - Maui affordable housing project, UH news

Bernie Sanders Dominates Sunday Shows As Corporate Media Gets A Reality Check

Thinking of you Redqueen

8 things to know about the Leap Manifesto

Welcome Home Bernie mural in Brooklyn. It's covered in positive messages! (Reddit poster in photo)

Just had a discussion with my millennial son.. and he is voting for the person

NYDN Editorial: HRC Might Be Radioactive: Did Any of those Emails Touch on Foundation Business?

Democracy Spring DC Arrival Special-Live 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT

Rep. Cummings Endorses Clinton, Advises Her to ‘Embrace' Sanders' Issues

Think BLM hasn't made a difference?

32,000 Alabamians may no longer qualify for food stamps (

About that "Sanders campaign operative" who suggested Bernie to the Vatican -- Jeffrey Sachs

Wife of Brussels victim establishes Space Camp scholarship in husband's honor (

‘Who’s funding this?’ CIA & MI5 Whistleblowers Question Credibility of Panama Papers Coverage

Maizie's feet

Kasich ‘probably’ would not have signed N.C. bathroom law

Homeless Man and His Dog Need Help to Stay Together (Hearts United for Animals)

Relationships between Religious Belief, Analytic Thinking, Mentalizing and Moral Concern

Light My Fire.......Burn The Feel...Cartoon LOL Another cartoon added funny

*This needs to be seen here.. A Bernie issue if ever there was one.

On ending the hedge fund "carried interest" loophole

"The Panama Papers"..Not Monty Python, but Good One from Max & Stacy Keiser!

I find this very strange

Meet The Press interview with Sen. Sanders

Grassroots democracy feels the strain in Venezuela

Mayor Bill de Blasio Still Can't Get Hillary Clinton to Hang Out With Him

Simplified version of this Week’s False Outrage

I almost never go in the Lounge

EXO - Lightsaber (Color Coded Lyrics: Hangul, Romaji, English)

EXO - Lightsaber (Color Coded Lyrics: Hangul, Romaji, English)

Neoliberalism vs. New Deal: Bernie, Hillary and what’s really at stake in this primary

Remarkable HRC Group Thread

Peanut Butter and Jelly

I got this thread w/29 recs 'locked'

Bernie Sanders Was Asked an Anti-Semitic Question. Here’s How He Should Have Answered.

Remarkable Bernie Group thread.

From The Nation's blog on October 29, 2013:  There Is Still Misogyny in Progressive Movements

The Real News (April 9): Hudson and Black on Krugman's defense of banks and Hillary

CIA Director says he wouldn't follow Donald Trump's orders of waterboarding

What You Don't Know About Hillary Clinton Can Hurt You, Part 1 (Hillary Group)

Recent Polls Show Latinos Supporting Bernie over HCR Nationwide

Clinton 47.8% Sanders 45.3%

National polling averages -- April 10 -- Almost Tied

Being a woman will cost you almost half a million over your lifetime - just for being female.

Update to my Pledged Delegate analysis

New Yorker - "The Bernie Bro Code"

Where did the Republicans go wrong?

Bill Clinton: Sanders is only questioning (Hillary’s) qualifications because she is a woman

Americans pay 300% more for this prostate cancer drug than much of the rest of the world

"Fiscally Conservative" - when have Conservatives ever been fiscally conservative?

The Vatican smear campaign -- Can't just let someone enjoy something good

Haiti: Let Them Live on $3 a Day The US Embassy aided Levi’s, Hanes contractors in their fight agai

The Senate’s Draft Encryption Bill Is ‘Ludicrous, Dangerous, Technically Illiterate’

Looks like Drumpf is butthurt over the Boston Globe satirical piece about him

Another innovative gourmet recipe for lounge. Need a bowl, like for breakfast cereal

Radical Politics in the Age of American Authoritarianism: Connecting the Dots

Peru – The Story of a (Military) Coup d’État Foretold?

The Writer Automaton, Switzerland. Enjoy ETA: link included now

"Sanders has left behind his own message frame and entered hers: the debate over qualifications."

Comical that the guy who might make Hill's life a living hell is Guccifer, a

I am sure this has political significance

Panama Papers: Why Aren’t There More American Names?

Brooklyn Born Native Son, Bernie Sanders

I belong to a Union in New York City

Lucifer. Season 1 streaming on Hulu.

Colombia: Far-right death squads threaten peace

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 12: Robert Osborne's Picks

.@helloross CHECK OUT OUR #NYC4HRC AD!

Peru locked up Alberto Fujimori. Will it now elect his daughter president?

Billionaire Steve Wynn: "Rich people only like being around rich people, not around poor people"

Peru locked up Alberto Fujimori. Will it now elect his daughter president?

American Friends Service Committee: Statement on WTO GATS Mode 4 Negotiations

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 13: From Caligari to Hitler

Bernie Sanders on Bill Clinton's sex life

Note to #BernieSanders: I am a "confirmed HRC supporter", but as a Catholic I must advise you NOT to

Josh Fox, New Film, Free to the Public...

I guess this is GD...

Saw this on my local news...

If you think the term 'Bernie Bro' is funny, would you find the term 'Hillary Hag' funny too?

Poet Verandah Porche asked famous author about female writers, setting social media ablaze

PDF for World Competition Day

The 1996 Article Every Millennial Should Read

New Galápagos sanctuary protects unique marine life

New Galápagos sanctuary protects unique marine life

President Correa Denounces Deceit of Venezuelan Opposition

I've only been in Seattle for three days

Which of the following Presidential candidates voted for the 1994 Crime Bill?

The Forces Behind the Attempted Coup in Brasil

A Former Mexican President Looks At Trump And Sees A 'Dictator'

For The Navajo Nation, Uranium Mining's Deadly Legacy Lingers

Not qualified?

Another SuperD for Bernie!

The Governor's Priorities in North Carolina

Virgin Mary statue stirs up debate in secular Uruguay

(KY) Primary registration deadline is approaching

People Over For-Profit Prisons: a Social Movement in Gary, Indiana

Service woes beset Idaho health insurance exchange

Top officials in Wyoming Governor's Office see steep raises

Criticizing an opponent's RECORD is not "character assassination"

BBC Newsnight, Greg Palast 11/6/2001: Somebody Has Been Sitting on the FBI

Hands, heads and robots work in sync at Amazon warehouses

Washington News - A smorgasbord of articles

Statement by Ben Jealous on President Clinton’s Remarks on Black Lives Matter

Petition for Missouri Bernsters

Montana News - Campaign ruling could have 'ramifications nationwide'

Oregon News - Gov. Kate Brown seeks 1st elected term

Bully on the Bench: Scalia’s Crimes Against Justice

Pretty amazing article from 1967 (sound familiar?), "Who's going to be the lesser-evil in 1968?"

A Simple twist of fate.

Hillary is lovely..

The great 20th century radical economist Michal Kalecki on austerity and full employment

Panama Papers--Why No Americans?

A Short History of the Media Smugly Dismissing Bernie Sanders’ Campaign at Every Step of the Way

21 Youth Win Historic Climate Ruling Against Fossil Fuel and the Government

Bernie Sanders Wasn’t Our First Socialist Mayor: Remembering Milwaukee’s Socialist Party History

Bernie Sanders Wins Missouri After All?.....

Clinton: Hamas is provocateur, Israel has right to self-defense

Ben & Jerry on Bernie Sanders and the Origins of Their Progressive Politics

Clinton vs. Sanders: A New York Proxy Debate

Jewish Radicalism and the Red Scare

there’s classified, and then there’s classified," Obama said.

Superdelagates; does my vote even count?

"John Bolton Agrees with Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton not Qualified to Be President"

Sanders Voted For 1994 Crime Bill; Bragged About It As Late As 2006 [tough on crime]!!

Wanted to share the RISE events where thousands of people get together

Historian Says Bugs Bunny Might be Jewish

2 university students dead in Louisiana shooting

When the Steel Mill Gets Replaced by a GOP Megadonor’s Casino

We Asked Cops How They Plan to Enforce North Carolina’s Bathroom Law

Kenji Fujimori, Most Popular Congressman, Linked to Drug Trade

2016 NDP Convention - Stephen Lewis

How Joseph McCarthy henchman Roy Cohn became Donald Trump’s mentor.

Joe Sestak Endorsed by Philadelphia Inquirer

Obit says donate to Bernie Sanders in lieu of flowers!

The Hill - Clinton, Sanders back Treasury's new actions on offshore tax deals

US elections 2016: ‘The system is rigged, the government coin-operated’

Kris Kobach says he advised Donald Trump on forcing Mexico to pay for border wall

Brazil's political process 'damaged by partisan press' claim journalists

Brazil's political process 'damaged by partisan press' claim journalists

New Suicide Squad Trailer.......WOW!!!!! (VIDEO)

Bernie and the Big Banks (Robert Reich 4/10/16)

Bolivian President Reaffirms Solidarity with Lula, Dilma, Cristina

Ben and Jerrys, Goddard College, Bernie, and Rachel Madow

Another wave of bird extinctions in the Americas?

Another wave of bird extinctions in the Americas?

Will the Sanders-Clinton struggle lead to a gruesome fall defeat? History says no

The best Sunday morning pundit quote...

We Can Be - Bernie Sanders Best Ad (censored on social media)

Dam removal deal signed by top federal, state officials

U.S. Foreign Policy: Intimidation, Domination; Counterproductive

In-n-out, Whataburger, or 5 guys? Can't decide....

CIA's Venture Capital Arm Is Funding Skin Care Products That Collect DNA

How Saudi Arabia's War in Yemen Has Made al Qaeda Stronger - and Richer

Dragon boat, kite & lantern festival in Irving, TX in May.

UFO Clinton and her banking speeches transcripts

There is an Asian film festival this month in Los Angeles. Should be good!

Sanders voted against the Amber Alert bill because of his Ideological Purity (plus more nuggets)

Daisy Ridley getting some Jedi training from Mark Hamill

Daily Holidays - April 11

Jewish Radicalism and the Red Scare

Senators: More money needed for federal sex assault investigations

Kentucky News - Shooting at UK, Universities agree to budget cuts, overall budget at impasse

Ohio news - legislators give cold shoulder to Kasich proposals, Strickland builds campaign warchest

Creationist science-textbook is actually a handbook how to brainwash people.

Technology f*cked us all: The anxiety driving Trump & Sanders is really about machines

Religious terrorism of the week: Bangladesh Declares War on Atheists

Benghazi committee hero Elijah Cummings endorses Hillary Clinton, preaches party unity

WTH is this?!

Panama Papers Leak Signals a Shift in Mainstream Journalism.

Bill de Blasio and Hillary attempt.... humor?

Why I'm Now Voting For Bernie Sanders; Kwame Rose (Social Activist and Artist)

Let's make this video go viral.

Could Hillary Win against Paul Ryan

Morning Joe going off on Dem. Primaries

Happy birthday to a personal hero

Just heard "Hillary Subway Fail" on the local DC channel 9 news

Somebody is feeding the refugees at the macedonian border wrong intel to provoke clashes.

Morning Joe is destroying Obama and his support for Hillary: "The system is rigged"

Fujimori wins 1st round of Peru election, heads to runoff

WOW! Two Bernie Commercials in 15 min. on TV just now in NYC-

In light of several recent shootings....

Obama Explains Trump's Rise To Fox: 'Republicans Have Their Own TV Station'


NY Times: Republicans Hijack an Election Agency

Polls: Trump, Clinton lead big in NY, PA

Polls: Trump, Clinton lead big in NY, PA

Venimus , vidimus , et mortuus est

=*= 3 Livestreams @ 10AM - Bernie - Binghamton at Floyd Maines Veterans Memorial Arena =*=

Learning to Die in the Anthropocene

Ye Hai Bombay Meri Jaan

Check out the Eaglets (Pittsburgh Pa.,Decorah Ia., or Washington DC)

DKos: How NOT to pitch Bernie Sanders to Clinton supporters

This looks so cute and funny - gotta see it!

Bernie Sanders rally in Syracuse includes Rosario Dawson, Kendrick Sampson

Now here's a movie I'm sure to see -

New Hillary Clinton Ad: "Stronger Together"

Texas and California Have Too Much Renewable Energy

what's the general feeling here about animal agriculture and methane emissions?

Can Bernie Sanders Upset Hillary Clinton in New York?

40th Anniversary of All The President's Men

When did the Democratic Party adopt the "super-delegate" system ?

Bush, Clinton, Bush, ........., Clinton

As Simple As That

Do we all agree that SDs should follow the PDs?

When the national committees call and ask for my donation,

With Some Substantial Exceptions, MD Bans Neonic Pesticides

New York race may be tighter than expected for Democrats

POLL: Meme of the Week – April 11th (New Format)

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - it's fun listening to JoeScum and the ReTHUG hacks discuss the 'rigged system'

The argle-bargle from HRC supporters is knee deep & rising!

TPM: A Hamstrung SCOTUS Is About To Have A Mess Of Voting Lawsuits At Its Doorstep

Senator Ted Cruz apparently likes to pretend.....

Oz Science Agency Director Wants To Run It "Like A Startup", Surprised By Explosive Backlash

Mainstream-media cover-up that all delegates of GOP-primaries are actually unbound.

Amtrak Safety Lapses Cited

Hillary Clinton Releases Too-Big-To-Fail bank-loving, Anti-Bernie Attack Ad

US faces 'disastrous' $3.4tn pension funding hole - What is BS solution ?

They must be brought to heel.

Clarification: Is promoting a Trump presidency a TOS violation?

There will not be a contested Democratic convention.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Credit Reports

Was God creating Satan a good idea?

Bill De Blasio on explaining why he took so long to endorse HRC said he runs on C.P. time...

"This term 'super predator' dehumanizes our children, our people."

Politico: "Past cases suggest Hillary won’t be indicted"

You Can't Be An American Company Only When You Want a Bailout

You Can't Be An American Company Only When You Want a Bailout

Lack of clean water in Venezuela leading to increase in infectious diseases

Rated TRUE: Hillary Clinton's claim that Bernie Sanders voted for the 'Charleston loophole'

Eric and Ivanka Trump will not be voting for their father

Mr Fish Toon- The Clinton Bill

A portrait of Trump the donor: Free rounds of golf, but no personal cash

Today's Non Sequitor - The Key to Peace and Tranquility

Rail safety official: Maintenance problems plague Northeast Corridor

Delays May Derail Stimulus Funding for Amtrak Railcars

Stronger Together

Poll of who people would definitely not vote for: HRC: 49% BS: 37% DT: 63% TC: 55% JK: 46%

Pissed Off Republicans Unite!

Any chance a nice Hillary supporter could date stamp some of her

Exclusive: Inside Erik Prince’s secret plan to create a private air force

Kick if you are old enough to get the joke.

RIGGED: The problem is lack of transparency in the nominating...

Is your spouse, Partner, friend or family member a backseat driver.

Chris Hedges: "All cultures decay and die. Dying cultures...begin to deeply fear change"

This is why people don’t trust Hillary

Ewww! San Diego - hide your women and babies!

Pension funds and municipalities are suing 14 banks for rigging interest rates

The Boston Globe April 9th ... with Trump as president

Come and play. Everything's A-OK. Greedy neighbors there. That's where we meet.......

On several occasions I've jumped into a woman's public bathroom for a quick pee.

Richard Dolan's new essay/speech on False Flags

Bernie Sanders taught at Binghamton University - Spring 1990 - "Affluence and Crisis"

I had the whole "let's break America into Blue and Red countries" discussion again this weekend.

Moon buggy model found in Alabama scrapyard is ready for auction (

At least 10 schools get bomb threats Monday morning


Trump Is the Weakest GOP Frontrunner of the Modern Era

I should be in line for the rally in Albany now.

Even Trump thinks the DNC system is corrupt... He will use this on HRC in the GE if she is in it.

Chicago's Torquemada Square

Bryan Adams Cancels Mississippi Show, Citing State's New Law

New Hillary Campaign Slogan: "She's no criminal, she's just negligent!"

Bernie town hall in Binghamton NY will be on MSNBC at 10 AM

Not everyone's cheering as last textbooks leave Huntsville classrooms (

NOW! MSNBC Covering Bernie Speaking This Hour in *Binghamton, New York

The Daily Show - The Trans Panic Epidemic (Destroys Gordon Klingenschmitt)

San Francisco: $260 Million Bailout in Works for Troubled Transit Center Project

NPR interview with Director of ICIJ Re: Panama Papers

You know who has long fingers?

Just a small reality check...

Selection pressures push plants over adaption cliff – new study has significant implications for…

What is a "Captured" State? What is 'State capture"?

Bernie Sanders dismisses Clinton lead: ‘A lot of that came from the South

If Von Miller were in charge, Johnny Manziel would already be on Broncos

Climate change and agriculture: Changing monsoon patterns and increased daily rainfall contribute…

Bernie's New Ad

Russian S-300 air defence missiles 'arrive in Iran'

Bernie Sanders is Jewish. He also might be the most Christian candidate in the 2016 race.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Bernie offers little beyond making us 'mad as hell'

30 years of speeches....this is honesty this is commitment this is truth.

Bernie Sanders’ threat to break up the banks is a threat to the Democratic Party establishment

‘Climate-smart soils’ may help balance the carbon budget

Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein: The U.S. Tilts toward Iraq, 1980-1984 National Security Archive

Bernie Sanders Will Become Democratic Nominee Even If Clinton Leads in Delegates

Hoffa: It Gets Worse if TPP is Enacted

On CNN, Rep. Gregory Meeks (Clinton supporter & member of the Congressional Black Caucus)

Those who care about our votes sign this please:

Well, just when you thought that family would stand behind you?

The Establishment Snarls a Warning to Sanders

Foreign Real Estate Purchases Reach Record High

Morning Joe, MSNBC - "the Democratic primary is rigged"

Anne Arundel County Sheriff just arrested

It's not math, it's calculus! - ooh I like that.

Bernie Sanders Releases 'New York Values' Ad

Interesting website: A Brand New Congress!

Once in the shadows, gay police now out and proud

I don't always want advice on Democratic Primary elections,

The Permanent White House Staff Is, Understandably, on Edge About the 2016 Presidential Race

Why I’m Now Voting for Bernie Sanders-Kwame Rose, social activist & artist - Good 4 Maryland

This deserves a post of its own.

Clinton Foundation Donor Got Huge OPIC Loans, Now Faces Corruption, Not Properly Vetted:

Monday Bernie Group Toons

The screen on my HDTV went green.

Hillary will be in Glen Cove and Mount Kisco NY Today.

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Lincoln would puke

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Taxes

Tweets from Nerdy Wonka(African American Woman)on BS' performance on abc's This Week

Coming Up, MSNBC JEFF WEAVER, Bernie's Campaign Mgr. w Tamron Hall. JW's good, to the point.

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

I got hidden by the Sanders Group. (Hillary Clinton Group)

Chuklesome moment

Half of grief is physical

New poll: Sanders down 11 points in Pennsylvania

Benchmark Politics predictions for NY.

Young Sanders - Solidarity with revolutionary regimes in Iran, Nicaragua, Grenada, and Cuba

Stephanie Miller bad mouthed Bernie this morning

Kerry at the Hiroshima Peace memorial Park

Another Captain Obvious Study - Money CAN buy happiness

Noam Chomsky - German Weapons Exports to Israel & Saudi Arabia and the Refugee Crisis

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-10-16

On MTP, Bernie said he didn't have to win NY

"Uber for women" - What do female DUers think about this? (Men can post too ;)

oof. Andrea Peyser in the NY Post today. (Hillary group)

Koterba toon: 2016

There are reasons why Wyoming ended in a tie for delegates.

While at State, Clinton chief of staff held job negotiating with Abu Dhabi

Clinton Campaign Accuses Sanders of Trying to Win Nomination - observed by Andy Borowitz

The Dirty Establishment Media War To Stop Bernie Sanders

Radioactive Boar Are Thriving And Causing Havoc Near The Fukushima Power Plant

The Hillary Hypocrisy is Astounding

It's All Going to Pot ~ Willie & Merle

NASA: Global warming is now changing how Earth wobbles

Can political pundits come with a "called it right" meter?

President Obama set as weeklong guest host for Science Channel nightly news segment

I'm against the death penalty, except for the Hamburglar

Manchester Guardian: Bernie Just Won His 7th Straight Victory: Is He Unstoppable?

Why Are Independent Voters Being Ignored?

I find it calming...

The Irony and Hypocracy of Clinton Embracing Citizens United. is reporting a CO2 level of 409.34 for April 10

If you are an independent in NY and you want to vote Bernie

"My manners are the tearing off of heads!" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Benchmark Politics predictions for NY.

Goldman Sachs Agrees to Pay $5 Billion + To Settle Mortgage Securities

Emails Show Museum Closed Green Energy Exhibit After Complaints From Fossil Fuel Industry

Merle Haggard Leaves Estate To Bakersfield LGBT Group

Bernie and the msm blackout Esp Msnbc. Could it be something more than Hillary Shilling?

Eric and Ivanka Trump won't be able to vote for Donald

Republican Fundraising scam - disgusting if true.

You’ve got $50 billion for transit. Now how should you spend it?

I find it calming...

Criminal Justice reform and decriminalization of marijuana

"I will no longer defend my choice to write about black women"

70 years later - The Eastern Front yielding relics

Should Sanders make some staff changes?

Cartoon: Sensible Talk

We should also consider defeating Cruz: Clinton +2.5, Sanders +16.5

You have to read about this guy to believe it...

Sea Ice Extent still expanding?

Best beer in each state (Opinion driven I guess)

Robert Reich: Sanders Knows How to Break Up Big Banks--That's Why He Scares Establishment

"Donald Trump weighs in on Dems' qualifications spat"

Please stop making new posts of OLD polls.

Party nominating rules process have been in place for decades.

Hillary and deBlasio engage in horrific racist joke at private event Saturday

The patient called me ‘colored girl.’ The doctor training me said nothing. (Racism In Medicine)

'Democracy Spring' Live - watch now!

Bernie Bernie Bernie...can't you see....Bernie Bernie Bernie

The Link Between Meat Consumption and Climate Change

Weaver on MSNBC with Tamron Hall:

Democracy Spring Sit in Day 1 LIVE Special

The Indian Woman Who Hunts The Witch Hunters

FACT CHECK: Clinton's 'Charleston Loophole' Claim is: FALSE

Iraqi forces push Islamic State out of key city in Anbar province

Growing backlash demands superdelegates vote Sanders

4/10/16: Giants' huge comeback picks up Cueto

CREW’s Watchdog Status Fades After Arrival of Democrat David Brock

What if a Presidential candidate shows up in the next round of Panama Papers?

Dylan I love you!!! Tens of Millions of Dollars are being Extracted from our Country!!!

Saw the video of his statement. Youtube has his entire speech.

Saudi-Egyptian deal on Red Sea islands sparks anger

Trace a river near you

Tad Devine tells Bernie there is ONE LAST open caucus state....

John Oliver Highlights Problems With America's Credit Report Industry By Creating Fake Companies

Thom Hartmann!!

ABC-7 Video: Bernie Sanders Continues Momentum With Wyoming Win (Riding High into NY)

Sanders campaign no longer planning on winning pledged delegate majority

Hillary Clinton Just isn't Exciting

US Faces ‘Disastrous’ $3.4Tn Pension Funding Hole


Planned Parenthood and Human Rights Campaign = Bad....The Vatican = good.

Suspiria. What am I missing.

New York’s closed primary - Bernie Sanders’ Achilles’ heel

Update: The Hanover Pa Bald Eagle's nest was a failure this year.

*IMPT. INFO. As M$M, Clinton Surrogates & Staff Try to Beat Up Bernie on Issues Now

A Look at Hillary (and Bill) Clinton’s Past in Haiti

Berniebros: Hag equivalent to bro.

US elections too f'd up even for Carter Center to try to monitor

Clinton Campaign Accuses Sanders of Trying to Win Nomination

If you like Social Security, you need to know about the CIA, Henry Kissinger and Chile.

Joe Biden - "Hillary Clinton Overwhelmingly Qualified To Be President."

Bernie Sanders only allotted 10 minutes to speak at the Vatican conference

WtF! Mayor Bill de Blasio jokes about ‘colored people’ time with Hillary Clinton

Moscow 1991..umm How far is Poughkeepsee from Moscow again?

Closed primaries in NY: they exist to protect smaller parties from being bullied and taken over

Well, that seemed aggressive (will DWS debate her progressive challenger, Tim Canova?)

Goat breaks free, goes on Starbucks run in California

Trumps rhetoric causing real people to be taunted

Pic Of The Moment: Ted Cruz "Honored" To Have Real Life Exorcist On His Colorado Leadership Team

Time’s up: Millions of Americans are about to lose Social Security benefits

Samsung just patented smart contact lenses with a built-in camera

Why Ireland must get rid of its disgraceful blasphemy law

Wild story from Clinton fundraiser last night (4-7-2016)

How Do Superdelegates Work? Here's What You Need to Know

Two cases that may make dents in the PLCAA and the gun industry.

There are at least two things wrong with this NYT report on Bernie backers and superdelegates

crosspost Two cases that may make dents in the PLCAA and the gun industry.

A White Teacher Slapped A Black Student Five Times. These Incidents Aren’t Unusual.

Volcanic Eruption of Denial (Climate Change Denialists Abuse Volcano Science To Further Their Myths)

For those keeping score at home, the Vatican is a-okay with Sanders supporters

Out of ‘religious freedom’ push, a clear pattern emerges

Donald Trump: CIA director ‘ridiculous’ on waterboarding

Bernie Declares He’s Totally Winning If You Don’t Count Where He’s Lost

The Volcano Gambit (How Climate Change Denialists Abuse Volcano Science)

Netflix Secret Categories

Dick Cheney: Obama Leaving A ‘Terrible Burden’ For Next President With Iran Deal

World's first legal Pastafarian wedding to take place in Akaroa this weekend

Did Bernie have to twist any arms?

Carter dismisses Clinton's State work

The Great Schism: When The Catholic And Eastern Orthodox Churches Split

Cool - so now that Sanders has been scheduled to speak at that "obscure conference",

Hillary once again LYING on the TV ...She is the Joan of Arc of Immigration and Bernie is the enemy

Bernie Sanders is now OFFICIALLY added to speak on the VATICAN itinerary.

No, Planet Nine Will Not Send a Wave of Earth-Destroying Comets to Kill Us All

Clinton given 0 seconds to speak at conference involving global poverty,

The European institutions are turning against the people

NY Open PrimaryMotion passing through NY Assembly to make NY Primary an Open primary which permits

Bryan Adams Cancels Mississippi Show Over State's 'Religious Freedom' Law

Letter sent by Repukes to Elderly Grandmother in California

Phyllis Schlafly Faces Ouster Attempt Following Trump Endorsement

"the Clinton campaign is collapsing" The Democrats Are Headed for a Contested Convention Too

You know what would be a great idea for Sanders?

Cenk Ungyur about to be arrested. Democracy Spring at Capitol

How Hillary & DNC using loopholes for legal money laundering

Mrs. Greenspan just devoted her entire show to attacking Bernie.

How Former Cop Is Connected to Slain NFL Star Will Smith and His Alleged Shooter

Police just issued THREE WARNINGS to Democracy Spring protesters who are now on the Capitol steps.

A Yuuge problem for Hillary. 31% favorable rating *52%* NEGATIVE Rating.

No Fracking Anywhere | Bernie Sanders

No Fracking Anywhere | Bernie Sanders

No Fracking Anywhere | Bernie Sanders

Well, that seemed aggressive (will DWS debate her progressive challenger, Tim Canova?)

Bishop spills on who initiated Sanders' Rome conference 'invite'

Thom Hartmann Can't Understand Backlash

If I were the Pope, I'd have a Photo Op with Bernie....Just to cheese some people off

Is Bernie going to be flying in a private jet to Rome for that conference?

Louie Gohmert says he would have identified as trans to get into girls' bathrooms

A dental doula?

Bolder | Bernie Sanders

There Have Been a Lot of Silly, Pointless DU Manufactured Controversies This Year

Bolder | Bernie Sanders

Canadian Pacific ends bid to buy Norfolk Southern

In case you missed it >>> Brilliant Bernie townhall on NBC Today

The following Service Sectors may be heavily impacted by 1995 Clinton Era Trade Deal

The four-letter word supporters of free trade never utter: DEBT

stop telling me how to feel, what to think, or who i am voting for. just stop.

We Are The Many - Makana

Once the Fact Ads hit (fact ads not attack ads) Clinton's unfavorables will go through the roof.

Phil Roberston (Duck Dynasty) prays for "Jesus man in White House" @ NASCAR race

Something very strange about Hillary's Facebook supporters

Democracy Spring started today - Protesting $ in politics in DC. I have a feeling these people


'Nation Embracing Sin': Franklin Graham Goes on Twitter Rant to Defend North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law

Funny post I saw on Facebook about Bernie and Hillary...

US appeals court tosses decision decriminalizing polygamy in Utah, a defeat for TV's 'Sister Wives'

I'm losing faith in my tax accountants

BLM Protestor Interrupts Hillary Clinton's Rally in New York. Media Ignores It.

CALCULUS: The NRA Spent Thousands to Get Bernie Elected — Then He Voted With Them

New York City Is About To Be Overrun By Donald Trump Protesters

CALCULUS: The NRA Spent Thousands to Get Bernie Elected — Then He Voted With Them

The foaming frenzy over Sanders giving a speech at the Vatican may be

Panama Papers Psyop, Complete Inside Job by Real Elites

Hillary Clinton to give keynote at Detroit NAACP dinner

Maher: "WY is 9 outta 10 for B. H says if he'd stop winning, people wld see how unelectable he is

It takes a British newspaper

Ivanka Trump’s Chinese-Made Scarves Are Recalled By Consumer Product Safety Commission

New Video from Peace House

=*=3 LIVE streams @ 3PM (LINK #2 LIVE NOW)- Bernie - Albany NY Rally at Washington Avenue Armory =*=

Hillary's minutemen smear: Sabo-D, 2006: "This amendment simply restates what's policy"

Comment/question submitted by demmiblue.

NY State Assembly Bill A9661

SEC Charges Ken Paxton With Securities Fraud

Venezuela's cellphone providers suspend international calls

Biden Steps in Front of Bus

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 11, 2016 (Adjustment Edition)

New Sanders Ad: No Fracking Anywhere

Benghazi Panel Co-Chair Endorses Clinton: We Need More Than 'Promise'

John McCain endorses Bernie Sanders?

I knocked on 220 doors last week

Dennis Skinner booted from Commons after calling Cameron 'dodgy Dave'

Hillary Clinton Least Honest And Trustworthy Of All Presidential Candidates

If Trump's kids can't vote for him because they're not registered, doesn't that mean

Morning Joe Hosts Lose It with Carville

The Queen's in Queens Now! Have Fun with that. Must run or MSNBC may be my end:(

Why Black Voters Support Hillary Clinton

Sanders campaign tries to have it both ways on superdelegates

The four tax plans of the leading candidates in four minutes

Sanders Campaign has devolved from somewhat inspiring to downright embarrassing

2 years after cemetery shutdown, families still seek answers

Wild story from Clinton fundraiser last night (4-7-2016)*

Are Your Taxes Done?

Jimmy Carter left the Southern Baptist Church in 2000

Brazilian scientists find new Zika-linked brain disorder in adults

Is it me, or has there just generally been less anguish on DU about problems voting in WI?

Did a priority bird pair leave home 1,000 miles away because of the drought and come to our yard?

Did a priority bird pair leave home 1,000 miles away because of the drought and come to our yard?

Low-Flying Government Helicopter To Measure Radiation In Boston Area

Amid clinic closures, young doctors seek abortion training

The Warriors Have A 93 Percent Chance Of Hitting 73 Wins

Sensible Talk (Tom Tomorrow)

Democracy Now! (April 11): Amy Goodman interviews BLM activists

Robert Reich: Bernie Sanders’ threat to break up the banks is a threat to the Democratic Party estab

This Woman Went Snowboarding While Being Chased by a Bear — And She Didn’t Even Know It

For nearly 6 weeks, Hillary has lost to Bernie.

Turkey demands Germany prosecute comedian for Erdogan insult

Press Release Sanders Calls for Nationwide Ban on Fracking, New TV Ad Spotlights Dangers

Let's all start using the phrase "God-myth" instead of the word "God" from now on

New Clinton Ad Says She's Only Candidate ‘Tough Enough To Stop Trump’ (VIDEO)

How Can Voters Hold Congress Accountable?

Verizon Workers Announce Strike Deadline of Wednesday, April 13th

NYDN ~TRANSCRIPT: Hillary Clinton meets with the Daily News Editorial Board, April 9, 2016:

Bernie in Albany - Max crowd already there. 3,700 in Armory. Live Link

U.S. women’s soccer Olympic boycott ‘on the table,’ Becky Sauerbrunn says

Verizon Workers Announce Strike Deadline of Wednesday, April 13th

Verizon Workers Announce Strike Deadline of Wednesday, April 13th

The Rise to Power of the Congressional Anti-Parks Caucus

If the Sanders campaign is right and the only relevant delegate number is 2383, then does Clinton

Clinton's campaign is just like her foreign policy

Our Clinton Bias (Explained)

The Corporate Capture of the United States:Posted by the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Gover

Bernie Sanders' Internet Presence Leading the Charge

Hillary's Sense of Humor

Another campaign office opens

Take a break from the primaries - it's National Pet Day. Post a pic of your furbabies & other pets!

Skinhead Killer Confesses to 23 Charges in 2015 Arizona Shooting Spree

Wyoming: 4th Time's The Charm For Hillary

EDIT: (NOT!) Goldman Sachs to pay $5 billion in U.S. Justice Department mortgage bond pact

Brown County man not mentally competent to stand trial (IN)

New York (Monmouth): Clinton 51, Sanders 39.

The hub bub over Bernie's Vatican visit reminds me of how the GOP treats Obama.

What Hillary tells the BIG WIGs

Joe Biden: I’d Like to See a Woman Elected President

Air Force Pilot Lands F-15 On One Wing

Hillary Clinton talks a lot, but says little, in chat with Daily News NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

This video sums up the reaction of critics of Bernie's plans to Visit the Vatican


It is Time to Ban Fracking | Bernie Sanders

Teen dies getting high on heroin with mother and grandmother

What Bernie Sanders' String of Victories Means for Hillary in NY (ABC)

Astronomers discover mysterious alignment of black holes

Former Clinton Adviser Predicts Bernie Sanders Will Beat Hillary Clinton

Bernie is now officially on the schedule to speak at the Vatican (page 7)

Dear Obama: Stop Trying to Appease Republicans…It Makes You Look Bad

Stop Attacking Hillary Clinton

Arab Democracies? Not So Fast, Say Some

The A's had to fly home in an SF Giants-branded plane

Venezuela's cellphone providers suspend international calls

Blind Spot in the Sanders NY Campaign

What's for Dinner, Mon., Apr. 11, 2016

I have a question for this group.

Honey Garlic Chicken


The Jukebox From Hell

New front opens in war on superbugs: experts

Bernie is willing to compromise, too...WHEN IT'S WORTH IT.

NY Primary and the NY Debate...

DU justice system

Kentucky attorney general sues governor over education cuts

UCLA QB Josh Rosen wears “F*** Trump” hat on Donald Trump’s golf course

Independents are NOT the enemy.

Audience at campaign event welcomed Hillary with the chant "It's! My! Turn! It's! My Turn!" Wow!

The high-school-like hubris of "Disqualify, Defeat and Unify"

New Monmouth Poll out of NY: Sanders gets just 22 percent of nonwhite voters

Goldman Sachs Probably Won’t Have To Pay All Of The New $5 Billion Mortgage Fraud Settlement

Bernie needs to go. Yes, even for a photo op. These are his people. This is part of his revolution.

These people are creepin' me out.

DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz To Bernie And Hillary: Chill

Vote Buying?

OAN New York Poll 53% Hillary Rodham Clinton - 47% Bernie Sanders

Drowning history: Sea level rise threatens US historic sites, including Jamestown

CARL DIGGLER EXCLUSIVE: My Return to Hillary’s Brooklyn HQ (Satire)

Little Person Being Pushed Aside For Hillary To Enter Subway Car

WOW. A "CP Time" joke? What kind of judgement led her to participate in that?


Clinton Campaign Accuses Sanders of Trying to Win Nomination

San Francisco: $260 Million Bailout in Works for Troubled Transit Center Project (xp from Pub Trans)

Bernie Sanders Proposes Fracking Ban and Attacks Hillary Clinton on the Environment

No melt Suet recipe

Not for people but the birds love this stuff.

APR 11 2016, 3:05 PM ET 'Motherhood Penalty' Can Affect Women Who Never Even Have a Child

Going South: Top North Korean colonel defects

It was state Democratic parties that opened the primaries and caucuses-not Bernie.

McAuliffe just issued more vetoes than any Virginia governor since 1998. Here’s why.

Disney has us worshipping a fish god?

had a skin biopsy today to determine more about my dreadful rash appearing on

Kepler Planet-Hunting Spacecraft Bounces Back After Glitch - See more at:

Democratic and Republican voters: do you feel disenfranchised?

Robert Reich: Sanders Knows How to Break Up the Big Banks—That's Why He Scares the Establishment

Electric rain? Solar panel turns raindrops into power

Primaries are just for show. Your vote doesn't matter to the parties.

larry Klayman is still at it...

Brain scans show how LSD mimics mind of a baby

These Are Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters | Bernie Sanders

Super Delegates: Perfectly Legal And Quite Democratic

Vice President Joe Biden: 'I Would Like to See a Woman Elected'

Sanders Applauds Grassroots New York, Calls for National Fracking Ban

Goldman-Sachs Hit With $5 Billion Fine For Its Part In Subprime Mortgage Collapse

Merle Haggard and the Politics of Salmon

It's World Homeopathy Awareness Week !

The Trump "rally" in Albany is absolutely hysterical.

Hillary Clinton and Haiti

Heads up!

Hillary Clinton and Haiti

I worked hard to get Barack Obama elected, now I am working hard for Hillary Clinton. This is why.

Robert Reich is live now.

"If we refuse to vote for Hillary if she wins and Trump/Cruz burn America to the ground"

Hillary Clinton meets with the NY Daily News

Long line of Sanders supporters ready for tonight's rally

I hear Bernie just made a joke about "colored people's time"

If the independents who voted for Bernie had "just been Democrats" from the start...

"LSD is for toddlers!" . . . Please come CAPTION Freedom Works Larry Klayman!!!!

Crain's NY: Bernie Sanders' New York team slips up

Heads up: Ken Burns' Jackie Robinson tonight @ 9 PM on PBS.

Predictit: Presidential: HRC: 0.59, Trump: 0.2; Dem nomination, HRC:0.85, Sanders: 0.14

BS supporters harrassing Super Delegates

Just got home, was expecting lots on Democracy Spring.

The Jerusalem Post: Bernie Sanders deserves our support

Hillary Clinton Received a Massive Donation from Walmart Heiress

Georgia Capitol police put out alert on gun-toting, anti-Islam rally

Went to the Napalm Death concert Friday - ND likes Bernie.

Another Clinton Lie: Vermont drowning NY with Guns

Anyone else get a "" award scam?

The Latest: Biden Says Sanders Comments Not Sexist

Finger on the Pols - Internet Trolls

Alternet: Did Hillary Lie About Her Student Loan Debt @ Yale?

Hillary's subway gaffe is her campaign in a nutshell

(QUIZ) Guess the cities from their airport codes

Poll: Most Americans unwilling to vote for a socialist

Bill Clinton’s Mass Incarceration Policies Fed Rising Higher Education Costs and Student Debt Burden

Argentina Agrees to Pay Vulture Funds an Extra $253 Million

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Federal securities regulators charged Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton four civil counts of fraud

Hot Off The Press Marist NY POLL- HRC 55% SBS 41%

One picture, nearly a thousand words: Lessons from Iceland

U.S. Worries About Race Relations Reach a New High

Declassify the 28 pages

Canadian Attawapiskat First Nation suicide emergency

NBC News/WSJ/Marist Poll: Hillary Clinton: 55 Bernie Sanders: 41

Why Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein Called Bernie Sanders “Dangerous”

Just for my own understanding:

Hillary's racial humor makes a statement: She won't bow to political correctness, just like Trump.

The black people 'erased from history'

Super Delegate Bob Mulholland writes a blistering open letter to Bernie Sanders

NBC Poll: Trump, Clinton Hold Sizable Leads in New York

HRC Favors Means Testing Social Security, So, Too, Does Paul Ryan

epublicans know Hillary Clinton is not going to be indicted. They just can’t say so.

anyone here good at insect identification?

N.J. approves more than 100 school religious holidays

The Corruption Revealed in the Panama Papers Opened the Door to Isis by Patrick Cockburn

Bernie Sanders Wins Missouri After All Sanders projected to win 37 delegates. UPDATED

Lloyd Blankfein is the Face of Class Warfare | Bernie Sanders

About that New York - Vermont gun meme Hillary is using and MSNBC has been airing all day:

Need some help here.

Newsletter: The Unfolding Story Of Latin America

Michelle Obama 'Looks Down' On Hillary Clinton, New Book Claims

The great Corgi escape

tidbits from Marist:

2 sentenced to prison in forced labor case on Ohio egg farm

Watch: Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio make a cringeworthy "colored people time" joke at...

I don't think Sanders is going to Rome..

Watch Michael Stipe Stump for Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn

She's late to the party again - Pope already recognizes aliens!

Attention All Owners of Diabetic Pets

Bernie Sanders on Family Values

Paul Ryan in a wedding dress, long eyelashes batting..sitting by the phone..

New AP Poll: Bernie Sanders Is Most Liked of All Candidates:

Pablo Sandoval's belt explodes

New York poll: Clinton tops Sanders by double-digits [Monmouth Univ]

i find it fascinating that just as ny polls show a close race,

No Fracking Anywhere | Bernie Sanders

Mira Signer says state with highest gun ownership rates have highest suicide rates

Man sentenced for stabbing wife 150 times as kids screamed

=*= 4 LIVE Streams @: ***NOW*** / 7:00 PM - Bernie Sanders Rally in Buffalo, NY 4-11-16 =*=

Inside Bernie Sanders' vast, virtual ground game

Bernie needs to contact all the PROGRESSIVE RADIO STATIONS in NY and run NY VOTER PURGING ADS!

Donald Trump Supporter Burns Republican Party Registration

Wisconsin Students Face Discipline for Derogatory Chants at Girls Soccer Players

Police: Texas teen kills mom, brother before killing himself

Three questions About Sanders Upcoming (likely) Cancellation of Vatican Trip

Heads Up!.. MSNBC has Interview with Jane Sanders on "All Due Respect"

San Antonio fires school police officer seen slamming girl in video

2016 Horse Racing - MSW at Santa Anita

White officer gets probation in black driver's shooting

Tomorrow night we'll make our annual splurge-trek to Jesse's restaurant in Magnolia Springs.

AP-GfK Poll: On range of issues, Clinton has edge over Trump

Kentucky attorney general sues governor over education cuts

Brussels terror cell 'planned to attack Euro 2016 tournament'

Brussels terror cell 'planned to attack Euro 2016 tournament'

Half of all British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal

Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio make a cringeworthy “colored people time” joke at New York...

Can anyone tell me where I can see election results without superdelegates? n/t

OMG--Bernie Sanders's tax preparer being interviewed--dog ate the tax returns

Washington Continues To Destroy Latin American Reformers

'I was struck with multiple blows': inside the secret violence of Homan Square

Who's The Chauffeur?

Where do you stand on fracking? Clinton supports and Sanders is against.

More Dirty Money: Mauricio Macri Accepts Illegal Campaign Funds

'Scarier Than We Initially Thought': CDC Sounds Warning On Zika Virus

Is Bill de Blasio a racist and should Hillary reject his endorsement?

Jimmy Buffett's comments on NC law.

Women-only Uber set to launch in Boston. Isn't that illegal?

Inside Erik Prince’s Treacherous Drive to Build a Private Air Force

(Chicago) Finance Committee signs off on $6.5M in police abuse settlements

A Single Delaware Address is Home to 200,000 Shell Companies — Including 2 of Hillary Clinton’s

I Am My Brother’s Keeper

Turns out the Lie the Democratic Party has perpetuated is false...

WTO News: "US opposes discussion of Mode 4 issues under GATS"

Mark Halperin on Bernie’s Interview: Hillary Clinton Would Be ‘Creamed’ If She Gave Answers This Bad

US Navy officer suspected of passing secrets to Taiwan, China

UN Women Executive Director says UN Women will not collaborate on jobs with Uber

Anybody else a victim of FIOS to Frontier switch-over?


Michelle Alexander: Bill Clinton’s rant was a tutorial on all that’s wrong with the ‘New Democrats’

The Fix: No matter how you measure it, Bernie Sanders isn’t winning the Democratic primary

TOON: Scott's Rough Week

Joe: Democratic Primary System Rigged Against Voters | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sound the Alarm: Sarah Palin and Bill Nye Will Appear On a Panel About Climate Change

Bernie Supporters Eclipse 200k Phone Calls Into NY

Bernie Sanders Will Become Democratic Nominee Even If Clinton Leads in Delegates

A jammed packed arena Buffalo, maybe 8200 ppl (pics)

Column: NASCAR Clouding Its Image With Politics

Sanders: 'We have the guts to be honest with the American people'

Please Let This Be Real - Bill Nye To Debate Climate Change With... - Please Let It Be Real

This is what happens when you reply to spam email

Looking for Facts in the GATS Attack: Impacts on Social Services Sovereignty (Princeton University)

GEN. Mattis for President?

Virginia governor says won't sign electric-chair bill for executions

Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump did not know they had to change their party affiliation to vote

the curruption of Hillary Clinton - or how Bernie fans came to regard Hillary as a witch

Want to share a piece of heaven with y'all.

Bernie...doing the right thing

Caucus Results Flip and so do some others

Hillary Clinton Received a Massive Donation From Walmart Heiress, $353k

I really don't care if Bernie goes to the Vatican or not

Bernie Sanders says he’s a ‘big fan’ of the Pope… hours after renewed anti-gay stance

Grizzlies in the news. Run away!


Illinois ex-congressman arrested; missed deadline to return: lawyer

Jeff Weaver's on Hardball.

The Cult of Bernie: How Blind Adoration Masked One of America's Most Deceitful Presidential Campaign

I have an idea to speed up this godawful election campaign

“Eating Chicken Can Make Your Kid's Dick Small.”

Senate committee to take up bill on CFTC

Bernie Sanders Nearly Catches Up With Hillary Clinton In California

Tweety just told de Blasio he needed to get a new joke writer

I got slapped

88 Years on 88 Keys: Tom Lehrer, The Salinger of the Satirical Song

The Truth Of The Goldman Sachs Settlement Is In The Fine Print

My theory regarding what is in the Goldman-Sachs transcripts

Hillary Defends Israel’s Actions in Gaza

This is why people don’t trust Hillary: How a convenient reversal on gun control highlights her

Don't laugh. I heard a bird call early this morning and it sounded like the bird was

Is the peculiar derangement with the Vatican conference on inequality over?

GOP says corporations R going overseas for lower taxes - so what do the "welfare states" have right?

Going to North Carolina anytime soon?

Tiger Numbers Rise for First Time in a Century!!

(Tennessee) Bill to Let Counselors Deny Services on the Way to Governor

Orange Star

If we can keep enough people from voting, Hillary can win this thing! Justice Scalia,

Hillary says she is a great admirer of the Pope.

The Clinton Bill - Mr. Fish

How Tobacco Companies Led A Devastating 50-Year Infiltration Into Black Communities

Vatican: Pope Didn’t Invite Bernie Sanders

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump Said Women Should Be Punished For Getting Abortions

President Obama gets to see ‘Game of Thrones’ way before everyone else

Is it possible that she doesn't realize she lost the nomination on that stage today?

'We're under attack.'

Updated Huffpost/Pollster New York chart.. still shows Hillary steady and Bernie sinking.

Whatever else you do tonight and tomorrow night - Watch This - PBS - Jackie Robinson

Sean Payton wants change after Will Smith's death: 'I hate guns'

NC/SC Border Billboard: "Welcome to North Carolina. Please set your clock back 100 years."

My 'open' LTE re The Luv Guv: